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Files for gd1985-03-25.149266.senn441.hunt.mattes.miller.clugston.flac1648

Name Last modified Size
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__ia_thumb.jpg 29-Mar-2020 14:05 2.7K
gd1985-03-25.149266.senn441.hunt.mattes.miller.clugston.flac1648_archive.torrent 29-Mar-2020 15:01 46.5K
gd1985-03-25.149266.senn441.hunt.mattes.miller.clugston.flac1648_files.xml 15-May-2020 11:43 49.0K
gd1985-03-25.149266.senn441.hunt.mattes.miller.clugston.flac1648_meta.sqlite 29-Mar-2020 13:47 60.0K
gd1985-03-25.149266.senn441.hunt.mattes.miller.clugston.flac1648_meta.xml 15-May-2020 11:43 4.4K
gd1985-03-25.senn441.hunt.mattes.miller.clugston.flac1648.ffp 29-Mar-2020 13:47 1.3K
gd1985-03-25.senn441.hunt.mattes.miller.clugston.flac1648.md5 29-Mar-2020 13:47 1.3K
gd1985-03-25.senn441.hunt.mattes.miller.clugston.flac1648.txt 29-Mar-2020 13:47 6.1K
gd85-03-25 s1t01 Crowd.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:58 12.3K
gd85-03-25 s1t01 Crowd.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:39 5.8M
gd85-03-25 s1t01 Crowd.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:51 1.3M
gd85-03-25 s1t01 Crowd.png 29-Mar-2020 13:53 23.0K
gd85-03-25 s1t01 Crowd_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:55 263.5K
gd85-03-25 s1t02 Jack Straw.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:56 68.1K
gd85-03-25 s1t02 Jack Straw.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:40 39.7M
gd85-03-25 s1t02 Jack Straw.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:53 8.1M
gd85-03-25 s1t02 Jack Straw.png 29-Mar-2020 13:54 37.0K
gd85-03-25 s1t02 Jack Straw_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:56 239.8K
gd85-03-25 s1t03 Sugaree.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:57 126.9K
gd85-03-25 s1t03 Sugaree.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:41 75.1M
gd85-03-25 s1t03 Sugaree.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:52 15.3M
gd85-03-25 s1t03 Sugaree.png 29-Mar-2020 13:53 32.5K
gd85-03-25 s1t03 Sugaree_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:55 234.5K
gd85-03-25 s1t04 Red Rooster.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:57 108.9K
gd85-03-25 s1t04 Red Rooster.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:41 61.7M
gd85-03-25 s1t04 Red Rooster.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:52 12.8M
gd85-03-25 s1t04 Red Rooster.png 29-Mar-2020 13:54 33.6K
gd85-03-25 s1t04 Red Rooster_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:56 241.1K
gd85-03-25 s1t05 Bird Song.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:57 127.7K
gd85-03-25 s1t05 Bird Song.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:42 82.2M
gd85-03-25 s1t05 Bird Song.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:53 16.4M
gd85-03-25 s1t05 Bird Song.png 29-Mar-2020 13:55 34.4K
gd85-03-25 s1t05 Bird Song_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:55 235.9K
gd85-03-25 s1t06 All Over Now.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:58 101.4K
gd85-03-25 s1t06 All Over Now.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:42 59.5M
gd85-03-25 s1t06 All Over Now.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:52 11.9M
gd85-03-25 s1t06 All Over Now.png 29-Mar-2020 13:54 35.3K
gd85-03-25 s1t06 All Over Now_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:55 246.9K
gd85-03-25 s1t07 IMHBTR.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:57 50.0K
gd85-03-25 s1t07 IMHBTR.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:43 33.6M
gd85-03-25 s1t07 IMHBTR.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:52 7.1M
gd85-03-25 s1t07 IMHBTR.png 29-Mar-2020 13:54 36.1K
gd85-03-25 s1t07 IMHBTR_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:56 252.8K
gd85-03-25 s1t08 Let It Grow.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:56 136.1K
gd85-03-25 s1t08 Let It Grow.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:43 76.3M
gd85-03-25 s1t08 Let It Grow.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:51 15.5M
gd85-03-25 s1t08 Let It Grow.png 29-Mar-2020 13:54 34.6K
gd85-03-25 s1t08 Let It Grow_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:56 241.9K
gd85-03-25 s2t01 Crowd.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:56 5.0K
gd85-03-25 s2t01 Crowd.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:43 2.8M
gd85-03-25 s2t01 Crowd.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:53 646.1K
gd85-03-25 s2t01 Crowd.png 29-Mar-2020 13:54 26.7K
gd85-03-25 s2t01 Crowd_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:56 266.7K
gd85-03-25 s2t02 Help.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:57 37.6K
gd85-03-25 s2t02 Help.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:43 24.3M
gd85-03-25 s2t02 Help.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:49 5.1M
gd85-03-25 s2t02 Help.png 29-Mar-2020 13:54 36.2K
gd85-03-25 s2t02 Help_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:55 258.0K
gd85-03-25 s2t03 Slip.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:57 77.3K
gd85-03-25 s2t03 Slip.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:44 44.4M
gd85-03-25 s2t03 Slip.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:49 9.4M
gd85-03-25 s2t03 Slip.png 29-Mar-2020 13:54 36.8K
gd85-03-25 s2t03 Slip_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:56 246.9K
gd85-03-25 s2t04 Frank's.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:58 125.1K
gd85-03-25 s2t04 Frank's.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:45 77.2M
gd85-03-25 s2t04 Frank's.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:51 15.6M
gd85-03-25 s2t04 Frank's.png 29-Mar-2020 13:54 35.6K
gd85-03-25 s2t04 Frank's_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:55 243.8K
gd85-03-25 s2t05 Estimated.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:58 122.4K
gd85-03-25 s2t05 Estimated.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:45 83.4M
gd85-03-25 s2t05 Estimated.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:50 17.4M
gd85-03-25 s2t05 Estimated.png 29-Mar-2020 13:54 36.6K
gd85-03-25 s2t05 Estimated_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:55 247.8K
gd85-03-25 s2t06 Eyes.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:58 112.9K
gd85-03-25 s2t06 Eyes.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:45 75.1M
gd85-03-25 s2t06 Eyes.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:48 15.1M
gd85-03-25 s2t06 Eyes.png 29-Mar-2020 13:54 34.9K
gd85-03-25 s2t06 Eyes_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:55 242.6K
gd85-03-25 s2t07 Drums.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:58 95.6K
gd85-03-25 s2t07 Drums.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:46 59.6M
gd85-03-25 s2t07 Drums.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:49 13.1M
gd85-03-25 s2t07 Drums.png 29-Mar-2020 13:54 32.5K
gd85-03-25 s2t07 Drums_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:55 248.7K
gd85-03-25 s2t08 Space.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:56 79.7K
gd85-03-25 s2t08 Space.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:46 48.6M
gd85-03-25 s2t08 Space.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:51 10.6M
gd85-03-25 s2t08 Space.png 29-Mar-2020 13:54 29.1K
gd85-03-25 s2t08 Space_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:55 221.3K
gd85-03-25 s2t09 Miracle.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:57 50.5K
gd85-03-25 s2t09 Miracle.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:46 30.0M
gd85-03-25 s2t09 Miracle.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:50 6.1M
gd85-03-25 s2t09 Miracle.png 29-Mar-2020 13:54 34.2K
gd85-03-25 s2t09 Miracle_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:56 261.9K
gd85-03-25 s2t10 China Doll.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:57 55.4K
gd85-03-25 s2t10 China Doll.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:46 37.7M
gd85-03-25 s2t10 China Doll.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:50 8.2M
gd85-03-25 s2t10 China Doll.png 29-Mar-2020 13:53 31.3K
gd85-03-25 s2t10 China Doll_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:55 256.0K
gd85-03-25 s2t11 GDTRFB.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:58 65.8K
gd85-03-25 s2t11 GDTRFB.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:47 39.3M
gd85-03-25 s2t11 GDTRFB.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:50 7.9M
gd85-03-25 s2t11 GDTRFB.png 29-Mar-2020 13:54 35.0K
gd85-03-25 s2t11 GDTRFB_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:56 251.7K
gd85-03-25 s2t12 Good Lovin'.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:58 98.8K
gd85-03-25 s2t12 Good Lovin'.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:47 57.0M
gd85-03-25 s2t12 Good Lovin'.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:49 11.6M
gd85-03-25 s2t12 Good Lovin'.png 29-Mar-2020 13:53 34.6K
gd85-03-25 s2t12 Good Lovin'_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:55 250.7K
gd85-03-25 s2t13 Day Job.afpk 29-Mar-2020 13:56 50.9K
gd85-03-25 s2t13 Day Job.flac 29-Mar-2020 13:47 30.2M
gd85-03-25 s2t13 Day Job.mp3 29-Mar-2020 13:53 6.0M
gd85-03-25 s2t13 Day Job.png 29-Mar-2020 13:54 37.1K
gd85-03-25 s2t13 Day Job_spectrogram.png 29-Mar-2020 13:55 261.0K