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Files for gd1984-06-12.148387.akg.d330bt.senn421.hecht.miller.clugston.flac1648

Name Last modified Size
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__ia_thumb.jpg 05-Dec-2019 02:29 3.1K
gd1984-06-12.148387.akg.d330bt.senn421.hecht.miller.clugston.flac1648_archive.torrent 06-Dec-2019 12:38 51.2K
gd1984-06-12.148387.akg.d330bt.senn421.hecht.miller.clugston.flac1648_files.xml 12-Jan-2020 03:57 58.3K
gd1984-06-12.148387.akg.d330bt.senn421.hecht.miller.clugston.flac1648_meta.sqlite 05-Dec-2019 00:11 62.0K
gd1984-06-12.148387.akg.d330bt.senn421.hecht.miller.clugston.flac1648_meta.xml 12-Jan-2020 03:57 4.5K
gd1984-06-12.akg.d330bt.senn421.hecht.miller.clugston.flac1648.ffp 05-Dec-2019 00:09 1.4K
gd1984-06-12.akg.d330bt.senn421.hecht.miller.clugston.flac1648.md5 05-Dec-2019 00:10 1.5K
gd1984-06-12.akg.d330bt.senn421.hecht.miller.clugston.flac1648.txt 05-Dec-2019 00:11 6.5K
gd84-06-12 s1t01 Alabama Getaway.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:17 60.0K
gd84-06-12 s1t01 Alabama Getaway.flac 04-Dec-2019 23:54 34.9M
gd84-06-12 s1t01 Alabama Getaway.mp3 05-Dec-2019 02:00 7.1M
gd84-06-12 s1t01 Alabama Getaway.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:06 3.6M
gd84-06-12 s1t01 Alabama Getaway.png 05-Dec-2019 02:12 32.3K
gd84-06-12 s1t01 Alabama Getaway_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:15 252.6K
gd84-06-12 s1t02 Greatest Story.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:17 46.6K
gd84-06-12 s1t02 Greatest Story.flac 04-Dec-2019 23:55 27.0M
gd84-06-12 s1t02 Greatest Story.mp3 05-Dec-2019 02:02 5.6M
gd84-06-12 s1t02 Greatest Story.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:08 2.8M
gd84-06-12 s1t02 Greatest Story.png 05-Dec-2019 02:13 34.6K
gd84-06-12 s1t02 Greatest Story_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:16 256.9K
gd84-06-12 s1t03 Friend Of The Devil.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:18 89.5K
gd84-06-12 s1t03 Friend Of The Devil.flac 04-Dec-2019 23:55 55.1M
gd84-06-12 s1t03 Friend Of The Devil.mp3 05-Dec-2019 02:00 11.7M
gd84-06-12 s1t03 Friend Of The Devil.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:05 5.7M
gd84-06-12 s1t03 Friend Of The Devil.png 05-Dec-2019 02:12 33.6K
gd84-06-12 s1t03 Friend Of The Devil_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:16 250.3K
gd84-06-12 s1t04 Little Red Rooster.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:18 92.7K
gd84-06-12 s1t04 Little Red Rooster.flac 04-Dec-2019 23:55 53.1M
gd84-06-12 s1t04 Little Red Rooster.mp3 05-Dec-2019 02:01 11.0M
gd84-06-12 s1t04 Little Red Rooster.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:05 5.4M
gd84-06-12 s1t04 Little Red Rooster.png 05-Dec-2019 02:14 32.6K
gd84-06-12 s1t04 Little Red Rooster_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:15 248.6K
gd84-06-12 s1t05 Big Railroad Blues.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:18 65.4K
gd84-06-12 s1t05 Big Railroad Blues.flac 04-Dec-2019 23:56 37.5M
gd84-06-12 s1t05 Big Railroad Blues.mp3 05-Dec-2019 02:02 7.6M
gd84-06-12 s1t05 Big Railroad Blues.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:09 3.7M
gd84-06-12 s1t05 Big Railroad Blues.png 05-Dec-2019 02:12 30.9K
gd84-06-12 s1t05 Big Railroad Blues_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:15 252.5K
gd84-06-12 s1t06 Me & My Uncle.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:17 30.2K
gd84-06-12 s1t06 Me & My Uncle.flac 04-Dec-2019 23:56 19.6M
gd84-06-12 s1t06 Me & My Uncle.mp3 05-Dec-2019 02:03 4.0M
gd84-06-12 s1t06 Me & My Uncle.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:08 2.0M
gd84-06-12 s1t06 Me & My Uncle.png 05-Dec-2019 02:14 33.0K
gd84-06-12 s1t06 Me & My Uncle_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:16 265.5K
gd84-06-12 s1t07 Mexicali Blues.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:17 55.6K
gd84-06-12 s1t07 Mexicali Blues.flac 04-Dec-2019 23:56 32.5M
gd84-06-12 s1t07 Mexicali Blues.mp3 05-Dec-2019 02:03 6.5M
gd84-06-12 s1t07 Mexicali Blues.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:04 3.3M
gd84-06-12 s1t07 Mexicali Blues.png 05-Dec-2019 02:13 34.4K
gd84-06-12 s1t07 Mexicali Blues_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:15 257.9K
gd84-06-12 s1t08 Althea.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:17 78.5K
gd84-06-12 s1t08 Althea.flac 04-Dec-2019 23:56 54.6M
gd84-06-12 s1t08 Althea.mp3 05-Dec-2019 02:02 11.2M
gd84-06-12 s1t08 Althea.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:11 5.6M
gd84-06-12 s1t08 Althea.png 05-Dec-2019 02:12 31.8K
gd84-06-12 s1t08 Althea_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:15 248.6K
gd84-06-12 s1t09 Looks Like Rain.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:20 81.6K
gd84-06-12 s1t09 Looks Like Rain.flac 04-Dec-2019 23:57 53.5M
gd84-06-12 s1t09 Looks Like Rain.mp3 05-Dec-2019 01:59 10.9M
gd84-06-12 s1t09 Looks Like Rain.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:10 5.4M
gd84-06-12 s1t09 Looks Like Rain.png 05-Dec-2019 02:14 28.6K
gd84-06-12 s1t09 Looks Like Rain_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:15 256.4K
gd84-06-12 s1t10 Might As Well.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:18 50.2K
gd84-06-12 s1t10 Might As Well.flac 04-Dec-2019 23:57 28.8M
gd84-06-12 s1t10 Might As Well.mp3 05-Dec-2019 01:57 5.7M
gd84-06-12 s1t10 Might As Well.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:12 2.8M
gd84-06-12 s1t10 Might As Well.png 05-Dec-2019 02:13 34.0K
gd84-06-12 s1t10 Might As Well_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:14 258.5K
gd84-06-12 s2t01 Scarlet Begonias.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:17 98.9K
gd84-06-12 s2t01 Scarlet Begonias.flac 04-Dec-2019 23:58 63.6M
gd84-06-12 s2t01 Scarlet Begonias.mp3 05-Dec-2019 01:57 12.4M
gd84-06-12 s2t01 Scarlet Begonias.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:07 6.3M
gd84-06-12 s2t01 Scarlet Begonias.png 05-Dec-2019 02:13 33.2K
gd84-06-12 s2t01 Scarlet Begonias_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:16 244.8K
gd84-06-12 s2t02 Touch Of Grey.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:20 67.5K
gd84-06-12 s2t02 Touch Of Grey.flac 04-Dec-2019 23:58 43.2M
gd84-06-12 s2t02 Touch Of Grey.mp3 05-Dec-2019 01:56 8.1M
gd84-06-12 s2t02 Touch Of Grey.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:03 4.1M
gd84-06-12 s2t02 Touch Of Grey.png 05-Dec-2019 02:14 32.4K
gd84-06-12 s2t02 Touch Of Grey_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:14 246.7K
gd84-06-12 s2t03 Estimated Prophet.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:20 103.9K
gd84-06-12 s2t03 Estimated Prophet.flac 04-Dec-2019 23:59 72.3M
gd84-06-12 s2t03 Estimated Prophet.mp3 05-Dec-2019 01:55 14.0M
gd84-06-12 s2t03 Estimated Prophet.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:11 7.0M
gd84-06-12 s2t03 Estimated Prophet.png 05-Dec-2019 02:13 32.4K
gd84-06-12 s2t03 Estimated Prophet_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:14 244.9K
gd84-06-12 s2t04 Eyes Of The World.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:19 104.5K
gd84-06-12 s2t04 Eyes Of The World.flac 05-Dec-2019 00:00 71.0M
gd84-06-12 s2t04 Eyes Of The World.mp3 05-Dec-2019 01:55 13.6M
gd84-06-12 s2t04 Eyes Of The World.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:09 6.8M
gd84-06-12 s2t04 Eyes Of The World.png 05-Dec-2019 02:13 33.1K
gd84-06-12 s2t04 Eyes Of The World_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:15 238.2K
gd84-06-12 s2t05 Drums.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:19 96.1K
gd84-06-12 s2t05 Drums.flac 05-Dec-2019 00:01 61.1M
gd84-06-12 s2t05 Drums.mp3 05-Dec-2019 01:54 13.1M
gd84-06-12 s2t05 Drums.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:10 6.9M
gd84-06-12 s2t05 Drums.png 05-Dec-2019 02:14 29.1K
gd84-06-12 s2t05 Drums_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:15 242.7K
gd84-06-12 s2t06 Space.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:19 54.3K
gd84-06-12 s2t06 Space.flac 05-Dec-2019 00:02 33.1M
gd84-06-12 s2t06 Space.mp3 05-Dec-2019 01:56 7.3M
gd84-06-12 s2t06 Space.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:04 3.8M
gd84-06-12 s2t06 Space.png 05-Dec-2019 02:12 17.8K
gd84-06-12 s2t06 Space_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:16 227.0K
gd84-06-12 s2t07 The Other One.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:20 122.8K
gd84-06-12 s2t07 The Other One.flac 05-Dec-2019 00:02 76.5M
gd84-06-12 s2t07 The Other One.mp3 05-Dec-2019 01:58 15.5M
gd84-06-12 s2t07 The Other One.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:08 7.9M
gd84-06-12 s2t07 The Other One.png 05-Dec-2019 02:12 30.3K
gd84-06-12 s2t07 The Other One_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:16 240.8K
gd84-06-12 s2t08 Wharf Rat.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:18 91.6K
gd84-06-12 s2t08 Wharf Rat.flac 05-Dec-2019 00:03 61.0M
gd84-06-12 s2t08 Wharf Rat.mp3 05-Dec-2019 01:59 12.0M
gd84-06-12 s2t08 Wharf Rat.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:06 6.0M
gd84-06-12 s2t08 Wharf Rat.png 05-Dec-2019 02:12 31.9K
gd84-06-12 s2t08 Wharf Rat_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:16 246.1K
gd84-06-12 s2t09 Around & Around.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:19 44.2K
gd84-06-12 s2t09 Around & Around.flac 05-Dec-2019 00:04 27.8M
gd84-06-12 s2t09 Around & Around.mp3 05-Dec-2019 01:56 5.3M
gd84-06-12 s2t09 Around & Around.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:06 2.7M
gd84-06-12 s2t09 Around & Around.png 05-Dec-2019 02:13 35.0K
gd84-06-12 s2t09 Around & Around_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:16 258.6K
gd84-06-12 s2t10 Johnny B. Goode.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:21 52.6K
gd84-06-12 s2t10 Johnny B. Goode.flac 05-Dec-2019 00:05 31.0M
gd84-06-12 s2t10 Johnny B. Goode.mp3 05-Dec-2019 01:57 5.9M
gd84-06-12 s2t10 Johnny B. Goode.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:07 3.0M
gd84-06-12 s2t10 Johnny B. Goode.png 05-Dec-2019 02:12 33.1K
gd84-06-12 s2t10 Johnny B. Goode_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:15 259.1K
gd84-06-12 s2t11 US Blues.afpk 05-Dec-2019 02:21 54.1K
gd84-06-12 s2t11 US Blues.flac 05-Dec-2019 00:08 34.3M
gd84-06-12 s2t11 US Blues.mp3 05-Dec-2019 01:58 6.6M
gd84-06-12 s2t11 US Blues.ogg 05-Dec-2019 02:04 3.3M
gd84-06-12 s2t11 US Blues.png 05-Dec-2019 02:13 32.9K
gd84-06-12 s2t11 US Blues_spectrogram.png 05-Dec-2019 02:14 255.1K