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Poster: rabid47 Date: Feb 11, 2015 5:46pm
Forum: moviesandfilms Subject: Re: Preferred torrent program

From what I understand, Digital Rights Management is distibuted through the Internet by Microsoft to disable certain functions of a device. I'm not sure exactly HOW it's distributed, but it targets a specific device via the Internet and restricts its functions. ie if you had a device in January that could record CDs, and they updated the protocols to disallow the recording of cd's in February, when the update happens, your device has the settings changed to restrict its ability to record cd's. This happens to the PHYSICAL hardware on your PC via firmware updates, and in most cases renders the device useless for the use it was purchased for. That's why older software can appear to 'work today, but not work tomorrow'.
DRM includes digital media available on the internet via torrent sites.


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Poster: loninappleton Date: Feb 13, 2015 8:58am
Forum: moviesandfilms Subject: Re: Preferred torrent program

There is a setting in Win7 to open UPnP under the

Start > Control Panel > Networking > Change Advanced Sharing (upper left corner > Turn on Network Discovery and a a button to activate which, for normal setup should be the default. When I looked it was set that way.

This raises the issue of how my homenet is set up. File sharing is working ok to move media files between my two homenet connections via the 4 port switch.

If there are others I do not know what those might be.

Firewalls and such do not interfere with my activity.
What I should do to test is find an older HD with the XP on it yet and see if that opens up the torrents.

But I can't really see myself running dual operating systems
for this.

Is there an alternate download procedure to bittorrent? Can that run on a slow system such as I have here?

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Poster: rabid47 Date: Mar 16, 2015 2:42am
Forum: moviesandfilms Subject: Re: Preferred torrent program

As far as I know, UPnP is concerned with automatically designating ports for software through the router. If your PC hardware has been disabled by DRM, I'm not sure changing the OS will work, especially as XP is now unsupported by MS. I've had to dump 3 CD recorders,4 DVD player/recorders, 3 DVD cards with digital outs, and numerous soundcards with the ability to record 'What you hear'(converting digital to analog and saving the analog to digital), all thanks to Microsofts attempts to police the Internet. All this has occured between the release of Vista and the present day. My point being is that if DRM can restrict the ability to use your hardware to record and distribute, it could just as easily restrict your router/software/network from downloading from certain sites, especially torrent sites that are believed, by Microsoft (rightly or wrongly), to host copyrighted material.

It doesn't stop you from giving it a try though!

Good luck !! :-)


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