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Upper Canada College – College Times Collection

College Times is Canada’s oldest student publication and has an interesting history.

The College Times was founded in September 1857 as an unofficial revolutionary student publication. By November its name had changed to The Monthly Times and in March 1958 a rival publication, The Boys’ Own Paper, had been produced. In May 1858 the two publications merged to create The Boys’ Times which carried on as a weekly publication until April 1859 when it added College Growler to its masthead and continued until June 1860. Between June 1860 and January 1871 the publication lay dormant. At this time it was resurrected as The College Times and had continuous publication until June 1873. In March 1882, after an interval of almost nine years, The College Times, once more became a living factor in College life until another lapse in publication only a few years later. It wasn’t until 1888 that The College Times resumed and has been published continuously ever since. Its first editor was John Ross Robertson, followed by other editors including Stephen Leacock, Robertson Davies, and Michael Ignatieff.

The original motto for the publication was ‘Quidquidaguntpueri, votum, timor, ira, voluptas, gaudi, nostriestfarroagolibelli’ – ‘Whatever boys do, whether they vow, are afraid, express anger, please, or joy, in our paper you can find it.

College Times Online

This valuable online resource was generously sponsored by the UCC Leaving Class of 1972 and features a digital collection which dates from 1894 to 2012. Early editions not included in this collection may be available in hard copy. Please contact the College Archivist for more information and / or an appointment.


  • Upper Canada College current students and Old Boys.
  • Archival researchers - must be made in writing to the College Archivist.

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