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Sounds Abound

Sounds abound was a net label that strove to provide hosting space for music of an extreme or experimental nature and to encourage the distribution of free digital media. We hosted free demos and albums.

This label started in 2007 and stopped around 2010. I don't accept submissions anymore I'm afraid and I no longer check the Sounds Abound e-mail account. I would like to thank everyone who participated though. It was a great learning experience and I met some really cool people while working on it.

I run a physical label now(that still has free downloads) called Trench Gun Tapes. Check that out if you're looking for more legally free music.

All of Sounds Abound's releases are hosted under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license.

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Sounds Abound
by Post Apocalyptic Zombie
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SA41 - Post Apocalyptic Zombie - Bloodrust --------------------------------------------------------- 01 I Need A Strategy 02 Atari Fart Machine 03 Bloodrust 04 Deserted Canyonlands 05 Hellichopter 06 Dustmites In The Bunker 07 Atari Fart Machine(Extended) 08 She Dialed 911 With Her Tounge(Live Mix Version I) 09 ...Then Tumbled Down(Live Mix Version II Fucked By AVS Media Demo) 10...Then Tumbled Down(Live Mix Version II) --------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy the latest...
Topic: zombie, noise, glitch