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Files for waverine_Revival_mp3_artwork

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01_LIFE'S WHAT YOU MAKE IT.afpk 31-Dec-2020 21:43 39.1K
01_LIFE'S WHAT YOU MAKE IT.mp3 31-Dec-2020 21:22 11.6M
01_LIFE'S WHAT YOU MAKE IT.png 31-Dec-2020 21:27 40.4K
01_LIFE'S WHAT YOU MAKE IT_spectrogram.png 31-Dec-2020 21:30 302.0K
02_FIGHT THE POWER.afpk 31-Dec-2020 21:43 49.2K
02_FIGHT THE POWER.mp3 31-Dec-2020 21:22 11.5M
02_FIGHT THE POWER.png 31-Dec-2020 21:27 40.6K
02_FIGHT THE POWER_spectrogram.png 31-Dec-2020 21:28 296.1K
03_VAST FIELDS.afpk 31-Dec-2020 21:43 38.6K
03_VAST FIELDS.mp3 31-Dec-2020 21:22 12.0M
03_VAST FIELDS.png 31-Dec-2020 21:26 37.9K
03_VAST FIELDS_spectrogram.png 31-Dec-2020 21:29 305.5K
04_BATTLESTAR.afpk 31-Dec-2020 21:43 38.6K
04_BATTLESTAR.mp3 31-Dec-2020 21:22 9.0M
04_BATTLESTAR.png 31-Dec-2020 21:26 36.6K
04_BATTLESTAR_spectrogram.png 31-Dec-2020 21:29 288.7K
05_LIVE YOUR LIFE.afpk 31-Dec-2020 21:43 39.4K
05_LIVE YOUR LIFE.mp3 31-Dec-2020 21:22 10.7M
05_LIVE YOUR LIFE.png 31-Dec-2020 21:27 37.0K
05_LIVE YOUR LIFE_spectrogram.png 31-Dec-2020 21:30 292.0K
06_TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS.afpk 31-Dec-2020 21:43 38.7K
06_TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS.mp3 31-Dec-2020 21:22 9.1M
06_TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS.png 31-Dec-2020 21:28 36.2K
06_TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS_spectrogram.png 31-Dec-2020 21:29 305.6K
07_KALEIDOSCOPE.afpk 31-Dec-2020 21:30 53.9K
07_KALEIDOSCOPE.mp3 31-Dec-2020 21:22 14.1M
07_KALEIDOSCOPE.png 31-Dec-2020 21:26 39.9K
07_KALEIDOSCOPE_spectrogram.png 31-Dec-2020 21:29 287.2K
08_SECRET MISSION.afpk 31-Dec-2020 21:41 78.1K
08_SECRET MISSION.mp3 31-Dec-2020 21:22 15.8M
08_SECRET MISSION.png 31-Dec-2020 21:28 33.7K
08_SECRET MISSION_spectrogram.png 31-Dec-2020 21:29 299.2K
09_MISTER CONFIDENCE.afpk 31-Dec-2020 21:42 34.7K
09_MISTER CONFIDENCE.mp3 31-Dec-2020 21:23 9.2M
09_MISTER CONFIDENCE.png 31-Dec-2020 21:27 39.0K
09_MISTER CONFIDENCE_spectrogram.png 31-Dec-2020 21:29 298.4K
10_GONE ON MOONNIGHT.afpk 31-Dec-2020 21:42 40.5K
10_GONE ON MOONNIGHT.mp3 31-Dec-2020 21:23 10.5M
10_GONE ON MOONNIGHT.png 31-Dec-2020 21:28 33.2K
10_GONE ON MOONNIGHT_spectrogram.png 31-Dec-2020 21:29 294.0K
11_GABRIEL'S WALTZ.afpk 31-Dec-2020 21:42 28.4K
11_GABRIEL'S WALTZ.mp3 31-Dec-2020 21:23 7.5M
11_GABRIEL'S WALTZ.png 31-Dec-2020 21:27 30.5K
11_GABRIEL'S WALTZ_spectrogram.png 31-Dec-2020 21:29 287.4K
12_ALONE.afpk 31-Dec-2020 21:42 38.1K
12_ALONE.mp3 31-Dec-2020 21:23 11.4M
12_ALONE.png 31-Dec-2020 21:28 38.1K
12_ALONE_spectrogram.png 31-Dec-2020 21:29 301.0K
13_LAND OF LOVE.afpk 31-Dec-2020 21:42 40.5K
13_LAND OF LOVE.mp3 31-Dec-2020 21:23 10.9M
13_LAND OF LOVE.png 31-Dec-2020 21:26 37.7K
13_LAND OF LOVE_spectrogram.png 31-Dec-2020 21:30 299.0K
14_RETROGRADE (PART I).afpk 31-Dec-2020 21:42 28.0K
14_RETROGRADE (PART I).mp3 31-Dec-2020 21:23 8.5M
14_RETROGRADE (PART I).png 31-Dec-2020 21:27 29.5K
14_RETROGRADE (PART I)_spectrogram.png 31-Dec-2020 21:28 244.3K
15_RETROGRADE (PART II).afpk 31-Dec-2020 21:42 44.0K
15_RETROGRADE (PART II).mp3 31-Dec-2020 21:23 12.5M
15_RETROGRADE (PART II).png 31-Dec-2020 21:26 36.9K
15_RETROGRADE (PART II)_spectrogram.png 31-Dec-2020 21:29 294.2K
16_ON THE WAVES.afpk 31-Dec-2020 21:41 40.3K
16_ON THE WAVES.mp3 31-Dec-2020 21:23 9.9M
16_ON THE WAVES.png 31-Dec-2020 21:27 40.4K
16_ON THE WAVES_spectrogram.png 31-Dec-2020 21:29 281.4K
17_LIVING A LIE.afpk 31-Dec-2020 21:31 28.5K
17_LIVING A LIE.mp3 31-Dec-2020 21:23 9.6M
17_LIVING A LIE.png 31-Dec-2020 21:27 37.6K
17_LIVING A LIE_spectrogram.png 31-Dec-2020 21:29 304.2K
18_GRANNY'S PARTY.afpk 31-Dec-2020 21:41 46.2K
18_GRANNY'S PARTY.mp3 31-Dec-2020 21:23 11.3M
18_GRANNY'S PARTY.png 31-Dec-2020 21:26 38.7K
18_GRANNY'S PARTY_spectrogram.png 31-Dec-2020 21:28 285.7K
__ia_thumb.jpg 31-Dec-2020 21:33 12.7K
waverine_REVIVAL_vk_RGB.jpg 31-Dec-2020 21:30 1.7M
waverine_REVIVAL_vk_RGB_thumb.jpg 31-Dec-2020 21:36 4.1K (View Contents) 31-Dec-2020 21:00 146.2M
waverine_Revival_mp3_artwork_archive.torrent 20-Feb-2021 03:16 28.6K
waverine_Revival_mp3_artwork_files.xml 20-Feb-2021 03:16 30.8K
waverine_Revival_mp3_artwork_meta.sqlite 31-Dec-2020 21:33 32.0K
waverine_Revival_mp3_artwork_meta.xml 20-Feb-2021 03:16 1.3K