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The Memory Hole

Launch date > 10 July 2002

Purpose > The Memory Hole exists to preserve and spread material that is in danger of being lost, is hard to find, or is not widely known. 

This includes:

• Government files

• Corporate memos

• Court documents (incl. lawsuits and transcripts)

• Police reports and eyewitness statements

• Congressional testimony

• Reports (governmental and non-governmental)

• Maps, patents, Web pages

• Photographs, video, and sound recordings

• News articles

• Books (and portions of books)

The emphasis is on material that exposes things that we’re not supposed to know (or that we’re supposed to forget).

Funding > The Memory Hole is funded entirely out of Russ’ own shallow pockets, including the money that readers like you graciously tuck into those pockets. It contains no e-commerce, subscriber areas, or ads (except for the obvious self-promotion of those books written or edited by Russ). It does not receive funding from foundations.

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Date Reviewed
The Memory Hole
Jan 21, 2019 FBI
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The FBI's entire main (Headquarters) file on Martin Luther King, Jr. (16,600+ pages) -- posted online for the first time by the original Memory Hole. More info:
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Topics: FBI, MLK, civil rights
2008 33 R 0103 reviewed
Topics: animals, facility, conducted, report, tests, animal, drugs, attach, pain, distress
Mirror: APHIS Inspection Reports
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Univ of Utah APR. 26, 2016
Topics: animal, veterinary, temperature, inspection, macaque, usda, http, lha, veterinarian, ction, hot...
OK140014 AC 7060 William Meadows 5 21 14 Redacted
Topics: nonhuman, primates, aphis, official, federal, animals, enclosures, regulations, sheltered, indoor,...
MO10147 AC A. Swartz 7060
Topics: aphis, violation, shelter, regulations, violator, animal, federal, failure, provide, rays, provide...
2008 16 R 0039 reviewed
Topics: lha, pigs, eaeaa, anddaamand, bythaanfenal, iteafkmsue, raquirad, eonidamd, hshuliaml, canard
2008 51 F 0016 Record
Topics: animals, distress, column, pain, explanation, facility, usda, species, tranquilizing, virus, annual...
OH09090 AC, Matthew and Christina Joseph
Topics: sanctions, ies, issuance, stipulation, payment, animal, animals, public, viewing, minimal
2007 22 R 0050 Records
Topics: animals, facility, pain, tranquilizing, anesthetic, regulations, animal, drugs, animats,...
2007 14 R 0162 records
Topics: animals, difficile, facility, disease, hamster, hamsters, nucryst, animal, distress, category,...
TN10118 AC leonard
Topics: horse, sale, lubricants, aphis, regulations, violation, prohibits, substances, auction, federal,...
2008 74 R 0185 RECORDS
Topics: animals, facility, animal, aphis, surgsry, tranquiilzing, shaats, regulations, distress, report,...
TN10024 AC 7060 JDay finapp 120712 Redacted
Topics: horse, sale, exhibiting, tennessee, purpose, mle, unlawful, showing, jason, sore, horse sale,...
r 2005 14 R 0084 records
Topics: animals, facility, animal, institutional, tranquilizing, aphis, regulations, distress, conducted,...
OK09017 AC Relinda Olivas 7060
Topics: aphis, violation, regulations, animal, enforcement, federal, valid, agriculture, violator, ulations
OH130002 Pets Please Inc 7060 Redacted
Topics: aphis, violation, regulations, violator, federal, animal, sjefjvice, thoughout, mullally, izdoox
IA120025 AC, Mark Steffensmeier 7 8 12 Redacted
Topics: aphis, official, violations, federal, violation, regulations, animal, plant, veterinary, inspection
2008 93 R 0451 RECORDS
Topics: animals, facility, animal, tranquilizing, regulations, distress, conducted, involving, appropriate,...
Univ of California s Sept. 13, 2016
Topics: inspection, facility, animal, marcy, nhps, usda, davis, incident, divider, veterinary
NV120005 AC Grusenmeyer Chimps R Us NMSA signed Redacted
Topics: monica, grusenmeyer, animal, awa, aphis, nonhuman, enforcement, inspection, settlement,...
2006 72 R 0003 Record
Topics: animals, tor, facility, filarial, faomy, cfr, distress, nov, conducted, pain, conducted involving
OR09023 AC, Hugh Reed, 7060 Redacted
Topics: aphis, official, regulations, animal, federal, violation, license, inspection, welfare,...
NE11008 AC, Kathy Christensen, 7060 Redacted
Topics: aphis, official, federal, regulations, violation, warning, animal, veterinary, plant, september,...
2005 84 R 0051 record
Topics: animals, rodenticide, efficacy, drugs, facility, pain, rodent, animal, dec, euthanasia, conducted...
2008 33 R 0051 reviewed
Topics: animals, facility, animal, distress, conducted, involving, appropriate, attached, tests,...
r 2008 74 R 0011 records
Topics: solution, dextran, guinea, dexamethasone, animals, distress, dissolve, respiratory, pigs, standard,...
r 2009 51 F 0006
Topics: nerve, column, animals, protocol, usamricd, analgesics, utilized, toxicity, painful, mandate, nerve...
OH150002 AC 7060 Battelle Memorial Inst signed 10Nov14 Redacted
Topics: aphis, guinea, violation, cage, regulations, violator, federal, watering, leak, flooded
r 2006 22 R 0012
Topics: toe, fey, sandards, suiwwy, stred, amiual, fcrflowel, atiadied, standanis, eummary
2008 63 R 0006 record
Topics: animals, facility, animal, regulations, distress, report, conducted, involving, appropriate,...
2008 52 R 0120 record
Topics: animals, facility, tor, tranquilizing, regulations, animal, distress, report, accompanying, tests
Mirror: APHIS Inspection Reports
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74 r 0106 09 01 2004c
Topics: inspection, jkjos, custjd, inspjd, unitad, acrc, redactions, umja, pursuant
Mirror: APHIS Inspection Reports
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23 b 0008 06 01 2006
Topics: usda, licensed, unlicensed, rabbits, dealer, animals, license, inspection, rockland, purchased
2008 93 R 0314 RECORDS
Topics: animals, facility, tranquilizing, regulations, distress, conducted, involving, appropriate, tests,...
Berny Ramos Productions, Inc. Redacted
Topics: aphis, official, animal, federal, violations, violation, warning, regulations, plant, inspection,...
Mirror: APHIS Inspection Reports
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58 c 0505 11 20 2003
Topics: animal, record, mitchel, kalmanson, inspection, form, dogs, animals, dealers, facility
IN120013 AC 7060 signed 19Mar12[1] Redacted
Topics: veterinary, crusting, violation, violator, corneas, aphis, attending, eyeball, federal, cornea,...
KS140006 AC sa Brecheisen final 060214
Topics: outdoor, surfaces, shelter, animal, enclosure, housing, bedding, facilities, constructed, cats,...
KS150010 Dot's Little Doggies Inc
Topics: animal, aphis, awa, issuance, settlement, documented, usda, provider, welfare, enforcement, animal...
KY09004 AC Logan Brock T14 APHIS 7060 Official Warning scanned copy
Topics: horse, ihe, aphis, rule, showing, scar, juarez, shaylor, purpose, violation, scar rule
IA160045 Doug Wendie Dettbarn
Topics: aphis, animal, official, federal, outdoor, shelter, regulations, dettbarn, violations, inspection,...
IL11070 IL120049 Woodys Menagerie
Topics: disposition, acquisition, respondents, goat, sheep, failed, angora, nubian, lion, woody, sheep...
KS10023 AC Wagler 7060
Topics: aphis, violation, regulations, violator, federal, official, agriculture, morril, wagler, qoleri
IA150008 AC 7060 John Eric Danker Redacted
Topics: aphis, outdoor, animal, official, regulations, enclosures, dogs, violations, inspection, federal,...
TN10081 AC Alexandria Holland 7060
Topics: horse, usda, lubricants, sale, violator, offense, aphis, violation, auction, alleged, horse sale,...
TX07141 & TX10657 AC Bodie S. Knapp Decision & Order Redacted
Topics: animal, welfare, knapp, animals, violation, violations, lolli, livestock, alj, administrator,...
r 2006 52 R 0006
Topics: animals, facility, animal, appropnate, iranquilizing, distress, conducted, involving, accompanying,...
TN10086 AC bowman
Topics: horse, sale, aphis, regulations, violation, bowman, prohibits, substances, federal, exhibiting,...
TN09131 AC Donald Collins 7060
Topics: horse, violation, rule, regulations, scar, showing, federal, violator, ces, fiirther
VA130013 AC Complaint Mogensen Redacted
Topics: respondents, eric, failed, vsp, respondent, reston, mogensen, meghan, veterinary, breeze,...
r 2007 72 R 0003 Records
Topics: animals, ana, louisiana, number, pain, regulations, lakeshore, ihe, animal, protocol, west...
r 2008 93 R 0200 records
Topics: sheep, animals, justification, veterinarian, lacuc, enviromental, exeption, enrichment, animal,...
r 2009 65 R 0504
Topics: animals, foe, tranquilizing, appropnate, aphis, pobox, faciuty, animal, number, distress
r 2008 34 R 0037 records
Topics: animals, animal, facility, animats, ihe, distress, report, conducted, nov, pigs, animal care,...
r 2009 51 R 0082
Topics: animals, facility, hamsters, animal, pain, distress, regulations, tranquilizing, omb, number,...
Topics: pain, distress, regulations, cfr, aphis, form, animals, mandated, federal, column, federal...
Topics: animals, facility, animal, regulations, distress, involving, conducted, institutional, tests,...
Topics: animals, facility, animal, involving, standards, report, lor, arte, faauty, annual, annual report,...
Topics: animals, facility, ihe, animal, drugs, institutional, distress, tests, involving, headquarters,...
2006 51 F 0016 Record
Topics: pain, immune, distress, endpoint, aad, avian, hamsters, parasite, ferrets, disease, distress relief
Mirror: APHIS Inspection Reports
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22 r 0138 09 19 2006
Topics: animal, animals, proposal, inspection, investigator, lacuc, veterinarian, personnel, appropriate,...
2008 51 F 0009 reviewed
Topics: conducted, mcuty, wlloafcai, ibsm, imbmrp, raoioihoiogy, innqmbeteb, ermafpeamdonof, eere, diief
Mirror: APHIS Inspection Reports
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31 r 0010 07 29 2004
Topics: usda, inspection, site, zip, servloe, animai, aphis, laris, preparml, agrioulture
2008 33 R 0088 reviewed
Topics: animals, facility, conducted, involving, distress, report, animal, pain, tests, accompanying,...
2008 63 V 0003 record
Topics: uaad, uaa, tor, iha, druga, tha, ana, ware, aeeompanydrp, legtotorad
NC10022 AC Complaint for Brice Baucom & Jeanette Baucom & Joshua Clay Mills Redacted
Topics: horse, respondent, respondents, baucom, brice, jeanette, entry, edwin, entered, joshua, spring fun,...
MO160013 Leah Petie Zook
Topics: aphis, official, animal, zook, violations, inspection, federal, violation, regulations, veterinary,...
Robert & Michael Brock AWA 04 0015
Topics: knapp, bodie, christi, brocks, corpus, brock, zoo, zoological, animals, december, corpus christi,...
SD10011 AC Tami Namken 7060
Topics: aphis, violation, regulations, violator, federal, animals, agriculture, namken, tami, warning
IN150002 AC 7060 Fisher signed 10Nov14 Redacted
Topics: guinea, lesions, pig, skin, pen, eye, flaky, aphis, violation, white, guinea pig, skin lesions,...
KY09003 HPA 7060 Coverltr Pennington
Topics: aphis, horse, penalties, prohibits, hpa, violation, pennington, juarez, violations, horses
Mirror: APHIS Inspection Reports
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2008 91 R 0002 RECORDS
Topics: animals, facility, institutional, regulations, animal, distress, official, involving, report,...
ARRAY BIOPHARMA, INC record 84 R 0077
Topics: inspection, usda, tfdnng, ncrctjfrpi, eseb, rial, twwfw, anil, inspedign, heafclh