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Poster: spinyn Date: Jan 31, 2006 6:18am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Steve Kimock shows for beginners?

I agree the 12.9.05 Boulder Fox Theater show is outstanding. I like it better than the NYE show I just purchased (but I do recommend buying some SKB music now and again).

When Kimock first left Phil and started KVHW, he had the most incredible tapers who followed him for several years taping shows. They had a technique in which they would set up mics on stage, with Kimock's permission, and the tapes they made were the best non-soundboard recordings I ever heard. It was like you were standing right there at the lip of the stage.

That continued for quite a while, even after KVHW when it became the SKB, until Kimock finally decided there would be no more taping from the stage. He is still taper-friendly but those special tapes are no more. Every once in a while, Kimock seems to let Charlie Miller put out a matrix (like 12.9.05) and those are to treasure.

Kimock works the same tunes a lot but I never get tired of them. Each version is like a snowflake, different than the rest. Heck, any show with "Cole's Law" works for me...I love that tune! Steve just gets better and better all the time. His tone is just so beautiful always. He is a severely underrated cat who deserves recognition beyond "jam band" circles.

Mark from NOLA

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Poster: PrAz Date: Jan 31, 2006 7:30am
Forum: etree Subject: Thanks for all the tips

thanx to everyone who has posted stuff on this thread. so far everything i have heard is out of this world (the 2005-12-09 show in Boulder and 20005-01-31 show in nyc are phenomenal in quality and music).

im looking forward to listening to more of steve's work (whether it be with phil and friends or with skb), since, from what ive heard, all spectacular.

thanx again guys