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Poster: Simon12rec. Date: Apr 19, 2008 4:45am
Forum: netlabels Subject: 12rec. Special @ (Download)

For their program “Zimmer 4 36?, Kevin Hamann and Ruben Jonas Schnell produced an one-hour 12rec.-special, featuring a best-of playlist from three years of and an interview with chef de cuisine Sven Swift (German language). Learn about the label, the music and Netlabelism in general. Wowee Zowee!

Here’s the playlist

Yokölast - Lachette (from “Plays Marx/ MOSP“)
Rob Steady - Sculpture de Freins (from “Ask No Lies“)
Giraffe - Smoke and Mirrors (from “Giraffe LP“)
Jasmin - Köln (from “EP02“)
Raflesia - Daedalus (from “Logenplatz im Pantheon“)
Rob Hunter - Spill (from “Rob Hunter EP“)
Alexandr Vatagin - End of the Community (from “Sky Diary Edits“)
Bluermutt - #FFCC33 (from “Sky Diary Edits“)
Heezen - Crashed Cars (from “Sky Diary Edits“)
Slon - Jelenka (from “Jelenka EP“)
Protestant Work Ethic - Walk the Plank
___(from “Turned, and Turning EP“)
David Schweighart - Prager Lovesong 1
___(from “Thank You for Listening to this Record“)
Tupolev - Nothing’s Gonna Happen (unreleased!)
___(from “Memories of Björn Bolssen”)
All That Fall - Miranda July (unreleased!)
___(from “Through the Mirror: adcBicycle Revisioned”)

Zimmer 4 36 @ - Thanks a lot, guys!