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Poster: krisbrix Date: May 16, 2007 1:33pm
Forum: university_of_california_libraries Subject: Re: UC libraries are anti-online book

I am the scanning center coordinator for IA's UCLA scanning center. I can assure you the UCs are doing everything in their power to provide us with thousands upon thousands of monographs for us to scan. To make a blanket statement like "UC libraries are anti-online books" is unfair, if you are basing it on your attempt to retrieve a document from the rare books collection at UCLA. As a matter of fact we are scanning a large amount of children's books from UCLA special collections, you can see them here: . All of these books were scanned by my employees and I hand-selected everyone of these examples. The UCs are making tremendous steps toward providing IA with more an more collections to scan, but it has to be done in an organized, cohesive way. Special collections especially are a touchy subject due to the rarity and value of the books. That's cool that you have a site about Yosemite, but you can imagine the thousands of special interests that make individual requests all the time, and it's just not always posible to accomodate everyone in the way they would like. I just had a meeting with a commitee from the California Digital Library that was recently formed so CDL can get a better idea of what items would be the best utilized by IA. We ARE moving forward, but in a methodical manner based upon the larger need, not just yours. If you are patient, then soon we will get everything digitized. I can assure you, based on the 8.5 million pages my team of 20 has scanned at UCLA alone since last August, UC is definitely NOT anti-shared print.

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Poster: mooncake0101 Date: Sep 9, 2007 6:41am
Forum: university_of_california_libraries Subject: Re: UC libraries are anti-online book

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