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Poster: JimiMod Date: Jun 2, 2016 1:15pm
Forum: forums Subject: Re: Not in library

It just played for me too! LOL

It's running now on my other system while I'm exporting it from a movie player called "MPEG STREAMCLIP."

Unfortunately they went out of business in 2011, but the software is the best I've found (free) that offers the easiest and most precise method of pulling clips - you can adjust it to the frame with the L&R arrow keys which is something Quicktime doesn't offer.

Plus you can pull clips without having to 1. pull a clip clumsily with QT using their trim function. 2 Restart the film, STREAMCLIP lets you just pull the damn clip and move on the the next one with a 'save' function.

it'a about 100 times better than QT for ease of operation. Marc Mintz was over a few months ago and frowned on it, but he's such fancy-pants writer now (Practical Paranoia) he has little time to sit around and bullshit with me - the guy that helped him start his gig in the first place, so he just sneered at it and left.

The linked to file PLAYED without interruption on my other system - it just finished.

Now I'm thinking I should leave it alone?

One more question - I'm an anti-theist, but if there's a god, why does he hate me? This has been a huge thorn in my keester, and now it's magically gone?

Was the purpose of this whole exercise for me to bother you?


Thanks Jeff -- I'm gonna leave it alone. I'll Go find out which one of the six I was testing ended up in there.