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The Bell 


Class of 2019 18 

Underclassmen 138 
Academics 152 

Athletics 174 

Clubs 204 

Activities 226 

Arts 250 

Junior School 278 
Senior Ads 308 

Index 369 

Colophon 376 



Montgomery Bell Academy 

4001 Harding Road 
Nashville, TN 37205 


I. Mr. Womack pulls one of many prints in this image which was once 
featured in the Tennessean. 2. Art History with Mr. Womack would not be 
complete without a number of hand selected slides to show the nuances 
of each art piece. 3. Celebrating forty years on MBA’s campus included a 
photo shoot for “The Bell Ringer.’’ 4- Mr. Womack’s students over the 
years included countless students and also a few faculty members. 5. 
When he started in 1979, Mr. Womack was a department of one person. 
6. Celebrating after teaching his last class at MBA; Mr. Womack is all 
smiles. 7. Starting his final year at MBA in the fall of 2018. 8. Mr. 
Womack circa 1984, when he was still the lone representative of the art 
world on campus. 

2 Introduction - 

Mr. Jim Womack 

ZOttf- ZOt? 

Coming to MBA's campus in the fall of 1979, 
with his Bachelor's degree from Davidson 
and his Master's degree in Art history from 
Virgiania Commonwealth University, Mr. 
Womack was the Art Department. Located in 
a small building behind the library, students 
had the opportunity to take AP Art history for 
credit or drop in and make art. Over the 
years under his direction, and with the 
support of different Headmasters, the 
program grew from a building shared with the 
Debate program to the building of the Davis 
Building and its renovation in 2015. 

The lasting impact of Mr. Womack extends 
beyond The hill to Nashville as a whole. From 
The Frist Art Museum to the Parthenon and 
Cheekwood, Mr. Womack has left his mark 
on the city, his unique sense of humor and 
insights to art and art history will be missed 
on The hill for years to come, but his legacy 
will live on in the program he built and the 
students whose lives he impacted. It is with 
great pleasure that The Bell for 2019 is 
dedicated to Mr. Jim Womack as he is "glad 
to graduate high school." 

9. Mr. Womack shows off a year-long drawing 
which encompasses the new canon of 250 
images for AP Art History. 10. Mr. (Jim) 
Womack and Mr. (Robert) Womack on the Art 
History and cultural trip to Chicago this fall. 11. 
Mr. Womack and Ms. Henderson show off their 
temporary tattoos at Endada 2018. 12. In the art 
department, prior to the 2015 renovations, Mr. 
Womack takes a rest on the much-loved couch. 
13. Mr. Womack, circa 1990, when the art 
department had grown to include chorus and 
theater. 14- Mr. Womack during the opening 
receptions this past fall in the recently renovated 
art space. 

Introduction - 3 

Life on the Hill 


From playing football beneath the Friday 
night lights in front of a roaring, painted 
army of classmates to observing stars in 
the Long Mountain Observatory on a 
peaceful night, Montgomery Bell Academy 
provides many opportunities for students 
to be involved in the community both 
academically and athletically. While many 
things at MBA such as Field Day are slowly 
aging into tradition, the school-wide theme 
for this year is innovation. And nothing 
energizes the theme of innovation like 
announcing plans for a completely new 
building to be built on the current Andrews 
Field. With many locally and internationally 
acclaimed speakers on campus each week 
covering a range of topics, from politics to 
entrepreneurship, students always have 
access to incredible resources to enrich 
their education beyond the classroom. 
These things make each day a great day to 
be on The Mill. 

I. Doug Gaw kicks off a Pep Rally in the Quad. 2. The 
MBA Junkyard’ student section cheers on their 
classmates. 3. Pete Rowlett and Alex Wang add 
finishing touches before a robotics competition. 4 . 
Benjamin Sensing and Jackon Francis build trust as part 
of a Leadership Retreat. 5. Will Presnell, John Curry, 
and Caleb Tolbert enjoy a nice Friday on the Hill. 

4 Introduction - 

6. The combined Chamber Choir and Headmasters Singers perform at a chefs 
diner in the MBA Dining Hall. 7. 7th Graders work to keep their boat afloat. 8. 
7th grader Crockett Cooper studies during a lunch period. 9. Mr. Wolmack 
instructs Freshman Witt Dawkins how to create a linoleum. 10. Sophomore 
Jason Zhu and Senior Ben Wood play jazz music. II. The whole cast of 
Zombie Prom dances to Thriller as their finale. 12. The Ellington Band 
performs in the annual Holiday Concert. 

Introduction - 5 

A Buzzing Summer 

In Keeping with the MBA tradition of constantly being 
busy, The Mill was buzzing with activity all summer long. In 
the past few years, MBA's summer programs have grown 
significantly, and this year was no exception. Borne of the 
programs included Time to Rise, the Wilson Bummer Classes 
(which included 10 different classes to choose from), Driver's 
Ed, College Counseling Workshops, Academic Prep Classes, 
the All-Bports Camp, and more. Not only do these camps 
benefit the MBA students by providing them with a chance to 
enhance their learning experience over the summer, but they 
also get the surrounding community involved with MBA, and 
vice versa. For the All-Bports camp and other enrichment 
camps, younger children and their parents get the 
opportunity to experience MBA. The students who help run 
the camps learn valuable teaching and leading skills. While 
the idea of learning during the summer may turn some 
students away, the Wilson Bummer Classes provide students 
with opportunities to learn interesting and valuable things 
they would not be able to address in the academic year. For 
example, one could learn about something that interests 
them, such as the history of Nashville, or more practical skills 
such as how to use Microsoft Excel or their graphing 
calculator. The MBA campus remained bustling throughout 
the summer, and provided many students and members of 
the MBA community with experiences they will keep with 
them for years to come. 

I. Young athletes, tired from a long morning of sports, crowd into 
the Dining Hall to enjoy lunch while watching ESPN. 2. Coach 
Simpson teaches a group of young wrestlers the basics. 3. Luke 
Haley and Will Morrison pose with a group of worn-out basketball 
players. 4 ■ Dustin Lee challenges a group to see who can make the 
best funny face for the camera. 

6 Introduction - 



5. Campers get their first taste of Sage 
Dining. 6. TJ Terrell enjoys a game 
dodgeball with the campers. 7. Camps 
offered included strategy games and new 
skills in addition to sports. 8. Mr. Ardisson 
and Dr. Lech run another crash-free drone 
camp. 9. Coach Martin pitches in an 
intense game of baseball. 10. Campers 
enjoy a heated game of basketball. 11. The 
camp staff, made up entirely of MBA 
students, poses for a group picture after a 
long summer of hard work. 

Introduction - Summe - n - 1 

Summer Travel 

Opportunities to visit numerous places and take 
advantage of a variety of trips in the summertime stand as 
one of the finest and most unique aspects of the MBA 
experience. Each year, students apply to go on various trips 
alongside their fellow brothers, provided generously by the 
annual donations of the Wilson family. The destinations for 
these trips include destinations such as Boston, Mew York, 
5t. John, Lithuania, Rome, and Wyoming among others. 
From sightseeing to studying, these trips serve to not only 
to give students the opportunity to learn more about their 
surroundings, but also to broaden their horizons and expand 
their knowledge of the world around them. 

Mo matter where they are, the students bring back no 
shortage of enlightenment and discovery. Different trips 
bring different memories that are sure to last a lifetime. 
These opportunities create friendships and learning 
opportunities which are too numerous to mention. 

"The trip was a perfect combination of work, adventure, 
and discovery" said junior Creighton Laub of his trip to the 
island of 5t. John. "Each day brought something new, and it 
was a lot of fun experiencing all the island had to offer with 
my friends". 



1 • jSSA 1,1 

/• .'C- Ml'7 • ■w| ‘ 

i ' 11 ■ ■H *— 

1 A 

HEbE©?'#* j 


wmJm I-" C\ I 

1 1 iv ~ t * 

Kb 1 

- ! ' - ® f «—““ 

r jffi J 


*)■ n 


I. Cummings Levi, John Wright and Avery Estopinal chill inside of a cage. 2. 7th and 8th graders 
pose together with their friends in Lithuania. 3. Wesley Hirschman, Mason Skeeters, Noah 
Rosdeutscher and Jack Spivey enjoy a few cokes together on the St. John trip. 5. Haynes Owen 
and Joe Hamilton wrestle atop a rock on the Out West trip. 

8 Introduction - 

5. Creighton Laub and Noah Rosdeutscher 
stand near the edge of a cliff in St. John. 6. 
The students on the Cultural Trip to the 
Northeast enjoyed a number of museums 
during their trip. 7. Led by the fearless Dr. 
Fuller and Mr. Womack these students were 
afraid of no museum. 8. William Petroni and 
Will Caver look along the coastline in St. 
John. 9. Rising freshmen take a picture inside 
the Colosseum in Rome. 

Introduction - Su m men - 9 

Breaking Boundaries 

Each summer, through the generosity of the Warner and Wilson 
families MBA students have the opportunity to experience a 
variety of different cultures such as school life, sports, art, and 
traditions of other countries. These grants and exchanges are 
awarded to students who have demonstrated passions in a given 
field or a desire to immerse themselves in another culture. The 
Warner Exchange Program helps students venture out of their 
bubble to schools such as Eton and Winchester in the United 
Kingdom, Michaelhouse and Bishops in South Africa, Christ's 
College and Lindisfarne in hew Zealand, Melbourne Grammar 
School and The 5outhport School in Australia, Hutchins school in 
Tasmania, and the Raffles Institution in Singapore. By living with a 
host family in student housing, these students learn to adapt to 
the culture that surrounds them. The boys participated in 
activities such as sports like rugby and soccer, went on countless 
exploration trips, and ate copious amounts of food. However, the 
most important aspects were friendships that the students 
cultivated. The opportunity to experience the lives of different 
people and the activities that they engage in has a monumental 
impact on the students. Whether it be learning a new sport, 
eating different foods, or seeing magnificent sights, the MBA 
students always come back enlightened. However, none of it 
would be possible without the help of the Warner Eamily. 

The Wilson Grant Program has grown significantly over the last 
few years and offers students the ability to study in their chosen 
field in one of many places around the country and the world. 
These grants are used to take classes, workshops, or immerse 
themselves in a language. Grants are awarded in each area of 
studies, from History to Foreign Language to Visual and 
Performing Arts. Students take these lessons back to the MBA 
campus and build upon these experiences while sharing their new 
knowledge with others. 

I. Arthur Laffer poses in front of a statue during his exchange to 
Winchester College in London. 2. Peter Minkoff, Will Farner, and 
Kiran Peterson appreciating the history of the Great Wall of China 
on their Summer Exchange to the WLSA International School. 3. 
Clark Kaminsky and Camden Slinger enjoying the view in 
Rudesheim, Germany, on their exchange to the Wiesbaden School. 
4 . Bela Arwen and Owen Albright watch the sunset on top of the 
Eiffel Tower during their exchange to La Sauque in Paris, France. 

10 Introduction - 

5. Finn Houghton, Zach Brown, and Roy 
Claverie admiring some architecture during their 
trip to Rome. 6. Alexander Hasse playing field 
hockey during his exchange at the Bishops 
Diocesan College in Cape Town, South Africa. 
7 . Joel Elasy and Zach Garfinkel with their host 
family during their exchange to the 
Michaelhouse School in South Africa. 8. Garrett 
Murphy making new friends at a cheese factory 
in Bolonia, Spain. 9. Carson Reisinger with a 
new friend in Wiesbaden, Germany. 10. Luke 
McSween, Jed Neal, and John Moore during 
their Spanish immersion camp at Middlebury 

Introduction - S-fu die s - n + ti - d - 11 

Arts on The Hill: 

& (y-'O'&'i-- -tm 

Mo matter where you look, there is never a 
shortage of artistic talent on The Hill. From 
theater to art, from choir to jazz band; the arts 
continue to be a staple amongst the MBA 
community. MBA thrives off the excellence and 
passion of the students within each 
department. The theater program debuted 
several shows with the likes of "Zombie Prom", 
"Antigone", "Argonautika", and many more, 
capping off an extremely successful year with 
the ever-popular 5 tudent-Di reefed One Acts. 
Btudent artists of all grades were honored for 
their achievements from both local and national 
competitions. Popular French graffiti artist Blek 
Le Rat came to MBA to intall six murals across 
campus. While he was here he worked with and 
inspired students to explore the arts in more 
depth. Both the Headmaster's Singers and 
Chamber Choir received perfect scores at the 
statewide competition, continuing their streak 
of annual excellence as well. Lastly, both the 
Wellington Band and the Jazz Band provided 
quality music for every occasion: events, 
concerts, assemblies, and everything in 

I. John Thornton was a fan-favorite for his amazing 
performance in Zombie Prom. 2. Mr. Smyth and the 
Junior School Singers rehearse in the quad. 3. French 
graffiti artist Blek Le Rat talks to MBA art students and 
demonstrates his techniques for creating his murals. 4 - 
Webb Hunt poses next to one of his award-winning 
pieces which was on display at the Frist Art Museum. 
5. Mr. Frederick aids Simon Englert in his guitar playing 
in the band room. 

12 Introduction - 

6 . Juniors Brennan Roach, Cage Parrish, and Jack McKennon sing alongside 
their fellow Headmaster’s Singers in assembly. 7. Sophomore Max Giorgio 
and Junior Luke Boyer shine on the front stage in “Antigone.” 8, Freshman 
Will Burke shows off his newest piece. 8. Juniors Campbell Garber, Joseph 
Lucas, Roy Claverie, and Logan Vick sing amongst fellow singers and 
teammates at an MBA football game 10. Seventh and Eighth graders show off 
their artwork at the Fall Junior School Evening with the Arts Night. 11. Max 
Giorgio, Tim Blaufuss, Caleb Tolbert, and Ben Wood line up on stage during 
“Zombie Prom.” 12. Aidan O’Dwyer, Bradley Golczynski, C.H. Henry, and 
Brandon Hall put on quite a show at the annual MBA Carnival. 

Introduction - 13 

Giving Back to Others 

On mpft Ttt// 

Service is an unspoken part of being an MBA student however, 
service isn't obligatory to any student. Instead, students and 
faculty choose to spend their valuable time giving back to the 
community. Through the tireless efforts of the Service Club 
leadership and the intrinsic motivation of students each year 
students volunteer more than 3300 hours of service to others. 
In every service project there is a passion to help out a fellow 
person, from serving food at a soup kitchen to helping build 
homes in the Dominican Republic. Students of all ages are 
encouraged to participate through teams, clubs, and grade 
specific projects. Service not only brings us closer to our 
communities but to each other. There are many different 
service groups across campus including Best Buddies, Task 
Force Dagger, and Second harvest. Each of these initiatives 
brings together students, faculty, and the greater Nashville 
community to make the world a better place. The studetns 
invlolved in these initiatives learn about leadership and how to 
bring together disperate groups to make a difference. A big part 
of our service opportunities come from the Service Cub, who 
worked tirelessly to present MBA priceless service 
opportunities. For the 2018-19 MBA Service Club, Joe Stevens 
served as president and Aditya Priyadarshi as vice president 
alongside the faculty sponsors Ms. Williams and Dr. Rader. 

I. Dr. Rader supervises Scott Wallace, Sammy Kirkpatrick, and Alex 
Phillips pour chicken pot pie for Loaves and Fishes. 2. Members of 
the junior class shovel mulch in Hands On Nashville. 3. Luke 
McSween moves a troublesome rock in Hands On Nashville. 4- Joe 
Stevens attended the Best Buddies Leadership Conference at 
Indiana University with Best Buddies Founder Anthony Shriver and 
others. He is accepting the “Overall Outstanding Promoter 
Chapter” for the year from BB International. 

14 Introduction - 

5. Clay Overholt, Connor Kolstad, William 
Petroni, Joe Hamilton, and Harrison Holman 
help out at Glenn Leven. 6. Each year 
students give of their time during the 
holiday season at the Last Minute Toy 
Store. 7. Bright and shiny faces get ready to 
make a delicious meal for the soup kitchen. 
8 . With their buckets in hand, Aiden 
Niswender, Joel Elasy, Nikhil Peterson, Cole 
Barker, Garrett Murphy, Jake Johnston, and 
Doug Gaw collected money for the Rally 
Foundation during a football game. 9. The 
senior class and the seventh graders digging 
up dirt on PSAT day. 10. James Minor, 
Josiah Francis, and Caleb Tolber provide 
tutoring and mentorship at Preston Taylor 
Tutoring. 11. The MBA and Harpeth Hall 
Race for the Cure group picture. 

Introduction - 15 


This year, the Class of Z019 took control of one of the best 
student sections MBA has seen. Led by William Davis and 
Harrison Taylor, The Junkyard began their reign as the best 
student section in the state when the football team faced 
Wooddale in Tommy Owen. As the season continued, the team 
dominated the game over its opponents with immense support. 
With the support, the football team finished the season with a 
9-1 record with the only loss coming from MU5, where The 
Junkyard stayed to cheer for the team in the rain. With notable 
victories against Ensworth and Brentwood Academy, it became 
obvious that The Junkyard was making a difference on every 
play. The football team defeated Briarcrest in the quarterfinals, 
and planned to play Brentwood Academy in the semifinals. With 
a large amount of hype surrounding the game, The Junkyard 
encouraged everyone to show up and flood Tommy Owen. 
Despite the bittersweet loss, the student section was a great 
success for the year. The Junkyard showed the brotherhood 
that lies in MBA as it supported the football team throughout 
the good and bad times. The Junkyard continued their support 
beyond the football field and turned up support throughout the 
year from Basketball and hockey to Lacrosse. William Davis, 
commenting on The Junkyard's overwhelming support for the 
athletic teams, said, "We had a ton of fun supporting the team 
all year. It was hard work all year setting up the props, 
speakers...planning pep rallies but it was worth every second. 
Our main goal was to set ourselves apart from past student 
sections and I think we reached that goal." 

1. The Junkyard cheers on the team from the stands. 2. The Big 
Red waits before entering onto the field through a sign made by 
the cheerleaders. 3. The Junkyard celebrates a first down. 4. The 
student section welcomes the State Champion Lacrosse team off 
the field following their victory. 

16 Introduction - 


5. Students dress in white shirt and tie at 
a Pep Rally to prepare for the 
Homecoming Game. 6. Seniors, Will 
Naley, Ross Johnson, William Stewart 
display unique ways to make noise at the 
front of the Junkyard. 7. Doug Gaw, 
Harrison Taylor, William Davis, and 
Garrett Murphy prepare to lead the student 
section to kick off the season against 
Wooddale. 8. The Big Red run through 
the tunnel with a great crowd cheering 
them on. 9. Dr. Lech’s class watches the 
Carter Invitational Tennis matches. 10. 
Joel Elasy and the Student Section cheer 
on the Football Team. 

Introduction - SfdnJt 17 

Class of 2019 

18 Class of 20 

Class of 201 $ 19 


20 Michael 

Attended for 6 years; Visual Arts (9-12); African American Studies (10-12); 
Classics Club (9-12); Endada (10-12); Cum Laude Society (12); Science 
Olympiad (11-12); Pistol (9-12) 

As far as teachers, I would like to thank Mr. Compton (Calculus BC) for 
patiently helping me to master calculus: it was a bumpy yet fruitful step on 
my path to becoming an engineer. I would like to thank Ms. Ellery (Latin IIEI, 
HIM, IV AP and Senior Independent Study) for teaching me to become an 
accomplished translator of Latin, which will allow me to better understand 
many more foreign languages. I want to thank Mr. Kinch for being among the 
most affable people at MBA and for always being ready to help me, in English 
HIM and as well as my advisor. Finally, I'd like to thank Mr. Klausner for 
stepping in to help me this year. 

I want to especially thank my Varsity Riflery/Air Pistol coaches: Coach Sharbel 
and Coach Raney. They have helped me to improve year after year. I want to 
thank all the Riflery/Air Pistol team members who competed with me for the 
last six years. 

I want to thank my grandparents for always being ready to help and for 
showing me many of the historical and landmark places in America every 
summer from my earliest years. I want to thank my extended family for the 
camping trips, the fun holidays and their belief in me. Finally, I'd like to thank 
my mother and father for pushing me and doing their best to aid me in my 
work at MBA and in my extracurricular activities. 

"Even the wise cannot see all ends." -Gandalf 


Attended for 6 years; Student Council (9, 11, 12); Student Body President 
(12); ECA (9-12); German Club (10-12); Stock Market Club (12); Lacrosse 
(9); Wrestling (9-12: Captain). 

I would first like to thank both of my amazing parents who have been with me 
throughout my entire journey through MBA during the thick and the thin. I 
would not have been able to do it without both of your endless support and 
love. I am forever grateful for you sending me to this school for the last 6 
years. I would also like to give thanks to every coach and teacher that I have 
ever had because they have all molded me in varying capacities. I would like 
to give a special thanks to both Coach Simpsons, Coach Story, Herr 
Dougherty, and Mr. Johnson for working with me and helping me grow as a 
person over the last 4 years. All of you have poured into me and for that, I 
cannot say thank you enough. 

"Every devil don't got horns, and every hero ain't got capes." 

Blake Cfndneu^x 21 



Attended for 4 years; SYLO (10); Duke of Edinburgh (9); Visual Arts (9, 
11,12: Gold Key (11), honorable Metion (11), & Admittance to the Middle 
Tennessee Regional Art Exhibit (10 & 11)); ACE (9); African American 
Studies (9-12); Astronomy Club (11 & 12); Chess Club (10 & 11); Erench 
Club (9-12: Vice President (12)); Garden Club (11 & 12); Philosphy Club 
(12); Red Poets Society (12); Science Olympiad (12); Stock Market Club 
(11); Young Democrats (9-12); Photography Club (12: Vice President (12)); 

Firstly I would like to thank my mother. There is no one else in this world who 
was able to help me to become who I am today. I would also like to thank my 
brother Eelix who, despite hating my guts half of the time, was always there 
for me through everything I did. I appreciate you both more than you will ever 
know. Next I would like to thank the rest of my family who has supported me 
throughout these past few years. Erom helping me to be able to go to MBA to 
helping me take a break sometimes when I needed it most. 

To the friends I have made these past four years, thank you for creating an 
environment where I felt welcome even though I was an outsider. (MG, BN, 
MM, IA/M, JM, AO, MO, AP, M5, BW) 

Finally, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all of the amazing faculty 
and staff. To Dr. Carro and Dr. Dickens, thank you for kindling my love for 
Physics. To Ms. Swieca and Ms. Hollifield, thank you for helping me to develop 
my artistic capabilities. To M. Trotter, thank you for giving me all the 
necessary tools to pursue my linguistic goals. Thank you to all of my other 
amazing teachers who have taught me how to learn, how to think, and how to 
grow. As well to the wonderful staff, from Mr. Morton helping me to become a 
virtuous man to Ms. Russell helping me get into college, thank you. 

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known". - Carl Sagan 

22 Bela Cfnwen 


Attended for 4 years; Theater (9); Visual Arts (9-12: honorable Mention at the 
Middle Tennessee Regional Student Art Exhibition (9) & Third Place at the 
Middle Tennessee Regional Student Art Exhibition (11)); African American 
Sutdies Club (10-12); Art Club (9-12); Astronomy Club (12); Chess Club 
(12); Endada (12); Red Towers Productions (11 & 12); Robotics Club (12); 
Young Democrats (10-12); 

I would like to thank my mother foremost. Her constant support has kept me 
on track and helped shaped me into the man I have become. I would also like 
to thank all of my teachers specifically Ms. Swieca for always keeping me 
doing my best in art and helping me shape my artistic voice, Dr. Dickens for 
showing me and keeping me fascinated with the world of physics and 
astronomy always being able to indulge my discussions of complex new 
studies or discoveries, Dr. Onstott for sharing his love for photography and 
English with me and finally Mr. Merideth for always being there for me and 
trying, unsuccessfully, to quell my Geometry Dash addiction. I would also like 
to list some people from my time at MBA that I am thankful for and have 
shaped my experience: Ms. Valentine, Mr. Moxley, Mr. Btewart, Mr. Womack, 
Mrs. Busan, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Lawrence, Capt. Morton, Ms. hollifield, Mr. Davidson, 
Mr. McAlister, and Dr. Herring. 

"It is the basic condition of life, to be required to violate your own identity/' 
-Philip K. Dick 

"Mo valid plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for 
living now." 

"You are that vast thing that you see far, far off with great telescopes." -Alan 

Felix 23 

Attended for 3 years; Student Council (12); Visual Arts (10); Big Red Club 
(11 & 12); FCA (10-12); Service Club (10-12); Stock Market Club (11 & 12); 
Football (10); Tennis (10-12) 

Flowever cliche it may sound, I can't believe how fast my time at MBA has 
passed. I am both anxious and nervous to move on to college, while 
describing it as a bittersweet experience is an understatement, nevertheless, 

I am incredibly thankful for the memories I have made and the things I have 
learned thanks to those around me. 

I would like to start by thanking my parents for everything. Mot only have 
you allowed me to go to a great school and raised me to be the man I am 
today, you have always been there for me, ready with your constant love and 
support, no matter the circumstances. You are both amazing people and I 
continue to look up to you as an example. I'd like to thank my younger 
brother, Chase, as well. Thank you for your constant energy and excitement; I 
don't know what I will do without you by my side next year. 

I would also like to thank all of my teachers, especially Mr. Kelly, Coach 
Deutsch, Coach Redmond, Dr. Kinch, Coach Davidson, Dr. Dickens, Dr. Boyd, 
and Dr. Tarkington. Each of you have greatly impacted me in my journey 
through MBA. 

Lastly, I want to thank each and everyone of my friends and classmates. 

I don't know what I would do without you. The bonds I have formed with you 
guys are ones I hope to keep for years to come. Roll Red. 

"If it happened now, would you take it how you left it?" -TFIEY 

24 Cole 


Attended for 5 years; 5YL0 (10); Choir (10); Theater (9); Hispanic Achievers 
(12); MBA Societies (11 & 12); Service Club (9-12); Cross Country (9-12: 
Most Improved (10)); Shotgun (12); 5wimming & Diving (9 Si 10); Track (9- 
11 ) 

Thank you to the coaches and teachers who mentored me throughout my 
time at MBA. I would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Simpson, Mr. 
Reynolds, and Mr. Russ for helping me mature into a young man and 
furthering my abilities as a gentleman, scholar, and athlete. Also, I am very 
grateful for my parents who sacrificed so much time and money so that I 
could attend MBA and develop the priceless habits that will help me in my 
future endeavors. Finally, I want to say thanks to all my friends who supported 
me and made my time here even more enjoyable. 

"Life is an improvisation. You have no idea what's going to happen next and 
you are mostly just making things up as you go along" - Stephen Colbert 

William fcnnfvn 25 

26 Luke 

Attended for 6 years; 5YL0 (10); Class Officer (9-12: Class President (9-12)); 
Visual Arts (12); Service Club (9-12); Young Republicans (12); hockey (10- 
12: 2018 State Finalist Goalie (11)); Soccer (8-12: 2015 State Champion 
(9), 2016 & 2017 5tate Finalist Forward (10 & 11), & 2019 Co-Captain 
( 12 )) 

I would like to thank all of the people who have made the past six years at 
MBA the best time of my life. Thank you Mom, Dad, and Ian for always being 
there for me and sticking with me through everything. Thank you to Mrs. 
Maddux, who has been an amazing and incredibly supportive advisor. Thank 
you to all of my coaches, especially Coach Deutsch, Coach Cheevers, Coach 
Klausner and Coach Kovick, for their guidance and lessons on and off the 
field/ice. Thank you to Mr. Kelly for an incredible two years in English class and 
for going above and beyond of just being my teacher. Thank you to Mr. Clark 
and Dr. Flardin for always being available to talk about anything going on. 
Thank you to my friends; My time here wouldn't have been the same without 
you all. 

"There was a long hard time when I kept far from me the remembrance of 
what I had thrown away when I was quite ignorant of its worth." -Charles 
Dickens, Great Expectations 


Attended for 6 years; 5YL0 (10); Student Council (9); Visual Arts (11); Model 
UN (11 & 12); Service Club (9-12); Stock Market Club (12); Climbing (10 & 
11); hockey (12); Swimming & Diving (11) 

I'd like to thank my friends and family for guidance during my time at MBA. I'd 
also like to thank my advisor, Dr. Lech. 

"Birthdays was the worst days, now we sip champagne when we thirsty." 
-The Notorious B.l.d 

Bennett 27 

Attended for 6 years; Student Council (11 & 12: head of Publications (12)); 
Band (9-11); Big Red Club (9-12); Debate (9-12); History Club (9-12); MBA 
Societies (11 & 12); Philosophy Club (12); Red Poets Society (12); The Bell 
Ringer (9-12); Young Democrats (9-12); Youth in Government (12); Young 
Republicans (12) 

To my debate coaches, Mr. Clark, Mr. Hamrick, Mr. Quinn, and Mr. Yorko: Your 
guidance over the past four years has been invaluable and shaped me both as 
a debater and a young man. Thank you for putting up with our shenanigans; I 
will never forget stressful tournament weekends and the thousands of hours 
you all invested in our success. 

To my advisor, Mrs. Victoria: Thank you for your advice and input into matters 
both academic and personal to me. You grew to be a confidant I could count 
on and I will miss your cooking on cold Friday mornings. 

To Dr. Kinch: Thank you for entertaining my love for literature as both a junior 
and a senior. Though my theme nights were often long, your reflections on 
my writing always made them worthwhile and the books we read endlessly 
fascinated me. Your nurturing my passion in reading and writing has been 
massively impactful and I am incredibly thankful. 

Lastly, to Dr. Boyd: As a junior, your class was consistently the highlight of my 
day. Each carefully crafted powerpoint was more amusing, each discussion 
more interesting than the last. Your class never failed to make me smile, and 
I appreciated your investments into us as your students. 

28 William TZ - n - adf ^ n-d 


Attended for 6 years; Eagle 5cout (12); Choir (9); Visual Arts (9: honorable 
Mention (9)); German Club (10-12); Red Poets bociety (11 & 12); Young 
Republicans (11 Si 12: Club Officer (12)); Basketball (9); Eootball (9); 
Lacrosse (9-12: Defensive MVP (11) Si Captain (12)) 

Dear Mom and Dad, 

My time at MBA has been nothing short of amazing - I have you two to 
thank for that. Without both MBA and your support, I would not be the man 
that I am today. Thank you for believing in me and instilling characteristics in 
me that represent a high moral character. Thank you for the freedoms you 
have given me, and, as a result, thank you for putting up with me for the past 
six years. I am beyond thankful for the opportunities MBA has given me as 
they were not possible without both of you. Thank you for understanding the 
long nights, the farm nights, and trying to understand the 
"misunderstandings." Thank you for the love you have shown me throughout 
my time at MBA- through the highs and lows. Thank you for always wanting 
the best for me and being my #1 supporter - you both have given me the 
confidence to mature into the man that I am today. Thank you for loving me 
unconditionally. I love you Mom and Dad. 

"Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music" -Ronald Reagan 

Peyton frnte-n 29 

Attended for 6 years; Soccer (9); Football (9); Swimming & Diving (11 & 12) 

I would like to thank my parents for sending me to MBA and I would like to 
thank Flerr Dougherty, Mrs. Scholer, Dr. Kinch, and Dr. Tarkington for making 
my time here more enjoyable. 


30 Jonathan 

Attended for 6 years; MBA Medal (11); FCA (9-12); Outdoor Cub (12); 
Service Cub (9-12: Project Manager for Race for the Cure (11 Si 12) & 
Project Manager for Task Force Dagger (12)); Football (9 Si 10: Team Captain 
(9)); Coif (11 Si 12: Team Captain (12)), Track (9) 

First I would like to thank my parents for providing for me to go to this great 
school. If it were not for them I would not be where I am today. I would like to 
thank my dad for paying for me to go here, but also always believing in me. It 
was his support in anything that I did that allowed me to be the man I am 
today. And to my mom who was always there for me especially when I was at 
my lowest. Second I would like to thank all my teachers for everything they 
did: for Mr. Sawyer for teaching me how to tie a bow tie and to play golf in 
class with a yard stick and eraser; for Mr. Brown's multiple choice, for the real 
Mr. Cooper and his turkey feathers; for Mrs. Roberts and her totally 100% 
completely truthful and accurate nursing stories; for David Deutsch for the 
stories to "not being that guy" and the fact that math is 80% life and 20% 
math; for Dr. Bailey and his sunflower seeds; for Mr. Davidson for being the 
perfect teacher; for Coach Barclay and his three F's, that notes packet, and 
the rocket problem; and finally for Mrs.Beatie O'Connell who is and always will 
be my most favorite and loved teacher that I have ever had. And finally to the 
Boys, remember to always Buckle Down at the midquarter. 

"And there I was, floating away down the river just like Tom BawyeF' David 

"Fie had his knife and gun belt on over his underwear, in case of sudden 
attack." - Larry McMurtry, Lonesome Dove 


Charlie 31 


Attended for 6 years; MBA Medal (11); Theater (10); Visual Arts (9); African 
American Studies (9-12); Endada (12); ECA (12); history Club (10 Si 12); 
Stock Market Club (12); Young Democrats (12); Young Republicans (12); 
Basketball (9-12); Eootball (9-12) 

I have been truly blessed to have gone to Montgomery Bell Academy. I want 
to thank my family for supporting me through my victories and defeats along 
this remarkable six-year journey. I will always love you. To my teachers and 
coaches, your strong and impactful words help shape me in the classroom, 
on the field, and in the gym. To Coach Anglin, Coach Euverard, and Coach 
Brock, thank you for all the battles and lessons that have changed my life and 
made me a stronger and hardworking young man. To my fellow students and 
those in the grades below me, keep striving and never settle. Your time will 
come and I wish y'all the best. And lastly to my brothers and closest friends, I 
love y'all. You know who you are. Our time together has been filled with 
everlasting memories and laughs. Erom seventh grade to senior year, the 
bonds and friendships that have been made will never be broken. I will always 
have you y'all's back. Ever since I was a young kid, I dreamed about coming to 
this amazing school, and now the moment has come for me to say goodbye 
to it. Time flies too quickly. Roll Red Roll. 

"You just gotta keep livin' man, L-l-V-l-M" -Matthew McConaughey 

32 Hunter 


Attended for 6 years; 5YL0 (10); Student Council (10); MBA Ambassador (11 
& 12); Visual Arts (10); Cricket Club (9-12); Endada (10-12); French Club (9- 
12); Service Club (9-12); Tennis (9-12) 

Mom, Dad, Devon, and Leelee, thank you for always being there for me. I'm 
incredibly lucky to have a family who has loved and supported me 
unconditionally. I don't know how I would have been able to make it through 
MBA without your help; I'm grateful for everything. Whether it be driving to 
tennis tournaments, laughing until tears during game nights, or talking for 
hours on the kitchen floor, I would never trade these experiences for a thing. 
Thank you all so much. 

To my teachers, thank you for giving me the best education in preparing 
me for the next stages of my life. I have an endless amount of memories 
from the classroom, each one unique and portraying a different aspect of my 
MBA life. Special thanks to Mr. Trotter, Dr. Carro, Coach Davidson, Coach 
Klausner, Dr. Kinch, and especially Dr. Boyd, who was my teacher, coach, and 
advisor throughout my time at MBA. There is no one else who I would rather 
do push-ups for at 7:59 in the morning, no other teacher who would turn the 
history group chat into a meme chat, and the only person who allows his 
classmates to tease his British accent. Thank you for everything. 

To my friends, you all have made my time at MBA unforgettable. The 
memories we shared on and off campus resulted in some of the best years of 
my life. I hope that we stay friends for life. Thank you. Roll Red. 

"Fall down seven times, stand up eight." - Japanese Proverb 

"I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've 
actually left them." -Andy Bernard 

Reed 33 

Attended for 5 years; Band (9); Endada (10); Hispanic Achievers (11); Model 
UN (10-12); Stock Market Club (9); EC hype (7-12: Vice President (12)); 
Cross Country (9 Si 10); hockey (10-12: Wallace School Captain (12)); 
Ultimate Erisbee (9 Si 10) 

Thank you to my mentors for all they have done for me during my time at 
MBA. I would like to specifically thank my hockey coach, Mr. Deutsch; my 
advisor, Mr. Bernatavitz; my grandparents, Mike and Ann Caver; my parents, 
Jennifer and Giles Caver; my siblings, Will and Sarah Jean Caver; and my 
grandmother who had so much pride and belief in me, Cherrie Earnette. 

34 Henry Caue - n - 

'A 1 


Attended for 6 years; Band (9); Model Uh (10-12: Outstading Resolution 
(12)); FC hype (12: Secretary (12)); Climbing (10); Ultimate Frisbee (9); 
Wrestling (9-12) 

Thank you, Mom, Dad, Cece, Pops, Man, Cranpa Bob, and everyone else who 
has helped me during my time at MBA. 

"It really do be like that sometimes/ 

Will Cn uen 35 


Ci>n n&n- 

Attended for 6 years; Visual Arts (9-12: Belmont Award, 2 5cholastic Silver 
Keys, & Cover for 2016 Archives Magazine (9)); Art Club (9-12); Endada (9- 
12); Climbing (9-11); Coif (9-11) 

I would like to thank my amazingly supportive parents for continuing to push 
me during my time on the hill. I definitely could not have done it without 
them. I would like to thank Mr. Klausner for being an outstanding advisor, 
mentor, and friend. I took a risk switching to his advisory sophomore year, 
and it was the best decision I made at MBA. Lastly, I would like to thank 
Dr.Onstott. Mis engagement with his students as well as his teaching style 
sparked genuine enthusiasm in the classroom, making for an unforgettable 
year. Thank you. 

"Quotation is a serviceable substitution for wit." 

- Oscar Wilde 

36 Walker Cvn - nen - 

Attended for 6 years; 5YLO (10); Visual Arts (9); Endada (9-12: Co-Chair (11 
& 12)); MBA Societies (12: Arts and humanities President (12)); Stock 
Market Club (10 & 11); Eootball (9-12: Manager (9-12)); Tennis (8-11: 
Manager (8-11)) 

Thank you to my parents for providing me this opportunity and for supporting 
me through everything. The friends and memories that I have made here will 
remain with me forever. Special thanks to Dr. Boyd, my advisor, for all the 
complaints fielded, shout-outs in assemblies and registrations, random history 
references, occasional appearances at real football games, and hopelessly 
anti-British MENAP classes. On a more serious note, he has been invaluable in 
providing all sorts of guidance and always saying what I needed, not 
necessarily wanted, to hear. Mr. Johnson's stories and jovial presence on the 
sidelines and around campus have provided much needed moments of comic 
relief. I also want to thank Ms. Hollifield for her incredible loyalty, optimism, 
and impact on this campus. Finally, thank you to all the other teachers, 
coaches, and staff who invest so much time into making MBA such a special 
place (especially Mr. Gioia, Mr. Kelly, Benor Paolicchi, Coach Lanier, Emeka, 
and David). 

"Life is 10 percent what you know, 90 percent who you know" 


* Marshal mcLuhan 

Campbell 37 

Attended for 6 years; Student Council (9 & 10); Visual Arts (9-12: 
Scholastic Art Award honorable Mention); ECA (9-12); Outdoor Club (9-12); 
Baseball (9-12); Football (9-12: Special Teams MVP (11) & Preseason 
Academic All-State) 

Thanh you to all of my teachers and coaches at MBA who have helped me 
develop into who I am today. I would especially like to thank Coach 
Anderson, Coach Euv, Coach Brock, Coach Sanders, Coach Tipps, Coach 
Klausner, E., Mr. Stewart, Dr. Dickens, Dr. Onstott, Ms. Hackney, and Ms. 
Swieca. You have pushed me far beyond what I thought I could do and 
taught me lessons much deeper than those learned on the field. To my 
teammates: you will always be my brothers. I am most thankful for my 
family. My grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins have always loved and 
supported me. Finally, I could not be more grateful for my sister, Lydia, 
and my Mom and Dad. I love you. Roll Red! 

38 Cole Cndden - 

v 1 

Attended for 6 years; MLK Society (11 & 12); Totomoi (12); Chen Class 
Officer (9-12); Theatre (12); African American Studies (9-12); Mock Trial (10- 
12); Model UN (11); Red Poets Society (12); Service Club (9-12: Preston 
Taylor Tutoring Project Manager (12)); Track & Held (9-12: Most Valuable 
Track Athlete (10 & 11), Tennessee All-State Indoor Track Team for 60m 
hurdles (11), T55AA State Runner-Up for 300 Meter hurdles (11), T55AA 
State Champion for 4 x 400 Meter Relay (11), & Vanderbilt Great 8 
Invitational 300 Meter Hurdles Winner, Top Hurdler in Middle Tennessee (11)) 

If you asked me whether I was going to finish MBA in 7th grade, I would have 
said you're drunk. This school stretched me beyond my limits with in 
academic rigor, demanding athletics, and an unyielding standard of character. 
The pain brought me to tears on occasion, however, I am better for it. I now 
know how to tirelessly work while smiling. As far as I'm concerned, I can do 
anything in 50 minutes or less. This school is not for the faint of heart. It is for 
those who strive to succeed. All grammar tests pale in comparison to Mr. 
Anderson's Grammar and Vocabulary class. Mr. Russell taught me how to 
write and coached me around the track, forcing me to create a balance. I 
thank Dr. Raney for pushing me to my limits only to exceed them. You 
inspired me to begin to think on a different level and take initiative in my own 
education, two very valuable gifts. I thank Coach Pippin, Will, and Tyler for 
working with me for countless hours on the track. I am forever indebted to 
Matthew Kimball for guiding me during my lowest low. You inspired me not 
only to write but also become a better person, nothing will compare to the life 
advice given in your room. I thank my family for putting me through this 
school and helping me all the way through. Your deeds did not go unnoticed. I 
am a better man because of you. I love you all. 

"This was by far my hardest hill workout" 

John 39 


Attended for 6 years; Visual Arts (12); Big Red Club (9-12: President (12)); 
FCA (9-12); Junior State of America (9); Young Republicans (9-12); Coif 
(9-12: Captain (12)) 

Mom and Dad, 

I will never be able to give you two a proper thank you for all that you have 
done for me the past 19 years of my life. You two have worked tirelessly in 
the pursuit to teach me how to be a gentleman above anything. You two 
have taught me to never abandon my faith and to always keep hope when 
times get tough. The reason y'all are so determined in teaching me these 
values is because you have lived it. Mom and Dad, you have gone through 
the highs and the lows but have never abandoned your core values, and 
you never resorted to quitting. It was never an option. I will carry these 
values with me for the rest of my life. Sending me to MBA was a blessing in 
disguise for me. Men like Mr. Shone and Dr. Rainey taught me that nothing 
is going to be handed to me in life. Coach Sanders taught me to never lose 
hope even in the darkest of times. Dad, you told me at an early age that I 
will have to keep going on with life even if I am dealt a bad hand. Mom, you 
have told me all my life to care for any and everybody. I will walk with these 
ideals you instilled in me wherever I go. I cannot begin thank you enough. I 
love you both so much. 

"But on the southside of heaven won't you take me home"- Ryan Bingham 

40 William 

Attended for 6 years; Cum Laude (11 & 12); Student Council (9-12); 
Disciplinary Committee Representative (12); Band (9 & 10); Astronomy Club 
(11 & 12); Computer Science Club (12); Cricket Club (12); German Club 
(10-12); Model UN (12); Peer Tutoring (12); Philosophy Club (12); Service 
Club (9-12); TEAMS Competition (11: National Division Winner (11)); 
Entrepreneurship Class (10-12); Climbing (9-12); Cross Country (9-12); 
Track (9-12) 

First, I would like to thank my parents for giving me both the opportunity to 
attend MBA and a support system that is always there for me. I also want to 
thank Caroline and William for being great siblings the entire way through and 
always being there for me. I would also like to thank Mr. Kelly and Mr. Moxley 
not only for teaching me to love literature but also sharing a variety of life 
lessons, sayings, jokes, and stories with me. I want to thank Coach Barclay for 
one of my favorite classes of my entire time and getting me fired up about 
Physics. I would like to thank Coach Go, Carlos, and Ross for a great advisory 
of Bharknados and football/futbol talk. I also want to thank Mr. Gioia for helping 
me throughout my time at MBA. I would like to thank Coach Russ for teaching 
me to be a strong person and the guys on the cross country and track teams 
for providing some of my favorite memories. I also want to thank Jersey Mike 
for providing quality sandwiches and a great group of coworkers who have 
been my closest friends. Thank you Bage for feeding me. Finally, I would like 
to thank the Class of 2019 for making it a great six years. 

"We'll not risk another frontal assault. That rabbit's dynamite." - Monty Python 

True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school 
class is running the country. - Kurt Vonnegut 

Tillman TX&im 41 

Attended for 6 years; Cum Laude (11 Si 12); Totomoi (12); Band (9-12: Pat 
Patrick Jazz Trip (11)); Envirothon (9-12: Team Captain (12) Si 2nd in 
Region (11)); Model UN (10-12); Peer Tutoring (9-12); Rock Band (10-12); 
Science Olympiad (9-12: "Too Many Medals to Count"); Robotics Club (9-12: 
Team Captain (11) Si 2nd Place in Competition (12)); TEAMS Competition 
(11 Si 12: national Division Champion(l 1)); MathCounts (8: State Champion 
(8) Si National Qualifier (8)) 

Thank you to all of the robotics coaches for a great four years and lots of 
lessons learned. It started out rough, but thanks to your leadership we came 
together as a team and were able to build a few robots that didn't 
immediately commit suicide. Going forward I am sure I will use the CADing, 
coding, and building skills that I learned here for the rest of my life, having 
Dr. Lech and Dr. hedmark as teachers as well as coaches was also an 
incredible experience. Thank you each for teaching something new and 
interesting every day, especially when we went off topic. Both of your 
classes will always be remembered fondly. Other people I would like to thank 
include Aditya Priyadarshi, whose strength I could always rely on. Not being 
part of the MBA community next year will be a tough adjustment, and I will 
miss all of the experiences and inside jokes I shared with my classmates. 
Doubtlessly I will always carry the memories of the tight bonds I made here 
with me, but as with anything it is important not to dwell on endings and 
instead look to new beginnings. 

42 Sam TX & CtKyfe ?*' 


Attended for 2 years; Visual Arts (11 & 12: Wilson Grant to Btudy in 
Barcelona (11)); ACE (12); Service Club (12); Btock Market Club (12); Boccer 
(11 & 12: Team Captain (12) & Every Minute Played (11)) 

I would like to thank all of my teachers, friends, and family for making this 
experience at MBA the best it could've possibly been. All of the people helped 
me coming in Junior year make MBA feel like home. I would like to give a 
special shoutout to a couple teachers for their amazing personalities and 
classes. Thank you Dr.Onstott for being the best teacher I've ever had, and 
the amazing conversations about life and always being there for advice and 
help. Bhoutout to Bruce for being the class mascot and congratulations on 
your new daughter! I would like to thank Coach Cheevers for being one of the 
best coaches and men I have ever met. Erom the phone call you gave me 
convincing me to come to MBA to this last season, you have helped this 
school feel like home. I will miss all the grief you give me about being a Man 
City fan, even though Tottenham shouldn't be in the EPL. I would also like to 
give a shoutout to my maneeeeee Dr.Carro for challenging me to the max 
and believing in me. Your class taught me a very valuable lesson in life about 
perseverance, and I have you to thank for that. Finally, I would like to thank 
my amazing family for making these two years in Nashville and at MBA some 
of the best of my life. Thank you for your help driving me to and from soccer, 
MBA, and drop off athletic clothes when I forgot them, I love you guys. 

"Bhut up will ya you refrigerator"- Dr.Onstott 

Walker Vd / fan-d 43 



Attended for 6 years; Visual Arts (9-12); Endada (9-12); MBA5IA Cultural 
Club (12); Model UM (11 & 12); Stock Market Club (12); hockey (9-12: 
Assistant Captain (12)); Shotgun (9-12) 

I want to thank my teachers from 7th through 12th grade for putting up 
with me and helping me along the way. I would also like to give a huge 
thanks to Mr. Gioia, Coach Deutsch, Coach Raines, Coach Ardisson, Coach 
Barclay, Mrs. Susan, and Dr. Raney for helping me through my journey and 
keeping me going at MBA. I would also like to thank my parents for 
supporting and putting me at this school. 

"Stay between the ditch and the guardrail" -David Deutsch 


Attended for 6 years; Archives (10); Service Club (11); Climbing (9-11); 
hockey (12); Shotgun (12) 

Looking back from my 5enior year I feel so incredibly grateful to every person 
that has helped me complete my journey through MBA. First off I want to 
thank my dad for always pushing me towards greatness and accepting nothing 
less than my best effort; my mother for catching me when I fell and helping 
me back to my feet; my brother for teaching me humility; and my 
grandparents for their limitless support and love for me. I want to especially 
thank The Green Goblins, Ignant Gang, and We Jam On Thursdays for always 
having my back and being the best friends anyone could have asked for. 
Finally, I want to thank each and every one of my brothers on the hill for 
standing with me as we faced MBA together. I would take a bullet for any of 
you guys. Everyone, thank you for giving me such a wonderful life. You will 
never know how much you mean to me. 

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light" 

- Flelen Keller 

Walt 45 


Attended for 6 years; MLK Society (11 & 12); Totomoi (12); Cass Treasurer 
(10-12); Choir (9 & 10); ECA (9-12); Service Club (9-12: Best Buddies Co- 
President (12) & Project Manager for the Nashville Food Project (12)); The 
Bell Ringer (9-12); Young Republicans (12); Football (9-12: Davidson County 
Player of the Week (11)); Track (9-12: Middle Distance Medley School Record 
(9), 100m Dash State Finalist (11), 200m Dash State Finalist (11), & 
4x400m State Champion (11)) 

There is a myriad of people I want to thank for the impact they have made on 
my time at Montgomery Bell Academy. First, I wish to thank my parents for 
the profound sacrifices they have made in order for me to attend this school. I 
also thank them for their constant support through both my successes and 
failures. I want to show my gratitude towards our school's dedicated faculty, 
who have made tremendous impacts on me as a student and person. I can't 
thank them enough for their devotion to helping students succeed in all their 
endeavors. Thank you to Coach McMahan for dealing with me being late to 
advisory basically every single day. I want to give a shout out to all my 
coaches for teaching me how to work hard, making me a better person in the 
process. Special thanks to Coach Pippin, Coach Redmond, Coach Euverard, 
and Coach Joe Davis. Thank you Mr. Moxley for your interesting stories from 
your college years and just for being an approachable guy. Thank you Mr. Kelly 
for the ways you helped my writing, your impossible quizzes, and for being an 
understanding individual. Thank you Mr. Norton, Coach Colenor, Dr. Rader, 
and Dr. Kinch for being on board with our legendary raves, The 408 and The 
310. Lastly, I want to thank my boys in the Class of 2019 for going through 
these six years with me, couldn't have done it without you guys by my side. 

"I've been searching for the daughter of the devil himself, I've been searching 
for an angel in white" -Don Henley from "One of These Nights" by the Eagles 

46 Sam 

Attended for 6 years; Spanish honor Society (10-12); Cum Laude Society 
(12); Student Council (9-12: Treasurer (12)); Choir (9 & 10); Cricket Club 
(11 & 12: President (12)); ECA (9-12); Hispanic Achievers (10-12); Peer 
Tutotring (12); Service Club (9-12); Science Wilson Grant (10); Warner 
Exchange to Michaelhouse (11); Basketball (9-12); Soccer (9) 

I would like to thank my parents and my brothers for always being there for 
me throughout high school. I would also like to thank my teachers, especially 
Coach Ardisson, Dr. Boyd, Mr. Kelly, Senor Paolicchi, Dr. Carro, Coach Anglin, 
Coach Mac, Mr. Hannon, Coach Davidson and Coach Golenor for making MBA a 
lot of fun over the last 6 years. Finally, thanks for all my friends and 
teammates for always having my back. Gonna miss all you guys. Lastly a 
special shoutout to Michael Scott for helping me make it to the end of high 

Joel 47 


Attended for 6 years; Choir (9); Big Red Club (12: Co-Leader (12)); 
Skateboard Club (12: Co-Founder (12)); Baseball (10-12: Team Captain 
(12)); Football (9 & 10); Wresting (9) 

The past six years on The Flill have been some of the best times of my life. I 
have met my friends for life, and I would not change anything about that. I 
would especially like to thank Coach Anderson for helping me transform into 
a hardworking and honorable man. Fie has taught me the importance of 
staying strong and never quitting when things get hard. I would also like to 
thank my parents especially my mother, Julie. She forced me to come to 
Montgomery Bell Academy. I wanted nothing more than to not attend MBA, 
but as I look back on the sacrifices she made for me, I am grateful to have 
been a student at MBA and I can never thank her enough for the lessons and 
memories I have experienced. I would also like to thank my father, Chip, for 
sacrificing his chance to see me mature into a young adult and support me 
in finding my way through life. Thank you, Dad, Mom, and Coach Anderson. I 
really appreciate everything you all have done for me. 

"There is gold in the streets just waiting for someone to come and scoop it 
up." - Walter White 

48 Grant 

Attended for 4 years; Visual Arts (9 & 12); FCA (9 & 10); Service Club (10- 
12); Football (9-12: State Runner-Up (10 & 11)); Shotgun (10-12); Wrestling 
(9-12: Middle Tennessee Wrestling Dream Team (2018), 6th Place State 
Finish (2017), 2nd Place State Finish (2018), Region Wrestling Champion 
(11-12), and 2nd Place Finish T55AA Wrestling State (12th); Outstanding S 
Sport Athlete (10 & 11) 

I would like to thank first my parents for their undying support and for allowing 
me to go to MBA, which is one of the best gifts they have ever given me. I 
would next like to thank all my coaches and most of my teachers for never 
giving up on me and helping me be the best that I could be. Finally, I would 
like to thank all my friends and brothers I have gained during my time on The 
Mill, because without them, I couldn't have done it. 

"Seek first to understand before being understood" 



Dominic 49 


hail MBA of thee we sing 
Mow and forever more. 

Long may the bells of glory ring, 

As in the days of yore, 
hail to thee! hail to thee! 

Where loyal hearts and friendship dwell. 
On and On! Faithfully, 

Hail Montgomery Bell! 

50 Jo SI AH 

Attended for 6 years; Band (9); Debate (9-12); Junior State of America (9- 
12); Peer Tutoring (11 & 12); Red Poets Society (11 & 12); Young 
Democrats (9-12); Youth in Government (9-12); Golf (9) 

hail MBA of thee we sing 
how and forever more. 

Long may the bells of glory ring, 

As in the days of yore. 

Hail to thee! Hail to thee! 

Where loyal hearts and friendship dwell. 
On and On! Faithfully, 

Hail Montgomery Bell! 

Sam T v u n A 51 

Attended for 6 years; Cum Laude (11 & 12); Cricket Club (11 & 12); Hispanic 
Achievers (9-12); JAC (9-12); Peer Tutoring (12); Service Club (11 & 12); 
5tock Market Club (11); Young Republicans (11 Si 12); Cross Country (9 & 
10); Soccer (10-12); Ultimate Frisbee (9 & 10) 

Mom and Dad, thank you for everything you do for me each day. I love 
you both so much and appreciate all the little things you do in addition to 
providing me with incredible opportunities and setting me up for the best 
future possible. I think about how things are going to turn out and remember 
that you have prepared me for everything. You have made me who I am today 
and have done the best you can do. I am so thankful. I don't know what I 
would do without you. 

Also, thank you to the teachers that have supported me in my academic 
journey along the way. From Mr. Champion in 4th grade, who first got me 
interested in higher-level math, to Mrs. Qian and Coach Colenor, who both 
taught me twice and provided me with both a strong math foundation and 
competition opportunities, I owe my love for math to you all. In Spanish, I 
thank Coach Kamm for helping me begin and Mr. Paolicchi for helping me 
excel to receive multiple grants for incredible life experiences. Spanish has 
changed my life and I will continue to study and use it. Thank you to Mr. 
Womack, my advisor, for your 4 years of help. Although I had a tendency to 
arrive late even when we only had 10 minutes to talk and we had the smallest 
advisory on campus, I still enjoy our time and will miss your popsicle-stick 
jokes and puns. I appreciate your introducing me to the world of art, as it is 
now another valuable part of my life. Finally, thank you to Jersey Mike and all 
my friends that I made throughout high school. I couldn't have made it 
without your support. 

"If you don't become bitter, nothing can stop you from success." - Ralph 
Ellison, Invisible Man 

52 ZACH 

Attended for 6 years; ECA (9-12); Young Republicans (12); Bhotgun (9-12: 
Two Time Junior Olympian, Most Improved Bhooter (10), Best Shooter (11), 
& Attendee at the Bunker National Championship (2017 & 2018)); Wrestling 

Dear Dr. Onstott, 

If I had not taken your English III class, my MBA experience would have 
not been as fulfilling and exciting. Going into junior year, I was not much of an 
English scholar and English was a class I just hoped to pass, not taking in 
what was being taught. It was not until I started your class that I began to 
appreciate English and really take into account what we were learning. Your 
quick banter and positive attitude made coming to class everyday easy. You 
wasted no time getting to know our class and from an early point. Me, and the 
rest of the guys, saw your genuine care in how we were doing inside and 
outside of class. It was not uncommon to see you talking to one of us in the 
halls. Whether it be a simple hello, or just some advice, you established 
yourself as someone we could always come to for help. Even a year after 
being in your class, I still love coming into your room to talk or get some 
advice. I feel like there is no problem to big or too small that I cannot come to 
you and ask for guidance and not feel judged or embarrassed. Your patience, 
care, and ability to listen to others is a characteristic I admire greatly. I look 
back on our class as an important time in the development of the person I am 
today. You taught me much more than English, you taught me discipline and 
to not take life so seriously. You taught me that I am capable of much more 
than what I and or other people thought I was capable of. Needless to say 
that you are one of the many things that makes MBA such a great place. 

"There comes a time in every man's education when he arrives at the 
conviction that envy is ignorance, that imitation is is suicide, that he must 
take himself for better, for worse as his portion" - Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Doug w 53 

Attended for 6 years; Choir (10-12); African American Studies (9-12); 
Bowling (9); Football (9-12: Defensive MVP (9)) 

I would like to thank my family for everything that they have done for me 
during my time on The Mill. My family always made sure that I was well 
supported in every sport and activity I participated during my time on The 
Mill. They always put me first no matter what and encouraged me to pursue 
things I was interested in. My family always took the time to ask me about 
how my day was. They took me on college visits and woke up at 5 to take 
me to summer workouts and never complained. My family was always 
pushing me when I needed to be pushed. They always believed in me and 
never let me forget how much they loved me. 

54 Nick (^enmct n 

Attended for 6 years; SYLO (10); Spanish honor Society (11 & 12); Student 
Council (10); Visual Arts (12); ECA (9-12); Hispanic Achievers (10-12); 
Swimming Si Diving (10-12); Tennis (9-12) 

Thanh you to my family for allowing me to go to this amazing school, and 
thanks to all of the teachers who have helped me along the way. Specifically, 
a huge thanks to Coach Deutsch for taking me in as a "young skull of mush" 
and to Dr. Boyd for not getting offended by my English jokes. 

"I used to be an honor roll student, then I turned into a beast." - Meek Mill 

GlBBY Cft'ifo'&'n 55 

56 AtTICUS (yfen 

Attended for 5 years; Robotics Club (9-12); Crew (9) 

During my time at MBA I've made great friends and had amazing 
opportunities. I want to thank all my teachers, especially in the science 
department because I love the subject, and in English because I needed the 
help. Thank you to the MBA robotics team and the many Doctors in charge of 
it. Also, thank you Mr. Bassett for being an amazing advisor and English 
teacher. Mr. Golenor, I had the time of my life in B35, and I'm sure Cuy did 

Nathan 57 


Attended for 6 years; Choir (9-12: Mid-state (10-12) Si All-5tate (12)); 
Cum Laude Society (12); Cricket Club (9-12); Endada (12); ECA (9-12); 
Young Republicans (11 Si 12); Tennis (9-12: State Champion (10 Si 11), 
All-Midstate Doubles Team (10 Si 11), Si Team Captain (12)) 

"If you have the opportunity to play this game of life you need to 
appreciate every moment. A lot of people don't appreciate the moment 
until it's passed." -Kanye West 

58 Hugh (fnatirtm 

Attended for 6 years; Cum Laude (11 & 12); Totomoi (11 Si 12); honor 
Council (9-12: President (12)); Debate (9-12); Model UM (10); Philosophy (9- 
11); Science Olympiad (9-12); The Bell Ringer (9, 11 Si 12: Mews Editor 
( 12 )) 

If MBA taught me anything, it's how glad I am that this journey was together 
instead of alone. I can't thank my family, teachers, and friends enough for all 
the experiences, laughs, and invaluable life lessons. 

Thank you to my parents for their constant support, love, and care. 
Thanks, Chris, for showing, not telling, how to thrive on The Hill. 

Coach Clark, I would be a completely different person if you didn't guide 
my life in the way you did. Thank you, Mr. Quinn, for your sage advice, 
hilarious quips, and constant support. Coach Hamrick, I'll never forget the 
wisdom, political knowledge, and obscure restaurant locations you gave to 
me. Mr. Yorko, I still need a States CP answer ASAP (I'm only half-kidding). 

I can't go through all my teachers like my debate coaches, but trust me 
that I could write paragraphs about everyone. Mr. Kelly, Dr. Bailey, and Mrs. 
Qian most shaped my academic passions, ethic as a student, and love for 

Thanks, Atticus and Aden, for being the best debate partners that anyone 
could ask for (literally). Thanks, Clark, for translating everything in German, 
Schach spielen, und gute Meme geben. My only regret is not playing more 

"An excellent quotation can annihilate entire pages, indeed an entire book, in 
that it warns the reader and seems to cry out to him: 'Beware, I am the jewel 
and around me there is lead, pallid, ignominious lead!"' 

- Eriedrich Hietzsche from Menschliches, Allzumenschliches 

Julian 59 



Attended for 4 years; 5YL0 (10); MBA Ambassador; Band (9 & 12); hockey 
(9-12: Rookie of the Year (9), Stephen Dalton Award (11), Assistant Captain 
(11); Captain (12)); Shotgun (9-12: Coaches Award (11) & Captain (12)) 

Mom and Dad, 

Thank you both for all the love and support you have shown me during my 
time at MBA. Thank you for the long hockey trips and the many sleepless 
nights we had on the road. I will never forget going over Monteagle Mountain 
in a foot of snow or riding a greyhound bus to Canada only to lose every 
game by more than four goals. The time we spent together at the rink was 
some of the best times of my life. Thanks Coach Stewart for all the fun 
advisory sessions with UFC and Kbox on Friday mornings despite having no 
snacks all four years. Keep Maxx Preps living on with the young advisees. 
Thank you to all the teachers I have had at my time on the Mill. You all have 
shaped me to be the person I am today. Roll Red 

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. 

60 Matthew 

Attended for 4 years; 5YL0 (10); African American Studies (9-12: Cub 
Treasurer (11)); French Cub (9-12: Cub Liaison (10) & Flead Event Planner 
(12)); MBA Societies (11 & 12); Model UN (11 & 12); Robotics Cub (9-12: 
Vice Captain (11) Si Flead Engineer); Young Democrats (12) 

The person that inspires me the most is my dad, Byron Flail. Fie received his 
undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Howard University, tie is 
constantly teaching me things he learns from his job to life lessons and has 
taught me everything that I Know about engineering as well. Specifically, over 
the years my dad has taught me how to problem solve and think like an 
engineer. Mis method of analyzing the problem and not ruling out any solution 
has helped me through many of my math and science classes. Secondly, my 
dad is always willing to help others. Whether he is at work or helping 
troubleshoot a friend's computer problems, he never turns down an 
opportunity to help a customer, friend or family member. I am glad that his 
willingness to assist others has rubbed off on me. Lastly, my dad inspires me 
to be my best through his many stories he tells (even though he thinks I tune 
him out). With all of the lessons my dad has taught me over the years, and 
from what I have heard I hope that I can become half of the man that he is 

Brandon 61 

Attended for 6 years; Totomoi (11 & 12); Cum Laude Society (12); 5YLO 
(10); MBA Medal (11); Student Council (11 & 12); Student Body Vice 
President (12); Service Club (9-12); Stock Market Club (9-12); Football (9- 
12: Team Captain (12)); Lacrosse (9-12) 

Thank you to my teachers and coaches for all they have done for me the 
past several years. Special thanks to Mr. Gioia, Dr. Kinch, Dr. Marro, Coach 
Chauvin, and Flerr Dougherty for the multiple years they have taught, 
coached, and advised me. Some of my greatest memories have been made 
here and I will cherish them. Thank you, mom, for all your sacrifices, sending 
me to MBA, and always maintaining your love. 

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started" -Mark Twain 

62 Ian 

1 1 

Attended for 4 years; MBA Medal (10 & 11); Debate (9-12); MocK Trial (9); 
Philosophy Club (11 Si 12) 

hail MBA of thee we sing 
how and forever more. 

Long may the bells of glory ring, 

As in the days of yore. 

Hail to thee! Hail to thee! 

Where loyal hearts and friendship dwell. 
On and On! Faithfully, 

Hail Montgomery Bell! 

Joe Hrtnti/fan 63 



Attended for 6 years; Theatre (9); FCA (9-12); Football (9-12); Lacrosse (9 
& 10); Shotgun (12); Track and Field (11) 

I want to start by thanking my parents for all the sacrifices they have made 
for me. Sending me to MBA has presented limitless opportunities for 
myself. Trips like, going to Cuba, and Saint John are ones I will never 
forget. I have also had many mentors who have made me into who I am 
today, and I would like to thank Coach Brock, Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Russell, 
and Mr. Klausner. I have made friends and memories that will last me a 

Roll Red 

"Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. 
Dance like nobody's watching" -Satchel Paige 

64 Jackson HunpfpuJi 

Attended for 6 years; 5YL0; Student Council (12: Discipline Representative 
(12)); Band (9-12); Cellophony (9-12: Production Assistant (9-12)); Debate 
(8-12: Coaches' Choice Award (11)); MBA Societies (11 & 12: Politics 
Society President (11 & 12)) 

I am forever grateful for my family, friends, peers, and teachers, but I am 
especially thankful for my parents. Mom and Dad, without your support I would 
be nowhere. You taught me to be myself and you encouraged me whenever I 
thought I didn't have what it takes. I love you! Another thank you to Mr. Kelly, 
Mr. Morton, Dr. Carro, Dr. Marro, Coach K, Mr. Hamrick, and Mr. Lanier for 
teaching me, mentoring me, and sharing some of my best MBA memories 
with me. 

"We do not merely destroy our enemies; we change them." -George Orwell, 

Jack 65 

12); Baseball Club (10-12); Service Club (11 & 12); Baseball (9-12); Football 

First, I would like to thiank my parents for all they have done for me my whole 
life. They push me to be the best I can be, and although we may butt heads 
sometimes I know it is because they want the best for me and I will forever be 
grateful for them. I would also like to thank all my coaches and teaches; 
Coach Euverard and Coach Davis for all the great years of football and the 
things they have taught me throughout the years, Coach Anderson for the 
love and support in baseball and the care to make me a better man in all 
things I do, and Coach Barkley and Dr. Tarkington who I have known since fifth 
grade and have helped me grow as a student. I am also thankful for my 
extended family who helped me go to MBA and also Mr. and Mrs. Wiley for all 
their contributions. I am grateful for the friends that i have made over the past 
six years and wish the best for all of them. Lastly, I would like to thank MBA for 
all the lessons in life that i will carry with me for the rest of my life. 



Attended for 6 years; Choir (9-11); FCA (9 & 10); Basketball (10); Bowling 
(9, 11, Si 12: Captain (12) & Best Came Award, 257 (11)); Track & Field (9 
& 10); Football (9); Crew (11) 

Mom, thank you for your unconditional support through thick and thin during 
my life and at MBA. I am forever grateful for everything you have done and 
sacrificed for me. I will always remember the impact you have had on my life. 
To Dr. Creamer and Coach Woodson, thank you for making me a better bowler 
and creating a lifelong passion that I will continue for the rest of my life. To 
Coach Anglin, thank you for taking a chance on me sophomore year and 
allowing me to have a new role on the basketball team after the sophomore 
season. To Mr. Cioia and Mrs. Bcholer, thank you for allowing me to explore 
my interests outside of MBA through the Warner Exchange Grant. To Will 
Mooney, thank you for shaping my faith and being there for Waffle Flouse 
breakfasts. To Dr. Rader, thank you for making every morning in advisory a 
great start to the day. To the boys, thank you for making these last six years 
so memorable. 

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." -Dr. 5euss 

Alexander 67 

Attended for 6 years; Visual Arts (9 & 12: Accepted to the Middle Tennessee 
Regional Student Art Exhibit (12)); ECA (9-12); MBA Societies (11 Si 12); 
Service Club (9-12); Basketball (9); Eootball (9-12: Two Time State Runner- 
Up (10 Si 11) Si Big Red Award); Track Si Eleld (10-12: Two Time State 
Runner-Up (10 Si 11)) 

Thank you to my parents for allowing for me to go to such an amazing school 
which MBA is, and sticking with me through the ups and the downs of my 
time here. I would like to thank my coaches throughout my time at MBA. In 
particular I would like to thank Coach Redmond, my defensive back coach, 
that I have enjoyed playing and working with for the past 4 years, Coach 
Brock, my advisor and strength and conditioning coach, who had been with 
me all the way through my time at MBA and taught me how to push myself 
and to be a part of a true MBA brotherhood, and Coach Anderson, my baseball 
coach for a brief year, but had me two years in a row for English, who taught 
me the standard at MBA and was the beginning of my journey of becoming a 

"TRUST in the man next to you." -Coach Brock (Team 120 theme) 

68 Jake 

Attended for 6 years; Visual Arts (9 & 12); Baseball Club (9); FCA (9-12); 
Carden Club (9); Btock Market Club (11); Baseball (9); Football (9-12: Three 
Time 5tate Runner-Up (9-11) & Team Captain (12)); Track & Field (10-12: 
5tate Runner-Up (11), 4x400m State Champion (11), 4x200m State Runner- 
Up (11), 4x100m Third Place in State (11), Regional Champion in 4x400m & 
4x200m (11), Regional Runner-Up in 4x100m (11), & 6th Place in 400m 
( 10 )) 

These last six years have been full many great memories with my friends 
at MBA. There are many people I have to thank for allowing me to make it 
through my journey at MBA. I first want to thank my parents for always 
showing love for me and believing in me. They also helped me get through 
MBA by pushing me to be the very best I could be and by teaching me how to 
manage my time. Without them pushing me and helping me in 7th and 8th 
grade, I wouldn't be the same student I am today. The teacher's at MBA, like 
Coach Anderson and Mr. Russell, taught me discipline from my early stages at 
MBA that have shaped me into the man I am today. Teachers like Coach 
Klausner, Coach Deutsch, and many others taught me many valuable life 
lessons, and that class doesn't have to be boring in my later years of MBA. I 
also want to thank my coaches, Coach Euverard, Coach Brock, Coach 
Banders, Coach Redmond, and Coach Pippin, for pushing me to be the best 
man and athlete that I could be every day. I truly do not know what I would do 
without them, and I will miss playing for them next year. Also, a shoutout to 
my favorite trainers E and Daniel for always being people to hang out with, and 
for all the treatment. I will also miss all the guys on Team 120 because we 
have been through so much together. I will never forget playing with these 
guys on those Eriday nights. I also want to thank my friends for always having 
my back through these six years and just making my life every day an 
adventure. These guys are gonna be my best friends for the rest of my life, 
and I will miss these times on the hill together. Thanks again to everyone who 
has helped me on my path through MBA. Gonna miss it. 

"Mold on to the nights. Mold on to the memories." - Richard Marx 

Tye 69 



Attended for 3 years; Orchestra (10-12); African American Studies (10- 
12); Booh Club (10 & 11); Computer Science Club (10-12); Hispanic 
Achievers (12); Service Club (10-12); Video Came Design Club (12: 
Secretary); Crew (11 & 12) 

I'd like to thank my parents for making the commitment and investment to 
send me to MBA as well as my brothers and the rest of my family for 
constantly pushing me towards success in and out of school. I'd also like to 
thank all of my teachers and coaches who helped me, especially, Mr. 
Barclay for helping me acclimate to the school and feel welcome in 
advisory every morning, Mr. Meredith for being a great orchestra teacher all 
3 years, Dr. Raney and Mr. Deutsch for supporting me with my exploration 
in math and computer science, Mr. Paolicchi and Ms. Lanigan for 
developing my love for Spanish. 

"When you're the absolute best you get hated on the most' -Kanye West 


70 Elijah 

Attended for 6 years; Visual Arts (9 & 10); Big Red Club (9-12); Endada (9 & 
10); Service Club (9-12); Lacrosse (9-12) 

I would like to thank my mom for helping me get through the hardest parts of 
my six years on the hill; Special thanks to Coach Garvey, Coach Smith, and 
Coach hclA/hirter, hiss Raines, Coach Shone, hr. Kelly, hiss hackney, and 
Coach Cooper for supporting and looking out for me. Thanks to all my 
teachers and friends for making my time at hBA unforgettable. I am truly 
blessed to have received the opportunity to attend this school. Roll Red. 

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. Because your 
character is what you really are. While your reputation is what others merely 
think you are." - Jay Z 

Liam Hu4en 71 

Attended for 6 years; Visual Arts (9-12: Art 1 Award (9), Scholastic 
honorable Mention (9 & 11), Art II Award (10), Art Wilson Grant (10), 
Painted Guitar for the T.J. Martel Foundation (11), & Frist YTA Award (12)); 
Art Club (9-12); Endada (9-12); MBA Societies (11 & 12); The Bell Ringer 
(11 & 12); Golf (9-11) 

First off, I would like to thank my parents for supporting me throughout all 
the ups and downs during my MBA career. I would like to also thank Ms. 
Hollifield, Ms. Sweica, Ms. Valentine, and the rest of the MBA art department 
for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow as an artist. Additionally, I 
can not thank Mr. Womack enough for his amazing class on AP Art history, 
for I would not be the person I am now without it. Finally, I would like to 
thanks Dr. Onstott and Dr. Kinch for introducing me to my love of English, as 
their classes changed the way I viewed literature. 

"This implementation of Turtleneck Tuesday shall bring the community 
together through the love of turtlenecks." 

"Bin cannot be conceived in a natural state, but only in a civil state, where it 
is decreed by common consent what is good or bad." - Baruch Bpinoza 

"In visual perception a color is almost never seen as it really is - as it 
physically is. This fact makes color the most relative medium in art." - Josef 

72 Webb 




Attended for 6 years; Student Council (9); Visual Arts (9 & 12); Chess Club 
(11 & 12); Endada (9-12); French Club (9-12: President); Hispanic Achievers 
(12); hockey (9-12); Soccer (9-12: Offensive MVP (11) Si Captain (12)) 

hail MBA of thee we sing 
how and forever more. 

Long may the bells of glory ring, 

As in the days of yore. 

Hail to thee! Hail to thee! 

Where loyal hearts and friendship dwell. 
On and On! Faithfully, 

Hail Montgomery Bell! 

Henry 73 


Attended for 6 years; Btock Market Club (11); Basketball (9-12); Coif (9 & 
10 ) 

The main two people 1 would like to thank is my parents. First is my mom. 
While at MBA, she began to work again which did not stop her support for me. 
5he came to every game that she and no matter the result had a smile on 
her face when I came out of the locker room. Without her I would also have no 
photos for the yearbook either, so I am very grateful for that as well. The next 
person is my dad. It was a little weird to go to school and have your dad be a 
teacher. The longer I went here though I began to look at it as much more of 
a blessing than a curse. Me was always there for support in the good and bad 
times of my athletic career. The last person I need to thank is my advisor. I 
did not know what to think of having the debate coach as my advisor at first, 
but it truly has been a joy to be in that advisory. He is always supportive of 
sports I do and cares about my well being. 

"I'm allergic to sushi. Every time I eat more than 80 pieces, I throw up/' 



Attended for 6 years; 5YLO; MBA Ambassador (11 & 12: Singapore (11)); 
Visual Arts (9-12: Belmont Show honorable Mention (9) & Silver Key (10)); 
Buisness Club (11 & 12); Classics Club (9 & 10); Debate (9 & 10); Endada 
(9-12: Event Coordinator (9-12)); Cuitar Club (10 & 11); MBA5IA Cultural 
Club (10-12: Vice President (10-12)); MBA Societies (11 & 12); Service Club 
(9-12); 5tock Market Club (10-12: Vice President (10-12)); hockey (9-12: 
Alternate Captain (11) & MVP (11)); 5occer (9 & 10) 

MBA has been an odyssey full of friends, mentors, and work. Through 
countless nights of homework and stress, these people have become a 
second family. Whether I am around the people of Ignant Gang or a mentor 
like Coach Deutsch, I know that my connection to the MBA community will 
remain through this familial aspect. I met Coach Deutsch on the first day of 
my freshman year. He was my new and first hockey coach, so I was obviously 
terrified prior to my conversation with him. Coach Deutsch, however, laughed 
as I traipsed into his dimly-lit classroom, and told me his entire childhood 
story, he and I have grown into friends through my high-school career 
between late-night hockey practices and an enlightening Computer Science 
class. Every time I saw him on campus, he gave me a slight smile and asked 
how my day was going. I would respond, then we would go off on a tangent, 
talking about anything from the hockey lineup to politics to gossiping about 
classmates or the shenanigans of the Cavers'. Coach Deutsch shares this 
awesome relationship with not only me but with many people, his dark room 
acts as a hub of conversation and activity on campus, and he never fails to 
put a smile on someone's face, his intricate "don't be that guy" stories about 
patty melts and unique coaching of the Wallace School hockey team make 
everyone laugh. Coach Deutsch, thank you for being such an outstanding 
mentor and teacher to us all. 

Cameron 75 

Attended for 6 years; 5YL0; Duke of Edinburgh (9); Visual Arts (9-11); 
Endada (9-11); ECA (9-12); Service Club (11 & 12); Stock Market Club (11 
Si 12); Basketball (9-12); Eootball (9) 

First, I would like to thank my parents for supporting me throughout my 
time at MBA and for all the little things they do for me everyday. I wouldn't 
have made it without y'all. I would also like to thank all the teachers that I 
have had over the last six years for helping me become not only a better 
student but also a better person. And to thank Ms. Raines, Mr. Moxley, and 
the Wilson Family for giving me a grant to study Sports Management at 
UCLA. I would like to thank Coach Anglin and Coach Mac for always believing 
in my left hand and helping me become a better basketball player. And to 
thank my teammates and friends along the way for all the great memories 
and experiences during our time on the hill. A special thanks to Josiah for 
never getting his license so that I didn't have to make the trip back to 
Marnia alone. 

"And I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no 
idea what to do" -Michael Scott 


76 ROSS foSn ' S'frn 

Attended for 6 years; Visual Arts (9-12); ACE (9-12: $500 Scholarship (10)); 
Computer Science Club (9); Endada (9-12); Red Tower Productions (11 & 
12); Climbing (12); Tennis (9-11); Ultimate Erisbee (9-12: Team Captain (10 
& 11 )) 

There are too many people that have helped me during my time at MBA to list 
them all here, but the most important are my parents and my sister. They 
have been supporters of every tough choice I have had to make, and have 
pushed me to explore outside my comfort zone. A lot of my teachers also 
deserve a thank you, such as Dr. Marro for leading the best advisory and 
teaching me chemistry for 2 separate years, Dr. Onstott for fueling my 
interest in photography and film, Mr. Barclay for making Physics one of the 
most interesting classes despite it being one of my worst grades, and Mr. 
tiannon for coaching me into a leadership role on the Ultimate Erisbee Squad. 
Lastly, I also need to thank Jersey Mike's for being a welcoming off-campus 
lunch spot and Mrs. Lechleiter for having the best office to go to when I need 
to talk or grab some candy before my next class 

Jake 77 

Attended for 5 years; Chess Club (12); German Club (10-12: national German 
Exam 2nd in State (11)); Cum Laude Society (12); Model UM (9-11); Service 
Club (9-11); IML (10-12: Multiple Top 3 Placements); Climbing (10-12: 
Captain (12)) 

hail MBA of thee we sing 
Mow and forever more. 

Long may the bells of glory ring, 

As in the days of yore, 
hail to thee! hail to thee! 

Where loyal hearts and friendship dwell. 
On and On! Faithfully, 

Hail Montgomery Bell! 

78 Clark 


Attended for 6 years; Theatre (9); Visual Arts (9: Two Scholastic Gold Keys, 
Scholastic Silver Key, & Scholastic honorable Mention); Endada (9-12); 
Outdoor Club (9-12); Stock Market Club (11 & 12); Crew (10-12); Coif (9) 

I would first off like to thank my parents for always being there for me and 
supporting me during my time on the hill. The connections I have made in the 
past six years, whether with classmates and teachers, will without a doubt last 
for the rest of my life. The bonds that I have made with teachers are 
unforgettable. I believe that MBA has the best faculty there is to offer at any 
school (although I am a little biased). I have become friends with pretty much 
every teacher I have gotten to know, which makes school something to look 
forward to instead of dread everyday. Teachers such as Dr. Onstott, Dr. 
Raney, Dr. herring, Herr Dougherty, and Mr. Moxely make school a place to 
love. I would like to thank Coach Kesor, Coach Calico, and Coach Viger for 
shaping me into the man I am by instilling a hard work ethic into me through 
my years of rowing. Thanks to Mr. 5tory, who was a fantastic advisor to me 
and the rest of my "coo-coo nut brained" advisory. I am really going to miss 
the annual fantasy football draft (even though I never came close to winning). 
Lastly, I'd like to thank Mr. Gioia for being a fantastic headmaster. It is sad to 
have to leave next year, but I know that MBA has adequately prepared me for 
the many challenges yet to come in my life. 

"The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the 
problem" -Captain Jack Bparrow 


Cannon 79 

Attended for 6 years; Choir (9); Baseball Club (9-12); Btock Market Club 
(9-11); Baseball (9-12) 

Dear Mom and Dad, I cannot thank you enough for all the support and love 
you have given me. I never would have made it here without you. Thank 
you for everything! Matthew, thank you for the memories, love, and 
support. Coach Anderson, thank you for pushing me to be best person I 
could be. You helped me succeed on the field and in life as well. 

"There are those who say: You can't go back. Sometimes you've got to go 
back to actually move forward." - Matthew McConaughey 

80 Blake u e-n- 


Attended for 6 years; Visual Arts (9-12: Scholastic Art Awards (10 - 12)); 
Endada (9-12); German Cub (9); Climbing (9 & 10); Cross-Country (9 & 10); 
hockey (11 & 12: Alternate Captain (12)); Shotgun (9-12) 

I would like to thank you parents, Cathy and Bob Krumm, for always 
supporting me and being there for me. I would also like to thank Coach 
Deutsch for everything he has done for me. Coach Deutsch has been my 
hockey coach for the past two years, and I would like to say thank you for 
putting up with the hockey team's shenanigans. I would also like to say thank 
you to Coach Deutsch for being there to talk to about anything school, 
hockey, or life-related. 

"Is Mayonnaise an instrument?"- Patrick Star 

Connor K ^ U'ftpnp 81 


Attended for 6 years; Band (12); Chess Club (9); Classics Club (9-12); 
German Club (9-12); MBA Societies (12: health and Wellness Vice President); 
Science Olympiad (12); Stock Market Club (11); Robotics Club (9); TEAMS 
Competition (12); Sports Medicine (9-12); head Student Trainer (12) 

hail MBA of thee we sing 
how and forever more. 

Long may the bells of glory ring, 

As in the days of yore, 
hail to thee! hail to thee! 

Where loyal hearts and friendship dwell. 
On and On! Faithfully, 

Hail Montgomery Bell! 

82 Arthur Vaffe-n- 


Attended for 6 years; FCA (9-12); Service Club (9-12); Young Republicans 
(9-12); drill & Chill (12: President); Football (9-12: 2x 1st Team All-USA 
Tennessee Football Team, 3x 1st Team Division ll-AAA All-State Football 
Team, 3x 1st Team Tennessee All-Midstate Football Team, 3x 1st Team All- 
Region Football Team, The Tennessean Dandy Dozen (11), Murphy Fair's the 
2018 The Guru's Great One's, 2019 Polynesian Bowl All-Star, Si Offensive 
MVP (12)); Shotgun (11 Sil2); Wrestling (9 Si 10) 

I would like to thank the MBA Football Coaching Staff - especially Coaches 
Euverard, Barclay, Brock, Moran, Davis, McWhorter and Cook, and also E and 
Ms. Raines -- for developing me as a football player as well as a person for the 
past four years, and for your unwavering support. I will never forget my three 
trips to Bell Buckle, where my teammates and I felt the pains of three 
practices a day. I will never forget our summer conditioning program which 
included: fifths, 50s, and 300 yd shuttles. I will never forget Coach Euverard 
getting mad at me Sophomore year for getting into fights with the senior 
defensive linemen, or the 15yd penalties that I received against Flewitt- 
Trussville and Father Ryan. Coach Barclay taught me that the three "F's" of 
offensive line play are physics, food, and football. I will never forget the way in 
which we named each practice: Mental Monday, Tempo Tuesday, and Positive 
Wednesday. I will miss my pregame tradition of always supplying the team 
with eye black, and E taping my ankles before every game. I will miss talking 
trash to Dom and Flannah during each scrimmage in practice. But most 
importantly, I learned that the most unbreakable bond is a family. 

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to 
prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and 
a future." 

Jeremiah 29:11 

Jackson 83 


Attended for 6 years; Envirothon (11 & 12); Model Uh (11 & 12); Science 
Olympiad (12); Cum Laude Society (12); Robotics Club (11 & 12); TEAMS 
Competition (11 & 12); Crew (9 & 10) 

I would like to thank Mr. Kelly, Dr. Lech, Dr. Eledmark, Mr. Barclay, Mr. 
Berry, and Mr. Compton. Furthermore, I would like to thank my classmates 
and family for making this experience so great. 

"At a time like this, scorching irony, not convincing argument, is needed." 

- Frederick Douglass 

84 Brandon 

Attend for 6 years; Totomoi (12); Spanish honors Society; Choir (9-12: 
Chamber Choir Award (10)); Hispanice Achievers (10-12); Cum Laude Society 
(12); Service Club (9-12: Treasurer (12)); Grill and Chill Club (12: Vice 
President); Football (9-12); Lacrosse (9-12) 

I would first lihe to thank my horn and Dad for giving me the opportunity to go 
to this special place. I can't even begin to understand the sacrifices that they 
made for me. I would also like to thank Dr. Marro, Dr. Boyd, Mr. Kelly, and Sr. 
Paolicchi for making me appreciate the importance of knowledge. I would like 
to thank Coach Euverard, Coach Barclay, and Coach Smith for making my 
experience with sports the best it could be. Finally, I would like to thank Mr. 
Smyth for helping me find a passion in music. All of these people have made 
me who I am today, and I don't know where I would be without them. I am 
truly grateful for all that they have done to help me through my journey up to 
this point. 


Z'tn 6 

Jackson tftp 6 85 

Attended for 6 years; honor Council (11 & 12: Secretary (12)); MBA 
Ambassadors (10-12); Visual Arts (10); Big Red Club (9-12); FCA (9-12); 
Service Club (9-12); The Bell Ringer (9 & 10); Shotgun (9-11); Swimming 
& Diving (9-12: Captain (12)) 

Thanh you to my mom and dad for giving me the opportunity to go to MBA. 
Thanhs to Dr. Dichens, Dr. Tarhington, Mrs. Roberts, and Coach Shone for 
paving the way the last six years. 

"I've gone blind. Help me, I can't see." -Anonymous 

86 Jackson 

Attended for 4 years; 5YL0; MBA Medal (11); Duke of Edinburgh (9 & 10); 
MBA Ambassadors (11 & 12); Choir (12); Big Red Club (12); Buisness Club 
(11 & 12); MBA Societies (11 & 12: Buisness & Entrepreneur Society 
Secretary); Service Club (9-12); 5tock Market Club (9-12: Vice President 
(12)); Climbing (9); hockey (9-12: Assistant Captain (12)); Tennis (11) 

The past four years at MBA have been such a formative time in my life and I 
owe it all to my teachers, friends, and family. I would like to thank Mr. Story 
for all the memories in advisory with the missed breakfasts and countless 
failed attempts to bring in items for different drives. It is truly amazing to see 
how far our advisory has come from the quiet 3 man crew to the lively 
powerhouse it is today. I would also like to thank all of my hockey coaches, 
especially Coach Deutsch for being the best teacher, coach, and mentor I 
could ask for throughout my years at MBA and for teaching me to always keep 
it in between the ditch and guard rail. Lastly, Mom and Dad, words cannot 
express how grateful I am for everything you have done for me and the time 
you have taken out of your lives to bring me to hockey tournaments halfway 
across the country or be there when I need you. I am so fortunate to have 
role models like you in my life and I strive to be as caring and loving as you 
are one day. Most of all, thank you for sending me to MBA and giving me the 
opportunity to develop myself as gentlemen, scholar, and athlete. Roll Red. 

"The question isn't what are we going to do, the question is what aren't we 
going to do." - Eerris Bueller 


Brandon Tftn c 22# n a/rf~S-u n-m-n n 87 


Attended for 3 years; Visual Arts (12); Basketball (10); Football (10-12); 
Lacrosse (12) 

First and foremost, I want to thank both of my parents for spending the time, 
money, and energy to put me in this school. I have appreciated everything 
along the way and will continue to be a reflection of your guidance 
throughout the rest of my life. Second, I want to recognize the football 
coaches who made sure the locker room and our team felt like a second 
family. Coach Euverard, Coach Chauvin, Coach Brock, and Coach Redmond, 
all of you made me into a better person and made me into the best football 
player you could and turned it into the most fun I have ever had with any 
group of people. Last, I want to thank my friends, because through all the 
tough times we went through at MBA from putting off exam studying in the 
Wallace Building to talking about how we wanted to tac every other day of 
the year, we always kept each other sane and were always by one another's 
side. I will never forget the memories we have made. 

"When people can't do something themselves, they're going to tell you that 
you can't do it. You want something, go get it. Period." 

- Pursuit of Flappyness (2006) 

88 Cooper 


Attended for 6 years; 5YL0; Band (9-12); Cricket CLub (11 Si 12: President 
(12)); Hispanic Achievers (9 Si 10); MBA Societies (9-12); Service Club (9- 
12); Vollyball Club (12); Football (9-12: Pre-Season All-State (12) Si First 
Team All-State (12)); Soccer (9 Si 12); Ultimate Frisbee (11) 

First off, thank you to my parents for everything they have done for me over 
the past eighteen years. Also, thank you to Dr. Boyd for being a good chap. 
Finally, thank you to Jersey Mike's. This authentic sub sandwich franchise 
since 1956 impacted my life in a way only few can understand. Shoutout 
Peter, John, Aden, Manbeast, Joe, Alex, and Snatch. Y'all the realest 
employees out there. 

"Just because there's a goalie doesn't mean you can't score" - anonymous 

Alex 89 


Attended for 6 years; Band (9-12: Trumpet in Concert and Ellington Bands); 
African American Studies (9-12); Basketball (9-12); Eootball (9-12: Pre- 
Season Division II AAA All-Midstate Team (12)) 

I would like to thank all of my teachers and coaches who allowed me to truly 
thrive within the MBA community. I especially want to thank Coach 
Euverard, Coach Moran, Coach Redmond, Coach Anglin, Coach Mac, Mr. 
Kelly, Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Russell, Coach Sanders, Mrs. Russell, Coach 
Klausner, Coach Brock, and all my brothers on the hill. I am blessed to have 
the best parents a son could wish for as they have done truly everything for 
me to succeed on my path in life. I would also like to thank my sister and 
the rest of my family for being there for me as well. I am grateful to have 
had the opportunity to attend this school and will always cherish the 
decision to do so. The best 6 years of my life. Roll Red forever. 

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. 
The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that 

-Nelson Mandela 

90 Joshua 

Attended for 2 years; Theatre (12); African American Studies (11 Si 12: 
President (12)); Debate Si Forensics (11 Si 12); French Club (11); Mock Trial 
(11 Si 12); Model UM (11 Si 12); Service Club (12); Youth In Government 
( 12 ) 

I would like to thank my parents for supporting me during my transition into 
MBA. They were understanding of the challenges and encouraged me to take 
on new ones that have made my experience at MBA better than it would have 
been otherwise. I would like to thank Dr. Flardin and everybody in his advisory. 
Each and every advisory meeting was a great way to start off each day and 
made each day better. I would like to thank Dr. Dickens, Dr. Onstott, Coach 
Anglin, Dr. Bailey, Mr. Trotter, Mr. Morrison, Mr. Story, Mr. Davidson, and Dr. 
Fuller. These teachers made my transition much easier and enjoyable and 
their classes were a joy to be in. I would also like to thank Brandon Flail, 
Charles Missan, John Curry, Mick German, the Arwen twins, Aden Barton, 
Bianca Sass, Kate Pittman, and all of the other people at MBA, Flarpeth Flail, 
and St. Cecilia that made my day-to-day life inside and outside of school 
something I'll never forget. Each one of them made a massive impact on my 
life and I will always value the connections I made with them here. 

"Each of us is carving a stone, erecting a column, or cutting a piece of stained 
glass in the construction of something much bigger than ourselves." Adrienne 

James TlUnvn - III 91 


Attended for 6 years; MLK Society (12); Choir (9, 10, & 12); Big Red Club 
(12: Co-President (12)); Buisness Club (10); FCA (9 & 10); Hispanic 
Achievers (11 & 12); Peer Tutoring (12); Service Club (9-12: Paragon Mills 
(11 & 12) & Rally Foundation Project Manager (12); Stock Market Club (10 & 
11); The Bell Ringer (9-12); Young Republicans (12); Basketball (9); Football 
(9 & 10); Coif (11); Hockey (11); Lacrosse (9-12: US Lacrosse Magazine 
Player of the Week (11) & Team Captain (12)) 

Thank you to my parents who give up everything for me. Thank you to my 
siblings, Ansley and Kevin, for pushing me to be better. Thank you Senor 
Paolicchi for inspiring me to follow the Spanish language and for teaching me 
to put others before myself through my Wilson Grant and Paragon Mills. Thank 
you Mrs. Williams for teaching me the importance of service and allowing me 
to lead projects like Rally Foundation. Thank you Coach Shone for teaching 
me to thrive, not survive. Thank you Dr. Marro for creating lasting 
relationships with your students. Thank you Coach Mac for helping me mature 
through being my advisor the past four years and for forgiving me when I 
showed up late to advisory every day. Thank you Captain Horton for teaching 
me how to embody our school's motto. Thank you Coach Story for 
constructing a fun classroom environment that students look forward to. 
Thank you Coach Stewart for teaching me how to be a selfless man; I 
remember walking past you during break, and you offered me your chick-fil-a 
sandwich that you had bought because you knew that I had skipped breakfast. 
Thank you Mrs. Maddux for helping me realize my potential. Thank you Dr. 
Dickens for pushing me past my preconceived academic expectations for 
myself. Thank you Mr. Gioia for supporting me in every decision I made. 
Finally, thank you Coach Garvey for teaching me what it truly means to be a 
leader and that success is earned, not given. 

Quote: "It is never too late to be what you might have been." - George Eliot 

92 Garrett 7 TUt ^ fz 4 f 

Attended for 6 years; 5YL0; Visual Arts (9, 10, & 12: Scholastic Silver Key 
(10)); FCA (9-12); Service Club (9-12); Youth Council at St. George's (10- 
12); Football (9-12); Lacrosse (9-12); Wrestling (9) 

Throughout my time at Montgomery Bell Academy, I have had the opportunity 
of a lifetime to find myself as a gentleman, scholar, and athlete. All of my 
experiences would not have been possible without the help and support of my 
family, friends, teachers, coaches. I would like to thank my mother for 
pushing me in every aspect of my life to be the best person and hardest 
worker I could. Through the countless lecture and constructive criticism talks, 

I truly became a better person in everything she pushed me to do. I would 
also like to thank my dad. My dad raised me to be the man I am today. Me has 
showed me how to remain organized and work for what I get. I would like to 
thank my brother and sister, Btokes and Charlotte, who have supported me 
throughout my life and who will be dearly missed next year. I would like to 
thank Mr. Davidson, Mr. Kelly, and Dr. Boyd who have deepened my love for 
learning and exploration. Lastly I would like to thank Coach Euverard, Coach 
Moran, Coach Garvey, and Coach Bmith who creating the opportunity for me 
to find a love of athletics and competitiveness while also learning some of my 
most important life lessons. 

"I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints" -Billy Joel 

Braden 93 

Attended for 6 years; Computer Science Club (9-12); Lacrosse (9 & 10); 
Swimming & Diving (9-12: Dive Team Captain (9-12)) 

Dr. Onstott, 

Throughout my time as an MBA student, I always had viewed myself to strictly 
be a math/science guy. While I did enjoy my previous English classes, the 
subject as a whole never left a major impression on me. however, shortly 
after the beginning of junior year in your class, my feelings on English 
changed significantly. You put a lot of time and effort into improving my 
writing, and English became my favorite subject. I had never pictured myself 
writing in the newspaper, yet you helped me find my own journalistic style and 
gave me the chance to have my own column. You helped me further explore 
this style with the creation of the MBA / Eat Magazine, and the two weeks we 
spent eating at cool restaurants is a time I'll cherish for the rest of my life. I'm 
extremely grateful to have had you as a teacher, and I know that you'll 
continue to inspire students in the same way you inspired me. 

"There are a lot of us out here that are birds, man. We all need to just fly" - 
Travis 5cott 

94 Will 

Attended for 6 years; Theatre (9: Theatre Award (9)); Buisness Club (12); 
Red Poets Society (12); Service Club (9-12); Stock Market Club (10-12); The 
Bell Ringer (12); The Bell (12); Tennis (9-12) 

Thank you to my parents, for supporting, pushing, and encouraging me to 
achieve my best, I love you both more than I could ever explain. I also have to 
thank my grandparents, especially Bill, thank you for coming into my life, you 
have brought nothing but good into our family. Dr. Lech and Dr. Onstott, you 
both encouraged me to pursue new things and improve my confidence. I 
would have never jumped into writing and gone off on a grant without either of 
you. Thanks to the tennis program, for a backup sport that gave me so much. 
Thank you Coach Davidson, for showing me the worst failures and how to work 
to achieve the highest accomplishments. Thanks to Dan "Pop" herring, your 
stories were always entertaining, and you were a beautiful soul to see on 
campus. I want to thank Dr. Boyd, not only for years of friendly coaching, but 
also for letting me drop classes, even after the deadline. I would also like to 
thank my closest friends at MBA. Borne I've had since seventh grade, some 
I've had for only a year. You all have been what has kept me happy, and made 
the wear and tear of MBA bearable, and I will always be grateful. MBA has 
prepared me and given me so many memories, and I will never forget that. 
You are all my family, and I look forward to seeing you all succeed. Roll Red. 

Michael 95 


Attended for 4 years; Duke of Edinburgh (9 & 10); MBA Car Club (12: 
President (12)); Cellophony (10-12: Assistant Director (10 Si 11) & Head of 
Cellophony (12)); Co-Director of the 4.08. 3.10, Si 3.02; Band (11); 
Buisness Club (9-11); Endada (11 Si 12); Science Olympiad (9); Service Club 
(10-12); Stock Market Club (9 Si 10); Robotics Club (9 Si 10); Young 
Republicans (9-12); Eootball (9-12) 

I would like to thank all my teachers for keeping me inspired and motivated 
during my time on the Hill. Maintenance, for putting up with our antics and 
being some of the greatest guys on campus. My advisor, Mr. Elijah Reynolds, 
for helping me during my time at MBA. I would like to thank all the football 
coaches for all the work they put into the season and for shaping me into a 
better man. Coach Euverard for letting me back on the team so I could play 
my senior season after the concussion I had my junior year. Coach Barclay for 
helping me and believing in me, as well as giving me another chance both on 
and off the field. I would like to thank all my brothers on team 120. Thank you 
to the 25 seniors on the team, we made it through thick and thin, overcoming 
the odds. I will never forget a single moment we had together, I love y'all, our 
final ride was the most beautiful. I would like to thank my grade, there was 
never a dull moment with you guys. To everyone who showed out and raged 
while DJ DrawgZ was on stage at the 4.08, 3.10, and 3.02, thank you. Finally, 

I extend my biggest thank you to my Dad, my Mom, my brother, and Miss 
Mary for everything you have done for me. 



"Complacency is the Killer of Innovation" 

96 Zachary 


Attended for 6 years; 5YL0; Visual Arts (9); Cross-Country (9-12); Ultimate 
Frisbee (9-12) 

Thanhs to Dr. Kinch, Mr. Gioia, Mr. Markham, and Mr. Moxley for supporting 
me during and spurring on my transition from the world of mathematics to 
that of English, but also thanks to Coach Lanier and Dr. Medmark. Thanks to 
Coach Barclay for getting me through Physics, Dr. herring for sharing his 
enthusiasm for modern history, Coach Russ for making it a good day, Coach 
Hannon for letting us play KanJam, Dr. Hardin for three years of wise advise, 
Ms. Hollifield for graciously welcoming me into her advisory for a year, Ms. 
Maddux for helping me sort through college mail, and Herr Dougherty for 
putting up with me for four years. 

"This is not an exit" 

Casey 91 


Attended for 4 years; 5YL0 (10); Sinfonia (9); Chamber Orchestra (9-12: Mid- 
State Orchestra (9-12) Si All-State Orchestra (12)); hick International 
Exchange (11); ACE (10); Astronomy (11 Si 12); Cellophony (9 Si 10); 
Classics Club (9 Si 10); Computer Science Club (11 Si 12); Outdoor Club (11 
Si 12); Service Club (9-12); Robotics Club (9-12); Eootball (9-12) 

I would like to thank everyone who helped shape me into the man I am today: 
Coach Euverard and the football staff, all of my teachers throughout the years, 
all of my friends at MBA, and many others. Mom and John, thank you for 
giving me the opportunity to attend MBA. I appreciate all of the work you put 
into making this possible, and I would like to thank you for supporting me 
through this journey. 

98 Charles Hp ^ e^n 


Attended for 4 years; MLK Society (11 Si 12); Junior Honor Society (9-12); 
AP Scholar Member (11 Si 12); National Merit Commended Member (12); 
Student Council (11 Si 12); Cum Laude Society (12); MBA Ambassadors (11 
Si 12: Admissions Ambassador (12)); Visual Arts (9-12: 3 Scholastic Art 
Awards for Digital Photography (11) Si Invitation to Congressional Art Gallery 

(11) ); ACE (10-12: Club Leader (11 Si 12)); Cricket Club (11 Si 12: President 
(11 Si 12)); Endada (9-12: Co-Chair (11 Si 12)); MBA Societies (11 Si 12); 
Peer Tutoring (12); Service Club (9-12: Secretary (11 Si 12)); The Bell Ringer 

(12) ; Ultimate Erisbee (9-12: Team Co-Captain (12)) 

I'd like to thank my family, friends, and teachers at MBA. Without Dr. Boyd's 
20 cent reference generosity, Coach Deutsch's wise words, Dr. Bailey's 
reformer's summit, Coach Lanier's impressive dry-erase marker accuracy, Mr. 
Hannon's teaching me the key to a perfect flick Erisbee throw, and Mr. 
Compton's instillation of my constant belief in the chain rule, I know my time 
at MBA would have been much less enjoyable. I'd like to thank my best 
friends for always pushing me to be a better person and a hard-worker, and I 
want to thank Jersey Mike's 5ubs for assembling the greatest group of guys I 
know. In all seriousness, my time at MBA would never have been the same 
without my friends by my side, my teachers and counselors pushing me to be 
the best, and my family always being there for me whenever I thought I could 
give up. Thank you, MBA. 

5chool is very hard"- TayK 

AlDAN ftt'stu-e-n d&n- 99 

I first and foremost want to thank my family for everything they've done for 
me. Without them, I wouldn't be half the person I am and would be 
completely lost. They've supported everything I've been interested in 
wholeheartedly and have put countless hours to teach me and help me in 
every way imaginable. I sincerely appreciate their empathy not only for me, 
but the greater community as well. Likewise I am grateful for my 
grandparents, aunts, and uncles who've also given their time to teach and 
push me to be the best version of me. hone of this would be possible without 
you all. 

"Ditch your feelings and boss up" - TayK 

100 Nick Tt&fa 

Attended for 4 years; Choir (9-12: Freshman Flonor Choir (9), MTVA Midstate 
tionor Choir (10-12), & MTV/A Allstate honor Choir (11 &12)); Theatre (12); 
Jack Zager Poetry Award (11); 2nd Place Roscoe Bond Davis Poetry Award 
(11); Archives (12: Editor (12)); Red Poets Society (10-12); Rock Band (10- 
12); Crew (9-11); Swimming & Diving (9-11) 

When I entered into the MBA community in ninth grade, I felt quite nervous. I 
knew no one, and most of the students in my grade had already formed 
friendships in the two years beforehand while I was still attending Saint Henry 
School. I was quickly integrated into the community, and I thank Mr. Smyth 
and the choir for that. Mr. Smyth has been a constant for me in the four years 
that I have gone here. We see each other and work together every day, and 
whenever I am feeling blue he tries to cheer me up. he has also given so 
much of his time outside the classroom just to help me out. From Midstate 
and Allstate practices and performances to choral festival and weekend 
rehearsals, he has given so much, and he continues to do so each day with a 
huge smile and a positive attitude. Without him, I have no doubt that my high 
school experience would have been radically different, he has made my time 
here at MBA something to look back upon and smile. Thank you, Mr. Bmyth. 

"Because art doesn't talk back to me, Charles!" 

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you 
did, but people will never forget how you made them feel" -Maya Angelou 

Attended for 6 years; MLK Society (11); 5YLO; MBA Ambassadors (12); Visual 
Arts (9-12); African American Studies (9-12); Endada (9-12); ECA (9-12); 
Garden Club (10-12: Secretary (11) & President (12)); Service Club (9-12: 
CCI Project Manager (11 Si 12)); StocK Market Club (11 Si 12); Entrepreneur 
Club (11 & 12) Robotics Club (10); Medical Careers Club (10-12); Game 
Design Club (11 & 12: Founder Si President (11 Si 12)); Strategy Club (11 Si 
12); Rugby Club (12: President); Photography Club (12: Treasurer); Medical 
Careers Club (11: Treasurer); MBA Societies (12: Exploration Si Research 
Society Secretary); Eootball (9-12); Track Si Field (10 Si 11) 

As I walk across this stage, I want to say thank you mom and Mr. Floyd. Thank 
you for both being my rocks through out my childhood. Thank you for always 
pushing me to be the best person, athlete, and scholar that I can be. I am 
thankful for your support and allowing me to make my own decisions even in 
times you did not agree with those decisions. Thank you Chuma and (Jgo for 
being the best little brothers an older brother could have. Thank you Ms. 
Mollifield for helping me cultivate my love for art. Thank to all my coaches for 
some of my favorite memories and seasons. Thank you for nurturing my 
educational, physical and spiritual growth. I love you mom and I will not let the 
opportunities that you provided for go to waste. 

102 Kanayo 

Attended for 6 years; Cum Laude (11 Si 12); 5YL0; Student Council (10-12: 
Secretary (12)); Endada (9-12); Hispanic Achievers (9-12); Model UM (10 & 
11); 3rd Party Club (12: Secretary); Climbing (9-12) 

I would like to thank my family for always supporting me and for providing me 
the opportunity to attend MBA. Thank you to my friends and classmates for 
the lifelong memories. Lastly, thank you to my teachers for making my time 
here unforgettable. 

Otto 103 



Attended for 6 years; National Spanish Honors Society (12: President); Visual 
Arts (12); Buisness Club (9-12); French Club (11 Si 12: Treasurer (12)); 
Flispanic Achievers (9-12: President (12)); Service Club (9-12); Stock Market 
Club (9 & 10); FC Flype (12: President); Climbing (10); Cross-Country (9); 
Swimming & Diving (9-12: Most Improved (10) & Captain (12)) 

I would first like to thank my family for all they have done for me throughout 
my time at MBA. Also, I want to thank all of the teachers and coaches who 
have pushed me to become what I am today. Finally, thank you to my friends 
and classmates for making these past six years great. 

"When greatness calls, pick up the phone." -Anonymous 

104 Joe O - we - ni - 

Attended for 4 years; Duke of Edinburgh (9 & 10); Band (11 Si 12); ACE (9- 
12); Astronomy (12); Cellophony (10); Robotics Club (9-12: Treasurer (10), 
Secretary (11), Si Quartermaster (12)); Track Si Eield (9-12) 

When I first came to Montgomery Bell, I knew almost no one, and it took me 
quite a while to get acquainted to my new home and find my role in its 
society. While it was difficult to make the transition, I quickly found a relief 
from the hard work and long schedules that the school put upon me. This 
relief stemmed from my passion that I had for playing the viola. When I first 
walked into my Orchestra class, I was welcomed with open arms by Mr. 
Merideth. he instilled in me a greater love for music than I had ever known, 
and it eventually led to music becoming a sanctuary to which I could go 
whenever I needed a break from all of the things that were troubling me. 
Throughout my time playing on The Hill, he has helped to guide me to 
becoming a better musician, and towards improving at the instrument I loved. 
Whenever I have had something knock me down, he has been there to help 
me back up and show me what is really important, he has proven to not 
simply be a teacher, but also a mentor and a friend. Without him, I would 
never have become the musician or the person that I am today. 

"never accept the world as it appears to be. Dare to see it for what it could 
be." -Unknown 

Michael 105 

Attended for 3 years; Cum Laude (11 & 12); Totomoi (12); Band (11 Si 12); 
Chess Club (11 Si 12: President (11 Si 12)); Endada (11 Si 12); MBA5IA 
Cultural Club (11 Si 12); Rock Band (11 Si 12); Service Club (12: Park Manor 
Project Manager (12)); Robotics Club (11); TEAMS Competition (11); Math 
Circle Club (12: Founder Si President); Junior 5chool Chess Coach (11 Si 12) 

Thank you to all the teachers for all the support you provide in ensuring that 
we all succeed. Thank you for truly making these three years the most 
memorable experience of my life. Special thanks to Mr. Russell for the fried 
chicken parties, Mr. Davidson for tolerating my bulletspeed chess every week, 
Mrs. Roberts for being the best supervisor, Mr. Moxley for your good "that's 
teaching" and advice, Dr. Marro for tough-mudder dum dums, Mr. Compton 
for your 50 years on the hill, and last but not least, Mr. Gioia, for giving me 
this wonderful opportunity to return to MBA and for inspiring me everyday to 
uphold important principles, Gentleman, Scholar, Athlete. 

106 Lucas 

Attended for 6 years; 5YL0; Duke of Edinburgh (9); Wilson Grant (9); Warner 
Exchange (11); Band (9-12); history Cub (9-12: President (12)); Mock Trial 
(11 & 12); Model UM (10-12: President (12)); Stock Market Cub (11 & 12); 
Youth in Government (11 & 12: President (12)); Young Republicans (9-12: 
Secretary (12)); Youth in Government (President (12)); Army havy Cub (12: 
President & Founder); Baseball (9-12); Pistol (8-12: Captain of Rifle & Pistol 
Team (12) & State Champion (11)) 

Thank you to all the people who supported me and made me the young man I 
am today. Thank you to my parents for giving me the opportunity to go to 
school at MBA and for always being by my side every step of the way. Thank 
you to my siblings for being a constant beacon of hope and and for all the 
amazing times we shared. Thank you to all my friends and all the laughs, 
struggles, and fun times we spent together. To Coach Sharbel, Dr. Raney, Mr. 
Anderson, Mr. McWhirter, Dr. Onstott, Mr. Story, and all other faculty 
members who believed in me and pushed me every day to be the best man I 
can be. Thank you. This has been a journey filled with lots of ups and downs 
but I wouldn't trade the relationships, experiences, and opportunities for 
anything. Thank you to everyone who trusted in me and helped me along the 
way, I am forever thankful. Roll Red! 

Quote: "Kid, there are heroes and there are legends, heroes get 
remembered, but legends never die. Eollow your heart, kid, and you'll never 
go wrong." 

Joseph 107 

Attended for 6 years; Cum Laude (11 & 12); Spanish honors Society (12: 
Vice President); Class Officer (9-12: Class Secretary (12)); Band (9-12); 
Cellophony (11 Si 12); Cricket Club (11 Si 12); Hispanic Achievers (9-12); 
Model UM (12); Service Club (9-12); Soccer (9); Tennis (10-12: Team Spirit 
Award (12) Si Team Captain (12)) 

First of all, thank you to my mom and dad for giving me the opportunity to go 
to MBA and for all of your love and support along the way. Thank you Mrs. 
Qian for countless Mathcounts lunchtimes and for buying us chips and 
cookies. Thank you Mr. Golenor for teaching me kennage and how to escape. 
Thank you Mr. Berry for Aphorism Mondays and telling us about Cicero's wife. 
Thank you Mr. Mutton for your incredibly metaphorical readings of every single 
book. Thank you Mr. Moxley for teaching us about something as complicated 
as Transcendentalism while constantly cracking jokes. Thank you Mr. Hannon 
for being the only professional ultimate frisbee player I know and a great 
Chemistry teacher. Thank you Coach Lanier for some unforgettable silent 
classes and the occasional World War II video. Thank you Mr. Compton for 
teaching me to believe in the Chain Rule. Thank you Benor Paolicchi for 
teaching me that sometimes "la vida es dura," but more often that "la realidad 
es que vamos bien." Thank you Mr. Kelly for teaching me just as much about 
life as British and Irish literature. Thank you to Coach Davidson for being a 
great coach and believing in me. Thank you to Dr. Boyd for being the only 
teacher I would want to see first thing in the morning everyday. Finally, I'd like 
to thank Jersey Mike's for always providing delicious and nutritious subs. 

"Bo, I must be taken as I have been made. The success is not mine, the 
failure is not mine, but the two together make me." - Charles Dickens, Great 

108 Nikhil 

Attended for 6 years; Band (9); Model UN (11 & 12: Outstanding Resolution 
(12)); Service Club (9-11); Stock Market Club (11 & 12); Cross-Country (9); 
Hockey (10-12: Wallace 5chool MVP (10) Si Wallace Award (11)); Track Si 
Held (9) 

Firstly, I would like to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to 
attend MBA. I am constantly humbled by the sacrifices you make to ensure I 
receive a good education. Dad, your wisdom and guidance have led me 
through hard times. I can always talk to you when I need help. You set the 
example of how a man should act, and I could only hope to be the person you 
are one day. I love you. Mom, thank you for always listening to me when I 
needed someone to talk to. I am truly lucky to have a mother as loving and 
caring as you are. You make so many sacrifices for me that it often goes 
unnoticed. I love you. Mrs. Bcholer, I can confidently say I would not have 
made it through MBA without you. I am lucky to have an advisor as caring and 
understanding as you are. You're the one person I can always talk to at MBA, 
and have taught me how to treat others through your everyday actions. I can 
never thank you enough. Thank you to my teachers, especially Coach 
Deutsch, Mr. Moxley, Dr. Onstott, Mr. 5tory, Dr. Bailley and Coach Anglin. You 
all have had a profound influence on me, and I am lucky to have had you all as 
my teachers. 

If you can keep your head when all about you / Are losing theirs and blaming it 
on you, / If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, /But make 
allowance for their doubting too; / If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, / 
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies, / Or being hated, don't give way to 
hating, / And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise. 


William 109 


Attended for 6 years; French Club (10-12: Secretary (12)); Model UN (11); 
Soccer (9 & 10); Swimming & Diving (11) 

I would first like to thank my first two advisors, Ms. Palmore and Mr. 
Rundberg, for all their help during my first three years in high school. I would 
like to thank Coach Klausner for all his time spent helping me with soccer, 
college and for being such a positive influence in my life. I would like to thank 
Monsieur Trotter for teaching me French the last three years and helping me 
find enjoyment in the study of languages. I would also like to thank Ms. 
Russell and Coach Killian for their help in college counseling. Finally, I would 
like to thank my last advisor Mrs. bcholer for being so welcoming and making 
senior year so much more fun. 

110 Will 

Attended for 6 years; 5LY0; Visual Arts (9 & 10: Scholastic Silver Key (10)); 
German Cub (9-12); Cum Laude Society (12); Stock Market Club (11); 3rd 
Party Club (11 Si 12: President (11 Si 12)); Crew (9-12); Ultimate Frisbee (9 
Si 10) 

I would like to thank everybody who helped me get through and graduate 
from MBA, including, but not limited to, my parents, Beth and Steve Preston, 
the faculty and staff at Saint Bernard Academy, and especially at those at 
MBA. One particular teacher stands out from the others (not that I am 
discounting the importance of anyone else). Robert Dougherty and I first met 
on the Junior School Cross Country Team. I always stayed at the back of the 
pack and incidentally, Mr. Dougherty found himself there most practices. We 
talked about German and my taking it next year as a freshman. Me showed 
me the ropes of MBA, mainly that some jokes are better not said aloud, and I 
thanked him by showing up in his class the first day of sophomore year. In 
freshman year, I had an excellent time with Herr Flo (Dr. Rader) and was then 
ecstatic to be in the prestigious German II Honors class with the legendary 
Herr Dougherty. We shared many goofs and gaffs together, like when I 
climbed out his window. I learned the importance of a level head and good 
etiquette. Mot only did I learn the ins and outs of the German Language, I 
learned about adulthood and life after school, as well as how to be a parent in 
our modern era. In conclusion, I would like to thank everyone for their valiant 
sacrifices of time and resources which aided me in my journey through MBA 
and into the world. 

"Associate with the noblest people you can find; read the best books; live with 
the mighty; but learn to be happy alone." - 5aul Bellow 



John ill 

Attended for 6 years; MBA Medal (11); Envirothon (11); Science Olympiad (9- 
11 ) 

hail MBA of thee we sing 
how and forever more. 

Long may the bells of glory ring, 

As in the days of yore. 

Hail to thee! Hail to thee! 

Where loyal hearts and friendship dwell. 

On and On! Faithfully, 

Hail Montgomery Bell! 

112 Aditya 55W a d & Jit 

Attended for 6 years; Cricket Club (12); MBA Societies (11 & 12: health and 
Wellness Vice President (11 & 12)); Model UN (10-12: Treasurer (12)); Stock 
Market Club (9 & 10); Young Republicans (9 & 10); Cross-Country (9-12: 
Allstate (11 & 12) <Si Team Captain (12)); Track & Held (9-12: Freshman City 
MVP (9), 800m State Champion (11), <Si Team Captain (12)); Ultimate 
Frisbee (9-12) 

I would like to thank all of my coaches, Coach Russ, Pruitt, and Hannon, who 
taught me how to work hard and lead, all of my teachers, especially Mr. Clark, 
Mr. Kelly, Dr. Kinch, Dr. Raney, and Mr. Shone who all helped me learn how to 
study, write, and succeed at MBA, and finally my parents. Without you, I would 
have never been able to attend MBA or become the young man that I am 
today. Thank you for everything that you sacrificed as it has not gone 
unnoticed. I'm proud to be your son. And finally to all the boys, those that I 
laughed with, ran with, smiled with, and worked with, thank you for being my 
brothers for the last six years and for many more to come. 

"'But at my back, I always hear / Time's winged chariot hurrying near" 

Graham 113 

114 Jack 7i ^ n4in 

Attended for 6 years; 5YL0; German Club (9-12); Model UN (12); Outdoor 
Club (11 & 12); Service Club (9-12: Last Minute Toy Store Project Manager 
(11 & 12)); Young Republicans (9-12); Crew (9-12) 

There are a few people I would like to thank for making my time at MBA more 
enjoyable, hirst, my parents because without their support I would not have 
had the opportunity to attend MBA. Second, I would like to thank Kit Lechleiter 
and Greg Ferrell for being the best advisors I could ask for. Finally, I would like 
to thank coaches Rich Kesor, Eric Viger, Chris Calico, and David Joniak for 
pushing me to challenge myself every day with the goal of being better than I 
was the day before. Without their help, I do not think I would have attained the 
work ethic and dedication that I possess now. 

Quote: "Flow would I describe myself? Three words: Flard-working, Alpha-male, 
Jackhammer, Merciless, Insatiable." -Dwight K. Schrute 

Carson 115 


Attended for 4 years; Visual Arts (9); Baseball Club (10 & 11); Cricket Club 
(12); Endada (9 & 10); ECA (10-12); Erench Club (9-12); Service Club (10 & 
11); Baseball (9-12); Eootball (9-12); Academic All-5tate Team (12) 

Thank you mom and dad for sending me to MBA. These past four years have 
been filled with so many memories that I will never forget. I will never fully 
understand the sacrifices that you have made for me to turn me into the 
person I am today. Thank you coach Anderson, Chauvin, and Redmond for 
believing in me through all my endeavors and inspiring me every day. Y'all 
showed me that it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the 
fight in the dog. Eootball and baseball have had such a huge impact on me 
during my time on the hill, thanks to my coaches and teammates. To the 
teachers who made MBA fun: Kinch, Carro, Elardin, Boyd, Morrow, Davidson, 
Elambone, Morrison, and Mr. Kelly. I will never forget the memories and 
friendships I have made at MBA. 

116 Christian 





Attended for 6 years; Duke of Edinburgh (9 & 10); Choir (12); Visual Arts (9); 
Baseball (9); Coif (11 & 12: Team Captain (12)) 

Thank you to Mr. Btory for being a great advisor these past 4 years. Being a 
part of this advisory was certainly a high. Everything including fantasy football, 
breakfasts, and service projects. Thank you to all my teachers that I had 
throughout high school. I had a great time in my classes and had great help 
whenever needed. Thank you to Octor Donstott for the unforgettable Junior 
year English class. Erom the Canterbury Tales recitation to talking about 
Bruce, that class was a big highlight all in high school. Also, thank you to 
Coach Dasooches for the hilarious stories in Algebra II and Computer Science. 
There was always something that you said that got the class going. Thank you 
to Coach Anderson and Coach Jackson for being great role models when I 
played baseball and golf. Baseball was so much easier with Coach Anderson 
as a coach. Coif was made stress free with Coach Jackson. Thank you to 
anyone that has impacted in any way throughout my MBA career. Finally, 
thank you to my mom, sister, and brother for always being there at some 
difficult times throughout high school. I do not know what I would have done 
without you guys. 

"Whenever I'm about to do something, I think 'Would an idiot do that' And if 
they would, I do not do that thing." Dwight Bchrute 

Jackson 117 

Attended for 6 years; 5YL0; Visual Arts (10 & 11: 5cholastic Silver Key (11) 
& Middle Tennessee Regional Art Competition Category Winner in Painting 
(11)); Service Club (9-11); Climbing (9-12) 

Thanh you to all my teachers, friends, and family who made these six years so 
wonderful. Gracias Mama y Papa por haberse esforzado tanto para que 
pudieramos tener lo mejor de lo mejor. Thanh you Mr. and Mrs. Money for 
your generosity and for your never-ending hindness to my family, especially 
to my mom. Thanh you Mr. and Mrs. Downey for mahing this whole 
experience possible. I greatly appreciate the opportunity you handed to me 
over the course of these past six years. Thanh you to all of my teachers that I 
have had who were always willing to guide me through not only my worh but 
my process as a whole. And lastly, thanh you to all of those close to me who 
made these six years fly by so quichly. I will never forget the wonderful 
moments I experienced nor the beautiful places I visited because of everyone 
who helped along the way. 

118 Carlos 

Attended for 6 years; Duke of Edinburgh (9); Cum Laude Society (12); Band 
(9 & 10); Envirothon (10-12); Carden Club (9-12); Outdoor Club (11); Crew 
(9-12: Movice Award (9), Most Dedicated Award (10), Coach's Award (11), & 
Team Captain (12)) 

I'd like to take this space to thank one person and group of people for my 
time on The hill- Mr. Kelly and the Rowing team. 

Although I've only known him for a year and a half now, he's one of the 
teachers that really enabled me to love and properly dissect literature and 
love English. Also, he may just be the reason I get into college because of his 
help in fixing up my personal statement. 

The rowing team has been there for me my entire time at MBA. Erom my 7th 
grade year all the way through to graduation, it's been my favorite thing about 
the school and easily helped me stick with it, especially through tough times 
with academics and social life. 

Reagan 119 


Attended for 6 years; Band (9-12: Wilson Grant to Jazz Improvisation Camp 
(11)); Cellophony (11 & 12); Cricket Club (9); Endada (12); German Club (9- 
12); Model UN (10 & 11); Rock Band (11 & 12); Service Club (9-12); 
Climbing (11 & 12); Cross-Country (9 & 10); Ultimate Erisbee (9-12) 

Throughout six years on the hill, every student faces trials that seem 
insurmountable in nature, such as any Bullington test, frequent themes, and 
projects that are procrastinated until the period before it's due. The toughest 
of these hardships was the rough transition in between the nonchalant setting 
of Dickson Middle School to the rigid structure of MBA. The first few weeks 
were impossible, and I would not have been able to make it through these 
formative weeks or these long years without the loving guidance and patience 
of my parents and family. They believed in me from day one, through thick 
and thin (even with the incident with the eraser and the window). There is no 
way I will be able to repay them for the strenuous nights and wild schedule 
that is integral as a student at MBA. Whenever times were rough, they wer 
always there for me no matter how much work or other obligations they had. 
can truly say that I have the best parents any teenager can ask for. 

"Gentlemen, be good; if you can't be good, be good at it" 
- Paul Clegg, PhD of Dance Therapy 

120 Harrison 

Attended for 6 years; MLK Society (11 Si 12); 5YLO (10); Totomoi (12) honor 
Council (12: Attorny General (12)); MBA Ambassador (12); Choir (9-12: 
Middle Tennessee Choral Festival Superior Performance (10 Si 11), Middle 
Tennessee Choral Festival Sight-Reading Trophy (10 Si 11), Si ACDA State 
Choral Festival Superior Performance (10 Si 11)); Business Club (9-12); MBA 
Societies (10-12: Business Si Entrepreneur Society Vice-President (11) Si 
Business Si Entrepreneur Society President (12)); Service Club (9-12: Best 
Buddies Vice-President (11), Best Buddies President (12), Si Service Club 
President (12)); Football (9-12); Lacrosse (9); 5hotgun (10-12: Team Captain 
( 12 )) 

I would like to start off by thanking all the coaches and teachers, especially 
that have helped me in some way or another during my time on the hill. Your 
willingness to advise and guide me through my life is something that I will 
never forget. Next I would like to thank my parents for pushing me to be the 
best that I can be and supporting me in whatever I do. Your continual love and 
support have shown me what it means to love unconditionally. I would also 
like to thank Mr. Johnson. Your morning jokes made each day on the hill a 
little easier, and the ability I had to come to you for advice about anything is 
something I will always remember. Finally, I would like to thank two woman at 
MBA that have had an extraordinary impact on my life, Mrs. Williams and Mrs. 
Flollifield. You all have taught me more than I could have ever imagined, ho 
matter what I needed you were always willing to help me. I would not be the 
man I am and I would have been able to do the things I have done without 
your help. I can say without a doubt that they have been some of the most 
influential people in my life. I cannot describe in words how appreciative I am 
for you two in my life, and I will never forget you both for the rest of my life. 

"There is a road, no simple highway, between the dawn and the dark of 
night"- "Ripple" by the Grateful Dead 

Joseph 121 



Attended for 6 years; 5YL0; Visual Arts (9 Si 10); Baseball Cub (9-12: 
President (12)); Cricket Club (9-12); FCA (12); Carden Club (9-12: Vice- 
President (12)); German Club (10-12); history Club (11 Si 12); Service Club 
(12); Stock Market Club (9-11); MBA Societies (12: Conservation Society 
Secretary (12)); Baseball (9-12); Football (9) 

First off I would like to thank my mom for working so hard to provide me with 
the opportunity to go to MBA and my sister for always being supportive. Thank 
you both for always being there for me and always having my back. I would 
also like to thank all my teachers at MBA for setting me up for a successful 
future and my advisor Mr. Barclay who never failed to get me excited about 
Physics on an early morning. I would like to thank my baseball coaches, 
especially Coach Anderson and Coach Kimball for developing me as a baseball 
player and for their guidance. I would like to thank all my classmates, 
teammates, and barnmates for helping me achieve my goals and contributing 
to the community that makes MBA memorable. 

"Good friends don't let you do stupid things alone" -Patrick Btar 

122 William III 

Attended for 6 years; Visual Arts (10 & 11); ECA (9-12: Officer (11 Si 12)); 
Service Club (9-12); Big Red Broadcasters (12: Co-President (12)); Football 
(9-12: Team Captain (12)); Track Si Field (9-12) 

First I would like to thank my parents for sending me to such an amazing 
school and providing continuous support along the way. I wouldn't be where I 
am today without them. I would like to thank all of my teachers and coaches 
who have shaped me into the man I am today. To my friends: thank you for all 
the unforgettable memories and good times we had together. You guys have 
been with me all the way through, and I couldn't ask for a better group of 
guys. I would specifically like to thank Coach Brock, Coach Chauvin, Coach Eu, 
Ms. Raines, Ms. Williams, Coach Shone, Coach K and many more for their 
continuous support throughout my MBA career. 

"Get busy living, or get busy dying" Ellis Redding 

Hugh 123 

Attended for 6 years; Totomoi (12); Class Officer (9: Treasurer (9)); 5tudent 
Council (11); Visual Arts (10); French Club (9-12: President (11)); German 
Club (11 Si 12); The Bell Ringer (12): MBA Societies (12: Arts & Flumane 
Society Treasurer (12)); Crew (10-12: Co-Captain (12)); Golf (9); Swimming 
& Diving (9-12) 

I would like to thank my Mom and my Dad for pushing me to challenge myself 
in and out of school and to try new things, whether it be to travel to new 
places or try new food. It was you who instilled in me this curiosity that I'll 
never lose and the morals and life lessons that I cherish and will cherish for 
the rest of my life. I truly don't know where I would be without your loving 

I'd like to thank my coaches, Mr. Kesor and Killian, for encouraging me to put 
everything I had into each race and practice. This value of discipline is one 
that will never leave me, and I'm sure it is one that will serve me later in life. 

I'd like to thank Dr. Kinch for pushing me to search for a meaning in all the 
works we read. You have not only encouraged me to look for meaning in 
literature, but in my life's events as well. 

I would like to thank Mr. Trotter for creating a classroom environment that 
allowed for discussion, which allowed me and others to learn French in an 
extremely interactive and effective way. You instilled in me a passion for 
French, which I wish to continue to pursue in college and later in life. 

124 Marshall Summan - 


Attended for 6 years; 5YL0 (10); Theatre (9); Visual Arts (10-12); Classics 
Club (9 & 10); Debate & Forensics (9); FCA (9-12: Officer (11 Si 12)); 
Outdoor Club (9-12: President (12)); Young Republicans (10 Si 11); Big Red 
Broadcasting (11 Si 12: Flockey (11 Si 12)); Football (9-12); Flockey (11 Si 
12); Lacrosse (9); Ultimate Frisbee (10) 

Thank you first of all to my parents for sacrificing so much to be able to put 
me through MBA for 6 years. I will never be able to repay you or understand 
the magnitude of what you did. Thank you also to my grandparents for always 
being present at all my games, and always being there to talk to. Thank you 
to my teachers and advisor Mr. Morton, you have impacted my life for the 
better and I will miss the times we've had. Mr. Morton you have always been 
there for me, allowing me to go on trips and discover my love for the 
outdoors, something I will forever be grateful for. Lastly, thank you to my 
friends for helping me get through the years on the Mill. I don't think any of us 
would have gotten through it without each other, and i'm thankful for all the 

"I'm sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody" - JD Balinger 
"It's been real and it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun." 

Andrew Sutytitn , 125 


Attended for 6 years; Visual Arts (12); Classics Club (9-11: President (11)); 
Service Club (9-12); hockey (11); Lacrosse (9-12) 

hail MBA of thee we sing 
how and forever more. 

Long may the bells of glory ring, 

As in the days of yore. 

Hail to thee! Hail to thee! 

Where loyal hearts and friendship dwell. 

On and On! Faithfully, 
hail Montgomery Bell! 

"Don't let schooling interfere with education" 
- Mark Twain 

126 Chris T-& pn -ft*- 


Harrison T & yyfon - 127 

Attended for 5 years; Visual Arts (9, 11, Si 12); Big Red Club (9-12: Co- 
President (12)); Endada (10-12); Red Poets Society (11); Red Tower 
Productions (11); Service Club (11 Si 12); The Bell Ringer (11); Basketball 
(9-12); Climbing (9); Crew (9); hockey (10) 

Eirst and most importantly, I want to thank my parents and my sister for 
being the most supportive people in my life. At a tough school like MBA, you 
need people to fall back on when times get challenging, and my family was 
always there for me. Mot only did they support me in every way, but they 
provided me with countless incredible opportunities over the years. Secondly, 

I owe a thank you to my friends for making my high school career a truly 
unforgettable experience. 

Lastly, this letter would not be complete without thanking a few of my 
most influential teachers. My teachers made my time at MBA memorable and 
fun while being great influences on my character and my academic career. I 
want to thank Coach Deutsch for being a life coach and a math teacher at the 
same time; Mr. Kelly for enriching my love of English while being one of the 
funniest teachers on campus; Coach Anderson for being my first advisor and a 
great mentor in my early junior school years; Mr. Morton for keeping 
everything running smoothly on the surface; Mrs. Mollifield for making art a 
true passion of mine; and lastly Coach McMahan and Coach Anglin for being 
some of the most influential people not only in my basketball career, but in 
my life. 

MBA has been an incredible ride, and without all of these people it would 
not have been the same. I am proud to say that I went to Montgomery Bell 
and I would not want it any other way. 

Thanks to everyone who supported, 

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, 
you could miss it. -Eerris Bueller 

Attended for 5 years; Theatre (9); African American Studies (9-12); Service 
Club (10-12); Track & Held (10-12); Ultimate Frisbee (9) 

hail MBA of thee we sing 
how and forever more. 

Long may the bells of glory ring, 

As in the days of yore. 

Hail to thee! Hail to thee! 

Where loyal hearts and friendship dwell. 

On and On! Faithfully, 

Hail Montgomery Bell! 

128 T.J. 


Attended for 6 years; Choir (9); Theatre (12); African American Studies (9- 
12); FCA (9 & 10); French Club (9 & 10); Stock Market Club (10 & 11); 
Young Republicans (9-12); Climbing (9-11) 

I would like to start by thanking my mom for always working her hardest to 
help my brothers and I get through MBA. I would also like to thank my 
brothers, Jay and Brian, for always helping me when needed. I would also like 
to thank Dr. Dickens for introducing me to the world of physics and for helping 
me discover my passion. Finally, I would like to thank all my friends, from the 
fantastic four to the green goblins, for always being there and for helping my 
high school be the best it could be. 

"We'll adjourn on that note" -Dan Flerring 

Billy T 4 ^ m ^- 129 


Attended for 4 years; Crew (9-12); 

I would like to thank my family for everything that they have done for me. I 
would like to thank Kerr for helping me at all possible times and my Mom for 
always being there. I would like to thank my teachers like Dr. Onstott and Dr. 
Carro for helping me to excel and passing me. 

"It's Physics Man!" -Dr. Carro 

130 Jacob Ttyn&t# 

Attended for 4 years; Theatre (11 & 12); African American Studies (9-12: 
Club Constitution Co-Author (11)); FCA (9); MBA5IA Cultural Club (9-12); MBA 
Societies (9-12: health & Wellness Society President (11 & 12)); Mock Trial 
(11 & 12); Red Poets 5ociety (9-11); Service Club (9-12: Preston Taylor 
Tutoring Project Manager (12)); The Bell Ringer (10); Soccer (9-12); 
Swimming & Diving (9 & 10) 

So we made it through. Let's pause, take a breathe in and out real slow. With 
this sigh of relief goes all the nights going to bed early in the AM, the four 
hours of sleep and the traffic caused by a wreck that really wasn't a wreck, 
just people rubbernecking at 5 mph. Following those go the arguments over 
grades, mutual hatred of teachers, and stress of due dates. And I must say, 
to all of you, I'm proud of us. 

I know that my being the oldest kid by a comfortable margin has made my 
entire youth basically a trial run for the family. Every first day of preschool, 
kindergarten, middle school, and high school was not only my first day but 
yours as well. You'd never had a kid do all those things because you'd never 
had a kid before, period. 5o I thank you. I thank you for being willing to grow 
with me throughout my life, and for helping me realize that each new step 
that frightened me, frightened you just as much if not more. 

I'm excited for college, not just so that I can pursue the independence you've 
sustained, but more so for this next phase of growth that we can embark on 
as a family. It's your support that keeps me motivated, and I love you all 

The Office. Season 4. Episode 4. 35:00 


Caleb 131 

Attended for 6 years; Visual Arts (12); FCA (9-12); Pootball (9-12); 
Lacrosse (9-12) 

Thank you to everyone who helped me through hBA: my coaches, the 
teachers, and the brothers that I have made on the hill. There have 
been some highs and lows throughout my journey at hBA, but I will 
never forget the memories that will last forever. I will never forget the 
relationships that I have built here and I would not trade it for the 

"Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don't get so 
worked up about things." -Kenneth Branagh 

132 Cole T - uwp & t *' 

Attended for 6 years; Band (9); German Club (9-11); Crew (10-12); Lacrosse 
(9); Wrestling (9) 

Dear Coach Kesor, 

I've only had the pleasure of Knowing you for two years. In those short years, 
you've managed to do something that most men will spend their entire lives 
trying to do. You've earned the respect of not only me, but anyone who has 
participated in rowing. When I first started, I never thought I would last. I only 
rowed because I had failed at every other sport in spectacular fashion. When I 
did join, I tore my Knee about two weeKs into the season, and as a result, did 
not plan on returning. Three or four weeKs after my injury, to my surprise, you 
approached me and told me that I would always be welcome if I ever wanted 
to return. You convinced me to rejoin in less than a minute, which has since 
become a decision I do not regret. Since the beginning of your time as the 
head rowing coach for MBA, I've had the privilege of watching you build us 
from nothing, to a nationally ranKed program. You accomplished more in one 
year than most coaches could dream of doing in ten. In addition to how far 
you've taKen us as a team, you also manage to bring out the best in us as 
individuals. Our success on the water alone does not satisfy you. You are also 
relentless in your efforts to build us into men. Forcing us to Keep each other 
in checK, we fight amongst ourselves on the water liKe wolves, and looK after 
each other off the water liKe brothers. Most of my success both athletically 
and academically is a tribute to the discipline you've instilled in me through 
the grueling conflict that is the race. You've done more for me than you Know 
and my words alone cannot thanK you enough for it. 

James Ue<yt 133 

Attended for 6 years; 5YL0; Visual Arts (9 & 12); FCA (9-12); Outdoor Club 
(12); Service Club (9-12: Nashville Food Project Project Manager (12)); 
Basketball (9); Football (9-12); Flockey (12); Track Si Field (9-12) 

To all MBA faculty members, I want to say thank you for making my time at 
MBA special. During my time at MBA all of my teachers and coaches 
constantly pushed me to become a gentleman, scholar, and athlete. I 
especially wish to thank my advisor, Mr. Moxley, as he successfully helped me 
find my place at MBA, and was there for me whenever I needed advice. I also 
want to thank Mr. Cioia for his leadership, and my experience in AP English. 
Finally, I thank my parents for sending me to an amazing school like MBA, and 
supporting me though the last six years, as my MBA experience would not 
have been the same without them. 

134 William 

Attended for 6 years; 5YL0; MBA Ambassadors (10-12); Band (9); Choir 
(12); ECA (9-12: President (12)); Youth in Government (11 & 12); Young 
Republicans (9-12); Crew (9: Newcomer Award (9)); Football (9-12) 

Mom and Dad, thank you for all of the tremendous sacrifices that you have 
made for me to go MBA. I am so proud to be the son of two incredible parents 
that support me in everything I do. I love you so much and will never be able 
to thank you enough. I want to thank every member of MBA's outstanding 
faculty and staff for making MBA the school that it is, and for providing an 
environment for every student at MBA to thrive. Special thanks to Mr. Norton, 
Mr. Stewart, Coach Euverard, Coach Garvey, Coach MclA/hirter, Emeka Nahdi, 
Dr. Boyd, the maintenance staff, and so many others for your profound 
impact on me during my time on The Mill. To all the guys that have grown with 
me while at MBA, I will always remember y'all and will never forget the 
brotherhood and the memories that we have shared. I love you guys. 

Frank IU 135 


Attended for 6 years; Choir (10-12: Chamber Choir (10 Si 11) Si 
headmasters lingers (12)); Hockey (11 Si 12: Wallace School Captain (12)) 

I would firstly like to thank Coach Deutsch for being a great mentor and coach 
to me throughout my high school tenure at MBA. Coach Deutsch gave me the 
opportunity to join a culture of some solid boys who have become some of 
my closest friends. This hockey culture of The Wallace School of Montgomery 
Bell Academy has helped me grow as a man and as a leader. Finally, I would 
like to also thank my mother for the opportunity to go to MBA and for the 
endless support through all of it. 

"The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma"- Patrick Star 


136 Gray ms 

Attended for 6 years; Band (9-12); Theatre (9, 11, Si 12); Cellophony (9-12) 

I would like to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to go to MBA 
and find my passion for music. I want to thank Mr. Morrison for giving me a 
great time in English this past year and letting me be a part of his plays. I 
would like to thank Dr. Euller for putting me in his shows. I would like to thank 
Mr. Frederick, Mrs. Pippin, and Mr. Merideth for giving me the gift of music 
everyday at school and for helping me make it through MBA. I wouldn't be 
who I am today without these people. Thank you. 

Ben ZUwd 137 



Grayson hill 

5am KirhpatricK 
Vice President 

Zach Brown 

Aden Barton 

Brycen Brown 

Zach Brown Walker Byrd 

Walker Cain 

Tripper Capps 

Cole Carr 

Landon Cashwell 

Jack Clarke 

Roy Claverie Luca Cmelak 

Jack Collins 

McGavock Cooper 

Ike Cravens 

Will Crawford 


Ben Galanter 

Campbell Garber 

Danny Garcia 

John Raulston Graham 

Brian Graves 

Spencer Grohovsky 

Landis Hall 

Peter Hall 

Jacob Hanai 

Dudley Harmer 

Matt Hawkins 

Hedges Hayworth 

Will Higgins 

Grayson Hill 

Wesley Hirschman 

Harrison Hitt 

Michael Hoffman 

Harrison Holman 

Graham Holzapfel 

Finn Houghton 

John Hyde 


Ben Lindsey 

Joseph Lucas 

Wiliam Lummus 

George Mabry 

Will Mader 

Steven Mason 

Will McEvoy 

Dan McGuire 

Jack McKennon 

Luke McSween 

Noah Mendoza 

Thomas Miller 

Brennan Minkoff 

Peter Minkoff 

John Moore 

Stewart Moore 

Michael Morrow 

Clay Overholt 

Haynes Owen 

Cage Parrish 

Ben Patterson 

Kiran Peterson 

Alex Phillips 

Grant Pinson 

Patrick Powell 

Sjef Quaedvlieg 

Alex Ray 

Brown Payne 

Wylie Ritter 

Brennan Roach 

David Roach 

Wiliam Roberts 

Andrew Robertson Noah Rosdeutscher 

Pete Rowlett 


Eric Russ 

John Wallace 

Max Watts 

Woodson Weathersby Cole Williamson 

Thomas Zeuthen 



Thomas McRae 

Scott Wallace 
Vice President 

Frank Bass 

Ashton Terrell 

Kendrick Abernathy 

Cole Allen 

Rex Allsep Eli Archer 

Emanuel Barrett 

Sam Bartholomew 

Frank Bass 

Maxwell Battle 

Max Baudenbacher 

Braden Beach 

Joseph Bellardo 

Ian Bernatavitz 

Wyatt Bettis 

Will Bostelman 

Parker Bowling 

Will Brown Will Brownie 

Lucien Brunetti 

Andrew Bulgarino George Bull 

Lucas Cashwell 

Tripp Chamblin 

Ramsay Cole 

Nas Cook 

Will Coulthard 

Clay Crawford 

John Crawford 

Clay Crews 


John Endom 

Jack Flanagan 

Swope Fleming 

Matthew Fox Sebastian Garcia 

Adam Garfinkel 

Jack Gauldin 

Daniel Gaw 

Tuneer Ghosh 

Max Giorgio 

Peyton Green 

Warner Greene 

Colyer Haddock 

Luke Haley 

Charlie Hansen 

Zak Herbstreit 

Will Huizinga Luke Jackson 

Ashwin Jain Eli Kampine 

James Kinard 

Turner Kirkland 

David Koziak 

Quinn Kunath Dustin Lee 


Kin ton Lewis 

Ethan Lilly Buchanan Lindsey Ben Locke 

Lee Loving 

Bennett MacCurdy 

Mario Mansour 

Charlie Mason 

Mauro Mastrapasqua Flynn McRae 

Thomas McRae 

Sam Meacham 

Matthew Milam Will Montana 

Joseph Moore 

Joshua Moore Luke Morad Will Morrison 

Luke Mryncza 

James Murff Stokes Myers 

William Myers 

Elliott Nahmias Jed Neal Norris Orndorff 

Burke Owens 

Frank Perazzini Patrick Pergande 

Thomas Peterson 

Jackson Pickett 

Don Pierce 

Carson Potter 

John Powers 

Kendrick Pulce Mark Pyburn 


Brody Snell 

Max Speers Michael Spellman 

Jack Spivey 

Connor Steanson 

Jake Steigelfest 

Colin Tang 

Miles Versa Ross Walker 

Scott Wallace Alex Wang Bo Wilbanks Patrick Wilk Evan Williams 


Darin hall 

Gaits Buntin 
Vice President 

Larson Looney 

Charlie Kost 

Alex Allen 

Anson Anderson 

Penn Andrews 

Dawson Atnip 

Raniz Barbie Bix Beavers 

Arthur Bennett 

Nicky Bennett 

Max Bertani TJ Bradley 

Jace Breeden 

Max Buenahora 

Simon Buenahora 

Gaits Buntin 

Will Burke 

Paul Butts Wesley Carlton 

Dhruv Chandra 

Jack Cheek 

Sebastian Cigarran 

Warren Coleman 

Jack Coode 

William Cook 

Kayman Cooke 

Bradford Cummins 

William Curley 

Ethan Dallas 

Joseph Dattilo 


Eli Davis 

Parker Davis 

Witt Dawkins 

John Dayani 

Ryan DeCoster 

Josiah DeWitte 

Otis Ditenhafer 

Ian Durelli 

Devan Durrett 

Bert Echols 

John Egbert 

Sam Elasy 

Houston Erickson 

Diego Escobar 

Avery Estopinal 

Ryan Estrin 

Jackson Francis 

J.C. Gardner 

Brantley Golczynski 

Carter Gold 

Garrett Goodrum 

Joe Grant 

Mike Grant 

Charlie Graves 

Walker Green 

Wiliam Gu 

Darin Hall 

Samuel Hanrahan 

Nikko Haroldson 

Max Hastings Rhett Hayles 

Hank Healy 

Khol Hedgepath 

Carson Hensler 


John Wright Kesting 

Jack Kim 

Wilson King 

Spencer Klassen 

Charlie Kost 

Henry Krumm 

Tyler Laub 

Jack Marro 

Asher Maxwell 

Paul McGinn 

Jack McMillen 

Ben McSween 

Stephen Meier Joshua Mi 

Carson Mire 

Grayson Morgan 

Billy Morris 

Jack Moschel 

Austin Murphy 

Henry Neck Sam Nissen 

Chuma Offodile 

Bill Ouyang 

Jack Pacconi 

Nan Paez 

Takis Patikas 

Lawson Patterson Brice Perkerson 


Peyton Phillips 

Reed Ruccio 

Foster Pierce 

Maxwell Potts 

Landen Rucker 

Zach Rutter 

Alex Robertson 

Coleman Roddey 

Ryan Schmadtke 

Rylan Schroeder 

Reid Ragsdale 

Jack Ryan 

Jack Roberts 

Wiliam Sandahl 

KJ Scruggs 

Denton Sensing 

McConnico Sharpe 

Reid Smith 

Yadev Surati 

Travis Swafford 

Cabe Tachek 

Jackson Tallent 

Jon Tarquinio 

Matthew Thayer 

Roman Urbanczyk 

Jacob Viner 

Adam Wang 

Hubbard Wiel 

John Wiltshire 

Noah Wisniewski 

Braden Zeigler 




ouoscqucntiy. lie graduated from Princeton University 
and served as an oHlccr in the l idled States Nav > 

During an illustrious business career, lie built Ingram Industries 
w into one ot the largest private companies in the United Slates 

JJ,. D1U 

«- By no means, though, were Bronson Ingram's interests and elTorls w 
limited to his business. Ho had an abiding passion to improve education 
and educational opportunities for others, and he was convinced that, 
no matter one’s station in life, education was the key to success 
He served for many years on the Vanderbilt Univeraittv Board of Trust, 
serving as Chairman the last five years o ..Jowed 

the university with funds to educate a substantial number 
of Ingram Scholars, each of whom has demonstrated excellence 
in academies and community service. Following in the footsteps 
of his father. O i l Ingram; Bronson was an enthusiastic member 
of the MBA Board off rustees for thirty-two years. 

Two of his sons. John R. Ingram and David B. Ingram, 
graduated from MBA in 1979 and 1981 respectively 
- and now serve as valued members of the MBA Board ofTrustees. w 

Bronson Ingram w as truly “a man for all seasons.” v 

A brilliant individual v. uli an indomitable work ethic, 
a philanthropist for many important causes, 
man of horn : integrity, he thrived on competition, 
his work t nv spoiling interests, especially golf. He 
Miv caring, loyal triend and a devoted, loving husband and father. 

'%te better embodied the dinmcBri sties in the MBA motto: 



Leigh Adams 

Alumni and 

Mike Anderson 


Kevin Anglin 


Head Coach Varsity 

Marc Ardisson 

Director of 

Eric Armstrong 

Head Coach JS 

Clay Bailey 
History Dept. Chair 

Travis Barclay 
Science Dept. Chair 

Gracie Bassett 

Asst. Coach JS 


Head Coach Varsity 

Sophomore Class 


Head Coach Shotgun 


Robotics Club and 
Science Olympiad, 
Theater Front-of- 
House Manager 

Asst. Coach, JV Cross 
Country, History Club 

Asst. Coach Varsity 

TEAMS Competition 


Health and Wellness 
Society, Junior School 
Spelling Bee 

Win Bassett John Bernatavitz Nelson Berry Jesse Bowman Tim Boyd Stephanie Braun Sean Brock Nat Byrd 


Latin, History 


Facilities Staff 

Asst. Coach Cross 

Asst. Coach Football, 


Country, Track & Field, 

Young Republicans 

Strategy Club, 

Philosophy Club & 

Freshman Class 

International Thespian 

The Bell Ringer 



154 Academics - 

Academic Dean 

Coach JS Tennis, 
Cricket Club 

Alumni and 



Asst. Coach Football, 
Head Strength Coach 

Business Office 

Asst. Coach Varsity 

Chris Calico 

Asst. Coach, CrewJV 

Gabe Carro 

Asst. Coach Golf 
ACE Club, Junior 
Class Advisor 
Assistant, Garden 

Jack Chambers 


Competition, Spelling 

Chris Chauvin 



Asst. Coach Football 
and Basketball 
Strength Coach 

Giles Cheevers 

Strength and 
Conditioning Coach, 
Head Coach Varsity 

Gordon Chenery 


Service Club, 
Committee, Soup 

Tom Cirillo 

Asst. Coach JS 
Football, JS Track & 
Field, Classics Club, 
Service Club 

Josh Clark 

History; Visual and 
Performing Arts 


Langhorne Coleman 

Bill Compton 

Casey Cook 

Daniel Cooper 

Jonathan Creamer 

Mike Davidson 

Kashu Deresu 

David Deutsch 

Associate Director of 






Maintenance Staff 



Asst. Coach, Varsity 

Asst. Coach, Football, 

Asst. Coach, Lacrosse 

Head Coach Varsity 

Head Coach, Varsity 

Head Coach, Hockey 

Track & Field, 

Wrestling, Baseball, 

Curriculum Committee 


Tennis, Chess Club, 

Asst. Coach, Track & 


Service Club, African- 

JS Recycling 

Asst. Coach, JS Track 

Senior Class Advisor 

Field, Computer 

American Studies 

& Field, Science 

Science Club 



Sophomore Class 

James Dickens 

Harlan Dodson 

Robert Dougherty 

Amanda Dreher 

Sarah Ellery 

Marty Euverard 

Greg Ferrell 

Alison Flanagan 


Asst. Coach, Rifle 



Atheltics Management 



Admissions Dept. 

Visual and Performing 

Science Olympiad, 
Astronomy Club 
Overseer, Long Mtn. 

Asst. Coach, Varsity 
Basketball, Freshman 

Asst. Coach JS Cross 
Country, JS Soccer, JS 
Track & Field, 
German Club 

Big Red Club, HANC 

Classics Club, Cum 
Laude Society Chapter 

Head Coach Football 


Endada, Freshman 
Class Advisor 

Jordan Frederick 

Cal Fuller 

Matt Garvey 

Ritch Gillespie 

Bradford Gioia 

Matthew Golenor Meleia Greene 

Administration Visual and Performing 

Big Red Rocks, 

Visual and Performing 

Art Dept. Chair 
Thespian Society, Big 
Red Mechanicals, 
Richland Creek Run 


Head Coach, Varsity 

Guidance Counseling 

Academics - 155 

Strength and 
Conditioning Coach, 
Student Council 



Math Dept. Chair 
Asst. Coach, Football, 

Sophomore Class 


Garden Club, Science 

Camille Hackney 









Asst. Coach JS Cross 
Country, JS Track & 

Faculty Sponsor for 
Rally Foundation 

Debate & Forensics 

Head Coach, Ultimate 

Science Olympiad 

Asst. Coach Soccer 
Third Party Club, 
Youth in Government 

MBA Wilson Summer 
Scholars Program 

Asst. Coach Wrestling 
Robotics Club, IML 

History Club, Model 

Will Hannon 

Bill Hardin 

Chandler Harrington Dustin Hedmark 

Dan Herring 

Jennifer Haendel Kevin Hamrick 

Catharine Hollifield 

Jennifer Howell Camellia Howorth 

Sean Jackson 

Jody Johnson 

Michael Kelly 

Rich Kesor Pat Killian 

Visual and Performing 

Art Club, Endada, 
Best Buddies 




Alumni and 

Math, History 

Alumni and 





Head Coach JS 
Basketball, Varsity 



Coach, JS Golf 
King Society 

Head Coach Rowing 

Head Coach Varisty 
Swim & Dive 
Philosophy Club, 

Sean Kinch 

Angela Klausner 

Dick Klausner 

John Lanier 

Patsy Lanigan 

Chris Lankford 

Jake Lawrence 

Jim Lech 


Curriculum Committee 
Junior Class Advisor 


School Archivist 

English, College 

Asst. Coach, Varsity 

Head Coach, JS Soccer 
Moderator, Nashville 


Coach Soccer 





Guidance Counseling 


Robotics, Wilson 
Summer Class Director 

Food Project 

Kit Lechleiter 
PAG Representative 

Carrie Lund 

Business Office 

Associate Director of 

Ginny Maddux 

College Counseling 
Dept. Chair 

Jewish Student 

George Mario 

Maintenance Dept. 

Assistant Manager, 
Plant Operations 

156 Academics - 

Tom Markham 


Asst. Coach JS/JV 

Red Poets Society 

Michael Marro 

Mike Martin 

Admissions, Alumni and 

Vicki Matthews 
Business Office 

Science Olympiad Director Summer Camp Associate Director of 
Programs, Coach JS Finance 

Basketball, Radio Color 

Vicki Mayhew 

Barry McAlister 

Kim McAmis 

Ron McMahan 

Will McMurray 

Russell McWhirter 

Tyler Merideth 

Kathy Moon 

Alumni and 

Video Production 





Visual and Performing 

College Counseling 


Alumni Magazine 

Dean of Students for 

Head Coach JS 

Asst. Coach, Football, 


Office Manager 

Layout and 


Football, Asst. Coach, 


Sinfonia, Chamber 


Coach, JV Basketball, 

JS Wrestling 

Basketball Emcee 


JS Football, SYLO 


Todd Moran 

Malcolm Morrison 

Haywood Moxley 

Emeka Nnadi 

David Norton 

Will Norton 

Wil Onstott 

Libby Overton 



Visual and Performing 

English Dept. Chair 

Athletics Trainer, 
Sports Medicine 





Teacher, English 

Head Coach JS 

Asst. Coach Football 


Red Poets Society 
Junior Class Advisor 
Discipline Committee 

Medical Careers Club 

Manager of Plant 

High School Dean of 

Outdoor Program 

Asst. Coach, JS Crew 

Coach, JS Swim & 
Dive, JS Tennis, 
Fellowship of 
Christian Athletes 

Daniel Paolicchi 

Kristin Pate 

Yorgan Petit 

Jan Pippin 

Angela Power 

Robert Pruitt 

Maggie Qian 

Robbie Quinn 

Foreign Language 

Alumni and 

Maintenance Staff 

Visual and Performing 





Dept. Chair 

Coach JS Cross 



Asst. Coach Cross 

Head Coach 


Country, JS Soccer, JS 

Coach, Track & Field 



Track & Field 

Cellophony, Endada, 

Head Coach Track & 

Hispanic Achievers Big Red Rocks Field 

Club, Last Saturday 

Ric Rader Maggie Raines 



Coach JS Baseball, 
Service Club 
Junior Class Advisor 

Asst. Coach 
JV/Varsity Hockey 
Time to Rise Director 

Mick Raney 

Asst. Coach, Rifle 
Army/Navy Club 
Sponsor Task Force 

Jamie Redmond 

Asst. Coach Football, 
Track & Field, 
Studies Club 

Chris Reynolds Elijah Reynolds 

Technology English 


Asst. Coach, Shotgun Head Coach, JS Cross 
Guitar Club Country, Coach, JV 

Track&Field, Disc Golf 

Cherie Roberts 


Chess Club, Top of 
the Hill, Poetry 

Roderick Russ 

Head Coach Cross 

Asst. Coach, Track & 

Academics - Staff * 157 

Chrystal Russell 

Emmett Russell 

Chris Sanders 

Robert Sawyer 

Jim Schlichting 

Shawna Schlichting 

Caroline Scholer 

Joseph Sharbel 

College Counseling 






Finance Operations 



Asst. Coach JS 

Asst. Coach JS Cross 


Coach Freshman 

Facilities Manager 

Head Coach Rifle 



Football, Honor 

Montgomery Bell 

Canine Companions, 

Head Coach, JS Track 

Asst. Coach Football, 

Council Chairman, 

Medal, Army/Navy 

Race for the Cure 

and Field 


Summer School 



Stephen Shone 

Frank Simpson 

Patrick Simpson 

Charles Sligh 

Chris Smith 

Matthew Smyth 

Chris Spiegl 

Susan Squires 


Fitness Trainer 



Assoc. Director for 



Food Service 

Asst. Coach Cross 
Country, Senior Class 
Advisor, Curriculum 
Committee Member 

Head Coach, Varsity 

Asst. Athletic Director 
Discipline Committee 

Asst. Coach 
Student Council 
Leader, MBA Catholic 
Club, JS Dean of 

Asst. Coach Shotgun 

Asst. Coach Varsity 

Head Coach Climbing 
Outdoor Club 

Asst. Coach JS 

Garden Club 

Fran Stewart 

Michael Stewart 

Roddy Story 

Kati Swieca-Brockman 

Ed Tarkington 

Brooks Tate 

Ben Thompson 

James Tillman 

Director of the Junior 



Visual and Performing 


Dean of Junior and 





Senior Classes 


Coach, Freshman 

Coach JS Baseball, JS 

Asst. Coach Wrestling 


Asst. Coach JS Crew, 




Photography Club, 

Archives, Red Poets 

JS Intramurals 

Classics Club, Mock 

Model UN, Politics 

The Bell 

Society, Freshman 

Asst. Coach Varsity 

The Bell 

Publications, Baseball 



Senior Class Advisor 

Class Advisor 

Baseball, Head Coach 

Club, Stock Market 

JS Wrestling Club 

Courtney Travis Ben Trotter Erin Valentine- 


Alumni and French 

Development Asst. Coach, Tennis, Art 

French Club 

Bordeaux Exchange Asst. Coach JS Crew 
Program Coordinator 

158 Academics - 

Millicent Vance 

John Vernacchio 

Joy Victoria 

Eric Viger 

Alumni and 



Maintenance Staff 


Strength & 

Hispanic Achievers, 

Conditioning Coach 

Spanish Honor Society, 

Asst. Coach, Varsity 

JS Athletic Director 

Freshman Class Advisor 


Fitness Center 

Rifle Events 




Mark Tipps 

Athletic Director 

Robert Womack 

Hunter Woolwine 

Bob Yakushi 

Austen Yorko 

Food Service Facilities Staff Counseling 


Visual and Performing 


Director, Finance and 





Seventh Grade Class 

Theater Manager 

Asst. Coach, Debate 

Studies Club, 


Moderator, Art Club, 

Asst. Coach Rifle 

Service Club Chair, 

Endada, Preston 

SYLO Faculty Sponsor, 

JS Leadership Team 

Taylor Tutoring, 

Senior Class Advisor 

Senior Class Advisor 

Academics - 159 

Ying Zhang 

MBASIA Cultural Club 

The Leaders 

The wonderful Z018-Z019 school year on the 
hill would not have been possible without 
MBA's dedicated leadership. The work that Mr. 
Gioia gives to the school on a daily basis is 
truly astounding, and clearly reflect the 
devotion he has towards his job and this 
school. Running MBA, however, is something 
that not even he could do alone. With a team 
of administrators MBA is able to function and 
grow each year. With Mrs. Stewart leading the 
way at the Junior School with Mr. Simpson 
serving as Dean, the seventh and eighth 
graders have a good start to their time on The 
Mill. Dr. Boyd led the way with academics for 
the high school. Mr. Morton, too, cannot be 
overlooked for his dedication to ensuring that 
day-to-day student life on campus functions 
smoothly. Mr. Tate and Mr. McMahan worked 
tirelessly to encourage the students to be the 
best versions of themselves. All of the 
administrators on campus give of themselves 
both during and after school hours to make 
MBA a great experience. The amount of 
gratitude that the MBA community has for the 
administration cannot be overstated and Mr. 
Morton will be missed as he leaves The Mill at 
the end of this academic year. 

I. Mr. Gioia speaks in assembly to the MBA student body. 2. Mr. Norton presents at the annual 
Vetran’s Day. 3. In his role as Academic Dean Dr. Boyd spoke at the annual Influential Teachers 
event. 4- Mr. Simpson, in his role as Dean of Students in the Junior School, teaches the boys the 
ropes of MBA. 5. Mrs. Stewart welcomes the audience to the Junior School Evening with the Arts 
this fall. 

160 Academics - 

Welcoming the Next Generation, 

Tl^ede&nptnfr T^n&ndlMt'S- One'S, rt-nd 

Paving the Way for the Future 

A quick walk through the Ball Building would 
quickly reveal to anyone the great people at 
work behind the scenes who control one of the 
most powerful aspects of MBA: its admissions. 
Mrs. Lechleiter, Mr. Ferrell, Mr. Martin, and Mrs. 
Harrington are only a few of the many people 
that make up the small army whose job it is to 
oversee the admission of new students and 
guide them and their families through the 
process. The Alumni and Development Office 
stays in contact with MBA's many alumni and 
helps to fund the operations and capital 
campaigns of the campus. Many MBA students 
do not even know most of the people who 
spend their hours in the Alumni and 
Development Office, but, once they graduate, 
these students will realize just how much effort 
these people put in on a day-to-day basis. 
Without such a dedicated admissions, alumni, 
and development staff, MBA would not be the 
bastion of learning and friendliness that it is. 
The work that the Alumni and Development 
Officer members such as Mr. Johnson and Mr. 
Smith put in towards the planning of events 
such as homecoming and the carnival cannot 
be overstated, and MBA simply would not be 
the same without their dedication. 

I. The Alumni and Development Office sponsors events 
such as Career Day for seniors to work with alumni in 
various fields of interest. 2. Alumni are welcomed back 
on campus for an early Thanksgiving meal courtesy of 
Sage. 3. Mrs. Lchleiter welcomes each student on 
campus with a warm and friendly smile. 4 ■ Seniors 
intently listen to experts in their field at Career Day in 
different breakout sessions across campus. 

Academics - & 2> Ct / umnt , 161 

Dining Hall and Maintenance 

7 "^ CLfp&$- IU4& 

Feeding the whole school is hard work, but Bage makes sure it gets done everyday. Fleaded by the legendary Mrs. 
Bquires and Mr. Walsnovich, the Bage staff serves delicious food at breakfast, break, lunch, and even dinner when the 
occasion arises. Their hard work leaves no MBA student with an empty stomach,.and deserve many thanks for their hard work, 
each year they treat the students and staff alike to special meals like fresh cooked stir fry, a carving station, and an ice cream 
bar. Similarly, MBA would not be able to function without the presence of the maintenance staff. From salting the sidewalks on 
cold winter mornings to their help setting up for events like Endada and the weekly assemblies. The maintenance team is an 
invaluable asset to the MBA community and we all owe them a big thank you, as MBA would not be the special place that it is 
today without them. 

I. Mr. Mario, Mr. Bowman, Mr. Deresu, Mr. 
Petit, Mr. Viger, and Mr. Johnson being 
introduced to the faculty by Mr. Yakushi. 2. 
The Sage staff was not going to let Halloween 
pass without some costumes 3. Master ChefB 
Steve and Mr. Morrison cookin’ up a storm at® 
Endada. 4- The maintenance guys help with 
Endada setup. 

162 Academics - Hn/Z& TTfa tn Zen n n ce- 

Office Staff 


Each year there are countless activities, 
events, and people on campus and it is the 
office staff that Keep it all together and 
organized. From Mrs. Nowell and Ms. Flynn in 
the Main Office in the Ball Building to Ms. 
Haendel at the Junior School Office ty are the 
first faces guests see on campus. With Mrs. 
Power Keeping the attendance and assisting 
Mr. Norton with student services helps Keep 
everyone accountable and organized. The 
Business Office facilitates the budgeting and 
mahing sure the lights stay on across campus 
as well as each department has what they 
need. In the Registar's Office Ms. McAmis has 
the daunting job of mahing sure each student 
is enrolled in the right classes at the right 
time as well as all every teacher gets their 
grades in on time. It is not clear which job is 
more challenging, but Ms. McAmis handles 
them both with ease. Every office on campus 
worKs together to get each student, 
administrator, teacher, and parent what they 
need so MBA can function so smoothly. 

I. Ms. Haendel and Mrs. Matthews welcome 
new families at one of the many functions for 
prospective families. 2. Ms. McAmis always has 
a computer on hand to help people along the 
way...usually it is in her office and not on the 
Quad. 3. Ms. Flynn and Mrs. Power are always 
friendly faces for those on campus. 4 ■ Ms. 
Braun lends a hand at the Admissions Preview 
Day as someday she will see the same students 
as alumni. 5. Ms. McAmis and Mrs. Haendel 
keep working their way through the year all the 
way to graduation to keep everyone organized. 

Academics - Offp && Staff 163 


Few members of the MBA community truly 
understand the vast amount of work that goes 
on behind the scenes to ensure the success of 
MBA's numerous athletic teams. The athletic 
department truly depends upon the leadership 
and dedication of Mr. Tipps and the hard work of 
Ms. Dreher as well as the dedicated coaches 
and trainers. Their work to organize athletic 
events and keep the numerous cogs of the 
department running cannot be overstated. 

The work of the athletic trainers to keep 
MBA's athletes healthy and fit cannot be 
overlooked. The work of Coach V/ernacchio and 
Emeka, or "E" as he is known by most of the 
students, along with that of his fellow trainers, 
has been key to ensuring the long-term health 
and well-being of MBA's many athletes, long 
with the team coaches the hours put into the 
successful records of each team are countless. 

Finally, a discussion of the work that goes 
into the athletic department would be 
incomplete without mentioning the 
maintenance department. Their work to 
maintain the fields and numerous athletic 
facilities ensures that MBA's athletic teams 
have a place to practice and compete without 

I. Mr. Tipps confers the award for outstanding athlete to graduating senior Dominic Fisher. 2. 
Coach Vernacchio working hard to keep Field Day running smoothly. 3. Coach McMahan 
overseeing the Field Day activities. 4- Mr. Simpson hands a Presidential Fitness Awards to Michael 
Kong during the Junior School Honors Night. 5. Coach Cheevers presents a Presidential Fitness 
awards to Luke Brown. 

164 Academics - 

Counseling & College Counseling 

Of the many hats that MBA faculty 
members wear, that of guidance counselor is 
both one of the most important and most 
under-appreciated. Both the Counseling and 
College Counseling Offices maintain ongoing 
relationships with students throughout their 
time at MBA. Focusing on the mental well¬ 
being of MBA's students is the mission of the 
counseling department. Mrs. Bcholer, the head 
of the Counseling Department, always has a 
bright smile on her face and is always willing to 
speak to anyone, about any topic, at any time 
of day. Mr. Lawrence, as well, is one of the 
friendliest people on campus, and is always 
looking to start a conversation. These two, 
along with other faculty members including Ms. 
Williams and Mr. Tillman, form the backbone of 
the Counseling Department. 

The College Counseling Office has the 
daunting task of ushering every senior student 
through the application process for college. 
Over the course of a student's high school 
career, relationships are formed to help guide 
students in finding the perfect fit for the next 
phase of education. Although, ultimately it is 
up to the students to follow through on their 
applications, the expert guidance they receive 
give them a leg up in the process. Students 
also benefit from the years of experience from 
counselors Ms. Maddux and Mr. Klausner with 
the tireless help of Mrs. Moon and her supply of 
Jolly Ranchers. 

I. Mr. Tillman, Mrs. Scholer, and Mr. Lawrence serve 
numerous students in their role as counselors. 2. Ms. 
Williams at the College Fair, helping students navigate 
the maze of admissions officers. 3. Mr. Tillman 
continues to counsel students until graduation. 4- Ms. 
Maddux meeting an admissions officer during the 
annual College Fair. 5. Ms. Maddux gives junior Aden 
Barton the Harvard Book Award. 

Academics - Cvitnse/tnp & C^un se/fn^ 165 


MBA's English curriculum prepares all students to be disciplined writers, 
thoughtful readers, and deep analytical thinkers. A heavy focus on the nuts- 
and-bolts of language, including sentence diagramming, combined with a study 
of literary classics, ensures that every boy at MBA will be the shining star of his 
college literature discussion group. Alumni from the distant past often 
reminisce over the tried-and-true methods employed by their English teachers, 
including summer reading, grammar drills, vocabulary, and every student's 
favorite two words: "Theme Day." This year also saw three new English teachers 
on the hill: Mr. Markham, Mr. Thompson, and Dr. Bligh. 

The department also brings an accomplished writer to campus each 
spring, and this year saw one of the most successful iterations of the Visiting 
Writer program. Novelist Kein Wilson not only shared his wisdom on storytelling 
with many classes over two days, but also gave one of the funniest assembly 
speeches ever with his tale of the egg dropped from the helicopter. All in all, it 
was another great year in English classrooms at MBA. 

1. Jake Frazier hones his diagramming skills. 2. Visiting write 
Kevin Wilson chats with students in DPS. 3. Students prepan 
for a lecture in Mr. Bassett’s Freshman Honors class. 4- Mrs 
Bassett hard at work. 5. Dhruv Chandra makes a salient poin 
during discussion. 6. Department Chair Mr. Moxley, Mrs 
Roberts, and Mr. Sawyer enjoy a teaching retreat to an award 
winning Broadway production. 

166 Academics - 



MBA challenges students on a daily basis to 
engage with the rest of the world through the 
study of other languages. Every boy at MBA 
takes at least two years of Latin, which proves 
incredibly beneficial as the years go by in 
either their continued study of Latin or as they 
move to another language of choice. From 
there, students are given the option to 
continue their study of Latin/Greek or to move 
on to a world language, including Spanish, 
French, Chinese, and German. MBA's Langauge 
curriculum is not limited to the classroom. 
Through international study programs and trips 
as well as extracurricular clubs, our students 
are truly and deeply gaining an understanding 
of a rapidly diversifying world. Each year the 
language students participate in a number of 
national language exams which allows them to 
test their knowledge against students in the 
area and country. Again this year the students 
had a number of gold medal winners and 
perfect papers in each language which is 
testament to the curriculum provided by so 
many dedicated educators. 

I. Kiran Peterson and Peter Minkoff introduce 
MBA to students in China. 2. Students pose 
with French visiting artist Blek Le Rat. 3. AP 
French students celebrate their double 
successes in the National French Contest and 
the World Language Cup. 4- Department Chair 
Sr. Paolicchi hands out certificates of 
achievement during Honor’s Night. 5. Bela 
Arwen and Owen Albright admire the 850 year- 
old Notre Dame Cathedrale in Paris. 6. French I 
students coordinate, judge and participate in 
the semesterly vocabulary contest. This year’s 
winner was Charlie Kost (not pictured). 

Academics - 167 

Library and 

From Keeping the archives of the school up- 
to-date and accessible to helping students 
and teachers navigate the plethora of online 
information, the staff in the library are kept 
busy throughout the year. Ms. Klausner and 
Mr. Quinn keep a handle on the happenings 
in the library. From numerous traditional 
resources to the digital access students are 
provided with everything they need to 
complete their assignments as long as they 
bring the motivation. The library is always 
buzzing with activity from the time they open 
until they close the doors at the end of the 
day. Special thanks to Ms. Klausner who has 
run an efficient tool to help the students 
study and find resources for their various 
projects and themes, tier presence in the 
library will be missed next year. 

The technology department is kept busy 
throughout the year with the increasing use 
of technology in and out of the classroom. 
Led by Mr. Ardisson and his amazing team of 
Mr. Chambers, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Woolwine, 
and the other Mr. Reynolds keep up with 
countless devices on campus. With updates 
and technology happening on an ongoing 
basis their office is never quiet and they 
always manage to keep their sense of 
humor, even when the network does not 
agree with MBA's plan. It is safe to say that 
students and faculty would be lost in the 
world of technology without their expertise. 

1 1. H Mcllwain and Hudson Wall get some serious studying done in the library. 3. Mrs. Klausner 
helps Michael Owings and Walt Dobson celbrate their last breakfast on The Hill with the 
traditional Library gift of a new robe for college. 3. Mrs. Klausner posing in the library stacks. 4- 
Tech Masters: Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Chambers, Mr. Woolwine, Mr. Ardisson, and Mr. Reynolds. 5. 
MBA’s very own Video Wizard, Barry McAllister. 

168 Academics - ntf & T&C-6n ® 


The Mathematics Department starts the 
learning process over the summer with 
classes offered to incoming students and 
those interested in competing in 
Mathcounts. Ten Students were also 
awarded grants through the Wilson family to 
study advanced concepts over the summer. 
Led by Mr. Qolenor, The department works 
to fulfill its mission to, "gain an 
understanding and appreciation of the 
structure of mathematics and catch at least 
a glimpse of mathematics as one of the 
great products of human intellect." This year 
the department returned with many veteran 
teachers such as Mr. Lanier and Mr. 
Compton along with newer members such 
as Dr. liedmark. This range of experiences 
gives students many knowledgeable 
teachers to learn from over their time at 
MBA. Once again this year the Mathcounts 
team had a very successful season of 
competition led by Mrs. Qian. 

I. Mr. Golenor reveals the secrets of 
Mathematics to Jack Harrington and Cameron 
Jacobson. 2. Math Department legend Ms. Qian 
is tapped for Totomoi. 3. Emanuel Barrett 
tackles some tricky math homework in the 
library. 4- Dr. Hedmark proves that true 

Academics- Ma Mewa Act 169 


'frf' tZle 

The history Department serves as a 
cornerstone in the academic life of a MBA 
student, as it provides depth and context to 
almost every other subject a student will 
study over their academic career. The history 
Department offers a diverse array of courses 
including Ancient and Medieval history, U5 
history, Modern Eurpoean history, and World 
history. The department is led by Dr. Bailey, 
a very experienced teacher with multiple 
degrees in history. In conjunction with the 
Conservation Society, history students 
volunteered their time to various 
conservation projects including Fort hegley, 
CARPE Day, and Glen Leven. This year MBA 
welcomed Mr. Dodson, Mr. Lawrence, and Mr. 
Cook as new full time history teachers and 
also bid a fond farewell to Mr. Morton. The 
department also sponsors summer trips and 
study opportunities. 


rising 8th graders took a trip to discover American History. 2. Dr. Bailey, the head of the department, 
■teaches his class AP US History. 3. Mr. Herring, one of MBA’s history teachers, supports the cardinal team 
during field day. 4- Some of the students from the 8th grade trip help make bricks at Colonial Williamsburg. 
5. Mr. Russ teaches some of his junior school students. 6. Students in Dr. Fuller’s Seminar on the 1960s were 
treated to dinner and a lesson at Woolworth on 5th. 6. History teacher and High School Dean Will Norton. 

170 Academics - 


'frfrtP 'fWP 

T6e ma 

The MBA science department is a major part of the MBA academic curriculum. All of the classes take place in the Ingram 
building, dedicated to E. Bronson Ingram (1931-1995), a successful businessman and a graduate from MBA in 1949. The 
current department, consisting of courses including Biology, Physics, AP Environmental Science, and AP Anatomy, follows the 
inspiration of Mr. Ingram. MBA's Science department is full of passionate, dedicated teachers. Though not all of the students 
who pass through Ingram hall will have careers in STEAM, they will acquire an appreciation for the Scientific method, and for 
the ways that the world around them can be understood through clear and discrete laws and principles. This year the 
department was led by Mr. Barclay and welcomed Ms. Greene and Dr. Lankford the beloved Ingram Building. The department 
as well as MBA also said "goodbye," to Mr. Chenery after thirty years on The Mill. Mr. Chenery's quick wit and and unmistakable 
brilliance will be missed next year.and beyond. 

1. Mr. Chenery, after thirty years at 
MBA, retires this year leaving a 
great mark in the MBA community. 

2. Dr. Marro’s Chemistry class 
smiles for a photo that was not 
staged in any way. 3. Dr. Lankford, 
one of MBA’s newest teachers, 
directs students in a lab. 4- Dr. 
Creamer teaches his Junior School 
students in IPS. 5. Mr. Pruitt 
teaches his students about DNA in 
his biology class. 6. Dr. Creamer 
encourages one of his students in a 
lab to problem solve. 

Academics - S - cie - n ^ e - 171 

Excelling in 

l /t ? 

On The hill, students continue to 
impact in the arts in significant ways whether 
it be in music, visual art or theater. This year 
Dr. Fuller took the reigns of the Visual and 
Performing Arts Department as everyone 
celebrated Mr. Womack's fortieth year at 
MBA. Musically, the numerous bands, the 
orchestra ensembles, and choirs performed 
all over campus, Nashville, Tennessee, and 
the country. In the visual arts students 
created art in a myriad of materials and have 
been able to display their art in many 
competitions around the area. The theater 
arts put on a series of shows including 
Zombie Prom, Argonautica, and Antigone. 
The Btudent-Directed One Acts serve as a 
vehicle for students to write, cast, and direct 
a show of their own. 

Art is a way for MBA students to escape 
the stress of their normal classroom 
environment and focus on their passions and 
to share their talents to their peers. The 
Visual and Performing Arts Department gives 
students a path to explore a whole new world 
to which they are not usually accustomed. 
The MBA community benefits in many ways 
from these courses and experiences offered 
through the Visual and Performing Arts. 

I. The Ellington Band performs at the Christmas concert. 2. Students watch internationally known 
artist Blek le Rat install a new mural on the wall of the Davis stairwell. 3. MBA’s production of 
Antigone. 4. William McEvoy grins with pride as he posses with his newly completed self portrait 
print. 5. The Big Red Chorus performs with the accompanied by Mrs. Pippin. 

172 Academics - CZn-Zy 






The 2018-2019 season was one of the 
most successful in the MBA Crew Team's 10- 
year history, with a record number of boys on 
the team. Of the 44 rowers, only nine were 
juniors or seniors, with the rest of the team 
being comprised of freshmen and sophomores, 
a clear mark of the team's rapid growth and 
bright future. Despite this relative youth, the 
team had a highly successful year. 

During the fall season, the team raced in 
five different regattas (a duel vs. McCallie, and 
races in Cleveland, downtown Nashville, Oak 
Ridge, and Chattanooga). The team finished the 
fall season at the Mead of the Mooch in 
Chattanooga, the largest fall regatta in the 
country, where the freshman 8+ won MBA's first 
medal from that regatta. 

Despite practice starting later than 
expected due to weather, the team experienced 
an equally successful spring season, with five 
regattas as well (two in Chattanooga, two in 
Zanesville, Ohio, and one in Culver, Indiana). 
The season concluded with four boats (the 
double, lightweight 4 and 8, and freshman 8) 
traveling to the National Championship in 
Zanesville, Ohio, where the light 4 finished 7th 
and the freshman 8 finished 5th. 

I. The second Varsity 8+ races in downtown 
Nashville in the Music City Head Race. 2. Head 
coach Rich Kesor wishes the freshman 8+ luck 
before their race at the National Championship. 

3. Coach Kesor talks the the lightweight 4+ 
(including Wesley Hirschman, Jack Flanagan, 
and Marshall Summar in the picture) after their 
3rd place finish at the Midwest Championships. 

4. Freshmen John Gray Egbert and Ian Durelli 
race against Baylor and McCallie. 5. Coaches 
Kesor and Viger send the lightweight 8 to their 
race against McCallie. 6. Seniors Reagan Sparks 
and Carson Reisinger celebrate their victory in 
the heavyweight double at the Midwest 

176 Athletics - Cnem 

Cross Country 

CSn-'yin n- 

The MBA Cross Country team had one of its 
most successful seasons in almost a 
decade. The 2018 season opened in 
September with an impressive win in 
Knoxville in the Cherokee Classic; the 
Varsity won by a single point over forty-four 
other teams. Two weeks later, the varsity 
secured its first victory in Chattanooga since 
2010 in the McCallie Invitational. The peak 
of the season came in October, when the 
Varsity triumphed in the Fast Cats 
Invitational in Kentucky despite losing its 
number one runner, senior Graham 
Ragsdale, to injury. The squad then went on 
to reclaim the Metro Championship, with 
Graham Ragsdale claiming individual 
champion. At the T55AA 5tate Meet, the 
team narrowly missed a podium finish. 
Senior Graham Ragsdale obtained his 
second All-State recognition, and freshman 
hall Griffith and sophomores Luke Mryncza 
and George Bull also earned All-State 
recognition. The future is bright for the 
Cross Country squad with its strong, young 

I. Tillman Dean finishing strong 2. (from left) 
William Barton, Graham Ragsdale, and Tillman 
Dean pose at Cross Country team breakfast. 
3. A Big Red pack approaching the finish line. 
4 ■ Graham Ragsdale focused on the finish at 
the State meet at Steeplechase. 5. John Hyde 
striding to the finish 6. Adam Wang working 
hard during the early stages of the State race. 

Athletics - 177 

'T&mn- 120 

The Big Red football team had another 
successful season this year with a record of 
10-2. After the departure of 18 seniors in 
the previous season, there were plenty of 
open positions to be occupied. With college 
bound athletes such as Jackson Hannah and 
Jackson Lampley, the Big Red were strong 
on both sides of the ball. After losing the 
fourth game of the season to a solid team 
from MU5, Team 120 had a seven game win 
streak which included toppling local rivals 
Ensworth and Brentwood Academy. A major 
highlight of the season was the overtime win 
against Brentwood Academy, the defending 
state champions. Stricken with many injuries 
on both sides of the ball, especially on 
defense, many young players stepped up 
and made key plays. Senior captains Ian Hall, 
Jackson Hannah, Tye Herbstreit and Hugh 
Sullivan led the Big Red to the State Semi¬ 
finals against Brentwood Academy. Even 
though the Big Red did not make it to the 
T55AA Championship it was surely a season 
to remember for Team 120. 

I. Jackson Lampley, Dominic Fisher, and Cooper Maddux lead the Big Red onto the field. 2. The 
football team enters the stadium. 3. William Tyrone breaks a run for a touchdown. 4 . Sam Dugan 
runs through the Pearl Cohn defense. 5. The Big Red offensive line prepares give one final push 
to the end zone. 

178 Athletics - 7 ^ 24 -^// 


The MBA golf team's Z018 season was one 
to remember. Starting the season off with a 
strong start at the DZ Preview in Memphis 
where the Big Red finished second to the 
Baylor School. Following the early success, 
the Big Red won the MBA Invitational and had 
several big wins throughout the season such 
as a 17 stroke thumping of Baylor in a dual 
match. The Z018 MBA golf team did not lose 
a stroke play dual match all season. In the 
T55AA State Championship, the Big Red held 
a share of first place after day 1 and looked 
to become the first MBA golf team to win a 
state championship in over three decades. 
Unfortunately, due to a slow start and an 
extremely hot Baylor team, the Big Red 
finished runner-up. The Big Red were led by 
seniors Charlie Buffkin, William Davis, and 
Jackson Singer. The Z018 MBA golf team 
was a closely knit group of guys who other 
teams could look up to as a model of how to 
act on the course. The future of the golf 
program at MBA looks just as promising and 

I. Seniors William Davis, Charlie Buffkin, and 
Jackson Singer pose for a picture. 2.Eric Saul tees 
off, driving the ball straight down the fairway. 3. 
The Team (present and future) takes a picture 
together following a match. 

Athletics - 179 


The Big Red Rifles opened their season with 
strong victories over rivals Mt. Juliet and 
hlarpeth hall. Shortly following, they 
participated in the annual MBA Fall Rifle 
Classic, where the top squad of Max 
Buenahora, Jack Collins, Roy Claverie, and 
Alex Phillips finished second overall behind 
an out-of-state team. The Big Red Rifles 
would ride this momentum to the 2nd 
Annual American Legion Post 46 
Tournament, where the top squad would 
finish first. Following this match, the team 
would suffer its first loss of the season in a 
close match to Shelby County before closing 
out the semester. After the break, the Big 
Red Rifles would drop both the home and 
away matches to SLUM; however, they were 
on an upward trend. They corrected their 
season shortly at the 2019 CMP Junior 
Olympic Qualifiers, where the top squad 
would take first overall. Two weeks later, the 
top squad of Max Buenahora, Nick Bailey, 
Jack Collins, and Roy Claverie finished the 
state tournament with a 2291, which would 
be enough to win the 2018-19 State Title. 

\ i n 


vw \ 

I. The top squad of Nick Bailey (’20), Max Buenahora (’22), Roy Claverie (’20), and Jack Collins 
(’20) pose with a picture of the State Championship trophy. 2. The Big Red Rifles participate in a 
small-bore match at the end of the year. 3. Seniors Joseph Perazzini and Michael Ambrosius shoot 
pistol for the JO Qualifiers. 4 - The Big Red Rifles at Ole Mill. 5. Roy Claverie (’20), Jason Zhu 
(’21), Jack Collins (’20), and Ely McRae (’23) shoot standing at the American Legion match. 

180 Athletics - 


ir—i Tii m 


Front Row: Mauro Mastrapasqua, James Murff, Austin Roth, Jed Neal, Wesley Hirschman, Carter Gold, 
John Gray Egbert, Austin Murphy, Ian Durelli, Carson Hensler; Back Row: Carson Reisinger, Burke 
Owens, John Preston, Austin Vaughan, James Vest, Landis Hall, Harrisn Jackson, Reid, Ragsdale, Walker 
Green; Not pictured: Marshall Summar, , Reagan Sparks, Cannon King, Brennan Minkoff, Will Colthard, 
Ben Locke, Jackson Flanagan, Lloyd Ivester, Wyatt Bettis, Thomas McRae, Elijah Higgs, Alexander Hasse, 
Drew Wilson, Carter Reynolds, C.H. Henry 


Front Row: Matt Hawkins, Reid Smith, Jack Manning, Max Hastings, 
Bradford Cummins, Hagen Tyrone. Back Row: Dr. Carro, Jaron Leasure, 
Joel Elasy, Charlie Buffkin, William Davis, Jackson Singer, Mr. Jackson 

Cross Country 

Front Row: Jack Larish, William Holleman, Adam Wang, Kyle Tavi, Sebastian Garcia, 
Carson Potter, Jude Kelley. Middle Row: William Rogers, George Bull, Parker O’Neal, Hall 
Griffith, Will Crawford, Grayson Adams, Luke Mryncza, Luke Morad, Max Bertani. Back 
Row: John Powers, Harrison Holeman, Zach Brown, Kiran Peterson, John Hyde, Graham 
Ragsdale, Tillman Dean, William Barton 


Front Row: Henson Moore, Max Buenahora, Jason Zhu, Max Sligh, Ely 
McRae. Back Row: Nick Bailey, Jack Collins, Michael Ambrosius, Joseph 
Perazzini, Alex Phillips, Roy Claverie 

Freshman Football 

Front Row: Cabe Tachek, Austin Murphy, Samuel Hanrahan, Eli Davis, Simon Buenahora, William Huber, TJ Bradley, Jack Keller, Wren Jacobs, Alex Allen, Warren 
Coleman, Peyton Phillips: Middle Row L to R: Alex Robertson, Billy Morris, Bix Beavers, Sam Nissen, Gaits Buntin, Rylan Schroeder, Travis Swafford, Parker Davis, 
Coleman Roddey, Ryan Schmadtke; Back Row: Jack Ryan, Harrison Jackson, Rhett Hayles, John Wright Resting, Takis Patikas, Grayson Morgan, Ethan Dallas, Jack 
Coode, Arthur Bennett; Not pictured: Nicky Bennett, Elliot Lyell, Paul McGinn 

182 Athletics 

JV Football 

Front Row: Kendrick Pulce, Nick Viars, Jack Gauldin, Spencer Grohovsky, David Neal Derocher, Jack Silvester, Jack Clarke, Marc Stanley, Eric Russ, Bo Wilbanks, 
Ike Cravens, Dan McGuire, Haynes Owen, Matthew Fox, Stewart Moore, Cade Thornton, Logan Vick, Stokes Myers, Foster Edwards, Stanford Thombs; Back Row: 
Lucien Brunetti, Daniel Gaw, Mason Skeeters, Ethan Lillly, Ramsay Cole, Campbell Garber, Michael Hoffman, Joseph Moore, Joshua Moore, Cole Williamson, 
William Brown, Zach Ricciardelli, Jack McKinnon, David Roach, Charles Nissen, Collyer Haddock, Andrew Bulgarino 

Varsity Football 

Front Row: Jake Herbstreit, Cooper Maddox, Tye Herbsteit, Cole Crider, Nick Viars, Andrew Sutphin, Cole Turner, Dominic Fisher. Second Row: Hunter Burch, Noah Mendoza, Nasir Cook, 
Hugh Sullivan, Spencer Grohovsky, William Tyrone, David Neal Derocher, Lucien Brunetti. Third Row: Jack Clarke, Jack Silvester, William Wheeler, Sam Dugan, Marc Stanley, Jordan Turks, 
Eric Russ, Turner Stevens, Brenden Harris. Fourth Row: Ike Cravens, Dan McGuire, Nick German, Jake Stumb, Christian Schwartz, Hedges Hayworth, Haynes Owens, Jackson Hannah, 
Kanayo Offidile, Stewart Moore. Fifth Row: Cole Allen, Kendrick Pulce, Cade Thornton, Zak Herbstreit, Patrick Wilk, Matthew Fox, Logan Vick, Stokes Myers, Braden Myers, Foster 
Edwards. Sixth Row: Graham Holzapfel, Stanford Thombs, Ian Hall, John Endom, Jackson Link, Joe Stevens, Zachary Nelson, Mason Skeeters, Ethan Lilly, Daniel Gaw. Seventh Row: 
Ramsay Cole, Cole Carr, Campbell Garber, Micheal Hoffman, Matthew Ulm, Jackson Lampley, Ned Freeland, Joseph Moore, Maxwell Battle, Joshua Meriwether. Eighth Row: William 
Brown, Bo Wilbanks, Zach Ricciardelli, Jack McKinnon, David Roach, Charles Nissen, Jack Gauldin, Colyer Haddock, Cole Williamson, Andrew Bulgarino, Alex Massad. MGRS: Frank Wilk, 
Campbell Cook, Patrick Powell, Jack Edwards, Warner Greene, Zach Thomas 

Ariane Ungurait, Maddie Hogan, Abby Bujdos, Lauren Wittig, Ava Gaccetta, 
Anna Terry, Anna Claire Pritchett, Ashley Browder, Marissa Houff, Libby Claire 
Thomas, Hadley Harrington, Elizabeth Averbuch, Rebecca Fox, Clare Blackburn, 
Anne Carlen Bone, Evie Daniel, Mary Husmann 

Football Cheer 

Front Row: Olivia Klindt, Zora Young, Logan Moore, Nealy Anderson, Kate 
Pittman, Maddie Maradik, Madeline Hughes, Hannah Lund, Cally LinkBack Row: 
McKenzie Cooper, Hannah Britt Campbell, Libby Tarantin, Madeline McGrew, 
Anna Watkins, Melissa King, MacKenzie Higgins, Rawlie Cook, Coco Smith, 
Liliana Morrison, Virginia Wall 

Athletics 183 


nn/ifn' U Up 

The varsity basketball team had an rocky season that was complicated through unprecedented levels of injuries and losing five of their 
squad from last year. Season highlights included big wins over Father Ryan, JPII, and overcoming a ten point deficit in the last tree minutes 
of the first round of the playoffs against Lipscomb. The team was led by Seniors blunter Burch, Joel Elasy, Josiah Francis, Zachary Jackson, 
Ross Johnson, and Flarrison Taylor. The group was resilient all year facing what seemd like constant adversity and never-ending obstacles. 
The growth and improvement of this squad was remarkable, and all the boys learned infinitely valuable life lessons. The future is bright, 
however, as the team's two leading scorers were sophomores and the freshman team won the league championship. Joel Elasy 
(Leadership), Zachary Jackson (Flustle), and sophomore lA/ill Montana (MVP) were the team's award winners at the end of year banquet. 
Also, seniors Zachary Jackson (Rose-Flulman), Ross Johnson (Rhodes), and Flarrison Taylor (Flampden-bydney) will continue their playing 
careers at their respective schools of choice. 

I. Harrison Taylor prepares to post 
up a defender. 2. Ross Johnson 
drives the lane. 3. Joel Elasy readies 
a free throw. 4 . Seniors Zachary 
Jackson, Joshua Meriwether, 
Harrison Taylor, Ross Johnson, 
Josiah Francis, Joel Elasy, and 
Hunter Burch led the team this year. 
5. Ross Johnson takes a tough 

184 Athletics 



After a solid 2017-18 season, the MBA 
varsity bowling program found the going 
tougher after the graduation of two seniors 
(their best bowler and their team captain), 
and finished with a 5-8 regular season that 
culminated in a 9-18 loss to Father Ryan in 
the first round of the Division II Middle 
Region Tournament. While the team might 
have struggled on the scoreboard, the 
program made strides in other ways. With 
16 bowlers, this squad (consisting of 1 
senior, 2 juniors, 5 sophomores, and 8 
freshmen), was the largest in the history of 
the program, and with 15 bowlers who are 
sophomores or younger, the future looks 
promising. Alex Flasse (senior and team 
captain) qualified for his first T55AA State 
Individual Bowling Tournament, finishing 
16th in a highly competitive field. Alex also 
became only the 2nd Big Red Bowler to 
average over 200 pins through a season, 
and bowled both the 10th highest game 
and 5-game series in MBA history. 
Additionally, Alex became the second 
bowler from MBA to be named a finalist for 
the Tennessee Mr. Bowler Award. 
Throughout the season, all members of the 
team embodied the MBA motto of 
Gentleman, Scholar, Athlete. 

I. Junior Landon Cashwell overlooking the 
lanes, preparing for his approach. 2. The team 
celebrates following a tough match. 3. Junior 
John Wallace and Senior Alex Hasse receiving 
their end-of-season rewards. 4- Senior Alex 
Hasse shows off his skills on the lanes. 


Athletics - 185 


MBA's hockey program continued to take 
great strides during the 2018-2019 season. 
The Varsity squad, led by captains Matthew 
Haley and alternative captains Brandon 
MacDonald-Surman, John Dinkins, Alston 
Aron, had a very successful season which 
included a deep run into the grueling playoff 
battle for the Predators Cup. highlights 
during this run included big wins over Father 
Ryan, Independence, and Brentwood. 
Though they ultimately fell to Hendersonville 
in a shootout, the squad fought tough all 
year long. Varsity Hockey team finished the 
season 19-4-1, and reached the semifinals 
of the Predators Cup Playoffs. Selected for 
0MA5H league all-star were seniors Matthew 
Haley and Brandon MacDonald-Surman, 
sophomore Luke Haley, and freshman Tyler 
Laub. Junior Alston Aron was also invited but 
could not play in the game. MacDonald- 
Surman was also selected for The 
Tennessean's All-Midstate 2019 hockey 
team. Our Wallace School of MBA JV team 
finished undefeated (10-0-2) and won the 
league championship for the second year in 
a row. 


I. Ty Harden skates his way to intercept a 
pass. 2. Freshman Ryan Schmadtke plans his 
next move. 3. Coach Kovick with MBA’s 2019 
All-Stars (L to R) Matthew Haley, Tyler Laub, 
Brandon MacDonald-Surman, and Luke Haley 
and 4- Coach Raines encouraging Freshman 
goalie Jack Moschel 5. Brothers Luke and 
Matthew Haley catch their breath between 
periods. 6. Coach Kovick fires up the squad 
pre-game at Ford Ice Center. 

186 Athletics - 

Swim and Dive 

trf- du n && 

The varsity swimming & diving team finished the 
dual-meet season 3-1. Forty of the team's forty-two 
athletes qualified for the MTH55A regional 
championship, making MBA the best represented 
men's team at the Regional meet. At Regionals, the 
team's divers led a very competitive team effort, 
sweeping the top three places in the 1-meter event 
for the second year in a row. 

At the TI5CA State Championship, the Big Red 
were powered to a ninth-place finish by excellent 
diving and strong relay performances. MBA's sixteen 
State qualifiers comprised the school's largest State 
team in the past six years. Two Sea Dogs earned 
post-season accolades: George Mabry was named 
to the Second Team All Region by the MTM55A for 
his performances at the regional championship, and 
Will Nahley was honored as Middle Tennessee's Male 
Diver of the Year. Nahley was also named to the 
Tennessean's First Team All Mid-State and was 
additionally chosen by the paper as a finalist for 
Men's Swimmer/Diver of the Year. 

The team's success this year would not have 
been possible without the leadership of its 
dedicated seniors, including four-year letter-winners 
Will Nahley, Brandon Hall, Marshall Summar, and co¬ 
captains Joe Owens and Jackson Lyell. 

1. Senior Brandon Hall swimming butterfly at Regionals. 

2 . Sophomore Turner Kirkland warming up on the 1- 
meter board. 3. Junior Patrick Powell on I-meter. 4- Jack 
Flanagan, Tripp Chamblin, and Thomas Miller behind 
the blocks for the medley relay at Regions. 5. Thomas 
Miller, Jack Flanagan, George Mabry, and Tripp 
Chamblin on the awards podium to celebrate their Sixth- 
place finish in the 4x100 freestyle relay in the State final. 

Athletics - Sm+m &nd Vdud 187 


'&n ti 

Dan Gable said: "Once you've wrestled, 
everything else in life is easy." The MBA 
wrestling team clearly demonstrated the 
truth of this quote throughout its season. 
They demonstrated the strength of body, 
mind, and soul required for success on the 
mat. The team was led by seniors Dominic 
Fisher, Blake Andrews, Doug Gaw, and Will 
Caver. Juniors Eric Russ, Robby Barnes, Dan 
McCguire, and Will higgins also played big 
leadership roles. The Big Red sent 9 
wrestlers to the T55AA State Individual Meet 
where the team would finish 5th in the state. 
MBA placed seven wrestlers, Dominic Fisher, 
Dan McGuire, Blake Andrews, Frank Perazzini, 
Will Fliggins, Adam Garfinkel, and Robbie 
Barnes. Dominic Fisher placed second in 
state. The boys enjoyed great success 
throughout the season and the were able to 
learn a lot from their senior leaders. The 
wrestling program looks to continue growing 
in years to come and enjoy much more 

I. Dominic Fisher lifting and dominating the Ryan wrestler on his way to a pin. 2. Robby Barnes 
getting ready to score. 3. Blake Andrews going for a pin. 4- Doug Gaw applying the half. 

188 Athletics - 



Freshman Basketball 

Team Roster: Arthur Bennett, Nicky Bennett, Max Bertani, Jack Coode, 
Kayman Cooke, Eli Davis, Ryan DeCoster, Jackson Francis, Ingram Hitt, 
Harrison Jackson, Grayson Morgan, Maxwell Potts, Marcel Reed 

Varsity Basketball 

Front Row: Jackson Francis, Hunter Burch, Joel Elasy, Joshua Meriwether, 
Harrison Taylor, Ross Johnson, Zachary Jackson, Josiah Francis, Harrison 
Hitt; Back Row: Cole Carr, Ned Freeland, Mcgavock Cooper, Grayson 
Morgan, William Roberts, Will Montana, Miles Versa 

Varsity Bowling 

Front Row: Devan Durret, McConnico Sharpe, TJ Bradley, Paul McGinn, 
Landon Cashwell, Yadev Surati, Cabe Tachek; Back Row: Zach Rutter, 
Will Renkis, Charlie Hansen, Flynn McRae, Alexander Hasse, John 
Wallace, Will Coulthard, Jack Roberts; Not Pictured: Breckenridge 

190 Athletics 

JV Basketball 

Team Roster: Cole Allen, Maxwell Battle, Arthur Bennett, Nicky Bennett, 
Lucien Brunetti, Kayman Cooke, Max Dillon, Andrew Ditto, Jackson 
Francis, Daniel Gaw, Luke Jackson, Grayson Morgan, Mark Pyburn, 
Marcel Reed 


Basketball Cheer 

Front Row: Olivia Klindt, Emma Clark Luster, Kiley Tarantin, Sarah 
Margaret Burns; Back Row: Madaline Shell, Christina Zua, Weatherly 
Spence, Isabella Thomas, Falcon Hudson, Victoria Donato, Sinclair 
Walker Not Pictured: Isabella Gibson 

Wallace School of MBA Hockey 

Edwin Bass, Frank Bass, Aiden Becker, Luke Bernatavitz, Bennett Blackwell, 
Wesley Carlton, Emmett Casteel, Henry Caver, Breckenridge Curnutte, Michael I 
Dattilo, Otis Ditenhafer, Walt Dobson, Alex Dube, Avery Estopinal, Ben Galanter, I 
Jack Gauldin, Cooper Greene, Lee Guy, Charlie Hansen, Ty Harden, Hank Healy, 
Edward Herlitzka, Robert Holliday, Jack Hood, Jonah Husmann, Cameron 
Jacobson, Caleb Kirkland, Henry Krumm, Creighton Laub, Marcus Le, Evan 
Lindsey, Larson Looney, Nick Nola, Grant Pinson, Grame Rutter, Zach Rutter, 
Ryan Schmadtke, Evan Smith, Eli Stark, Andrew Sutphin, William Wheeler, 
Hunter James, Trey Wieck, Gray Williams 

Varsity Hockey 

Front: Ryan Schmadtke, Marcus Le, Ty Harden, Creighton Laub, Matthew 
Thayer, Tyler Laub, Luke Haley Middle: Otis Ditenhafer, Jack Moschel, Ben 
Lindsey, Alston Aron, John Dinkins, Nick Nola, Luke Bernatavitz Back: 
William Myers, William Petroni, Cameron Jacobson, Matthew Haley, 
Brandon MacDonald Surman, Brennan Roach, Charlie Mason, Will Morrison 
Not Pictured: Frank Bass, Sebastian Cigarran, Henry Hylbert 

Wrestling Cheer 

Top row : Meredith Remke, Rosie Ribble, Maria Davis; Middle row: 
Abby Erickson , Ellie Burke, Nia Curry, Kate Ramming, Lilli Jordan, 
Emma Ramming 
Bottom: Kaitlyn Cheatham 

Varsity Swim and Dive 

Front Row: Jackson Pickett, Harrison Mabry, Ian Durelli, Joshua Mi, Bill 
Ouyang, Hubbard Wiel, Tripp Chamblin, Noah Wisniewski, Patrick 
Powell, George Mabry, Jack McKennon; Middle Row: Joseph Dattilo, Jace 
Breeden, Noah Rosdeutscher, Norris Orndorff, Clay Crawford, James 
Kinard, Colin Tang, Alex Wang, Clay Crews, Elliott Nahmias, John 
Moore, Marc Stanley; Back Row: Jonathan Brown, Asher Maxwell, Reid 
Ragsdale, Peter Minkoff, Brandon Hall, Marshall Summar, Joe Owens, 
Jackson Lyell, Gibby Gibson, Alex Ray, Will Huizinga, Joe Grant; Not 
Pictured: Jack Flanagan, Turner Kirkland, David Koziak, Lee Loving, Elliot 
Lyell, Thomas Miller, Will Nahley, Thomas Peterson, Hagen Tyrone 

Varsity Wrestling 

Front Rwo: Roman Urbanczyk, Henry Ribble, Mac Russ, Alex Allen, 
Frank Perazzini, Will Higgins, Carson Potter, Adam Garfinkel; Middle 
Row: Rylan Schroeder, Will Caver, Blake Andrews, Matthew Hyde, 
Samuel Hanrahan, Robby Barnes, Zach Ricciardelli, Will Burke, Austin 
Murphy; Back Row: Dan McGuire, Simon Buenahora, Doug Gaw, Eric 
Russ, Joe Moore, Ramiz Barbie, Mason Skeeters, Dominic Fisher, Ethan 
Lilly; Not Pictured: Jack Marro and Brantley Golczynski 

Athletics 191 


frn -d 

The 2019 MBA Varsity Baseball Team had a 
great start to their season, winning three 
games in Orlando against elite talent while 
having great bonding time for the team. 
During the season the Big Red had big series 
wins over JPII, Lipscomb, and Brentwood 
Academy. The Big Red would finish the 
season with an 18-17 record led by seniors 
Cole Crider, William Btewardt, Blake 
Kirchenbaeur, Joseph Perazzini, Brenden 
Harris, Grant Ellison, and Christian Bchwartz. 
After receiving the five seed, the team beat 
rival BA in a three game playoff series that 
ended in a walk off bunt by Tripper Capps. 
Badly, the Big Red lost to Christian Brothers 
in Memphis in the second round of the 
playoffs ending the season. While the team 
will miss the seniors, the Big Red look to 
bounce back with lots of young talent next 

I. Cole Crider winds up a fast ball 2. William Stewart prepares to strike out the opponent 3. Jack 
McKennon stares down the pitcher 3. Graham Holzapfel focuses on the pitch 5. Samuel Kirkpatrick 
locked in on the pitcher 

192 Athletics - 




The lacrosse team had one of the best seasons in the programs history, finishing off the year with a 12-2 record. The 
team started off the season well by beating a good out-of-state Trinity team 1Z-9, and went on to solidify its dominance over 
the Nashville area by beating BH5 17-3, Ravenwood 11-6, Franklin 17-3, and JPII 15-2. Despite the great out-of-league 
performance by the team, their greatest success came from their league play. Beating Father Ryan 23-1, Baylor 14-3, CBN5 
13-5, and MU5 12-0, the team was only defeated by a talented Mccallie team, clinching them the second seed for the 
playoffs. Determined to succeed, the team was able to come from behind to beat MU5 10-8 in the semifinals, and then went 
on to win the first state championship in 13 years with a 9-8 victory against CBFI5. The team was lead in points by Stephen 
Avery, Steven Mason, and William Tyrone, and the dominant faceoff work by senior Garrett Murphy helped propel them to 
victory. This team also had one of the best defenses in MBA history thanks to the work of long poles Noah Mendoza, Peyton 
Brien, and Braden Myers, and the fantastic goalkeeping of Chris Tarquinio. 

!. The team celebrating after a big win in the 
State Championship. 2. Garrett Murphy 
winning a faceoff. 3. William Tyrone preparing 
to dodge to the goal. 4 ■ Steven Mason in his 
natural habitat. 

Athletics - 193 


The MBA Boccer team had another successful 
season. Under the leadership of seniors henry 
hylbert, Luhe Bernatavitz, and Walker Dillard. 
The team finished the year with an overall 
record of 14-5-1 and an impressive 3:1 goals 
for and against ratio. Despite a season plagued 
with injuries, ty earned wins over Brentwood 
Academy, Ensworth, and Lipscomb allowed the 
Big Red to secure the number four seed in the 
division for the 5tate Tournament. In the first 
round of the playoffs, the team beat Ensworth 
7-0. The squad continued its success in the 
second round of the playoffs to beat Baylor in 
Chattanooga by a score of 3-0. In the third 
round, the team pulled off a comeback 2-1 win 
over an undefeated Christian Brothers team. In 
the State Championship, the team fell short 
against McCallie. This season marks the fifth 
trophy in seven years for Head Coach Giles 
Cheevers. With seven of the starting eleven in 
their sophomore year or younger, the team 
looks forward to strong squads in the years to 

I. Henry Hylbert towers above the competition to win 
the header. 2. Walker Dillard coasts to the corner after 
scoring against Franklin. 3. Richie Akatue takes control 
of the ball at midfield. 4- Brycen Brown advances the 
ball. 4- The team celebrates a huge goal against McCallie 
with the student section. 

194 Athletics- 


fn && fcpifo 

MBA's tennis team was led by Seniors Reed 
Campbell, Hugh Graham, Mchael Nelson, and 
Nikhil Peterson. The squad had an exciting 
year that found them finish as the runner-up 
team at state. To get there, they put on 
quite a show coming back from a 3-1 hole in 
the state semis. Hugh 5ullivan, Richard 
Cummins, and Sims Lance carried the 
"Comeback Kids" to an exciting victory that 
was unquestionably the highlight of the 
season. The tennis program as a whole 
enjoyed string growth over the course of the 
year. The Carter Invitational Tournament was 
once again a phenomenal success, with a 
plethora of students and teachers coming 
out to show their support for the boys. On 
the individual side of things, Baylor Sai won 
his quarterfinal, semifinal and championship 
matches in straight sets to become Division 
ll-AA singles state champion, and was also 
honored as a National Nigh School All- 
American. It was an excellent year for the 
team, with plenty of brightness ahead in the 

I. Hugh Graham admires a killer shot. 2. Nikhil 
Peterson wins a point. 3. The squad pumps 
each other up before a match. 4. State 
Champion Baylor Sai shows off his newly 
earned hardware. 5. Seniors Hugh Graham, 
Michael Nelson, Nikhil Peterson, and Reed 
Campbell led the team. 6. Doubles partners 
Sims Lance and Michael Nelson shake hands 
with their vanquished opponents. 

Athletics - 195 

Track and Field 

The Big Red track team dominated in all 
meets leading up to regionals and state. With 
easy wins in the 4x200 and other events the 
runners won the City Meet. Boon after the 
City Meet the Big Red participated in 
regionals where they took on BA, Ensworth 
and other strong teams. The Big Red won 
the 4x100, 4x200, and the 4x400 meter 
races. The 4x200 team made up by Bam 
Dugan, Hugh Bullivan, Tye Merbstreit, and 
Mas Cook set a new record time for the 
regional meet. Graham Ragsdale also set the 
city record for the 800m race. After regionals 
it was time for the Big Red runners to take 
on the Btate Track Meet.ln the state meet, all 
seniors in the meet won at least one state 
championship, as MBA won more than half of 
the running events, including a never before 
accomplishment of winning all four relay 
events. Winning state championships were: 
John Curry in the 110m high hurdles and 
300m intermediate hurdles; John Hyde in 
the 800m, 4x100m relay of Jack McKennon, 
Tye Merbstreit, Tye Merbstreit, and Mas Cook; 
4x200m relay of Bullivan, Dugan, Tye 
Merbstreit and Cook; 4x400m relay of William 
Wheeler, Curry, Tye Merbstreit, and Dugan; 
and the 4x800m relay of Bode Begers, Kiran 
Peterson, Myde, and Ragsdale. 

I. John Hyde participates in the 4 x 800 
diostance relay. 2. Hugh Sullivan, Tye 
Herbstreit, Sam Dugan and Nas Cook after 
4x200. 3. Kiran Petersan mid race keeps a grip 
on the baton. 4 . John Curry conquering the 
hurtles. 5. Graham Ragsdale finishing strong. 6. 
the relay team of Bode Segers, Kiran Peterson, 
John Hyde, and Graham Ragsdale don their 
new medals for the camera. 

196 Athletics - tt-nd T^tddd 


M ^ 



i§,\ Jmm 

U * 

K as 


* \ ■ 

i JH 

The MBA Shotgun team lettered twenty-seven 
shooters this season, went undefeated in 
head-to-head competition, and brought home 
a 3rd place finish in the TN5CTP International 
Style State Championship, two shots out of 
1st. The team finished the season in June, 
shooting in the TN5CTP Region Championship 
the weekend after graduation, and the TN5CTP 
State Championship June 18-22. The team 
competed in Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays 
disciplines, and represented the Big Red well 
against some of the best teams in the nation. 
Ryan Johnston, Clay Crews, Tripp Chamblin, 
and Morris Orndorff competed in the USA 
Shooting Junior Olympic Shotgun National 
Championship in Colorado Springs June 9-12. 
Tripp finished tied for 23rd, Clay finished tied 
for 30th, Morris finished 33rd, and Ryan 
finished tied for 36th in the nation. Earning 
individual awards this season were William 
Barton - Most Improved; Jack Manning - Young 
Cun; Alex Ray, Clay Crews, Tripp Chamblin - 
Coaches Awards; and Matthew Maley - Top Gun. 
In Trap, shooting a perfect round is the 
ultimate accomplishment. This season, seven 
shooters have turned in twenty-three perfect 
rounds. Congratulations to Doug Gaw, Alex 
Ray, Will Brownie, Tripp Chamblin, Clay Crews, 
Jack Edwards, and Jack Manning. 


I. Matthew Haley and the team practice on the bunker at Nashville Gun Club ahead of the Juniorl 
Olympic State Championship. 2. The squad strikes a pose. 3. Doug Gaw takes his shots from I 
station 4 in a round of Skeet during the TNSCTP Region Championship while squad members John 
Dinkins, Alex Ray, Clay Crews, Jack Manning, and Will Brownie look on. 4- MBA shooters at work 
on a beautiful day. 5. Jack Manning shows off his precision to Will Brownie and Avery Estopinal. 

Athletics - 197 


The Climbing team is one of MBA's newest and most original athletic groups. Throughout the year, the team practices at Climb 
Nashville, a state of the art facility on Charlotte Avenue which has over 16,000 square feet of climbing walls. Through this 
rigorous practice, the team built up its strength and took that experience with them to Long Mountain, where they have been 
taking advantage of the beautiful and challenging natural wall, as well as to other beautiful locales, and even Nashville climbing 
competitions! This year, Coach Bmyth led the team to a second place finish in the Climb Nashville Top Rope league and a First 
place championship in the Climb Nashville Bouldering League. This success ensures that MBA's Climbing program will continue 
to reach for the clouds in the years ahead. 

1. Senior Clark Kaminsky scales the wall at 
Climb Nashville. 2. The climbing team has 
no fear of heights. 3. The squad poses before 
a beautiful vista at Foster Falls with Coach 
Matt Smyth, Peter Fennell, Cage Parrish, 
Parker Bowling, Evan Williams, Will Brownie. 
4. The boys get the ropes ready for their 


198 Athletics - 


Varsity Baseball 

Front Row: Christian Schwartz, Sam Kirkpatrick, Harrison Hitt, Grant Ellison, 
Graham Holzapfel, Jack McKennon, Mark Pyburn, Blake Kirchenbauer, Jacob 
Hanai; Back Row: Cole Crider, Brenden Harris, Joe Perazzini, Tripper Capps, Peter 
Minkoff, Brennan Roach, Wylie Ritter, Jack Silvester, Dorn Alloco, William 
Stewart: Not Pictured: Jake Stumb 

JV Baseball - City Champions 

Head Coach: Shawn Malone, Asst. Coaches: Casey Cook & Ross Poetier, Arthur 
Bennett, Nicky Bennett, Paul Butts, Kayman Cooke, Ethan Dallas, Matthew 
Duke, Bert Echols , Swope Flemming, Khol Hedgepath, Ingram Hitt, William 
Holleman, Dustin Lee, Bennett MacCurdy, Carson Mire, Billy Morris, Peyton 
Phillips, Coleman Roddey, Travis Swafford, Jack Kim, Landon Rucker, Max Dillon 

Varsity Lacrosse 

Front Row: Cole Allen, Luke Mryncza, Michael Spellman, Jack Clarke, Liam 
Huber, Spencer Grohovsky, Cole Turner, Garrett Murphy: Middle Row: Ramsay 
Cole, Noah Mendoza, Stokes Myers, Braden Myers, Jackson Link, Steven Mason, 
Peyton Brien: Back Row: Max Speers, Mario Arcari, Stanford Thombs, Hedges 
Hayworth, Cade Thornton, Clay Overholt, Stephen Avery, William Roberts, 
William Tyrone, Chris Tarquinio, Ian Hall, Jack Larish 

JV Lacrosse 

Team Roster: Harrison Mabry, Hubbard Wiel, Pierce Hill, Bix Beavers, 
Brice Perkerson, Cabot Hyde, Frank Bass, Jacob Huizinga, Rhett Hayles, 
Sam Bartholomew,Takis Patikas, Warner Greene, William Huber, Alex 
Robertson, Andrew Lentchner, Elliot Lyell, Foster Edwards, Gaits Buntin, 
John Crawford, Jack Keller 


Front Row: Coach Byrd, Jack Smartt, Kinton Lewis, Scott Wallace, Reed 
Campbell, David Han, Sam Elasy, Eman Barrett, Anson Anderson, Baylor 
Sai, Foster Pierce; Back Row: Brain Graves, Nikhil Peterson, Eli Archer, 
Richard Cummins, Patrick Pergande, Michael Nelson, Sims Lance, Peyton 
Green, Hugh Graham, Andrew Ditto, Coach Davidson 

Front Row: Dawson Atnip, Will Crawford, Rasheed Sarieh, Hogan ^ 
Walker, Ross Walker, George Bull, Brycen Brown, Owen Albright, Diego | 
Escobar, Zach Garfinkel; Back Row: Brown Payne, Luke McSween, 
Andrew Robertson, Luke Bernatavitz, Eli Kampine, Walker Dillard, Brody 
Snell, Wren Jacobs, Thomas Taro, Quinn Kunath, Ian Bernatavitz, Richie 
Akatue, Henry Hylbert 

200 Athletics 

JV Soccer 

Front Row: Diego Escobar, Dawson Atnip, Camden Slinger, Joseph 
Bellardo, Braden Zeigler, Max Scheele, Cooper Rzasnicki, Sebastian 
Garcia, J.C. Gardner; Back Row (from left): Henry Neck, Coach 
Lawrence, Dhruv Chandra, Andrew Robertson, Will Crawford, Zach 
Brown, Ben McSween, Brown Payne, William Lummus, Owen Albright, 
Man Paez, Ben Harris, Coach Markham 


Front Row: Luke Haley, Norris Orndorff, Jack Edwards, Will Higgins, Jack 
Manning, Charlie Graves, Avery Estopinal, Matthew Thayer, Clay Crews, 
Tripp Chamblin; Back Row: Ryan Johnston, Alex Ray, Cole Carr, Dominic 
Fisher, John Dinkins, Walt Dobson, Joe Stevens, Matthew Haley, Doug 
Gaw, Cooper Maddox, Jackson Lampley, William Barton, Luke Boyer, 
Robby Barnes; Not Pictured: Will Brownie, Jackson Hannah, Connor 

Track and Field 

Row I: Braden Beach, Kanayo Offodile, Nick German, Maxwell Battle, Jack Gauldin, Alex Allen, Devan Durrett, Chuma Offodile, Eli Davis, TJ 
Bradley, Matthew Hyde, Adam Wang; Row 2: Benjamin Sensing, Matthew Kaplan, Caleb Tolbert, Jordan Turks, Bo Wilbanks, Tate Dillon, Hall 
Griffith, John Hyde, Kiran Peterson, Grayson Adams, Bode Segars, Connor Steanson, Will Brown, William Rogers; Row 3: Matthew Fox, Turner 
Stevens, TJ Terrell, Ike Cravens, Quinn Trabue, Cole Williamson, Eric Russ, Marc Stanley, Will Huizinga, Joshua Moore, Zach Ricciardelli, John 
Powers, Jackson Talent; Row 4: Sam Dugan, Hugh Sullivan, Graham Ragsdale, John Curry, Sam Nissen, William Gu, Luca Cmelak, McGavock 
Cooper, James Kinard, Harrison Holman, John Wright Resting, John Endom, Sjef Quaedvlieg, Max Watts 

Athletics 201 


Athletic Signings 

CTtt^yy 20 

Peyton Brien - - Rhodes College 

Charlie Buffkin - - Samford University 

Cole Crider - TkwT & a/O - Middlebury College 
John Curry - 7 ^ nm >& - Morehouse College 
Sam Dugan - - Washington and Lee University 

Dominic Fisher - - Merchant Marine Academy 

Nick German - 7 ^ 26^22 - Centre College 
Hugh Graham - - Sewanee - The University of the South 

Jackson Hannah - - University of Nebraska 

Brenden Harris - 72 m /& 2&22 - Rose Hulman Institute of Technology 

Jake Herbstreit - TantOa // - Preferred Walk on at Clemson University 
Tye Herbstreit - 7 ^ 22^22 - Preferred Walk on at Clemson University 
Zachary Jackson - 7 lm 2 & 22&22 - Rose Hulman Institute of Technology 
Ross Johnson - 72 &< s 2 & 22&22 - Rhodes College 
Jackson Lampley - 76 tt 77 - University of Tennessee 

Josh Meriwether - 2 $ p 22 a 77 - Tufts University 
Braden Myers - 72 ^ 22^22 - Weslyan University 

William Stewart - * Bm & 2 tt 22 - University of Richmond 
Chris Tarquinio - - Rhodes College 

Harrison Taylor - * B &< s 2 & 22&22 - Hampton-Sydney College 

Clubs and Organizations 



Clubs Focusing 

t> tt rf& ffpt a 

MBA offers a variety of clubs for those 
students who wish to go further than the 
minimum requirement academically. These 
clubs offer students an opportunity to continue 
their study of traditional subject that are 
covered in classes at MBA (i.e the History Club, 
the Classics Club, etc.), or look into a field that 
is untouched by MBA's standard curriculum 
(Philosophy Club, Btock Market Club, 
Astronomy Club). These clubs meet 
throughout the year to have discussions, hear 
from speakers, and receive hands on 
experience in the field covered by the club. 
This year clubs hosted events during break and 
also after school and on the weekends to bring 
students together through shared interests. 
Through participation in these clubs students 
are able to truly get the most out of their MBA 
experience, further preparing them for life after 
they leave the Hill. 

I. First Semester Stock Marcket Club Front Row: Pete 
Rowlett, Bill Ouyang, Spencer Grohovsky, Henry Neck, 
Darin Hall, Michael Spellman, Dhruv Chandra; Back Row: 
William Petroni, Brandon MacDonald Surman, Cameron 
Jacobson, Nikhil Peterson, Michael Nelson, Joseph 
Perazzini, Sponsor Mr. Ray West (Not in the picture, but 
Faculty Sponsor Mr. Tillman). 2. Joseph Dattilo 
demonstrates his skills while recruiting for the Drone 
Club. 3. Second Semester Stock Market Club: Front Row: 
Bill Ouyang, Joseph Bellardo, Darin Hall, Spencer 
Klassen, Foster Pierce; Middle Row: Billy Jones, Ryan 
Schmadtke, Austin Murphy, Gene Herrmann, Jack 
Roberts; Back Row: Eric Saul, Walker Green, Ross 
Johnson, Sims Lance, Club Advisor Mr. Ray West (Busy 
taking the picture: Faculty Sponsor Mr. Tillman). 4- Sam 
Funk, Jack Rankin and Doug Gaw show off their political 
swag with club moderator, Mr. Bernatavitz. 

206 Clubs & Organizations - tfeademi ? 

Hr «Y 



■' i in 

1 r ■ ■» 

■ JH 



5. The learning moved out of the biology classroom to the garden for these emerging gardeners and scientists. 6.Groups from MBA and Harpeth Hall 
gathered throughout the year at special dinners to discuss everything from religion to politics. 7. Sam Funk and Frank Wilk work the polling table 
during the mock election prior to the November election which included the race for the Senate. 8. Students from different history classes gathered 
together to plant trees. 

Clubs & Organizations - 207 


Each year academics move from the classroom onto the 
competition floor. Through programs including Envirothon, 
Science Olympiad, MathCounts, Junior Classical League, and 
Robotics, students can match their shills against those from 
other schools. Envirothon is a national level competition where 
teams answer questions about forestry, wildlife, aquatics, soils, 
and a special topic. Participants will cultivate a broad knowledge 
of these topics through outdoor field experience and individual 
study. The MBA Envirothon team is very competitive and has 
won multiple regional titles and a state championship with a trip 
to the national level competition. This years Envirothon team 
included Walker Byrd, Bam DeCoster, Mickey Kelly, Brandon 
Lewis, and Reagan Bparks. After a tough day one they were in 
third with 13 points separating the top 5 teams. After two days, 
MBA finished 3rd getting 554.67/ 700. 

This year MBA competed in the Science Olympiad Regional 
Tournament at T5U. The Division C (9-12 grade) team finished 
3rd in their competition, winning 6 events and medaling in 18 
out of 23, while the Division B (7-9 grade) team finished 1st, 
winning 9 events and medaling in 22 out of 23. Both teams 
qualified for the State Tournament held at UTK. Mathcounts did 
very well this year. Using there algebrains to take home gold and 
silver in the MathCounts competition. The team also captured 
the 17th city championship as well as finishing second in the 
state. The Junior Classical League competed against other 
Tennessee schools in all things Classical at the Mid-State 
competition held at Hume-Eogg. The group needed a chariot to 
bring home all their awards. 

I. The top MBA team of Sam DeCoster, Mickey Kelly, Walker 
Byrd, Reagan Sparks, and Brandon Lewis celebrates its 1st Place 
finish in the Regional Envirothon competition. 2. The entire MBA 
Envirothon team at the regional competition. 3. Junior Classical 
League, Zach Brown, Andrew Bulgarino, Dhruv Chandra, Simon 
Cian, Cameron Kinser, Gabe Lett, Niles Meltesen, Andy Nunn, 
Henry Pitt, Reid Ragsdale, Adam Wang, and Alex Wang with Ms. 

Ellery and Mr. Stewart at the State JCL Competition. 4- The MBA I 
Math Counts team members Alex Wang, Quinlan Stewart, Reid ® 
Groomes, and Henry Pitt poses for a picture with coach Mrs. Qian 
following its 2nd Place finish in the state. 

208 Clubs & Organizations - e fiv n j. 


5. MBA’s Junior Classical League club 
poses for a photo showing all of their 
spoils from the Mid-State competition this 
spring. 6. The Envirothon team celebrates 
their strong finish. 7. Simon Cian, Andy 
Nunn, Cameron Kinser, and Niles 
Meltesen brought home the Tennessee 
Junior Classical League’s State 
Championship in Novice Certamen. 8. 
MBA’s robotics team makes some tweaks 
to their robot during competition. 9. 
Senior Brandon Hall and junior Pete 
Rowlett carry the robot onto the platform 
to maneuver through the course. 10. The 
MBA MATHCOUNTS team won the 17th 
City Championship. 

Clubs & Organizations - Cf c & rfe - mi-c C & ns 209 


&n C-&mu-u- 'P 

There a many clubs to choose from on campus, no matter what 
your interests may be. This is especially true in the area of 
creativity. Clubs such as Big Red Boradcasting, Big Red Rocks, 
and Endada allow students to take on a variety of creative 
projects and roles throughout campus. Students have 
opportunities to lead the way with Endada and Big Red 
Broadcasting by being the ones responsible for the events from 
start to finish. There are also opportunities to join already 
established programs such as Photography Club, Big Red Rocks, 
and working on the staging theater productions. This variety of 
groups also includes the thespians that take the stage for 
musicals, plays, and one-acts throughout the year. This group is 
also responsible for the annual Bhakespeare-a-thon which raises 
funds to support the Nashville Shakespeare Festival and Endada. 
This year also saw the addition of a Digital Media Club which 
works with students on introducing them to a variety of computer 
software to create artwork. Each year this variety of clubs adds to 
the variety of campus activities to engage the right side of the 
brain for each MBA student. 

I. Hugh Sullivan readies the camera for the next Big Red Broadcast. 
Hugh worked the broadcast for each basketball and hockey game 
this year. 2. Mr. Woolwine signs students up to help with the many 
productions on campus. 3. Big Red Rocks adds the soundtrack of 
the Carnival with their harmonies. 4- Harrison Steanson and Jason 
Zhu perform during the Homecoming halftime show. 

210 Clubs & Organizations - Cnea five 

5. In addition to creating artwork Felix 
Arwen also served as the President of the 
Photography Club this year. 6. The Endada 
planning team of Campbell Cook, Aidan 
Niswender, Brown Payne, and Webb Hunt 
work on planning back in September for the 
April event. 7. Jason Zhu is getting people 
signed up for the Jazz Club. 8. William 
Barton and Sam Dugan use their best 
announcer voices for the Big Red 
Broadcasting. 9. Ben Wood not only 
performs at Cellophony, he was also the 
director of the event this year. 10. Students 
in the newly formed Digital Media Club 
worked with a number of different design 
programs this spring. 11. As the backbones 
of Endada, Ms. Holifield and Campbell Cook 
look to recruit new members to the Endada 

Clubs & Organizations - Cnea five 211 

MBA Debate 

Unsurprisingly, the debate team had another 
outstanding season this year. With multiple 
teams finishing in top places, the debate 
team continued their dominance from past 
years. Debaters Aden Barton and Julian 
ftabermann were crowned the top debating 
pair in the country, bringing further glory to 
MBA's already stellar debate program. The 
team won multiple tournaments around the 
country including the 64th Barhley Forum for 
high Schools at Emory, the (MDCA) National 
Championship in Chicago, and the invitational 
at UC Berkeley just to name a few. Julian 
Nabermann also received the 2019 Julia 
Burke Award for Character and Excellence in 
National Policy Debate. Though the team is 
losing seniors like Atticus Glenn and Julian 
Nabermann next year, all MBA students are 
looking forward to the success of the team 
next year, with returning debaters like 
Thomas Zeuthen and Aden Barton sure to 
continue the strong debate legacy at 
Montgomery Bell Academy. 

I. Aden Barton and Julian Habermann show off 
the 2019 NDCA National Championship. 2. 
The team getting much needed relaxation and 
sustenance for the next round. 3. The team 
cheesin’ for the camera. 4- Sam Funk, just 
minutes after his last debate helps his 
teammates get ready for their next outing. 5. 
The teammates prepare themselves wherever 
they have access to their computers and the 
internet. 6. Julian and Aden in their last minute 
preparations for the NDCA National 

212 Clubs and Organizations - 

Mock Trial 

CtittV S in t&e Co u n fn o & m 

The 20182019 MBA Mock Trial team fell short of its 
goal of a third state championship in four years, but 
had several highlights. In September, their largest 
team ever competed at the Empire Mock Trial 
invitational tournament held in Atlanta, Georgia. 
Seniors James Minor, John Curry; juniors Aden 
Barton, Matthew Kaplan, Zach Brown, John Wallace; 
and sophomores Alex Wang, Ashwin Jain, Cooper 
Rzasnicki, Joseph Bellardo, Luke Morad, Sam 
Bartholomew, Scott Wallace, Thomas Peterson, 
Tuneer Ghosh, and William Rogers competed in a 
field of over SO schools from around the country 
and one team that traveled from South Korea. MBA 
defeated perennial state champions of Alabama and 
Georgia, while splitting ballots with Skyline high 
School, and falling in the fourth round to Eranklin 
high School (Md.). MBA finished eighth (our best 
result to date) and junior Aden Barton was 
recognized as one of the top attorneys. In February, 
MBA sent two teams to compete at the Davidson 
County high School Mock Trial competition: seniors 
Joseph Perazzinni and Caleb Tolbert; juniors Aden 
Barton, Matthew Kaplan, Zach Brown, Matt Hawkins, 
Spencer Grohovsky, Stewart Moore, and Pete 
Rowlett; sophomores Tuneer Ghosh, Ashwin Jain, 
C.M. henry, Stanford Thombs, Sam Meacham, Luke 
Morad, Scott Wallace, Sam Bartholomew, Joseph 
Bellardo, Cooper Rzasnicki, and William Rogers; and 
freshman Jack Coode. Both teams finished the 
competition tied for first with a record of 51 with 
victories over local rivals Narpeth hall and USN. 
Tiebreaker rules precluded either team from 
advancing to the state competition. 

I. John Curry, Ashwin Jain, Matthew Kaplan, and Aden 
I Barton have a discussion discuss their upcoming 
| strategy. 2. Junior Aden Barton presents his case. 3. 
Sophomore Ashwin Jain argues his point. 4- Group 
picture of the whole Mock Trial Team. 5. The rest of the 
Mock Trial observes from the gallery while Aden Barton 
gives his closing argument. 

Clubs And Organizations - Tw#/ 213 

Recognizing Students Through 


Of the numerous awards students can receive during their time at MBA, induction into one of the school's many honor 
societies is considered one of the most prestigious. When new students are inducted into these societies, the entire student 
body wears coat-and-tie to mark the significance of the induction ceremony. As new inductees are presented in assembly the 
student body warmly recognizes their accomplishments. Each of these honor societies has a specific purpose to their charter 
which is recognized within the MBA community. The MLK Society, recognizes students who have dedicated themselves to 
service and giving back to the Nashville community. The Cum Laude Society recognizes students based on academic 
achievement as well as faculty and staff members who have made specific contributions to their field. The most 
encompassing society is Totomoi, membership into which is determined by a combination of academic success, 
extracurricular participation and commitment, and dedication to service. Totomoi has two inductions each year with the 
society welcoming students and community members each fall and spring. Each of these distinct groups holds a place of 
honor on MBA's campus. 

I. The spring Totomoi class of inductees we 
Aidan Niswender, Joel Elasy, Campbell Cook, 

Dr. Neergaard, Mr. Barclay, Mrs. Qian, Zach 
Brown, Aden Barton, and Pete Rowlett. 2. M 
Lucas Pao gives the address at the Cum Laude I 
induction ceremony. 3. Joe Stevens welcomes 
Dr. Neergaard into Totomoi. 4- Ian Hall and 
Julian Habermann welcome Jackson Link into 

214 Clubs & Organizations - Htm&n 

5. The MLK Society welcomed Emanuel Barrett, Sam Kirkpatrick, William Lummus, Garrett Murphy, 
Aditya Priyadarshi, John Sewell, and John Wallace. 6. Mr. Gioia addressed the student body during 
the Cum Laude induction ceremony. 7. New inductees from the fall Totomoi tapping were Joe 
Stevens, Tillman Dean, Sam DeCoster, John Curry, Sam Dugan, Jackson Link, Lucas Pao, and 
Marshall Summar. 8. Sam Dugan and Kanayo Offodile give John Sewell his induction pin to the 
MLK Society. 9. The new members of the Cum Laude Society enjoy a reception following their 
induction ceremony. 10. Ian Hall welcomes Campbell Cook into Totomoi through a friendly 
tapping. 11. Sam Dugan is tapped into Totomoi this fall. 

Clubs & Organizations - 215 

Language and Culture 

With such an excellent Foreign Language department 
featuring the most dedicated faculty imaginable, it is of little 
surprise that MBA's students find many opportunities outside 
the classroom to form and invest themselves in language and 
culture. Groups like MBAsia, La Bociedad Honoraria 
Hispanica, and African-American studies allow for crucial 
conversations about diversity and culture to occur. 
Furthermore, every language studied by the boys at MBA has 
its own club-French, German, Latin, Spanish you name it, 
there is a club for it. 

The World Language Gup is a fun way for each group of 
language students to compete on the soccer pitch. This year, 
Team France mimicked their World Cup counterparts "Les 
Bleus" by becoming champions. 

Particularly noteworthy is the Hispanic Achievers club, 
which seeks to form connections with the broader Hispanic 
community in Nashville. The Hispanic Achievers partner with 
Paragon Mills, in which MBA students design English 
Language courses for adult 5panish-speaking immigrants. 
This is but one example of how our clubs related to Language 
and culture offer our students the chance to bond in 
meaningful ways with the wider world. 

I. Joe Owens, a member of Hispanic Achievers, receiving a gift from 
his student on the last night of his exchange. 2. MBAsian Club 
shows off their handiwork during a party for Chinese New Year. 3. 
Team France makes a dramatic comeback against Italy to win the 
World Language Cup for the second time. 4- New members of La 
Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica take their pledge to promote the 
Spanish language and culture through their studies and interactions 
with others. 

216 Clubs and Organizations - 

5. Members of the MBAsian Club 
participate in the Chinese New Year 
celebration. 6. Junior Classical League 
members don their togas for their 
speeches. 7. New members of La 
Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica: Luke 
McSween, Ethan Lilly, Patrick Pergande, 
Sam Meacham, Adam Garfinkel,William 
Myers, John Wallace, Elliott Nahmias 
show off their certificates (not pictured 
Tripp Chamblin. 8. Hispanic Achievers 
members volunteer their time at Paragon 

m & 

ff i. 



'i ’ J 

1 im 

Clubs and Organizations - 217 

Clubs of 

Students are encouraged to not only to seek out their interests 
outside of school, but also through the plethora of clubs that 
are offered on The Mill. With an extremely wide range of 
opportunities and choices, the boys often find it difficult to not 
get involved one way or another 

Mr. Morrison's Food Club meets occasionally throughout 
the year, preparing a variety of culinary delights that are just as 
tasty as they are breathtakingly beautiful. They also participate 
in the annual Endada Music and Art festival where they host a 
food booth. This year they featured stir fry dishes. 

Dr. Boyd and the cricket club gather a handful of times 
throughout the school year to give the students a taste of 
European culture as well, playing various games all while 
gaining a better understanding of the sport overall. They also 
compete against each other including in the annual state 
tournament, once again won by MBA. 

Mr. Davidson and the Chess Club meet frequently, with 
many matches occurring inside his classroom. With 
powerhouses like Lucas Pao and Dhruv Chandra at the helm of 
the program, their success came as a surprise to few. This club 
also hosts competitions on campus for younger players in the 

Other clubs on campus this year include the Car Club, now 
in its second year. Also this year the Outdoor Club participated 
in a number of outdoor hikes and activities often centered 
around the campus at Long Mountain. Each of these unique 
clubs give students the ability to explore new passions and 
share them with others. 

I. Will Farner puts the finishing touches on the dessert course. 2. 
The Chess Club meets in Mr. Davidson’s room to engage in a series 
of games. 3. Tim Blaufuss, Max Giorgio, Matt Kaplan, and Mr. 
Morrison put the finishing touches on their freshly-prepared delights. 
4 . The Cricket Club consisted of Sam Elasy (‘ 22 ), Sims Lance (‘ 20 ), 
Graham Ragsdale (19), Reed Campbell (19), Joel Elasy (‘19), Aidan 
Niswender (‘19), Owen Albright (‘20), Nikhil Peterson (‘19). 

218 Clubs and Organizations - 

5. Dr. Boyd and Alex Massad and Joel 
Elasy recruit new members for the Cricket 
Club. 6. Mr. Morrison along with Charlie 
Kost, Reed Sullivan, Will Farner, Tim 
Blaufuss, and John Jameson pose next to 
their finished treats. 7. State Champions in 
Cricket Sims Lance, Sam Easley, Graham 
Ragsdale, and Joel Elasy, show off their 
new hardware. 8. Mr. Smyth along with 
Andrew Sutphin, Dominic Fisher, and Cole 
Crider work to add people to the Outdoor 
Club. 9. One of the beautiful views from 
the Outdoor Club’s adventures. 10. Mr. 
Morrison and various members of the 
Food Club pose for a picture after finishing 
their dishes and eating in the Gibbs Room. 

Clubs and Organizations - 219 


Each year new clubs are added to the roster 
of offerings at MBA ranging from artistic to 
athletic and personal interest. These clubs 
reflect the diversity of students and their 
interests. The new clubs this year included a 
Digital Media Club which focused on learning 
more about a variety of digital media 
platforms including Photoshop and Illustrator. 
With great interest from younger members of 
the MBA community this club has a bright 
future. This year also saw the inception of the 
Ducks Unlimited Club. This club focuses 
builds on a student's passion for hunting. Led 
mostly by graduating seniors this club will 
need younger students to take the lead in the 
coming year. There are also clubs that 
although not new to MBA were revived and 
strengthened this year. The Mountain Bike 
club took a stronger hold this year including 
competing against other trail riders. The 
Rugby Club took a stronger role this year with 
new recruits and and strong leadership. Only 
time will tell how these clubs will last through 
the years but given their strong start, their 
future is bright. 

I. Rugby Club was under the leadership of Ian 
Hall and Jackson Link this year. 2. The 
Mountain Bike Club took their club to the next 
level this year with increased participation in 
competitions against other trail riders. 3. The 
Ducks Unlimited Club was added to the club 
list this year. 4- Ducks Unlimited included 
members Matthew Haley, John Dinkins, 
Woodson Weathersby, and Alex Ray. 5. The 
Digital Design Club afforded Fletcher Robinson 
and Samuel Kinch a chance to broaden their 
computer graphics skills. 



220 Clubs & Organizations - H&mp 


Each year there are dedicated students who 
take the time to Keep a record of what 
happens on MBA's campus. With so many 
things going on it is left to these fearless 
individuals to go out and tell the stories that 
make MBA the unique place everyone knows 
and loves. Starting in the Junior School under 
the tutelage of Ms. Roberts and Ms. Overton 
the staff and editors of Top of the hill put out 
five publications each year including the 
highly anticipated April Fool's Day and 
Archives editions. With a staff of writers, 
photographers, and editors, The Bell Ringer 
never disappoints. Each issue is full of 
articles on topical issues and insights into 
sports and pop culture as well as happenings 
on The Mil. The annual publication of 
Archives, released on graduation night, 
demonstrates the creativity from the student 
body through its art and literature. Lastly, The 
Bell is created through a team of student 
staffers, contributors, and editors that work 
into the summer to create a permanent 
record of the school year. It is through these 
various publications that the MBA community 
stays engaged and has a lasting record of the 
events of the school year. 

Am’ -flMfJT I 

1. Summer yearbook work sessions with Darin Hall, Roy 
Claverie, and Clay Overholt, were paused to watch the 
demolition blasts occurring twice a day. 2. Aidan O’Dwyer 
accepted the award for being the editor of Archives. 3. 
Editor in chief for The Bell, Roy Claverie, delivers the 
dedication address at the awards night to Mr. Womack. 4 - 
Bell Ringer editors Aden Barton and Matthew Kaplan 
shadowed Logos Editors Sela Andrews and Margaret 
Kirchner. 5. The Top of the Hill staff celebrate their last 
issue. Front row: Nate Cantrell, Chase Thor, Samuel Kinch, 
Harrison Zoller, Luke Kim, Middleton Henry, Jack Forbes, 
and Reed Sullivan; Back Row and Elevated - Carter Ozburn, 
Marshall Green, Andy Nunn, Browning Trainer, Gabe Lett, 
Alex Deerkoski, Frank Hancock, Charlie Murff, William Perri, 
and Jose DeLemos. 

Clubs & Organizations - £**/4&*^***^ 221 

Service and 


Service has always been of great importance to MBA. Service 
opportunities like Canine Companions, Task Force Dagger, Last 
Minute Toy Store, Preston Taylor Tutoring, Best Buddies, 
Loaves and Fishes, Race for the Cure, Second Flarvest Food 
Drive, and more are sponsored by MBA's Service Club. These 
opportunities give students numerous chances to give back to 
the community. Lead by Dr.Rader, Ms.Williams, Joe Stevens 
(Service Club President), the Service Club has logged close to 
4,500 service hours over the course of the 2018-2019 school 
year. The variety of opportunities means there is something for 
everyone to give their time in a way that helps others. 

MBA also has several clubs focused on sustainability. 
Clubs like the Carden Club, the GLOBE Program, H.A.N.C., and 
the Sustainability Club are dedicated to the sustainability. 
These focus on helping reduce MBA's carbon footprint and 
being more sustainable with growing produce and recycling. In 
conjunction with these club's mission, service opportunities at 
Glen Leven and Fort Negley help to preserve the environment 
of the MBA community and the community beyond The hill. 

I. Jack Marro stirring the pot as he prepares a tasty mean through the 
monthly trip to the Soup Kitchen. 2. Marcus Le, Stanford Thombs, 
and Mathew Fox cooking some grub under the supervision of Dr. 
Rader. 3. Ian Durelli and his buddy during one of the Sports Saturday 
events with Best Buddies. 4 ■ Harrison Holman, William Barton, 
Joseph Perazzini, Connor Kolstad, and Clay Overholt at Glen Leven. 


222 Clubs & Organizations - 

5. Senior Carson Reisinger moves boxes 
during the Last Minute Toy Store in 
preparation for the big event. 6. Dr. Baily 
and Ms. Williams work at the Service Tent 
at the Admission’s Preview Day. 7. Students 
diligently brown up some ground beef for 
tacos under the expert eye of Mr. Gillespie. 
8. Students work on planting pants with the 
Garden Club. 9. Darin Hall, Kanayo Offodile, 
Dhruv Chandra and Jason Zhu wrapped gifts 
with proceeds going to Canine Companions 
for Independence. 10. Students collected for 
cancer research at a fall football game. 11. 
Students serve food to children in need from 
this meal truck. 

Clubs & Organizations - 223 

Students Leading 

Each year students take on different leadership 
roles across campus. Upperclassmen are 
elected the previous spring to be in leadership 
roles from Honor Council to class officerships. 
The elected leaders start their planning and 
teambuilding through the elected leader retreat 
in early August. This day spent at Long Mountain 
includes obstacle courses, time planning for 
registration days, and time planning for the 
upcoming school year. Each leadership group 
has a different role on campus. From the Honor 
Council who make sure that students are 

abiding by the Honor Code they sign on each of 
their assignments to the Student Coucil who are 
responsible for a number of different events 
throughout the year. Some of their headline 
events are Spirit Week leading into Homecoming 
to the fifth annual Field Day. Each class also has 
a group of peers elected to be their class 
leaders who plan class specific events as well as 
fundraisers. These funds are eventually used for 
prom and a class gift left to the MBA community 
to commemorate their time on campus and give 
back to those that will follow them in the future. 

I. Honor Council members: Jonathan Brown, Julian 
Habermann, Jackson Lyell, Joe Stevens, Eman Barrett, 
Ben Sensing, Matthew Kaplan, Harrison Hitt, Jackson 
Francis, Browning Trainer, Braden Zeigler, Mauro 
Mastrapasqua. 2. Ian Hall works to collect dress down 
money during Homecoming Week near the senior 
parking lot. 3. Jack Harrington and Tillman Dean speak 
to the Class of 2019 during Registration Days. 4- Tillman 
Dean and Sam Dugan patiently wait for the next person 
to cross the obstacle at the leadership retreat. 5. Class 
Moderators Dr. Rader and Dr. Kinch at the leadership 
retreat with juniors Grayson Hill, Zach Brown, and Aden 


224 Clubs & Organizations - 

6. Benjamin Sensing joyfully brings himself to the top of the log before 
helping others at the leadership retreat. 7. Students us an innovative strategy 
to get over the obstacle. 8. Sam Dugan addresses the freshmen at their patch 
ceremony at the beginning of the school year. 9. Grayson Hill addresses his 
classmates as the class president during the registration meeting. 10. Ian Hall 
and Sam Dugan kill it when they are crossing the wobbly ropes. 11. Senior 
leadership of Blake Andrews, Luke Bernatavitz, Joe Stevens, and Julian 
Habermann each led a different part of student life. 

Clubs & Organizations - Sdud&nd te ^ d ^^ 4 dp - 225 




Registration lUe ^ e^me 

Every year, both new and returning 5tudents arrive at MBA on a designated days before the first full day of school in order to 
slowly slide bach into the daily school schedule. This process includes the taking of a portrait picture for multiple uses 
throughout the school year, the collecting of the previous year's copy of The Bell, and the claiming of parking spots and 
lockers, both academic and athletic. Perhaps the most important occurrence during this time is each student's signing of the 
MBA register, which dates back to before MBA's founding in 1867 and draws its roots from predecessor Western Military 
Institute. In total, this process serves as a great way to address some of the upcoming events early in the school year. 

1. The Class of 2019 attends their final 
registration over their 6 year journey at MBA. 

2. Likewise, members of the Class of 2023 sign 
the register for the last time in their JS career. 

3. Coach Mac explains to one of the classes 
the acceptable places for food to be on 
campus. 4- Jay Schlosser and his big brother 
William Bradford get ready for a hearty 
breakfast together. 5. Cole Barker and the 
other seniors take some time to read The Bell 
from last year. 6. Jackson Lyell and Joe Stevens 
present useful tips to the Junior School 
students as they begin their time on The Hill 

228 Activities - 



Outside of MBA's busy classrooms and 
offices, there are various opportunities for 
students and faculty to further their Knowledge of 
material that is not taught in the scope of classes 
offered on campus. One of the most prominent of 
these expansions of learning is clubs. Clubs cover 
a range of academic, athletic, and other advanced 
topics not covered in the classroom and allow 
students to free themselves from the rigor of a 
typical day on The Mill. 

The annual Activity Fair allows students to 
visit with each club and decide which ones are 
right for them. Each club is sponsored by a 
member of the faculty and staff, but run entirely 
by the student leaders and their passion for the 
subject at hand. Borne of the most popular clubs 
among students include the Grill and Chill Club 
led by seniors Jackson Lampley and Jackson 
(Bausage) Link, which motivates students to 
support numerous athletic events by grilling hot 
dogs and hamburgers for spectators. FCA 
(Fellowship of Christian Athletes) led by senior 
Frank Wilk, which meets every Thursday during 
the school year to play games and worship, and 
the Outdoors Club led by seniors Cole Crider, 
Dominic Fisher, and Andrew Butphin, which 
encourages students to get outside and enjoy 
activities like hunting and fishing. The wide range 
of clubs offered and the students' enthusiasm 
towards them shows the growth of the student 
body's involvement in the MBA community. 


I. Members of the Car Club, Peter Fennell and Zachary Nelson, work with their moderator Mr. 
Fredrick to recruit others to join the club. 2. Sam DeCoster and Mr. Berry sign people up for the 
Strategy Club. 3. Who wouldn’t want to join Andrew Sutphin for a hike? 4- Dominic Fisher goes 
incognito to find recruits for the Outdoor Club. 5. Joseph Perazinni and Wylie Ritter stand at the 
table during the day with the much desired donuts. . 

Activities - Cfetivity 229 

College Fair 

Every year, MBA hosts a college fair to help students find the perfect college for them. With representatives from all types of 
universities, MBA students are exposed to a wide variety of colleges, and are encouraged to talk with the representatives that 
interest them. These colleges came from all around the United Btates to help give MBA students options for their post-MBA 
careers. Schools like the University of Southern California, University of Tennessee, University of Mississippi, Rhodes College 
and Miami University are a few colleges that came this year. The breadth of schools at the college fair allows students to look 
at a variety of schools in a short amount of time and start engaging at an early age since the fair is for freshman through 
senior. This exposure is vital to many MBA students preparation for life after The Mill. This search for the perfect college 
continues all year long as students can talk with representatives that come in at break weekly. 

1. Peter Hall filling out a contact 
card. 2. Eli Archer learning about a 
new school. 3. Quinn Trabue, 
Spencer Grohovsky, and Jonathan 
Golczynski ask pertinent questions 
and collect some material from UK. 
4. Joshua Meriwether listens 
carefully to the information from 
this representative. 5. John Dinkins 
talking to a college representative. 6. 
Zachary Nelson and Clay Overholt 
learning more about college 

230 Activities - 



With sunny weather and the perfect fall 
temperature, the carnival was a great 
success thanks to the hard work of the 
maintenance staff and volunteers. Events 
such as the dunk tank, duck race, and the 
obstacle course attracted a great turnout 
from the MBA community and surrounding 
area. The new event laser tag was quite a hit. 
Big Red Rocks and the music department 
set the mood of the carnival with their 
singing and instrumental talents. Families 
stayed for hot dogs and burgers and 
attended the football game which took place 
immediately after. The game against Father 
Ryan was also a huge success, with the Big 
Red football team crushing the Irish with a 
whopping 45-7 victory. Thanks to all 
sponsors and Mr. Norton for spearheading 
this MBA tradition and to all the families who 
participated to make the carnival another 

I. Big Red Rocks led by Douglas Henry and 
Devan Durrett perform in front of Carter for the 
crowd. 2. Yadev Surati stacking metal bottles 
for the next contestant. 3. Tully Fitzpatrick and 
Ashwin Jain go all in at the ice cream station. 
4. A brave student hits the icy water in the 
dunk tank. 5. The quad was full of people for 
the event. 6. Ian Paez shows his strength in 
hitting the bell with a hammer. 

Activities - C * i * a * v4 * t 231 

Homecoming 2018 

homecoming has become one of our school's most anticipated 
yearly events. This anticipation begins with the introduction of 
spaghetti supper tickets, which students sell in a competition 
to sell the most tickets. The winners of which can win prizes 
such as an Xbox and a puppy. This hype is complemented by 
the Mother's Club's participation in our weekly assemblies, 
providing various videos and randomly drawn prizes to 
invigorate the student body. This gradual buildup peaks in 
homecoming week, in which students are permitted to dress 
casually in different themes each day (such as College Day, 
Hawaiian Day, or Camo Day) and encouraged to attend the 
difficult to navigate yet highly rewarding bake sale, filled with 
copious amounts of puppy chow and candy. 

On the Friday of the homecoming game against White 
Station, the winners of the ticket competition received their 
prizes, and then returned later that night for an intense football 
game, spaghetti served by the freshmen, and a wonderful 
fireworks display. The following day, high school students 
reluctantly rolled out of bed to pick up their corsage 
alternatives and then freshened up for the dance. The 
Homecoming dance was a success, as students celebrated the 
culmination of all of the school's preparation for the past 
month. Thanks to all of our students, faculty, and parents for 
this yearly opportunity to spend time with friends, family, and 

I. Dam Dugan crashes through the defense towards the 
endzone. 2. James Kinard and Alex Hasse, both clad 
with loaded backpacks, push and shove in an intense 
400m dash. 3. The student section and football team 
prepare to run through the Homecoming Banner. 4- The 
spaghetti is for everyone as Austin Vaughan gets his 
plate loaded up. 5. Jack Pacconi, Ramiz Barbie, Will| 
Burke, and Matthew Hyde participating in the annual 
freshman responsibility of waiting the Spaghetti Supper. 

232 Activities - 

game. 10. Spaghetti Supper Chairs 
Mrs. Brown and Ms Kandula 
celebrate the success of the 2018 
Spaghetti Supper with Mr. Gioia. II. 
Will Crawford and his date with Dr. 
Rader at the Homecoming dance, all 
anxious to get back to dancing. 12. 
The MBA Football Team faces off 
against White Station. 

6. The National Anthem was sung by 
the combined chorus including those 
that were taking the field in mere 
minutes. 7. William Davis and Garrett 
Murphy enthusiastically present top 
ticket seller Ketch Parker with his 
prize, a puppy. 8. Spencer Grohovsky 
with his date at the dance. 9. The full 
Homecoming Court enjoyed dinner in 
the Zimmerman Room before the 

Activities - 233 

Long Mountain 

This year marks the eighth year of MBA's 
involvement on Long Mountain. The property 
was donated to the school in 2011, where a 
state of the art observatory was built. 5ince 
then, MBA has been constantly developing 
this campus, adding ropes courses, obstacle 
courses, disc golf course, and numerous 
student made trails. This year, Long 
Mountain's largest gathering, the FCA 
Retreat, took place earlier in the year. The 
camp out welcomed a large number of 
students who camped out under the 
leadership of Mr. Horton, who also held the 
Leadership Retreat there. The new class 
officers took part in team-building activities 
and encouraged each other through the 
ropes courses. The Father-5on Campout was 
also a big hit, bringing boys and their fathers 
to the property to bond over a weekend. In 
the upcoming years, the campus will 
undergo significant changes with multiple 
construction projects in the planning phases. 
Among these include the building of enough 
cabins to house an entire class of MBA boys 
(around 130), an airnasium where basketball 
and dodgeball could be played, and a full 
high ropes course. 

I. Newly elected class officers came up to Long Mountain to build their skills through challenging 
obstacles and team-building exercises. 2. The students and chaperones at the FCA retreat watched 
the sun rise on the mountain. 3. The FCA retreat begins their day with a morning meditation. 4 - 
Boys from all grade levels get to enjoy the grounds at Long Mountain. 5. The annual leadership 
retreat allows class officers and other leaders on campus to plan for the upcoming year and build 
their trust with each other. 

234 Activities - Zftv u n fez in Cfctiu ifif-'y 

Rites of Passage 

\ % n m 

\ B9 

j k\ ■ 



^ t-: 



v4 MS 1 ' 

j tv y 

MBA takes its traditions and ceremonies seriously. The yearly rites of passage are the bond that links all the young men who 
pass through the school's hallowed halls, back through the generations. Seventh graders receive a pin upon signing the 
register when they begin their journey. Freshmen are initiated into high school by receiving their jacket patches. Sophomores 
are encouraged to broaden their participation in the MBA community with a service ceremony. Perhaps most momentous of 
all is the Junior ring ceremony, in which the next student leaders of the school receive the symbolic touchstone that they will 
carry with them beyond their life at MBA. Each of these ceremonies brings with it a step along the path that so many before 
them have traveled and connects them to the longer line of both history and what will come in the future. 

I. Junior Jaron Leasure receives his class ring 
from his Uncle Jake Lawrence. 2. Freshman 
Matthew Thayer receives his patch from Senior 
Kanayo Offodile. 3. William Holleman receives 
his patch as a part of the class of 2022. 4 - 
Junior Schoolers signing the register to leave 
their mark on MBA. 

Activities - Titter 235 

Father-Son Events, 

The MBA Father-5on Dinner is one of the largest events on MBA's campus during the school year, regularly drawing a 
crowd of well over 1000 people and filling the Big Gym to its maximum capacity. This year, with Peyton Manning as the 
Keynote speaker, more people attended than ever before. Mr. Manning spoke about relevant topics to the MBA community, 
including father-son relationships, hard work, dedication, and perseverance in the face of adversity, all of which was 
accentuated by the meal of Martin's Barbecue. Along with this great dinner, MBA hosted multiple father-son pancake 
breakfasts throughout the year, all of which helped to further bond the MBA community and allow students and their parents 
to better know their classmates and their families. 

I. Sophomore Don Pierce and his father at the 
Father-Son dinner with a special appearance by 
the Starbucks Cup, which later appeared in 
GoT. 2. Connor Krumm and his father at the 
12th Grade Father-Son Pancake Breakfast. 3. 
Freshman Josiah DeWitte and his father at the 
Father-Son Dinner. 4- Charles Nissen and his 
dad pose for a picture at the Pancake Breakfast. 

236 Activities - T ^- pnn & n - 

MBA's Mothers, The Backbone 

Students sometimes overlook the 
important role mothers play in their lives, but 
the mother-son events that MBA hosts are a 
chance to show honor and appreciate their role. 
At the mother-son breakfast, the MBA 
community heard anecdotes from numerous 
seniors about the importance of their mothers 
in their lives and encouraged students to 
thanks their own mothers for all the work they 
do. Following the seniors, former Olympic 
figure skater Scott Hamilton described how, 
without his mother, he would never have 
achieved the same level of success in a well- 
written, poignant, and succinct speech. 

During the year, MBA also honors its 
mothers in other ways, including multiple 
luncheons, such as the senior-mother 
luncheon shortly before Graduation, which 
serves as a final thank-you from the seniors to 
their mothers for all of their hard work. 

I. Senior Jackson Hannah hugs his mom following his 
speech at the Mother-Son breakfast. 2. Reagan Sparks 
and his mom following his speech at the Mother-Son 
Breakfast. 3. Junior Luke Boyer and his mom at the 
Mother-Son breakfast. 4- Sophomore Stanford Thombs 
and his mom at the Mother-Son Breakfast. 5. Senior 
Kanayo Offodile delivers his heart-felt speech about his 

Activities - 237 

Faculty vs 

Basketball Game 

With proceeds from ticketing and pledges 
going to the nonprofit organization, Thistle 
Farms, the MBA community packed the gym 
for basketball and pizza. With the starting five 
from varsity basketball versus power houses 
like Bean Jackson, Mike Davidson, and Ronnie 
McMahan, this year's student faculty game 
was destined to be exciting, and the boys did 
not disappoint. Outstanding performances 
Coach McMahan and Coach Ciolenor's mid 
game boomerang throwing combined with the 
high paced nature of the game resulted in a 
teacher victory despite the resilience of the 
varsity basketball team. While competitive, 
the game was filled with fun pledges to 
support Thistle Farms that included dancing, 
windmill dunks, and other creative pledges. 
The faculty's 98-84 win was perfectly capped 
with a pledge-filling half-court made shot by 
Coach Jackson in the final seconds, and they 
did it all with no injuries! 

home of the 

I. Mr. Cook and Mr. Barclay collide in knockerball pregame. 2. The students and faculty pose for a 
picture of everyone at the end of the game. 3. Mr. Frederick plays the chorus of “Careless 
Whispers” at halftime. 4- Mr. Dodson leads the Faculty team up the court. 

238 Activities - 


Field day 2019 

$ l^ic l& n u 

The fifth annual field day saw the continuation of the ever 
growing rivalry between Cardinal and Silver. Scheduled on the 
first day bach from Spring Break, Field Day serves as a fun 
beginning to the final chapter of the school year. With the 
buildup of events during assemblies, school spirit could not have 
been any higher. Throughout the year students competed in an 
online chess tournament and the battle of the bands during 
assembly. These events kept the spirit of Field Day alive all year 
and with the addition of demerits and service hours playing a role 
in determining the point total the teams had before the big day 
everyone was invested. With the return of traditional events such 
as track, football, and soccer, many new events were added such 
as dodgeball, the sack race, and the three legged race. These 
new events, along with the redesigning of academic challenges 
created a more lively day of competition. The day began with an 
intense school wide dodgeball game in the gym which resulted in 
a quick Cardinal victory in the event. As the events continued 
throughout the day, every class made sure to try and keep track 
of which team was in the lead. The day wrapped up with the two 
main events, the tug of war and the 6x200m relay. Silver came 
out of both of these events victorious which secured their 
position as the 2019 Field Day Champions. Their flag will 
continue to fly high above the library till Field Day 2020. The 
Silver Flag will fly for the next year over the library until the 
teams meet again in 2020. 

I. Freshmen Jack Keller and Warren Coleman compete in the new 
Three-Legged Race event. 2. Senior Charlie Buffkin and Junior 
Brennan Roach prepare to lead the Cardinal team in tug-of-war. 3. 
Freshmen Yadev Surati and Brantley Golczynski battle their Cardinal 
counterparts. 4 ■ Freshmen Takis Patikas and Eli Davis hand off their 
batons to Sophomores Nas Cook and Jack Gauldin in the Cardinal 
vs. Silver relay race. 

240 Activities - 

5. Nas Cook celebrates a victorious 
Dodgeball win with the Cardinal team. 6. 
Sophomores Brody Snell, Jack Gauldin, 
and Swope Fleming cheer on the Silver 
Team. 7. Junior Dan McGuire holds down 
the front of the rope while being 
encouraged by seniors Jake Herbstreit and 
Brandon MacDonald-Surman to never give 
up. 8. 8th Graders Henry Pitt and Patrick 
Tatro advance past a silver defender and 
towards the net. 9. A victorious Silver 
Team hoists their flag up on the football 
field. 10. Noah Wisiewski and John 
Dayani laugh their way to the finish of the 
three-legged relay. II. Kendrick Pulse 
(’21), Carson Mire (’22), and Charlie 
Buffkin (’19) actively seek to dodge a 
throw from the Silver Team. 

Activities - 241 

Prom 2019 

On sunny evening on April 6th, seniors, their dates, and 
parents filled the quad for pictures. The Mill was covered in 
colorful street art and graffiti which competed the scene for the 
night. From the time the seniors and their dates entered the 
transformed Dining Mall to the time they and the took to the 
dance floor for Prom 2019 they were surrounded by color and 
lights. While the juniors were scattered around Nashville in 
search of dinner before prom, the seniors were treated to a 
gourmet meal in the Dining Mall. The dinner was quickly 
followed by the traditional presentations of the seniors and 
their dates to a packed crowd of parents in the theater. As the 
seniors were announced they entered through the decorated 
wall of graffiti behind the stage. The murals were designed and 
installed by Nashville artist Troy Duff, who has also done work 
around Nashville and has been at multiple Endada Festivals. 
The students danced through most of the night with great 
music from the 12th 5outh Band who played a variety of great 
songs. The evening wound down with devoted dancers staying 
until the lights came back on. Special thanks goes out to the 
junior class officers for coordinating such a great experience for 
all involved. 

242 Activities - 20 l $ 


r IV 



1. The 12th South Band plays to an excited MBA crowd. 2. Billy 
Thomas is brought onto stage for a birthday shoutout from the band 
before he surfed the crowd back to his friends. 3. Jackson Hannah 
dancing along with the music. 4 . The MBA crowd waits in 
anticipation for the band to begin playing. 5. Hunter Burch looks up 
at the band in amazement in their quality of music. 

6 . Ian Hall, Blake Kirchenbauer, Will 
Nahley, and Sam Dugan enjoy a fantastic 
dinner at the dining hall with their dates. 7. 
Sam Funk gives a thumbs up in approval to 
the band. 8. Thomas McRae stayed til then 
of the night and was able to snag this great 
shot with the band and chaperones. 9. Ben 
Wood makes an entrance mid concert 
through the elaborate graffiti tunnel. 10. 
Josiah Francis impresses the crowd with his 
style and his lovely date. 11. Garrett 
Murphy enjoys a front row seat during the 
band’s performance. 12. Guitarist plays over 
the massive prom crowd. 

Activities - 2019 243 

High School 

Montgomeiy Bell Academy 

Honors and Awards for the 2018-2019 School Year 
May 29, 2019 

The Walter Robinson Math Award-....David Deutscb 

The Brownlee O. Currey - Eugene Q. Harris, Jr- Scholarship Medals, and the Van Banker 
Memorial Scholarship Awards 

for Outstanding Academic Achievement.. . .«,.«..♦..♦.See Inside 

The Rosie Fa sc hall Art Purchase Award.-.Cameron Jacobson 

The Rhode Island School of Design Book Award............Felix Aiwen 

The Jeffrey Buntin Art Scholarship Awards.,.. . .........WcbbHunt 

The Debate and Forensics Awards 

Debate ......*.-................... Jack Rank!n 

William Woods Tate, Jr. Forensics Julian Habcnmann 

The Zager Debate Scholarship Awards 

9th - Asher Maxwell, 10th - Sam Meachanv HtJi - Aden Barton 
The Tom Schulman Dramatic Writing Awards 

1st - Aiden CTDwyer, 2nd - C.H. Henry, 3rd - Frank fferazzini 

Floyd Family Performing Arts Award.....—....Ben Wood 

The Rascoe Bond Davis Awards for Creative Writing 

Poetry.-.....1st- Tim Blaufuss, 2nd - Will Farner, 3rd - Roman Urbanczyk 

Fiction...1st - Andrew Bulgarina 2nd - Adam Wang, 3rd - Casey Newell 

The Jack Zager Poetry A ward....................-.............. .Aidan O' Dwyer 

The Thomas H. Malone, Jr. Award 

for Excellence in English Composition.*....Otto Olafsson 

The Ewin^Randall Writing Award-.* .Casey Newell 

The John B. Hayes Award 

for Excellence in the American Constitution,.............Reagan Sparks 

Daughters of Founders and Patriots Award 

for Excellence in the Study of American History..........-...Jack Rankin 

The John Morehead Dobson Memorial Award 

for die Best Sports Article.., . . ...jack Smartt 

The Professor CB. Wallace Scholarship Award............Jaron Leasure 

The Henry A. Fitts Awards for Journalism,. 77ie Bell - Roy Qaverie, TkeArrfrives - Aiden O'Etwyer, 

*..-.-.......-......-.-.-.-.-_-. The Bell Ringer - Matthew Kaplan 

The Marshall and Virginia Frazer Award for Excellence in Chemistry....Brandon Lewis 

The Hughs ton Orthopaedics Book Award for Chemistry AF..... „.Zach Garfinkel 

The Kirby E. and Margaret Jackson Award for Excellence in the Natural Sciences.......... Lucas Fao 

The Tennessee Math Teachers Association Award 

for Outstanding Achievement in Math during High School.,....Sam DeCoster 

The Rensselaer Math and Science Award 

for the Outstanding Junior in Math and Science ..._.. Alex Kalams 

The Outstanding Three-Sport Athlete Award 

Freshman........ .......... ......... Grayson Morgan 

Sophomore...~......... Cole Allen 

Senior....................Dominic Fisher 

The Garnett Fulton Memorial Scholarship Award. . . . Hugh Sullivan 

The Lindsey Award for the Outstanding Athlete......................Dominic Fisher 

Jefferson Cups 

Senior Class IVesident............... Luke Bematavitz 

Student Council President...........Blake Andrews 

Honor Council President. . .......Julian Habarmann 

Service Club President.......... . . Joseph Stevens 

The Francis L Carter, Jr, Awards for Service and Achievement.. Luke Bernatavilz, 

....... Grant Ellison, Karrayo Offodile, William Petroni, Reag^in Sparks 

The D.A.R Award for Citizenship in the Senior Class,.,.........Frank Wilk 

The Cm tan Award for Citizenship and Service. .. „„ Adi ty a Priyadarshi 

The Lawrence and Stephen WieckBig Red Spirit Awards...........Charlie BuBkia 

.....Crider, William Davis, Joel Elaay, Cibby Gibson, Garrett Murphy 

The Russell W. Carpenter Award for Community Service.....Joseph St evens 

The Frank F. Drowota Award for Humilty and Compassion.......Tillman Dean 

The Wallace Latin Book Awards.... .......(I) Brantley Gokzynski, .....(II) Garrett Goodruuv (III) Scott Wallace, (AP) Tlrtiitas Zeuthcn 

The Randolph College Classics Book Award...........Roy Oaverie 

The Albert P. Whitson Memorial Exchange Scholarship Program ,... Steven Mason, Kiran Peterson 
The Beth and Dudley Warner International Exchange Scholarship Program 

.-.. Dominic Ailoeco, Dan McGuire, Matt Hawkins, Brown Payne, Peter Minkoff 

Zach Brown Will Crawford, Wesley Hkschman, Alston Aron, Brennan Roach Haynes Owen, Marc 
Stanley, Richie Akatue, William Roberts, Thomas Miller, Sjef Quaedvlieg 

The Bowdoin College Bftok Award.. 

The George Washington University Book Award... 

....John Hyde 

The Harvard Book Award. 

...Aden Barton 

The Princeton Book Award........ 

.......Thomas Zeuthen 

The Rhodes College Book Award... 

......5am Rarthol ome w 

The Smvance Book Award............................................................. 

.......Wesley Hirschman 

The Tulane Bonk Award.. 

The University of Virginia BoukAward . 

....... ......... ..Alex Kalams 

The Washington and Lee University Book Award. 

.Matthew Kaplan 

The Vale University Rnnk Award. 

The Vann Webh Awards.Blake Andrews. Matthew Haley, Homy Hylberl, Jackson Link, 

..„.....*..........................Braden Myers, John Preston 

The H. Laird Smith, Jr. Award for Loyalty to MBA-...-......Sam Dugan 

The Paschall Awards for Special Contribution to MBA . .Sum Decoster, 

.....Julian Habermann, Jack Harrington, Alex Basse, Webb Hunt 

The Frank Andrews Book Award......NlikhU Peterson 

The Patrick Hale Awards..Josiah Frauds, Brandon Hall, Aidan Niswender, Otto Olafsson, 

........... i .Marshall Summar, Caleb Tolbert 

The P.M. Iistcs Scholarship Awards 

9th Grade.......................Dhmv Chandra, Jackson Frauds 

10th Grade...,............Mason Skeeters, Jason Zhu 

Uth Grade.....,....Tripper Capps, Matthew Kaplan 

12th Grade..............John Curry, Graham Ragsdale 

Dedication oif The Bell............ Jim Womack 

The I lead master's Award ............ Lucas Fao 

The Donald Ross Award to the Outstanding Freshman.......Coleman Roddey 

The Henry W. Boyd Jr A waul to die Outstanding Sophomore..Maura Mastriipastjua 

Tha Linds ley RuLli Award to the ChttStaitditlg Juniot 1 .,,........Dan McGuire 

The Gentleman, Scholar, Athlete A wards.............Joseph $tmn$ 

The William Bailey Memorial Award 

for Honor, Integrity, and Loyalty in the Senior Class....Campbell Cook 

The W'iLliam Martin Award 

to the Best All-around Boy in the School,........... Ian llall 

244Activities - TUf 4 t 

The Brownlee O. Currey - Eugene O. Harris, Jr. Scholarships Medals 
and the Van Banker Memorial Scholarship Awards 
for Outstanding Academic Achievement 


English I.....Ryan Schmadtke 

English I Honors.Adam Wang 

English II..........William Myers 

English II Honors.Emanuel Barrett 

English III........Ben Bozza 

English III Honors.Aden Barton 

English IV...Lucas Pao 

English IV AP.Sam DeCoster 

Foreign Languages 


Latin I.....Travis Swafford 

Latin II.Ryan Schmadtke 

Latin II Honors....Adam Wang 

Latin III.......Drew Wilson 

Latin III Honors.....Andrew Bulgarino 

Latin AP: Caesar & Vergil.Zach Brown 


Chinese I......-.Darin Hall 

Chinese 11 (Honors).......Colin Tang 

Chinese 111 (Honors)....Baylor Sai 

Chen Jiamin Award for Excellence in the Study of Chinese...Cameron Jacobson 

Chinese IV AP...John Curry 


German 1.Wyatt Bettis 

German II..............Michael Morrow 

German II Honors.......Evan Williams 

German III Honors.............Matt Hawkins 

German IV AP...Reagan Sparks 


French I.Charlie Kost 

French II Honors.Reagan Sparks 

French HI Honors.....Aden Barton 

French Language AP.~.....Marshall Summar 


Spanish I...Reid Ragsdale 

Spanish II...Eric Russ 

Spanish II Honors.William Myers 

Spanish III Honors.......Joe Hamilton 

Spanish AP Language.....Pete Rowlett 

Spanish AP Literature .Nikhil Peterson 


Ancient and Medieval.Garrett Goodrum 

Modern Europe and the World.Ben Patterson 

Modern European History AP.Thomas Zeuthen 

World History AP...Nathan Goodrum 

U.S. History...Charlie Hansen 

U.S. History AP...„........Sam Meacham 


History (Continued) 

U.S. Government................. Michael Qwings 

U.S. Government .......................... Attkus Glen 

Comparative Government AP.......*...Lucas Pao 

Economics....................Brenden Harris 

Microeconomira AP.........-.......*...„.„..Zadi Garfinkel 

Macroeconomics AP...........,.... Campbell Cook 

Senior Seminar, Civil Rights.-.........Joe Hamilton 

Senior Seminar, Jazz Age.Hunter Burch 

Geometry......................Ryan Estrin 

Geometry Honors...♦...«..... Ryan Schmadtke 

Algebra II....................Frank Bass 

Algebra II Honors.....................Adam Wang 

College Algebra/Trigonomctry....David Roach 

College Algebra/Trigonometry Honors......_........___........Matt Hawkins 

Calculus...*.........Marshall Summar 

Statistics. ......Charlie Buffkin 

AP Computer Science................ Brandon Lewis 

AP Statistics................. Clark Kaminsky 

A P Calculus AB .......Carlos Soria-Garda 

AP Calculus BC.-.................... Alex KaJams 

AP Computer Science Principles........ Campbell Cook 

Mu I ti va liable Calculus - ♦. Sam DeCoster 


Biology............. Ryan Schmadtke 

Biology Honors.....Adam Wang 

Biology AP..................... Lucas Pao 

Environmental Science ..Clark Kaminsky 

Chemistry...,..,.. Foster Edwards 

Chemistry Honors........................William Myers 

Chem istry AP ..... ...........And re w Bulgarino 

Human Anatomy and Physiology Honors.... Cole Crider 

Physics.......Noah Mendoza 

Physics AF(1 ]>.h W .. h .»..».» u , h ^.... Wesley Hirschman 

Physics AP (2),....Bela Arwen 

Physics AP (C)..............,........Matt Hawkins 

Fine Arts 

Chorus..........Brantley Golczynski 

Chamber Choir. . ..........^ w „,. ( ,...Don Pierce 

Sinfonia ..........................Ben Wood 

Ellington Band........,.............. Harrison Steanson 

Chamber Orchestra .....Breunon Minkoff 

Concert Band..........Matthew Haley 

Music Theory' AP ...............Michael Owings 

Headmaster's Singers.....-..,- Roy Gaverie 


Theater Arts............... .....Wil I Mader 

Studio ....Caleb Tolbert 

Visual Art 

Art History AP..........Julian Habermann 

Studio Art I, ... + >„«.„.„..., t „ + .„.., ++ „.„. + ..,..,~,~.„..,Adam Wang 

Studio Art II........................Cole Williamson 

Studio Art III...♦.........♦...... Walker Byrd 

Studio Art III AP Brown Payne 

Studio Art IV AP .................Cameron Jacobson 

Activities - 245 

1. The Class of 2019 locks arms and sings the MBA Alma Mater. 2. Senior 
Julian Habermann delivers the closing benediction. 3. Valedictorian Sam 
DeCoster is congratulated by Mr. Gioia after receiving his medal. 4- The 
graduating senior class stands for the invocation. 5. Dr. Boyd leads the 
Class of 2019 to their seats. 6. Mr. Paymon Rouhanifard, Class of 1999, 
delivers the Commencement Speech to the graduating Class of 2019. 7. 
Following receiving his diploma Elijah Higgs shakes hands with Dr. Boyd 
and Mr. Ingram. 8. Cole Barker shakes hands with Mr. Ingram, Chairman 
of the Board of Trustees for MBA. 

246 Activities - 



After six seemingly short years on The hill, the 
time comes for each class to move on from 
high school, however, every year parents and 
students alike gather on the grass in the heart 
of MBA's campus and face the Wallace building 
in order to celebrate the graduating class on 
last time. On a warm evening, Luke 
Bernatavitz opened the ceremony with a fitting 
prayer reflecting on the importance of this 
day. Following this, Salutatorian Nikhil 
Peterson and Valedictorian Bam DeCoster 
both delivered excellent speeches about their 
time on The hill. As always, the combined 
MBA choirs conducted by Mr. 5myth 
performed Coin' home and the classic 
Homeward Bound. 

Following the choir, Mr. Paymon Rouhanifard, 
Class of 1999 and former Superintendent of 
the Camden City Schools in hew Jersey, 
delivered an uplifting speech about working 
hard an persevering even when the odds are 
against you. Afterwards, the members of the 
Class of 2019 were awarded their diplomas to 
a chorus of different noisemakers and ended 
their six years with the singing of the Alma 
Mater and a closing benediction given by 
Julian habermann before processing out as 
graduates of Montgomery Bell Academy. 

9. The students are joyous after the 
commencement ceremony wraps up. 10. The 
combined MBA Choirs sing Homeward Bound 
at Graduation. II. Salutatorian Nikhil Peterson 
reminisces with his classmates about their time 
at MBA during his address. 12. Hugh Graham 
shakes Mr. Ingram’s hand en route to receiving 
his diploma. 13. Grant Ellison helps form an 
aisle for the faculty and staff to process 
through. The faculty and staff then created a 
similar aisle for the graduates to honor their 

Activities - 247 

Matriculation llpl 

Michael Ambrosius 

(tmHanyt Cyllet^e 

Blake Andrews 

Indiana tin liP&nyptty 

Bela Arwen 

tlayyan Cytte^O' 

Felix Arwen 

7%dpiyd& tylan'd S€liiy^it Tl&yp'g^p 

Cole Barker 

Tey^a^y Clinlytltyn' tin fue'^'S Ifo 

William Barton 

(Tulin nn tlnln'O-nyltty 

Luke Bernatavitz 

"B^padn^att tlnlv'-e^nyltty 

Bennett Balckwell 

In dlan a llnlv'-anyltty 

William Bradford 

Hla/te Tdn&yt tin pue^nylttf 

Peyton Brien 

TKltpd&y Codfef'& 

Jonathan Brown 

llnlw'&nyltty 'frf*' tlln-fon la 

Charlie Buffkin 

Samfond llnll'&nlltty 

Hunter Burch 

tin H-anyltt^ yp^- fl&ntlt Can-p tin a 

Reed Campbell 

tin tiP'&nytt$y ypf (foyynfoa 

Henry Caver 

tinhnanyltty pf* SputH Canp/lna 

William Caver 

TUI ami tin iu&nylttf, &xfo nd 

Walker Conner 

Sp-wanTda tin Idanylttf p^ tlte Spu tt 
Campbell Cook 

tllaylplnfodn' tin lu. Up St. Ip-nly 

Cole Crider 

tM+ddletu n if Cplle^e 

John Curry 

TtlpneSp uy a Cp lle^e 

William Davis 

tin iu&nyittf p-^ ttllyylyylfpfo 

Tillman Dean 

tin lupn-yltty pf^ tllnfonla 

Samuel DeCoster 

Ifopnfoa Inytltu te pf Tppdnp 

Walker Dillard 

tlp^dlppaylpna llnlppnyltif 

John Dinkins 

(lamp de n -Stydn ety Cpl/et^e 

Walt Dobson 

ttllaml tin luenyltiy, O^yfpnd 

Sam Dugan 

tllpyylilnfopn' & Ipp tlnlu-anyltty- 

Joel Elasy 

tlandenllllt tin t v eny Itty 

Grant Ellison 

tlnlue^nyltiy pf* Tpnn'pyypp, UnpycplUp 

Dominic Fisher 

tl, S, tttpnplpanl ttlanlnp (Tcadpmty 

Josiah Francis 

71yd tlnlnPnyltty 

Samuel Funk 

tliade Tpneyt tin Ipppyttiy' 

Zach Garfinkel 

tlnltppnyltiiy pf- tllnfonla 

Doug Gaw 

tlnlnPt^yltiy pf^ Tpn n py y pp, tCnp-yynl/tp- 

Nick German 

Cpn tnp CpI/p^p 

Gibby Gibson 

tlnlnPt^yltiy pf^ Tpm n py y pp, tCnp-yynl/itp 

Atticus Glen 

Tpnddam tlnlppnyltty 

Nathan Goodrum 

Cayp- tllpytpnn Kpypnnp tlnllpnyltiy- 

Hugh Graham 

Spupo-ppp: Tip tlnlnpnyltty pf- tltp Spatd 
Julian Habermann 

ttampond Cpl/ptyp 

Matthew Haley 

(Tudu nn tin lupnyltty 

Brandon Hall 

ttllaml tinItipnyltiy; 0'xfond 

Ian Hall 

Stan fond tin lvp-ny Itty 

Joseph Hamilton 

Ttp foy tlnlnpnyltty 

Jackson Hannah 

tin lu-p-ny It if pf* tlpdnayda at llnppln 

Jack Harrington 

tlan dentil It tin Ipp^nyptty 

Brenden Harris 

Tttpy^’-tttptnpapp Inytltu ta pf- Tppdpnplp^ty 
Alex Hasse 

tlan dentil It tin Ipp^nyltty 

Jake Herbstreit 

Ctanpyo-a llndd&nylttf 

Tye Herbstreit 

C/pmyp n tlnlupnyltty 

Elijah Higgs 

Tlamfttpn tlnllpnyltty 

Liam Huber 

tln pu e^nylt^ pf- Tern n pyy pp, tCnp-yypl/tp 

Webb Hunt 

Upon tfomd tin luppyltty 

Henry Hylbert 

tl St l" Hip np ppp 

Zachary Jackson 

7tpyp~Ttnlman Inytltu tp pf- Tppdtnplppyyy 
Cameron Jacobson 

Hpup typnd tin lup-nyltty 

Ross Johnson 

tldpdpy CpI/p^p 

Jake Johnston 

Tu/anp tin lu e^nS Ifo 

248ACTIVITIES - Mpplnl'Pul&ltln UK 

Clark Kaminsky 

Timpd&ndddd Zlttw&ti'&pty' 

Cannon King 

Wdamd Tindd&n^yddtf, Chc^tpp^d 

Blake Kirchenbauer 

TTid&md TindtP&n^ddtf, Chofo^d 
Connor Krumm 

Tfidftmd TinO^c^M^d 
Arthur Laffer 

Tde Tindv^n^didf vf- ^ # w 

Jackson Lampley 

Tindv&mdidf vf- TCn^xynddde^ 

Brandon Lewis 

Canned/ Tin due'nsddtf 

Jackson Link 

(f e v n^e^t^mn Tin in&n-'yidif 

Jackson Lyell 

&f' T&n n TCn'frx-ut'//& 

Brandon MacDonald Surman 

In ddrtn tp Tindv'&n^didf 

Cooper Maddox 

Tiniv&n'STTtf T&nnTCn^c^T/^e- 
Alex Massad 

TSfin dendd/d Tin dv^n^sdTd^ 

Joshua Meriwether 

Ttpfddp- Tindd-&n<pdidf 
James Minor 

Garrett Murphy 

Tin iug'n l iTtf v f S'^udde^nn Ctp/dfo nn dtp- 
Braden Myers 

Tide^de^n^p Tindd'e^pdid^ 

Will Nahley 

S-vu ddenn Meddv dddd TiddtP'e^U'^n-ipddt^ 
Michael Nelson 

Tfidamd Tindd'&n<pddtf t O'xfdnd 
Zachary Nelson 

7^tpn'dtp&' Tindd^n<pddi^ 

Casey Newell 

T-tpfdd- Tindv'€^* y ypi r 'tf 
Charles Nissen 

C&dv n-a-dfr $€dp^od'(pf' TMdn-e^ 

Aidan Niswender 

Tin dvet^iddtf ipf' $4Ptpidp-&nip Cndif^Pt^ndtP 

Nick Nola 

Tin pven-Sddtf 'frf* S&tpidp Cnn'O-ddnu 
Aidan O'Dwyer 

$d. T^ww'&n&& Tin dve-n-1 ify 

Kanayo Offodile 

TTtdamd Tin dip&n^didf, Chof&n-d 

Otto' Olafsson 

TZnvtun Tin dit^n^ddp 

Joe Owens 

Tin dv&n^ddp S'&u dip C&nip/pn & 
Michael Owings 

Ti^cdi^d^n Tn^ddiapd^ Tecdnnd^ f jf 

Lucas Pao 

Ti& mi & nd C'fr /de^e' 

Joseph Perazzini 

CndddtPddd Tindd&n<pddp CTnp&ndtPtP 

Nikhil Peterson 

7ju d? Tindd^n^dip 
William Petroni 

Su n da Cdt^n-tP Tinpv&n-S ddp 

William Presnell 

TZ & tf' ifo n- Tindd'&n<pddp 
John Preston 

Tindv&n-p ddp Tddn-fdn dtP 

Aditya Priyadarshi 

Tdudtpne^ Undd-e^ddp 
Graham Ragsdale 

Tin dd&n^ddp Td@dd& 

Jack Rankin 

typp/& Tindd&n<pddp 
Carson Reisinger 

TindtP&nlddp v f T&nip&KLe&, TCn -n ■xnddd&- 
Christian Schwartz 

Tn dd/P n a Tin dd^n^P ddp 
Jackson Singer 

dun-m^an Tdndpp€^n<pddp 
Carlos Soria-Garcia 

Tidppidtddfddn' Tindd&fpipddp dn $d, dtPndd- 
Reagan Sparks 

Tin du&npddp v f Cdid-C^PpPP 
Harrison Steanson 

'BndpHePm ydtpnp Tin dd&n<pddp t Tdddv 
Joseph Stevens 

Tira de Tdp^^pd Tdndd&n<pdd'p 

William Stewart 

Tin dd&n^ddp vf- Tldddp'np&n'd 
Hugh Sullivan 

Tiipdd&n^ddp vf TCn up ■xndd/^- 

Marshall Summar 

Tindip&tp'pddip v f TCn -& ■X'U-dd/&- 

Andrew Sutphin 

(4udu n-n Tin dv^np ddp 

Chris Tarquinio 

Tid-v de s Cfrddep& 

Harrison Taylor 

Tia mft de n ~$pdn ep Cdddep& 

TJ Terrell 

UndtP&n^ddp v f TCn -& ■xndd/^- 

Billy Thomas 

(dudtpnn Tin duens ddp 
Jacob Tigrett 

Tin du&npddp v f (y&frp*pdtP 
Caleb Tolbert 

Tj u de TCun-pdtPn Tin duen-P ddp 
Cole Turner 

TTndd&t*<pddp v f 7d&npp&p<pe&, TCn^cnpddd^ 

James Vest 

TTndd&t*<pddp v f 7d&npp&p,<pe& t TCn -& ■xnddd^- 
William Wheeler 

Tin dip e'niddif vf* TCn -& ■xnddd^- 

Frank Wilk 

Tindv e'niddif v f TCn v ■xnddd&- 

Gray Williams 

Tn ddeP n & Tindd^n<^did^ 

Ben Wood 

Tin lu&nS dtif 'frjd Tfidc di p ft n 

Activities - TfUpinidvdtpitdtp tdpd 249 




A Blast 


The 21st annual collaboration musical between harpeth hall 
and MBA, Zombie Prom, portrays a timeless love story with a 
radioactive twist. The show follows rebellious Jonny 'Without 
an IT Warner (John Thornton '20) as he transfers to Enrico 
Fermi high and falls in love with Toffee (Molly Bacurin '20). As 
the school year quickly progresses, Toffee, urged by zany 
Principle Deliliah Strict (Maddie harlan '18), her parents, and 
other adults, then breaks up with Jonnny. This breakup 
causes Jonny to dive head first into a nuclear power plant, 
resulting in a class 3 nuclear disaster and his death. The 
seemingly normal routine of Enrico Fermi high is thrown into 
chaos with the return of a zombie Jonny Warner, who 
attempts to regain admittance into the school with the help of 
F\eporter Eddie Flagrante (C.h. henry '21). From here, the 
show zooms to the prom night where a series of 
incomprehensible confessions come from the disciplinarian 
Ms. Strict, that Jonny is the son of Eddie and her. 
Performances by senior Aidan O'Dywer, junior Will Mader, and 
sophomores Ashton Terrell, as well as, senior Margaret Anne 
Whitton, juniors Maggie Sullivan, Isabel Long, and Lydia 
Crydier brought to life the Atomic '50s and aided in the 
success of the show. With Dr. Fuller as the director, Mrs. 
Hamilton as the choreographer, and Mr. Meredith as the 
music director, along with a student band and professional 
electric guitarist, the cast entertained fully houses over its 
four night run in the Paschall Theater. 

252 Arts - mizie T^MPftP 

I. Jonny and Toffee embrace early on in the show. 2. Rehearsal of 
the end of “As Good As it Gets”. 3. The cast attentively listens as 
Dr. Fuller gives notes following a run through. 4- C.H. Henry 
portrays Eddie Flagrante as he receives information for his newspaper 
story. 5. Toffee mourns the death of Jonny after his dive into the 
power plant. 

6. The full cast and crew of Zombie 
Prom. 7. John Thornton, supported 
by Emory Morgan and Billy Jones 
expertly balances on a gurney 
while singing in order to portray 
Jonny Warner rising from the dead. 
8. Maddie Harlan and C.H. Henry 
perform their tango towards the end 
of the show. 9. Ashton Terrell talks 
on a phone booth as Isabel Long, 
Nora Wang, and Rachel Hinchey 
try to get his attention. 10. Ashton 
Terrell, McConnico Sharpe, Ben 
Wood, Max Giorgio, Caleb Tolber, 
and Tim Blaufuss make their first 
entrance. 11. Everybody attends the 
Atomic Prom. 

Arts - 253 


The competition One-Act this year, Rashomon, tooh place at 
sister school harpeth hall. Directed by Ms. Klocko The story 
follows the arrest and trial of an infamous bandit, played by 
bophomore Ch henry, and explains the story from four different 
perspectives. Each story blurs the truth even more, leaving the 
watcher questioning which version is the correct sequence of 
events. Using a minimalistic set, yet effective set, they were able 
to create the feel of a bamboo forest while being able to move 
everything quickly (a key part of the competition in which they 
participated). Additionally, they brought in a profession 
choreographer to help create spectacular swordfights throughout 
the show. 

After an initial practice show, which was open to the public, 
the cast and crew traveled to annual Tennessee Theatre 
Association convention October 19th where they performed the 
play in front of a panel of judges where they received all 
excellent ratings. After the dust had settled, Junior Maggie 
Sullivan was named best Actress of the entire convention, and 
bophomore CM Menry and benior Maddie Marian were named to 
the All-btar cast. They cast and crew then returned to Harpeth 
Mall where they performed the show another three times before 
finally resting. Director Janette Fox Klocko praised the troupe, "I 
am beyond proud of how they represented Harpeth Mall and MBA 
at the TTA conference. Join me in congratulating them on their 
amazing achievement." 

1. Senior Aidan O’Dwyer is held in place by his wife Maddie Harlan. 

2. Freshman Billy Jones and Junior Maggie Sullivan recall the events 
of the play from afar. 3. The stage is tense during this pivotal scene. 
4. Sophomore CH Henry and Senior Aidan O’Dwyer engage in a 
sword fight 


254 Arts - 

ARTS - 255 


Antigone, written by Sophocles, is the story of 
the daughter of Oedipus and Jacosta pitting her 
beliefs against King Creon (Tim Blaufuss) in a 
bloody test of wills that leaves few unharmed. 
Emotions fly as Antigone (Lillian Stowe) 
challenges the King for the right to bury her 
own brother. Determined but doomed, she 
demonstrates her inner resolve until her last 
breath. Director fir. Morrison congratulated the 
talented company: i am particularly indebted 
to their commitment, dedication, and sheer 
handwork in bringing this complex, important 
text to the stage, and I applaud everyone 
involved wholeheartedly." 

Antigone was preformed in the fall on 
Movember 15th-18th and directed by English 
and drama teacher Mr. Morrison. This 


performance put the seniors in the spotlight, 
led by Lillian Stowe, playing Antigone, Margaret 
Ann Whitton, playing Ismene, and Caleb 
Tolbert, playing a messenger. Stepping in as 
stage manager for this performance as well, 
Caroline Spindel closes her last fall play after 
years of hard work for both MBA and harpeth 
hall theater. 

I Senior Lillian Stowe takes center stage making a 
speech after she has been captured by Creon. 2. Senior 
Caleb Tolbert playing the messenger talks to Lyla Elrod, 
the wife of Creon. 3. Senior Margaret Ann Whitton 
playing Antigone's sister talks to Creon. 4- Senior John 
Curry takes center stage making a speech during his part 
in the chorus 5. Creon clutches his son after he commits 
suicide in opposition to his father. 

256 Arts - 

6. Seniors Margaret Ann Whitton and Lillian Stowe play sisters Ismene and 
Antigone. 7. The chorus gestures in their summary of the story. 8. Antigone 
makes another speech while in bondage. 9. Junior John Jameson playing the 
guard talks to Creon. 10. Junior Tim Blaufuss playing Creon makes a speech 
in the spotlight. 11. The chorus moves around the stage to portray a 
summary of time during the story of Antigone. 12. Sophomore Max Giorgio 
plays the blind prophet Tiresias foreseeing a vision. 

Arts - 257 



During the Z019 Fall Theater season, the MBA and harpeth Mall Playmahers put on Argonautika by Mary Zimmerman, an epic 
story following the Argonauts of Ancient Greece and the Gods and Goddesses that guided them. The tail followed the path of 
Jason (Luke Boyer), and his quest for the Golden Fleece in order to regain the throne from his uncle, King Pelias (James Minor 
III). With help from Mera (Lillian 5towe) and Athena (Maddie Marian), Jason and the Argonauts set sail on their quest, unsure of 
the future that awaited them. 

Made up of a diverse cast from freshmen and seniors of both schools, lots of time and teamwork went into the full 
production. Additionally, the full set, designed by Munter Woolwine and the cast, created the world in which the heroes sailed 
and fought. Eric Pasto-Grosby lead the choreography for the battle between the Argonauts and the evil skeleton army. Great 
job to the cast, crew, and most importantly to Dr. "King Cal" Fuller, for making all of this possible in the first place. 

I. The Arognauts gesture as they address the 
crowd. 2. A sea monster guarding Andromeda 
(Sloane Thor) emerges from the water to fight ^ 
Hercules. 3. Hera (Lillian Stowe) drowns Tiphys | 
(Aidan O’Dwyer) when he is unsafe in a storm. 

4 . Medea (Molly Bacurin) tricks the dragon into 
getting the golden fleece. 

258 Arts - 

5. Lillian Stowe playing Hera breaks Hercules’s ore when the crew is racing to see who is the 
fastest. 6. Jason played by Luke Boyer is alone on the stage preforming an aside. 7. Pollux, played 
by sophomore Thomas Peterson slaps te king Amycus in a fight. 8. Pelias, played by senior James 
Minor, talks to his servants played by McConnico Sharpe and Will Mader. 9. Jason (Luke Boyer) 
pours water into the ocean for libations as the Argonauts are about to sail out into the sea. 10. 
Hera (Lillian Stowe) climbs one of the hanging ladders, overseeing the Argo. 11. The Argonauts 
fight Aeete’s skeleton army in one of the most action-packed scenes in the production. 

Arts - n & u ez 259 

MBA One-Acts 

Every year, the final theater performance of the year features One-Acts directed by the seniors from the 5tudio Theater class. 
This year was a little different, mainly because their were only two seniors, Kanayo Offodile (Superheroes) and Caleb Tolbert 
(Chech Please: Take 2). In addition to the two seniors, MBA Alumni, and former directors, Mr, Woolwine (Medea) and Mr. Berry 
(Oedi) directed One-Acts. Medea, the first show, explores the play-that-goes-wrong while following Medea after her split with 
Jason. The following show, Oedi, is a comedic take on the traditional story of Oedipus Rex. Check Please: Take 2, the third 
show, explores the different people that one may meet while dating, ranging from someone who is always on their phone to a 
pirate. The final show, Superheroes, consisted of a series of scenes where both Marvel and DC superheroes found themselves 
in everyday life following a drastic crime drop. Altogether, these 4 shows served as a fitting finish to a great theater year. 

I. The cast of Medea takes to the stage. 2. 
Sophomore Angie Baird intensely speaks to 
Junior John Moore and wants to make sure she 
has his attention. 3. Freshman Billy Jones plays 
a Deus-ex-Machina in order to solve all of 
Medea’s problems. 4- Freshman Taylor Nisbit 
and CH Flenry on a date in the comedic 
“Check Please.” 

260 Arts - 

5. Junior Tim Blaufuss and Senior Maddie Harlan play a pirate and psychic respectively looking for a 
date in “Check Please.” 6. Sloane Thor, Aidan O’Dwyer, and Emory Morgan as the Chorus in 
Medea. 7. Junior Roy Claverie delivers a completely off-topic message to Medea to serve as comedic 
relief. 8. Freshman Rachel Hinchey answer her phone while on a first date with Senior Brandon Hall. 
9. Name needed. 10. Juniors Luke Boyer and Molly Bacurin reprise their roles as Jason and Medea 
in their One-Act “Medea.” 11. Junior John Moore delivers a speech while Senior James Minor and 
Sophomore Luke Jackson, his trust advisors, listen. 

Arts - 261 

MBA Choir 

Hei n in t? $ s C&tt nfotf 

This year the MBA Choirs, lead by director 
Mr. Smyth, had another fantastic year. In total, 
there are 4 choirs, Junior School Singers, Big 
Red Choir, Chamber Choir, and headmasters 
Singers, and all perform regularly at various 
MBA concerts throughout the year, as well as 
some extra events such as the national anthem 
for homecoming and the Mother-Son breakfast. 
In addition to these various concerts, each year 
the combined Chamber Choir and headmasters 
Singers travel to compete in the Mid-State 
Choral festival and All-State Festival, where they 
once again earned the ranking as a Superior 
choir. Additionally, the Junior School Singers 
traveled to the middle school festival and also 
earned the distinction of Superior. 

In addition to the regular MBA concerts, the 
Choir programs performed all throughout 
hashville. In early December, the headmasters 
Singers traveled to NPR where they did a live 
concert on the radio. Also, the Chamber Choir 
performed at a Christ Church Cathedral. Finally, 
the combined Chamber and headmaster Choirs 
performed downtown at the Schermerhorn 
Symphony Center nd a group traveled to hew 
York and sang at Carnegie hall. 

I. Combined MBA Chamber Choir and Headmasters 
Singers at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. 2. Roy 
Claverie, Joseph Lucas, Mr. Smyth, Tim Blaufuss, and 
Don Pierce pose in front of Carnegie Hall prior to their 
participation in the performance. 3. Chamber Choir 
performs a song during the Spring Music Concert. 4- 
Chamber Choir at Betelemnu Christ Church Cathedral in 

262 Arts - 

5. Picture of the MBA combined choirs practicing with the Nashville 
Symphony Choir. 6. Sophomore CH Henry sings during the Mother Son 
Breakfast. 7. Big Red Choir performing during the Spring Concert. 8. Junior 
John Thornton sings a solo during the Mother Son Breakfast. 9. Chamber 
Choir member Breckenridge Curnutte sings a solo with the Jazz Band. 10. 
Headmasters Singers performed on air at Nashville Public Radio in December. 
11 . Senior Garrett Murphy performs a solo during the Mother Son Breakfast. 

Arts - 263 


This year the band students welcomed Evan 
Cobb from the Nashville Jazz Workshop as the 
Pat Patrick musician. He worked with students 
in class on improvisation, worked with the jazz 
combos and performed a concert with the 
students. The band traveled to Murray, 
Kentucky to participate in the Jamey Aebersold 
Jazz Festival for the first time, where they 
earned all superior ratings! A jazz combo went 
on a jazz history tour to Memphis, Clarksdale, 
MB and Indianola, MB. In addition, the band 
sent one boy (Jason Zhu) to perform at the 
Tennessee All-State Convention! Next year the 
band is excited about a new class: Big Red 
Rhythm - A class designed specifically for 
rhythm section musicians, focused on teaching 
specific techniques and skills through a wide 
variety of music. We are excited about the new 
possibilities this will bring to the music program 
at MBA! 

I. Mr. Fredrick conducts the Ellington Band at the 
Winter Concert. 2. Dhruv Chandra plays the saxophone 
during the Spring Concert. 3. Harrison Steanson stands 
for his trumpet solo during the Winter Concert. 4 ■ David 
DeRocher and Landis Hall play the percussion part for 
the Chorus performance. 5. Jason Zhu performs at the 
Spring Concert with the musical guest Evan Cobb. 

264 Arts - 

6 . Chuma Offodile and Asher Maxwell play saxophone during the Winter 
Concert. 7. Avery Estopinal and Joshua Meriwether belt out a feature on the 
trumpet. 8. Members of the band took a trip to Memphis and were able to 
take the stage to play the blues. 9. The trip to Memphis included a stop at 
the Delta Blues Museum to take in the history. 10. Ms. Pippin directs the 
band during the Spring Concert. 11. Joseph Dattilo keeps the rhythm for the 
band during this number. 

Arts - 265 

1. The Chamber Orchestra preforms during the Winter Concert. 

2. Mr. Merideth conducts the Chamber Orchestra. 3. Foster 
Edwards and Buchanan Lindsey play the violin during the joint 
MBA and Harpeth Hall performance. 4 . Charles Nissen focuses on 
playing the bass during the Spring Concert. 5. The cello section 
performs with the Harpeth Hall students. 

266 Arts - 


^ j/i? 

During the 2018-2019 MBA school year, the 
Orchestra program continued to evolve 
under the leadership of Mr. Merideth. This 
year more students joined the orchestra 
program which strengthened its musical 
talent and tradition. 

The orchestra participated in many concerts 
throughout the year, including Admissions 
Preview Day, the Fall Concert, and the Spring 
Music Celebration. The three separate 
orchestras, Chamber, Sinfonia, and Prelude, 
highlight the different levels of talent and 
musical learning. While the orchestras do 
perform at separate events, they also 
perform as one group. In addition to 
performing at concerts and recitals, Chamber 
Orchestra also participated in important 
school events, such as Totomoi, the Patch 
Ceremony, the Ring Ceremony and Cum 
Laude. The Chamber Orchestra also 
participated in both the State Concert 
Festival in Clarksville and the Concert Festival 
at Centennial. The 2018-2019 school year 
was the last year for Orchestra Director 
Merideth, who has consistently built up the 
program for the past nine years and whose 
presence and laughter will be missed next 

6 . Elijah Higgs plays the violin during the Fall 
Concert. 7. Admissions Preview Day showcases 
all three MBA orchestras. 8. During the Fall 
Concert, Jack Edwards plays the violin. 9. 
Together with the Harpeth Hall orchestra, the 
MBA orchestra executes an excellent 
performance. 10. Ben Wood, Nikko Haroldson, 
Peter Minkoff, and Charles Nissen form the bass 
section of the orchestra. 

Arts - 267 

Studio Arts 

Cnees ftvttif pn tlte Ht// 

The art department this year has been at an all time high. With may 
awards among the students and plenty of spectacular pieces being 
made, the 2018-2019 year did not disappoint. At the Middle 
Tennessee Regional Student Art Awards Ceremony, MBA had multiple 
students earn awards. In the spring semester at Scholastics thirteen 
students won at least one gold hey, and fourteen students won at least 
one silver hey. The department also welcomed internationally hnown 
artist Bleh Le Rat in the fall to both install murals on campus and also 
teach students about his process and inspiration. This led to many 
students experimenting in new ways and with new materials over the 
course of the year. This year's studio art department started out with 
four teachers: Ms. Valentine-Cichetti, Mr. Womack, Ms. Mollifield, and 
Ms. Bwieca-Brochman. however, the school had to say goodbye to Ms. 
Valentine after the first semester as she moved to a different state. But 
for the second semester, Ms. Hanagan stepped in her place and has 
done a wonderful job filling in such a big role. The MBA community also 
said goodbye to one of its teachers and one of the biggest influences in 
the art department: Mr. Womack. Mr. Womack has been with MBA for 
forty years, and he has helped build the art department from just an 
elective to all of the classes that it offers today, hot just studio art, but 
the entire art building would not be here if it was not for this amazing 
gentleman and the hard work that he has done for this school over his 
forty years of being here. 

268 Arts - Sfu dip Clnt 

1. Sims Lance and Peter Hall work on their Art III still life paintings. 

2 . Gaits Buntin draws scales in his sketchbook to work on rendering 
value. 3. Garrett Goodrum carves a photo of the Colosseum into a 
linoleum plate for printmaking. 4. Webb Hunt poses with some ofM 
his AP Studio Art portfolio pieces before they are sent to be scored. I 

5. Sophomore Jack Flanagan works on 
printing one of his etchings. 6. Freshman 
Jude Kelley draws a graphite piece. 7. 
Freshman Jacob Viner poses with Mr. 
Womack after winning a silver key in the 
Middle Tennessee Scholastics Awards 
ceremony. 8. Eighth grader Luke Kim 
woks on a background for his linoleum 
print. 9. Sebastian Garcia sketches from 
life at MBA’s outdoor garden. 10. These 
senior AP Studio students breathe a sigh 
of relief now that their portfolios are 
submitted. II. Mr. Womack teaches 
senior Gibby Gibson how to carve into 
his linoleum plate. 

Arts - Sfudie (Znt 269 

Aidan Niswender 


Cole Crider 

Senior AP 

Cameron Jacobson 

31X TXe^-p^n 

Bela Arwen 

Webb Hunt 

22 &&&n-fv /7"j? 

270 AlRTS - 

Walker Dillard 

27 IX&yp^n 72tP&t*fop2£& 

Felix Arwen 

27 T&yp^pp TtP&ppfaTpii 

Jake Johnston 

T&yp^tp TXtP&ppfaTpiP 

Aidan Niswender 


Kanayo Offodile 

27 T&yp-ptp 72& & ^y% 

Braden Myers 

Tht-pyupp-rpf 7tPn7j^tP2f@' 

ARTS - S ' tn - ty & n - ( T *& Ct - fp £ t ' X'£x 271 

Rocking Out 

Cellophony, MBA's student run concert that 
benefits the W.O. 5mith Music School, was a 
resounding success. The concert was put 
together by Ben Wood, Jason Zhu, Zach 
Melson, and William Rogers with the help of Mr. 
Fredrick as the faculty sponsor and in 
conjunction with the Service Club. The 16th 
Annual show was emceed by Dr. Onstott with 
performances by the Fleadmaster singers, 
Lucas Pao, and more. With a special preview 
performance during the morning assembly 
featuring The Flouse Band and their redition of 
Mariah Carey's "Emotion," which was attended 
by Mayor Briley, the evening was bound to be a 
success. With a range of acts, a special 
birthday tribute, and "With a Little Help from my 
Friends" to close out the night, the audience 
was entertained the entire night. This year's 
performances were truly memorable, and will 
be extremely tough to top in the years to 
come. Flowever, all eyes look to next year's 
event, hoping for another memorable 
performance by the returning musicians. 

I. John Thornton and the rest of The House Band take 
on “Emotions.”. 2. Cage Parrish and Amy McKamey 
brought down the house with “Rivers and Roads.” 3. 
Ben Wood provides the bass line for “Treasure,” with 
The House Band. 4- William Rogers performed a stirring 
acoustic rendition of “All Your Favorite Bands.” 5. The 
Headmasters Singers wowed the crowd with their 
rendition of “Wake Me Up.” 

272 Arts - 

Big Red Rocks 

*B^pn^pfp^ /b £r n d 

The MBA Big Red Rocks, formerly known as "Rock Band" had another great year of performances. By putting in large amounts 
of time during rehearsals, they made each performance one to remember. Big Red Rocks was led by Mrs. Pippin and Mr. 
Friedrick, and was made up of MBA and Flarpeth Flail musicians including Ben Wood, Aidan O'Dwyer, C.FI. Flenry, and Cage 
Parish. Big Red Rocks lets these musicians play in front of sizable audiences at football games and other events. Their 
performances add to the spirit of different events including ones at MBA and Flarpeth Flail. They are a mainstay at the MBA 
Carival each fall and put on a great performance during halftime shows each home football game. This band is for those who 
truly love music, and want to take their skills to the next level by playing outside of the classroom. 

I. C.H. Henry performs with the halftime 
fireworks at the Homecoming game. 2. Big Red 
Rocks also performs at Harpeth Hall and other 
venues around the area. 3. Ben Wood has back 
up percussion from the fireworks. 4 . Big Red 
Rocks provides the soundtrack to the Carnival 
each fall. This year featured vocals from Aidan 
O’Dwyer, Brantley Golczynski, C.H. Henry, and 
Devan Durrett. 

Arts - 7 i&d 273 

14th Annual 

Each year dedicated students and teachers 
spend a full 24 hours creating the a non¬ 
stop tribute to the Bard. This year marked 
the 14th Annual MBA 5hakespeare-a-thon. 
Funds are raised through donations and 
pledges as well as food sales.There are also 
fun games like "Alas Poor Yorick head toss" 
among others where people can pay to play 
a round. The day also includes recitations 
and even learning how to create an on-stage 
fight scene. There is also a dedicated 
contingent of teachers who spend the night 
on campus to keep the festivities going. This 
year Mr. Chambers, Mr. Berry and Mr. 
Woolwine chaperoned the graveyard shift. 
When all the money was counted there was 
$230 raised plus another $300 in pledges. 
These donations help support ENDADA and 
Nashville Shakespeare Festival. This day is 
one that the MBA community looks forward 
to each year. 

I. The group prepares for a 24 hour full of the Bard. 2. 
The day included Mr. Morrison’s teaching the boys 
about creating a believable stage fight. 3. Ms. Bassett 
spent some quality time on the Quad during the day’s 
events. 4- Students from Junior School through High 
School dedicate their time to participating in the day. 

274 Arts - && /*—2?—A3 



On Saturday, April 27, Endada, MBA's 
signature arts and music festival saw one of 
its greatest turnouts yet thanhs to the hard 
work and dedication of Ms. Nollifield and the 
Art Department, as well as Campbell Cook, 
Otto Olafsson, Aidan Miswender, Webb hunt, 
and Ben Wood. With the student-favorite 
Carter Invitational Tennis Tournament 
occurring on the same day, MBA's campus 
was bustling with activity. 

Student artwork accompanied by live 
music, art experimentation accompanied by 
face painting and DIY stations; Endada 
wonderfully encompassed and highlighted 
many of the school's most brilliant aspects. 
With appearances from numerous food 
trucks and live music from Ben Wood and 
the headmaster's Singers among other 
groups, Endada 2019 was a smash hit. The 
day combined all of the best facets of the Art 
Department on a single day along with food 
and activities for the community. The event 
allowed for many parents, alumni, and 
children to wonderfully experience the best 
MBA has to offer as a community and did an 
exceptional job of showcasing the student's 
best work to the public. 

I. Ross Walker helps Walker Dillard showcase his work. 2. The planning team of Aidan Niswender, 
"Otto Olaffson, and Campbell Cook get an assist from Maxime Ruggiero, the French exchange 
student. Cole Williamson and Luke Boyer print shirts and paint shoes at their table. 3. Luke 
McSween helps the visitors screenprint a bag. 4- John Dinkins and a friend walk around enjoying 
the music. 5. “The Night King” picks a banjo tune on the Quad. 

276 Arts - 


7. The instrument petting zoo attracted a lot of festival goers including Ms. Swieca-Brockman’s son. 

8 . Cameron Jacobson peels away the stencil from his spray-painted piece of art. 9. Ben Wood, 
Colin Tang and Jason Zhu provide live music. 10. Henry Neck, Wesley Carlton, and K.J. Scruggs 
sell their artwork during the day. 11. Aidan Niswender, Otto Olafsson and Campbell Cook pose 
with a transformed Mr. Golenor. 

Arts - *£nd&d& ill 

Junior School 



Mrs. Angela Klausner 

Jtt It 10 /* S-C fioof 

Mrs. Angela Klausner joined the MBA 
community in 2011, as the head Librarian. 
With her degrees in Library Science from the 
University of Mississippi and years of 
experience around the country, Mrs. Klausner 
was well prepared to lead the way at MBA. 
Under her leadership the Patrick Wilson Library 
made many steps in modernization including 
enhanced digitization of the catalog, library 
guides to help students navigate their reading 
assignments, and summer reading guides so 
students can get the most out of each word 
read. Mrs. Klausner also took on the title of 
School Archivist and led the way to digitally 
archive over 150 years of school history. This 
included working with volunteers to scan and 
organize every school paper, yearbook, and 
piece of memorabilia she could track down. 
This effort led to the publication of a 
celebration of Montgomery Bell Academy to 
coincide with the 150th anniversary of the 

Mrs. Klausner is known not only for her 
amazing organizational skills but for her love 
of the students who enter the library, her 
welcoming smile and helpful nature brings 
students back again and again, ho year would 
be complete without the annual Halloween 
party in the library complete with themed 
costumes and treats for everyone on campus. 
Mrs. Klausner's legacy at MBA is rooted in her 
love for the students and creating systems to 
preserve the history of MBA. her smile, 
dedication, and leadership will be missed but 
the MBA community wishes her well. It is with 
great pleasure that The Bell staff dedicate this 
section of the yearbook to Mrs. Angela 

I. Mrs. Klausner’s smile is unmistakable on campus. 2. 
Mrs. Klausner always knows what you need help with 
in the library. 3. This picture from 2011, marks Mr. and 
Mrs. Klausner sharing the campus for the first time. 4- 
Mr. Quinn and Me Allister were always willing to don a 
costume for Halloween. 5. Mr. and Mrs. Klausner 
celebrated Mrs. Klausner’s retirement. 6. This crown 
does not do justice to Mrs. Klausner’s royal legacy. 

280 Junior School Dedication - 



Advisory Officers/Service Reps 2018-2019 

Creamer/Gillespie: Reed Sullivan Cooper/Wims: Keen Zoller McMurray/Killian: Browning Trainer 
Kesor/Spiegl: Grayson Soper/Henry Roberts Russ/Russell: Connor Carr 
Simpson/Euverard: Niles Melteson/Evan Smith/Smith Zoller Roberts/Raines: Patrick Tatro/Jude 

Tuminello/Andy Nunn Ellery/Sawyer: Coleman Smith 
Anderson/Cirillo: Oliver Pilkinton/Frank Dinkins Chauvin/Overton: Christian Lim/Walker Stevens 

Creamer/Gillespie: Yates Ghertner/Luke Ricciardelli Cooper/Wims: Nathaniel Berman/Harrison 
Dawkins/Sam Hale McMurray/Killian: Ebenezer Henry Okafor/Jose' DeLemo Kesor/Spiegl: Luke 

Brown/Conrad Wade 

Russ/Russell: Hutton Wall Simpson/Euverard: Nick Brunetti/Zeke Stroud 

Roberts/Raines: Ryan Russell 

Ellery/Sawyer: Ketch Parker/Hays Lindsey/Joseph Baker/Terran Davis/Owen Willers/Liam Eadie 
nderson/Cirillo : Will Caldwell/Luke Keller Chauvin/Overton: Reid Jacobs 

Junior School - 281 

Peyton Alexander Parks Ashbury 

Ethan Bandaccari 

Alex Barnard 

Dawson Bowling 

Robbie Brown Sam Brown 

Wiley Buenahora Cannon Burns 

Miles Butler 

Liam Campbell 

Nate Cantrell 

Robert Carpenter 

Connor Carr 

Tommy Carson Simon Cian 

Chanden Climaco 

Hampton Coleman 

Payne Daniel 

Alex Deerkoski 

Frank Dinkins 

Alexander Doulis Andrew Dovan 

Alex Dube 

Isaiah Dulin Colston Elder Will Elrod 

Ryan Fisher 


Owen Flanagan 

Jack Forbes Sam Frank 

Mitchell Frankum Jake Frazier 

Beau Gaston 

Eriq George 

Maithreya Gowda 

Marshall Green 

Cooper Greene 

Reid Groomes 

Hudson Haile 

David Han 

Frank Hancock 

Reid Harrington 

Thomas Harwell 

Joseph Hastings 

Owen Henderson 

Middleton Henry 

Edward Herlitzka 

Noah Higgs 

Yatish Jindal 

Parker Johnston 

KJ Jones 

Colin Kerrigan 

Luke Kim 

Samuel Kinch 

Cameron Kinser 

Gus Kirkland 

Hayden Kirkland 

Ethan Klindt Clay Lamb 

Luke Larish Clayton Lee Henry Lee 



Jackson Lefler 

Kavin Lewis 

Christian Lim 

Caidan Maddux 

James Malone 

Matthew McMinn 

Ely McRae 

Niles Meltesen 

Aidan Moon 

Henson Moore 

Charlie Murff 

Luke Murray 

Jack Myers 

Orman Nimmo 

Andy Nunn 

Hill Odede 

Sully O'Neal 

Connor O'Neil 

Lain Orndorff 

Alex Owings 

Carter Ozburn 

Noah Perry 

Oliver Pilkinton 

Henry Pitt 

Jackson Preisler 

Marcel Reed 

Owen Reese Henry Ribble 

Claiborne Richards 

Jackson Rishel 

Peter Roark 

Henry Roberts 

Fletcher Robinson 

Mac Russ 

Maxwell Rzasnicki 


Coleman Smith 

Evan Smith 

Grayson Soper 

Andrew Smith 

Brooks Smith 

Ben Schneider Ryan Sharifi 

Jack Spellman Cole Steanson 

Walker Stevens 

Quinlan Stewart 

William Stewart 

Reed Sullivan 

Joshua Tan 

Patrick Tatro 

Zane Thompson 

Chase Thor 

Browning Trainer 

Jude Tumminello 

Will Tyrrell 

Benedict Urbanczyk 

Thomas Vargason 

Evan Viars 

Hogan Walker 

Wyatt Walters 

Alex Wang 

Logan Watts 

Carter Welch 

Trey Wieck 

Geoffrey Woodward 

Peter Xu 

Jack Young Keen Zoller Smith Zoller 


Emmett Adams 

Alexander Averbuch 

Richard Ay I ward 

Joseph Baker 

Chase Barker 

William Barnard 

Luke Beemer 

David Bellet 

Nathaniel Berman 

Maine Billings 

Ethan Bittles 

Henry Bohman 

Dennis Bottorff 

Elliott Bragg 

Benton Brown 

Luke Brown 

Nick Brunetti 

James Buntin 

Britton Busbee Will Caldwell 

Blaine Campbell 

Mitchell Chaffin 

Ollie Cian 

Corbin Clifton 

Cooper Coleman 

Charlie Coles 

Crockett Cooper 

Ben Crawford 


Davis Crawford Dillard Cross 

Powell Cummings 

Kellan Curnutte 

Cooper Davis 

Nate Davis 

Terran Davis 

Harrison Dawkins 

Jordan Dayani 

William Dean 

Jose DeLemos 

Thomas Dennis 

Colin Durelli 

Hutton Durrett 

Nicholas Egbert 

Simon Englert 

Sanjith Geevarghese 

Yates Ghertner 

Jackson Green 

Liam Eadie 

Sam Hall 

Ebenezer Henry-Okafor 

Nate Holder 

Morgan Holzapfel 

Jack Hood 

Carter Hopper 

Henry Huber 


Conner Looney Brooks Martini 

Oakley McFerrin 

H Mclllwain 

Thomas Meier Jackson Miller 

Jake Moore 

Walker Musser Gerard O'Keefe 

Vishal Parikh 

Ketch Parker 

Mecho Patikas Gavin Pease 

William Perri 

Palmer Phillips Frank Pierce 

Carter Plato 

Beckett Proctor Blake Ragsdale 

Luca Recchia 

Walter Reisinger 


Luke Ricciardelli 

Marshall Richardson 

Jack Rodgers 

Ryan Russell 

Graeme Rutter 

Charles Sandahl 

Carson Sberna 

Jay Schlosser 

Tristan Scott 

Edwards Settle 

Nathan Sinclair 

Ross Sonday 

Fielding Staelin 

Dawson Stone 

Zeke Stroud 

Davis Thompson 

Kyle Thomson 

Calin Trabue 

Jake Truitt 

Whit Uden 

Harrison VerHulst 

Conrad Wade 

Anderson Walker 

Hutton Wall 

Owen Willers Parker Willett 

Nathan Williams 

Trey Woodcock 


Build a Boat, 
C^frn^ -a- Ti&j&e' 

As the 2018-2019 school year Kicked off, one hundred 
twenty one seventh graders started to know one another and 
what better way to do so than a retreat. On September 12, 
2018 the class of 2024 head off to Camp Laney in Mentone, 
Alabama for three days. The camp trip had many exciting team 
building activities, but two of them stood out amongst the rest. 

There were a total of 6 trials in order to prove the bravery 
of these students. The ordeals were called "Climbing", "Zipline", 
"high Traverse", "Pamper Leap", "Bonia", and the "Kamikaze". 
"Climbing" and “Zipline" are rather straightforward, and "high 
Traverse" is a rope walk suspended in the air. In "Pamper Leap" 
someone has to jump from a pole about 30 feet high to grab a 
trapeze, and "Bonsai" is essentially a smaller version of 
"Kamikaze" in which someone has to travel through suspended 
tracks before jumping off while on a swing. The true test had 
not begun until the seventh graders started the rope 
challenges. Many of these games can be stressful and 
communication and trust are paramount. To finish the retreat, 
the seventh graders had to put their heads together for a team 
building contest. 

Additionally, Each cabin was given the challenge of building 
a boat that a person could float across Lake Laney. The only 
materials are cardboard, tape, and a plastic sheet for water 
resistance. The goal of the challenge is to move across the lake 
as many times as possible before sinking. Communication and 
problem solving are a key components in order to win. Many 
cabins form strategies, but nevertheless many boats sink 
before traveling half-way. Out of all of the failures one boat 
emerged victorious known as the "Back Flip Boat" from cabin 
seven. These days provide so many opportunities for the class 
to create bonds that will last throughout their time on The Mill. 

I .Will Jackson carries his cabins boat towards the unforgiving waters. 
2. A group of students ready to catch a ball as it travels down a 
makeshift ramp. 3. Maine Billings and Mitchell Chaffin are riding their 
team boat. 4- Jonah Husmann is playing defense during this passing 

290 Junior School - Lmp&tf 

5. Cabin 3 with their boat hoping to best the rest of the 
class of 2024. 6. A student edges across the ropes 
course. 7. Jackson Green, Mitchell Chaffin, and Nate 
Holder are participating in a team-building activity 8. 
Frank Pierce and William Le steady their boat. 9. A 
student climbs to the top of the rock wall. 

Junior School - Ltwp&tf 291 

Junior School 

^tt-'?-ntn^ uptttp 

tit? Ct-n-tl- 

The Junior School Evening with the Arts program is an 
event which culminates to a dedication of the junior schoolers' 
fine arts. Twice a year students, parents, faculty, and friends 
gather in the Paschall Theater to celebrate the previous 
semester's creativity. Throughout the hour long event there are 
performances from the theater classes, chorus, band, orchestra, 
and recognition of the visual artists. Parents and family are 
invited to this evening to share this time with their emerging 
artists. As attendees proceed to the theater they stop to admire 
the artwork along the hallway walls. The Paschall Theater was full 
to the brim as all enjoyed and listen to the J5 lingers choir, the 
Prelude Orchestra, and the Cardinal and Silver Bands. The 
theater students put on both original pieces as well as short 
pieces from Shakespeare. The fall event included original works 
that focused on the ideas of transformation from the theater 
students. These original works spoke to both literal and 
theoretical transformations, even one where a student was 
changed into an art making rat, a slight homage to visiting artist 
Blek Le Rat. The night also included addresses from Mrs. 
5tewrart and Mr. Oioia to welcome the attendees and to 
recognize the importance of the arts at MBA. 

I. The 8th grade theater tells the tales of transformation. 2. These 
students had to undergo a transformation of the spirit in this theater 
production. 3. KJ Jones playing the trombone as part of the Silver 
Band. 4- Noah Higgs and Orman Nimmo playing violin in the 
Prelude Orchestra. 5. Clay Lamb printing his linoleum in preparation 
for the show. 


292 Junior School - t / i ? 

6 . Junior School Singers performed “Scarborough 
Fair,” in the fall reception. 7. Cardinal band 
trumpets playing in tune. 8. The Prelude 
Orchestra playing “A Holiday Waltz.” 9. Silver 
band 10. Students and parents alike are 
impressed by the student artwork and want to 
capture the moment. 11. Members of the Silver 
band took on “Imagine” as part of their 
performance. 12. Zane Thompson, Aidan Moon, 
and Brooks Smith in a skit about the trials of 

Junior School - dn-tx 293 

I. Jane Austen hopes to prove to Hades that she is the greatest author in 
history. 2. Joseph Baker, Nate Cantrell, Luke Brown, and Luca Recchia 
perform Pride and Prejudice, “froggy-style.” 3. Zane Thompson as Hercules 
helps Dionysus on his journey. 4- Nate Cantrell introduces Xanthias, 
disguised as Hercules, to Persephone. 5. Henry Bohman as Hades 
introduces the judges for the competition between Shakespeare and Jane.. 
6 . The frogs perform Romeo and Juliet as Shakespeare’s entry in the 
competition. 7. Frank Pierce as Dionysus tries to impress the frogs with 
his majesty. 8. Luke Brown and Joseph Baker are two frogs not impressed 
by Dionysus. 

294 Jnior School - 

The Frogs 

During the second semester, the Junior School 
Players continued the focus on classics this year 
with The Progs, adapted for the stage by Don 
Zolidis from Aristophanes' original ancient Greek 
comedy. Prom January 24-26, Mr. Berry brought 
to life this modern version which satirizes modern 
pop culture and provided fun for all ages. In the 
play, Dionysus (Prank Pierce) and his trusty 
servant Xanthias (Mary Alice Pierce) are on a 
mission to save humanity from mindless 
entertainment by rescuing William Bhakespeare 
(Benedict Urbancyk) from the Underworld. 
Unfortunately, a chorus of reality-TV-loving demon 
frogs threaten to ruin his plans. Director Berry 
expressed his pride in the group for their 
commitment and strong effort: "Our seventh and 
eighth graders, many of them performing for the 
first time, put tremendous energy and 
enthusiasm into this show, making it one of the 
most fun performances I have had the honor of 
directing. I am exceptionally proud of their hard 
work and of my colleagues' wonderful help in 
making it such a success." Mrs. Bassett's "spot- 
on" performance as Jane Austen and faculty 
cameos by Ms. Bwieca-Brockman, Mr. Klausner 
(as Old Guy) and Mr. Morrison (as Foreign Guy) 
were inspired touches that delighted the student 
cast members and audiences alike. 

9. Frank Pierce as Dionysus feels manly thanks 
to Hercules’ lion skin. 10. The frogs serenade 
Dionysus with a song about reality television. 
II. The Cane Toad and other frogs prevent 
Dionysus from traveling farther. 12. Zane 
Thompson, Joseph Baker, and William Perri act 
as Montagues in Romeo and Juliet. 13. Hades 
presents the scores for Jane Austen’s 
performance. 14- Dionysus suggests that Jane 
Austen and Shakespeare settle their dispute 
with a contest. 

Junior School - T 4 & 295 

Eighth Graders' Atlanta Trip 

The Atlanta trip was a time for 8th graders 
to celebrate the end of the year with fun and 
work-free environment. The students stopped en 
route to Atlanta at the Chattanooga Aquarium to 
see fish and touch stingrays. As soon as they 
arrived in Georgia, it began to rain, but that did 
not stop them from attending a baseball game : 
Braves verse the Cubs. As the Cubs were 
winning the matchup, the MBA students could be 
seen hollering on the jumbotron. Rain again in 
the forecast on day two made paintball 
showdowns so much more slippery and messy. 
Later in the afternoon, at Andretti World, the 
boys competed in go kart racing followed by 
arcade games. On the final day of the trip in 
Atlanta the eighth graders ventured into Six 
Flags. Many students set their eyes on the 
thrilling Goliath, the daunting Acrophobia, or the 
terrifying Dare Devil Dive. The journey came to 
an end with a long ride back to Nashville as most 
fell asleep, played UNO or practiced Mark 
Antony's Funeral Speech in preparation for their 
recitation. Overall, the trip was exciting and 
active and was a fitting way to end the year. 

1. Rain did not dampen the fun of the paintball match 

2 . The Squid Squad: Jack Young, Clay Lamb, Hudson 
Haile, Jackson Preisler, and Reid Harrington. 3. Miles 
Butler and Henry Ribble preparing for Acrophobia 4 - 
Harrington ready for go kart 5. Thomas Vargason, KJ 
Jones, Will Tyrell, David Han, Frank Hancock, and 
Middleton henry are lined up by the aquarium. 

296 Section Name 

6. The troops get ready for paintball 7. The class cheering at a baseball game 
8. A group of students heading towards Dare Devil Dive 9-10 Nate Cantrell 
after a head shot. 11. Zane Thompson challenges three friends in air hockey. 
12. Clay Lamb and Sam Frank are worn out after the fun trip. 

Section Title 297 

Big Brother/ Little 

one of MBA's greatest traditions, the Big Brother/Little Brother 
program pairs a Senior with a Seventh Grader, giving the former 
an opportunity to develop mentorship shills, and offering the 
latter an easier transition onto the Hill. The program kicked off 
the year with the annual pizza party on August 9th, in which the 
big brothers picked up their 7th grade little brothers from their 
homes on the first day of registration. The purpose of the day is 
to introduce the Little Brothers to MBA, to eat another great meal 
served by SAGE dining, and to listen to a speaker. They also 
participated in the service half day before fall break, while the 
9th-llth grades were taking the P5AT, and held the annual 
halftime event on September 7th. All of these events were very 
successful, not to mention very fun, and are great ways for 7th 
graders to see examples set by the seniors of what MBA is and 
presents the idea of a Gentleman, Scholar, Athlete. 

I. Big Brother Webb Hunt with Little Brother Jake Truitt. 2. The 
boys pose for a group picture. 3. Big Brother Jackson Lyell and Little 
Brother Davis Thompson. 4 Big Brother Garrett Murphy and Little 
Brother Henry Huber. 


298 Big Brother- Little Brother 

5. Jake Herbstreit and Garrett Murphy pull 
most of the load for the tug o’ war. 6. Big 
Brother Kanayo Offodile and Little Brother Jes 
Johnson. 7. Seniors lead the way on Service 
Day. 8. Big Brother Jackson Link and Little 
Brother Nate Davis. 9. Service Day 
encourages teamwork. 10. Fun activites 
during registration. 

Big Brother- Little Brother 299 

Baseball A - UUCtC 

Team Roster: Alex Deerkoski, Colin Kerrigan, Clayton Lee, Kavin Lewis, 
Christian Lim, Luke Murray, Walker Musser, Marcel Reed, Andrew Smith, 
Davis Thompson, Zane Thompson, Will Tyrell, Benedict Urbanczyk, 
Thomas Vargason, Logan Watts 

Basketball A 

Peyton Alexander, Gerard O’Keefe, Andrew Smith, H Mclllwain, Alex 
Deerkoski, Jackson Rishel, Claiborne Richards, Colin Kerrigan, Logan 
Watts, Keen Zoller,Wyatt Walters, Geoffrey Woodward 

Baseball B 

Joseph Baker, David Bellet, Elliott Bragg, Nick Brunetti, Will Caldwell, 
Blaine Campbell, Dillard Cross, Jordan Dayani, Morgan Holzapfel, Lenox 
Leverett, H Mclllwain, Palmer Phillips, Ryan Russell, Jake Truitt, Gabriel 

Basketball B 

Nick Brunetti, Connor Carr, Hampton Coleman, Thomas Dennis, Hutton 
Durrett, Thomas Harwell, Walker Musser, Connor O’Neil, Henry Roberts, 
Evan Viars, Hogan Walker, Hutton Wall 

Front Row: Benton Brown, James Buntin, EB Okafor, Luke Ricciardelli 
Morgan Holzapfel, Davis Thompson; Back Row: Ryan Russell, Jordan 
Dayani, Jake Moore, Ketch Parker, Corbin Clifton, Blake Ragsdale 



Peyton Alexander, Henry Bohman, Cannon Burns, Ben Crawford, Davis Crawford, 
Colin Durelli, Owen Flanagan, Jack Forbes, Reid Groomes, Frank Hancock, Owen 
Henderson, Middleton Henry, Jack Hood, Michael Ikejiani, yatish Jindal, KJ Jones, 
Samuel Kinch, Austin Kunath, Jax Leasure, Hays Lindsey, Caidan Maddux, I 
Orman Nimmo, William Perri, Noah Perry, Frank Pierce, Carter Plato, Jackson I 
Preisler, Fletcher Robinson, Brooks Smith, Fielding Staelin, Reed Sullivan, Calin 
Trabue, Jude Tumminello 

300 Junior School - 


Cross Country 

Back Row: Hudson Haile, Mitchell Frankum, Hayden Kirkland, Trey 
Wieck; Middle Row: Nathan Sinclair, Yatish Jindal, Jackson Preisler, Alex 
Owings; Front Row: Ben Schneider, Dawson Bowling, Peter Xu, Chase 
Thor; Not Pictured: Maxwell Rzasnicki, Robert Carpenter 

Richard Aylward, David Bellet, Elliott Bragg, Sam Brown, Mitchell Chaffin, Ollie Cian, Simon 
Cian, Ben Crawford, William Dean, Alex Deerkoski, Alexander Doulis, Will Elrod, Simon 
Englert, Sam Frank, Beau Gaston, Sanjith Geevarghese, Samuel Kinch, Michael Kong, Luke 
Larish, William Le, Jackson Lefler, Oakley McFerrin, Matthew McMinn, Niles Meltesen, 
Andy Nunn, Carter Ozburn, Oliver Pilkinton, Ryan Sharifi, Joshua Tan, Gabriel Young 

7th Grade Football 

8th Grade Football 

Back Row: Will Caldwell, Marshall Richardson, Terran Davis, Walker Musser, Jackson 
Green, Ketch Parker, Graeme Rutter, Zeke Stroud, Jordan Dayani, Nathan Williams, Reid 
Jacobs, Luke Beemer, Henry Huber, Blake Ragsdale, Fielding Staelin, Ryan Russell; Row 2: H 
Mclllwain, Joseph Baker, Ebenezer Okafor-Henry, Luke Brown, Davis Thompson, Morgan 
Holzapfel, Sam Hall, Nate Holder, Jes Johnson, Jake Moore, Nick Brunetti, Yates Ghertner, 
Powell Cummings, Corbin Clifton, Hutton Wall, Jose DeLemos; Row 3: Palmer Phillips, Jake 
Truitt, Luke Keller, Cooper Davis, Jack Hood, Davis Crawford, Benton Brown, Luke 
Ricciardelli, Hutton Durrett, Alexander Averbuch 

1st Row: Nate Cantrell, Hampton Coleman, Wiley Buenahora, Jackson Rishel, Colin 
Kerrigan, Jack Myers, Tommy Carson, Henry Roberts, Will Tyrrell, Marcel Reed, Thomas 
Harwell, Browning Trainer; 2nd Row: Benedict Urbanczyk, Claiborne Richards, Jack 
Spellman, Ryan Fisher, Grayson Soper, Zane Thompson, KJ Jones, Payne Daniel, Ben 
Schneider, Evan Viars, Thomas Vargason; 3rd Row: Keen Zoller, Mac Russ, Clay Lamb, 
Middleton Henry, Noah Perry, Luke Murray, Patrick Tatro, Reed Sullivan, Cooper Greene, 
Hudson Haile; 4th Row: Hill Odede, James Malone, Christian Lim, Gus Kirkland, Henry Lee, 
Eriq George, Mitchell Frankum, Frank Hancock, Quinlan Stewart, Brooks Smith; Not 
pictured: Hayden Kirkland, Ethan Klindt 

Golf Fall 

Walker Stevens, Owen Flanagan, Colston Elder, Geoffrey Woodward, 
Coleman Smith, William Stewart, Ross Sonday, Edwards Settle, Will 
Jackson, and Dillard Cross. 

Golf Spring 

I Front Row: Will Jackson, Carter Hopper, Jaxon Leasure, Gabe Lett 
Colston Elder; Back Row: Ross Sonday, Will Stewart, Hampton Coleman 
Claiborne Richards, Cameron Kinser 

Junior School - ( WW & tv & S ' 301 

7th Grade Lacrosse 

Top row: Coach CJ Richardson, Anderson Walker, Gavin Pease, Harrison 
VerHulst, Charles Sandahl, Luke Beemer, Alexander Averbuch, Nathan Williams, 
Harrison Dawkins, Nate Holder, Conrad Wade, Coach Bassett; Middle row: 
Benton Brown, Powell Cummings, Hutton Wall, Nate Davis, Corbin Clifton, Lee 
Guy, Luke Ricciardelli, Cooper Davis, Graeme Rutter, Brooks Martini, Jack 
Rodgers, Cooper Coleman; Bottom row: Sam Hall, Nicholas Egbert, Jose 
DeLemos, Connor Looney, Yates Ghertner, Parker Willett, Kyle Thomson, Liam 
Eadie, Nathaniel Berman, Chase Barker; Not pictured: Jes Johnson, Maine Billings, 
Beckett Proctor, Reid Jacobs 

Soccer A 

Richard Aylward, Dawson Bowling, Benton Brown, Powell Cummings, 
Jordan Dayani, Reid Harrington, Nate Holder, Morgan Holzapfel, Samuel 
Kinch, Austin Kunath, Luke Larish, Oakley McFerrin, Andy Nunn, Henry 
Pitt, Peter Roark, Maxwell Rzasnicki, Carson Sberna, Patrick Tatro, Hogan 
Walker, Trey Wieck 

Soccer C 

James Buntin, Cooper Coleman, Dillard Cross, Nicholas Egbert, Will 
Jackson, Jes Johnson, William Le, Jays Lindsey, Conner Looney, Brooks 
Martini, Oakley McFerrin, Jackson Miller, Mecho Patikas, Walker 
Reisinger, Edwards Settle, Kyle Thomson, Anderson Walker, Gabriel 


8th Grade Lacrosse 

Liam Campbell, Tommy Carson, Payne Daniel, Frank Dinkins, Sam Frank, 
Cooper Greene, Thomas Harwell, Edward Herlitzka, Henry Huber, Gus 
Kirkland, Ethan Klindt, Clay Lamb, Luke Larish, Jack Myers, Connor 
O’Neil, Henry Roberts, Coleman Smith, Grayson Soper, Jack Spellman, 
Walker Stevens, Patrick Tatro, Browning Trainer, Evan Viars, Trey 
Woodcock, Geoffrey Woodward, Keen Zoller 

Soccer B 

Mine Billings, Hampton Coleman, Cooper Davis, Alexander Doulis, Liam Eadie, 
Simon Englert, Sam Frank, Sam Hall, Thomas Harwell, Ebenezer Henry-Okafor, 
Gus Kirkland, Hayden Kirkland, Clayton Lee, Lenox Leverett, Caidan Maddux, 
Jack Myers, Blake Ragsdale, Brooks Smith, Jack Spellman, Walker Stevens, 
Geoffrey Woodward 

I Swim & Dive - UU(ZC C4#mps 

Sam Brown, Simon Cian, Charlie Coles, Andrew Donvan, Isaiah Dulin, Owen ■ 
Flanagan, Reid Jacobs, Luke Keller, Michael Kong, Alex Koziak, Christian Lim, | 
Palmer Phillips, Oliver Pilkinton, Carter Plato, Owen Reese, Charles Sandahl, Jay 
Schlosser, Ryan Sharifi, Nathan Sinclair, Fielding Staelin, Dawson Stone, Davis 
Thompson, Jake Truitt, Trey Woodcock 

302 Athletics 

Tennis - HU&C 

Ethan Bittles, James Buntin, Connor Carr, Maithreya Gowda, David Han, 
Parker Johnston, Kavin Lewis, Mecho Patikas, Dawson Stone, Hogan 

Walker, Carter Welch, Owen Willers, Peter Xu 

Wrestling UU&C CJfamfn - 

Track & Field 

Richard Aylward, Wiley Buenahora, James Buntin, Mitchell Chaffin, Ollie Cian, 
Crockett Cooper, Kellan Curnutte, William Dean, Alexander Doulis, Andrew 
Dovan, Will Elrod, Mitchell Frankum, Jake Frazier, Noah Higgs, William Le, 
Jackson Lefler, Caidan Maddux, Oakley McFerrin, Matthew McMinn, Niles 
Meltesen, Orman Nimmo, Andy Nunn, Carter Ozburn, Ketch Parker, Oliver 
Pilkinton, Blake Ragsdale, Luca Recchia, Walter Reisinger, Mac Russ, Carson 
Sberna, Edwards Settle, Quinlan Stewart, Harrison Zoller 

David Bellet, Maine Billings, Luke Brown, Wiley Buenahora, Blaine 
Campbell, Nate Cantrell, Ben Crawford, Davis Crawford, Jose DeLemos, 
Liam Eadie, Nicholas Egbert, Jake Frazier, Nate Holder, Jes Johnson, Ethan 
Klindt, Clay Lamb, Conner Looney, Hill Odede, Henry Ribble, Mac Russ, 
Carson Sberna, Brooks Smith, Grayson Soper, Reed Sullivan, Browning 
Trainer, Whit Uden, Conrad Wade, Owen Willers, Nathan Williams 

Athletics 303 

Celebrating the 

fotlPVfrW' && ft / 

On Tuesday, May 28th, the Junipr School convened with 
their faculty, mentors, and families to recognize the numerous 
achievements of the Class of 2023 and 2024. MBA's Junior 
School is of of the most foundational and formative periods of 
any young man's life, and these boys felt quite grateful to be 
recognized for taking the all-important next step across the 
stage and into High 5chool. 

It was a beautiful night all around. The Junior School 
5ingers kicked off the festivities with a rousing and appropriate 
rendition of "Stand By Me." The song accurately encapsulates 
one of the most crucial aspects of being a Junior Schooler at 
MBA: the life-long friendships that one forms over two years. 
Diplomas were handed out to eighth graders in recognition of 
their transition into high school, and students from both 
classes were honored with special awards in academics, 
athletics, the arts, and other fundamental areas such as 5chool 

The sights and sounds of Junior School Honors night will 
undoubtedly be blazing in the memories of these young men 
for years to come. For the Class of 2023, it was a lovely way to 
commemorate their last day as Junior Schoolers as they stride 
confidently into life as high schoolers. 

I. Gerard O’Keefe accepts his award from Mr. Giois. 2. H Mclllwain, 
Gerard O’Keefe, Walker Musser, Mecho Patikas lead the way to their 
seats during the traditional procession for the night. 3. Linder a clear 
sky with a slight breeze students, parents, and faculty enjoy the 
annual performance by the JS Singers, who always impress. 4 ■ In the 
staging area outside the Curry Gymnasium students gather with their 
classmates before the evening formally begins. 

304 Junior School - (f n-a du a tip n 


5 The evening’s events began with a 
performance of “Stand By Me” by the 
Junior School Singers. 6. Mrs. Bassett 
distributed certificates to students 
including this one to Frank Hancock. 7 Mr. 
Gioia hands David Hann his diploma 
during the graduation part of the event. 8. 
Dr. Bailey awards Chanden Climaco. 9. 
Miles Butler is quite pleased to accept his 
JS diploma from Mr. Gioia. 10. Tommy 
Carson looks forward to the evening’s 
festivities before the procession. 11. 
Students process to their seats before the 
evening begins. This serves as a special 
time for them to be recognized. 

Junior School - tfua ft &n 305 






henry Bohman 
William Dean 
Blaine Campbell 



Gabe Lett 


Lenox Leverett 
Chanden Climaco 


M Mcllwain 
Marcel Reed 

7th GRADE 



Luke Keller 
David Belief 


7th Gr. CITIZENSHIP AWARD Ebenezer Henry-Okafor 

ERANCI5 E. CARTER, JR. AWARD (7th Gr.Outstanding Boy) Hutton Wall 

Jose DeLemos 

8th GRADE 

8th Gr. SERVICE Nate Cantrell 

8th Gr. SPIRIT AWARD Hill Odede 





WALTER NOEL, JR. AWARD (8th Gr.Outstanding Boy) Oliver Pilkinton 


306 Junior School - ChtPttwH - 


English 7 

Gerard O'Keefe 

Grammar & Vocabulary 7 Gerard O'Keefe 

English 8 
US history 
Cultural Geography 
Pre-Algebra honors 
Algebra I honors for 7 
Algebra I 

Algebra I Honors for 8 
Geometry honors 

Alex Wang 
Gerard O'Keefe 
Chanden Climaco 
Calin Trabue 
hathan Williams 
Gerard O'Keefe 
Joshua Tan 
Wyatt Walters 

Alex Wang 
Introductory Physical Science William Le 
Introductory Physical Science honors Gerard O'Keefe 

Earth Science 
Earth Science honors 
Latin I 

Perfect Latin Paper 

Harrison Zoller 
Alex Wang 
Alex Wang 
Reid Groomes 
Aidan Moon 
Owen Reese 



Presidential Physica 
Presidential Physica 
Presidential Physica 
Presidential Physica 
Presidential Physica 
Presidential Physica 

Fitness Award 
Fitness Award 
Fitness Award 
Fitness Award 
Fitness Award 
Fitness Award 

Owen Willers 
James Buntin 
Lee Guy 
Blaine Campbell 
Luke Brown 
Jackson Miller 




Speech Nicholas Egbert 

Speech hathan Williams 

Speech Jack hood 
Speech Gerard O'Keefe 



Art 7 Alexander Averbuch 
Art 7 Charlie Coles 

Art 8 Hogan Walker 


Art 8 Lain Orndorff 

Art 8 Luke Kim 

Art 8 Clay Lamb 

Art 8 Thomas Harwell 


Art 8Chanden Climaco 

Art 7 Crockett Cooper 
Art 7 hathan Williams 



Presidential Physica 
Presidential Physica 
Presidential Physica 
Presidential Physica 

Fitness Award 
Fitness Award 
Fitness Award 
Fitness Award 

Davis Thompson 
Michael Kong 
Mecho Patikas 
Luca Recchio 


Presidential Physica 
Presidential Physica 
Presidential Physica 
Presidential Physica 
Presidential Physica 
Presidential Physica 
Presidential Physica 
Presidential Physica 
Presidential Physica 
Presidential Physica 
Presidential Physica 

Fitness Award 
Fitness Award 
Fitness Award 
Fitness Award 
Fitness Award 
Fitness Award 
Fitness Award 
Fitness Award 
Fitness Award 
Fitness Award 
Fitness Award 

Luke Keller 
Benton Brown 
hathan Williams 
Blake Ragsdale 
Jose DeLemos 
Carson Sberna 
Hutton Wall 
Liam Eadie 
Maine Billings 
Ollie Cian 
William Le 




Prelude Orchestra Jose DeLemos 

Junior School Singers Henry Lee 

Cardinal Band Cooper Coleman 

Silver Band Fletcher Robinson 



Theater 7 
Theater 7 
Theater 8 
Theater 8 
Theater 8 
Theater 8 

Theater 8 
Theater 8 

Nate Holder 
Britton Busbee 
Aidan Moon 
Quinlan 5tewart 
Lain Orndorff 
Dawson Bowling 

Reed 5ullivan 
Browning Trainer 

Junior School - 307 


Cfa ss 2019 / 

May God bless and keep you always 
May your wishes all come true 
May you always do for others 
And let others do for you 
May you build a ladder to the stars 
And climb on every rung 
May you stay forever young 
-Bob Dylan 

We love you and are so very proud of you l 

Mom, Dad f Kate and Mary Virginia 
Jeremiah 29:11-13 

ti - •' J 

L Tv PC w} ! j, i.wlK 


i Jam 

I - s jf 

Hugh Sullivan 



;> ' 

What a wonderful 
journey these 18 years 
have been for our family. 

We look forward to 
seeing you embrace this 
world as you choose your 
path and live your life to 
the fullest! 


We love you Marshall! 
Mom & Dad 




On your first day at MBA, you 
were late. Your senior big brother 
had overslept. In spite of the 
nerves and fear that come with 
the first day at a new school, with 
your classic Walker wit, you sat 
down in the driveway and 
pretended to "take a nap". You 
had this. 

As challenges intensified at MBA 
beyond being late to school, you 
faced them with the same sense of 
humor and confidence. 

You were often frustrated but 
never defeated, working hard and 
keeping your head up even when 
you felt you were out of steam. 

As we approach your last day at 
MBA, we are more proud of you 
than we can ever say. Your positive 
attitude and smile has always won 
in the end. You are going to do 
great things. You already have. 

We love you, 

Mom and Dad 



- f 


Vi'i) 1 


Congratulations, Nikhil! 

This page is too short to enumerate all the ways 
in which you have made us proud. We look 
forward to sharing this amazing journey of life 
with you. Know that we will always love you. 

Mom and Dad 
Kiran and Arjun 

Nikhil Peterson 


Sam Dugan 

Congratulations, Sam! 
We are so proud of all of 
your hard work and 
accomplishments, but we 
are most proud of the 
person you are! Always 
keep the Lord and your 
family in your life and 
never forget how special 
and loved you are. 

Mom, Dad, Madeleine, 
John, and Mary Charlotte 


Michael Nelson 

We are so proud of you and love you so much! 

Mom & Dad 


s -tJ 5 

% - V 

^ '* -s 




1 rn ni 

> U -'| 

. \ (5 


1 - 

* 7 

nKjf* 1 





■ II 

r ^ 




Zach Garfinkel 

We are so proud of you and 
appreciate your diligent work and 
committed effort as a student at 
MBA. Your efforts have allowed you 
to take full advantage of the 
opportunities given. Those efforts 
and the entire MBA experience will 
serve you well. We have trust in your 
ability to stay focused on your future 
aspirations in college and beyond. 
Stay humble and confident. Dream 
big and always know how much we 
love you! You might not be pleased 
with this now, but we want you to 
"Go out for adventure. Come home 
for love. Follow your heart. Do you 
very best. Count your lucky stars. 

Have fun." 






Charlie Buffkin 

These past six years at MBA have flown. 
What a ride it's been. After a long gap, you 
continued the tradition and became the 8th 
member of our family to graduate from MBA. 

We are grateful for your time on The Hill. 

Your course took a turn as you closed the 
page on one passion to pursue another. 
Through hard work and dedication, you 
accomplished your goal. Remember that grit 
as you continue on the path the Lord has for 
you. Give everything your best shot and rely 
on your Heavenly Father for all of your needs. 
We are excited to see what He has in store for 
your life. 

"He has shown thee, oh man what is good 
and what the Lord requires of thee, but to do 
justly and to love mercy and to walk himbly 
with thy God." Micah 6:8 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Caroline and Francie 


Walker Dillard 

Walker, you have brought 
immeasurable joy into our 
lives. We are so proud of the 
thoughtful and determined 
young man you have become, 
and we hope your life beyond 
high school is filled with deep 
feelings of joy, love, faith and 


Mom, Dad, Zach, and Maysey 


Harrison Steanson 

We are so proud of you and 
so excited to see what great 
things you will accomplish! 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Riley, Connor, and 


Reed Campbell 

We are so proud of you 
Reed. Your empathy, 
integrity, and kindness 
make you an 
exceptional son, 
brother, and friend. We 
can't wait to see what's 
next for you! 

Congratulations on all 
of your 

accomplishments. You 
are a true gentleman, 
scholar, and athlete. 
We love you so much! 

Mom, Dad, Devon, 8c 


Joe Owens 

Wondrous are our days, carpe diem. Love, Mom, Dad, and Anna 


"Be silly. Be honest. 
Be kind." 

Ralph Waldo Emerson 



We are so proud 
of you. 

With much love, 
Mom & Dad 




"Arouse your courage, be determined to be 
something in the world. You have a fine 
capacity my dear boy, if you will exert it. 
You are responsible to God and man for a 
fine genius, a talent which is not to be 
buried in the earth." 

John Adams to his Grandson. 1823 


We love you dearly and are proud of the 
fine man you have become. We hope for a 
bright future and know you will continually 
exceed our expectations. Remember, you 
always have a big and loving family 
supporting you. 

Much love. 

Mom and Dad, the sibs and Mary Jane 


Harrison Clark Taylor 

"Whatever you can do, or 
dream you can, begin it 
Boldness has genius, power 
and magic in it ” 

We are very proud of the kind, 
creative, passionate, young 
man you have become! 

"Life moves pretty fast If you 
don *t stop and look around 
once in awhile, you could 
miss it " 

Love, the Fam 


Doug Gaw 


We are so proud of the young man you have 
become. Always know, no matter where you 
go or what you do in life, we will always be 
behind you, supporting you. Keep God first 
in your life and you will go far. 

We love you so much!! 

Jennie and Mom 


Sam Funk 

May you continue to stand up 
for what you believe. We 
cannot wait to see where this 
life takes you. Hope the 

world is ready for what you 

are about to bring!! 

We love you sweet son and 
baby brother! 

Mom, Dad, Mary Landon, and 


Cooper Maddox #3 
Roll Red! 

Congratulations Class of 2019 

You have come a long way. 
We are very proud of you! 

Grans and Jimmy 

ftmri to jwfiMe holds! 
WilH®, aid Salk 

foil tots plans 1 to fm vou,sajs toUnd, pin for w 



Will Caver 




Be kind. Work hard. Stay 
humble. Smile often. Keep 
honest. Travel frequently.. Never 
| stop learning. Be thankful 
always and LOVE! 

The highest form of 
wisdom is kindness. 
-The Talmud 

Go into the world and 
do well. But more 
importanly, go into the 
world and do good! 

We love you infinitely & we are 
so proud of you. 

Mom, Dad & Briley 
Chuck & Miso 



Zachary Jackson 

We love you always! - Dad, Mom & Luke 

"For I know the plans 1 have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you f plans to give you hope and a future: Jeremiah 29. 3 1 

Congratulations, Henry! 
Love, Mom, Dad, Will, 
and Sarah Jean 

"The Lard bless you and keep you: 
The Lord make his face to shine 
upon you, and be gracious to you: 
The Lord sift up his countenance 
upon you, and give you peace." 
Numbers 6:24-26 

Henry Caver 

Frank Wilk - God loves you, and so do we! 
Mom, Dad and Patrick 



From the day you were born, we knew you were 
sp ee ial. Yo u r c 11 a ra c ter, s p iri l, com pa s s ion a n d 
toughness are gifts from God In everythingyoiiVe 
done, you have made us indescribably proud. But 
we are most proud of the young man you have 
become. As you move into this next chapter of 
life, be confident, fearless, gracious and grateful♦ 
Never forget WHO you are, and WHOSE you are. 

"It's been one heck of a ride," 

Love, Mom, Dad, Savannah, Scarlett Mae ami 

It's not the critic who counts; not the man who points 
out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of 
deeds could have done them better The credit 
belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose 
face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who 
strives valiantly...who knows the great enthusiasms, the 
great devotions, who spends himself in a worthy cause; 
who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high 
achievement, and who at the worst if he fails, at least 
fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never 
be with those cold and timid souls who neither know 
victory nor defeat. - T. Roosevelt 





You amaze us 
every day! 

We love you very 

-Mom, Dad, and 



— W 

a «.' h 

1 L r&J 

Will Presnell 

Congratulations, Will! 

We are so proud of what you 
have accomplished and the 
person you have become. We are 
so excited for your next 


Mom, Dad, and Elise 



Jake Herbstreit 

Felix Arwen 

Double happiness to 
the sweetest fang. I 
am so proud of you, 
Fifi. Go get 'em! Love 
you madly, Mama 


Wyatt Blake 

Blake we are so proud of the man 
you have become on The Hill. We 
hope you will take the lessons 
learned, the hard work ethic and 
the deep friendships you have 
developed to help launch you into 
your next phase of life- 
Go spread your wings and always 

look up! 

Love Mom Dad Sela and Penn 


Michael Vincent 

You have always been the 
protector. Always the 
explorer. Always serving 
others. Never lose your sense 
of adventure and love of life. 
Always remain faithful to your 
beliefs and who you are. You 
have been blessed with many 
angels watching over you. 
Reach for the sky. Soar to new 
heights. Embrace life to the 
fullest, and always be true to 
yourself. You have so much to 
give this world, and we can't 
wait to see where you take 
life! We love you babe! 


Bela Arwen 

3g You are the sharpest 
claw and the brightest 
light. I am so proud of 
you my little Boo! Love 
you madly. Mama 

© rrazo* 

-■'O' ■■ ' 

■- f y r-' 

">i m 


Tye Herbstreit 

Stay Positive. Stay Fighting. Stay 
Brave. Stay ambitious. Stay 
Focused. Stay Strong. 

We are so proud of you Tye! 
Love, Mom, Dad, Jake, Zak and 


Matthew Haley 

Congratulations! We are so proud of you! We Love You! Mom, Dad, Luke & Mary 

rar -i t ■ 


Ross Johnson 

Courage is not the absence of fear. 
It is the determination to do 
something in spite of fear. 

Have courage, be resilient, and 
follow your dreams. 

We love you and we are so proud of 

Dad, Mom and Melissa 



Jackson Link 

Watching you grow during 
your six years at MBA has 
been a true pleasure. As a 
son, a brother, a friend-you 
enrich our lives every single 
day. We are so very proud of 
who you are and cannot wait 
to witness what you do next. 



Mom, Dad and Emma 


Jack Harrington 

We are so proud of the man you have become! Love you so much! Mom, Dad, Bradford, and Helen 

Nick Nola 

The attitude you take 
into any given situation 
ultimately determines its 

We love you and are so 
proud of you! 

Dad, Mom, & Phoebe 




"All your dreams can come true if you have the courage 

to pursue them"-Walt Disney 


We are so proud of you and all you have accomplished! 


Live your "pyramid." 

To whom much is given, from him much is expected. 

Luke 12:48 


Dad, Mom and Nathaniel 

Zachary Nelson 


Caleb Tolbert 

"For I know the plans I have for 
you, declares the Lord, plans to 
give you hope and a future." 
So, wherever this next phase of 
life leads you, go confidently. 
Sprinkle kindness and 
compassion along the way. 
Choose joy, and make each 
new day even better than 
the one before it. 

You are a jewel, Caleb, 
and we love you. 

-Mom and Dad 


"Don 't be trapped by 
dogma - which is living with 
the result of other people's 
thinking. Don't let the noise 
of others' opinions drown 
out your inner voice. And 
most important have the 
courage to follow your 
heart and intuition." 

Steve Jobs 


We are proud of all your 
accomplishments at MBA 
and excited about the next 
chapter in your life. But 
more importantly we are 
so impressed with the man 
that you have become! 

Love, Mom & Dad 


Hugh Graham 

"The Mountains are calling, and I must go." John Muir 
Hugh, you've never met a mountain you didn't want to scale. We celebrate the spirit in you 
that seeks out challenge. We love you and encourage you to keep God first as you continue 

your climb. We are blessed to be climbing with you! 


Carlos Ivan 

We are very proud of everything you 
have done. Love, Respect, and Serve 
always with a thankfui heart for all 
the Blessings you have received. 
Never forget who you are or where 
you come from. Most importantly, 
let God be the center of your life. We 
love you big boy! 

Mom, Dad, Denisse, Erick, and Sam 
Filipenses 4:13 

Peyton Brien 

We are so proud of your 
accomplishments, your character, 
and your determination. 

Your fierce loyalty and humility are 
unmatched qualities that will propel 
you through the storms of life. 

A finer young man is hard to find. 

We love you. 

Dad, Mom, Corinne, & Celia 

"Twenty years from now you will be 
more disappointed by the things that 
you didn’t do than by the things that 
you did do. So throw off the bowlines. 
Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch 
the trade winds in your sails. Explore. 

Dream. Discover." 

Mark Twain 


Garrett Murphy 

The milestones that you have reached 
continue to grow - in athletics, academics, 
music and service. But your compassion, 
generosity and love for everyone around you 
are your greatest strengths. Your care for 
others is evident in so many of your heartfelt 
actions, whether it is a pat on the back, an 
encouraging word, or a genuine compliment. 

We know you have an 

amazingly bright and successful future ahead 
of you, and we can't wait to see the positive 
impact you will have on the world. 
Always maintain your deep faith in God and 
put Him first in your life. 

We love you more than words can express. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams 
and live the life you have always imagined. 

- Henry David Thoreau - 


We are so proud of you. We look 
forward to watching and cheering you 
on during your many adventures and 
successes! We love you! 

Love, Your Family 

Jacob Tigrett 


Congratulations on this 
milestone. I am very proud of 
vou, your work ethic, and 
leadership. Thank you for the 
happiest 18 years of my life. To 
the next 18 years of success! 

Love, Mom 

Connor Krumm 

We are so proud of the 
fine young man you have 
become. Congratulations 
on your accomplishments! 
Love always, 

Mom, Dad, 
Caroline and Henry 


Webb Hunt 

May your journey 
continue with love, 
laughter, joy and 


Andrew Sutphin 

Andrew, we are so incredibly proud 
of the man you have become and 
cannot wait to see what the future 
holds for your next adventure. 

What a blessing and a joy it is to be 
your parents! 

We love you, 

Mom and Dad 

Joseph Perazzini 

We are so proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, Frank, Stella 
and Veronica 


Til man Dean 

Dear Tillman, we are proud of all you 
have accomplished at MBA and deeply 
admire your wit, intellect, loyal friendship, 
servant leadership and curious mind, You 
are a wonderful son and brother and 
your leaving for college will leave quite a 
void in the Dean household. As you take 
your next steps, always seek first His 
kingdom and know that we love you. 

Love, Mom and Dad 




P Bp 


Goy WillUivfs 
2 - 0 |^ 

You are my sunshine 
My only sunshine 

You make me happy when skies are gray (Gray) 

You’ll never know dear 

How much I love you 

Please don't take my sunshine away 

Gray Williams 





"Thou hast seen nothing 

Cervantes Saavedra, 
Don Quixote 
"What lies behind you 
and what lies in front of 
you, pales in 
comparison to what lies 
inside of you." 
Ralph Waldo Emerson 
We love you so very 
much and are so very 
proud of you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, and 


John M Dinkins, I am so proud of you - the future is yours! Love, Dad 





We are so proud of the 
man that you have 
become and everything 
you have accomplished. 
We are excited to follow 
you on your next 
adventure and know 
that you will continue to 
amaze us. 

We love you!! 
Mom, Dad and Elliot 

i _ 


You have brought so 
much joy to our family. 
So grateful for these 

Sam, Ben, Mom and 
Dad love you. 

A lot 

The Lord your God is 
with you, the Mighty 
Warrior who saves. He 
will take great delight 
in you; in his love he will 
no longer rebuke you, 
but will rejoice over you 
with singing. 

Zephaniah 3:17 


tffic/cMm dvannaA 

i/eny lafu/afwnA ffax ! die ate m 
inciee/i/ly ft tend oftil/you ham 
aeeon if /idled, ideal fuiMien, yoai ioaf 
and yea t /mm fii fxnd/y and fdendA rA 
a tmmdetfkd cAaitac/eddic am fa fie yea 
f/mietomfalmml. &ca miff /earn a 
amndetfdmalk on UdA arnpi/d, me fain 
no dou/di. f ie f iay yea make if a 
f do dfy lo lenudn in ffte f tMen / and 
enfoy ffiibfoa/mey. mi i yoodfdend 

ffeffhey d/eefe ,ie ace ta/e/y dateA: “d 
Aofeyea/i cheaniA day fry and yea l 
am t deA day Ama/f ” 

die lo ve yea ffoic/cAon, dee fly. ( daef 
t./Horn, diet fey, diee/a and dfinnie 
Mo// died (fwie and feyend) ! ! ! 


James D. Minor, III 

Your family is immensely 
proud of you! Words cannot 
describe our joy. We have 
been blessed with a front row 
seat on your journey into a 
wonderful, compassionate 
and thoughtful young man. 
We look forward to the mark 
you will make on the world, 
and we know that you will 
never forget who you are and 
from whence you came. We 
thank God for you, and our 
love, hopes and dreams will 
be with you always. 

Your Loving Family 




Christian. We are so proud of you. 

Your journey has not been easy but you 
approached every challenge with 
determination, hard work and an 
indomitable spirit. Parents are supposed to 
be an inspiration to their children but 
instead, it is you who continues to inspire us. 

It is a pleasure to watch you put so much 
passion into everything you do. 

You are such a compassionate and gentle 
young man - you always have an 
encouraging word for everyone. But it has 

been the kind words and respect of your 
classmates, their parents, your teachers, and 
your coaches that truly define you. There is 
hardly a day that someone doesn't 
compliment us on what a great kid you are. 

As the Wizard of Oz said, "A heart is not 
judged by how much you love; but by how 
much you are loved by others." 

We love you and are so excited to see what 
is next for you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Alison, Maria 


From New York to 
Nashville to Basel and 
back, we are so proud 
of you, LUCAS! 

We are always inspired 
by your creativity, 
initiative, kindness, 
empathy and humor. 


We wish you a life full of 


love, joy, and adventure! 

Just Be Yourself 

■ » 


Go For It 

The World Is Yours! 


With much love always, 

106 ia s 

Mommy, Daddy, and Allison 


Congratulation! We are so proud of you and look forward to seeing 
what all God has planned for your life. As you finish one chapter of your 
life and start another, always remember the foundation started in your 
early years. We love you!! Mom, Dad and William 

Isaiah 40:31 - But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; 
they shall mount up with wings like eagles; 
they shall run and not be weary; 
they shall walk and not faint. 

Campbell Cook 


William Davis 

Congratulations William 

We are so proud of you and 
what you have accomplished. 

Job well done! 

Love Mom Dad and Brannan 


William Bradford 

With love from Mom, Dad, and Frances 

If you're lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it. 

John Irving, A Prayer for Owen Meany 



We are so proud of the young 
man you are becoming. 

Wishing you success and 
happiness in all of your future 

May your dreams come true! 

We love you, Mom, Dad and Ian 

Good, better, best. 
Never let it rest. 

'Til your good is better 
and your better is best. 

-St. Jerome 


Congratulations, Aidan! We are 
so proud of you and know you 
are going to do great things! 

Love, Dad, Mom, and Mo 

Aidan Patrick Niswender 


^ Henry Hylbert 



Nous t'aimons 
ti vogliamo bene 
te amamos 
Wir lienen dich 
wij houden van u 
We LOVE you! 

Dad, Mom, Annie, Lumi, 
Nigel and Penny! 




We are so proud of 
you and love you 
so much! 


Mom, Dad and Harper 

Often when you think 
you're at the end of 

you're at the beginning 
of something else 

Mister Rogers 


Happy Graduation Joseph! 

What a wonderful path you 
created. While your 
accomplishments fill us with 
pride, its our love for you that 
fills our hearts with joy. We 
encourage you to continue to 
use your abilities to achieve and 
use your character to sustain. 
Go be yourself! 

Love, Mom & Dad 

Reach out your hand if your cup be 
empty If your cup is full may it be 
again. Let it be known there is a 
fountain. That was not made by 
the hands of men. 

There is a road, no simple highway. 
Between the dawn and the dark of 
night. And if you go no one may 
follow. That path is for your steps 

- j. Garcia and R. Hunter 


Cameron Jacobson 

No matter where your life 
leads nor what path you 
choose, always remember 
where you come from, the 
places you've been, and how 
much we've cherished our 
journey with you thus far. You 
will forever be my baby, my 
PIC, and my best friend. You 
are Avery's hero, and your 
father's favorite dive buddy! 
You are a remarkable young 
man, Cameron. 

Congratulations! You are such 
a blessing and joy in our lives. 

Mom, Dad, and Avery 



Abernathy, Kendrick 144 
Adams, Emmett 286 
Adams, Grayson 140, 182,201 
Akatue, Richie 140, 194, 200 
Albright, Owen 10, 140, 167, 
200, 201,216, 218 
Alexander, Peyton 282, 300 
Allen, Alex 148, 182, 191,201 
Allen, Cole 144, 183, 190, 200 
Allocco, Dominic 140 
Allsep, Rex 144 
Ambrosius, Michael 20, 180, 
182, 248 

Anderson, Anson 148, 200 
Andrews, Blake 21, 26, 27, 41, 
45, 49, 62, 87, 94, 134, 188, 
189, 191,225, 248 
Andrews, Penn 148 
Arcari, Mario 140, 167, 200 
Archer, Eli 144, 200, 230 
Aron, Alston 140, 186, 191 
Arwen, Bela 10, 22, 167, 248, 

270, 335 

Arwen, Felix 23, 211, 248, 

271, 332 

Asbury, Parks 282 

Atnip, Dawson 148, 200, 201 

Averbuch, Alexander 286, 

301, 302, 307 

Avery, Stephen 71, 140, 193, 

Aylward, Richard 286, 301, 

302, 303 


Bailey, Nick 140, 180, 182 
Baker, Joseph 281, 286, 294, 
295, 300, 301 
Bandaccari, Ethan 282 
Barbie, Ramiz 148, 191, 232 
Barker, Chase 286, 302 
Barker, Cole 15, 24, 29, 41, 

88, 92, 134, 228, 246, 248 
Barnard, Alex 282 
Barnard, William 286 
Barnes, Robby 140, 188, 191, 

Barrett, Emanuel 144, 169, 

200, 215, 224 

Bartholomew, Sam 144, 200, 

Barton, Aden 59, 91, 106, 

140, 165, 212, 213, 214, 


Barton, William 25, 27, 41, 

45, 129, 130, 177, 182, 197, 
201,211,222, 248 
Bass, Frank 144, 190, 191, 200 
Battle, Maxwell 144, 183, 190, 

Baudenbacher, Max 144 

Beach, Braden 144, 201 
Beavers, Bix 148, 182, 200 
Beemer, Luke 286, 301,302 
Bellardo, Joseph 144, 201, 

206, 213 

Bellet, David 286, 300, 301, 
303, 306 

Bennett, Arthur 148, 182, 190, 

Bennett, Nicky 148, 182, 190, 

Berman, Nathaniel 281,286, 


Bernatavitz, Ian 144, 167, 200 
Bernatavitz, Luke 26, 107, 

190, 194, 200, 225, 247, 248 
Bertani, Max 148, 182, 190 
Bettis, Wyatt 133, 144, 182 
Billings, Maine 286, 290, 302, 
303, 307 

Bittles, Ethan 286, 303 
Blackwell, Bennett 27,45, 190 
Blankenship, Davis 140 
Blaufuss, Tim 13, 140,218, 
219, 253, 256, 257, 261, 262 
Bohman, Henry 286, 294, 300, 

Bostelman, Will 144 
Bottorff, Dennis 286 
Bowling, Dawson 282, 301, 
302, 307 

Bowling, Parker 144, 167, 198 
Boyer, Luke 13, 140, 201,237, 
258, 259, 276 
Bozza, Ben 140 
Bradford, William 28, 41,228, 
248, 362 

Bradley, TJ 148, 182, 190, 201 
Bragg, Elliott 286,300,301 
Breeden, Jace 148, 191 
Brien, Peyton 29, 45, 71, 129, 
193, 200, 203, 248, 344 
Brown, Benton 286, 300, 301, 
302, 307 

Brown, Brycen 140, 194, 200 
Brown, Jonathan 30,82, 103, 

I 10, 191,224, 248 
Brown, Luke 164, 281,286, 
294, 301, 303, 307 
Brown, Robbie 282 
Brown, Sam 282, 301, 302 
Brown, Will 144, 183, 201 
Brown, Zach 11, 140, 182, 
201,208, 213, 214, 224 
Brownie, Will 144, 197, 198, 

Brunetti, Lucien 144, 183, 190 
Brunetti, Nick 281,286, 300, 

Buenahora, Max 148, 180, 182 
Buenahora, Simon 148, 182, 

Buenahora, Wiley 282, 301, 


Buffkin, Charlie 31, 179, 182, 
203, 240, 241,248, 315 
Bulgarino, Andrew 144, 183, 
208, 216 

Bull, George 144, 177, 182, 

Buntin, Gaits 148, 182,200, 

Buntin, James 286, 300, 302, 
303, 307 

Burch, Hunter 32, 68, 127, 

183, 184, 190, 242, 248 
Burke, Will 13, 148, 191,232 
Burns, Cannon 282, 300 
Busbee, Britton 286, 307 
Butler, Miles 282, 296, 305 
Butts, Paul 148, 200 
Byrd, Walker 140, 208 


Cain, Walker 140 
Caldwell, Will 281,286, 300, 

Campbell, Blaine 286, 300, 
303, 306, 307 
Campbell, Liam 282, 302 
Campbell, Reed 33, 58, 99, 
167, 195, 200, 218, 248, 318 
Cantrell, Nate 221,282,294, 
297, 301,303, 306 
Capps, Tripper 140, 192,200 
Carlton, Wesley 148, 190, 277 
Carpenter, Robert 282, 301, 

Carr, Cole 96, 140, 183, 190, 

Carr, Connor 281, 282, 300, 

Carson, Tommy 282, 301, 

302, 305 

Cashwell, Landon 140, 185, 

Cashwell, Lucas 144 
Caver, Henry 34, 190, 248, 

Caver, Will 9, 35, 188, 191 
Chaffin, Mitchell 286, 290, 
291, 301,303 

Chamblin, Tripp 144, 187, 

191, 197, 201,217 
Chandra, Dhruv 106, 148, 

166, 201,206, 208, 218, 

223, 264 
Cheek, Jack 148 
Cian, Ollie 286,301,303,307 
Cian, Simon 208, 209, 282, 
301, 302 

Cigarran, Sebastian 148, 191 
Clarke, Jack 140, 183, 200 
Claverie, Roy 11, 13, 98, 140, 
180, 182, 205, 221, 261, 

262, 376 

Clifton, Corbin 286, 300, 301, 

Climaco, Chanden 282, 305, 
306, 307 

Cmelak, Luca 140, 201 
Cole, Ramsay 144, 183, 200 
Coleman, Cooper 286, 302, 

Coleman, Hampton 282, 300, 
301, 302 

Coleman, Warren 148, 182, 

Coles, Charlie 286, 302, 307 
Collins, Jack 140, 180, 182 
Conner, Walker 36,129,248, 

Coode, Jack 148, 182, 190, 

Cook, Campbell 37, 135, 183, 


211, 214, 215, 248, 276, 277 
Cook, Nas 144, 183, 196, 240, 

Cook, William 148 
Cooke, Kayman 148, 190, 200 
Cooper, Crockett 5, 286, 303, 
306, 307 

Cooper, McGavock 140, 190, 

Coulthard, Will 144, 190 
Cravens, Ike 140, 183, 201 
Crawford, Ben 286, 300, 301, 

Crawford, Clay 144, 191 
Crawford, Davis 287, 300, 

301, 303 

Crawford, John 144, 200 
Crawford, Will 140, 182, 200, 

Crews, Clay 144, 191, 197, 


Crider, Cole 38, 183, 192, 200, 
203, 219, 229, 248, 270 
Cross, Dillard 287, 300, 301, 

Cummings, Powell 287, 301, 

Cummins, Bradford 148, 182 
Cummins, Richard 1 4 1, 195, 

Curley, William 148 
Curnutte, Breckenridge 145, 
190, 263 

Curnutte, Kellan 287, 303 
Curry, John 4 , 39, 91, 196, 
201,203, 213, 215, 248, 256 


Dallas, Ethan 148, 182, 200 
Daniel, Payne 282, 301,302 
Dattilo, Joseph 148, 191,206, 

Davis, Cooper 287, 301, 302 
Davis, Eli 149, 182, 190, 201, 

Davis, Nate 287, 302 
Davis, Parker 149, 182 
Davis, Terran 281, 287, 301 
Davis, William 16, 17, 40, 

179, 182, 233, 248, 361 
Dawkins, Harrison 281, 287, 

Dawkins, Witt 5, 149 
Dayani, John 149, 241 
Dayani, Jordan 287, 300, 301, 

Dean, Tillman 41, 177, 182, 
215, 224, 248 

Dean, William 287, 301,303, 

DeCoster, Ryan 149, 190 
DeCoster, Sam 42, 106, 208, 
215, 229, 246, 248 
Deerkoski, Alex 221,282, 301 
DeLemosJose 221,287,301, 
302, 306, 307 
Dennis, James 141 
Dennis, Thomas 287, 300 
DeRocher, David Neil 145, 
183, 264 

DeWitte, Josiah 149, 236 
Dillard, Walker 43, 194,200, 
248, 271,276 

Dillon, Max 145, 190, 200 
Dillon, Tate 141 ,201 
Dinkins, Frank 282, 302 
Dinkins, John 44, 186, 191, 
197, 201,220, 230, 248, 
270, 276, 353 

Ditenhafer, Otis 149, 190, 191 
Ditto, Andrew 145, 190, 200 
Dobson, Walt 45, 168, 190, 

Doulis, Alexander 282, 301, 
302, 303 

Dovan, Andrew 282, 303 
Dube, Alex 190,282 
Dugan, Sam 46, 178, 183, 

196, 201,203, 211,215, 

224, 225, 243, 248 

Duke, Matthew 145, 200 
Dulin, Isaiah 282, 302 
Durelli, Colin 287, 300 
Durelli, Ian 149, 176, 182, 


Durrett, Devan 149, 201,231, 

Durrett, Hutton 287, 300, 301 


Eadie, Liam 281, 287, 302, 

303, 307 

Echols, Bert 149, 200 
Edwards, Foster 145, 183, 200, 

Edwards, Jack 145, 183, 197, 

Egbert, John Gray 149, 176, 


Egbert, Nicholas 287, 302, 

303, 307 

Elasy, Joel 11, 15, 47, 182, 

184, 190, 214, 218, 219, 

223, 248, 355 
Elasy, Sam 149, 200, 218 
Elder, Colston 282, 301 
Ellison, Grant 48, 192,200, 
247, 248 

Elrod, Will 282, 301,303 
Endom, John 145, 183,201 
Englert, Simon 12, 287, 301, 

Erickson, Houston 149 
Escobar, Diego 149, 200, 201 
Estopinal, Avery 8, 149, 190, 

197, 201,265 
Estrin, Ryan 149 


Farner, Will 10, 141,218, 219 
Fennell, Peter 141, 198, 229 
Fisher, Dominic 49, 164, 178, 
183, 188, 191,201,203, 

219, 229, 248 
Fisher, Ryan 282, 301 
Fitzpatrick, Tully 141,231 
Flanagan, Jack 145, 176, 182, 
187, 191,269 

Flanagan, Owen 283, 300, 

301, 302 

Fleming, Swope 145, 241 
Forbes, Jack 221,283,300 
Fox, Matthew 145, 183, 201, 

Francis, Jackson 4 , 149, 190, 

Francis, Josiah 15, 50, 184, 
190, 243, 248 

Frank, Sam 283, 297, 301,302 
Frankum, Mitchell 283, 301, 

Frazier, Jake 166, 283, 303 
Freeland, Ned 141, 183, 190 
Funk, Sam 51,206, 207, 212, 


Galanter, Ben 141, 190 
Garber, Campbell 13, 141, 183 
Garcia, Danny 141 
Garcia, Sebastian 145, 182, 

Gardner, J.C. 149 
Garfinkel, Adam 145, 188, 

Garfinkel, Zach 11, 52, 200, 
248, 314 

Gaston, Beau 283, 301 


Gauldin, Jack 145, 183, 190, 

201 .240, 241 

Gaw, Daniel 145, 183, 190 
Gaw, Doug 4, 15, 53, 188, 

191, 197, 201,206, 223, 248 
Geevarghese, Sanjith 287, 301 
George, Eriq 283, 301 
German, Nick 54, 183, 201, 
203, 248 

Ghertner, Yates 281, 287, 301, 

Ghosh, Tuneer 145, 205, 213 
Gibson, Gibby 55, 191,248, 

Giorgio, Max 13, 145, 218, 
253, 257 

Glen, Atticus 56, 106,212, 

Golczynski, Brantley 13, 149, 

191.240, 273 
Gold, Carter 149, 182 
Goodrum, Garrett 149, 268 
Goodrum, Nathan 57, 248 
Gowda, Maithreya 283, 303 
Graham, Hugh 58, 195, 200, 

203, 247, 248, 343 
Graham, John Raulston 141 
Grant, Joe 149, 191 
Grant, Mike 149 
Graves, Brian 141,200 
Graves, Charlie 149, 201 
Green, Jackson 287, 291, 301, 

Green, Marshall 221, 283 
Green, Peyton 145, 200 
Green, Walker 149, 182,206 
Greene, Cooper 190, 283, 301, 

Greene, Warner 145, 183,200 
Griffith, Hall 149, 177, 182, 

Grohovsky, Spencer 141, 183, 

200, 206, 213, 230, 233 
Groomes, Reid 208, 283, 300, 

Gu, William 149, 201 
Guy, Lee 190, 287, 302, 307 


Habermann, Julian 59,212, 
214, 224, 225, 246, 247, 

248, 330 

Haddock, Colyer 145, 183 
Haile, Hudson 283, 296, 301 
Haley, Luke 6, 145, 186, 201 
Haley, Matthew 60, 186, 191, 
197, 201,220, 248, 336 
Hall, Brandon 13,61, 187, 

191,209, 248, 261 
Hall, Darin 148, 149, 206, 221, 

Hall, Ian 62, 178, 179, 183, 
200 , 214, 215, 220, 224, 

225, 243, 248, 339 
Hall, Landis 141, 182, 264 
Hall, Peter 141,230, 268 
Hall, Sam 287, 301,302 
Hamilton, Joe 8, 15, 63, 248 
Han, David 200, 283, 296, 303 
Hanai, Jacob 141,200 
Hancock, Frank 221,283,296, 
300, 301,305 

Hannah, Jackson 64, 178, 183, 
201,203, 237, 242, 248, 356 
Hanrahan, Samuel 149, 182, 

Hansen, Charlie 145, 190 
Harden, Ty 145, 186, 190, 

Harmer, Dudley 141 
Haroldson, Nikko 149, 267 
Harrington, Jack 65, 169,224, 

Harrington, Reid 283, 296, 302 
Harris, Ben 145, 201 
Harris, Brenden 66, 183, 192, 
200, 203, 248 

Harwell, Thomas 283, 300, 

301, 302, 307 

Hasse, Alexander 11, 67, 182, 
190, 232, 248, 347 
Hastings, Joseph 283 
Hastings, Max 149, 182 
Hawkins, Matt 141, 182, 213 
Hayles, Rhett 149, 182, 200 
Hayworth, Hedges 141, 183, 

Healy, Hank 149, 190 
Hedgepath, Khol 149, 200 
Henderson, Owen 283, 300 
Henry, C.H. 145, 254, 255, 
260, 263 

Henry, Middleton 106, 221, 
283, 300, 301 

Henry-Okafor, Ebenezer 287, 

302, 306 

Hensler, Carson 149, 182 
Herbstreit, Jake 68, 183,203, 
241,248, 299 

Herbstreit, Tye 69, 178, 196, 
203, 248, 332, 335 
Herbstreit, Zak 68, 145, 183 
Herlitzka, Edward 190, 283, 

Herrmann, Gene 150, 206 
Higgins, Will 141, 188, 191, 

Higgs, Elijah 70, 182, 246, 

248, 267 

Higgs, Noah 283, 292, 303 
Hill, Grayson 140, 141,224, 

Hill, Pierce 150, 200 
Hirschman, Wesley 8, 141, 

176, 182 

Hitt, Harrison 141, 190, 200, 

Hitt, Ingram 150, 190, 200 
Hoffman, Michael 141, 183 
Holder, Nate 287,291,301, 
302, 303, 307 

Holleman, William 150, 182, 
200, 235 

Holliday, Robert 150, 190 
Holman, Harrison 15, 141, 


Holzapfel, Graham 141, 183, 
192, 200 

Holzapfel, Morgan 287, 300, 
301, 302 

Hood, Jack 190, 287, 300, 

301, 307 

Hopper, Carter 287, 301 
Houghton, Finn 11, 141 
Huber, Henry 287,301,302 
Huber, Liam 71, 200, 248 
Huber, William 150, 182,200 
Huizinga, Jacob 150, 200 
Huizinga, Will 145, 191 
Hunt, Webb 12, 72, 21 1, 248, 
268, 270, 276, 348 
Husmann, Jonah 190, 288, 


Hyde, Cabot 150, 200 
Hyde, John 141, 177, 182, 

196, 201 

Hyde, Matthew 150, 191,201, 

Hylbert, Henry 73, 167, 191, 
194, 200, 216, 248, 365 


Ikejiani, Michael 288, 300 
Ivester, Lloyd 182 



Jackson, Harrison 150, 182, 


Jackson, Luke 145, 190, 261 
Jackson, Will 288, 290, 301, 

Jackson, Zachary 74, 127, 184, 
190, 203, 248, 327 
Jacobs, Reid 281,288, 301, 


Jacobs, Wren 150, 182,200 
Jacobson, Cameron 75, 169, 
190, 191,206, 248, 270, 

277, 368 

Jain, Ashwin 145, 213, 231 
Jameson, John 142, 219, 257 
Jindal, Yatish 283, 300, 301 
Johnson, Jes 288, 301, 302, 


Johnson, Ross 17, 76, 184, 

190, 203, 206, 248 
Johnston, Jake 15, 77, 248, 


Johnston, Parker 283, 303 
Johnston, Ryan 142, 197, 201 
Jones, Billy 150, 206, 253, 

254, 260 

Jones, KJ 283, 292, 296, 300, 


Kalams, Alex 142 
Kaminsky, Clark 10, 78, 198, 

Kampine, Eli 145, 200 
Kaplan, Matthew 142, 201, 
213, 221,224 

Keller, Jack 150, 182, 200, 240 
Keller, Luke 281, 288, 301, 
302, 306, 307 

Kelley, Jude 150, 182,269 
Kelly, Mickey 142, 208 
Kerrigan, Colin 283, 300, 301 

Kesting, John Wright 150, 

182, 201 

Kim, Jack 150,200 
Kim, Luke 221,269,283,307 
Kinard, James 145, 191,201, 

Kinch, Samuel 220, 221,283, 
300, 301,302 

King, Cannon 79, 182, 249 
King, Will 142 
King, Wilson 150 
Kinser, Cameron 208, 209, 
283, 301 

Kirchenbauer, Blake 80, 192, 
200, 243, 249 

Kirkland, Gus 283, 301, 302 
Kirkland, Hayden 283, 301, 


Kirkland, Turner 145, 187, 191 
Kirkpatrick, Sam 140, 142, 

192, 200, 215 

Klassen, Spencer 150, 206 
Klindt, Ethan 283, 301, 302, 


Koli, Tanuj 142 
Kolstad, Connor 15, 142, 222 
Kong, Michael 164, 288, 301, 
302, 307 

Kost, Charlie 148, 150, 167, 

Koziak, Alex 288, 302 
Koziak, David 145, 191 
Krumm, Connor 81,201,236, 
249, 271, 347 
Krumm, Henry 150, 190 
Kunath, Austin 288, 300, 302 
Kunath, Quinn 145, 200 


Laffer, Arthur 10, 82, 249 
Lamb, Clay 283, 292, 296, 
297, 301,302, 303, 307 
Lampley, Jackson 83, 178, 

183, 201,203, 229, 249, 329 
Lance, Sims 142, 195, 200, 

206, 218, 268 
Larish, Jack 142, 182, 200 
Larish, Luke 283,301,302 
Laub, Creighton 8, 9, 142, 

190, 191,205 

Laub, Tyler 150, 186, 191 
Le, Marcus 142, 190, 191, 222 
Le, William 288, 291, 301, 

302, 303, 307 

Leasure, Jaron 142, 182,235 
Leasure, Jax 288, 300 
Lee, Clayton 283, 300, 302 
Lee, Dustin 6, 145, 200 
Lee, Henry 283,301,307 
Lefler, Jackson 284, 301, 303 
Lenderman, Walker 150 
Lentchner, Andrew 150, 200 
Lett, Gabe 208, 221,288, 301, 

Leverett, Lenox 288, 300, 302, 

Levi, Cummings 8, 150 
Lewis, Brandon 84, 208, 249 
Lewis, Kavin 284, 300, 303 
Lewis, Kinton 146, 200 
Lilly, Ethan 146, 183, 191,217 
Lim, Christian 281, 284, 300, 
301, 302 

Lindsey, Ben 142, 191 
Lindsey, Buchanan 146, 266 
Lindsey, Hays 281,288, 300, 

Link, Jackson 85, 183, 200, 
214, 215, 220, 249, 299, 337 
Locke, Ben 146, 182 
Looney, Conner 288, 302, 303 
Looney, Larson 148, 150, 190 
Loving, Lee 146, 191 
Lucas, Joseph 13, 142,262 
Lummus, William 142, 201, 

Lyell, Elliot 150, 182, 191,200 
Lyell, Jackson 86, 187, 191, 
224, 228, 249, 298 


Mabry, George 142, 187, 191 
Mabry, Harrison 150, 191, 200 
MacCurdy, Bennett 146, 200 
MacDonald Surman, Brandon 
87, 186, 191, 206, 241,249 
Maddox, Cooper 88, 178, 183, 
201,249, 325 

Maddux, Caidan 284, 300, 

302, 303 

Mader, Will 142, 252, 259 
Malone, James 284, 301 
Manning, Jack 150, 182, 197, 

Mansour, Mario 146 
Marro, Jack 150, 191,222, 226 
Martini, Brooks 288, 302 
Mason, Charlie 146, 191 
Mason, Steven 142, 193, 200 
Massad, Alex 89, 183, 219, 


Mastrapasqua, Mauro 146, 

182, 224 

Maxwell, Asher 150, 191,265 
McEvoy, Will 142, 172 
McFerrin, Oakley 288, 301, 
302, 303 

McGinn, Paul 150, 182, 190 
McGuire, Dan 142, 183, 188, 
189, 191, 241 
Mclllwain, H 288 
McKennon, Jack 13, 142, 191, 
192, 196, 200 
McMillen, Jack 150 
McMinn, Matthew 284, 301, 

McRae, Ely 180, 182, 284 
McRae, Flynn 146, 190 
McRae, Thomas 144, 146, 

182, 243 

McSween, Ben 150, 201 
McSween, Luke 11, 14, 142, 
200, 217, 276 

Meacham, Sam 146, 213, 217 


Meier, Stephen 150 
Meier, Thomas 288 
Meltesen, Niles 208, 209, 281, 
284, 301, 303 

Mendoza, Noah 142, 183, 

193, 200 

Meriwether, Joshua 90, 183, 
184, 190, 203, 230, 249, 265 
Mi, Joshua 150, 191 
Milam, Matthew 146, 216 
Miller, Jackson 288, 302, 307 
Miller, Thomas 142, 187, 191 
Minkoff, Brennan 142, 182 
Minkoff, Peter 10, 142, 167, 
191,200, 267 

Minor, James 15, 91, 213, 249, 

259, 261, 357 

Mire, Carson 150, 200, 241 
Montana, Will 146, 184, 190 
Moon, Aidan 284, 293, 307 
Moore, Henson 182, 284 
Moore, Jake 288, 300, 301 
Moore, John II, 142, 191, 

260, 261 

Moore, Joseph 146, 183, 191 
Moore, Joshua 146, 183,201 
Moore, Stewart 142, 183,213 
Morad, Luke 146, 182, 213 
Morgan, Grayson 150, 182, 


Morris, Billy 150, 182, 200 
Morrison, Will 6, 146 
Morrow, Michael 142 
Moschel, Jack 150, 186, 191 
Mryncza, Luke 146, 177, 182, 

Murff, Charlie 221,284 
Murff, James 146, 182 
Murphy, Austin 150, 182, 

191, 206 

Murphy, Garrett 11, 15, 17, 

92, 193, 200, 215, 223, 233, 
243, 249, 263, 299, 345 
Murray, Luke 284, 300, 301 
Musser, Walker 288,300,301, 

Myers, Braden 93, 183, 193, 
200, 203, 249, 271, 342 
Myers, Jack 284,301,302 
Myers, Stokes 146, 183, 200 
Myers, William 146, 191,217 


Nahley, Will 94, 187, 191, 

223, 243, 249 

Nahmias, Elliott 146, 191,217 
Neal, Jed II, 146, 182 
Neck, Henry 150, 201,206, 

Nelson, Michael 95, 122, 195, 
200, 206, 249, 313 
Nelson, Zachary 96, 183, 229, 
230, 249, 340 

Newell, Casey 97, 181,249, 

Nimmo, Orman 284, 292, 300, 

Nissen, Charles 98, 183,236, 
249, 266, 267, 350 
Nissen, Sam 150, 182, 201 
Niswender, Aidan 15, 99, 211, 
214, 218, 223, 249, 270, 

271,276, 277, 364 
Nola, Nick 100, 190, 191, 

249, 338 

Nunn, Andy 208, 209, 221, 
281,284, 301, 302, 303 


Odede, Hill 284, 301, 303, 


O'Dwyer, Aidan 13, 101,221, 
249, 254, 255, 258, 261,273 
Offodile, Chuma 150, 201, 


Offodile, Kanayo 102, 201, 

215, 223, 235, 237, 249, 

260, 271 

O'Keefe, Gerard 288, 300, 

304, 306, 307 

Olafsson, Otto 103, 249, 276, 

O'Neal, Parker 182 
O'Neal, Sully 284 
O'Neil, Connor 284, 300, 302 
Orndorff, Lain 284, 307 
Orndorff, Norris 146, 191, 

197, 201 

Ouyang, Bill 150, 191,206 
Overholt, Clay 15, 142, 200, 
221,222, 230 

Owen, Haynes 8, 142, 183 
Owens, Burke 146, 182 
Owens, Joe 104, 187, 191, 

216, 249 

Owings, Alex 284, 301 
Owings, Michael 105, 168, 
249, 334 

Ozburn, Carter 221,284, 301, 


Pacconi, Jack 150, 232 
Paez, Han 150, 201,231 
Pao, Lucas 106, 214, 215, 218, 
249, 272, 359 
Parikh, Vishal 288 
Parker, Ketch 233, 281,288, 
300, 301,303 

Parrish, Cage 13, 142, 198, 


Patikas, Mecho 288, 302, 303, 
304, 307 

Patikas, Takis 150, 182, 200, 

Patterson, Ben 142 
Patterson, Lawson 150, 167 
Payne, Brown 142, 200, 201, 

Pease, Gavin 288, 302 
Perazzini, Frank 146, 188, 191 
Perazzini, Joseph 107, 180, 
182, 192, 206, 222, 229, 

249, 349 

Pergande, Patrick 146, 200, 

Perkerson, Brice 150, 200 
Perri, William 34, 221,288, 
295, 300 

Perry, Noah 106, 284, 300, 


Peterson, Kiran 10, 142, 167, 
182, 196, 201 

Peterson, Nikhil 15, 108, 195, 
200, 206, 218, 223, 249, 311 
Peterson, Thomas 146, 191, 
213, 259 

Petroni, William 9, 15, 109, 
191,206,249 r 
Phillips, Alex 14, 142, 180, 


Phillips, Palmer 288,300,301, 


Phillips, Peyton 151, 182, 200 
Pickett, Jackson 146, 191 
Pierce, Don 146, 236, 262 
Pierce, Foster 151, 200, 206 
Pierce, Frank 288, 291,294, 
295, 300 

Pilkinton, Oliver 281,284, 

301, 302, 303, 306 


Pinson, Grant 142, 190 
Pitt, Henry 208, 241,284, 302 
Plato, Carter 288, 300, 302 
Potter, Carson 146, 182, 191 
Potts, Maxwell 151, 190 
Powell, Patrick 142, 183, 187, 

Powers, John 146, 182,201 
Preisler, Jackson 284, 296, 

300, 301 

Presnell, Will 4, 110, 249, 331 
Preston, John III, 182, 249, 

Priyadarshi, Aditya 14, 112, 
205, 215, 249 
Proctor, Beckett 288, 302 
Pulce, Kendrick 146, 183 
Pyburn, Mark 146, 190, 200 


Quaedvlieg, Sjef 142, 201 


Ragsdale, Blake 288, 300, 301, 
302, 303, 307 

Ragsdale, Graham 113, 177, 
182, 196, 201,218, 219, 249 
Ragsdale, Reid 151, 191, 208 
Rankin, Jack 114, 206, 249 
Ray, Alex 142, 191, 197, 201, 

Recchia, Luca 288, 294, 303 
Reed, Marcel 190, 284, 300, 

301, 306, 307 

Reese, Owen 284, 302, 307 
Reisinger, Carson 11, 15, 115, 
176, 182, 223, 249, 353 
Reisinger, Walter 288, 303 
Renkis, Will 147, 190 
Reynolds, Carter 147, 182 

Ribble, Henry 191,284, 296, 
303, 306 

Ricciardelli, Luke 281, 289, 

301, 302 

Ricciardelli, Zach 147, 183, 


Richards, Claiborne 284, 300, 


Richardson, Marshall 289, 301 
Rishel, Jackson 284, 300, 301 
Ritter, Wylie 142, 200, 229 
Roach, Brennan 142, 191, 200, 

Roach, David 142, 183 
Roark, Peter 284, 302 
Roberts, Henry 284, 300, 301, 


Roberts, Jack 151, 190, 206 
Roberts, William 190, 200 
Robertson, Alex 151, 182,200 
Robertson, Andrew 142, 200, 

Robertson, Joseph 147 
Robinson, Fletcher 220, 284, 
300, 307 

Roddey, Coleman 151, 182, 

Rodgers, Jack 289, 302 
Rogers, William 147, 182, 

201,213, 272 

Rosdeutscher, Noah 8, 9, 142, 

Roth, Austin 147, 182 
Rowlett, Pete 4, 142, 206, 

209, 213, 214 
Ruccio, Reed 151 
Rucker, Landen 151,200 
Russ, Eric 143, 183, 191,201 
Russ, Mac 191,284, 301, 303, 

Russell, Ryan 281, 289, 300, 

Rutter, Graeme 190, 289, 301, 

Rutter, Zach 151, 190 
Ryan,Jack 151, 182 
Rzasnicki, Cooper 147, 201, 

Rzasnicki, Maxwell 284, 301, 



Sai, Baylor 147, 195, 200 
Sandahl, Charles 289, 302 
Sandahl, Wiliam 151 
Sarieh, Rasheed 147, 200 
Saul, Eric 143, 179, 206 
Sberna, Carson 289, 302, 303, 

Scheele, Max 147, 201 
Schlosser, Jay 228, 289, 302 
Schmadtke, Ryan 151, 182, 
186, 190, 191, 206 
Schneider, Ben 285, 301 
Schroeder, Rylan 151, 182, 


Schwartz, Christian 116, 183, 
192, 200, 249, 358 
Scott, Tristan 289 
Scruggs, KJ 151 
Segers, Bode 25,41,147,196, 

Sensing, Benjamin 4, 143, 


Sensing, Denton 151 
Settle, Edwards 289, 301, 302, 


Sewell, John 143, 215 
Sharifi, Ryan 285, 301, 302 
Sharpe, McConnico 151, 190, 
253, 259 

Silvester, Jack 143, 183, 200 
Sinclair, Nathan 289, 301,302 

Singer, Jackson 117, 179, 182, 

Skeeters, Mason 8, 147, 183, 

Sligh, Max 147,182 
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Smartt, Jack 143, 200 
Smith, Andrew 285, 300, 306 
Smith, Brooks 285, 293, 300, 
301, 302, 303 

Smith, Coleman 281,285, 

301, 302 

Smith, Colin 147 
Smith, Evan 190, 281, 285 
Smith, Reid 151, 182 
Snell, Brody 147, 200 
Sodhi, Armaan 143 
Sonday, Ross 289, 301 
Soper, Grayson 281, 285, 301, 

302, 303 

Soria-Garcia, Carlos 118, 249, 

Sparks, Reagan 119, 176, 182, 
208, 237, 249 
Speers, Max 147, 200 
Spellman, Jack 285,301,302 
Spellman, Michael 147, 200, 

Spivey, Jack 8, 147 
Staelin, Fielding 289, 300, 301, 

Stanley, Marc 143, 183, 191, 

Steanson, Cole 285 
Steanson, Connor 147, 201 
Steanson, Harrison 120, 210, 
249, 264, 317 
Steigelfest, Jake 147 
Stevens, Joseph 14, 121, 183, 
201,204, 214, 215, 222, 

224, 225, 226, 228, 249 
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Stevens, Walker 281, 285, 

301, 302 

Stewart, Quinlan 208, 285, 
301, 303, 307 
Stewart, William 285, 301 
Stewart III, William 17, 122, 
192, 200, 203, 249 
Stone, Dawson 289, 302, 303 
Stroud, Zeke 281,289,301 
Stumb, Jake 143, 183, 200 
Sullivan, Hugh 123, 178, 183, 
195, 196, 201,210, 249, 308 
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281,285, 300, 301,303, 307 
Sullivan, William 143 
Summar, Marshall 33,41,111, 
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187, 191,215, 249 
Surati, Yadev 151, 190, 231, 

Sutphin, Andrew 125, 183, 
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Swafford, Travis 151, 182,200 


Tachek, Cabe 151, 182, 190 
Tallent, Jackson 151 
Tan, Joshua 285, 301, 307 
Tang, Colin 147, 191,277 
Tarquinio, Chris 126, 193, 

200, 203, 249 
Tarquinio, Jon 151 
Tatro, Patrick 241,281,285, 
301, 302 

Tatro, Thomas 147 
Tavi, Kyle 147,182 
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Terrell, Ashton 144, 147, 252, 

Terrell, TJ 7, 128, 201,249 
Thayer, Matthew 151, 191, 

Thomas, Billy 129, 242, 249 
Thomas, Zack 147, 183 
Thombs, Stanford 147, 183, 
200, 213, 222, 237 
Thompson, Davis 289, 300, 
301, 302, 307 

Thompson, Zane 285, 293, 
294, 295, 297, 300, 301, 306 
Thomson, Kyle 289, 302 
Thor, Chase 221,285, 301 
Thornton, Cade 143, 183, 200 
Thornton, John 12, 143,252, 
253, 263, 272 

Tigrett, Jacob 130, 249, 346 
Tolbert, Caleb 4, 13, 131, 201, 
213, 249, 253, 256, 260, 341 
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285, 301,302, 303, 307 
Truitt, Jake 289, 298, 300, 

301, 302 

Tumminello, Jude 285, 300 
Turks, Jordan 143, 183,201 
Turner, Cole 132, 183, 200, 
249, 320 

Tyrone, Hagen 147, 182, 191 
Tyrone, William 143, 178, 

183, 193, 200 
Tyrrell, Will 285, 301 


Uden, Whit 289, 303 
Ulm, Matthew 143, 183 
Urbanczyk, Benedict 285, 295, 
300, 301 

Urbanczyk, Roman 151, 191 


Vargason, Thomas 285, 296, 
300, 301 

Vaughan, Austin 147, 182, 


VerHulst, Harrison 289, 302 
Versa, Miles 147, 190 
Vest, James 133, 182,249 
Viars, Evan 285, 300, 301, 302 
Viars, Nick 143, 183 
Vick, Logan 13, 143, 183 
Viner, Jacob 151, 167, 216, 


Wade, Conrad 281, 289, 302, 

Walker, Anderson 289, 302 

Walker, Hogan 200, 285, 300, 
302, 303, 307 

Walker, Ross 147, 200, 276 
Wall, Hutton 289, 300, 301, 
302, 306, 307 

Wallace, John 143, 185, 190, 
213, 215, 217 

Wallace, Scott 14, 144, 147, 
200, 205, 213 

Walters, Wyatt 285, 300, 307 
Wang, Adam 151, 177, 182, 

Wang, Alex 147, 191,213 
Wang, Alex 4, 208, 285, 306, 

Watts, Logan 285, 300 
Watts, Max 143, 201 
Weathersby, Woodson 143, 

Welch, Carter 285, 303 
Wheeler, William 134, 183, 
190, 196, 249, 319 
Wieck, Trey 190, 285, 301, 

Wiel, Hubbard 151, 191, 200 
Wilbanks, Bo 147, 183, 201 
Wilk, Frank 135, 183, 207, 
229, 249, 328 
Wilk, Patrick 147, 183 
Willers, Owen 281, 289, 303, 

Willett, Parker 289, 302 
Williams, Evan 147, 198 
Williams, Gray 136, 190, 249 
Williams, Nathan 289, 301, 
302, 303, 306, 307 
Williamson, Cole 143, 183, 

Wilson, Drew 147, 182 
Wiltshire, John 151 
Wisniewski, Noah 151, 191 

Wood, Ben 5, 13, 137, 211, 
243, 249, 253, 267, 272, 

273, 276, 277 

Woodcock, Trey 289, 302 

Woodward, Geoffrey 285, 300, 
301, 302 


Xu, Peter 285,301,303 


Young, Gabriel 289, 300, 301, 

Young, Jack 285, 296 


Zeigler, Braden 151, 201,224 

Zeuthen, Thomas 143, 212 

Zhang, Bryan 151 

Zhu, Jason 5, 147, 180, 182, 
205, 210, 21 1, 223, 264, 

272, 277 

Zoller, Keen 285, 300, 301, 


Zoller, Smith 221,285, 303, 



The 2019 issue of The Bell was produced by the yearbook staff at Montgomery Bell Academy 
in Nashville, Tennessee and printed by Herff Jones, Inc. in Kansas City, Kansas. The account 
was expertly serviced by representative Mary Harris (thank you for the chocolate and 
coffee). All page layouts were produced and edited at MBA using eDesign and digitally 
submitted for production. The 2018-19 volume includes 376 pages in full color. Professional 
portraits were provided courtesy of Michael Jones Photography. 

Countless hours go into the production of The Bell and, although this work usually happens 
behind the scenes by a group of staff, editors, and faculty it would not be possible without the 
help of the larger MBA community. It is impossible to thank each person who offered an 
element to the book, but special thanks go out to the following who made extensive 
contributions in the production: 

The dedicated staff, led by Editor-in-Chief, Roy Claverie, Editors: Middleton Henry 
(Junior School), Wesley Hirschman (Academics), Ben Lindsey (Arts), Steven Mason 
(Layout), Luke McSween (Activities), Clay Overholt (Classes), Wylie Ritter (Clubs & 
Organizations), Cole Williamson (Athletics), and Staff Members: Bela Arwen, Darin Hall, 
Harrison Holman, Jax Leasure, Jed Neal, Ben Patterson with contributions from Luke Boyer, 
Cameron Jacobson, Ben Galanter, Danny Garcia, William Huber, Elliot Lyell, Evan Smith, and 
Ross Sonday. Special thanks to everyone who came in and helped work on the book into the 

The countless photographs taken and shared by Michael Jones Photography, Rick 
Malkin, Dr. Fuller, Mr. Norton, Ms. Raines, Mrs. Roberts, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Thombs, Mr. Tillman, 
and the rest of MBA's amazing faculty, staff, students, and parents. Thanks to everyone who 
helped identify students featured in a photograph, especially Mrs. Lechleiter. 

As this page gets submitted, the staff will be celebrating the end of a project which has taken 
just over 10 months. Yes, I’m aware that once again we did not quite finish on time, however 
we are getting progressively closer, and with any luck we will finish earlier next year. With 
that being said, there are some people without whom we would have never finished. First of 
all, thank you to the entire staff. More specifically, thank you to Steven Mason for 
quarterbacking the designs, Clay Overholt for his backbreaking work on the senior pages, 
Middleton Henry for being an amazing Junior School Editor, and Wesley Hirschman for his 
willingness to complete any task we threw at him. Additionally, a huge thank you to Mr. 
Thompson for joining our staff this year and helping to crank out pages into July. And finally, 
thank you to Ms. Swieca-Brockman. Quite literally she has poured days, if not weeks, of time 
into carefully editing this book in order to make sure it is of the highest quality, and who 
without, we would truly never finish. I hope that in flipping through this book, everybody will 
be able to remember the good times that we had throughout the year. “That’s all folks” 

-Roy Claverie, Editor-in-Chief 

376 Colophon