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Series Media


Media and sound diffusion project that publishes periodically unpublished material from Latin-American musicians. Created by some members of different projects as Protov and Panorama that reside in Medellín Colombia, SERIES promotes and distributes productions of several independent projects of electronic music.

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Series Media
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Framed in an attractive and charming exercise in retro mood, appropriate to the dance club and home listening, Daniel Gomez aka M.A.M.I. undertakes with this new release a deconstruction / reconstruction of his own sonic space, enlarging it and finding the accurate joy . "El Mami (Parte 1)" is a sober work of great pretensions, whose exuberance does not respond formally, as you might imagine, to an effectist lifting session, but to the enhancement of the expressive qualities of the...
Topic: house, disco house, electronica, series media, medellin, italo
Series Media
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In a world where the ideologies are obsolete and where everyone seeks something safe to hold, M.A.M.I arrives., with no need of a mustache or a lot of glitter, unfolding all his dance power without any type of rush or contemplation. A superb release of good music and good feeling. musical project from Medellin-Colombia this ep is part of series media ...a musical project dedicated to compile and distribute music from latinamerican electronic artists
Topics: Dance, house, electronica, series media