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Poster: JimiMod Date: May 16, 2016 3:43pm
Forum: forums Subject: Re: 'Unsafe' Characters Must Be URL-escaped

Well, there ya go. The identical link in your previous post took me to S.LaRue.
Now it doesn't.
The top link takes me to an IA page of videos, not MY page, and the second, which also looks to be identical to the one in your previous post, FAILS.

I have no idea how to ESCAPE UNSAFE Characters, which from my perspective, has never been a problem,
However if it's a problem for ANYONE, I'd certainly like to repair it.

Where are we headed with this forum Post Mr. Moonbat? You've shown me, in mysterious ways I might add, that there's an issue with my URL, and linked me to a coding page.

The two URLs in your post above are IDENTICAL and I just proved to myself that they are, in fact NOT.

Is there a suggestion or solution forthcoming? And whom, may I ask, is having this linking issue? I can't get the S. LaRue page to give me THAT URL