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Digitizing St. Louis: History & Public Policy

This project is aimed at bringing to life the history of St. Louis and the region through the unique lens of public policy. The purpose of this project is to provide researchers, students, and the general public with a greater understanding of our region’s history, development and missed opportunities. I cannot be held responsible if this project depresses you–my hope would be that it instead inspires you to create/shape better, more inclusive and empathetic public policy.

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St. Louis Argus 1915-1926
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Digitizing St. Louis: History & Public Policy
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This oral history comes from the Oral History Collection (makes sense). The interview conducted by Chris Chrenshaw, is of the former (I think) Pastor/Friar at  Saints Mary and Joseph Catholic Church in Carondelet  Robert Sydlowski. The interview was conducted on November 15th, 1993. The discussion touches on many topics including life in St. Louis growing up, catholic life in St. Louis and baseball. 
Topics: St. Louis, digiproject, Oral History, Catholic