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Series Media


Media and sound diffusion project that publishes periodically unpublished material from Latin-American musicians. Created by some members of different projects as Protov and Panorama that reside in Medellín Colombia, SERIES promotes and distributes productions of several independent projects of electronic music.

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Series Media
by jose santamaria
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Conceived as the second part of his record "Another beautiful ep", [neuma] a.k.a. Jose Santamaría, took almost three years to deliver us these 6 tracks loaded with sentimentalism, beautiful keyboards and melancholy. An assembly of beautiful patterns perfectly focused that achieve the most subtle form and that plunge us in the deepest calm. A record for dreaming and expecting. musical project from Medellin - Colombia this ep is part of series media ...a musical project dedicated to...
Topics: Downtempo, IDM, Melodic Ambient
Source: Laptop
Series Media
by Jose Santamaria
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"Tobi Ishi" woven from head to toe in the most delicate sound loom, offers countless subtly found objects in previously unexplored places of the city inhabited by [neuma]. Subtle adventures that pass unnoticed by the brief dwellers of the 21st century, like a silent encounter with Lucrecia on track #5 or long sunny walks and a shy chant of hope, mark the path of this beautiful record. musical project from Medellin-Colombia, this ep is part of series media ...a musical project...
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Topics: IDM, Ambient, electronica, series media