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Series Media


Media and sound diffusion project that publishes periodically unpublished material from Latin-American musicians. Created by some members of different projects as Protov and Panorama that reside in Medellín Colombia, SERIES promotes and distributes productions of several independent projects of electronic music.

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Series Media
Jan 24, 2008 Mauricio Ramirez; Jose Santamaria
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A couple of fruits, a couple of songs and some air in between is the result of the colision of two comrads and a couple of ideas, all separated among each other by some machines. This exercise of Mala and Dijon Triathlon seems to consolidate once and for all the mulatto-skin machinery flavor of one and the dance floor voyeur attitude of the other. Five little gems of south american groove more original and indelible every day. Musical projects from Medellín-Colombia this ep is part of series...
Topics: Techno, minimal, electronica, series media
Series Media
Mar 27, 2007 Mauricio Ramirez
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Some day, before this record was published, someone dared to doubt of the existence of these tracks and even to accuse the author of being an "artist" that does not add anything new to the musical scene, to which MALA answers: "These tracks are a brief collection of some projects in which already I've been working, pieces and loops already produced. I think that I would be able to publish 5 records more at this time. Besides, which scene?" musical project from...
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