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The Vintage Software Collection

The Vintage Software collection gathers various efforts by groups to classify, preserve, and provide historical software. These older programs, many of them running on defunct and rare hardware, are provided for purposes of study, education, and historical reference.

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Download the bundle anvaka-atree_-_2018-12-26_20-24-29.bundle and run: git clone anvaka-atree_-_2018-12-26_20-24-29.bundle -b master Just a simple christmas tree, based on redit story Christmas Tree I found animated Christmas tree on reddit: Was curious to make it in js. Current results are here: Happy new 2018! . Wish you all great successes and joy, doing what you love! How it's built? The tree is built of two spirals. These 11 lines of code render one line on spiral. It includes 3d...
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