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Poster: switz213 Date: Aug 29, 2016 8:26pm
Forum: etree Subject: What license is associated with music uploaded to the LMA?

According to this email[1] by Kevin Shapiro (2002), he states that all music uploaded to the LMA is considered public domain. I don't believe that this statement is accurate. As far as I understand, there is no official license, but the loose general idea is that the music is free to share non-commercially and bands may assign a specific license themselves. Can anyone clarify what the general license is across any music uploaded to the LMA and if any bands notably have unique licensing? Are most works truly in the public domain? Thanks!


Edit: Some copy on this site implies that uploaders can set a creative commons license on recordings, however, that may potentially interfere with bands' licenses. How does this work?

> Contribute Your Audio
> Please feel free to upload your audio (Uploaders, please set a Creative Commons license as part of the upload process, so people know what they can do with your audio - thanks!)

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