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The Vintage Software Collection

The Vintage Software collection gathers various efforts by groups to classify, preserve, and provide historical software. These older programs, many of them running on defunct and rare hardware, are provided for purposes of study, education, and historical reference.

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The AOL CD-ROM Collection
by The Learning Company
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Educational Focus Operation Neptune  helps players develop mathematical skills while engaging them in an action-filled undersea adventure where they confront mathematics in a meaningful way. By incorporating realistic math problems related to the operation of a high-tech submarine, the program helps players realize that mathematics has value in the world outside the classroom. It teaches important lessons in problem solving and fosters mathematical confidence. The program's special features...
Topics: educational games, submarine, oceans, aquatic, entertainment, video games, windows 3.1, windows 95,...
CD-ROM Software Library
by The Learning Company
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A digital "interactive" version of the popular Oxford Encyclopedia released by The Learning Company in 1997.
Topics: TLC, The Learning Company, Oxford Encyclopedia, Encylopedia, educational, reference