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Poster: human Date: Feb 9, 2006 2:10am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: another person having trouble..?!

I've never attempted to burn a DVD on a Windows machine, but I've had had good luck burning MPEG-2 files to DVD with Roxio Toast on my Mac. The work like any other disc in my DVD players. If you're on a Windows machine, try Roxio Easy DVD Creator or Nero. Besides the software, the other big variable I've come across is the burner itself. The built-in Panasonic burner on my iMac G5 at work does a lousy job with DVDs, barely playable on one of my DVD players and not at all on the other. I had a Lite-On burner in an external FireWire enclosure hooked up to my Mac at home that burned discs that played fine on one DVD player and not at all on the other (same one that wouldn't play the ones form work). I now have an external FireWire LaCie burner that makes DVDs that play beautifully on both machines. I can even burn copies of the discs from the other two burners and they work fine on both players, go figure...