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Poster: grendelkhan Date: Dec 3, 2008 9:41am
Forum: gutenberg Subject: They're in progress at Distributed Proofreaders.

Distributed Proofreaders is working on renewal records for films for Project Gutenberg; it's slow going, but you can help if you'd like to start proofing them.

1960-1969, Preface-A:
1960-1969, B-C:
1960-1969, D-J:
1960-1969, K-S:
1960-1969, T-Z:
1912-1939, Preface-N:

As of the time of writing, the last project in that list is in the first stage of proofreading; if you'd like to sign up with Distributed Proofreaders, you can help move that along.

If you want to see the scanned page images in order to flip through them by hand, those URLs will, if you're logged into Distributed Proofreaders, have a link to 'Download Zipped Images'.