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Poster: brendanmcauley Date: Dec 22, 2005 6:09am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Good News and an Apology: GD on the Internet Archive

This was a suprise at first but the more I think aout it; it was inevitable. So many things have been said about this that I doubt I offer unique expression, however, I do have a solution. Not to insinuate there is a problem, but clearly soem thing is being taken away form peoepl who liked what they had, so let's call it potential rectification.

1. Make this site dead affiliated and charge heads a lifetime membership fee to upload music and download music for life. Obvious ecommerce concerns about sharing ID #'s etc, but not everyone has highspeed access so their friends can burn them the dickspicks or any show anyway.

2. Charge a life time fee of 200 bucks. Get 2 million people to buy in and you have 400 million bucks. If you can't get 2 million people to buy-in then why worry about taking it all off the archive anyway. The overhead here is minimal compared to the cut offerd CD distributors fo dicks picks- this is self propelled. Fans deliver the music to themselves!! They choose what they want. The Dead will never make 400 million in digital music sales in their lifetimes with out the best marketing of all: people talking and sharing. There needs to be wide varieties of dead music available. Just one song off ona set list makes a head not buy the disc. Is there any dicks picks that doesn't have China>rider? How many scarlet>fires?

Only fans know how to give other fans what they want.

3. Partner with hardware vendors and sell ipods or of the like with certain amounts of shows pre-stocked- for an extra fee of course.

4. The lifetime fee of say 200 bucks is minimal, and serves the community well. You could likely even charge 500 bucks and just release a certain ammount of shows at a time from the master dead vaults and throw them into people who get 'x' ammount of licenses', for example. The ulitmate is when you offer 25% to the REX and the music in its digital vibe starts making a real difference. We all win.

I can head marketing...

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Poster: Bill Roman Date: Dec 23, 2005 1:18am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Good News and an Apology: GD on the Internet Archive

I don't get what all the fuss is about. brendanmcauley wants to market lifetime memberships, and everyone is boohooing about the SBD's being only available in a stream... We can still trade on the USENET as before, and any idiot with an FTP program can download the mp3's from etree. The only thing you can't do anymore is get the full quality SHN's from LMA. I'll tell you what, if all you guys want to do is listen to your favorite show, the MP3's are pretty darn good! No, they aren't top CD quality, but so what? They are a thousamd times better than AUD recordings. So, I think everybody should just listen to the MP3's, and try to trade the SHN's from the USENET as before, if they have a real desire for a particular show.
Bob obvously doesn't know jack about the Internet, or he would have discovered a long time ago. I actually agree with Bob, the LMA makes it way too easy to get these recordings. If you are a REAL deadhead, then all you want to do is hear their music. If you are crazy about a particular show, then put a little effort into it and trade it on the USENET. If you don't know how to trade on the USENET then stop being a dumb a** and figure it out.

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Poster: Diana Hamilton Date: Dec 23, 2005 1:33am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: movin' on

Again, it's time to stop rehashing all this here, it's been a over month now. Thanks.

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Poster: brendanmcauley Date: Dec 23, 2005 3:22am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: movin' on

Okay Diana so you have decided for us all that it is time to move on when ther is no solution yet and besides that who do you think you are? It has not been a month its been 22 days.

Like you are the omnicient one to decixde that the isue is dead?...

Lifetime meberships is fair and easy and allows for good caritabel contributions as well. In 10 years Phila nd Bob will not be touring. The dead's ability to carry the fans and bring fans togetehr is loosing steam with the lack of shows. This forum is more well attended than some of their respective shows.

It makes sense to encourage online relations wiht the band becuase te virtual relationship isall that will be left oen day.

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Poster: Diana Hamilton Date: Dec 23, 2005 3:32am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: movin' on

Hi Brendan, I'm a moderator, and have watched this board erupt on the topic since Nov 22. Here are a couple posts for context in case you missed them before:

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Poster: brendanmcauley Date: Dec 27, 2005 11:30pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: movin' on


I am sorry to buist yor balls and all, I am sure youa re a sweat heart and am sure you do great thinngs for the archive. Pardon my anger at this but I just hate people telling me what to do and how to eand when to, express myself. Drives me batty....