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Dark Rites & 



The Devil 

Marcus T. Bottomley 

Dark Rites & Encounters With The Devil 

Marcus T. Bottomley 

Copyright © 2010 


1. How You Can Obtain Information 
From The Dead 

Perhaps, somebody you used to know died with some vital information that you 
require? Perhaps they hid something and you want to find out where? Whatever it 
is, you can ask them first-hand - or rather, you can ask their spirits - by going to 
their grave and performing the simple magickal rite described below. But be 
cautioned: you require sufficient courage to go through the entire magickal rite from 
beginning to end. In other words, be certain that you possess sufficient courage to 
go alone, at midnight, to a cemetery to communicate with the spirit of a dead person; 
for it is important that you complete the entire rite before you leave the cemetery. 

If you are certain that you have the courage to go through with the magickal 
rite in question, then please proceed as follows: 

1. Go to the cemetery where the corpse of the deceased person in question was 
buried. It is preferable that you first make this trip during the day; you may 
send some flowers or a wreath (to be placed on the grave) under the guise of 
going to the cemetery to pay your respects to the deceased person in question. 
At the cemetery, study the location of the person’s grave in relationship to the 
other graves, so that you can easily find your way back to it during the night. 

2. Before you go to the cemetery to perform the magickal rite properly, please be 
sure to acquire the following items: 

(a) A powerful torch. 


(b) Two small sacks, one made of red cloth and other made of white cloth. 
You may make the sacks from old clothing belonging to you or from new 
material that you buy. You may sew the cloths into the said sacks with a needle 
and a length of black thread. One thing must be noted: the cloth should be 
strong enough to withstand the weight of the graveyard dirt (i.e. soil) that will 
be placed in each of the sacks when you go to the cemetery. 

(c) An odd number of coins - non-silver’, low-denominational coins are 
preferable. Thus, an odd number of pennies, cents, kobos, et cetera, is 
suitable. You may, for example, take to the cemetery 3 or 5 or 7 pennies, cents, 
kobos, or whatever name you call the relevant coins in your currency. 

(d) A knife. 

All the above-named items, when obtained, should be placed into a bag; the 
torch, of course, has to be used immediately if you intend to walk from your home 
to the cemetery when the night is dark. 

3. Decide what questions you are going to ask of the deceased person’s spirit; 
please note that the questions must not be frivolous but serious: do not attempt 
to disturb the peace of the dead on unimportant matters - you may communi¬ 
cate with the dead only when the subjects of communication are of importance 
to you or to another. 

Then decide on the particular night on which you wish to perform the 
magickal rite. Any night is suitable although a dark one is preferable. 

4. On the appointed night, leave home before midnight, making sure that you 
will have enough time to make the journey and to reach the cemetery by twelve 
midnight. If you can, wear black clothing when going to the graveyard. On 
reaching the graveyard, make your way (by means of the light from the torch) 
to the grave of the deceased person in question. 

5. Lay your bag on the ground, stand beside the grave, and say the following 
(once only): 

‘I come in peace, (here, mention the name of the deceased person). 

In the name of God, I come in peace.’ 

Then, commence to dig a hole on top of the grave(using the knife you have 
brought). As you dig, put the soil/din thus removed into the sacks you brought 
along to the cemetery; keep digging until you have filled both small sacks with 
the dirt. Then, put the odd number of coins into the hole and cover them with 
more soil. As you do so, say the following once only: 

‘In the name of God, I make payment, (here, again, mention the 
name of the deceased), for the help I shall ask of your spirit.’ 

Now, suppose the grave had been cemented over, where do you dig then? 
In that case, dig the ground near or underneath the headstone (or wooden cross) 
that marks the grave. The coins should be put in the hole as indicated above. 



6. Starting from any point you choose, start to walk slowly around the grave in an 
anti-clockwise direction. As you walk, hold the red sack in such a way that dirt 
trickles from it onto the ground after you. As you do so, repeatedly call the name 
of the dead person in a slow but firm voice. When the dirt in the red sack runs 
out, repeat the process with the white sack: continue the anti-clockwise move- 
mem as you mention the deceased person’s name over and over again. Continue 
doing so until the dirt in the white sack also gets used up; when all the dirt has 
trickled from both sacks, it should form a circle around the grave with you inside 
or within the circle thus formed. In order to form this circle (which you can see 
by the light of your torch), please hold the sacks (one at a time) in your right 
hand as you move around the grave in an anti-clockwise direction. 

7. After that, go to stand (with your naked feet - your shoes having been left outside 
the circle) on top of the grave. Then, begin to call the name of the deceased 
person repeatedly, stating firmly that you want the person’s spirit to appear to 
you to answer some important questions. Continue calling in this fashion until 
you feel the grave trembling beneath your feet; pause a while then resume calling 
again in a firmer tone, repeating why you are summoning the deceased person’s 
spirit. Any of several things may happen after the trembling ceases: 

(a) You may be enveloped in a whitish smoke and will hear the voice of the 
deceased person as you knew it while the person was alive. 

(b) You may suddenly see a human form take shape on or near the headstone; 
the form will commence to talk to you. Do not look at it for too long at a 
time; rather, look only briefly at it and cast your eyes away (or down) as you 
commence to ask it your questions. 

(c) You may neither see an apparition nor the whitish smoke referred to above; 
rather, you will only hear a voice coming from the grave. 

Whatever happens, it is most important that you do not run away; rather, stand 
fast and ask the voice/apparition the questions you want answers to. Try as best 
as you can not to feel afraid. To help you do that, cast your mind briefly back 
to the dead person as you knew and loved them in real life. Ask the apparition 
or the voice as many questions as you wish, asking for elaboration where this 
is necessary. However, do not stay for too long in the presence of the apparition 
(if oue does appear); a duration of one hour is usually adequate for your 
‘conversation’ with the spirit; in any case; the spirit (or voice) will usually 
disappear when it is three o’clock in the morning. 

8. After obtaining the information, give thanks to the spirit and leave the grave 
and the circle. You leave the latter by breaking, with your foot or hand, the 
circle (formed by the din from the two sacks) around the grave. Then, pick up 
the items you sent to the cemetery and go back home. 

9. Unless you have been specifically asked to do so (by the spirit) do not reveal 
your contact with the dead to any other person. You may only do so when it is 



absolutely necessary, say, in the course of utilizing the information received; 
but* usually, the spirit will tell you whether the information given needs to be 
disclosed to a third party and if so, to whom specifically 

Please note the following: 

1. If you and the deceased person had not been on good terms when the person 
was alive, then, usually, you have to repeat the entire rite on three consecutive 
nights before you will receive the answers you seek - before the person’s spirit 
will appear to you. 

2. Never leave the burial ground without having left the odd number of coins in 
the hole atop the grave as stipulated above. 

3. It is important that you do not run away when the apparition does appear and/or 
when you hear the voice of the deceased person’s spirit talking to you. Stand 
courageously within the circle until the very end of your ‘conversation’ with 
the dead. There is nothing to be afraid of as long as you follow the instructions 
given above. 

Mention should also be made of the fact that you may sometimes see flickers 
of light, or hear what sounds like suppressed laughter, at or from some sections 
of the cemetery. The bigger the cemetery, the more likely you are to encounter 
both or either of these. At that time of night several spirits are about and some 
of them indicate their presence by the lights and sounds described above as 
they go about their business. Do not panic though, for they mean no harm; 
simply perform the rite as described and leave for home afterwards. 

4. Go to the cemetery alone to perform the magickal rite described above. Usually, 
the spirit will not appear when another person is standing or sitting close to the 
grave. Apart from this factor, it is necessary that other people do not know that 
you have been talking to spirits of dead people, that you’ve been going to the 
cemetery at night. Imagine the rumours that are likely to circulate about you 
among your friends, relations, and others who know you, should anyone find 
out what you’ve been up tol Therefore, do please keep the trip to the cemetery 
secret from other people; go to obtain the information you require and use it to 
your benefit. 

2 . The Simple Magickal Method 
To Break A Drinking Habit 

1. Buy a sizeable eel (a kind of long, smooth'skinned fish) oPany variety. A mud 
eel or an electric eel, or, indeed, any variety of eel will be suitable. You may 
place an order for a fresh eel through your fishmonger. 


2. Take the eel home, skin it, and put the skin out to dry. You may either put the 
skin in the sunlight to dry or you may dry it by any other method. When 
thoroughly dry, break the eel skin into pieces although do not pulverise it. 

3. Go buy a bottle of the person’s favourite alcoholic drink and put the eel skin 
into the bottle of drink after pouring off about one-half a glass of the drink to 
provide ample space in the bottle for the eel skin. Stop up the bottle again and 
shake the bottle a few rimes while you make your wishes. 

4. At least once a day, and for three consecutive days in all, shake the bottle 
vigorously and repeat your wishes. After the third day, remove the eel skin by 
sieving. Refill the bottle with the treated alcoholic drink and serve it to the 
person concerned, 

5. You may drink some of it without destroying its magickal power. The person 
may consume the entire bottle of alcoholic drink but very soon after that he/she 
loses complete interest in alcoholic drinks. It is so effective that you will be 
very (pleasantly) surprised. 

3. Obtaining Information About Someone 

1. Obtain three pieces from three different items of clothing previously worn or 
otherwise used by the person in question. For example, you can obtain three 
cuttings out of, say, a sock, an undershirt (vest) and a trouser belonging to a man 
- that is, if the person whose behaviour, etc,, you seek to monitor is a man. For 
a woman, you can obtain bits from clothing such as brassiere, a skirt, and so on. 

2. Ball these bits/cuttings of clothing up and wrap them up in a red cloth. Then, 
use a needle and black thread to sew it up into a nice, round, red ball. Use some 
red clothing as a ’string’ attached to the ’red ball’ so that you can hold the ball 
in your hand by this ’string*. 

3. At midnight on any night you choose, light a red candle and place it in a saucer, 
or candlestick (or candleholder) which you should put on a table. You do not 
need to wear any special clothing; hold the red ball in your Left hand and dangle 
it for a few minutes over the candle flame. Then, looking intently at the red 
ball, say the following three times in all: 

’By the power of this magick flame I name you (here, mention, 
the first name of the person whose activities or circumstances 
you wish to monitor). From now on you are (repeat the name 
just mentioned). From now on you will give me accurate 
information about (repeat the name). So mote it be.’ 

After this, clutch the red ball in your left hand for several minutes whilst 


looking at the Same of the red candle. Continue staring at the candle flame for 
about five minutes (blink your eyes when you have to). 

4. Then remove your gaze from the candle flame and stare at the red ball, which 
should this time be held in your left hand by its red ‘string’. From that point 
you will treat the red ball, in many respects, as you would an ordinary pendulum. 
Commence by saying, while still staring at the ball, ‘John (that is, supposing the 
name of the person you want to monitor is John), in what direction will you 
move when you want to say “Yes”?’ Hold the ball steadily until it commences 
to move on its own accord. Repeat the question several times over and note the 
direction of movement; accept this direction of movement as true and proceed 
to ask ‘John’ for its direction of movement when he wants to say ‘No’, ‘Maybe’, 
and so on. Put out the candle. 

5. Henceforth, when you want to find out information about the actual person, sit 
down at a table, alone and whenever you like, and ask questions of the red ball. 
Always address it as ‘John’ (or whatever the actual first name of the person is), 
please note that you can ask any question - the important thing is that you must 
phrase your questions in such a way that they can be answered by a 'Yes’ or ‘No’, 
et cetera. The questions should be clear and unambiguous. As mentioned above, 
the red ball resembles the ordinary pendulum in its manner of operation. 

6. Test the accuracy of the information you obtain from the red ball by cleverly 
finding out from the actual person concerned. Provided that you had followed 
the above-mentioned instructions carefully, you should find that the informa¬ 
tion from the red ball would be substantiated. 

7. You may use the red ball to find out any information about the person con¬ 
cerned: you can find out their private activities, their secret loves and hates, 
how they really feel about you, their secret plans and ambitions, how your 
future with them will turn out to be, and so on. Used properly, the red ball 
constitutes a simple but powerful magickal tool which enables you to feel extra 
confident in your interpersonal relationships. 

8. When not being used, keep the red ball in the pocket of your coat or elsewhere 
among your possessions. Treasure it, for it is an important device! 

4. The Mud Pie Rite 

Before you decide to perform this magickal rite please note the following important 

1. It could bring you into personal contact with the Devil and/or his imps. 
Therefore, if you are afraid of the Devil and whatever he represents, please do 
nor attempt to perform this magickal rite. 


2. This rite, when performed properly, could make you extremely successful in 
money matters as well as bring you material wealth generally It could also bring 
you success in love, in business, and in several other areas of human life, I use 
the word ‘could’ because success in the matters mentioned above will come to 
you only when you have the courage to go through the rite to the very conclusion. 
Several people, especially those inexperienced in black magick, have (unsuccess¬ 
fully) attempted to perform this ancient magickal rite but have taken to their 
heels in fear when the Devil and/or his imps or agents materialised. 

3, The Devil has the power to give you all the money and other material 
possessions that you want in life - but you must serve him and do his will. 
Mind you, there is truth in many of the stories you might have heard about 
people ‘selling their souls to the Devil* for material wealth. Think carefully 
before you decide to go to meet the Devil by performing this rite. 

If you decide to proceed with this magickal rite, perform the following: 

L During the daytime, on any day you choose, take a walk in the woods. Look 
out for an open space among the trees where the soil is quite soft as well. Look 
the place carefully over, paying attention also to the way leading to the spot so 
that you can find your way back to the place at night, 

2, Close to midnight, on any night, go back to this chosen spot in the woods. The 
time you leave home will depend on you, but the important thing is that you 
should reach the chosen place just before midnight. You should, when going 
to the spot in question, take along the following items: 

(a) A long, sturdy knife - strong enough to be used to dig the ground. 

(b) A powerful torch or a small lamp. This is not necessary if it is a bright, 
moonlit night, 

(c) A ball of red flannel cloth. 

(d) A bottle of water. 

3, On reaching the spot, proceed to clear the spot of weeds, et cetera, and 
commence to dig the ground. Use the soil thus obtained to start making a large 
mud pie. The actual size of the mud pie is not important as long as it is 
reasonably large. Please note that you should not spend too much time on 
making the mud pie. All you have to do is to shape the soil, after wetting it 
with water, into a ‘pie* (just like an ordinary edible pie). 

4, Bring out the ball of red flannel cloth and begin to roll the ball round the 
outside of the mud pie. Roll the ball round the mud pie until the outside is 
covered by the red cloth. After that, proceed to slowly cut the mud-pie into 
two with the knife. As you do so, any one or more of several things may happen. 
These include the following: 

(a) A big, black rooster may suddenly appear as if from nowhere and start 
looking at you. 


(b) An unusually large black cat may suddenly appear before you and stare at 

(c) Some very little (‘diminutive' is the appropriate word) beings will appear 
on the scene* These ‘little people’ are imps of the Devil and they normally arc 
harbingers (i.e*, forerunners) of the Devil himself. 

(d) You may hear sounds like the hoofs of a fast-approaching horse. 

(e) There may, suddenly, be lightning and thunder and dishes/plates may drop 
near you from ‘nowhere’. 

5* Any one or more of these things will be the indication that the Devil himself 
is about to appear. He may not personally appear, though, but rather send his 
imps or other agents. The Devil himself, when he does appear, will come in 
any of several different forms, he may appear in his usual goat-like form or as 
a big, black man-like figure. The Devil (if he personally does appear) or his 
agent or agents will (when they appear) ask you what you want. The problem 
is that many people who have attempted to perform this and similar rites just 
do not hang around long enough to be asked any questions by anybody or any 
being! They simply run as fast as their legs can carry them immediately‘things 1 
begin to appear mysteriously By taking to their heels they do not, of course, 
benefit by the rite since the latter is not completed anyway* 

6* When you are asked what you seek, be bold enough to tell whoever or whatever 
the questioner is, what your desires are. The Devil will, after listening to 
your wishes, tell you what to do, how to easily receive the money you require; 
he will disclose to you secret information that will enable you to quickly 
receive a large sum of cash to embark on a profitable business career. He will 
tell you where and how to meet people who worship him; frequently, he will 
order some of these people to assist you in the initial stages of your rise to 
financial and other material success. He will give you the power to become a 
successful gambler if you want, the power to overcome your enemies, power 
over other people, power to rise very fast in the world, power to become rich 
and famous, 

7. The Devil IS real, not a mythical being. There are, indeed, several people 
today who actively worship the Devil; almost invariably, they are people 
with financial and other material wealth, they are people with power and fame. 
They are successful people; some of them may be people you read about 
frequently, people whose material success you may have envied for a long time. 
But there IS always a price to pay - the Devil is a hard master and he requires 
undivided attention and obedience from those who worship him, those 
who receive favours from him. Think carefully, therefore, before you decide 
to seek help from the Devil. There is one thing you can be certain about, 
though: contact with the Devil WILL make you rich - when you obey his 


5. The Roots-In-Cologne Luck Bringer 

The following items, which you can purchase from any one of several occult-goods 
(mail-order) suppliers, can bring you all the luck you need in your money affairs. 
Used as recommended, it can bring you luck and success in virtually everything 
- jobs, promotion, business, love, general success, and so on. 

You require the following individual items to be able to prepare the said luek- 

(a) A bottle of cologne, freshly bought and not previously used. 

(b) Some ‘DeviFs Shoestring 5 . 

(c) Some ‘Jerusalem Root 1 . 

(d) Some ‘Adam and Eve Root’. 

All these items, with the exception of the cologne, can be purchased at reason¬ 
ably low prices from occult-goods suppliers who regularly advertise their products 
in occult magazines such as ‘Prediction’ and 'Horoscope’, 

Having acquired all the above-named items, put the last three of them into the 
bottle of cologne. First, cut or break them into small pieces before putting them 
into the bottle of cologne, Once every day (any time), and for nine consecutive days, 
hold the stopped-up bottle of cologne (with the other items in it) in your left hand 
and make your wishes. Then, shake the bottle vigorously before setting it down. 

After the ninth day, start to apply some of the cologne on your body daily 
Continue using the cologne in this way until it gets used up, in which case you 
should buy another bottle of cologne as well as fresh supplies of the other items 
for the preparation of another bottle of this ‘magickai liquid 5 . 

With time, you should find that your luck has greatly improved in virtually all 
facets of your life. Progress comes your way steadily, and you find that your problems 
disappear and are replaced by harmony and happiness in virtually everything. 

6. The Luck-Bringing Power Of Goofer Dust 

Goofer dust has been known for centuries to possess magickai power. You can 
obtain this magickai dust from your occult-goods supplier on a mail-order basis. 
But you can, if you wish, acquire it first-hand from the cemetery. 

To acquire goofer dust, go to any cemetery, select any particular grave, and 
proceed to dig under the headstone at the head of that grave. Dig the ground u nder 
the headstone to a depth of about 4-6 inches and put the soil/dirt obtained at that 
depth into an envelope. Before leaving for home, leave an odd number of coins 
{pennies, cents, et cetera) in the hole and cover it up. It is also important that, before 
you commence digging you state that you went to the grave in peace, make the 
appropriate statement also when you have placed the coins in the hole. When you 
acquire the goofer dust in this way, cross a river or stream with it (in its envelope 


and in your pocket, et cetera) one or more times before taking it home with you. 

Having acquired the goofer dust either way, sew it up in a piece of clean black 
or red cloth. At least once a week, hold the cloth in your left hand and make your 
wishes. After that, anoint the cloth with a few drops of the cologne, after-shave 
lotion, perfume, etc, that you regularly apply on your body. 

The goofer dust, treated in the said manner, has the power to attract to you the 
things you desire in life. The cloth containing the goofer dust must be kept on 
your person (it should be concealed to prevent detection) or in your handbag, 
purse, wallet, and so on. As often as you can, carry it with you before you leave 
your home; at least once a week repeat your wishes when holding it: success cannot 
help but come to you. 

7. The Three-Shoes Business-Success Rite 

This simple magickal rite has helped many people, men and women from all walks 
of life, to achieve success in various lines of business. You can, if you want, perform 
it in accordance with the following simple instructions: 

1. Search around for three single old shoes that belong to you and which you have 
worn in the past. It doesn’t matter if you have discarded the shoes now or whether 
you still wear them. The three should comprise either two left-foot shoes plus 
one right-foot shoe or two right-foot shoes plus one left-shoe. In other words, 
do not use three left-foot shoes or three right-foot ones. Furthermore, the shoes 
need not be of the same make, colour, et cetera. So long as they arc shoes you 
have worn previously - nobody else must have worn them - then they are 
suitable for this rite. 

2. Put three pinches of cinnamon into each of the three shoes. Cinnamon, of 
course, is a yellowish-brown spice that you can easily find in your supermarket. 
You may, alternatively, put three drops of cinnamon oil in each of the three 
shoes. Cinnamon oil may be purchased from your local occult-goods supplier 
if there is one near where you live; you can, of course, acquire them instead 
from the occult-goods suppliers who advertise in the occult magazines referred 
to elsewhere above. 

3. Take the three shoes into the garden or backyard (if you do not have a garden 
then take the shoes onto the balcony - in that case, put them in a large metal 
pan) any morning before sunrise. Place them, with the toes pointing towards 
your home, in a large metal pan or sheet. Sprinkle some kerosene or gasoline/ 
petrol on them and set them on fire. As they burn, repeat your business and 
money wishes as many times as you can. As you do so, spread your hands over 
the smoke emanating from the burning shoes for a while, then rub your face 
and arms with your hands. Do this as often as you can. 


Please note the following important points carefully: 

(a) Make sure there are no inflammable objects nearby - to prevent any Are 

(b) If you are burning the shoes in an enclosed space (say, a shuttered balcony), 
then do please open the windows to let in fresh air. 

There is no need to repeat this magickal rite for a once-only performance is 
usually adequate to bring to you the business luck and resultant monetary 
prosperity you want. 

$. The ‘Devil Music* Magickal Rite 

This rather fearful (to the inexperienced, that is) magickal rite has made the few 
persons who have had the courage to perform them, famous musicians of one 
category or another. It entails direct contact between the performer and the Devil 
himself and/or his imps or other agents. The aspiring musician who seeks to 
achieve success, even world-fame, and who possesses the requisite courage and 
determination, may wish to perform this magickal rite. If you are inclined to 
perform it, sure, go right ahead. The following, then, is the procedure to follow: 

1. Starting on any day you choose, and for nine successive days, take the musical 
instrument you wish to become celebrated at playing - guitar, cello, flute, 
trumpet, and so on - to a cross-roads or fork in a road/path in a park, wood or 
other isolated area. You should go to the chosen spot about three o’clock in the 
morning, taking the particular musical instrument with you. Obviously, you 
will have a problem if the musical instrument in question is large and heavy. 
In the case of a piano, organ or other similarly heavy musical instrument you 
should endeavour to acquire a miniature version of the actual one; a portable 
or even a ‘toy 1 version will be quite suitable in this instance. You should make 
a previous survey of the spot to determine its suitability before the commence¬ 
ment of the magickal rite. 

2. On each occasion take along with you a mat, or a large towel or small blanket 
which you can spread on the ground. If you can, put on black clothing. On 
reaching the chosen spot, spread the towel, mat or blanket at the meeting place 
of the various arms or branches of the cross-roads or fork. Lie on the towel or 
mat with your feet roughly pointing to the west; as best as you can, commence 
playing the instrument in question. You do not have to be a good player nor 
even know much about the instrument concerned - just go on ‘playing 1 it as 
best as you can. 

3. Repeat this every morning at around the same time; each time, spread out the 
towel, mat or blanket, lie on it and commence to play the musical instrument 
as well as you can. Repeat this for nine successive mornings. On any or all of 


those mornings, any one or more of the following admittedly frightful things 
may happen: 

(a) A big, black man-like figure will appear, as if from nowhere, before you and 
stand or sit watching you with fiery eyes, 

(b) Some men will approach you bearing a coffin in their hands. They will set the 
coffin beside you and pretend to be preparing to lift you up and put you in it. 

(c) An unusually large cat or dog may sneak up to you and stare at you with 
large, blazing eyes; it will stand close to your head. 

(d) A number of dwarfish ‘men’ may come upon the scene and crouch on the 
ground and listen to you play These are imps, and are servan ts of the Devil. 

Mind you, these things do happen. So what should you do when you suddenly 
see some dwarfish beings or some monstrous cat or dog staring you in the face as 
you play your musical instrument? Jump up and run as fast as your dear legs can 
carry you from the scene? Unfortunately, many people have done exactly that and 
have been denied the supernatural power that would have assured their success 
and fame as musicians. 

These beings - the cat, the dog, the imps, and indeed any other creatures or 
beings that may show up on the scene - are physical manifestations of the Devil 
himself or his agents and servants. The Devil himself often appears in his usual 
goat-like form or as a towering, black man-like figure. 

No, you should not get up and run away; rather, go on playing the instrument 
as usual. After playing your musical instrument for some time, the being or beings 
who have appeared on the scene may speak (in whatever language you speak and 
understand) to you. They will discuss various aspects of music relating to the parti¬ 
cular musical instrument, they will offer you advice and guidance. Every morning 
after they first appear to you they will meet you at the spot at the same time. 

Before they give you the magickal power that will enable you to achieve success 
and fame beyond your very wildest dreams, however, they will name their price. If 
the Devil himself appears he will, of course, mention the conditions you must fulfil 
before he grants you your request. Usually, you will be asked to verbally denounce 
and curse God. Indeed, you will more easily get the Devil and his agents and servants 
to appear to you when you, on your own accord, curse God and Jesus Christ aloud. 

The Devil or his agent/agents will then collect the musical instrument from you 
and play it for a while: they will play music of such superb quality that you will be, 
understandably, most surprised. The instrument will be returned to you and you 
will be ordered to play it in the presence of these spirit beings; you will notice that 
you play it with a quality you had not previously known. That will only be the 
beginning. Before parting with you on the ninth day, provided you had the courage 
to withstand the initial fear on meeting the Devil or his agents and servants, and 
provided you agree to the Devil’s initial commands, the latter will tell you what to 
do to attain your objectives. He will tell you how he will help you accomplish the 
national and/or international success and fame that you seek. He will also tell you 
how and where to contact him in the future, how to meet other persons who worship 


him; finally* he will tell you how you should worship him. Henceforth* you will play 
your musical instrument so well that you will soon win the acclaim of persons and 
bodies which matter in your town or city and country and elsewhere. You will move 
rapidly from one level of musical success to another; your fame will spread widely 
and with your musical success will come financial prosperity. You will* in short* 
achieve the goals you set yourself - your wishes will come true to the letter. 

But do not let your head be swollen by your success: for you must always remem¬ 
ber that it was the Devil who made all that possible; it was the Devil who gave you 
the success, the fame, and the attendant financial and other prosperity. The Devil will 
insist that you carry out his orders, that you always obey his instructions: for, you see* 
he is, then, your master. You cannot pull back* or attempt to shirk what the Devil 
considers to be your responsibilities without his meting out to you punishment of 
such intensity and of such dimensions that you cannot* at the moment* comprehend. 

The decision is entirely yours: you can and will attain your financial, musical 
and other goals in life with the help of the Devil but* like everything in life* you 
must be prepared to pay for such help. Nothing in life, you see* is entirely free. 

After first meeting the Devil, you may subsequently ask him for such powers 
as the power of invisibility (which his satanic majesty usually reserves for only his 
most ardent followers), power to destroy human enemies, power to protect your 
earthly interests, power to control other people and make them do your will, power 
to amass a fortune* and so on. Well? Art you interested?? 

9. The Huckleberry Bush Rite 

The huckleberry (also called ‘blueberry’, ‘whortleberry’ and ‘billberry’) shrub or 
bush is known to possess magickal properties. By going alone to a huckleberry bush 
to perform the magickal rite that is described below you can achieve your financial 
and other objectives in life. It must be mentioned that, like the preceding magickal 
rite, the following rite entails you coming into personal contact with the Devil 
himself and/or his agents and imps. Again, as is required in the preceding rite, you 
require great courage and determination to be able to go through with this magickal 
rite. If you feel able to tackle it, then please follow the instructions given below: 

1. Starting on a Sunday, any Sunday, go into the woods or other isolated place 
where there is a huckleberry bush or shrub. Leave home early enough so that 
you reach the huckleberry bush just before midnight on the Sunday night. You 
must, of course, have previously gone into the woods to locate the appropriate 
bush/shrub and, if necessary, cleared any weeds or other obstructions beneath 
it. If you can always wear black clothing. 

2. You will go to the huckleberry bush for nine successive Sundays at midnight. 
On reaching the bush each midnight, begin to sing any song you know. Sing 
in a soft, not-too-loud voice, keep singing the same song many times over. 
Then, stop singing and begin cursing: curse the day you were bom, curse the 


Sim* the moon and finally the most important (in the Devil's eyes, that is) curse 
of all: curse God. 

If you are lucky* on the very first night, after you have sung a song and cursed 
as directed above, the Devil himself and/or his imps and other agents will appear 
to you* At their approach you will normally hear a rustle in the bushes near you, 

3, As emphasized in the preceding magickal rite, you should not run away; rather, 
stand there courageously and repeat your song and curses. The Devil and his 
imps will stand watching you for a while before speaking to you. When they do: 
or, rather, when the Devil does speak to you, he will ask you what your desires 
arc. He will listen attentively to what you have to say - and you must have the 
courage to tell him about your wishes for money, for fame, and so on - before 
telling you what he requires of you as conditions for meeting your requirements* 

4. As mentioned in the previous magickal rite, the Devil will insist that you fulfil 
certain conditions; that you promise to worship him completely, doing his 
wishes and obeying all his commands. When he is convinced, he will tell you 
what to do, whom to see, to achieve your wishes. He will give you secret busi¬ 
ness, gambling and other information that will enable you to make some 
money quickly. He will teach you several important things and will ultimately 
make you the rich, happy individual you seek to be. 

The Devil, of course, may not appear on the very first night, usually, he comes 
on the ninth and last Sunday night* On the preceding Sunday nights, however, 
his imps and other agents or servants may appear to you as you sing under the 
huckleberry bush. The important points to note are that you must have the 
courage to go through the entire magickal rite; furthermore, be sure to fulfil all 
the pledges you make to the Devil and his representatives. 

10. To Keep A Woman With You And 
Prevent Her From Ever Leaving You 

This simple magickal rite, when performed in accordance with the simple 
instructions provided below, will enable you to keep your beloved woman - wife, 
girlfriend, et cetera - with you always. You may quarrel and she may, consequently, 
even threaten to leave you, but pay no attention to her threats: for she can’t go 
anywhere, she can’t leave you! The details of the said magickal rite are as follows: 

1 * Go to a cemetery anytime, night or day* At the cemetery, choose one of the 
graves and proceed to dig underneath the headstone or atop the grave. Before 
you dig, though, say that you went to the cemetery and the particular grave in 
peace. Dig down to a depth of about six inches and collect some dirt from that 
depth* Place the dirt (i.e*, soil) into an envelope. Place an odd number of coins 


in the hole and cover the hole and coins before leaving for your home with the 
envelope containing the graveyard din. 

2. At home, cut a piece off an item of used clothing (preferably a dirty, unwashed 
one) belonging to the woman in question- Fetch apiece of lodestone and wrap 
it in the item of clothing (the cutting). Then put the graveyard dirt, the cloth 
cutting and the lodestone into a small wide-mouthed bottle or other container 
with a stopper. Hold the bottle (with the named items in it) in your left hand, 
concentrate your thoughts on it for a while, and state your wishes over it. In 
other words, say all that you want the woman in question to do for you - that 
you wish her to love you always, not to leave you for another man, to remain 
faithful to you, and so on. 

3. Replace the stopper and go to bury the bottle in your garden. Dig deep into 
the ground, put the sealed bottle into the hole before covering it. All the 
foregoing must be done without the woman in question ever finding out what 
you are doing or have done in this wise. If you do not have a garden then simply 
keep the bottle somewhere in the house which you share with the woman 
concerned. If you live apart, simply keep the bottle either buried in the ground 
near your home or among your possessions. In the latter case especially, please 
be most careful - to ensure that the woman does not find the concealed bottle. 

11. The Hair-And-Needles Magickal Rite 
To Hold A Woman 

This magickal rite serves the same purpose as the immediately preceding rite. 

Please follow the details given below: 

1. Find a way to pull a long strand of hair from the top of the woman’s head. You 
can do this when she is asleep or when you are playfully running your hands 
through her hair. Be careful not to make her suspicious, though. If you are unable 
to acquire the strand of hair by either of the suggested means then get a strand 
of hair stuck on her comb; this category of hair, however, is second-best, and is 
‘inferior’ to hair pulled directly from the hair roots, from the person’s bead. 

2. Pour a small quantity of the cologne you usually use into an empty cologne bottle 
so that it is about half-full. Put the strand of hair into the cologne. Buy three 
small, new, needles and put them into the bottle as well. The hair and the needles 
should be completely submerged in the cologne in the bottle. Hold the bottle in 
your left hand, concentrate your mind on the woman concerned for a while, and 
state your wishes. Then, stop up the bottle and put it away for several days. 

3. Keep examining the bottle until you find that all or most of the cologne in it 
has been sucked up by the hair in it. When that happens, remove the hair and 


carefully sew it up in the pillow on which the woman sleeps. Alternatively, sew 
it up in her mattress. If you share the same bed with the woman in question, 
then be sure to hide the hair in that pan of the mattress where the woman 
normally sleeps. Again, should you decided to hide it in her pillow then make 
cenain that you can easily tell apart her pillow and yours. 

12. Magickal Ritual To Hold A Man's Love 

This particular ritual is, in several ways, an amalgamation of the two preceding 
rites. It enables the woman who performs it as directed to control and hold her 
man, whether such man is a husband or a boyfriend (lover). The required details 
arc as given below: 

L Get a strand of the man’s hair, preferably by pulling it out of the top of his 
head when he is asleep or when you are playfully running your hands through 
his hair. If you cannot obtain the hair by either of these means then get the 
hair from his comb - although, as already mentioned elsewhere above, hair 
obtained from this source is less 'powerful’ than hair pulled out of the head. 

2. Having acquired the strand of hair, put it in a new bottle of the type of perfume 
(cologne) you regularly use. Also, put four new, small needles in the same bottle 
of perfume (cologne). Allow the hair and needles to stay in the bottle of perfume 
for a few days. 

3. At midnight (any night), go to the cemetery with the bottle of perfume and its 
contents. If a relative, friend, acquaintance or somebody you personally used 
to know when they were alive is buried in that cemetery, then go straight to 
the person’s grave. It is being assured here that you already know the location 
of the grave in question. Otherwise, you will have to go to the cemetery during 
the daytime to look for the grave concerned. On the other hand, if nobody you 
used to know is buried in the cemetery then go to any grave you choose. Take 
along a torch, a knife and an odd number of coins. 

4. On reaching the grave, mention that you came in peace; then set the bottle of 
perfume on top of the grave. Stand beside the grave and call the name of the dead 
person several times; then, as well as you can, ask the spirit of the dead person 
to help you place the man in question under your control. Mention exactly what 
you wish the spirit to do for you; state what specific actions you want the man 
to take or not to take, how you want him to behave towards you, and so on. 

5. After this, use the knife to dig the top of the grave or, if the grave is cemented 
over, beneath the headstone on the grave. After digging to a depth of a few 
inches, put an odd number of coins into the hole and cover the hole with some 
of the soil dug out; however, keep a little of the soil in an envelope (which you 


had taken to the cemetery) or in your palm. When you cover up the hole, say 
aloud that you have* by putting the coins in the hole* made payment to the 
dead person’s spirit for the service you require of it. 

Then* stand up and throw the soil in the envelope (or in your palm/hand) 
upwards into the sky saying (once only): 

'Go, Spirit, Go! Go to the West* the East, the South* the North - 
go wherever (here mention the name of the man you want to 
control and hold) is and make him do my bidding/ 

Stop up the bottle and take it home. Keep the bottle and its contents secretly 
among your possessions. As often as you can, shake the bottle vigorously and 
repeat your wishes. Before you ask the man for a particularly important favour* go 
and shake up the bottle and state your wish. Finally, add more cologne/perfume; 
when the quantity of cologne in the bottle gets sucked up (by the strand of hair), 
henceforth, you should notice that the man concerned does what you want and 
goes out of his way to please you. 

13. The Left-Foot-Track Rite To Send A Person Away 

This simple rite enables you to get rid of a lover or spouse easily. Invite the person 
into the garden or elsewhere near your home where they can leave their footprints. 
The footprints* by the way, may be left either by the person’s naked foot or when 
they are wearing a^pair of shoes. Get the person, while in the garden, to stand with 
their back to your home - that is, with their feet pointing away from your home. 
We are, here, interested in only the left foot; as soon as you can, get some soil from 
the left foot-track (footprint) and put it in a piece of red cloth. When getting the 
sand from the footprint stand facing the footprint, that is, with the toes pointing 
directly towards you; then 'puIF the soil from the print towards you as you take 
some of it. After putting the soil into the piece of red cloth, wrap it up in the cloth, 
hold it in your left hand and make your wishes over it. As soon as you can, take the 
piece of red cloth, with the Meft-foot-track soil* wrapped in it, and throw it over your 
left shoulder into a river or stream. Stand with your back to the water before throw¬ 
ing the red cloth into the water. After that* go back home without looking back. 

14. To Get Rid of a Spouse, Lover, Relative, 
Friend, etc Who is Making You Unhappy 

This ritual resembles the preceding one in many respects but it is much more 
powerful. When performed properly it assuredly will force the particular person 
to go away on their own accord; they will suddenly lose interest in you and leave 
you alone; they will feel uncomfortable in your presence and give you a wide berth. 


not bothering you again. To perform this ritual, please follow the simple 
instructions set down below: 

1. Buy four new* long* needles of the same size and some red thread. Place the 
needles together* an end of one over the end of another, so that they form a 
square. The square or the oblong, in black magick, is the symbol of a coffin. 
Proceed to tie the ends of the needles firmly together with the red thread so 
that when this is completed the needles form the square referred to above. 

2. Get several strands of the person’s hair (from the head) by any of the methods 
described in the preceding rituals and rites. Put this hair into a tiny, clean, 
bottle with a stopper and stop up the bottle firmly. 

3. Place the small bottle containing the hair and the ‘crossed’ or ‘squared* needles 
into a piece of red cloth that is large enough to wrap up both the bottle and the 
needles. Use a needle and red thread to sew the ends of the red cloth together 
so that the bottle and the needles are enclosed in the cloth. 

4. Hold the sewed-up cloth in your left hand, focus your mind on the person and 
what you want to happen to them and then make your wishes over the cloth. 
Take the cloth to any river or stream and throw it over your left shoulder (when 
you are standing with your back to the water) into the water. 

Quite soon after that, the person concerned will leave town on their own 
accord; they will move from place to place* from town to town, unable to settle 
down for long. They will not be contented wherever they go to and they will keep 
roaming about until they die. 

15. Rite To Cause A Man Who Has Left You 
To Return To You 

If a man you love has left you and you want him to come back to you, then perform 

this simple magickal rite: 

1. Look around for a pair of used shoes the man might have left behind when he 
left home. If you do not find a pair of used shoes, use any pair of other footwear 
the person had worn when living with you: a pair of slippers, in this case* will 
be quite suitable. 

2. Every night* before going to bed, light a black candle and set it (placed in an 
appropriate candleholder or in a saucer) on a table. Kneel before the table and, 
with the left foorwear (shoe or sandal) in your left hand and the right footwear 
in your right hand, call the man’s name several times continuously and proceed 
to state your wishes. Then* get up and snuff or pinch out the candle. You may 
burn some incense during this rite if you wish. 


3. Place the shoes, overturned (i*e., with the soles up) under that side of your bed 
where the man used to sleep. Keep the pair of shoes in this position until you 
are ready to repeat the magickal rite the next night 

4. Repeat the entire magickal rite until you have performed it for nine con¬ 
secutive nights in all. 

16. To Force A Lover Or Spouse Who Has Left You 
To Come Back To You 

In some respects, this magickal rite is similar to the one preceding it. It can be 
applied to any person, man or woman, who has left you and who you want back. 
Please proceed as directed below: 

1. Look around for a pair of used shoes or other footwear belonging to the person 
concerned. Scrape dirt from the insoles of the shoes and dirt from other 
sections of the insides of the shoes. Put the scrapings into a burner or on a 
small plate or sheet. 

2. Add to the scrapings (which should be dry) some powdered/ground black 
pepper, some ground sulphur and some smooth table salt. A teaspoonful of 
each of these items, each of which should be dry, should suffice. Mix them 
together in the burner or metal plate or sheet; then set fire to the mixture. As 
the mixture burns, mention the person’s name several times continuously and 
state your wishes. Keep repeating the name and the wishes until the mixture 
is completely burnt. 

3. Please note the following points: 

(a) Perform the rite anytime of day or night. Obviously, it is preferable to do 
so when you are certain that nobody else is about. 

(b) Open the windows of the room in which you are performing the rite to let 
in some fresh air. 

(c) Usually, the person - especially if they are still within the same country - 
returns within nine days after you perform the rite. If they are abroad it will 
normally take longer. 

(d) If the person has remarried, or is still married to somebody else, it is 
virtually impossible to get them back by this means. 

(e) When the person does return, the love they have for you becomes 
greatly intensified. If their love for you had waned, it returns in full force 


17. To Make Somebody (A Lover, Spouse, 
Parent, etc) Give You More Money Regularly 

If you have a lover, a spouse (i.e., marriage partner), parent, etc, who is rather close- 
fisted with you, you can make the person give you more money - and more 
regularly, too - by performing the following magickal rite. Please proceed along 
the lines given below: 

1. Remove the insoles of a pair of used (and possibly discarded) shoes belonging 
to the person whom you wish to influence. Cut off a small piece from each of 
the insoles once they are removed. Alternatively, you may, rather than remove 
the whole insoles, just cut off a small piece from each insole. Keep these 
cuttings on a piece of clean, black cloth. 

2* Cut off small pieces from the soles (not the insoles this time) of each one of the 
same pair of shoes. Put these cuttings on the piece of black doth as well. 

3. Sew up the cuttings (of insoles and of soles) in the black cloth with black thread 
and a needle. Purchase a phial (or preferably several phials)of7oc^^y Club Oil 
- which you can purchase from any of the several occult-goods suppliers who 
advertise in occult magazines such as 'Prediction’ and the like. Anoint the 
black cloth (with the cuttings sewn in it) with several drops of the Jockey Club 
Oil. Then hold the black cloth in your left hand and make your wishes, making 
sure to mention the person’s name as you do so. 

4. Keep the black cloth on your person or near you (in your pocket, wallet, purse, 
etc) most of the time. Everyday, anoint the cloth with a few drops of the Jockey 
Club Oil and repeat your wishes. As time passes, you will notice that the person 
concerned, out of his or her ‘own volition’, gives you more money - and more 
frequently too! If you want to request a specific sum of money from this person, 
first make your wish over the black cloth (when holding it in your left hand as 
usual) before going to see the person personally about your request. 

18. To Keep Evil Spirits Away From 
You At Night 

If you are afraid that evil spirits are attacking you, then, every night before you 
go to bed open a Holy Bible at any page; put a key or a knife or a pair of scissors 
in the Bible (at the opened page), close the Bible again and put it under your pillow 
before getting into bed for the night. This prevents evil forces of any kind coming 
near you when you are asleep at night (when evil spirits are the most active). This 
simple rite also prevents nightmares. 


19. To Trap An Evil Spirit 

If you suspect that your home is haunted or that one or more evil spirits come to 

your home at night, then this simple magickal rite should enable you to trap the 

spirit and prevent it from bothering you again. This is what you should do: 

1. Before going to bed at night, hang an empty unstopped/uncorked, medium¬ 
sized bottle from the ceiling of the particular room in the house where you 
have previously seen, or felt the presence of, the evil spirit. The bottle should 
be hung by its neck and by a rope or cord; furthermore, it should hang down 
close to the floor of the room. As much as possible, it should be hung near the 
main door leading to that room. 

2. Cross a used table knife and fork on the floor directly under the suspended 
empty bottle. Alter doing this, shut the door and go to bed. The next morning, 
stop up the bottle after removing it from its suspended position; then uncross 
the knife and fork on the ground and put them away. 

3. The bottle should then be thrown into running water (a river or stream) or 
into the sea. 


(a) If the spirit (say a ghost, in the case of haunted houses) had been sighted 
on certain particular nights, then this simple rite should be performed on those 
particular nights. If the spirit normally appears on a number of nights con¬ 
secutively then perform the rite with different bottles (but the same table knife 
and fork) on each of those nights concerned. 

(b) You can make the rite much more effective by putting the following items 
into the otherwise empty bottle. The items in question are 9 small, new needles, 
9 small, new pins and a small quantity of vinegar (say, 2 teaspoonsful). However, 
these items arc not absolutely essential for the success of this magickal rite - 
unless the spirit in question is a particularly vexatious and obstinate one. 

20. To Remove An Evil Spirit Put On You 
By An Enemy And To Return The Effects Of 
The Spell To The Sender 

There are times when a persistent illness and/or a persistent run of bad luck in 
your personal affairs stems from an evil spell cast on you by an enemy. Unless this 
evil spell is broken, you will continue to be unlucky and unhappy for most of your 
life. If you have reason to suspect that your current misfortunes stem from evil 
magick set to work against you by an enemy, then perform the following magickal 
ritual in accordance with the instructions given below: 


1. First of all, you must find out whether your misfortunes are the results of evil 
magick directed against you by a secret or open enemy At anytime on the night 
of the full moon (by the way, you can find out the dates on which the moon 
becomes full by consulting any good wall calendar or diary) put on the fire a 
clean cooking pan containing 2 pints of clean water. Fetch any silver coin and 
put it into the water in the pan after holding the coin in your left hand for a few 
minutes. Stand watching the coin for a long time while you wait for the water 
to come to the boil. When the water begins to boil, pay greater attention to the 
coin. If the coin begins to rattle and jingle repeatedly and turns over a number 
of times then accept this as a fact: someone, somewhere has put an evil spell or 
has worked some other evil magick on you. However, if the coin stays flat and 
unmoved in the water, as a coin will normally do, then there is no evil magick 
working against you; in that case, your problems are due to non-magickal causes. 

2. Before you conduct the above-mentioned test, buy 9 new needles and 9 new 
pins (both in any sizes - although the needles should be of the same size as 
should the pins) and have them ready near the boiling water. 

If you establish, by watching the coin in the boiling water, that you have been 
bewitched, then set about to remove the spell over you, and to return it to its 
sender, by doing the following: 

(a) Put the 9 needles and the 9 pins into the boiling water and make a wish - 
chat the effects of the spell should go away from you and return to the sender, 
et cetera. Keep the water boiling until it has gone down in volume to about 
one pint; then repeat your wishes. Continue boiling the water until the volume 
reaches about one-half of a pint and repeat your wishes once again. Then take 
the pan off the fire, remove the coin, the needles, and the pins and wrap them 
up together in a clean handkerchief (your own). 

(b) Pour the remainder of the water into a glass or cup, allow it to cool, and 
then drink all of it. Anytime before midnight that same night or the next night 
(but certainly not later than three nights after you boil the water), take the 
wrapped-up pins, needles and coin and throw the handkerchief (containing 
these items) into any running water (stream/river). Throw it over your left 
shoulder into the water; stand with your back to the water as you do so. Repeat 
your wishes just before you throw the ‘bundle’ into the water. You may, if you 
wish, stand on a bridge that crosses the river or stream to throw the bundle 
into the water; but in that case stand facing the direction of flow of the river 
(that is, your back should be toward the opposite direction of flow). However, 
if you can do so safely, then it is preferable to stand close to the bank of the 
river or stream to throw the bundle into the water, 

(c) Return home without watching to see where, in the water, the bundle fell. 
The evil spell will automatically be removed and return to the sender. However, 
if the sender had anticipated the possible return of the evil force he (or she) 
sent upon you, he may protect himself against its return upon him. In that 
case, the evil force could descend upon an unprotected person closely 


associated with the evil magician; alternatively, the evil force may remain 
"floating 7 in space, waiting to be subsequently attracted and exploited by an 
evil magician for his or her evil activities. 

21. ‘Easy Dark Rites’ (written by J. Finbarr, 
following the author’s manuscript) 

The preceding script was written by Mr Bottomley in 1984; the final two rites I 
am writing (in 2010), for they were one reason why 1 was reluctant to publish at 
the time. The following two "easy rites to kill an enemy 7 , as he called them, would 
not sit easily with most practitioners of the esoteric arts, and certainly not with 
the general public. 1 have decided to include them, for not to do so would be an 
act of censorship and censorship always implies that "father knows best 7 , the child 
not being mature enough to understand. But the reader is not a child and it is not 
for me to dictate what she or he should read or not read. Mr Bottomley was keen 
to make the point that these rites are intended only to be used against someone 
who is making one's life a misery. In one sense they can be seen as a means of self- 
defence. If the target dies, as the rites intend, this is for the reader to live with. 
This information is supplied for the sake of magickal knowledge, for it may not 
be made available again. I have not edited or amended the instruction in any way. 

There must be absolutely no doubt that the target is the cause of one's mis¬ 
fortune; if there is the slightest doubt, don’t proceed. Obtain five feathers from 
the left wing of a turkey. Obtain a photo showing the full length of the person in 
question. Dig a hole in the earth (where doesn’t matter, nor the time) of a few 
inches. In the hole place two feathers, one crossing the other to form a £ X\ Place 
the photo over them, face down with the person’s head over the feathery end of 
the feather (as opposed to the thin quill end). Over the photo place two feathers, 
also in an 4 X* shape. Slowly cover feathers and photo with soil, speaking as you do 
so what you want to become of this person, reciting his or her name several times. 
Now insert into the soil the fifth and final feather, quill first so that it rests close 
to the centre of the cross formed by the feathers lying over the photo. Pour the 
soil so that the last feather is completely submerged, as you do so speaking again 
what you want to befall this person. This concludes the rite; a quicker result to 
the rite may be obtained if it is performed in a cemetery. 

For the second rite the time is also not important (although I would have 
thought such rites were more effective during the period of the waning moon, that 
is roughly the ten day period which follows the full moon), obtain the person’s 
discarded shoes or slippers, taking them to a stream or river. Find a shallow pan 
of water and dig a few inches into the river bed. (The type of digging tool is 
irrelevant, just so long as it does the job.) Bury the shoes in the hole, they pointing 
in the direction of the river flow. Cover the hole and return home; there is no need 
to make any wishes. 




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London office she came to be convinced that this was at 
last the true key to accomplishing miracles through 
magick. Note (he following: 

# Through Application of This Secret, an Unemployed 
Man Unexpectedly Gained £2000 

© This Secret Completely Heated the Author s Husbano 
ol.a Malignant Brain Tumour 

O It Enabled One Man to Pul a Slop fb H>s Wife s Ulcer 
Patns Overnight For Manlhs She Had Suffered in Great 
Agony Without Retiel Her Husband Continued to Use 

the Frame Healing Light and After Just One Month X-Ray 
Tests Showed That the Ulcers Had Completely Disappeared 




ft Pramc-Energy Can Help You Win the Person of Your 

Heart's Desire No Mailer What your Circumstances Are 

and Ho tv Unattractive You Think You May Qe 

& ft Enabled a Middle-Aged. Plump and Unattractive 

Woman Who Had Grown Disillusioned With Both Men 

and Life: to Find True Love and Happiness With A Man 

Who Loved Her For Whai She Was 

ft A Man Used Pramc-Energy to Slop His Wile From 

Seeing Another Man and Saved His Marriage 

ft An Elderly, Lonely Widow Not Only Conquered 

Arthritis Through Pramc-Energy But Also Gamed New 

Romance and Excitement in Her Life 

ft A Frustrated and Bitterly Disillusioned Young Man 

Found True Love in a Most Unexpected and Spectacular 

Manner After Applying Pramc-Energy 

ft A 2i -Year Old Won Back Her Boyfriend From Hei 

So-Called “Best Friend" 

ft A Young Worn an, Constari tty 5 mil I e n Wi th 11 In e $$ and 
Misfortune. Found Thai She Was the Vie time I a Malicious 
Psychic Attack Pramc-Energy Saved Her and Within 
Weeks Her Life Was Transformed Into One of Radiant 
Happiness and Love 1 

0 How Pramc-Energy Can Help You to Outwit Anyone 
Who Is-Trying to Make Life Difficult For You. 

ft A Young Dairy Worker. Without Money, Was Able to 
Gel the Expensive Sports Car That He Had Always 
Dreamt of Owning - Through Pranic-Energy; 
ft Gain Total Physic at Protection From Danger and 
Violent Persons, Pramc-Energy is Better Than Any 

© A Businesswoman Made £90,000 m Three Years 
Using Pramc-Energy 

ft A Song and Book Writer Go].His/Works Published, 
and For Years "Everything Went His Way" - All of Which 
He Pul Down to His Constant Use.ol Pramc-Energy 
Also covered by Miss Sanderson are the true, ancient 
meanings oehmd “soul males''. “God", “destiny". “karma" 
"The Holy Trinity and other metaphysical concepts And 
special attention is paid as to why rheoccuff doesn 't s eem 
to work lor some people Only the Pranic secret of the 
Ancients holds in© answer to this problem Success *s 
assured and automatic, says Miss Sanderson when you 
Jfiarh how to use Pramc-Energy to remove menial 
blockages and soar ahead to all the success and 
fulfilment that is so rightfully’ yours 1 Onty £6,99 

£6.99(UK)/$14 * 99(US):Finbarr(BC},Folkestone CT20-2QQ(UK 

To receive The spoken 
Power* please send £ 9,99 
($22.99 USA) to: 

Finbarr International (BC), 
Folkestone, Kent CT20 2QQ> 
England (address complete). 

The Spoken Power 


Publisher James FtHborr writes - 

For almost a quarter of a century I have had this secret in my file. 
It was an elderly Harold Jolet from Detroit who gave it to me, 
feeling it was safe in my hands. The problem was that he both 
wanted me to publish it - and he didn't! 

It was given to him by a man in the 1930s* Some 20 years earlier 
this man had used it when he witnessed two cars colliding before 
his very eyes. Because of the Spoken Power* both drivers 
emerged unhurt, their vehicles miraculously unscathed! 

Mr Jolet believed this power could help anyone who respected 
it. His wony was that because it was originally kept secret, in the 
wrong hands it could be misused. 

Hence his concern and my dilemma. 

The Spoken Bower consists of an H-wctd sentence, in 
English, which releases awesome energy. 

It can he spoken anywhere, any time . But only when needed I 

Mr Jolet has since passed on, so the moral responsibility for 
publishing the Spoken Power became solely mine. 

He recalled the time when lightning struck his neighbour's 
home, it catching fire. He spoke ike 11-word formula and the fire 
stopped* Miraculously, there was no damage to the building! 

Another time he ran to the scene of a car crash. The driver's nose 
was gushing blood, Mr Jolet spoke the miracle sentence and the 
bleeding stopped immediately . The driver was dumbfounded! Worst 
of all - in another incident involving a car - Mr Jolet wound up 
upside down after careering across a highway. After speaking ike 
Power Air ear immdiately turned itself the right way up ... and he 
emerged without a scratch! 

Over time, he revealed the secret in o Lhers - those he felt he co uld 
trust - to give them divine protection. 

This is not a ‘magiekal formula 1 in the usual sense: the Spoken 
Power releases the divine creative energy of the universe. 

A woman who received the secret from Mr Jolet “but who wishes 
not to he named - used it for her failing marriage. Her husband 
was about to walk out when she spoke the Power. He changed 
his mind right there and then. Another time, her daughter was 
struck down by a mysterious illness. After speaking the Power, she 
made an immediate recovery! This same woman used the 
Spoken Power at the race track. She won a bundle! 

Why does it work? Who knows? Mr Jolet explained to me what 
allegedly happened at the Creation. A different picture of God 
emerged! This I explain in the booklet, 

Mr Jolet did not want this to be treated lightly. The Spoken 
Power is not for amusement. 

Precisely because it is so simple, some people may fail to respect it. No 
previous experience -- mystical or spiritual -is needed for the 
Spoken Power to work. All you need to know is in this booklet. 

Can nmkacuhmdwim power be immediately at hand when ym most 
need tr? Such a question many would ask. Now you can know; now 

Only Finbarr would publish this. And even I have hesitated for 
almost a quarter of a century before doing so. 

You do not have to belong to any secret society to possess true 
spiritual power « although this secret was originally known only 
to initiates. It is the spiritual gift of a lifetime. 

In addition to the Spoken Power, there is a section in this booklet 
entitled ‘Banishing Relationship Problems 1 : how m end once and 
for ail, difficulties you may have with otter, be it a relative, lover, 
friend or colleague. 

To receive, please send £9.99.