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01_Credible Scientific Team 1978 Letter.pdf 27-Aug-2017 21:57 1.5M
01_Credible Scientific Team 1978 Letter_abbyy.gz 27-Aug-2017 23:00 99.1K
01_Credible Scientific Team 1978 Letter_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:16 6.4K
01_Credible Scientific Team 1978 Letter_djvu.xml 27-Aug-2017 23:00 62.0K
01_Credible Scientific Team 1978 (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:03 2.2M
01_Credible Scientific Team 1978 Letter_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:16 2.0K
02_Technological Forecast on CO2 Greenhouse Effect 1980.pdf 27-Aug-2017 21:57 4.8M
02_Technological Forecast on CO2 Greenhouse Effect 1980_abbyy.gz 27-Aug-2017 23:42 261.9K
02_Technological Forecast on CO2 Greenhouse Effect 1980_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:23 17.3K
02_Technological Forecast on CO2 Greenhouse Effect 1980_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:16 171.0K
02_Technological Forecast on CO2 Greenhouse Effect (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:34 6.9M
02_Technological Forecast on CO2 Greenhouse Effect 1980_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:23 4.3K
03_1982 Exxon Primer on CO2 Greenhouse Effect.pdf 27-Aug-2017 21:58 13.0M
03_1982 Exxon Primer on CO2 Greenhouse Effect_abbyy.gz 28-Aug-2017 00:10 1.1M
03_1982 Exxon Primer on CO2 Greenhouse Effect_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:23 73.2K
03_1982 Exxon Primer on CO2 Greenhouse Effect_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:16 725.8K
03_1982 Exxon Primer on CO2 Greenhouse (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:48 25.0M
03_1982 Exxon Primer on CO2 Greenhouse Effect_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:23 13.6K
04_Government Meeting Memo 1977.pdf 27-Aug-2017 21:58 4.3M
04_Government Meeting Memo 1977_abbyy.gz 28-Aug-2017 00:00 206.7K
04_Government Meeting Memo 1977_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:23 13.6K
04_Government Meeting Memo 1977_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:15 132.1K
04_Government Meeting Memo (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:45 3.9M
04_Government Meeting Memo 1977_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:23 3.7K
05_Probable Legislation Memo 1979.pdf 27-Aug-2017 21:58 582.8K
05_Probable Legislation Memo 1979_abbyy.gz 27-Aug-2017 23:56 65.3K
05_Probable Legislation Memo 1979_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:23 4.5K
05_Probable Legislation Memo 1979_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:15 40.9K
05_Probable Legislation Memo (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:43 1.2M
05_Probable Legislation Memo 1979_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:23 824.0B
06_Worldwide RD Memo 1978.pdf 27-Aug-2017 21:58 975.1K
06_Worldwide RD Memo 1978_abbyy.gz 27-Aug-2017 23:56 42.9K
06_Worldwide RD Memo 1978_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:23 2.9K
06_Worldwide RD Memo 1978_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:15 28.4K
06_Worldwide RD Memo (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:43 1.2M
06_Worldwide RD Memo 1978_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:23 1.1K
07_Presentation to NOAA 1979.pdf 27-Aug-2017 21:59 6.8M
07_Presentation to NOAA 1979_abbyy.gz 27-Aug-2017 23:55 166.1K
07_Presentation to NOAA 1979_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:23 10.7K
07_Presentation to NOAA 1979_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:15 129.1K
07_Presentation to NOAA (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:42 5.9M
07_Presentation to NOAA 1979_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:23 8.7K
08_Letters to Senior VPS 1980.pdf 27-Aug-2017 21:59 1.6M
08_Letters to Senior VPS 1980_abbyy.gz 27-Aug-2017 23:52 198.0K
08_Letters to Senior VPS 1980_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:23 13.0K
08_Letters to Senior VPS 1980_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:15 117.8K
08_Letters to Senior VPS (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:41 3.4M
08_Letters to Senior VPS 1980_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:23 1.7K
09_Exxon Modeling 1982.pdf 27-Aug-2017 21:59 5.3M
09_Exxon Modeling 1982_abbyy.gz 27-Aug-2017 23:46 63.0K
09_Exxon Modeling 1982_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:23 4.1K
09_Exxon Modeling 1982_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:15 45.3K
09_Exxon Modeling (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:38 3.1M
09_Exxon Modeling 1982_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:23 4.9K
10_Catastrophic Effects Letter 1981_2.pdf 27-Aug-2017 21:59 3.1M
10_Catastrophic Effects Letter 1981_2_abbyy.gz 27-Aug-2017 23:43 65.0K
10_Catastrophic Effects Letter 1981_2_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:23 4.1K
10_Catastrophic Effects Letter 1981_2_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:15 45.3K
10_Catastrophic Effects Letter (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:35 2.1M
10_Catastrophic Effects Letter 1981_2_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:23 1.4K
11_Consensus on CO2 Impacts 1982.pdf 27-Aug-2017 21:59 2.1M
11_Consensus on CO2 Impacts 1982_abbyy.gz 27-Aug-2017 23:43 111.1K
11_Consensus on CO2 Impacts 1982_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:23 7.2K
11_Consensus on CO2 Impacts 1982_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:13 65.6K
11_Consensus on CO2 Impacts (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:17 2.4M
11_Consensus on CO2 Impacts 1982_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:23 1.4K
12_CO2 and Fuel Use Projections.pdf 27-Aug-2017 21:59 8.6M
12_CO2 and Fuel Use Projections_abbyy.gz 27-Aug-2017 23:37 421.2K
12_CO2 and Fuel Use Projections_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:16 27.1K
12_CO2 and Fuel Use Projections_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:15 267.4K
12_CO2 and Fuel Use (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:15 11.8M
12_CO2 and Fuel Use Projections_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:23 7.8K
13_Exxon Climate Modeling 1984.pdf 27-Aug-2017 21:59 2.7M
13_Exxon Climate Modeling 1984_abbyy.gz 27-Aug-2017 23:03 88.8K
13_Exxon Climate Modeling 1984_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:16 5.6K
13_Exxon Climate Modeling 1984_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:14 60.1K
13_Exxon Climate Modeling (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:31 3.4M
13_Exxon Climate Modeling 1984_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:16 5.5K
14_Natuna Environmental Concerns Letter 1983.pdf 27-Aug-2017 21:59 718.8K
14_Natuna Environmental Concerns Letter 1983_abbyy.gz 27-Aug-2017 23:33 51.1K
14_Natuna Environmental Concerns Letter 1983_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:16 3.2K
14_Natuna Environmental Concerns Letter 1983_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:14 30.2K
14_Natuna Environmental Concerns Letter (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:29 1.7M
14_Natuna Environmental Concerns Letter 1983_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:16 824.0B
15_Gilbert Gervasi Natuna CO2 Calculations 1981.pdf 27-Aug-2017 22:00 1.8M
15_Gilbert Gervasi Natuna CO2 Calculations 1981_abbyy.gz 27-Aug-2017 23:32 160.4K
15_Gilbert Gervasi Natuna CO2 Calculations 1981_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:16 9.7K
15_Gilbert Gervasi Natuna CO2 Calculations 1981_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:14 120.4K
15_Gilbert Gervasi Natuna CO2 Calculations (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:29 3.2M
15_Gilbert Gervasi Natuna CO2 Calculations 1981_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:16 2.8K
16_Natuna Background Paper 1983.pdf 27-Aug-2017 22:00 2.4M
16_Natuna Background Paper 1983_abbyy.gz 27-Aug-2017 23:29 333.3K
16_Natuna Background Paper 1983_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:16 24.1K
16_Natuna Background Paper 1983_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:14 369.3K
16_Natuna Background Paper (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:27 7.6M
16_Natuna Background Paper 1983_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:16 3.7K
17_CO2 Sparging Report 1984.pdf 27-Aug-2017 22:00 9.4M
17_CO2 Sparging Report 1984_abbyy.gz 27-Aug-2017 23:21 732.1K
17_CO2 Sparging Report 1984_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:16 47.6K
17_CO2 Sparging Report 1984_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:14 487.1K
17_CO2 Sparging Report (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:24 15.3M
17_CO2 Sparging Report 1984_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:16 14.5K
18_Handout For Meeting With Lee Raymond 1985.pdf 27-Aug-2017 22:00 381.8K
18_Handout For Meeting With Lee Raymond 1985_abbyy.gz 27-Aug-2017 23:13 35.1K
18_Handout For Meeting With Lee Raymond 1985_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:23 2.3K
18_Handout For Meeting With Lee Raymond 1985_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:14 23.2K
18_Handout For Meeting With Lee Raymond (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:18 684.4K
18_Handout For Meeting With Lee Raymond 1985_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:23 824.0B
19_James Black 1977 Presentation.pdf 27-Aug-2017 22:00 8.6M
19_James Black 1977 Presentation_abbyy.gz 27-Aug-2017 23:13 612.2K
19_James Black 1977 Presentation_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:23 41.0K
19_James Black 1977 Presentation_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:14 382.3K
19_James Black 1977 (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:50 8.2M
19_James Black 1977 Presentation_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:23 10.1K
Board Presentation Feb 22 1989.pdf 27-Aug-2017 22:00 874.5K
Board Presentation Feb 22 1989_abbyy.gz 27-Aug-2017 23:10 602.5K
Board Presentation Feb 22 1989_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:18 35.3K
Board Presentation Feb 22 1989_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:13 348.1K
Board Presentation Feb 22 (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:58 29.1M
Board Presentation Feb 22 1989_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:16 10.1K
Board Presentation Feb 22 1989_text.pdf 28-Aug-2017 00:23 2.4M
Connections Greenhouse Science.pdf 27-Aug-2017 22:01 2.0M
Connections Greenhouse Science_abbyy.gz 27-Aug-2017 23:03 133.0K
Connections Greenhouse Science_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:17 9.1K
Connections Greenhouse Science_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:13 78.9K
Connections Greenhouse (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:50 2.5M
Connections Greenhouse Science_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:17 824.0B
Connections Greenhouse Science_text.pdf 28-Aug-2017 00:18 583.3K
ExxonClimateDocs_archive.torrent 09-Sep-2018 21:34 36.9K
ExxonClimateDocs_files.xml 09-Sep-2018 21:34 49.8K
ExxonClimateDocs_meta.sqlite 27-Aug-2017 22:02 58.0K
ExxonClimateDocs_meta.xml 09-Sep-2018 21:33 1.2K
The Greenhouse Effect.pdf 27-Aug-2017 22:02 98.7K
The Greenhouse Effect_abbyy.gz 28-Aug-2017 00:13 158.8K
The Greenhouse Effect_djvu.txt 28-Aug-2017 00:16 17.2K
The Greenhouse Effect_djvu.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:13 688.8K
The Greenhouse (View Contents) 27-Aug-2017 22:52 3.9M
The Greenhouse Effect_scandata.xml 28-Aug-2017 00:16 2.5K
The Greenhouse Effect_text.pdf 28-Aug-2017 00:17 401.5K
__ia_thumb.jpg 04-Jul-2018 12:15 13.3K