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Poster: ColdRain108 Date: Jan 13, 2020 12:30pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Are There Any Players Out There?

Windows guy here. I use Samplitude ProX and matched RME interfaces. Basically German protools. I can record 16 tracks live 16/44. I use it mainly for recording live performances and practice sessions. I've got a full PA with an Allen&Heath mixer that allows direct out recording. I paid 250$ or so for the software (educational pricing). I chose it as it was what I learned on when I assisted in a local studio, and the engineer really talked it up. They have a 3000$ version (Sequioa) if I was really serious ;>) I use a laptop as my "tape deck".

My current band has multiples at each position, busy working stiffs who can't always make an 10:30 gig on a Tuesday night- so we can mix and match and usually find a quoram.

In my home studio I have enough gear that people just need to come over, no need to haul gear- I’ve got everything anyone would need – including a full drum kit. Bait to get musicians to want to come over and play.

Playing music is unbelievable fun. You will never get closer to the experience of a live GD show than the pressure of playing this music on stage in front of an audience - in full 100% improvisational mode. All leads, tones, tempos and what not are on the spot created and new every night, no worked out note for note anything, never the same twice. Play it real or go home! Fate music, as Jerry would put it. The sharp end of the rope - to use a rock climbing phrase about being the lead climber (another sport I love due to the pressure and how it leads to single minded focus).

As a bass player I learned the music for 100’s of songs. Now that I’m the front man I had to learn all the lyrics as well. Singing and playing are an incredible brain exercise. All the synapses firing at once. GD music is all about subtle nuance, quiet/loud, fast/slow juxtaposed – superimposed many times. A million little things to keep in mind all the while having a blissful musical experience.

"If I can’t entertain myself how can I expect to entertain anyone else?" Jerry Garcia

I practice a few hours every day. Playing a '62 Strat is one of the greatest feelings in the universe. The single best guitar on the planet through the greatest amp ever invented ('58 Super). I can noodle for hours on end and not get bored. Add some cannabis and I'm happy as can be. But alcohol is the death knell for quality fingers get real stupid real fast when beer is involved.

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