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Poster: jbothma Date: Jan 19, 2017 10:39pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Possible to search full text of a subset of books? (e.g. all by a publisher)

I'll second the commendation of the full text archive, well done!

I realise it's in Beta and there's so much that has to be done around ES to provide a human with a reasonable interface, not to mention the challenge of integrating that with your existing search tools (basic search and drilldowns, advanced search syntax and the API). I experienced the above and I think it can come along some other improvements I hope you get to eventually. I might also be doing something wrong making my users' search experience less than ideal so here goes:

I provide a search box at which sends the user to the search using the terms they provided, doing a full text search and limiting it to my collection (mfmasouthafrica).

- As above, I'm not sure the second term is being used in the search - the term [umlazi] has the same number of hits as the term [umlazi audit]
- -∧[]=collection%3A%22mfmasouthafrica%22
- -∧[]=collection%3A%22mfmasouthafrica%22

- The [] in and[] in the query string can't be url-encoded. A web form encodes them automatically but I had to do window.location = ... in javascript without encoding them - am I confused about urlencoding?

- If I'm on a search result restricted to a collection (∧[]=collection%3A%22mfmasouthafrica%22) and I change the search term and submit, I lose the restriction to the collection (

I think I had an issue with selecting a collection and then losing another restriction of the search, perhaps full text, but that's working fine now so you probably have your own backlog of things you know can be improved.

Well done again!