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Files for gd1984-03-29.148307.2nd.set.fob.akg.d330bt.senn421.hecht.miller.clugston.flac2496

Name Last modified Size
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__ia_thumb.jpg 04-Dec-2019 16:43 3.3K
gd1984-03-29.148307.2nd.set.fob.akg.d330bt.senn421.hecht.miller.clugston.flac2496_archive.torrent 04-Dec-2019 23:35 40.6K
gd1984-03-29.148307.2nd.set.fob.akg.d330bt.senn421.hecht.miller.clugston.flac2496_files.xml 16-Jan-2020 04:52 30.1K
gd1984-03-29.148307.2nd.set.fob.akg.d330bt.senn421.hecht.miller.clugston.flac2496_meta.sqlite 04-Dec-2019 12:05 36.0K
gd1984-03-29.148307.2nd.set.fob.akg.d330bt.senn421.hecht.miller.clugston.flac2496_meta.xml 16-Jan-2020 04:52 3.6K
gd1984-03-29.2nd.set.fob.akg.d330bt.senn421.hecht.miller.clugston.flac2496.ffp 04-Dec-2019 12:05 682.0B
gd1984-03-29.2nd.set.fob.akg.d330bt.senn421.hecht.miller.clugston.flac2496.md5 04-Dec-2019 12:05 692.0B
gd1984-03-29.2nd.set.fob.akg.d330bt.senn421.hecht.miller.clugston.flac2496.txt 04-Dec-2019 12:05 3.4K
gd84-03-29 s2t01 Crowd.afpk 04-Dec-2019 16:39 4.7K
gd84-03-29 s2t01 Crowd.flac 04-Dec-2019 11:50 10.1M
gd84-03-29 s2t01 Crowd.mp3 04-Dec-2019 16:08 628.8K
gd84-03-29 s2t01 Crowd.ogg 04-Dec-2019 16:16 371.4K
gd84-03-29 s2t01 Crowd.png 04-Dec-2019 16:29 29.8K
gd84-03-29 s2t01 Crowd_spectrogram.png 04-Dec-2019 16:34 260.4K
gd84-03-29 s2t02 Shakedown Street.afpk 04-Dec-2019 16:41 143.5K
gd84-03-29 s2t02 Shakedown Street.flac 04-Dec-2019 11:53 308.5M
gd84-03-29 s2t02 Shakedown Street.mp3 04-Dec-2019 16:10 18.4M
gd84-03-29 s2t02 Shakedown Street.ogg 04-Dec-2019 16:26 10.4M
gd84-03-29 s2t02 Shakedown Street.png 04-Dec-2019 16:31 31.1K
gd84-03-29 s2t02 Shakedown Street_spectrogram.png 04-Dec-2019 16:33 173.4K
gd84-03-29 s2t03 Estimated Prophet.afpk 04-Dec-2019 16:36 131.7K
gd84-03-29 s2t03 Estimated Prophet.flac 04-Dec-2019 11:55 280.9M
gd84-03-29 s2t03 Estimated Prophet.mp3 04-Dec-2019 16:09 16.7M
gd84-03-29 s2t03 Estimated Prophet.ogg 04-Dec-2019 16:22 9.4M
gd84-03-29 s2t03 Estimated Prophet.png 04-Dec-2019 16:30 35.1K
gd84-03-29 s2t03 Estimated Prophet_spectrogram.png 04-Dec-2019 16:34 178.1K
gd84-03-29 s2t04 Eyes Of The World.afpk 04-Dec-2019 16:39 121.0K
gd84-03-29 s2t04 Eyes Of The World.flac 04-Dec-2019 11:56 251.5M
gd84-03-29 s2t04 Eyes Of The World.mp3 04-Dec-2019 16:11 15.0M
gd84-03-29 s2t04 Eyes Of The World.ogg 04-Dec-2019 16:19 8.4M
gd84-03-29 s2t04 Eyes Of The World.png 04-Dec-2019 16:32 33.6K
gd84-03-29 s2t04 Eyes Of The World_spectrogram.png 04-Dec-2019 16:34 178.8K
gd84-03-29 s2t05 Drums.afpk 04-Dec-2019 16:42 97.3K
gd84-03-29 s2t05 Drums.flac 04-Dec-2019 11:58 232.8M
gd84-03-29 s2t05 Drums.mp3 04-Dec-2019 16:12 14.3M
gd84-03-29 s2t05 Drums.ogg 04-Dec-2019 16:24 8.3M
gd84-03-29 s2t05 Drums.png 04-Dec-2019 16:33 28.7K
gd84-03-29 s2t05 Drums_spectrogram.png 04-Dec-2019 16:34 179.5K
gd84-03-29 s2t06 Space.afpk 04-Dec-2019 16:39 81.9K
gd84-03-29 s2t06 Space.flac 04-Dec-2019 11:58 186.5M
gd84-03-29 s2t06 Space.mp3 04-Dec-2019 16:12 11.1M
gd84-03-29 s2t06 Space.ogg 04-Dec-2019 16:16 6.4M
gd84-03-29 s2t06 Space.png 04-Dec-2019 16:30 26.6K
gd84-03-29 s2t06 Space_spectrogram.png 04-Dec-2019 16:33 172.4K
gd84-03-29 s2t07 Spanish Jam.afpk 04-Dec-2019 16:38 88.5K
gd84-03-29 s2t07 Spanish Jam.flac 04-Dec-2019 12:00 188.2M
gd84-03-29 s2t07 Spanish Jam.mp3 04-Dec-2019 16:13 11.3M
gd84-03-29 s2t07 Spanish Jam.ogg 04-Dec-2019 16:17 6.4M
gd84-03-29 s2t07 Spanish Jam.png 04-Dec-2019 16:30 33.8K
gd84-03-29 s2t07 Spanish Jam_spectrogram.png 04-Dec-2019 16:33 194.7K
gd84-03-29 s2t08 The Other One.afpk 04-Dec-2019 16:36 68.3K
gd84-03-29 s2t08 The Other One.flac 04-Dec-2019 12:01 138.2M
gd84-03-29 s2t08 The Other One.mp3 04-Dec-2019 16:13 8.3M
gd84-03-29 s2t08 The Other One.ogg 04-Dec-2019 16:27 4.6M
gd84-03-29 s2t08 The Other One.png 04-Dec-2019 16:29 33.9K
gd84-03-29 s2t08 The Other One_spectrogram.png 04-Dec-2019 16:34 202.7K
gd84-03-29 s2t09 Wharf Rat.afpk 04-Dec-2019 16:35 93.4K
gd84-03-29 s2t09 Wharf Rat.flac 04-Dec-2019 12:03 205.5M
gd84-03-29 s2t09 Wharf Rat.mp3 04-Dec-2019 16:14 12.4M
gd84-03-29 s2t09 Wharf Rat.ogg 04-Dec-2019 16:29 7.0M
gd84-03-29 s2t09 Wharf Rat.png 04-Dec-2019 16:31 30.9K
gd84-03-29 s2t09 Wharf Rat_spectrogram.png 04-Dec-2019 16:34 194.2K
gd84-03-29 s2t10 Sugar Magnolia.afpk 04-Dec-2019 16:35 114.2K
gd84-03-29 s2t10 Sugar Magnolia.flac 04-Dec-2019 12:05 223.7M
gd84-03-29 s2t10 Sugar Magnolia.mp3 04-Dec-2019 16:15 13.5M
gd84-03-29 s2t10 Sugar Magnolia.ogg 04-Dec-2019 16:20 7.6M
gd84-03-29 s2t10 Sugar Magnolia.png 04-Dec-2019 16:29 34.3K
gd84-03-29 s2t10 Sugar Magnolia_spectrogram.png 04-Dec-2019 16:33 191.5K