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Wang Yangming

Wang Shouren, courtesy name Bo'an, art name Yangmingzi, usually referred to as Wang Yangming, was a Chinese calligrapher, general, philosopher, politician, and writer during the Ming dynasty. After Zhu Xi, he is commonly regarded as the most important Neo-Confucian thinker, for his interpretations of Confucianism that denied the rationalist dualism of the orthodox philosophy of Zhu Xi. Wang and Lu Xiangshan are regarded as the founders as the Lu–Wang school, or... Read More

Born26 October 1472
Yuyao, Zhejiang
Died9 January 1529 (aged 56)
Nan'an fu, Jiangxi (present-day Ganzhou)
OccupationCalligrapher, military general, philosopher, politician, and writer


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