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The Vintage Software Collection

The Vintage Software collection gathers various efforts by groups to classify, preserve, and provide historical software. These older programs, many of them running on defunct and rare hardware, are provided for purposes of study, education, and historical reference.

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*Not original media* Various MS-DOS Games (Incl. Monoply, Wheel of Fortune, 10,00 Pyramid, Pango, and more) (CRC32 0a353327) *Classic Concentration - Copyright ShareData Inc. 1988 *Flightmare - Peter Adams *Frogger *Monopoly - 5.5 - MS-DOS Adaptation (C) 1985 Don Phillip Gibson *Pango  *Pyramid - Version 1.3 - Copyright 1988, BASADA Inc. *Super Huey - (c) 1988 Cosmi *Wheel of Fortune - (c) 1987 Califon Productions Inc., (c) 1987 ShareData Inc., Software by Timely Publications Inc. *Maybe more
Topics: MS-DOS Games, Games, Floppy Disk, Various
CD-ROM Software Library
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Vintage 3D Software Collection (7 CDS) 7 CDs of 3D software from about 1997 and on.  3D Studio Max, Textures, Models, Updates, various programs
Topic: vintage software max softimage lightwave 3d cgi
*Not original media* MS-DOS Games and Programs (incl. Amortizer Plus, Berlitz Interpreter, Monologue for Windows, QuarterMaster, and Various Games) (CRC32 0e90bd6c)
Topics: Floppy Disk, MS-DOS Games, MS-DOS Programs
APK Archive
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This is an archive of different plugins for GoldSource, to Source engine-based games and mods. They range up from being bot plugins, which is when you can play around with AI-based players when you have no one else to play with, right up to server plugins, where you can modify custom games through dedicated server software.
Topics: Video, Game, Plugins, Game Plugins, Video Game Plugins, Bot, Bot Plugins, Bots, Server, Server...
*Not original media* Various MS-DOS Games and Programs (incl. Both, Centipede, Diskinfo, Dupfind, Fog Finder, Murphy, Norton Commander, P(X)KARC, Planit, ScroLock, and Yearcal) (CRC32 bca48542) * Both - (c) 1986 by Peter Feldmann * Centipede - Version 1.00 - Copyright 1983 by R. J. Grafe * Diskinfo - 1987 * Drain - 1986 * Dupfind - Written by Keith P. Graham  10/14/85 * Fog Finder - Version 1.0 - Written by Joey Robichaux,  copyright 1984 * Murphy - 1985 * Norton Commander - Copyright 1986 by...
Topics: MS-DOS Game, MS-DOS Program, Floppy Disk
*Not original media* Various MS-DOS Programs (incl. DGKEy, HEPCATjr, Safe Format, and MSS) (CRC32 132a98b9)  * Data General Dasher/286 key mapper - Version 2.0 - 7 June 1992 * HEPCATjr - Version 0.8.pc - Copyright (Patrick Swayne, Heath/Zenith Users' Group) 1987 - 1990 * MSS - George Spafford? * Safe Format * Maybe more
Topics: MS-DOS Programs, Floppy Disk
*Not original media* Various MS-DOS Games (incl. Blue Angels and Jeopardy) (CRC32 8dc93155)  Blue Angels requires a code wheel as copy protection, but it doesn't seem to hard to guess a correct number. * Jeopardy! Second Edition - Game Tek 1990 * Blue Angels - 1989 Accolade Inc.
Topics: MS-DOS Game, Floppy Disk
*Not original media* Various MS-DOS Games and Programs (incl. Basic Floorplan and Super Jeopardy) (CRC32 d76e80f6) * Basic Floorplan - Version 1.00 - Copyright 1991 ComputerEasy international Inc. * Super Jeopardy! - (c) 1991 GameTek/IJE (R), Inc.
Topics: Floppy Disk, MS-DOS Program, MS-DOS Game, ComputerEasy, Floorplan
Disk Drives: Collections of Files from the Era of the Drive
- Various
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Contributed by Charles Shrader, this is a collection of Amiga .ADF files, ready for use in an emulator or writing out to floppies to boot on original Amigas. The general collection was assembled around 2000 and transferred recently. The pile of floppies was from an unknown owner, and acquired through eBay, so no direct information is available. In total, there are roughly 1,000 .ADF images in this collection. They contain games, utilities, and documentation files.  To browse the directory of...
Various MS-DOS Programs (incl. Berlitz Interpreter, HexEdit, Mouse Odometer, and various screen-savers) (CRC32 08855544) * Berlitz Interpreter - Version 1.31 - Copyright 1991, 1992, Microlytics, Inc. * HexEdit - Version 1.51 - Copyright 1991, 1992, Al Funk * Mouse Odometer - Version 1.0 - Copyright 1992 TOGGLE BOOLEANS * Dancin' Bear  Screen Saver * Santa Screen Saver - Philip Robinson 1992 * Kaleidoscope Screen Saver - Version 2.2 - David Johnston
Topics: MS-DOS Program, Floppy Disk, HexEdit, Screen Savers, Screensavers
*Not original media* Various MS-DOS Games and Programs (incl. Chekkers [Sic], Ed's CHESS, GW-Basic 3.20, and more) (CRC32 bead0a62) *Chekkers - Version 1.5 - Copyright, June 1987 *Ed's CHESS - Version 10e4a634 - Copyright 1988 by EdTech Associates *GW-BASIC 3.20 - Release Version 1.04 - Copyright Microsoft 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986 - Copyright Seiko Epson Corp. 1986 *Othello - Version 6.2 - Ralph Otto *Springer IBM PC Chess - v1.0 - Copyright 1989 by Ken Goodman *Maybe more
Topics: MS-DOS Games, Chess, Checkers, Floppy Disk
*Not original media* Various MS-DOS Games and Programs (incl. LoveDOS, PC Pool, and RetPay) (CRC32 6c00fd36) * LOVEDOS - Copyright 1988 R.K. West Consulting * PC Pool - Copyright 1983, 1984 Dale Jurich * RetPay - Version 4.0 - Jan 1, 1991
Topics: MS-DOS Game, MS-DOS Program, Floppy Disk