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Poster: FP Date: Dec 17, 2008 7:59am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Lots of technically faulty uploads

I just looked at a few features I've downloaded from over the last few weeks. Many of them (the only one I remember for sure is MAGIC SWORD) are improperly encoded to the point they're completely unwatchable. I appreciate the uploaders' efforts, but if the video files are too messed up to watch, there's no point in sharing them.

The flawed encodes appear to be using merged or discarded fields, while retaining 3:2 pulldown cadence. This creates a stuttering mess that looks as if it varies from 12 to 15 frames per second during playback, rather than the proper 24 fps converted to 29.97 with pulldown (assuming NTSC).

Maybe uploaders should make use of "the GOOGLE" and learn a little bit about video encoding. It's odd to see such poorly-made files these days, considering that lots of freeware and cheapware exists that pretty much automates video conversion/encoding processes.

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Poster: jazzfan Date: Dec 18, 2008 6:32am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Lots of technically faulty uploads

I Agree.