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Miscellaneous Warren Publishing Magazines

This collection consists of issues of Warren Publishing magazines that were either one-shot issues (not part of a series) or parts of series that are far from complete in this archive.

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Date Published
Warren Presents 013 - Sword & Sorcery Comix [1981-10.Warren] (c2c.Cimmerian32)
Topics: color, galen, encounters, order, rush, vermithrax, movie, anp, ordar, warren, rush order, close...
Miscellaneous Warren Publishing Magazines

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Errie Magazines Greatest Hits
Topics: art, harris, scary, publisher, eerie, comics, retail, colan, ditko, editorial, retail sales,...
Warren Presents - Aliens II The Official Movie Magazine (1986)
Topics: ripley, aliens, newt, alien, hicks, burke, movie, vasquez, hudson, bishop, aliens movie, movie...
Warren Presents 010 Strange Stories Of Vampires Comix (re-edit)(mothra)
Topics: color, order, star, super, warren, rush, wars, horror, vampire, rush order, star wars, full color,...
Warren Presents 005 Ring of the Warlords (1979)(Mothra)
Topics: warren, comix, publishing, subscribe, eerie, color, order, anp, postage, warren publishing, rush...
Warren Presents Alien Magazine (1979) (c2c) (Carbunkle-DREGS)
Topics: alien, ridley, monster, film, crew, scene, scott, movie, thai, space, ridley scott, special...
Famous Monsters Star Wars Spectacular
Topics: luke, artoo, star, darth, imperial, wars, han, vader, threepio, rebel, star wars, darth vader,...
Spooky Warren Fanzine No 1 Vol 2 2004
Topics: warren, neal, goblin, adams, vampirella, comic, creepy, eerie, interview, rook, neal adams, adams...
Warren Presents 007 Alien Invasions Comix 1979 c2c Bluenagascan
Topics: alien, encounters, space, color, star, cobb, movie, horror, close, creature, close encounters, rush...
Warren Presents 004 Galactic Wars Comix (mothra)
Topics: star, wars, encounters, darth, color, poster, close, galactica, fighter, vader, star wars, close...
Warren Presents 003 Star Quest Comix 01 (mothra)
Topics: vader, star, encounters, darth, color, luke, wars, kenobi, han, leia, close encounters, star wars,...
Miscellaneous Warren Publishing Magazines

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Spooky Warren Fanzine No 2 2005
Topics: warren, jim, vampirella, comic, story, spooky, eerie, stories, royer, comics, jim warren, mike...
Warren Presents 014 Rex Havoc & Raiders Of The Fantastic (1981) (c2c) (Twobyfour-DREGS)
Topics: color, action, order, star, convenient, wars, encounters, magazine, han, rush, rush order, star...
Warren Presents 008 (1980 pantha) c2c (scanned and edit by sproutshake)
Topics: wars, star, color, encounters, laser, darth, han, poster, action, luke, star wars, close...
Famous Mounters of Filmland 1974 NY Convention
Topics: forry, monster, monsters, famous, chaney, karloff, horror, warren, comic, lon, famous monsters,...