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Full text of "The Margaret Cross Norton working papers, [microform] 1924-1973 (bulk 1924-1958)"

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To: MlBs Helen© Rogers, Asnlotant State Librarian 
MlB8 Margaret C. Norton, State Archivist 

Subject: Report upon the 1947 Annual meetings of the 

Society of American Archlvlstft and the American 
Association for State and Local History held September 

3 3,4,5, at the Colorado Hotel, Q-lenvood Springs, Colorado 

a and September 6 4 7, Denver, Colorado. 

Hosts of the convention wei?» as follows: 
State Historical Society of Colorado 
Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Company 
Denver Public Library 
Glenwood Springs Chamber of Commerce 
Olenvood Springs Lions Club 

Lester J. Cappon, Secretary of the Society of 
American Archivists openAA the first meeting on Wednesday 
morning at 10:00 o'clock. "Pjwblemi of International 
Archlvad Agencies" was the subject for discussion. 

Dr. Arthur H. Leavltt, Archivist of the United Nations 
Relief amd Rehabilitation Administration presented the 
first paper , "UNRRA Archives Around the World". I had 
made the mistake of sitting near a window and the noise 
from outside made it impossible to hear Dr. Leavltt. Before 
the next paper I moved tway from the window. 

Dr. Robert Claus, Archivist of United Nations gave an 
interesting account of the meetings of United Nations. He 
described the recordings of the speeches of each of the speak- 
ers. The translation of the speech is made in several languages 
so that the delegates may listen to the translation while the 
speaker is delivering the speech in hxs origiULL language. 
The matter of translation is very important and must be quite 
accurate. There mast be no misinterpretation of the meaning 
of the speech by the delegates. These records are important 
archives of the United Nations. 

In the beginning of this report I neglected toeay 
that sessions were held at 10:00 o'clock in the morning, 
12 noon, 2:30 in the afternoon and following the dinner at 

7:oo tn the .v.nlaj. ^^^^, 'i&Um''*^.Mm\ SSa^ft'SSl^.nt 
of the Society of Amerioaui Archivists presided at the first 
luncheon meeting. Senator Aspenwall delivered the ^dress 
of Welcome in the absence of the Hon. William Lee Knous, Qot- 
ernor of Colorado. 

Prof. George Simpson, Archivist of the ProvihcA of 
Saskatchewan, Canada gave his paper on the "A|*ohiveA of Canada". 
His logical arrangement of the history and disValopme^t of the 
archival collections of each of the provinces of ^an^a made 
his paper easy to follow. He began by saying that the^ work of 
an archivist was based upon three senses: 1. Sense oft tidiness; 
2. Sense of tradition; and 8. Soise of crisis. 

He then proceeded to give a brief history of aaoh of 
the archival collections in the provinces pointing out their 
weaknesses as well as their strong points. His own sense of 

page 2 

"tidlnesa" was veil demonstrated In the oareful and Ibgioal 
arrangwnent of his subject matter. 

NoTla Sootia was the first provlnoe to establish a well 
organized arohivid ageno^. New Fcundland is not so well 
organized. The New Brunsviok ouseum is the oldest in Canada 
and contains much archival material. Prince Edward Isle has 
preserved some historical records but has no feeling of the 
necessity of archival records. "Rather smug and self-suffi- 
cient" says jProf. Simpson. 

Quebec, with its many Frenchmen, has a strong sense of 
historical tradition and values records of the past. They 
have many church foundation records as well as provincial 
records. The Quebec Archival office was establiahed in 1906. 
Much of the information gathered has been published. 

"Territorial and InternationaJ. Ai^hives" was the subject 
for the afternoon session. Dr. Ernst Posner, Dean of the 
American Univer^iity was the presiding c!|i&|-nBaB* 

Miss J*aud Jones, Archivist of the -territory of Hawaii, 
who was scheduled to present a paper on "The Hawaiian Terri- 
torial Archives In the War" missed her plane conneotionsVby 
ten minutes, in Sein ^Vancisco and was delayed a whole day. 
She arrived at Glenwood Springs by bus from Denver on Thurs- 
day. A beautiful liai of white carnations was sent her by 
Hawaiian friends. Bhe most graciously decorated Dr. Buck 
with it, who seemed a bi t fussed by such attention. 

In her paper, which she read on Thursday afternoon, 
she told of the use made of their documents during the war. 
How carefully records were kept of the location of certain 
documents which had to be moved. The Archivist was on oall 
at all times and many times material or informaticn was suppllild 
late at night or during a black out with only a flash light 
to search with. Fortunately all records were preserved and 
are agliin in their respective places in the archives of 

Miss Jones is gracious and charming. Her family have 
lived in Hawaii many years and she is vitally interested in 
the heritage of the territory. 

Mr. Philips Brooks read a paper scheduled for Thursday 
In place of KIas Jones* paper on Wednesday. Mr. Brooks read 
a paper prepared by Daniel F. Noll, of the National Archives 
on "Legal Aspects of Micropho to graphed Business Records". 
This paper shoved the trend of the times to the use of micro- 
phAtographed records, either as enlarged photos or projected 
upon a screen as evidnnoe in court. 

To get back to International archives Dr. Oliver W. " 
Holmes, Of the National Aj^ohivee, started much disoueeloa . 
with his paper presenting "Plans for an International Organ- 
isation "of Archivists ". The paper resolved Itself into 
a report upon el^ty-seven or eight letters ^rtiioh Dr. Holmes 
had sent as a result of the proposal of an InterRationid. 
organiiation at the meeting last year. These lett ex's were 
sent to archivists in the l4atin American, western European 
and English speaJclng countries. Replies were more formal 

page 5 

than the concnittee had expected, due pextiaps to the signa- 
ture of Dr. Buck' as Artiilrlflt of the National ■'^rchlves of 
the United States. With Dr. Buck's signature to the letter 
both Dr. Holmes and Dr. Buck agreed that foreign archivists 
felt that an official r^ly was necessary and therefor replfcea 
to the questionnaire will be delayed. 

The dleoussion of an International association wae con- 
Irlnued at the ixtundtable concerning "A Proposed Archives fcr 
UNESCO". Ben M. Cherrlngton, Director of the Social Science 
Foundation of the University of Denver presided at the round- 
table with Dr. Solon J. Buck, Archivist of the UnitedStat es, 
Dr. Ernst Posner, Deem of the Graduate Division, of the School 
of Social Sciences and Public Affairs, of the American Univer- 
sity, Brof. George Simpson, Archivist, of the Province of 
Saskatchewan, Canada, Herbert 0. Brayer, Consultant in Arohlvei 
UNESCO and Oliver W. Holmes of the National Archives were 
members of the panel. Dr. Robert Claus, Archivist of United 
Nations and Dr. Arthur H. Leavltt, Archivist of UNRRA lead the 
discussion from the floor. 

Attached, to this report, la a copy of the "Suggested 
Oullne for an Archives Program for UNESCO". This program was 
the bases for discussion of the panel. I think I was more 
Impressed by the reaotiona of these leaders to the discussion 
than to the panel Itself. Dr. Posner' s comments showed that 
he Is interested in the student, the young or new archivist In 
having an important part In the organization. He wants UN^CO 
to make It possible for the ''small fry" to attend meetings 
and not an organisation for "Brass Hats" only. Dr. Buck and 
others felt that some provlsicHi should be made to make archival 
records, everywhere, made available to all scholars on e^ual 
terms. Dr. Posner' s baokgr>ound and experience places him in 
a position to know whereof he speaks. The exchange of Ideas 
and expressions of personalities made this afternoon and 
evwiing program one of the most colorful and lively meetings of 
whole conference. 

Much tbbory and the many proposed programs left one In 
some what of a fog as to Just what had been accomplished In 
the past. Just how UNESCO will finance or organize an Inter- 
national archival organiaation is not quite clear to me, nor 
was to those whoe are"in the know" .so far as I could see. 
Mr. Brayer' s vague plan of scholarships or fellowships and 
exchange students, etc. seemed to lack smy deflnit financial 
support. Just who would finance and Just where the money wa« 
coming from was not very clearly explained. 

After all of the discussion I thou^t the presiding 
chairman was most tactful and diplomatic when, summoning up 
the evening's program, he a«itioned that the program of UNISCO 
covered many things of which archives were Just one small part. 

Thursdays mornings program gave the first flavor of the 
west when the subject of "Western Archival ^tivitles" were 

Lola M. Horasher, Archivist of the University of Jiyonlng 
made a very gracious presiding officer. Hor program was well 
planned with CalifoxTiia, Missouri amd Oregon the koy states. 
Dr. Oeorge 

pag« 4 

Dr. a-«orge P. Haniraond, Director of the Banoroft Library 
of the University of California gave a splendid account of the 
Bancroft Library. Although Dr. riammond has been at the 
Library only a flhorttlme he has a fine appreciation of the 
oolleotlon and knows Its scope. 

The Bancroft Llbrarg vas begun in 1852 when, at the age 
of twenty years Hubert nowe Bancroft came to iallfornla 
during the gold rueh. He gathered gold in the form of printed 
material. He collected wisely and assembled a very fine 
collection ot western, especially California, history. In 
1905 the University of Csaifornla purchased th««« Wtny^tftrefully 
selected items to be knomt as the Banoroft colleoticn. 

Dr. Hamraond said al"dough the present selections are qult« 
different than these earlier ones t^ey are iJcjuailljr a« lapO?t«nt. 
In the past year such Itrojas the ^^Ol^n Ranch* oolleotlon of 
business records of thls^jTfa^f omla^ranoh; police records of 
Berkely,from one of the early Chiefs of Police; private letters 
of the governors of California, before the. Hiram Johnson regime; 
and boat records, for the years frors 1849-70, froBj the city of 
San Francisco which gives a true picture of ehippVng Inaand out' 
of Califomia for that period. A picture collection cf-f^alifor- 
nla and other oollectlrns have been added. 

"Planning and Building a Manuscript Collection in Hlasourl" 
was the title of the paper read by William Funnels English, of 
the University of Missouri. Dr. English Is gathering manueorlpts 
which reveal a very interesting and vital part of the life of 
the people of this area. The oollection stressee the plains 
area and the life of the people. Some dairies, some small 
series or collections but all part of the heritage of Missouri. 

David Dunlway, Archivist of the State of Oregon is so en- 
thusiastic thak even his manner Ifl refpeshing. His soft, olaar 
voice holds ones attention. His talk outlined the history of 
the Department of Archives in Oregon. He traced the history of 
the bills establishing the departnient and spoke of their 
pref'ent problems, lack of funds, space and st^ff. 

The luncheon meeting on Thursday was the first Joint 
meeting of the two as«ociationa, namely Socidjy of American 
Ardhivista and the American Association for State and Local 
History. S.K. Stevens, President of the American Aflpoclation 
for StUte and Local History presided. The subject of this 
aession was "Some Aspects of the Training of Special Personnel 
for Park and MuseuE Positions with Emphasis on the Use of 
Archival and Historical Materials*. 

Participants in this se8=ilon Included Ronald 5. Lee of 
the National i'ark ^Jervioe, David C. Dunlway, Archivist of 
Oregon and others. The purpose of the discueslcn was to show 
the necessity of archival and historical agencies to cooperate 
and work together. One person can not posplble knov everytlng 
but in training personnel for these special pofcitiais th»y must 
be tau^t which agenoy to consult. Mr. Lee spoke of excava- 
tions which were being made and the only artifact? found were 
pieces of glass. He pointed out the need for specialists on 
th» staff who could trace these pieces of glass and thereby 
establish the age of the excavation, or determine vhether was 
the glass was of an euily period or of recent manufaoturs. 

page 5 

Mr. Lee also reoomraended f^Alowehlpe to encourage the 
study of physical sources of historical material. Some 
organized effort should be made to help study of historical 
places and restoring of the same, additional conferences in 
various areas, attended by specialists in special fields^ to 
help graduate students utilise material excavated at diggings. 
An archaeological plui anhlstorical approach is needed, 

David Duniway stressed the need of tools ^hieh would 
give the archivist, as well as the historian, anJihis toxical 
background or information concerning material received^. For 
example, a history of military uniforms had been helpfW. in 
recognialng and classifying military artifact!. As a Pl-^1- 
ography of the history of paper, wateiTDnrks, etc. is he|.prul 
in the study of printing so would bibliographies on vaji'lous 
subjects be helpful to the aroheologist and archivist in 
cliwisifying material found. 

In his delightful, youthful enthusiasm Mr. Dunii^^y 
told of the woman who was asked to dedicate one of th# 
liberty ships. At first whe refused but v-hen she learned 
that so many of her friends were eager to dedicate a boAt ^,^^ 
she thought perhaps she was making a mistake and so acceptedX 
The day of the launching arrived, the ceremonies went off 
in perfect precision and as she leaving the platform the , 
master of ceremonies said to her," Now, you see it wasn't np 
difficult", "No", answered the %foman, "but I didn't ^now , 
I could hit the bottle with the boat." 

The afternoon fieR«lcn was devoted to "Special Archtv&l 
Activities". Miss Helen L. Chatfleld, Treasurer of the 
Society of American Archivists pre8),ded at this ses-^lon, .\ 
John Adreassen read a paper on the Archives in the tibrai^jy 

of Congress". ^„ ^ . . !'- 

Phillip Brooks told us about the "Freedom Train", in, v 
the absence of Mr. Frank Monaghan. Every precaution has bee^ 
taken to Insure safety of the hundreds of precious documents \ 
which will be displayed on the Freedom Tr4in. Original i 

documents, pertinent to the history of the freedom of tUe o 
United States, will be on display in this special train | 

lAiich is scheduled to visit every capital of the United 
States as well as other citiee within the next year. 

Mr. Emmett J. Leahy's sales talk for the Remington 
Rand Compjany lost any appeal it may have had in the shabby 
and out-of-plaoe stories \^loh he told. I didn't learn \ 
much abcut the "Progress in the Management of Business , 

Records". ^ . \^ 

At the business mfeetlreg' of the Society of American 
Arohlviste.jbeld following the afternoon session* the follor- 
ing offlcel-s were elected: 

President: Dr. Christopher Crittenden 

Vice Pree. Herbert C. Brayer 

Tre?»«urer: Helen Clttrtfield 

Secretary: Lester J.Cpppen 

Counoil members: Karl L. Trever and Oliver W. Holmes 

page 6 

Members and guests of the tvo assoolatlons In 
convention were iknvlted to attend the dedication of a 
hlfltorioal marker at the comer of the Olenvood Springs 
Post, Office. Thlg marker built of native stones, about 
three feet sauare at the base and tapering up to the 
height of about four feet, was erected by the State 
Historical Society of Colorado suid the Lions Club of 
Glenwood Springs. A bronte placque^ placed^on the face 
of the marker, gives a brief history of the city of Olenwood 
Springs. This marker though small ^nd limple in its struc- 
ture stands as a dignified reminder of the beginning of 
Olenwood Springs. 

The real "spirit of the west** descended upon the 
dignified archivists and historians at the "steak barbecue". 
Members of the Chamber of Commerce «id the Lions Club furnish- 
ed transportation and all the food we could eat. This Jolly 
occasion took place at Grizzly Park about six miles out of 
Glenwood Springs. We rode through the Colorado river canyon, 
east of Glenwood Springs, and then about half-way up a smaller 
oanyonnalong a rushing mountain creek. The one way road 
lead into a clearing where the members of the Lions Club 
fried hambargers over on open fire. 

Veil fortified with hamburgers, buns, pickles, mustard, 
catsup, onions, tomatoes, potatoe chips, coffee, made in a 
tin can, beer, cooled in the mountain stream, for those 
who wisiied it amd ice cream bars for dessert, we witnessed 
the "hanging of Danny Valker", a graasorae sight, but not 
too realistic. We sat around a huge oampflre while we sang 
western songs and listened to tall tales' of the west. An 
"Old-man-of-the-mountain" related a few tales but Dr.^^avldson, 
President of the Colorado Folk Lore Association and Director 
of the State Historical Society of Colorado really kept u« 
in^stichee". He unrakaled tale after tale with no stopt>lng. 
The party broke up when some of the Colorado folks oorapiainsd 
about the cold, those of us more hearty from the east thought 
It delightfully cool. Pine trees, aspens, with a fevr yellow 
leaves of fall, wild flowers, the clear, cool rnshlng mountain 
stream, the sky, bright with stars, fellowship and. friendship 
made the evening a perfect one. Such social contacts prove 
that historiems as well as archivists are real people and 
not "dead file clerke". Thus ended Thursday. 

Friday morning was devoted to the subject of '*Publloa- 
tions and Manuscripts". Dr. Colin B. Goodykoontr, of the 
University of Colorado and Director of the State Hi«torical 
Society of Colorado presided. 

Lancaster Pollard, Superintendent of the Oregon Hiator- 
ioal Society presented a practical paper on "A Publication 
Program for State and Local Historical Associations". He 
fltresi^ed the point that dooumwits for publioation iriiould be 
planned and not Just made up of >diat ever material one might 
have on hand. He suggested a series of survey articles cover- 
ing different aubjects relating to the particular arna in which 

page 7 

the membership is interested. Suoh aul^eotg as transporta- 
tion, ghost towns, horse racing and others were suggested. 
Mr. Pollard also pointed out that soBietimes an editor 
doesn't get o^hat he asks for but finds the art-lole he does 
reoeire more interesting and important than that for which 
he asked. He demonstrated by telling about the governor 
who when asked to prepare an article on a certain phase of 
the state's history replied he had no tine to write suoh 
an article. However, he revealed that he had been doing 
considerable reseaz*ch on the subject of horse z*aoing per- 
tinent': to a bill, introduced in the legislature, concern- 
ing horse racing in the state. The editor took the cue and 
suggsqted that he, the governor, give hi..- «*oaje of the 
;taterial. The governor prepared two very fine articles 
on hor«e racing. Theea t»o histoi'ical articles were part 
of a series of articles on the subject printed in the 
historical Jourrial of the state's historical ^fooiety. 

Mr. Pollard also suggested that perhaps re?earoh 
funds be used to tay re«earch work»rs to gather material. 
The research vorkf^r to receive a royalty on publications 
\diich prove popular. He also listed some of the books on 
such subjects as History of counties, history of medicine 
ia Oregon, Biographies, Names, Ctttle Industry and histories 
of ghost towns which had been ar were to be published by 
the Oregon Historical Society. Seme of the?e will have 
popular appeal while others will be limited in their distri- 

Mr. Jay Honaghan, Secretary of the Illinois State 
Kiftorical Society, State Historian and Librarian of the 
Illinois State Historical Library was the next speaker. 
Mr. Monaghan has spent many years in and asround Q^lenwood 
Springs. He opened his talk by raying as he walked with 
historians and archivists through the halls of this historic 
Colorado Hotel there walked with theo the spirit of three 
men of history, Theodore Roosevelt, Tom Mix and "DiasHDnd 
Jack". Theodore Roosevelt, who used this as headquarters 
for many of hia hunttng trips and f ro n which originated 
the name of the party of which he was leader, "Buil-Moose". 
•*Diarnond Jack" a very wealthy leader of the Janitor's UlUon 
of Chicago came here to play cowboy. 

Mr. Mohagh&n gave a splendid talk on "The Improvement 
of Hifitorlcal Magazines". He conducted a survey in hie own 
office and had noted the results as the bases for this talk. 
He placed a magazine rack, with a number of historiciJ. 
association publications and nctsd the reactions of members 
of his staff and others to the types of perioaicalii the?i'^4i§- 
played. From this survey he made the following deduct... n, 
"Aim the cover to a reader, aim the inside to the reader you 
wsmt. ■ 

Mr. Monaghan displayed a number of publications to illu» 
trate his talk. Publications with colored covers, special eye 
appeal, some with and some without titles on thei cover, thoee 
too large, and those tvo small, too thick, too thin, those with 
pictures on the cover and those vithout veee vse^ to illuitrate 

page 8 

In' the diflcuflrtion, following th© talks Mr.Cappen 
suggested that some oonslderation be given the typography 
of hlfltorloal publloaticna. Change of typography does 
have eye appeal euid It may be of interest to use the tjrpo- 
graphy of the kind used in the peiriod of whioh the article 
is relating. 

Mr. Mohaghan cautioned about attrautlng the wrong kind 
of people to the publioaticn. This, he illustrated, is be- 
yond the dongrol of the editor and not his intention. He 
illustrated by telling about the old cattle man who was hired 
to take care of the water hole during the winter. There 
were several hot springe in the nei^iborhood and to add a 
little variety to the wlnter*i9 work Mr. Monaghan suggested 
that he develop these hot sptlngs and in the b umaer they would 
promote them and people would oome to the springs. Mr. 
Monaghan was to sx^ppiy the material to improve the area 
ajid money they made would be shared. The winter wae long 
ksA one day, kn the spring, a chinook arrived clearl ig 
the pass and Mr. i-tonaghan and his aid started tip to the 
camp. They had stopped to prepare their lunch and with 
the first bit of ssaoke to rise frora tiielr fire wkwt over 
the ridge they saw a man and a hcrqe riding for dear life. 
They wondered what had hc^pened. It wasn't long before the 
rider rushed into amsep, Jumped from his horse and hastily 
explained he had been to the spring and "seeing dirty clothes 
hanging on the bushes nearby looked into tlie spring and 
found a whole lot Indians up to their chins tojoying the 
hot spring". "Jim", he shouted "You're a-gendin' the 
wrong kind of people to our spa". 

Friday afternoon it waspmy pleasure to visit Redstone, 
C dorado. Red «; tone, a small village about 28 miles south 
of Glenwood Springs is in the valley of the Crystal River. 
This village, looited in a setting of incomparable beauty, 
was originally built as a private estate at a cost of almost 
$2,000,000, by Mr. Osgood. : He: operated coke kilns, 

the remains of which line the river for a half or three- 
quarters «f a mile. Houses were built for the workmen 
and an Inn for business guests. Supplies v^re bi»ought in 
on Mr. Osgoods private railroad. Redstone Inn the private 
home of the Osgoods is about a mile south of the village. 
This interesting home, built in the neart of the mountains 
contains 40 rooms. The court yard, which Is enclosed with 
UTought iron gates, has ornamented wrings, on the side walls, 
where twenty-four horses could be hitched or tied at one time. 

The interior of the house Is beautifully decorated with 
hand carved furniture, oriental rugs, silk damask drapes and 
wall coverings, crystal chandeliers as well as heavy velret 
draper, and curtains. The w-lls of the library are covered 
with Blephant hide, embossed in gold leaf. Hand wrgaght 
gas fixtures, ^ich are now electric, lig^it the room. 
Beautiful walnut panelling and walnut fuimlture fumieh the 
room. Large picture windows look out over the beautiful 
mountains which surround the house. Pine trees and aspens 
cover the mountain sides. I have never seen so many aspens. 

page 9 

groTes of them a.9 we drove tovard the eptate following 
tfee road beeldc the orygtal river. Mountain streane are 
8© musical and friendly. The setting and the houee epeaks 
well for Mr. Oflgood'p love of beauty and the unueual* A 
picture vlndow, almost thirty feet high, built In three 
■ eotlona, makefl the living room or great hall qeera a part 
of the nAuntaln. More beautiful wood work, mohagany, in 
this room and black walnut In the dining room. 

Large fireplaces are found In eveiry room. A oiroular 
poroh, completely enclofled by windows, makeB a pBvfeot get- 
ting for breakfast, lunoh or dinner. The bed rooms on the 
second floor kave wall oovorlngs of flowered chlnt*. The 
mlptrftflfl suite has the circular sitting room. 

Thle Inn, which mlgtit be called the crystal palaoe, wllh 
its rmnir windows, le now used as a guept ranch. Today the 
Inn, which was patterned after a famous Holland Inn, is 
unique Irt^^ at It oorablnec ill the aotlvltes of a resort 
hotel with the charming Informal atmosphere of a country 

The gaoie room opens, on the ground level, unto a lovely 
terrace which extends across the front of the houee and 
down toward the rlvpr. A anddlal, comfortable ahalrs 

and the mountains Intrigued us and made us wish we were 
atayl: g on a while. 

The driver of our oar vms eaj^er for us ^o see a new 
pass which had just been complete* over the mountains, 
located about four mil ee below Redstone. As we gaiied at 
tins "hat ajpeared to be a narrow tii^ll, winding back and 
forth with liairpln tujms on the aide of the mountain, up 
and up we were glad we did not have to return to Olenwood 
Springs by thlq new road. Our driver was proud of the 
achievement of the engineers who had built this new highway. 
A new pass over the mountain. 

Ve had to hurry back to C/l^nwood Springs to arrl\Ye In 
time for the Joint dinner. LeRoy R. Hafen, Executive 
Director of the State Kl<^torlcal Society of Colorado 
preplded at the dinner. The ^resident of the .Amerlean .. 
Aflflool^itlon for State end Local Hlptcry, S.K. Stevens 
delivered the presidential addre-s. Mr. Stevens is the 
state historian of the Pennsylvania Hlptorioal and Mussum 

The confusion of the hotel waltre«aes, the pusnlgj of 
tables through the room to th^ main dining room, the br«!iaking 
of dl-ihefl and rattling of those not broken seemed, a speciality 
of this hotel, and certainly made It Impossible to bear t>^, 
Stevens. i 

Hidden t?.lent<i of archivists were displayed by Kiis 
Sinclair, Librarian rf the State Historical Society of Utah, 
and Mr. Cnijpen, Secretary of the Society of American Archivists 
when they presented a auslcal program. Mias Sinolalr has a^ 
lovely voice and ner artlcW-'y van oompliaeiited by Kr.Oaqppam^ 
prof asisional aooompanlraent. ^ . \ ^ 

pag« 10 

Ml«8 Sinclair, Mr. Bstereon of lova and Mrs. Virgil 

J^cterson of Denver had glyan a saiaple of the mueloal talent 
of archlviite on Thursday night following the "steak barbecue". 
4 delit^tful Informal musical px*ogram of songs vas given In 
the hotel dining iX)oa. 

Follovlng.Dr. Steven a address and the songs by Mies Sinclair 
at the Friday night dinner, a recently completed novle In colors 
depleting "The Story of Oolorado" was shown. The commentary 
for the lacvle vas supplied by Jane? Hose Harvey, AsalPtant 
State Historian of the State Historical Sooletyof Colorado. 
This delightful ocvle, colorful and Informative, Is used an 
part of the historical education program of the Oolorado Histor- 
ical Society. It Is to be used In the schools and before olvlo 
organizations throughout the state to present the history of tho 
state and to Interest the people of the state In using the ser- 
vices of the historical society. 

Before I leave the setting of the convention I would like 
to mention soise of the people whom I met and with i^oe: I haA 
some conversation concerning the work of an archivist. 

I was fortunate in oeetlng, Dr. Solon Euck, Mr. McCain, of 
Vilp. rsi ° r^±p\i , lir. and Krs. G-ondos, of *«*'a8hlngton and Mls§ Car- 
rothera of the State Library of Tennessee on the train gcln^ 
out to (>lenvood Springs. I found Dr. Bunk very genial. Dr. 
and Mrs. Gondoe, who were on their honeyooon, chaining. Miss 
Garrothers saw quite a lot of each other throughout the con- 
vention. Kl3 8 Carrothers and I discusses cataloging. Her 
library, being a state library and one which u^e? Library of 
^ongrees cards for catalog entrieai. 

Miss Sinclair, vrho sat next to tne at the first luncheon, 
and I discussed Name FSes, olasslf Icatlon and cataloging of 
archives. Ker Hame File la divided Into a nuaber of unltfi. 
Each group of nancR, service records of World War ir?ind II, 
census records, etc, are kept in a separate file. It seesis to 
me that cur arrangement is much more desirable. All Inforsia- 
tlon about each person is found In one place In our files, 
v,'lth cress-references to any auclltlonal Information found slse- 

David Durilway, Oregon Stale Library, unA 1 exchanged notes 
on procedures Incur respective libraries. How f'jfll are our 
catalog notes, what entries do we make, what classlfloatlcMi do 
we use, etc.? Mr. Dunlway feels that some sort of manual should 
be printed for the use of arohlvlnts to us« In cataloglncr archlree* 
ixe thinks -K-hat ever had been don», no matter how fmall, sUould 
L>9 put In print. ' erhaps catalogerp should have some part In 
the fupjre programs of meetings of the Society of American Ax»ohl- 
vlsts. Some prattle al suggostlons, as well as theorddsi_ could 
be dlscuspod. 

I was la^^ressed by Dr. Bunk's ntateaeot that an up-to-date 
guide to world archives Is needed by archivists. What agenOlet 
are th'^re In the '/arld"7 What are the rul.«p and regulations con- 
cerning the use of document a In the various archival agenolest 
Vfho are eligible to use the docua«it8 In the many «Lgenel«« 
throughout the world? All tfils I Interpreted as asking, 

How and what Is each ai!Wif>iv*rTT agency doing to sake their oolleo- 
tlon avallabU juid who Ig aUowed to uso the oollectlon. 

page 11 

I thought each senalon of tha meeting vas veil planned. 
The ▼ariouB chairmen did a very good Job of seleoting the 
right person to present each pviS^^mot, Hovotoer, as a cataloger 
I felt a lack of an exchange cf ideai! on the methods of oatalog- 
ing and the making of reference tools. Of oourrte my opinion 
voiild neoesfsarily be biased, as veil as lirMted, in that this 
is the first and only meeting I have ever attended. 

Mr. Herbert Brayer, OenerW. Chairman of the Convention, 
Arohivist Consul talUI for UNESCO, Archivist of the State of 
Colorado, etc. is young and enthusiastio, but my impression 
in that his enthusiasm is directed toward the betterment of 
himself rather than the betterment of the profosnion. Perhaps 
it was the political thing to do to elect him vioe-presiAaat, 
of the Society of American Arohivists, but It seemed to me 
there were a number of young men, pBBsent at the convention, 
who vould have been z. ~"ch better choice. I could be wrong. 

I reallkie all organisation p, profeB^icnal er othervise, 
nfted all kinds of people with all kind^ of f^Trperiences and with 
different personalities but with one con-ion purpose to Justify j,,; 
their exiwtance. There are alx^ays those vho are aggressive, I' 

thope who plan and thope irho 4o the work. 

The meeting was an inspiration to me to do my wor'i more 
carefully and to evolve «?orn? definlt prograra of nrooedure as 
I ?olve each problem in cataloging, to do more reading in the 
field of archives and to try to be alert to the progress of 
the profession. It also made me realize that the field of 
archlvetB offers a challenge and that It 1« Ptill pioneering. 
Nowhere can ■»• f^et better training than in the Illinois State 
Library Archives. Howevf?r, I do hope pone tlilse I will be able 
to attend a special course In the American University, Waflhing- 
ton, D.C. 

I wich to take tnl»» opportunity to thank you Miss Rogers 
and you, Mis5 Norton, for the privilege af attending this 
the eleventh annual meeting of the Society of .\iaprioan Archl- 

To lecve Olenwood Springe on Saturday, we were up at 
4:|>^ o'clock to be on time to take the 5:35 A.M. train to 
Denvf^r. The "Peach ET:pre«^s* of the Denver, Riorrrande and Western 
Hall road cosipany was quite late and it wa? alifio«t seven o'clock 
before some serenty-five or eighty people boarded the "special 
coach* for Denver. That the DRGA W kk has the aiost Bcenio routa 
through the rockies there is no doubt. TbP scenery is beautiful, 
©ne is kept busy moving from one i?16e of the train to the other 
to be at the most advantagious spot. Rovever, the day was hot 
the train was dirty, no- Rlesel engine, and by the tima we raashed 
Denver we|»werc irritable. To leiim tfeftt -kkt were on *a tour* 
when we remched the Bosmopolitan Hotel, in Denver did not improva 
our dispositions, especially thope of u« who were traveling 
first ola^s. We were assigned to ear re«peetlva rooi&a and 

after a oold shower ve were ready to proceed with the Ijuilnaas 
at hand. Lunch and a visit to the Colorado Arc^:lvet «ind State 

page 12 

The Golorado^Ax^ohives, ae such, was a great disappointment. 
One reached the Vaulte** by descending two flights of aarble 
stairs and asoending a steep flight of steel stairs after 
winding thiraugh a basement corridor. The vaults, vhioh have 
Just been raaodelled, are made of white glased brick or rather 
white tiled walls with cement floors. Flonescent lights 
reflected by the vtiile walls made the vaults quite light. New 
book snelves, on order for almost two years, vere not inp tailed. 
The documentB, priJited matier Almof^t exclusively, vlth the ex- 
ception of one file of correspondence and several boxes of aioro- 
fllm copies of the Denver pewgpapers, were piled in neat piles 
upon brown paper on the floor. A small fuaigator and cleaner 
had Just been inn tailed and not yet in operation. 

The aaaifitant Archivist inforaed us the material waf< in 
the prooese of being o&taloged but when we asked to see the 
catalog we were (graciously and tactfully interested in some* ;> 

thing el«e. The vaults are gpotlesaly clean ae an operating ; .- 

room and the one file of "Oovernor' s correspondence, Inherited "''^ 
tvo^ the Ocvernor's office" was the only series which had 
any reseaiblanoe to Archives 


8 ve malted outside of the building, for a tnxi which never 


oaac, one of the anaiatants, young and attBKOtkve, who had just 
shcvn ua through the departrsent remarked, as she o«ne out, "I' 11 
be glad to get hono md get on some nore comfortable shoep. In 
my hast© to dreps at noon, after cleaning all morning, I forgot 
those Rhoes were not too comfortable, I'm tired and my feet hurt." 
We assured her ve vould not be calling agfein very soon and compli- 
mented her upon the ghorough Job of cleaning. 

We didn't have the feeling that we were any too welcome. In 
fact I have never visited an institution who supposedly were 
hoi?ta r<fho gave one the feeling of being "brushed off*. Even the 
heads of the departments aeemod annoyed by our presence. 

Dr. Kafen, wap hurridely getting hie work in order to leav« 
th9 follo'crinRjday for a year in Scotland. Mr. Brayer was Aashing 
here and Vciare, too bupy to be bothered witli "small fry" and 
another menber of the "^taff was impressing a visitor with the 
amount of laoney spont for the varioup diaramas and other exhibits. 

We vlqited their photographi© laboratory. They are mioro- 
f lining the now<^pacerg of Denver in their own laboratory but the 
devoloping is done by a ooammreial flrra. A young girls oparates 
the raaohine. Me did not see any of the catalog entries for these 

The aueteum exhibits are rather old fa«!hloned and styffy oda- 
pared to cur ^t^'eam-lined up-to-date exhibits of the Illinois 
State Museum. Before leaving th*? Museum we daeihed up thr<^e 
flights of marble stairs to see the ^Tabor Colleotlon* "Bsby Doe" 
bad the finest aoney could buy. The richest laces and finest 
materials are in the oolleotion of drep^cs, hats, coats, etc. 
The baby dre^fes are especially be«-utiful with yards and yax^s of 
the loveliest laoc. 

Silver ware suid the comTjl';te silver service of the battlesbip 
"Colorado" is alro on <3i*;play in tMe room. 

f^aturday night w* attended the .joint dinner of the American 
Asscci -■i.tion for atate and Local History and the State Hintorloal 
Society ol Colorado, the Ai^erlcan Pioneer Trsll*! Association and 
other local sponsoring grouse, it the Cosmopolitan Hotel. 

p&ge 13 

We had had enough of speakln' &nd in as much as Herbert 
0, Breyer, Director of the Cooperative Project for Heatasoh 
In Western Americana In Europe (Library of Congress and SXsEb 
Hietorloal Society of Colorado) vas to speak on "History, 
Hlfitorlans and World Heoonstruotlon* we felt it was Just too 
much to take. Mr. Brayer had ditapiipi&ted'us an previous 
occasions and his gloving promisea of Colorado hospitality 
had fallen short of onr expectations so verwere not too Interested, 
in hearini^hla speak. Howeveri it has been reported that he 
was ouite subdued and his talk vae not too long. Just before 
the program began we quietly stole out of the side door a3 did 
a number of others. 

After a good night's sleep we were up and about Sunday 
morning. We bid farewell to new friend?? vhora -*e had 'sade as 
they started off on s.n all day trip to Central City and George- 
tvovn. Little did we khov; vhat the day w.^a briaf^lng for ua, 
vri«.t thrills were in store. 

Ve lad decided against the all d^y trir* but upon meeting 
Mr. Denfcis Ho^an, a cousin of Salter Marnuai-dt v'» mentioned 
that we would like to see G^eorgetown. Ve left Denver about 
t«=>n thirty supposedly for Q-eorgetown. Buo Cou*»ln Denni-st thought 
we should oee Cgntr'd City and so we did. A brief stop at the 
top of the hill to gee the Heller nouae and the "faoeon the bar 
room flocrS, the interior of the tlieatre and the garden beside It. 

Leaving Central City by the "back 8talr« ' w? turned and 
twisted and rode dovn the steepest of mountain roads, A real 
thriller dlller for those of us who live on the prairies. Just 
a ralle, says cousin Dennis, but accuiiually about five miles. 

OeoPtietown ie a quaint and ch&rmlnc little village nestled 
dov/n at the foot of the nountJikns. ^ne reaches it by driving 
Xvo or three ml lee , vinding along a creek, on the floor of a 
vide canvon. The Hotel De Paris with it*? cabinet of fine HavilanA 
China and Llbby glass, ite brass beds and walnut dressers still 
in u<5e waa a contrast to Heller house of Central City. 

The l^eorgetown Courier, the newspaper of the village is 
still being published by the son of the or|E:ginal editor. The 
newspaper office has a museun; of its own. I peared throu^^ 
the windows hoping to find the editor working over time but he 
wa« not there. I did get a copy of the paper from the wife of 
the gap station proprietor who very kindly w«Mit xionie to get it. 

We had lunch at the Grubstake Inn, po named because the 
Kontl'«, the early proprlators, feaubstaked «?o many minors in the 
early dayp. "^oday the Inn is famous for Itp nl.ning pasties. 
A- .delectable meat pie. The meat Is baked in wine and then 
shredded and mixed with vegetables, potatoes, onion, carrot, etc. 
Tils Is placed in a pantry shell and baked again. A hot gravy 
made of the meat juices and wine In served with t>ie paetle. 
A fresh saldd, oorti brf^ad, brandled peaches and coffse mads an 
enjoyable meal. 

The oldest espfescopal church in Colorado w-as established 
In GftorgetoK?' The original organ la stli 1 in tiee'on special 
oocasione. Several of the orlglaal "fire houpes" still stand 
In the village. Three catholic and three e]i|Mkoapal bishops 
have Qome from George town. 
, Several ex--Crl'fl are preserving these historical spots and 

pcjSt 14 


planning to r«8to*« soae others. There la a qualntneee abcriit 
this little ▼lllage vhloh la aost intriqulng. We left reluotantly 
and felt that ve am<;t oomo here agaU.n. 

'^hn visit fio thsfle two cities, Central City and Q-eorgetovn, 
30 flourishing in the early days of Colo|>ado» give one a realistio 
plottire of the life in the alnlng areas of the west at the tura 
of the century. 

The *ime ooraen when ve must fitart hone. The protection of 
8t .Christopher saw us through the forty-fire mile drive through 
Sunday afternoon traffic into Denver. The ride dovn the aountain 
8i(ft9 vas nothing oompared to the thrills experienced on this 
ride to catoh a four- thirty train out of Denver. 

We mrrived at the railroad station with about three olnutee 
to spare, hoarded the Benver, Hio (Grande and Wef;tem streaollned 
"Eagle" hound for St. Louis, A cool, refreshing drink, coftoopted 
by the porter revived our nerren and we relaJced to enjoy the 
ride through the aountains in the evening glow. We hated to bit 
the aountains good-bye as the sun dropped from view. A strenoas 
but pleasant convention trip. 

Inspiration, inforaatlon, fellowship and, new f rAAndshlpn Iwive 
given n«#'aest for livings .:> -v^-'v / ,;/' , 

MiB« Rogerp you asked for a detailed report. 1 hop© I haven't 
disappointed you. I trust you ha^^ had a few laughs. It ha4 Jieant 
a lot to me and I did en^oy being yo,ur t«avel|ng : oosjpanion. •'■^ 

Re8pect#l(&.ly subaitted 

it •►»' 


Esaa M.Bcheffler, Oataloger 
Illlncla State Librmfy Archives 


Springfield, Illinois 
Sept. ge, 1947 


P.S. Attached also Ifla oory of MIp? Dorothy K. Taylor's 
"The Railroad Riin*? on Railroad Records". = >!l«f Taylor <-*■■« 
is the Supervioor of Records «^ the Denver <*t Hio Oraj^e | ^t '/ 
Western Rs.ilr«|fcd. Tiae did not permit a vl«it to the v I "^ 
JMkRQ-W Railroad records deoartnarnt. 



. ■.'•» S-.' 

;•¥;•. ■.■iff-; 

■■•'■ I . ■ 


Annual Meetings 

oi the 

Society of American Archivists 

and the 

American Association for State 
and Local History 

SEPTEMBER 3, 4. 5 



State Museum 

Denver, Colorado 


Society of American Archivists 

SOLON J. BUCK President 

WILLIAM D. McCAIN Vice President 



MARGARET C. NORTON Managing Editor, 

American Archivist 


American Association for State and Local History 

S. K. STEVENS President 

EDWARD P. ALEXANDER First Vice President 

DAVID C. DUNIWAY Second Vice President 

H. BAILEY CARROLL Third Vice President 

HERBERT A. KELLAR Fourth Vice President 

EARLE W. NEWTON Secretary-Treasurer 


State and Local History News 



State Historical Society of Colorado 

Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad Co. 

Denver Public Library 

Glenwood Springs Chamber of Commerce 

Glenwood Springs Lions Club 

Official Hotels 

Colorado Hotel, Glenwood Springs 
Cosmopolitan Hotel, Denver 

— 2 — 

Society of American Archivists 


Morning Session, 10 A. M. 
Convention Hall, Colorado Hotel 


Presiding: Lester J. Cappon 

Secretary, Society of American Archivists 
"UNRRA Archives Around the World," Arthur H. Leavitt, 

Archivist, United Nations Relief and RehabiUtation 

"The Archives Program of the United Nations," Robert 

Claus, Archivist, United Nations. 

Luncheon Meeting, 12 Noon 
Continental Room, Colorado Hotel 

Presiding: Solon J. Buck 

President, Society of American Archivists, 

Archivist of the United States 
Address of Welcome, Hon. William Lee Knous, Governor 

of Colorado 
"Archives in Canada," George Simpson, Archivist, 

Province of Saskatchewan, Canada 

Afternoon Session, 2:30 P. M. 
Convention Hall, Colorado Hotel 
Presiding: Ernest Posner. American University 

"The Hawaiian Territorial Archives in the War," Maud 

Jones. Archivist, Territory of Hawaii 
"Plans for an International Organization of Archivists," 
Oliver W. Holmes, The National Archives 


Council Meeting, 4:30 P. M. 
Conference Room, Colorado Hotel 

Dinner Meeting, 7 P. M. 
Continental Room, Colorado Hotel 

Presiding: Ben M. Cherrington, Director, Social Science 

Foundation, University of Denver 
Panel: Solon J. Buck, Archivist of the United States 

Ernst Posner, Dean, Graduate Division, School of 
Social Sciences and Public Affairs, American 
George Simpson, Archivist, Province of Saskatche- 
wan, Canada 
Herbert O .Brayer, Consultant in Archives UNESCO 
Oliver W. Holmes, National Archives 
Discussion from the floor 


Morning Session, 10 A. M. 
Convention Hall, Colorado Hotel 

Presiding: Lola M. Homsher 

Archivist, University of Wyoming 
"The Bancroft Collections," George P. Hammond, Direc- 
tor, Bancroft Library, University of California 
"Planning and Building a Manuscript Collection in Mis- 
souri," William Francis English, Univ. of Missouri 
"The Oregon State Archives," David C. Duniway, Ar- 
chivist, State of Oregon 


Luncheon Meeting, 12 Noon 
Continental Room, Colorado Hotel 

Joint Luncheon of Society of American Archivists and 

American Association for State and Local History 

Presiding: S. K. Stevens, President, American Association 

for State and Local History 
Participants in this discussion will include Ronald S. Lee, Na- 
tional Park Service, David C. Duniway, Archivist of the State 
of Oregon and others. 

— 4 — 

Afternoon Session, 2:30 P. M. 
Convention Hall, Colorado Hotel 


Presiding: Helen L. Chatfield, 

Treasurer, Society of American Archivists 

"Archives in the Library of Congress," John Andreassen, 
Library of Congress 

"Progress in the Management of Business Records," 
Emmett J. Leahy, Remington Rand Co. 

"Legal Aspects of Microphotographed Business Records," 
Daniel F. Noll, The National Archives 

Comments by Lillian Baker, Southern Union Gas Co., and 

Annual Business Meeting, 4 P. M. 
Convention Hall, Colorado Hotel 


Dedication of Glenwood Springs Historical Marker, 4:30 P. M. 

Erected by the State Historical Society of Colorado and 
the Lions Club of Glenwood Springs 

Evening Meeting, 5:30 P. M. 
Grizzly Park, Glenwood Springs 

Joint Steak Barbecue, Society of American Archivists and 
American Association for State and Local History. Compli- 
ments of the Chamber of Commerce and Lions Club of Glen- 
wood Springs 

Master of Ceremonies: Wallace E. Bryant, President of Lions 
Club of Glenwood Springs 

Transportation to Grizzly Park, site of the barbecue, wjll be 
provided by the Lions Club and will leave from the hotel at 
5:30 P. M. promptly. 

Address: "Tall Tales of the Rockies," Levette J. Davidson, 
President, Colorado Folk Lore Association; Director, 
State Historical Society of Colorado. 

Campfire and western songs. 

American Association forState and Local History 


Breakfast Meeting of Council, 8 A. M. 

Special Section, Main Dining Room, Colorado Hotel 


Morning Session, 10 A. M. 
Convention Hall, Colorado Hotel 
Presiding: Colin B. Goodykoontz, University of Colorado; 
Director, State Historical Society of Colorado 
"A Publication Program for State and Local Historical 
Associations," Lancaster Pollard, Superintendent, 
Oregon Historical Society 
"The Improvement of Historical Magazines," Jay 
Monaghan, State Historian, Illinois State Library 
"A Union Catalogue of Historical Manuscripts," Howard 
H. Peckham, Secretary, Indiana Historical Society 


Luncheon Meeting, 12 Noon 
Continental Room, Colorado Hotel 
Subject: FINANCE 
Presiding: Herbert Kellar, 

McCormick Historical Association 
"Methods of Increasing Support of State and Local His- 
torical Societies," Floyd Shoemaker, Superintendent, 
Missouri State Historical Society 


Afternoon Session. 2:30 P. M. 
Convention Hall, Colorado Hotel 
Presiding: W. S. Downs, 

Managing Editor, Lewis Historical Publishing Co. 
"Museums as Agencies of State and Local History, Herbert 

Gambrell, Director, Dallas Historical Society 
"State and Local History in the Schools," James C. Olson, 
Superintendent, Nebraska State Historical Society 
Discussion led by Charles Evans, Oklahoma Histor- 
ical Society 
"The Freedom Train," Frank Monaghan 

Annual Dinner, 7 P. M. 
Continenlal Room, Colorado Hotel 

Presiding: LeRoy R. Hafen, Executive Director, State His- 
torical Society of Colorado 

Presidential Address: "The Association and the Future of Lo- 
cal History," S. K. Stevens, State Historian, Penn- 
sylvania Historical and Museum Commission 

Film: "The Story of Colorado," recently completed colored 
movie with sound, depicting the history of Colo- 
rado, presented by the State Historical Society of 
Colorado. Commentary by James Rose Harvey, As- 
sistant State Historian 


Morning, 5:30 A. M. 

Trip from Glenwood Springs to Denver via the Denver & Rio 
Grande Western Railroad through the Moffat Tunnel 

(All delegates and guests should check their reservations at 
the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Denver immediately upon arrival) 


Afternoon, 2 P. M. 


Visits to State Museum, State Archives, D. & R. G. W. R. R. 

Archives, Colorado Museum of Natural History. 

( Arranjjpmcnt.s have bern niarlp at the Denver & Rio Grande Western Rail- 
road Archives to transport all dele^ate.s desirinp to inspect its records and 
microfilming operations from its headquarters. 1531 Stout St.. to its micro- 
filming division. 1648 Wazee St. Be at 1531 Stout at 2:30 P. M.) 


Annual Business Meeting, 5 P. M. 

Parlor A, Cosmop>olitan Hotel, Denver 


Evening Meeting, 7 P. M. 

Parlors A, B, C, Cosmopolitan HoteL Denver 

Joint Dinner of the American Association for State and Local 
History with the State Historical Society of Colorado, American 
Pioneer Trails Association, and other local sponsoring groups. 
Presiding: John Evans, President, State Historical Society of 

Address: "History, Historians and World Reconstruction," 
Herbert O. Brayer, Director, Cooperative Project for 
Research in Western Americana in Europe (Library 
of Congress and State Historical Society of Colorado) 


8 A. M. - 5 P. M. 

Historic mountain tour from Denver to Evergreen, Bergen 
Park, Idaho Springs, Georgetowh and Silver Plume. Luncheon 
at Georgetown comipliments of the State Historical Society 
of Colorado. Buses will leave promptly at 8:00 A. M. from the 
front entrance of the Cosmopolitan Hotel. (See special program 
for tour of Georgetown). 

Committees, 1947 

Program Commiltee 
Society of American Archivists 





Program Conunilte« 
American Association for State and Local History 



LeROY R. HAFEN, Chairman 


Joint Committee on Local Arrangements 



DOROTHY K. TAYLOR \ r- r^u ■ 

Local History ts Living History 

One of our great needs roday is the creation of a 
strong spirit of loyalty to our American ideals and dem- 
ocratic traditions. America is today the major world 
custodian for the tolerance, liberty and justice, free 
government and spirit of international cooperation which 
are the fundamentals of our own democracy and a free, 
democratic world order. 

In maintaining and perfecting our own institutions, 
wc must rely heavily upon our history to provide a basic 
understanding of the underlying principles and the forces 
which have shaped our American way of life. From this 
understanding will flow an appreciation of its advantage 
over any alien ideology. 

Such loyalty and understanding cannot be developed 
from abstract approaches to history. It should begin at 
home. It should be founded upon knowledge and under- 
standing of community life and local history. Local His- 
tory is Living History. It is understandable because it is 
close to tht people. Patriotic citizenship can bei 
best upon knowing and appreciating local govern 
local history of institutions, local connections witli^the 
broad story of the development of American civilization. 
All our national institutions and ideals are rooted in the 
history of our localities. Local background based on 
local history is a sound foundation for understanding and 
appreciation of how America became what it is today. 

Never was the need for such loyalty to our ideals and 
institutions so great as today. Never were our scholars 
in history more in need of the aid of the amateur and 
of the fruits of the study of local conditions, institu- 
tions, and problems — the product of the work of 
thousunds of local historians. Numerous studies have 
revealed the inadequacy of understanding of our national 
history on the part of those in our schools and by the 
average man. This condition Must be remedied if the 
future of our democratic way of life is to be preserved. 
In meeting the need and solving the problem of acquaint- 
ing the mass of the people with thp virtues of our heri- 
tage. Local History n First of All. 

Here are some of the 

advantag^es oj membership . . . 

The Association on a basis of its philosophy, objectives, 

^nd present and past activities, offers several advantages 

^^B membership to those who are interested in the local 

^fiitory of the United States and Canada. Association 

services and interests include: 

American Heritage 


Hartford, Conn., Richmond, Va., Princeton, N. J., 
Harrisburg, Pa., Indianapolis, Ind., Washington, D. C, 
Denver, Col., are annual meeting places to date. 
Opportunity for exchange of information through 
discussion and personal acquaintance is provided ihose 
who are interested in local history and concerned with 
its problems administratively and otherwise. 


State and Local History News 

This regular periodical, as of July, 1947, has been 
greatly expanded. It includes news about persons, 
events, institutions, the new books, and in general 
about everything of interest to those who wish to 
keep in touch with local history and its developments. 
It is indispensable to anyone concerned with Ameri- 
cana or American history at the local level. It is 
sent to every member. 


Advisory Bulletins 

The Association has issued thus far a total of eleven 
j^bulletins written to provide practical help to thoce 
vho are working in local history. Such vital con- 
cerns of the local historian and student of local his- 
tory as how to prepare publicity and publicize the 
work of the historical society, how to organize an 
historical society, the production of plays and pag- 
eants using local history, have been distributed to all 
members. Future bulletins in the writing stages deal 
with organization of historical society museums, how 
to collect material and write papwrs and articles on 
local history, how to write industrial history, and 
many other similar topics. No person who is work- 
ing in local history or interested in its preservation 
can afford to be without these bulletins, which are 
gratis to all members as they are printed. 

This new monthly sponsored by the Association is 
devoted to the problems of teaching local history in 
the schools. It is indispensable to teachers and educa- 
tors concerned with this problem. It is also a newsy 
bulletin about matters pertaining to American history 
at the school level. Available to members at a re- I 
duced subscription rate. 

Other Helps 

The Association cooperates with other organizations 
from time to time in distributing free to its mem- 
bership publications of other organizations and agen- 
cies. The Social Science Research Council provided 
the book Local History: How to Gather It, Write li, 
and Publish It. The National Park Service has sent 
out some of its bulletins, as has the New York His- 
torical Society. The Association publishes the Hand- 
book of Historical Societies in the United States and 
Canada, a very helpful guide to the societies. 


One of the prime advantages of Association member- 
ship is the fact that through it every person who 
knows and loves the history of his community and 
country has an opportunity to influence creatively the 
development of many endeavors which will strengthen 
the preservation of our historical heritage. The Asso- 
ciation is in the forefront of all constructive move- 
ments of that kind. Membership makes one a part 
of that work, and keeps one in touch with the whole 
world of local history on this continent. 

hocal History ts Living History 

One of our great needs today is the creation of a 
strong spirit of loyalty to our American ideals and dem- 
ocratic traditions. America is today the major world 
custodian for the tolerance, liberty and justice, free 
government and spirit of international cooperation which 
are the fundamentals of our own democracy and a free, 
democratic world order. 

In maintaining and perfecting our own institutions, 
wc must rely heavily upon our history to provide a basic 
understanding of the underlying principles and the forces 
which have shaped our American way of life. From this 
understanding will flow an appreciation of its advantage 
over any alien ideology. 

Such loyalty and understanding cannot be developed 
from abstract approaches to history. It should begin at 
home. It should be founded upon knowledge and under- 
standing of community life and local history. Local His- 
tory <j Living History. It is understandable because it is 
close to tht people. Patriotic citizenship can be^^ilt 
best upon knowing and appreciating local goveri^^Bt, 
local history of institutions, local connections with the 
broad story of the development of American civilization. 
All our national institutions and ideals are rooted in the 
history of our localities. Local background based on 
local history is a sound foundation for understanding and 
appreciation of how America became what it is today. 

Never was the nted for such loyalty to our ideals and 
institutions so great as today. Never were our scholars 
in history more in need of the aid of the amateur and 
of the fruits of the study of local conditions, institu- 
tions, and problems — the product of the work of 
thousiinds of local historians. Numerous studies have 
revealed the inadequacy of understanding of our national 
history on the part of those in our schools and by the 
average man. This condition Must be rtmedied if the 
future of our democratic way of life is to be preserved. 
In meeting the need and solving the problem of acquaint- 
mg the mass of the people with the virtues of our heri- 
tage. Local History is First of All. 

Here are some of the 

advantages oj membership . . . 

The Association on a basis of its philosophy, objectives, 

and present and past activities, offers several aduantages 

^B membership to those who are interested in the local 

^^story oj the United States and Canada. Association 

services and interests include: 

American Herttaq;e 


Hartford, Conn., Richmond, Va., Princeton, N. J., 
Harrisburg, Pa., Indianapolis, Ind., Washington, D. C, 
Denver, Col., are annual meeting places to date. 
Opportunity for exchange of information through 
discussion and personal acquaintance is provided xHose 
who are interested in local history and concerned with 
its problems administratively and otherwise. 

State and hocal History News 

This regular periodical, as of July, 1947, has been 
greatly expanded. It includes news about persons, 
events, institutions, the new books, and in general 
about everything of interest to those who wish to 
keep in touch with local history and its developments. 
It is indispensable to anyone concerned with Ameri- 
cana or American history at the local level. It is 
sent to every member. 


Advisory Bui k tins 

The Association has issued thus far a total of eleven 
j^bulletinf written to provide practical help to those 
vho are working in local history. Such vital con- 
cerns of the local historian and student of local his- 
tory as how to prepare publicity and publicize the 
work of the historical society, how to organize an 
historical society, the production of plays and pag- 
eants using local history, have been distributed to all 
members. Future bulletins in the writing stages deal 
with organization of historical society museums, how 
to collect material and write papers and articles on 
local history, how to write industrial history, and 
many other similar topics. No person who is work- 
mg in local history or interested in its preservation 
can afford to be without these bulletins, which are 
gratis to all members as they are printed. 

This new monthly sponsored by the Association is 
devoted to the problems of teaching local history in 
the schools. It is indispensable to teachers and educa- 
tors concerned with this problem. It is also a newsy 
bulletin about matters pertaining to American history ^^^ 
at the school level. Available to members at a re- ^^P 
duccd subscription rate. 


Other Helps 

The Association cooperates with other organizations 
from time to time in distributing free to its mem- 
bership publications of other organizations and agen- 
cies. The Social Science Research Council provided 
the book Local Hhtory. How to Gather Jt, Write It. 
and Publish It, The National Park Service has sent 
out some of its bulletins, as has the New York His- 
torical Society. The Association publishes the Hand- 
hook of Historical Societies in the United States and 
Canada, a very helpful guide to the societies. 


One of the prime advantages of Association member- 
ship is the fact that through it every person who 
knows and loves the history of his community and 
country has an opportunity to influence creatively the 
development of many endeavors which will strengthen 
the preservation of our historical heritage. The Asso- 
ciation is in the forefront of all constructive move- 
ments of that kind. Membership makes one a part 
of that work, and keeps one in touch with the whole 
world of local history on this continent. 

































































t— ' 







•— « 




















« •c: ^ 

Oj Cl ;♦ 

Di ^ t^ 

rubltcations of the Association 


1. 'What Should our Historical Society Do?, by 

Edward P. Alexander. 

2. Local History and Winning the War, by S 

K. Stevens. 

3. Using Volunteers in the Local Historical 

Society's Program, by Loring McMillcn. 

4. The Local History Museum and the Var 

Program, by Arthur C. Parker. 
J. A Publicity Program for the Local Historical 
Society, by J. Martin Stroup. 

6. The Production of Local History Plays and 

Pageants, by Samuel Sheldon. 

7. Broadcasting History, by Evelyn Plununer 


8. War Records Projects in the States, 1941-43, 

by Lester J. Cappoo. 

9. How to Organize a Local Historical Society, 

by Bertha L. Heilbron. 

10. Church Archives and History, edited by H. 

O. Brayer. 

1 1 . Writing Your Community's War History, by 

Marvin W. Schlegel. 

12. The Junior Historical Movement, by H. 

Bailey Carroll. 

Price: 3 5 cents each; 2S cents for members. 
Current issues furnished to all members. 


Historical Societies tn the United States and Can- 
ada, compiled by C. C. Crittenden and Doris 
Godard, 1944. $2.50 (Members: $1.75) 

State and Local History News 

A regular periodical carrying news and features 
on historical work in the £eld of state and Iq 
history, furnished currently to all i 
Subscription rate to non-members; $2.00. 

American Heritage 

A quarterly published by the Association in 
cooperation with a group of educators, to bring 
together material relating to the teaching of 
local history in the schools. Subscription: $1.50 
(Members $1.00) 

Address all orders for publications to: 

EARLE W. NEWTON, Secretary 
American Association for State and Local 

State House 
Montpelicr, Vermont 

# • 


And these air our ohjectrces 

How it begun 

The American Association for State and Local History 
was organized December 27, 1940, as a result of the 
work of several persons throughout the United States 
and Canada active in the local history field and imbued 
with this philosophy. Its object, according to its Con- 
stitution, is "the promotion of effort and activity in the 
fields of state, provincial, and local history in the 
United States and Canada." It has become a clearing 
house of information and ideas for the local history 
societies and the state historical agencies. It serves to 
unify the interests of thousands of individuals interested 
in local history. The Association was incorporated as an 
educational society in the District of Columbia on May 
28, 1944, and is, therefore, tax free. All memberships 
and contributions are tax exempt. It has received the 
financial aid of such learned societies as the American 
Philosophical Society, and of such American philanthrop- 
ists and benefactors as Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. 
Its most basic aim is to realize the fullest opportunities 
for the development and use of local history as a basis for 
the understanding of all American history. 

The Association has a broad program for achieving its 
basic aims. It has been making substantial progress along 
these lines already, and the outlines of future accom- 
plishment can already be seen. Its Major objectives arjj 



TO BRING TOGETHER the work of historical am 
patriotic societies and agencies working in local his- 
tory through exchange of news and ideas, bulletins 
on activities, visitation and correspondence. 

TO ENLARGE the scale of operations of the state and 
local historical agencies and societies by effective guid- 
ance and help along lines of what to do; bow to do 
it; how to get resources with which to do it. 

TO DEVELOP under its own auspices, and with the help 
of the state and local historical societies, a noteworthy 
increase in popular knowledge about American history 
on the local level. This includes increased use of the 
press and the radio, as well as the Association's pub- 


TO ENCOURAGE the increased use of local history in 
the schools. This can be aided throush exchange of 
ideas, but especially through the publication, under 
Association sponsorship, of a national journal devoted 
to teaching local history, American Heritage. 

TO RAISE standards and improve practices connected 
with the preserving of historic buildings and land- 
marks, the marking of historic sites, and other related 
conservation measures. 


TO PROMOTE national activity in the conservation of 
..public records, historical documents, newspapers, 
museum material, and related Americana through 
stimulating the historical societies to further eff^t 
and improvement of standards for preserving mat^^k 
once acquired. ^^^ 

TO GIVE AID to business and industry in the preser- 
vation of business records, compilation of industrial 
and transportation history, and use of history in 
public relations. 

TO ENCOURAGE all types of contributions to pre- 
serving American local history through national 
awards recognizing distinguished contributions in this 


AND TO ACT as a clearing houst for information, ideas, 
contacts, news and thought in the field of local his- 
tory as a means of preserving American local history 
and making it known to the people as a reservoir of 
understanding and knowledge of our heritage. 


%for State and 
Local History | 


9 :d'o 
P>a c 
mo 1 

<i> o -^d 

O P< 0» 


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(ft B 

o 0> 

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ct S3 3 » rf 
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t^»-» cr 3 o* cr* 

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ArclUves Department 

Report for September, 1947 

AcceBeJLoni. The aocetslons for the month were routine in character 
©8 shown by "the stAtl sties. 

pepartBteotsl Vault a . Records were transferred to their vaults by 
the State Treinurer and the Clerk of the Supreme Court, the latter 
added 28 four drawer files to hie vault. He If having a complete In- 
ventory taken of all the records in his vault and will furnish us with 
a oopy, Thle work la being done by his son who is attending Junior 
College, so the inventory may not be coinpleted for soae time. The 
Court of Claiae has 13 cablnete on order but these have not yet been 

Society of Aagriean Arohivists . Mies Rogers and Hiss Scheffler 
attencled the anm>al meeting, held at Olewwood Springe and Denver, Colo- 
redo, Septeaber 3-7, Miss Schsffler's report on the convention has 
already been filed. 

Visitors, Mr. Boell, new archlvlet of Wisconsir! and Hiss Garruthers, 
Assistant State Librarlsji of Tennessee each spent a day here during the 
•onth. Mr. Boell had only been on duty three weeks at the time of his 
•wlttiXg eo hie plans ax^ as yet rather vagus. The State Historical 
Society of Wlseonsin has for some years been authoriced to reoeive trans- 
fers of State records and has a very few files, including psjrt of the 
University archives. Hr. Boell *s salary has been provided for in the 
current budget, but the records lavs have not yet been modernized. Having 
had experience at the National Archives, Mr, Boell is interested in the 
subject of needing of files and making of disposal eohdf^ules^ That will 
be the work on which he will concentrate this ooaing yearH. He was 
rather taken aback when I shewed him how small our State Records Comals^ 
sion files are. I think he did not quite believe ae when I told bla 
that as compered to the federal government he would find a negligible 
amount of dl8po8a3?^^tate files. I tried to explain to hia that this is 
due to the fact that State departaents have smaller and tighter orgaal- 
tatione than can be true in federal agencies; that disposable records 
are chiefly "housekeeping records" and "houeekeep^ng records* consist 
principally of the multitudinous forms filled out to lubricate the 
machinery of office swinegeaent. Where a v'aphington cabinet member may 
have a hundred or Rore sub-offices with iifeousands of employees to keep 
in touch with, a state cabinet officer will have perhaps lese than a 
doxen divisions and much of the work of his office will be carried on 
by direct contacts, v^ere our Stete irsy be using two or three duplicates 
e=ch of a relatively few forms, a federal agency uses forms in gigsoitie 
proportlcns. Mr, Boell does not think the subordination of his d^^strt- 
ment to the state historical society will "be sny more of a handtefS»~ IB 
him than our affllletlcn with the state library has been here. Thm 
reasons for his reeommendatlcn that no change be made in the set-up are 
identical with our reasons for staying with the State Library. Vieeonsin 
is not planning for a aei^arate archive building,. It Is expected that 
the removal of the University Library t© tie new bulldiag and out Of tbm 
Historical Society! sb«a.l*i»« will releese sufficient splbe wr ^^g.^nt 
purposes, Mr. Boell was formerly state director for the Historical 
Records Survey In Wisconsin, which gives him a good background of knowl* 
edge of the recortls and contacts, '5flsconsin has been trying ^o establish 

■.. - 2 • 

an Archival agency for 3S je&rt. X am glad they are etarted at la^t. 

Tennessee hae appropriated a million and a half dollrre for e Sew 
arohlYee building^ whloh accounts for Klee Carnithers* visit. They will 
t»e asking for further information and advice soaewhat later* 

Mr. %, S. Jenkins of the Library of Congrsea returned to oonplete 
microfilising of early Illinois docuzsents. Our oheeklist of tllinole doou- 
aents, a copy of which Is on file In the American imprint eurvey eelleotion 
at the Library of Congress, made it poseible for him to ectaplete his work 
here in two days. He iias prociised an InTentory of his films after his 
return tc Washington, but X set dovn here what I know he has copied daring 
his two visits: 

(general .<^sembly records 

House rjid Senate Journ&ls, including all unpublished territorlml 
records. I do not remember how far down he went with that, 
but pa6t the civil war, if I remember correctly. 

Session laws and revised statutes, territorial period thru 1835. 

Grose* Index to tlie Session Lews, 1813-69 

All extant manuscript and printed reports of Illinois territory and 
state thru 1899 

Treasurer's aooount book covering 1313-20 

Supreme Court * territorial reeord, borrowed for the oocasioa. 

Szecutive record, 1909-67. 

gtaff ¥ork There ie not very amch to report in the way of accom|>llJtii-> 
sent 8 this month, because of vacations and staff absences. 

I have dene some more vork on the translations of the Perrin reeord* 
but have fcmnd little time to work on this. I have spent about a week 
on writing for Illinois Librai'ies but for some reason the work is goiag 
eery slowly. Half of a double articl« has been completed and given to 

Miss Vinterbauer has finished typing through the letter "E" of thm 
History of State Depaz^tments - something mere than three of the olae 
volumes being completed. Heading proof on «h»t she typed during my absenee 
has taken a good bit of tii-se. 

Mi0 Schef fler was away mcst of the month • the first weev attending 
the SAA convention, followed by her vacation. She has reeuaed catali^ng 
OB the Illinois and Michigan canal records but hss no etatistios to re* 
port. She has rearranged 160G cards in the letter *R* oUT the name index. 

Kr. fieontree continues his reindexlng of the Secretary of State** 
eerreepoitfieBce for 1985. One of the two volume imdex wme lost before 
tranefer ^f the file to ue, necessitating doing it over. Mr. Rountrme 
•tarted that work last sususer. He has filed 9ot for Profit CorporatioB 
fieports f^aj «D» to "(J*, and in the recently received Index Cetrds has 
filed mi the niaabers and to about half through the letter *B*. Re bam 
also j-ierforraed routine Jobs of shifting files, x»€ceiving aooeesions, •%•• 

Mr«. Itobefioa had «d<l«d 43l lnd«z qards for !(he BrowB County ooQStts 
for X$60, stwiped, r»«i>rii|t<l <«d fil«d O^rtlfi^tos of QiMLlifloaUet, 
I8T0-74, been at the desli'lt iiottrB jper day. oheoked soae of the roqueota 
for gaaae logic al data, and jeM^^ni*^ V^^^^^^^bl^^ 

ilrs« Jtoraddan le e^^^fttl^a aii^ did flic»t^lia a report for tba 

H#. (Jaaaady lis eoiitf is«^ ng jbii ;]^Baiaro]» oa Xh» lUiatary of #Kn^F 
fovaraawat. Ra haa taltraB ootea tbr the parled llNtT to !lt6El« and Jbaa 
aorted then aeoording to fanctloii|r> At atgr axaggestit^ &w i i a iww % lata i^H 
BOt writa thea up until he haa finished the period ipf tlu» firei Sta1»a 
doaatiiistloB^ 19^8*489 baoanaa the oocuiity offloea did not aaat;iaa a dafi- 
aita pattern raoognlz&ble aooordln^ to «^«j*a or^aaltatlon, ^tll ttta 
aad of that pariM* Ha la al?o doing pore referaaoa «oi%. Vhanpavar Z 
have a ref araBoa ^aatiOB requiring a daflBlta knowladga of the ooatanta 
•f the arohiTaa, f take hla alimg* He doae all tha refarenoa work in* 
valuing the oanal raaorde * IrFfaot, the Watarviiya {ftvlaioB bow 
for hla dlraet tribca thay want aaTthlng. Be le partlaitli^tj wprkl^g vi^ 
ftr. Aiiaaraon, the anglaaar la ei^rga of the aunrajNI vn^m whloh the tr«M« 
far||r the oaaal rl^t of ifay to the OtvlaloB of ll^tMaya la biaaad* Hv. 
Aadi&ai^ la r >a o i » a p dli^ l^t the Faat of ^m aBglsaaiiisg raoorda to^ 
tained at Lo^tpm ba traaafam^ to the arahlvea* 

Xndast^^ t^pwH^aat h«a #nMBted aa «1^^ 
tJte eeaaioB lawa baaing froa war fliaa, ao «a bo« hava a eoa^lata aat* 
f tried to get llr« Btitlar to have a alsaabla^ltlon of the aaaroa •act'kf 
2«ira aada iMit lia thou^t t^t »e^d Iw toa ai^^ali||i^ 

'>:\^^ :.,,,:■■ '\"^^^-^':- -■} .llaapactfalir'atrt)alttf^;?vri'.v,. v 


^^' iv^ahiin a« . 'PM£-»^yi:i0^x-^i 


, ' ,■ . ._, ' '. ^. "'-^^'^;'%yr\,[. "'. -, '"* ■;■' ^■_ ■ -■ 

■ ■'-: .'' ■■■-■■-' y.-'"-' '-■.' '•■■ '■•.-.s ■■■"•■,: ^ ■•■-•".■ ^^.^v;■ ■■-?;; J---" --.^ ..-.1- x'^,': .: --'-^ ■''-■■■■'' r 'if' -'^"^.f^ifif^'^^ ■"''' 

■ ■■■' \'-"'i - if.: '■< 

'" ■'^:-:-'"' ■'■-■'- - ■ ^' ^ . " - -- " '■ ■ V '^" 

' ■. Z'.^srfJ^ -.1.: •*--';■..- • ■:'-^''j;. -;. , . . 

/■i^A-i?'- ',-' 

■ i '" 

EieeQiMiats VoX, Ormv«r» 

^-'~'^!;^'!}ft«4ft^.i&«trM#i-aiid Othar Tin* 

[•ft cuid Dlft««liitloiift 



•. •- 

! ' ;■ 

; .■:^^- 

FrMid«ilt of tii« 5«kat« 

^ 9pm9litX Siftia& Oiwulaftlon, 1947 



.iiE^ • '^'■v-: 

:i^: -fr ,,-'lt^. -J.:, " ;■ 

- ,f.... 

ji^; ■ 


-•■;.■ ,1.-.:' '.■•: ■ 

■"''■■ '"'•'ir^ r:, ■■', :' 

■■■■ ''■ j' 


Routine I>epartB«ntaI Calls 
Secretary of State 
Corporation Dept. 

Aaaual Reports 
Index Cards 


Executive Dept. 

Executive Register 
Trade Karke 
Executive File 


Index Dept, 

Eniwlled Laws 
Title Records 
Election Ret«me 


Securities Dept. 

Closed Oaees 
General Assembly 
Vaterwaya Dirlsion 




Oenealogioal, Historical, 



State Census 
Haae Index 
Federal Census 





Executive Record, Vol. 1 

Senate Journal 

House Joux^al 

Legislative Bills 
^ Lavs and Statutes 

Other Legislative Records 

arose* ZJiidex 

Election Records 


Archives Technique 

Mail Inquiries 

Arettives Teohni(}ue 

Saline County Centennial 













Gkrand Total 



3epteaber« 1947 

Bi^»va Oouaty federal oviifluii^ Ift^ 
Pile i*eTlt«il tn letter "S" 

491 cards 

>-^ .:-■■':" •"' 


.f-'^^i-^vO^sv ,: 

•■% r 

■'- "i=*, ■;' 

:i*^<;i- -'*'■ ■ v?,:*';?;?^ 







TAtiLT jmj^ion^, ^p^aib^n X94^ 

111. Oonuwre* Goaaif iiioa ^^ 

I>«pt. of Z&turane# > . 
yi^ipt. of Pia1:^lo Vdf^s 4k ftilldlngs 
Sapt. of Public ZastructioB* 
Diftpt^ of |l«^^^ra%%oji A 5d«««t|.oii 



; "■ •<■■ 
!■ .4. 

^ I 



fr.iy h 

996rmtaT p^ Stat* - ' :v' 
Cor|M»i%tlDft INrpt ^ 
, \' ■ 'Ijw^itlva fiapt.'. ■ - ^' : 
; ;. 8iB«AnHLti«a , ■ 

State Tr«(i9ur«F 

Vatarwajrc ;^ '':^■ '■■-:.0^-i'..r\" -:■•■'• 


7" * 




-■; V' T >■ 






', *i ^:. S S 


1^^ ; 



:-. :t-: 

'■it L^ 

Report for &ept. i947. 


412 - 8 X 10 prints 

^ ^,'^m^999^x'M - 8 X 10 prints 
16-4 X 5 prints 
/ 38 - ^.,x 7.-,prlnts. "K;;.,-.^.:^ , 

Corp. - 14€ 
Lib. 2 

10 gal. IteT. 

11 " Hypo. 

5 gal. Dev. 
44 •• Hypo. 

■ ;7- - ■•' !■. ^ ' - 

■f ■ ':i^ 


■ 'V '--^ .:■ 


Cotober, 1847 

AoceeBlone ; The 1946 Enrolled Laws were deposited In the 
Archives by the Index Depftrtiaent of the Secretary of State 'e 
Office. These c«Ht© to ue fir t-f lied, the flret tlaoe the Depart- 
Btent has so filed suci reccrcis. 

The title papers on land purchaned for a State garage at 
Dixon were flledJ by the same Departaent. 

De»ax*toent&l Vaults . 

Thirteen new filing cabinets to match the regular stock 
vere Installed In their departaental vaultt by the Court of 
Clains and the Secretary of State *e Executive Department. 

It has cotnc to my attention that Mr. Jock Lawe, "f A E 
representative, haa told certain State persons that Art Metal 
will not furnish special files such as those used in our 
building. I asked Mr. H. A. Slotterbeok, the Chicago branch 
manager of Art Metal if that la true and he repllM, *!lo com- 
pany Is going around soliciting business for speolai equlpnent 
and we have turned down or refused to bid on several jobs here 
In Illinois. But where wc already have the dies and engineer* 
Ing data for an original installation such as that in the 
Archives Building we ver definitely will furnish individual 
cabinets as ordered." However, I understand, the prives being 
quoted are excessive. 

Records were transferred to their departmental vault by^ 
the Department of Registration and Education and by the Szeu- 
tlve Department of the Secretary of State's office. '^ 

ve have been called upon to render a new service not oon» 
templated in planning the building but which might well be 
considered in plans for a new building* The Division of Water- 
ways hap secured fros the War Department the loan of a file of 

top confidential aerial survey maps of the Illinois and Miehi- 
gan oanal area-labeled a "critical area". The Division does 
not want these maps in their departmental vault and it cannot 
get a safe of the right cite for itft home office vault. The 
records must be in a place which is physically safs and well 
guarded. After a conference with Mr. Anderson, engineer in 
charge, and correspondence with Mr. Casey, ohief engineer, it 
has been decided to place these naps in some temporarily vsb- 
eant raap drawers in our Special fanlt. The Division will fur- 
nish a suitable looking device (presumabljr chain and padlook) 
and will retain the key. when they wish sooess to the maps 
one of the two persons authorized to eonsult the maps, will 
present a written request for a specific map, signed by Thomas 
B. Casey, Harry w. Hill or C. C. Pemberton, to Hr, Oassady or 
myself (or to ycu if we are not available) and we will eseort 
the person to the files and check out the record. We will also 
check the record when it is returned and supervise the z*efiliag 
thereof, signing a cancellation. This will apparently satisfy 

- 2 - 

the federal gcvernaent. This request for eepeoial security housing 
of records by outside departaente eaph&elzee the Importance of con- 
trol over no sacking proTlslons In the building. 

Visitors . 

the Bost Important visitor tc the Archives during the month 
wae the Honorable Prank Jordan, Gecretary of State of Calif otoIa, 
who spent the afternoon of October 4 here. He wishes to create a 
new State archives departnient for Cellfoml* and had a long list of 
Questions. An assistant attended the azHthlves suaaer school but 
did not liopresB Mr. Casspdy favorably. Mr. Jordan ssld he al^t 
vant more help and advice froK us Irter. 

Staff ^^'ork 

Indexing has been completed on the 1850 federal census for 
Bxnswn County. 

Kre. Robeson Is unfolding Enrolled Laws. She has reached the 
ye^r 1856. She har also» during her hours at the desk, aade census 
Index cards and checked genealogical reference calls. 

Kiss Scheffler hup. rearranged the Naae File through the letter 
"R". She had to spend a larger proportion of her tlae at her own 
desk during vacations, so hat not had auch tlrae to work In the vault 
on the I^lnola and Michigan canal reooirde. She has done the px»e- 
llminary cataloging for ten voluaes of Operation: Cenal boa:t recordst 
Register of boats passing locks nuabers 6-15, 1912-17, 1936. 

Miss Scheffler I9 also preparing an exhibit on the naaes which 
appear on the oomlce of this building. We have aany Inquiries about 
i^nis during the touriPt season. Thlfi le not a particularly appro- 
priate tl^e of year for such an exhibit, but we can use it teflq>oril7 
and then put it up again next suoaier. Me are using portraits with 
a very brief etateaent as %o the significance of each aaa - a teatenoi 
or less. Mr. Bilair thinks it alght be a good idea to extend this 
to Include the naaes on the Centennial Building and to publish brief 
Bketches in a little souvenir booklet. Mr. Hela is copying the 
portraits at a uniforra slse. Some are pictures borrowed fx^>a the 
Hlatorioal Library, others found In books. 

Mr. Gassady and I arc thinking up an exhibit tc use in connec- 
tion with the Freedom Train, ^e cannot safely e^ibit all our 
treasures at once, but we can get together doeuaeats which illustrate 
significant forward aoclnl steps in the different epochs of Illinois 
history. Miss Kissinger should work with us on this for we should 
use few docuaents and aush illustrative aaterlal and it should be 
colorful. Probably Kr. Mon^.ghan will help too. The idea is still 
to nebulous to discuss further at this point. 

Ky vacation followed by a period of 111 health gives ae little 
to report upon my own archival activities this aoath. I have finish- 
ed typing and rtvlsing tha translations of the 816 Frenok doeuaeate 
in the Perrln collection - that la the short dooiusentai the volvae 
itanis I have dene nothing with yet. I sImII next start revlAina 
Mr. Iben*s index and sahll probably recalendar the file since his 
calendar la pretty poor. 

- 3 - 

Ml8« Wlnterbauer has finished typing most of the letter "F" 
In the History of State Departments. 

Mr. Hoantree has conspleted the filing of Corporation Index 
cards through the letter "L* and of Wot for Profit Reports through 
the letter "J". He has also completed the Index to 1925 Secretary 
of State's letters for the letters 0-2. 

Kr. Cassady has coiupleted the research on the history of eounty 
offices through the territorial period and has handed In the draft 
for the Recorder. He spends about an hour a day In the ▼aults, 
cheeking Inventory and faalllarirlnc hlraself with the contente of 
the records. During my vacation something came ut> that the ataff 
called In Mr. ^'etherbee to help theta locate and that gave mphaals 
to the Importance of Kr. Caasady's famlHarl«ing himself with what 
we have. Actually what happened was that sorae one asked for aoae<* 
thing plainly brought out in the Index to the Inventory, but no one 
recognized what It was froa the wording of the question. Mrs. 
Mcradden said she could hove handled the call, but she was off duty 
at the time and they could not roach her. 

Staff Hotts 

Mr. Cassady has Joined the Society of Aaeriean Archivists aad 
Hie Scheffler, who had dropped her membership, has been reinstated. 
Both h»ve been voted In ty the Gruncll. 

Archives Buildin g 

Mies Jaaee used the Coaference Room on October 11 for an 
Extension staff meeting. 

Report of Adviaoi-y Cotaaittee on New York State *s Records System . 

A copy of the report of that Comraleslcn le appended since It 
refers to an activity on my ptrt ae & member of the State Library 
staff. It glveb, I believe » a fair picture of the currently aeeept- 
ed philosophy of archives, though I disagree with the emphaals put 
upon dlspooal of useless reccrde as the major activity. Tou will 
be interested tc know that the State Education Department has gone 
on record officially as re;ue8t5-ng that the new State Archives De- 
partment be set up as an Independent agency under the Executive 
Departraent. This fallows the reconiniednatlon of the Temporary Com- 
mission on Coordination of State Mvemment (or whatever that 
Axelrod group oallfs itself.) Cur recommendation was that the State 
Archives Departmant be retained in the State Education Department as 
pn agency coordinate vlth the State Library and State Historian** 
Office. Ve.f)l4t that there should be close cooperation between the 
three departments and thst there le a necessary cultural relationship, 
My first draft put rather more emphpsle upon that than Dr. HolMief 
did In the report xhieh Vf^e drafted for us. Since this whole matter 
of the relationship between the library and the archives will have 
to be reopened when anrl If I L A persists In removing the State Libra: 
from the Seofetary of Stste*8 department, I think you will be inter- 
ested in reading these two documents. The carbon copy is ay only 
copy and I should like to have it returned, but you may keep the 
mimeographed report. 

Respectfully submitted 


October 1947 

S«er«t«r7 of Stato. Index Oept. 

Sorolled Lave, 64 th Oeaeral Aeeeably 


#84246«*24978 S drawers 733 

State Real £atate. 1 oaee 7 


OotOb«r 1947 

Routlit* P«partaental 0«lls 

S«er«tax7 of Stat* 
Oorporatlon Dspt. 

Annual reports 126 

Index cards S9 
Sxeoutlve Dept. 

Record* of State A County officers 

County Officers 2 

Rotory Bonds 6 

Oaths of Office I 

Land Records 2 

CxeeutlTe Reoord 

Proolaaatlon 1 

Trade Marks 10 
Index Dept, 

Contracts and Leaees 6 

Kleetions 11 

Enrolled Lavs 96 

Deeds to State Property 7 
Seeurtties Dept. 

Closed Oaeee 14 

General Asseably gl 

Zasoranee Dept. 

Reports 7 

^"l ^881 

Hletorieal, Genealogical, etc. 

Oenealogloal 9 

Hietorleal % 

War Council 2 

Session lavs x 

Mleoellaneous S 

Arehi7e« Technique i 


Mail Inquriee 

ArehlTee Teohnique 8 

Genealogy 11 

History 9 


October 1947 

Vame Index card* 

Brown County Federal Oenaua 

18C0, eoapleted 4S4 


Plv. of Arehlteotxire St Engineering 5 

OiTll Seryloe CoaimlBslon 4 

211. Coamaro* Oonalsslon 8 

B«pt. Public WorkB A Bolldlngs I 

9ttpt. Public InstraotlOKB 2 

D«pt, R»gittratlofi & Kdud&tlon 4S 
Seordtarjr of State 

Oorporatlon Dopt. 4 

bcoovtive Dept. 29 

Seeurltles ft 

State Treaeurer 58 

Supreme Court A 

Teaober** ftetlrenent Syatea 1 

Vaterwaye 2 

Report for Oct. 1947 

'■^■^<-i ' 

301 • 8 « IG prints 
93 *11 X 14 • » 
■. >12 ^.-16 X 26^ ■' * \} 

■ ^-.^ . Pi^otoatntB 
Corp. - 68 
Lib. - 10 


6 gal. Dev, 

8 • Hypo. 

gal. D«v, 
" Hypo. 

^ ■-> . 

: ".■ .» 

■;!,v4vrv :f^:' 

Report for November 1947 


The Index Department of the Secretary of State *• Office 
filed 67 doouaents relating to four tracts of land recently 
acquired by the State. Among these was the Old Q^alena Market. 
This department alto deposited one copy each of the printed 
Rouse an(? Senate Bills for 1947, also the original and en- 
grossed Senate Bills. These letter are reported in the 
Btatiekios as coming from the General Assembly, the depart- 
ment of origin. 

A microfilm copy of the 1830 federal census of Illinois, 
4 rolls, was purchased from the National Archives. We now 
have copies of all census schedules of the Federal Census 
1820-1860 inclusive, the 1820 a photostatic copy, the others 
on fflierofilra. The 1810 census for Illinois is missing from 
the federal files but we published a copy found in the Histo* 
rical Library files with the 1818 territorisl census. This 
1830 census is particularly valuable since no State census 
appeers to h^ve been taken and both 1325 and 1836 State censuses 
are missing. 1830 marked the beginning of immigration into the 
aorthtm part of the State. 

Departmental Vaults 

Only one department, the Court of Claims, asked permission 
to transfer records to a departmental vault. 

The Automobile Department has a dosen or so steel filing 
cabinets in the Receiving Room for which they apparently have 
no room. Perhaps there will be a demand for further space in 
the Archive* Building, though nothing has been said or hinted 
to me on the subject. 

Six more map units have been placed in the second level of 
the Special Vault for the use of the Illinois Documents 

Ve shall soon need more locked filing cabinets (legal size) 
for Enrolled Lmvs, and in the immediate future, for the State's 
real estate title records. These latter are now kept in safe 
lockers and it would be desirable to consider the purchase of 
one more double safe locker section of the type now in the vault. 
These safe lockers are not equipped with filing drawers, but 
will take a standard four drawer legal file. 

The Division of Watex^ays has brought their special security 
aerial maps to the Special Vault. They placed these records in 
some •fl4>ty drawers la one of our archives map oas^s, attachi^ng 
padlock looking devices to which they retain the key. ThO Divi<« 
sion Chief, Mr. Casey, requests that we check the reooirds out 
and in on the basis of his requisitions. The Department hopes 
to acquire its own safe for these reoords, but meantime appreeiatee 
the protection we can give. 

- 2 - 

Staff work 

All the unbound Perrin aanueorlpte which appear to be county 
reoorda have now been refiled by year. This tenporarlly lotee the 
value of iuoh indexee and llstlnga ae ease with then, but ve have 
not found ffluoh value In listinge as "Nlsoellaneous, 1797.1935," ae 
In one extreme oaee. An inventory of the reoorda In each folder 
will be Bade ae eoon aa possible. The records now run, drawer 
by drawer, as follows t 1737.1809.1810-27,1828-40,1841.47, 1843.1930. 
There are approxiaately sixty voiuaee of records, taking up about 
two and a half drawers. These are now being cataloged. The other 
five drawers appear to be taken up with very aiscellaneoue doou. 
■ente collected by Mr. Perrin and the 8t. Clair County Historical 
Society. A few have been listed. Pew of the unbound records for 
the period after 1800 appear to be of much significance, consisting 
chiefly of such court recorde of minor iaportanoe. However, they 
should be arranged, listed, and the earlier reoords at least, in* 
dexed. I expect to spend the aajor part of at least the next six 
aonths on this college. 

Most of the Perrin papers are in very bad physical condition, 
deteriorating rapidly. This points up the neoeesity for a systeiQ. 
atic, full time repair clerk . not just soaebody picked up to be 
trained by ae. After all, you wouldn't get auch library work 
done if you had to stop and teach the A B C's of library work to 
every worker who oaae on the staff as I have had to do. Where we 
can get a pereon capable to doing first class repair work is the 
problea. Whoever It is, it should be some one with judgaent, 
painstaking, and not trying to see how fast he can go. 

Miss Boylan has sent five acre pages of translations of the 
Registre. Mr. Monaghsji informs ae that he has taken up the aatter 
of publication with hie board and that they wish first chance at 
publishing this and any other uaprinted aaterials in the oollec. 
tion. He has told ae that such publication probably cannot come 
for five or six years, and that he wants Professor Peaee to do 
the editorial work. We thought it advieable to go on record that 
the State intends to publish the aaterial in case soaeone aigh1( 
spoil the aaterial by doing a poor Job. Certainly these reoords 
should be published in the saae Illinois Historical Collections 
in which other source aaterial from Cahokia has already appeared. 

No indexing of the 1860 census was aocoaplished in Roveaber, 
partly because of the use of the reading aachine by patrons ooaing 
to the building and for answering aail Inquiries. All persons 
acting as relief at the Reference Desk have been instznicted to 
spend all time not devoted to waiting on patrons to reading 
aachine work . either look-upe or indexing. There is no good reascn 
that I can see why this indexing cannot proceed auch faster than 
it haa bean going. 

The 1830 federal ceneus lends itself to indexing by enlarge, 
aents of those sections of the pages containing naaes. These en. 
largeaents could be distributed aaong the staff aembers for desk 
work. The Photographic Laboratory ie pretty well occupied at 
present with Blue Book work, but Z think Mr. Bish could do some 
of this and he ia willing to try. X wish we had a apeedier aethod 
of asking aicrofila enlargeaeats, such as that attachaent to the 

- 3 - 

Photostat, though px^bably we are not Justified in that purchase 
through Toluae of work. I wish we oould do more with aicropho- 
tography but we never will with the present set*up. 

Mr. Cassady is aaking good progress on his analysis of oounty 
Organiiation. He presented a draft of the county recorder for 
theAe£ritorial period which I oritized. We h%Te held frequent 
ffiirttf o vi iSas— OTer policies for the study, because oounty struo* 
ture is so different froa that of the State gOTernaent that even 
ay experience with the history of State departments was not suf- 
ficient to determine Just how to do this work. Ve have now worked 
out a framework which will enable him to complete all the county 
offices for the territorial period in a relatlYely ehort time. 
The State period will be more detailed tout, despite the amount of 
material, will ^ easier to do because the laws will be more defi- 
nite. Our primary objective in this history of county offices is 
to be able to say to an official Just what records he should have 
for Just what periods and Just what they should contain. The 
history of the development of the functions, though to others mors 
valuable, is incidental to us, 

Mr. Oassady is also being assigned reference probleme that 
require extended search and he ie spending an hour or so a day in 
the vaults atteiq>ting to aoquant himself with the records. He ie 
also checking on the inventory, making notes of unfolded docu* 
ments, inaceurcies, inconsistencies, etc. 

Mrs. Robeson is unfolding and putting into new folders the 
enrolled laws. Some drawers were missed in an ealler unfolding. 
She reports having refiled 742 enrolled laws for the 1899/99 
session. She also spends 2# hours per day at the Reference I>esk, 
vhem she helps in checking genealogical inquiries and in indexing 
the 1660 eeneus. 

Exhibit . Miss Scheffler completed a colorful exhibit of 
colored reproductions of illuminated manuscripts borrowed from 
the Art Department. She is also preparing an exhibit of por- 
traits of the persons whose names appear on the conioe of the 
building. Ve get frequent requests for that information from 
visitors. Ve realite that that exhibit is more suitable for the 
summer months, but we are preparing it for future use. ve may 
place it temporlkrily in the second floor exhibit room. 

State Records Coamission 

One meeting of the Commission wa« held during the month, at 
the request of the Department of Agriculture which requested per- 
mission to destroy certain records of the same category but of 
a later date than that authorized in a legialative met. 

The Department of Public Welfare is preparing data for a 
similar meeting. 

Miscellaneous . 

We have received a request from the embaesy of Argentina for 
all material we can send on the Illinois Archives, particulafe>ly 

* « > 

at to ttftff orgealsatloii, •qulpaaat iMid phytieaX faatur^a 
of tba bttllding. We have also had a raquaat for a ooapXtta 
••t of plana and apaoifioatioaa for tha tattildlnf froo tha 
ohairaaa of the Ooaalttae on ArohlTal Buildlaga of ttM ftooiatjr 
of Aaorlean Arohlvlata. Thla latter rtqiteat hat boM re* 
ferrod to the State Arohiteot. 

The State tiibrarjr etoff houra vere ohaaged to St 90 to 
6 P.O. for the two wooka botlwilag Novei^er 18 and ooooaber 1, 

Roapootfull/ §tth«itted« 




iotrabtr 194? 

atorvtary of State, Xndox Dept. 
Htal Satate Tttlt Raoorda 
(4 eaaaa) 

U Ovaaral Aaaaably X947 
4^ Staata BLlla 

Saaata BiUa (Print fd) 
V Beuaa Bllla (Prlntad) 




;.. i ■'.■V, . . '\, ■ '', ■ "t:^ 
V % v.* ,- ■ 1., .:' 

eT4 ' 

t- : ■ . h - 



'y :i r< A 





■i -< 

NoT0Bber 1947 

Routine Departmental Calls 

General Aseeably 16 

SeoreUiry of state 

Bookkeeping Departnent 

Bttplleate Faj Boll 1 

Corporation Oepartaent 

AMaual Reports 78 

Index Cards 26 

ExeotttlTo SepMrtaent 

Reeorde of State and County 
Of fie erst 

Oertlfioates of Qoalifioation £ 
Ooanty Offioere 2 

Votary Bonds 2 

Oath of Office 1 

Orlainal Reoerds 

Ibctradition Papers S 

Lands Reoords 

Land Patent 1 

Court of OXalaui 

Oloaad Oases 2 

Zndez Oepartaent 

Blaetioa Beeords 16 

Enrolled Lavs 16 

mnioipal Oensua 1 

Seeurities Departaeat 

Closed Oases £ 

Publio Works and Buildings 

Departaeati Watervays Division 

I * II Canal Records 1 

War Council 

OPA Desk Book I 

Historioal, OMiealogloal, eto. 
Bef eraaee Ro<» 

State Oeastts 2 

federal Census 16 

Raae Zndez 17 

La»B £ 

Senate Journal 1 

Oeneral Asseotoly Petitions 9 

Niseellaneotts 3 


Mail Inquiries 

XroblTes Teotaaique 3 

0«Baalogy 6 

Hiatory 6 

Niseallaaeous 8 

Grand total Sw 

RoT«a1)«r 1947 

dittalog Cards 

,^'''# - 4' .roll*- .. ,. -V ^ / ,•, 1.: V ■ •^:.,..r 

get Oardt sddsd 

SflUM Ziidsz 

Quids Cards «dd«d WJ 

Oross Rsfersnos , J|m' 


sards rsarrangsd In latter •»• 


<«. , •'■^v-;,v 

...s, .;.•.... ,.^ 


;j- /•«:?/ , 'v . ■ . ■ •■ ■' ■ ■ ' :■ ■'■:_ f., ;■.• :-rt 

,,' I* 

• '''-'r-pi^-p V 

VAUBT ADHI83I0«S, Sovember 1947 

Olv, of Arohitecture * Engineering 

Auditor or Public Aeoounta 

Civil Stz^lce Coaunlsslon 

111. Qomnte9 CoaMlftftlon 

Dept. Public Workii A Buildings 

Supt* Public Zn«truotlon« 

lU. Hlstorld9l Library 

D«pt. Reglftration it Sduoatlon 

S«cretiiry of State 

Exeeutlvt Dept* 

Court of Clalma 
Stat« TrMtturer 







5 r r ,, - 




\ M>iM\iv» 


'i y- 


Report tor »ov. 194? 

395 • 3 X 10 prints 

2 - X6 X to • 
'hi • o6i>ie# f» -0 •* 8 X ]i>^lnt» 

7 gal. Dev. 
9 ■ Hypo. 


Corp. - 107 
Ll». . ao 

10 gal. Cev. 
9 • Hypo. 


:;«<•.>! . ' 

, ■■*■ 


■<■'>■■ t,. 

-. -J. ■ -■■ Ai-'- 



Report for December 1947 

Aooestionss The Index Department of the Secretary of State's 
office depoflited land title records appertaining to three pieces 
of property. 

The Corporation Department transferred the 1945 annual reporte. 

Depart»ental Vaults , 

■■: V(d1 ri^ordi %r«re transferred to Departmental Taulte during 
the o^nth id mj knowledge. 

Staff Vcrk 

The State Library closed at 4 p.m. Deoember 24 and operated 
With only a skeleton staff December 26 and 27. As a matter of 
fact, the arohiTlst was the only member of the staff on duty, In 
the ArohlTes department on those days, taking off the eorreepond- 
ing days foll«ving lew 7ear*s Day. 

Although busy at all times, there is little for her to ]*eport 
as her personal accomplishments for the month. Some time wae 
spent on refiling in the Perrin collection, completing that for 
the years up to and Including 1816. Progress was made in oatalog-> 
ing the bound records in the ferrln collection, though the amount 
accomplishing does not show statist ic^.lly thie month beeaase the 
work is still in progreee. Also sereral days were spent in special 
reading and note taking in connection with two articles being 
pflpepared for Illinois Libraries. Little concrete progress in 
aetual writing has resulted for lack of inspiration. The rest of 
the time was spent in general administrative work and correspond- 

Mr. Cassady reports that he has completed the history of the 
Court of O^eneral Quarter Sessions of the Peace (a territorial 
tiourt) and of the Olerk of thi^t Oourt, both of which eompllations 
have been typed. The following county offices for the territorial 
period are in the following stagest The Court of Common Pleas, and 
the Prothonotary oompleted and typed; Clerk of Comgu>n Pleas coa>> 
pleted to constitutional period; County recorder being typed, 
Circuit Court and Clerk being edited for typist. Zncidtntally, 
he is doing an ezcellant piece of vorX which may be suitable for 

One week waf» spent in research. Election records and reappor- 
tionment laws were compiled for all congressional elections in 
"Little Sgypt" from 1818 to 1946, for a southern Illinois lawyer. 
^, Cassady comments on thie work, "This proved of value to me 
beoause it gave me an insight into most of the election recorde 
we have** 

He is also continuing checking the inventory of archives, and 
has finished levels two and three. Re spends approximately an 
hour a day doing that. 9e is not only bringing our Inventory up 
to date, noting places where unfolding or refiling is needed, iMit 
also giving himself an essential familiarity with the reecrds in 
the Archives. He also cheeked the r9t9rmm% Ubrary and rearranged 
it. He is also oontinuiag readings in arohivuL teehni^ue. It wou 

- 2 - 

■■.£ ■ ■ 


be d«fllriil>l« to sohedule &ii tzaala&tlon for Doo«Mi«nt Aretaivlflt 
as toon &« praetloable so that he nay qualify under oItIX iier?lce. 
I belleTe be oould aow pass such an ezaainatlon creditably. The 
ezanination should^ in ay opinion, be held before the eleetiiw 
if possible. 

Hies Seheffler oooplXed and Installed a oolorful exhibit of 
doXdred reproduotiond of illuminated MAunerlpts, the material 
being ehiefly berroved from the Art Department of the hVarmrj, 
., Kiss Seheffler has also prepared an exhibit on the persons 
laH^I[|l names Appear on the oomiee of the bollding. We haTo many 
IjMtnlrles dnring the tonrist season. Photographs of eaeh person 
were oopled by the Photdgrafdiiic Xiaboratory from bonk* and. other 
•ourots,, lining made a oniform else. A brief tvo or throClilk* 
.e^lniatioi, of t^e si^lfloanee of each «an to the 8tat|ea^" typed 
^onto iaWH. We also have the pietnrts sent by Ctoorge llirloir«« 
nieoe to exhibit, for the present this eadiiblt will be pali np 
ftn the seeoad f^oor lobby. During the tourist neason it vlll te 
lilved down stairs. laoideatally, the eleetrioiaa has not yet 
finished the wiring Job in the seoond floor lobby enaesy p«x4iaps , 
beeanse when the painters did the oases oror last fall they got 
paint In the Ibe^s so most of then eannot bo opened. Mies Seheffler 
also reports that she has rearranjiod 4946 eards in the letter *S" 
of the mane XaiSeac. 

Mrs. Robooon rsports that she has unfolded and made new folders 
for 871 onrolled laws in the year 1845, Ihe has also eho«ltad 
genealogloal roquosti and made index cards for the Montgomery 
OMtnty federal census for 1880. 

Mr. Ikouatree is ^pending most »f his time on the O«i>oratlon 
Ri^portSy though he reports haTing done several other odd Jobe. 
le reports that he has filed the not for prof it reports for 1944 
^u^ngh $he letters *Mc*. Be has also unfolded nad staptod soao 
of t&e 1948 corporation roports for thio letter 'A*, 

Mri. MoFndden reports that she has filed 100 House bills for 
the 1947 Ooneral ^seaMLy, unfolded and typed folders for one box 
of 1943 Oeneral Afieay^ Bouse Bills, oheoked genoalogieal in^ 
quiries, ladojced la the Honigoaery Ocoaty federal census of 1880 » 
plus the rogttlar work of the referenoo desk. 

Bespootfully submitted 


' r 5 


i '1 ^«^ 

December 1©47 

Seeretary of State 
Index D«pt. 

Real Estate Records 
0al«ia Market Bottee 
'f ,.-. Nlsfiieeli^i Palleadeg State ?aiic 

"^ ' Renrsr Oouaty, Cans ervat ion Sept. 

'iTj ., Vi^JPPfli^tlon Dept, 





».. -"v = 

% -'f 

■ -■"%.#• ' .:':' 

.A i '::'iv 

ABaual Reportst "For Profit* 

and «|Eot for P»>f it* Oorporationa, 
, "IMS 

60.000 ♦ 


; ■ -■ V ; 

. - "l . ■■ * ^ ■ 

:'■.''• .-■ ':. ^/v'J^:' '^.-.■^■'■•'^C'. '%. ' ■ > '"'': ''S ' '.-.V'if 

^_ __, J*; 

D«o«abtr 1947 

Rotatlae Dapftrtaentctl Calls 

Seoretary of State 
Corporation 0opt. 
Aanual Reports 
Index Cards 
Fee Book 
IxeoittlTe Oept. 

Records of State * County 

Certlfloatea of Qtsallfloation 
Rotarj Bonds 
^ -' Proolaaatlon 
>' Trade Narks 
.. Index Dtpt. 

Heotion Records 
<^^ lltit estate Titles 
> BHPotled Lave 
Munolpi^ Census 
Seeiirltlee Dept. 
Closed Oases 

M4«tant General 
Soldiers* Bonus 

General Asseably 

Historioal, Oeaealogioal, eto. 

laae Index 

1860 oensus 

(In use Si daye by Utehfleld 
Rlgh Soliool History Class) 











80 h ^^: 

aw ■ ■# 





Black Hawk iTar 
BnroUed Lavs 1839 
House Journals 
nectiott Records 

Nail Inquiries 

ArehlTsl Technique 



mee ellancoua 




■ ■iiAtit 



Grand Total 



D««Mil>«r 1047 

, >^ 

Jllstevjr OtufAM 
JfmpTla OeXl«<itloa 

OteBU R«fer«ao« 
r" i Card* 



lane XnAtx 

1800 F94«rftl 0«ii«««, 


,« l.^., T ■. 

Dtteewber 1947 

f '^* 

Auditor of Public Acoountn 
Civil Servioe Ccamiesion 
Xlllncle Ooamerce Oonmiesion 
Dept. of Infvrance 
3upt. of Public Xn8tz*uction8 
Secretary of State 

Oorporation Dept. 

SzeoutlTft Dept. 
]>ept« of Begietration aod Eduo&ticn 
State freasurer 
Dliriaion of Vatenrays 







Ar ■ - ■ .'. 

' ■>■ -,■■; ■i'fc,'-'' ;^ 


;„7;^,:;V^■'-.^J:'';,■;^■- ; 

-f >r7.,KiV 

Report for I>ec . 1947 

466 - 8 X 10 print* 
22 - 11 X 14 • 
17 - 5 X 7 • 

12 gal.Dev. 

14 • Kypo. 

» #■ 






6 gal. D«T. 
4i *:.. Hypo. 


.'\^. - ■ v 

.', . ■-»; >^ ^•■ 

-t --, ^t; 

V, " ; ■ ■'* > •- 

.-' f-jiA '.j'i ■■ .'■ ■ ■ 


Report for January 1946 

Aooetalonsi The Ind«x Departaent of the Seoretary of State** 
office deposited deed to property granted to Departaent of Con- 
eerTatlon in Tasewell county. 

The Index Departaent of the Secretary of State's office de- 
posited General and Special election resulte, Judical. (1947) 

Departaent al Vaults 

fhe Corporation department of the Secretary of State's officS 
transferred forty eight (48) drawers of 1946 correspondence. 

The Departaent of Registration and Education transferred 4 
drawers of reports. 

staff Wor t 

The Archive e Departaent has aissed the leadership of Miss 
Margaret Norton, State ArchlTist, who «as taken quite ill Thursday , 
January 8 and has since undergone a aajor operation. Ve are 
pleased to report that danger is reported orer and that Miss 
Norton aay leaTe the hospital within a few days. Before Miss 
Norton becaae ill she was subpoenaed to Dixon, Illinois to pro- 
duce state docuaents in a court ease thvre. She had also continu- 
ed her work on the Perrln Collection. 

The Archires Depr^rtaent is pleased to welcoae Mrs. Vlnnifred 
Relsohlor to its staff. Mrs. Reischler is a linguist and has 
started work on the Perrln Collection. Miss Norton was not able 
to go fully into her work situation by^ the aonth has been well 
spent in orientation and a bit of chz*onological arrsngeaent of a 
section of the Perrln Collection. 

The Assistant Archivist has coapleted the territorial period 
of the history of county offices. This is the first large section 
of the work and lays a pattern for developaent. He has endeavored 
to keep Miss Norton's correspondence in order and to service all 
reference requests. 

Miss Scheffler has coapleted her exhibit of pictures and inter- 
esting facts oonoeming persons whose naaes appear on the cornice 
of the building. The exhibit is in the second floor lobby and is 
Inforaativs as well aa entertaining. Miss Scheffler has also re- 
arranged 6275 cards in the letter 8 of the aaae index and filed 
700 cards in the 1860 Federal Census. 

Mrs. Robeson reports that she has placed in new folders, address- 
sd and rearranged 666 enrolled laws between 184"^ -46. She has aad* 
and filed 778 naae index oarde for Hoatgoaery Co. 1860 census and 
has checked two genealogical requeet letters. 

Mrs. McFadden has Indexed and filed 600 naae index cards for 
Montgoaery county and has prepared and arranged 200 folders for 
general aseeably house bills. She has also serviced several ref- 
erence request letters and calls. 

• 2 • 

Nr. Roondtr** hat fil»d all act for profit oarda for 1044. 
Ho has fllod Rot for profit roporto to tba latter <F* 1944« 
Mr. Roundtroa la working with Mr. Oaaaady and it tpandlng a 
abort tlaa aaoh daj on a pralialnarjr inTaatory of laval 4. 

Raapaotfully aubaittad 

I .4 

^- !. 

J ■' 


JftBuary 1948 


S«er«t«ry of Stat* 

ZndMC Daparteant 

Tatavall Oo. daad ta propartr 1 
Slaation raaulta, Judlolal, 194? 60 

Januar/ 1948 

Rotitlfitt Departa«ntal 0*llt. 

8««v«taf7 of Statt 

Oerporatioa Dapartaant 

Annual Raporta 131 

Corporation Oarda 41 

Chartara 9 

^::r— Booka' . 2 

ExaontlTO Dapartaant 

Xotarjr Bonda 8 

\ , 

>^ ^ :f ■■"- .. ^ fartona , ■\, f ^ ^ ^ / i. .^^ .^/ . I, 

Xntar Stati Ooapaati^' i ' ''■ ^ ^v< S 

Indax Oopartaant ^^ 

Daad» ■ '•'\.^-r.. -1 

UMtiona / ^ 40 

BnroUad I<a«a 1? 

Owiaral Aaaaably 86 


U.t>ar Ohroaloarua 1 

IlUnola Atlaa 1 

Adjutant Oaaaral 

KlUtarx ^oA Raval Oeda (1879) 1 

VatarvAjt OlTiaion 

Aarlal Napa 9 

Vital Statiatloa 

Mortality aohadulaa 




Histerioal, a«n«aIogioal, cd 


Ealnent Douln Act 1 

Saooo Yanxattl lattar 1 

Lineoln originals 2 

G»taokla £ 

Bouaa Joomalc 2 

Elaotlon Raoordt 4 


-' llaMa Indaic. 

(In uaa bj public i day*) 16 

• 20 28 

UnuaiMJl; ■■'■'*« 

R«pr«0«atatlv«a of Donn and Brad«tr««t vara hara tvloa 
this aonth obaeklng corporation raporta. 2 

Mall Znqulrlaa 

fw%9r Dapartaantal 6 

denaaXogj IS 

▲roblTal Taelialqua 2 

Hlatory 2 

" 27 27 

Oraad total ""SSV 

t — ■ 


JmavMrj 1948 

Same Zad«x 

1650 P«d«ral 0«ntias 

Noatgoaerjr Oounty 1£78 

>.•?.%■*•■' ' 


Attflitor of ?iibllo Aceountfi 12 

DtpartMiMit of Agriculture 1 

Div. of AroMteoture E 

ClTll &0Z'Tice CoouiilBeicn 8 

Zllinolft CoBisaroo OoiaiBlaeion 8 

111. Liquor Coatrol CoamliifiloA 8 

BoorotAry of State 

OorporatlOB T>*p% . S 

SSMuUYe D«pt. X9 

Indtx A Seourltles Z 

Oopt* of Public WorXs A Buildings £ 

Dept. of Regletratlon A Sduoatloa 48 

Toaehors* Rotirosoat Sjttea 1 

State Treamaror 


:•'? ^ V. t 4 ^ % -i ■> \ ■■ S ', -, '' 

■P" ,'r' 

7-S.vj .;.■■. 

Report for Jan. 1948 

■h <■■ 

I ■'./ 

327 - a X 10 prints 
11 - 11 X 14 " 
78 T 5 X 7 •• 

'.-..; J''' -J, -*■" • .*..'«' 
-■ / » . / ■■■ 

• '-,• , ., :-,! ■: .. ' -■^ • ■ 

Photbetats ' 
Lib. - 72 



•k ' 

10 gal. DcT. 
12 ■ Hypo, 

5 gal. D«v. 
4i " Hypo. 

■k , <% 

,-1- •■..- > i. \- 



Report for February 1048 

Aeoe««lonB i None 

Pepartaental Vaults 

divll Service 20 cartons 
Treasurer 10 o^rtone 
Vital Btatletlop 300 IrookB 

Staff vork 

l^eoruary nae been a busy month In z*eference and research. 
Election results , Lincoln requetts and civil war reaearoh 
added intereet to the accompliehfient of our aontbly produo* 
tion. tfe are looking forward to the return of Niee Morton 
and understand that she Sisy be with us at least part time 
eiround March 16 , 48 i 

The writer ha)f> ocntinued hie research into the history 
of county offices. Sctee have b«en made on the constitution 

of 1818 and the laws of 1819, £1, 23. 

I am ccntinuinp; to ep»nd some tioie in oheolcing the shelf 
inventory but lA Kiss Ncrtcn*s abscnue it is b«st to spend 
laost all of the time at nsy desk. 

Mrs. (loFadden ropcrta th;;t she h'-ts unfolded, filed and 
typed folders for 350 Cleneral Assecbly House bills thus 
finiehlng this unit. The Senate bills are not over yet. 
Mrs. McFadden also indexed 500 naue cards for Montgoioery Oc, 
1860. This with 7^f> r!enk calls and 119 vault key requests 
mcikes a \nxej aonth. 

Mrs. Robeson Indexed 578 neme cards for Montgosery Co., 
1660 and filed 500 cftrde. She also refiled in new folders 
672 Enrolled lavs bringing her up to 1849 in this unit of work, 

Mr. Rountree has finished 1944 not for profits mad has 
started on 1946 reports. He chcclred cttr Lincoln file and 
aifl research work on election returns. Mr, Rountree is continu- 
ing his work of checking the shelf list on levsl 4. 

Mrs. Reischle-r is arranging si part cf the Perrin colleotion 
in chronoloioftl ojrder. The vcrk ccarleted is froa 1809-26. 
She is taking notes th«t vlll lf>ter aid in subjeot matter 

Miss Soheffler reports that she haP complstsd arrangeaent 
of the cards in the letter "S" file. Nuabsr of cards rs* 
arranged 16,275, Number of cards Incorporated in the •T* 
master file 4,200. 

Beepeotfully sii^ittsd. 


RAIIBATXVC Vt«te. 1948 


w« have noticed that In the Departaeatal Ywiltt idM»« 
the valle anA equlpaent do net get regular elaaalng •tnrioe 
that aedioent Is t>«glnnlng to oolleot. Mr. SUpp laforaa 
a« that he had hla sea atartod on Thursday, Feb. ft, tc 
wash walla in the departaeatal vaults that thay oould get 
too. ^e understand that this is the reapana Ibllltjr of the 
department and that they should not let their reeorda go 
too long without attention. 

Due to soae neohanioal def eot, we had an oirerfloir of 
water on the roof level. It happened during the night aad 
the water worked down as far aa the ground level. Approxi* 
oately ISO varrante in the Exeoutlve departaent under Mr. 
MoRenry were wet and several lieenee applioatloAS la drivers 
licenee under Mr. MoAnarney. A few indexes aad aiseellaneoua 
reeorda were wet in the Srd floor vaults tout we were vezr 
fortunate in the extent of thn dasage. This aatter was 
reported to Niee Rogers and 1 a« sure that ate]>« are being 
taken to see that it oannot happen in the future. 

The Venetian bllndf* were reaovedloleaning and repair 
and have been returned, but we observe that sone of the 
runners are nlseing etna we think the aatter should be looked 
Into. The watchaan r^porta some are not in good aeehanioal 
oondition. nie euahlons for the devan in the Sd floor 
ladles lounge were reaoved for refurbishing* 

' ^-'-i 5-;^ivJ 'yi^'4. 

..-. -^, K >■■ 

f '■ I p "^ ''^^ 

Routine Dtirpartnenta Calle 

Secretary of Btate 

"' •• 

Corporation Oept. 

Fed bookB 





Executive Dept. 

County offloer-8 
Trade aar'^e 


Index Dept. 


Enrolled lawR 
General Aa&embl^ 





Closed caEcs 1 
Adjutant General 

War record 1 

Oovernor letter's 1 

Hletorloal ilenealoqic;! 

Same Index 1550 ccasu? 7 


County history 2 

Chicago history 1 

Lincoln originals 1 

Illinois Blje br.rk 3 

▼ice President SSevengon 2 

Mail Inquiries 

Inter departmental 3 

(l«nealog7 12 

Hiatory 4 

Grand total 288" 

Fetantary IM8 

laa« Indtx 

1850 Federal C«iieuft 

Hontgomerj OouQlyr 678 

•.' 1 ^ 1; 

■ V 






! '■ ' . .' 

MlssNlchol^ said that Mrs. Orth Is doing some mending and is 
putting some pamphlets in binders. Miss Schmitz is working on the 
career file and ordering more material. . 

It V7as announced that Miss Bailey and Miss Illchol are to attend 
the Special Libraries meeting May 25. 

Mrs. Le.ngsdon is oleased with this year's regional r.oetlngs. 
She said most orogre.ns were too full, however, and did not give 
enough tine for discussion fron the floor. 

Mr. Baskett announced the birth of a new daughter and Miss 
Rogers said Mrs. Stevens has a new grandson. 

Mrs. Howard took an exhibit to the Lutheran Teachers' meeting. 
Miss Heme and Mrs. V/hite took an exhibit to the School Librarians' 
meeting. Mrs. Hovrard spoke on Book Aids for Changing Times at 
the Illinois Parents and Teachers' Conference in Chicago. She 
took some material for distribution, but they want more for next 
year. Sh-^ is now busy with requests from vacation Bible schools 
and i+-H camps. 

Mr. Haggarty said he has been visiting librarians in regions 
4 anc- 5 and attending regional meetings. , - 

Mrs. V/hite r;ave an very interesting demonstration of the use 
of Flanographs for story te.lling, esoeciallyf or Sunday Schools. 
Miss Ringerlng, Miss Murray and MIrs Ij.i.ndeen were aooointed a 
committee to think out a"':)oli cat ions for the State Library and to 
olen an exhibit for I.L.A. See disT:)lay this week in Collections Dept, 

This summer there will be a full staff, all vacancies being 
filled. The same clerical hfelp will be here as last year, including 
for the Archives, Mrs. Mai?y Easier Dahlgren who was with us last 
year and who vrill resume the work she started on the Adjutant 
G-eneral's files. The same school librarians will be here again, 
except that Miss Warren is not returning. 

Leaves of absence were re-oorted as follows: 
Mrs. Hanna to attend U. of I. summer school 
Ruth Mills - to visit Mexlca 
Florence Nlchol- to visit Eurone 

Next staff meetings May 20, June 10. 

Margaret C. Norton, 

STAFF !:'"ETiri(l 
May 28, 1952 

The Ter.neGsee State Library anrt Archive ^^^ Fuildin^- cornerstone 
ire.c Is. id Kay 3- ''i :b Ho^era e.nn I T-rere invited but did not re- 
ceive the the invitation in tine to^ettend. We ?.re ini'orned that 
the building; T-ril] be or)ened in October but tha'*" hardly sf^ens 
possible if only the cornerstone has been -nleced. 

Each fall the Civil Service Comnission offers In-Service 
Traininp; progrsms and will do so again this yes.r. It is request- 
inp^ persons wishing to take courses to Indicate that this time 
what courses they would like . Mi a s Ro fee ra ha s on ly — Ofte- c o"oy of 
the tentative list which will be no^sted on the staff bulletin 
boarc'L inside the stacks on the third floor of the Centennial 
Buildinpr. A mininum of 15 registrants vrill be rev^uired for the 
non-credit course. One new course being off erred is entitled. 
"Problens of the Ap^inp;." year llr. Rountree cor-.-nlained that 
there were no courses giving graduate cred^it in his field. He and 
others interested should notify the Civil Service Connission of 
their interest an'i -nr.rha^s nrovision can be nede i'or then. Ilr. 
Ce.sss.'iy also inc-icater an interest in a course on Illinois histo- 
ry. Perhp.^iG thf^re others on the staff wh.o T-'o^'.ld be interested 
in tal'-in.p; a course, for or wit'^out credit. If so, here is your 
o'linort unity to express your desires. 

A mar) made by Mr. Hp.r-gardy showing where regional meetings 
were held anc" tlie toims rerjresented at then. 921 riersons rer^is- 
tei-ed from 222 librs.ries. 

Mr. llonaghan, forrr.erly of the Historical Library, has Just cone 
out with a now blogra.^^hy of Charles Hay, former editor of the 

The Enbossogra-oh Conoany has requested us to exhibit the uses 
to which ;re putting their machine, at the A.L.A. meeting in 
I.'ew York. Attention is called to the attractive "Take One" sign 
on the th.ird floor near Mrs. Ennis' desk. 

If you hpve a oreference for hos'">i^ality committees for the 
I.L.A. meeting here t)lease indicB.te this to Miss Rogers or Miss 
Dieckhaus. We shal.l all be having to hel^, so you will get what 
you- want If you sr)eak un novr. Just vrhat these com.mittees will be 
I do not know. We mentioned such things as exhibits, food, tours, 
hostesses, etc. We decided to serve coffee and doughnuts from 
S to 9^30 Friday and Saturdays mornings at ^he Library, in the 
2d floor corridor of the Centennial Building. This being an in- 
ducement for I.L.A. members to visit the Library, Invitations to 
each of the ^00 libraries will be yiimeogranhed on the Lincoln 
stationery got out by the Zonte, Club and I volunteered the ser- 
vices of the Archives staff in addressing the envelopes. We shall 
have T:!lenty of time to get these out and I thought this was "per- 
haps as easy as anything our staff could, do. A committee vras ap- 
Tiointed to '-'ord this invitation also other publicity such as a 
sign for head.quarters hotel (Lelsnd.) and a broadise to be inserted 
in the kit; Curran, Eest, Ennis, Mc Mullen, yers. 

• 2 • 

?lnce mjr return I have not 7«t reauiaed work on the Perrln 
Collection on vhloh I ttxpeot to concentrattt In the n#zt few 
months. There hsve naturally been many odds and ends of proof 
reading, oorrespondenoe, staff eiipervlilon, and mleoellaneous 
thln||s which required attentlcn but not too such energy. 

Kro. Robeson was token to the Adralnletrstlv^ Off ice., on " 
March 18th to replace Mlee Sonterelll who Is In the hospital. 
Mr. Caeeady h«t« replaced Mre. Robeson for the two and a half 
hour relief periods tl th' Reference Desk. ThiP taki?e*hla away 
from his researoh work for pftrctlo&lly half time, but he is 
gradually taking over the reference work and other supervisory 
work fomerly done by Mr, 'Jetherbee, thus freeing me in turn 
for aore uninterrupted worlr which requires concent nation, I 
shall have him oontinue the work in the Reference Room instead 
of Mrs. Robeson to whom I Eh&ll eesign other work. 

It would be def^irable for Hr. Capeady to have desk space 
on the flrct floor, but not directly in the Reference Room. We 
have enough shelf space In the Reference Library to persiit the 
removal of the two double faced sections in the northwest corner 
of the room. This would give Mr. Caseady a qulJJ6 yet accessible 
plaoe for a desk. His removal tc the first floor would release 
hia present desk to Mrs. Relchler, who, though never ooinr;lRlnlng 
about it, ie handicapped in her work en the Perrln manuscripts 
by uncomfortable lighting. 

Mr. Cassady reports that he continued work on notes on the 
history of county recoi-d offices in the e«rly psrt of the month 
and has reached the ye;>r 1&26. Since my return both Mr. Cassadiy 
ptiA Mi»6 Scheffler have spent mopt of their time preparing two 
exhibits - Mr. Caepady working; on an Illinois exhibit tc parallel 
the freedom train; K1p& Schef-^ler on en exhibit tc commemorate 
the centennial of the Illinois and Michigan oanal. The Division 
of Waterways in cooperstlnp^ with us In the latter exhibit, having 
provided a number of photographs. 

Kisa Scheffler reports that she has finally eomoleted the 
revision of the letter "S" in the nrme index, Thrrugh error she 
reported last month th-^ total number of cards in the "S" file as 
having been rearrftnf^;e<^ , Therefore this month che la reporting 
only the mamber of crcS'P-rofprencee and guide crtie Inserted, 

Mrs, Reiohler continued th^ chronologicpl refiling of the 
Perrln Manuscripts 1320-1327 Inclueive, comprising ?2 folders 
and about 1000 doruraents. These papers had previously been 
arranged by years, but net by days, and months. Upon my return to 
the office I gave her inttructlcns «nd started her msklng name 
index cards, beginning with the ye«r 180?, She hes made pre- 
liminary name index sllpF for certain typ^^e of documents dnted 
1809-10, approxlmntely lOO dccumentP and 550 Index slips. 

It ie quite lapcrtpnt thpt we concentrate on the Perrln Col- 
lection Just now because of the 260th anniversary of the settle* 
raent of Cahokia in 184& which ie to be made an outstanding cele- 
bration. The Illlnoifi State Hlatorlcsl Society annual historical 
pilgrimage next year will center on the old French aettlpmefets. 

• 3 • 

Mr. Charles E. Peterson of the National Parks 3erTioe and the St. 
Louie Hifltorio Doouiaenta Foundation (eponaored by 8t. Louie Uni- 
vereity) are very »uoh interested. Mlee Boylan apent two days 
here in Naroh going over the Perrin calendar. She aaye we have 
outatanding doeunenta, whlcn, of oouree, we know, hut that doou* 
nenta whioh correlate with ours are still in Belleville. 6ha 
thinka that we have a good chance tc get local backing for having 
all doouaentB of the Cahokla period (prior to 1818) brought to 
the arohivea. I told her we have many documente later thaa 1818 
which probably should be returned to the county and perhaps could 
be exchanged for earlier ones. I do not think we should aaka 
any hasty aovaa, however. I do wish we could get a laminating 
machine ao that we could demonstrate that we are taking; proper 
care of these dooufflente entrusted to us. Mr. Peterson has aaked 
for a photostat of our calendar but I aa trying to get him to 
accept a niorofila copy Inntead. ginoa we promised photostatic 
copies to the county If requepted, we eball probably be called 
upon for many photographB for the use of this annlvereary oosuaittaft. 

Mr, Plountree reportn having ooiapleted the filing of 1944 Rot 
for Profit Reports, the filing of the letters "A* and"B* and part 
of the »0* file of 1945 For Profit Reporta. Ke has also assisted 
Mr, Casaady in searchee for genealogical patrons, and of course 
act© as runner for producing anct refiling documents in the staeks. 

The Reference Desk ce ehown by the statisitcs has been fairly 
buay during the laonth. Mre. McF'adden reports havin,«? made 650 Index 
cards, and f-ir, Caeaady 625 index cards, both for Montgomery Gounty 
cenaus of 1850. Mrs, McFadr^en has filed some of these. She has 
also unfolded 2 boxes of 1903 G-ener«\l Assembly records and typed 
folder© for the eaoe. Dhe also unfolded, stapled about 200 corporal- 
reports ae well as taking erre of s. nuabsr of reference calls and 
showing courteslee to viBitors. 

A copy of our catalog rules was sent to an importer for ship* 
ment to a Russian archivaJ. srency. 

S tate Records Commlfelcn 

fhe State iltecorde Commission met on Mfrch 22. The Public WsX» 
fare Department was authorized tc destroy another two years aceuonla^ 
tion of the same categories of records authorised for destruction 
by House Bill 774 of the Sixty-fourth General Assembly, Under tho 
Comraission Act this autborlzulfbicn is to be reported to the GeasrAl 
Assembly but does not require further legislative action. 

Visitors . 

the National Archives sent two very pleasant young Amsrioans 
tc visit us on March g4th. Thr-y were Mr. Luis Oonialo Patritl of 
the National Archives of Venezuela at Caraoaa and Mr. J. Atllio 
Oiacosi Sertoli of the Nation Historical Museum, Montevides, UruqtufV 
They been interns at the National Archives for the past Bl^ . 
months. We gave them a nunber of photographs and a oopy of the 
plans of the building. 

» 4 - 

?hotographio Laboratory 

Tb« report of the Laboratopy hA» not x«t baan raealTad. 
Miicb time has been spent on pulsllelty stlllft for tha Saora- 
tary of atatat Ae archival projacta wa ailght aantion tha 
restuiptlon of aiorofilra work, inciltidlng oopjring a rare docu* 
Bant In the Rlatorical Library for one of their patrons. 
Beveral pleturea were taken under ray airectlon to Illustrate 
vault layouts and other taohnlcal features of the building* 
We have many oslla for such things fron other arohivlBts aad 
the original negatives taken when the bukldlng wae first 
opeaad have either been lost or are the property of outelda 
oonaerelal photographers. 

Respectfully submitted, 


: .■ ? ;• J' 

^: '',%/■■¥ -^: '-^^-llA 


nmreh 1948 

8©0T«t«ry of state. Index Dept» ; 

»itl« i^corde < 1 case) q dooum«nt« 

' ■■ ■:■ ,' 1 

a- ■ "J ' ■ ■■ ^ . ■ ■ •* 

Mwoh 1948 

HottMiiie ])«pnrtai«ntal oalla 
S«or«tary of State 
Beokktteping Dept. 

T)tfplioata payrolls 
Corporation D9pt, 


fat boolj: 




Annual reports 


Index oardt 


(Stiarter record e 


Court of Claltt« 


Szeoutive Dept. 

CxeoutlYe bonds 


Exeeutlve register 


Land patent 


notary marks 


Index Dept. 

l>eede to state property 


Elebtion reoorda 


Sarolled lave 


Seourltlee Oept. 

Closed oases 


Oeneral Assembly 


Illinois Var Council 


Records Commission 


IlllnoiB Vaterways Div, 

Illlncls and Michigan cenni 


Vi»tervay# security asps 



Historical, Oenealoglcal, eto. 

Archival technique 




Illinois history 


Liber Chronioarum 


Name ind»x (pia rone) 


Fsrrin collection 


Stat* census 



Hail Inquiries 

Irohlval Technique 

. 4 





History State Departiaents 




"'. ' ■■'"'.■ ' ■' 

" 28 

,_ 'J' • : ' ■ ''^ '■ - . .. ■ ' '■.■ 



■, ' „ ; \ ;..-... ,'-'/■<■.',■■■ 


-.'»:' %i- 

UMTch 1948 

laae Index 

Letter 8 reflled 

(lif>oee«>l»eferenee8 added 23^ 

Ovide oarde 603 

7edes^l oeneue, 1860 

Itoiitgomery oo. 1275 


Catolog earde 


¥ ■ . i 


■ ,<r:^i'M^ 

■V.,. ,'*V 


■'■■ t» " ■ ' 


■ U'^ '^^''.-i- 

' -'.'■,■'- r* 



'■■ . V/^y 

.' w -■■■■••,. i ' ■ - ■■ ^ ■ --■' 

• > ■- '' .> '.■'> ■ ■ - - ■ - - - ' . . ."■-"/ ^' 

^ . V- ; ■ - , ■ ..■■,/■, "I r ^ rfi, ^, ■ ■ . ■ 

• . ■■ .'•;..'- A ■ ' ■ . ^. ■ ■ ■ *',.• . ■ ■.. ' ■■' ■^■ 

DlY. Arehit«oture ft Snglneerlr^ 4 
Audit«a> of Public Accounts 
OtTll SM'tic* OoHalaslon 
I>€pt. Of Jnmivwiov 

• • Public tiforXa ft Buildings 
Illinois Coaararoe Coaal«8ion 

• Hiatoxaeal LllKFary 
^ • Liquor Control Commleelon 
Secretary of State 
: Corporation !>ept. 

Ctourt of Clalas 

Executive Dept. 

Dept. of Registration ft Education 
State Treasurer 
Supreae Oourt 

,s ■• ■ '■ '%, 

if ■•« ' 





.'A' ■ ■ ... 

4 ' 












: -- -^ - ~. 

2 , 



• ■'.■. ■' '^-'V ■■■■'■ 


■ ■'!■?■' 

;;,■ ^^., It, ■•, 

'."■■' . ^ . " 

M '': ij' 


'** '. 

j'%f\ *"-., f' *''fV-:., 

Photography Report 
March 194f 

4;^ • 8 X 10 prlntB 

27 « oopi«f 81 - 8 z 10 prints 
2 - 16 X 20 prints 

10 gal. Develcpsr 
IS ■ Hypo. 

Corp. i>spt. 17 
Lib. 41 

4^ gallon Hypo, 
6 ■ DST. 


;;- f.' 


f-, • ■,''■„. 

Report for April 1948 

Aooeialona . 

fhe CoxTJoratlon Department deposited 21 boxes (letter file type) 
of correspondence of the Anti-Trust Department for the years 
Jan. 1917 - June 1919. These records were discovered recently In 
a basement storerooa. 

Defiartaental Vaults . 

itedords were tt^ansferred to their Departoental Vaults by the 
following State Oepartmentat GlTil Service Commission; Registra- 
tion and Education} Auditor of Public Accounts; Comptroller's 
Office, riaanoe Department; DlTlslon of Waterways, Public works 
and Buildings Department. 

Mr. Arnold of the Auditor's office asked for authorisation 
for the transfer of a number of cartons of unbound land oommls* 
sioners* records, we had to tell him that we could not permit 
the use of pasteboard containers in their vaults. Mr. Arnold 
said he would talk with Mr. Bardie about the possibility of pur- 
chasing some steel transfer drawers but was dubious about vault 
space for that number of filing cabinets, we offered to take 
them for the archives, but these records really should not be 
separated from the other land recoz>ds. Mr. Arnold has several 
times expressed hiraself as favorable to the transfer of the 
land records to a departmental vault in the Archives Building, 
provided he could have desk space elsewhere in the building. 
Now, he Informs me, he has also been put in charge of supplies, 
which means he must stay where he is. There is no departmental 
vault spsce at present that he could use, but perhaps that could 
be handled when and if a proposition for transfer were made to us. 

The Automobile Department staff working on the eleventh level 
ha« been augmented since the primaries, throwing such an additional 
load on the ventilating system as to affect the whole building. 
One of the first waz>m days one of the girls on eleven fainted and 
thn rest of the staff complained so anich that some one came over 
from the Front Office and dismissed them for the day. Some of 
these employees have Intimated to the Archives staff that they In- 
tend to break the building regulations in the hope that we will 
demand that the office be removed from the building. I have 
•aelled tobacco smoke through the ventilations occasionally and 
one day recently. I rode down on the elevator with a man with a 
twc« thirds smoked and lighted cigarette in hie mouth. He looked 
at if he knew he was doing some thing he ehouldn*t and as if he 
dared ae to reprimand him. I ignored him deliberately for I have 
said all I can on the subject and I know what they want it for me 
to fight to get them out of the building, and I do not think the 
next move is mine. 


Mist ^cheffler prepared an attractive exhibit in commemoration 
of the centennial of the opening of the Illinois and Michigan caaal, 
April 25d. Mr. Belalr wrote tome publicity on the exhibit which 

. 2 - 

W0B noticed In Springfield and other papers and printed In full 
In some newapapers published along the line of the oanal. Repre* 
eentatlve Smith fz*offi Ottawa spent some time looking at the ex* 
hlbit, he told Hr. Belalr; but unfortunately he did not sake him- 
•elf known to any of the Archives staff. Mr. Belalr promised to 
get hlra to call again so ve can show him other things. The Con- 
servation Department and the watezn«ays Division have been and are 
using the oanal records •xtensively, and through her cataloging 
of records, the refer«no4 wprk she has done with those depart* 
ments and this exhibit Mlse Soheffler has aoquired a useful and 
detailed knowledge of the contents of the collection. 

Mies Soheffler describes the exhibit as followst "In select- 
ing records to display, an attempt was made to select those 
records which would h^ve popular appeal and yet give a stoz^^ of 
the construction and operation of the canal... Records of the 
construction and operation periods with future plans for the canal 
RTe displayed..." Among the documents displayed might be mentioned 
are the Post and Paul ouip of 1824 (the first survey of lorthem 
Illinois)} engineering drawings and contractors* estimates; ths 
original oertifioates of purehaee for the first canal land sold 
also for the first lot sold in Chicago (1830); canal scrip used 
in payment of contractors and laborers; an old oanal bond and 
coupons; toll records showing names of boats and inventories of 
their cargoes, etc. A liet of documents exhibited is appended 
as an office record. 

The exhibit is further illustrated by two colored lithographs 
showing canal scenes, borrowed from the Art Department of the 
State Library and pictures loaned by the Division of Waterways. 
The latter include four framed woodcuts by "Mister NoKee* de* 
picting early days on the canal, and foov recent photographs, 
we had been promised the model of the canal boat, but this had 
been broken last summer while on the county fair circuit. 

Mr. Cassady is still trying to work out an exhibit to coin- 
cide with the coming of the Freedom Train to Illinois, but reports 
little progress. I have myself spent little time or thought on 
this exhibit but have made a few notes and expect to work on the 
project myself during the month of May. 

Staff Work 

t have begun the revision of Dr. Iben's index to the early 
records in the Perrin Collection. I find that he omitted many names 
and usually find a complete revision of the wording advisable. 
However, the work he did on the collection was fundamental, particu- 
larly useful in showing the numerous spellings of namss and helpful 
in deciphering illegible words. The work is going slowly largely 
because I have so many other things to do that often ssTeral days, 
elapse between times of wfvking on the project. I have, however, 
finished the unbound records through the year 1789. 

Mrs. Reichler has made inde^ slips for most documents covering 
the years 1609-1814 - that is, of those documents for which a form 
could be devised. The more difficult documents she will be train- 
ed to do a little later. We hope to have the Perrin records indexed 
in detail for the Cahokla period (-1818) by the end of the year 
and inside of six months if possible. 

- 5 - 

Mlac Josephine Boylan has loaned us her notes on doouaents in 
the St. Clair County Court House which dovetail with the Perrin 
manueoripts. So far I have done nothing with these, howeTer. 

Mr, Cassady continues to be at the reference desk for 2i hours 
Mondays through Fridays. He uses the Micz^film Reader for oh«ok<. 
i»g mail inquiries on genealogy and for indexing. He reports 
having aade dOO index JBarde for the federal census for 1860 for 
KontgOBiery oounty. Kirs. Mcfadden reports having aade an additional 
1000 oards. Only 18 pages (750 names) remain to be done to com* 
plete the index for that oounty. 

Mr. Casnady reports that he is working in the year 1827 for 
his notes for the history of oounty officers. He has done a 
nudber of other miaoellaneous pieces of work, none of which are 
of sufficient importance to be enufflernted here. 

Mr. Rountree reports that he has filed the letters "C", *1i' 
and part of «E" of the Corporation reports. He also helped Miss 
Soheffler to install the I & M Canal Exhibit. 

Mies Soheffler reports having rearranged 4CS50 eards in the 
letter *T" in the Naae Index. Moat of her tiae during the month 
was devoted to the eihibit and reference work in relation to the 
Illinois and Michigan Oanal, vhioh work is desoribed elsei^ere. 

Building Botee 

Ventilators were added to the windows in the west %rorkrooa, 
2d floor. 

We had another leak in the upper floors, this tiae caused by 
a defect in the fila vault air oonditioning aaehinery which caused 
defrosting. This and. the source of the previous leak have now been 
taken care of, according to Mr. John Darby, engineer. 

Staff Motes 

Miss Soheffler is the new editor for "The Delphlnifa, ■ the 
publication for state of the Delphi Olub. She has also been re- 
appointed a aeaber of the board of directors of the Illinois State 
Employees Association. She was also auooessful in locating Call* 
fomia relatives for a Mr. fritz Klopp of Housberge, Geraany, who 
reaembered her froa a ohildhood trip to Qeraany. 

Reference Work 

T^eference work h«e been varied this last aonth and only a few 
eaaples will be aentioned here. 

}iOBX Of the oanal records work was done with Mr, O«ox^e Treiohle 
aad Mr. Benjaain Haddick who are preparing a brochure on the Illinois 
and Michigan oanal for the Conservation Departaent which is develop* 
iag a ■eries of recreational areas along the oanal froa Morris to 

Dr. VRttere of the Historical Library is working on the history 
of Illinois in World War II for the Historioal Library. At Mr. 
MonaghaQ*f request we have issued a vault perait for her to go 
directly to the War Council records so we do not have statistics 
on the referenoe use of these doouaents. 

,•/* 1.;; .! 5 \. \ ■ s -■ I : ' ij> 

Mr. Karl Searoy, Jr., ohos* the •ubjaot "Zllinolf ArohlTet" 
for m tera p«p«r for oa« of his eour««« out at Springfield Junior 
Oollaga, and hat aade a nuabar of jialla on uf , Z took tUa tlirough 
tha building and gava And loaned Mii Xltarature on ^a aubJaioV 
Ha la a pra*lait l<^iool etodant nho took aa InToatonl' of t&a 
Stipraae Court reeordt for hie father laat aumuir kbA baiaaw in* 
taraetad ia what va are trying to do. X aav the firat draft of hia 
papar and thought it Terr good. ^ 

Mite Harriet Friea of Dalavan, Xlliaoie, aaaa ia one day aftar 
ay oloeing houra and talked at length with Mr. Caaeady about the 
twtt raeorda for vhioh the hae raoently baaa aada ouatodian* Partic- 
ularly aha vae intereatad in curing a oondition of daopaaae la %ht 
etorarooa. X wrote har at laagth and offered to etop off a% !>ala* 
▼an to gi^a har Mieh help and advlot aa X eould on ay way hoaa 
froa a aartaln trip to Dixon to be aade early in May. Sha hae aaver 
replied ao X hope I aaavarad the quaatione wblah vere bothering her. 

Mr* Koaain Frootor, loeal artiet and exhibitor of puppeta 
epaat a delighted hour or two looking ever the photoetatia aoplaa 
of the latter heada dieplayed in our Nuaeua Rooa aareral aoatha ago. 

The FBI hae baan oheeking the 19se and 1.940 Coaauniet Fa ti* 
tlone again and va have had alaoet daily vieita froa tham. 

We have bad aaveral Intereeting requeata for aiarofilaiag. 
AaoBg thaee alght ba aantioned a rare paiqihlat belonging to tha 
Bietorioal Library aopied for a aubatituta for aa interllbrary 
loaai aiarofilae of plans of a aohool houae to be uaed for aakiag 
elides for tha aaeretary of the State Bohool Board Aaaeolatioa; 
and aierofila aoplaa of eartaln original U. 9. weather Bureau 
reoorda for a profaeeor at Boraal UnlTereity. 

Ha apeet fully subaitted. 


ILLIKOIS AND MICHKUN OASAL Bat«rlal on txhlblt In Mus«ua 
Rooa April 19, 1948 

Field Books 

A«4d 160 south Branch Survey also Side out from Bridgeport 
to Chioago Tla Ghapln*s slaughter house ...1847 

A-16 Coapass book of the I.A M. Canal Ho. S of ...Lower 
Division, Friday, Sept. 15gh, 1836. (no oover) 

K*9 1 Coapass Book Ho.l Mar. 12, 1858. A. Z. Matheveon 

A*4S 1846 Com>. Book No. 1 Galiiaet Feeder A.I.K. »;. 

Towpath Bridge aoross the mouth of Sag- ... Feb. 6, 1847 

K-5 3 Compass Book, 111. A Mleh. Oanal 1838 li.4 May 14, 1658 
(Meanders of Lake Jollet) 

K-4 4 CoiBpaBS Book 111. d Mioh. Canal Ifo.S (Drawing shoving 
line of Oanal, Mt. Jcliet) 1836 

A«>19 Line of Oanal in Ohloago shoving Aroher Road 1837 

Ool*! Level Book of the Fox river Expedition 1836. |v. Terrell's 

level book .. rodoan under ... Ed. B. Talootti 
A-20 Lebels taken on Stoney Creek also on the Sag 

}:-l Toll oalculatlone 111. ft M. Canal Chldago 1961 

E-14 Day Book Channahon Oot. Slst, 1864*July 4th, *67 

6 reoeipte from the Office of Chicago Tow Boat Coapany 
for timing ohargee. 

P^IO Volume of Reports of Beard of Trustees IAN Oanal, Deo. 1, 
1845-1848 1 vol. 

F-;24 Curves ••• orcse seotione ... By A.I. Mathevson on I. A N. 
Canal froa A.D. 1837 to the oloee of the truet cby the 
Trustees tO) the Bond Holders 

Clesranoe ^eoord, Cnloago Office May 9, 184d-July 8, 1848 

Oleerance Record, La Balle office May 12, 1848-May 15, 1848 

Fol8er from X.A M. File (Engineers* 3 Estiaate book sections 
froa 166 t- 197 ... Oct. 1838 

Illinois and Michigan Canal Bond 226 pounds Sterling 

Scrip 1839 Branch State Bank of Chicago $ 2j6j lOj 60; 

111. ft ^'ioh. Canal material on exhibit ... page 2 

Scrip 1840 State Bmk of Illlnola f 5j 2.60; 100 

Scrip 1842 State Bank of Illinois I 1; 2.60j 5j 100 

TreGs8urer*8 office of the 111. * Mich. Canal Vouchers, for 
various suae oade pajrable to John Calhoun, Treaa. ... 
Aug. 1, 1859 5 copies 

1848 3uisaary from the Treasurer's report upon the ^eelpts 

and expenditures for the year ending Not. 50, 1848. photostat 

1347 Account of money applied en acoouat Messrs. Knapp & Tot tea 

1 sheet 

1847 Note to Chief Snginear froa Edward D. Davis, at Dresdtn 

asking for blanks for check rolls "for ... ve have so many 
different aen .. The work Is getting along very well.' 1 page 

1846 Bill of aaterials for Aux Sauble aqtteoudt showing number of 
pieces, where applied, length, breadth, depth and quantity 

1 sheet 

1847 Voucher for money due contractor Cor work done on the 111. 
dt Mioh. Canal 1 sheet 

1348 Forms used by the Chief Engineer in Construction Aooounts 
for money due him 1 sheet (Blank Form) 

1824 Original "Map of ... Illinois through wfcloh it Is contemplated 
to construct a Canal ... J. Post 4; R. Paul 

1346 Letter dated •Morris, 19th of Dec. 1846" from v.L. Peru to 
Wllllaa aooding, Ksq. Chief £ng. Ill, k Mioh. Can." *Ink 
freezing in the pen" 1 page 

1830 A map of the first canal ootataissioner^s sub-diTlsion of 

^, Chicago* uwde in 1830. (removed from 1900 report of l,& M. 
C&nal Comaissioners. To be replaced in oepy of report on 
6th level with other I. ft M. Canal reports) 

1^30 3 original otrtifioates of purchase for firet oansl lands 
■ and first Ghlosgo lots sold by the Canal Gomaiesioners 

S*l Illlncis A Michigan Canal, Secretary's office, Lockport, 

Jan. X, 1855. "Tolls received on the I.a: N. Oanal from the 
opening of navigation to Nov. 1848 p. 2-3 May 9th-No?. 30,1348 

E-g5 Canal tolls. Weekly reports, etc. 1848; 1849; 1850 

1848 Accounts of toll received by John H. Kincle, Coll. of 
Oanal tolle in the month of July 1848. July 1*30, 1846 

2 issues of each of the April and Hay "Sarvioe Bulletin, Publio 
Service Company of Northern Illinois" 1948 

page 3 
III. A Kloh. Oanftl aaterlal on exhibit ... 

Operation reoorde 

1883 Fol? Time book used by nalntenaone men on I.acM, Canal 
(A. Thomas, Ottawa, Illinois) 

18S4 K»64 Time tohedule vlth notes oonoernlng work done. 

(John Sheely) 

. ■ ■ , ,_ ^ . .•, .1 -J 

18dg»1892 Workman ♦ 8 md%thly time book., signed by Oolleotor 

or olark. Jhred^e Ho. 2 ^ 

K-27 Klchael Mefadden Lock Tender, LocV 6 Jollet, 111. 

Oct^ 20, W14 Clearance records July 18, 1910-Oct. 22, 1915 
(Mo eoTer onbook) 

Illinola Public works ... SUismer 1945 5 copies, 

1 copy Mies Norton** 

2 oopiee 111. Doc. Surplus 

Illinoie Publlo Works August 1946 Ploture of Lock near 
Channahon on rear ooTer. 

Illlncle State Parks and Memorials n.d. p.25«26 Plotures 
of X. and M. Oanal State Parkway. ... 

111. State Dept. of Waterways 

4 photographs of I. <ft M. Can&l 
4 woodcuts, framed 

2 paintings by Hsary, (Courtesy of 111. St. Library, Art Dept.) 
Childhood of Rapid Transit 
Rapid Transit 

2 Enrolled Laws. seAarats charges filed In folder for 

"Enrolled Laws* at Reference desk. 

A|>ril 1946 

Seertttary of 8tat«. Oorporatloa Dapt. 
Antlptraat Dapt. Lattara If 17-^19 

^ bezaa 

; ■ ' '><%i. t\ '^-r ■:'. 

• 4f-~^-^ ***. ^ 


I l\ ^'^'i l.k '■■■^.:-' 

T .: 

•■ ■■ %■•'■ ' %., ■•« 


^mi .i.' 

,' )' 

..,'■ *i '\ ■. -v- 

.*;* , 

r - '•'•:. -' '' ' ''^'K' \.i'.^'. ■',■'>■: V i;'. S 

April 1948 

Seoretary of State 

Bookkeeping Dapt, 

OupUeata payroll 


Gorporation Dapt. 

Annual Reporta 


Charter Reoordi 


Index Carda 




Sxeoutive Dept. 

County Officers 


Certificate of Qualification 


Land patent 


Trade sarks 


Index Dept. 

]>eeds to State property 





Kleetion Reeords 


Cooaunlst Petition 


Enrolled Laws 


Seourities Dept. 

Closed cases 


General Asseaftly 13 

Tax Comal s 8 ion 

Researeh data 2 

Var Council 2 
DlTlslon of Veterways 

Canal records gg 

Genealogical, Historical, etc. 


laae Index •> 

Nlsoellaneous 1 


Letter Head Colleetion ; ■% 

Lineolniana : 1 

ExeoutlTe Register 3 

ArohlTal Teehniqtie 2 

Mail Inquiries I? 

Oenealogy If 

Historical 1 

State Recoz>ds Coanl salon X 

ArohlTal Teclmique 4 

Miscellaneous y 




April 1948 

U. 3. 0«n«us for 1860 
iloiitgom«rj County 


Pcrrin OoUootioa 

Oahokift rword», 1728-1788 jg? 


Iuab«r eardt r«arrangod, 
l«tt«r f 



■■■. I 


Dlv. of Airohitecture A r^njlaeerlng 1 

Auditor of Public Accounte 26 

Civil Serrloe Oommlsslon 4 

Finance Dept. 2 

I15>lnol8 Coauaerce Ccmissljn 2 

Dept. of Insurance 5 

Deot. of Public Welfare 1 

Secretary of State 

Corporation Dept. 6 

Executive Dept. 22 

Safety Reaponelbllity 36 

Seeturltlee 5 

State Treasurer 21 

Supreme Court 2 

Supt. of Public Instruction 5 

Dept. of Regletreticn i education 48 

Dlv. Railroad & Property Tax, State Dept. of 

Revenue 1 

Waterways 3 

? y •'.■■"=' , • ■ : : . ,v - ^-t ^ # « 

U I : ,,, ,^ *■ X 

Photographic Reports 



26£ . 
^7 - 

8 X 10 prints 
0x7 • 

8 gal. 

10 * 


88 " 

8 X 10 • 

4 . 

16 X 80 • 

Corp. Dept. 80 
Ub. 231 

9 gallon E^o. 
10 • Dot. 


'?r.' ■"?:;:;■ 



■ ■-■, ■ - 

■,'' ^' "^c 


r- >.;..•- 

. ' - -'■*'- 


V ,' 

i/J'. ' ~ 


■ '\ 







'. ■ 3^ijd ' 


- '^,' 


.-<,;. ..■■#• 

■iLl-. • 




ArohlTes Department 
Report for May 1948 


'the only accession of the aoath was two docoaents relating 
to title to property belonging to the Pontlac branch of the 
State Penitentiary. 

Departmental Vaults 

Transfers of records to their departaental Vaults were auide 
by the Bookkeeping Department of the Secretary of State's Office, 
the Department of Registration and Education and the Superin- 
tendent of Public Instruction (Teachers* Exaalning Board and 
Special Education Service). 

Staff Work 

Mrs. Relchler and ^ continued Indexing the iPerrln collect lon» 
I have oomnleted revision of the Indexing of unbound reeordi f rem 
178S to 1787 Inoluslre, 467 cards, Mrs. Relchler has done the 
preliminary slips for the years 1814 and 1815 and some work on 
the year 1816. Her work does not show In the statistics because 
It has not been revised. Because of the similarity between doc- 
ments of the period In which she Is working, the revision will 
be more routine than in the case of the earlier French records. 

Miss Rogers attended the organization meeting of the com- 
mittee In charge of preparing for the 1949 oele^ation of the 
250th anniversary of the settlement of Cahokla, held in East 
St. Louis, Nay 4th. I was to have gone too, but was tied up at 
Dixon. Mr. Oharles E. Peterson, president of the St. Louis 
Historical Documents Foundation spent all day here May 2dth 
studying our Cahokia documents. Re Is an arehiteot by professloj^, 
attached to the Rational Park Service. Unfortunately, he Is being 
transferred to Richmond, Virginia very soon, so we shall not have 
the benefit of his knowledge of restoration work. He claims to 
have originated the national historic buildings survey, the reeord' 
of which are in the Library of Congress. He was particularly in- . 
teres ted in descriptions of buildings and of land use, and found 
several illuminating documents bearing on the history of the old 
court house. Other members of the committee will Im visiting us, 
so we nre trwing to get the Perrln collection In shape as fast as 
possible, though I seem myself to find too little time to work on 

On Nay 3d and 4th I was In Dixon, waiting to give testimony 
concerning the State* s title to the Hanson lands purchased for a 
State Reereatlon and Conservation Area, in the ease involving 
the Indictment of former Representative Lylpi Presoott for con- 
spiracy (getting more money for the lands fx^a the State than he 
paid to the property owners.) The Judge impounded the records 
taken to court by Mr. Hardle of the AtMiitor*s Office and by ms, 
and so far we have not been able to get them back. I had a 
letter from Mr. Plres, State's Attorney, in reply to my letter 
reminding the Circuit Clerk that the records were not yet re- 
turned. In which Mr. Plres states that he will have the Judge 

- 2 - 

rttl9as« them the next tlae he holds court at Dixon. If they 
do not get back Ineide of a aonth I think we should ask the 
Attorney General to replevin , theoi, hut I hope that will not be 
neceeearj. The law aakee it aandatory for a court to accept 
a certified copy as cTidence, but this judge refused over the 
protest of both Rr. Handle and oslself . Ve could not refuse to 
to leave the records without being held in contempt of court. 
Of course we both hold receipts which we prepared in consultation. 
Mr. Pires closed his letter by saying that he is looking forward 
to seeing ae again, which probably raeans they are going to retry 
Mr. Presoott on the other and similar indictaent and that I 
shall probably have to aake another trip. 

Miss Scheffler prepared a one case exhibit on Bishop Rill 
ae our oontMbution to the Swedish Centennial. She borrowed a 
nuaber of photographs from the Division of Parks and for records 
used the charter of the colony and the petition for the charter. 
The petition lists all the naoes of the residents at the time 
of incorporation. 

Our responBibilities In oonnection with the fr«edoa Txain 
have evaporated, for which X ara sliSisfied as I have been loke^ 
vara over the idea right along. I cannot believe that a Coa- 
Bonist will be eonvex*ted to Deaooraoy Just by looking at doou- 
aents even thoughtthey be precious. I have had apologetic 
letters froa Dr. Stevens and Dr. Prank Monaghan of the Haerican 
Heritage Foundation adaittlng that they have lost control over 
the project. The Freedoa Traia is to be in Rockford 9Bae 2Sd 
(if I reaeaber correctly ). The last Z read about that was that 
it would BOt b« routed there unless the eoaaunity raised betwesn 
tSOOO and 110,000 *for expenses.* It is to be in Springfield 
soffls time in July. Ve shall have an appropriate exhibit in the 
archives but apparently are not to be asked for co-operation. 

Mr. Caseady is asking progress on the history of county 
offices. He reports} "Notes for the period froa 1818 to 26 
have been asseabled and now the statutes of 1827 can be worked 
In. Ths fraae work for the period 1818-1848 is now erected and 
notes of anendaent, enactaent apd revision will be saeathlj ia* 
corporated.* His work in this fitld h^ already been valuablf 
in enlightening us about the records in the Perrin Collection." 
Mr. Cassady spsnds two and a half hours at the reference desk 
each day. He also does considerable search on reference questions 
which eoae in. ' . . , • 

The 1860 federal census for Montgomery County has been fin- 
ished and Macoupin county has been etarted. Mrs. MoFadden and 
Mr. Cassady are both working on this. 

Besides her work of preparing exhibits, Miss Scheffler has 
spent aost of her time on the rearrangeaent of cards in the naae 
Index. Since she has finished the letter *T* she is within sight 
of the end of what px>oved to be a acre fussy job than we had 
anticipated. She has also worked with Mr. Squires of the Division 
of Wateirways in finding aaterlal in the field books of the Illinois 
and Michigan canal records. He has given her his notes on the 
contents of these books which will explain and simplify her work 
of catalog description. 

* s • 

Mr. Ronatree Imt fll«d Oorperat^loa Reports from *I>* 
tiirott^ "O*, bsildet Ms vork 9f proditelag and r«flling 
dooussAts froK ths Taults, Assisting Miss Sehsfflsr in 
setting up «[^iM.ts and other nifteoXlaaootis tasks. 

Mrs. Robasen has unfoldad and Mafla new folars for 1,665 
Carolled Lavs for the jaars 1907 - 19ll. 

Miss Vinterbaner is about half throttgfa the letter "X* in 
typing the History of State Dopartaents. 

Porsoaal Xtswa 

Miss Loveaia nsDoaald, foraerly siatron in the ityOhives 
Bnildiag and a slater of Minor MeOonald, now one of th« 
Janitors, died in Ba«t 8t. Umls May 19th. riovers were sont 
frcm the ArohlTea Building aaH the State House and Centennial 
Buildings, plus a sua of aoaey eoUooted aaouating to |^«00. 

X was the aubjeot of the *lioaen at ITork* oolnan in the 
Xllin&is Stata Begister early In May. 

RespootfuUy subaitted. 


■^ -f^'^^ 


.'; .- * •' 

May 1946 

Seorotarr Of St«t«. Iiidax D«pt. 

Tltl« to Btftt* Ownad R«b1 Batata, 

Ooaatary Lot for naa pf rpatlae 
Braaoh» Stata PaaltaatlaxT 

2 doeuaaBts 

"i, "4' ,^ 





: if 


-A^-' r„«i, i- ,, „ 

i % 

, i , '*;«^.- • 


May 1948 

Routintt ]>epartii«ataa Calls 

Saeretary of State 
Corporation Dapt. 

Annttal reports 

Index earda 

Cliarter reoord 

Fee boolt 

BzeoatlTe Dept. 

Reeord of Countjr officers 

Land patents 

lotary bonds . 

VarraBt .. 
Index Dept. 

Deeds to State property 


Bupollttd lavs 
Seovrltles Oept, 

Closed eases 







General Aaseably reeords 

iBsvraaoe Bept. 
Animal reports 

DlTlsiOB of Watenrajrs 
Canal records 


i'«««S5Sfc— — nggfyr 

Historieal* OwMalogioal, eta. 


Oeowral Asseably 
Maae Index 

Nail lavalries 

ArehivaX Te^mlque 

j-ii... T I- 1 1" 




10. f'\ 

«■ i- - ■'■■%■ » ; 



Mgr 1948 

laaw Index 

Perrln Oolleotlon, 1783 • 8f 
Fedvral Ceanw, 1860 

..,1 ■ . if . 

NoatgoBttry Co. 

(oo^plet«d« total of 1800 cards 
inelodlag t^aa praTloval/ 
raportadf ; 


• ^■■f:.^ 

MaaoaplB Oeality^' 
RaarraiMiaaaBt of fUa 
Oulda oardo addad 
Cro« a»raf ttraaoaa 



7886 eardB ra arrangad, lattara •¥* • vr* 
Catalog Carda 

_i^-^_* k 

: '^ 

>,4, ^...v 5 :4; i 



Dlv, Of Ai»chit«?cture :* Engin«ering 

Auditor of Public Accounts 

: CJivll* 3Qrvl"ce ConuraiBGlcn 

Department cf InBur^^nce ^ 

.-■ ; , • ^ '.'■■^ * " Finance ; t < 

• " Public ''forks !% Buildings 

IlUntbia-GOmiDerce Go.'^niissicn 

" Liquor Control GornniFrion ; 

Secretary of State 
Oorporation Dept. 
Executive Dept. 
Safety Reaponelblllty 

State Tree.?surer 

Supreme Court 

Suot. of Public Tnntruction , 

Dept. of Registr'^tion ,-5? Education, 




. 1 

^^ ,. z 








; 1 


■.«i'-- .-, 

'■ -l: 


• ". .4 

Arohlvee Department 
Report for July 1, 1946- 
June 1« 1946 

The Archlvee I/eparttnent of the Illinois St&te Library 
moved Into the State Archives Building In Maroh 1938. Ten 
yeare afterwards «e can report that It Is estimated that 
there le room for only one oore year's aooumulatlon of 
records in jnoflt of the Departmental Vaults* while In those 
vavltE Imniedleitftly under the Jurisdiction of the archivist 
It would be possible to receive only one more aajor access- 
ion. Although it is thought that less than ten percent of 
the State's non-current penaanent records are still out of 
the building, the annual r^te of Increase of records is so 
hi^ that additional vault space nill be necessary in the 
very ne&r future. 

During the war the scarcity of office space in Spring- 
field forced the Secretary of State to move part of his 
Automobile Department into the Archives Building. One 
floor of departmental vaults, sorely needed for the housing 
of those pcn.n^nent records of the State for which the build- 
ing . &c planned, is now used for office apace. The three 
floore of offices which fonterly housed trie archives staff, 
the Departraentel Vault olerke stationed in the building to 
service the records of their ree.ective departments, and 
the Illinois Documents Collection of the State Llbrax<y are 
now used by the Automobile Department. In addition* the 
archives rep&lr room and the building storage room have also 
been tiJcen for othorr purposes. Three floors of archival 
v&ult£! have had to be used for shelving the Illinois Docu- 
ments Collection. The standard office space allowance of 
one desk per employee is utterly inadequate for work with 
recprds which have to be spread out over considerable area 
while being processed. Plans for oatohing up on arrearages 
of filing and of repair work have had to be dropped until 
such time as the XiHOUUUUtXSjQUUUUig work space planned for 
archival use can be regained. The addition of State em- 
ployffeS not subject to archival discipline in the natter of 
fire arid other safety provielone for the protection of the 
records entrusted to our care has been an increasing W 
oerlQUS source of worry and oomplaints on the part or other 
departnseats housing records In the building. It may be 
said, however* that this arrangement la no more satisfactory 
to the Automobile Department than to us, cuid we hope that when 
the erection of new State buildings le begun that other 
departments will no longer hare to be quartered in the building. 

So much for some of the disadvantages under which we hare 
been lab ring. On the positive side we can report the fol- 
lowing statistics for the period beginning July 1, 1946 and 
ending June 1* 1948. Althou^ we have received only one 
large new accession (World War I bonus records) , we have 
added regularly to those categories of reoords already trans- 
ferred to the archives, mfu'lng total accessions for the period 


of 563 Tolumes, 506 legal site dravere of new material and 
129,399 documents interfiled with those already in place. 
These figures do not Include statistics on the amount of 
material transferred to Departeental Vaults. 

The Photographic Laboratory, in addition to its work 
for the State Library, does the recording for the Corpora- 
tion Department and publicity stills for the Secretary of 
State, including most of the pictures used in the biennial 
Blue Book. It also services the six motion picture pro- 
Jectors used In library field work. In this period the 
Leboratory has raade 7862 photographic prints, 1788 photo- 
state for the State Library (including the ArchlYes De- 
partment) and 1829 photostatic recordings for the Corporation 
Department. No mlcrophotographlc work was done, although 
the Library owns equipment. 

2520 catalog cai*dfi and 29,947 name index cards were 
added to the archives finding liets. The history of State 
department 8 and detailed bibliography of ell laws (1787- 
1943} relating to subjects impinging upon State adminis- 
tration wm»^ completed and a similar study is in progress 
for county administration in Illinois. 

The Archives Department had 9e«7 service c&lls in the 
twenty- three months reported on here. Of these 5^99 were 
from other State departmente or for legal purposes of one 
kind or another; 225 persons visited the department to 
do genealogical reeearch and 193 mail inquiries on genealogy 
were received. 1121 historical records were produced for 
use In the Reference Room and 104 letters answered. 11 
calls for advice on archival technique came direct, 69 
by mall. 116 miecellaneoue inquiries, mostly involving the 
history of State administration were also answered by mall. 
Archivists from half a dorcn other statee, aleo reoreeenta- 
tivce from the national archives of India, Peru, Uruquay and 
Yene«uela visited us. Keys were issued 2688 times for ad- 
mlttrnce to Departinental faults, but aside from seeing that 
entrance to these vaults is restricted to anthorircd persons, 
the Archives D«partaaent has no check on the number of docu- 
ments consulted or removed from those vaults. 

Mi SB Margaret C. Norton celebrated her silver anniversary 
as State archivist on April first, 1947. She }I2CXiiXXXXXK eerred 
BB a Bfember of the Special Advisory Commission on the New 
lork State Archives last year and has been Managing Klltor 
of The American Archivist , published by the Society of 
American Arch: vl sis, beginning with the July 1946 number. 

June 4, 1948 

Report for June 1948 

Acoesslona . 

fhe Index Department of the Secretary of Stete*8 office 
filed 31 folders containing 63 documents being deeds and ab- 
BtractB for the Vacation Area of Pere Marquette Park, also 
3 docusente relating to purchase of land from the estate of 
Ezra Boren for the use of Lincoln State School and Colony. 

The State Soil Conservation Gcmrnlsslon sent over 3 cartons 
of petitions for creation of sell coniF^rvatlon districts and 
land owner lists for 15 countlee. 

The ?ecreter7 of the Senate brought over Senate records 
for the 1947 Oeneral "^eeembly but as we have not yet finished 
checking In theF.e records they will be listed among the Jttly 

We also received about 6100 index cards for 1947 fpon the 
Corporation Department. 

Departmental Vaults . 

The State Treasurer end the Legal Department of the Offles 
of Superintendent of Public Instruction filed records In their 
respective vaults. 

StAff Reports . 

My cim time wae largely taken up with correspondence. In- 
dexing of Perrin manuscripts and preparation of the Freedoa 

exhibit, also mlBcellanwous administrative duties, 

Cn Tuesday, June Sth, Mlse Rogerp and I went to Cahokla 
for a meeting of the Duc-eesqulcentennial coHPlttee. I partici- 

?ated In a panel dlscussicn of the significance of Cahokla. 
spoke on "Whet Cahokla means to the State." Others speaking 
were Josephine Boylan, the president cf the Illinois State 
Historical Society and a professor from St. Louis University. 
The meeting was preceded by a dinner in the Catholic school at 
Cehokia and a visit to the old church snd oli^ court houss, 

Mr. Cassady was away on vacation June 5-19 and Mrs. McFaddsa 
June 19 - July 3. Kiss 3cheffler tock Mr, Cassady'e shift at 
the reference desk while he was away, and he took Mrs. Mcfadden'a 

during her absence, I-'Ibb Schefflc-r again taking his shift. 


'r. Cessady reporting mfiking 775 index cards and cheeked 
the genealogical mail. He will reeuip.e his work on the history 
of county department b after Mrs. McFadden*R return. It is i»- 
possible to work on that at the reference desk because this 
research work requires ccncentrntlon. 

- 2 - 

Klse Scheffier rearranged 24^820 cards in the letter "V" 

of the name file. Hr. Rountree and ehe tore dovn the old ex- 
hibits, discharging and refiling the docuisenta, and set up the 
Freedom ejchlblt. I selected the documents and worded the ex- 
planatory captions, but they did the "leg work.". 

Mr, Rountree filed the Corporation Index Cards received, 
filed half of the letter "H" In the corporation Reports, did 
miscellaneous filing In the vaults, wrote the lettering for the 
new exhibit and assisted Miss Scheffier in arranging the exblblta 

Mrs. Robeson unfolded and wrote new labels for 411 Enrolled 
Lawp, covering the yeirs 1913 - 1915. She also did the prellni- 
nary filing of some 14,000 neme Index cards, 

Mrs. Relchler completed about 700 Index slips for the years 
1816 and 1817 of the Perrln Collection, She has also done con- 
siderable revlelnf5 on her earlier work end 1r picking up the 
Indexing for sorae non-routine documents onitted when she first 
«5tarted her work, We pl?n tc stop the indexing, for the tias 
being, with the year 1818. When she has finished that shs will 
work backwards. Incidentally, J seem to be about half through 
thp period prior to 181C - that le, final revision on 4 drawers 
of csrde has been completed, end there are four more drawers to 
be worked over. I think ve can finish this indexing and I bop« 
the cataloging of the bci^nd records, (though not the Indexing 
of the same), by the end of the year. 

Mrs. HcFadden reported having Indexed 326 Macoupin County 
names before she left on her vacation, cheeking seTeral genealogi-- 
oal requests, end arranging the Senate records Just received. 

t^iscellanecus Notes . 

^n KsecclHied •frees story about the archivist v^as released 
during the month. This was printed in the Rockfoird Register 
Gazette, perhaps elsewhere, 

A short paragraph "feature* >.ritten by a reporter for the 
Springfield State ^egister mentioned the fact that the Archives 
Building is 13 stories high in wh«t appears from the outside to 
be a six story building. Most of the other Information given 

was incorrect, however. 

The Ketional Aesociatlon of State Libraries elected urn an 
honorary «ember in recognition of my five years* service as 
Secretary, Thie rather embsrasj^ee me because I wrote the present 
Secretary that I was dropping my personal aeabership which I 
had taken out when the Archives Department was not considered a 
member of the Aesociatlon though the General Division of the 
State Library was an instituticnal member at the time I Joined, 
This makes me feel as if I had been acting stingy in dropping 
my membership, but for 35 years I have paid dues in the assoei- 
atione of thipee professions, and I see no reason for continuing 
all these aembershlpe now thr^t the Society of American AxHshivists 
is firmly established. 

- 3 - 

A question of inlorofllia pollej has oome up recently 
several times. Because we h«»Te the only Reoord8§ of our 
type in town, more and more people are asking us to do 
their aiorofilm work. We did copy several school house 
plans for Mr. Fetherston, Secretary of the Illinois School 
Boards Association, and some U.S. Weather Bureau records 
for a Normal Jnlverelty Professor, not charging either for 
them because I felt both were within pur scope of service. 
Then Hr. Thomas, the publisher asked if we would microfilm 
e manuscript for him, offering to let us make a copy for 
the State Library. This was a medical book In which we 
were not interested, I felt, but I finally offered to do 
the work if he would furnish the film. He finally decided 
to send It to Edwards Brothers at Ann Arbor. Then a local 
school teacher brought In an old family record book, and 
I advised her to have the work done comaercially, stating 
that -ae haye a gentleman's agreement with the Recordak Go. 
not to do work commercially. It seeas too bad not to be 
accomodating, and it would not be inconvenient to do some 
work right now, but it seemp to me that we would be getting 
into trouble if we do not hold to cur policy. Does thla 
meet with your approval? 

Messrs. La Hart "snd Rountree became fathers duriag the 
month, the former having a daughter, the latter a son. ' 

Beginning Saturday June 19, the staff was given alter- 
nate Saturdays off,, which la of course greatly appreciated. 

Freedom Bxhlbit . 

Xn connection with the coming of the. Freedom Train, 
which displaya a number of interesting historic federal 
documents, the Archives Department has prepared a parallel 
exhibit of Illinois inateriala. This Illinole exhibit, en- 
titled "afinning Our Freedom", is in two parts. Gahokia 
records illu*.^tratlng the theme "Democracy Came from Learning 
to Live Together" occupies two wall caeea. The second part, 
modern records, gives examples of enrolled laws important 
to the development of five freedoms: Freedom of Elections, 
Women's Rights, Rights of Minorities, Protection of Labor 
against Exploitation, and Freedoa from Wfint. As this ex- 
hibit is described in detail in an article prepared for 
Illinois Li brar lea it is not necessFiry to mnKe further 
coaxaent here. T^o want to call attention to the beautiful 
lettering done by Kr. Rountree, particularly in inscription 
"Win ling Our Freedom" done on a parchaent scroll. 

Respectfully submitted, 


June 1948 

cards doouaent* drawsrs 

Secretftl^ of State 

Corporation Department 
-I, Index cards 6100* 

Index Departaent 

Heal Estate Title Reoords 09 

(2 oases) 

State Soil ConoerTation CoHualsslon 
Petitions & lists of land owners, 
creation of soil eonseriratlon 
districts 3 

* Ect^lraeted 

June 1948 

Routine Departmental Calle 

Secretary of State 

Corporation Dept. 

Annual Reports 


Index Carde 


Charter records 




Executive Dept, 

County officers 


Kzeoutive Register 


Land Patents 




Trade Mark.8 


Index Dept. 

Deeds to State property 




Coousunlst Petition, 1940 


Enrolled Laws 


Seeurltles Dept. 

Closed Cases 


General Aeeenbly 
Insuranee Dept. 


Annual reports 


War Council 


Waterways Dlv. 

Canal Record s 


" 320 

aenealoglcaly Historical, 


Arehlyal Technique 



State census 


federal Census 


Name Index ♦ 




Perrln Collection 


H.R.S. County 




" 91 

Mall Inquiries 

Archival Technique 










' 26 


•Phone calls. Ho statistics kept on use of ifaae Index by pailfoms 
In the bullfjlng. 

June 1948 

Kaxae Index 

Letter W 











Osrda Added 

Federal Cenaut for 1850 

Macoupin Co. __________ It 100 

PeiTln Collect. 



Auditor of Public AooountB 2S 

OiTil Servio* Coanission 2 

Fiaanoe D^partaent X 

Illinois Cowu»ro« CooaiBiion 4 

Dept. Public VorlcB A Buildings 2 

Seorstary of Stats 

Oorporation 4 

ExsoutiTS Dspt. 24 

Safaty Responsibility S4 

DiT. of Rshabilitaticn 1 

Dspt. of IljS^'^^"^^^'^ ^ Education 46 

State Treasxirsr 20 

Supt. of Public Instructions 1 

Supreas Court £ 

Waterways 2 



Report for July 1948 

■\ccef^slcns . Se receiptp'l to the Secret'-ry of the Senate 
for Srji'-tp Record B for the 1947 refTular --nd specl??l SPBslon, - 

althcu;h the recor-i? 'were received In June, 

Th^- In'5e} 'Hepartment sent title recor-ie to certpin Dvjlf-iit 
cemetery lotB purchased for the Department of . Public '-'elf-re. 

De'^prtmpntPl YaultP . Tlie follcv, InK Der^-rtments t||snsf erred 

recor"''.p to their refof^otlve vaults: Otrte Library, Tescherp' 

Retirement Syst^ia, mvlFion of Psrks^ Uenorialp pnr^ Tlvielon 
of '■'•■-^tprwayp. 

Btrff york . 

■ •irs. Relchler end I have continued work on the Perrln 
Collection. I hsve ccnnleted the Inr^exlng of the unbcunci 
recorf'Js for the yeprs 1794-1799. I4rp, Relciiler has indexed 
119 .iocujBPnte Incluolnp,. 57 from thr year 1817 an-l 62 dfited 
1818, fibcut 700 index slips. She Ib trylnp to finish the yesr 
1818 before iRsvln,;! on hf^r vacr-^tion. The slips will ha\ e to 
be checked, combined and typed. Her work hss been eo careful, 
to Judge frciu the cuesticnp she h£F sKked, that I hope to be 
able to pvol'-'; hpvlng to do the detailed revieicn ^ h-^-ve had to 
'U: on Mr. Iben'e ^-ork, I find that he Oiiitted m^ny n-n;ee, end 
tnroufch hie fs.ilurr to understand our lefi&l or-^ctlces ?nd care- 
lepR tcrralnoloriy I h^sJe had to redo all his c?irdF, be in;- able 
to UBc very fev, I nov. realize thpt I should hpve o'cne this 
v,ork r.yeelf in the first piece because it reriuires hlptoricfl 
tr??inlng. The records for the period 1810-1818 upon wlxich 
)'r?. Relchler 1?! vorkinf^, hovever, ppe very lprp;eiy routine 
records following?, established foi^ms for >hich I could give her 
f'lunler, to follcv. The revision on her work will therefore 
coaplPt chiefly of checking; on the spelling of names, coordinat- 
ing, cards on thf; sniae name, pnd typing?, the cnr = 8. 

For I'fif- r)eriod 1818 on I do not el orescnt propjglse a" d^- ~ 
tfiiled nr^rae index, but rsther an inventory or docket llfit of 
cflifies. After cc;(ipletin^- th^ index of unbound raateriftls I shall 
c-talot, the bound records pnc\ Index such of them as ere In 
sufficiently goor^ con ition to nandle, Gome of this v^ork j^rs, 
Heichl'-r - ill be able to do; court proceed Inps and nerhnos 
l^jT^ records I shall prcb??bly have to do nyeelf, :*. 

I hsve discovered thpt pc ne of the niRrrir<r" contrscta have 
not been translated in wh<,le, so I shall next ;" ve her - ork 
on thnt. 

"e are getting occpsioncl letters written in Srrnish, Both 
Mrs. Reiciiler nnd iMr. Caasady rre Pble to trsnel^te these, Mrs, 
Reiciiler hpylnf/; a better knowledge of the l^ngu^ge, '-he thinks 
she could also act as interpret'-'r in esse ve should have a n€m-« 
Enplifih speaking, South ftraericsn ;ueet. Several who wented to > 
co:,ie did not do so vhen ti^ey learned thnt I do not apeak SpaniSn. 

; :."'■"'■■■. \'''' • \' '■ -v,,v''" /;*"•' ''■''^■^^•■■•■'''^- ','; .,:.•.,,.;/' 

Wo one rirpsmed In lay colle/ce or even g|:*aiiu?»te school dnye ^, 

th?t a ivno'leige of Scfinlsh an;- PortUsTuese '^-O'll'"" be needed 

for Rrci'ilvnl vcrkl ■, ■_,:,,,- ,,:;■'■ ^ ' ■ '. .^'. ■ ., 

'.';.' e h5ve hrtd so much ceneias r*espFjrcii worl^ In unln^exed 
oortlcns of tiie feieral cenrus thnt %€ h^ve not been able 
to f.irike T;Mch rrc!?.resB en. inflexlnp, tbr; 1850 oensuB. Mr, 
CriPS/'^ny reported aahini.; 35C n^.ue index orrd^ for the 1S50 
fecler-^1 oensue for Macoupin county Bnd -■■'rs. :;cF^aden 175 
c^ros ^cr the earue county. 

Hls-^ r>oheffler hsB finally flnlehen revisln:- the filing - 
of the w'aiie Inc?.ex - i.e., the clianf^e over fro r. the ^oundex 
aysteai to a straight alr-habetlo!!! filing, Th.i. f. hns teken 
.Tiu.cli longer than 1 had nnticliD&ted because I undereBti^ftated 
thr- amount of AcrK involve -I, Something over 16,000 cross 
reference car-f?B haa to be in^''\e for the letters N-Z, Tjrobably 
tv.vlce that many for the n-mes In the first half of the alph.'=bet;. 

The next step alhould be to go thorough the alphabet, select- 
in.- correct Rrelling for lalspelieri np'.nee nncl refilini(. to get 
?:11 v.'-.rirticns of n^ni.-ft kno»m to be the snme into cne tjl&ce, 
I h-ve done that with the French n^mee r^9 I h.nve gone alcng, 
F'or inrt^nce, the narae Ceplrre ic v':.ricurly f^ncOle''' Cesire, 
Gecire, Cecirre, 3t. Cir, HeRire, Ceeille, ■ tc. f-electin^, 
ti.ft iaoBt probable spell '-"),• th&t is typed In 11 capitals, 
fcliowed in parentaeBes by varifatlonB fcunci in the fiocument 
In lover c-ee. 

Thus, ■ •-.'.•. " 

CESSIKRE (Cecire, CeRire), ANTOINE ,. . .,/\' ,. ^ 

Dolnf^ this for the uiicle index upuli be e very lenptny 
i.rocenR rno the ivorX should be ;U-ne by Bcnw.: one, like 
myisclf, nnr a i^iccf kno\~.ledgi- of Illincis n-^nes. It ie noubt- ;,.^ 
ful if we ever achieve th^t etape of perfection In this inder, 
Mefinti-ne it ie upsble as it ip, 

Csrfis for the federal census of 1850 h-'^ve been Incorporated 
into the N-rime tnr!ex r?fl -Mpf 'Jcheffler vvent along. Thet is to _ 
say, v.e Keep the c?^rd8 alphabetically in ^ separate file until 
such ti -IP TtB tiiey cnn be incorpcrstecl into the nialn file, 
'■'iicn Mlpp r^cheffler vars work In;; on the letter '"•'«^ lot un Bay, 
she uoDld incorporpte -nil cpvc^e then ready fcr that letter 
KO'jli be filed. In the raeantiino, thousands of cards for 
curlier r-rtE of the nlohabet hnve rllec? up behind her. O-ettinf; 
thFfse ■?'lled vlil tr!kf» . sc.iip tl..e, but i^iill n-.t involve anywhere 
near nrc^crtlonite a:icwnt of time for the first filing of- / : 
th^st iTi-'ny o^rdfi. ■ ..; -' ., ■ .. .;-^ ■ ■ -r- ';'•':■-;■ 


'■ir. iiountree retjort?? h»-^vlns.; filed Corporation BeportR .for ■ ' 4 ' 
the letters "H" to "L", 76 drawers , He ha* been called down 
to the Photogrff^hlc Laboratory a nuiBber of tlmeB to ansver ■; » s ; 
ti.e phone while the phptcj|rapherB wbte out, and h?;8 leatrnet!? ::■'^i 'y&-'| 
to operate the Photostat isnchlne, thin and hlc practice in :Mk, 

letterlm; h^ve added two useful skills* ,':;'" 4^''^ 

^ '■//'■■/' ^ ■ - 3 - 

Mr. Cassafiy reports having done the genealogical research 
on nine letters looklnfv, for 20 names In 16 counties. This 
took him to census and other records which he had not happened 
to consult before. He has completed a structural arrangement 
for the 1818»48 period for county officials but has had little 
tlfiie for research, as he "epells off" Mrs, McFadden at the 
reference desk. We moved his work to the far end of tiie Harlow 
room which ©akes him acceeelble yet gives him a culet corner 
for work. It has always eeeined desirable to have the Aseletsnt 
Archivist on the same floor with tne Heference Rooai. The fact 
th/;t he is not acco.TipllshlnK, as rauc|i research as he did upstairs 
does not 4i8t«t«b rae In the least as he Is getting a closer 
feeling about the various impllcaticne of archival reference 
than he had, Mrs, McFadden and he v;ork together well an;' she 
le good about calling hie attention to certain details of our 
work and the way records are used which la helpful to him, 

•r : The Executive Department of the Secretary of State's office 
has always filed Notary petitions end bonds separately. In 
serving a routine request Kr, Csssady discovered that eouie bonds 
had been Inadvertantly filed yiXth petitions, ^Hrs. Robeson has 
checked some 90,000 notary petitions for the years 1919-29 and 
found 200 bonds improperly filed which she corrected. She has 
al*o done preliminary filing for the N»nie Index, 

Mrs, KePadiSert has hmd as her major work project this past 
month the urtfoldlng and typing of folders for the 19A7 Senate 
aiaterlfil recently received, I)urlng the summer months she spends 
much tliae handlln>t the numerous visitors who come into the 
Reference Room, vhlle it tRkes time to sho* Interested visitors 
the vault a-S a sample of Vfhat the bull-^lng is like, and to talk 
to visitorB, we are having fewer reactions 8.bout ho rr.ypterious 
the Archives Building Is, 

'■■'■' Kiss winterbauer is about half through the letter "L" In^ ^ 
copylnf{ the History of State Departments, 

'■'--■' VacaMons . T"--" "\>''--^"' [ / 

Mrs. McFadden was away June 19- July Z, Miss '''Interbaueij - — -— *^ 
July 3-17, and Mrs. Robeson and i:4r. Blsh July 24-A.uf5U8t 7. 

Visitors . 

Miss Ella Hodgee, formerly with the Historical Library, '^. 
now at Memphis; Mr. Deiraar Robb, NBtlonal Archives staff In - 
charge of the aocumente on the Freedoai Train, sccoaipsnied by ' 
Kenneth Blood, formerly of our staff; and Dr. Pernendu Baeu, ; 
assistant director of the National Archives of India, were 
recent visitors. 

Visitors signed the register In June and July fror. ?? 
Illincis towns, 12 states &n6 5 foreign countries. The latter : 
were Mexico, Canada, Venezuela, Uruguay and India, ii - ; ; 

Bet?innlng with July r^d, the. Lobby snd Huseun; Room have": • 
been open to visitors on Saturday afternoon, Sundays nnd 
holldpys./ ■■■> ;.;:. C"^"', ' ■ ■'^V-V:':^--'"^-.''"? 

v^n^: , ■,■.-''■■- ,,}'■■ ■''^:'y'--'':d<'-'-' ' .. '■"*•''■' Respectfully subiaitted,''-.,,,';,,:" •,■■;./ '^v' ,,, 

■A- -'-■■ ^ : :.' ''^.■'''i'^'f'r'y'^y ' ■^; ■■;■--■■*'■ -..::4" '■" Archivist ,.. "■ -r'-^''^''.' '-T'^ ..■::'" ''-^^ul 

'i ■:'■'•>:" : J. 

■ -?.■-■?!;* 

A Xt 

July 194 8 

Senfxte bill?? f^nd ;alBcell'' n^'^ouR 
reccrris (p^stl^Ti, tf ) 

Secretary of Ctate, Index Dept. 

rieal estr-te title records 

( 1 CB-PP) 






July 19'' 8 

Routine; ~ie; • rt, ;;ental Cslls 

^scret^ify of Stste 

Ccr"cr-'ti.Cii Tept. 
Anau 1 reports 

Feri bocKs 

I'-:xocutive Dept, '^ . : 
Lsnn rcoordB 

Enroll'"' I.»3ws 






V it-' 

(-f:-nerrl Afi^einbly 
A\5ntnr;t C^enerel • 

^IstcriC'-l, 0-pncplofj;lcsl, etc, 

C-ftneplcRy ■ ■ ■ 

■mil In ;uirl<os - 

Aj'CMvrl TfntterB 

Tlirtorlcal ;. , '-^ 












-■■..,-' •;, #■ ii.:.;'4g 

,'/,■■ _ .v.. ■■■;,v._^^^'-V^f;;>,vrr 

■ ?-V ■■. -■■■'■*■"> »^ ■^^f'i? '^■'- ■ 

-. ,,;.,/-ar;. -■■■■■%'■■-'-, ft'w-.'v ■ 
' .K^yjv- ■ *■JH-ri^,:•T.i.■i- 
■ .:•.■' .■:-:•> ■■■ ■>■-■; =«r- . ;,■ 

AHCl-iIVEv'3 GATALOa .- ' • ' \. 

July 19^8 '- : " 

H^iae Iniex 

Perrln Collection 

1794-1799 633 

Crcps Heference 1296 

1928 cards 


.f..* : 


".."■' i- , ."A 

.."V. . '.'"^ ' 

V;.'.:v:-^#:/' -•/''\.'r*'*''' '■■ ■.^: ■•■■■'.^:.. ■'"■"'■'^'■■■■:ft^^'-^ 

:'.:'' '/^^^/^^[ 


/iU'iltor of Public Acoounts 

Civil '"iervtee ComialsBlon 

Dent, of Pln-nce . , ■ 

mine If- Co:;uaerce Coia...ission ■ 

Dert. of Public VorkB c"^ nuil.llnf-B 

" " InBurance 

Bupt, of Public Instructlcns , ' 

nent. cf -:ef.lFtr<Btlon =^^ "Cuucf^ticn 

safety ' Rp-^cnfibillty 

ScG. Of Btate 

nornorP:tlcn : - ,\ 


Court cf ni;5i:af5 

State Trep:-urer 
nlv. cf 'rptervaye 








■■•■■■ ■ ■'- ■■ f-J',, ■US'' 

,*;J- ■=■.' 

'•^: ' 

,:. ... i ■■ ,-. ■ ;'. .... ■. i,. ..-, }i:t *-• ,,-*^ t-i'Sw IK ■■ / ■ ■•■.-• .■ , ■ . ' .; 

Photographie Lftbopatory Report. 
July 19^^ 

^iS^ W8xl0 prints 
. 47 11x1^ prints ^ ^ 

i';'-;''''^ix:5^ 2.^x20 prlnt« ■■=•■-■';' 
^:'v"'-33 oopt^n ^ 66 wrtnts ' ■■■'"■' 

16 gal. D«Telo|>er ., 

■■;■'-. V^ • ,..H3n». ^^,,:o 

; fbotoatats .•■;*,.._-'.'■,■,:_','.,'•■•■■■;'■■■'-;, ^ , 
Jtily - 852 coplea A 50 qt«. D«ir. A 5^ qta. Hypo> 

"" ''-■'' '"'l '^^ ■'■fh'-' -' 

; •«■'' 

: '-V'.''''^. 


;\- C' 

";.; '"■{■' 


■ ^ :f 

^■- '■:.' .-'- V , . ■ .. ' ,*^ V"*'' 


1 . . . ..-'■ -*¥ 

Report for Au,e:ust 19^!'8 

Accpggjorr; . 

The Senptf rccorfln for th<^ regular and epeclal eeBslone 
of thp 65th Ooner^l AeP'^nbly, notpd last raonth ae haying b^en 
received, have no^^ bpon ■ cc^pploned. Me h?d no receipts 
durin?^ the month. 

Dcpr.rtmentg.l Y?.ultp . Transfers were authorized to Str.te 
Teachers' Retirement Sypten and Superintendent of Public Instruc- 

Staff Work 

The unbound Perrin docuwrnts have ncr been indexed throug^h 
the ye.'^r 1802 pnd the c-rds typed 9nd filed. Mrs. Rlchler has 
finished the indexing of the routine unbound documentB through 
the yr?r 131? "nd Lb no" c^oint-- back to 6.0 the nore difficult 
documents. I typed ^nd chec^erl her 1809 clips and find she 
has done f consci-^ntlous c^p^-bie Job. There "re of course r. 
number of slips •■'•hich hrve to be rechecked for ouestlon'^d 
spellinfi^fl of n^mes, but th"+: does not trke long. Hiss Wlnt^r- 
bauer is nov typinr thr cards from Mrs. -.eichlPT'c slips, with 
instructions to leave untyped the slips "hich show alternative 
spell-ln-:;^ of names ('rhich I murt check), items x^rith qiieation 
narks, an;l recurrinrj names such as those of clerks of courts 
and sheriffs, Thtch en be conbln«d. ?h^t means that three 
ouarters of the eardfl crv. '^r> typ'^d by someone else, leaving 
only thp "stickers" for Fl<^. We should be able to finish the 
indexing of unbound records (so far as we are goinci only thini 
1813) by Thankaf^ivin.-^ at least. I hav^ decided not to go be- 
yond the year 1313 in th" det^illed indexinfj because the later 
records r-re no routine in nrture as to h^ve rel/'-tively little 
biofijraphical v^lu*^, "^xcept perhaps in glvinrr an approxlinr.te 
date of the coring of some settler. At that, his presence 
'■rould b'^ to b-^ noted elsewhere before he became involved 
In law suits. 

Next shall start Indexinp; of the bound records. How 
much of this lirs . Relchl'^r >rlll be able to do vrill depend 
partly u>)on t"v- cantrntG '■•rA partly uoon their physical con- 

I'r. Hountree is still only in the lettdr 'L* of the cor- 
poration reports, with the last I-.dex Cards being only par^ 
tially filed and the next year's Corporetlon Reports almost 
r^ady to be transferred to us. Part of this is nj fault ae 
I h^'ve ansignpd hln to P-one^ exhibit work; three days he was 
absent on bookmobile businesn; ttfice to my knowledge' he assist- 
ed in th-- Photof^aphic Ln.boratory, once to do photostatin.^ for 
our Archives exhibit -^t the St^te Pair during Mr. Bihh's vaca- 
tion, and oner to help "-ith the photoststin* that rush Job on 
the Communiflt petition. A Briber of times recently when I 
would have occasion to look for Mr. Rountree I wuld locate 
hift in the Photof^ra^hic Laboratory, which seems to have be- 
come aome'^ot of a "h.^nr; out" for the colored boys. I have 
talked to Mr. Rountree a'oout the fact that hie work Is ser- 
iously behind, and I believe the trouble is that he Is too 

- 2 - 

accofflodfttlng - the boys In the Photogrnphlc Lsborntory ask 
him to n;o do'ii to take phone messages vhen they are out, and 
vp.rloup members of the staff seem to be sendlni^ him on errands. 
I do not believe he is soldiering. I h'-ve explained to him 
that in a way his is the most important of any in the Archives, 
for If his filing is not up to date it iftpedes our reference 
vork, and our biggest sellinf^ uoint is better service than 
the departments can give themselves. If there should be a 
change of administration and h'^ should lose out, there would 
be only one thing for me to do - drop my own work and apend 
all my time catching up on the filing. I doubt if I could 
stand the physical exercise involved even if I werr not occu- 
pied more properly with supervision and training of staff. 
I have instructed Mr. Rountree to tell anyone asking him to 
do anything besides his own vault work to tell that person 
that th'^y will have to check with me. In view of my efforts 
to tighten up on his work, I hope you won't have to take him _ 
away for more trips. If you do I hope you will let ae know 
you p.v^ taking him, because it weakens staff morale when I 
don't knov, as happened in the case of his last trip, that 
h<> hap been sent away. The situation in the Photographic 
Laboratory, which no long-^r makes any pretence of paylnp; a^ny 
attention to me is bad enough without having it spread to 
the rest of the staff. 

Mrs. Rlchler was away on vacation August y-l** (not having 
been here long enoughf to have mor» time) and Miss Scheffler 
from August 1^^ - September 4. 

Because of her vacation and the fact that she had to take 
the rpference desk several days during absences of Mr. Cassa- 
day and Mrs. McFadden, Miss Scheffler did not get back to her 
regular cataloging as we hsd planned. She supervised the 
preparation and placing of the State Fair exhibits, also dis- 
mantling of same, which took considerable time. She reports 
filing 1275 census name cnrds in the Name index, also mAing 
kO cross references and 15 guide cards, all in the letter A. 
The census cards having been counted previously do not appear 
in the statistics for this month. 

Mrs. Robeson did the preliminary filing on about 700 
name index cards. Her major work this month has been check- 
ing Notary Petitions for raisfiled Notary bonds. She reports 
searching the years August 1913 through 1918. Among the 
50,000 petitions she found I50 notary bonds and one vhole folder 
of bonds improperly filed with the petitions . We should per- 
haps explain that these records came to us already filed and 
that this is the first time we have had pti opportunity to 
check the filing. While the staff normally would check from 
one file to another if the document were not found in the 
proper place, this would not only be wast notion but might 
possibly be neglected. 

- 3 - 

Mr. Cassady reports that ^le he Is racking aone progresa 
on his history of county offices, he has sppnt a large pro- 
portion of his time on ref*»rence wotk. He has now taken 
moat of the responsibility for the reference end off ny shoul- 
ders as Mr. Wetherbee did. Of course Mrs. MoFadden has been 
here so lont? that she loiows where to look for things, but 
Trhen a detailed search has to be mde she cannot leave the 
desk. Much of ttils reference Work does not show In the sta- 
tistics - for instance a several days* search for a certain 
plat of a canal section in Chicago wanted by the New York 
Central Railroad. The Waterways Division did not think we had 
It, and we were pretty sure too, but the railroad man was in- 
sistent. We found a later plat vhich gave himf the data which 
enabled him to find the original in the records of the Chicago 
Title and Trust Company which had already given up on the 
problem. T1\p st-^tistics of course show •can?il records, 1 call.' 
Of course this 1*? evened up by •Corporation Reports 15* lAioh 
night be found in on*» drawer. The llict that Mr. Cassady does 
not seem to h-^vo imach TJrogress to report on his research Job 
does not trouble me, for his non-itatistlcal work is becoming 
increasingly valuable. He does r^^port having m«de 25O naae 
index cards for the I850 federal census for Macoupin County. 
He is also glvinj^ thought to ^^r>t he thinks may develop Into 
a three article? on ways in which the Archives does and can 
render reference service to other State departments and to the 
community. Mr. Cassady is also interested In seeing us do 
more work with ccranty officials and would be willing to do some 
field work, though he would, of course, not want to be out on 
the road all the time, nor should h<^ be. Possibly changes in 
county offices aftpr thp election might give us a ahanoe to 
rpnew our program, and perhaps we should be giving thought to 
whether and what we want to do about county records. 

Mrs McFadden reports having made 200 name index cards 
for Macoupin County census of I850. She made folders for the 
rest of the Senate records, took a number of stock calls per- 
sonally, and did routine work. A good many visitors, especially 
during the tourist months. I have hed a number of conpllnents 
on the graciousness she shows to those who wander in and ask 
"hat the purpose of the building is. Of course, most people 
Just look in and walk out again, but many want to see a 
sample vault or ask cuestions of various types. 


Miss Ana Raeda, paleographer for the Nationsl Archives at 
Bogata, Colombia, who hat; been an Intern at the National Archives 
in Washington, spent three days here in August (4—6). She was 
accompanied by her sister Miss Emella Bueda. 

I4r. Theodore Schellenberg of the Hatlonnl Archives stopped 
briefly for a call as he was driving through. Unfortunately 
it was during ray four o'clock week and the office was unable 
to reach me. Miss Bcheffler took hin ||hro\igh the building. He 
was here for the dedication. 

l-tr. Al Mayer, State Editor for the Eaot St. Louis Joarnal, 
spent a day here studjring our present Cahokla exhibit, and wrote 

- 4 - 

a very Interesting one page feature article, with a reproduction 
of one of the documente. Miss Boy Ian also spent a couple of 
hours hfre on her ^fay to the State Fair. 

Perrln Collection . 

I have been In correspondence t^lth Professor J. F. McDermott 
of the St. Louis Historical Docuni'^nts Foundation about the trans- 
lating and edltlnf^ son'* of the Cahokla records In a commemorative 
volume beinf? Issued In connection with the 250th anniversary of 
Cahokla next year. The volume goes to press November first. Al- 
though Professor McDermott claims this Is a scholarly work, Mr. 
Monaghan and I both feel that It la being thrown together too 
hastily to have the narks of scholarship. Miss Rogers has ex- 
pressed herself as agreelnf^ with the two of us that we should 
not skim off the cream of tjie Cahokla collection for this, since 
the Historical Library plans to publish another volume In the 
Illinois Historical Collections. He had planned to h??ve Profes- 
sor Pease do the work, but even with Professor Pease gone Mr. 
Mons^han says the work If properly done, would take years. Mr. 
Monaghan suggested that perhaps Mrs. Pease, who was assistant 
editor before her marrl-^ge, might be employed to do prelimi- 
nary work on the transcripts in the old State Historical Survey 
which belong to the Historical Library but which are presum- 
ably still In Professor Pease's office. 

Of course Mr. McDermott was disappointed In our decision, 
but appreciates our point of view. I have suggested that we 
might provide him copies of half a dazen or so manuscripts 
>^ich could be reproduced in his volume, with a note of ex- 
planation that the State of Illinois plans to exploit the Per- 
ein collection properly. It seems to me that this procedure 
T/ill not detract from the value of ^at is left, but will per- 
haps show the importance of getting the rest of the French 
records, now in Belleville and in Cheater, to us. I am now 
making a name index to the Registre and going through the other 
early documents for int^^restlng examples. I think what I ought 
to do is to send merely photostats of the original, our trans- 
lation (which needs polishing by an expert in 18th century Missis- 
sippi French), and such biographical notes as I have on the names 
on the documents, and let Dr. McDiermott be responsible for the 

Miscellaneous Notes . 

A State Library would not ordinarily have anything to do with 
the funeral arrangements for a Roman Catholic Bishop, but per- 
haps a note should be made about what we were asked to do towards 
the interment of Bishop (Jriffln. It wap desired to bury with 
hin a history of hip terra of office, also copies of some of hio 
sermons. Miss Rogers, Assistant State Librarian asked Is if we 
had any lead boxes. The Archives did not have, but Miss Rogers 
produced a tin tube about 30 Inches long and 2^ inches in diameter. 
V/e suggested that the manuscripts should be wrapped In aluminum 
foil before they were plr'oed in the tube. We procured foil fror 
a florist and sent both over to the chancellery. The story was 
written up in the newspapers, xfithout, however, mentioning the 
State Library's participation. 

- 5 - 

MlBS Soheffler contributed a rerlev of Weeks* Hov to File 
and Index t o the July 19^1^8 number of the Anerloan Arehlyiat. 
This reviev was solicited by the Book Rerlews Editor, without 
my suggestions. 

Ibe State Library closed at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, Aagast 18, 
Seraoo]*atle Day. It vas open regular hours the rest of the veek. 



''Its of the smaller exhibit oases from the Second Floor 
Lobby vere fill*** with photostatic copies of archival documents. 
One case was given over to a positive copy of the present (1870) 
State Constitution. Other oases contained copies of significant 
historical laws on rivers, railroads, highways, canals and schools. 

Miscellaneous Refercnod Work . _ 

Aside from that reference work detailed above, * would cite 
two reference calls typical of the nature of our services. A 
copy of the plans and some photograi*vs of the building were sent 
to the Tennessee State Library which is about to build a new 
ardhival and hlrtorioal building. 

Mr. D. J. Benthrong, a Ph. D. candidate from ^e fftiiverslty 
of Wisconsin, discussed civil waf«r manuscripts in the archives 
with me . He said he was preparing a pamphlet on civil war 
source materials belonging to the State for the Illinois State 
Historical Library. I pointed out two as yet unexploited bodies 
of materials «• the records of the operation of the Illinois and 
Michigan canal in the Archives, and the detailed physical and 
family descriptions in the recruitment records, the latter being 
in the Adjutant General's office. 

Baildlng Botes. / 

The Sonfei^noe Room was used by Mr. Vichars of the Secretary 
of State's office on the afternoon of August 25 and 30. 

Mr. Cassady has been fuxmished with a lar^ walnut desk 
which makes the end of the George Hfrlow room where he sits a 
nice little office and a qui^t, but convenient, place in which 
to work. 

Respectfully submitted. 



65th Gteneral Aflsenbly, Regular Session, 19^7 

Senate reeords 120^ documents 

65th General AeseB'bly, Special Session 

Senate records I3 dotsonents 

Total receipts 121? dooixBients 

■s .-■ ;. 

AugttBt 19J^8 

Routine Departmental Calls 
Secretary of State 
Corporation Dept. 

Ammal reports 

Index cards 

Charter records 

Saecutire Dept. 

Certificates of Qaall float Ion 

Trade Marks 

Pardon recoils: Coraimitatlon 
Index Dept. 

Deeds to State Property 

Election recoils 

Enrolled lavs 
Bookkeeping Dept. 

Fee book (Auto) 
Securities Dept. 

Closed cases 

General Assembly Records 

Insurance Dept. 
Annual reports 

Division of Waterways 
I & M Canal records 

War Council Records 
P A regulations 

Historical, Genealogical, etc. (At Archlres) 

History of State Departments 


General Assembly 

H R 8 transcripts of county records 

Election redords 

l^ecution records 
















Mail Inquiries 

Archires Technique 



History of State Departments 

Grand TotaT 




Attguat 19^8 Ind^x 

Cro88 References 


Guide Cards 


Perrln Colleotion 

1800 61 

1801 160 

1802 6 

1803 30 

1809 230 ^37 

Macoupin County Federal >^ 

.Census 1350 ^$0 ) 

V. 992 ioardfl 

., ?■• 


Auditor of Public Aooountf 7 

Civil Serrloe CoaalBBlcMi 2 

Dopt. of InsurRiwe 3 

ULquor Control Coanslflslon 1 

Supt. of Public Infltruotlone 3 

l>«pt. of K«f5iBtr^tlon & Eauoatlon 36 

Soo. of State 

Corpcwratlon * 

Ex90tttl7e 22 

Safety Reiipon«lblllty 19 

Stnte Treasurer 8 

Sttpresie Court 1 

State Dept. of Revenue __% 


Photographic Leboratory Report 
August 19^ 


815 - Silo prints 1^ gal. Developer 

— 16 « Hypo 

250 - 16x20 prints 
250 - 16x20 prints mounted 
13 ooples - 39 - 8*10 prints 
6 roll« Kodaohrome 
150 - 35 M M mounted for projection machine 

925 copies 

6Q qts. Developer - 5^ q*s. Hypo. 


Report for ;^ppt'»rabor 19^8 

AooeflBlopg . Deed and tltlo records pertalnlnf^ to- the 
Veteran?! RehftbllltAtlon Center Property at ZkU^S 'arren 
Soulpvnrd, Chicago an'-l to thp- Clyde JohnBon Road Tract of 
311onn 3prinp:fi St-^t^ Pnrk r^r^ depoflltod by the Index Depart- 
ment of thp iSecret'^ry of St'-tp'R Office. 

' . \ 
j^ep.qrtmentnl Vnulta 

'The AxeoutlTc 3ep/?rtmi»nt of th<» Bpcretary of ^tct^'f? 

office and the Stpte Tr«Rmirer transferred records to th«»lr 

respective Departments! V«ult5. 

VftOatione . *:!r. hountree was absent on vacation the flr^t 
tvo weeks of September and ?^lse Norton the last two weeks. 

aff Work 




[though I vorked overtln** most of th«» tvo weev.-; before 
Ip-.vlnp on my vacation, trylnr^ to ol»>nr my desk, I seem to 
h^,ve little to report -sf; positive achievements. I attempted 
to finish the revi<!lon -^nd typing of card?i for Mrs helchlpi^'s 
Index slips for th»» years 13lb-l8l2 of th* Perrln Coll«>ctlon, 
but did not coriplrt'^ the task. Mis-' ■•/lnt«rbau«r typ*>p all 
the cards which lo not re^tilre chec'tln?^ of n'^mp" for spelling 
selected for flllnp;. Thl" h*>lp8 a good deal but still t.nkes 
too mich of my tlrr* for more or I^sp routlni» work. I h^.v« 
dl'^cusspd witn Itrp. Rplchl*r th*" desirability of her adding . . 
typln!^ to h'^r cu" lif lections . It woulri be a p:reat saving of 
tine if she could ty.'e her C'T) crds and nost of th*» work she 
now in dolnr oould th'^n f^o throup-h with minimum revision. 

Mrn. ppichler havin-^ completp-d th*" index elips for unbound 
Perrin docurronts 1810-1818 is now workln^t back^-'-ardp towards the 
place •/h'^rf I stfllpopd. She hae conpl«»t«d the slips for the 
year 1309, maktnr about 25O slips. 

Thr prooonr.i of Professor John Francl" HcDermott to publish 
trr^nslations of many of th*' Perrln manuscripts In hie ^srojected 
volume of Crihoki" manuscriots wns discussed in the Auf^iot report 
of thp Archives Department. Fourteen manuscripts were finally 
Belect«»l for reproduction. As I hsd n<»lthpr tin\f nor IncllnaTlon 
to lend my own nam« to the proji^ct, we m'»r'*ly sent him photo- 
static copies of thp documents and of our rourh tranelntions. 
Mrs . Reichler transcribed on*» document that had not photopr^phed 
well, 'fhe follo'finp" documents were selected for Inclusion in 
the McDprmott Volume: 

l.Frora the notprlal r-^prlstpr, the .fbllo'-^'in?^ early documents. 

Most of the r«»oorde in this are Kaskaskia, Fort de Chartres 
or Prairie du Rocher recorde, only a fe'^^ beinrc from Cahokia., 
I used those with Cahokia date lines wh^re they illustrated 

the ^Int, but used a few others from elsewhere than Cahokia. 

a. M'^rrlpge contract between Francois Alr>rle and Domitllde 
Baillarjon. RAf^lstered Jrin. I3, 1737. These were Cahokia 
residents. The first item in the Rep-istre is also a 

- 2 - 

Cnhol'l.^ marrL-p-p oontrnot of the same year, bat Is 
oartly llleglblp and the p-^.^e ba'lly broken. The Regletre 

FJ-vea thf -^-^Inent points of the contracts, but not 
tne co'^piete text. 

b. St. AnfTp'fl ftcceptflnoe of thf donation given by the 
mother of hie Intp eon Pierre to the latter* s children 
for vhoiTi Robert (Jratton de 8t. Ange vrb guardian. The 
'•^Idov wee to hpve the uee of the property urttll her 
rone o-^ne of ^p-^i^ ?>n<^: her daughter vaB married. Such 
donation? usually r>r«'flunpd a second marriage ws.8 in 
night, but there Ifl no record of It In this volume. 
Dec. 30, 1738 

c. The donation by Louie ThomaB of Fort de Chartres of all 
hlf? property to the par tor of the Parlnh of 3t. Anne, 
the Rev. Gagnon, on condition that he Is to live with 
'"ragnon vho agrees on behalf of himself and the Senlnary 
of For^lgh MlBfilone to tp-'e care of Thomas the rent of 
hlR life. Feb. 6, 17^2. Thle the only Itjstance In the 
Rpf^lntrp wherp a priest ^ra« to take care of an Invalid, 
lwi« It iP the first recorded donation to the HlsRlon 
except for bonuesta for m^'-eneB nnl prayern for the dead 
whloh T-rere praoticnlly alvayp Included In the wills. 

d. Don'^tlon of Antqlnp PJ,f » '^ll^i.fl La Plume, to Loula Morln 
and vlf »^^ri»t»^ f-or hfih ToV the rest of hie life. This 
was a moire typical settlement of property In return for 
proralfle of care. July 6, 17'4-2. All of these donations 
are no lnt<»rpetlng th-^t It vas hard to chooee j^mong them. 
3ora«»tlmeq thpy provldpd that a certain slave was to be 
asfilgned to thplr care, sometimes they made milte elab- 
orate stipulations ae to the style In ^tilch they were 

to be maintained. There ar* so m^ny of such donations 
that one ooncluder that "this vrae thp usual procedure 
when a per«on became aged, even though thp person had 
children. Sometlmee thp donetlons were made to the 
children. In at least onp Inet^nce with the frank state- 
ment that children were so ungrateful that this was the 
only way they could Inpure carp for themselves. 

e. Will of Louie Trinuet, d-tpd July 6, 17^6, at Kaskaskla, 
bequeathing all hlR goods In the plrog^ie In which he Is 
about to dpscend to Ne" Orleans togethpr with all per- 
sonal property, papers, etc. pertaining to then, to 
Plerrp Pillet, presumably hl<? partner. 200 llvres from 
thie, ho'-'ever, vrro to be paid to the Church at Kaskaskla. 

Feb. 10, 1776. Marriage contract bet'^een Jean Saptlste 

Dubuque and l^ary Suzanne Ceslrre. Aside from the proml- 
ence of the principals, this wrb selected as a typical 
contract Involving a first marriage. 

- 3 - 

3. Aug. 8, 1772. ICarrlftg© oontraot betvaen Jean Baptlate 

Hubert Ia Croix and Catherine Aubuchon - a second 
marriage . 

4.Deo.l^, 1773- Inventory of th^ estate of Jaoque Compte - 
a fa5.rly long Inventory. 

5. Deo. 29, 1774. Inventory of estate of Golan Merreaux - 

a one page Inventory, rather more typical of the paucity 
of poflBeealone of most settlers. 

6. Oct. 31. A contract between La Croix and Oonstante for 

aone farm vfot\ to be done on shares - not too lm« 
portant, but a rather Interesting document at that. 

7. Sept. 1773- Petition by Oerre for a foreclosure ag* '»»'>'' 

La Pierre; gives a brief deocriptlon of house - not 
an iiBportant document, but short. 

8. Jan. 15, 1735. Dr. Bequet'a suit against Oramont for 

medical care. Rather Interesting as telling about 
havln?^ made trips to gather medicinal herbs, etc. 
Oraaont had meantime changed doctors and subsequently 


9. Apr. 6, 1785. The regulations for the eomnon fenoe, 

vhichvxerr requented. 

'^*- Me TX'wcn 

10. Aug. 23, 1785. A oofT^panlon piece, an order against 

trespassing on cultivated lands. 

- il- _ 


''ir. Cpnflady'8 report for tliln nonth 1r Intpreatlnp; not 
only b<*cnupe of hlR description of pon'o of our recent ref- 
erencr" '/ork but aleo bpopuse It nhovg ho" well ho Ir gettlnf^ the 
"feel" of th** n.rchiv"! profession. Thprefore I pm Including 
thn entire text at thlp point: 

'in the course of ^-n IntereFftlLn?-: month ^'.Ith r^fprfnicp problems, 
I'ioint^d r'^fli;ltn h v«> deponatr' t'^f. c:onp of th* fruit r of nyrtenjitlc 
t^nr'Olou?' n.pnenblin- of -orop^r ^.ro-hlv'.l n- t^rl'^l. Thp H'nt''rv'?»..yf 
Dlvlelon 1'' confront'-d "Ith n-:r\Y dr-^ '.t^-";'^ problerin rloni: the 
Illir;olF I'icl:l;;'.n cr-.R-^l-, ^- pp'^rently for r>ori'» tine prnt th'* drp^.rt- 
rnent h^^". n^t '^^ch onTin^rTip" -^robleT! -p It ^rocn . The prf^^ent 
poll.'y i"' oo r'^vip--^ t>i^ --rtlr'* hif^tory of th*^ cnnafl-l drr.inr.p^r 
prool^ni -n l «^r.t'-bllrh r, ; b^^"''' on^hur '.r*>d yp^r? of trial. 
T'-'o '^•n^'in'^'^r;" '.r- r:^'"l ;n?-d to th^ tp,Rk '^.n'''- '•r^ revleflng' thp crn-'-l 
r:ns,-:ln^erlr.~ r<"cordn. It ~l?o rl -ht b^ not^d th^t th^ Watervayp 
Division hlf^hly val'i"^ Vrr- ori-^in-l ^nfln-^-^r field not^e thnt nny 
be thr. oontrolllnr fnctor In decidlnf; nroperty boundfirleB under 
the ne'- f;r<ant of th^- canal lpr\'\r> to t]\p Gt'te for r-'d.ltlon^l uiges. 

^V-'v -^tudejit doin-; h^r doc'^o:'^'" ■''.I'^r'^tt'- 1' on -".t th* Unlv^rr^lty 
of Illlnni" ■'.rr.r elrtf^d b"cr-n<^p oiir bo-in'T ■^n''' unbounl rT~t'='rl"l8 
frora t])p hlf'torlc'^1 rpcordp purvry ir^lo'-tpc'' th" prp*!«iJoe. or ab- 
sence of tr"Ct Index^r^ In p^oh county. Th*^ Student -'.nr from 
V'r'Rhin."tan D, (' . rn' '".ornpl'' Unlvi-T"!"":;/; "he cornpllrri'^ntf'd our 
fnollltlpr '-n' pyrf'^T^ vry hlr'My. 

^It :'^udd'^nly dn'^n on on^ ^.&i.n h^n not nurtur'^d ?. hietorlcil 
concept thr.t In addition to t}T^ cultur-^l vlue of ar'^hlvep there 
Ifl n. practic;! rpt'irn ■^or every dollar n-^ent In r'='Cord ''•'peoinp' 
fron doll'^r" ^aved nw". p?irn'*d. 

' 7!ie usur.l -"uotA of letter" r^'^upnt^.n^;' .p;enenlofrloal Information 
var. fierviced nnd again '-'e rr^^ transcribing cnrde for our name 
Indpx from the I85O fpderrl cpneu"^ for M.-^coupln county. I coplpd 
infornn.tion on thre-^ hrtndr^d c"rd£i. '-.'e -re «t pnr^e 215 vlth 
about 115 doublp p^rrpn rprr^drlne In I'pcoupln County. 

'/e rp'-.TPpppd the I865 nt-te o'^nf^u*^ bookP nnd .i-dded more de- 
tailed informptlon to tlip eh^lf lirt inventory for each county, 

nil«ir?in'c co mtipp nrp ir^Ac^tod. 

I r.n contlrnxin ^ t.o t->""f^ not'-'' fror thp Ir^v"^ of 1828 for my 
r'"'r^'"rch In hir'':ory of 00 r*:.y offin^p, th'^ 'rorV lo not proereefl- 
Ing ap fp.nt nn I would lilt" but conpletion of the flrPt constitu- 
tional perlor" Ir not In thp too dintrn" future. 

'I h'^ve Qtart'^d ''■orV: on <^n Trf. cIp or nprie" of e.rtlcl«F on 
*flervloea of the Archlvoa de;o^rtn.^nt * "-hich I '-rill floon hevp for 
your crltlclcrt." 

Mlae Scheffler In ptll"! spendin'^ much of hpr tlnp fllln.T 
c.?rds In thp nnne Index vhioh nccunul" ted back of her revision 
of thp file. She reoort'; h-vln- filed 3280 cards. Mr?. Robeson 
afiplRte by doln/^ the pr^linln^ry P.rranren^nt of cards. Mlsp 
Schpffler has rIco done confllderable rpference './ork '^'Ith Mr. 
Souirps of the Division of '.■'■tervAye in the oan^l records. 


Sh'^ r^.l^w^ntl**^. th<» ?irohlv9P rrhlblt At th** 3tnt<» Fair ftnd re- 
aasenblpd it In tho pxhlblt oneflS on th<> R»»oond floor lobby of 
this Archiv*»fl Building. She i8 serving on th« dlnn»»r oomraitte«a 
for the Illlnol« Library Apooolation which vrt.ll op^t herf In 
Nov»'!Tib?r nnd for thp nnnnnl Alr^nnT of thp Illinoie Stnte Klm- 
ployecB* Aaaooiptl^n. Sh®- hf^a b^^'-n roappolrtf^d to tho Bof»rd 
of th^ latr^-^r Anaoolation. 

Or. Hountree rf^oorts tliJ't hr hn-^. norpl'^t«>d filln,- Gor;)or^tlon 
rofpovtt^ throaprh th^ Iptter "M" --nl the numb^re cp.rde for the 
Corporation Ind^Ji O-^rli?. Hf» also r^trrapp'^d ahI r'^lnvontoripd 
the 1865 o'^n'fUB volunofl. 

!-*rs. Robopor hnn ontlnu'^d thn chfoking of fllin'; of Hotory 
Petitions for r»lr?fll«d llot'-ry bon-;.?;. in 'jpntenbnr ah*^ oheo'ced 
thf? yp!KTB 1930-35, also 1906 - Fob. I9II, locatinf; 76 inlflflled 
bondf! . 

''r. and Mrs. MofVlnnifi, he n p^.-^t prenident of th"? Wect 
Vlrp:lnia IfintorlORl Sooipty called on«> dny. 

Staff Not eg 

"r . Jntn'^ n 3r o^'n , 1 J.ini'jor in thin ■bulldlnf^ for s'^v^rnl 
yTq until hl3 r^flls' '\bout a r.iontTi n,f;o becaupo or ill- 
health, died. rhp funeral wnR hold October 5th. 

?.*»Rpeot fully subnitted, 


Septeab«r 19^8 

Secretary of State. Index Dept. 

Deeds to State property 2^ documente 

2 cases 

September 19'^8 

Routine Departmental calls 

Secretary of State 
Corporation Dept. 

Annual reports 125 

Index cards 93 

Charter records 1 

Correspondence 2 

Index Dept. 

Eleotlons 39 

Communist Petition 3 

Deed records 1 

Enrolled Iavs I7 

SzeoutlTe Dept. 

Executive Register 1 

Inter-stete compact 1 

Notary records 9 

Pardon records 2 

Trade narks I7 

Security Dept. 

Closed cases k 

General Assembly 22 

Illinois Watenrays Dlv. 

I & H canal records 52 

Historical, Oenealof^oal, etc. 


U. 3. Census 2 

Name Index 18 

County Histories k 


Blue Book 2 

General Assembly 3 

Miscellaneous 1 

Mall Inquiries 

Genealogical Xfy 

Historical 8 

Perrln coll«»etlon 14 

Misoellaneoas 2 

Grand Total 




September 19^8 

Kane Index: 

Grose Reference Cards 210 

Oalde Cards 175 

\ Haooufiln County Census ^50/ 

Perrin Collection 

1810 8^ 

1811 , ^^ 

1812 »^ 


VAULT ADMISSIONS September 19'*8 

Dlv. Arohlteoture h Enprlneerlng 

Auditor Public Accounts 

Civil Service Cowinlselon 

Illinois Commerce Commission 

Sec. of State 

Uxecutive Dept. 
Index ■ 
Safety Responsibility 

Dept. Registration h Education 

State Treasurer 

Supt. Public Inst. 

Supreme Ct. 









Photographic LF.bor&tarjr Beport 
September 19^8 

721 - 8x10 prints 
50 - 16x20 prints 

1 - roll Kodochrome mounted in glaee 
13 copies. ^8 - 8x10 prints 
50 - l6x20 prints mounted 
1^ gel. Developer 
16 * Hypo. 

235 Copiefl - 36 qts. Developer 
30 * Hypo. 


Report October 1, 19^6 - September 30, 19^8 

The Archives Dppartnent of the Illinois State Library 
noved into the State Archives Building in Mprch 1933- Ten 
years afterwards we can report that It Is estimrted th?t 
th«=re is room for only one more year's accumulation of records 
in most of the Departmental Vaults (some being already filled 
to capacity), while those I'aults immediately under the Juris- 
diction of the archivist T-^ould permit acceptance of only one 
more major accession Although it is thought th-^t less than 
ten percent of the State's non-current permanent records are 
still out of the bulldinn:, the pnnu-^1 rate of increpse of records 
is so hi-h that additional vault space will be necessary in the 
very near future. 

At present the State recofds of Illinois arp probably as near 
under control as is possible under our system of sjovernment. Laws 
permitting disposal of uself^ss accumulations of papers passed on 
recommendation of thp Statp Records Commission and also those 
secured by the depsrtme*-ts themselves prior to the creation of the 
Com.mission h?ve pretty well cleared storerooms of dead m:'^terial. 
Most Stpte departm-^nts employ filir" analysts p.t int-^rvals to 
maV.e sugcestions for better organized files. To be sure, these 
analysts, oping employees of companies which manufacture filing 
eculpment, are not Inclined to give too much encouragement to the 
inital segregation of ephemeral from permanent records as that 
would cut down too much on sales. The limitations as well ? s 
applicatllity of microohotography to record making and keeping 
pre becoming b'^'tt^r understood with more satlsfpctor;'' employment 
of the process on tho increpse. In-servlce-traini "" ohnses of 
record making, filing, correspondence m<=thods and the like are 
beginning to sho'^' results. Probably thp heprt of thp St-^te's 
record program, however, is the State Archives Building. So 
long PS the Departments hpve to convince the Archives Department 
that the records they propose to transfer to their DeT^rtm.ental 
Vpults in that bu'-ldlrg or to the Archives proper, are records 
of perm.^-r.'^nt or lon-r rang** vplue, they are goine- to h' ve to give 
periodic considerp-tl ">n to tho cuallty of th^ records they ke^p. 
If tha St-^ta Archives Building becoihes fllli=d to cappcity and no 
addition? 1 spac^ is provided for nef-^er records which accumulpte, 
the collpction will become static. As the records in the build- 
ing become less us^-d for admlnlstratlv'= purposes snd come to be 
looked upon chiefly as historic? 1 documents, most of the benefits 
of the Archives Building as an adjunct to admlristrative efficiency 
will be lost. Thi=re will be a reversion to the old haphazard and 
wasteful records "storerooms" and the reeducation of State depart- 
ments to the value of a well-rounded records program will have to 
be undertaken all over again. For that reason we urge that immed- 
iate steps be taken towards the erection and addition to the StPte 
Archives Building to provide additional vault space. 

During the war the scarcity of office space in Springfield 
forced the Secretary of State to move part of his Automobile 

* 2 - 

Depp-rtiripnt Into th* A.rchlvpfl Bullflln^. Onp floor of Depart- 
nentnl Vaults, sorely needed for the houslnp; of those perma- 
npnt reoorAe of th*» Stnte for which the building wrs planned, 
Ifl now used for office apice. The three floors of offices 
which fonnr»rly housed the archives staff, the Departmental 
Vnult clerks stn.tloned In the bulldlne: to eervloe the records 
of their respective depp rtments, and the Illinois Document s 
Coll'^otlon of the Stnte Library are no'.^ used by the Automobile 
Deportment. In aldltlon, the archival mnnuscrlpts repair room 
and the building storage room h v«» also been tak^n for other 
purposes. Three floors of archival vaults have had to be used 
for shelvlnp; the Illinois Dooum*^nts Coll«»ctlon. The standard 
office space allovanoe of one desk pT employ*»p Is ln'»deauate 
for work with r*»cord8 which hav*> to be spread out over con- 
siderable area while being processed. Plans for oatohlnn; up 
on arrearages of filing and of repair work have h«d to be 
dropped until such time as work apace planned for archival use 
c^n be r*»palned. Stpte employees worklncr in the building but not 
subject to archival discipline in the matter of fire an'l other 
safety provisions for the protection of the records entrusted 
to our care haftbAen an increasingly serious source of worry 
and of comple.lnts on the p^ rt of other departments housing 
records here. It should ba said, however, that this arrange- 
ment is no more satisfactory to the Automobile D*»pprtment than 
to us, an'l we hope that pfter the erection of nev buildings is 
begun other department? will no longer have to be qu^^rtered In 
the Archives Building. 

*lthou-*h our accessions for the blennlum have totlAed 5^3 
volumes, 131,552 miscellaneous documents and 30^ legal site 
file dr'iwers, most of these h^ve been additional deposits added 
to categorias already in the Archives. The two most Important 
new types of records received ?re the St«te Soil Conservation 
3o»<*d r'»corde of conservrtion dlftricts and the charred rem- 
nants of the World War I bonus records. The bonus records were 
previously microfilmed for office use by the Adjutant (Jeneral 
and tii^ oripinnla filed in the 'Archives chiefly because of their 
sentimental and historical value, with perhaps sora#» slight legal 
interest. The Insurance Department has also finished deposit- 
inr: all its annual reoorts by Illinois companies through the yer-r 

As in th* case of most '•-rohlval an-l historical Institutions 
thore is an early period of collecting miterlals, followed by 
a period in vhioh the emphasis h«^s to be upon the lees spectac- 
ular but more vital task of aapi-^ilatlng the collections on 
hand and nr^oTlnn: detailed Indexes an-^ other finding mediums. 
The Archives Dep^rtmAnt of th*» Illinois 3tat«» Library hae 
r^achpd th^t state of itc development, though it has altraye 
bei»n proud of its indexes. Bometi^ies we seem to be spending 
an enormous amount of tine in compiling indexes which theoreti- 
cally mlrrht seem of slight interest. The roimber of tines these 
indexep ar* consulted, frequently with no statistical accounting 
beinn: not<™d, gives no Indication of the tilhe they save the 
searcher. Appreoiativa comments by patrons make us wonder some- 
tini'^8 whether the Inrger statistics of some other archival in- 
stitutions mny not be In inverse relation to the amount of refer- 
ence work eliminated by good indexes. 

• 3 - 

Four mpjor projpotfl h-^vp occupied thp archlven staff 
In th« paBt blennlml: the hlntory of the State nnd county 
govftrnnente of Illlnolaj preppratlon of finding medlp for 
the early Cahokla and St. Glair county records (usually 
referred to as the Perrin collection) and for the Illinois 
and Michigan canal recordu; and the change over from 
Soundex to straight alphabetic filing In our consolidated 
name Index. 

Of these the history of Illinois State government has 
been completed throuF^h the year 19^3 (125 years of state- 
hood.) it occupies 9 thick loose-leaf volumes. Every agency 
of terrltorli^l and State government (beginning with the 
Northwest Territory, 1737} and Including temporary as well 
as permanent commissions, boards, departments, etc. Is 
listed alphabetically. Under the name of each agency there 
Is a summary, with complete bibliographical citation to the 
laws, of the history of the agency and of Its powers and 
duties. The whole Is elaborately crossed Indexed as to 
names of agencies and functions. In addition there is a 
detailed bibliography of laws relating to subjects upon 
which State government Impinges, Including laws enforeed by 
other than State agencies. The whole In effect serves as a 
supplement to ^ross' Index to all the laws of the State of 
Illinois ... 1818 to 1^69 . ^Ixcept for a much less elaborate 
study of the same kind made by the Iowa archives nearly 
half a century ago, It Is believed that Illinois Is the first 
State to h^ve completed such an analysis of the history of 
Its State administration. 

A similar analysis of county gov*»rnmpnt, now In progress, 
has been completed for th" territorial period. Based upon 
this will come a complete list of all records which should 
have been preserved in each county and for vrhat periods of 
time. This will supplement the excellent preliminary sketches 
and the Inventories published by the Historical Records S\ir- 
vey of WPA some years ago. Although our field work with 
local agencies wap laid aside during the war, we hope this ser- 
vice can be resumed soon. Especially we are anxious to carry 
out the long dreamed of project to microfilm early Illinois 
county records as being the best source material on the history 
of the State and Its communities. Such a detailed study of 
county government as we have undertaken Is a necessary prelimi- 
nary to an effective microfilm program. 

The approaching celebration of the duo-eesqulcentennlal of 
the settlement of Cahokla (19^9) calls fior detailed knowledge 
of the so-called Perrin collection of early Cahokla and St. 
Clair county records deposited by the St. Clair county Board 
several years ago. All unbound records have been rearranged 
chronologically, the French documente translated, a prelimi- 
nary calendar made and an Index ne«'rly completed for the per- 
iod 1722-1818. The manrlsge records 1791-1810 have been sum- 
marized and published In Illlnole Libraries. A start has been 
made on cetaloglng and indexing the sixty-odd bound volumes 
in the collactlon. The notarial register covering the years 
173^1763, believed to be the earliest extant civil record 
wAflt of the Alleghanies, has been translated and partially 
indexed. The Illinois State Historical Library plans to 

- ^ - 

publish euoh of theR« r«»oordB aa were not printed In previous 
volumes In the aeries, In one of Its Illinois Hlstorlonl Col~ 
leotlons volumes. InoluAed also will be transcripts of records 
still In the Belleville court house and document p of the per- 
iod collected fron other sources. Fourteen of the Perrln docu- 
ments are belnp* r«produoed in translntlon only In a oonmemo- 
ratlve volumw on Cahokla f>dltP!d by Professor John Frnnols Mo- 
Dermfctt for the St. IjOuIs Historical Dooumpnts Foundation. 

Reoent concessional lej^lelatlon p<»rniltR the Statp of Illi- 
nois to use the old Illinois fl.nd Hlchlf^an canal rlf^ht of way 
for a superhighway Into the loop district of Chicago. Before 
any enpflneerlnj^ work can begin It Is necessary for the Division 
of Vaterwaye of th*^ 3t?»t«» Depsrtm'^nt of Public '-^orlcs and Build- 
ings to establish the legal boundfl-rles of th^ lands Involved. 
Aa millions of dollers In property rights nre at stake, the 
canal records, most of which were deposited with us a few years 
Ago, ar** belnr used exhaustively by the 8t?te. Vfe have made 
cross referenced temporary ctalog c.rds for all Items Intel- 
lection, final cataloged the l^.nd and operation records and 
have m«de progress on c taloglnrr various survey records. In 
corin(%tlon with this "ork the Archives DepRrtnent has been 
called upon to render n sp'^cl'^l service In connection with the 
housing of certain highly confidential aerial surveyfi loaned 
by the War Department, ?nd handled In such a manner that nelthp* 
the Archives Department nor tho '•^'atenfays Division can have 
access to th*>m without the connivance of the other. 

A copy of the 1830 federal census sohAdules for Illinois 
purchased within th*» y*»ar now makes our file complpte up to 
and Inrlur'.lng the ypnr 1350. Six counties of the I85O federal 
census h^ve been Indexed; the rest will be Indexed as rapidly 
f>.B pes foible. 

Practically all St?^to records now In the Archives have 
been Indexed up to end Including thf year I85O. There are ap- 
proxlmptely 400,000 cards In the Name Index to dnte. The change 
to straight alphabetical filing was m?^de becpuse too m-ny of 
the short 'English nin^e of our early npttlere coded alike, 
causing confusion to users of thp catalog. 

*lthough the -fork v«fl not done v>y us, It should perhapi be 
noted th-'t th*- Library of Congress during th^ blennlum completed 
the microfilming of all printed and 'irprlnted Illinois lligls- 
latlve Journals and reports also certain early court and terri- 
torial treasurers' records covering the period to and inoluding 

A number of specL^l exhibits were shown during the blen- 
nlum among which night be mentioned the following: The Gkineral 
Assembly One Hundred Years Ago (18^7); Letter Heads; Data oon- 
oemlng names of IlllnolBlana \*iose names appear on the oornioe 
of the State AfK>hlves Building; Illtunlftated Manusoriptg; Biehop 
Hill Colony (Centennial of flKedlsh settlement In Illinois); 
Demooraoy QlomeB to Cahokla; Illinois Freedoms; Constitutions 
of Illinois; Significant acta relating to the history of Trans- 
portation and of Schools. 

- 5 - 

The personnel In the Photographic Laboratory waa in- 
creased from onp to three during the blennlum. For the 
first time most of the Blue Book ploturee for the Spcretary 
of State's office were made in our own laboratory at a very 
BubBtantlal saving over the cost of commercial work. The 
Photof^raphic Laboratory, in addition to its work for the 
Archives Department does all the publicity stills for the 
Secretary of State's office, photostatic r-^oordlng for the 
Corporation Department and photostatlnf^ and miorophotography 
for all divisions of the Illinoie State Library. Because of 
the increased load, mlcrof llninpj and other photographic pro- 
jects for the Archives Deportment had to be postponed. 

As usual the number of calls for documents for legal pur- 
poses far exceeded those for other paee. Nearly 76 percent 
of the reference questions were classified as •routine depart- 
mental' -i.e. primarily for Stpte business^ a trifle more than 
16 percent were for historical purposes, 6 percent for geneaology 
1^ percent were on archival technique and the rest claaaified 
as miscellaneous. If the unusually large proportion of docu- 
ments used for two pieces of research during two montha had 
bpen eliminated, the proportion of 'routine departmental oalls* 
would b'^ Increaeed to the usual over 80 per cent. The propor- 
tions of hlstorical^rlle for typical months was seldom as 
high as onp in flve.^^^^ ^,,«v«*n*o>c..\ 

Again the Illinois Archives Building attracted a number of 
distinguished archivists, including members of the staffs from 
the respective National Archives of Perikf", India, Yenezuelaf 
Uruguay and Colombia. Advice on buildings and other points 
of archival teohtlque was sought by a number of states and 
several forelp:n counttiea. 

The archivist servd with the librarian of congress and 
the archivist of the United States on a special oommiaalon 
created in 19^7 to advi9e on the reorganization of the N«w 
York St-ste Archives. She has been editor of The Amer lean 
Archivist (and as such ex officio member of the Counoll of 
the Society of American Archivists) since July 19^6. 8h« 
celebrated her sllv<»r anniversary as State archivist on April 
1st, 19^7 and in 19^3 was elected an honorary member of the 
National Agsociatlon of State Libraries. 

Miss ^mma Scheffler, oataloger in the Archives Department, 
has been a director of the Illinois State Employees' Aasocl- 
ation since February 19^7. 

Plespectfully submitted. 




Report for October 19^8 

■ A^coeaslonfl. The Department of Agriculture depoalted 
the list of State Fair Awards for 19^7 and the Secretary of 
State the title reoorde to the new Neuvoo State P«rk. 

Departmental Yaulte . The only r«»cordfl authorised to be 
transferred to a departmental vault were warrant Journals 
of the State Treasurer's office. 

Staff Vfork . 

Absences due to Illness and the political campaign 
slowed do^-m the output of the staff. Mrs. Rlchler was out 
two weeks, being In the hospital with pneumonia one week df 
the time. Mrs. Robeson was called out of town by the hos- 
pitalization of one of her children and Mrs. MoPadden was 
out 111 a week. I was away from Sppt ember 22 to Novenber 3i 
attending the meeting of the Society of American Archivists 
held at Raleigh, North Carolina a report on which Is appendec'-. 

Most of my own tine bet^^'een my vacation which ended 
September 30 and the time I left for Raleigh wa« taken up 
with routine administrative chores. I typed and revised a 
total of 632 Index cards for the Perrln Collection. 

Mr. Caasady divided hla time IXrtween reference work and 
writing an article for Illinois Libraries. Miss Scheffler 
took his time at the reference desk during a part of the 
month to give him uninterrupted time for this writing. 

Mr. Rountree wan assigned to the Shipping Room of the 
State Library part tine. In order that his filing of the 
Corporation Reports might not lag, Mrs. Robeson, Mrs. Mc- 
Fadden and Hiss Scheffl»»r unfolded and stapled reports for 
him. Filing of the reports through the letter "S" has been 
completed. The next year's reports are due almost any time 
now, but Mr. Rountree hopes to complete this filing before 
they arrive. Our filing has always been finished by mid- 
summer before this and we hope It will not lag another year. 

All name Index cards are now filed In the consolidated 
name Index with the exception of the cards for the census 
Index for the county upon which we are now working. 

Miss Scheffler Is working on the descriptl«« notes for 
the Field Note Records of the Illinois and Michigan canal, 
but has no statistics of^ completed work to report. She it 
now preparing an exhibit of library laws for the Illinois 
Library Association convention. 

- 2 - 

lire. Robeson hra ch-^okffd th« filing of Notary Public 
Petitions for mlafllffd Notary Bonds for the yenrs 1899-190^, 
looatlng 20. 

Mrs. McFaddon reports having iaad<» 600 Index cards for 
th^^ Macoupin Co-mty Federal Census for I85O. 

Mrs. Relohler nwde npproxlmntely I50 Index slips for 
1810 Perrln records. She has ooropl*»ted the -Impler more 
routine doouments for the period 1810-1818 and Is now doing 
the morp oonrnllcated doouments for whloh she was too Inex- 
perienced when •hf» first Oflme. We could feo faster on this 
work If we had sufficient typist help. 

Heferenoe work slumped during the final weeks of the 
pollcal campaign. We had one research worker here, Mrs. 
Ward Howell who Is Tiding a history of Corpus Christ 1 under 
a grant In aid. She wag gathering material on Simon Kinney, 
founder of the town, who was one of the contractors on the 
Illinois and Michigan cnnal. We also sent a photograph and 
d-^ta on the Holy Family Church at Cahokla for the Cahokia 
Historical Society. 

'?fe fumigated a collection of bedspreads recently pre- 
sented to the 3t''te itjiseuro. 

Howard Reproductions of Illinoi s Doouments . The Lee 
^loward Advertising Company, Incorporated, of New York, has 
Invited the Illinois State Library to participate In tts 
program for reproducing Important hlstorlC'al documents. 
The following excerpts from Mr. Howard's lette:f to Mies 
Helen'^ Rogers d'^ted October 8, 19^3, explain the project. 

My organization, which handles public relations work 
for over 700 brnka rn<i public utllltlen throughout the 
United States, Is no^' ^^ngaged In a project Involving 
the Freedom Trp.ln. In f»e«enfie, thlR proi^am Is based 
In the f."ct thfit the Freedom ?rnln h^s two Important 
shortcomings. Flrrtly, th*^ Pre*».''.Din ?r«ln visits vrry 
fe^-f communitlen In any given sto-te. Secondly, the 
Freedom Tr«lr r^m^lns for too short r p*>rlod of time 
In oommurltleG it does visit. As a consequence, only 
^. -j-r'vy smpll n<»rcpnt"n*e of perrons vfh.o would Ikle to 
sec the ^eat documents abofj^d the Freedom Train, 
•rill ever h-'-V^ nn opportunity of doing so. 

Therefor^, my orEranlr-^tlon Yxn^ r*r)roduoed, In enlarged 
form, many of th« more Important documents now touring 
the country aboard th» Freedon Train. Th.-^ne enlarged 
reproductions are being shown by my bank and utilities 
cll«»nts. . .«« a public s^rvloe to th«» communities they 
serve, and (even more Important) to the students of 
thepe communities. Purth*»r, aft^r the exhibition of 
these enlarged documents In their windows and lobbies > 
my clients present these documents to the loonl school 
board for routing through the schools of the community. 

- 3 - 

As a consequence thereof, the great dooumente of our 
American herltAJ^e ar^ belns; seen by literally millions 
of persona who otherwise rols^ht never be brought in 
contact with them. 

The acceptance of this program, which we have arrftnged 
in cooperation vith th"" American Heritage Foundation, 
has been Boet enthusiastic. This enthualasm emanates 
not only from my clients but from historical societies, 
service and patriotic organliatlona, schools bo«rds 
and similar ^oups. Local ne^-^spapers have cooperated 
and, all In all, the program la definitely achieving 
Its essential purpose of inspiring a re-dedioatlon 
to Americanism. 

In discussing the program here at this office, and in 
the discussion of the continuance of this program, 
another thought has been projected. It is, siniply, 
just this: 

We would like, now, to provide our clients, for the 
following year, with a someii^iat eimllar program... 

Tins TLi^. pi:p,tai"i»!c to ti": historical background of 

TH'^IR HOM" STATE. In other words, in the case of your 
state, we would Hke to provide our Illinois clients 
with a group of enlarged reproductions of documents 
of historical import pertaining to the State of Illinois. 
Since the documents of the Freedom Train havd been so 
*rell accepted, we fpel th-'t thn loclized program will 
have even greater acceptance. On the theory that there 
is no fiOMnd p.R ^rcitlnfr a? a tnp on your own front 
door, we feel that it will be of definite interest to 
the people ^nd students of th^ St^t*» of Illinois to learn 
more of the historical background of their st^.te, and 
to hnvp an opportunity of aesircr, in reproduction form, 
some of thp great documents of their state. 

The suocesfful conclusion of this program will depend, 
to no snrsll oxt'^nt, upon th*» cooperation of the Illinois 
3t«te Library. We will require photo graphs suitjible 
for reproduction of ppproxlnately 26 Important documents 
pertaining to your State's heritage. We will require 
some brief descriptive material relating to '»«'ch document. 
We will require (in th?" cpces where permission may be a 
requlfette) the right to reproduce these documents. 

It iH, Indend, fortunrtp, that 'dth certain exceptions, 
the choice of these docun'^nte has already been made and 
the necesS'^'ry descriptive m'^teri=l alre-'-dy prepared. ?The 
exceptions, per our phone discussion, lie in the addition 
of hvmfm Irtereet material. 

For example, in our Freedom Train progr'^.n, we included 
such documents as a letter sent by the King of Slam to 
Abraham Lincoln, offering hln (Lincoln) f^ome elephants 
for use In our "Jungles". This, certainly, is not sig- 
nificant in Amerlcpn hiptory. It har be^n reproduced and 
vrldely apprecl-^ted and discussed because of Its color, 
and hnman interest. Th^ sane Is true of a letter aent 

. 4 - 

by Deborah Oannett requeatlng a penilon. Certainly, thla 
letter Is not of any earth-ehaklng oonsequenoe, but again, 
Indicating the fact that a woman did eerre nany years ago 
In our armed forces, great hipan Interest (if not hlstorleal 
Isportanoe) was added. Another exanple is In the oase of the 
State of Oonneotlout, where one of their items to be repro- 
duced is a personal letter of Israel Putnam. There, too, 
we were thinking of the localized interest and the local color, 
rather than iJ|h« historical importance of the letter. I mention 
all this, Mlda Rogers, so that in your choice of the documents 
the interest Is as Important as the importance . 

Finally, the condition of the documents mumt hare some bearing 
on their selection. I do not mean that the documents must be 
In perfect shape. On the contrary, sometimes a ■'^ell-worn, aged 
look adds to the public interert of a paper. But the writing 
must be at least partially le^ibl»^ or else all will be lost 
in the reproduction. 

Among the states now cooperating with us on this program 
are New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, Texas, California, 
Masftaohusetts, Connecticut and Ohio. Ve Intend to proceed 
with thlfl program in 20 states of our country. 

We have agreed to rjo alone; with the program. As a start we 
submitted a copy of our Freedom Train Exhibit article for Illinois 
Libraries. Many of the items In that exhibit would not be suit- 
able for"ifhli purpote, and there are many others not listed there 
which are of greater significance. I shall be working on this 
as my^next project and will submit suggfestions shortly. The 
Springfield Marine Bank has been exhibitlns? reproductions by this 
company for several months. 

Respectfully submitted, 


-.■;''■» - 

AND Tnr AH'^.RICA."' AS30CIftTI0N 
Octob»r 27-29, 19^3 

Hlflfl HplK»n*> H. Roft^rp, 'Bfllstnnt Stftte Llbrp.rl^in and 
Hlsa MRrf:^ar#»t C. Morton, '^rchlvlBt, ^ttpncled. the Joint 
ineptlnp" of th^ Society of «m(»rlLT^n 'rchlvlPts .•'.nd the 
Am*>rlc? n Af?Boclation of Stnt** qn<^ Loop! History held Rt 
Ral*»lp-h, North Crrolln" on Octob-r 27,28 pnd 29. 

Th*» arrhlvlflt HP editor of the ^wrlcpn 'rchivipt 1b 
ex officio o nenber of the Conncll of the Society of 
"merlnnn *rch\vlptfi. Thr CotipcH held thrp*» fl^polons. 
In addition the ^rohlvlet epent oonalderable time in 
conf^renoee c'>nr!octpd wltVi her turn^nr over of the waga.- 
zlne to her aucoeBflor Karl L. Tr«»Y«»r of the National 
*Tehlv»»B. H«r term expire? w^.th the 'Tubllcntlon of the 
April 19^9 iBBu* find Bhe refused reeleotior to the poet. 
sfiP fllro ?>ttendpd onp comnltt«»p meeting end gever^l oon- 
ferencee of Phillip Brooke' comtnitti»e which 1b writing a 
recordp mo.nupl for Stot*> r>rA Tonal offlplp.le. The last 
mortlng Bhe Bkipped the neetln? to spend the tine in the 
archiveR department of the ?^Torth Cp.rollnp Deprrtm^nt of 
Archives and Hictory. There Ib a n*^w archlYlat in charge 
and he vnntpd f^ orif' pdvlpe on proc^dnr'^P vhloh ^r** not 
too popular vlth hlP ctaff ^o vpnt to continue dolnq; 
things the vey they hrve bp^r don* for the Ift forty 
ypp.rB. All in f.ll th» ^rchlvipt heprd very fev papers 
"nd therefore C'-n p-Iv** a poor r«='Oort on the ne«^tln|T It- 
self. She cRne away Hith lntan;=:lblp but positive inspi- 
ration •rhloh compp only fro"^ p'^aoclntion ■"•'■ith oth<>r personfl 
having siflillar Interecte and probl«me. Since a full re- 
port on the contents of th» pappre will npn<=>.= r ir The Aneri- 
oan Archivist no attempt to Bumn^rlze the p«!perB will be 

Thf p^p-^'TP of most Irn'^eHdl-'te apollcablllty to our ovn 
vork ver* those preeented thp first dr.y. In the mornint,- 
ve dlBcuBPed "P.<»f*»renoe Problero op Vieved by th^ Re^^der" 
nnd in th* nftarnoon 'Reference Probleme as Viewed by the 
''drilniPtr'^t&r. " Profeppor CT-^'-rler 3. Sydnor of Puk* Univer- 
sity dlecusped "'i^'hat the hlBtorlan expects of an archival 
ag'sncy" and Pr. "llton ?u"blncar .of the N.rtlon'l 'Genealogical 
Society "What the genealogint expects of an archival agenoy 
or hlPtorlcl society." Tb^ dlgrupplon froir thp floor vae 
lively. The archivipt participated, urging that professors 
nsk for 'Advice nbout un«xplolt«d rn.terlal in thp archlvea 
inBtead of assigning hackneyed topics for theslte subjects. 
She alpo deolored the l^-'ck of tralnlnif? in technlnueo of 
handling bulky bodies of source n^terlalfl. Dr. Buck of the 
Libr-^ry of Congr«BP aeked '?heth*r the historian vrould prefer 
detailed descriptions of selectpd collections of maneorlpts 

- ii - 

as had bp<»n th^ policy of hla Infltltutlon In th*» past, or 
more or less pketchy descriptions of all matnrlal. Host 
of thp r°«t of th» dlflcuPHlon r^volvi^d aronnd various 
phasre of that problem. 

Thr lunch'^on speaker waB Paul (rr^^^n, nr^mbor of the 
faculty of th*! University of North Carolina and author of 
the "historical symphonic dramaa "The Loflt Colony* and "The 
Common Glory." HIb th^me vap that Hollywood and New York 
have i^lBfled a wonderful oppurtunlty to cash In o*?. 'rr5*>rlca'B 
Interest In lt9 historical heritage. The success of his 
plays, presented annually at Honmoke Island and V/llllams- 
burg, r'»8pectlvely, would Indicate that he Is rlg^ht. 

I was able to stay for only the first trfo of the after- 
noon papers. Dr. de Yallnrjer'e paper '/as Interesting espec- 
ially for what h" had to say about the anonnt of time which 
can be given to Individual Innulrl^a. He commented oh the 
vicious circle In which we are all caught: with a limited 
ctaff you cannot compile th-^^ indexes '<fhlch would shorten 
re«?earch tlm^ because you h-^ve to spend too nruch time 
making seprches in records that should hAve been indexed first. 

Following the "ipdnesday afternoon session the members 
of the two associations were guests at a tea given by (Jovernor 

and Mrs. Cherry nt the Executive Mansion. 

The annual dinner of th^ Society of ^.m-^rican Archivists 
was held Wednesday evening with the archivist of Illinois 
or-^siding. Or. Christopher Crittenden presented his presi- 
dential adTlress. Follo^-'ing this was the business meeting. 
Br. Crittenden was reelected prpsident and the Secretary and 
Treasurer were also reelected. Herbert Kellar of Chicago 
was elected vice president. Th^ archlvif^t of Illinois was 
presented with an orchid as a gesture of thanks for her work 
as l^^n^-cX^s^. ^ditor and was made an honorary mp-riber of the 
^Tdltorlal Board. 

On Thursday we went by bus to Durham where we xvere enter- 
tained at a complimentary lunch*»on by Duke University. In 
the afternoon we went on to Chapel Hill where the University 
of Korth Carolina gave us a steak dlnn^^r which probably will 
be the best remembered feature of the trip. We spent most 
of the mornlnp- at Duke University Library throu:4;h 'rhich we 
were conduct '^d In small grouns. Insteed of the formal paper 
by Brahsm P.oberts, curator of manuscript?, as lifted on 
the program, Mr. Roberts had prepared an elaborate exhibit 
on techniques. Most oe us found this one of th«^ most help- 
ful and practical features of thp program. 

The luncheon paper on Unirersity Archives presented by 
Dr. John ffennlngs of the Virginia Historical Soci'^ty, wa« 
generally acolaftmed as the outstanding paper presented 
during the meeting. Dr. J*»nnings surveyed th.p history and 
present status of university archives in tbts country. 


thon vrent on to point out braic prlnolnl*«fl. P-^rtloulfirly 
hp ^mph" eizefl. t;h«> distinction b^tvepi oollpctionp of hietorl- 
cl m<tnu8criptn mp(l«» by unlverfilty llbrarlpe nnd university 
nrchivcn r.s records of unlv^rflty Adnlnlstr?^tlon, n distinc- 
tion seldom clep.r to nnlv*»rpity author It le a . Mrny people'^d for Imnedln-te publication. 

The tour of tho Unlvers^ity of North Cp.rolinr- blbr-ry 
'.r- c \^fr -^*»1'! or:""^nl5ter. th'^.n tb" "Ou>:«» tour, tho;y:h ve did 
r-pt noTT^ idf? of thp ,"no":nt. of n-tf^rlrl on nouwtoTn hintory 
coll''-ct*»d by '">r. J. <^r. d** P.oulh'-ft/ ll-^nllton, rer**»ntly retired 
ar- Director of thp 3outh»»rn Hl^torlc^l Coll'^ction. Dr. 
rinnilton Ir on-^ of the p-r"'* coll»ctor:^ of "n'^rlcn^. . The 
pr.per by hip Puccepftor, ^r. Jnmen V/. Pp,tton van unlmnf^lnatlve, 
oor.eletirfT ohl(»fly o* l^n<^ ll^t« of rLOCee<'lor« . "^oet of us, 
despite vp.liont efforts to be pollt-^, slept soundly through 
It. Th<» iTiP'-'tlnfr of the Council prevented the rroMvlst both 
from pnrttcipr.tlng in the scheduled tour of Chrpel Hill nnd 
from "ttendln"^ ^. p-^rty tendered by her old frl^nde the 
r..P."-.". Connor's. 

Dr. Lycwn H. Butt^rfleld of Princeton University spoke 
"t th** dinner in«>etlr"^. H« dlflciir«»«'d technlcrl ""nblenfi 
involved In editlnpr th«» lliomaB Jefferson psperfl. It is 
unlikely thrt the «br'^h"'tn Lincoln p*- •■>''r<' "l-^o b^'l^r^ edited, 
by the 'brnhrr. Lincoln Asnocifltion flt Springfield, will 
mntch th<» Jeffereon ppp«»rfl in scholars'-' Ip. Thl" long and 
informal diecuseion van liPtened to with keen interest by 
thoee In ."^.ttond^nce. 

Th° Frld'i.y rornln-- ne^tlrp-, h°ld <\t the Torth Of>rollnfi 
Department of Archives an'. History wrr devoted to the 
hictory rrr.l pro-"T*'^n of nt-te -^rchlvl "<T'»ncl'^n, '^O'^clf teally 
those of JtisPieslppl, Wisconsin and Pennpylvanla . None of 
these p^-'^erfl vere heqrd by thl'^ reporter but thosr who 
attenli^d vere not too rnthueinstlc over any of then. 

One of the* r,ost Intereptlnpc sear Ions ^^as th" luncheon 
conference ?V-dry on th<~ mr'f-tlrp; o-* th-^ Irt'-rn" tlo-^.l Council 
on Archives. Dr. Solon 3uck of V\\o Llbr*iry of Con^-^ress, 
th'^ .'jr.'^ric'.n d^^lef^ate, 'xrx". ■rff>rb'»rt 0. 3r"y«>r, aorrr-^t^^ry 
genernl of the council, gave us n. confidential and complete 
report on th«» meetlri^-*, P'-rtlcul'-rly i''^t'-r-^''tlnr' 'rr "j?. 
orf.'^er's description of the vay international atrecsep 
-.fft'=*cted t'" ' nnnt ln'^oc«nt proce'=^dl: "= . Th*^ r"xt inter- 
national conference of airohlvlflte Ip. to be held In Paris in 
1950- -n the neqrtin'- r!<--l-ct.'''1. I" 'ivldu'-ls -nd Inrtltutiona 
vill be invited to become non-votin^^ menb'^rs. '?^ach country 
'-'"111 be nllov^d only J vot*^" - t .'O to f."^ riati">n-l Boolety 
ot archivicts and one to the national archives. Speol'xl pro- 
vlRlon Is FT^de In th** mnflt lt"jtl?n f:»r votln;" in .""^nes 
where there Is neither a nr tion-^l "'rchlves nor a national 
poci'^tv of prehlvl«»t-n . 

- i* - 

The Friday afternoon session T-raf devot'»d to the subject 
of Colleotore and Historical Denopltorlea : Conimon Interests 
and rfutu.ll Benefits." The archivist was In conference flll 
afternoon concerning editorial problems of the Amdricpn 
Archivist and did not attend. 

The annual dinner of the Amerlcrn Aesoclation for State 
?.nd Local History brought the neetlnfr to a clone. President 
■ ^^* ^^^^*"^ o^ Pennsylvania gave a stiftulatlng report on 

The Association' e ^i.q^ht YearB ?nd Its Future." Dr. Stevens 
commented discreetly upon the fact that the Kreedoa Train 
was taken over by persons -fho filt th^t nrach h^lly-hoo would 
be necessary to make It a Puccess, and apologized to those 
vho vere by-ipsssed nft^r belnp^ invited to oprticl-jate In 
plans for the coming of the train to their respective com- 
munities. He said th-'.t popular reRponse frurpassed all ex- 
pectations - that the promoters had vondered how to get people 
to visit the trflin vhereae the rcr.l Tiroblem ripovod. to be hov 
to crovd in all the multitudes who stood In line to see It. 
Of particular interest to me is thp nropo^al of Henry Luce 
to publish a popular historical magazine similar In form 
to Holiday . 

The next meet'.n.?: of th« Society of ^mr-r'.c-^n f^rchlviets 
is to be held in Quebec. The council of thp American Associ- 
ation for State and Loc-l irietory drclded that it rould be 
desirable for that Association to have a separate meeting 
and said they wuld plan their aretin.^ to be held so-^ewhere 

yermont a few days before or a fev days later than the 
arohlvlRte* meeting, so th=^.t pereone intereBted in both 
associatlofie could attend both. There was some fe-rumbllng 
on the p^^rt of axchiviPts who m=y hrv- difficulty in Justifying 
atrip outside of the country anyhov, especially if the fteiiiing 
were held for only t-o instead of the usual thref^'TherelSi 
nothing the archivists could do but accede to the reauest 
since th« hlP-toric-l .n^roup seern to fe«l the archivists have 
dominr'ted their group too long. 

Jnroute hone we spent a dsy in Nashville. Tennessee, 

Tiflltinr the Tennessee Library and Archives. Mrs. 
iioore. State Librarian, had been very anxious to have us 
ma'.e thlP stop in order to consult ^^th us about olans for 
thp new Tennessee St-te Library and Archives Building for 

which ppproprlationp have pirpady bp«n n.^de pnd thr Rite 

Ootob«r 19^8 

Agriculture Dept. Document a 

State Pair Awards Report 19^7 1 

Secretary of State. Index Dept. 

Real Satatift Title; Nauvoo State 
^ Wt 69 


October 19^+8 

Routine Departmental Calle 

Secretary of State 
Corporation Dept. 

Annual Reports 

Index Garde 
Executive Dept. 

Executire Register 

Trade Harks 
Index Dept. 

Title rdcorde 

Election recorde 

Enrolled Laws 
Securities Dept. 

Closed cases 

General Assembly 

Insurance Dept . 
Annual reports 

Waterways Division 

I & H canal records 

Historical, Oenealof?ical, etc. 


Corporation Index 

Historical Records Survey 

Agricultural Census, Federal 


History State Departments 

Kane Index 

Mail Inquiries 



















~ 26 

October ig'^S 

Name Index 

1 Maenupln County Federftl Census, -n 

\ 1850 616) 

Perrln Collection 

1810 ^8 

1811 52 

1812 152 
Reglstre (-0.83) 38O 

Cross Reference 




Dlv. of Arohlteoture & ^nt^lneerlng 1 

Auditor of Public Aocountfl 3 

Glvll Sm^vloe Comraldelon 3 

Dcpt. of Finance 1 

" of Public Works & Bulldinga 1 

" of Keglfltratlon h Education 37 

Sec. of State 

Corporation 3 

Sxeoutlve 19 

Safety Peeporslblllty 23 

3«ourltle0 1 

State Treasurer 1^ 

Tax Commlflelon 1 

Waterways i. 


PhotoFtrn.phlc Lrboratory 
October 19^8 

772 - 8x10 orlntfl 

23 - llxliJ- prints 

16 - 16x20 print r, 
9 copies. 27 - 3x10 prlntp 
12g«il . Deve looer 
16'" Hypo. 


66 copleF Illinois St-^t** Llbrpry 
Ih • Corp. 
80 oopl*8 Total 

10 nte . d«velopT 
9 ' hypo . 


?eport for Novewb«»r 19^''8 

ftcceseiona . The only nocepeionB for the month v«rp 21 
doouHJents r«latin?r to r<»<^l estate recently purchaaed by the 
St.<=te for BlloTi r-jrirsTF Stt'te Park, Mlgelsfilppl Pp.lifiPdes 
St^-t" ??.rk «nfl N-^uvoo St-^t* Park, nil depofilted by th«» Index 
Depr.rtnent of th-* Secretary if St-^t^'p Oepp.rtripnt . 

Oepnrtmental Yaultf? . Becordp were tr-^neferred to Depart- 
rrjpntal Vpultfl by the DepTtm<»nt8 of Aifpi culture. Public In- 
struction ^rA 3tr-.te Treasurer. ifrrlciilture Dppsrtmprt in 
werdlng ItR oldpr fil^n in tho vr-.ult. 

3t-ff .'or:- . 

As for t'r.p par.t two yp'^rs, pirphasls Yn^e been put on 
getting the Perrlr. Goll=»ctlon indexed. Mre . r.pichlpr is 
nov workin- on th*» "sticklers" loid aRlde when ehr st-^rted 
indexlniT. oh.^ h-s picked up and completed 65 dociments for 
the yearR 1310 nnd 1311 '^nd tr?nel??.tpd porr.e t^/'^o or three 
foiind in tr.p f ^ l^- -^nd not or-'viously don*" . 

I hrvr ••'orkp''. chii^fly on th« ^.o^riotre, indexln::- '^11 n^mee 
(about crdB), pnd c^l^ndTin'^, in bri^f form, r,Il "ntries. 
Thip c'l'^nd^'rlnr iot-i-rlly vap not complet^'d until the 9th of 
December, but In r^oorted here ap a work unit completed. All 
conpletfd Perrin index c^rr^.Pi h«vp no^* been filed in one '=!lph- 
bet, xfhich ip belr.p: kept in r '^for'.rr.te fll?^ so lorr as we ohall 
"op workin-: on th<^ coll-^otlon. ?h« next project vlll be to cjet 
the sixty odd bound volumefi of thp collection cataloged nnd 
indexed. -^e exoect to index nl]. Pprrln documents in detail up 
to anl includln-- th^ ye-r 1S13. 3one of t:^.^ bound volumes arc 
of a dptp Irt^r th^.n th-^t pnd n-^y or inry rot fit Into our In- 
de^.inf- pro-:^3.ra. *teny of th" volumes ar"" court records printed 
in 'Ivord'f! C-^ho'-i^' volunf . .'ont of th^oe and sonp other volumes 
are in too fraril^ condition to handle. We may inlex the fi.lvord 
volume fr? thp orlntad cooy in order to h«ve a complete index 
of thr> vhol'-' coll<^ctlon. 

Som'-' other -'ork ^4i ich I tliink Rhoula be vdone in the Archives , 
euch an brint^^ins-;^ our c^telo;j; of ceri'^R up to date, hea been 
laid aiilde for thlp '-rork on thp Perrin collection. There are 
several reasons vhy it hns nePFiPd ":-^lep to concentrate on tha>t. 
The duo-sesnuicentpnni^l of Cahokla '■rill pp cplebratpd npxt May, 
and there have been and vlll continup to nr nf^ny calla for these 
records. Kr. Monaf';han hnr decided to ask !larr^erlte Pease to 
undertake a dpfinitive publication of manuacrlptn relatin^r to the 
French In Illirole, ^ihich will Include not only such Perrin itema 
as the Rp^ifltre and other prpviouely unpublished Perrin documents, 
but also documents from thp Bellaville and Chester court houses, 
'^lebec, Mlflpouri, New Orleans and France. I have not heard 
whether she has accepted, but if qh<- does not soneona else will 
and I want to h^ve what we havp in excelle'^t order. It is probable 
that we shall be anked to asRlsjjn desk space In the Archives for 
her use. A third rpaRon for dolnc a thorous^h Job is that the 

— ;' «• 

cnrp to vhlch v^c (^ivf^ thppp rficordrt very llkr^ly will te a 
fnotor In lnflu*>nclrf^ 3ell*»vlll» «nd Ch'^ntpr off-clnln in con- 
slderlni? rnle'-pp of 9lll'>'*, T^torl^lR to us. 

Mifls Schrffle^T contlnu'^r! cstalorijlr.;^ th#» cf^n^l records. 
Sh** h".r for somp ti-p "cpn -r)r>ln,i:? on s", v^ry conplicit^d 
p<»rlpp of fi^l'^ wnrv^^y notp-^. Th(!»p«» Tf Ir cor.fts.nt uce 
by thp DlvlPlor. of "fltT^pys nr.'' Mr. ScuItpp, ^n** of thplr 
*''np:ln''prn, h.-^. r: bp^n T^opt h*»lpfiil. Sh«» r'^prots hh nor*> work 
slips on th-- «r>rl'^s . ^pciurp of thp Irioortpncp of thp p#rlefl 
and thp difficult nrd una^-ipl problrnr? cornpctpd vlth the 
CRtalogilng, thp -fori: In r';oiri'r v<ory elo'-^'ly. On<» of the noet 
difficult probl'^T'"^ 1«? a ppyoholof^lcal on"?. *. llbrn.rlan*8 
catalog of the Indlvudu'-l volutnrs (th«?r^ T" g*»vpr'=l hundred) 
vould be nrr'^ly corfuf Ir;?:. Our problem 1b to produce a de- 
scriptive eald** to th'' R«»ri''C nf p. whole \«hlch trtll tell 
the 8P",rcl-pr Ti'heth'^r or r ^t th.f're Ip lively to be T^iR-terlal 
of lnt*»r'»*'t to hir Ir t'l" rf^vi'^f^. fh^'n the perl**P d^'scrlpt— 
Ions miint be broV'^n do-rn in '•nc.h n wrner th^t th^y will 
Show which volur^ee contain wteri'^l on the flrub-ftinctlon. 
Slrce each vol-r-f cont-'^ine rr-terl^.l?: on e^'ch of t'^'O or three 
evib-f^irct'Lonf, -^ volnDP bv Tolur^ d-^ncrlotlor of contents 
voald p.y;^lr\ be confnr;!'"^. 'Ino thl« s^iTre nerie? Tf.P con- 
:>lled b/ r>n"inr'-'rp envjloy^d by h-'^.lf .^. '^.ozt. r?uccepr',lve 
p.ryer.cies , r-n-\ thflr r'^"l'^tl"ir!'"hln to p'rt?; of th<' ?,rrlee a.IsO 
brou'^ht out. ?<>rh=')'' on'--- "l~ht fry th-^t In llbrTy cnt.ilog- 
Ihk til** d*» >-rtrror>tei r'>l'^tlon«hip voul-' b** t'-'^ ^.o^t important 
with titl'-fl pecond, •■^il«^ct rr>lationehlp<^ cnn oc ex- 
pre'^eed by m^cord^ry o^.rdF, 1^1 th nrchivefi t" *» dep?>rt mental 
rel.-^tionphl-! * f^ ^-jbordln- 1*^ to the <?;ov*»rnn'»ntnl f'lnction, 
no r,U'''' no Vi"* Ir ^'->f> o- -r -if *-b«- II^ l^.oif? '.n'": I^lchij^nn 
canal ^^° ur** th."t nR thn 'n-ln cptr.lo'- »ntry rrth^r than the 
vr^rio'ie dcpr.rtr<-nt«5 -■''b. b"''. por-trol of It •'t diver? tlnee. 
-'h'^ r^c^rdr .'?r'~ fnrt^'T brok'^n do*m to nrir,"" to-'eth'^r in 
t>ir c tnloc- those r^l^.tlrf to o->n'^tr^icti m, operrtlon '^nd 
•■ •■ n ^':ern'^'nt oT cn^l l-rds. Th«.'"?» fvirctlorr ir turn nre 
broken dovn Int-i "-jb-functlTP . "'b^- tit]p :Tlven ?. volur^ is 
t'^rtif^y - it ir ■j^'^d orly to '"'if -^-^--^rt 1''. te b«»t'-'ren records 
-.indf^r t^ r f-incti "T'^l *=>rtr' f^"- . MIb<^ Scb'-ffl'^r h-r no'r h^d 
enou!'"h *?.rcr 'vr>\ ■r«of^v*/»r,f.-N t'> Mn''«^r''t^nd f^nd ? ")nly t^i** ri^asoni 
for diff^r^ntij'tl T b'»t"<'"r th'> tn'o tyn^s of cnt^^lor. It 
^xpl-irr! 'yTY:'/ t'".r l':''tioT»l ^rcb'v'*"' j'<-.^-ir>^r 1^ '^ f^'frj-;^]]_i;5y library 
CMi:?' lorsf?rF. b^c^'I'^f^ it "rr" fn-irl t' -^t ! *: Ir '-ore fiifficult to 
rptmln tj)pr t-" tr^r^ir i'- f'^ f'r"t pl^op*. It -'-<>" r%n Inter- 
est '-p: experl^^nce to p-lve inetr'jctlon*' to MIpr Schrffl'^r and 
to ''r CaeR.»dy at th«> flr,rr>,e tiTie. Mr. Caf^endy p;ra8p«»d the 
archival point of vlp>-'r rnor-^ r'='?>-dlly thrn MIrr Scheffler, but 
he Ifickod training in and patl^nc-^ -^'Itb. bibliographical 
niinuti^ vhich i?t*» so ni^cees'^ry to ^cr-'irAte der.criptiona. I 
did not ^*''*2.^ii)2L».3£yS?'^^^' ^'^ork becnuee th^t 1*? not froa our 
point of vleVnafftnllT TPn^^ro''-. in county povernnent for vhich 
hla lee^al training f?lv*»e blrn .-^n excellent b«cks?roun^l. I 
felt he needed onouf^h cnt^.lorrinf: Inntruction for preneral supers 
vlflory work and to a^elet him in his reference work. I mak« 
this lenp-thy et^tefflent in --xpl'-.n'-tlon for the l'>ck of sta- 
tistics on catjsloglng, -'hich do'^n not imply thnt i-rork is not 

- 3 - 

goinp; on satlsfpctorily. In other ^orde, for g*»rtes p,s com- 
pllcn-tpd p.p. those In the crnnl records, there Is a hundred 
tlSief? more ^■''ork Involvpd pf>v volume than In the case of 
library books for "hlch L.C. crdP are available. 

Mls" Sch'sffl'^r alf^o pr^^prred an exhibit of library laws 
placed Just outside the St'-te Librr^ry adriini3tr<itive office 
for the Illinois Llbr-ry AsBoclr^tion convention. She also 
acted aE chairman of th^ "b.nncuet conaittee" vhlch Involved 
all arranp^en^nta for and tablp decorations for the e7:ecutive 
boar^- lixncheone, the buRinf^nr, and Induptry luncheon, the 
Smorffasbord and th.p annual banauet. All went veil, and her 
tairle decorations^ ver*^ noRt attractive. 

Aa we had m-ny vlfsltorf it seared desirable for ne to be 
at ny desk every d^y durin^'- the cocventlon. I van at the 
hotel eone tL-tje pv^ry day and vi??ited and lunched with friends, 
but the only npf;Ri:->n I ^tt^^nded •'an th** annual dinner meeting 
at '.'•hich Cllftor, ■Jtl^y, ne-T conn^ntator , tras the enealcer. 
Hler. Scheffler attended th« ctalor^ers' breaRfnat and perhaps 
some parts of ser.pions. ?'r. Helm "■■■sp of courre bney '■'•ith his 
camera. So f.^r ap I hno", no other rnemb*>r of the Archives 
staff participated in convention aotivities. 

I prepared a llPt of 26 Illinois docuir^nts to be repro- 
duced in enl'-rr-e-' forr. by the Lee Ko^^ard .Advert 1 2 Irr Conpany 
for display purposes. A'llrt ie pppended. Thin lint has 
been submitted to I'r. Mo'rard but I have not yat hf^rd further 
inst'jractions as to the preparation of photographic copies. 
I aa '/rorkinp; on thp explanatory text to accompany thp repro- 

-!r. Capnady hnn done reference ■'•rork; indexin?: nnd wrote 
nn article for Illinoin LlbrarleR entitled "Services of the 
Archives Dep-^rtment , Illinois ?5t<^te Library." He haf also 
continued hie research on county iTovernrnent . 

Mr. Rountree h'^s finished filing the "for profit" cor- 
poration reports for 19^5 but I find hp still han sone "not 
for profit" rrportg and index crrd? to file. 

'a'p are continuin.:: to c;ieclc on filing and rearrangement 
of files. I discovpred that a ,1ob of shlftlni^^ in one bay 
b'-'gun by !ir. 'Ve^th^rbep hpd not been completed and Mr. 
Cassady and Mr. Rountree rparrancred and reirventoried it. 
'nother ^oup of records was found p-^rtly on one level and 
partly on another. This har> also been rpctifled. 'trg. 
P-obeaon completed the checkincr of notary oetitions for mie- 
filed notary bonds, finding 51 In the 1333-1S93 files. She 
unfolded rnd relabelled folders for I25 enrolled Invs for 1915* 
'% are dolns? this as fast an ?'?r • 3utler cen .p;pt the new folAprs 
for ue. She has also done prellmln«ry flllnf^ of name cards 
and Is nov helpln-?: Mr. Pountree with unfoldinp^ and stapling 
corporation reports. Her filing seems to be very accurate. 

-. 4 «. 

Mre. MoFadden reports raaklng 750 Macoupin county census 
index cards and Mr. Cassady about 500- We hare now completed 
indexing the 1350 federal census far Adaas, Alexander, Bond, 
Boone, Brown, Peoria and liontgonsery counties, vith Macoupin 
nearly finished. 

We have had two reaenroh ^jforkers hpre during the month. 
Mrs. Howell 'vard of Corpus Chrlsti, Tsxas is doing a history 
of that cityj under a subvention frora one of the F^^)undat Ions. 
The founder of the city i*aB Simon Kinney vho vas one of the 
contractors on the Illinolfl and ?4ichi^an canal. She found 
quite a bit of material here. 

Miss Mr.rgaret R. Seattle ;^1b writing a doctoral disser- 
tation on fcome phase of public lands in Illinois consulted 
our swaiap land papers. 3he was dlsapoolnted not to find 
the land records here. I sent her to Miss Davie of the 
Auditor's office who was helpful, but of course there are 
no facllltlrc in the office for research workers. 

Mr. Petereon of the National Park Service is also very 
anxious to use the Kaskaekai land records. He 1b partlcul»rly 
anxious for us to get photostatic copies of five volumes 
which he could boiTow from us. With the staff of the present 

Auditor ausily engaged in prepnr-^tlons for the change of 
adminletratlon this seems an inopportune time to ask to 
borrow the volumes, but we hope be be able to acoorainodate 
Mr. Peterson later. 

As a rainor service we might mention having done another 
fumigation Job for the Stpte I'fueeuw. 

Respectfully submitted, 


- !5 - 


1. Re^letre d«s Insinuations dpfl donations, 1737-68 

This wnfl th<^ old notary's r«>?;leter of niRrrl"ge contracts, 
wllle, etc., and it Is thp earliest Icno'tv'n extant clrll 
record went of the Allep:h?'.nlee. We vlll e^lect a couple 
of early p^gep for r^^production, vlth translP^tlon. 

2. Mfip shovinfT- thp B^rench land system in the Cphoklfi. area. 

3. *n inventory of e-^.rly nstr-te of Cahokip. . 

(Jives •'-n Ides, of what tools, furniture end clothing was 
used In this pioneer settlement. 

h. Record of the Court of the Connlttpf:^ of Cnhokln. 

Thlp iff».fl the court set up rp the governins: body after 
conouest by Cteorpre RosrerR Clark. 

5. Kegulatlonn for t:;e malntpnr.nce of the fence around the 
C/'.hokl?. conmonr, 1735 

6. Fugitive slp.vep in old Cahoki" , 1735- 

Tv^o fuJTit'.ve slaves were fished out of the Ohio river 
"nd brouRTht to Cahokla to decide wh'^t to do with them. 
These nefrroee had b<^pn STt by their orl^Tlnr"! mnsters 
to servo in the *jnerlcrn revolution. They v/'='re captured 
by the Sritlsr , !=iftf»r the Tfar sold, tried to escape to 
Illinois. Both racked to be sold in Cahokia r?ith«r than 
returned to th«'l" former Tn-''.fltern. 

7. R*»r^il'; ti onB for the povernnent of the Court of C^hokia, 


3. He-mlatione agslnst srIo of liquor to the Indians, 178? 

9. 1309. Firpt entry in '^xecl.^tlvf« Rep-ietrr 

The official '.inry of the '1-overnor, kept tod^y by the 
Secret,-^ ry of St^.tp e.s hia r^cordlnfr officer 

10. 1S12. Journf^l of t^ie Iloupe of P.epresentatlbes, the first- 
Territorial G-"nprr.l Asf.'-inbly of Illinois. 

11. 1313. Te:-ritori--.l c^n^.us. 

Tekpn to prove thr t Illinolc h-^d sufficif^nt population to 
be allowed to become a State. 

12. Constitution of 1813. 1st and elE^nnture p'^.gee 

'ilie first ORf-re is ratri<»r photo.crenlc; eigne tures of four 
men for 'rlioTTs counties were lat»r nenied appear on the 
signature page. 

13. I825. The first free school act of IllinolB. 

- 6 - 

l^^. 1825 . An act to provide for the constiipctlon of the 
Illinois and Mlchlf^an oanal. 

This canal ^-rae to Illlnpls vh^'t th» Erie C'-vhrI van to 
the Sait. We also hnvtJ a e©r>y of the first survey for 
the cpnal. We will mibetitute that if we can get a 
sj^tlsfactory copy. 

15. 1329. Act provldinp; for re;^ietration of fre^ negroes as 
protection acjain^t heing kidnapped aa fugitive alavefl 

16. 183 0. Gfirtlflcptea of Purchase for first oanal lands 
sold, Includln-- sals of first lot in Chleago 

17. 183^}-. Lincoln* fl certifies te of qun.llfloation aa having 
been elected to the Oen-^rr-l Asnenbly; a copy of hie 
first bill J perhaos one or tvo other shorter O.A. 
records in Lincoln' 5 hs.ndwritlng. 

18. IS37. Intf»rnal IraDrovementg act. 

"Ithough this r>lf^n bankrupted the State because of the 
me.nner 'in '-^hich it >mp attempted to carry it out, this 
'-rag! the first "planned economy" oublic vorks pro^am 
in the StAt*" and was fundamentally sound in principal. 
It vould be derairebl" to eho^< this on a map. '^e have 
r photontat fir.f^a up to show thin, which we used In an 
exhibition. I do not knov '■rheth'^r you -rould T^ant to 
have onp pr-^p^red, hit it wii^ht be interesting?. 

10. 13'4-3. Way bllle Of the !Iorthf>rn Cross P^llroad, the 
first railroad built in the State 

18^5. Toll record for first yerr of operation of Illinois 
rnd Michigan c?nal, eho^rinn: naren of boato, conmodities 
carried, etc. 

20. Act crelfctlng the Illinois Asylun for the Education of 
the Deaf and I>amb. 1339- 

The first 3teta charitable institution 

21. 1367. Th- Illinois eiprht hour l^bor „ct. 

22. 1370. Th-^ pr'^sent 3trte constitution 

23. 1878. Act Rlvlnr womm thf> right to choose occupstione. 
Zk. 1903. Th«> flr«t motor vehicle speed limit lav (I5 ffl.p.h.) 

25. 1891. Act pjlvlnp: the secret ballot (Australian ballot law) 

26. 1919. Act protectlnff ninoriti«e against inflammatory 

"*"' .<,•■ 

ABCHIT!»:S Accession 
November 19^ 

Seeretmry of State. Index Dopt. 

Beal eetat© title »©dord« 21 dooanente 

-'i ■■.■J 

Archlven Referfinoe 
Nov«aber 19^8 

Routine D«pftrtin«ntal Calls 

Seorfttary of Stat* 

Boo1c^©eplni^ Dept. 

Duplicate Pft^ Polls 2 

Corporation Dept. 

Annual R«portfl 89 
Chart«r Heoord 1 

Correspondence 1 

Index carda 35 

Executive Dept. 

Certifleatea of Qaaliflcntlon 2 
Land Records 3 

Notary Bond* 2 

Trade Harks 7 

Index Dept. 

Klectlons 36 

CoBifflttnlflt Petition 5 

Enrolled Lavs 26 

Seourltlee Dept. 

Clos«^d casea 5 

General ARHenbly ?-eoordfl 3^ 


Historical, Oenealocjloal, etc. (in person) 

' Ajrohlval Technique 1 . 

.Oenealosy.' »^- ^Z-': •■< . 
' . 'J. Hletorloftl ■ 

Hleoellaneous 16 

Census (Historical Purposes) 40 
Illinois A lllohigan Canal ; 7 
Internal Improveaents 3 

Bw&tap lAnds ^0 
ExecutlYe Heoord -■' 2 

Election Reodrd 1 

Kllltf.ry Correspondence 1 

Oovemor*s Correspondence 2 

Kail Inoulries 

Archival Technique 2 

Genealogy %■■ 7 

History S 

Miscellaneous 1 





y llov«!Bb«r 19J^8 

Name In«lox 


Federal Censud I85O 

(Haooupln Co. 


Perrln Collection! 

Rftgl«tr*» Index 


(fiup*»r8ed«8 nrevloue 


VAULT AIMI3SI0H8 HoveTSbcr 19^8 

DlT. of Arohlteoture & T^ncflne^ring 

Auditor of Public AcoountB 

Civil Serrlo© Coinnleelon 

Illinois Cowsmnree CoflwlBelon 

Dept. of Inmirano« 

See. of Ststc 

IBxecutlve mpartm^nt 
Index Departiaent 
Safety Peeponslblllty 

9upt. of Public Instruct lone 

Dept. of Kegletratlon & Education 

State Tt^RBureP 







iv' ^f "? *'*;'^ "' ■' 

i" «- .'*'"■' 

Photographlo Laboratory 
Noveaber 19^8 

622 - 8x10 prints 
11^ - llrJLi^ • 
33 - 16x20 " 
k copies - 16 • 8x10 prints 
11 gal. D«v«loper 
Ih • Hypo. 


V)h ooDlei - Corporation 
^ * - Library 
• Total 

20 cite, '^.evelopc'r 
18 • hypo. 

,.,, . ,.-*i. i 



Report for DecenTber 19^1-8 

Acceseipne . 'Hie CorT>orntion Department transferred the 
19^6 and 19^7 "?lot for Pr»flt" Corporations Anrraal Reports. 
The Ipdex Oepprtm*>nt tranf?ferred 2k docum^^nts relating to 
6 tracts added to the Npuvoo St^te Parle. The Legislative 
Council trannferred rfsearch dstfi ^.nd its report on •Responal- 
billty for Illghvrr-.y Planning." 

Pepartme ntn 1 Vrult r . Th'' follo'-rln?^ departnents transferred 
rccordc: Agriculture and Kegistr^tion r'.nd "Education. 

Staff Work . The calendar of the Keglstre dee Insinuatlona 
des Donations, 1737*69 '-^ioh I reported ae having "been finished 
last month took lon;^er thrn I hpd anticipated and actually it 
vas not ccpleted until th° middle of the month. Most of my 
time the ref5t of the month x-rne occupied by the selection of 
wpterials for reproduction b- the Lee How??rd Advertlsin.^ Co. Inc., 
and I'/ritln!?: the '^ccorppnylnp: d'»ncrlptlons of documents. 

No ne-' project har been undertaken by any member of the 
staff except I^rs . Robeson. She has started the refiling of the 
Secretary of State's correpoon-'enee for the years 1910-191^ irtilch to U6 unfiled. The HRS refiled for the years 1901-1909 at 
le.nst to the firat letter. Mrs. Hobeaon is now trying to get 
the files ors-^anized at least to the first letter and has finished 
the year 1910 and pr-rt of 1911. ''S soon as she completee filing 
to the firnt letter for all the unfiled mterlal she will go 
back over it and do to the third letter. As v/e seldom have calls 
for that TTj-'terlel we may not carry the filing beyond that point, 
at least not for the prempnt. "Irn. Rofeeson has also unfolded 
and placed in ne--^ fold^rn 193 enrolled laws for the year 1917* 
That t-rork is procrreBPlnc as rapidly ap Mr. Butler is able to 
supoly us with folder??. She h<^r> unfolded and stapled some of 
the 19'^6 corporation report?., h-p done preliminary filing for 

Index cards nnd h^-r, rubptituted occanRionally at the Reference desk. 

Mr?. ?.«lchl°r in continuln- vi"h the Indexing of Perrln docu- 
ments , and ip no'-r vorkin~ on the ye-^.r 1312. 

Mr. ?-ountree h-^n oo -pleted VriC fllinr- of the 19^5 numbered 
corporation reports and index cardr. , har, filed corporation cards 
to the letter K, and hn.r, received -nnd nede a temporary arrange- 
ment of the 19^0 corporation reports. He has nade up 1^!- of 16 
hours oved for tifte off taken in Novenber. 

Mr. Cassady and T'.r. Bountree have rearranged some material 
in several bays - in one cane coTipletin?: a shifting of drawers 
started by 14r. Wntherbec and in another case getting records 
together vhich bplon?^ed to the oane deoertnent but which, being 
r'^ceived at different ti'-:e<?, had frot pl^'ced at some distance 


Mr. Caaeady has done other odde and ends of checking and 
rearrftngementa In vaulta, besides his reference roon duties, 
86 has not made progress on his reseai^ch on county government. 

All persons workini^ at the des% have dono some indexing in 
the census records. Mrs. TlcFaddeni being thore most of the time, 
reports the largest number o% cards done, 55^' 

Miss Soheffler has m^de proPTfss on c?.taloglnK the canal field 
books. Bhe has 75 cnrds ready for revision, but until that re- 
vision has been nade these will not be reported in the etatistlcfl. 
She has also helped Mr. Souiree of the Division of W.itervmye In his 
research in the can?.! files. 

An exhibit on State .government In 18^3, Joint wori of Hiss 
Scheffler and the archivist, in In preparation. A fuller report 
vill be made next month. 

There Is perlkipe nothing of moment to report for the month 
except that the Mvlslon of ■•Taterrfaye has removed Its file of 
U. 8. Army Aerial Surveys. It 'rrlll be remembered th?t ve furnished 
acceptable housing for these highly confidential docunento. The 
Director of the Itepartntent of Public '/orks and Buildln^e has 
>n?ltten us a letter of npprecir^tion for our cooperation. 

Respectfully submitted, 


?i > \ r 

'"'■- V'^^ it 

December 19^+8 



Secretary of St^te 
Corporation Dept. 

Not for Profit Corporation 
Reports 19^6-^7 
Index Dept . 

Real Estate Titles 
Legislative Council 

ReaAaroh Data: Illjr'n-way Planning 




T i 

Decenber 19^8 
Routine DepcirtiTipntpl Callfl 

Secretary of State 

3ookkeepln«r Dept . 

TMplicate Pay Rolls 
Corporation Dept. 

^.nnual Reports 

Index Cr.rdp. 

Executive Dept. 

Certificate of Quallf legation 

J'ot?ry Bonds 

Trade Hsrke 
Index Dept. 

Depds to St'^.t'* Property 


Enrolled Lava 
Security Dept . 

Closed casec 

(Tener^l Ansfmbly 

*IlllnoiR 5: Michigan Gani*! record* 

. i :■ . ■■■ ^., ': 

Eistorical, r»enea logical, etc. . -.> , . 

> .- '!.*■' J ■' " ^' '■ ■ A ' 

:- ..,.. ' ■.,•■-. ,.1 if 











General A.afiei:ibly 
;,. >, ^ , .County History " ■ ... 
f ;' . >: Hleoellj^neoue 

Genealofry .. 

Kane Index 
State Censufl 

; .H\-'ji./-^ 




■.,. ' 

•'ail Innulrien 

Archives Technioue 






Srand Total 


♦^o4e not Include conBta||t reference to Caiml records by 

the DlvlBlon of Waterways, t^hlch I find has not been reported 

^Pon^tatlotlcally In the uast . 

Deceraber 19^8 

Nnme Index 

( Maeoupln County CeneuF, 1350 858 \ 

- -Si* ■■*«■_ ■ - . . 


Departnent of Agriculture 5 

Auditor of Pablic Accounts 12 

Civil Serrlce Cofflmleslon 7 

IlllnolG Comjneroe Commission 2 

!)epartment of Insurance k 

Illinois State Historical Library 1 

Supt. of Public Instructions ^ 

Sec. of Stpte 

Corporation Dept. J 

Executive Dent. 22 

S^nfety HeBponalblllty 25 

Dept. of Refrlatrr-tlon ?■ "V'.ucatlon 



Supreme Court . .v.- ,,■•, -■, >,^- j 

9tP.te-- Tr'epsmrer " ' '*' " 23 

1*^ J- 


D«oo»l?er 19^8 

38 pjioto eople« . 
w 76 8X10 print B 
i^8^ 8XX0 w%n%n 
^6 11X1^ print 8 . 

12 gAllone Dpv#l|^per 

nit • H\mA 

, 16 • Hypo 

238 StAt« Library 

2. Corporatidn ReoorAltig 


30 ouartfl Developer 
18 <?uprt8 Hypo 




* . ' ''- -J-' 


o "/■j 

■* .« ^ Jl, 

'«, "^ ^ft^ ' V* >< "'^ ■*' * i**TL.* t 





January 19''9 

■ • ^cce3Plon«> . Ml reoordr -^po'-ltfil In January o/"n« from 
thr' Secret vry of Htftt«»»p office*. Th-y Inolude thp \nnu-il 

r«»porta of 7or -'^oflt Corno^'-tVoTrr for 19^6, **ron the Corp 
^D^'rtmontj th<» lO'-B ^l^rstlon r«oor''!.B; -nd ')<»pdn for :^trte 
lan-is; siio«in 'Jprlnr^n, ?>rr.« Clyff»? on;i for the ourchaf^p of 



"•ho 19'.o cn-T'-inlpt :>^t:ltlor. '--^r- r»turn«d to tho Index 
-.^cp-rtr-pnt on rcti-if^rC , 

i>e pn r t mg n t n 1 V ^ • ). 1 1 p . H»»oor-^.s 'f^ri tr^tn'^f Tr^^ '^ t- f'^clr 
r!*R|>ectlve ^p^rtn^nt^.! 7.'ultp -;/ th^ 3t-te I.icr-*:-/ (coll*rctlon» 
?>©;>-.) -ni t'nn .sti-t^ Tr^-.^vir^r. Vhp '"t-tf» "rr-^ 7- jr^^r' !? office 
reoently reor^?,?.nl^f>d It^ fll-r^ -rA ftnrt -i'^ - co i )lrt;p Inventory 
of th« rpcordo In lt«? vruit . " 

In conn<*ct'.or -^\t] 

Mv. 'l, 

•pt'-.rron*R resfprch on CoJiokin I 

h'\ve> ^tta-XTpr\ r.hp lo-r, of thro<> v-ilum**'. of er.rly K-^'^kr-Pklr 

Ir.nri rpcorda fr'->n! tl-:-- -i^lt^r'- dfflce. 

vili photontftt 

I If pof-Blbl*^' — i. f^o-j. t>..- 'izp T-.ilf-^s th't ont) If not rai-croflla 
and cr^n up« thj't f rr hlftorlcrl mr )08«»9. In loflatlncr thm 
vol-.'.rtPB I wrp f.-^-ir^,,-.. -^ f^r,.. th?t 'or't of t:h« pr.rlj land office 
rftcor^. nr* no-^ Ir f-ip <\nrT5.tnr' " *?«• >=rtn?'nt.'--l vault. 
You ylll remertaf^r th-t -.'»» trii^-. u!:'^ucce«^ffally, nopevpntly. to 
ge. w-of^« record? put In n ''.eiwrtr-nt^.l v-'ilt for S"fekePT>lM, 
If r,.;oy ooiild not >5«» tr-ri nf'^rr'*^ t;o th'? "-.rchlvi-r I-'ro^^r. No 
authorization *rnR ovpi- i-lv«>n for thoe*" voIutd*? to b«" tr.-^nsf^rrcd. 
out th}»y ^r*» that fqr, ro I -^m prc'-iur----''d. Th<» rp''«an vhy 
suthorizntion w-xr not --.pVot^ for I ^o not n*»#»d to *'xpUin. lltn 
v«» r.-j-'t '.-rtch Vr.-.t unba ;nd l^n'^. rncords don*t K^t ("iroo'?**?! of 
p.B of no vw.lue. 

Staff vork. 

re. Aelchlpr ina Mr. Ro-intr«p report harincr n«<^l« tn time 
for ^''Xtrfi tlir« off tak^n by th«»n. 

ThP^r^rchiTlPt t-?t!.fln.l b«for- th» Ln?^ County Circuit 
Oour. nt Jixon In th^ n^.tP. v«. Lyl.- ?r».«r,ott CGonR*>rvation 
l^n<l cna©) on J^nunry 11. I've« Inpounded th»» deed to 
^^-^-'^f-^opf-Tty, proniPin- to rf^tnrn it at thr conclut^^lon 
*l:-,; ^-^^..-l. \'e h-^vo not y«t r«cf»iv«d It, hovercr, and 
-..'ill -rrlte about it in a nonfr.. • .• > 

„« 4.x ^^°^°*'*'f 5*^B and *«nl-rcf.n«Tte of 2? ''.of^-i?'«ntc, toscothwr 
VI a axppnptory not^p, ^^©nt to the Lp© Vovnrd AdvprtlBlnir Co.. 
inc. of Kev York for rtproduetlon In eftlarpred forre for pdrer- 
?i T?V,''^r^ft^* ?*'"'*' ^""^^ doo^m-nt8 -r* to >» r«prodio#d 

.id, 1^? Li^^raY^** "* a «?«rl«s ^ich c-^n fora th« baple of 
n oooXl<»t l*t^r. ■ 

Cataloging or thff bourui recordo In th« ?©rrln Soll^otlon 
talght hftve benn oonpl«t#d If 1 h«d not tak*^n tlm« out to In- 
<l«x one volu»*> of Innd recordp ^Ich I think vlll be useful 
to th** C^hdlkl«. n«opli» bffCJ^.uF** It llsta noet of the resilents 
In Cnhoklft In 1753 nnd 1790, reppwctl-g-ely, -^Iso thr dlppoR'^l 
of th«lr property prior to th* ♦>nd of th«» ycnr 1793. T-^'enty- 
sffv^n 8«rles if«»re completed. Hler Schefflcr 1b r,nl:ln^ g'ood 
proc;rpfl8 on the oataloglr.'/ of th*( flfild notes for the cr»nnl. 
I hpve checked moflt of h*»r x/ork nnd fo'ind no errors; r.h« 
~ i*?(f»ra to hpve rraflpf»d "th^r princlplpR of archival dencrlptlon 
v«»ry veil, Stntieticf? orinnot be f?:lv«»n until tli** vholr BRrles 
in conplet»d. 

Mr. ?.o»intr*»<» rrnt^ tnk»»n o^xt of tot^* for' eom<> dictrict 
llbr'^ry r/ork th^ In At wp^k of I>brtiary nnd hnd not returned 
in ti"p to a'ik*» hlf nonthly report. I do knov thr.t hie filing 
ie soriounly behind b©osuf!«» of the fr^cruent callR for non- 
■5rohiv.'»l -/ork, nnd 'j-h^n hi*' ■•fork is .:)ehlnd thi» archlvpB 
ref«renc<» service sraff^rs, UnfortnnT.tely it le not prsctic- 
p.ble to Ghlft other nenibcrf? of the etsff to this T>articular 
f llln : Job. 

Mrs , rnobftson ha*? alph'^.b/^tlzed to th'^; flr^t letter .'>.ll 
correflpond«^nie» of th* Sfjcr'^t ^y of 't *;<> for thf ye- r .1911. 
3he finished atnpllnp: the Oor >or«tion r-^ports for 19^*6 thru 
. the letter "A* which probnbl/ Indies t?»B the progress i-r. 
Fonntree has mnde. Sh" hn« "l«o don« ftont? !!5l«ioellnn<»ou8 
fllinq of O'^rdfl, «»tc. 

!'r. Cr\ffnady *ind Mr. -o-antree h«ive shifted tbe title 
records to 3tftte property to nocoBodate ne"^-rer ncof^flnionp, 
S drawers hnd to be filed In cabinets outeide the B.ife which 
is nov full — th^t le, th«» eectionp of the 8?fe built to tr:k€ 
fillnp onblneta* 

:-ra. J^cFadden ani -tr. C^'^Rady '^re vorkin*^ or the index 
to the WAOoupln county federal c«n»a8 of I85O. They hsve 
reach'^d p.'*5-^f "lesivln^ porse 70 double pagee nec#8a*jry for 

Routine work hee been pooowpliRhed bv ne«b«rs of the 
staff. It ifl preeumably unneceee^ry to give the snne eort 
of details for e^ch nonth, but rather to report on oocipletion 
of »ajor por Jecte. Slimmed reports froa each aenber of the 
staff (except th" Photo!»rpphlc LRborntory) are in lay file«. 

. feS^i^ilS.- The otirrent exhibit is on St^te Oovermient 
100 ye«re ago. M ufmsl I r.^de the prellnlnery ??eleotion8 
of Bwterlal «»nd Klee Roheffler carried ^t th» d«tall«. 
deoftuse^the Stntev^ft oper-tlnc; under .-^ new oonatltutlan In . 
J6J9, the leglGle.tlon th-t y-'^r wr,3 not pnjrticianrly etrikliwl 
biit we did «et together « rather interiMrfelng •i*ibit, we ; ,' 

?-J'^« i wked ottt a ch^rt of St-te ^m*TmKint find thu baa^t,^^ ^J c 
kI S2f!LT''.^"*''iJy Int^reetin??, eflp«olally to iae«b«p«. of ''^ '-^s^;^ 
h« den^ral Ass^nibljr. Mtite Sohef fierce XUt «f exhibit ; - i^W: 1 
VateriajLa 4e -appended. „ • .- - -^ , — ^- - -'S'-w^'^ .'",.'-^-- 


" ^- -- 1«"- 

-./:- ■-',"-■"' / ■■-'3 - ^ - : : , :■:, ;■:■; ^/::v"-'^^ '' ;■ 

st°ff Aativltlea . Mies Scheffler hqc b«en appointed to 
the mp'njb«»rfllilp couwilttep of the Soolety of Aia«rloan Arflhlv«ir 
and I.L. i^. 7h<» swctlon of h'^r report d«»linj? vlth that, th« 
C^ttologers' 3rp?.kfaBt px\\ th<« Illlnoli! 3t?^tft ^laployeee Associ- 
ation follows: 
« ■ 

"President; Crlttend-^n of "She Society of American Archivists 
has appointed rae a member of the M'^n'bershlp Comnlttec of the 
lisffoclAtlon. I ^Vi ta bp r'^^ponsible for soliciting ne^ iaei»b«rs 
In the Area h. Thifl are-i conprlnes the flt-^tee of Illinois, 
lova, HlnneaotR, HebrftCkR, VlRconsln, Horth and Sdnth Dnkota. 
Dr. D. L. Corbltt of the North C*rolln? Strvte Departaent of 
History and Archlvee, Raleiph i3 Chairms.n of the Connlttee. 

Mlae ^le*nor Pleln, Pre^ldpnt of the Illinois Library - 

Association hats asked me to serve on the aeabershlp cotnialttee 
as Cahlrc»«»n of Feglon t^. '!las C!^»rt^ude v., aecheldle, Llbrsrlan 
of the Main Library, Chicago Public Llbrnry Ifs fJen©r=l OhninsAn. 
I have ftooepted both of thA appoint t?,ent8. 

'At the Catalog:ers Breakfast hrld at the I.L.A. meeting h«r« 
In Noveraber It tJ^s proponrd to organi«e a Catalofr^re Section of 
I.L.A. Mise Mary Moyer, of the 111. St-^te Historical Library 
called a meeting of Sprlnf^fleld citnlo?>erp eerly In JanuAry to 
begin thlP orgajiizntion. 

• We met Rt th«» Lincoln Library rnd formulated soawR plant « 

Miss Xoyer vas to present these st the 5bt«e«tlve Board a^stiiiij; 

of I.L.A. held *jt the time of Hid-'-'inter meetlni'^ of A.L.A. in 

Ho further neetlcpr. have been held. It le hoped thjs.t a 
section, slrallpr to the Trustees Section of I.L.A. will b« 
orf^nnlzed for c«tfilo^ers over the st«.te. The ofttalogera wbo 
attended the Breakfast expressed the desire to have more hf^lpful 
programs for ti;<»lr npeclal prbblerae of cat«lo|ring. It Is hopsA 
that c?«taloglnr' probii^ms «111 find a definite place In the 
progrs.m of I.L.A. conventl ins. '... V:-;^: 

''I attf'nded one Bieet'-r?^ of th« ILLI^JOIS S?-*T?: '^-:?LOYSt!S V ' •• 
ASSOGIATIOH Bonrd of Dlrrctore. » luncheon was held e-t The 
■?111. Leglelfttlve problerar snd rreneral business vrs discussed. V 
Ple-ns are being iJWide for the Annuel Dinner on Saturday, MnJ^h 5:9» 
19^9 at the '^Ihs Club. I am Ch??irnRn of the Ticket Coianlttee 
for this dinner." 

Mrs. Mabel "'/ric^ht hn«? been transferrf»d to the Freight 
ilevfitor of the of the Archives Building, ffatving an oper.ntflar -'^ '^ 
on that slevator Is Ironlnf? out frictions caused by cot>flletl| 
dvsr thts use of the elevator. Mrs. Oorothy Curtis nuooe«4e4, ,> i-v 
ilrs. Wright as jSJiatron for the building. ,., ■.-,,; -^ « >^v;,: :•V':|■■^,.C;iK&'■■ '^. 

■ The archlvlet'e listing In "'.'ho's >fho In Chicago and IlUnols* 
is being continued, Her neme will also aopear In "Who Cisewi ^ftuit*. 
also pttbllshsd by the Msrquis Co. „ 

'^■■i^ • 

to not« 8om» >f t%w» t^np^fl of (5[qi««tl<?li« «»k«d th« ardhW«f, 

Reoently, for exawple, Oregon hAP nTlttea a^ottt th# net of 
th« fiwt|».t<?r to oowb-^t milfl-ev (I aoft*t t"hlnk It doff«) *»nA 
PenngflVAoiA a*k,ed our opinlo^n abont ^ lav thw <!trchlr»i If 
sponsor li^ to «TH(kbl« ccwinty offlc««rB to eabfitttute atcro^ 
fllji eopies f or orl??inale (aftA Aldn^t Itfce my intgatlve ^ .j^ 
antfwr). Th*» o-f^ner of nbont 1200 «icro« <^ la-nd In J^flflr>n 
county «oiaf:ht Infornatilon e«nof»mln^ th** shift In Cache 
river which l«ft soiae of his land In F.noth«? county anfl. ha« 
Involved him In a boundTY dispute. He imd hlfl foyebeiare 
ppld taxes to Johnson co^iirity ever since taltlng «p the ItmA 
from the ^overnnf'nt. He vant*^ to Icnov whether the Ikrandary 
of the eo^inty (naaed as Cache river) changed r^tne ehlft In the 
bed. *ie swrntioned the ehlft.ln the Jflflfilt«l?pl river at 
Kael^skla ee not Rff^ctlJ!^ th#» Illlnole-Hleeemrl boundary. 
Tl*» S^i^v p.bout thfel; but-pfilcl. thftt 'wsr Intpr-etete not IntPe.- : 
•tfte. We trto^l to fiv.'.frtr." ear^y r.s::>c vhlchvp.e on* thing 
he van ted. Ther eo»ieone on the' fitf ff re?nember«d thst Mr.». 
Bennett of thp Fintpr^eye !>lvt«l>9n hss been v^ori.ln.g on r «1»11 
case is which the St^t" ^'^^ Interested. Vfe lafi'de «n ep5)olnt*. 
fltent for thle i^entlem^n ove^r there and 'ie reported later that 
he felt at l»et that h*? had e-ot to thp rl^ht per«on. Thla 
1» an example of our ability to act ai? a elearln?: houee for 
lnfon?i5tlon about ^fberp to 70 Ih thi* Sti-to Houee for help. 

''\{^'-,r -■< 

i »■ ■ ti 

■^* "'^'-M: 


Seepftct-^tilly auTsmltted, 


■ t ■■■ 

^4/- - 


.■ *,.' "1--: -■■-■><*«•." 

■,«-',■■■ V--- '*'■':,..''■ ■■'"\-' '■: , 

1, *',■■'' 

.r'.M^ ■ ... 

. .-^ J. 

.;^- -m^ 


.-:\,. ". , r":?^A-ir.'^- '■^■^-':^Sm'.■^S.:f^■ 

. ' i^- 

• 'a 




> >.i>-^. 

■ ^ EXHIBIT ' . ■ . ■' ■ 

sTiiTi: GOYSKiTirjr: iii Illinois 1349 

DoouTn«nt«^ noncerninp- th<^ follo'-'ln«7 enbjeots vere pl.-^oed 
In the Qxialbit anne^P of thfi Mupseum Room of th<r A.rchlve8 Building. 

V/pot Cafte 

Constitution of 13^^9 

Sl^n-'tur^ p-;':'^ of th" orlp-lnal Conf5titution 
On^ copy of the printed Constitution 

St-ite 3ua;Tet for lS/O-51' 

Or^ranlzation of thr C-overnrnr-nt in I3it9 

*.n Act to provide for orlirir^ry and contin«:«»nt expenses of 

the (lovernraent of th^ rr-p^ular session of the Genercil Aseenbly. 

Map showing Senatorial Ap'jolntpf»nt 

let cfiSR to left of ente^nce 


Act!? to: toms and cities 

To^mehip orfvT.lzatlon - 

^Rtpblinh corron schools 

B-pco'^nizr IlllnoiR nep:ro<»B vho flerved in Mexican VTar 

To ln(So^por'■^te the Sons of Temperance 
Joint -HeBolutions : 

On the nubject of postarre 

Trrnsportln;; free persons of color to Liberis? 

Subject of Slavery 

2nd CRfle to left 

Li:0I5LATI\T. ?l?3^rj 

Acts concernins? Oorporr^.tions 

1st g^'n^r^il ""or Profit" corporation act 

(^ner'^l corporation ^ct. Construction of plnnX 

Old Age Pensions 

Fund for relief of dlRfibled firemen 

To e?t«bliGh telpgrsphs 

let secret bsllot In-'j of Illinois 

To incorpor=ite St. Louis & Illinois Wire Suspension 

Brld.^e Co. 
let Municipally o\med tf^tprworks. Peorls. 
Petition? ^.nd Bonds 

BoiTds of St'tr Officers; Auditor of Public Aooounts 

St.-^te Treasurer 

Public Prlntinp; 

Public Binding 

Delivery of 'food to St-te House 
St?te Recorda 

Secretly of St/^tc* Letter Book 

?"rovernor'R Letter Book 

General Aasenbly H^cord of Laiwi 
/ Hoae* and 3en«!te Journ?»ls 

' " ' Conatttution of 18^^S .',-1/ 

'state lovernraent in Illinois 13^+9 , ;. pag* 2 

Ijarre CaBP" on North 'imll 

CKWT^NHIALS ■; , \ ,-. 

— ^__J _: Acta ooncernln?;: .; . ' 

MaBonlc lod^s v"' ' 

Chicago lae Llj^ht and Cok« Co. 

n-r'Tfl I^flfTfr of Ofld Ffllowa 

Act in rfiisitlon to Illlnoie StrtP Hospital for th« 

Insane building* >»nd laprorewent. j*ioto 
3- . Illlnola State School for the Blind photo 

Illlnolt Aeyluis for the f»ducation of the 5>««f 
'.?v'''. ftncl BMnb. photo .•.-..,■- , — ====^-^, ■■ • <■ .'i ^ •■ 

•■""' Tovns of ■■■'^v^ ■.■'-''.''". 

; WAt«rloo: Jacksonville charter aKended; 

Littlp Fort, no'* WftuVef-^J^'; Hock Island; Canton 

Photo of Cp-OitRl 3utldlng, novr Sanprawon 6ounty Court 

';' : . ■ Keport of r/ORrd of Auditor? for ^foflc done on the 

■■.'■ ;■ state Houee ' ^^ ''?■'■■■■ 

Treasur'^r'e ?^oortR (3 volnwee) 
^Y'"-' ' ; Executive RegiBter 18^^? - ;., 

■^^- Cap© to rl?:ht of entrance 



Plank Roads 

Uev ntrte ro?-ds l-ld out >■ • ' »■' 

Nev railroad comDanies chart ered « % 

Connectlnr railroads (St. Charles Branch X.i^. Co.} 
Chicago fe'^leim Union S.K. Co. i 

Private capit''! to complete railroad eyitea 

atirted in 1337 
Rlvere import Ant for hydraulic power as veil as 

transportation. f 

Jurisdiction over Ohio river 
Vabash river inprovenir>nt 
Illlnoie pnd Michip;an Canal rccorde. 


i! ■.- 

... 'f 


- j~ . •^ . "i. .'* • x'^' 

. .. ;<: , -v-. 

, ' ..... ^, -,^ 

•' V'U 

■ ■x^?'-: ': - "■■■ -St-:. 

'•'.v/^. •->.*-:^-^: 

■'■ J, ■ . 'Jt . ,' ■ 


'. '':!^" ^.'- -■'- 


«■«"" y : 

'■*■■• -,'i 

■v<'^-^^^'':'V':'5 •■ ,; 


V'^*"'''?!;' 'S''' '■ ■ ''•'' "":''-i' '.■■ '''''>'•''!■ ''^,M,'^''' 

Ammym Kccrmtom 

Jmtiary 19*»'9 i 

■' 'V v 

.'•., 'V^i^' ■■■; 

'■',.. ",.,'-'"-" ■'< I''-' "', ■ 


^ . ■ ■,•,. .' ,*■> ,■ ■.< -. ■'i." '" ■: 

"..;. vte- '■■'■■ *■;■ -.^;. ',■ 


• \ l' ' . ■■,.■'■.; 1 .V . r 

t!>?^ve^« P9Pffy«"^t 

Index D«partiw>nt ' ' f ;■ :. v" '^J /- 
D^edci to Siktp Proper ty 
^ Slisotlon Records, X9kB 

■ .^''^-'SJ'. I . /; 




.jvt..' .,- 

«^- t; 


;<!;;.:! ^ 

■;.^:: m 


• , 

. '■..''■ ' 



.■^■- '--Sf', 

■* ' .fV 


■awl . ; 

■ -V ;l' 

) .; ;.,'./ 



:/;, , *-.\'r.^: ■■ 



' .•'■^,' ;''■'- -^' 



•' h'. 

■''.. ■■' 




' ^ 

' • ^' " ' > ■'" 


"■. ' 

'■■. ' ■' 


' ''■ .■■ .'■-ft;.*'; ■«' 

' ,^ 

i '^^■■•'■\.. 


;■ ;*•■. 


■ .. "i^ 5.- - 


. ■'fj 


' "'^ 





; ; '' ■■■ 1,.' _ ! 



:\'i^ ''■-'■- 


'■■ . .?* 


\i>'' ,' . , 

■ «" ■ 

'■ ■■''■.■: 

■ s' ' T . ' '■ '"i 






■ ■■' .«" 


^,j'-.;- y'w'^'^c::^^ r^d,^, ■.: ' -'^^ '■-',[/ '..'r ■■;.,,:; :%:,>■'"■-;: :>- -v. ":&^.;u-- ^ 7V„ ,■■"•',:".,;'■•■• '■■"^;*"'4^ 



,^..' - .%--■ -. .- : .t 

■:, • ; -'";.■>■ 'v. if.'.--*-..'? 


. --i; 

January 19^9 

Routln*? Dep&rtin«ntf»l ChIIs 

Secretary of State 

Corporntion Dept. -^ 

Ajinual Tf parte 116 

Ind«x cards 66 

Corrpfoond^nce 2 






Executiyft Dept. 

R.€»cord of county officers 
":cec-atlve reglQtf»r 
Inter-St'^te oowpnot 
L«nd ps.tentfl 

Pardon record 

"'ioolckeeplri;'; Dput. 

'' pny roll 

Ind<*x Dept. 

lie«d9 to St-te property 5 

Election r«^cord9 36 

Cotnmunipt Petition 2 

Hnrollfd l?wg ifS 

SeouritlRS Deot. 

Clo5*>d caesa 13 

Q*»nernl AQaembly ^ 1 

Division of 'fntervaye _, ' , ■ • 

r'" , ■ Canitl re«ord» • ^ '"/ |f. ^ '-; ;' i 1 

Ohlppcrf field r<»port '^ "' L 

Historical, Gf»n#RlofrlCAl, etc. 

\ .-■ ; defSM-logy ' .^, ■;_. ^> 

' 1840 federal census 1 

1350 federal oaneues Z 

;R<xr^allty census ; ^ 1_ 


County history 2 

Blue Book 2 

Nf»me Index 15 

History of Stfi.te Oep^irtnientB 3 

General Assenbly 1 

Revised Statutes 1 

*;ioct Ion returns, 1S53-73 Z. 

Kftll Ip^lrlea 

Archival T«ohnlf»ue 7 

C5«nealogy 13 

Hlatorioal 11 

JGLseellaneous 6 

State ?l«oordfl Coainlsslon 2 



Grand Total 365 



Pr»rrln Collection ' 

27 Beripe 
2 crosn references 
■;,\, 2 Mstory ctarda. ";,,; 
Same Ijidex •"■■ . ~"^ 

.Maooupln Co. federal oenetts, 1350 





.•^ - 

' f , 

■'*t •• 



*. ,. .> .,.. >. . 


Auditor of Pabllc Aooerin*!! 
CItII 3«rTlce Gormlsaion r» /^ 
Illinolfl C^vmerc^ Commission — — 

Illlnol« State Ki8torle?il Ubrpry 
T>mpnrtm»n% of Xnmir&nce 
SaperlnftonOei^t of Public Instructions 

DipiirtmeBt of Public 1?ol?fce «= Bulldlnge 
D«partBi«nt of Rftgl??tr'--tlon & K-itjoatlon 

Secretary of State 
Conrt of Olnlne 
' ExeoTiti-v^ei 

Safety Rf»ftporalblllty 

Sttpreme Court . 

State Treasurer 

■ 2 

J . 








M i' 

p. -^ - 

5 "f 

* ts. 



656 8x10 prints 

12 16x20 prlnta 

16 11x1^ prinUs 

20 copies froEi neirepff-pera 

Ik gal. Developer 
18 • Eypo 

60 - 8x10 


^h State LibTRrj 

12 Corporation necordlng 

20 ote. Developer 
9 • Hypo . , 

' ^*«* 


L "* ^ i-^^ 

Report for FebruRry 19^ 

Aooeffglone . For th*» ftrat month flinoe wpvlng Into the 
Arohlr*8 Building we have had no nooeaslona to report. 

Departmental Va-ulta . Tranafera vere mode by the Book- 
keeping Department of the Secretary of State's of floe, the 
Departnent of Registration and Education, the State Library 
and the Teacherf* Retlr«n»ent ayetera. 

The Commeroe Coramlealon hae filled all Ita bays and 
needs more apace. 

The Automobile Dep«?rtnent la Installing an air condition- 
ing unit on the 11th level. I look for thle to further upeet 
thp building ventilating ayatem unleea that has been detached. 
In apite of my warning to the ooiap&ny making the Inetallatlon 
that there should be no entrance into any departmental vaults, 
r. watchman admitted workmen to Vault 12 North and they set 
aome of the files belonging to the Executive Department of the 
Secretary of Ststp'e office out into the corridor. Aa these 
happened to be the confidential pardon files kept by the Secre- 
tary of Stflte for the Department of Public Safety the depart- 
ment was perturbed. Apparently these records were left un- 
SUf.rded at least over the we*k*»nd. Complaint was lodged with 
the Superintendent of Capitol Buildings and Grounds by Mias 
Rogers, Aesiitant State Librarian. 

Archives Building. 

Apparently wat^r backed up in the roof drain pipen and 
w«|ter leaked down at l^nrt aa' far as the eleventh floor on 
the night of February 15 . Fortunately thle vafi discovered 
before records were damaged. Temporary repairs wpre mide and 
I hnve been told thpt exteneive roof repairs are to be made as 
soon as the weather Is propitious. 

Rene^^ed efforts are being made to secure obedience to the 
V.o Smoking regulations of the building, so far without marked 
eucceee. Complaints have been madt by other depsirtments hous- 
ing records In the building, and there have been flagrant 
vlolatlone In past monthB by the Automobile Depr^rtment, the 
Photographic Laboratory Staff, and, it is asid, by watchmen. We 
have been promised oooperntion by tl» persona Involved. 

The Archives Conference Room was used twi«e for boaird and 
committee meetings of the Stnte Employeec* Association. 

The abort course on public relatione sponsored by the 
Civil Service Commission and presented by Mr. Ogg, given to 
tho State Library Staff, was held in th« second flooJ* lobby 
thp week beginning February lU. 

- 2 - 

Staff '^ork 

The Porrln CollfotLon. I sprp-lno'l my left; vrlet on 
F*bnatry 3- 'Hilfl nr-clp it n*'Of»npary to postpone 
th«^ oatlLlofjInr of th*» bo ind records! of the oolleotion and 
tynlnej of ind<"X orrdf for -^ilch I K«d nlrf»pdy vrltten pr*- 
llnlnary note clips. Althouf^h norr of the 0»>liokl«i r«^oord9, 
notably th«» «»Tll»f)t conrt prrsc^^^dlnr:?? ■^r** ln'?.»x©d In the 
Cfiholda volum*? i>tibll«h<*d by Mvord, It Sf?ena desirable to p.dA 
QfTd? for th^ r-'T^-fl In thnt volume to o-jr Nj»Tn<» IndPx ^nd to 
Include or. th^-> crxrds VAf. blof. r"^.phlcal Infornati i^od on other 
Index o^Tdfl for tho coll«otlon. Hy, by no>f, ^T(^r:(^T fprnlli-irlty 
v/lth th^ C- hoklr. nHr:a(^T jfrn.lttod «« to oorrect some errors In 
trp.nscrl.:>tion. \n ny o^m --'or/c for th<» nonth, I '•rrot^ th«» pre- 
liminary cllpc for thlc Indr:: vrhich will t.?>:R betvf>pn 2000 and 
'-i-OOO c^rdH . "^oln;?- thin -tjorlc proved ^^forth '#hll«», bQC?».ufle these 
court proceodlni^" lllurnin-Jt*? the other par<?llel unbound record©, 
p.rx'". thp oareful study re^ulr*d for Indexing: fixed fnotu on ny 
mind th/'t I h".d nilf?t!rd frc:" merely rB.adlng the book» 

*'.rn. ;-'='iohlf»r Yina Tvi-itton .ip;>roxlr.n.tely 200 Indffx slips, 
copiplet In*; lnd»Tlri^ through th" ye>^T 1?1''. Boin* tiPR aj^o she 
conplet-d lnd*^7:'..n?^ 'of t"i" sirplrr docuiTJontn throui^li the year 
1813 nnd no-r !« rroinFT br.c!: to thr norp difficult doounf^nto. 
3h?? in rentlr.=: a type-.rrlt^r on which to pmotlee p.nd thlnkc, 
sine* Rhr hnd p llttlr* type-.Tltrr Inntructlon in colle,re, that 
she '..'111 soon b*^ -iblp to typp her o^m o.'irda. if ^o, thlr- will 
be 1 j^ftnt help in o'vir f^onl to finlnh oat-^lorlnrr ^nd Indexing!; 
all ti\*» P-^rrln Collection t^irough t;io ycr^r lSl3 by t!:e end of 
th" yenr. I hop»* to finirh riy (y\rr\ part of the vorh by the end 
of th?> Runi:-:er, though it vlll tnke longer if I ty.>«» to h«>lp 
finish !'r«? . r^lnhler'n ellpe. M1p<7 vrint«»rbeuer hns too rrxoh 
otlicr '^rork to help on thin, bpnldea the typln-: should be done 
by <?one on^ vho underPtT.di the recorde. "fe .T<^vf^ typinfr tine 
by n'klni£ only oije^ nactf^r c.^rd for all the nnmf^e in a document. 
Th(»n In typln-'^*%he7p^rtlnent fo,otP for the n-rcr. involved. Other- 
Tleo \rp nl..:ht Ti-ve to vrlte nn hifii a.«! fifteen flej»r.rte sllpa, 
identical except for the nT.e. 

Through the courtesy of the "udltor of Public Acoounte ve 
hA^vc been able to borrow the first tliree voluraef; of tlie Kaek«tkia 
Lend records (through tli'» yeerel9l/>) for r\r\ir,r, a rvicrofilra copy. 
This It^ beluf; cent to Kr. Petereon vIr nn interlibrary losin to 
the Vircinls. ntr^te Llbrery. The infornatlen le sorre^'hrt lesfl 
inter*»atlnfj thr^n T-re hr<i expected to find, bein^ merely regietr^tione 
of deods. Wr hed hopo'd it "onl''i be norr llhe the U.S. St'-te P&pere: 
Lp-ndr - trp.r;rcrlpti3 of teetinory conoernin.f^ reoidenoe In the dle- 
trlct, vlth many blo(^Aphlenl notes r.rA occeeioni^l deeeriptions 
of buildings. Acoordlnr to old inventories, there vere unbound. 
records to ROOOiBp»ny these volunee, but these seen to hftve din- 

)the-r Staff 



er nee 

ilRP Sohe ff ler h»G cor^nleted th<* oetr-lopinf: of about helf 
of the field GOKpflre ^nd level note booke for the Illlnole «ind 
Klohijjen CRnnl. The rel?».tiv©ly wTnell nuaber of e.fitelog c«rd« 
resultihK- ie r11 out of proportion to the difficulties of the 
vork of deeorlblnf? th** records, ^very roluwe brought new pro-^ 
bleme, the eolution of which sonetlmee involved dolnj;: over « 

- 3 - 

number of volunws ettp-ooseAly completed earlltr. Mr. Squlrea 
of thf? engineering ataff of the Waterwayo DlYlslon Iws been 
raoflt hnlpfiil In explaining the alf^lfloance of the varloaa 
pr.rte. He Is Interested eppeoipliy In this pRrtloular eerlea 
since much o€ the preaent dny survey work Involvea the use of 
these record©. 

Ir^npninp- ve nljrht eTC-olatn thnt library oatalosrlng rul«« 
arf Insdequrte for the description of arohlval documents such 
RP thes'i. It T-rould b? perfectly poRSlble to write o\it a noet 
^L-^borate deoorlptlon of a. volune, y^t that description would 
mer.n nothinj^ to tho pernor islnfi: the oatalo?. For archival 
s'jrip*'- you tauot show the Bigr^lficp.noe of the document - its 
functional plAoe In the set-up and its purpose. Wlthmit an 
underetfnclirn of hovr the document W9.e supposed to be used n 
aere tRble of content p 1^ ofti»n jneiinln>»;le9s. With the slgnifl- 
c=noe bro-ight tersely, your dssorlption of contents can 
be curtailed. 

Mr. Canendy in distreeeed because betveen the reference 
worlc F.ncl hie two and a half hours dally at the refersnce desk 
he iR finainsT It difficult to do his research on cwmty gorern* 
rnent. '. recent reference reruest (by ©all) for ». roster of 
Cook county Judges, could h-ve been ansvsred in an hour or tvo 
had hn not hrd flrct to dU' out the hl«?tory of the courts in- 
volved. I nade two sui^j^efitlonr in the wp.tter. First, 
th-t ho "hould nrranfje hlr F.ohedule in such a mftnner thnt It 
could be underPtoofi that, except In energenciea, he vould not 
be cnll^d u'>on for reference work in the longer period of the 
day he Is not at the Reference Desk; that he concentrate his 
mall referf^nce xrork for doln:: while nt the desk and during the 
short period be It rooming or afternoon, between reference desk 
work - in othfir vords. to' orc!«^nl?:e hir. tlr"e bett«»r. The other 
eu^f^r''tlon Is t^iat hp nnlie flrnt a n&eter bibllofrraphjr for 
county officer for th<^ tAiole period, rather than stop for the 
detailed analysis of eroh not as he comes to it . For certain 
reasons Trhioh' I ^'.o not cr** to r^ Ir-to here. It is inpracticable 
to relieve hln of tine at thi" reference deRk. 

rtr. I'.ountree ••fr« loaned to another dep^rtnent of the State 
Library for th<« first tvo '"^e-^-'f^ of the !«onth| He is still 
filln"-" in the letter "B* of the Corijorptlon -.e>x)rt3. Hrs. 
Robeeon, '^r*- . ?*eP5.dden and others of the staff h^lr^ by un- 
foldlnf^ nnd st-5plin?r. 

Mth. Pobeoon hnfr finished alphabetizing the Searetrry of 
State's correspondence for 1912. 

rtrs. McFadden and Mr. Cnsendy report havlnf^ v'ritten 875 
and 600 index cards for the 1350 federal eenpus for Macoupin 
county, T.'hloh Is Still not complete. 

All nerabera of the staff reported on a variety of minor and 
more or lens routine Jobs vhlch I a» not detelllnc hei?e. SigneA 
monthly reports by all wenbers of the staff ere on file in ay 
office if detailed wccountP of the quantity of work is needed 
for any purpose. 

- <^ - 

F^ptographlf Lftborntory . Hr. Hela nnd I dlacuesed th© 
problea of scnwdullnp? work In the ?hotof;rnj*ilo Laborptory. 
?h#» Archives h«s oft^n valt#d a month or more for vork . 
(Rlp;ht nov I ^ra vr-ltlnss for ft microfilm order** by the Chicago 
Hlctorical Society dntftd Janunry 20). I Am not Inclined to 
"blftwe thp men In th^ l'--bor.'».tory too tnuch for thin present 
eltn^.tior, for we knov thoy all r-rork hrrd and j>nt In much 
overt ire. ''or. TI*!!!! Adnlt? tHit a js^rcat de'-l of vork done 
In thp l-bor^tory le not f-tnte vork, btzt anye, "When a 
depprtfflprt hepd telle me to toV.e the plctur'^f, ''^ho?^ am I to 
cv.j I von't?" Tie finye th;?t pn order ^tp.^ Jenu^d Hone time 
r-.-^o thrt all orders should nl^^r through Maude HcDonnld, 
bUu tliat ?.ft«?r ■» fev ver?V:s nobody war paying any attention to 
It. ".r B p.yR the denurtrirint he-dP l9.bel evrrythlrr "Confi- 
dential* ap their excuse for not eolng through "chrnnplpi." 
I bellp-vfi the Rolution voul '. ^^ to hnvp a reouifiiltlon form 
printed in trlpllOAte to be u'K'd b/ Hler, McDonald, or mor© 
provMsrly, yon, upeelfylT-i?^ #vct plotur*R are to be t'iV'>n, 
ho" r^.-^ny prints p.nd of '.•hat pize to be made, fh^ inrxto^e, and 
aontp.lnirp* f?. flt^tera<»nt to be signed by the person deciRndlng 
the 'rork, that this vrork ii 3t.''.te vork. One copy would ^o 
to thr laboratory, one to the perron ri«kinr;^ the renulsltlon, 
one to the p?ioervi«or (th«> AofliPtr»nt 8t«5.te Libr'jrian or the 
^rchivlnt.) i realize th'.p 1;^ •> tlokllsh situation, but t 
do not for e. isonent believe tl-iat Mr. Bfirrett would count© 
the contlru!?.tlon of abueee -'hlch permit ont nny d'^y to find ■ 
pictures of p*irtle«, *reddln«s, bable«, etc, v-'.r^hln,'^ In the 
troye, vhile le?:itlw«5te pvnd necessi^ry vork of the Arohlree 
Deprrtn'^nt hae to v*lt. I oulte recognize the priority of 
Blue Book pictures but not of perf5on^l vork no rri'^tter vho 
orders It. Ple?>ee do not tnlRundergtr-nd ae - I am not aooueing 
the boyc of doinrr outside ^^ork on State time with Stf.te 
la^itprinls . I think perhaps ponr vork le so ^, on tine 
coming to them, but I think for their o'ci crke th«?y should b« 
varned to be creftil. ■.^r.l I nn fursln:^ about ifr the large 
ouantlty of obvlouely personal worY "oroug'-t to the Ifl-boratory 
by polltlcl'unfl ^Jhom the photoF(r'»;>herfl pre in no pooitlon to 
refiifse. If thin sltun.tion c,«nrot he renedled, I vieh to be 
relieved of vrh^t has been for a year or iTiore, only nomlnftl 
supervision over th«> Laboratory. 

In Training CQureejg . Tho Archives Depnrtraent Joln#ed the 
other divifllone of the State Library In two Intereetin^ exten*. 
eion projects. The first vrs & demonstrfttion of telephone 
practises, shall ve say, etiquette. It trar? entertaining and 
I think the eteff found it profitable. 

The second \rs.B a eerien of five discuarionn led by Mr. 
; Os;ff of the Civil Service Conriiflcion on thp Pibjeet of "Public 
Relatlonfl. " I VR« unable to attend the esecond Beetlnj?" as 
etftff pbeences kept in»» in the Archivea Jlefer^nce Room all 
thet raornln?^. Almost all the staff expressed thenaelvee as 
feelinir the firf5t t'^^o raeetlnfrs w^re leas s-^ti^faotory than the 
last three. My o^-m opinion is that Mr. Of^c 'me unsure of 
himself the f Iret day end personally I got very fidgety vonder- 
Inp^ when if ever he rfes cotninpj to a point. Host seesied to en- 
joy the last three meetings vhere we had n chance to disouss 

. 5 - 

concrete proTslcmt. '^v^n Bom»» of the archives staff vdio feel 
th't our archlvee probl«»rae ar#» different fron thof^-of the 
llTjrp.ry, 8'»»»mpd to Ilk" the«><?. . Several reflot«»d f^vor^blf to 
the rusnor thnt Hr. O.^fj mlf^ht return to leaA further dlscuefllone 
of wor** concrete problfinc . Per«onf>lly I felt he should be 
orltlzed for U!?lng for lllnntr^^tlone £S^r^ y c Incldenta that al- 
ways flho'/ed t:\p supervisor rp In thr ^fronf;. '^ith State enployeeg 
that if rfithpr bn.A for the nornl^ . I think '.rhat we need is 
fiomethlrirr that vlll renlr/l bot h Bupervleor nnd employees under 
hir. the.t e^-ch has problems. T^knovr I often nla Judge staff 
members who haven't been corapletoly frr.n>. vlth nc, &nd I know 
thpy often resent cert-. in thin;;;?! that I orders 
to do -^hlch I dislike p. 9 nuoh r.«? they do. A good supervisor 
o??n "r'lk thf» gric^ht rope Tj?»tween sidlns: too nuch vlth his 
pup'^rlorn '"nd too tmioh 'rlth those under him, but nost of us 
fall off too often. T'erh^'pf? ve need nore diacuopAon of our 
probler.fl re CTutup.l problems. Another things vrhioh I would Ilk* 
to ««»#> fione would br p dlflousalon of office etiquette. Lot« of 
friction, lots of thln/^n T^hir;h cr-ate bad impresslono are due 
neither to boorlehresp nor stupidity but Juft ip:noranoe of 
lit tip nicptles. For inst/^nce, thn embarBasment which comes 
to one ^rhen a aonber of your staff VRVce soneone in with a •CJo 
rlfrht in" and the visitor '^rttendc p. h-^nd grinning;, "Don't you 
renepber s^e?" It ^ro'ild bo nicer to be eblo to ^innow -'hether your 
j^uest were e Sen«?.tor or rn inRur.<ince salesman. Th.'^t is perhfipfl 
onr of thp least Isir^tant thlrfjn, Inxt alonf: the line of what 
vre wi^nt. ilie telephone movie 'r<\r flr.o po T.t pc It i:''ent. 

■x^hivfl-l Teehnlq^ ea^ 

v/e have hed eevernl requePtR from other St^.tea and from 
0>^n<>da for budgetary Inforn-'-.tlon. Orei^on asked advice on a 
dlBpoBRl pTo^n.m Tot employr^^nt office records. We have had 
sever-'^.l letters from Tonne Bf;f>n r/ooat tli/^lr propor-ed ner^r State 
Library - Arohlvcs Building. I'r. Kuhlarn of the Joint Univers- 
ity Libraries st Hashvllle in a tele »hone eonvers-tion Indicated 
9f^)^T. Brlfrhpin, T4r. Church .-^nd I vers to be nataed «ifl ooncultants 
for thp ne^*^ bulldinf^ but I hcve hesrd nothin*^ further. 

The Str-t» Library is contributing to the support of the 
ne-'f Internati msl Archives CoTincll. The archivist also sent a 
personal subscription. IJo P.rrnn^eraent was ninde for dues during 
the preliminary stages of the ori^anlsation of an International 
ArchlvoiT A.rsoolation, but AneriCRn archlvlets hrve been asked 
to contribute to its support beyond the amount the Society of 
Anerionn Archivists felt It vp.s p.ble to subacribs. 

Mlicsllaneom^ . 

Tnep^ofraltof Senator 3arr oomnisBloned by tlie Oenat« 
t'-fo ye^ra *?go was stored in the Archivea Building until hung 
recently. In acoordanoe with his request, he returned the 
oanvats covering to Mr. Tolpo, the artist, v^oee studio is In 
ItflHan Court, Ohioafjo. 

The archivist has been appointed to the Conmlttee on Reoot^s 
Man^spferaent of the Society of Asjerioen Archivists. 

Eeepeotfully submitted, 


. , ^■^^'■ 






■■-V- ■• 


'^.. ■ 


y --^ 

.- S 



* .' 

' ^: 


.-^i; --;?:: 

;, February 19^9 

Routine Depr> rtaentnl Calls ' 
Secret ary of State 
3oolck«epins Dept. 

DupllcatP Ppy Pjill 

Fee Books 
Corporation Dept. 

Annual Reports 

Ghaxier Record. 

Index CRrclfl 

. Executive Dept . 

■Executive Begletpr 

Trade I!?.r}ce 
Index Dept. 

Deeds to State Property 

Sleet ions 

1!nrolled Lava 
Securities Dept. 

CJeneral /seenjbly 












^Genealogical, Historical, etc. 
In Person 


State Census 
Federal Cereus 



Milltn.ry record 

KsLjne index (phone calls) 

^cords Conir»i8aion 
History- St'^te Departcienta 

By Mail 

Archlvr.l Technique 

Grand Tot*l 






22 ■ 





February 19**^ 


Illinois s-nd Kichlc?'n Cannl 

Tleld compose nnd le?f«l notebooks 


. 39'-. 


Croes references 

in - . 

IRatne I deic 
; Illinois and Klehlgan canal 
Maoonpln Co. Fedeml CenBus, 



■■'■i ■ 


•-*;, , ■ 

•. ;:»,■ 


Department of Agriculture 

Dlv. of Architecture & Engineering 

Auditor of Public Acoounte 

Civil Service Conalaelon 

Illinois Commerce Comnl 8 elan 

Dept. of Finance 

Superintendent of Public Inatruetlons 

Dept. of Public Worke & Bulldlngc 

Dept. of Regie tratlon & ^Jducatlon 

Secretary of State 

Safety Reaponelblllty 

State Treasurer 

















872 8x10 print 8 
2 11x1^ prints 

IS gal. Developer 
22 * Hypo 


kSZ Secretary of State 
152 Oorporati<Mt 
L^ State Library 


40 ate. Developer 
36 ' Hypo 

-< ■ 

March 1949 

AoceeglonB. ^e received several voluoee from the 
Corporation iJepartnjent, but as theee have not yet been 
aoceesloned, the etatiatlcal report will be given next 

Records of the TxniBtee'n Section of I.L.A. have 
been deposited. 

Tho World War II records are now ready to come to the 
Archives Building. At the beginning of the War the 
Adjutant General requeFte^ ue to provide epaee for theaa 
reoorde ifhich he enticipated would be bulky. The weat 
and east dcpartiiental veulte on level 11 were tenta- 
tively j»4MPl%ned to hid. Theoe vaults have since been 
taken dver by the Automobile Department for office use. 
Sa as lauoh as both the Belective Service Soard and the 
Service Recognition Ocnsraiaeions are going out of exist- 
anoe and have no appropriations for warehousing of tha 
records, nor cnn the Adjutant General take oare of thea, 
end in view of our proinlee to accept the records, It is 
neoessary for us to find space for them in the Archives 
vaults. I dirouesed the poseibility of aicrofilming 
the records, and this han been dene for office use, but 
the Adjutant General and all concerned feel strongly 
thst, in the light cf their experience with Civil War 
and World War 1 reocrdc, the originalfi should be preserv- 
ed. There are 600 cabinets, which positively are coming 
vith the records. Thesis are the new Rock-a-way cabinets 
which ^re eorcewhst similar in appearance to the old 
fashioned eectlonal bccVcflSeP - that is, they are about 
3 feet long and 14 inohefl >lAe ana the files tip ovar 
on their eidea inatead of sliding out. Fortunately, they 
will fit into our b<9y8, using a double row down the oen- 
ter. I efttlmote that they will occupy three and a half 
floors of vaults, letting them into available spaoe la 
going to r'^qulre coneidarable shifting of preeent equip- 
ment and souie records, a good bit of rewiring, and tak- 
ing away ecm of MIbb Bailey's apace for Illinois doeu- 
aento. Thla Inat can be taken oar© of only if we sub- 
stitute regular Art Metal ahelvinf^; with free- s tending 
ranges for «oae of the present eteel shelving whloh has 
been installed in a manner waeteful of space, fortunately 
we have enough free standing range units equipped with 
ends and bottou shelves. The details involved in these 
ohaages have not yet keen worked out, but I hm>e to be 
able to make recominendatlone in a few days. This access- 
ion will use up all available epaoe in the Archives es* 
cept for enough to take care of a couple of year's reoerds 
te be added to categories already coming over. 

We also need more safe lookers to take oare of deeds 
and other title records to State property. 

We have oontinued to find Archives vault doers at ele- 
vator entranoes left open. One day last week a whiskey 
bottle was found in the elevator loblo^ on the Archives 
side (but not in a vault). We presume eoseone from 11 
has found this hldebiat. Kr. Roundtree has been instructed 

- 2 - 

to oheok erery vault door to «•• that It is not 
only olo«e4, iMit also looked before he leaves. Any 
doors found open In the morning aust be oh<%rged to 
watohmen or Jaaltore. None have been reported to a* 
the laet half of the aonth. 

Departaental yaulta . 

Several <!leparitaent!e have run out of apaoe and are 
needing rooa for expansion. The folloving depart* 
aents have transferred records in the last aontht 
State Treasurer, Registration and Sduoation DepartsMnt, 
Civil Service Coamission and State Architect. 

I aa sorry to have to report that the Autoaobils 
Pspartaent olerks continue to sacks in the vault areas, 
publio corridors and on the elevator. Mrs. Dedrioks, 
the elevator operator requested one of thea to put 
out his cigarette to idiieh he replied^ *They oannot 
take all our privileges away, and anyhow, Jia said it 
was all right to saoke here,* I do not know whether 
the "Jin" referred to was Mr. Hardie, if so, X hope 
he was aisquoted. 

Soae watchman adaitted one of ttie aen installing 
the air conditioning system on 11 to the Departaental 
Vault containing some of the aost oonfldential records 
of the Executive Departaent, without ay knowledge or 
that of the departaent involved, t^is vault was not 
only entered but several drawers of reoerds were re* 
aoved and left in a publio corridor over the weekend. 
The Ixeoutive Departaent quite properly registered a 
complaint with the Arohivist. JMiss Rogers and Z 
discussed the aatter with Mr. Rosslter, Superintendent 
of Oapitol Buildings and Grounds. 

Staff Work 

The ibt^4 index cards for Pftrrin records added this 
aonth represent the aajor effort of the Archivist her* 
self. Z have also spent considerable time working on 
the rekeying of the Archives Building. Unfortunately 
Mr. Snyder and Mr. Sanders did it the hard way, going 
through the building alone to get their data, and then 
ooaing to ae. The results were soaewhat fantastic, be* 
cause the naaee they gave the rooas did not oorrespond 
with what is on the building blue prints. I have 
drawn up new charts on which are aarked keying on a 
copy of the plans. This will be helpful, I hope. 

1 have also spent soae tiae working with Mr. Earl R. 
Reed, a Chicago architect, who has been ooaalssioned by 
the otate architect Mr. ^aaaond, to furnish the restored 
Vandalla State House. We have exchanged several letters 
and Mr. Reed has come to the Archives. In addition to 
the nuaerous notee on the old Capitcl whioh we had al* 
ready supplied to Mr. Hammond, I compiled data on all 
State records presumed to have been in exls'tence at the 
tiae. Mr. Reed felt these should be perhaps reproduced 
in duaaies, but X sold him on the idea of having on# or 

- s - 

two f«o«itail«8 on tables In each of f lo« and th« r«tt 
preflUBftbly kept In oloaed oupboax^da suoh as vera uaad 
at thd tl"*. *a are to photogri^sh aonaa covers, etc, 
&nd parhapa a binder oan be found who can reprodxioa 

Mr. Round tra« h«s filed In ClMrT>oratlen Report a to 
the letter "Ch". This Is oonsiderably behind aohadula 
thoii|5h net for want of application. 

Hies ^'chufflar ie continuln*^ ths catalofjia?^ of 
Illinoie and Hiolilgan canal field nut en, coapaaa and 
level notebookfl, 16^>ij-lQ'dO ao enown by her atatiatloe. 
She has spent oonsiderablu tl:.e as "relief at tha ref- 
•renoe deak during abennoe of !ir. Caasady and Mr. Mo- 
Padden. While at the deak she haa unfolded "not for 
Profit" Corporation reports. Mies iJoheffler has also 
undertaken several rfsforence eearohee involving tha 
oanal recordn* Bho was Chairman of the Attendanoa and 
Ticket Cocuaittee of the tliird annual dinner of the 
Illinoie State Employee's Aaeooiation. Over 600 attend* 
cd, the aaxisua capacity of the hall where the dinner 
was held. 

Mrs. MoFadden rotor's iiavlrig written 1525 index 
cards for the 1860 federal census for Maooupln County, 
and Hr, Cassady 376 cards for the saae. In addition, 
Mr. hna oade raoet of one searches to fciiffwer nail 
inquiries. Tha ^eaor-ls ra?iding aachine was in public 
use t'^c and a half days last acnth. Tha increasing use 
of this reading oaohine fcr use by patrons who cone 
here ii.nd for searches on faall rewuests ie cutting down 
on our productivity ia inioxing. K second reading aaohin* 
is urpjently needed. 

Kr. Casaady reports progress on develor>9ient of an 
outline of the structural legal history of courts in 

Mrs. ^^ichler reports having completed Perrin index 
slips for tho year 18^.5 and is smarting the year 183.6. 
She hnn mode about 360 slips, but these will all bav« 
to be typed. 

Mr». KoboBQu has alphabetised the first Isttar of 
3aoretar>' of *tate*B correapondonce. She also unfolded 
and atapled all tha ^O'a" of the Corporation Reports for 
I94d, and did the prelininary filing fcr about 6000 Indtz 
oards for the naoia index. 

Miss Wintsrbauer has little time those d?:ye for work* 
Ing on the typing of the History of Stata Dsparteenta, 
but shs is now working in the long letter *P*. There ere 
leee then three voluaes (of the nine) left to t]rpe. 

Itootoarephle Leboratory 

neqtiieitlon foros for use in eohedullng and eheoklng 
work in the ^otographio Wboratory heve been drafted. 

- 4 * 

approved, and will b« put Into u«« early in April. It 
1* bop#d that tht raqoireaaiit that tha tubjaota to ba. 
listed and that the pereon aaking the requiaition itata* 
the vork is for dapartaental uea irill out down oa the 
aaoont of personal work which has bean re^iuastad. 

nxo arehiviat and savaral froa tha Photographle 
Laboratory attendad a deaonstration of Diebold aicro- 
fila aqttipaent hold recently at the Soott Dawson Co. 

Ve sold a fldorofila copy of the Rerrin Nine laveati* 
cation of 1923 to Mr. Paul N. Angle, Librarian of the 
Ohioago Historioal Library. 

Niorofila oopies were aade of the first three volmas 
and iadax to the Kaskaskia federal land recorde. The 
original records were loaned to ua for the purpose of 
■akiag the oopies by the Auditor of Public Aoooxmts. 
Tha fila was loaned to the Tirginia State Library for 
the use of Mr. Oharlea S. Peterson, who is doing soma 
rasearoh on Cahokia. 

State Lifapary SurTey . 
Mr. Harox^ Brignaa, ^tate Librarian of Indiana* Dr. 
Oharlas Oosnell, ^tate Librarian of Mew York and Mr. 
forrast Spaulding, Librarian of the Dea Moinea Publia 
Librarr. a aoeraiasioa appointed to surrey the Zlliaois 
Stata Library, Tisited the ArohiTos Departaant on Msdroh 
29th. Thay interriewad tha arohiviat and aaeiataat aroh* 
ivist. I raooaaaaded that the Arohives ba oontiauad as 
a part of the State Library, provided that the ArohiTos 
aould not be oonstitutionally divoroad froa the Secretary 
of State. 

nie ataff was also requested to fill out the question* 
aire on library working oonditiona and relations praparad 
by the U. S. Labor Statistios Bureau. Replies were not 
signed, wara confidential and were aailed direct to Vaslw* 


xiu oonrsrenoe Aooa was used as follo«rst 
Mar. 17 by tha State laployee*s Association board 
Nar. 22 for the State Library Dnit Heads staff aee ting 
Mar. 88 by the State Library Surrey Coaaission for intsr 

Mar. 89 for the diatriet librarians and tha Survey Ooaaisa-> 

On sereral days by the arobirist for special work. 

On the day I took tha Surrey group t>irough the build- 
ing, I was eabarassed to find Xixmt ay new aastsr kay would 
not work on half a doxen doors. X was put sled as Z had 
cheeked the cuttings against the old key, and it had 
worked whererar X had triad it preriously. X called in 
fh>hlitt*s who quickly discovered that there wee an ertor 
in the groovlns which was nuaberad "OR* inataad of "OH* 
(or visa versa!. Thay took back all aix aaw keys (giving 
as a receipt therefor) and will i^plsoe thaa with the 
correct cuttinga. 

. 6 . 

Staff Bof . 

krA. neraa<i«n*a •ighty-one year old mother broke her 
pelYlo bone teveral weeka ago and aeems to be leeing 
atrength. ^he la In St. John* a HoapltaX. Ka Mra. 
HoPadden la not atrong heraelf the atraln la telling on 

Mr. Oaaaady beoame the father of hla fifth aon, 
Thoaaa Allan, on Maroh 28th. Mra. Oaasady vae able to 
go hoae (Tia afflbulanoe) on the 31at. 

Mra. Relohler*a aon had ohlokenpox and Mra. Robeaon*a 
daught era the Buapa, 


HaiH>ia Dorgan, one of the early eaployeea of the 
ArchlTea i^oa I had not aeen for naarly 26 yeara oallad 
one day. 81nee leaving here he graduated from college 
and la nov doing oonaumer reaaarch for the Plreetone 
^Ire and Rubber Oo. He haa raoently moved baok to 
Springfield from Ohloago. 

Mra. Carnoeky, wife of one of the profeaaora In the 
Chicago Library School called while here attending a 
Leglalatlve Vomen Vetera* League meeting. Mra. Ken 
Davee of Ohleago, here on the aame bualneaa, alao 
called. Mra. Davee was formerly Adeline Barry, aec- 
retary to the late Robert Blnkley of Veatern Reaerva 
Unlvaralty, who flrat auggeeted the application of 
mlorophotography to arohlvaa and i^o alao fathered the 
Hlatorleal Reeorda Survey. 

Mr. Kenneth Blood, formerly of the Arohlvea ataff, 
vae another oaller. He haa been with the U.B.O. fund 
campaign and may go baok with It when and If revived. 
He alao waa with the Freedom Train idille It waa la 
Xlllaola, and wanta to get with the Freedom Train If 
tba appropriation for the continuation of the aame 

Ibra. Elisabeth H. Lewla, head of the State Training 
School for Olrla at Oeneva and the head engineer of the 
Inatltutlon, here on departmental bualneaa, oaaie In to 
check on her grandfather Thomaa Johnaon Turner. Turner 
waa In Oongreaa with ttlnooln, a epeaker of the Illlnola 
Houae and a member of the Conctltutlonal Convention of 
1870. Mra. Lawla eald her brother owna aoae Lincoln 
lettera which the family la agreeable to have publlehed 
by the Abraham Lincoln Aaaoclatlon. After aha left X 
•ailed the Aaaoclatlon and Nlea Bonsla aald ahe thought 
they already had coplea but would check. 

Mr. Puffer the new director of the Department of 
Regletratlon and Education and Mr. Ruegg, Reglatrar, 
vlalted the Archlvea Building mnd aeemed very alert to 
reeorda and probleaa. They plan to do oonelderal weed* 
Ing m thalr oorreapondonce fllea, fllea whloh Z had 
admitted reluctantly aa teiqK>2*ary emergency houalng at 
the Inalatence of the former director Mr. Thompaon. So 
far aa I rameabar Mr. Puffer la the flret director who 
haa vlalted his Departmental Vault In peraon. Z waa 

■■"", .* 

«• 6 ^ 

|i^r««<i«d with bin M Mvttini to b« la aRuiuftUjr ht^ 

^iSfltS K^'SSB^x ^yAt^ioiwt t^» a»iii^Utr^ 

0f ««ttiiia «i^ i^^pmlr A^«rta*«t la tiM ArehlvM* Siii^ 
9mam9 wm xAok BOiivy to j^ajr f«i^ * professional MMsr msA : 
bMMittC^ l«Bln«tlag HnipatBt inil ▼••« nBObt«iiutl^« f«p 
•»W«1 j^m i»»tikkp» %i 11 6» ths iMrkst •gftla mam), 
I hm^. ««t ttrsMsd this la i|^ rt^ortt* il»ir that the > 
iitrf«r M^l« «M< atud/lag aatfti, I lirlcb to p«l«« tlil« : 
M H iaioF Mad.^ 411 awr Itatbip i»l«Mt •hmilA b« 
«ll*d aai rmnNi^ptA la l||^«flM«0» IRitmiif liaa baan floiia 
i|M« m ^9^%'mmf^ ia^ m^ At«bi#Mi bKlplftc. Raajr l 
l»iMM «pgiirw iMNift rapair* ar rabladi^iK ar a abaraatar / 
tb^ i^kimot ba dana by. bYdlaaiT e«baay«»al Mada^. 
aaltbtar abbbld raaaMa ba raaoTad Itaii tba pbr«l«bi pro-- ^ 
taatloli t^r tba Aniblvaa titnAlac. Kaay l^aaba abl^ aaiOi 
aav ba aai^ad vltb mbaakm «llS if xaglaatad in^ lo«ip»« 
bava ta^^ ba vabamd asfia.Ji»abab!l7 aiaa ^aalaatad. fbavaaiidb 
af doa«aa«ta« Botablr 1B19 ^wanlm OalXaatlaa aad tba Mt^ 
gala lattira aboard ba allbad ar iaalnatad aaan m^ tt^f 
iill aoaa ba bajwaa aavlaf, va ba»* daiia aa rapalv vortt 
af bar fclal aiaet ftr. M«i^toaa2tt taft algbt oat alaa yaara 

-•> '>- - 

Ijla^^aetfallf aubplttaitb 



•' 7 ■ 'Ff^'-.A 


■>'.'-.;.^'-: V' "■\' 

■ ^. ''^'"-■^!^':. . 

■'^"-v_,,':i- ■":■--, 

■■... -"^' 

■ '.f" ■::t' 

■J"''-' 1- ■ . ."' 


■!.i^ "-.-" c^-* 

-•■'"'■ "-'■■ ■" .~l' 

'^■^: ■•. ■ ' '. 

. ■- ':-',' 

'-■:^^^":--:-^■^ -.:" 

;, ■■ ' ' ^ ■■^■v. "" 

■- ,:-J?;*" >' ■" ' 

A :■-'•' 

-. '"i^^- 


■.;-.^s^"f<*'- ", ;> ,?■ 

-'.• •■ "".' . . ■%.• ^'.- 

■~- ,-. ..:i>Si^-V;>j'*5i,^.^ 

'„ - 

,^ ■, ■• 

- ■"■ _■ 

- .'-'"^-ii"-' 

■"■;. "-■ r^ 



i' ;' 


— '' .'v ' 

--,■ ;■ ■ 

■ ■•>'^"' 

" .'■■^=:-v.^. 


- C'-^.'. " 

''"-: /);.. 




. ■--■■■■ • ,5.'^;!'i': . : 

■ -■ ■ ^ 


■ 'V '■ 



'■/-■" .""■ 

;. ^■^'' 

y-% ^i'V'-:"^--. : . 


'■ :-' ■-:!■. 


^'■"r^ > 

^-■i^ ■ "' 

'^, 1^" 


'.■: ■ 

:* ®^"^ 






^^y?i^-- - " 


^r>:_ ; 






: .-5^ 

■ '"^^Ai-. 


;. ' "^^ 


■■ f ■ ' ^ - 





j^,^iv.^., p--^:^v,iC;- ^:j'., _, ■., .^^. V,-,. .;:^^^,..;^ ^ •K.>;V^^W-- ,,.■•.-:;-;■ .■j-..-.vsi?:.- 


/ . -:■ -■ r - 


*>.;|fv,-v.a5» ^^"■^>,;:>,.J'>.":^>/lfe-:.-:::'".-: '■•,?;■'''>'■■ ^: '' ' ;- ':-^,. .'■■■'"v-"'?. ' ■•'f^' ii;S:;"""K;'>^ '■■"'*#.■"■ 

■ ^^■■■:■;£"'^"#■ 

»,^,-v.;^- . ^'^'/^f!ff ... 

-f.W ;■■:,.; 







.■»* -.■••■;"' 


■-;.?>■-;'? -i;, 

: ..---.■ -■■<"■" ■..■'-.■.■,-;-; -^^ ,.':••■*,.■■■ ■ A--.'"- '. -'?-»<-:-i!»*'- . ■ • . ' ■■-■ -■. = ■.-■;■■■ ■■"■- -. ■;■-.■':.-- ,.•■>--■..•_■-.■• - -,' ^ .•«■ -.i3^ 

Rotttlh« D(irp*rtB«ntflLl OslUt 

■V, ''^^ ' ^-^..^ 

Sceretary of State 

'" ^\\ : ■' ■• 

Corporation l!>9Vt, 

■ •'■■.'; . ^ ■ ''^ 

■' :.^-']- Annual Reporta - 

; %W--' 

Qairttr Ree©r4fl 

,-^ ' -l-L 

■ IM9X Oftr^ 

" ^^ - 

Corre«|>onA«mc ft 

■ SrectitlYe Dept. ■ 

*- . . ■ 

-'.■■■ -.'^ --■ ■ ^- Trafijfe Rarfes ■■- ,;v -'■^^''''i^ 


■-'•^;;:-.':-^--^Iii<lem -O^Jtr 

/•":"■;.. ^- . I^ett6n i^cdrii* . -:""•. ^—:i. 

r-'v^- ^ ^^ 

::.-. -.^ ;■->;■ Enrolled Upm ■ i. ' ' 


h':^ ::■■ ■^;C«i«titation. ■ r> 

■ --jr-:- 

-t--/i>»*a«^to- Stito' ■ ftropet^-;.-?r 

:J ■■■;--■ 2 ■ ■ 


■^%-^*:0#iie^aiy-'tolnBT!ft>ly : ^-• ■■/'■:■■■■ ■■-'^' 
^^. I Illinoli: fer:iS HiOhii;mi CftlWtl. ': v 
Illinois Har GOKinell 

CfoneaolOftoftl, Hlfitorloal, ote.- 
In i^r«on 

'■■■ .llAiae.-.Index^ :i, ■. •■"--,>.-•;' ^ ;:^--,; 
;;;^;^:., ■■; ■' UiS.-. Cen»U8'' " " jJ'^'K"' 1':' 

■:J«::;- -^ ■ :'/!>en#rirl Acroosl}!^'' ^"^'^-^-lu^v" 
^;?:: ■•■; -^ ^^: Const lt^tXo«ftl 9fl??it©p :'.' 

':;■ ■ Blaa^ Ra%rtt %r - ' ' 
• ;- History 3tat#b DtpnrtjTwntir 

- Mtiio«ll)!ineo«»iB: - "■ ■■?';' .i^.'^^^^ 

. By %ll:;.: ,;".■;... :v:W;;^;-r^::';-^^ 
■Ij-i .:''ftrohlTe« Tec^drtlffUP' 

;:,-:V\.-.:^^etor^ ■ 




. ■-:i.f-i 

'■'■■ ^'-f"^'. 

-;-J •^*' r 

■■■*• -. 

■J, "■ '-■■-■.■. 








:■ t!'^. " '"■■' 

-■ ■/■,-' 

- <--; 

'■>v ■>•_,. 


■^ ; *> :-■ 


' •'C-'''" 

- A ■-; . 



; f r. ,_ . ' . _, 

^ ■>. 'ir'] 


•'-■^>' 3 '-■■■;■ 

V'^:-.\ '" ■ .■;■ 

-f:" 'f 

" '• " ?^- 

'i- ■■■' 


■■■• ■ .5. 

■ ■*■ 

■ . -iV 

> 1 ■ ;^..-- 

r::;,,^ i|--,- 

- -I 

't' ^ . 


■-■Sr^" ": 

' -^ -V- 


>?<f; :■ 

: -?... -i' 





' ' . "' ' V' '■■/■■■ 

■*" ' =■ 

<^, ,■ ., :?-t^ ■;;■ 

- ' J^ 

■ -^-r". ?.■ - 



" ' ,,'.-■-"- '-^\> 

■ ''', ■ -' ' 

^% ■ 

.^- ;.'•_ -- ,.* ^,- 

'•- ■"';..' ^ - -.! 


■'.-, ■ ■, : ,"' '--i 


-X *- 

"- v ■■ ^J^V-'^X- ^ * 

*■ '■ '■%.- i- 


;■ j5-iife«.i^ 

-. ' ,.;^:^f%3^ 

, .?.- 

■~t^. .f "-fz 


:*^ . 


. ^ ''i'--..'- .\t- ; ■■;{' 


•:. ■, ^i-y- .^.--:/^ -• 

* -D^' ""r" 

' -i; '•■ 




"■; ■'t'. ,'. 

''" ■i^.ii,. . " , 







nW^ . 






: ■.-i-*?^-' 

. r;*^.. 


^i- ■"■#'■' 


;; ,;.';;;h ^'-^ '': ' 

. -'.^,^-.3?' 


''i'':K:\k ^ '^''>' -J^^v~r^'':^. , 


Catalog tNurds 

Illlnole nnd Mlohl^n Canal 

Illlnola and HiehLg«^ ounul 
ftn^rln Collwtlon 
Mec^oupin Cottnty f*4«T^l Cejimxa, 
^ 1850 19«tl««.ted 

" Total Same InAeat Ci»ir<l« 

20€ cards 

12 oarOs 
1564 * 




T ^ 

-" jv 




YABLT ADMIBaiOSS F<3R Miiroh 19^ 

0|.r. Arch. & J^intterlng: -^^ v 
^iTil dervlc* Goaalaalon 

^p*. Bflibtlo W<«r)c« & BullAlnga 

■" ".-;:,.: ':6iBiert of ■•Claiini--:- 'v. ■-■■■ ■•^^■' 



Stat* IKl^ftftvirwp 

.--■'■, -ft. 




■■ ;\-H-' 


'.s"> k'*V( 

>,--■■ -^ ■■-.?»?.•■ 


':■- ■' *'^-' 




:&P- Sir , , 

;'^ ^'^ j=^T-:> 

-^■^.' '^StV' 

■-A5*:. r-«fcf,i 


- --■■-- , "^^ ■ - ^ ■-■ ■■ ^' >i=£- -, >«->?.. .f.i<"^. .^-N.T£i'>^ J. -s-\ -, f.' ■■ w-^ ^ 

. ' ,,'-*•; 



April 1949 

Arohivee AccceBJons. 

Mra. Erratt of the Truateea Section of Illinois Library 
Assooiation deposited throe folders of recorda, in purauanoe 
of the offer of the Illinois State Library to become the repoal- 
tory for the archivea of thnt Aanociation. 

The Corporation Department deposited focuf index volumes. 

The Index Department deposited real eatate title papers for 
the Kankakee River State Park, 

Departmental Vaults 

The three boya ^aed by the Drivers' Responsibility Division 
of the Automobile Department were relinQuiahed and Boys 1 and 2 on 
Level 12 East assigned to them. Cigarette butts in the old lo- 
cation indioate a total disregard of the pledge given when the vault 
was assigned, to obey Building regulations. , I am skeptical of 
present promises also^tc observe the No Smoking rule. At least, 
they are out of the vault which contains so e of the moat import- 
ant records of the Secretary's office, s :oh aa the Pardon records 
on whioh a convicts very life sometimes depends; also recorda of 
the Court of Claima, of the Private Office, etc. 

We are getting lip aervlee only to the No Smoking rule, Nr. 
Donne claims it is Mr. Hardle'a people who aaoke and Mr. Hardie 
claims it is ^r. Donne's people. Anyhow, the other day I got on 
the elevator with Senator Rennick (Republican, from Buda), and there 
was a fellow oomlng from Level 11 puffing away on a nearly burned d 
down cigarette. He quiokly put his hand behind him and anuffed it 
out. I saJd nothing, but I could tell from the expreaaion on the 
Senator* s face that he had not missed it. Senator Rennick has 
been coming to the Archives ever since it was started, and I would 
not put it past him to remember about the incident at some inconven- 
ient time. 

Staff Hotel 

Mr. John 0, O'Brien, a stenographer, wae added to the staff 
on April 5. With two tpyiats on the job, one of whom la really 
a atenographer, we ought to be able to begin catching up on arrear- 
ages of typing. For instance, I hope May will see the completion 
of the typing of the History of State Departments, copy for whioh 
was finished by me almost three years ago. Next, we shall tackle 
the thousands of index slipe prepared t^ Mrs. Reichler; then the 
volumes of pencilled transcripts of county commissionersf pi*ooeedings 
made for us by the Hiatorial Records Survsy. 

Mr. Oassady took one week of hia vacation April 8-16. 

Mr. Eldridge has taken Mr. White's place as relief watchman* 

staff Vork 

We ar« continuing our •mphaais upon the Ferrln Oolleetlon, 
and the Oanal records as thoee of which are now in great demand. 
Deecendante of the Gahokla plone^ re are beginning to write in for 
Information, and of course we are working with the 250th anniYer- 
sary committee. To my great disappointment I have net found time 
to type off the carde for the court records publia'aed by Alvard, 
but we have his index (which is most IncompleteO And slips through 
which we can look to find names. 

Oahokia Exhibit 

Two^( one in May but I am reporting it here) were spent pre* 
paring aui exhibit for the Oahokia anniversafy oommitteo. Mrs. 
MatlaoX, president, and Dr. Carlson, chairman of exhibits, spent an 
afternoon with me looking over and dieoussing records, ^e Photo* 
graohio Laboratory had made f ample enlargcraents of photographs of 
a document, and I suggested that a few of these would make a more 
striking display than typing to show many documents. Mr. Matlaok, 
said she wanted a lot of reproductions and would Tather have many 
photostats than a Tev photographs. She argued that it was import* 
ant to indicate the tiohnete of the ^errin OolltcUon, also that 
the photostats could be used later in the St. Glair Oounty Schools. 
61 documents were copied, with 106 photostats. All were accompanied 
by a translation (some being typed, some being photostats of typed 
copies, - time precluding the oopying of all on the typewriter), 
and for each a label was prepared. Ve were able to borrow Mr. 
Millhouse*s speech typewriter for the subject headings for the 
6x8 labels, but found it impos Bible to use that large type for 
the body of the text. A general label was made, worded carefully} 

Life in Old CahoUa 

The pricelesB original Oahokia records of which 
these documents are photostatic copies have been 
removed for safekeeping to a vault in the fire pro#f 
and air*condltioned Archives Building at Springfield, 
at the request of the Saint Ulair County Board of 

This exhibit has been prepared by the Illinois Stato 
Library, Archives Depart roe nt. 

These photostats are to be exhibited in the "Old Court 
House." The enlargements. Dr. Carlson decided, should be placed 
in St. Louis store windows to advertise the ^eletafation. I there- 
fore have made a some'A-h t different selection of documents than ^ 
had planned, selecting about ten documents «hloh would, Z hopo, 
appeal to St. Louis residents. The negativee have been made taut 
the vorking of making the enlargements, will not stnrt until May 9th. 
This part of the exhibit should be ready to ship by about the 11th* 

Another tlrae oonauinlng project was to plan for the accession 
of the records of the Service Recognition Boar<l. There will be 
between 800 end 900 filing cablnetn, which, fortunately for ue, 
the Boaz*d is furniehing. This means thnt we must clear three and 
a half floors of archives vaults, (The two vaults prevloualy assign- 
ed to then, which would hnive been adequatejf now being occupied by 
the Automobile Department .'^ Miss Bailey has been using all of 
levels 1, 6 and 9 and part of Level 10 for the Illlotli docunients. 
We find that Levels 1 and 8 will be puffleoient for )ier volumei 
if the aisles are filled with free standing unite, and we find we 
have about enough units (but not shelves) to complete th-^t Install* 
atlon. Level 10 she hfts been using for work space for handling the 
federal maps. Her new assistant h<?8 been spending all his titse on 
chec'tlng these naps and will soon have the space cleared so far as 
they Rre concerned. 

Level 12 is completely eqnir>ped but hai< no records (the records 
for which the space wns planned not yet having been received). Lsvsl 
11 is well filled with records an<^ we decided to leave theia. The 
levels having the fewest records are levels 10, 9 and 7 so we havs 
planned where to take those r^^cordB. Empty equipment which must be 
removed to make room for the Rerglce Recognition Board records 
has b«en e 'totted about on various levels. About 1000 to 1200 12 
inch shelves will have to be purchased. Dlsassenibling and rs*ereot<- 
lon of equipment calls for metal workers union labotr. Bids for this 
work should be taken izmnedlately because extra funds will have to 
be sought for the l»idget. The Art Metal Oonstniction Oompany has 
been asked to submit bids for the shelves. 

The Service Recognition Board is anxious to start moving In 
very soon and It is hoped they can be Accomodated. They have been 
lold thnt our fumlgator can take not more than 12 cabinets at a tlms 
and that we will under no oircumstanoes accept ahiproents larger than 
that. Mr. Rosslter has offered to furnish two laborers for the 
actual moving and the Board, two. 

Staff Work 

Mr. Cassady reports having spent most of his tltae on reference 
work. The largest item was the compilation of election returns 
for the years 1904-1924, made for the Index Department. Rs also 
indexed about 500 names in the federal census of 1860 for Macoupin 
County. He reports there are about 2400 more nr^mes in this county. 

Mrs. MoFadden reports making 686 Index cards. Both complain thftt 
the reading machine Is tied up so much with searches by readers and 
for mail Inquiries that It is impossible to get many cards made. 
Both sti*ongly urge, and I Join their recommendation, tliRt a second 
reading raaclilne be provided for the archives. 

The snnual Influx of schools pnd other visitors will from now 
on slow down the production of both Mr. Oassady and Mrs. McFaddsA 
for the summer. All our wtohmen are new and inexperienced in hand* 

ling orovdB. I still wieh we oculd hav« on»guld0» at least for 

the suniraer months. 

Mrs. Robeson reports alohabetlrlng the 1914 Secretary of State's 
correspond enoe. That Is the latePt ye^r whloh Is unfiled. She will 
noK backtrack over v-hAt she has done and file to the .1r<t letter. 
We do not feel that calls for this correspondence require much 
closer filing, for the present, at least. Mrs. Robeeon in also 
doing preliminary filing of name index cards and unfolding and 
stapling cornoratlon reports for 1946. 

Mr, Roun^ltree hns finished filing through the letter *D' In the 
Corporation reports. His filing this /ear is being slowed down by 
the unusually large nu ber of corporations which, now having made 
ten renortB, require new individual folderp. He made 212 suoh 
folders for the letter "C and 94 for the letter "D*. The raaitnr 
for this is that so many new firms fltarting up after the depression, 
about the same time reached the separate folder status. Re has also 
been called upon for extra ralfloellqneous duties such as reference 
d^ilc relief, lettering etc. 

Miss Soheffler has finished the analyzing and tyr^ing of cards 
for the first unit of Illinois and Michigan canal. Volumes Al to 
74, yield books. She has done considerable work on behalf of the 
meabership oonunittee of the Ocoiety of American Archiviflts nnd to 
the newly organized section for Gatalogers in Illinois Libraz>y 
Association. Beoauae of Mr. Cassadyts vacation and Mrs. MoF»dden*t 
illneea, Miss Siheffler has spent considerable time at the Refereno* 
Desk during the month. Qhe does most of the refer noe work involving 
canal records, and while at the desk hps done search on mail inquiries 
and unfolded and stapled Corporation reports. A new typewriter has 
been assigned to her desk. 

Mrs. Reichler translated two French marriage contracts, com- 
pleted the indexing of 1816 Perrln manuscripts and hns started thos« 
for the year of 1817. We have found a few marriage contracts %rtileh 
appears to have been sMipped by the translators an<l she will work on 
them next month, so she is not too adept at 18th century and legal 

Staff absenteeism continues high, excluding vacations, amount* 
ing to lOi days during the month of April. 


Dr, A. F. Kuhlman, librarian of the Joint University Libraries, 
Nashville, Tennessee, spent April 7th with us. He is consultant 
for the new Tennessee State Library. 

Mr. John Kephart, a graduate student at the University of 
Illinois, who is aasistant librarian el^ot at Wheaton Oollege, tpent 
a day here. He is to build up the college archives section. Ha 
is now working for his master* s in political soienoe and history, 
but he hfts also had one or two year3 In the Library school. R« 

plant to tiik« hit doe tor 't tltbtr In tht Amtrloan tllttory or at tha 
(Hraduata Library Sehool at Ohioago. Rt It a pertonabXc young man, 
a Ytitran, and Ifflpr^tttd a« favorably at to am one wt might toattisa 
want to bring to the arohiTat. Z toundtd hioi out on th« gantral 
tubjtot of parhapt branohing out into tha arohival fiald toaewhart, 
but ht taid library \toTt., and oollegt library work at that, ia 
what ht wantt. 

Hrt. Sarah Bond Hanley, formerly a aeabar of the Houtt of 
R«pr«ttntativtt, now living in Spring fitld, tpant taveral hourt 
at tha ArohlTtt looking at our treaturtt. Bht it in htr tightiat» 
but alart ntntally and a ffloet oharming ptraon and vary apprtoiativ* 
of tht littla attantion we were able to givt har. 

Tha JUrchivet wat cloned Good Friday (a legal holidty) and 
the next day <Gatter eve). 

The Photographic Laboratory 

A new tyetem of requitition for photographic work wat put into 
ute on April Itt. The objeot wat two fold • to keep a aore accurate 
record of the typet of work we do, alto to out down on the amount of 
pertonal %iork tAiich tht men Ih tht Labbrator^ were being called 
upon to do. 

. Re tptot fully tulvmitted, 


'•-f^\S'' . '\^ . 

April 1949 



Ssorstary of Stats 
Indsz Dspt. 

])«sds to State Property 

(1 oiuie) 
Oorporntion D«pt. 
Zlllnois Library Association 

Trustses Section (3 folders) 



Apr^ 1949 

Soutine D«partraentAl Qallflt 

Secretary of State 

Oorporatlon 0ep*t. 

Annual Reports 


Index Garde 




KxeoutlTe Dep't. 

Sxecutlve Register 


Inter>3tate Gorapaot 


Trade Marks 


Index Dep*t. 

Deeds to State Property 


Election Records 


Enrolled Laws 


Securities Dep*t. 

_— ,- 

Closed Oases 


Oeneral Aeaaibly Records 


Dep*t. of Public Works A Buildings; 

Vatex*way8 DlTlsion. 

Illinois and Hiohigan Canal 


Insurance Department 

Annual Reports 



Oenealogy, History, Archival Tecluiique,Etc. 
In Pereon 


Federal Census 

1860 MlcrofiliiwNo. Counties 12 

Mortality Census 1 

Agriculture Census 2 

State Census 1860 1 

Index Caz*ds* 19 >r 3 


Miscellaneous 6 

Executive Board 2 

Archives Technique 2 

History State Departments 3 

By Nail 

Azvhival Technique 4 

Genealogy 22 

Historical 4 

Miscellaneous 7 

Grand Total SSe 

•Includes telephone calls only. 

April 1949 


I A M Canal Field Bookt 

Mam« Index 

Ptrrln Collection 
' I A M Canal 

Miiootipln Coonty, 1860 



. S8S 


** ' ^- 


VAULT A7>MI3SIO!!S April 19i»9 

Dlv. of Arohltecttire & Engineering 1 

Auditor of Public Accounts 1^ 

Civil 8«rvice CoTBalflslon 5 

Illinois CoBonercp Conffllsslon X 

Department of Insurance 2 

Liquor Control Comialsslon 1 

Superintendent of Public Instruction 3 

Dept. of Public Works St Bldga. (DIt. of Parks) 1 

Seeretar/ of State 

Index Dept. 1 

^eoutlve Dept. 18 

Safety Responsibility 18 

Securities Dept. ; i , ; 1 

Department of Registration & Education ^ 

State Treiauj^er ' - 

X ■ 

April 1949 


For Arohivea D«p&rticent 
Cahokla doouisenta 

For State Library 

Visitors to Llbrarj Apr. 28 
Portrait of Hits Rogsrs 
Showing Crowded Conditions 
Displa/ Cases 
Survey aeabers and Library 

Board Meabers 
Hiss Norton and 2 Cshokia 

For ^enbers of General Assembly 
(O.K. by Rogers or Vichars) 
School group with Rep. Monroe 
Quinoy High School, Reps. Donohoo 

No. Copies 





16 X 20 


8 X 10 




8 X 10 


8 X 10 


8 X 10 



8 X 10 

8 X 10 

and Oibbs 


8 X 10 

Obicago School, 5th District 


a X 10 

Chicago Sehool, Heps. Shyler 

and Neoduski 


8 X 10 

Chicago Group, Reps. Meodueki 


8 X 10 

Reps. Shyler, Davis, Smith and 

Jenkins for Sbony Magazine 


8 X 10 

School Children fro a Peoria, 

Senator Trager 


8 X 10 

For Blue Book 

Photographs of Sen^^tors 


8 X 10 

For Autoaobilt Department 

Auto Plates 






8 X 10 






8 X 10 


16 X 20 




For Archives 



Oahokia Doouaents 


For General Division 



For Art Dspt., State Library 


For Index Departaent 



For Corporation Department 



For Bookkeeping Departaent 


<, - ■ ' - ' 



R«port for May, 1948. 

Aeotationt. Th«re ware no aooeasLons during May. 

Oap&rtmental Vaults » The Teacher *• Retlj^ement System transferred 
three Doxee or reoorae to their yault. 

Archives L eglelatlon, SeTeral Bills have been Introduced which 
r el ates to reco 


Senate Bill No. 579. provides for the destruction, after aioro- 
filming, of the soldiers' bonus records of World War S and World War 
II. The records for World War I are in the archives and we accepted 
them on condition, as is oustoaary, that the records passed to our 
absolute custody, so the Adjutant General does not appear to have Juris- 
diction. This raises the question as to whether we are sufficiently 
protected by existing laws against future Interference by the depart- 
Bents of origin with records deposited in the Archives. So far as I 
know, there hns never been a court case in this country involving 
this point. Presumably the Adjutant General will not oppose our re- 
tention of these recoMs. Personally I think they should be preserved 
since they contain signatures and oonslderablit biographical information 
concerning World War I soldiers. The fact that the Soldiers' Compen- 
sation Board is seel^lng permiflBlon to destroy similar records for world 
War II oonfli*!n8 my suspicion that they are merely seeking temporary 
free storage for those records for the period during which questions 
involving forgeries and the propriety of payments will be in question. 
I wrote to Mr. Huston of the Service Recognition Board, sending a copy 
to the Adjutant Oeneral, stating that if the records named in the bill 
are those proposed for transfer to ^e Archives, we will not take them. 
There is not the same uniqueness to these records as to those of world 
War II beoaase the information in these records is duplicated else- 
where - certificates of discharge, for instance, being recorded in the 
ocuntiefl. Of course, theoretically the records of World War I will be 
safe on microfila, but practically, there is a tendency, observed in the 
Federal (k>vernraent, for persons to "house clean" and dispose of micro- 
film, which does not look as impressivs as records. In other words, I 
would say we need not do much moving in preparation for this proposed 
acce-eion. I do recommend that the new shelves be provided for Miss 
Bailey and that the free-standing ranges be moved to levels 1 and 8 so 
that her books can be kept more compactly and conveniently for her. 
Senate Bill No. 673 had passed the Senate and was in House Committee 
on May 27. 

Identical Bills House No. 9A2 and Senate 660 authorize the Auditor 
of Public Accounts to destroy any records more than ten years old. Proa 
an archival point of view such a blanv check permitting destruction of 
records without naming the categories is extremely dangerous. I dis- 
cussed this bill with Mr. Vicars and at his request gave him a memo- 
randum setting forth ay views. He promised to discuss this with Auditor 
Cooper, but owing to the fao^ that the Seoretax^'a budget waa at a 
critical atate at the aame tttne thia billawaa up, he failed to see Mr. 
Cooper. I should have appeared at the committee hearing to aak for 
amendment, but since this involved interrfepartracntal diplomacy, my hands 
were tied. S.B.660 hps pasned the Senate and was in House Committee 
the last I was able tc find out about it, but it ie probably too lata to 

do anything now anyhov. About the best we can do will be to send the 
Auditor a list of records we are willing to keep. He will probably 
reply that it la not his intention to destroy thoae records; but some- 
day some new clerk will duap them, saying their destruction has been 
authorized, and the deed will have been done before we know anything 
about it. Mr. Vioars told me to take this taatter up with Mr. Willis, 
Chief Clerk. Mr. Willis referred me to Mr. Daugherty who is in chargt 
of Auditor* a bills, but I never was able to contact him. I therefore 
sent a copy of my are m or an dun on the bill to the Auditor, so we are on 
reoox*d as opposing certain features of the bill while it was still be- 
fore the a«neral Assembly. In my covering letter to Mr. Cooper, Z re- 
quested an interview with Mr. Daugherty or some other representative of 
the department, but have received no reply. 

S.B«604 permits the Depao'tment of Publio Welfare to dispose of 
records approved by the State Reoords Commission. 

H.B.92 amends Section X33 of the Ineurance Code to permit domeatie 
insuranoe oompanies to deatroy records after microfilming them. Thia 
bill haa passed and haa been approved. 

H.B«80 auaenda Section 2 of the Jury Commissioners. Aot to permit 
destruction of records, at the discretion of the Co imlsslon, after 20 
years. This bill has also been approved. I can see no objection to 
either H.B.92 or H.B.80. 

H.B.676 amends Sect. 27a of the Pauper Aot. It provides that 
records of the overseers of the poor relating to pauper aid may be des- 
troyed or otherwise disposed of by the overseers of the poor at any time 
subsequent to the expiration of five years after the matters to which 
they relate have been concluded; provided that the foregoing provision 
shall not be applicable to reoords relating to the receipt of pauper 
funds, nor to checks, warrants or vouchers, showing payments from pauper 
funds. Reoords required by the Illinois Public Aid Commission shall not 
be destroyed or disposed of without approval of the commission. This 
was amended on second reading in the House. It had not been paased up 
to May 27, 

I have been told that there is an amendment to the county recorder*! 
act to compel courts to accept ml cr^ filmed copies of records where the 
original has been destroyed by fire or otherwise, but I am unable to 
locate the bill in the digest. 

8|taff Work. The most important work which I did during the month 
was to complete and send off the exhibit material for the Cahokia 260th 
anniversary celebration held the two weeks beginning May 14. We sent 
photostatic corbies of 61 Cahokia documents, each accompanied by a trans- 
lation and a story label, also 11 enlargements with labels. I have also 
continued with the indexing of Cahokia documents. Miss Htlene H. Rogers, 
Assistant State Librarian, and I represented the State Library at the 
Illinola State Historical Society's spring historical tour May 20 and 2lt 
This included conducted visits to Cahokia Mounds State Park, Port Char- 
tres State Park and Kaakaskia State Park. A dinner (at whioh we were 
introduced) was held in East St. Louis on Friday night, followed by the 
pageant at ^^ahokia. On Sunday, Mias Rogers and I visited the old 
French town of Ste. Oe«evleve, Missouri. 

Mr. B. W. Smith, Oounty recorder for Fulton County, who la presi- 
dent of the Oounty Recorders and Circuit Clerks Aesociatlon visited me 
the last of ^e month to discuss ailorof liming of county records. He is 
Just completing the mlcrof lining of the land, chancery and real estate 
mortgage records, soldiers* dlRcharges and common law records prior to 
1900. The common law records contain naturalleation records prior to 
the time that function was taken over by the federal government. In 
addition Mr. Smith has purchased a new Recordak attaohtoent for his 
photostat machine which will miorofilm records slisultaneouely while 
photostating them for purposes of record. These microfllme are made 
solely as Insurance against loss of originals, and are to be deposited in 
the State Archives. We started dlBcussions of such Insurance microfilm- 
ing projects prior to the war. Mr. Smith says the rec4nt county offielal 
convention devoted an entire session to a discussion of this. Sangamon, 
Peoria, Whiteside, Rook Island, Champaign and Pulton County recorders are 
already miorofllmlng their records or are about to start. Mr. Smith wanti 
ut to send a oiroular letter to all county recorders endorsing the project 
offering to house their film at the Archives, and explaining that thest 
films will be neither used nor reproduced without permission. A draft 
for such a letter will be submitted to you for anproval shortly. Fulton 
Oounty will have about 100 films, which is probably average, and thia 
will not put a bux*den on our film vault. 

The Illinois Security Hospital also wished to deposit some of its 
mlorofllm reoor4s, according to Mr. Reed Lashlie, chief clerk. 

Mr. Cassady's report is rsproduoed below, not only to tell what h« 
has been doing, but also to show what he is thinking about in relation 
to the Archives. Mr. Gassady Ib finding, as did Mr. Weatherbee, that th« 
assistant archivist does not have time for research projeoti^ which mean* 
that the phase of the work will probably have to continue as the prln* 
olpal function of the archivist. 

Mr. Gassady *s report is as followst 

Gold routine statistics seldom reflect the work of an admini- 
strative unit, much being left to the understanding of the admini- 
strator. However, statistics do show results and therefor are 
necessary. It might be interesting to analyze a group of monthly 
statistics for the record. 

During the month of May, I have servia«d 12 letters from indi- 
viduals asKing for information. Most of these letters are straight 
requests for information contained in the census records, however, 
each one varies. The following is the list for the month of Nay. 

Madison Co. 

Madison Co. 

Hancock Go. 

I860 Federal census (twice) once for Oelaplain 
1840 • • N It H.A.Soaera 

1870 Agrloultural (twice) once for Delaplaio 
1860 • « H.A.Soaerfl 

I860 Federal cens«t (twice) once for KirkAMoAl/ 
1860 Federal census (twice) once for Bottt 

• • ........ 

Also checked civil war recoz<d^ 
and Mexican War Records. 

Knox Co. X860 Federal census Botts 

Adami 1850 » » Herget 

Cook 1865 State Geneue Volker 

Jo Davlee 1860 Federal oenBus Funnel 

Morgan 1860 " • Oerman-Matlvlty 

Madison county 1850 Federal oenpuB has 884 pages with 42 names 
to the page. The penmanship is fair so one can scan at least two 
pages per minute and the project can be completed in Just over seven 
hours if you do not have to un-oross your eyes from refccueing. 
Some counties are smaller, some oountiss are indexed but some coun- 
ties have to be read entirely by the use of a magnumf This means 
scrutiniKing the individual name. Some counties such as Sanganion, 
St. Clair and Schuyler taXe several days to read. But I expect that 
the average would make a county search a good day's work. In all 
eases the name index is consulted. 

The letter requesting those of German nativity in Morgan county 
1850 took two days - each name was transcribed as located. 

As fill in work if there is no letter to be serviced cards are 
transcribed for the name index file from the 1950 federal census. 
Again conditions control out-put. I would say that the average ooun* 
ty can be transcribed at the rate of forty to fifty names per hour. 
Tou must consider that this work is impeded by hundreds of requests 
for keys, laws, reports etc. This month I transcribed 1076 cards. 

Some time (not much) remains to help the former member of the 
youthful offenders commission look up its legal history - not by 
statutes, in the session laws. The index department wants to know 
if the democrats carried Will or Winnebago counties from 1908 - 1924. 
A representative of the Chicago Sanitary district wants all avallabli 
information on the laws granting permission to construct bridg<>8 
across the Illinois Michigan Canal. The detail of locating points 
of progress in senate and house Journal and committee renorts. Three 
different requests for back ground information on the adoption sta- 
tutes. These are but a few examples of many requests, and other 
responsibilities such as handling visiting groups is time taking - 
while I was on duty during the month of Nay there were over 20 groupi 
not mentioning interested tourists, to whom you must be courteous. 

I have three projects in addition to the above mentioned. I aa 
taking and organizing notes on the history of County Officers. I 
em taking notes on the legal history of Illinois Judicial history as 
a reference aid. I am acquainting myself with reference knowledge 
of documents and series in our custody. I am also continuing to 
work on ay own time preparing for civil service examination that I 
am looking forward to. Progress seeae slow, conditions are not too 
veil suited for research work but I am progressing, some aonths are 
better than others. 

Mrs. Robeson was away on vacation the week beginning May Id and Mr. 
0*Brien the week beginning May 30. Miss Vinterbauer was out the week 
May 13th to May 20 on aoco\uit of an emergency operation on her father. 
Ker mother has a broken arm, and all of this threw the responsibility for 

farm chorea on Miss Winterbsuer. 

Miss Sohefflsr is continuing cataloging of Illlnoie and Michigan 
canal records. Owing to the temporary shortage of catalog cards, she 
has not typed many cards, but has made work slips for 34 of the 41 toI- 
umes of the construction: Field notes, Series B -> Estimate notebooks. 
This cataloging, really analytical work, is being done in unusual detail 
because of the constant use of the records by the Waterways Division. 
Many of the maps and plates which should accompany the field notes have 
been retained in the Lockport office, much to the disgust and inconven- 
ience of the Springfield engineere. The latter tell us the reason for 
these records staying at Lockport is an interdepartmental Jealousy. 
They are trying to get the rest of the records for us. Miss Scheffler 
has also had considerable relief desk work. 

Mr. Rountree has finished filing ^hrcugh the letter "0» in ooxTpor- 
ation reports. Re has also performed other routine duties. 

Mirs. Reichiller has translated a couple of Oahokla marriage reoordft 
which had been sKinped for tone reason. She has difficulty with eigh- 
teenth century 'rench, never having had previous experience with histor- 
ical manuscripts. She is almost finished writing index slips for the 
1817 Ptrrin records. 

Mrs. Robeson has finished filing all previously unfiled Secretary 
of State 'e correspondence (1909-16) to the first letter, and is now going 
back to file it to the third letter. We do not think it will have to 
be filed to a finer point than that, except for certain words like *I111- 
nois*, "United States,* etc. She has finished the letter "A" and is part 
way through the letter "B** in 1910. She also unfolded and stapled all the 
letters "P" and "G« of Oorporation reports, and has done other miscellan- 
eous filing Jobs, 

Mr. Cassady and Mrs. MoPadden have finished Indexing Macoupin eounty 
federal census for 1860 and have started Bureau County. Macoupin was 
done out of alphabetical sequence because it was lengthy and we have had 
many calls for it. 

Photographic Laboratonr * We have now finished the second month of 
filing requisition forms for the Photography Laboratory. While these 
have not cut down on having to make too many pictures of school groups 
for members of the (^neral Asseoibly, and even these I suppose are Justi- 
fiable from the publicity angle if not done to excess (as 100 copies t* 
one Senator in April), it will permit us to show in more detail the typea 
of work done. Baby and wedding pictures are eliminated from these report! 
and I have net seen any recently in the Laboratory. Mr. Helm says the 
forms are definitely making people think twice before asking for personal 

It is still difficult to get raiorophotography done in the laboratory 
One order h«=B been pending flince December and one since early April. 
Pirst the camera would not work, then they couldn't get into the labora- 
tory, then they spoiled cony in developing, etc. The trouble seems to 
be that the darkroom is too* small for all the kin'-s of work they are try- 
ing to do in it. When they develop ralcrcfil.i they cannot be doing any- 
thing else at the same time, and the prints they are making are alMigrs 
crowding out the mlcrophotogrnphy. The situation is embarassing for wh«il 

alerofilaing work I0 n««d«d we thould be Abl* to get it out In a reaeon* 
able tlffle. All three of the boys are working hard, and I am not aocuelng 
theffl of willful negllgenoe. The darkrooa It the bettleneek. Z reooamend, 
ae the oheapeat •olution« the purohase of a Dlebold automatic mloroflla 
developer. This oosts about #1800 inoluding Federal tax • certainly 
cheaper than a new dark rooa* I do not think this developer requires 
plumbing oonneotions. Zf eo, it oould be easily taken care of froa pres* 
ent pluabing lines. 

Building Notes. A speoial air oondltidning unit for the 11th floor. 
Departmental vaults, occupied by the Operators* License IKireau, wae turn- 
ed on May 7. 

Qonf erenoe Itooa^ The State Nutrition Ooaaittee ueed the room one 
day. Btate library Unit Heads Oonferenoes are held there twice a aonth« 
Z am using the room as a private office oooasionally when I find it neo»*e 
sary to concentrate. My so-called private office has no privacy since it 
is a corridor in constant use by the staff, and 1 am sub J eo ted to alaost 
constant and usually unneceesary Interruptione. 

Yisitox*s» Two schlpls were escorted through building by previoue 
apnointment - the State iloraal University High Sehool Senior Olase and th« 
8th grade of the Libertyville echoolsl The latter cone every year. One 
would think they were too young to get auch out of the Archives, but they 
are always very attentive, courteous and ask intelligent questions. Of 
course hoz^es come without appointment and get as auch attention a> it IS 
possible to give thea. we have placed photographs of restricted sectioaa 
of the building in the Pope rooa» which helps soae. 

Vilbur Rhodes, formerly a Janitor in this building called one day 
on his return from eeveral years in Japan. He reenlisted after the war. 
When he was drafted froa here he was Juat a likeable carefree young high 
•ohool graduate « always oclowning." The aray has certainly "aade* hia* 
He now has poee and polieh, and auet have had educational opportunities 
since he learned Japanese and has been acting as interpreter at his on&t 
headquarters for the past three years. 

Respectfully submit ted« 


Hfkj 1949 


■*''■'■• ■; 

-^ -.■;.• 'ic-y %:% .... .-, 


WfJ?.-.-. " ■ -^ '^iss . -: 

'v' ,"*.) 

^/-=* "'r . ,:' ::':',■■ 

t s^ 

' ' "'^ .^ *'" ' -.-^i •' ' ' •. • '£{^ 


"i 1 

^ v::v-:;v:ei^V:::;- 

^•- - ^Yi ^.s^'-^'fv-'- 

- , -i:: 

' .:j:\ 

'.^i^^.'^i'!^'-- ■X:■'•'.'■''■ 


May 1949 

Routine Dtpartaentftl Calls 

Secretary of State 

Aeoountlng Sept. 

fee Bc^ (A.uto) 
Bookkeep4i<g Dept. 


Di^H^iate Pay Roll 


Oorporation Dept* 

Annual Reports 


Index Garde 




Court of Clalas 


Ixectttlve Dept, 

Rotary Petitions 


Trade Narke 


Index Dept* 

Deede to State Property 




Communist Petition 


Enrolled Laws 


Securities Dept. 


(^neral Assembly 


Vaterwaye Dirislon. 


•rical, denealogical, ete. 

In Person 




'.. " - 


^ . " 

General Assembly 


Internal ImproTemente 



! 9 

Rame Index (Telephone Only) 


Rietory State Departments 



State Reeorde CommisBicn 


• -. " ■ .. ;- - '■■.■■ ■''■■:'.■. - ' 



Mail Inquiries 

AroblTsl technique 

..'. « 

■ ." 







,.;■■ ." ' ST 

■ ■ ■ T , ■ 

Grand Totia 8W 

■.v.',/*.. I. -vii^.'i:.' 


■ , 




.;■ ■'/ : ^. „^- 

';* .,-»"■■ 

't . " ' .. b ■■' 

.'■"'' iSi 

.■j._ , 


•■ f',' 


!■ . ■ 

.'■ .'' 

.' -'' 

■■-. • ^^ '■■' '\ 

'■. ,, ■ i- ■ 


'- ' " ; '-: < 

■- , 

' .;v 

• *. ,. '" ': ■ 

.,: .* « , '■" "•-' 

■■'- ""^.z 


. ■-■■ 


''• , ^ 



■..'•■, '^' 


.■ <'.. 

V ■ 

, ■.!(!'■ 


■'" ' '- ■■ -■^>iri , '■'^■'' 

■ ' .•-■ " 

■' . ; 




■■•.. . ' 

, ;, 

n '•• 

' :., 

■■.:,?■-/■-■«> .>'■:.:■ :-. 


^ /• v. ■ -,■: 

- -"-Hi 

M«7 1949 

Auditor of PubXio A<«oountt SS 

OlTil Sarvioa Gommiasion 6 

Zlllnola Commaroa Coiaul salon 5 

Department of Insurance 3 

Superintendent of Public Instruction 2 

DlTlsion of Public Works & Buifillngs 

(Division of Vatenrare) Jy 

Secretary of State 

Bookkeeping Departnent 22 

Index Departaent 2 

Xxeoutive Department 10 

Securities Departaent -1 

Departaent of Registration A Sduoatlon 46 

State Treasurer 13 

■■■ 145 


■^::ife*-^'." '■ 

May 1949 


ZlXinols and Miohigan Canal 

Mame Zndax 

Zllinola and Michigan Oanal 
Naooupin Cmmtf, Federal Oenaua, 


1804 wvittea in May 1940 
Gahokia raoorda 


A 8 


■: :"«' 

•Total for oounty. Suparoods all aarlier atatiatioa for 
ihia oounty, 1948-49. 



,^r'^Y.- -K 

.- . ■ ■ ■ " .■ i 

':■' ■" ;-" " V 

"■"■ ■'. '»i ■ i ■ ■:? 

''" • ';. r- \h 

;..,■..-■ >■ ,• /-.': 

''■ -r;- ' •■*,■£-■.. V ■ -J 'r- -.' ' 


■■■"■>■ -'-.J**--, .,,:■-*,■' ■; .^i}- /iAr-i 

■-. .•..■-■'*■ ;: -- -Si-;, i'v '.■',■. -I ,,,.>; 

,/. ' • - ■. ', . ,.-1' ' ' ^- feS/^/ .' . 


. . .. . U\:.%% 

• ■ ,. ■■' '■■'• :■■■ '. >';'■■■■■: ■ '%s^- :■ ..•■-■■.;- ' '■•#■'"> -^a^'^ 

.:•;<*•; »Sa*:^- ■,,«-:•%' -i *v ;. - :^f^: i'J ri .■" 'jis:' :.-.' h ^ -.i . ';; .^--v 

Nay 1949 

Btoretary of State 

For Mr. Barrett 
Senators and Repre??ontative8 

Bohool Children 

Qulney Soout Masters 

Senate Dinner at Lei and. May 17 
State library 

Orowded conditions oolleot Oept. 

Painting for Rep. Brands 

araphs (3 Megatlves) 
State Library Arolilrea 

Oahokia records » 12 negatives 

Index ©eipartment 

House Resolutions 53 Sk 58 

(3 HegatlTss) 
Senate Resolutions 
(3 Begatlves) 
Auditor of Public Aeoounts 

Phot(^raptui of Lincoln and Douglas 
for engraver, for use on State 





8 X 



8 X 
8 X 
8 X 



8 X 



8 X 
8 X 



16 X 
8 X 



6 X 



8 X 




8 X 



8 X 10 
16 X 20 

4 sets not signed for, number of 
oopies not listed. 

<■ ', ;■ 

■ ;.'i 

K- -y > ^. ; 

• ii 

: . - ■ ' ■ V w . , ,;■ ■ 

"■'i ' 

'f. ■ 

. 'V^ V-/..'V .. ';-■' v' 

aL^ ' 

'''^ /■^^J'.■r■'>■-■■■■ ■ .. ■ 

'■» ■A--W**- 



. "a --i- V' 

■■■" ^". if. 

May 1M9 


<2o2*poratlon Dopt* 

ArohlTes Dept. 

For Senator Rennlck- 
Road report 1833 

Oftholcla Records 
Vatorways Division 

Oanal PI eld Book 







FhotograplM (t«iiodl Oroups) 

Blip* tmam09 
Rip. Hiid«lll*t 

? K lQJrX^0 


V OMrponttion Rtoordinc 

f--:- -~ •^■:; 

'^■-' ~^ , 

_-■ .-if,- ■ -o(. 

:>/^r ^ 

c...'S .;;.:; 

■s. - * K 

■■*■ '.V^^^ 


<.c!>ort for Juno 19^'9 

.J ^7,-4- .1 ,. 

.^iL5-.: ii:^.L.\j-' 

I'c Council arr.'.t. ovfv bov 

oopleR of thp r.^port oft".'^ Illlnolr 'nlf^hvpy liurve/ 'Jatnnlttie^, 1939 

Th" Inf'.ex '"'ep'^.rtrcr.t tr-rir!fff>rre''.. title TecoT(*.a and flecdfl 
relfttlnf^ to the. :\LxQri .Bprlr,--'' 3t'i:<^ Par'-: ^.pA the Lincoln Trail 
Statn tlnnori-^.l, U-'Tr-nop Co. 

lir- AD^etit atfitirtlcirn for tL'^ .l^t^ir-m.yn Oomnloalan In- 
forfiied El?!' th)»t .^ ch'^n;:'-- Ir. nornonr.-^l •'t th% . Lockport office 
will r;"l;^ It i^salblfT to tr-^Mi'-fr^r th" r'^raaln'lpr of the c/^rial 
recOrdB to th-^- :~.t'tr> Arn-iiv^G. Tr.n records tAll ^-^ bro'.?.~ht 
firjnt to the ;>lvlGlor'3 cr.-r: vn.iltr i:i ^prlrLrf I'^ld -^lere r.n 
inventory will o-; oo?::pll-^d ii:'.ilc.r to t/ie on?? giv*»n u^ vhen the 
earlier trnnsfor var made. 

Tho Auditor of i^.iblic Accoantn had a "nlll before the 
'renernl Assembly (I prenune it pasacd thou:;h I havip not x\ad 
tine to c'ii-'Ok) T'-hlch 'roald ;:i^r'iit th'- doratr-ictian of orlrlnal 
Tmrrantf? ovrr t?»n y^ry, ol '.. I hrd fleveral interviews ^rlth 
hr. IJpl;::'ibors nnd V'r. Hnit?;!^:" of the hiditor'n of fie* on the 
Gubjpct of tr^n':'fr'r'" to r-.r.'l fro": th<=»lr dpTnrtn'^ntfil vs'ilt. I. 
alRO "jfTote. a l-'';tr>:- to t:.-^ Auditor author! rln?-; the transfer 
ot 'warrants to liis vriilt -i^fpito tl-p ro?^lntlon againpit uns of 
«?uch Vfl.ultfl for rrcorda fliihjpct to 1,-tnr (l.^f^trviotilon. x'lv? 
Vf.lue of the w^rr^ntf; durin;^ thf^ t>'^n y<^p.r retention period 

certainly •Jimtiflo'^ hour-i?i 

r-^oordR in the .Irchlvoo Biilldlng. 

Sp-i-clficfvlly I Ignijf'^d o. fipcoioJL :.'??rr!it to v>il'^ tiip recor'-'.g In 
eoecl.'I ■^oxpfl (n/^t o«rton!^) on tho floor In B'l.ya 2 ,ind 3> 
Vatilt 12 V^eBt, ;ocndin:: r--le.-F'<- of t.'.- r^pocially built filing; 
ocblnfttfl by the dcntnction of e-rlier wlcrofllineft copies. 
The microfilntln'--: .'oh Ir. a.^p^re-rtly to d^ thorour:^^ for th.^y 
have a speclrl crc of -ririr? ^r,?^l.;rf-'d to oheokln^-^ fill fll^-s 
and to locating. If nc'ilbl'^, nlrsin-- nnrsbora. In ny lettc^r 
of nnthorlssitior for V/.-^ tr',r.':f r-r )." rc^corda I stated apecifl"- 

eally th«t wo >/o\;.Id d<»fii->lt 

:o take the '.mrrnnts at 

linst u? to thr' /<-ir 1'^.70, fin o any vouchera, aohAdulon, ezo, 

app«rtinefit ■ thr>rot->. ■ i vrTc^l nu'-ypstlon 't^int there vjre 
othfr rpcords, ny-cif Icily the old Jt.'^.to noiiRe Hecords, V 
^Ich oould ar;'^ra:.)ri''-tely r -» dr-noait'^d In the Archivoa, rQ-o.'-. 
isulted in p, •^nr^r fro" th--* c'nlef olerlr Mr. ''filllfl that of"- 
course ve ooul ' It- vo th.^r. "or-p rf' nov in the J^P'^rtmental 
Vault, n'^rsn still in t'-.i^'Omitnl . 1 an mp -or t'lC 1- }^reflr,ion 
that we 'iny i^et Fl:iofit r-ver^/thln.-^ ^-^r- want, pr-rhapo even the 

lund 3*«oord.o. \n noon n.- 
r^oorda cmltftblp for tr-^nnf-r 
•ornp wxcerilpint accusal or, a. 

I ehnll sand a li««t o3 
n.nd I think ^e will bn getting 




Servic* Hecof^nltion "^p.t^ aboiit their r^oor^ I hAVte no tang- 
ible decision to report at th*a tlisMS. Mj». Ifcmton ha«i oall«d 

t-wloe an':, p-^oh tlrac I vp.o out ots othiir 'fcraslnpsfl. ■ 

''■'' The CorpQrs>.tlon V '■_>-', rt^'v^rtt h-n <5?rt ov.?r the,19'-'"7 
■ In^'.ex oaras. ■■-■,:.; :--.■-■■ ^v---::.^. 

St n-t ff .. Recor'T'^ . pQ^'"" - •'^ ? ^*^^''- • "<r"^t 'ngR we?? held T^^th th?« 
Liquor Control "CoT^t^lsfsion n!i'.l -,:l;llo ■:r«lf.-^ro T5(»p«' rtm^T.t 
on Jun" S. Vr^sro'^rlA':-^ ln:lsl.-tion vaa introdTio«"a Ir/^o tJie 
G«nerr.l AsfjeuVi:!/- 

I'he State ^-^onr'^-" '^ow'-lsi^i ?n r'3:"ns<3d thi* rponr^t of the 
Xilruor Oontrol Gowraisnlon for p'^rwlngioTi ttj desitroy ort'-in?\i 

applior..tion r^-cor't?, r'^co'-.r-.«n.lin;' thnt. thoag iiyccc^c's "b^ 

tT?\nfrforrnc. to th^-^ ""tr/tf" *rcJilvon i'-istcRcl. , ^^i. .* ^^ 

Th;-? GopOTlPfllon polnr^'r'. o"t certain dar^^^rs "^i^irtJT^^^r.inperlng 
with wicrof line', oopl'^,'^ o:*' p?'ti'^ntn' oase reoo2^«iVBhp.t thcge 
be filmed in r';iplio"t'>, or- cooj tn 'c^ a v^orkinT^ copy r.-'ld. 
at th«? respective "ir-^ti'''''T';, t'->^ otJ5,f;r -^ ts^iitm" I'ilsv; 
sewlert »n I fil'-'' ir "^r.r "rehires. "rhltJ provlpior. -.fafl »rltt*?n 
;lnto th.?> 'bill n'tb-^'^: ^tf>n. '".o thef .-(P^p.r^Tttl '•'V.sf r:r"bly . . ^ ' '; 

Buildl'.U': Rot(?g . ■'■'r''"Rt'»r:''!;ln;- iinltfj: ('for shelvln,'') w-iro 
:8hlft<»<l fro-p' Iy»TplB 1?, 10 nr.'" 7 to Lornl 9 of -tho ^v^ohlvea 
vault and 1200flc\dltin- "1 1^" -^u/u.ven or^'lere'l. 'riii? cldaretl 
floor flppoe for :^r*pil"blo ■l<»r'v4n« "-ocop:nlt ion Board tran^ffre 
ftn-i '.fill permit kin^ ■';>ll'^y: to concf*ntrs^e all thf: llIlr\oia 
AocumpntB coll^otlor on t'-n f«.f"'.jp.o<^nt fl^3?f inf»t«r.I of 'i-vlng - 
th'jrn Bcatt<5red or four I'-'vnlri <^.s p'w prcBf>nt. ^"4 p;|??.rr» :to 
keep all thp fiur.:'lv)<? "ti^cl-: on 1' y^I 9 and to u»p leV«l "3 for 
thr- clagelfiod copi<-»f. «r.c>^:^.ncT(^-. '"■^^ vill vacate levels . 
1, 6 and 10* . * ■{- - '' -v >■; .;. .^■-,. ^, 

l^c ^gietr«tlor. arvl "^tiORtior; Depfl.rt:ti''nt ^x^^^- t!ie "* 

Conference Confprlnr'i^ Room on -Tunc V^ »nd tvo n%^tf r^<5ctin;:« 
wore hf»ld therr. I fTfifjxently n^f It ac p. priv5i.§f^ office 
i*heii nccdinf* to o'">nci?»T'tratr nn -rorA '.-fhlch 8hoM.ld;-not b« - v.r^^^ 
interrupted. /"■■■". ._. ->'N 

Tnr roof l'=>^kpd into 12th and 11th lev*^l dep^^rti^frntr.l 
vault R on Jun« I5. Onr of th^ v.'^nltw ^.ff^'otpd ■^rap that 
•occupiftd by the State hl^br-ry. '^ . 

Tkic air-eon^litioninf: ur'i t for th;* 11th Itvel now ufled 
as fi.n office by tiv; Autoraobile Dep.^rtrr'nt, «e«p8 to he working 
satisfftC&Orilj . J^n »vpproprln.tlon t'or th»» ftrootlon of a 
"buildinfj on the 'itp.t') P^ir ^rr^^'Tnls, to hoiiae the Qf^or^tary / 
of Stf>.t«?'}» Autonobile O^partMpnt, if slg'nml "by the -lovornor, 
promiaee oventu^'l ^«»l^"Re oi' r.pnv.c', noiv Ui^i^d by' that Department 
in the ArGhiv*^B Bulldlnfi^.;:..-^. :: ".,_■•>.■--:-' - 


,:>.; ' 

15'^':5i ^-■■^* .^ .i^.'^'^ J#w* *-%'\-is^.-^"^'"$:/::.-'^-'%vi .s-:^tv..# : 

-■l'^''^ 'si'^ic'r 

- Bei^uir jfyQ.'«gct . Mr. A*T>. BoirtLl«r, itfio Introdiioed hSdn»«lr :■ 
«• the ""Iftfltern Sta-fee Ml or<>fi la Service, B#«T«r, Pa*/* In* 
t«PTl«»v*»fT yis« Bookers atrd m<» on the p^«lbllttl©« of «nt«3*ltig ' 

Into contr'-'Ct rolntiona -tflth Hlr.'s to sot- up.a repalf UTilt In 
the Stfte ^rohlve*^ Buildlnp; flimilAr, to thai vhicli ?'r-. ••Tllllan 
J. 9Al*ravr8 haa tfith the Virginia StJat'^Uibrairy* '% -^r** '".crirw 
Itfsiy lntereat»d In -^uch a ;.iropofi?&l but t1^«r« ftr# jaftny leg^l 
«ingl»ft to b« Gonsiderei\. :$r. Bovdl'^r ObylOTi«ly wiHts uii to 
Fifttoe hlia a propoF.ltlon -^-hilp w«? feel thAt h« 1p> thi^ <ine -who 
ahotild nak? thf; initial .-rov^o'^r.l. He olr.l--'f to have had '. y 
'extenfitvr, •jflth r'^p.clrirr- of dnnty recorn^ anrl seems to be ■*• ' 
^0'^«k.'.'nt©<i'\fitt tl:."- Ilatlon.-^.l Archlv-^f! p,n-~. at thf* :')el«wRre • 
A.rohlvt>8. Ko »*i?»s hex'e J-^n*^ 13 r.r.'l l'.' "but t^je hnvo he<^rd notblfJg. 
frow hln aince. ,■ . " - "-v " ■"'"■■.■ ■:'v--.C 

we hp.v<? rrcelve-i s ci'". of $9O0d- for .thn Sarrorfg. ms.chirje*'- . •'.. 

. j\^o nipwbern o." thf; etaff wer« hospitalized dipping tfee 
raonti - I'r. C'rl'^n -rlthrtn infpctn;' foot^ Hr- Tfmberlske^ <|i r* hf^art att'^c':. !f-''v-rfern<". ■^rhile on duty . t!r.^ |k?iR not yet r^trtrn^d to vork* 

!!leB Wintrrc-^'ier am ''ir. Caf^ffady were* on vacation the 

wffek Bt.'^^'tlr. : .J'-m« 

'. "i'*!- ■ 

RfplchlT froB June 20 to noon 

of July 5. l-ir*s. I-lf^icliler. Iff-.-m^.klrr up f^'.** additional tine 
«h» took. - "' ■ 

I spohe ot) t;T;e ('nhohi?. frcords and hov; we are "^rcparlni? . . : 
;th*»n for uee, bafore the ■S'5>r'^%fl0ld-c;sa|>t«r of th*», I..L.A. ' 
V Oatalogere • Section, Jirif'* 23; Aft<!r dirtier rtt 6h© Sou the rnair© 
the raeetlnf* ooiivoned at tlip AroMvf»f2 -l^aildlntt st ■8;-l*:.H. , ' 

.■"■'' t deolined .in inylto,tion to >oc-off:e jx naiabor of the. 
AdftdQmy of Pollticsi.l Boie^noe. 'i'hifl f?T0up wo*»tB Rt the «ft!8# 
time of y^ar ftn ^nnrlftT. "ilf'torifc'^l Issooiation. I deoiinf^A >' 
felso on ti:p ,pl#=ta t"ant a« I stpproach retlreTn'^nt ago I an >flthiw; 
(Srawln- fyom rath»r thf^n .^o^r.ini;- addltioru^l profe»flionsl 
group*. Perhapfl tUls Invit-tion is ra<»s.nt ao An honor, *ln on : 
%% If ^n-lnvlt-'tloh r.ffair and, th« Acadetny hAfl big names, bi|t 
so far SB I can Re? it Ir Just anoth-^r society with mtwaber-^M^ | 
ship dues*;:,::;- ■.-■■-■-■■.... ■•■-■^•; ,- - ^ ';.-:■:-' 

Klse Hor;prf5 -n--" I r-^pr-aconted ths Illinois 3tatn ]Llbr-r,ry -. 
ftfr th*? Joint rapptln- of thp Kational 4tteQNelfttlon of State 
LibrRrles and th^ Katlon^l A-f?oGt-''tlon of Law lAbr'-^rinna hel4) 
at Detroit Smtip 26— July. 1. A Beps^.rato report on this -i."; 

meeting Is :appr:rdcd* .. .,-,■■/.■ -'■,*■' 



■Jij.^ ,. 


. ■■ -':iw 

.. .- -• jg;i 


-'"'" vi**'- 

■'^ ■ *s^'. 

- ' -"fcn^k^' .'^'''^? 



■ '^'' 

i:r. Gws4»fjtly arwl Kr Ikwntrfl© aad* i^me shifts of peooro* 

In the V^ultfl In odnneotion ^flth :th« ii^ '•?« 

expect t'&li'iV-^ "&p do ^8t)f3#» inajor :fthlfti?4- lin'alsouv, tiro !yer>.rs, ..g 
tx;% the A^lp;inRi.l- lay.oiit of t^i'' vaiJlt'S ni.a<le elaT«?n y©a«»8 .-rfs^c} :'.;'.' 

^pveral, ihtors^tln^ r^i>r?»t5c« :problon!!j v«re handle fl ."by ' "'■,. 
lir. Caf^eady. One. of tihgen. i>:volv**d, th« %lll»r ^ct" of 1926/ , 
:.pAS0»d"biy the- r^rwral ABCf^nbl:^ in I925 bytt not--gl,r*n«?tt % th© •--=•■ 
vTov«rrior In tlsK? for itioluBlon In tno adflolbn Lsva. The 
.qu9ry va?, . *IiOK ^lld an'-RCt ■fj*»t' Into the kft via e<?.'Stft twites l^iftt* -'^ - 
lima never puljIlfliM tn the. Beecion la-'s^*^ The ejtpl^iiiation, "J] 
*wa found in, th0 Ai:}n«tct;ea' Statutes, bixt -Uhjef ,«iverj»e45e pera^ti . "'^ 
t#duld not knoif liov t<s> loork It xip. Off hiiin^ t -fehlnlc of 2 o^n*. . 
. lami , , Ijoth ' p:?*ibr to- if^'iO, .-^inrw th*^ crk!*' .thtnrh^ppr'ned.o^;.: ■.;:•:; ; :J ^^ 

Hr> C»»fiijtdyv rnportrd wadclnrr 5^? InaeX C43P<1« for tgf? 18 50 
feder?sl c^neu*- foi-- BtjripAu GorTnty; ^t|*tf. l%F^dden..l^de j|lO cordB, 

.-■■■",• kr.. Ro'aril^s* -hp.e,, f lr.i.i!hr,(| - th^,., lietfte? "H**-,. In ths e^rpQtra-r:;-,: 

■tlon lleporte."' -;'; J:-. .":■'-.' 'i-; ;:--^''"-' .:•■ >^;;-/- ■':=:■ ■ ^ ^J;fe'■■-■^ "•■;};;/■ ''--;;;; 

Mlat_ Sfihelfl'lc'r r.€tp3rta r>r.klrj5r vork sllpa for 85 toItihj&s - ^ '; 
af th*^ Tliinola ".nd'^^ichln.'^n CP.ri:^l fi^l3. bookn. Typinf; h^d 
be^n MtXcX Sap Vt^" a o^^>i*tar:© of cntsloi^ Oftnlfl. She hsts ftlsof; 

hRd oV©h;-2^00**t:naTi*5-";t<r..rde to Int erf lift in' tlif Jmm© Inr'.ex, :,'- .,,_,;: 
anA ^a^ ?totie .tii*»-Tel3;^r worK- •i'.t th<«> ]^r«a%w8e- ifefffc June 6-11 ■;•■". 


, I practtontlly fltf^l^icd t;y;-)inff and revipAng tti'fe i;ft(i«?K^^^ 
Is for-' thf». rf corda- Covrtr'Hl by Alyop^*,#:,.rfflilwie "UiilibsJEirt 


■f .; 

r«©orAB**rt 55C ^^^-dr'fsSr 'Junr, at totgLr'af'^^063» : . I'^rhgjW. 
t-vrentyfive^str* If^ft t'6:b?» roehpokf»d nnd typed. i 

Y ^«!l"tFQrB .':'^.'' narold Cfltor', director W'^Hell,lnn«cotA^,.„ 
Illotorlcp.l Soiii^ty, spent th*- d«y h«re Jan^. 7. : 1 

/:'.■' -^;i;-.- ,-''v. ,'A''-V'':;^:-'"''^^V-^^^^ '■.■*' 

-■■ '■'*'.■.>- 

-tk;.; ■^■' . .^ ■•■- " -*^2r#liVi3 1 ■ V;r.-^ J^^^^^^ 




/-, ;■;!-•,- :*--;;v;;; ■ "?■.,■=■?■■. ;i^;',--<^^-'-'' 

:-" '^ 


.. : 

- "■ ■'> 

. ..; 

'. '■ '- 



. >--=- ■'^~. 

.J ■ 




% ^'" ■ 

';^'.'. " : ' 

;?■ J 

--. ^i.:™,^ 


■**,:-^<t '- ' 

-' ■- 


. -*■■■*?; : 


'■?- - 

:y:^.-^i^r_ ■ 

' ■- 

, . 


,^" ■" 

V ■ i''- 

.- ■ **■ 

.-■ ■■ -s 

■ ^v. ■ 


-;. , - 



-•-:-■ !**r 

■i :■> 



■s. y-r, 

-i- . •- , .^ -■• .. :t r.. -v.;:*!.- ; -..■.-.. ■-■■^■■.>.--. -'-r-^r^J-i i,.,Vi.-. .■■..:--?^; .... J-;-''"';-* -^^*=.:f-;i5*- S^'-ii-ift*.:; ^- 1~.'^ ;■ V;- ■ :.s>3 

^j -ii-V 

June; 19^'9 

Secretary of BXc.te 
Index Depf^rtacnt 

Seeds rr.' t4.wlf» rocorile 
C2 craee) 

13 document a 



f - 

• •jClt- 

•"" - - 


■ ,;,;.\^.-:;Jun« 1949 

Routine I>eppxtjneTital Gallfl . ^, 

<Jorporfttlen D«ptv.,^.vv: ^- '^' :'■"'.•' - ^ , 

Index cprds ■•-'•". -'5:?^^":-^: Ii9 
Annual Hep<3rt# / '- vv ';s^- " .- 159 

Horref^-^ondence /■ " ■'• ,'''• ■';;?^'" '■ 1. 
F!xiecutly€ uept. 

ab:(8«iutiye ivm-ist^'r ■' "-'?> 1 

•.V Imioflc :!?iept. 

, v--"; . 'Tiirblled I»aT,r9 - ■. "\:t 19 

V ,'".:;':■■' Eleption P.ecorde :^ ' ) -'' 5 

..-'i:;-;:>: :;■' 1 Deeie to State Property ^ 

:.J; V. State 31df^. & Merorl'^lg A:^-; :. 1 

"■ >^i^; 39ouriti©3 'Dept. . ■ ^'-i- ^T-c^'' 

■;^^:;- Q-losea^ C?»'sen.^;-:^':, >.-";.;,';,■> .-: ■,. -, 1. 

Gofieral Aas^nibl^; ^,; "v-^Vv";:^? 6 

"■jlnnuar Beport.s ■ , ^1^'^'- ■■ 2 

Xllinois War Goxmoil : f 

'■ <- l^eraonr^Bl Heoora 1 

^ . *'- 

"G-t^and Totn,l 

ft ■:■•«& "*'! 



(■ .- "^- -"^ ^' ''" ■■•■ ' ^' -■ , ■ ■■ ■ ^-'..^ . .'." --.-^ ■ 

i *h '- '/-"tJenealogy <; ' ' . ' "^"^.-'^ 

■^■->? C*^'""'^ I-n«.^x ■}; ^:--- P^-H^':.: '■'•"''!'-■, 12 ^■'■'"'■ 

's^lcrafilM-Coplon .■:-■ 2 

■ ,.3etie»lof-y . :; ,^;%" ■ • - ' ::^.' 12 

Hiatjjricsl • -P:^v^ ■. '=■./■;:■ ; ■' "■■■;•" ■' •- k' 

^^, St^tts %;cordR tJocinii roI on ,';,-"■: -r:^' 2 




-rtS'-^fBa'^,.-^. „" iji- .•>>■' , ■■ '. Jri!".:? ,'-'f,. i»v ,•,-■>'. .: ■'..■ <*-'t«'is^'S..-i .■ 

~^': .■*^''' 


-SSuremU: Co. x>d#T«l Gensns 1433. -.■... ..-.V.;' ' :../":■/■■ r''"^^-i: 

*.-,(.-;>' /f.,f* 





, -?', 




*"' -T - "- 




■■^ ;_ 



-' ■ ■ - ^ 


i;- J- -, , 

'J ■': 




"v.'^ ■■ 

.;-;-■" ^ 

- ^ J >■ 


:'.■ ** ■ 



■ :V5 


■ ■'■■■ ■ ■>i;;'t:i' 

'■ %>^W-; ■■"■'•!% "-■^^-.- •■":"';■>■■ --•^^-,^^v=-■ ■"..•• -^^^ ■■■■". • -'V^^Si'c -^■^■>.-^Av<*>: *t*^'^ •-■•-.■;-'' ':.■--.?-:■ ■•■ :' 











..'», . f;;-;, .. 



-?.;;■■ i-;- 


-*^' ,'- - 

■ . p ... - .— j-t^' 




K-»'* "■' 

. ■?:. 




.VAULT ADMISSIONS Juhp 19^+9 ' - 

9lT. of ArchltectJJir** ^^ ^nrrlndfrinj^ 2 

Auditor df Public Accounts ' 35 

Civil Service Commlaclon % 

I113.nolp Cora'nerc'* QoDmlpelon •^ ^ 
Oept. df In^urrncp " 5 

liquor Control CoBaaieelon 2 

jMperlntendent of Publlo Infltructione 5 

vs... • i"-* 

.^ar«^'!7 of St»^te 

Corpdratlon T>cpt. "" , j 

EajftOjytlve • 21 

t^ S|^«^ R«spon«tl"blllty Uept. 10 

Dept. ©f FeglstrRtlon & Education W 

5tate 1*feaBur«r j, . §2 

t ;^ 

. ^ 

t A' . 

-*^i - 

?' " _.< _ ?=•«, .--tk' *'i J -.__. ?^'-ti ->%___ _li^.'»j/'^,/' 'j;;. _,»;._ *^._~'^ 





Blue Book 

Qfung. Ma«k ft Soha!^ dbllftr«m 
Taken to Wa^in^^n '^ 

Sttorfttaay of Jtato Pttiaioitj 
OtMO&ed ▼#%• 

•Fwnt-aftlo^'' '^ '''^-■w' 

OttUiig «;t 19teXl#Nt "tfioaiifilioro 
SeMonttle lionon fit it. Rltk. 
0ooretaxijrl« ?«rt for &.A. and Pros* 

Kr. Ilorritt - 
Salino 9ftna 




0«>p«ratlon Rooording 


Oonoral Roforonoo D«p*t* 

. s 

■ "--■ -t' 





- ; 


■"■ ■. n'" > 



. IS 

Y "=■-,- 


■^v " ■*;< ■ ;^--- 

■i. r^:*^ . '; >■ 


-./■^ ■■-- . 

STA-2" hlSRAKi 

'■':■..:. ..." ABCHIYina nyj'nH'TH^KT 
report for .Tnly 19'»9 

.^fflBftifilaaS.*' "^^'^-* P-fi-- f>th'»r tltl" r«»cor;\r. . p-^rtol-Mlnf' to 
Dlx.^n f5prln«r«j f-t'^ta Pat^c In "^tijv? oo'.mty, rpoph*»tntovr :itflt;«» 

Mf»-;orlnl J.r-" "'Silt<^~ldi! ftourtT 'rr\'\ f^r'^.nt. Horn** Strte Mpfforlal, 
Jo ;>.vl«*r^ ©ounty, 'r^r^-- ;'■■<:?' It* '1 by th?* Iirl**?: Pf ;><"-rtTirnt . 

; Th-^ folio* -in- r-rh<*rr^ of ^hr rt.^ff took p?^.rt or f.ll of , 
th«>lr v.'^datlorie 'i.urlrv'^' .hil^f: '■>."'. •=:';.'\f»rr, !"fCh<»ffl«r» Slnh ami 
'^tnt«t*b«:u<>r. '■•.■-/■' 

''r?' .'«lohl(»r'f: llt*:lr \Ti-j vnfl In t\\^ honpltsl th«» l«^t 
v^rX of' July "ui-t^; -^^ o-^ntr-piou"- f'm^oua Inffctlor. In th*- mouth 
"■^nd throfikt. :-ih<» h?!" p.rr'-nf-'t'l. *"o h -vr* him boardwd ^t th*--' 
o-;.t;iolio ar^har-'--'- '■' ''l':/>'^ for th** 'lurntlon of the polio 
''u«.rrntln»» h<*rc >- -intll t-H'^ ^"^y "j'lrfipry r^'op^-nr, vhloh latter 
Bir.y rot ■'->«» :'.nt5.T th--^ •^ll'^lr' of S«>-,)t«»«b*>r. 

Mr. 0*-5rlr>n U.t ber^r oil' fr-)!^ th« last "qwIs: of July vlth 
■^ n^v^r** cr'^nt coll ■- iT-.>lly f^i, H'» r'»port«»'l f or ■»*or/t two 
nomine?. Twit h."'^. to r^lv<? n'"> '-.n l ';;o hno--: to b«d. 

'Ilsu Boh'^fflr-r h' r ber-n ^,110' tsV-l ohn.lrD-i.n of tho 'junchron 
n\v\ ")lrn»»r Comrnlt^ft" for th'> '^O^'f ''nn3.v»»r9*iry BWPt'.n<^ of th«» 
XlllD-Tlfl *5tn"^» f'i«toric.Ti Mbr-ry, Oojto'rAr ? ftn^l R. - 

Bf>i^lnnln;^ .Tnly ^'^^'^'-'^^'^rr o:" th** st-ff v»r« frlven •'^Itern^te 
3<;tur'lp,y womlncp o^^« 

I d-'mtf"* tV;o rjionth o;- July to thoi^ie ialr:.o<»llnnROuc tneke 
wMoh I crll *cl*»prlnf fy ripsV. .* >Mf^n(» take too long, none 
rr*? not'vrortliy, hut *>.r^v ^rn tJp jrinor thlni^e \tilch crt pushed 
'.-rcldp by norp prr^Rinrj trniin. For '-r''t.''nee, I ep^nt nont of 
one tre^^fc rerllnf- proof nr- typin?: ori thf» Klntory of Strte Dfi- nn^. checlcine' the thrf^p- copies for Incliu^lon .mnd 
eov«>rRre. It doee not noun-"^. 13 kp nunh but It la x»eally a 
rnther f\isfl|t pfiir;Btn.}:lr.r: job. I hr.r«* r<lno be^n wy wm etcnog- 
ra::^er E>o«t of thp ronth. 

l,h.-v<? j^lno b<!»rr, wrirrin.f; Trr. ?clohl*»r*8 Index «?lipfl for 
typlrifj. Tlile rclltinf: non'ilft?' "hl^fly of ooordlnptlnf? numee .; 
pppll#»r?. Variously 'r,.K\ n#»l'^c/'' R-: tbrv n?*»l liner to ''&* ufieA Ifi . 
flllT", cberAlnt tb«^ frrrf^, ?»t^. rr?'. : r-lchli^r ftap clone her 
%'orV pr»l.nptf kindly nn'' I fa-T'l nurprlslni?- little to oh** ok or 
ohanf7»» Ir th** c^Titpntn of Itrr. c-r'^''. "fhe flllpfl »re une*ble 
beforp' typing? Plnc th«y T.nrr bprn fllpri "by n'»me. , 


W*? are not^ ^:'l*;hlr. sls^Jit of, thoui;h etlll several ajonthe 
rvfiy fror* th*? «nd of tai« pr6o«0ting of thu P^rrln Oollpotlon. 
Kra. >Plohl<*r hnr on5y a ^'^oxeTi or po of rwcordfl to c?irry th« 
Ihdsx of tbe imtK>»ind rrcordu tlrrouerh the 3f««a' 181B which Is 

R8 far !»« ^/f^ nl.«p to f-a. I li?'.ve to f Irish collating and 
Cv*«talO£^ing «orvr forty or "sa bnnTT'. volnfn<^a vhlch vlil -/o 
quickly once 1 irrt nt It. Som? ,of th<^s« will ne^d to b« In- 
dnx€Kl -and so»fi irry not btr- tr^nclf^tr'd. ?hof«e not yet trans— ;,:,, . 
latr>d ?»re probably In to© ^iKior r^anlitlor; tn handle before r ;C r 
r»»p'ilrlng. r-om*? of iTh« m'-iprl.fJ?'"' rpcor«^€ rre tjintranfl?.r.ted or ' 
thi? tr?*nal»tloi3f? phcjl* be si-id?? flro^tliflr. Mr»ny tr^.rjclf.tlona 
Eiuat b« rwtyjwwl. ^^^n -^^i? 1** -50 of tH*? Collf^otlon It ■crill be ' 
«.^ cofspletely |)roce»g#d '^.r. pop?*:. hi* f»xe©i>t for rcp'-lr on the 
docMiBfentfl. To flat<» we h-^vs ov^r 12^r00 Inf^ex c^^rdr. The 
totffl minber ^111 probsbly r^n bf»tivief'n 15,000 nnd 20,000. i^ J^ 

In a«idltion to the ptiscell?>n<*oy^ cUitlee noted ^bove I 
h«ve Bpent «orrf» thongf't st.n:"l tin??! on i:h# civil service pxn.j5l- 
nntlone oomlng up aogn for seversl weabera of the XroJ.tvee ' 

Mra* .-•.dichler re par t g t^l tin re oVfjr -260 ln*lex sllpff' for . ■ ■ ' ., 
1513, Ferrlr. ■;'oll'^ctl<>pv Thr h??? Rlsao be*?n r.slcinj^ n tran8» - 
latlon of -^.n It^ll-^n bocx-clr't ht^r,* -jr '^y the Inf^tltutr on • ' 
tbr l^ntholov-^y of 3ooke nt I-orne.- . -, , . 

MlsR i>oheffl"r h '?? int'^rfil<^d 50OO e^'ncuo cirlB ir. the 
i;nm«* Index. Jhreiiainsry fllLnrr on th<»OG was done by Mre. 
Robenon. Hlnr. Scheffl**r guprslle4 at the Hef^^rencp Peek . " 

during: Mrc, Mcy«flden'n ffflcntlon r.n,ci h-rj aon*» r«ferp>ice 
vork' for the Mvleion of 'sfntRrwAye. 

Hlse Soheffler »n^' I h^ve b^^n «»o-?>]pf>r«tlng or » new wt- ^ 
hlblt for the ' Arohivee HiiPi«'.ii!. . .?5ii?. vlll be o«lled "the ■->■-'■,,•.,'- 
History of A^toiilture in St(?f;e l^avft. " I eeleoted, tiw* en- ; v i;r 
rolI«rd «nta froir <»ir IH3l:ory of ^t^'t'* ■')ep«urtiR*ntft jmt^ 'wrote j;;;:;'; 
the be-o*f^ound8 for l»bele. ^-'I'-.o 3eh'?ffler Is carry Ing on ^^^^^ /. ': 
froij? there and will d-j'-jbtlesf^ ■eu^it a Hut of dootraent*? ,.-r^-l^-. ■ 
exaibitsii next Month. ."Jhe is g'^t^«?rin? the lllufltrBtiv© 4 ;^'V 
nmtrrlAl, to be prrtly >mr*7 ??f our Irtter head" fron? firmt)'';' '-;'':: 
fjclling Agricultur'*! -oro'ln^itd. '^i^'i.:^-\:\ 

■ For the 3tAtf 5*8 ir thAn yn.nT T^'e thou,^^t we vo ild \xs0 v . ■,:■:, . 
photo^ttatn of thp i^rliibtv "-hi-jh h'-n been up in the ArohiveA" r^- . 1:,; 
i3»j»lldin^ thia wir.ter'J •*':'nn "An^j'BA Ze-re ^-go. " i-'eople ivn - ' ^-^'.y;:'^ 
slwftya intereated in ch''rt'»rfr o^ tovmn, etc. rnd fev will:., .".f 

hjtve sef^n thii» eichibit. 7hi» |)ihsPvaittr»tf!-.ajid leb<»l» Are V.;;.^- ■-.■;„'■' -^ 
renc^ to eet up.. ■■>,;>--■ .■;;■;:■•'/::, ?''-^^,■■^S;' ■■-■v"v::v ,.^ ;;,.;,•.'. '" ■ ^ ■■■:'■'. ■■■■■'■::'' ,^. '. 

Kr. ; GM,^''^.dy; h^fl lione. »0i?ts.:-of -th« r^eneclogioftl «epj-che«'''- ^■;^,;■■• 
thli peet, 'f|on%. ,tf.t«».>l5rp«y. do'»r<¥,' I.p Intereattngf sr# Checked' -.■■'':'"": 
the ■.1330 f«d»r<i%'^ft<^ne«p'for .'pnii ctHinty'fqir one nRae'} :the ISMJ ■:;;:;';, 'V 
federpl oenaija for 10 oountlei for 3 n»iie»5 thff I85O fed«r«l ,;; . 
ceneud for 16 ofrmtie* for 1^ nsffi«?tf: tl^ feder.':»l mortality ' 
oarvaue t&r 1350 one firm* the 1^55 ari4 iSiS^ StatMi oenauf f«r > 

2 Tif'Sme •fich, tl n««9« ^^re -lavoive«!l al'tdpit-her- -^Je rssteef-;-'', . ■■■ 
theyftlwftyc urt«»tl»faetory pethod of cowpnl.lnrj 8t«i1ll»tlc«» '^^'■ut'-: 

...;'■-■.,■ . .:-'^'t- ,':..-.. -... -,.; *.:•';••:; ,.^^v<' . ■.—,•;■*■;'-.-.,■.- >. v ,fcJ^^--'^'->i..« ".■:-■•' ".^ ■ ■■•■y -■ "(^ -^'-.v ■-■ ■ •; : :' • ■iS^^■■t■■■^^ 
■' !•■;' •.■£-!ii.- ■' - >'■ ■■ ■..-• ■ I ^-i"- - •"■- >■ *^! ^'.'v *" ^;^"■^l^-^?•=■'^/■■■;»;>^^ ^-y''' '.■^■'v i ■:/!>■■. . ■'■*■■-«•■'--■■''' ■■'•■^ 'iiS-'*:i 

-p h vc b^on dountln- thf runbor of lotters »ent; should we 

p«rhap« ootint th« fiunbffr «f r<»f»r«ino«« to a rftOorA (1>^., to 

th«> number of roferrmjee to ©?oh o»nfl»e) ©r thp nurnljer of 

n»».m«a «ft«Tnhffl fop? 3ow«? Tchlviii ngupnoAee glm fltfttintlow 

onis 'i?'<?y, n or e mother. '« ifo practio^llly 11*1 1 the sBount of 

nearch p«r lf?tter to not wore 'than- Afeont 3 na*aeR tdnot.jnore . -.'^ 

th«n 3 countl(»e, I "believe? th* "na^'brr ,of Itctt^rs' is i f ftlr ' . , / >^ 

count. On thr other liTd^ th"^ -"'nfgrf^nce !)f»flk -cd-u-vta the ■ vT* 

number of cr-lle per rpcorf''., l.{^.» countlrn, oonr' iltef^, '<^ich •;; 

mep.nB th« eovint for lettora 1^' on ? Rone^^:«.t diffffr«^nt b^cis 

thpn thp oount for p'^tron?- conflultinrj th*? renordn in; person. . 

I kno%f that you feel thp propf-r vry to count In the number 'J;; 

of ps.tron<3 served, '^ib rt 1.}^^ --rohlvfte f«ei th«? miwbftr of 

tl Pt« e glv#n record i'^ oonmiltprl is of filgnlfioftncft, esp^clalljf «'; 

If the qxiwrtlon of di"npn(::A!i''r'houi4 evfr b« raie^^d* / :. ;/ ■/v...--,l :- ^^'^ 

■■• ■ i^v'^ountjwfR h?K0 fininh«a fiHng the^l*tt*r..*l.-^ of . tt^S: \? - ' 
Corporation Report 0. Kn estinstsii^ that he haa ^~li*d 630d r«»15«l*tB 
nnd jnpdo W»^ ne-w folders firing the fijonth. 3«.)»« hopes of 
finishing by tVif? wnd of October whioh will give hlr a couple 
of raontha before thpne" r*-- ports oome to do eojne nececsiify re*» 
oh*»Clclr.<^ of InvPTtorlPf , r'^l'^Vji'lllnc:, etc. In the vaulte »,'/•" 
flhall h?ve to Rhlft Rora ' rr^oord.i oft\^vfi\%'^tit<iT& next yesi*'o ^ 
rfifjorta Oan be filed, and In t--o -'jf->.v^ do-*Oiap major shifting'* ,\ 

*s .« mr-ttfir of record, Mr, Kountr** bae completed thJ^B 
TJ. of I. ooura*»8 tovarda his Master' n degree In Sool/il Solfnce, 
t?»>-on throu^^h th« Civil Hj^rvlon : tn-Trr-lnlng Pro^T'-^pi. ?h©»# 
cour^ftpn »sr'» ! iSocl: 1 #oup- V ork; CJomimttilty Ornanlratlon; Intro- ; 
rlu.ction to fl^^Rd^ ''ork. Jla ir hopln?:? tl^at Vast tJnlverritty vlll 
let him t^^Xe the «%ntlre work toi^nrd^ the degree horp without 
r<^qitlrln<?: oampuB r«Rlleno#.. . If not h*? jmay wAnt to tpV.© a 
leive of©ne«" to complete the ^'/or': at eome future time. 
>?tth hlP wife*r. exjjcrience In hoir-e d<»mon»i5tntloT» woi'k the 
Pountpeeie mii3<« ? oouple vho ^flll ftore day b# «oiil^t for tJrbAft 
Irf'.ngii** '^ftrlc. Although t« would find J,t hnrd td replace hiw " '^■•.jV 
here, ve oert«l'nly should endotir«'.^*?-hlB In- hlfi aabition«^.fo&r,::,v-';';-f '^ 
^'dvnncetnont.'. ■ ',;..'"■- ,'X" /: •■,,■.■'■-.,;-; ;.". ■■-^".•";;r-^?- ., :.:-;'::*;■ /■:::■/'.. 

?'.rfl. Kobe son han re filed tha liecretAry.ol* iRtato's eorre*- ' -. " 
gpondenew for 19;10 thro-ur'i the letter "5^. ^e hau unfo^^ed . •. 
'■nd fitapled Corporation repartB f Or • Mr . Bdttntree Aftd doi^ ^tl^jp^e-i" • W" 
llminary filing on IndesckrdSr .;•:■.:. 'c^-J^''^'' ^-- . Ji'-i-->-:--^ .'x'^: ..■*'^'^/r: ■>-;-^ 

14r«. MoF«idAen hee been typln^^* folders for th<% House sijd 
Senate bllla'of tKo- 19f)'9 eesflton of tUe :QiB»ner!il A««eftT3,iy.- {,- 
Th<?9e peoorde linve not y#!t been rebe iv«.4 but It vrlll «**#'' 
tl^e In ptatting th*tn! RVky to hove thf? ;^o^9*'s ready. She , 
hiif? ftlso IndeKOd 390 nf!j56«a,o>\rd« for Bureau OOui^ty. ?h*r<» 
nre- so many vl-Bltdrr.' here '.l.ti Bummer th»t'*- good de??'l, ,ijf,. ,■:;■;., ■ 
tlto<B in t?5Vfrn jus't In b*»irt^-nlce to '•::5fioplj»y .iiliioh ^||-yl^|^ 
,t&inly n Ipf^-ltlraate prrt of* i:>.Qr:^oi4t. ; '•: 

V w ■*'-: '''^ 

'.'•jv , ,'iU:.--*?A. 

'r^ ' '-''' '" .- -■■-■■-■ ', -' V--^'"- '; 

■■-■:, 1^ 

;■ ■ -■■■ ■ ' M ■ ^ ■■ig&'il?'?^:;^ -^^; •■ 


■■^Pr Ar'-:4v^- -!^^^?'.^^''^?§: " - 

-V ^* ->■ ■'- ,-■!-, '- ..;■■; ;■ ,V ''.■^^" ^ 

-f "••••■s 

^ ■•'"-■ .^ ,'V ■^•V'...--iv':-:,, ■•■. .-sf ,^: , . 



■'■-'^;'f-C'-^^:. «-«;--'*^; ■' -; ;v'i''J." :■ . .■ 

;>«*^<>'".:;Lt^i '■ '^i^,^:!^.-^.", ' 




" 'l^ae rpqulflltion glli>« fire iroi-kirv^ veil Xn tfae Photographlo 
Labbr^-tory And pre giving n fiuch ilear«r plotur« Of the type 

of vorlc bftlnf^ rlon<«? by %he Inbopntdry. 

in the. 'rchlv^B rpfer«>nca ro:)n. TTilo n^vr fftadijr frlvon p. 
TTiuoli more leglbl'-- prfojeotion tlipri the older on<? nnd vrlth leas 


'n -\^itor'~tin i^rocf nflinr; Dachlt!'? for microfilm has also 
been ordered for tlio Irboratory. 

Feferenoe '^ork . I'iac ::-ry JonK:lno« Jordan oame thn 
middle of July for a n-jntli';? renenroh in old French r<ioordff. 
Ohf» Ip t^riting r.n hietoricrl novel "bipoed apon the lif*? of 
Fath-^r Qib*»ault. Hisr Jprd-'n ia a, (prndiHRtfli etudent nt the 
Unlvcrnity of '■^■ir.Qcm.Bin*. y'^7~'"^_ . '■-,,'. 

Vlsitorer ror^iotprf^d fron^5^ilinols tovns ftn<^. cities, 
11 fltAt<»8 p.nd 2 forelFTh co .r!tri<»s: Indi?i 'rnd thp HiillpplneB. 

Ff npftotfitlly finbnltted, ■ : 


■; - .:*-fe;- 

■ ?■■■ ;)<' 

'V '^^i-'. 

''JIC1TIV?'.3 ACcrs^iTrs 
, July 19^'$ 

Tltlp to ~>tp':iC' r.-"jpf»rty ■ (3e>d!*, etc.) 10 doou»«ntB 
3 c»Pee '~; 









<,»• i 

,?- ■ 

"' V 

July 19^9 

Roiij^t'lne DepiTtnental CallR : • 

,,^ • ' Secret fti-y of Bt,Tt,e . ' • ' 

Corpora u Ion "Jept. 
"■ , J Annu?»l r'^oorlin 

•, V Index cards 

, „.; ,■ Gownr oorii^ eiice 

Gourt o-r filf'.ir'is 
^^ „ -■■ ■ •'- l^x« cut; 1 v»» Dp ;>t . 
, ■''■ ^■''•■' nlxectitlve Kepi fit ^r 

^.jv ■ '^ Lph'I pfitont 

■ •■ r. ^ not^iry- petition • . ' . ' 

Index Dent. ■■.■■., ■:.'■■ 

'_■-;. beeclrj to St^'.te r«=coruf; /■ 
^i, ' ■ '•■' Enrolls rl Lavo 
Securltlrn D<^pt. 
Cloeed oaapfl^l ^'tccenibly 

Illinois anc. lAchlr^m cr.n.-^l 

; -. Stcte Treasurer 

; ?'-e£lGter l-^!t:te bonds ■, . , .■'^^■ 

flifitorlcal, Grenealogic°l, «tc. 
In perison 

Q-enealogy > - 

13^>b federal cencue 3 ■ 

I85O feder?^! census ; 3- - 

1355 S-fc.fte census 1 

Mleoellaneour. 1 % 
Historical ■- ■.- 

Session Is ^ffl, 19^7 !■ ; 

House c'*^ Gpnnte Journals, 1835-;57 6 

, , F.lecticn recorfls , X 

Land p-ttor,t ; ■ ■ .i- ■, 
Uamft index (phon?) ;■ XX " ,■■ 
.'-rchivec ..'i'echnl^'ue , X- - ^ 
MlBtory ftn.te Deprirtrient- / - ' ■\^X:\ " 




-; .-'".' 










3y Moll '■:/,, ^?•- ' 

Genes.lof;y'- ZZy"'- 

Kistoricdl : ■'' ' 'v ■■"#--":, 

Arciiiv?:,! Techninue: ,.. ■, '''-." i'.,9 :' %''■ 

Tieeords Dispoar.l '■.■ V , . ■'■'■'"■1 

^ Miaoellaneous "" ' • : 7 

" ' .Grand li^atal , ; ' - ' - . 5?- 


.Tnly 19^^ 

Kam« Inrt.«x 

r^rrln Oo3 l«ctl or 
I>»r«sn Go. I85O cT^'io 




.♦ ' 

>^->, -^ 

-''^4\ "' 

' -i^ 




As, »j|^ 

1- *._4t_ 


Auditor of Public Accovmtn 

Civil ServlcR ComniBrion 

Department of In?ur?5.nce 

3up*rlnt*»nd«»nt of ^iblic InBtructionR 

Dept. of Piiblic ''orYs & Buil'linee 
(r)iY.of ParVfj) 

Dppt. of Rftgifitrntlon & '"^ducntlon 

Secretary of Stp te 

Corporation Dept. 

Oourt of Clf»ltn8 


Safety Responnlbllity 

Supreme Court 

StRte Treasurer 

DivlBlon of Wftt^rwsyfl 










r' :. . r^- ' 

■ ■ 'i^; V 

fc-Vc' . '■* ' 

- »». . .' /■-i-A^--:4'7i-' .-."«.; 'M-ii*i 


July 19'v9 

■ifc>- !""> . C'JJP-- 'crrtll) 

-'" ;.■••■ Library -q^o->lr! 

- ,.:.;• ^^•'\"' IlarrWburg 







Print p. 





Conbtltutlon, 134? 



Index Dcpt. 
;. House btllR 

dtat« Liorar^r 

General ^>€feren&e 
Archlvf-B (J^xhibit) 







>■ I ll» »■' 





«?,•<■.»-- ■■, 

■ ■■ .'-t > - . 


^ .^> 

-:•,. ■^..^^;- 





'* -C" '^ 

•■ ■ -,* .r ■- 


■ ■*'''C. ;. 

, . X 


%.^^, "- 

I - 

' ^/"^''. 


^r^ '■'- ■ 

■^■:''~ ■'"" : ^' 

;./;-* nrarf- 



:■;_.. ■", ;-■ 

.' _1V- 

.^ ,r ^ 


"t-r ,- 


Detroit, June 27-July 1, 1949 

Miss H»l«ne H. Rogers, Aasletant State Librarian and I 
repr«8«nt*d th# 1111^ ols State Library at the Joint msetlng of 
•tat* and law libraries. This le the first time the two assoc- 
iations hare met together for ten years, though when I was secre- 
tary of the state library group we raet together on alternate 

Itoprtsantatives frcm 23 states registered with the state 
library group. I %rould guess that the total attendance was about 
200 • a voi^kable group. Headquarters hotel was the Book-Cadillao, 
a large hotel which surprisingly end disappointingly, has net yet 
discoTered air oondltloning and electric fans, both of which were 
•asential in the 90 degree weather we encountered. 

8o far as the program was concerned I was disappointed. Most 
of the time seeQed taicen up with law library association business 
fflsitings which were of no interest to rae at least. For Instance, 
one whble ••stion was ta^en up with natters relating to financing 
the law Journal index. 

T^e meeting started with a luncheon at the Book»Gadillae. 
President John P. 0*Hara of the Detroit Abr Asaoolatlon gay* the 
.usual "Address of welcome". Dr. Henry Q, Brown, Managing Director 
of the Detroit Historical Society, scheduled to talk on the in- 
teresting sounding subject of "Legal Eagles and Stuffed Owl» in 
Detroit* was unable to be present but spoke in place of Dr. Evans 
on Wedneeday. Dr. Brown gave us a sketch history of the city of 
Detz*oit and spoke briefly on plans for the new Detroit Historieal 
Society Building soon to be erected. Re stated that the Muteua 
would shew a series of z*ooms showing Just how the oosuaon people 
lived decade by decade* He said this would be a unique type of 
I'exhibit. He did not say whether this would be done by diorama or 
full sited exhibits. He also failed to tie in the Burton historical 
oolleotion at the Public Library with plans for the historical 
society. My general impression was that his talk, though entertain- 
ing was vague. 

The first general meeting had two interesting sounding topics 
which proved, however, of no interest for the state librarian. 
*State Lewt (k>vemlng the Exchange of Materials by State Supported 
Libraries" actually was nothing but a report on exchange of session 
laws between state university law libraries. Inasiauoh as the state 
university library is not ths regularly desi^ated exchange isediuni 
in Bost statee;^ell rather flat, although Rri. Luapkin had done con- 
siderable work on in. A copy of the tabulation of her report is 
appended as "A*. 

The sooond admires s eohedulad *The Reading Guide* by FranoeB 
rarmer, of the University of Virginia Law Library prored to be 
one of a eeriee of coiamlttee reports read during the afternoon. 
I eould not aake out what It w'^s ^11 about, but Mlae yarraer aeemed 
to be reporting on nubllehlng a membership list for the Asf^oolatlon* 
I begrudged wasting the tl ae at this meeting and regret thp.t I did 
not braVe the heat to visit the Burton oolleotlon Instead. 

The Detroit University Law School tendered us a reception at 
their building after t4hloh the state librarians of Rhode Island, 
Nev York, Pennsylvania, MaesachuBetts, and Mies Rogers and I had 
dinner together at the Statler Hotel. This shop talk was quite 
typical of those infonaad oonferenoes at conventions where many 
ideas are exchanged along with the oleaeantrles of social inter- 
course. Z did not attend the builness Aeetlng in the evening when 
the lav librariane amended their constitution. 

The best planned feature of the meeting was the pjrovlsion 
for side trips on alternate days. On Tuesday we were taken to 
Anih Arbor by bus, visiting all parts of the campus. Dr. Stcra of 
Clements Library gave us a nice talk on the history and scope of 
oolleotlon of th^t Inetitutlon, after which we were guests of the 
University at lunch. Professor John P. Dawson of the University 
of Michigan spoke on "Democracy Ipder the Marshall Plan.* This was 
interesting but aiiullar to the uiual "pro" discussions of the topic. 

Most of the group then proceeded to the Law Quadrangle for a 
guided tour, but I returned to the Clements Library. I had hoped 
also to visit the Michigan Historical Collections but found that 
is housed in the Rockham Building some distance away, whioh we had 
visited earlier by bus. I had hoped to find some Mlohlllimachinao 
documents to tie in with the Cahokia fur trade, but Clements had none* 
or at least that topiewasn^t bz*ought out in the catalog. 

Sr. Storm in describing the Clements Library said the oolleo* 
tion, originally a private library, purchases books, menusoripts, 
prints, fflapa and newapapere in 39 categories of North and South 
Anerioat^^'^'X^ collecta accounts of participants in significant events 
in American History, written or published contemporaneously, and 
selection is based upon rarety, priority and importanoe. The 
oolleotlon is beautifully bound and is arranged on locked shelves 
by date. There are two catalogs - one for printed materials and 
one for manuacripts, at opposite ends of the building and on differ- 
ent floora. The printed books catalog is in two sections - author 
and subject. Regular cataloging rules for rare books are used. 

The manuscript catalog was fully described by Howard Peekhan 
in yhe American Archivist for October 1948. Primarily it is an In- 
dex to names of* writers' 'and x^ciplente of letters. I was given 
some sample oardst The name of the oolleotlon is printed in a box 
in the upper left hnnd corner of the card. A printed fora (printing 

at extrenft ripiht of oard) provides ipace for namee of writer, 
recipient, date, nature and length of document. 

No other names laentloned In the docuaent are brought out in 
the catalog, but occasionally a very general subject will be 
added. There ie also a date card, filed in ohx*onologioal order. 
This is definitely a "oolleotor's" index and would answer only two 
types of questions, "How uany George Washington letters do you 
have?* and "How many letters do you have for the year 1756? •* 
There is no real subject or name approach to the collection - 
nothing that would aave the researcher* s time. Inasffluoh as th« 
oolleotion is open only for advanced research where eecon^arj 
materials have been exhausted, one would think it would be ad- 
visable to avcld wear and tear on original records by having rather 
full calendarR and indexes. The small else of the staff (6) is 
given as the reason for not having done more. 

All binding and repair work for the Cleuents library is don* 
in the University Library so Z visited the bindery. This Qkscupiea 
most of the basement of the library building and is in , charge of a 
binder who learned his trade in England. His heart isfis in the 
"fancy* binding done for ClementB, and he showed me some beauti- 
ful examples of restoration of badly crumbled leather bindings. 

What Z was particularly interested in was the apparatus used 
for applying silk and Japanese tissue. The binder spoke rather 
vistfully about a laminating machine. He had the same experience 
we had with the last silk we used - it looked fine tdien first 
fl^Dplied but is now crumbling. He says he thinks the French mills 
unloaded old saterlal in 'tiiis country at the beginning of the war. 
The silk gauee apparently is no longer manufactured, neither can 
he get the Japanese tissue, but expects the latter will soon b« 
available onoe more. 

Va» gadget he uses for applying the gauze or silk is simpla 
but Z am not enough of a mechanic to describe it. Fortunately, If 
we wished to h>=ive one made, we could get drawings and specifi- 
cations fx^om the Library of Oongress from which he got his. Briefly, 
there is a glass top table on which the dampened mi^nusolsipt, super- 
imposed on a sheet of celluloid is laid, and paste applied. A 
fraae with a sort of squeegee device mounted on rollers is brought 
to the edge of the table. ^ 3/8 inch rod is hooked at the edge of 
the table end one edge of the gauze is pasted to it, the rest 
threaded back of the squeegee. The squeegee is then rolled back 
over the document, applying the tissue evenly. The doeument ie 
then reversed and the process repeated. The repaired document is 
then hung up by the rod in a rac»: until nearly dry, then put in a 
press. 60 documents can be covered in an hour. 

- After this visit I wsnt around the law quadrangle by myself, 
JoQig the rest of the group at tea in the Lawyers Club Lounge. Zt 
was at this time that Z became aware that our usually energetic 
Assistant ^tate Librarian was feeling less than well. She was ill 
all of the next day. 

Tuatday evening the law librarians h^A a iround table die* 
ouaaion on law library bulldlnga but Z did not attend. 

Wednesday morning a Joint meeting was held at the hotel. 
Luther H. Srana, Librarian of Congresa was scheduled to give an 
address on "UNESOO* but he did not arrive* eo Dr. Br>own gave us 
the telle on the Detroit Hlatorloal Society reported on above. 
Then followed another Interminable business session of the law 
librarians, only part of which I stayed for. 

In the afternoon the two groups held separate aeetlngs. At 
the State Library meeting Mr. Roger K. HoPonough, Law Librarian, 
Division of State Library, Archives and History, New Jersey, gave 
a thoughtful address on "The Place of the .State Library in State 
CtovemsMnt." Since this was really the one formal paper, I 
attempted to ttake notes on it. 

Mr. MoDonough pointed out that there are a variety of oate« 
gorles of work In the various state libraries, but therd are cer- 
tain oommon denominators which caui be considered in improving the 
effectiveness of all. 

First, he said, there is a definite trend towards consoli- 
dation in government, particularly under the influence of the Hoover 
oooffiission. If oonaolldation hits your state, have you considered 
where the best place would be for your inatitution to gof^ To de- 
mand separate entity for libraries is not a realistic approach. 
There are possible grains through ocnaolidatlon and the matter should 
be thought through by the State Librarian before the movement for 
consolidation comes to hlra. Rather casually, Mr. McDonough mentioned 
the fact thalf state libraries are frequently placed under the Edu- 
cation Department. Most of the disouaelon which followed missed 
the point and concentrated on argumente for and against, not oon- 
solldation in general,, but with the Education Department in partioxi- 
lar, ad most wanted none of it. 

Mr. McDonough' a aocond point was the criticism that most state 
libraries try to be all things to all men. They have no oonoist 
philosophy of what eeoh la to do - no differentiation of agencies 
to do what. Since It la Impcs Bible to retain everything, statt 
librarians should do more realietlo weeding pnd. should work out 
bases on which to build their oolleotlone. "How often is this 
material used?", ahould be asked mo e often. Ho raised the point 
as to whether it is necessary for every state library to be a d#- 
poaltory for all state docunente of all etates; and whether It %B 
not often better to borrow infrequently used books and even to use 
the phone as a substitute for reference books. 

Third he discussed &nd. recommended Joint central warehouat 
storage for library books, such as New Jercey Is now planning. Uikler 
a bill now und'^r consideration, all public funds libraries nay de- 
posit books in this proposed central warehouso. Duplicate isay be 

exchanged nnC rediPtributed to equalize library facilities. 

T ^ wlW a, he edrccated s T.cre Ayn-^f&lc approach to library Bsprioe. 
Don*t wait t.o be as^ed for thlnga - offer them. Anticipate vh&t 
It ooalng In legislation wid governmental interest. The recwit 
gz*owth of Legislative Councile vflth their contlnuoue research staff 5 
may result In by-pec sing the state library If It Is not nlert. 

On the subject of fublic relp.tlone, Mr. HcDonough advocated 
a ocnBidered planned prcgraia to bring the state library to mind. 
"Write about obvious things", he said. 

His sixth point had to do with a program for records admini- 
stration. He had called in Vernon Tate tc dlocuse microfilming 
with state officials. Kith the Idea that it is ae noceseary for 
thea to !rn K what not tc do es what to do. He called our attention 
to the Hoover repc rt on the cost of caring for and storing archives. 

In closing Mr. McDonough pouched lightly on the fact that 
pxH>fes8lonal librarians in state llbrsrleB (a goal rather than 
an achievement In this aesociatlcni ) should set a pattern for 
libraries on local levele by Job claeslficatlon and pay plans. He 
also touched on the velue of the document? exchange conducted by 
the Council of State (Jovemmente, 

Mr. Sohwegman of the Library of Congrepe dlecueeed "Stats 
Library Service tc the Blind." In 1931 Ccngresr voted money for 
distribution of Braille b' cks to libraries snd In 19?A added aa 
appropriation for -caring books and playback aaohlnes. No appro- 
prltttionR have ever been asde for personal services In connection 
with this distribution. Consequently the Library cf Congress has 
raads ocntracts with 1? public libraries to distribute bocks in their 
respective areas, wliich, incidentally. Ignore state lines. For 
instance, the Atlanta Public Library serves Plorida; Denver serves 
Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming. Mow the probles is that there is 
likely tc be trouble over a local public library giving such s»rw 
vices to other oonsnun? ties for which they are not paid. What is tb» 
solution? A central library for the blind for the whole U.S., or 
follow pi?esent responBlbillty for dletrlbutlont Distribution 
through the state library does not seeo to be ttxe solution sinoa 
that would increase the nvunber of oopias purchased from the present 
26 to 46, which is mora than needed; furthermore, tha oentars of 
blind populations do not follow st^te lines nor are they in state 

•Recent Developments in State Library Service: a Panel Dia- 
eusaion" was omitted for want of ti:Tie, which many of us thought 
unfortunate. In fact several sa'iFN thay did not feel justified in 
asking for an 9xpenBe aooount to attend a meeting the fcrmal program 
of which was oonf Insd tc one day. 

th* meeting adjourned after reelection of present offlcera. 

ftM high spot In the convention for moet of u« was the address 
by Robert M. Toms, Circuit Judge, Detroit, "The Gemuin War Orlaee 
Triale", givan before the annual dinner* J\tdge Tons started out 
tojr saying that he has never figured out irhy he waa chosen one of 
the U.S. J'Odges at the Kuramberg Trials, becauee he never met 
President or any of hie advisore, and he hfts been a life long Re- 
publloan. It wap eoon obvious to all of us vhy he had been cliesea. 
Re kept us enthralled for ajx hour and a half in a blistering hot 
banquet hall and not one person left his seat or wriggled in his 
chair. He gave an absolutely Judicial, impartial account of OOB- 
ditioas and sentlnent in Geniany, and a fascinating account of court 
procedures during the trials. He said one German witness reciinded 
him that he oould not forget the invlelble Russian Judge beside 
Toms, representing a country now doing Just the things for ithich 
he, the German, was then on trial. It was a sober, Inspiring 
address. ^, 

Thursday was devoted to an, ipxcurslon to Cranbreok, Greenfield 
Village and the Ford Plant. Miss Rogers and I chose to visit 
Greenfield Village rather Uxan th^ Ford Plant, eince a choice was 
.Indicated. ■ ./- ■ -^ ■ -'- • 

On Friday eleven State Librarians went to Lansing for an all 
day session at the Michigan Statv, Library. I spent the afternoon 
with Dr. Beeson of the MJLohlgeh Ristorioffil Couunisslon. We disc'i«sed 
chiefly problems in building up state historical worV in general 
and archives in partioul&r. There are a few hundred boxes of reoc':^ds 
on upper shelves in liie office. He does not know what Is in them. 
They look lika non~ record .oorre«|»)ndenoe to me. I made some recoMieA* 
dations ooncorning refiling and suggested tliat he employ some such 
outside agency as the National Records Ranagement Council. 

When I rejoined the state librarians in ^e latter part of 
the afternoon they were discussing the Michigan State Aid Plan. 
I did not get there in t&me to get the drift of the conversation. 

On the whole the convention, was a dis^pointaent to me. Be* 
sides the physical discotfort of « heat wave, I fotmd little inspir- 
ation from the meeting. This vai due lax'gely to the fact that aslda 
from Dr. Beeeon I found no one interested in ardiival problems. 80 
far as state liblrarles go. Illinois is so far in advance of other 
states, that X did not bring home anything from that angle either. 

■■-..- j? 

R»»^->ort for 'u^ft 19'^9 

'■cc^geions . Th? vr^oy^e of tVi* !'ou9f» of F-»or''3entf.tivee 
for t'lp 66th General A^'s^rnbly, 19'^9, hAVP been received. 

^pjsrtmental Vnultp . Th«« ?»cch«='rE' Ketlrenient Syctem and 
thr ;)t?3.t'^ Llbrsry fil»=>n recori?:^ In th^^lr ^tep"- rtr.<^r..t!'.l 7o.ult. 

Exhibit e . 
t-te '^-Ir: ifour cbln^tp. --er- flll-~d •-'•Ith photostats of 
ROW" of thip "On** H-indr^d Y«"^rr '^f^o" exhibit ••'hlch w.o" on dis- 
play in thf» ;'oo«> Roorr durin- thp r'^cert rT'plon of the J^neral 
Ae9<=»nblj'. I'lsp Sch-'ffl^r ^nd Vre . Pobocion pet uj and dir-- 
tnantled thi? exhibit. Upon the return of the" exhibit cp-eee 
to thr- 8ec^nd floor lobby of th«» f-rchiv<"f9 tuildinfs^ they re- 
.", g5'<-'rr:blpd tho «xhlb^t. 

or>r- Roo^: * a.lsolssy on th« ': iatory of Agriculture In 
Illinois was ct up bp a suitable dlspl?'y for the Kslr. liisa 
Schefflrr pv.C I cooppr-ted or collpctln?^ material for tills 
exhibit '^ith yrf. RoblFon enelstlr'- Mlfifi Scheffler in setting 
it uo. 4 lift 1p «nn»ndei. 

"isp. Scheffler h^s Pts=rted -^ror^' on n Ruitable exhibit of 
bifltoricpl docun^'nt?! to be disolayed durlnir the raeptin^^ of the 
Illinois? 3t??t'^ r'lRtoric-1 society. Ovintr to anxiety end ab- 
Eerc durln?; her mother's current lllnene, I doubt If she 
finds tin« to '\o -or* thft.n flfl«"!nbl^ chertere of early 1111- 
pois historical f^ocieties. 

• ith our pubject blbliopT?^^hipn in the 5!i*«tx)>fy of 3t»ite 
recorls it ip; « oomp-r-tively "ssy task to assemble exhibits 
on the history of verlou? type'^ of leglglntlon. It occurs to 
ne that one of the most Int '-■rep tins- ve coild prepare would be 
one on labor legislation in Illlnoia. ^'eriiaps v.'alter Meyers 
should be informed of th^t f-^.ct so we might mr-ke it coin- 
cide v'lt'i po'^ethlniz of Importance in hlP field. That la, he 
niFv V'.now of f^r>m*> pT.'^An'^ !« -or convention here or other com- 
jneriTrr.tive event. 

Staff '-(orlf: 

The typing on the History of State Departments, 9 volumes 
of loose leaf binders, he? been completed at long last, to 
the infinite relief of both tyoists nnd mgself af proof reader. 
The ribbon copy Is rov on shelves In the ^archivist's office, 
copy 2 in the Archives Reference Library, and copy 3» loose 
in boxea, is available for rich uses ,i r nay arise. If put In 
binders It could be loaned for serious work by some govern- 
ment reor;7°nir.= tlon comr'ipsion, etc. As it could be misused 
as n substitute for th» stufent's ovn research vork as the 
basis for n thi-sis (as the .^ocuTP^ntary Miatory of the IlllnolB 
and Mlchip-en Cr-nfl h-p been so rilnised) , I '-^ould not recoa- 
inend sending this copy out on en ordinary library or inter- 
library loan. 

- 2 - 

Mrs. HelohlPT hfiB conplptp^ th* Index ellpe for unbound 
records of thp lerrln '"oll-ctl^n, 1809-13. Thps*» sling h?ve 
bfipn rpvl^-^'i, for- of filln>^ popllin?? decided uoon, «incl typ- 
infr hr R rstart^d on th*' C"rdfl. v do not pro;)ose to Index 
unbound recor .n l^trr th^n 181^ "cpcuse tht> l^ter records 
seeTn to dp of littlp hirtoilcl Importance. The Indexing of 
two more volumefi h«R been cornol«'t''d, including tyiln?; of 
I79B l--nd cl?^i"!R rrd flrpt voln'^" of -n'^rkp ^r brsndr.. ;'rs. 
Relchl^r Is no^f indexln*^ th" firrt Wolu-^ip o:' r'-^j^isters of 
"Indentured servnrto* (i.e., ■=!lr^ve?:.) s.b-^ut 200 an'^/rf r«>- 
raaln to be checked, which I '-'O'lld hsiv finished prior to tne 
neetlnr of archivists If I bid not h°d to vork on the civil 
service exe.mlnntlona for qrchlv^l ?teff. IVo tr-^y*? of Index 
cards made by Dr. Iben for p^vml bound voIutdpb In the 
collection reroi^ln to "o-^'ked, ?>r>d. the c^ta^-o^rln'^ of some 
of the Tolura^'P 1r Incomplete. MrR . Helchlpr If? flnlshln-;^ 
$he tranelatlone of t^'e ruArrl'-.c-e c^ntr^ctB, m^ny of which 
had not been done. 

After completion o'^ f-" l^idexlnt- s'ork proponed for the 
Perrln Collection it Ir; olr-nr^d to contlnu-^ the In'^rtln?- 
nnd typing of th^ trs.necrl ^itr of thp e'^rly county conplaslonern' 
oroceedlnf^s left \if? In oenclll'^". forrn by the F?T. •rh^'^e 
extremely Taluable hlptolrlc'l docu!n«»rte «md woild be more ex- 
tensively used If In worp convenient condition. 

Mlee "acheffler vlll continue vith the c-^teloglnr^ of the 
Illinois and ^'^Ichlp^pn crtn^.l r^corlr vlth r^.lch she h-e already 

r.cnulred s. ff?mlllarlty vrhlch m'-kep hrr knovled.-^e of p;rep.t 
value to thf 'ntprvpyo Dlvirlon. 

I, wyeelf, eh^-^ll continue --rlth th^ risking' of rn-^lytlcale 
for th«» 'Vn^ral 'cR^nbly r^^'^or .h. lioth la^nuRcrlpt nnd printed 
sources hrve been ??nalyzed thru th-^ Lincoln period and for 
most If not fill of the nineteen twenties. Printed records 
have been nn^lyred throu-'h th«> y^-r IBS5 ^nd by next Runiner 
perh-^ofl I csn .v;;et the v^nt done. 'rs. Mo/a'lden h'-R, i bellere, 
flit filed e,ll th<» lenri'^lrtlvp -'.ocument?? not In too bnd r^- 
prlr to handle. 

'■Ire. -^Ffldden hp.fl eoent poft of her ti-e on the le~isl&- 
tlve documente recently rccesniorpd, thou -h ehp rlt?o found time 
to Index ^55 cards for thp Btirpru Co;nty 1350 federal census. 
*11 thlR, of courne, In addition to fervln? rs Heference Room 
ettendent . 

■-^Iss Scheffler Rp-^nt mopt of h^r tirr!" iuri'?- the r^onth on 
exhibits. She r.iao filed the V;30 County n-.7i« Index 

T-fr. C«age.dy r^rotp I300 index carde for bureau 'Jo., 1350 

censup, an?! did the search ■^e for .:enenlOt^lc?>.l mall Inquiries. 

He does not seem to be ro.''k'n,c: =!ny subetantl"! progress on the 

history of county governaent. 

"'r. Hourtr**" hr>.p. finished thp Iptt^r "M" In thp corporation 
report interrillr-'. V^r thln^.s he can finish tSai% work by th# 
crA of iptabflr, bit I fl.orxbt It. Mrr. ?ob«»fion h«lpR hln by un- 

foldir:i.r r,p, 1. fi!t^/,)llr.r -^hfn'l of him. ■'r. --auntrp*> .-^Ifto made 
on-^ tri-^ to C>-!lc.-;^o --'Itv r^ ?ookT?»oblle. 

■'r;? . ;Tob<»non ^'--if- on v^^nntlir ^ii-ust 20 to 27- -hf hAS 
coriolctpl *h'-' ■■l"!^:ab«='t ' r.ln ' o"' *' <? ."por-^i'-ry o"" St-^t**?* Corres- 
por-l.f^nc" (to th(» l^''''- "^''tt'^r) for t*~p year 1910 nnfl *'.h*» Irttere 
«.-C f-»r t"-o y«Ar i?!"*. '^h*' h^f r.lRO 4orp T;lBc«»ll'^neouf; pre- 
limliT^ry fllln- a^ Index c-rclfi tin^. ot^-'<^r "^sn*»ll-'xnlouP work 
n'-entlono'l "lfTP''-'her*= in thf» r<»oort. 

^ '^.0 1 "T ^ Ph I C L" hn y"-. t q rv . 

* rnotlor plctur- n-'i.-^^pra h".n bef»n ad'led to t!i« Rqulpr3*?nt. 
It •-'-'p flrot uf^d "t th*' fJtra.p F.= lr. 

?-^o vTy ch'-rrin olf' lnrll»«», ni'^c^e of Sncr*»t^ry of Stat* 

!-'--rlov, no" llvlr.' !• "'■■orin, crap to s^o tl'.p Harlpv F-oom and 
'^p^nt ^ co'iolo r,^ d«»'^ I'^ntful hour>~ with me. Or.p *»'aprcially 
r**mlrdp''''. nr ctror:'!/ of ''It '7>-i;iYpr, f'>r?^'»r ^fslstprt 3lJot<» 

''r° . L ■',ir«"r'- '. "ill ri^uv^ of thr Manila Public Llbrnry, 
th« '.liillppln"??, Ir thl" country on a f^lloweblp, gp^nt noflt 
of ' x-fnn.'. h'^r'' nt^'l/i'"- vrlo-jf oh^«oR of th» vork of thp 
Illi-olo :"tptf" Llbrrrv. It 'fo rriy olp^-'Gure t) con luct her on 
9 iilf^rlnfl.p;r> to tno Lincoln slTlne?^ In Cprlngflpld rh'I n tour 
of t>>r> nrohivR, Td *" o b»» on-* of' ifler, P-Of^^^rfi' i-n).f>fitfr. .«* a 
'linnrr 7)"rtv rlv^r; In fx'^v hon^r r-" Tpylorvlll«» th*» flr^t diiy 
of b'-'T vlsl*" h'^r*^. 

')-ir r«'c'-(?t-r o** "'l'~lto-"o rhovs n^jpctrs i'v^m I'l- Illinois 
to^rrr;, 1 pt^t-'^ (''■ ll^oi^r- , tn-U^nw, lov-^, KRHflpe, Hlchlf^an, 
■-'lf5-^0uri, 'VHr'^ylvnlP, '"'f'nn««flw .'».nd Wlnconsln), Cannds and 
t'-.p ?hllippln»3. I'or'^'^lly ijt.' Fnlr '#r«>v brln-r^ visitors 
fron nor'- ol- c^n, >!t t>.« ioc'-»l polio ruAr^^ntln*^ ctit down the 
■ t ■^fr'.' rsc '"'^rV.'^dl"-' . 

bt-^t*^ !•'••' Ir . 

.'fflcr ho-jrff -t-t'^ :-'"lr w«»«' --^'•r*^ ot? follo'^'s: ;'on-lp.y, 
^'u'-Rd-y -rvl j'.t'Trd'^y , r^'j^ilvr •■•otiPfl. 'vodn^nday -rnd Friday 8:30 
to noon, '^I'lredny 3' JO to 10 «..!-'. 

^taff Hotr>'^. 'r. •* )■ n D'oripn v?.r ""iR^nlRsed an stenographer 

on ^uniPt 31. 

Respectfully subnsltted. 



7y.- fillo'.'-l.r r,-*;'^rinl •'.-r pi- c^-": t" 'llnpl-^y In *:h'=' Mu'^euin 
-• oo:'i of t';.^ ^ro'^'? "; ill 'Vn" -■•irin ' V..'^ nonth of 'u-urt, 19''i9« 

:-^"C ).':>.:. OF CM'^iCI- lr.'-'-xlf> Ih- follavin<?: 

1752 '.- n:lr -t 'r-lri.'* "'-i - ont '.lvli«". t-., lot, I'l^-^Tin-' the 

'"^.'^rlcT-'^ '-'Oil'' t"';-^ '.■; or'""inlt3^ I'n'pi t/hich vpr*^ iinoooupli^d. 

foTic^ ir. i*'"*"') It. 
17''^5 iT^^OR.sf u .'or (^■)l*'.lv.'it'^-'l riold"^, <?'-:r'ler":P. nnd orclv^r'.a 

."ubj^ct t-) h^'ivy rir-^p. .' rl^tv o^ croos nrntlon'^d. 
X73 5 InvTT^t/Oi'y of* "'T"! ■><*"' tv o'" '^. ojro" vron^ r'-TTT^'*T' 
1771- Inventory of t'-'^ «»''■«•,■ tf of J-:C'^nf>? CosJptr-* o?" OhoV-l" 
177" v'TrJ-T'-'Ct" hr-t-.'O'^n J'-;^:ri v^ptlTtp Hubirt L--- Croix nnd CVibrlel 

Car-^-tTitr^ for r'llt iv-^itlon of a fi'^l'l ovrned by L- Grolx 

or f-hr'^r. 

^'-'-'.-^tc}-. o"*' : r'^nc'' f'--"r ^^ "-rlv Illinol" r>ho".'in"; i'Valrli* 

^ ' z ' ' J r" ^ '' Ti ^ 1 " .' '■ * 3 V ^ '-• n 0^" "' ) ** f 1 ^ 1 "^ '^ • 
I^r'7-13"0 C'-o'-l-- .•'•->-ir' o:" .:r.^r.'« of livestock. 1 volure, 
17'."'; ■',' ortr "jV'" "'';.' "■v-r '".•'r""'' 'r' 'cr-n'n b ■' I«"^. • c l»^vy rind 

''-toln'^ ir-rlln 

1'" .r' ■■«-^t n ^'•■■, -iT' r Ir !"■ '**», "■■■," 'i'-'^''. tn 'llrpl- y th^ 

':'t-t'> tltlp of '' .l''>ir:, "'.—10 :ltur-l "^I'^tory in nilnolR" 

' ■^r o;"!'y , ''■"J''' - - t "■ ":" •jr-^rrrt'^ '. to th'* '■'l~h :'>chool n^nd 
v-or.^ j_Y«_ p . ■{-■>-. ^ ;,.^,,, ,. f. p.,-,-;;)^;^ r) f ''OlnT', '^j "ovmor nt*>vennon, 
1-n^ 'n:- by I ■ '- l-l-lnr of vt-to --ir"^ 

-V. - j_^.-r ..^p^^. 1 ^,^,|. -.-povl'' In:- f?r orr^Tilz- tion of "sTl- 

cjl'"ir'l •" or l-^*: !.'"F iS''9 
'r.lnr .'f-rlou?-*--':r-l o'-l'^ty, t^^« fir-t -s^rlc ilturrl 

-orl^r-y '-h rt-T'-'. ir '.:<' "t-t^ o:' Illlnola 1339 

?:- -Innlrr-p of th- Illlr.o'. r -)t«'tf> Fnlr 1855 
'-oirty P'^lr:-, -• r '-'Vt to <^r.rrt\ij'r\rr courty f^lr ro^l^- 
tl'^n vhlnh "(^r" vlvn '^r ■^p'^'ro'Ti^tlon to ^---Rrd 

pri^fR -t o ' !nty frlrr. 1355 

•"r--tlrr: th^ C'fflcf> of .'tnto -rtonologict 186? 

3t'-t« dr lortpeTt o^ -^ ^r^onltur*" crentpd 1371 

"fflcp o-^ ?t.'t;*> Vrt«^rin-rl-n cr^oted 1821 

Vftprln-rl'^np llcpr.'-«'d 1399 

t"t^*-n blolofrlcfil l-^^or-^t-^ry ^etabll'^hed 1909 

l- t« ,->lr -T'^nlur" 11 -t^ of 1^10 '^nd 19^9 
-l\i(" fin' r*"^ rVbb'^nr •-v'-rd"d by Jlv. of 3t^. t«> P'«?lr 
'. copy of 'i^'.^ldo ■'If'rc'^'o '^'ointy V'--\.r'* co^oletpd this 

page 2 

ATrlCULTUHAL HI3T0PY IK ILLINOIS ^?uee^Tn, Archlvps 31dg. 

Thr north csp n'ntp1r«»\ '^lsc'»ll^n*»ou'^ e-^roll^fl low?? pp follovs: 

1312 Ji^-lour mills 

1316 .'olf bo-mti'^e 
1353 •"■'■hp°p Xllllnr do-c 

1317 Inrn^'Ctlor of bf>«f, tob-cco, hfrrip ^ri'-^i flour 
1337 3p -- 1 E u ■::■'' r i nd'i r t ry 

1377 -^i^rlo iltur^l et^ tittle 
1-61 -'^^rlcultur.-l scriools 

l'-^19 ':'^r'-i^ 'rj\ br,-.n-lr, '-Tr-lty for ^It-^rlnp". "Crtne .--nd ;-)unlBh- 
rn«»nts ict." 
1319 Prslrl*? flr*^", f-n^F for flr^« th"t w^nt out of control. 
1319 ?'pnce8, rpg-il tlorr ct crrrlr^^ enclosarps of flf»ld8. 
1319 I'/elghtf! '^n". mo.rpurps 
133^/35 -"Tic* of rvibllc 1-vAp 

183^^/35 5>Cs^in3; It '•-rlpr to pcnnlr* i^ovrnm^nt l?»,nd8 
1355 Farmprp' Mutual i'lr** In^urT-c** Company 
1S37 *''iturl l.lvp Stoc'': Trc'ir-^nc** 

19^^-3 DfPtructlon of frrm vrl'ie<? by ptrlD mlnlnf^ checked 
1915 P'^crl Btr- tior of f-rr n^yn'^*^ 
1917 ro-de 

1337 i'prtn to Biarkot, ro^ds ^nd n«!vlc:''tlon. Internal l!nprov»»ment Ait 
1917 Hrrd Rurfac?? ro^.d°. '*'60,000, 000 ro?^d bond Issuw. 
1319 Tr<~5o-. = R by -itt^r^ tl-be-r 
1319 '^r-^lr-k-e 

IS7I -'.ailrond t , rehou<^e Con:rr.lP>=?lon crf^ted 
1371 'ct to r»£?ul tp v'^rf>h'>'i'"»p 
ISB7 >T,bllne in rvri- futurrs. 
1923 Cooper'tlre Tirr^etin.- -^ct 
1329 Horpe rr^pdlng 
l5'-^5 'p. prehension of hor'^^ thl^vps 
1^19 ' Ptrr.y '^'niT-l? 

north ?.^t C-er> 

1359 It; jort-rc^ 0' bird? to f-^r'^^rs r»cofrnizpd. {^iffirfu, 

"Invit'^tior to blrl<;. ") 

1365 "'T^. in <--.-':'= of "'^t l.= nds 

1367 I't wr-^k C3n*r--1 ^ct 

1919 ot-^tp S."rd Incp-^ction L^bor-'tory cre-^tpd 

IS39 -ttp;Trpt to introduc<» t-WY. culture 

1911 -'t'-tp inGo-^ctlon of .".oi ■rl'>r' ( ?hotop^r'^'»h<5 borrowed from 111. 

"t-rt- '>:;t. of .A^ricuitur-) 

1931 iund -"ojropri' t<»d for roil corrervtion 

1937 ';oil conF-prvation dirrtrlct* 

19^^7 '->prlnrC Ifl-^^up of "Illinoi= nonperv^tlon' 

137'-i^ l-pforf ct^'.tlon •'•:ipn'ent? 0" T^orprtr/ .. .Illinois" 

1901 'rcor 1,-y 

"ror^^'-.t tr*"^ Dletntin-^ T^i-nu.-^l for Illinois'* 

13-7 ''Ct pnco-ir'''3:in'r the ol^T^in'* of trpps 

1357 Illinois 1t-tp ■'ortic^iltur."! nocioty 

1369 Humanp Society orc:ani7od 

1921 Applof?, r^pTil-'tlon of gr^dlr^, OAc'-clnq:, etc. 

1907 Mest In0o«*ction 

1369 First Pure ^•'oo'l \ct 

1899 3tste Food Connie glon 

I885 First Comnerclpl Fertilizer Act 

page 3 

AORICULTHIJaL HISTORY IN ILLINOIS Mueeura. Archlrea Bldg. Aug. 19^9 

North ^.«st and South ^nr.t ea«eR continued 

1905 Concf ntr- t*»f^ fcp'l.ln.r^ pf.nffr, 
1899 ^rlry Productr Inspection 
1921 Poultry Hufibr^ndry er«=»?tf»d 

19^1 Licensing and regul^.tlon<! of ooTnnninity psle of livestock 
1927 horee ReclrF' l'»<^allt'»d 

1910 let report of the Illlr.olr Stnlllnn Kpgl?;trr tlon Bo- rd 
1909 Stallion ^•^'^rrtr'tr'^tlon ?.o' rd '•-rt^hlirhf'd 
1387 FeF;ifltr'itlor. of p-^dlpr^T, {'"orpop, ) 
I859-I932 "'.Ireonvl'^w H^ngpre* 1 volume 
IS65 Chicago 3tockyprdfl charter 
18i+l Cp.ttlft rustling 
1936-^9 mrnl ?'l»ctrificatlor 
Lettrrhende : 

Pralrlp l-'r^rner 

H.S. Vf?n Horn ?r,rrn ■'.nchin'^ry 

?erch#»ror 5ocl«ty of "merlc" 

Moline Plov Corapany 

fh" Fn-rw°ra* *fl*?ocir.tion 

State of Illinois Offlcp of Chl^f Ineppctor of ^raln 

Patrons of HTisbandry 

Pfltrons of rTu-^bpndry, 3t'^t'^ ^-r? ng<? of Illinois 

Rpports : ifro^. 111. '^ocp. collrction) 

Division of Llrestock Hurbandry ,, ... 

Dlvlfllon of Poultry Husbandry • ^ \^^ 

Pictures: (from «rt !Vpt. of 111. 3tste Library) 

V.oufrhan riannTy'p "-'frylend Hunt 1937* 
^ai-io ?lerc<»'s "I-^Alne Trotting r.ncea" 
Waldo Pierce's "Cointy FtIt ' 
Tom L<»a8' "Hasford Buo«»rt Slet* 
ypu,i?h?»n FlAnnery'e *Itpra 9, -an 0' ^ftr* 


h photographs concerning? ftpinries and honey » inspection of 
same (courtesy of '5ept. of <frriculture) 

/kRCHIV^S AC0*:33I0NS 

C-fsn»»ral Ansembly. I.oure o"^ Fpprpspntatlliee 

Clerk of Housp 

3111a th.-'t did not :)a = b 

Mouse '-^nrolllni?^, Trsriscrlblnp: 
nnd ^nrollins: Clerk 

978 document B 
30 " 


1700 document p 

Record of House Bills 

'•-'nlfrossed nnd Enrollpd, 

Secretary of State. Index Dept. 

Def>d records 

(1 oaee. Received In July, 
ay error not entered In 
cicceeslon book at time) 

1 volurae 

2 documents 

AhCriVi^s rf;f?:rf;itce 
AuguBt 19^9 
Routine departmental Cnlle 
Secretary of State 

'''OroorrtAon T)eat. 

'nnual reportB 


In-'.ex cards 


CorreF Dondence 


Court of Clfeims 


r:x«>cutlve ^Jept . 

I n ter- S t a t <=• C orro-- c 1; 


Trade t^arkB 


Index D«pt. 



Deeds to Stf.te property 




"^nroll^'d Lpmp 


SecuritieR D«pt. 


General ARf^'^ra^ly 


Insurance Dept. 

Annual report n 



Hletorlcsl, 0-ene»lo,?:lcpl, etc. 

In Person 


Feder^.l '-?ncuF 






Nar:e Index (Phone c«lls) 


atr'.te CenRus, 1355 

1 -ut 


Pcrrln Coller-.t . 


(No. folders) 

Alvord Cihokln i Ksskaflklp 

r*^ cords 


'Governor 'p letter bookR 


Secretary of Stfte'f letter 

booke 1 

Auditor's KpHkaaklp land record 

(flln, 2 rollo) 


Governor Correpoondence 

InooRlnc: lef^ers 




Executive File 


G-ener.'^l AgeeCTbly Index 


Hou?e Journals 


Senat** Jour n-^. Is 




Hlr.t. St«t<' Jen>*:r!. 


By Mall 


(18 names) 
-Archival Technlcue 
County officials 
History Stf>te Depts. 






Grand Total 

A\n-nr.t 19^9 

Catalog Cnrds None 

Nnmp Inde« 

PerrlR Collect. 


I850 Federal CenflUR 

Bureau Go. , 


Moooupln Co. 

Cross F-eferenceB 




DIt. of Architecture & Fn^lneerinf: 1 

Auditor of Public Account c 16 

Civil Service CommlRslon 11 

Dept. of Ineurance 1 

" of Finenoe ^ 

" of Registration & Education 3i+ 

Illinois Commerce Gomnlgslon 2 

Sec. of State 

Corporation Pept. , . \ '' i 

\ Court of ClalaiB ° . - 2' 

* Uxecutlve Dept. ' " 15 

Safety Fesponnlblllty 7 

State Treasurer 12 

Superintendent of Public Inet. 

(Teacher* R Penelonj 1 

Supreme Court 2 


August 19^9 


State Library 

CJlpnoo Mobilp School 
Olxon Mobllp School 
Btntp F^lr 'exhibit, etc. 
Spcret»ry of StatP 
State Fair 

Old .^uto Gup v'inn«r 
Secretary ' n Exhibit 
3nrrett at Dpmocrptlc 

Old A.uto 3hov, '.dinner 
of Oirnerfi, etc. 
Compoaltton of NevRpnppr 

Ut5 BxlO 12x18 l6x|0 


Kodaohronp Slides 

Stftte Library 
Motion Picture I' IIwr 

State Old cnr o^r^-de 


Corporation Dept . 

State Library 

Dept. Research Cover 
House Bills 











200 ft. 

200 ft. 


black & white 

nep^atl vep 






,4. Ji -"'-i. ft 

Report for September 19^''9 

'ccegsions . The Index DepTtnent deposltlel 6 docunpnta re- 
lating to the purchnpio of certrin l«ind near Charleeton for the 
MalntenTce Bureau of the Division of Hlghi.r?ys. 

Qepartraental Vault p . He cor Is vere tr^'naferred to their 
'>epartroental VaultB by the Division of Keeeorch and Statistics 
of the Department of Welfrre, by thf Superintendent of Public 
Xnetruction n.nd by the 3t«te Librpry. 

gtaff vork . 

The archivist waf n-'fly Septernber 15 - October 2 attending 
the annual meeting of the Society of Aaerlcnn Archivlfte find visit- 
ing certain nrchlvpl, hietoricpl snd llbmry institutions In the 
"act. A r**port on these ?»ctlvitieg ie appended. Moat of her time 
the first part of the month yse devoted to act in.: as consultant to 
the Civil Service Coramlselon on pendinf^ examinations affecting 
archlvlrep personnel. 

Mr. Oansady functioned ac actlns: archivist In ??^ absence. 

Mr. Rountre*> was absent on vacation Seotewber 12-2^^. His 
wife has taken a teachlnp- position in TennpTse** but Mr. Hountree 
fiRflures me that he has no ide«» of le«5vlni2r Springfield - th'^t 
hie wife and he are planning to -jurchase a home h^re and that 
her taking a Job Is a part of that prof?ran. He vap very much 
disappointed to leam that none of the In Servlnpr Training 
Courses in hi? field, socIpI service, are being offered this 
autumn in Springfield, though he plans to take a non-credit 
course. He la noTf fillnf^ in the letter "N". 

Mrs. r^obeson reports that Mr. Butler hae supplied us with 
another 9200 of the special folders used for Enrolled Laws so 
she haa started to transfer the 191? Enrolled La^s. tihe has 
finished r**filing the 1911 correspondence of the Secretary of 
Stat? to the jTd. letter. She hae also done aiscellaneoua; filing 
of index cards. 

The Archives staff helped ass'^mbl*', staple and fold ralAeo- 
graphed material to go o-it from the Collectlona' Department. 
I think this took one ot tvo days. 

Mrs. HcFadden r^'ports that she has finlnhed filing ^nd 
l«?bellinrr all the 19^9 Houaa records. The Senate records, 
thoupjh pronis'^d for some time aoro, have not yet been received. 
The secretary of the Senate 1p always elov about getting ov<^r 
his materials. Mr. B'.itler says not to worry about it • he 
won't let it get away. Kra. McFadden's mother left the hospital 
after some months* confineaient due to a broken hip, 

Hrs. Helchler and Miae Winterbauer have been feyplng index 
slips made earlier by Mrs. Reichler. I looked over some on 
my return to the office to see that the forms, etc. were correct, 
but h"ve not had time to read proof, so have no statistics. 

- 2 - 

Mlea Schftffler vae neceaflarlly sbB#»nt much of September 
because of the eerlous illnewp of her - s^ed mother. Host of 
her tlae hpre was spent In prepsratlon ifor an exhibit pre- 
p«ured for the Illinois Historical Society n<»etlng and In irork 
as chalriBfin of the luncheon «nd banquet meetings of that 
Society. Both these mctlvltles will be more properly dis- 
cussed In the October report. 

Beginning Saturday September 17 all m*»inbers of the staff 
worked 8:30 to 12 Instead of on alternpte Saturdays as they 
had done durln*^ the summer* 

Archlveyr 3ul3,dlng . 

Violet ray lamps were provided for staff toilet rooms In 
the Archives Batldlng» 

Mr. Beaumont of the Art Metal Construction Co., here on 
business In connection vlth the Installation of nev shelves 
for Miss Bslley, discovered a strlous rust condition In the 
center panels of the middle stair ease In the archives stacks. 
Indicating water sef^page building up either from the bsnement 
or from a roof leak. V0 Called Ilr. Roeelter Immediately and 
he sent over Kr. Johnson i*ho with Kr. Beaumont and myself made 
° thorouerh Inspection. Henson j^oblnson vas to be called In to 
remove some of the panels, t6 «nke an Inspection and recommen- 
dations. I hrve not hestrd a report on conditions found. 

The Conference Room was In alinof?t constant use by the 
Archivist and the Civil Service Commission, State Library Com- 
mittees, committers for th« Illinois State Historical Society 
convention and by a group headed by Miss Dleckhaus which Is 
cramming for civil Rervlee examinations (on their own time.) 

Visitors . Visitors included Mr. and Mrs. Chen, ' hlnese 
students at the University of Illinois. 

Photographic Laboratory . Mr. UiHart an-l Mr. Helm attended 
the recent photograoh^rs* convention In Chisago. They heve 
been exoerlmentlng since their return with a new process for 
making color prints. Previously we had to send away for this 

Respectfully submitted. 


ai»pteTT!bf»r 26-27 

?!los H<>lenp ;'. Bof^ers, *pr:lstpnt St-^t** Librarian an?l I 
attended the> Annual Mp«»tlr,<T of th»» Society of ^npr^c^n Archl- 
vlfite held nt th* Chfit«p.u Front*n?ic at '"liPbec, Canrda, 3e;::)t*»nbpr 
26-27. ''Is^^ Lvjra Llbtitzkl, chl»f of thn •^xt'^ncion nivlplon of 
thp Illinois Stntp Llbr-ry aceowpanl«»d ue. r^o llo^flnr the rr!e'»t- 
Inf^ i'dne Llbiitzkl and MlfP nof^ffre rlelted cert?\lr 5tat*» Librr.ry 
■'xt»»nslon projects In M^iRrtachueetto find Nev York, -fhlle I vlelt^A 
historical BltoB, srchlvnl '=nr*»ncl*»R «?nd libraries. 

Thf» *mf»rlcnn •f»Pocl''tlon for '"tnto nnd LoopI Ftlatory vhlch 
has ftlvmye met Jointly >flth thn r«rchlvlots net Reprrntely thlfi 
yenr, their convention t'-klno* nlfoe it ><tirllngton, Vermont the 
pr*»oeding week. Th«»re vss soro meptlon abo^jt vhether the 
arcblvlntp alone coul'. crifitT a eatlpfsctory cro-^rfd, but some 
70 registered nnd It '-mn r!ecld»d to hold next year's 88e'»tlng: 
eeparntely nloo. The hlfltoMoal floolety J^roup will ^o to 
Oregon but the nrohlvlfitfl nre f^olnir to J'ndleon, 't'laconaln. 

Hond«iy raornln- the "ocl!"ty vn*? ••'elcoFied by Klf? Honor the 
'ayor Luclen 3orn*» or nu<»bec city. Lnt^r In the dny (5 i^--'-) 
he VS8 host at n oooktall party at the City HpII. Mr. Some 
la a very friendly perfion who xaanaj^ed to f?lve e.n inpreeslon of 
sincere cordiality. Sxpresflinpr thi-t ld«ft to a meaber of hla 
stiff I received the reply, * >^e ere very proud of his *act! 
v'ould you fnieesi thp,t h** avemfrpe three such cpeechee every dsy 
of his life?" 

Thf* formal progr^n open©* with a panel dleoisslon on "necordo 
^dlnlnl8trfltlon'' led by ''rmjitt J. Leshy who headed the Tnek Fore© 
which drew up the Hoover Report on Archives. This import drew 
fire from all sldee, but Mr. Leahy handled himself well and I 
think th« dlflcusRlon eomerifh^t cleared the nit though It did re- 
solve Itself Into a debp.te between the "ke*»pere of crown Jewels* 
nnd the "folks r/ho want to throw everything away." The Leahy re- 
i>ort It In generally conceded by rioflt Ftrohlvlsts put too much 
pTHOhasla upon the physical economies Inherent In a records dis- 
posal progratn; It if^ored the ciltur^"! side of records. The 
r^^Rult In thAt the National Archives landed In a sO-called 
"Oener^^l Service Departtnent " which would be th^ equivalent of 
our being put under the Illinois Superintendent of Buildings 
and Trounds. 

The flr<?t spngiker was Mr. Wllll^in! Hollldfty, rVcret^ry of 
the ?-ibllc Records Comtnlpnlon of the Privy Council of Canada. 
He remarked that his traininj:^ was as a sclentlct bit thnt he 
has 9*»rved «f? e«»cr«»t»ry of two rec^rdB corasilttees since 19^^. 
He r*»vlewed the development of records keeping; In the Doainlon 
government since a fire In 1897 called attention to the nvoessity 
for better core of the records. 

Federal records In Canada are the concern of four types of 
groverninental agencies: Individual dep«"rtoentR, the Dominion 
^rchlvee, the Records Committee and the Orp^ani Ration and Hethods 
Division of Civil Service. 

- 2 - 

Many of thp depRrtP»f»ntf! otlll hol^i. vpry old rf^cords, but 
noPt of the larg-er depArtnentrr ranlntaln oentrol rpgifltrl^s. 
ThPTP Is llttlr etf\r.d«--.r.llsat5.on r.n to forns, etc. 

Thp Dominion *"rchl?pe TPrf' cre^t^d In 1372, Mr. Brironer, 
?» second clann clerk In th^* \^icultur» Department with a 
fi-'-lary of $1200 b'^inr put in ch?-r<?e. For n vhlle he '-worked 
both in thf '-f^riculture Dep- rtment p.nd the Archives b'at floor de- 
voted hlp entire tln^ to thp archives, lie vpr succefded upon 
r^tirenent by :lir ^rthur Doup-hty •-'^-lo died nbout ten years p.p^o. 

In 1912 r>. Royrl ConnlRslon van crelited to Inmilre Into the 
recor^lc nitur^.tlon In Crnads . It reported In 191^+ nnd the report 
xi'ns approved by the government. The outbre.nk of /orld Ve.r I 
pr'^vented orrrylnp- out the provisions of the report. Incldent- 
e.lly, it wn« thnt report which gpve ne the idea for our eyeten 
of Deprrtnentftl Vp.ultR In Illinois. This 191''- report recormended 
the creation of a public recorde. office and enlnrgeraent of the 
present Don.lnlon Arohlvee Building. *11 records over 25 years 
old were to be tr?^npferred to the -rchives «nd ufelefis records 
vere to be destroyed. In 1933 ^^<* Treanury 3o"rd 8t'?rted autho- 
rizing d«»ptrtiction of recorls of '^li depTtpents . 

World Wr>r II r^'pulted in Cr^n^dp ?>,p "Isrvhere in th^ creation 
of tremendous ou&ntitlee of records by temporary bopfde ♦^nd the 
two war departnentf . Th*' Cabinet decided to apk theee deprrtinents 
whnt they planned to do about their records, nnd p.o:>ointed a 
Committee on records to study «>nd report. Mr. Hollid? y bec-^-ne 
Secret'?ry of thp CoBmlttee. 

The IHpcordp Corarolttee found little dietlnctVon betwe'»n var- 
tli'^e nnd pence time reoorda r3nd recommended the creation of a 
perm-snent Kecorde CoB5'^lR<'lon to fix dep''rtment<^l reeponnlblllty 
end to org-snlT-.e i Public Recorde Office to vork along the lines 
su,?-geoted by th<» report of th<« 1912 Compipplon. ?hie Beoorae 
ConniiRpion conRlete of tho .''-tinroori" te ■'ini?t«~r of r.t!»tp, th'' 
Donlnlon 'rchivlet, thp hlstorlir.!^ fron th<« clf^fenp.e rservice*; 
end t'ro r'^orf>nent'»tivefl of historic- 1 5ocletl*»fl - bftBlcly the 
Brrn" pet up .'=R in Illinois. 'Hi'^y rnnke r^conmondf'.tlon^; to the 
Privy Council throut?h th^ Kinist<^r, no'^ h-^vln/^ to go to the 
lepjifllpitive body for fln^l eoprovpl of records to be destroyed. 
'rvent/-on'=» raeeting*^ h-^ve been held ei^ce 19''5« ^*-7/^ of the eub- 
Jecto discupsed rel-tr^d to th** dlppos' 1 of recordr, 16^ to '-^^r 
narr^'tlver, , 3% to nicrofllmlnp; pro,.1 = cts. 

Tlip .-!.<^cord GonB^la-lon h^° est^-bllflhed r"jTul«r procedures for 
the disposition of recordf? vorked ojt by the'Trepsury Department. 
Hecorin recommended for dl«pos«l ere exnnlned by the p.rchivl«t, 
th'^ ?ecord«? Comnilesion and the TreRPury I)ep«rtwent. E'^llltpry 
recoria ire screened « of time by fr bo«?rd of officers. Thus 
for th** Pecorle Comraicplon h^s not t«sken the Initiative but has 
waited for the vnrious dep-^rtnenta to sbX it to consider their 
reepective records problem^ - •'icrofilT'ln^ orojects mny be ttnder- 
tnken only sfter ?^uthorlxotlon by the cownlseion. The various 
depe.rtmente nrp thinking «bout th^ir records nroblecip and like 
havlnf^ the backing of '?uthorlty for wh<*t they do. So fer the 
lack of building spece h«ts be*»n e hfindicap but It Is hoped nn 
nddition to the «rch"vef! Suil'lins- will be erected vhen government 

buildlnp: is resumed. 

- 3 - 

The fourth phpse of C«n«-dl"n archival activity Is thp vork 
of the Orr^nlzRtlon and Method?? ')ivlslon of thp Civil Swrvlce 
Densrtment. Thin d»»PR.rtn<«nt exanlnpe s^nd advisee on the relative 
efficiency of office equipment, flllns; syflteras, raakfis prelimi- 
nary spproleil concerning Klerofllinlncr qnd adTla*»8 depprtiuents 
and the Records Commission on recuest. 

In this connection, see -^Iro my report on thr address of 
:)r. "^. Ki^ye L«?r!b, the nev erchlvlBt of C'^n&da, at the luncheon 
eension on Monday, 

The other t"o epe'^k^rs were Robert A. Schlff ind Terry Beach 
vho i^re asBocl&ted ^fith Mr. Leahy in the Records Mnnageinent 
Council of Nev York. Mr. Schlff vent froir? the National ArchlrcB 
to the Office Mothode Brnnch of the Navy in 19^2 for which he 
estsiblinhed th#> naval records centers in M-nha.ttan and Long; Island. 
He discussed the wovewent for better records control on the part 
of Buch Inrf^p compnniee "t Du ?ont, Metropolitan Life, J. P. 
Morgan, Ch^ne national B-^nk, HcCorniok, (Teneral ''Electric and Pacific 
Tel'^ ani Telephone Co. All theae concerns have established 
archival ar-enciee within their orfjanizations largely because they 
have cone to realize that good records management in eaaential to 
business. It vas to provide expert advice for such firms that the 
Records Managenent Council vas created. Personnel is being trained 
through records nan«\gement school in New York Univeraity which 
openned this autumn. Plans are also beinsr drawn u:: for a ware- 
house type of records cent^^r, space in ^-ihich 1p to b<^ rented to 
smaller concerns which cannot afford their own archives, all rec- 
ords of all cooperatinf^ comppniep to be serviced centrally by 
experienced records personnel. The proposal is essentially the 
aaae as for the union book warehouse for 3oston libraries, the 
proposed central libr^^ry varehouce for Chicago and the proposed 
county vaults in futur^ Illinois Ct'^te Library regional book cen- 
ters. Mr. fjchiff also alluded to a new training course given 
<^t the University of Cr-liforni^ this year, but I have not found 
out nrach about that. 

Mr. Terry Beach was fonnerly a m"Tn.taer of the Atonic Energy 
or Id Health Organi?-atlon at Geneva. Hf» pointed out that while 
^meric^ns are sur.posed to hr^v" thr Tiost modern filing methods, 
th'^re aro things which we can adopt from foreigh countries. He 
wao especially attracted to vhat he called the "upside do^-oi* 
fllinp; folders first used by Lever Brothers. I could not see 
anything to get excited about in this, if I understood It aright. 
The folders 8e*^iT! to have an additional flap that folds over the 
top of th* folder vhere the l?bel sticks up in ours. The papers 
are stapled to the front of the folder rnd th-- folder la filed 
upside do'-m, the la-:«l bt»'nc; written on the botton edge ^hich be- 
cones the top. Because the folder la not open at the top, there 
Ir. protection frora dust. I cannot see any particular advantage 
over the bellows type encalope folder such as those we use for 
filinf^ enrolled la'.'s. Tlie folder?! of both ty^iee discussed are 
bilJiier th-n ordinary folders but the protection fron dust is a 
district advantage, '-r. Beach prai«ed the British registry systeni 
of ke^^ping control of records and discuaspd filing systerae he 
found in various countries. For insta.noe, the Chinese language, 
not being an alphabetical langu-^ge, prf'sents especial problene. 

- if - 

f'llln-;^ 1p by function*^! subj<*cts arrf^np^fid by kpy words nf? listed 
in the Chln'^Re llctlon-^ry. Kr. Bflnnh ^igo spoke of differences 
In tprmlnology which Tar^kp for dlff Ic.iltles in f^ettlnf^ Inter- 
nntlon'^1 unlforralty . For InRtnnce, In Aineric^ thp terra "archivee" 
means non current records ??nd elsewhere, the place where records 
pre kept. '.ipr« we me-'n by •ref^lsti"r" p book In which eonpthing 
1r recorded, el''p-?hrre, tho •',?hole recorde pro=^r"3ra. Mr. Beech 
also alluded to th'' proposed TfN'ESCO couree on records raanR/^einent 
to be plven j^t Columbia (?) 'Jniverfilty. 

Mention vas mrde of the Conference "Pnttern for Replletlc 
■f'-ecords /dtnlnistrptlon" held at the Commodore Flotel in Hei'f York 
City September 29 under th" sponf^orehlp of the Records Mannge- 
nent AsBoclatlon of New York. I h d an Invltntlon which csme 
'hlle I wac pA-^'ny ro coull not plnn RCCordine;ly . ' Records Ad- 
ministration In??tlt-ute "for records consultants, file supervisors 
and executive »nd rssearoh secretaries and assistants" Is sched- 
uled for Kovewbar 1^^-13 at the ^dgevater Bepch Hotel under the 
ansolces of the Chicago Bureau of Filing nnd Indexing. The fee 
is '>75 otherwise I vronld suggest that we be r*^ presented . The 
annual Mid-west Conference on Filin^?: and Records AdBJinistration 
war! held in Chicago October 7» "he sane day as the first day of 
the Illinol« Bt-^te HiPtorical Society meetnp- so I could not attend. 

'>r. m. K-^ye LTib, the n^v Dominion irchlvlst of Canada was 
the luncheon spe-^ker. Or. L^reb is " librarian by profession, 
Tnost of his experience beinp; in the western provinces of Canada, 
British ''olunbla es':>ecl^lly. '^"h^n announcement of his appoint- 
ment ">s n^de it w^«^ st'ted th?t hr ws alno to reorganize the 
P- rlianent-ry Library at Ottafa In^o an institution eonparable 
to our Llbr-^ry of Conc^resc. Mnny of us archivists felt the 
archives were r^olnr to b«» nep-lected because a man could hardly 
combine the functions of national ^srchlvist and national libra- 
rian. Dr. Latob's t^lk vae therefore of great interest to up, 
•^specially to find that he haP a very bivsad concept of wh^t the 
^oninlon Archives should be. He started b/ giving the history 
of the ^>orainlon Archives which he described as *a cse history of 
an ivory tover.* 

The '">oRinlon Archives "-''. a division in the ^epartnent of 
'^-rchlves for forty years, The first head vsp a Mr. Brii^er v-ho 
wa^ no r:rchivist and nnfi in chf^rfje of no records. He started & 
program for inventorying records in Cf^nada and abroad ond era- 
ployed copyicts to transcribe r'^cords of interest to Canadian 
history found in l^ondon and Paris. This copy work was continued 
to at least Vorld mr II. 

3ri"ner vas succeeded by Dr. (Ister, Sir) Arthur 'ouf^htj. 
Shortly aftT his accession, in 1897, a disastrous fire in the 
Parliament Building directed attention to the archives and the 
first unit of the Archives Building was constructed. Dr. 
i>ou*?hty developed the Ctewlnion Archives Into a national depart- 
ment of history for Cansda, gathering source^ of every kind for 
Canadian history - raapa, pictures, trrsnsoripts, private papers, 
niscellnneous material. Thi^ set the pattern for archives even 
in the provinces and vas rrulte noticeable in the Ouebco provin- 
cl«?l archives visited by us th" second day of the aeeting. The 
founding of the Genadian federation at Ottav^ in 1867 had an 
immense influence on C<»n''dlnn historiography and research wa« 

- 5 - 

b-r^erl ln.r(^«*lj on Onnftdlp.n nrchivps. tiothlnr; Inter thnn 136? wfifi 
con-^i-dered history for bowp t'-^nty to thirty yenrR. Nov hlntorlnne 
r^rf intAr*?9t»»d In l^t-^r d<^t.*»e s^nd '^fint the dr^p g -.-Ax^-su^ . 

^r. L'-nb thnn oroceed<>d to dlncufio aone of thr^ problens ^ihlch 
confront bin In convwrtlnr th*» prftf5»»nt l>onlnlon ArohlvRO Into a 
xibllc record off5.c«». 

. Irnt 1p th«» rjufi<»tin <?fin«»ct. Hp consider*' thf» continuation of 
f3n hlatorlcnl mupffuri on brof'd lln^R rnluRblp for rnibllc relatione 
b-jt IP 'rllllnrj to rpllnrulnh th-t ■s^ork to norp oth^r ap'^ncy pro- 

vtilnf' thpt Q'-'d T;forK b" contlnn'»d nlnf^fhrnr^ . 

Thp vast coll'»ctlor! of plcturpn h"? to b*» dlupofled of and the 
nupntlon lr> '^rh^.t should pro to n natlornl gallery and which r*»- 
t.ilnpd In th«» )VchWf»9 or hlntorlonl nuseun. Most peopl«» now eay 
tli^t t"no8f» of artistic Tn<»rlt whoild bf tr^msf erred to a National 
!-all*»ry but the l<^e naBb<pr which hnve negliglbl«» sirtlstlc aerlt 
but nrp Invnluable historic-*! Rouroe rant<»rl''l should not be put 
In !\ H'ttlor -^1 crrllrry vhlch vonld not appr*»olat** thew. Mr. l^mb 
cltffd th«» example of certain very crude flketches of early Quebec 
!;ity './hlch 'tre crude dr'^vlnp-s but vlthotit which imich knovledge 
of e'-rly ?\iebec b»illdlr>r:R ^^oild be lost. At present sentiment 
1b vr^^rlnr: tovurdg the or^n^tlon of an hlstorlcr-l gallery 
connected •//•1th an historical nrieeuni. 

Ofittinn- rovemnent rf^cords for thp- period 136? on Ic chiefly 
r- rup'Ttlon of flndlnrr sp'^ce for tb.«»n. rermn^'reTnent of thf» con- 
tent r of thp> prpnent bn'i.ldlnr? -'Ill hel'i flon«». Dr. L- mb Is ho.oe- thAt an nddltlon to thf btilldlr-.r: vlll be forthoomln-r ^r, soon 

.^.«? th*^ ,-:"ov»»rnnent re«?unep Dulldlnr. 

V,r t^ir,p vlo-f»»d thr- hlGtory of recordG -dmlnlstr'tlon In Canada 
fron thr tlP" of the 191!^ .-oy.l Cornmlj^slon on Records. *.t present 
tl-i- 'OEilnlon "rchlvpg hp.n nil th" records of thf" Deppf-tment of 
dafrnce through orld Wop I and Is to r:ft thoR<» of -orld 'Inr II 
a9 poon or official hlptorl**r h-v^ be^n '-'ritten. heBe ncceeslone 
frlv** pr'-ced^'nc for r- nodern r'^conlR office for Cpn'^da. 

-h*" dominion ^rchlvlpt In vice ohnlrw-^n of the ?.eoordn Coramlo-. 
alon dencribed by Mr. nollld''y In the romlrs?. Th*» s^rchlvlst lo 
n Korber of the con?"lPRlon np orr' r''pr*»eent"tlve from n«ny depR.rt— 
nents ".nd thrr*» 1p no surpri^Ptlon th'-t the archlvlet h-s a11 there 
In to s-y ''bolt r^^corde ndralnletr-^tlon. So f«r th*»re h-c been 
little difficulty ^nd the Kpcordn Cosanleslon h^s already r^f^jlp-r- 
Ized t^.r h'-ndllnr of rerirdpi oroblens. fjo f^r tVi*» corrrlpslon has 
de-^lt portly with th«» deptructlon of r<=»cordP, but e.n eo-^n sp nore 
npf-ce bPcon«»a stvnllnble the comnlsplon ''111 be the raepne of trana- 
f'^r. Th*» connlGfilon hT b*"»n accepted sie h«»lpful to the depart- 
mertR bec^ufe It brlngc rrcordp proposed for destruction to s 
pl'>ce vher*" they rr«* nerer>n*»d by othr»rfl th'-n Just the depTtnent. 
Or. L'-nb hoo«>e for a phyBlc^l ftlearlr-rr house for Va^Z vork. 

Hf? r.nys th»»r*» In no ne«»d for n. chnn;^ In f^drolnlPtr'^tlve con- 
cepts In the Dominion 'rchivpfl but Jupt for Tio*teprce. Hp le not 
■rorrl«>d too mch o'w^'r thf» h^^^ndlcrp of the nrchlvee nf being trp- 

dltloH'-lly ^n ^ntl-u';rl-n Institution. Both '.Isp Roprpre and I 

- 6 « 

were charmed by Dr. Lorb as ?? person and lnipresf?ed by hltn ae a 
broadinlnded <^dE3lnif?trptor. Wp h?ve Invited hlci to visit Sprlng- 

fl?»ld in thp futur«» sn-'v he hr>r> profrilpcd to cone| 

Thp afternoon Pefl«!lon vaa unler the chalrmanRhlp of Dr. Daniel 
y. Roll of thp Nrtionil Archives. The general topic was "Audio 
Vleuf^l -rchlves." Th^ foi'rr-l prof^r'?.m >f«?,r, rp.ther vdleflppolntlng. 
It conslRt«»d of the shovlr?'' of t^^ro novlea, or** the Natlonc-^l Archives 
flln, the oth'^r a film TTinde by th<» Can^dl«?.n ConBTV-^tlon Service 
entitled. "The Loon*e Kecklo.ce.* This lctt«r w^" f^n Indi^nfolk 
trtle told, '-It Disney fityl«, uRln- s. very fin* rriseura collection 
of Indi-n mffCiCo. It --fpn the sort of movie uaed by our own Stnte 
Hueeir. for -fork '-'1th children. A third film, Her.ington Hand's 
"It ^.xr.t 3e Hpre" vr.r\R or^ltted for '-nnt of tl"?'. Porhape we can 
borro" thr NRtion^l Archivpn and th«* Remlngtin Rnnd film for use here 

Mr. Uoll onid th'^it in pl^ce of a fijrmjH:- 'prtp^r he wr.s pr^^senting 
copies of t-'To of the l-^t'^^t rtir-les or microphotogUsphy ^ind the 
courts, one by ).irraelf, one by Herbert U. Felbelnan. I hrve not 
hsd tine to ctudy cither of the^e but they should be re^d Into 
t>ie rf'cord. 

■'r. DeV"linj'er of w^p called upon to describe the 
collection of sound recordln.o-g he 1b m^^kin- for the Str^te of Del^- 
v^re. Thf rndlo statlonG nu^de e. number of 16 "♦disk recordingE,* 
of v^.rious wj'r events. In addition he hsR tried to f^et thinf^s not 
covered by r^dlo - for innt-'nce, a I5 minute recordinrr of /lining- 
ton's "Vailing v-illle" «lr raid siren. Ke la sileo recording etrect 
cries, eyranhony concerts, bnrber sh^p nusrtettee, recordinrje of 
dlscusslono of important problems by Dclavare p«'ople, Delrwsre 
et^ge and concert stnrs, etc. He is m^^klns^ current recordings and 
copies of old records, such ne the Signal Corps* recording of 
Kooeevelt et tlie 193'*^ celebration of the first settlement by the 
Swedec, folk eonge fror? the Libr^r;' of Congrer^s collection, etc. 
Ke upes n 35 w* cellulose scet?^.te tape recorder with a plxybftck, 
O'^lled the F-ecordgcrtph, manufeetured by Frederick H. Hart uo., n 
eubsidlrry of the ABerlcn Type Co., Poughkeepsi*'. He can stake 
a two hour recording on onp tR|^. Th«i. nppnrf.tus is the BBme as 
thet uRed by the Array r.nd Nnvy nnd he pnid ^1000 for this five 
ye^.re ago. He pointed out thr.t It In not prictlcel to nsf> such 
sound recordliigs for court prooeedlnfrfl b«»cnuse there are too 
ra?ny sourcee of nolpe and voices cannot be distinguished from 
'bnckf^ound noises. 

'Irs. 3.''un5h-'»ufer of the Nrtionrl "^roMv-s read a v^ry inter- 
esting paper on Heference Problews in a Still Plcttire Collection. 
■^he spoke reoidly with a h*»9vy forelgh accent and my notes are 
inadequate. I cannot glvp more h^re th>»n rough notes. I trust 
thlR wry interesting p-per vlll be published before long in the 
Ataericn Archivist . 

r'Ts . Bj^unhcufer sr.ld in p^rt: The Inoortpnce of plotures as 
rrchlvel r^-nources wan not renlired prior to 'A'orld ^ar I. The 
pictorial Tf'cords ar'^ scattered. Of those in the files there Is 
a lack of Identlflortlon and prints are not coordln??ted with 
negatives - the origin and identifying natter is lort. The relics 
are nieoellrneous as to date and voTerage. Modern prints are 
pr<»dlctable fron the functions of the dep-rtnent. The reason for 

- 7 - 

th" p^nt nefil«»ct If that plctur^o ar? In the luxury class, but 

thf»y TP so valusblp th«t th^y nnist be mode ?ivflllRble to hla- 
torlanB and eocl"! pcl'^ntlstlcs. 

lire. ?.-'.\iT3h''nfef then connonted on the r^^rlouf! typee of 
T'^ference requeata: 

1) Subject reouestfl. Prepent trends sre for presenting 
fractf visually -^8 ^Itneps the popularity of picture mAgazlncs 
and iroo'^na'j'nda fllwn. She spoke of the motion picture libra- 
ries which ?,re called upon to oroduce pictures of e^ry cbn- 
eelvablo det-iil on any inv^. ^.11 flubj^cts inorrinfiible. 

?.) Th« history of the medium '^nd technical onpecte of photo- 
rr-^pher vho did the '*^ork for the ^overnaent? (3r^dy for example). 
'h^t other ^'orli lid he do? Thin 1% often difficult to determine, 
pflpeci-lly ifi the nhotor^-^pher' s na.rk on the b?ck of n print le 
^pt to be crmvenled by p«Rtinr In r>n ^'Ibum. 

3) Technical inform-' t ion. 'oe a -''•et pl^t«» or r- dry pl^te 
used; hov lonr^ Tf^f? the exposure; -^rhp.t processing vr«io used? 

The reference vork in ■= pictorial llbr'!ry lf5 hi.^ly person- 
alised r>nd the llbrTi'sn not the c-tron hr^ to -n-ke most searches. 
Thlr re-nires mentr»l n^jillty, technical kno'.'ledr^^e of the nedlum, 
I'no'-rled^e of hlBtory ^.n". nbove nil Intef-Tity. The p'^ tron doe?? 
not knov the type of ?r!«>terl«l avsll^ble but hn.'^ to depend uiJon 
thr- llbrarir^n. If hi^ uk'^s an lllurtrstion for hl?i thesis, x?.nd 
it iG lrc.ccur?te in l-^bellln- or nn^chronlstlc, due to p.n error 
on the pnrt of thp libr^^rinn vho sii^plied the picture, the valid- 
ity of th<^ thesis for vhinh nlone the etndent 1° responRifcle, nay 
bp rru^Rtion^d. Above "11, th<=* libreri-'-'n nrist -^void reiving ^n 
ideolof^icrl slant to wh- t h*' oroduces. 

Th»rp n.r« on^ -^nd r^ hp.lf million pictures In the National 
'rchlves. The libr^ri'^n ruPt krof/f c-overns^ent dep^rtniente well 
to knov "h"re to find O'-rticul'^r tyoee of pictures. She rfist 
kno'-' hov to fTPlect pictvtr''? '-'hich reproduce 'fell, "hich are 
the best pictures to lllustr'^te a point. She must be accurate 
rR to information! drte, Identlflortion of per8on»^lltie8, locaX, 
etc., lost, ^ r. Rtrted p.bovp, h^r ineccur5cie»i*pf lect on the author 
v'ho us en the oicturcs she producer!. ' 

Thp reference too -b the oloture librarian ueep pre Inventories 
of her o^yn r-nd other holdinc^^, technical books on photofpraphy, 

^nd frener^l reference poo'kn. F^-^r reference tools exist. 

Ti'-t -io"?? the "rchivlst ^^^nt for hlR picture coll^otion? 
rirrt of ^11 ho v'^'ntfi control over his own holdinf^s. Then he 
ne'-dr to kno'^^ th^ ch-^ rioter of live fil*»e In existing govern- 
nent' 1 ';:-pncie0 •^nd hla latter he c^n only l«»prn through his own 
initiative. Next he needs to kno^ about holdin.'-^-r of homogenlous 
n-ibjocts in oth^r hlctoricpl rnd archival institutions. There 
i'? need for d^tr. on nhoto,E^a ohlc activity in sp'^cl'^l regions. 
Currtors of plotvire coll'^ctions do not sh<-re their lists. These 
lists -^re not perfect no t^ey ^-fon't f^ive ther out. Stand,o,rdfl 
should be lo-rcred for practicllty. 'rchl^'lstf and librarians 
should sh-re their kno^'ledge, pool their information and concen- 
tr'^te their com-lned ef-^orts on the unknown factors of photo- 
.'::raphln history. Another difficulty ir. thp lack of a suitable 
outlet for articles. Mrs. B-umhaufer ur^ed tb^t Infomation 

- 8 - 

about ap^cl"! holll!'PT >)p r.^vt to th« ne-:c notec of thr ^nerlcp.n 

TViP ^nnu"l bu Pints'", mp^tlrf ^-^.n hrld on Ttieed'-y morning, 
SpptPinber -0. In addition to tho slctp prfi^r.ented by conctltutlonp.l 
pro6rdurf>, f- certnln groiip lr>pir.r,ori upon a noolnfttion for pr^^sldent 
fron t>i<^ floor. It '-r.r, to nrnv^nt poizur^ of control by <i pw.nll 
(;roup til" 1 nlj-:ht h- ,.) >rn to br pr'^pp'nt r.t = buFlnnr,a nesting that 
the con*»tit4tion of thr Society provides for no^lnrtions by c 
noninntlnr connittep brr-^d nnon '-'rltt^'r nonin^tlonn R^nt in by 
nenberB. Philip 3rookn wr ^ norin^t^d on thr nlitp r?nd von ov^r 
'illi-n McOi", noninatod fron thr floor. I vr? dirpiPtrd. LTears 
fl ;o il b»»cpnr tho prftotlce of -■ pnrll group to 'rib" thf> precident, 
ef!'>pci'llY to tert hif! kmvlpdf;f> of p^ rli'--.nrntpry procedure. It 
vns all p;o')dnntur'=-d .-^nd rervp-d to liver othprwlne dull bunlness 
Besnions. Of recent yenrn n snr>.ll ptoti'.), clrlTin'^ to represent 
a. drm-nd for "{jre'^trr di^mocr^cy" h'' fl etirr^d u;) trouble vhpnever 
it c^n ip replly cnrryi'^ thircj:n too far. i^r. McCain will In 
dur cource probrbly becon" prppld^nt of the ?>oclety, but i'hll 
Brooks definitely Bhoull be arrrider.t first becaurse of hia 4n- 
stintinp: Ir'bor for the Society. m. Overnnn 'i^p.r elected vice presi- 
dent, Ijpstffr J. C-rp)on secr'^t'-ry, Il^^lpn Chntfipld tr«'asur<'r, C. 0. 
Crittenden nrin ?. ::. :-,oi to th* council- 

i'r. iiolnrp, chr.irwr^n of Co^-irnitte" on th«^ International Council 
on Archiven reported th-^t = Gon-^r^sn of ArchiviftE vill bp h^ld In 
larle in 'u -uRt or i:>ptenber of 1950. Ilip Society vfill be p.lloved 
t*./o del<^n;n *:ps . It w^" votind to continue V.'.r Society' nubr^ldy of 
'250 '^nd to sepk -n nddition^l ^^250 frop r'-nbere. 


Th* 19 SO me*t^n^ vill br« h«>ld r.t "^ndifion. 

Th«^ Ocret^ry reportoti th-"t ve h^rr ^'T^'- n'^rnbern o''' ^'•hich 351 
«re Indivldupl •'.nd 6? Infltltutionrl, plun I5O PubfcriOerR. Ke 
Blent i^nr>d the openin-: of th*^ r.^— rLrchlv-l echool et li^-rburr;, 
Cre r IT ".ny. 

^ union c--t''lor of n'muticript collectionr ip to be conpiled. 

'rh« rr^Gt of thf' d-y v^sn ruit® rlrrbtly d<=>votPd to vlsltin.: hlRto- 
ric-1 "nd prchivnl ^^^encies in ^i-^bec City ^.nd to eifht-ce^ing. Wc 
firft vinit'^d the UrRulir'^ Convent idiioh ir the ho"" of the first 
r^'^ll^lous order efltrblishpd in !'orth *inericp. Thpy mn.ny 
hiKtoric'-l tref^eurefl on exhibition. Of p'jrtlcuirr interest to Hies 
-■io?-ern vp.n meetln."" the oldert sietpr nt the convent. She h-^ d been 
n novice •■•-hf'n Mother "olfe -ho founded t';;- rirmillr'^ Convent in 
Springfi-^ld c-^re to ru«'b<»c :^or fin-1 ir*^ tractions . 

'Thp ^jebf'C Provinnlrl 'rchiver follove the ufuj^.I CGnp.di''n 
= rc]iiv:^l p^tt»»rn. It Ir priBTlly en ?iintoric^l museum, mrking no 
pretence of interest In rsodern rfcorde. The present erohlvlet Is 
our hoet 'At. Pierre - Crcor<^e<? Pol. hv eucoeeded hie fath'^r, now 
a rar- n in hir. elp;htleR, whora we v'«re h-'poy to B^et ^gain at the 

rhe Society >/nr thp c-ue^t of th--> Province of ruebec et p lunch- 
eon pt .'erliulu, ". rrat^nrent of th*- type of our ?^^ldrner'E . Mr. 
Jem 3ruf?heni, F.H.3.C., lYi^rident of l^ Society dee ?U5rlvr.inp 

- 9 - 

In th'^ -ftfvnoon •'» -•/"rr' t' V:<!vn for r. buR to-jr of '"''apbec. This 

'■irn n-rr**! "by T'lln, bit ^ t^olfl mr, cr^n np -^ipn ••re rp-'chnd Citadel. 

.>rsonrilly I r^'nrf't not h-^vlns" "pt th<» .r?rchiY«'n of thr* 3lPhop 
of '^if'bpc -,-rhlc'ri "r« fit. L-v- 1 Unlvrslty . TIt* mcor'la of th*» founrt- 
In ; o'C '''.'wokl" ■■ nl Iv"f?''<;nfi':in '^re th<^r«». "-'I'l'* a^nistAnt Rrchivlet 
^bbe ;Tnvor!t h-?'^ vlplt^d if -■ t 'orln-^fl**!'''. rri-^ I took it for grrnted 
th-,v •'« -.'■o'ill b*^ t"':«n to tho .■^■-v-1 ."irohiTpn. ''o^-z-pyrr, I "/m in- 
forr"-"^. th-t ■''t-" cc '■Mt'"- of ."'irnnp.otr ir t^? onlv vo?'<'=n "l;o h-^r ever 
oe'^n ■■llo-'^\ to --ork t'^^r" nr l T:;;"t on<^ h.^-f! to rrn throuf-]"! •ohnnnolf!* 
to v 1 '.' 1 1 til'"' ■. vl ■• c *» . 

i'ron ''upfcfc vre drovo f) -O'^ton vl" thr -Trpen Moiintrilna and Hohnvk 
rr.'^il, o. bp.'^utlful drivff in thr* -^nt'inn t}ioiTh loar colorful thrn we 

n-ri hop'^d. hili^ MlsF r-o:'Tf ■ n' .''ins Libutzki vor« 'osjiny visitlnf^ 
fi-.c ••Vi3r-chus«»tt^ St'-to Library :\rA t'::^ »^xtor.slon vorh thTf? I 
"'"It**'", f";"* Gt'5t'» *.rc^;iv'»p --nl Popf* HflrvT'I IlbrTl^p. 

Tb"* Vf n r." Gb".if;^ttR CTri^'OD" 'f '^.1^;~ 're' lv<^p Ir not tb,*? f*"r!erRl 
"rc""^v'-l •^.fr*»ncy for '^11 co'^'^'^n''"*"lt^. dfr")Ttrentr bit only for the 
-"^rcrr^t-^ry of th<» '.^oT."!or'.'<»".lt;-. •?nrl thf» l^c-iplrtivo r»f*corda in his 
r.uGtD'ly. ■'b.'^n I '^nt'^rrd tj-.p ^robiv-l fiold t}"if HnGfrchu^otta 
'-rc-'ivn -yprp h*»-dp-l by -br. "dr.ondr, " cp'^blp o.nd cor^cipntloue 
srcb'vlrt r.n ororrf^nlvc '?.?' any r.on in th" field. He died about 
fl^trr^r. Yfrrs r (c^o rvA vr>r. 6uocr<»ded by '.It. -"oblnp •.riao attended 
pover- 1 rapetinj^r of th*^ liocifty of fp^rlc n Archlvlstc. He 'srao a. 
f^hamin^ old t^entlem-^n but did not Irpr^^nr m" "f b*»in." tdott th:-n a 
ch.^ lr-*/'~.r:''.'^r . I nevT hr rd vr^thf^r h*^ r«^tlr«=»d or loft his Job, 
■'"•;■: Rincp bin f'.'-r/ thp depirtnrrt h^r befn norr or I'^pr' of n politi- 
cal footb'll. R#»rpntly tiro ynun<' -ttom^yp h'V« b^'^n y r:x>int'»d 
^rcblvlrt r,nd '^ff-lr-t^ nt '■•rcblvlr.t, rT- :)r»otlvely, r.nd *'r. Dooley, 
V\n rt'.r,^ Libr- ri- n tl-.lnV'^ tb<^y '--i]: s:rt hol'^. of th« nitu-tlon and 
'■o r. T-'.r>thlnp:. ■■^1^ ^roblvirt '■'-'' r"''^ yrt "orrY fror; th^^ vpek-end 
(I'on'.^y 10:30 ' .r.) but I Ti'^t tb'^ .'-"."irt'-nt ^rhc.f* n-"-r,p in noT^ethlng 
likr r'lsni^--'n. n^ too> t'.«^ fhort on-irrr 't .''-rhln-ton Inst exicuner 
-r." ^f^^^^B r-n "rbltlo-in yoin" rb^p. Or.f thin.'- I lilr^d about hlo waa 
tl" ■' " b* 'li-^, n't protrnd to kri'r-' -^nythinp- "p yt. ' ^'otrmn whon I 
hrb -not thr-Tr yt^TP - ~o (I di'^n't c^trb h^r n^rp ) die', rll the tnlk- 
inr. I r'-'-'^d, not t^i ini-ior^.t"^ -, if Ir addition to thp prlFiAry 

'orV: • 'i * ^' ••'crrtrry of t-y\r> ■ or!r.on*'f!.l*b rrrblvee tV-.^^rp '■•■'''' r nny pro— 
a'lrion or /d-r for -'-.r'-- -'ith r-^nordr of -ny other nrency. Mr. 

'Ool"y stnrtcd to tell "'oo^i''' ' ricrofllnlrr proJ'*ot tA thle woman 
'-r-ploy^p en- pppd, "t'icr liorton, you rr-li^p tb^t tblr ArchiveR De- 
p-'.rtn«»rt ir ntlll tb*- or lr;.t;il-:rtior dPRl.--n'^t*='d by tV.r ^'onstitu- 
tlon -T. tr,r c-jntodl-- 0-" rll tbr rrobi%'f»p of t^'^ Co:^nom-*^nlth. " 
'TL'-t 'v'afln't h^r exact "ordir - - sbr -^uoted t'i'^ Constitution. The 
rttnopphero im'"edi'\t«ly "bfc-^ro tenrr- nrf'- 1 •'lthdri?'v s'^ rulokly ond 
rn :-r-cer!lly '• -^ I co't^fd, I Y:-vf> - fp^llr- tb-t ?lr. '^oolr'y hne 
tri*d to t-'-p "the boyp* --inder hi" fr-t^^orly vlrp- '^rd tV.'st thin long 
tl'-^ .ifi'-t-r.-rt i'n't roin-: to h- vr< r.nythin^ oh?n->-d If eh^ c^n help 
it. If th'^rp 1" f»»rllp.r n.b'-'-tt tpp "t't'^ bibr'^ry I rm rorry I 
^.Idn't Jurt r,^ in on r.y o'tt. 

Th*» M«eP"chii<»ttp St-t*^ liibr-ry h*"- purcb^-sed -. microfilm cr^vuBTn 
r.nd 1p nlcroflln?lnr record?- for oth<»r J-trto deop.rtr?yntB. I nra norry 
I did not find out -ore pbo-it it bit did not vs.nt to detsin 

- 10 - 

''r. nool*»y from his ."ooolntr?f»nt vlth Miss Uibutr.kl. If I under- 
Gtnnd ■-,'hnt hr Ir doinT, I t'llnl: hf^ \.r. son^th'i-r- th-t pxpprl*»nce 
hrc tnur;;ht ot-»^r ;-rcl-.\.vlste to be \^,T)r:t^ronr> . i'lcr ofllr.injj: should 
not b"^ un.'lertf'kpn vithout r. v^ry tnorou'^h chec;: as to conplete- 
rpsr or rpcor-^.e -^vA. ,9ccur°cy of flllnp-. Any miPt-ltpp of thrt sort 
should definitply r??r.t or the phonl^err of th^ dRp-rtriTt. Fire 
y<^ryir frorr; nov I en .]nr-t he-r the Ct^ti;* Ll;?r~"ry beinr bl?^racd for 
' ny in'- leru-cier of th'' nilnrn*"!.].!^ r-^cord. '£p rn r'o >l,af?SRchuBette 
hrl rn exteriplon service for loc-l offlci^lp vith powprf? to en- 
force u<^'=" o:!' Tfjood rpcor'^r n'-teri'^n'' I'^'^t:;!'"'- <- p 'rovpr. lists euch 
•' n no" ■ if^f^u^d In f^onnpctlcut ^^nd -'el'^varr?. flo on*' n^ntioned that 
thl'^ tl-f- CO I ruppocp nothln ' Ir b^lr:; done In Maf^^.nchufsettB pt 
pr^ e «= r t . 

ur-tpr in the mornln;- I v^. nited B-'-pr n^^ln^nr l.lbrrry >fhere 
ry ('olurbir puill Jobert Ijovptt !" --orVrlr! • on lo' n froir, the Har- 
Y-rd ^rchivrp. I '-nr pp.rtlcu2rrly l-t<"rpst*»d In thp r^li^^htlng 
of the -"o'~di:".~ Fo~n. rornf-rly thr' li,dit;lnp; ''rr. '^ by i^h-^ndellpre 
fron thp cftllinr u-ir,;; tr-n?l-irent pV\r, Indlr'-ct ll-hti:.?r. lliere 
'•■erf -'Ir.o nJ:yll;;hte -^hich Ir-kpd. Th"P<^ akylif-htp hve been ro- 
pl.'CPd by fl'ior-'r.cpr': 11 -; t^> vith th« f-rAllT "'■'.c^-rT'^t'-' device. 
-li^- cor" Ir- tion of Inc-ndercpr."' t'"' fl'-iorTCTt ll"-"itln"- la 
.iln-rln- ^nl t/.c de-l;:n rff'^ct of th'- rt^--r 11 -htp ro^.. Hhe old 
cr-^ndtllorn -T'" ntll"^ u-rd. M*:}-.o'a "h I vlrltrd tbr ptcxcltP ?.nd 
' .lr!n'2"^-rd ro-;p toc'.rlcl -Jroblpr:5 I d"> not bpli^v^^ I brourht 

nv nr 

Ido.nn , 


lillp -.t ^u**bec Mr. Tl'-^rbert Br-^y^r ■*:r;ld m'^ tb.-it h"? }Kfn I'-^ft 
th« '"olora-o '-rchlvos ind h--^ — :inp to t}i« 'iorth^fpptrrn University 
School of burln^Bfi '-.^hpre h'^^ Ir to tench ohp coarre ind st-rt sorae- 
^f-.ln - corr'^' ..jondlr. ; to ti'.'^- r.ocor'l^ Mp.n-.rpn^nt Council o" Nev York 
■iP=:lpd by "'r. Lprhy. Up l^-'pll^d th'-t Profe^^ror ?fT^ c oT the Hftr- 
v-.rd Se.hool of His^i' pqg t?" very nnoh IntTPRt^d In t>ip project 
-nd h' p some ti: In:-: to do '-iz-T- it. -'<»r-'ll^;- t'\--t trilp -'=-:r fiOiTir-thliig 
the XIU'jIp --rc^ivpR «>.1fo h"/'. '^ rt"'^" in, I ^ot r3i|pelf intro- 
duce'', to Profi^^^or n-r-s. Hc> ■•■-r - pv-flv^ - ypp hln -rdvloe h<^d 
bpi^n r^Xed, but he h' d so Tif^ny oth^rr things on hlR rnln'l nt the 
tin*- th-.t he co:ldn't rT-^r^ber <ny ^etnlln =>bout t'le project or 
•dipt r'?connend"tlon- he h-d rr-^de. •> '•'nr cordl?\l to pit^ ••^hpn he 
found out I '-^n not coTnlnp; ^.p "^n ■■"^nlR'^'^ry fron Mr. --r?-y'^r. Fin— 
r'lly he l<^t out th«> f^^^t t'~t '"■^ ■"•» = dlp-uuGlnt^d In "r. .5r,*».yer'B 
?tudy of t/.->e 'restem C-ttle Induptry ^nd doubt-^d If ji"- could nc- 
Gf^pt 1* for pu:llo?tion. It r^.l -;ht bo st^tpd th^t '^r. Bmyer is 
'- yo'ln,- TTi- n of lirnenRf" lrr'.uf:try '■^\.th a brllll-nt -nd nf^'reeelve 
rnln-^ , orobnbly =tron.cTpr on Inlti-itln-^ then In c ■rryl'' : out new 
projects of '-'hlch h" 1? -•Iv'^yf? full. 

•'ft^r lunch r.t th« H-.rv-rd School of 3urlner.n Ad'rlnlPtrs'tlon 
tf'^^culty Club vlth ^'r. Lovett and ''r. -hlpton (H-srvnTd archivist) 
I ''•"l''-:'»d over to C'---brld«*p •'here I flr<^t vlrltrd zhr •i<-rv«>rd 
-^^rchivfTT briefly. I hid been thrre ':^pfore "'n'^- It >r!9s Just ns well 
becsupp f e nl'-ce vas ,= "-Iter o'' p-lrt buc;:pt!= -.n.'. l^^.dderp. Hr. 
-hlpton Introduced rae to t^: ■ reference libr'^rl-n of L-nont Library, 
the ne-r underrr-rTurit^ library o'' •-'■-ilr-'"- H-rvrrd 1p Inordinately proud. 
'hll'^ beln:- tnVren on n tour of thp building Mr. ifptcolf, librftrlan 
of Harvard, jrrpclouflly flourht n^ out for ? brl^^ vlf^lt. 

- 11 - 

'i^hc Lr nont. Librf^ry p«»rvpr -11 th^' nfrdr of th-^ ur!'''.err:r'=dur.te8, 
id'^nT Libr'-ry b»in'' recervp'l for gr^durt" students fnd research. 
■bout 70,000^G h-v^ brT. ^-ithdrsvr fron othfr H'-rv.'^rd llbri"- 
rl^p or n!jrch««pd psoecl'lly for LrTvont. '-^'be ld<»n •-'*"' to bridge 
th'' p"" p b«"t'ff"^r. th*' pt-itdTit ^ n' boo''*P by '^x'osl.r ■ tViio boy? to a 
"p11 r.olrc "*,'■:". llbr'ry t^iron y^ t on^n rtorV nyi't^r. 'L'b<» Ptudents 
■ )'^rr t'rro'r-'^h t -."^ c^■'r'tr"•l Rtoc'.-' '-rp^fl "nrout"^- frorr. th" «ntr-'>rice 
to t' -• rp ■-::.i''^-- ro-^"-", [)ickin--r o".t bookp t'\py ■'•'Tt fro*" th'^ •'h^lvps. 
In lf"-v'.."^ • t"'''» bit lid i'^'" l;''"^y dro'- "21 boo^R "t .'' t irr.'^tll" or 

I '■■.'id "r'jrctrd to f'Lnr' f^o'^'^thlrr rltillr.r to '/b-t w« rf^d 't 
'l!';OTri':c"in ■'"''.'"n I vr= ^ '^r, of?c: 5_p t'^T'^ 1m th'' V^-?E!T Ooll''.i"'^ Libr'^ry 
ovr'T tr.irty y^'^rr ~--o. .*>ii^r« '^11 jooV.b '-rer'* houf^d or open 
r:i?lv°r in 'loov^ forTi^tlon. rp-rnlr^d ro'-dlrr; boo]^??, dintir "ulphed 
by colorft'' b'lr. P "."t-" fll^'d on tftbl'^f In tb^^ '^. Icovo. '^»?m-ri rf— 
aorv'^r' •ypr'= or " t-^lbl?? in thr nidgt of the 'or-n- n litorr.tiro cLasBl- 
f 1 0-^.-1,1 jr. , .'olltlc-'l -cl->nce in tb." -loove '^d.1^cf'nt to tb.'^ 300's,etc. 
rccor.rr'.^nclr'o rrrdinp books v^rp 1-^ft on tb* !ih°lT'>9 Vr r^prul-^r 
al?»^5'lf i'^d crdT. '?h»" rppiilt v?'? tb-t t'l*^ rtri'^p»nt, loo>:ln;7 for 
" r ?^ coTic^H''^ "^di r"'"'^\"P" it'^Tn b'^O''?""'' tbro'i'di "b.^lv'^ cont". Ir. In '■ 
other bookii, '■■rd fr'^n-a«»ntly cprri^d boin»? '-'Itb h'^r 'Lnt-^-'r-'-tl .,■; 
bookT th'-t sb«» h'-.d atursblpd onto. I hrvf* ovf^n sp-^n f^tudpntr rf*nd- 
In.'T volunt'^rlly p.' nlppslfn nr !'nrG-iin "'ir'^li'is ^nd ""^nom'-.a n' 
.\enoif! ■■^hloh tb=y '-'O'jI'I h"v« ""^urn*»d ?.f? a cl".f?f5lc but er.Joypd n.8 
n pprGon!^.! dircov^ry. I ■^r. '•fr^ld th« H-^r^r-^rd boy^ are not 'jptting 
thnt. -o f-r r.p. 1 ooild se-*, =11 th'» books for "cononlo? 3 '- '•-'■'*r»» 
fil"d to,fr«»thT r>nd thof?p for "'cono'^ice 5 ■''Ifo toretber, 5» th-t 
In ^ffpct thip ir'^ly Jlowsrd'c solution to th'' r«^?'prvf»d books 
r^roblem - Ipt 'en h-vp Rplf sprvicp junt llko ?> Pl.-^f-ly l.r-g:ly. To 
DP r:iv>=> , tbf^rp 1p r. brO'*sln - roon, but ns roflt "-ny student vlll 
tell, yo'i, ^ bro^fGin^: roon Ic for kppolnp vo '^th nodprn book*^ . I 
biOp*' I h.-vn ""'iPundprrto Td thp '^.rr^ngon'^nt . 

L'T!)ont Library 1p, •- nod.prn typr bnlldin-r with hw^f^ picture 
■vrlnio-'-p, bri-'ht oolorf!, bent ^.-o^c. oh-lrn, ^to. Fortiin'^t»ly th«» 
pxtprior 1p nafficlently rpRtr-^inod "o tbnt tVi^rp ir no f 'Spline 
tli-'t it !«? lnb''rr?^oniour^ T-'ith ■"-porrcl^n tyo^ bulldln^tr "dj^-cpnt to 
It. ..>iPrp "^rp r'^pdln - roomfl on thrp" lovpln, pnch ''1th i*:?T dia- 
tinctlvp color fjob.pnp - rmilbprry, p^old ''nd tur-^nol^p, to bp ex- 
olloit- '^"hr- qtockR ^r'» on.lnt'^d tb.p donln'-nt polor, tb--^ -fr.lln 
ll^-htor. *11 fxarnlturp 1^ blend --'oo ' . Ll.o-htlnp: Ir suopospd to 
be the l-tPt --rord, but I '-m^. oonpciouo of n dlfft 'pn-ln™ ^Irvs , 
P'-'rtly bip to tb'>f'^ct tb-t -■ll lir^htln;- Ifl fluorpscpnt Inet'-ad 
oi' t):'^ Torp r)lP'-<'ln ■ nlxtur** '-'Ith Ino-^ndpscppt bulbf: t found n.t 
v-'^ kT Llbr'= Tj . 

jnn thipv I "0^- rtic-u.l- rl-'- llk^d about t'-^ rf'-pdin^; roonf? vac 
*tb'^ v.-rlnty of furniture in pach, -'rhlch "ou.l'. n'-rnlt rantinr by 
cban;~lp " uopltlm. T^'iaro ■''pre I'-rga tabl'"^ nt "hich a do.Ten or 
TTior«' CO il ' f^lt at a tiftp, indlvi ual a.erks, Btralf:b.t back and up- 
holst'rad c'l-irn in eacl; room. ",oxn'^ of thp bent vo:kv olvairB with 
lerit^"'i'»r se'^ts are going to piecefl alread;/', '<o Rmokinr 1p per- 
mltted in the mr-ln rea •'in;^ roon^ but on aabh floor tb^^^r*^ ■•■^re — 

C"!,all'^r raarilnp; roonf? c^llf^d p.nokin": roona. 

- 12 - 

TiiPTo ^r° thre-^ sppclnllzed roons - th** browsing room (ault© 
like r typical club libmry), th" '^oodberry Poi»try noon rnd the 
i'or'.m. T:\f :'o«^try Room oontr.ln" not only b library of poetry 
do^jC:; but nl3o four tnrn-t.ibler, for recordlnT- by modern ooets, 
^-^r ohoriPR r)«^r^dt ha.lf r do^pn persons to listen to >riint Is b«- 
in^ r^l^yed on tho celect^d turn t^ble. I WiP surprised to find 
about t'/j-erity studentB lieteninr; in r'-pt attention. The Librarian, 
an ^ittriotive niddle rifled :ron^n, srid thlc room is vpvy popul^ir 
f;nd th'.': th<^rp pt^ ,?lT'fly.c: listeners th»r'='. I'he Forum van r. ^mall 
-■"•u .itoriu-i so'tLnr- about 100 p'^ool* ".nd it Ir, u^ed for deb'^tes, 
foruns ."n-l Rm-^ll gp thnrir.^-?; . 

r'ron L-non'j I v/mt to the Iloujj^hton Librp.ry of n-?.re Books. 
ThiF Ir p.. conp^r^tlvely ne" buildin™ r-rhich I h-^d not aef^n be- 
fore, rhe interior i?! in 'Jeor^ri^n style - three beautiful rooms 
on the firpt floor surroundin'- p. circular rotunda. There ie not 
too niucix to b« niid about thin library other thnn thnt it is a 
tre?.p-,ire house for r-^.re ^nd be-utiful book" kept in locked C:^seB. 
'7i.\^ oooY.' •^rr'^nr^ed by country of public-^tion »nd under th?it 
by drte. 

I tlien vielted I-on£^fello- • } ousp t-rhioh ha-', be^^r, opened to the 
public Pine? I '•'a'~ in boston l^nt. 

i-'roni Lonton ve proceeded to ''Ibany. There-Hiss .■'-ofrTS and 
Mine Litutzki left ne vhile they mrde an exournion to the State 
hibr-ry'f r'^^-ion?.l center pt V.''tprto'>--n. Flr"t, ho^rever, Htnte 
iAhrrs.rir:n •o'^.rell conductr-d ur through the tJ-^-''' York Freedom 
Trf^in then in th'^ railror-d y^rds ''t Albany. ThiR train conf^isting 
of triree exhibition cp.rR, the c*ntr?»,l control c^r p,r\:\ the c-ra 
for perronnpl, ir; financed o-rtly by p -t30,000 St- te appropriation, 
p' rtly by thr rrilroadf? (vho furniPh th** cnrR ^nd fre^ transpor- 
trtion) rnu pr rtly bv loc-^l contribution*? . Gti.irds ^ e- li^^ed 
n--.tion-^l ppiar Irsnr-n. Thir'. triin hr-r, been on th" rord «3ince lact 
J'-nu'.ry. It stry«? in ono to'>m for fron soever'' 1 dpyn to r week, 
and only school children are s=dr.itted froE 9 A.M. to 3 J^'-"- 'i^is 
hp.s prevented the lonp- '•raitln.^ linee and the hurried pf'-senge 
throurh "hich took a'^fpy ro nuch from th« enjoyment of th** J^-itionel 
tr^.in. Mr,o the physical FirrrnKenj-'nt i'' better- ?;xhibits f^re 
grouped accordincr to rub>ctp, nbout t--'0 to s. c^r, exhibited on 
oppoEite sider, of the c^.r, in purh a menner th^t it in popnible 
for r t'^^chrr to group hrr pupilr '■rouni* ^n exhibit --hllp ehe 
or Frv'.cor.r rjse expl'^ir? the "iters. 

'-hln exhibit '-rrir! pr-^p' red by Mie? ""dn'~' Jrcobnen, chief of the 
'IviPion of M'-nuRcripts nn-\ V-lrX^ry of th^ St^t^ Library. Her 
reelection of K-t'-ri^^l ^nd l-'belg rre v^ry fine, I trou;-ht. 

'rhe next d-^y I vinited the Schuyler Mension nnd th« Albany 
Institute of iiiRtory end 'rt, .ind called on Mr. *lbcrt Corey, 
cVilef of the "division of Arc Ivep nv.l Mintory r<ho unf ortun-^tely 
w^r. out of to'Ti. I filno c-^llf^d, by re'-'u<»''t of '>r. •I'-'gnell, on 
' T. '.'ho recently eucce'-- >d .ir. Miller ?^r. Gonrirrloner 

of Tuucatlon •^'•enea.rch. Dr. Miller van instrtunentnl in the rippolnt- 
nent of the ConvninRion on Hew York ArchiveB of vhich I waf^ a 
BJ^Dber t'^'o yr=:rB pg^o. Thi" ne*-^ ET^n did not eeern p' rticul" rly 
pymp' thetic towsrde either .archives or the library - indifferent 

- 13 - 
ie perhnpn r better ohrftF^olof^. 

I npont seYf>r=l hour*- ir th« Division of History rpA Hnnn- 
ficrlpte of thf* Ke.-^ Yorl: .t^"^.'- Library, of which ny long time 
frlfn-'l 'vln-^ Jacobper. hr^?! bf»en herd, for t"^-'<»nty y^^jrs. I W9<; 
vf^ry much intereet'^d in h-^r cat'^log >rhtch 1p. vry nuch like 
our o'^n In principle. G-rd crtrlogR .^r^ not tho styl^ In 
srchiv---' ?t pr^HPnt but botv !'lss Ji«icob9'?n nn'i I llk«» thfn oe- 
cnuse thp lnfor?r)r,tion about hol'lin'^'R 1p prfoent^d In p form 
f.-j.nili- r to up.rrs of llbrtxripr'. becnuse It pr-rnlts close 
analyslB of subjpctp an", co-npt" astprlal. And both of up in- 
clude, -rhlch horrlftefi so^c ^rchiveete, both printed p.nd nanu- 
ecrlpt nrtrrllp . Our theory Ir th? t th« o^^tron 1^ int'^rf't5t''d In 
information 'in' ir not p rtlcularly IntTr^Pt^d in the forr: on 
vrlilch the Inforn-tior ir produced. 

I w^F p?rtioul-~rl.y intfrested in the eeroll'^d If'vfi . 'Lh^ne 
^r-" vrlrt'^d blllf b'^-^rln'- the :^overnor'p Gisrn.'sture '-■nd they 
cone bound, hlT*^ thl?5 »»npuree tnnt none will ce lost, it Is 
hi :hly inconvenient In c-^pe of ^. need to exhibit ??. document or 
even to produce on*^ in court; t^-.e bool^e r- re so tlrbtly bound 
th-t I '-'ould think that th-^y -v-oiia be h'-rd to photot-r'- oh. Txover- 
nor 'ev.'ey and pr-rhnpa oth^r provemore, h-^-r e h'^blt of writing ex- 
pl^in-tory not^n on the-^r* enroll'^d Invc. On'= I not'^d eria thrt 
appro jrition^ h'-" been nide to thir. invr^sti,-?^ tlr:^- corrinnlon 
ye-r rft-^r ye'r ■-.n-'. so fhr it i^--'d not produce'l a r'-oort. Because 
of t'fx- i"portf-nGc of thr- riroblem, ho^j'ever, he v-. e f^lvln~ tVi^ro 
on'=^ nore cri'.nce, but that would be the Ir-et nppropri- tion he 
vould r yjro-ve for that project. Another note saia nonethlnf*; to 
the effect thrt, "I knorf t;i^t th*» pQove doesn't look lihe my 
eignrture, but I used 22 v.>enf? in el minsT it, so v}i' t opn you expect?" 

> ].eft Albr<ny p^rly llmrf^d'-y mornin?r no'^tenb«»r 29, ^neetlng 
Hr. Harold v/enr ley for lunch nt nyr^^cuGe. '<> visited the ''Rylord 
frctory in the afternoon. 'T^p f^irniture lin*, except cnt'. ioj seaea 
h.-^ ? been diecontlnued. '> fo-md the nanufncture of llbrrry supplies 
r. vfry intprestlnr; mf^tti^r. -here v?b much hnnd worV involved, 
though Mr. -Irylord keot jointin'': out haw very exp«npivp the raaohln- 
ery is thrt is upei. It 1? '^vident th^.t this h- f? bp^n p one mnn 
concern nn'l th.rt thpre ir p cloee personal bond bet'-'e^n ''.hr In- 
dividual er;:jloyees and Mr. n-pyiord. 

v'e returned home vl? 31ntrh?mton, K. Y., Harrisburg, F?i. and 
tho ppnneylvani". ?iirnpikr», '■-rrivin''" in Springfield Sundry evening 
October 2. ITi" trip wne physically strenuous but etlnralatinfj and 

September 19^9 

Secretary of State. Index Dept . 

Deeds to State Property 6 documents 

(1 case) 



HoutLnp Dppi!?rtnrntnl Cnllp 

Sfcretsry of st."t(" 

Corpor n t i on '>f* vt . 

Annu"! rr ports 13^ 

Index crrdp 38 

Oorrpf^pondfncp 3 

Index Opnt . 

iJepdP to 3tnt«-' property 3 

"Ifctionp 7 

^nroll'*d Lavs *9 

"^xeoutlve •>f»pt. 

Unnd pAtentR 2 

Notary boiidn 3 

Tr^dp Mnrke 21 

3<»ciirltlpc; Deot. 

Clofled Gafles 5 

C-f'nprel Af^cenbly 17 

r;enp<-logy, Illotory, fttc. 

in pprfon 


Ilp.r.e IndPX (phone v:;alls only) 

County hiptori'^s 


Intpm-ril Ip.provF'no.rXB 


l-iy ir.nll 


Arohl vr 1 Tpohn 1 rur 


■ 'l?cellf>nooMf^ 


6 , 

• -1- 










ry ^•^■. 

'!rr.n'l Tot-^l :07 


September 19^9 

Name Index 

Bureau Co. Federal Cene-ie, 

1850 226 cards 


1 series 
h carde 

September 19'^9 

'^url.ltor of Piibllc! Kocomtr, 11 

Civil Service ConiT^.lnnion 12 

Conpf^rcp Conr-i<-Rion 2 

OepTtin^nt of Inp'urp.noe 1 

Snperlrton^ont of Pi'blic Inptirictlons 3 

Liquor Control Corrisf^ion 1 

r)pp'^rtr;'^nt. of P-'^.^'lrtr-tlon °: "luc-tiion 36 

Spcrp-tory of Stptp 

Court of Cloims 1 

Corpor'^tlon Dppt. k 

Exeontlve Dppt". 18 

Spfety B-ef!ponf!l"blllty 5 

Stpte Tr^nRurpr I5 

Supreme Court 2 



i ; . ^ ^ V J , " , ,/*.* J ' i V.J j_i A jsj ^ ■-. ^ v** . i- 

j*hotop;rspho (atlllr) ^vx'^ nftftatl veg 3x10 prlntp 

Tjtptc Llbrnry 

Art. >°pt. ^i- ^^ 

J'hotofltate r>^rtlvpH Ppg^tivea — 

Gtpte Library 

AdralnlstrRtlvf Jfflcp 

■Jtfff Lf»tt«>r 1 

School Visitor 

Tranoorlptp, ' o"" 1 2 


'.sesnlon lr''s, 13 V' 

(for L. C. ) 1 

n /rtlclrr, (for '-Ivll r)»»r- 

vicp) 73 

C3rpor.«tlon '>rpt . 

Rreordlrf? __J-2^ , , 

2 s9 

■StrtlstlcH Incor.;)lpte 

' »' 5 

ri-eport for OctobT 19'j-9 

'■,Cgg^p^?,7r^',- ""h^ :)lvlr'ior of htf-vnvf^, ')<>n^rtT^f>nt of Public 
^or^r -nl --ill-tin^- Ir senHn^:: ov^r c^n-l r^cor-ls r.nitp r^nl^ly 
r)o^', but ;,^o8t of th° reoor--s r-cpiv«'l 'Virin- th*' rr^onth cpn'r^ in 
d'lrlnr^ ny vncrtlon -^nd h-vp n^ ypt been -^ccerglonpd. 

;nfnt for office -jFf». 


■uc^tion nc-.t rrfor^'.r, to t' v-ult. 

Xlli noir I.t?tp Hir- to"^* r '- "• 

Bo^'^iety , 

Vh- xllinol-: ^t-t<^ Hi'^torlo^l ^ioclety hf>lA it- Jolc.^n '-rivPrs^ry 
■ •^-t • : in -prir-firid. October 7 Pnd 3. I .ntt^nr^pcl rll thp 
;nr-. n-:s^ e^P^>t th- bu-lr^p--r^ pp-tln- kwI th- ter .t the ^xecutive 
^.-nrion. .n^r^e c^r.^ dvirin.c or^irn hours -r/' rr ,- r ^p"-'-" of ner-- 
bprr of thr- Society c^ll-4 at th^^ Archives Ruildin- I f^lt I 
shoul- 0- h^r". r}io prircippl ■r.,Pr.k*.rr> v^r- lovprnor Stov-nTon. 
Fr...ior -lunt, UVn ri^vi'-r. -rl ^^ndbur;?, I'r. . i>rn N-^ncP ^^ord 
j-n-. .vorott - Jlrvo^n. "r. -nd Mm. R. ';•:. Pntton nnd -r. A.J, 
1:^7^'''''.'''^'' '^''""'' -^ ^'-^ -P-^^'-^rr' Dinner on Fridny «r:l rs 
rd.itionrl fe^-.turf- of the ^old^T) ,^nrlver-r,ry Jinnp- -Ta"^ t^-« 
i..nco.r: .'ou;:i^r DrVtP fro- thp pl-y - «br Llnr^oln In Illinois .• 
f.v.n ^y . i 11.-,, nor.l^y ^^ Lincoln And S. Phil Hutchison i. 
■ou-,i,cp. i onjoyod all thp PO^^cher, but D-rhnns Cr.-i s-ndburc 
spo..,:in,: out!oorn nt :>v. s^i^^ ,.,,, ^h^ hi-hll-ht. I lid not -^t 
%'^;r ^''i ^l^-.^'or :'re. Pond'- -d->enr. lollovin- the luncheon ' 
r't t- -r-on ■'hnni Inn I r-on'uctpd the follovirc- on .^ ri-ht- 
Mr^5^'^^'^-.J:'„;;f '-V^r^'-l^iL ;^>^-, Sprlno:flPld .nd th^ Urcom '^hrlnee 
«:;.?•";• T^n-'?' -^C'^^-' -ritlrh C^r.:^ul G^n-rpl nt Chicn^To (reore- 
sprt.n^ ^r^.t 3rltnin rt th. n^^eting), Mr. John Hnnb.r^ of xock 
^p-n., (ri pnct pr-^^idpnt) ^nd th- l^^tter'^ brotvier, loui^ H-ub«rg. 

V . ■'''•^'^.'. r^^^^gc ^xarin-tion?^. Civil Pprvior pxi.ninationp vere 
hpl'^on October 22 for Photo^r^uh^r I (no.^ h^ld by Mr. Z^Hart^nd 

Vl^^l^^'^^-^^^l^i^^r [no-h^lci-^y '-r. a.srady) ^n-: Fi«ld visitor 
V:L '''':'''Z.^''^'''V ■ ■''-'' --ichler took i C.t.log.r'. examine- 
vio^'p.:;^^:?,^:':" ^^El^^^^^-^T/t-tus u^d^r thP ^^r tine civil 8«r- 
vic Px n.lnl'-tlcnE. .rp prrforr.rnc- trrt for i^iotorT-Dhpr ws.e 
S!:!:.^!/-^^'"^ "^? ^^J :^^^^'''i th^ -ntt^n tP.t. on Octob^; S! I 
'r^'^cnn^rtp-=Tr^rf,i^^ docur.ntP copied in the performance test 
-^^,2?r ir- " - ^^''^^ service Co-r,irrlon vith the typ»r of photo- 

^Uv iJo'^^.^^n^f ''"' ^i^"" ^^ °'-^^ l.borntory but h.d nothin., to do 
.'.it.i uho questions on th" vrlttm tppt. 

- 2 - 

I s.ot«d RS confmltant for th<» tvo purely Arohlv'^l exam Innt Ions. 

^xcept for the Illlnoi'i '^rprtlme pxamln'^tlons ^fhlch were rather 
poor in Quality, thlp In thp fli-nt tlBP '\r\j ntnt'^ h"-p p:iv«n a 
cornDrf^henrivp --Trltton ex.^-nl nation for ?rclilvrg. The Nntlons,! 
'rchive? pxaminp.tlona h-v.- b(f»<»n unaP"»^mbled. 'nOBt of my tlae 
betvepn my return fron the trip '>Pt «nd iry vacation ('^loh began 
October 15) was apent %'ork.lnr '^-Ith "r. Chnmber" of thp Civil 
Service OoriniRslon ^^XRrlnrtlon ''ivlni^n. I fi^d f^-^lectpd litoi^R— 
tTire to Mr. Chsmbprp end hip pr.siftgnt"', dincuopp'^ vith them the 
diffpr«nt ph^-ppR of srchiv^p '^'ork to "b*^ covpr'=*'i rnd th° relative 
velj'^ht of ?""ch, vrotp nnrr^oln r"i<;p*lon??, critic! z^'l o'lcstionB 
p';bTnit~.f rl ty Jlr. (Thr.r.bprB ^nd in .f^«^nprcl triPd to /tplp hira con— 
ptr-jct n. '^ell bsl.nnced px^nin-tion. I fitt it very inportant 
th-t ■'<' apoertnin ^:'h'?thpr thp C'^ndidptp h^d Judgrnpnt j'.p well &■ 
p=t -^npvprp f^nd fI'^o •'hpth'^r hr cotl'. exoreRS hltnj'plf -fell. 
Litpr^ry ability coild bp PVTlur.tpd frotn th*- ppP5>y cupctione. 
'iTir irsirt^^ncp upon trup-f^lfse «nd multiple rhoioe cuprtione 
^'hich r,onl\ bp f^raded rr.rchnntcrlly vas a hsndlci-p unifies the 
C"ndld"!t« co'jld ru.^llfy hi- lanpv'frrfl to pxpl^in -/hy hf> w?de oer— 
t?in choifipc. The on^^ criticlf!!?! •f-'hloh vaR voiced- 'o'j p. candi- 
d-' y-rp.^ th't dlffpT'^nt ^.rc'.lv-lr^ts nl.-ht rs-lcp difff^rent choices 



"> *'^r- 

rl.^ht. I bpllwe, however, th-t thf> choices were 

?io -rorde'l th^t one nn8rr«^r -ronld be quite dpfinltely correct - thst 
I'*, thrt tvicY. T.xenti tr.p '.rrre ellraln'^tpd. I iirvp not seen the 
exririinr^tlon rn»»f tlon?? --■r '^. --rholp -^iid do not kno--r rrr-^t was included. 

:;-C''ff .'ork 


rprVg Pt the orflcp -'prn concerned 

-F T"" ported above, my 
vith "dnlrlrtr'^tlvp Tor]-- Tid I h'^d no time to wor>: on the Perrln 
collection -b.^,cb I '^.r! anr.ioup to comDleie ?,s soon r.n possible. 

Mr. ('TPoody p.oted pr '"-rch'-vi^t darlt-r my "br^rnce. He re- 
ported h'^vir.p- nrrvic'^d tb^ folloi-lnrr r^ell T«^n'"-lo-'ic? 1 reoueeta: 





Scft^rs ) 














?'0;'^lpn'-. n 














''ont.;--nni ry 


p r" *L 1 1" 1 p 1 r p c or*'! fl 







"•'n coup In 

18 SO 

ppvol'itlonrry noldler buried in Illlnola 

Surenu 1350 








H^. noock ) 

18 50 



1370 mortality 





- 3 - 

liPTTse Connty Year 

Oelpsby .'.olph I85O 

Lrn;- V'illlrDGon 1350 

Hudron ChrifitAfin 1350) 

" Ihrlby 1855) 


■■'r. Fountr*"^ r^portr h'-vinp- finlrih^d fLllpp; mor.t of the 
lf>tt'^r *P* in th*» Corpor-^tion rpnortr. '-.e antlclp-^ted, his 
hoppr of cor.plf»*;ir.c- th<» flllnp: In Oftobpr '.'■"Te not r^ellzable. 
y.v . Ro1'^nt^f« al^o r^^portR h.pvln,-': dorn* Roin« 8«»nrching: of can?! 
rpcor-.R (1?: fl.c,ys) for thr ■fftpr--''aye Dlvlfilon, T'-^vrr^-' pp In 3; thr 
St""**- Cpn?^Tir rPordR ^-r.d ■■Vf orencp Dp'rV: ^^ork 

;'lBn Sch'^ffl'^^ ohpckp-l in thp four Rhipn«nt^ of mrpn and 
oth!?r cn.n«l docMrj«»nt«! r«cpiv«»d dnrln': thp month- Sorae of these 
h-'ve bepf! put Rva;- b^it t-p sh'^ll h^vo to f^pt Porip Rfip cr.sftS be- 
forf^ filin" th.pra in thp vault. 

Mlq? 5ch''fflpr hrf? conplptf^d -vrorl: Gh<>ptn for th^^ six volurws 
of '-^-p.-^ietprc ind Lot« added lo t'.p Or.n^l Ifn'"^. r'^corlc, 3hp h^a 
r.lp.o CD!?!pletpd entrl-^c for 57 volnnpn of "conotructlor: Kl#ld 
!iot«n.. "^stinatp Book^ ** mfde on Ipfrnl sized chertR. Shf^ Ic typ- 
ln:r t>i«^ CRt.rlo^ c^rd" . •••0 I think I <»xr;l;=lnRd earlier, thp search 
Inforn}"- tlon r^-^uired for the use to which thp cpnrl records 5 re 
bein-^ put by the Dlvlfslon of •/'it'^rvn.y?', rerulree nuch more de- 
tnllpd dp^.orlotlons th-n co'.lr^. b*^ pit on c-^.tnlo;- c-rdr, and iiiore 
thin vroild ordinnrlly "^-^ de-r-ndpd. -'p .^tp th^^rpforp Icn'^pin.';; this 
dpt«iilpd Inf orir^^tlor on I^p;^! nlzr^ shppte to be .appendP'! to the 
invprtory f?nd .«?rp rnr-kir - t;i« Ippr det^il^d 8t?;-ndard cntr^log ^n- 
trl^R on Cr^rlR. V.irtn Bch*»ffl'»r Is r^oln? p nptlculou?. Job htxI Is 
doln^ it ?3o vpll th' t I "r not hpvlnr to do Tiorp than a pprfunc- 
tory r^vlsinn or h«r •<^or)c. 

Mr??. Robeson h- e alphabptlzed nnd filed 6zl index CFrda for 
the 1850 Fpd«rpl Census, B';r'^^:U Co. Ytp . HcFndden and ^.r. Caeaadj 
^v estijTi^tln- the nunb^r of c-'-tnlof Cf^rde nv^>:e8 month. 
Put 'f'rp . Rober-or ''fc'^ir- the px?ct count for st?tiatical purposes. 
Sh» h'P been tmnsferrlrc the Enrolled L'=.vfi to ncv folders, flnieh- 
In- th^ ypt-rr I9I7 ird 1919. 

•'rfl. McF-'dden in-'^exed 6OO rur^^.u Co-nty npraep. I ?n i-^.ot pure 
•^let^er thenp crp included in 'Avr . BobeRon'B count of 631, or 
."re ,r np" r-roup. 

'^Tp . I'pichlT ■'■fff out ill on ny return to worV: rnd ip still ill, 
<=?o I do not h^vr p. r«^port fror" her. I understi^nd thst she spent 
nopt of the north pf*eprring for hflr PXHrln-^tion. ^>hp vme typing 
n.ire crrdr fron hpr sll-jfi vhen I left. I found Por>p on my deck 
but h-'vr not hr,d tine to rerrirp ther. I checked before I left to 
jn-iv-p p-irp eh'^ hrd the forne correct, etc. 

!Iistory of St-^tp DeP"rt?npntg . 

7hf spcond copy of our hlntory of 3tntp Dppr^rtnrnts hns been 
loaned to r)lr'^ctor Mitchell of the TJepRrtrif'nt of Fin-nce for the 
use of the "Little Hoover CoT^nission: " Dr. le^^Kifoff iff going to 
brinfj it dot^n to dnte. We hope it -will prove useful for theia. 

- iv - 

■-■-.riisit . Mi-OT Schpfflcr pr^p^^red ^n f?xhlbit for the meeting 
of th^ Illlnolr> St^,tf> HlPtorlc-^i Society, pntltl^d •Hirtorlcnl 

■■'ovonpnt in Il'lnni-.* A li.-t .0* docun^^ 1<? •^ooendsd. 

Thp <'nnonnc<»n«'nt of th^- TaMic-tion of ■exhibit T-tprl-^.l by 
[^r- no---rn. in th«=> July 1?'^- St-t'^ Li"br-ry N>v« Nnt-? h-r bron^'^ht 
■" n'mbpr of In^-iilri'-f; . "l"'-.'..r ^nr.o-incf^r.r^nt '.-r-^r pr--^r;- tMrr as Mr. 
iio'-f^-rr!. h"d rTly n0''"d thp.t vp n'-'"f» no -^nnouncrmrnt until 
h" tolr vi?^ hi^ h-.d th« jnat^ri^l r*^* '.y for •'ll''.trl>atlon. Hove you 
^'*' rd -nY-hin'- f'ir*h»r fr:;n hln? I h-'vwn't. It %" - runjored st 
■'.iro'-o th-^t h'"- p^Tht ro^ e ■■•rrT thro'i.^h th'* project since sevRral 
or t-.'' Ft-t--c h-d not vrr,nt».l to p;o rlon'-. vith hl,-n. I h-ve not 
h-'d tl"-^ to --iv'- r^uch thou-'^^t *;o th#» m9tt?>r of coll'-ct'.n.c oir 
recTt np-len on ""Ifrnif ic'^n'- Illlnoln I^ocM.T^P'ntr « into s paaphlet. 
I h- vp in mind sonethlnt^ lik° the on*^ vp Irru'^d in 1?31, a. copy 
of ''hioh. if! " c ipn^'L'^'^ foT voMr irf ot*'':'^ tion. ^o you ''■'■nt to con— 
tin-j^ i,'-o nr-ri^p o:^ r-- nn'\-ict'-o-.-. ir. Illinois Libr-ri^^ . or do 
yc>-i w-nt R')n'^t^i^,;:3 plm for t:ip Tchlvpl o^ctlon thin y^-ar? I 
Ptill fppl i flhouid conolrt'^ tY<-' I'Trln Collection --^r' before 
•in lertr'tcir- ^'nythinrr n\ne*. It ir n-^^rly done but I h-ven't 
f oun I tine to touch it for "pvpr^l r\onVnp. . Until i ;:pt onto 
''.iff^ront -'OT'"-" I ?'h'^l, 1 n^t h' vp r'^'^^'iri"! fo"" f'irt""'':-T' pr^.a.y<; on 
^rchlv-al tpphni"u«, bit c-n f:-irly p-^-'ily orfO' r--- -ny nuraber of 
r^-)roductionr o*" hl^torlo-l doci-^pnt=^ in' thp Aro'-'v-^r. 

're. r-pn7.p, t'ri'r rrtln • -rc'*lvirt of Oolorndo v/rlt^^p vf^ th.^t 
Hh» h," n rn^de '~-rr''n''PTr>pnt'' f-'ith thp Univrrnlt v of Tipnver for 1 
nytPiT" of "rchix'n Int'^rn'^'iio?' onttprned to p •Isr-'^ '^xtr^nt «»fter 
t'-^ nro'.^rm yo'i effect'^d "evpr'^l vp.'?ri? ".ito '-'ith t"'"' 'In '-vernity 
of Illimip of Udinoir trio-,... '/e ... vill bp url^- ,; ;Tadurte 
studentf fron thp rTi^tory 'i'^ >-rtn<>nt, Politic 1 ■Ici'^na'', Flcono- 
iricR, -n'". t'-.- Mbr-ry ■.■.r.-Viol - -vA oor^^ibly, -t n 1-tpr d^te, 
fro-1 tbe ^C'^-)ol o:^ /Mb"! l'^ ''d-^ini'-tr^t lor . " i^^i^ -^--nt^-^dto know 
ho-- pucceppf'i"! o'tr pr r)»^ri'-"^nt oroved. I '■Totp her ti^^t the final 
prrr-m-erupnt •--- ^ -'ith thp TnlvTRit-/ of Chlc-po, t;-.- 1 vff nerer 
?-ot ^.ny int'^rne fror th^^r", o-rfv in** to th^ ooenlr:^ of the de- 
frnr-^ nro^Trrr^ '--Mc^ pnot'rn ■f:ii<- .'^r-^da^tf nchool??. i told her that 
•-'"'vn l^tpr ■■■p <-ot .- n i*^*'Tn -^r'T '"^rr^Lil th*^ ';'.:'•-■ ■■■h^n we could 
••rof itpb?. ' uc^o r r?hort tf^r'" r'Tniloy" "p-^ x?^ft. "hc-n '■'■'^ pl«nn«d 
th" .-ro'-r"^ --'> -'.r>v„^ Vi'"t ^ovl-'- ir-'o th*- n""'^ b-'ildin,^, -^'Ith much 
^■^ ''0. Iipn ' * c'^'" to pl'nr.:.r-" -^or^-' for M.'.'^^ dp ■'"ri ■'■y we vere 
. onopi t,> 0^"'^"'"'^ >,r»^- -.-It.-. p ■^'"■/T'"' '■"'■^b^l'" m*-^ ■'.•^•!i_rn ''O'll'i '"ivp her ft 
s'el"! ro !.r<ted id-^" ■''"^■■i-'J: - r'- i'/^ "' '^orh or to r.nrriryp i-roj-v thp.t 
"o"tl.'l be profit'-'blp fo-^ i'^. I p'--*," tb-t -.'h'^r'^ t'-ir. •■'">t''^: could be 
Fore^d OY-^r r? •^-hol*^ -c- ->riic ye-r, ^-ith opportunities for beck- 
f^ro^nd loctT-os by th.e Mrchi\-ir.t, it -r,i.;:ht -ork . I ':nov/ th^-t the 
virrini-- St'^t" Libr'-ry ponr. y^'^r'' "n-o h'- -\ in "rr'~n^»nent ^fith the 
t'-'o ric^^or.d f'ollpr-^p" ■•'hTPby "tident" r'='CPiv'^ 1 "■c^de'ric cr??di1; 
for '-'orv '^onp In tb« '/irn-inl^ '^rchiv«p. Th^ '--orb ^.h^ro students 
did, I "'elieve, ■^ff^ inderlnr. I rn-de it 'nxltp definit'^ th^t UBlng 
ptu'-'^'nt" to helo th« -^.rchivipt do hi<- ^r'or> i" or^^ tbin~, nnd turn- 
ing out potential nrchiviptr eo^«»thLn' -entirely diff«r«nt. Our 
internghip pro.^ect '-r-a i^tpnded to "-^r- ' r> tr-^lni:;;- •)rorr'-Ri prlBw.r- 
ily. If Mrs. Aenze'F ir th-t - veil, I didn't s^'y p,o, but I thouerht 
of "Jind lor.^ir'- 1-hr b^5nd." It 1- ?o^«thinc^ ve vill be Intprested 
in •-'ptchln'^ nt leppt. 

- 5 - 

Th*» U.S. Cfv.BMe bureau aokp thirty years n^6 distributed Its 
Bchedulps on mortality, the social ncienoee, educstlon, agri- 
culture, and Pl'^llar recordr othfr th^-n r)opulA?tlon achiiwiee, 
to the vprloup State llbrrrlna. Hl?s 3ko'*^h turned ovpr the 
Illinois rccorc^e (not oulte compl'-te) to ub. l^o^-r the Ifetlonsl 
-rchlvef? 3.c computinr the cost of hrvlr.:? sll thf-^e microfilmed. 
c sent Mr. (JroTpr a r,t<-t.'^mr>nt of our holdlnf'B. Thenp are 
conrulted ouite frenuently h.'^rr^. 

--rf?p(»ctful3y subraltted. 




"'7:hl'Mt •^l-'C.e'^. 5.r "vi-^eur roT'", 'rchlvfr ■--;ullrl' n~, October 19^9 

13^-7 .'111 County Llt-T"--rv <*-: Historic- 1 Soclpty 

lS-'--7 liUnoiK l.ltf-rpry ^. !ii>:tor,5 c--^! Coclpty . ^ 

135? lir^T «^n^:l•-^<^. Socli^ty of Ouinoy \ ■, 

IS57 f>iilc-"^o HlPtorlc~l .>ocl»ty 

1377 Strt.o Hl'^toric'-l JAbr-ry -n-i t^'-.tur-l :'lptory "--jip^uin 

1337 •'.br'^h'^ri Lincoln Kori*^ ourch-- cr-d hy th" St-^tr 

18-39 IlllnolR Stnte Hi'-toricil Library 

1903 im-oln '"'t'-t«» -It^tnrlc-l Bocloty na.d'=> '■ d'^o-rtnf^nt of the 

Illlnolf? st-t" ififtorlc-'l Library 
1903 Fort M?;fiB,!»c, first hi«?torlc' 1 p'-rk crp'-t'»'l by the State 
13Q7 PTf p err" t ion of offici-1 -^.ocun^nt? & recordr 
1901 Illinois Hlftorlfi-l fJtirvpy - -"^2500 ?>!r>r)ropri^tlon made 

to fippurp T^'ibllc'- tionP conoprnln- th^ north*.-ref?t 
1911 ot-.t" 'vduottlonpl BulLnncr 
1915 C"nt«»nnl = l ^uildln?- no'n-ls'^ion 
1917 Centennl-1 llnrnori-l Building 
19^'3 -y -•• 'f't o*: rhf lynflnlrt-irp tb*- st H.y of the history of 

thp U.r. nrr'.fy c^-nTjloory In fr^*^ schoole of Illlnoifl.'^tionp 

1 pri.fTP ••if: '^rplfn'' t orr not'^'F c^^ncprnin-'^ 'nonn'n.'^rit r '■ memorlale, 

1' os-m^hlptr dp^cribin':^ thf ■■■^t^t<» PnrhB, Mrnori'- 1 <', ^^tc 

:'•■ n p.ho-'in^- <'t-t'^^ p-r''"'', n'»n:orl'^ 3 p, ^tc. 

-■'>ioto of CpntTri-ii, on cov-^r of "Illinoir FJtnte Library' 

' 1 .i ^ t of ?-• T^'- <^ '•■ ■" v-n or 1 '^ 1 a 

Sp'/PT"! coii-^r^ of "iiiiniip j'ljblic ■or'kp'' cont«»ir>ir- thp follov- 
in~ -rtlr'*^'', : 

!-irto-<_c ol5 ]'^ib:'io "r-Tl - '-'^:'^'-'n*»ptO'-n-St . l^^'i-' Tr^il 
')on = r;-H', J'-fi'^", r. Th'^ CovPT'^'l Brid'-'p 
illi '";r, Vor-^*^ 

'-11'^ " renc'". Fort r^f^tor'^d i^-": 3t-' t(^ ^'i'^torio^l P?.rk 

(i-ort v'h^Ttres) 
;-l'--r:i: Hav'- rt-Zr :-rk rSr!>i in In-il-n Hl^i^s^ry 
i'ir"t -t"'^'--' o-r'- i- rio:i ir hi^t^r^r-^l '• '■'^or>i?tiona 

f'r'ort ' P99(i) 

M-11, Orroll C. f3t-it^ rpr'" l'^ rnT—jri-l t -> fir'^t Splaoopal 

Bishop (Jnbllpp Collprf) 
I'lptoric 3>redish Colony Obpprv'^p IC'th - n-^i'/or^Tj 
"'u"l, Thorns. Uniovip ch^ptpr of IlliiiVr' fo^t (Lewlsjon 

Mounds ) 
Photo'^'sph of ''onorl-l H*ll ?n C^ntprni-'l -/iiliirr-:^ housln?^ old 
bpttio fl«ip-!? In Il"'inolP. 

i'.iblicnt '. onp of t'n- HlPtoric^l ^i'oclpty end Libr^^ry 
lr;t tnablio-^tionp : Ne-'flosperp -jf Illinoic 
Journ-1 *'. Jo'irn--! Ini*»x, v.l . 


Orury, John Old Illlnoip. I'on-es .... 

Jfftirn'^l, OctobT, 19^1-9 

October 19>^ 

Oftcretiry of Stnto 
Index ^ept. 


3 cnaps 

Olvl-iion of •''.■? t'^rvpyr;, D«»pt. ;^;bllo Vforka A 

Canol records 6 

Othpr receipts of month not yet formally 



Ootob*»r 19'i9 

Houtlnp Dftp *rt?n*'nt''l C-^ll.e 

Secrptnry of Str^te 
Comorfstlon O^pt. 

Annu."! -Report B 

Index Cp^rc";:? 
Court of ClPins 

■executive Dept . 


Notary Bond 

Trade i;?-rkR 
Index Dept. 

Deedf? to 3t,it p Preperty 


T'nrollpd Iip.vB 
Seourltiefl Dppt. 

Cloned canen 

G^nerAl ^flsembly 

Wn.tervmyE ')lvlsior. 

Chlpnerfleld report 
C^s.n.'?! records 

':teneAl|^icfll, Historical, etc. 
In Person 














^'ort?llty schedule 
1350 oennus 





■^xecutlvo r'^r'ord 


Oen'=ral ^srenbly 
History of Gt^t^ Droprt! 
I>:.r!p Indpx (PVior,'=^ Cf-llp 






?il In'^iuirip-T 

Archival Technlr-ue 






October 19^9 

Neme Indey lg^\ 


VAULT ADMinSIOKS October 19^9 

Auditor of Public Ac count a 1^ 

Civil Service ComniBslon 10 

Dept. of Flnr.nce 1 

Illinoifi Commerce GomTnlsnlon 1 

Dept. of Insur*^nce 2 

Liquor Control Coronal s^ el on 2 

Bupt . of Public Instruction 3 

Dept. of I\ibllc Welf-rc 3 

' " of Public '"'orka & ■^uil-^i.ingB 1 

" of Rec^lfltr^tion 5; education 37 

Secretary of State 

Court of Clplmo 2 

Corporation Dept. 2 

^executive Dept. 18 

Safety 5esponRibility k 

Securities 1 

State TrP'"'Burer 19 

Supreme Gt. 1 

Dlv. of '/p.t^rways 1 

October 19^^9 

?iiot;o.r raphe 

Secretnry of St^.tP 

Inventories of an pcoesslon 

Filn Prints 

Br.lO 5x7 

Sporetary Bfirrett at 

Drakp Hotel Benefit 

3ho'' "3',ys ' To'JT! 

of It?ly" 355 

Socretnry Bp.rrett Homo 

Party 63 

J-TCkson Club Deinocrrtic 

"'inner 30 

Ooerr'torp' Licence Div. 

Copy for FBI 2_ _^ ^ 

Phot OB t ate lip.^atives 


Cr^n-1 mpos for "-r-^tprt-rnys 12 (extra 



•, v.. .,•■ 

f f i'/i 

f ;.■ ^^ V 

5 .i^* 


AKC'riiv^s dk?aht^<?:nt 

Rpuort for Novenber 19i*-9 

Accepslona . Th*» Index DepTtRp-nt of thn Secretary of St'^.te'e 
office transferred th*> Enrolled L<--'r for th*» 65th CS^enerpl 
Aceembly (19^9) sn-' 16 docunpntpi relftlni^ to deeds to h 
pieces of Str-te property. The nivlRlon of '^''^tov-rf.vB trans- 
ferred 19 volinos snd 186 documents (chiefly naps) formerly on 
file In the C-n- 1 Office rt.t l^ckport . The Llcuor Control Goro- 
mi?!«?lon transferred 9^ legnl size drawers of npallc?'tlonB for 
licenses and 2S double ')Xo drn'-^ers of index c^rds, a deposit 
ra^de in pureui^nce to the recommend" t Ion of the State Becords 
Conmission. This letter deposit h^p not been formally Rcces- 

'rhe Rei^ilstrstion and "duoation Deppptment has lon^ contended 
th??t it ooulA not transfer my of its perconnnel files on pro- 
fessional licenses issued, to the Archives. However their 
v-'ult is now full pnd th*>y h^ve no further filing s psce in the 
Capitol. Mrs. Shelton Howard, nov hesd file clerk, discussed 
the oroblem with ne and thf'n t^th the Dir*»ctor. I surrgeat^d 
thnt persons 'rho h:^d held licpnses for 25 ye^rs or acre vere 
unlikely to become the subject of invpstigp.tions, so why didn't 
they brine in the enrlirr records, e -^y up to the cfeatlon of 
the present '>pr,rtment in 1917. If they f o md they did hr^ve 
to tflke them out 'fe could return the file to the dep^^rtment . 
Mrs. Ho-''<-rd rc.14 5hr Ip usually sent over Just to get informa- 
tion fron trie filer nn^- seldom h^s to r^^move then. She thought 
^fter the unit he^i.0 got used to coming to the archives for their 
Infornntlon p,n-l foind they could even telephone for it, they 
would want UP to t^ke «.lnost everything. 5he\snid she vould 
talk \x'j the idea through the deoprtn»-'nt an'1''se*> wh^t she could 
do. On thp first of December h drawers of Mid^-'lfe Applications 
vere transferred from the Kegistrfltion ?ind ^duc^tion be;iartrnentpl 
Vr-ult to the Archives. The fll*» covers the ye-r 187^^1929. The 
index will be retained by the Depnrtm^nt for the time being and 
Mrs. Kovnrd will instruct th^ -rchlves otnff on servicing the 
records. This should be not*»d etntlsticlly ?»r n December pcces- 
slon, but since nil negoti'^.tions vere made in Novenber it is 
noted here. 

Th" Division of Wat'^r'-'^sys eont:inu*»p to fe<»d l^nd r'^cords 
formerly retnined at Lockport to up. For m^ny of these they 
'^re reoueatlng copies for office use, but th^^t vns our rgree- 
ment with them - %?e would furnish oil photostftic copies ne^^ded 
if they '-'ould give u*^ the records. 

Depprt^entril Vrults . 

The Division of %'^ tPT-^'oyg nlso transferred souie of its corres- 
pondence files, and the Division of Architecture and Engineering 
some pl?^ne -nd speoificptions, to so^ce in the Depprtaentrl Vsult 
for Public Works p.nd Buildings. 

fh'^ -archivist undertook to brlnft thp r-rchlvpp. et'^ff nflnunl 
up to cL'^te pnd also to pr«='P^r«» our sf>ctlon for th« genersl 3t«.te 
Library Btrft rianunl. It >r?^f^ decided to file awsy the old uiTi- 
urI, vTltten In 19^'-1 "nd revised In prrtP l^ter, pnl to do a 
nev one r,r. of Novenb^r 19^9, rptplnlre; In it only thoee forms 
In current us'^ . Thlr prrrent prodiictlon 1r Intended ?«! -^n 
orientation m^nu-1 for ne'-f irtembprp of th" etnff r-^nd since both 
non-prof esrlon^l archives stp.ff vould une it, it seined deRirrble 
to brinr^ o-it so'-e o'"" th*" baelc differencep fron library terh- 
nlcueR, -Ipo to dptr'il po11r1«'s in ?;ccennl9nR, reference and 
other ■ohr'r^pF of t'^'^ ^-ort^. 

'rchlve^^ ■"xhlbit at V^-nd'^li'^ State House 

''uch tln*» wflp e ppnt by the Photoc^r»^phlc L^borftory nnd 
srchlript on th*" exhibit for thr Secretary of Strte'fl office in 
the old State HouRe pZ '/Rndplip. "The exhibit is not by pny mesne 
finished, b'at the first group of photographs of documentp hae 
been flhipped 'o the architect. One proposal if? th-^t photographs- « 
p. fe^' docurTH»ntr lik(o the first and els-nature ppf^en of the Con- 
stitution of 1818 nlTht be dlnol'^y^d Ir an exhibit cnse, snd 
durafny bookn open at .« photo??:r=-ph of n double npread pa>re should 
lie on certain derks. "ccordinprly ve sent photographs to exact 
size of t?!" covers, spine nnd end paf^pf? of several volumes. We 
sent paf^og from the I836/37 Hou<=^» ^nd Spn^te Journ'^ls ?\s though 
opened to tho follovlnn; p^gee; 

Sptt'^te Journ-l, Jrn. 23. Rpport of th" Joint Committee to 
vhich h-^d b^^n ref^reAe* so mich of the Governor's trses'snge as 
r^lntT to public buildina-s (i.e., report on tearing do^m the 
old pnfl bnildlnf- the ne-^' cipitolO 

Sen- te Jounml Feb. 22, 133?. Vote on location of the perma- 
nent se-^t of government. 

.'ouse Jowrn'^l- March 3, 1837 • '"Resolution upon subject of 
dome n tic slavery by ixn Stone nnd Lincoln. 

'oupe Journ-^l for J^n. 31, 133?. Vote on the Internal Iin- 
provemf^nte Bill. 

The t'T) setR of documentp fr:^r erch Journal will permit nn 
occaeionr^l ch^-nf^je in th^ p'^ejes of thi^ volum" shor^n. 

Governor's Letter "^;ook 1828-34. Th^re is no letter book for 
the years 1836-38 but thir: volune wfs in Voindallr- . "e copied a 
report from the chl*»f engineer Bucklin to th^ Governor entered 
in thnt volune in 1331 (" norrently both out^oinr-^ and incoming 
m'^ll "sp copied into thf- volune). Th*^ Governor ^rr-p not renulred 
to reside pt the seat of ^ovnrnment until after th'> cpltol vae 
removed to 3prl".^field. 'Apre Ir neith'^r doounentary mention 
Yor bulldlnp; structural evidence th^t the Governor hnd sn office 
In the Vand^llr itate Hou'^e. Hr. r.epd, the architect, has 
thf^refor appumed th'^t the Governor used a desk in the Secretary 
of State's office. This volune will be exhibited pb thoufrh some 
one hnd pulled it out to ''xnmlne soTrethln?^ and left it open 

The Executive record for 1332-.37, volume 2, vill be open on 
the Secretary os State's desk as though hf ^^ere n^kin?- entries. 
Stre^-m ^bout on his desk will be photosts^tic copies oT docuiuentfi 
of th*^ 8nn*» date as the entries shovn ( "up^ust IS36). 'e used 
photostats tinted bro^^n, for th^'^'e nine docuraents from the 
Executive Fll«». These o«n b*» folded o.lonp: the ori^ln^l lines 

pr-^or or"C'-n If you fold It. ?hr» locuwpnt?; chonpn fror the r.xecu- 
tlv« Fll'> for t)ii~ p-rt of th'" <»xV;lhit Tf> nr follo^'*?: 

1. certifier tp of -^Jurclu-np for nt^t^ 1-nl, correc oonAinp: to 
th" rir^t ^ntry on th» p-^T** of thp Kx^cutlv*" i^r>oord 
f^ho"n. 'I'iil'' '-r thi^ only Ttry ^-''» "«»rp> -blf» to m^tch 
i^x-^ctly fron th" ^xpcnt'irf? I'll". ili«» oth'^r docurnente-j, 
- doQ-m e nt r«* produced, ho'^^^rvpr, '^•fero actuftll/ under con- 
^.Id^r^ tlon f»n — ovfrnor'?" r^corif^ fllf^'-. Tlth th«= Spcr**- 
t«Try of r,tr\tn f .r.t nont?\ o" 'U'^u^'t, 

.-. 1336 r^oort b '^'^or-^t^ry of "t-t'*, 'udltor -nd Trr-.rp-irf^r 
to "rovprnor concernln -■ th-^ dll«^pld'-^t**d condition of 
th*» IiouPR -t V^nd'^11'^. 'Uf^. 9' 

3. Tovprnor'p -'Jt'iorlf-ntlor to '^'~')s«» officer"' to tP'^r dovn 
th** old r>t't'» T'o'iPif on-:, to une tV:« m^tprl-ls In con— 
^tr^jotln- r n*»" on", thp b^l-^nce of cont to b<» t'^kpn 
from thf> 'I'ovprnor • r continr'-pnt fund. 

-i . Contr-ct msdp by '"Jcor«»t'?ry of ntr-tp for tfp.rlr:- down 
ol.i: Bt'^tp Hou^'p nnd B-^lvncln''* rantnrl^lR. 

5. i'ottce of v-^cnnoy In th--^ offlcp of con -Irrl on^r for the 
prle^ of onlln"^ I'^ndp^, 'p-. 11. 

6.not"_o*' to srovrrn^'^or tb''- d^nth of thp nrob^tp ludrr** for 
Cl-rl-: Co. 'u.T. 3. 

7. "pconnendr- tlon to lovernor for '^')poln';n''nt of ■":. 

•■.I'-V^.de -■«• nrob-^**"** .ludp;? for Ii''--rpnoe County, ^-mp;. 3. 

"i. Pro >0",-l to anarch" T addition- 1 ri-'bt of vrpy for the 
Illlrolfl f'nd f'lohlr:-^n c-n-1 "t Jollet, ^-n^. 6, 1336. 

9. -^"Sl.m--tl-^'n of. *. ?. Jen^-lnn n" Ll'^utenant lorernor 

ib>'" n^xt rrroni of doi?u-!«ntP, rl^o ohotost^t^'d, ""r" R'-'^pIpb 
of flvp Lincoln docunwntr. "h-^ 'rc^^t'^ct --dll br dinn;^ -olrted 
In our p»lf»ctlon. "Ithoufc*! I.lrooln *••"'-'? nl.-.orlty Ir-dpr durin;-^ 
hi". 1 rt y^-rp 't V-^n'^ll-, hn Introduoed v^ry f^v bills of his 
o'-n, n~np controvnr'"i-l bill*', prprunf^bly opc^u^p h'= 'id --ffint 
to "nv f'vorn but to b*^ hble to do th'^m.'^ '-l" vmrticilnr inter- 
p!?tr -rpr*^ Intprrf^l Iraprovn^pnt. p, th<» Str/^'o brnK '■■•nd t'-!:lri:\- thp 
c^ ^Itol to ''prir?Tf i<=«ld. "'fif'n'lripntp f^vpp^r in hlf^ h-^n l-'ritlnr: 
but nothin^T pult«3bl'» for p.rhibit. Th'^ docun-'^ntP pol«ct'^d. vrer" 
f, r? follo'-ra: 

1. IR36/37 pp-'C'ion. ?p :ort fron 5«»lpct nonrnltt'^o or petitions 

for T.l ro^onstr'^nc'^R 'prr5r<»t orp^tlon of three np^-r 
countl^tt, chiefly fror r.pnr-r>on Co-jnty. 'Hilr r^oort In 
Lincoln 'p h-nd, r^conr'^ndpd no dlvlRlon. (Lincoln did 
not ''^l«h to Jponr-rdlre thp r»ove to crft the Stat© coltol 
to Hnrln-rfleld). 

2. 1336/37 ppprlon '^ bill for ^--n "ct to locate " a- rt of the 

'■t"t'» rond lpfldin=: fron r^prinrrf l-^ld to L'^'-iPton. 

- ^ - 

J. 1336/37 ronplon. Fpoort fro'" Hotrp Co'^nitt*"^ on Flnnnce 
on prtlrr-.tpd Incor'^ nni pxo^n'litur'^^ of St^tp for the 
npxt blpnniun. 

'*: . C;^-pcl-l session 1337, 3.3.9. An ret to ext*»nd thp oorpor- 
--tr po'-rers of thp Prnnld'^nt ^n-\ Trnrtf^r of th-^ To-m of 
''3prlhfjflpld. Bill In Lincoln's hr.nd thouf^h h»^ did not 
Intorduce It. 

5. I83B/39 a-^RBlon. H.5.150. '* bill for ^.n ^ct, to p^tf?"DllRh 
th»^ countl«o of Mennrd, Lo'^'>n ^nd Ophp. (Th*^ colt^'l re- 
curpd for Sprlnnrf i^ld, Lincoln sponsored th^ bill for 
the diviplon of STqr-^non County nov. ) 

:-''wpl«'R of elgniflornt ("nroll-^d Ir^ve for thr> yeprs 1836-33 
ver«» nloo pr-leoted, only pfip;n ow^ beinp- photoBt^-ted, thoupjh we 
{?h--ll probnbly pIpo R<»nd rlone ooolee of the sl^nture p'-'ge. 
■Vh'=> Elcrht dooumentR e<»l«»cted rtp ''R follows: 

1. St^te 3ank '»ot, 1337 

2. Location of the aert o" "government, 1837 

3. Internal Improverr'entP '^ct, IS37 
'4. Charter of city of Chicago, I837 

5. "ptoblishm^nt of prpf"»nt School for th-^ Denf, 1839 

6. Oonr'tlon of V^ndolin Stnte Ho^iRe to county of F<iyette 

"nd to'<m of V-.ndAllr , I839 

7. C^.n-1 lo-n, 1339 

3. Crf^^tlon of ''An-rd, Loj^^n "nd Done countif^F, 1539 

The photoer^ ohlc coolep vere nccopip?inled by r'.pproprlrte ex- 
pl-'no.tory In.bels, ol?!o " ch-rt of St^te government In 1836—39. 

""here rrp oth*»r docunentn ve c" o'lld cooy for the project, 
Includlnr; sonpthir?; from tho Council of ?evi'^lon volmn. 'Je 
pre '.-f^ltin.^ to he-r th« rrchit<>ct*B r'^sctlon. He vp.nted the 
reproductions to h" bo'ind In the volumes to bp on 1ri*e±r- flex- 
ible p.-'rjer. ./*> spnt samples of t^-'O types. The best rp pro- 
ductions were done on th* hef'vy type iieed for thr C^hokl" dle- 
pl^-ys, but thlR 1r too stiff. The thinnest p^p'^r the photof^ra- 
pherR could get in the proper cize dops not t'-ke p. mnt finish. 
Is brittlp =nd not mch more flexible th-n th^ other type. The 
photost-^tf! "re hprdly llf«»liv«» rnou^^h. Per^on-illy I thVnk off- 
set printing 1?! th« f-nswer ^n" th\p. ehould not bp too expensive 
for thp Blx to ten pfl;?»»p npeded. 

Hr. reed h-p. sent up blue prints for the roow n-,4 photo- 
f';r°phfl of th'' fumifrire to be u^ed. '•> '-fill -ale Misn Briley 
to s«>lect -; number of coplpp of contempor-ry Stpte pablic-tlone 
for thp librrsry nn 1 bookstock. I suprc^ostpd purch-^ee of dis- 
carded raenuecriptp to fill the pigeon holer,. !?r. Kln^ Hoftlck 
told m" he could probably furnish these ?»nd I referred hlra to 
th" c.rc^^ltect nnd the Tchlt^ct to hl'^i in the rnrtter. 

Univeraity of Illinois . 

ProfeRflor ^rthxir Berttor of the University of Illinois visited 
thp Jrohives during the meet Ins; of the St-^te Hlstorlcfil Society 
'^nd "eked If h" could brinp; his cl^'^fi on Historical Method for p- 

- 5 - 

visit. ThT, h'^ (lecl'-l'»4 It '■'■ould b« h<»lpfnl for in'^ to rive p. pre- 
linln.Ty talk to hln Rlopf nnd "r?. 'I'heodore Pc-^pp su'^prestfid 
th^t BhP h-^vp th'^ othpr p'r?»ctur't'' hlPtoTy f!tud*»nta nt hpr house 
th'= nlr-ht before. Thorpforf» I vent over to Urb^.n?'. on the after- 
noon of November 7 rnd r^^turn^^^ th« n^xt afternoon, -^re . Peaee 
invited Profppror '^n-'" Vvr. . ''iet?. to pjo to th'^ Hph'g Faculty 
Ql'xb to dinner. In thp ovenin;'- thp Hi«?tory faculty, not the 
students I h^'d ex;-e nted, turned uo n.t the Penr^e hoine. I talked 
p.boMt thenlr RuoJ-ctn in Illl-oif^ hir-tory. This llrt wnn nlineo- 
f^rnphed Irter but I h^v^ r^ot rec*»ived a copy. 

Vh" next norninK I telk^-d to th*" clf^se on historic-l Kethodn, 
partly dircufninf^ '^rchiven sn - opre«r "T'or history Rtudents (rb 
hpd been sugr^ested), partly tryin-^ to explrin our functions and 
to frive n p;enernl b^ckpround for th*^ vifiit to come. 

•t th*^ clore of th" cl-^"'' ho-ar Professor Bentor "nnounoed 
thpt I vould b«» in hiP offlo«» if -!^ny c^red to ask further oues- 
tionn. To ny euroriee ''itrht of thp thirty c^me ^nd four stayed 
for nn hour. 

'.Irs. VTfif^ is very nuch interested in tli'^ proposed volume 
on Gphokl-?. to be published by thp Historicr-l Llbrnry. She 
feelc that Dr. Mfltall«=> Beltinr- vrho te^^ches ^oe.rt time rnd vorks 
in t}*? Hictorlool 3urvey pert tine nnd -/ho '.'rote her doctor's 
dissertgtion on Kr,.Rke.flkiP, 1? th<> pporopriate editor. She 
hnd Miss Beltinc^ in for bre?i>:fr.8t no th^t ve co'ild diecusa the 
oroject. I supposed eh*» h^d cleared vith Mr. ?-!onsghr>.n of the 
i'iptoricAl Librrry but it turned out l^^ter that there ie bovi^ 
confusion ov^r th^ matter pnd thrt sh*" thouc^ht ^'e were cpon- 
Rorinp: the proJ*»ct. Mre. Pease cert-inly underst-^ndn the re- 
Intionshio bptT-re'^n th" Surv<»y snd th« -Ilstoric^l Lior^ry, ^nd 
kno--rB t^Tis Ir to be ah Illinois Hintorioral CollectionB volume. 
I pr^'sum" th** n-tt'^r vill be clerlfled soon. 

It wrr; fron discusnions in thp faculty f-^roup the nir-rht be- 
fore (I4is?! 3»ltlnr: bcir>o; unable to b* there) nnd ny conversa- 
tion '-rith thp Int'ter, thf-t I l«>c'.rn'-d th-'t the UnlverF!lty Ifl 
tryinr;^ to p;et th(« K.^fk-'^klp mrnuroriptn. More of th'^.t l^ter. 

Dr. 3eEtor T>t°rtnined for !?i» rt th*- ^eh'e Faculty Club 
th^-t noon. *fter th.-.t I dropped in to th« University Library 
to v-p"- Jr. Icko Ib-^n nn-'. H.''loh ''cCoy, form'»r m^mb^rs of the 
Strtp Librnry st^ff . Or. Ihen vnc in but :'r. McCoy rr\'\ the 
hers.d qV th«« Librr-ry School v<»re in Trend P.-^pids nttendln : the 
r'^':^ion'^l nf»ptlnfr of A.L.A. 'ord o"' my bei:%'- Ir to^-m h^'l pre- 
ceded m^ tT the librr-ry -'^n-' I fo<ind e nessp.rje fron Mr. !)ot-rr.s 
th.qt he hoped I --'O 'Id cnll on him. '•s I not h^d t^° 
plepGure of meeting him I waited until 2:30 V.V.. for hln to 
ri^turn fron lunch, th^n left '^s I vanted to repch Sprinr:field 
before d^rk. 

The Bn.turdr'y nft«»r Arnstlce D^y the Bestor c1"«?p visited 
the 'Archives They h'id lunch r-t New 3slen ^nd then 
visited the p'^rk. *e th^y h^d arranged for son»one from the 

- 6 - 

■>lvlPlon Oi PpTks to tnlk to t-T^ ntn^.ents I decllmpd their 
Invltrstion to f'cconpnny th*»n. 

X?.6kRflkir record8 . 

Upon ny r*»!turn to Bprinr^fiold I roporterl vh'-'t I h^id heard 
nbout the Kpieknekl''' records. On Tlovenibf»r 30 "'Isr Ror^pirn and 
I vlsltpd Chester to find out •-'■h^t if -nythinf!; could bf done 
to r'^vive th*' project to d^oo^it tho recorde in th^ St-tc 
r-rr-^iv^s . Te diecuRSPd th^ mr^tt^r with sover^l interested 
loc^l oerf^onp nrv^.. visitf^d the Court ,'IouR«* but did not broach 
th«^ 'Subject to "ny county official. ?he Y.p.n'kr-B'ka^ rpcorde 
TTpre phoT-m U3, mont courteously by Mr."^rold HnPin the Circuit 
Ol^rk in ^^oae offlc thr-y -re ^t 5r-nent houred. Th<^ r'^'cords 
" 'e s-v vere cm o'^lir-ed, mounted or 1 r'-'e nhe<^tr of ps^per 'nd 
fil-^d in 13 Irrre oortfolior contnininj- 100 doounents eech. 
The portfolio -■'■e f^xmlnod '-'pp l^bell^d "Perronnl Pnper"" snd 
Beened to contain th'^ r'^cordn of th^^ rrench not.'^ry for the Illi- 
noie country r.iFPinr fron the C-liokl'' J'ecojAB* Thin p^ 
portfolio covered the ye- rr, 17h7 to 1768 rr^ -^rc^p^^^ned by 
Bertlor BnrrolB vho yrr.r- th^ notnry fron 173/ "to 1756 when he 
VRH fluccepded by Joseph Lnbuxiere. Bnrroir. hnd hi" office in 
Cfhokip until 17^0 Tvh^n h'' r^noved to KaBkr-nkii . In 1755 he 
vrent to cIp'-t Ch^rtre". In the e^rly p-rt of trie RepriBtre des 
Insinuation?' des Oonation?? . thp notnry' r r^^riBter, nil docuraente 
vpre transcribed in extenno into the volune but to^'^rdc the 
end of hi" tern of office BnrrAifi se^Red to fil'^ the documents 
and repcipt^r only the cr^icinl points of th'^ records. Lpbuxiere 
flel4oin recorded in extenso. 't "ould Re'^Tn prob-^blo tVi^t when 
Barrois noved to tie'-' Gh-rtre;!! he cr.rri«»d vith him the Re^ietre 
but left th'=> docuni»ntp behi-d. The docunients we saw are earlier 
th' n t"'^." on'»f? printed in the Alvord volume T^ich covers 1778-1790. 
i*robably « fuller deccription c--n be found in Hlfi<^ Belting's 
book, a copy of vrhich i<i not at h^n'L ft the monent. 

' ivil Service . 

"!r. CrRnady and IrP. reichler h-vinc* paef5^d their ^-mitten 
testR for their civil eervice i^t-tur! vere clled for orr^l inter- 
vievrg on Saturday Noveirber 19- -'r. Cnpar-dy h'-d to p"0 to Chicago 
for hif?. ;>r. Jesse K. Boell, State Archivist of 'Wisconsin, Dr. 
Herbert A. Kellar or tlie :!cCornick Historlc-l Ansociation and 
a H'^iT'ber of th<» Civil ^3prvice Cor^^iiRion st''ff f^^^ve the or-?l 
exT.TTiln'^tiona for fmriives. Mr. Cperady to^k exaninatlonf? for 
both 'ocuri'^nt Archivist ^nd Clrroifior ^nd for Kield Vl??ltor for 
-rchlveg. Others vho took tVo exanin»i tlons included Mr. Ernest 
"^^ot, Kr. rox rnd a n-n fro'" t^i** K^tion-^1 -*-.rchivee. Ju?t as I 
wnp '.rritir^r thlf "r. ^aet c<^nr> in -dth hie notice that he had 
f'^iled ir tho l^ociraent '^fchivl'^t exanin-^tion r- he hrd antici- 
p-ted, but h-^d received -^ "t'^ntrtlve" ru'-lifyln ' frrade of 70 in 
th^ f'i»ld Visitor's exanln^tion. ''r. Cpflsrdy >i-^p .ird no vord 
n e ye t . 

Ct^ff ork. 

3«^.!?^lnninK Mondry novmber "S all tl:-- St-te Llbr-ry atr-Tf h*R 
beon -'orkin- sn S:30 to 5 chlft. iT^er** vrp curprisin;--ly little 
r'runblin.?^, at lerRt to ny f'ce. Mr. Caonady <>ven r'^narked in 
hi" nonthly r«»port, "The n«'f ti-^ schedul*» h-p it? bri^^ht aide 
for r\e- , but I nuppose I '-'oiildn't be poptilnr to mention it. I 
hive t"o c^lci hours nor* t^ -■ t I c-^n apply myself and I should 

- 7 - 

m^ke good progrpfn t-il? irionth." 'Thrt -'r. CrRRpl.y iripnns Is 
thnt on prcount of t' f» rchednl'* of hlr. "ride* fror Pa'^mp'* he 
h-^s to bp in toim f^p lonrer tl'-'p nnyhow ?nd does not mind In the tln«? sincp hp, around, if oftpn callpd 
uoon for office biRlnp*--s in ^rhrt, und«»r thi^ fltA/;gered schedule, 
should bp his free tine. Mr. Gan^^ady in always generous with 
hlf? tine. 

I. --uitp literrlly ctolp t'-'o d.-^yp from p,dr'.l"lf trstlve work 
to "or'-; t'lTO d-yp on the Pprrin Collection. I proofread and 
fil-^'^. t'M» np.rr\<^ Index c^rde beln-r; typed off by i'ra. Helchler 
riid M1.rfl Vir.t«rb"upr fron ''rs. --elchler' b sll)*^. I «Tn vpry 
pnxlon'^ to finiPh the Index rnd certain thln,':R which h-^ve to 
be done on the collection nn r preliminary to rn^klne^ nicrofllm 
coolep for :'iSR Bpltine'c use. I feel th-^t we gre Justified 
In m^Kln': the??e copies on thr^e count*?: 1) Thlr? vlll be an in— 
Rur'^nce copy nt the University; 2) 'e r. Ivrrys m-kp copies of 
records ne'^ded for th" use of other St^te depnrtr.ents; 3) Ov^r 
^fllllngr.e5=!R to let them hpve cool'^fi siny det'^r the University 
fron Itf r^nnounced Intention of t^ettin^T the Kaskneklfi records. 

■ 'r. CcRKn^y ■'/rote approximately U-QO rnd Mrs. HcFadden 
575 f-ards for tb" federal cennuo of I85O for 3\ireau County. 

"rpnealO'-ical xfork 'fa?-' comp-^.ratlvely lirht, Mr. Cossady re- 
ported Gc-rch^R for n^il In'ulrlep for 2 n^mpp in the 13^0 
feder-vl cenfiur f ir one co mty pach; 9 nTipp in thp 1350 federal 
census in 12 countie?; 2 names in the IS55 State census for 
3 countiea; .-; n^^ for I865 State census in 3 counties. Hra. 
;icFadd'»r r'^ ->ort<=»d th--t the rerdint^ nachir.'^p v^re In use by the 
public approximately 2^ days durinfr- the month th.-t th" film 
for h countif'F. In the iS^tO and for 5 counties for the I85O cen- 
sus records -"-ere u^ed. 

Mr. Crp<^ady h'-s done a nu'-bpr of odd Jobs durinf* the month, 
checkln • in ne^' r-^ccpssions, hplplnr "r. Pountree vith the filing, etc 

Mr. hountrpo in filin?; In the l«ttpr "S". Aftar th-^t letter 
is comoletpd the rest of th^ will p;o feat. However, it 
is tiro for thf* n^'xt ye-^r's raportr> to come. He hnr pIso super- 
vised th^ receipt and packln-;? of tha Llfuor Control Com'niRslon 
records. ?'rr . r.obepon unfolds "n^' staples raporta pnd both 
''At. C/^H'r'i.dy and i'ra. I'cFadden hpve helped wi'h filing. I do 
not believe it ''111 trka so lonrr to file next year "^s this be- 
cnuse this ye-r an unusual nunber of "10' s* folders h^d to be 
added. When a. corporation h^^n filed r*^oorts for ten ye^^re It 
Is :r-lven aseparate folder. Hie n-ny businesses which started 
up just " tf a f^e tha ir^ar an" to^-'ardn th-^ and of th" dj^p^ression 
pre Just no-f rpfedhinj^ their first ten year anniversarlee. ..^. 

'?ias Scheffler h^s comoleted nnst of eerle« J|,B an-l G of 
the Illinoie nnd Michipjar c^'nal field notes. Her report reads 
f^s follo^'Tg: 

3erle5 a, 3 -nd C. of the Illinois and Michif^an C'^nal Con- 
atruction: ?leld Notes ar" nov entered, on legal sized 
eher>ts, giving: detailed Inforn-'tion for the shelflist. 
IJunber of -^pp^^^n typed 53. 

- 8 - 

"Ifin fvcheffl^r'c r^oort (cont.) 

r>erieG A 7k volumes; Serl^B 3 57 volumrs; S*»rlpG C 36vol8. 

"unber of c^r^tfl typpd: 

Series 3 ... Cp.t^loc cardR 233 

Gpripp. C cprda ^re not yet conoleted 

Tot^^l nunbpr of c^rdn oroceflopd thir month: Tyn^d Fllpd 

C'p.tnlog cards 233 261 

Crofifj reference (ctnlog) 15 15 

Oulde cj^rdK (c^tnloa;) 1^ l^i- 

Name Index (Herles C only) 356 356 

Tot.«>le 618 She 

NAM^": ir.'DEX 

CroR 'i references 11 11 

a-r ds 356 ^21 


Totnlfl 367 '02 

Thf' r.bovp Index c^rdn, Cor the Illinole and Hlchl- 
p^T, C-^n^l, nre filed In a eepprr'te dr?.wer, snd pl.«ced to 
thp left of thp rpf^lar c?^t?log slon'^ vlth tvro drawers of 
Illinois and MichlfTin C-^npl catfilor^ entries of Series A 
r.nd 3 Construction: Field Not«^e. It aeems ?>dvlf!able to 
lcp«'p the Illinois and Michi?^an C-^n^l material riP a sepernte 
unit until inorp of the serler h~ve be'^n completely catalOi?;ed. 

MrR. Mci''rdden, besides her Indexln^: ^nd h'^r rerpalrr desk work 
pr^pnred t'-i'' «»lectlon r'^cordn wt;lch cnne ov«»r recently. 

I'rfl. robecon hns been tr^^nnf erring- the enrolled l.'^'^'g to th^ 
nrvr foldero, covering thr years 1919-21. fihp h^p ^leo stepled ?nd 
unfolded corporation reports -^nd miscellaneous filing. 

71 nit ore . 

"r. Price of thp -labile In'^tructlon Dep^rtm^nt broupjht in tvo 
'^r»>rin^n educ'>torr, tourinr^ th*» country. 

Dr. robly^-on, th^ ne'-^ TennPEsee Strte Llbr-^rl^n pp'^nt two dsys 
in Springfield. He is for thp tir<» beinc^, devotint^ his time to 
ol^nning the neT*? St^te Llbr<-'ry ^nd ^rchlvps 3ulldlrg while >fr8. 
Moore, St t*» I-ilbrrrl?n "mfrltun is continuin- thp Pdmlnlstrn- 
tive '^ork. Dr. Roblrson wne formerly professor of American His- 
tory ?it Vanderbllt University. He spent the first d&y of hie 
visit '^Ith ne. *fter dleoxisslnr: prchlves vork and touring the T,re vent out to N»»v S«lem. 

''iscell'-neouB Notps . 

* ne--' r)lr»bold microfilm processor is belnf^ Installed in the 
/'hoto2;rp.ohlc Lnborstory . This should relieve somp of the con- 
f^estlor In thp d^^rk room. --ec?=ufle h'^nd development took so long 
it v?;p Bom^tlmc^s Impossible to do th^-t vork along with the other 
photo"r«iphlc work in process. 

. 9 - 

^'« etlll need another darkroosi^ however, anA we hope th^t f«Ln be 
Arranged for when and if tho Laborfttory onn be expanded Into 
the rooms JuBt beyond thp present ep^oe. 

Five pnnee were shot out of thf» south vlndow of Mies lalley'a 
office, evidently by a 3 3 gun, on the night of Kovenber 7. 

The keys to the Archives Building held by the building 
engineer disappeared sowe time during the last week of the month, 
whether stolen or nlslald Is not known, '^e put a padlock on the 
tunnel entrance. A fev drys later, however, we discovered 
that the door from the tunnel to the utility tunnel connecting 
the enf;^ineerfi office In the Gentennlfil Building; with the me- 
chanical room In the Archlvee Building^ was unlocked. Ko one 
can enter the neehanlcsl roosi fron the archives side without a 
key, but anyone could get Into that building throuf^h the door 
to the mechanical room which le unlocked from the in#lde. I 
had an opportunity to dlRoues thie with Mr. Johnese and he said 
that door waa supposed to be kept locked and that he would 
watch It niore oarefully. The latch c^-n only be taken off by 
the Bfetster key. Some one wltla. a »»aster key «ry Ipadvertantly 
unlock the Istch in unlocking the ftoor, but eo far I have been 
nnable to fix th** rosponslblllty . Since Mr. Johneee has prora- 
ieed to keep watch of It and I hpve instructed our watchB!/>n to 
inpp«»ct the door when th*> bulldln/^ Is closed at night I antici- 
pate little further trouble frora this point. 

The archivist h°e been appolntsed ohalrtn«n of the program 
committee for the next annus 1 raeWtlng of the Society of >«erlc&n 
ArchivlEtR which '"^111 meet In Madison, ipconeln, October 9 anA 
10 (tent«^tive dstefl). 

Re8p*»ctfully auonltted. 


Movpwbcr 19*^9 
Seoretnry of Stot© 

i^nrollfid La'-'S, 19^9 
De»de to 3tat'» ?rop*^rty 

Doeuraffnta Prav«^rs Vol . 


3hlpt>ing 0*»pt. 

I*rintRd "billR, Koupp nnrl 
Bpn?itft 19^9 

Dept . of P'ltllO WorkB and SulWllnffS 

Dlv. of '<pt'»r';f'?-y0 

Illlnole & •Uohlg'in opnnl 

rpcords 186 




Wt^^f^ ■ !...^-. ■ I ■ill 

"-■ ■■ ■^~^-.- - ■-.■ 



Movrmber 19^^9 

Routine )po.irtmpntpl Cnllo: 

Spcretrry of Stpte 

Cor':>orr'tlor. Dept . _^ 

Index cprdB 
I-Vp book 

O^nPT'^l ff^npmbly 

rchlvpl Technloue 

3y mrll 


Executive Dent. 

^:xeoutlve R*»f?lRtpr ^^ 


Index Dept. 

Uepds r,o St-'te proprty ^^ 

rlnroll'^d Laws 




— 35k 

''pt<=r'/nyE ''Iv. 

Chipprrflpld report ±2 — 

HlRtorlcpl, Crenealor^lcRl, etc. 

In perflon 

Gennf^lop^y . 

iS'iO Federal 1 cennus "• 

1850 Kederrl census 5 

13 53 Stcte crnaue ^ 

I865 St^^te c#(nPU8 }- Index ,- 

Mlscellftneous i — . 

History . 

Conp.tltutlonpl convention 1318 i- 

SxpcutlvR Kecord ^ 

Certlflca|efl of purchnse 1 

'rener-l Alsembly 2 — 

denealop^y ^ 

Jlifltory ° 


Archlv?».l Tpchnlqud 

8AA progrnm , 
!'lRcelL''neous 7 — „„ 

Grpnd Total 


Novembpr 19^9 

ArchiveB Reference File 

Illinois .?nd Mlchlgpn Canal 

Series C 

GrosB References 

233 cardfl 
2^8 cp.rds 

Ives Heference Books 

^ oarde 


Perrln Collection 

876 Ofsrda 

Illlnoin h Mlchlp;an Cp.n«5.1 
Crosft referenoefl 


Federal Cenf?ue, I85O, 
Burepu County 


2^51 csrde 

VAULT AD'^I SSI 0113 Novpnber 19^^9 

"uiltor of Public Acooiint, R 

C!lvll r>prvlRA Ooninlficion 

Illlnolfl Connfiro*» Oonnirssion 

Dept. of Inniir<=noe 

Llnuor Control ConmlRRlon 

Suyt . of i'^Aolii; Instruction 

Dept. of r^iblio Works & 3uildlnrrs 

'>e;-jt . of neglstrHtion o: "duction 

Sec. of 3tntp 

''Ourt of Clainp 
Corporation Dept. 
Executive Dept. 
Snfoty l-'epoonBibllity 

Sunromp Court 

3tAtf» ir^nRurer 













Si»oretnry of Stftt*» 
Mr. Barrett 

Arch'-vpR n«ot. 

/ftnrlrll.'^ exhibit 



Corpor<=.tlon ?*»cordlng 

^'5t»r*#E.yi" i>lr. 
For Wntf^rvpya 
For GonBervflitlon 0«pt. 

Stat*» Library 

Mr. Myern 

VRndall* «»xhlbit 








^ _2 





Report for Dwcember 19^»9 

jCCftPniona . 

Th'" Indpx 'V'^r'rtmi^nt of th'' '^cr^t^ry of Btntn'R office 
trPHPferrorl th** follo'^^lnfr records: 

'^Ipction rer^or^lp, !">' l-^Q (n.lpcellan^our) . 11 docurnpnts. 
ritip r'»cordR. 3^0 doourapntn, Incl-irlircr 353 for noneervtlor 
JppTtwent Ir^ndfl. 

"Thf* Lin;ior Control Goran 1 fusion, pursunnt to recomr'^ndRtlonB 
of th" St-^t** Kpf^ord*! CoT-'l ''"ior, tr^nfiferr^d appllcf^tionR 
for llcenpo? 193-'-'—-, "'^Ith cpr-l Ind^x to s^jr^e. 

Th*^ ''ppf>rttT<rnt; o"" ?.<»,'^"Lptr'-tlon, vhlch h-n plvrrys contended 
th'^t It on il'i no*: trarr^fer rn/ of lt« rooordr to th^ Archives, 
h"*? CO' pletely filled Itp )*='p^rtr,ert'-l Vrnlt. ftfter n series 
of conferences "ith Mrr. "h^lton Hovrurd, c»'lef file clerk. 
It wnr decided to brlrr po'"" of th~ ep.rller r-'^cords Into the 
'rc>ilvPB proper on 3.:. "xpf rlnentfll br.slc - thnt is, to find 
out if it 1p not •lOFSf'ible to use the records in the 'rchlvep 
Reference Room, vlthou^ tf^lclr'-r th^n to the o'Tlce- fre. 
' 0'f«rd thinks it unnecppnr^ry to r*=^ove t>ipn, tut i^ h-vinr^ 
to do f '^ollin' Job In thp office. To d"te vre rec^'lved 
th" record^ for r^^l eetM:*^ ncle«!nen fnd trld-'iveg throuc^h 
the ye'^r 1929* 't my cuc;f?:e?tlon, reou^ptn by o'ltplders to 
inspect these r«^corde Rh'-ll b*» referred b'lc'k: to th-^ Dep.nrtment. 

'ITiP 'ivielon of «!ter'-'ay?" depoPlt*»d 60 volunen of cnnl 
Ir-nd recordfl, and 7791 docimontn includinn; lot snd l=ind c<=>rtlfl- 
cntee of purchree -^nd 500 pl-tn. 

'^eoartnentgl Vaults . 'uthorlrntionR for tr<-;ncfer of records 
to th^ir r«?^ppctiv<» r'<(»p-rtnpnt^l V=ulte --ere issued to the 
^l''rlolon of 'ntorvoyn, Lir'ior Oortrol ^nd Correspondence i- illng 
^ivifllon o^ the Corporation Department of the n*»cret.'-Try of State. 

Perrln Collect . 

Th«^ ^rchivi'^t hi'^ indulr'^ed in ". nnn^bpr of activitlef? the 
P'^Rt nonth, not ruite f^cco'^nllBhlnpr h^r s^o^l of conpletlng her 
p^.rt of th<» "ork on th" P^rrln Collnctlon. C- r-'s for jsII of 
the Fr'--nch n'^me?? h-^ve b'"-n typ«>d '^nd fil^d. Mrs. Helchlor and 
■'Iff! v'irterbo.uer nre typir^r on thp "np;llRh n^mep, something 
lers th n 1000 Blips re-^pining. I hove p.bout 100 re-checke 
to n ke on c^rde vhere th'^r* ir p.on(^ nurrtion, but vlll lenve 
th-t until "11 e^rdr h'-v*^ be^n tvp«d since there will doubt- 
len.T be more. So^^p of th<» boind records indexed by Or. Iben 
hove no^ been r'^checked - ?;o-^ethinn^ le^f". th^n 2 draverp of 
CArdfl. rh'^ee vlll b*> checi'pd v^lth the c-rd fll" for duplica- 
tion pnd prob-'bly left ra they Te for the tit^e being, alnce 
nost of th" record^ involved nre In fragile condition. I 
di' not ruite corplp*. e th» cot9lo'':ln;': of th** bound volumes - 
hpve perhaps two or thr^p r^orp d"yR of work on this. Substr.n— 
tidily, vro cnn cr^ll the --ork on thp Perrin Collection com- 
oleted. The'rp -rp r> numb'^r of dre/'ers of m-'tori'^lB for the 

p«»rlvTd "ftpr iBlS i"'hlch -'e h' v» sirrioly fll'"'! nhronolo-^lcnlly . 
rh«*rp r,,Tf «lno Pf^ver*^! i-lr^'-^prn of r?)l«?c^llr!,n<»oiip hlctoric??! 

h«»n I ■-''• n In Hr'b'^n'-' In Nov^n'b'^r Mr?. T>!PP», vho succ*=»pded 
hpr hurb»nd «« hr-r of thn ni1.nolf» "lRtorlc-^1 ;'urvey, told 
np th-^t r!h« vpnt*»d Dr. T'-^ts-lli Bpltln-? of th" History DepTt- 
nifnt "P.d '''ho vrote hfv doctor'? theflls on the Kank-^nklr. recordn, 
to pdlt th« Cphokl-' rrcordR. I thonsrht both understood that 
th\.p T- « to b^ - VTliin« In th*^ Illlroi'i St-^te Hipitorlo^l 6ol- 
Ipctlone sptIpp rribllRhod by th*» Illinois Ststp Kl^toricol 
'.ibr'ry. ''ft^r rny r'^tvirn hozp q l^ttpr from HIbb Belting 
Tklnf- for r-n ^^'IT o^^nncr for rdltorl^l px';)i?r.r^p indlc- tpd to ua 
th^t php did not undPT'^t' ^d tblra. '> h-'d promlef^d n nlcro- 
fllra cooy of thp Frpnch donunpnt" for hpr to -ork upon r.t 
Chrlrt-^f^, '-dth thp '.'rd«r.stf»ndin^.. th^t this cosy should be . 
dppoaltPd *» In th** Illlnolf HI ?=!t oriel Purvey or. th-^ 
Jnlvfr^lty Llbr^^ry "f ^r Inr-xr' ncp co-'y. D^lry in gettlnn^ 
f r. nf^' rlcroflln '^rocp^'^or '^n ! thpn In '^^'ttln- tlip fllnj for 
It, pr^vnt^d O'lv p;«>ttir,.r- th^ '-^ork out on tlnp. f'our Ipttprs 
to hrr h-"/«= :.--5r.^ un'-n.'^'-'prpd '^nd Mr. ^oneifrhon told mp Ip.Ft 
'■r*»<^k tbst hp h"d h'^nrd npltb«^r ^ro-^ Mir? "^Itlne; nor from 
'rp . ?*»"?;? on th' ". publ'^'^t, eo ' don't >:no--' ''••';'=t thp statuB 
I" ju^^t nov. p '=rp nnXirp; thp mlcroflln on nrenpr?'.! principles, 
-nyho'/. '--'p "r" nit co^yln-T th^^p a*»ctlonf o*" thp fll*' orlntpd 
In Alvord**? C- hokl^' r^'cord? . H'^vlr^: HP^n th'' Kasknskl' rpcoinle 
•-'".loh fpem to dov'>t'^ll 'Itb th-^ p^rly riOtflcl'.l Ri^tylptre . I 
f""! TiT- th''t t'^-io^p rpcordf! phould b<» orlrt^d -t thp sf/hp time* 
' Ivord •-^'^ Int^rpptrd only In thp prrlod of th<^ '•mprlc^n rpvo- 
lution ■ v.-\ did nothln^'^ "1th tb*» pr.rllpr rpcord". Ml*?^ S^^ltlnf^ 
-n . I h<--d "-PTepd Inf orn.'-.lly on «?ettlnr' a d^^tp of 1309, 
by -•'■hlch t5r!" '.ir^ct le^lly ^^11 th-^ TYpnch hnd s:on'=' fron th» 
district. If thp KflRkrnkl-'? rocords orp Included, --nd spfirch 
nrlo for co^^n tp rpoordi? In ?r.1 l^yiilf*, Zt . Loul" -"nd In the 
tranRcrlpt" to b» fo'ind In th" Illinois Historical ^>jrvpy 5t 
Illlnoln, we nl -ht hfvr» onou -h i"«( t'^rl-'l for p volume to covpr 
th»> period prior to th" ''Pipricn J">p-^olutlon 'rh-^re *lvor^*B 
tr'-npcrlotn b*»f^ln. I h-vp not told Mlf?r Beltlne: thpt I h-^vp 
sp*»n th«^ F>«jXp«kl" records, hpncp do not ^Ish to dlectiss this 
with her for thp prpspnt. I hoo-* Rhp hpp decided not to do 
thp 'fork no^-r. 

y^nd-'lin exhibit . 

The progrnm for th^ ir'^hlvp?? exhibit for thp Vendrlla state 
house Be«='mg to h^v pxp-^nded. Orlp^lnnlly Mr. Heed sugp^ested 
". fp'T photofi^rpnihs o"^ r^cordn for exhibit purnoBes. I suggested 
r'^ product Ion of -: couplp of durr^iy volumes, and we sent n large 
number of coolee. -Tipn the "rchl^Stt purch'-sed furniture, 
however, it all n*»f^Tnf>(i. to h«ve crlapn front c-^ses vhlch gave 
hl"i the Idea that It '"^oulfl be deslr^ible to h-^ve a vorkinsr office 
for the 3ecr'»tpry of Stftte cr*»et^d in detail - looking Juat &• 
If books, recordfl, etc. h^d been spread out for office use. 
''fter confer-'ncT betve«>n '^r. Vlc^r^ '•n' "'Iro Poj^ers and Mise 
.Hof^er«! ^nd m**, Mlepi Rop;??rR T^^rotp to Mr. Feed sugceatlng a per- 
Ron.-'l confprence since correcoondence h^d proved uneatlsfactory. 

Hypirran?:g^fint of Archlvp? Vrultfi . 

l*3Ht summer ^rp nrovld»*fl for <?hplvlng "11 th*» Illinois Docu- 
Eiente Collection together on LpvpI?? 3 *?nd 9, this rf^lpr^Rlnt;^ 
for .'rchivee m(?*» !/»Vf»l? 1 «r'"' 10 -^^hloh hpd -'•Iso been used. 
/■*lrn B-'llry h=p not yet found tl'^'^ to '■lovc off Lrvnl 1 but 
h-->a cor.c^ntr'^ t«»d on r^'^ttlnf^ the r»rpe fomerly houced on Level 
10 p^it !^'Ty in the ;'p»^el'^l V-ult. *t fhr tine thlp rf»firrane:e- 
tnent of flhelvinf- vhg jrv'^de, "'^ noved ^ n'lr.bef of filer.. 

>'e hnd efltinoted th^t '<'e Rhoild h'»ve to h-ve p nejor reor- 
ganization of thf» f^TGYAvpp v^'ii"!t8 in about tvo ye-^rfl, but 
the decinlon of sever-'l deprrtrente to begin tr«.nsferR to 
the ''rchiveB h/T, reouirel. name r^^rr-'ngerient thin vinter* 
At thf» tine thp "rr-hiv'^n v-ultn vor'' flrf*t oocupl^'d, ve ptit 
srafiller neri^'P bet'^e^n the Itc^t fT«»riee so th<^t '-.'hen ex- 
p.?-nalon should be needed in thone l^rprer fierier, ^-^e '.*ould 
ncd to Tiove only thor?" nn^llfor Heri«»r. Thst tirT<#» h^^r corse 
for the Corporation r'»cords. -iy rpmovin,?? the Tr'd«H?irk3, 
"xeoutive Dep^rtr}r>nt Lr-nd Rrcord??, ^xeoutive File ,^nd '^ecre- 
t-^ry of 3tr,te's Mlecellrreons File to the level apd the 
Court of Glfi-R records to the 12th l«»vel, and by nhlftirg 
drawerG of the ''ornomtlon Heportc "e h'^ve n^. de roon for 
5 to 10 ye.'^r''^ expansion. Thf' cro'^^ded conlition of t'^i'^ file 
If onp thlnr- --fhich h'-«' sloved uo "r. P-o\intree*B fllinfr no 
th-t th*» next y^s^.r'e r^portfi nr^^ cominfr in before thr ones 
for the preceding ye^r h've be'^n finished. 597 draper? 
vere moved In tV e Innt tvo weekfl under the cuo'-rvlslon of Mr. 
CrnB,'^;ly !?.nd Mr. Rountree. '?r. Mitchell lo'-.ned us three ncn 
e'-ich iriorninp; --^nd the 'rohlv^f J^nltorp helped in the nfter- 
noona. ?her*» is ^-b-iut 3 d-y?' ^orf> vork on thif? proJ*»ct. 

*'or«» fillnp^ cnbin^tf? (ler-^l al7.e) '■'■ill be urg^ently needed 
before th»^ end of thr blenniutn. 

r^ep"' ir^. on --"'indlnp!: 

''r. Slebert of N^w M^thTd 31.nd«ry ineppcted the bound vol- 
unea in the ^.rchive«. t^o r'^p'^lr ^'•or^ h'e been done for ten 
yesrs, not even oilinr the b^ckf? of leather bound books. 
"^ny volumeg r% -)r"«^«>rt ee"^n to ne^^d only rebacking, but the 
r^br. clcln'^ of I'rf" r'^'^ord ^'•'3l•lTneT?, involvin;'^ ^-v, it doer^ 
broken t'loe'^, ir _o frr rore complex probl'^n thin r°brokln,^ 
of libr^iry books. Further conpiiction*? rr*» our Inability 
to gpnd thr records avry to bp worked upon «'nd the fact 
th-^t there ^re vf»ry fp"- binder?! c^p-^ble of dolnp; our vork. 
^■0 f'-r «?; I kno'vf, Mr. "^l^bert h«?? not w'.e r^con'^end^tione. 

^^icrofilig Procecoor . 

^ ''iemld •^uto'^'tic n^icrofiln procep^'or vhif^h '•rill develop*' 
-n'^ dry mlcrofllr! futoCTeticslly In on** hour hrfl been infltftllea 
In the Photogr'sphlc Liborptory. This relii^ven a conge?!tlon 
In the ?hoto,^n.phlc Ocrk Boon --'hich hao mede It 'ilmoet 1b- 
poppible to do f'.ny nlcrofilralnc^ the pft*?t two years, 'fhere is 
Btill congeGtion in the d^-rk roon r-^hlch probably cnnot be 
rellevfld^ until vre recover the eprice In th^ roouif: vent of the 
Lftborf tory . 

- h _ 

''/p cnn no" connirlpr t-^.klr^ up « lonp* dronrtAd o:^ project 
for nierof llmlnp^ tho eTll'»st county rpcordP. Procedures 
r;j?ve been et^n 'nr llzed ^nd th-^ field visitor provided throu'^h 
Civil Service, if he b*' rinoolnted, vould h^^v** the Vno'f-hov to 
select documortp .^.n'' Rup«*rviB*» the r^lcrof llwlrg. 

'.'Ivll -^rrvlce. 

i'lcr 'intf^rb^UT took thp flr^t p»^rt of tjie civil service 
tert for Glrr'" - Tyoirt ori >ecemb«>r 10. cih*' hsR not yt been 
c-ll'=»d for th<^ completion *ef?t. 

Strff '^ourr. . 

""'ne 8t-^.ff of the entire St^te Llbrery '^'orked nn Bt30 - '^ 
<^r-ift (^^xclupivc of lunch tl^e) e^ch dsy for th^ t-'o we«>k per- 
iod enciln'" Decrnber 12. "-ch rr^nbor of th^ etnff ^''?fl given 
onp-hnlf d/^.y for nho:?pin^ b-^tT-^^^n "/ecnber 1.-: ^nd ZJ, The 
office cloned frcn 3 ?•"• H'rldfy T)pc<»TT>ber 23, to Mon^^y 
DecraebT ^-6, and fr'Sr:' '^c30 -"'•''• V'r'dfl.y December 30 to Monday 
Janu-ry 2. I nm ■^urf "v^ryon^ ""elt th-^ f«",f hours overtl^ie 
vorked e' .''llrr in the r^onth nore thor coirioeafl'^ ted by th^se 
2en<^ro I'' holiday "llo*r-rcer' . 

^''o'-rer ?l-^nt. 

"'h'^ ne' elpctrlc- 1 -^n"* of^^r ll'^^^o fro". tie ne-*- Stit*» 
^\')'''-er I-'l^nt h^vA ''-<^pt t^^*- "^.Tltol ground'' torn u o for several 
'feeVs. !^r. Cr^i^Tidy bec«Te ^ery much er^rciaed orif noon oer- 
lod by drilllrtf;^ throurrh the ror^h wnll In the Archives Bulld- 
In:- ?it s. sr^ot hr >:ne^' '-rould hit on« of o-ir trnnpf or'n«»rR. He 
died '.!r. ')- rby, th^ Po"er Pl^nt, etc., without j^ettlnp" re- 
sult?, finnlly called th** *rchltect'e office rnd Inpieted on 
their n^ndlnr-^ over ^r\ en;'-in«>er. Th"" en.-^ireer mAd.e » t*»pt hole 
lo^'-r th-n ol^nn'^d, ''-nd mlsfsed the tr^neform^r by le'^p th'^n 
tvo inoli'^f, lie then f^toooed proceed.ingp until he could get 
hold of the electtic conor-ny to novo th** tr^nPforner. The 
Th" C ntr'l Illlno"-' ?o--?er ^-n contended Mr. CnRn-'Xy for hin 
interference, P'-ylnc; thr.t un^ueptiombly the nr^n drilllnp; 
throu ■; the wll -.'o^ld h've b'^'^n '"rilled -^nd probe.bly the Wo^Ms 
put out r-J.1 over triir, qpction of to%<rn hnd the hole been 
drilled " s ordered by t'T^ contr-^ct-^r • 

hile the nid" w^l'- in fron*' of th'' i^rch'.vep Bnil-^lrf^ 'fas 
torn up, I took upon wyself (the Ap<^lPt-^nt Stnt<» Librnrian 
bein/^ out of to'-m) to pu-^'est to ;*r. PoQ-'iter th^t vhen the 
walk should br* r^lf'ld, it sboul-^ b» sloped to cerry off the 
'fp.tcr -f^ioh hrr nl^r-yr! b-'c'-'^d no over the valV.. Gh"rr?cteriBtl- 
ally, :'r. Pofnlter crried^ out thr. puc^j^erttlon . 

''ir.cell'^-neouf; . 

'Jp -i've pne^T'^red two lengthy eueptlonn^iriee, one from 
ty-.e -Tneric n 'Tlntorlc'} *nsocl^tion on c re end reference uee 
of m^nuBoript collection"? pn' on«» from the Rhode lel^nd Records 
Gon-,lfi3loner on vnrloun phnsee o^ -^rohlTal procedure?. 

'i'he ■^ctinp" ''rchlvlrt of Colorado vrote th^t her department 
Ip f\Pout to be placed under nt^te Civil oprvice, '■.nd esked for 
Job d^scrlntione «n ' dutlee. I sent her a copy o^* the apeolfi- 
c<itlonp already set up. I wap IrtTeeted In the Jobs ahe 
llPted: Archlvlet, as^intflnt orchivlst, rese'»rch aflRlstant, 

- 5 - 

vault tfichnlclfln??, r^leroflln? stip^rrlflor, mlc^PfilTn operator, 
photof^raphcr in", photo-duplicp^tor . Th*' tprr *vn.ilt technician" 
ntlsrht be i good tf>vm to r ;-)ply to '•■h'^t Mr. r.ountree -loen, 
vhlch should >)*» nted ibovf* "fll» clrrk.* '■ i 

Th** -^rnhlviPt 1«^ Sf>rvin;^- on thf 5\ptf Llbr-sry Comialtt^e 
on Job stan'l-^.rdlxatlon. -fe "t vp h'^d one oon?'iilt*.ee meeting 
which served. In my O'-m cse ,nt l*»-;at, to cl?irlfy thinking 
afi to '.'h'-t in vnnt»d from ui=!. '"rff. Lan^ston, the chrlrm^n, 
h'-n nlf'o held conferences ^--Ith individual tnenbere of the com— 
niittee, includinf^ mypelf . 

'e h ve h-d a Rudden, t^-irou'j;h not "xcessive, upsurge of 
recnjef5tn for conies of our c«trlo.i: rulen oubliehed in 1938, 
the lntp>rt re'-' co^in^' frotn J^iprIc-, 'r/.I. froia the 
U.3. '■-r :3<^p.".rtm'»nt . I R.n intprert^d In this beoaune one of 
the r;u=-f.:estlonp for the pro'-rnn for thr *'rdlson mpetlnj/; of 
the SAA waR for a pnper on t.fh<^ther or not firchlvlgts r-re 
abr^ndonln.- th*^ .n=?3 concept of descrljfttions (upon vrhlch our 
rulr-p vere op.sea.) . On«=" of tb.*^ thlnf^R I hopp to flrd time to 
do in t?ie Pfor fut jre i9 to do " fpod bit of ■■^rchlv'^1 deacrip- 
tion <?o t' -^t '-'e G n reconrJlder th^-- fun I'^'ment'^lf. of srchlvnl 
doporiptlon. ■•i*!'' Bnh'^fflpr h.-p b'^on In'^: trur t«d to k^e.) notes 
r-2 to policy deol«?i-nf! '•n L th^ nn'iit?". r.h<^ hr encount'-'red. 
Irob''?.bly lnpt'='f*d of r r'^viPi^n of rules -'e 'rill nke It an 
I 111 no In Librarieo '^rtlclp on funtVn^ntn.l concepts. 

■•ir.r ''pi Her, ■^■. .^rf^duntp stud'^nt nt .'outhern Illinois 
UniverPity i^ "Titlnp: - history of JjicVmn County. 3he in 
hfndlo'^ oped by tho f' ct th- t t,hp county rf=corde vere destroyed 
in the court hous^ fire of iS'i^ (7). 3he ppent r.ever?l dj'ys 
^lere ^rorkln ■ on Conrad '■^111 ■^-terl'-l found in the ^lener^l 
Aorppit)]y rrid oth*»- filos, qn' I suroect '-/ill end by vritin*^ 
f^ bloa-rnohy of '?111 Inrte-d of the county history. 

■ xhibltR 

'•-lieR 3ch<^ffler, ,^.ided by !!rp. Robeson an'l --^ith thf> always 
g'^nerouf suppllen of pictures, etc. furniohed by Vine Kisslni^er, 
oroluced n Mort colorful exhibit for Ghrirtmsfi. * description 
of thic exhibit vr« Include'"' in Mr. 3oloir's publicity release 
or thio St^tp idbriry'n Chrl^tT^^^R dicpls'yR. 'rh<^ ?opr room ex- 
hibit? ''ere ".p follo'-'f-J 

ept ('-'all) c^pe. ?op gVi^lf: ^ copy of 71etn/> l-*adonne dl 
'>iov'--nnl 3ellinl op^^n^^d to "l/i Mp.donn?^ Col B.^rabina ru Fonda 
dl ?«ien<»," flanked on either '^ld«^ by flilver foil an.Tel8. 
"Merry Uhristrons" ^-rrn spoiled out in four - dlm^nelonn 1 letters. 
Th-^ flee ind nhelf di^pl-yed in old family 3lble ooened to the 
'hrlftm-jR etory by 3t . Ui>f, n'-.r'<ed vlth r. broad crlmrson boo^ 
r^nrk. Or eith'-r ^i'Xr ^^n ^ntl'^ue br<irr candle stir': --nd snuffer 
'-'ith tr-y. Kor tv><» b-ckr^romd th^-r** ^-^-^ a colored reproduction 
of the Mrdonn^' vhich «<pornred tp th»» cover of t''"e Deceraber 
Ladies Hoffir- gpurnrl . The bottom shplf contained a creche. 

Ot!'-er c-Res dlB >l»7^ed lllTiHiinsted n^'^nuscripts; a ra?jp of 
Mf.ry'"^ Chri??tin3P Journey; n Chri??tnpB oroyer by Robert Louis 

StGV<»nRon: illuninntpd ooplrr? of ChrlBtm.«B parolr; OhrlRtmns 
carves? typlcr-l fjc(?n"»<i of r'hriPtn-?'- col^bratl ^ne In nrny countries 
of thf- -orM; n collection of nttrrxctlvp children p-.lntlrgs 
by vatriouR artists: ftnd n mtrrbor of thf^ ChrlRtnnc 5nnu.''lf? 
.jubllohpd by the AUf^«=iburp: P-ibllnhlnft Cornp?i.ny. On*» of th^ 
most f^trlklnrr fwaturpn of th^ «»xhlblt vRre the 20 r>l«t<»c. In 
blsck pn". --^tilte, frnm th" Uni" of '.cp.c^iIm-^ Picturop pr*^p-"'r*»d 
by th«> Irf i^rmntiv* Gl«<"»roo7ri Plc^ur** Aftnoclntlon . 1*h^«ie 
r^li^-tea Applet Chri!'>trr'pea In '^■^ny l-^nds, b»p:lnnlnp; vlth the 
f«fitlv'l ->f ae.tirn r-rA «m1lnfT "^Itl' Chrlfltn-iR In Mf»xlco. 

"hfp ^Tr-r\<\^n H^ur*"*' 'le IHoh^n" '^ra*^ dlf»pl^y*?fl In onf cnae, 
■ITips** nliT^ pi- t»3 vlth th^ir lov«»ly colorlnfi^ g^"^^ th*> p.rtlst'd 

conc^jtlon of thf« CrTP:at nourn In th-^ lif<» of ChrlPt. They ->to: 
Th*^ Vl^ltj^tior ; *nnounc6tnAnt to thp hf»phf»rdR; KllRht Into 
'^ypt; ?<»nt'^cof!t; IMpoPltlon from th*» Crosp; Cplvnry; Rn<^i th^ 
rP!'^urr«otlor of th»^ 3oul. 

*h^ "f-^Tlcn I'-^'lonn* bclon-T'n- to t:i(» 3t t? Llbr-ry v«s 

("Ispl'^y^d In ono of th*^ Si»cond floor lobby c^r^f>n. 

- oT *>" Yr'-r'n the flum^ »xhlblt '-^j^p us*»d i^xoept for the 
'■^BPt VT<1T c rr» In thp Popo room. "H-'Opy N#»'a' Yct" '*'"p R'Jb- 
fltltnted for "M^rry CV-rlfitrn'^fl'' .«n ' thp oth*»r exhibits wer** r«- 
rov^rl «xcf*pt for th.o cnll/^stlck *^n- snurfpr. Onf» sh^lf fhovs 
the nf.-otirbl* ln<3tri'^*'nt ?».ct of I66l vhlch firrt l«»/^''>li?.ed 
n*«vr •/orT''<T '-.'y PF ,7 h^lllny. A pr'-ntp-d oojy of th** iS^*-? House 
Joirn^.l l.T ooi^n to th« prlnt-^d p-'p'i" of th** 13^^^? Hou^e Journ'^l 
nh.O'-ln^' th-t th<^ fr^nf^r'^'l *n--or"biy (^n;! pr'-'Punflbly th*» iit-^t** 
I'.ou^c) 'il ' not close for ''-r^-' Y^^.r'n ''".y. 

ror *;;t^ J^mi-^ry PxVilblt vp h"''\ thou-rht of nho'^'inr: ^o'^f> of 
th« br^.-vitlfvil bo-^v/bir. Unr" ovnr>d by th^ 3t'-t'» Llbr-ry. Vine 
rof^r-r^c^ ...■> g y^rr'. rn- dp th?^ pu ' r<^«'.t Ion, t}-iO-3,"ht \t b^Pt to po<?t- 
pon** t'l?" r»xhlb!.t -intll ^hp h^.d c-lled n conmltt«»p r-prtln?: 
to R<^- if 01T pxr.lbltf In t\p "-.rchlvef? cxnnot bettf^r br noor-ll- 
n--tpd •■ith th-is<^ of t-»-.r St^^.tp lilbr<^ry. ■''hllp properly f<per-,k- 
Inc nort of o'jr «»xh'.bltP Rhojld ntrprr nrchlvps, vp do h-ve e 
l'^rp:<='r ••in s^fpr PThiblt r-o-^crf th^n olppw^ipr** In th«* StstP 
I.lbr'^ry. 'i>'^rp nr« -^my anbjrots nvrillablp for •^rchlvl ex- 
hibits - the btrt'^ry of l^bor l«»gl^llitlon, for instance, but 
t'lip eho-il'l, if pon^'lblr, tir in vlth nonrthlni^ Mr. Mpyrr, 
!r!i!irht T/nn*; to "-or-v out. 

''r. O'-Rnndy '^n' I'r. Houn^r'^-p h-v «»pTt moat of their tine 
on tho shlfti"-r of fllon ■''eRcribed pooyrn and in checking in 
thp ne*' ?.cc<5Pf:ionfl'. 

v;r. OrrTdy report? hnvlnfr chekced cnnua records for 10 
n-^me'' In 1^; count Irs for 1350, 1 n' rae each in 1 cotmty e-^ch 
for las*^ -^nd IB65. Ho report n h=vlnp: made 319 Index eerdfl 
for .-ure0u county 1350 federal censiua. i^ere nr*» nbont 250O 
iT'ore Bnnes in th^t count. H" oontlnuen to spend 2-^ h-^-irs 
dsily nt the reference deps^c. 

- 7 - 

"r. rountreff h-^s not hAd much time for filing this month, 
but h-9 compl*»tf<^ th«» lett*»r •§•. He estimates that the rest 
'fill tske about one week's tine. The *not for profit" reports 
for 19'+6 nnd 19'J^7 ^'hich cme over together Inst yea.r have not 
bern filed, ?»nd th* Sorporation Depaftwjnt in ready to send 
the yenre 19'*'3 ^nd 19^*9. Hrn. Robecon will file the four yeere 
in one ''lph.«bet nnd '-^e hop*-? to p;ct definitely c^suc-ht up next year. 

-^-rs . HcKadden hne heloed ■'-rlth the f lllnpr of corporation 

cards, thp> l*»tter '^* belnr^ flnlnhed. She r«»porte having 4sed« — 
650 rurec.u Co'ir.ty 1350 cennue Index cards. 

Mrs. Hobeaon h b trTiRf erred enrolled live to new foldera 
for tht> yenrs I92I-I925. She hnc filed Index cnrda, Rtp.pled 
"If" reports for Mr. fi.«intre« and a8Gls1f«»d Ml8« Scheffler In 
difin?ntllne the old eachlblt andiPr**P?*ring the dirlstmaa f>z- 
hiblt. She sIpo h"*! eubc?tltute'^ frotn tine to tine at the 
Kpff»r#»nce Deck. 

?*rp. Reichler '^n^ T4iee ^interbeuer pre typing the index 
ellpe Hre . ?*lohler h^s mpde. Mrs- Relohlnr i? an accurr.te 
typist with "B even touch, thoup;h ajxe Ive not yet got her apeed 
m. S°xt I propose to etart her Indexing tr&nicript* of 
county connl f si oners • proceedlmra . By iB^kln^ over Index be- 
fore hnvinf^ the Proceedinrf' typed ve hope to be able to make 
R more nccurfite transcript from the pencil copy. 

Miao Scheffler* e cataloginc^ activity la reflected in her 
cfltr-log ntatlstica. She notes that the r®c«nt scceasiona from 
the Divlalon of Water^-^aya contpin e mimber of volumes >rt^lch 
fill otit ,5ap8 in series received eeveral years a^o from the 
Lockoort office. Mlaa Scheffler haa accompliahed this cata.- 
lorrire and '»xhlblt ■work despite the handicap of her having 
to be rbapnt roomings b*»«» of h^^r inability to s^et a 
reaponalble ::>''r6on to stoy vflth hK»r sged and ailing mother. 
She comes In fror^ 1 to 5 each dey ao does not lose a vhole 
h^lf day. 

Heapeetfully submitted. 


tvN^ tK^^ju^ /.MS . y^. 10^, Q..:;^zj»^ 

Sficrstpry of StP.te Dravffrg Docuwentp Vol« Mgtpg, 

Index DepTtnwnt 

Klf^ction HeoordB, 19^1- 1-49 
(mlflc*»llf n^ous) 

'5«ed8 and r.bfi trivets 


Llqour Control Cowr^lPSlon 

Applications for Licf»ns«a 

i)ovn Btrte 
Chios go 

Index Cp_rds 

Reg-letrr.tlon and Education D«pt. 

Rpal ^flt/itc Snleerifn ft-Tanllctlorp 
f 1-59999, 1922-29 

Mid wifP Appllc/itlonP 
Ifit. 3r<^ Berl«»fl 

l>lvlp,lon of ''atf»r^mys 
I & !' cnnf-1 reoordo 








-^ ■■■- ,'■■ .' 

A- • ' ■-" <c '■-> 

■> ■> ^ *v 

December 19^9 

Rontln^ Oponrtnent^l Colic: 

Srcrotary of St^te 
Corporation 'lept. 

^nnup.l Hrtoorte 

Inr^ex Ords 

Executive 3ept. 

''"bcecutlve Kf^nrirtpr Mrrkfl 
Ind^x Dept. 


"nrolled Laws 
3ecurltlefl Dept. 

Closed CpflPfl 

Ineurp.ncs Hept. 
Annup.l report 

Crenernl k^n^ribly 

Division of "/nter'-'RyR 
Ghlppprf leld report 
Kleid booki 

lenealo^^y, HlPtory, otc. 

' In perRorr ; ■. '. 

G-enefilOr-y - :.• .'■ • 

County history 
Mame Index ( phone ) 

fio^prnl *.*?P'=»Tnbly 
Jnckoon Co. -onrd T'lnutes 
ilAndoiph Co. Bo-'rd "linutpo 
f Executive Record 
Governor's M?ep«?p*ee 
Cone.tltntlon^l Convention, 1813 
Territorial CensuR, 1818 
r.lectlon records 
History St^te rrovernm^nt 

3y Kr^ll 



'rchlv?l Technique 

3. A. A. proc;r<^m, etc. 


at and Tot el 



















December 19''9 

Cf.tplog Series CrMb Croas -t^f: History 


1850 federnl census, 

3ch«dulen 3-6 4 38 2 

•/abash iPlv^r ComfSbr-nlon 

1323 1 3 

Perrln nollect. 11 28 5 

I 'c M canp.I records 

1 TJiRjor 8erl<»8, 36 vol .l^i' 252 

30 321 
Detsilpd shelf list, I5 pages Irdex 

Perrln collpct. 1330 
Bureau Co. I85O census 7^9 
I & M cr-nsl 2 

I I, Av *!^ V '^■., ' 3 ''' 

VAULT ADMISSIONS Deopinber 19J'*9 

Auditor of Public Accounts 19 

Civil Service Commlflslon 5 

Illlnolf? Commerce Gommlsalon 5 

Liquor Control Commlflfilon 8 

T)ept. of Public 'forks & Buildings 1 

Dept. of Re^lBtr'^tion Sz Kduc^tlon ^1 

Secretary of State 

Corporation Dept. 7 

'vxecutlve Dept. 21 

Safety Responsibility ^ 

Securltl'^s 1 

State Trep.eurer 31 

:>lv. of •'aten.royB 6 


Decciab«>r 19^>-9 


Dtftte Library 
Corporfttlon Heoordlng 
Dlv. of iatervaye 

(Mathftvson -urvey In 






Secret --ry of State 


Ofric<» Force 

303 Party 

Jlu*? iSook 

Supply Rooffl 
^uto :)ept. 

Peop^l buylnr: plptf^s 

i+x5 Nft^atlvpe 

8x10 Print « 





Jejuxai-y Zh, 195v') 

Walter Hyors reportef^ th&t the weok of February 13 he Is to s-^end 
tir-P in the C icat;o Office of th? Strte De-'artment of Le.bor, 
hp'Iping Vimxi to reorganize their deoartDental library. He also 
""ent'^-oned plannlaf^ eii exhibit for the Djilvftraity of Illinois 
clinic on rubllc Relat lo ':is -fpi* Labor Leaders, to be hold at the 
Mavy Fl^r 30on, • i . 

Mrs. Lan^aton reported on progrer.a of work in eatabllshlng 
district llbrariee in variooaf partg of tho State. All KRn|flcRi:e« 
County exce >t th9 towns of Kankakee, Komence, Bradley ^d South- 
west tovmship will be one unit if the project goes through aa 
planned. Petition for the district is to be filed Jan, 27 and 
election on entablishlng the dlatrict viii be held in six weelcs. 

In Piatt County there are severe! atruf^f^lin;^ to'^^nMn librcrieft 
and the -oroblen is to uaV.e the:^ aG?> the necessity for coopeirs-- 
tlon In r!.-j*ablinhrnr'nt of a nnitel district. Rantoul is sympathe- 
tic t.o n-.icl: plans for a lai^rcr unit. ' Ileconte'1 a <)9 yer,vr 
vas teV^n for a bulldinp; alte rind »?',-<", G'O bond l.-^nue Tox' a librPr7 

■wM>t i J. • ■ i I : , 

The ro-_;lon£? neetlnfro will bo hr'Ta in A'^rll. olnce I.L.A. is 
neet.inf: e.t Peoris. in May, ther« -'111 be no regional meeting in : 
the central part of the St, atn In on'.or to uill e.a r.Bny librarians 
of that district as possible to thr lB.:'fj^er I.L.A. meetinR. 
The'er-ac*" locations for rer'ional n;?ctlnf:3 are not a'l definite aa 
yet, buf they vrlll ^robably be held In Ilnch-neyville, Caml, 
Danville, Jollet, Rochford, i'rincoton, 3c.i'roliton. 

Rer^ion -'!-. 7V:e Ilarshall county district libr^.i'y '..-as voted for last 
Aorll anl is coninj^ alonf;;;: '■'•ell. The nevr library board has been 
a" pointed. 

The seven tov-'nshlps In northwestern V»oo<iford County is preparing 

fo:-" hSi election to crecto a llbrery ^llr^ti-ict thrive. 

Union County, Alra Lundeen dlntrlct llbr-srisn, rei^orts additional 
boohnoblle stops. The book-iobile will raove into Johnson County 
next y^er. Kiss Rogers cells attention to the ijicturos of this 
booknobile oosted an the steff bulletin board on the 3rd floor 
of the Centennial buildinp: (in atecks) 

Mrs. Arzinger, field visitor, la workinc: for soF.e exten«?lon plan 
in De Kalb next year. She was there the day of thp steff eieeting. 

The regional ms^etinga will be workshno cllnica. For instance, 
many local librarians do not a'~'preciate the real reason for the 
annual renorts jrequired to be filed with the State LibrsxTf. One 
librarian in a tiny coianunlty, for inat&'ce, reported a circulation 
v/hlch wo\ild be unusual in a larger place, and she nrobably Just 
set doxm a fic^re to have one. Tliese wor-: ships will try to motl- 
vste t^ r« '-'ork of the s^^all llbrari'?^. 

Recently librcries with buf3,'-et8 und^r 3510 w.^r-e notified by the 
Stet" Library that we would Riv?> thp-n lonr t«r~ loans up to 
three booka per child under 16, so sollc'tlnp: one region after 


another. Tj'.Is nroco<'.ura vill release f-unds for the beneficiary 
Llbrar^/'s of noro boolis for adultn. The letters on 
this heve £;one out very recently, and to date one library has 
a") lied for nuch a loe.r^. , 

Mrs. L5;ni:gton cc-led attcntlo to a v-ry rood, article on library 
extension w- ic'i a ' In tli? I'ecenber i9^i'9 number of Illnneaota 

Alton voted agelnst hevlnf^ a public llbrarj' t&x laay Saturday. 
They htve a building and an ondovmnet, but the endowm*=!nt 
has to be used for buildlnp; upkeep. Tho library vaa clewed a^ 
year a^o for Insufficient funds. Last sunner the State Library 
deposited books in oohool librariefl vhich were operated during 
the Gu ner, but it Is not I'novm t\'het} er they ^-'111 r'.o no thig 
aunner again - I.e., ^rether the school boarcl. '-'111 stand t^e 

Hiag Rincerinr is in Surope. 3hn vili be bsc?^ Kp.rch 10, She T-raa 
£:iven sone help tow&rds the coat of vloltnf; f>nd rs^ortlnj; on 
iibrarie«. One of the Llbrsry A'^vlsory Cor.nittee fron the Univer- 
sity of Illinois (I cllf'.n't catch the nsne t a Gcsn.'tn'^viBn name 
liVc j-inilstr-r;; or 3o:-.cthin.f: o' *.!:p Bcrt) i^ T'.Iso abroad, and 
vi:*! Q j^.e nvcr en Mb return to trlh About "cr-n'' inavU.n libraries, 

Vrn,, -{o-'p.rcl frinouncc^ thf.t at lonfT l"3t ""-" rrov.r^ "hich selects 
booV-s for tl e Pupils Readlnf" Circie han invited the "^tate Library 
to hf.v*^ p re'-i'»nentative. !ll"n Wrifht re-srh'^d thet they were 
tryinr to rot a llbivirlan on thet bo-n.iVi forty yearn ag^o and that 

t::e ni.ll-o of ^^he trods certainly rrlnd "Irr'ly. 

Mns Wri.-ht announceiil fhrt ■5^;t of th» re^'jj'-^stn for ntnic recoi*<^.a 

ar", fci7 fcie. -;aicg. The circ-ilatior. ia 'cj.ble thct of a year aco. 

In t^-n lc=.3t y^i?:.r nhc haa f=;ent 'rocor^lr: to 303 co--.- unities In 50 

y.rn. Ste^'enff, ' anbstit tin^: for Mias Ki.-'.in^'^n' an^iounoed that 

7:-ult 3 tl-2., the old archive- vault off t^.o second floor of 
the Centennial Buildlnr-3 which h£,r, be^^a uned for shelving fine 
art^, bocks ovei-'f loved to the corridor o-.Jt^lle t' vsult. 
Th-^ Art Der-.artnorit is now clrculatin,; as nuch in one 'ay as In 
a f-^'cl; a short time a.TO. 

l!is:-? Skogh asked for a dis-iley in the Centennia-1 bulldinf: of 
important recent Illinois and Federal documents. She said this 
'.'a3 needed as much by the reference staff as the public, since 
they don't see the new publications. Mls'^ Bailey pronlsed to 
brine copies of important end interest ln,~ ne'.-r Illinois publica- 
tions to oaoh staff neetlng. 

Miss Rogei^ announced that A.L.A. again ha^a a Washington office, 
in charge of Mrs. Kalber, with hea-lquarers in the Congressional 

Hiss Rogers feels that many of the staff, partcularly new nercbere 

are not sufficiently acquainted with vhat other divisions of the 


St&tc Library &re doinf^, Shfl therefore Tfanta to have an open 
house for the staff, and appolntoA as' cor^nltteo to plan the 
aenc end to sot tho date: kl53 Sko^. , Mra. Snnla, TIl'^sNlchol 

On Febrjar:' 5 the Zonta Club 1b neetlng at the State Library at 
7:30 P.K, , T>p.rtlculerly to see the art raaterials, Hi^g Rogers 
VRnto all unit h<»ada to meet vith them and to conduct a tour 
of the library after their neetlng. 

The flrat voluae of Collier* a Sncyclopedla waa parsed around, 
Thia la to bo in 20 volunea priged at" 0125 to llbrarlea. 

3?»voral are to attend the A.L.JI, Jlidyear Meeting the latter 

part of thia ^ree!:. It In being held at the Sdgevater Beach Hotel, 

Mr. Price, the nn-..' Librarlr-n of Kleaourl, who wf.s the guest cff 
the Illinois State Library the flrnt half of this week, waa pre- 
sent at th^ staff aeetlng. He expressed hla a-^preclatlon of 
the hos -vitality extended to hira and said ho would prefer to 
address his queatlone directly and In more detail to the unit 
heeds as he made the rounds, rather than to talk at the meeting.:. 

f-* /' ■■■iNi'-i ■;, f 

■S f H 'r-'^V ■■ 

•? .« 

. t<*j:-_-,-.i, -> ' 

ARCy '1 7KB 1^ P « PTir-'NT 
R#»nort for Jrsnu^ry 1950 

^ccegglono . Th** Cornor^'tion 0»»prrtDPnt of the Si»cr*t?ry 

of r>t;est»»*#? oirf io*» tr^nfifftrrpd 'nnup.l Hp->ortR for "for profit 
corporntlona" for thw ypnr 19'^;-8 p.rA for "Hot for profit oor- 
nor'^.tlon'". for 19*^9 nn^TL 19-^9, f**** books for ll''-? t/I 19^i3, r.nd 
'jPcr«'tory of 3t'-tp corr(»3 >on4«»nc»» for 1937-33' 

ITip In^lpx ^^^'rtrrtfnt Rent Rpr-l «ntntp tltlp rf?eords for 
1 c'f!<» ^nd KpflolutloriP by tri<» 19''^ Ownprnl Aosmbly. ^^e 
pitill do not hnv«» '>n-'t^ r<»corrlg for thst »«??rlon. Perhupe 
no--f thpy Till not r.o^r until th--^ cl<«rka prppnr«» for thp 
next nr-splon. 

TEp 3u::>erint»?nd<!»nt of Prf.rke of '^p.r,r. St. LouIp dP x>slted 
th*» trnnacrlptn mr' Indexpf* to 3t. Clr Ir Co. r'^cords pre- 
pnr^d by the WPA CTimrur proVct t^hloh vnc hp«^drd by Jonephlne 
3oylan. Ilr. GriRSfidy npdi? p- ep«clrl trip to :«f!t St. I^j^ile 
to r^ot the?''' rfcor'in. 'Hi^y arp " v-lurbl* Pupplpr!*»nt to the 
-'errln collr-ctlon. 

Th** PlvlRlon of '.■•ntf»r':'rnyn^ 'Vr>.nrtr!i'^nt of Public ^^orks 

find 3ullllri';n h-vft cor'iolPt<>d th** trnnflf*»r of th.p Illlnolf? 

nnd Hlohlgnn Can.'^l by thn tr^nnfpr of '^9'= doonrapntfi thlo 
month. A few Btr'^ys x^ny ntllT turn up. 

>^Pflrtn>»ntr.l Vr>ultf! 

/uthorly.atlonp i-rnrp Ifinupd for th*^ trr^npf-^r of records 
to th«» follovln-' i^ppf^rtm^ntnl Vp.ult'?: T»»ncher9* S^tlr^nont 
Byptoffi, ."Mbllc WorkB ind BTilldln'-rr?, R«>j^lstr'itl ^n end KducTtlon. 

Th<» r:uprTi** Court hnn conplpt^d th** prulpa-^nt of the 
north Bide of thwlr vult. The ne>r crblnots «re Y & *-": to 
natch thon«» nlr^ndy In plnce. A.t Mr. 5«».«rcy*s r^rue^t I 
n^de «n ln?ip<*otlon "nd thonp conforn to the Rp'»clf lections 
for 6 drawer cnblnetB. Tho'v rr*» the new Boft gr^^y which 
hArcionlze \-r\th thou-^h they do not m^tch th«» belf?^e . filer 
orlfTin.nlly purchased for the vnult. I Advised th"t the 
s^ray b<» uRed, not only beciuRe, b«»lnp" of n stnndird color the 
c^blnptB '^fonld be riuch chp'-p^r, but ^Iso bponuee the pr^aent 
files h'-ve mellO'-'Pd '.'1th "ffr end new files hf No. 6 color 
probably wouldn't metoh nnyho-v'. Thr clerk of thp Supreoe 
Court In goln^ to "nploy n coiiple of Inv atuAente durln??: 
nnnrer v«c«»tion to In-^ex 'rnd r»tt«»nd to the novlnp;. 

Th*> Gonn«»rce Pep'^rtnT.t h^n ordered Vi- ^rt "et'^1 Gr.blnetfl 
to natch thoee In their vnult -^n' to complete filling their 

Stntr reoorda Conrlpp.lon . Th^ Unlvereity of Illinois 
Library hr.s been i;jettlnr the du)llCAte annu'l r^portu of 
Insurrxnce comp-snlps filed In the (^Icf^o office of th*- 
Innnrance OeoJirtnent . Th*»y wish jernicRlor to destroy these 
r^norde. I referred the letter to the iJlrector of Inf^ur'^noc. 

- 2 - 

''T. Hershpy replied that thp^e T-rero dupllcnton of thp offlclnl 
rfcord.f! on fll" In hlR office nnd ^^rere non-record rar.terlal. 
He fial'l he ''rould consent to th*»ir destruction but thi?.t any 
dlsponal of thf recordfl mpt "be supprvlRed by n duly desig- 
nated officer of th«» Infur-^nce '^epTtnent ^nd n certificate 
filed in Yiif office. "hil** I knew thnt this van non-record 
iHAterinl "^nd therefore aubjpct to destruction without legls- 
Intiv "uthoriz-tlon, I '/"f? d^'li-r^hted to kno'-"^ th'^t the Ineur- 
fsnce Department ip b«»inf: strict in Ite diflpoR'=l policy. 


A npeci'^1 committee to coordln-'t** ejchibite in the various 
depsrtnent*? of the St^te Library hpe been set up. I'.lBfi 
Kis'-ingpr in ch?irmrn and MisB Gcheffl'*r the Archives repre- 
sent? tive. Miee RogerR vishep exhibit fi ch^ns^ed ''re^kly, if 
oonsible. Th'^t would not be practicable for the Archives 
bec.uee we have bo much exhibit sp^ce and assembling exhlbitfi 
of r.rchivp.1 material involves v^ry considerable tirae pnd 
research. The comraittee decided thnt for the f^xhlbits in the 
G«nt(»nni'^l Buildinr it "ould b" nulte practic<?l to change 
them every week, dividin?- th?» vrork ^monf; the staff th«»re. 
The Archives would try to mit on nn '^xhibit once p month 
that would tie in ''ith the p;enerr'.l exhibit for one weok. 
Thuf? for Jnnuery ve hpd ^n *>xhlbit on old bindings {f>ll libra- 
ary material was ueed), for f^'brunry an exliibit for Negro 
History '/epk and for March on the hintory of RoadB in 1111- 
noie. V/hnn I diecuseed our archival exhibit plans vith Mr. 
Bel-'^ir he remprk'^d th?^t it in inpractiable to ?^et Dubliclty 
on exhibits ch,anr:ed often'»r than once a month since th.ey 
are gone before th** storie" h^^ve b^'^n distributed and printed. 
The y!Tr.y things arp '-rorkinr^ out so f^r, MIrr 5cheffl«-r ir, de- 
votin[^ all her tine to exhibits, and I wonder if we 9.t<^ 
Justified in taking- her aw-^y from her rer^ular ^rork Just for 
the of publicity. '>on't say, *r>iq tribute the "ork among 
the reflt of the stp.ff." Th''t doesn't rrork-I have tried it. 
It still takes key people a^-'ey from key Jobs and I hnve to 
devote a dlspronortlonatf ri.nount of my oim tir.e to super- 
vision. Probably the answer Is le«!s arabitions exhibits, 
but It is 5 terapto-tion to do p frood piece of work. The 
February exhibit for Negro History will ff>ature outstanding 
Illinois negroes, locsl artists, etc. 

Staff Vork 

Considerable shifting in the vaults was necessary to room for the incoming corporetion report?. The series 
moved to new locations '.^ere r'^norted upon Inst laonth. This 
month the exlstlnr^ files were spread out over the spsice 
thuc made pvail^ble, 382 drawers being shifted and rearranged 
to mpke room for five to ten years expansion. 

The 19^8-^9 annual reports of "Not for profit* corpora- 
tions came over together, before all the 19^-^7 reports 
were filed. That meant looking in four or five places for 
reports, so 're are concentr«ting on getting these filed ae 
soon as possible. Mrs. Robes on, '-^ith som.e helo from Mr. 
Cassady is combining Into one alphabet the reports for 19^6-49, 

- 3 - 

whllp Mr. F.ountree vill Interfile theR«» with thr ?»nrller reporte. 
Th** prellrlnary flllnr^ for th«^ l«»ttprB A-r! hns bf?en conpletpd 
r.nd Hr. Bountree thinkc the i.'hole flllr^ of th^^- "not for profit" 
coroorrtlonn vtll be co-pletrr!. by thp end of month. 

:'.r. --\onntrep h^^r flnlnhpM th^ fllim- of tho 19^6 "for profit" 
oorporntlonp. The re-^^rrTf^PTrr^nt of vaultc r.nd receiving of new 
rccfR^lonf b*»lng finished for the time belngj, he could nrke 
good hendwpy -^-rlth the flllnp; fror no"-' on. 

Mr. CRRRpdy r-^portR that h'^ serviced £;enefl.loglcal crills 
PR follovffl : 

18^0 2 n-^nefi 2 countleo 
1350 19 • 12 • 

I855 i nnme 1 county 
1365 1 • 1 • 

I mlfyht add th??t all claspee of l^tt'^rp on r^^fer^nce calls 
Included I3 states, the District of Columbia .?nd 7 Illinois 
to^ms. Three Incurles cone froin Indiana, tvo esch from Vir- 
ginia, MiRPOurl ?nd thp> DlRtrlct of Columblr'. Th*' Ir-^rgent 
number for any one tovm vap 7 from Litchfield, Illlnolf?, mopt 
bTit not all of the lRtt»»r fron Mr. 'zanders' hlrh school history 
c In fl s . 

Miss Scheffl^r hAS conplet»d ctaloglnp; the Illinois and 
MlchlfTfin crn^'.l field book series C, ^e ehovm by the etntlstlca. 
The shelf ll«!t h?!S been bi^ de, C"tAlor- crds typed r,nd filed, 
36 volupies lettered and filed In cabinet with field book 
series ."-3. Miss Scheffl^r r,l??o h"S chpck*>d In Illinois -ind 
Hlchlg.''n cr-nrl records r*»cently received p.nd hrc mpde one 
reference senrch for the nivlsltn of Wr.t^^rvayG. Most of h^^r 
time h-^s been devoted to exhibits on which n. report Is bf»lng 
wade under the hp-^din,";. Exhibits . After several weeks of being 
p.ble to "-ork only fron one to five o'clock on account of the 
lllnesr! of her nother, Mlnr ncheffl<»r r'=»turnpd to full tirpc 
work J'-nu'-ry I9. '"''he repr'-nented t- e Irnh'yes r^t t; <=' funeral 
of ilinn Briley'n father or J^nu^ry 13. 

Mrs. relchler rnd Mi'->r 'ilnt'^rbs?uer h-ive been typln - the 
Perrin index cnrde fror^ Mrs. Relchler'p -'ork slips. These 
are all done but e'-out 100 cnrds. 

I h've finished c^tr^logln^: the bound^re cords in th'» Prrrin 
Collection except for one volune . I "Iso typed the sur!mpri'='B 
of the n3arrl-c;p contracts but not thf» tranels'tions . I expect 
next to mnkp p. short forr. cr^l*»nd?tr for the unbound records up 
to and includlrr^ the creation of 3t . Gl^lr Co. in 17?0 (per- 
haps dovm to 1809). I plso ''ant to type off th** few tr-rnslatlons 
not yet typed, Mrs. Relchler finish th** tr«?nfilatlons, ?»nd. 
In general, round out the work on the collection. This vlll 
not tflke loner once I find th^ tlt5ie to get p.t it. Of recent 
months ?»dininintratlve vork h-^s absorbed rnore and more of my time. 

The first '-'e^k of the month I spent several d?=yR on our 
"rchivrl technlcAl file. Perhaps someon'^ coninfi after me will 
su'^.^eot weedlnrr out obsolete Bifliterial, but I think It has a 

- 4 - 

certain Intoreet ae flhowlni^ th«> early vritln^s on archival 
subJpctB nnd tpohnlnu^s, pi.rtlcui^lrly mlcrophotofrr-'-phy . 

St. Hlld-^'f- 'lulld of ChrlBt ^'piscopnl Church, a pro- 
f'»sslonpl vom«n's club, net p.t thp archives Bullfllns^ ^t 
7:30 B.M. Jsnupry 11. I tolA thpn sonethlng nbout o«r work, 
rho'.^ed somo of o-ir trppsiires and cpoXe briefly on rpliglon 
In ol-^. (I-hokl^. 

I hi^ve resisted ar chalmT of the ProG^nm Conrlttee 
for thp n'»r.t meeting of the Society of *rjerlc".n Archivist. 

yjg it orfl . Mr. R. Cr. Guptfi, recently appointed head, of 
thr> J'hotogrrsphic Duplication M<»thodf! for the Np^tlonal 
Archives of India vieited ue January 6. He epent most of 
the dny in th«> Photographic Laboratory. 

'/andalia Stnte House. Mr. Heed, rrchitf^ct for the res- 
toration of the Y-^ndalla State Honse held a conference with 
Mlfls Roger r and mr January 5- ^^ wants tt« to flup»»rviee the 
reproduction of th^ Secretary of St-'te's office ac it was 
133c-09- I have been in corresoondence T-fith the Monastery 
Hill Bindery concemlnf^ reaooductlonn of volumes. 

Archives Building . 

The Bet of archivea bullfllnf'; Itr-ys lont by the building 
en2:inPT turned up in hlR o-rn office early in January. They 
had been Inid ciown on a table an^ got buried under thlnp^p. . 

A nev mat) cpse was purchp.ppd for the 5pr»cl'=l Vault and 
the old case, which is deeper than the nev onf^f, transferred 
to Lefeel 6 to hold the I and M maps. 

i'lerse note ne^-^ erulx^nent mentioned under the hendlnpj 
Dep'^rtnentpl V&ults. 

Tha Confer'^nce room was used t''lce for comtnltte'^ meetings 
^f the Illinois Str.te ^jsploye^^s Association, t-'^ice for 3t'5te 
Library ptaff «eetinf-B and on a number of occasions for 
various archival pur!>oseB. 

The ''rt Ketal Co. h^/if decided that the rustln/?; of panels 
in th" ctair^rs 11 Of the Archives Vaults wefl due to defective 

aaterialR and h.r'S^/f pror'lsed to r^pl^ce thesi. 

^^xhibits . 

On the second floor l^Pt nonth t\\.rr- Scheffler placed 
photographs of parts of the •'Archives Building which ar*» not 
open to the public, and devotad on^ cabinet to pictures of 
I9U9-5O visitors to the archlv^B. 

- 5 - 

^=^mt«> (cont.) 

lh» major ffxhlblt on both floors was on book blndln»^fl, 
all csaterlnlfl being taken Tron th*» Qmn^vfil Dlvlislon of 
the Statf! Library. Hisa Seh^ffler <i»8orlb«»B thifl exhibit 
afl follove: 

rnoslallleB of th» Oat©nbex^ «nd Farr«r« Bibles are 
on display in the vest oae«>. Th«Be fE»ofli»lll«^e, «« veil 
as thfi other Tolunes in the »»xhlblt ar» frosc th» collection 
of the Illinoia Stste Library. 

Photographic reproductions of book bln^inisre of the l/*th 
to 19th centuries (selected by Dr. Molph Solfflildt, dlreetor 
of the Sational Libr«*ry of Dsraatadt and published as 
"Buoh Kinbands XIV-XIX Jahrhiindert* by Karl W. Kierseoann 
of Leiptig, in 1921 fill twi cases in the Museuc Hood and 
five snail cases on the second floor of the building. 
These are handsome bindings beautifully reproduced for 
our enjoyment. 

The other two cases in the Ifosetua roon diepl^.y modern 
bindings illustrating fine leather bindings, coiabinr>tion 
of leather and paper, ^rchment, cloth etc. BlndlnR;s done 
in the SeandinaTian countries, Italy, Japan, Offmnny, Smin 
and the United St«)tes are included in the exhibit. 

Hespeotfully subnitted. 


January 1950 

Secretary of State 

Corporation Dept. 

Fee books, 19^*7-^8 2 
"For profit" reportB, 

"Not for profit" report 


Gorrespondeiioe, 19;j7-.3S 

Index Dept. 

Real ent&te titles, 1 case 
Oeneral A88embly,19i^9, 

Supt. at fsTke, Eftijt St. L6ul8 ? 

^ranacrlptfl A indexes ^t. Clair / 
Go. reoorda (WPA project) 

Dept. Ribllc Works and Buildings 

I>lvli3lon of Watprtfays 

Illinois and Mlchigpn oansl records 
Unbound plots 
Miscellaneous papers 
Affldatrlts for preemption 

Vol ' Documents Dravere 








10 (5x8 







January 1950 

Routine Departmental Calls 
Secretary of State 

Bookkepping Dept. 

Payrolla, Vouchers 3 3 

Corporation Dept. 

Annual reports 170 

Charters 3 

Index cards 6^ 

Correspondence 3 

Court of Claims 1 

Executive Dept. 

Trademarks 8 

executive register 1 

Proclpmatlons 1 

Notary bond 1 

Index Dept. 

Deeds 3 

Elections 15 

Enrolled laws 30 

Contracts 1 

Securities Dept. 1 

' General AiSembly * ' '^ 
Illinois and Michigan canal 1 

Registration & Educ. Dept. 

ftppllcations 1_ 

Historical, Genealogical, etc. 


In person 


Benerpl Assembly 15 

Journal index 2 

County history 1 

Name index (phone) 10 •>•* 

Archival technique 2 

Mortality schedules 1 

Dlnpoflal of records 1 32 


Genealogy 20 

History 7 

Archival technioue 9 

Miscellaneous 6 

Grand Total 332 

January 1950 

^'^^'^^^S Cards 

Perrln collpctlon 

hZ B«rlee ^^^ 

XJrOBS Reference ^ 

f.:: ■ ■■•^HL«to^y Qg^rA. v- IT -'-k 

111. A Mich, canel 

3erl«« C (nov complete) 339 

CroflB Btferencea ,. ^ — ■ -^ 

Nam** Index 

Perrln oolleot. 782 

Bureau Co . Census I85O ^il^i 


Depnrtment of Agriculture 

Dlv. of Architecture & ^'nglru»erlnR 

Auditor of Public Accounts 

Civil Service Commlsfilon 

Illlnole Commerce Gommlfifilon 

Liquor Control Coraralsfllon 

Supt. of Public Instruotlr>n 

Dept. of Public Worka & Bldge. 

Dept. of HeglBtrntlon & ''iducstlon 

Secr6t9ry of State 

Gorporntlon Dept. 
Executive Dept. 
Safety Responsibility 

State Treaeurer 

Supreme Court 

Dlv. of pterwnye 











I V ; s 

January 1950 


State Library 

Art Dept. 

Autoffloblle Dept. 

. State Library 

Corporation Dept. 

Index Dept. 














Negative 8 









• -A- 

f . I. 


■ ■* - 


'■". {-ji.-.,-!;"^^^!.^ .~i~ 

F*»brui9ry 1950 

^o<?e8elon8 . The only Roceflslons for the month were the 
19^7 General Assembly Journals {here unbound on tenporary 
deposit "bnt recently bonnd p.nd so <?.cceeelonpd for the first 
tine) and sonse title records. 

The Jepsirtment oi 'g^-rlculture h.'^.s asked us to tRlce their 
ff.grlc'iltural etntiRtlcs for 1937-19^3 • Thene records have 
been tabulated for the State as a whole, but the Infonastion 
about Individual farwe, the Depsrtraent thinks, and I agree, 
has considerable historical value. The Dep'^rtment has proaieed 
to nut then! in good filing order before trpnsferlnrj them. 

State Fvecorda Corri'nieBion 

Col. Dp y ton of the 'djutant Oi^neral'e office was perturbed 
by 9 lettT from Governor Stevenson strting that the Little 
Hoover Commission recommends that the orlcjlnal bonuR records 
for World 'Mr I (no-' in the archives) be destroyed and th?5t 
the microfilme for the bonus records of World Wf^r I and II 
should be deposited ir the archives not left in the Adjutant 
General's office. That vas not the agreement betveen Col. 
^>'^yton snd myself and Col. ^yton vanted to know if I had 
changed my rnlnd. He ssid the service on both sets of records 
is hesYy, those of World War I for ernve aarkere and those of 
•'or Id War II for oth#»r puriJoses, and he wondered if we waild 
have the atnff to give such service. I said. No, that that 
is use for current qdmlnletratlve purposes, and so long ee 
the records are used in th«»t v«»y they should be retained in 
the department. Col. Dayton said that was Adjutant General 
3oyle*s opinion, but that they wanted our reaction. 

The Little Hoover Connie slon 8*»pma to be coFjtfernlng itself 
with recordp as ^n admlniptr'-tlve jnpttor only, ^/hd I h^'ve hnd 
several repercutlonn fron departments vho previously cooperated 
with the Bt- te ■'"^eoords Cc^niRsion and v;ho no^ nuestion sorae of 
Itn dtclsions. The Depcrtnent of i\ibllc V/, for instnnce, 
is objectinr to the recoirraendatlon th«!t maRt*»r copies of the 
c^se records of ins'-ne honpitals be filed In the archives - 
they s^y it Is a ^faste o'' money. 

'^Ite obviously our Little Hoover CotnTnisaion Is followlrg 
the lesd of the I^r,hy report i^ich considered records purely 
frora a cost of storage standpoint ©nd h«s badly dfimf^.^ed the 
pro^fsm of the National Archives. 

Whf»n e r'»ore8ent'>tlve of the Little Hoov»»r Co-Timisslon 
c?^lled to discuss, very briefly, the 3tPte Records Coraniisslon, 
I -^-'anted hiw to talk vith yoti and said that should be considered 
along with the vhole orogran of the archives. But he irnpatiSntly 
said, "I don't vant to talk sbout the archives. That will come 
Ir^ter. 'Je've j^ot to eret out our report on these independent 
comaisslona. • 

- 2 - 

I r'*co"^-n(»nd«»d th-t the 3t«t«» K*»cords Com-niflBion bp Rtr*»ngthen4ld 
snd 'Tlvpn -or'* po--/er, cTi-^. gnve him 3. copy of the N«stlonRl Archives 
mnnut 1 on r*>cordB disposal hp b«»ckgTonnd motf»rl'^l. H<» filrwadj 
h/5d R copy of thp Brooks m^nu^l. I reconnended th-^t the Attorney 
"Vner^l be represented on the comralBslon eo thnt ve would have 
the f ol] OT-rlnp; «.nc:3.**«! of r^onr'^.s oonRidered; .n.dP!lni<itrstlve 
( th«» department), le.arr 1 (t'e Attorney Gen*»r^l), historical 
(th" Stt'ti" Hlftorlen), r.n". rfp*>nTOh (the St^t* Llbr-^ry gnd 
'^rchlvep). iTiln r^comtnenlptlon fle^^med to be In line i^lth the 
thlnkln?^ of th'.R rep»orr!h mpn (^hof«;e p^'ciili'^r r^^ine I did not get.) 

I f'lno pu^r^f^^ted th^t con'^lder'^ tlon be r-lv^n to the po.'^sl- 
bility th'-t t'le Comp.lsoijn ni.'Tht or plla,«red to fiuthorl!?e de- 
struction, "? If5 done In Reverfsl et-tes. I ouefitlonf^d whether 
that T/ould oe possible under th^ Illlno!.p ci-overnraentr 1 organl- 
Tftlor. Perhnp?? the m^ttpr oo-?ld be h"ndl**d "p <'.t --/ePhlngton. 
The K-.tlon- 1 'ircr.iv^s Oovipoil Aut.horl7.ei th»^ deetr^ictlon but 
r^portn to the Conj^repr on th«^ r^cordf "ufriorlzed to be destroyed. 

pepprtn*>ntpt V-^nltB . The ■'.uperlnt<»nd«>nt of Kibllc Instruc- 
tlon'fl office received the only quthorlr.ation for transfer. 

Thf^ Conmerce Conml salon h" n ordered eoulpment to corrplete 
Inf tplletlonp In Itc vault. 

Btqff '-ork . 

Perh-'ps the mo«t ImoortRnt buelnees h«»re ae elee^-fhere In 
the Library trar th** fllllnf^ out of the Civil Service Conmlrf Ion's 
Clp.B?5lf Ic^tlon questlonnfllre. "11 members of the staff were 
r^nueeted to outline t-.h^lr duties In detail, "s they se-v then, 
and then tr.e flup<»rvlPor wne to give h*»r Interpretation of the 
dutlee, present pnd future, and then, without reference to 
present pTsonnel, to etnt'^ vhnt ounlif Icptlonc find ou^llties 
ehf felt should b" sought for the successors to lncuffib«»nt8. 
Thene -'erp In turn nh^nlTed by th** ^RPletpnt St-ote Libr-'rl'n. 
L-^ter cfl^oh T=v>mber of the stf.ff vna Interviewed Indlvl'lually 
by '-1 member of th^ ClaRclflctlon itpff of the Civil Service 

V/Jien th.'y cnne to inc they ouentioned ray recomniend?5tlona 
"bout ouallf icatlons of crchlvoe staff members, particularly 
the lan-^jage renulreroents. They sfLid our requirenents are all 
ovtt of line ^-/Ith the snlpvy schedules. I replied th'-t our 
calprles were probebly in lln" with oth«>r Illinois 3t'=!te 
SRl^ries pnd p'^rhapa ^•'•Ith library SAlf.rles, but th^^t when 
we r^o into the n^rket for etpff menbers -^e =-,re competing with 
other .'s.rchlval pgenci'»B ^rho p-'y !:iore, mentionln-T that the 
N^-tlon-^1 Archives splerlefl start nt l^i-OOO. The proof th'^t 
ve ^re not in line is j?lv*»n when our civil service examinations 
fail to •'.ttrect the kind of people who wo ild normally seek 
Jobs in the l-rgeRt Stnt** archives in the country. They nsked 
- lot of questions ^.bout the history of <jrchlvr,l trainlnp;. I 
told th'^n thp.t Just st idyinq: the oueRtionnRiree of positions 
now under civil service does not ^iv « true oicture of the 
•^ork we do, becuese cert«^in fields, such f?s rep/^ir work gnd 

- 3 - 

fllln'-]^ are not oovf>reA. They BRid, of course, that th^^t would 
havr> to CT")A If-tpr. *lthoup*h wff «11 feel -we coild hflve don*? 
bet1:e'r hid we not flllr^d o'lt the ou'^ntlonnslr'* under such 
prPEr;ure, I bell*»ve 'sli BP!Hb«>r?» h-^vp n b^ttpr underptftndlng 
of whrt you TP trying to do for th#>in nfi well ns for the 
Library in pstpblishin,'^ prof*=»f?Bion-'^l stpndsrde. 

'rs. reichl^T "nd JUss ■intprb=u*='r hr've ooropleted thp 
tyoln^ of thp Pprrlr Collection inde^ c-rds. There ^re Ftill 
two drawers of unchecked slips written by Dr. Iben. Moet of 
thefle r-.Tf' for nraen -'hlcr. do not mf-tch l^ter interoret'^tions 
or for voluinea not yet reindexed. His cit^tionf^ belied his 
bibliofTf^ohicpl tr^lnir." rnd it is almost imoospible to use 
these regaining allps - for instance, he didn't give cit^itions 
to n.-^free Ir vnluwi".". r^r?". reiohl'-r 1^^ tr^nalntlr^ th<» fifty 
or so Bmrrir-gp contracte '/hlch i^rere Bumraarized not translated. 
Th'-^rp nr-^ etill oddn «nd <=>nds which I c«in t«k« cnre of in r 
rhort tim* Khen .ind if I find the time to vork on It. Hr«. 
?.eichl«»r vilT al^o flrlph th«» odde «>nd endg of indexing of 
volumes, work 'rhlch couldn't be done until I hnd finished 
c^trlo.o-lnf' th«» bound volumes, which ''.r* no--'^ done. Miss Seating 
did not reply to ny letter ex >lAlninfr •-'■hy ^-re could not sub- 
pidize h*r editorial ^^-orTr, neither did she consult Mr. Mon«^j?hpn. 
I thought fihe h'^d given up the idfo. of doin.^r anything a^out it 
rt proi'ent. r^he nov t'ritpf' thr^ t she in nnxious to get started 
= nd wn.ntg the microfilms. 

■'rs. McKndden pnd Mr. '.^sarf>dy h<^v*> opent canpider^.ble t ipse 
mpkin,^ fl sen.rch on th*» lepr'^l hi<'tory of ?. rpilro^d in some of 
the early Secret '■ry of St-^te letter boolcs for Mr. Worthey. 3?*clc 
in tliose d^iyfl they indexed b;- the nnn^e of the cipn vrritlng the 
letter, not mentionin<T the co'^pr-ny. 

Vt. Cp«-9ady reports m-kinfr scenes, loj-^iosl search for Ih n^nes 
in 15 counties, qll but ore in the 1350 census. V/e ■^r'^ having 
p.n increaBin£r nuraber of cnlls for 1360 census records. So f^r 
p.B I knovr thin h?=<5 not yet be-^n nicrof limed, but even if it had 
bep»n I voil-^^ hesit'^te p.ddinp- a cony to our collection until ve 
hpve the I85O census under bett^^r control. If ve had the i860 
c«»nsup too I ?m pfr^id wp voild h«^ve no tiTie to t^ke of 
Illinois firchivefl. 

■^r. Rountree, Mrs. Pobeaoc ind Mr. Casssdy all working st 
thp consolidption of the not for profit corporation reports into 
one incte^d of the present five places to look. Mrs. Pobeson 
and Mr. Casfady are filinp: to^T'^th^r the y<»«r8 19^5-'^9 nnd Mr. 
Rountree is interfiling those yenrs with the main file. The 
firrt compilation if? finished through the letter 'L", the final 
filln.^ throuprh the letter "Bp,*. I have r^queet'^d then to complete 
this Job by t>e end of March if possible. 

V!rs. MeF«dden complains, Justifiably I think, th,"t there are 
so many pls^ces to look for th«»Re unfiled reports th^t it slows 
dovn the efficiency of her de'?k. I think the trouble is th^t «e 
"re bein^ asked to tf»ke too current records of the Corporation 
Depprtment - that thp annual reports should really be In a depart- 
vf>ult serviced by a clerk, as is done by Mr. McKenry for the 

- u - 

'"ixpcutivr i')rn'-rtnent. Ho'^^pv^r, thp u«p of th^ corporation 
r^uortp hr R incr«"^?;f>d «5lncp they bps:*»n flllnr them -with ub, 
our oontroli '\6.f\ gr«»tly to thftlr security, «nd I do not "believe 
the Corporation Oep«rtn»»nt or '-^p really wwnt that l^rge body 
of records tp.ken out of the prchlv^s. I h^ve thoup^ht of re- 
nupptln.r the Oorporitlon Depprtraent to furnish ufi vlth rnother 
file clerk, but that wo-ild Introduce the oompllc^tlonR from s. 
porpon not ''irectl;/ nn^er thp '•rc'nlvlpt '-'or':in.: vlth our staff, 
perh??pp hAvln?:^ different hour?', etc. I think our next budget 
rhoull include "inothpr full time file clerk under civil service 
in addition to Mr. Rountree ■'■^ho should be left in generr-1 
chnrt?:© of thf-' vr-ultn rtn'' Mrs. Fobepon vho l*^ ur^f ul for mis- 
cellftneoiB file Jobs. 

MisB Scheffler flpent noet of h'^r time during the month on 
the ''xhlblt deRcrlbed br^o'?. She r'^portf, so fpr ps c^tsloglng 
Gjoea, ths.t the work oheeta end shelf list for the Illinole and 
^'Ichigc^n cnn^l, ("Jonfltr^.iction: Field /lotesi, ^iPriee D, been 
completed nnd cftrdn ere berp; typed. She hee bppn checking 
cenpl m-'P*! recently received. 

•^r. Pountrce r«oortfl thnt hlr University 'Extension Course 
on Public AseifltRnce. wtis dropopd after tvo meetlm^fl becuee of 
innufflcipnt rpprlPtr^ tlon . Th^re do not fleera to be other 
courses vhlch '"ill court to-^^erds his p^raduate degree. He is 
dlfiaooolnted a« I bellove he TOt some edditionel flnanci=!l aid 
under hie '"i. I. trainln? rierhtp. 

Photographic Laboratory . 

*R fihovn by the st-^tl Rticc, the month of February "s"^ very 
busy in the Isborstory. 

Thp inst-ll' tlon of n new filpi dfier ellTTiinates "the clothes 
lines" which detracted fro!r thp oD-^eerance of the labor^itory. 
Thp film driPT we« In^tplled Just Inside the door of the labora- 
tory .-^nd the print dri^^r formerly in thst spot rernoved to the 
wef't room vith the other driers. This will ellroln^'te rnuch of 
the drippln? es ^fork is carried -^ round the laboratory. The boys 
also diaraantled the old microfilm drier. The smell roon in the 
corner, where ve hrve been kpppln? repair supplies, is no^ be- 
Inf^ used RP p.. portrait ptudio, ag-pin eliminating much clutter. 

.Archives Buildinp: . The hole throu -h the trchives "iulldincr 
for the ne^f povpr plant connect ions ^mn finally corapleted with- 
out riir^hnp. The le-'^n torn up for pipe lsyln?r is now beln?^ regreded. 

Thr Conference ?oo?n was ue^^d for Bt<<=itp Library staff iseetlnge, 
for co-nmlttee meetings of the St-^te Employees' Association and 
for an all day seenion of the Stnte Nutrition Gommitte**. It is 
nlso used ffom time to tine by the archivist •■rtien she is trying 
to vrorjc Tfithout the interruptions inherent in her ovn office 
being p. passageway. 

The roof leeked over the holiday weekend of Lincoln's birth- 
dey end wster penetrated as deep dot^n ee the 9th Ipvel. Depsrt- 
mente affected were notified to check their records, but only in 
thp State Library vault did water seep into the eabinete. No 

- 5 - 

df.nrj^e •'tr-iP donp, fort'in^t^ly, no only the foldern wptp ?»ffpcted. 

'h'^ Mllll'-'^ "^tor-^fTe Poor' In the bflr!ec««»nt wna vacated bv 
''rcrpt-ry of Ztntf>*n flpntrlo typ^'writere group and In no-' 
b«lr;~ uF^d for th** oV'^rflo-- ptornfeT*' of Llbmry bookc. 

'- pT*o'bl(>»T Jn'" .Tl'"''n ir. V.\'^ Opcrrtorr* IdoPtiR'* ''tv3-^lon 
on tl t> Rpcond floor 'fhlcl. p-^rh-pe cannot be solved until they 
T?ove . Th'* room*! h'-.v" ^npTr-o lrifi»?^tod 'd'th ro^ch'^r, partly 
nttr-.ctffd by brlniTlr:»:: In rna le-^vins: lylnn; ".ro-iri of Roft 
■Irln''-' ■*: ")*:tlf « ^n.1. f-ndy -•■r.'i.ri •;'»r?; partly thf* lnfp = t-~tlon c«me 
fror. tl. records ^^hin^; nri^ trucl!:f;d b-^ck nnd forth fron th« 
^^t-t* HoM'"* '••''Ith'T-it fn'^lr^r'ti ir . 3<!»C''u«»p tV," "^p'-rt'npr.t l<i 
tryinf: to -r?.o«d r^^rvloe, it doen not fi*»FT3 pr^c tics. tip to insist 
on 2': ho'irs' ""'piny for f"ir»lr'«>t ion. Y*»t if ir'Pf»otr. pt^* 9.11owed 
to gpt °, h^-^d^rt ir; thr bnlldin;- thr vholp pnrpoEc of th« 
b-ilidlnfr -.'111 b*' t'-'-r',rt'>d. It iff difficult to ugp ^n pffica- 
ciouB rprn.y bf»crur*» thosp room?! cannot of. Rhut off nnd the 
f^ynodlc odor oen^tr- t'*" ill p?>.rtn of th^ b':llding, »nd vo-jld 
■-'ffpct "hr. •r'ltchn'^n 'jf 'one "t nlf^ht. 

-r.hiplt . 

The r^br-j^ry <»T'"dbit ^ro^-l tc b" -^ ror" ■■nbltlour under- 
t-!:lnp: t)---n •./?> y- d -ntici:)-t-- 1. > d.vcldpd to f^r.tUr^ ""erroeR 
In Illlrol''.'' Th*™ coljflorrd no'-.iunity of "pr'Ln':'f i<?ld >pcr-;e 
nuch lntpr«»Ptf-d -nd coou'^r'^t'^d vith ur In producinr: wh.^'t Is 
probf'bly th« mort outnt^ndln r exhibit ve have ev?r hnd. V/© 
coll<~ctcd =.r("^hivrl docin^-ntr rshovin;- T;h« d«»veloprapnt of legls- 
Ifition 1"; Illi'-ol'' fror? thfi t^^rritorl'^l d'^.yp vhrn the Imfs by- 
prpred the orrr^nlc l.-^vs -rhlnh orohibltf^d el«?.very by pprnlttlr.g 
BO cll^d "volunt-^ry* in'''»ntur*»is, up throufrh thp bIov IncrPABC 
of cl^'il rlf^hts rnd llbprtl^R. Another c^Re showed photographs 
t'j'ith brief blOi-rrMphlc^l not^p on outBtrn-llnc Illlnoip nec^oree. 
^ third c-pr* featured nep;ro participation In v/orld '^-^r I "nd 
rr>tlred colored i.'t^t" enployf^ec '■■nd the prf^nent negroer: on the 
f^tnff of the ^':>^.~tf Library. Included in th's; cnre t^re norae 
:-)0er-p by Mrn. "^^IotIt Ivp Taylor, of the Oircul^-tion r.ecords 
etnff. ?';»o CT-'ep (one th^^ we'rt v?!! cpse), featured art worki 
lor- nod by ■iprln-f lold ertlfltr - by our o'-m '-^Infred }ieln ( ohotog- 
rnph*»r), sr^'iloture b- hif brother looker T. Hp-lm no'--' oC ">tro4t 
pn'. by ""*r. -irrn J-^^cV-f on, 'rr. 'rlethr. Scott, nnl Mr. Jr^pf^ 
■ "mlth of '>prl'-p:f iffld. !y?r<:;^«» p^-lntlnp-s by Mr. Jack»?on rnd Mrs. 
'lcott*^,lfipl^y»^4 on ef-R^lp, pnd ^n overflow-.? exhibit in h-iuped 
In th" necond floor lobby. '^r« . Scott '^'ho ep'^cl'^lizp'^ In 
p-iintlrn portr-^ltr frT"'. ■3h.oto?:-r<^;'»r.'? did three "ppi^ci'-lly for 
thlp exhibit, those Col. ^incnn, ''r. PTcy Julian r.nd '■'illlr'.rd 
'•'otl'^y. J>r portr-lt of Bf»cret",ry of r>tnt" Barrett, Included 
in th>e exhibit, took fiecond -^rlze r?t th<^ Stnt* Fair l-^f?t year. 

N>vfip"p*>rp throir'iiout th«» St^t** h"ve trken notice of the 
exhibit ^nd the Stre'-tor Tl:7iea Preop carried a ootaaendptory 

- 6 - 

> ?=^rf» told thct this ia thp first ench exhibit h«ld In 
the Statff and <»xp#ct to be call»4 upon to loan our oollROtion 
of portrftltfl for other exhibits of slmll^ir nature. 

ft llet of contentfs of th«» exhibit le appended. 

Respectfully eubsltted. 



::■"•? r-"^ I' ILUNOIS 'Exhibit, Februr>ry 1-28, I950 

Illinois 3t''t«' Llbmry, *.rcMvRS Mus«»un doom 

1732 3MV^?Y Ii: OLD FRT^NCH K?.5K»SKI1 

Negro fllavpr; 'x»erp brout^ht to IlllnolB by enrllp'St 
^rp^'ch Sfttl^rf. iTr'.ifi'n CROtlvflf? v-^r^ nlr.o u?-"'.! ?-r elaveB. 

?''lr<'t nurir-^r", of Toorrri? sogers Clork Court '■-.t Gflhokis 
var, th" trlnl .-^nl conviction of ppversl negroes '-fho had 
r^oinon'^':^ not only th^ir rr\p°tp<T pnd mistr'^RR but nlao some 
soldiers And other negroes - G-^hokians believed trouble 
vrsiB for.^ntP'^- by ^nrj;115Vv Ap-mtq ilthoufj^h Voodoolfim was 
hinted in t^^Rtinony. 
1737 SL^.V^-r P"njri3I"^D I "I rOR'nr^ST TT?R?ITO?Y. 
Ordinpnce of 1737 «rtiolp VI 

EVASio::3 OF Ti??: :^? )1'I3IT|on against 3LA\n::H'/ i:; the tsrritory. 

1307 Indentured cenratx^n (Copy of "Act concerning fierVRnts . . . " 

1307 31nvp<' coulr' b*^ irport'-d into IlUnoie under the P7ila« of 

Indentured sei^nn^c. 
1805-3^ "t. Glrir Oo'mty ■P.'^CO-'-* OF irr)'^M'"'m"n SL«7"3" 
1313 Free J-egroes, milettoes ^rer<^ forbidden to ni^rr-te to Illinois 
1822—':^- -t. Gl^ir County. PJ-'C^PD OP -PV^-Dl" C^J-^TIFICat^3 
ISl^ "l->v«c ni'-ht be l-'iportr'd to ^fork in R^lt minec (Picture of the 

Crennh/vf M-^ipion. T>rury'r! Hlptoric Houecs of Illinolc) 
1815 first Stotr- Conrtltution orohlbited slavery in Illinole.Art . VI 
1319 ^^'l.flck Oode of Illlroir* 
1322 Petition si^n<»d by e-^rly freedaen of St. Gl=?ir County - 

denandlnp' ri^^ht of suffrnge. 
1823 An Act to puthorlre qualified voters to vote for or against 

e convention at the next (jenenl Aaeeisably. 

rhotogrrph of Ck)vernor '"d'.'ard Coles - Foe of SI?' very 
1337 '*-nt§ slavery sentiment cryetallized by murder of SllJ^h 

Pp.riGh Love Joy (Picture of destroying Lov"Joy Prees) 

Underground r-eilror^d (picture of home of Owen Love Joy 

n^r IVinceton, 111. 
I855 '"^tste '^entE to recl^^iTn oer5on« decoyed or Xidn'^ooed from 

18'V5 negroes denied ri^rht to t«»Btlfy in court 
I855 School Code - School for negroes 
137'^ Fight of education for negropa ' 
IS85 Civil Liberties Act 

1919 I'rotectlon f.gainet Irf l^nmatory llter<=ture 
1933 Freedor of occupation 
19'''3 "^nforceKPnt of civil rights p.rc. libprtles 

FacBimiliea of ^oi^" of the cbove sre on displey on the second 
floor of th* Archives builiirg t^ith some additional infortnetlon 
concerning Negroes in Illinois. 

N^'IRQ-S IM ILII-on Exhibit r>b. 1-28, 1950 

?'■' ^.^ 2 

1.13 cl?; ihomps 

;>len ^uffell 
Jack Johnpo-- 

^dv',nrrl ?. '''orrl:^ 
■''llllnm L. ''pvson 

'■"llf*- SrrpRon 

Mrlbprt H. roberifep Int N'^scro '>mbpr of Illinois St-tp Sen'-^te, 


let Oorff^rrPBisp-n to be elected to offlc*» in 
Illinois (Tlecrro) 

One of firpt T'egro wonen oporoved for practice 
before the !T.S. Suprere Court 
let Nej^ro Indy bnlllff In Cook Connty 
let Merrro h'^-vy-velp'ht an-i on*» of tan greetest 
"ei^n ntMeter of ."11 tire 
'3'itptr'.n'1--r':- Ohlc^r-o Cor-'or.^tlor. l-^'fyer 
FeprPF.ent'- tlve In Conrrep?. Flrrt Kegro to 
b*» r.ppolnted Chnlmrn of Gonrrepnlonsl GommlW 
tee. Conrittp<» or expenditure? In executive 

let ininols. ^3f>!Tro 'foT^T. \Bffl<?it«»nt Str-tes 

'leorgi^ Jonee Kllle .^■seirt-''-nt Cor ;:>orntlon Counfl«»l for City of 

Chlc^'F^o. nn«^ of flrrst r.'e{n*o "OTPen to be- 
co^no e rr^r^ber of the Krstlnnpl AR*?oclatlon of 
■'ofi T L'' '' ^y ere 

Rev. 'urmetinp Tolton Ouinoy, 111. Flrnt Nej^o nrleet to be or- 

'leined In Rofe, It»sly. 1st Kolf ?'aP8 was 
B-ld nt r>t. Bonlf see' Chruch, C^alncy, 111.1836 
')f *'hlcn;fro, "Inrer of Neleon W. Bry-^n KemorlR.! 
Scholr^rshlp for 2 ycrs study ??t Jullllard 
School of Yuslo, Mev York City. 
American '■uthor - once r*Bi''ent of Ohlaago, 
ncr-r livef^ In ?erie, Fr^'nce. Author of Netlve 

'">on r.r-'l ^I'-qY^ p"iy 

IVochpr of ^Hf^llBh "t 3ooe*»vplt Collejrp, Ghl- 

:Jr. M'^th^nlel 0. C?'llo^>r.«'y, Teeehee int^rnrl nedlclne nt Univ. of 

Tl"'.lr •?'.n , p dr- rt'i'^ie^ Ir '^r:Pi''ci''e p.fter 
or>er.'?ti ^n<', etc. 
■''IIIt ---'ohert Mlnr-, Jr. •ttorney - Profer-.->r of 1^" nt University 

of Chlcego. 
Lint of N^inen of Nef^ro Tf»qch<=rr l*- 'i'h.lte Col"!pgrr rnd Universities. 
I>r. T. K. L--^/leRf3 HMn epeclrliet, Chicago. ForeroRt in 'orld. 

'"^r. ">ni"l Hple 'llllcmrt Fo'in-'er o^ Provident T-'oGplt-'^l . Performed 

1st euccee='ful op«»ritlon upon the hun-n heart 
•"^ohn "'^n:"n'^"c'-'e "~ih'leher -if Chle-.TTO ^efer.^.er 

■'-Ibert 3. 1^or»?e let Nogro Jud--^" elected in Chicago 

'^r. i'-rcy JuIIt >)lr^ctor o^ ■^-r-r'^'^TCh of th« "ll^.'l'^n CoTno^ny'fl 

3ojr- Product n Division 
r-irtr-l*: by "rl^thn f-oott 

-^Tder'E ilgept, ^u'^. 19^i-6 r-^Drlnt "Th" 3^y -ho ^dn't ^Ive Up" 
Fortune l^'T-nzlne Mry 19^19 "I'ou"** Th--^ Joyc 3-illt* 
;'hotof3:reph' of Dr. Julian in one of hlR Lrbor''torl*>p 
P-^r.ohi^t - Induetrlrl Soy ?rot«ln - ftory of thr^ir development 

I^ibllshed b' Clidden' Conpeny 
!Jn~!ee IjeVlr.e *i<^'rp ptorv eir.c^m'. nf* Vf^fTo Ilirt.ory ft'e'=k in 

Wept^'rn Cgthollc ^dltlon of Our Sunday Vjaitor 
Fpb. 12, 1950 

faullr'p T/.elpp 
-"lohard v.'rln'ht 
liomnzo Tjo"' Turner 

'JK:&.0KS IV ILLINOIS Exhibit F<-b. 1-26, 1950 ^^^* ^ 

Willie JnnPB Chlcfr:^ Ne^o 3ttint mnn. "'^ulclde Jones" 

vetfTnn fltunt nnn - jn^'ke pRreotiute J-ampe from 

'"3 )!r_' \prll 19^+9 edition - 3prpad photo of openirg of 

np" editorial o'TIgp 
'.'llllnrd Ifotl'^y !*:30!r/ - double spread of "Op^n Any ^ioor* 
J?5.^f»e HovRrd Chic».'^p;r), Shoe nollch nr: inter. 

F^otos^r-.phs - Gourtoqy of" .Robert ?. T-^-ylor t'*''«- co.-<-^V(,r, sv^v, H\»^«uh.) 
Lincoln Liberty Chor^ir. . iiegro sinfrers f ron Chicago, Decatur 
and iorlnp;f if^ld wr>r<' or!;^«inlzed into n Ohoma oy Hobert 
Tnylor. A dlr'^ntor vo.o ermloyed to trr?.in the ohoruB and 
'lir'-'ct; tie glnrin^ <^-t thp r'»-dfidlCRtlon of th^^ Lincoln 
To.-^b ind at thp dellcr'.tion of the YAchel llnde?y Bridge. 
?hotoj':rffiohs t^'ki^n *?'' the«e two oerftmonies are on display. 
N'pg-ryo M^n* r Maeonio Home . Kock Ipl^nd, 111. 
Albert .'iTri« r*»c'»lvinar t;h'=> '^t'ebatT i^'lr^nufi for developing 

"■ housin';:^ project for Ucgrof^r- In r^prinpfield 
Youn? folkq of 3t. Pnul'e ^.H-S. Church vipitin-- fllrain 

"hunnte, Civil W.^r .'^ter^.n, at hi« hone In -'-ivertoTi. 
Robert Aelloy . 3-orlnp;f iol-'. sthlete - wpb elected President 

of Tribe of lilini whllr a stMdent at Univ. of Illinois. 

?hotogr«iT)ha oy VJnfrgd Helm ( K^«^«^ I^^^^"**-^* tvV<.«.^v TWo^o .-r.^^.u; c_ 
•^venin^ Oloudp* (City sky lin^ ) » v t! 

-Ser^-nlty* (Ne-.f SpIph) l<^\>o.^^^j^f, 

"Hcic;ht of "aiory"* (IlllroiR Cr.pltol 31:?:.) ^^^'*'/ 
"MlE^ht Bloom* (!It~ht bloorrinc C^reu*?) 
'^ior\ of Hlr?>n Je.ckson 
Oo-neroi<>"' n;-:»»tch<=>e by Hir-^ni J" ok eon O-^r's yv9<\«\o» «^-rv;*t) 
Crovernor Villlrn Kf^ptie - f^ov. of Virgin Islands 
i'-'r??. lAfvy IjcLeod ^pth-jn*^ - -^t . "r'^srltufi, Both'in^-Cookraan 

College, '')nyton,*> 3p«>ch, Florida 
I.-r-Pton nu^'h"? - Poe t--rr I tf?r 
P?ni '/illipmn - Cnllfornlo Architect 

Portr'iitfl bv 'Urpra JpckBon 
"^-y if* -^n-". •'^.orT^ 


"Jr. Scmifrp^p" (Dr. Sherr-n L. 'rjcrnf^f^c, , l*reB. Lincoln 
Hniver^lty, . J'^f fprT.-i ''ity, "^Inno-'ri) 
"ThA ^iTprcioptor" { Borc^lun Hend of Lincoln and Negro Boy) 

red Illi-oifl 5t---t«^ ^noloye^r 

Cl^rpncp Lir-^rins 
rev. "nthony Ktnr 
•'llli^m ^. ?ishch 
"prtr.^r ". '3in:'cl'»tnn 
Corl J. Pickett 
iv^ylor ''oore 
nobert IV-'stor. Taylor 

:: riHKs ir II.LI-:on -exhibit >Vb. l-28, 1950 page k 

'--oto -r-'-oh ot* "rlorl^ L*''^ '^"vlor (Homb^r of 111. St. Lib. 3tnff) 
- )0'-nr ': '^'lorl- L«.«. 'T'».v\o^ 

To ^ irTT" "irl: Viilets: APT«:^lfl; Hi.^ht ^-n'! 0-/; Fickle 
'f^nrt; r.^tropo^ct; "T-»r, T.lttlp Kid; Iy?kp "-prln^^fleld; 
rhlrp^R I Lovp . 

"br5tr-■'^t. Art; ^'ol^rn -".rt; ' 'on-^n 

-^:Dno,^r :>h n!" :>;;ro r:-^:-'b'-r'' of -^he Illlnojp :"t-t>^ Mbr-ry Staff 
;'ha1;o.-r^ph of Npr-ro nr":bpr'' of thf 5t-f f of rchiv^r Divicion 
Photo.'^r^ )Vi 3 • . -h- rl'—. ?:-oorell . lyr-l nt th'^ Lincoln i'orab and 

Tfftll kno'^m 3n.^-lf»r. ''r. ^^-x-^'pII h-!' Bourded "T^pb" at tnore 

rillit- ry f'lv^v If. "V-'^n 'ny oth^r b'l^lcr In IlllnoiR. 
?hotor'r!="oh o" Illlr.ol?' Kf»fTro m-^mbprs of th'' 370th r-ecini*'nt 

.= t C^:;p Lov;"n, i>XTG. or 11 -.'"r I 
Offlo«»rs of 376th H^rriport, ( 3ro'dni''.ft) 
Officers of 5th Illinois r-'^tlon-l '"•u^rd H«?;^i!npnt (Oourtesy of Robertt 

P. Taylor) 
" copy of "Tnnf»tt J. r>c3t*-. •" - ^r^^RICV N'"aRO I!,' TI'F •'O.-.LD W/R 

(Courtpfy o" Pnbprt ?• Taylor) • 

^-^(^30-3 I- iL!.,i-;r;n ( "r^^t n=po) 

'finfred IT^ln - Photo^r^ph of Lincoln's Tonb au:5^rlnpo3Pd upon 
her-''^ of^h?'-. Lincoln 

Booker ?. '~^f*lm - 'oT^ C' r^l-.-T - *7yolc,Tl Nec^ro Hp-id" 

^rlpt'io fjcott - ■■/lllT'l Motloy (Portrait study done enp<»clp-lly 
for tril^ •xhVnit) 

Jrf-Ti 'i'f -.tiPt*^ .^'oint [>. 3r-:cl^ - flr?^t permnnent f^ettlpr of 
Chic^fro 1779 rnd th« r»fl'"«bl« C.p.bin ( photostr»t5 ) 

Dr. C-rter 0. w'o^dson - Founder of the U/ition^l Af^socli-tl ■)n fcr 
thr Itndy of Tl^f^ro Llf« .-^.r.'" T-Tirtory; ... In-^ i-'-ir- ti'-d ilpgro 
'■Intory Vf^ek. 

THditori'^l fr-)- 3tr«-tor Ti-en-.'Y(»of? 

Ch'irtior of the first fr*""* school for ptndent?? of ill r?5.cee - 
firrt fr"*" f^chool in 'r^e-ic- founded by :>r. 3ilnfl Hamilton 
nf»!7r Ott«rTill-^, Illinoip, Kersey county. A -nonument In 
T»nor.7 of "!r. ».nilton ";-'" pl'-cpd in thr school yftrd by 
'3^or?re 't'sishlnr^ton, «? negro fllnve whor Dr. Hnn^llton p^-irchased 
'-'hen oix 2r<»~rp o" ai^^<^ --^nd "ho rpra^ir^d >fith Dr. Hamilton, 
^fti^r bpln- riv-'n hi^ fr^-^do-n ir 183't. A fund v=ifl left 
":-y '''^or(T;» Wflfhii^prt in, to bf» ur<^d by stud^ntn of hif r«ce, 
for purpose* r of education. 

-- s<»eonii t^ood crvins; by looker T. Hf»lm is on diBpl«»y on the 
second floor o-^ th° buildin.?;. Tills c.?r«rln^ 1?? on loan by 
courtesy of 'leorge Hotnner, Dept . of P.«g.lptrf tion <5nd Sducition. 

PortriiitB of ^d-s/srd J. Barrett anA Col. Otis Duncn by r 
Arleths 3cott pre included in the exhibit. 


February 1950 

Secretary of St^te Po<>^"^"^« lolumee 

Index Dept. 

D«edB . 

2 oases ^-^ 

General Aeeieinbly Journals, „ 

19^7 ^ 


■■- *+< 



Fftbnmry 1950 
Routine Departmental Callfl 

Secretary of State 

3ookkeeoln(^ net*; . 

Pay roll 5 

Corporation Dept. 

Annual reports 83 

Index cards 205 

Correspondence 3 

Fixe out Ive Dept. 

Not'-^ry bonvl.8 5 

Trade marks 10 

Index Dept. . 

Deeds o 

Elections 12 

'Enrolled laws 23 

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Closed oases 3 

General Assenbly — 22 j^.- 

Genealogy, History, Archival Technique 

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^nealogy ,^ v ,9 

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Grand Total W 


February 1950 

N.-'.ine index 

3ure^-u Co. federal oenflue, 

1850 269 

Perrln collection ; ^ jSl 


Dlv. of Archltectur#» & "n^lnwerlng 3 

Auditor of Public Accountfl 8 

Civil Seirvlce CoromlBalon 7 

Illinois Commerop Commlsfllon ^ 

DepRrtm^nt of Ineurnnce ^ 

Supt. of Public Instruction 5 

Dept. of Public WorXi L Buildings 5 

Dept. of HeglBtratlon & Kduoatlon 35 

Seor»»tAry of St?^te 

Corporation Dept. 3 

Court of Clftlma 1 

Executive Dept. 19 

Safety Peaponalblllty 1 

Securities 1 

Statp Treasurer 3^ 

Supreme Ct. 3 

Dlv. of Waterways 


February 1950 


53c7 ^ 


Stwtp Library 


Vandalla st"t« house 

exhibit fflatprlnl 8 

Visitor from India 8 

Display cnsee (2 exhibits) 35 
Negro exhibit n»|iterlnl 

(Part mounted) 26 

I»ubliclty Dept. 

Dlcplfiy cases 28 

Pictures of Llbr?>.ry 116 

Bchool children tonrinf^ librrry '4-6 
F^istorioal landmakre of city 12 
Lincoln medal 2 

State Librarian of Ml0??ourl 18 
Zonta Club 

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Exhibit mater l.-^l 6 









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Secretary of Str-^te'c pxhlblt at 
Auto Show, Chicac^o 


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.it;. : ' 
;■ s, , .. J ,.■ 


March 21, 1950 

B(»r;ort for Archives Staff 

Several mattflra of Irrirr.odlato interest to all staff laeetlngs 
were llaou'^neA 9.t thla masting and lest I fall to toll all of 
you all of ■'V.-n In nerion it seema beat to me^ke a written report 
this tine, 

Mr. Vicars aakod to huVf» the follo'^lnf annonnoenents rep-d: 

J. ApplicDtions for ebef»ntf»e ballot for the April 11 election 
arfi nov ready In th" Index fjeDartnont Trt-iere blanfeo can 
be obtained and th''> vota notarized free. 

2. Thr; Secretary of 3tate haa been oDerating a blood bank 
at St. John»a Hospital for aone tine. He nov wishes to 

•', ' " eatabllijh a. alnilar biood bank at Koinorlel Hoapttal. 
-?., ; fiaploysof •f the Soorattary of Statf'a office and their 
iGi-iedlfete far.llios raajr ?.ave doTiitlons froa tbla blood 
bank froo. Voluntnera to rrlve blood either at the new 
blood bnnl: et i^?norlal or to replenish the aupply at 
St. Jchr. 's aro ur-'ontly ner>(''ed. It lo requested that 
tho?^e voJuntoerln;; •?;oald ;iot "at for four hours before 
noini; to tho hogpitp.l; the process ta];GS about an hour 
an<l will r.ot ni^coG^.itate taklnf; n'orf th'ip. an hour, and 
a half off from vorV. Those neer^ing blooll or offering 
It ai^e tc re-.-ort tc Kltia i'log^ra or Kiss Dieckha«i. 

Mi 9 3 Rogers 

3. Mlsfl RoRera threetena to "'orack do*m" hard on those 
tne^bera of the ateff who remove books and magazlnea 
without charging them. Right now aome numbers of Haroer's 
and a Good Hou8eke*»plng are r.lRsint^, also "Chicago Con- 
fidential". I feel quite sure that none of the arc^^iiRea 
etaff la guilty of this lack of consideration, but call 

It to your a".ention. 

^, The Key Method Bindery at JFftc'Kaonville haa Invited the 
Stete Library staff to visit their plant in the near 
fT;t\jre. ?hofT^ of you tewchrvf? not visited a bindery at 
work will find thia qonethlnp verj' interesting and helpful 
In understanding (archival an voll as library books, Miaa 
Rogers £3>:ed uf> to enphaslze th? fact that this trip la 
not ll;-;ite.d to professional staff, but son^thlng which 
v/ill bo of interest to ell, end "^'-e wiqheo as many as 
pos<»lble to fi^^en^l. The trir) will be nafle in the evening 
but s>>e will not ask the bln-^ery to heve ua unless at 
least P5 go, since the bimlery will have to pay time and 
e hslf to their era^iloyecs and she thinks less than 'ihat 
nunber would not Justify that. The date has not yet b«en 
fixed. If you would be interested, please let ca know 
within the next day or so. 

5. The American Library Asg^iation is aafclng for norainatlcna 
for president elect, 2d vice prealdent, treasurer, 2 aiero- 
bera of the executive board and 6 members of the oounoil. 
She has asked each unit head in the library to ask for 
suggestions from each nseaber of the staff and to report 
by the end of the week. Kombershlp In A.L.A. Is not 


n«co .f;ary In Oi'dor to M&I:.r' aurs'egtiong. If yc; have any Ideao 
about wV.dn to noHilnatg, plo?.9e coinnnnnlotite then to me, 

'i. Miss Rofjera announced the anr^olnt e !it of throe new merabers 
of thf? profoealonal starf of th?- librery: 

Mlos Pttrlcla Baker - Loan Desk 

Kins Marg&ret Hernan - Collect Long 

Klsn K&rr;p.ret Fendergraat - Cptalog 

Two '-artlcnlsrly Interesting renortB w«»re made, one by Mrs, 
Howeiv^ on KaKlng: up ths Pupila' Reading List issued by the 
Superintend? ent of Public Ihnt ruction; and a Joint rer^ort by 
Miss reviews and I'^ra. Curran who attended h recent Blnd<^r3' 
Institute 3t f3i . Louis. 

Mri3. Howard I3 a aenber of the. cowmlt leo to rze're up tV.e reading 
list of boohc reocL^crcnded bp auir.le: entai rpsdlnf^ in the grade 
and hlfth nch''0l3, Thir. i", t)\r; i-int ting tshe Str-tti Library 
has bef'^n repr'^nerited on thlii co;y:ltten ond ?'r». *^o'-''ard honea 
the list is rp.thor better than in 30ftc For Inntanoe, 
It hen he^n so difflcnlt to find bn oka thnt could be resd by 
C'nllflren at Ist and 2d grade l»Vf»lr. thnt nontly then* boo!ca 
have bf;';n school reaof^rs, but no^r other bookc h&ve been 
found. She drt-icribed Int^reg"'- Ini.;!'' i.ho ij-'.Rpa ta.'knri by the 
ooRT.ittee in rrakine»: a sol^.ctlon of 6 rocorir.ended boc>3 for 
each of the gradea, ri.-st a list le conpiled of booha .lub- 
raitted for nublicatlon by th" publlrihpra, graded as they grade 
then. Thf^n that list goes to tVie co'- itteo, usually dividing 
the work. But thl-^ y^ar Kra. Ho'-^ard. r^ad .-.nd evaluated all the 
booh^ -ooEe 250 of then. She sefirched for smd oompiled 
covior^ of &]1 revie'.'a and other evaluation:- of th-n she could 
dflnd, Eao"; n-.s^nb'^r of th'- committee aub'-.itted 1:13 vote for 
the best books for each parade, and the b-ch-, receiving; the 
hii?hent nu 'ber of votes ^'fevft given first consideration. At 
th?t gtaga t]\<5 proper ir^rading of ih- bcoks is r'conaldered. 
The co'.rulttee then selected the booka to be v>ut on the list 
in a connlttee ae^ieion. The conmittee is selected by the 
lun^rintendent of Public Instruction and the list Is Issued 
by hla office. Repjreaented on the oorrnlttee are teachers 
and prlncirela at both c,'rade and hif-h school levels, the 
IllinolB Sduoational Anaociatiom, 3 county aur»printendent8, 
3 of the staff of Mr. Nlckell. 

The Bindery Institute was an invitet'on affair, the pumoae 
of vh'ch was to give librarians an oprjortunity to expreia 
thr>!r view? on bindlnf^ the boolcblnders and vica vera. I Judge 
the binders got in ^he final word. The binders coripl '^■rned 
that the librariane a'ded needlesnly to the cost of their 
binnin?' by not aending s'^ equate instructions. They alao 
3«»li it in iniprectlcfib^e to roduoo tha quality and coat of 
blndlngii - that noat of the cost la for labor and that using 
cheapor quality rnr-.terlBla could hardly qeve wore than throe 
or four cento per voiun#i end they were un'^illlng to depart 
fro-^ th^ir standards. Some of the librarian made the T)olnta 
thet the bindings ai* too etodgy looking, that they need a 
manual of Inatruotlone anA a film ahovlng binding processes, 
A manual is being conplled and will be out aorsatlne soon. 
The binders recorunend that libraries should bind only tochni- 
oal booka and not bind neyapapera. They also suggested that 


'■•,.■!,: '??■";■•,•»-.'-■■ 

books would not be wiray so loaa^ at the blnd#»r*a. a frequent op»-^*': 
plaint on the part of librarians, if the librarl ana would 
aehedula a regular tlnie to send their wor*» : ..= V ■ 

Mr, Kyen^ reported on an induotrlal aafety conf»*snoa vhlch '£ JV 
he attended recently. Hr* vaa particularly Ipnareaaed by the ^^J 

apeech of Nr, Miller of General Shoe Coin^or&tlon who eaid hlo 
corap&ny had shopped using "horror" ploturaJi of parsons y iV 

orlp^led by industrial and other a^^cidenta, and waa rathajp \ 
streiaing haripy workers ^o did not hare aocidonta beoauae 
they obsanrad safety rulea. Re said this positive ar>proaoh 
has had exoal lent result a, \. , ^ 

Mrs, Langsdon reported that there is aoae pro8?>eet for a new 
die tr lot libi^r? in M^roe OouJity, and an applioatlon has baen 
made for. the State library to sat up a deaohstration project 
there. Woodford oouhty is to hold an election for a library 
district on April IS,-.. , . ■, ,..,.,';,:,. , ,.,-,- . ^.. .,,.,,:... .. ,, .-:. . ;^>;"-- 

Kias Sko0h oalled attention to a special nuaber of l^braiy ; 
Journ^ al Tour rent i^i^ue) on rBans. Hiaa Rogars augi?e«ted that ; 
Bill n«'nb«rs of thff staff read this, and that all o&ke thora- 
selvea faralllar vith the map oolleotloa under Miss 8ail«y» 

It la qult.t? Irrportant that all B«j«ibern of thfl Archives staff j,>c 
understan'^ tha purno«!e and oontenta of this collect Ion bscaiiae 1 
w^ are !!>:«? ly to ^et quftsittonfl about it when nho may no^t be 
hand) to refer Tieor>le to her. So, please ask her abottt it, :> 
everyone, ■ _ .'•■:}'' iy^'h';'... 

Bookiaobilea vill not operate on election day, so there will ^v 

be no crlticlsn of the llbrRry ^w playing polltioa, 

PleRflc sign and pass on to another aerbnr of the Archives vV^'>i;'=4 

Staff. '; ^■■^■y?^ > : 

y : .. 


'"■S.- I. 

'.'■:■'. •.-'^> ^^ ' 

4- t 

i'^^^v";" ■ :'fcj^ 

- - - ,■; ■-. -■ .■ -T =■ -r ■ C ■ 

:'■ • .'■. .■ ■ .'". .-- - -Hf^ A-Zi^-.'.-^' ''.'*"■'-'"■- .':-;■■■-' -.-r ■■':■-' ••■^J^ 

1 ^■'V:*^""-^'''"*'/''^^'°^'^C 

" ''■^, ' 


•■', :*Vfc'v ,,;„ - "•■:;„ ^ «•; -^ •!>>?;,■* v.f--;;jw'' ■■"■ ■ ."■■■;::,'?&'. '..^ ■"■-(■ ■■Z--:'--^'-i^^^ '^■■^ -A =;i>;. '?-'^ ., -- -ri;,*■>A»v■.■'^' 

Report for Mprch 1950 

"oceflfilq ne. 

Vo records ^revf* deponlt«»d durln*^ 'laroh biit conv^refttloni! 
h-^vp b*^»»n h«ld vlth two Dponrtnents In rntlelp'=^tlon of trann- 
fp-rn. T>ve Tx«0'itlv«> D«»o#»rt!rtfrt Dropof;#f3 to e^nd Its r^gist^r 
of trrsd« mirka which wae fomerly In th*» Archives but r{»turTifld 
son** y*;^rs n<?o on r'*'7U*»"t of th** TVp-irtmpnt . 

■ 'r. Lnndo, r^'nor'lf! officer for th«» 'J.S. Dppartrent of 
''(-rlc-rlture vlnltpr^. th» 'Vrehlv*»9 ^-flth Mr. ^'In?^ of thn Str.te 
'3*'p«^rtjn'>nt of Ajprlcultur* on '^nrch 16. I '^ms o'l* of th«» city 
but "ir. Caf^e-dy «^hovr 1 thon around th«» Archives Bulldlrif^. 
:'r. L-^ndo expr^'sftcl hlnflwlf nfi v^ry enthusiastic over our 
Rr»t-up f>n-^. urg»»d onr Afrricalture D#partr»«nt to tr-^nefftr the 
Joint f<?dernl fltatp ngrlcilturfll «t«»tlstlcp to ur r,p <ioon 
pn ponplble. I hr-<\ h^'\ sorr.*^ convers* tlon '^rlth Hr. "-vlnr^ 
pr^vloisly. There l*' evidently flOP« llttlp h<»'iltrtlon on 
the ort of Ttr-o on«» other th^n lir. ^vlnp, but I thlnl': ■•«? 
*'ill -jp"* tho r'^oor^^.i aoTn. '^> all fe«^l that th^ep rROordo 
of the* crops f^rown on Indlvldn*'! fnrf*»i» ov*»r f ■^4»rlod of cone 
forty y^ra Vinvp vnlu*» for hlf!torlc^l r*»fle'-rch, beyond the 
st'tlnticnl tabul-^tlonp slrf^dy nndp by county. 

^'•':>.->rt nontax "'sitiltp . 

'\ithoT\.7.-^t\onr for tr^-npf'^r t'T '"■'•portnent-'l V«^-alt- wero 
frilv^n t) th*» Kln'noft e.n'1 H«»t'lBt*.r-ti'>n nnA '^duc^^tlon >*»pr^rtnf»nt8. 

'r. J^hnf.on, -n-^Xat-r.^ "^Ir^otor of H'-n»"f '?r.''; ''InT'ln 
C'^ll«'d or-f ''."y to srte'k ^n^lPtrncp ir th? c^r** of thr nine 
r^-'pe. I f^ild, 'Tii^y r*rr f»].rp«?dy In year vr.ult, 'r'»n't th^y?" 
ind px!0>lttc«d " let^.T --uthDrlzlnrr th«» tr-^nrfpr d^ t*»d 19^0. 
''r. J->hnPor uld mt h'-'-i' thry hrrl p v^ult. '■■'" hr'-. cfY.PicX for 
ne-' Authorlr.p tlonr for clprVr. since vr* Vrift?»' the clerks formerly 
"Uth'^rlzed to rro to tVp ''In'^'' -rd I'-lr«»r«:lr vr--lt - r^ no lonpcer 
In -,'j-tr> effoloyiM*'. -> founl th<it only *•-. f*»v rcc >rl? hf^d 
.ictarvl]y bp'^n trrnrif f-rr ("■ I t^ tlir!r vilt ^nd '■'V<?ryon'» hrd 
f^T~ott*^Ti nil a'bont It. >lr>antl!n<» n fr--'""' '>'rT»ho'iPP ''cent 
tT *;'' r -bf^-B'a r.rllro^d trac'rr re"-r 'lo-ith •■^Ixth it. hnd been 
r-nted to house those records. Th" or^^r^nt director hp.?' b«©n 
v.^r7 r'ioV. v;orrl«>d r'rrat hntrlnp- such l-r^^ortnUt record" Ir e 
hnr-^rdoufl bulldlnfi^. Mr. Johnson srld th* reo^rd^ voild be 
bnu -ht to their r.'f»;)-5rt!r«»nt"l VAultp? ?t once. 'IT-.^t '"-^r rqeyeral 
ve'^'tg '"^bfij they h^^v not cor?»e yet, "but ve exo»ot then: nlraost 
,iny ■♦■. *_re . 

•• r e^ I V ^ r. 3u 1 1 :^i r.f . 

"ll"? hrve be<»n eellevd for for e'.dltlonel fill',.': ceblneto 
for t?.* J'rchLvrr Vflult'!. ^nly nbout one-thlr:l of the vaults were 
orl{?ln«lly e^^ulpped. Lfl<!t ye^.r nhelvlnjj van j^tirchtned to coi»>«- 
:-'l'>t'« t'-,^ t--o floors •^.^'-i'-ned f; tlie IlllrolR 'i'ocar.pnts :)ep»rt- 
mant. So f.o.r the booke now or I>9rel 1 h^ye not been rejsored to 
lievle 3 end 9 b".t flp«ce forrr^rly used on Level 10 hns been 

- 2 - 

Mov that thp '")ppo rtiTK^ntcl V-ultp ?rr*» fillfd pr?ictlcslly 
t^ c^-yjeoity, ''ppartmpntn PVf* 'b*»f^lnnlnp: to tr?in.«f«r rpcor '.f? to 
ti-.e '.rchlvos propT, ^ttI v'«» looX for «n ?»ccpl<«»r'5t*»d tr^rnfer 
r tff fron row on. 

Th» Oonf f»rpncf» Foon ''??^ n!^'*d thr^p tlnpR for oorT"T>ltt«»e 
me^tinira In connection ■'^Ith thp Illlnoln "'nployef'S '^"f'oclp.tlon 
b-^nnupt, once for nn In 'prvlne "'r^lnlrn- nisBo or 'Mbllc 
RelrtlonR, o^ conrpe for thp blvepkly Rt.^ff npptln£<n of 
thp st^te Llbrrry. 

3tNff Notec 

i'l'ni Ho^eri^ f>.n'\ I ,'',tt»n'T»d n Olvll Service Connlsplon 
hpnrlnn- in Chlcofro on h'nrch 17, in connpotion -j-lth the p opolnt- 
nent of thp Oocampnt *rchivlPt pnd <>t^\op;o-^. Under th-* Civil 
Service 'ct, If s\ non-vetpr^n in Rplectpd fro-^ thp civil ser- 
vice list over -5 vet<°r?n, tli-^ t choice puf^t bp R'ib£3t?>ntlE>ted In 
r hcrir..: bpfore thp Co'7iTii«?rion. Mr. CnRrady's .'».ooointm'»nt '■f-^s 
cor.t'^<->t'^ I by Mr. Ls'Trence Fox, vetprnn of "'orld 'pr I. Mine 
Ho:'-prs =!nl I h^d to confer vitVi Mr. Hurley, As-'lRtrnt ' ' torney 
TpriPT'^l th* d-y befor*^ thp hp^rir-c;;. Thp heTln;'- It^plf Ir/'ted 
bpyond trsin tir'<», -'hlch erol' ir^" '/hy ^'p wprp ^v.^y three drye. 
"' o f ' r aF I ic^o-', tf:<» Co'^"'lp«?ion h'~p not ypt l^^iipd n ruling 
in t^.e c^f^. 

y.isr Schpff l^r ' R jnot^pr "'.ied Mo.rch 17 pnd -^rr '^ burlpd Hj?rch 20. 
Stnff /ork 

■-"hi!;:' pn-it ncf't}: I h^^vo b-^pn do'.r.-- o-V'.e ^^.nd end*^ of "ork. /"or 
ItiPt-'ncp, I n^dp r c. l»-"^nd'^r of thp nlf!CPll-''npo"ir', .''^rrin docu- 
ppntf^ orlor to 17^0 r <'. "- j-^jldp to :"lr-'.inr- np=-cifin docinents 
■'it'ioui: so mu'ih h^ndlin^ of t':-- oririn-'lB. t. Ibpn'r c-" lender 
foT t""'' '^''rli«=*r rpcorr is not •i''^blr> o'rtly b^coBP of poor 
dencrlption but l?rfrol be-c-'inp t'rp prr-^nf^npnt of th- rpcords 
brf- hapn clvn^^^d. "hrpp roll" of nicrofilm '^^nt to the Unlvern- 
Ity o^ illlnolp cort? i n'^'^^o -lies of sll. thp un-ourd f-:nd unpublished 
r-rrrin recorde pr' or *:o 1810. I told Dr. 3eltln,'{ theae should 
b'- de,x>slte^l plth^r in thr I'rivprrsity Libr-ry or in th'^ HlRtor- 

lerl M^rvoy vh'-n f^^* i" tbrou-Th '-^iti-i thp*", rs our inpur?inc« 

r',-~r.iriPt pot»nti?l Io'^p of ori-;in"lfl. Imluled on thr third 
roll rrp p^rpl-"-^ of o-'t i-dpr c-r'^e. ?brrp -^r« 13,000 of theae, rr.lcrof lining th-^r? '-^tth our hpcordr-'i; '-'o'lld or- - vpry rlow 
orocpf"-. ''or thi«' -'p r^ou.ld hrv thp rotrry tyoe cor»era. I 
doubt if the Survpy ^ould b<^ willing to rpnt oup to do the work 
h ;*: hr^j'r no^ di'-cu.P-P-^ th't oo'.n^ vlth 1r. Spltlnr^. 

I h'-vp pp*. -JO >.«<-■' or<^ «'»t o" "rji^niflcr-nt Docunpnts** for publl- 
crtion in IlllroiP Libr-'^rlep r.n4 h^vp bepn workltr': on a nanual 
o-^ 'i'^ooqttlor of .qt-^tp Hpr'.ordp T'blch ^-111 b* ptx rd'^ntrtlon of 
the recently Iseued Nstlon^l ^-rchlvr"? Mftnu^l ^-hlch ^ p h^ve per- 
rlr-ion ^o -.^p. 7hi« -i''') b" oubli«:h'>d first In Illinois Llbrtirleg 
.-nd reprinted e?^rly pnou^h in thp ?»utnmn to service oe p. Rulde 
to depprtmente plannlnp^ their lepjleletlve profrrnnis. 

- 3 - 

In thin oonn«>otlon It 1" of lntf»r*»3t to notf* th«t the 
3pp"rtn«nt of labile 'Vlf'^re hn« flpnolntpd t'^^o corT"ittp«='8 on 
recorlfi, onp to st-nrlRrdlzp thplr for^np, one to n.ct on cilepoBRl 
of rscordfl. Both p.rr ho'r.dp''. "bj Mr. Frf'd J«hnke vho h.^c? repre- 
n^'ntp'! th«^' '>«p.^.rtTT>pnt rpv^r^'l tl' ps ot St'-te ?.f»oord Con^lsslon 
hfnrlnf^r , on-^. "ho h- r con^^ulted np fr^oui^ntly on rf^cor 1 problems. 

"re. '■cK'-.ddf'n r" .)ort, r* hr-"'"!--- ■■'ritton 1200 Index drds for 
thf 1850 Jxirean County on^^iup rnd Mr. CftS?»^dy 25O oprdti. This 
completes th-^ ind^" to thrt coixnty. 

Mr. -ountreio r-^portf? th-t h*^ Y.- ^ hrd to do "^'ich r-^vlnlng 
in thf Not for Profit corrjorrtion r*" ^orts, but thrt h** now 
hiT rll fil---rl throurr: thr I'^tt^r "3". Mrp. robeson hr'- p.Ibo 
be^n corribininp; the four yet-rf to be rdded find hnfl rI'^op* flniehed 
the letter "P." '^t. ^perrrxy ond Mrf • VcJ^dden h''vp elso helped 
'At. Hountree nnd th«»y h^v*> finif^h^d th^ lett«»r. *R. " We hooe we 
eh-ill be over this b-^Cirlog hump ^hlch h'^i=' be»»n dl^trT.Pinf^ Mrs. 
■ ■Cirlden 'o»c?iue° it h = « RloT-'ed do"n her refer«>nce vork. 

■'r. Ct^sRfdy h^F sprvlc<»'l th-- j^nil Ini^ulrl^s or i?<»nep.lof^y. 
He g^^ve dnta on 22 fpmill«»?? In 17 counties of the l5sO federal 

"r. 3 nderp, th^* history te^chor fnri Litchfield ^^ho, vlth 
".Ir pupil", h-^ve been ?»rn inp^ o ir noFt frecuent Of^tror*^, nae been 
);*»re ne-rly "Bvery '•IntnT'Xrf for revpr^l month'', cooyln.T; the 1350 
f*'der-l c?>n3un for Montrtonery county. Ho finished l-'-t veek, 
i-ora'-r Icing, *So--' n^'itb^r I nor "^y rtu'pnts ^■rill h'vp to bother 
you." Hr' ccal'i. h'^'/'^ rr:rch-'>r'ed ^ TnirToflTm cooy of t'^^tt county, 
-r thr. HTlon I.ior^ry d'.d, could not afford r- rm'lpr, neither 
could he -afford r ohotosti^tic ro^y. Incidentally, -re h^ve he.d 
sever- 1 renu^^^ts l"toly fir fiicrof 11)?', or pnl-r^^^d cocie?: of 
thp federal ccnpiun, but h- vf^ rpfe:'"red rnc.h l"^--.iripR to the 
''■■tlir-I 'TChiveR pf '/e do not think v* h-'v^ '-it"''.-:)rlty to make 
fiucli cooiep even if ^-p v*»rp pf^ulpopd to do bo. 

Hifis r>cheffler hr^d ti b^ irrep^il-r In her hourr iTioRt of 
th? Tor*-h rr\'\ ■-■■s --b's^nt tnp "^o^- -^ft-r h'^r ''iTt'.^r'n de.-^th. She 
reports con.jletion of the P^t-loeir<T for <'not'r-!«»r paction of the 

Illi- oi-v. -n". '{lGhlr,".n C'ti-^I rpcor'.'': . l-^ld boiV:-^, '^rrl^.'? t>, 
it on'- ^-e.-ie!=", books ^ l-l^*. 

;'rf=i. Curr^n snd I hrvi^ be^n epoolr.ted r. corrltte'"* to arrange 
To-^ ''.'-^pl^y of nyoroprlTtp ^rofcspiop-l novic for thr> benefit 
of th'» ntet» Libr?:.ry stpff . At th^ V'«?rch 7th rteetlrg ve shoved 
r. flln on pr- o<^r -v^nuf.^.ct :re: f.-,o n?^-^mern;lll .'r.pcr Oon),?,ny'« 
•Tlie Cift of T<« ' Ai Lun," borro-'ed froiri th^ "!ecot;r ?« >pr House, 
:n '')ril ': '^r. vliP«rt, pr^^ldpr!':- o^' '■h->-f !'e!ihod 3ook 'iln lere of 
Jpckfionvllle, showed up p.n *>xc«'l"'pnt fili? on boo'tbV'^d'.: j^. This 
•<"^^ n rilont novie but ve en.loypd 'r. f'ibert'f? runnlnt- oocenter/* 
Several renarked !»fter«fnrdr th^t it m«ide th'»m the sore enxlous 
to visit the bindery In person. For May 16, the next st'-ff mset- 
Incr, the C.T. Deerinc; Printing Co'npony le laajalo^ ur th^ir film 
on "Th»» Making of a Mag*«lne.* 

- i^ - 

•> h.pv rf'PUBip'l th«» typlnp; of coolea of »»«rly county coannis- 
ionere .jrocppcUngP from th*» ppnclll*»d transcripts wfldp by the 
n R C. I'lss -'Intprboupr hfls finished th^ Randolph County Court 
of Coramon Plftps ?roc«*»dln,q;B Vol. R-L, 1811-14. ^> hope eventually 
to p^et these tyoed nnd Indexed for r.ll countlps. 

Mlr^o ?-ogTCi, iTlsp r»kogh and I heard the 1950 Phlne*^" '.Windsor 
lecturec; on llbrirl'^-nehlp, held nt the Unlrerfllty of Illinois 
Hnrch 27 flnd 23. Two of th^ n^e-Ver" vtp phyplclete, one a 
llbrprl^n. ">r. Louis II. Fldenour, de?in of the OrftdUftte College 
of the llnlvprplty of Illinois, was one of those -^'ho developed 
RadT. 3r. -*. '^. iUll, director of the Heeeprch Leboretory on 
^l(='e';ronic6 'it M.I.T- lf» p-rtlcilnrl:/ interf^sted In coranunloatlon. 
i^r. ?nlph r. r^hr^v, llbrr>ri«n of the 'US. Depnrtaent of ^c^riculture, 
deveiiooed tho 0.^ry ohotos^AOhic book che.rc^lng syfitem. 

The theme of the speskerp wpn V:ir-t library^^ue h^^.e 
not chr".nr:ed In e i^eneretlon f^nd )r»eent nethofls r^re entirely In- to cr»t or ke«=»p control over the R3tronomlc<^l Increeses 
In printed books and other nonrcer, of Ir.f orwntlon. -hey suggested 
t'-.-t survey ".nrlysts, not llbr^rlj^ns (the latter belnr too close 
to their Tfork) bp employed t^ evirvey library probl^ran •sn'' to 
*-'ork vlth electric'^1 f'nprlne'^rf? to develop noehln'^'P to do some of 
the llbr'^ry vork no-'' •-'^.on^ ?T!^nu^lly, '^nd eue°;*8ted th-t -on*> of 
the npchlnoR ^i^hlch hr've b^en dev<"loDed for entirely diffT^nt 
purnose?! ,or» b^f^oj upon principle-? vhlch night h* rd'^oted to 
llbrnry n^^eds. 

Ti\f^ speakers' connern«^d thorrelver excluplvely vrith the 
'^u-.ntrtlve problep'i c in front In/: th<» lihrsrl-n o*" t-^e r^^'^^arch 
library ■•'ho nuet P«> fb]e to nrodnce inste.ntly '-ny infor7n=tlon 
reouir^d by -ny ootentirl uoer. h^y did not dif?cu?"^ the 
'^u<^ ltt?J.,ve problemr! of th.r- public llbrarim ^'ho iR concerned 
-'ith f»;lept^n,l'• the quality of the infornatlon iroportlon-tfe to 
the e".'>"citv of th«> r^sder pv.d vith encournp'.'^.r; p;o-)d rf'^dlng 

'.'h»' princlp-'l problemr e=s defined by th'^ nn'^nlc^r? ■'^nd Rore 
"^epeclplly by !)ean ?id«nour -Jho srave th'^ Introductory lecture, 
r.r'^ r<R folio* -5: 

1) riettlnp: .rlT 'n^t^ri^'l th^t PxlftR. Of th" p=timet«d fifteen 
'^n'i ^t r!uert*»r mllllor volumes printed uo to 19'^0, tho Library 
of ''■on-re*-'? hr^ dix ^n'^ t-'o tenths million tltl*^s -^nd ell U.S. 
libr<-ri*»n tosrether »bo'it ten million tltlf>e or Ir'''- thfn tvo- 
thlrdR of -11 nrlrted Pon'rs. ''^r-nted t"--t iriost of th<» titles 
^-fould n^ver be c-'^ll'^d for, Dotentlslly all ri'-ht be en;", should 

fep' r vn 1 lphl*> . 

2) The problen of stor-T''^ ^f ?tll t.hlr rn^ terl.'-l. . <^crrTch llbre- 
ri"r! r-.j^p doubli*~rr or '^n ^ vpvnx^f* once in fift'^en ye-^r". '^ile 
5ih»^re h?,s been sone F.lo''ine rlo-^Ti in thir r^tr in t};^ C'^re of 
eo-!*> of th*« lerp;e r»eeereh librflrle?;, llk*^ Hr-rvcrd, vhlch al- 
r'='o\y h' •■"* ecnulred noet of the older books, t]\<^- r-'t-^ of rc- 
c*^leratlon In the futur*» Is "^ Ik^ly to rise rether than decline. 
't pres«»nt the University of Illinois Library absorbs three 
percent of the University's budf^et bit by the year 2000 ^.D. It 
'•'111 probebly ovn eir^ht end "■ helf nllllor; tltlrr -nd n^-rd one 

ninth of the Univerrlty's budget. 

. 5 - 

3) T}!*^- pro'bl'^n of cots' lof^inp;, ind.pxlnpr cn^. ■)ther'''J'lRe n^klntT' 
'-vr-il-bln t,iif> MnltP! of Inforrction In nil thp library'" ms'terlels. 

Ll'ltlrg fnctors In thi^ nolntlon of thepp problf^.m mpchsnl- 
cplly nre n« follows: 

1) I'lo.'-lly thr uRpr shoilrl b** Bu.)nll«».1. -rlth r, pprnTiont snd 
conolptn copy of nntfrl'^ 1° proauc**'^., to b«>con*» hlp o^^: property, 
r-^tbrr t'i.--.n ti b"» nllo'-'**! to borro--' th^ n-tTl'-lc for ^s r,^'ort 
tinp or to hr^ve to ra- yp hip o'm not^s or transcriptions. 

2) Thp -n- t'^rl".! ''ho'ili. bp ng rpp.>llly accpsf^lbl'^ to thP r*»f?*»rrc^#='r 
P.S If hp wfr<» t'^kinp;- thp voluraen froTT! thf» sh'»lv*»f; Ir. his own study. 

3) "Hi*" n-":'';pd "y 1" ntlll tho pr''f'»rrp4 of r^Cflvlnrr ld»»P8, 
sn'"'. th^r" nhoMld bf -> nlnlj^vin of trsnfll" tlnp' npclr-nlpra bpt^-rcn 
thf' T'^j'" rcli'T '^.nd hV'* !Ti'''';p»rl''lB . 

' ) Th** rechftnlc-il devlcen nust b(? cheap'^r ml frster th^n 
pr-^^ent t!»chnl^'ieR . 

"ir.lon c? t^lo;;;^?', cooper?-' tlve "frr^p^pntg ^mona: ILbrorianf? con- 
cernl-?5 sppci^l'.en '.n ourch'=^f» ^f booVs -nri. r'»gionpl r'^-:'Ositorl*»e 
sr* p«?illatlvp« .?.r.''. not "olutlo'^p , pccordln.v^ to th«»PR l^-ctures. 

/rrl'-»Tf! n«»ch'-niG=l '''.evlc*='fl, drsl^nf-. for oulte dlfff=r<»nt 
purpof'f'^, "^9Vf th'»n dlRcuf^rpd ^r Rho^'ln-^ Docelblp TpDllc.'-tlons 
to libr-ry roblens, or '«^;lch mi.-'ht nt If-'-t point tho ^-rr-y to 
s:)''cl''.lly d°3i5n*»i. llbr-ry '^^cni-ps enoloyl-^- slnll-^r orinclpleB . 

■'Icrophotogr^ohy r-nd nlcror^rlnt, vlth thp irrollc-' tlone of 
'•^-Ich thr pudltor" '■fpvp "^r'"" irr^blv f-'illlnr. '-"^r^ touch'^d uDon 
only ll.^htl;'' pp. offeri.-"' po^^.i^.l'^ RolMtVor" to ^roblnrp of 
Rtorn£;-» '-n' of -^m.lyl'-'" coplpp tn •i<"«^rR. 

Vh*^ kpy punch ^nd "I'^ctronlr c" Icul' tlnp; anchlr'^f ^'erp dls- 
ci^ppd '' ■^ rt;p I'^npth b'lt. riOt 'r tTr" '■'hVr''" I C"n <^ -'tI^ 5.n 
clearly mysplf. l!h<^ I'.py ;rincb -t I+'.p n'.-ipl-"*". Ir « rprl«n of 
rr-nurlly punclied or notched c^.rdfi, p.tch hol'* r" -r«^'"»rt1 ^?: one 
subjpct ir a code. A Iprsi^p np"dlp or bo.'lkln rnn throvis;h the 
holrp vMlr- thp o-r ■'' --'It. "^o'lt c^T'r''^uor\'-'r~ hol^p '^rp p"'loved 
to dro), tbu? n-ito!nrtlc??hly olcXs out •'11 crdR ounchcd for 
th'^t o'-rtlcl^r cod.p .^;b,-'^ct. In It?^ rrorp •ipoohlp coT~prcisl 
njollcptlon, th*» '^'^yport (I.'^.^?.), 'ip«»p c^rc'^n ^'hlch h^-v^ been 
r.pnuAily punchrd to e p ib j^ct ^orlf^, run*^ V f^-^ thr ■> i-y^ thp 
'n<=>chlnp "^hloh nutoiBAtlcj'lly portp, coti-tp, t°bul=tpr nnd prints 
f-cslTilPF of the c^rds splectpd, th"r r^fV'^" thp crdB. ^ laore 
•^dvnced »l«ctornlc ripchln*' nlchn'''^*'d th-^ "Tpchnnlc^l brain" 
r^n )prforrr thp rort irtrlc-'t'' r- thp-'^tlcrP c- Icul-'- tl 5rr much 
ffjctnr .i.ri.d ror" ncpur^^tply th'-n hu'^T, m's.thp'nptlcl'^np ct. do. 

^>c'*'o1tp nomolllnfr blbllor:r'?"'hip<? h-""'-'" =u.P:p"P''tpd t'-^t If 
t'p i—-rr.o I- t] p Library of rorp^rp"" iirsior c^t^lo.' 'T^rp coded 
".p to ?MblPctr nnd r-'n through the Keyport, coild quickly 
oot-^ln r.uhjpct biblloc^rr- ohlpR, nl prl'tpd for th-^'":. In a 
ffllnlmuuT of tine, 'ihai ■'-'•ould bp true If the blbliogrr-phlee were 
long, but It "^ould stll'' br rulcker to look up Individual books 

or Gubjecte for vhlch there spp few referencps or for T-rhlch you 

wish p. PualltTtlve eftiectlon, from th-^ qVrdsrd ty^'^ dlctiTr??.ry 

- 6 - 

Thfl '^lectl'lc acannlnr p<»ncll being derwloped to trsnslste 
printed "ordp Into eounde for the us« of the blind, PBp«»clally 
if rlf^fiPd up to a spepch typ#»vrlt#»r, «1bo p^^rtlally developed, 
wlg-ht bp used to code Idese In books. The lm!nedlat.»ly poflBlbl* 
result would be to m"ke s. concordance of the *forda In p book 
fls p etep In brlnglni? out the Ide-^e. This ifould produce ?n 
Automg^tle Index for the book, but anyone ^A\o hafl tried In ft 
hyrry to run do-wn r eiieclflc citation In the ftevised St tutes, 
for Inotsnoe, can visualize the labor Involved in running dovn 
p11 the reference* to one word In so fev as 1,000 volumes, 
not to Ewntlon the 15-r'4^ mlllionc of books In existence! Her* 
again would seem to be a device that vould mske more vork th«n 
It v^ould save. 

However, fflAChanlo^^l cataloging and indexing device* do 
not seem to fee beyond the limits of poaslbility. In ffct, 
the sppftkera InplleA th?t the libf^ri'jn'g Rdjnlnl strati ve 
functions fire going \.o->^ tn.ken over in the future by tha 
< i »t nriw^e 1 englnaer. Cntftlogore of th*» future, ve were told, 
pre going to be subject speciRliete, nothing like the general 
cptff-logerf? we have not/. >?hen I coapare the fun and education, 
of handling r11 sorts of books on pII aorta of subjeota, with 
alttln^r all d«ty in front of a ws chine p'lnehing out d'>y^*?n'^ 
dpy ovit fl United number of tho same eubjects on catalog cards, 
>'hlch am Just fscalmilec of title pagea!- Well, I am glad 
I -'ent to library eohool in the "old fogfry" daya and thpt I'll 
probably turn the comer of ratlrement before technology 
ovprtates me. Unless, perish thp thought, sow brieht fellov 
corses alor.s^ v/lth the notion thrt operating electronic catalog 
raachlnea in the ide^l solution to the problew of how persona 
over 65 Phall be kept from the *bor«dO'- " of retLremert ! 

Heapeotfully pubmltt^d. 



March 1950 


- -i 

'■'■..■■ .i ■■,.-■•' 

f. ■■■■ • '^,j«j y i'V' 

March 1950 

"?o:tin^ )e :;^ rtnf^ntfll Calls: 

Secretary of State 

Corporation Dept. 2o6 

«nnu<il r^oortc g^ 

Index cards | 

'"xncutlVP Dept. .. :• . 

rotpry Bonds 2 

Trade' 'i-^rkB ^ 

Court of clplne 2 

Closed caf^en 

Indf'X ^e-^t. 27 

■^.Ipctlon?! ^2 

^nroll»*d l-i?i:-fp '' 

3ecuritl'?ri Dept. 2 

1 o *? '"^. c ^ *? ** f'' 

?.ori'?trrtlon f?nd ''^luc^tlon '-Vpt. 

OlYicion of ''-t-'-rT-'''yn 

I >. ": can°l recordt 


a«ner-l '^.^n.^ibly — '^ jr^f 

aenp<5lo-y, History, ^tc. 

In perron 

l^nealogy^,^ Gphpub (^ counties. 5^ ^''Y^ 

on r^ndln'T machine) ^ 



I83O { 

iSi^O i, 

1850 1 

i860 g ^<j 

County hi^torl'^p 


!:«ime Index (phono cp1\p 

fron I M Lonly) ^^ 

General A.Bnembly ^ 

Corporation rubjeot Inlex ^ ^^ 

■^l.flO»>ll«neonB - 

3tr>-te RecordP ConmlPBlon j^,-, 

By mall ^^ 

Gf neology % 

Historlcp.1 ^ < 
HlBtory Stnte Dep^irtmpnts 

State Records Gomnlsglon „ 

Archival Teohnlcue 2^ 

Miscellnneoue ■ - I13 



.,.< .,,? '^ '.''._ ": / Ay- Marc^^ 1950 


II 11 nolo & Iftohlf^ftn Cnnp.l 

Field books. Serlps D. 

Stone Books # 1-14 

No. volumes lU 

Namp Index 

Illinois & Mlchi!a:an ORnal 
Bureau Go. I85O federal census 

88 cards 





..^ ^■ j :. -^L _ 

MPTCh 1950 

Auditor of Public Acoountfl 
Civil Service Oommlefllon 

Illinois ComiBerce ComralsBlon 

Dept. of Finance 

Dept. of Ineurance 

Dept. of Mines & Minerals 

Supt. of Public Instruction 

Dept. of Public Workfl & Bulldlnge 

Dept. of Reglatrntion & Fducatlon 

Secretary of Stp.te 

Corporation Dept. ; ^ 
Court of Glalrae 
Executive Dept. ./■■■ 
Safety Responsibility 
Securities ■'■ > "^ / - ;■ ,' . 

State Treasurer 

Supreme Court 

Dlv. of Wp.t*>rwRys 












Tlarch 1950 

yi.oto.tnt.. Nftgatlvee Poflltlves 

Corporation ^»pt. 

xijecordlns; ^52 

State Library 

Register of 111. lAbrr-rl^^nfl 3^ 

Ts.D. BcRRlon IPT-re 22 

Btatfi Library - Archives 

Voucher rroeiptR (Paris trio) Zk 

3t?te '^'"iployeps' 'nsoc. letter 2 

31blio.^nphy 2 

State I'^iQPun 

Corr«0oon(l«nce — Ji2- 

Mlcrof lln 

?errln Collection for 111. Iliat. -nrvey 2 rol^n 
2137 freneo 

Photo2;r?-T>hR '' Negatlvefl y .^""^l"^") . — o^^i 

my^ 3x10 6 x^ ^x^ 3x3 

!?r. BArrett , ,^ 

Copy work 16? 126 37 16 

Uof3? nhoT'^, Arraory 120 

Stpte Llbr?=.ry 

?nlcen by Hrn. L^np^ston 32 

l^arty for 'irft. Tani-y c^ I-^ro. 

Schroepoel 5 15 

School chlidfen tonrln?? 

Llbrrrv 8 106 

U-br&ry nnbliclty (3elalr) 2 **" ■ 

Cottle n for KiR 35 

atr-te Library - Art nept. 

Picture of bulldin?: 3-.lncain 

died In 13 

~ Display ceeee 3 ° 

3tflte Library - Archive b 

"31p-nlflc»3-nt documente* 

for 111. Llb8 . 10 10 

Norton p?>=!sr)ort rilcture 1 12 

Exhibit of Jaclcson pplntinsrs 2.5 
Secretary of State 
For Mr. Wprnslng 

Photo. John St e lie home 35 

For K.'-f, Merrltt 

-ep. of Calhoun Co. 7 

For Mr. Rosslter 

Stntue of A. Lincoln 2 
For Blue Book .^^ 1 ^^^ 37 U 

April -^t, 1950 

KoBt of the unit hoada aald, "I pas'i.* 

Kinn Byrnps r'»nortec». tr.rt ahc has fouir^ 2 coplen of "Tho 
ShiiiJc'' in the a -r-Oua boo!t colloctlon rtxA T/onders t-rhsthor, 
in vl'^w of t'r,9 rciasitanoe of VMf: filr. we nhottM put thon on 
our s^ cZ\cn, T..n bnoh v:an rf^ferred to V.l.-ir^ 'Uohol for e. 'le- 
clslon . . 

''-IT, Ai*" lri,;ei' I'onorted thp.t the -rocrr^inn fni' thrffi 
ref^ono-l rcotinp^a have b'^ftn nont In- for the one at Jcc/'son- 
ville nr^.t vreeh, for the Hochfonl an'i th^ Prinoton meetinna, 
The '^ro,"raR3 are beinf^ nads up by thn librarians t'-ip-nelysa 
an-' ?>3 aooR as t'-iay are nont to uc for ni-'ioor,-rRphln£; a copy . 
I3 poatod on tho ataff bulletin board whl oh is Juat inside 
tho ?.lbrary 3taak3 brch. of "he roforonoo <laah on t'lird floor. 
KI33 .lOi.::ora ^.'ouJ.d like tVio np.^iog as aoon £.3 0::jr.ible of any 
whoc'iah, to c t-^en^T pny of ^h? ry^otini^a to b" ''.rid this iionlih 
in tho to^^.s nnnod sibovr , ?l30 in P' nchncyvill-T an' neveral 
othe; -^laoea of vhlch I do not aeon to ha-/G a Hat. The ro- 
rrara are mo ant oh.iefly for s:nE.ller public librarlea and will 
bo lr..^';9^1y in t-'- nature of vrppicsh-fep 'isousalonn but vrith a 
r;oo'''^ B 'tva.yi^v Vjei' afternooii, 

lUnf? itor'Ci'3 r.ahed ep.c:". of uc to Cf-ll a^^tention of tho 
ataff onco nore to the 3ecretary of 3tat*«3 SLiXO BAI'KS at 
St. Jorma anA Hemorifel Hospitals, 3he aai-l she had recelvdd 
no i^PR'oonae to the earlier request, Aa you all know, emtiloyeea 
of th" leoretary of State and their farailieo are entitled to 
'Irp.v blood for transfuaiona from the Bllod Bank maintained 
at oac:. hbg^^ital, ao long as ther« la a su-siply, but this aup- 
•^ly Is Very lo'-r and should be reolenlahsd before ^ enerfjency. 
Sevprel member? of tho Archivea ataff have oontrlbutad to 
this bllod bnnh in tho ^-cst and we hope as many as &re 
'^hyaioally ablo will resnond to this a-'peal. Donatlona 
are a" Iw-rable not oftener to thcBcfron three to nix Rontha, 
Pnroonn over sl"ty are not 8U'->poaod to contribute. I do 
not t: inh thin tr-^li^a to a-^y on our staff 

X • 

l.'.irr: Bopd o': t'.,o Univc.^.ity of Iliir.oia, •.']\c rotlrod lact 
yc:'.:r viniton ult"-. .113 {'iisa noj-ora, Kirr ''horh rnd r.e) lant 
ypni-. She is conti 'ain.;; to \ror-. on ho:* blblioi-ranhy of. 
anaynouT ilRTBioa, r>he told U3 I'Ltt roy.l han also re- 
tired, nonfi'/ unf''er i*etirinfT a;;©, becr.une of r;la,ucona« 
^■*lsa Bond an^l Miaa Boy^"". wl!l be best renehered p'->rhaps by 
the sroMvea ateff as the two inatrv.ctora who always oane 
with the University of Illinois students on their biennial 
violts to un. 

Ill BO Rocers nnntioned the fact thc.t the Univeraity of 
Illinola catalog departnont haa' recently aubat-tuted a liulti- 
1 1th nnohlne for the nlneof^ra'^h, but w^Jethf^r or not thia will 
reduce oataloginc conta Is not yet deterralned. At present 
It coats 15.90 to catalog a book at the University Library. 

Kra , Ho^'ard han been ashed to work on a revision of the 
Pax^nta* Bookshelf, put out by P. 7. A. Hi'B. Karraker did the 
ej\rller edition. 

"rs, Lanr-edon sboiie of hevlnp; addreaa^d the Illinola Char>ter 
of tV e Wonon of'th* Itboflo recently. Others on the gene rsrof^jran 
were Kr. Hurley, W.O.N. news caster and the »'/.G.JJ. reporter vho 
hir, boon ex'^oain^, the medical quacks In Chic&no, . . *' 

Krr. . Curren -'rodncod a oo^iy. of Hr3. Rocheetor'n: Cai^ey 
Girl vhlch Irs to be paeeod aroun-l the otaf f and everyone la 
to rcpd It, If you h&ve not n<^.p.n it, 5.t la aouslngly llluntra- 
tod end tf lis briefly and entertalnly ho'-r to succeed In buai- 
n-^aa, hov to Ire.To, how to behave, fctc. I think you vlll all 
enjoy It. The hibrary hp.o five oodles B.nd^ "^Trhapa eome of 
you can --et holil of a copy before it cones In the rerular '-■ 

routine . " ' >' - ,■ 

Ml33 :10e:;e:'8 requoats tl-st all ARC''IVKS VACATIONS be com- ' , '^ 

'■'leted beforo the archivist leavo^ for 'ilurope, which will be 
August 3» Vacstiona can be started any time now and we would 
apnreclftte your glvinr; thought to the time you vant, A 
vacation allp will be coming around shortly. As I shall not 
return until Oct, 5, it vlll 'be too late to plan for a vacation 
aft«r ny return, 

MloQ Ro?;er« also oald that the Louisville public library 
nlorocard eervlce Is ar^klnp: for surrrreflt Ions for 100 boolcs and ■ ;^ 
10 learned p^^'lo'^lcpl'^ ^o ^e added to the list of mlcroc?rd 
booV:3. Jn case any of you are not faralllar with thpt, see ^. ,V; 

Prenont Rider* o boolt of neverr-l ye^rs a^o on th/? subject, "", ' =. 

Klcrocorvls are booko printed e<^ nany &s 100 papres to a side - , ■; 
of ? cerd- 31- Her in principal to nicroohoto. ra-^hy excona ' ' 
a nuch. frroater reluctlcn ^pA printed not flln. 

rir,n ri-nchhaun roroj-te'' t'^st nhe in cxprrl";eritln,p: within ■ ■,-"'- 
thi^ Avdlop^r^r-^h f-or t»>ln«- <^.ovn notPo of mpetinrg, Thlo was 
used by her at th© Icet raoetlnp; of tho Htfte library Advisory 
Board,' It is not very satisfactory nlnco it picks up all , - 

sound'?, which mean-? that if l Btroet cf^r or fire truck were, .. 

to 1^00 tho?j<» aoxxnCr. T/ould t- nd to (''ro^'n out tho n-^ecklng ^ , . _, * : 

voices. It la for this vo-aory th^.t aoun-':^ reconllnr-'dcvldecs ;;;':'i" ' ,/ "foved xinf?pti'-;f?':^*"ory "or rccordinca In ccv.rta, Tr^anrc : ' , 
onG vould cxpoot to find the;^, ; ' ' •'; 

lirs. Cur-rr.;'; and I'los "'orton f:.;^ t'^e con-^ltto€ to ri'Qouro ' , ' ' " ' ■, 

movies of inle:"->3t to lihri-.r.-'ians: and crchivlots, Jr. Jiaroh, •'"■ ■ 

we had one on Paper np.rin.;:, at the nee ting to»tay one on bind- ;^■'■'',v: :.,■;) 

ins. ^'ext :iontl: trr arc to have cn<^. on thr nrJtlnr of a n&ga- ' '■■■■.':■ t-'^^l ^■ 

Tine , "^ - ■ ■ ' ^-^^" 

Much of thf tine at tho raootlnf; vas taken up with a report ;' Vv'-'-.l^ 
by MIeis Skotil'i and Hiae Norton on the Windsor lectures on v ■■'''.■ •*? ~ 

Itbrarianahlp which they, together with Fd^s Rogei-fl, attended 
at ^'rbana last w«ek. The j^eneral subject was raeoltRnlcal 
raeans of doing library work. If any of you fre Interested, ; 
ny part of the report will be found in lay uonthly report to „ P; ■ 
Kins Rogers, a eopy of which la In ny office. V v*^ :'■;;; ^ ' 

i ti»ied to thank each member of t ' o staff for the eaiPd \ "' ' . 

"srtaioh you so Ri^aclously sent ?»« on tiy 2Pth ennlveraary aa ' ' ■''^•■'''^'■■-^' \-:_-y-:l 
ai^hlvlat. In caae I mlfsed anyone, and anyhow, I ^wit to ' ^ S.";!|!5 
aay how rauoh I appreciated It, In jry own eyes I feel, that .:'■': '':^^-'!^i^^'\:'l''-^ 


1 cfuat ott^ner than not apiiear to tm that op?© who dhftkef her 
h©«d, frovno and aayo, ■Ko.* I reeTljf do llk« each an4 WVKt7 
I on-^ of you, no rse-ttftr if I do have to b<5 th© diaai'^Xln^krito,, 

' and I 9ja glad to hav« thla token of affection fpon y«a» 

- - . , ' ' ' Archivist 

PXoaae initl=Ll !»n' return to me. 



f — *?*■ 

/ f r jE** 


I, I. V 

ARCHIVES DK:i^tHTO«'T9? ' ,. ^ . . 

•ni*? Corporsttlon De^artoent transferred about ^200 indi»x 
cards. Th« Kxeoutlve ^^ypTtTfrit tran«ferr*»d 22 Tol'iweB of 
Its r«gliitftr of trade ai«»r}cB, 1996-19^0. Th« Xllinoi« Logis- 
Ifttlr* Coarcll trsneferred t.hf? replies to Ita rsaesrch mi^stlon- 
nali^ on fox i^epr«d^tlon«, 19^*9. Mr. I*. H. Islghtley, t^n 
attorney In Sioux <^-lty, Iow« pr«9?»r;t«A 10 docnaente found In 
the effects of hln gmndfather H. H Kel -htley, n lawyer st 
Knoxvllle, Incladln^ th# i5r"»ndf other's dlsch'^srtfi* from the 
olvfl ytRT nnd Bovm Ipnd p»t»nts slgn«d by Pr'^aidenta V^n 9ur«n 
and Monro*. I suppose thene re«lly should g^o to th« KistorleAl 
Library but Mr. K«lghtl»y «e#«#»d to ^mnt us to h'^ve thMB. 

Qepartwnt«.l Ynultg . HecordR were tren«f erred to their 
depRTtBent?.! ▼aalte by th*» following: Teaeher«* ^tlrement 
SyptetB, Dlirielon of "^^tAr-^flVs nnd Secretary of State's •front 

MicrofllM Gonwiltftn t. »r. J. L. ferrlnn. forwerly of Indian- 
opolle, now of north Cftivllnr. fpent e oo^ipie of hottre here on 
April 13. Hr. Kerrlns wee one of the first Ipersone to go Into 
the slorofllnlng c^ rseorde r« s profe«el<Mi, and the flrfst to 
sell oountl<»fl on tlie Idea of nlorofilBing their r«eorde for 
Ineurance purpoee*. He vorked ext«n«iYely In Indiana for bobw 

?'enre and then I lost traek of hin* Re had mored to Korth 
'Arollna and h«>e been vcnrklng th** southeast em seat ion of the 
county, purtioularly in Florida. Probably no one in the eounty 
haa had nore e^ctenelve or varied experience ns he and oertainly 
no one h«« been at it eo long. •=?het he wanted to diseaas vith 
me la thlaj ie thexHi n field for a consultant on Biorofllfliillgt 
He eaye hie eaiMiraa have been euperaeded now and he feeJ^d there 
la a place for a conisttltAnt vho wyild be able to adviae flnoa 
as well aa ^oremaiental unite about ^at records are and are 
not eultable for keeping on wlcroflla, hov beet to do it, etc* 
One of our big problens has ailwAye been the enthuaiastio sales- 
«an who knove nothlnsf about records and gives indiscrisirMtc 
advi'oe* I told Mr. Kerr ins that I Itnoir there is need for such 
r ooneultatlon. scheisie and probably a field for It if he could 
get a start. I reoonaended that he get in touch vith Mr. Leahy 
to Me If there might not be a tle-ln there. I told hia of 
Mr. LeahyN former oonn«otlon vith Rewlni-^on-Rand. I haren't 
hear<l any further frcwn Mr. Karri ne but found our visit stiBi»* 
latlnjj and got «t number of fresh ideas from him. 

»ie ooaal Wmingtl, . 

Sereral departments, notably the Department or l\iblle ifelfare, 
hpve rr'ad the nev Rational Archives disposal manU'-'l vith keen 
interest ^nA have renueated tts to issue a similar msimftl tWP 
Illinois. After discussing the manner with Hiss Hogers It vae 
deoided to reprint the H. *. tienu^l in IlUngig lA^TfT^ffB («f 
"rtiich reprints can be struck off) or rather tSwfiret chapters 

- 2 - 

vhlch lay dovn th« basic prlnclplea. Penalsalon to reprint or 
r«oAopt It In any way v» sotight fit vrs given by the National 
Archlv©(«. Afi;»»r I got to work on adopting th« mnuAil I fofund 
th« first hnlf could "be r*»prlnt*>A with only alight ohsngefl. 
Thp chaptera on nlcrophotof^r^phy snd dlspovel aohedales had 
to be rewritten altBoat coniplf»tely. I considered the question 
aa to whether or not to Include ore aectlon or county archlyes, 
or, to ^Tlte ft «epar«te county archlvee iR&nual, or to Inoludft 
short sections on «! pallet Ion? to oar county erchlres In 
appropriate placee In rarlous sections of the manual. I de- 
cided on the last for trro reasons: First, the State has no 
Jurisdiction over the disposal of county girchlves except for 
the prorlslona for transfer of early records to the ArehlTss 
and required notices to the Str^te Library of proposed hearings 
on destruction. Second, county offlclnle probably would not 
read a county disposal aanuftl we would put out, bat It Is 
certainly appro|5rlate to Include sections about tho«« parts 
of the laws which relate to the State Arehlres. I thought our 
Field Visitor could hand out copies n;?r1ced for those sections 
which deal '^th county - Strte Library relations, remajfjklng, 
•These paesagee will explain how you can send your security 
microfilms to the State Archlrea for protection. Sow this 
annual Is for State d-pgrta^-nte \nt you will probably find a 
lot of Ideas vhlch yon c?n adopt to joiT own records prograa.* 
In other words, wc !??^.y b* -able to do something by Indirection 
-'nd It would be a souvenir for th^ Field Visitor to lei^re. 
Incidentally, the full text of the rslcroflln and records 
destruction |i*ws should be Included 'irti»n the reprints are 
stiTuck off. 

Hew Key 3y|t»n . 

«11 3t,-?te dulldlngs are being rek«»yed by the 3«st Universal 
Lock Co., Inc., of Indlnnaoplls, Indlann. The eauje key cob- 
blnatlons we hnd before In the Archives 3ulldlng r^re being con- 
tinued. Fro« our point of view, the desirable features are 
that the locks are plokproof and the keys cannot be daplloated 
In any lookSBlth's eh%p as In the past. The head carpenter 
has the control key wmoh peralts reaoval of the core, and he 
has the code '^nd aoohlne for duplicating keys as needed. Hius 
far all locks have been changed except for the Departnental 
Vaults and the c«gefi controlllntr freight and stair exits In 
that section. I a» proud to say that when I eaacto change 
the keyboard In the key closet I could account for every key. 
Notice I say, aocomt for, not prodaee, for several ksys to 
two base»eht rooBs were taken away by State Library enployees. 
But I have a charge for the«. I believe It Is not going to be 
necessary to furnish as many keys to Individuals as In the 
past - at least I an tiT-ing to key down the number of keys Issued. 

Archives Vls^toy a. A delegation froB the State of Tennessee 
visited us on April 26 and 2? to confer l^bout plans for the new 
Tennessea State Library - Archives Balldlng. ^es© w»rc Dr. Den 
M. Roblton (State Ltbrariftn). Attorney Oneral Roy H. Heeler, 
Mr. H. C. Parrent (Architect) and Mr. J. 0. Tboaaason, (heating 
^>ngln«»r). ___ 

■ - 3 - 

Staff MoTle . On April '+ Mr. Sl^bert of the Hew M«thod 
3ook"blndf»ry gav« the running coaBM»ntapy on a very Interesting 
allent roorle on bookbinding, presented first to the steetlng of 
unit head© and repeated tvlce for the reait of the State Library 

W« hare been oonoentratlng on catching up on filing of 
Corporation reports. Mr. Caeendy, Mrs. !«icFsaden and Mra. 
Robeson h^re all been helping Hr. Roantr»e. fhey finished 
all the prellalnary filing or the Not for Profit Corporations, 
and on May 1 Mrs. Robeaon took orer the final filing of theaa, 
Mr. 1V>tintre«» to cnnoentrate on filing of the For Pfoflt Corpo- 
rations. Mra. Robeeon bringe up a drawful at a tlr.e so that 
she ean work at h«r own desk. This vonld not be praotleable 
In the oase of For Profit Corporation reports. Final fillip 
has been ooRpleted through the letter *M* and I hope Kra. 
J'obeaon can eoaplete this taek by thf end of May. 

Mr. Cfiseady took on*> week of his rRcatlon In April, April 
22-29. He reports harlng eerrloed wll reoueste for genealog- 
ical InfortRatloB flp follows: 

I83O census. 3 nnwes 2 ooantles 

18^0 census 2 nnaes 2 eotintles 

I85O census 14 names 8 counties 

Incidentally, reference letters were sent to 16 atrtes 
of vhich Illinois got 6, C«llfomlp. ^, Indiana 3. 

Census Index. Mr. Cassady reported writing 238 cards 
for the I85O census of Calhoun county and Mrs. McF^dden 880 
cards. Mrs Robeson hps done the preliminary filing on these, 
Miss Schsf fler has Interfiled all Bureau eoanty Index cards 
for the 18 50 oensuf In the general 'file of name Index, the 
flnnl total for tteit'joounty exclnslTe of cross rpferenees, 
being 9835. 

Miss Sloheffler besides filing Ir the lIsiM* Index noted above, 
reports that^the eataloglng of the Lend Records of the Illinois 
and Michigan Osnfll h^s been oonpleted. The she If list fans beeM 
typed. C»rds for the reference file har^ not yet been c«Bpleted. 
33 ToluBes hsve been lettered and filed on the 6th Isrel Yaiilt, 
Bay 13." Miss Seheffler also took Mr. Ga88ady*s reference desk 
tlra«» during his absence on raeatlon. 

Mr. Rountree reoorts th^t he has »ade up 3i hours of the 
time of the leare taken Aorll 10 and 11. _ 

Mrs. Reichler^s rej>drt for the Ron^ is not at hand. Her 
report for the sonth of lfar<di, handed In after the arehiTi«t'« 
report vas filed. Indicated that she had translated four Pisrrln 
aarrlage contrncts. She had not bs^en Assigned other vork 
during the SKm|h. 

Miss Winterbaupr Is continuing with the typing of the 
Randolph County C«iniissioners * Proceedings. We are doing. 

iv^^v■■^^•■.*■^;^^ it ^ 

;■: '•>, ' ;^-";" >. ■;::';,■/ ..r^'t-?".^ '^^^f^f^/^^f fc-^-i.-r>^ ■:n!^^'-" 

iBVteftd of th# «ffiiAl on« vvlniM to t)w eoont/^ nil tho ; v 

'▼6ltt«#«'Of thm t»rritorial p«flod. /--/;■■■? "v::; •' "■.:-;v;:;V';;. ..^.;'p 

lflfio#lliuEio9a« aiiti#c pKrfosned l^ BOii^r* of tlio 9t»tt 
^mm not boen Aflimoratod aImto )Mit thoir roportt aro «n 
■fllo iw thU:0ffU«^. ■;.:.,. , ,. ...„^... :,.■..;. -v'.^- 

Kr. liBlfortt h^c ,^«ii In St. J^** luM^tal tlnoo 
April l^f^. tbo XfiiAt r«port s had ««» tbist I19 is ii»p#«iri<« 
rstpiaLXy and «^'1»e «1»lo toV^S^^^a^lio^Jie^fttnX.. br,t^ -idd^ 
of May. '■. „. .'■■■■ ^ ■ : /-^E f t'^. " ■ : • 

lliJi« «Lr/t#«^boiioY' Mid Mr*. fiobo«»i M^o 9«^Ilod lioso %« 
nan th« pells for tho prliiai7 «leetion on il!»^il 11* 

' ■; -^^Ir'':'^-.- ■■"'"'-■:■ :-":■.;;. ''<^''^lk:'-%--^. ll«opo«t?iilS# .nOxiattod, '"' .^'-^'■;^: 





^ ->: 

'' ■■ 'S 

;■' ^»>j 

•'«> ;-\ 

- : -¥^ 

' f :'._- 

-fi ■;-'.;"jf^. 

-v' <•'.■'■"''■ ''■''- ■^ '■ '"' ..■''■'.. -.^. ', .- ■ ■ .;.:->-■ • .' ' )■■-"'-', \'f^: •■'■ 

V':'/ ' 

'r; '-''My- .^^'-^ir-^ .. M^^T'^V r^.^^^^' p;;,' • ' .;' - /' '^^ ■''/'■■■■• ''' v..'... .-■'^' •■.^'''V 

, -V ■ ' ■'■ '.■'i.","V '"'"' ."■.' ■ " " ■ ••.,-' ' ','"•" ■ ■"■ i ^' '" " ■■ " "* '■ ■' ' ■*'"-"'* " ■ ■ . '"'"-■"■. . "■■' ■""-. 

■ -'^--k.- M'p^^^.yk- - ftrohiTlot ::)l^ : " k'k'\r . \ M'/k^y-' vk:.rkk: 

'''■ ' ■'' .•■■'' . ■' ■- ' " i'.-. • ■- ' ' , ■ 'i-\ - >-^ . . ^v' " 

,..,-v:v^; :.,^:- ■::■'- ^.^r'^X/"^; -'':--'J'i:,x ', '^ ^ - /'-''"^^^M'^^:::^^^^^ ^ 

■-■•'• ': 

■ . ', i'.. ^ 

■■;--';:t ■■''■;•■' ■■, -r./'^-::"--./ .'-•■. :'.^--:i' -■';%,-■;;■:, -^-.^-i^^ \-''- :-^'.vV- ''^i*^ 'f- 

" 'i; ',^'- 

''■.^';' v.i--v;, - ?^'-;i^ l:T.i^ /■ ... . ■;.:•»■■ '.'■/,':;■ '"'% ' . -■.'.;. 4: ..... s '■■;■."/■ ' ■* ,',:'■■■•'■> 

'.: i,-' 

tf "4 

■■> . >■ 

'■ ■ "■ "'' »' V;^''- ' ■■ "■ - ■'.';, '^■■^'■'"■L-,'^^ rv.*',;i-^./':irt'-'. .'• . ' 

■f • 

.'-' ■ ' ^.'rti.'. '■'/ ■'".,■ i ;'j; ■■' '' ■( ''..., ,:''Kv. --■' ' V '.* '"•■^. ■■ *"-. ■'■' ■ i- 

^■;^;!' i' ': •• 

"■•X "H-M »."jV 

^^v^^^;^.^%<v, f.t^slr-t§^v :.-|"':^ f...^: ■ : -v - '* i^~ .-.' ja .^.. ■ l^-rf'^ .../'-: .■■^■> ^ -a . .<; ,.*;, ^^U-.-r- 

■ >'Jf; .-,.-. 'i^}- :■'»■■ 

i >: 


■v;.',, ^f;: 

imcsiycs AGosasxoiifl 

AsarU 1950 

,*•:'•; !;■ 

r. *!• ,«■■■■;- 

secretary of 8t«te ■■■■:;;, ;'-?..-: 5'. ^ 
TraA« Marks, 1896*1^0 

,.>?^--' Itt*MC CjWllf O^^/'^ ■'■ 

nitB«t» UglilAtlve C&iaoil; 

■■'; ""5^;" 


22 til. 

> ,i- 

(S«tlmat«d) ^200 oaTds 


'.. -v -r*. 

100 dootuiHintft. 

19 doewMnts 



-■■•/.•; ' 








^;'= ^■«/V 

■ '/' ;-V^U-':'"'V^ o'','?nft,'-;'.' „^Ui^:«^f^ 


■;'*^ n'^ 


.-.v.- -.^ it fi 

... -:--;, ''■■-■;■-.■"*: '-^v -: -' ;»i -^fe-- -•-■V^'a- ■. ,.0- . -r-jv'--' ■ -^^ ■■ ..^■■^■■■-'.■. ■ . r ,*•,> ■ /,. ■■ •"-*■ ~:> -■ r-r'-c,^, /,■ ■^•■■■- ->■■ ■^; ■\:, 

^;\^"i ?'^;.^ ^'"-'^ 

.- «■*. -I - JT- 



■.■..>y,.-rv>>;-:*!;,.., j-AV'S^M ■■ "■ , i- 

iiZ ''^P^:c 

'.'■•" •' ■■■-iJ*-';ft A'-$?'^»;''^^::^v.'-'" ■■■•■■- ■• 



■; ■■*/■;■ ■ ,■ Apjrii 1950 

Poutlne Departnentfil Calls 
Seoretary of St«t» 

3ookke«ping 0«p«. 

I>aplloat« Pay Rolls ,i " 8 

Corporation D«pt. 

Ammal reports I57 

:.,^^- -Index c?ir<l«' ■ ■ ■ ■ 58 

Fee books 2 

Executlre Dept. 

Uind reoords 4 

^oolamatlone 1 

Ibcectitlv© file 2 

Notary reeords - 2 

Trade marks 12 

Index Dept. 

I>eeds to State property 13 

Elections 1^ 

Enrolled lairs 15 

Securities Dept. 

Closed case 1 

Oeneral Aseenbly 1« 

Registration and Education Dept. 

Real estate applic/»tion8 ,! 2 

Vatervaye Dir. 

Chipperfield report 1 

Histories 1, Oenealogical, Archlres Technique, etc. 


In person 

Archives technique "^ 1 i 


SfAme index Cjdione ells only) 27 
"ederal census 

^Mortality schedule 1 

I850 census g "^V 

State Records CoBwisaion 3 

Historical "^ 
CJeneral Assembly 

By Kail 

Archive 8 Teohnique 
■,:■, History 

■ Oount^es , "■-'. ;.'v- f-r- 

f ^ 


Naae Index 

I85O Faderal G«n«ufl 
Bureau Co. 
Croae referenoes 

''■■ is--' ..i^ ',, 



-■ » ;■ ^'iv '••■' 

'''-,:. ;, ;.-- :\ . s-s^, . .ta* ., 

-.■':-^"i^i' ■-*. . 



; -ir ■".-■ 

i jx^ ••;;■'■'--! ■:■;•:': 


*:^*r ■-;■<■ 

- ,V'f-'\. ; ■ ,-0* 
^■,-■'-^-^■*l 'a' ■' ."'■ 

r:. -■-■:':: '.k: 

',<'■> -.K:-- 

-'^/"vri^v'^^y'r-^N. 'i^'-'' ' •^'■:- 


;*•-., .-r' ^: <-;:-<■ 

:.J !'".,«/ 

*thefle «t)itiiitiee supereed* preTioae •tatletloe on this doaatf 

; ;<;jiS?<> -■_ ■. ':^ ' 

::. 'r--<1?*v-c 

?'''''.-:--%!'^"':^W:;;.'-i -;.-,'■;- V- 

', -.. '.k'",V-.i, ■*«-■, 

.(.•"-- - .TV: 

-s':i::f!>>st. ?:■ 


"- ''-'>•' '.%■, 



^. ■-■■'i' A' 

-V-.-r.- '■■'• ■ ■■.. 


■y -■■■,;' ■'*"■ 


r^' ■■' iU ■■ ^-^ 

■ * , 'V .. 

'*.,.*! i ^> 

•-■--"■'* -.' ■■■t > 

,. ..-^ 

-.-',? -_ . . 

■■"■'■-...-.ft; "•^'^ 



-:^C;^^"^^ "W 

■7^J,/v'- ::'y'.' 


*.,. ^^5^ "v. ' 

■•' "'■''i ■_' ■ ",';' 

• . --' a- ".-. ^■ 

' ■, "' .'-' "•. '1' > 


'■ >5.'*^;: ■>■ ^ 

-;- ■ ■'■ 1 ■' 

;.;/ "v. %-,>?:-, 

'u/*'-^ - : 

-J ' ■ ^ ^, ■ 

, ": ': ■"!,, ■' - * 

> ■ ■■ ■ v^i. -. 

,,/v.v-^ii; ■ .:>.3^=:;:- 'y^>V\;-^-;' Av:;..|f^i_j: ■;,,,. ,.-V. ;.;%i ■./'^ ■ -"fc". ";>'■ ./^"s^ -/-.v ^^.•.''- ". -■ -: .' ■.■.'"^'■'5 

.,.j' ■ ■- ..^,i:-ifj ' ._ '^ «tV,. ... -:.'.■ r^iJ/ f^^- i ,■ •- ■' ■,■"./■;", ; „ 


- a*:-.; 

'.' -..* 

^ '#.' ■-*"-;:.-iS^:.. . ."'^'l-:'"-"''-;"-?., 

,:■ l-"-''*'^!- ■'■■ 


-hi 3^ 

■^ , - * 



■A ■'"/^ ' ■ '- " '*.' ■■"la' :".v'.- ■■',^;";. ■,..-■.'■ '^■■''v ■■, ■ ■ "-..^ -V.' 'Sjji/ -■.■■..:, - ' > -, V'»-"V ■ Ai*^ 

\W' ' ■ 


'i;;v ■•^*^^ :;,,■' 



Auditor of ^blio Aooottnts 

Civil Ssrrioe Conmiasion 

Conittere« Oomaiission (Illinoit) 

Dept. of PinADO« 

Dept. of InBurftnofi 

Supt. of Pttbllo Ins traction 

Dept. of Public ^orlco A Buildings 

Dept. of Roglitratlon A Kduoatloa 

Seoretary of StAte ^ ^ 

Corporation Dept. 

EbeootttlTe Dept. 

Saf oty Hoeponelblllty 

Stftto Treasurer 

DiTlil«i of Vaterwgrs 









'f* - 

* "t^ 

'1 -i^ -v • 

■•', l-J 

April 1950 


rg\^; .»«;>»-/.-. 

Photos tat 

■: f, ■ For patron* "--•-:-:• ■ f^-:- """■ ■ :.-.■:' --k--'-' ■ 

For oerttfloA copy ■■■:i'- , /'■'■. ^f- :, ;' •;-'/"-'^" ' 

Stftt* Ubr^^ry AdBln. Off . ' • ■ '-^ %[ J',,' ^-^^'-^ ;".'.- ' 

Stctndardo for o^r* ohron. Ill 12 , : ;\ 

'•■ IiHiU^anoiB - lott«r ..-■. '''It:'"""'': 

Stftt« lAhraxj Gxteniilon 

ttew«pi:p«r Glip{:diisfi ' ■:''^'^':".' :,' , ^., ■\,/-- '''•■■•3'',;^'^-^:...':' 

Corporation Dopt. t^lc'^'j^^'S^-'^'''- 

R«eorAlng \6 oaKne). ',, .221 :.-■ :'-^ 

D««d r«ioord« (5 Oftaes) 


•" :■;■!»*' 


State Lltgrftrj 

*8P«*sxi<. 5.7 

^hoola «n tour 

.2 37 

/ Row He^od Blndorjr . 

..v^ 'l^^ .-.c^-'v 12 

T«nB«c«o« vl<iltor« 



' Rot irod negro State enployoof ^;:'-;;:.''jl. ■ ;' -W^-^'y /^;.^ 

Sooreturyof dtato .-■■ '-m^/; ., ;'■ ^«y'r^-;.;.o^ '■■'.,;" ■"* 

." 80H00I group Tor Rep. '■ y,'' -.■, ■:'■ '" ■-^'=:- ;.\'"-",;-.. 
oibbe rtlthdrued ..;- ,> //v ' '_ ^2 -'■ , . '■■UV^:.. 

by Klos MoBtmald''-; ■■' 

VgkT i^dtorei " I50 
State offlolpls A affaire of 

Seorotary ' . 3$^ >^^-^^'^':v ■ 

Senators A Bifpr«eenti»tlveo .-^r- • ,-'.^^iV^t>"-'^.■^'•ij'| 

Var ploturee 62 

■%'.■%■ • 


Report for May I95O 

A^qoeBglonw * Th« Index Dppflrtreent of th« SecretRry of 
State 'b office fl.epo8lt»d Primary Election records for 
1950 -with « fev 19^+9 r:i».etlon records. 

The Executive Oepertaent tranaferred Ite fllee (except 
Pardon recordu) for the yenre 1938-*^0, formerly houfled In 
its Departmental Vnult. 

Dep^rtmentat Yfiultfi * Th«» Illinois Commproe CoramlsRlon 
finlBhed equipping lt« vault, ualn^ Art Metal Cases. The 
Ruprftt*. Court added a number of I & E oa«e8 to matoh oaseB 
formerly purchased for lt« vault . 

The followlnj^ nep-'rtBientfl trr nsf erred records to their 
vaults: Supreme Court, Division of Wstervays, n^pprtwent of 
MlneB and Mlnerpls, Teachers* f^amlnlng Bo^rd and the Seo- 
retTy of State's Front Office and Shipping Department. 

The Supreme Court hap employed two lew studentA to work 
on their files In their vault during the aunmer. 

The Auditor of Public Accounts h»« started work prepara- 
tory to microfilming their old v^sirrants. Theae and the cabi- 
nets which house them hpve been removed from the building 
i^lle the work la goin? on. There will be nmch preliminary 
"'ork gettinf^ the files in order. In the meantime, I have 
authorlted the Auditor to put hia stpndardlzed ''ell-mfide 
pasteboard containers In his twelfth floor vault. As soon 
as the old^r records hrve been destroyed after miorof liming 
the steel filing cabinets will be releraed for housing those 
records now in the cartons. It would be improper' to rer.ulre 
the Department to buy n»-'<< files for this temporary use. We 
also hrve loaned them one of the aluminum ladders for use 
in oonreotlon with the file cabinets. Mr. Pace is in 
chTge of the work. I told him ^e would probably want the 
records prior to 18^0 for the srchlves. He has agreed not 
to destroy ^ny without giving us ^n opportunity to bring what 
we w^nt into the Archives. 1 fear this will come during my 
absence but will instruct Mr. Caseady to keep watch. 

Iffkr" -^^^'^^'^' 

»ys have now bean changed over to the new system 
except those for the Departmental Vaults. A special key Is 
bting prepared for the Hepd Janitor. Thla will not admit 
him to the Photographic Laboratory and in the Departmental 
Voult section It will admit him to the corridors Inside the 
vaults but not to any of the bays. His present Master Key 
will be picked up when the new one comes. 

'^e emptied the exhibit oases in expectation that those on 
the first anrl second floors iirere to be exchanged. Mr. Roaslter 
thought thla was a Job for professional movers since it will 
be necessary to remove the base? from the first floor ca«es. 


'' - 2 • 

So fnr nothing hafl b*»«n mov«d. Incident Illy, at the reo^nt 
!n€K»tlnK of oonaultantB for th»» n«»v T«»nn«*efi«e Stst* Library 
And Archlrep Bukldlng, described in j^epter d«t«?ll belov, 
this ouoatlon of ejchlblt ap«.ce vrb di«cup«ed in detail. Mr. 
Ghuroh and Dr. Kuhlmftn were both eraphatic about not having 
t-)o o$ny exhibit CRseo beo«uee it tsken too Tnuoh tine to 
change exhibits and requires the tfork of th** higher j^rRde 
peraonnel. Th^'y said it v»« better to hrve smnll exhibits 
ohf^nged oftener. I eeJced Dr. Kuhlwan ho'^ often he chengea 
his find h« replied, " -^e ar«» pl'^nya telklnf? aboit dolnr- It, 
but to be honeet t^lth you, we hnre nerer chRnp:*»d the onca 
we put up when we raored into the building." Mr. Church 
Bays hia exhibits get ohpn<^ed from three to five times a yef»r. 

The mlcroflln enlarger attachment for the ?hotoflt«'t has 
been Installed except for th*> lena, the wrong Bite of thrt 
havlncj been shipped, 

Vire mesh screens were irate lied between bays 3 ^nd ^^, 

level 12 Seat, Dep'rtwental V?>ult8, Aa the S-^fety Reaponci- 

bility Divlfilon had moved records Into thla space which hnd 
not been ftsslgn«»d to thea. 

"The Conference Room h'^a been used three of four tines 
for Stste Library Committees, onoe for a Stete Library 
staff meeting and several days by the archivist ^lle en- 
gaged In work renulrlnpr uninterrupted concentration. 

Rededloatlon of the Yandalla State House 
HlBB Rogers and I attended the rededlo«tlon of the 
Vsndalla State House which took place Sunday May 1^, as 
one of the featuree of the aprlnflj tour of the Illinois 
State Historic 1 Society. The former offices of the Secre- 
tary of Stst<» and Stntf Treasurer and the Supreme Court Roons 
all on th* first floor, have been refumlahsd with antiques 
of the period an-t replica a. None of the original pieces of 
furniture hnve been found. The Archives Department plAoed 
an nrohival exhibit in the Secretary of State's roOB, con- 
sisting of photop:rpphs of records of th» period. Miss Rogers 
presented a U.S. flrg an<l « State flag, gl^ts of the Secre- 
tfnTj of Strtte. 

Vieitora . • ■ ' ' 

Mr. Stafford Barff, head of the Chloago office of the 
British Information Service came In the aftsx^oon of May 23, 
Mr. Wright, the British Consul whom I took on a tour of the 
Lincoln country last autumn sent him to ae with the request 
that I take him to Hew Salem. I hardly saw how I could take 
the time to do It as I wee ©etching the 7? 59 train for St. 
Louis. However, grasping at an opportunity to ask questions 
about ^''ngland And in the Interest of intematlonal relations, 
I went. I Instrttoted Mr. Cassady to see that he «et Klas 
DleokhAus and Mrs. Onrran the next day. ■' -r,^.-''- ' ■■-''^''.■k ":"'■'/'■ '*'-■'"■'' 

Trip to Sftehvlll*!*. Tgnnefleee . I «p«nt all d«y W«dn«iedRy 
And ThuxMldAy May 2U nnd 2^ In NA«hvlll«, T«nn«Be«e, returrh- 
Ing to the offlo#> Friday it 11 A.M. I tm th«» «rohlvaX oon- 
flultant for the n«w Tenneiii«ft 3tiat« Library and *rohl"?«^«, ^ 
the oth*»r two building ooniniltantB being Himdolph Churoh, 
State Librarian of Virginia and Fredrick Kuhlmnn, Librarian 
of the Joint Onlveralty Library at naehrlll*. I arrived In 
N/aehTllle at 7^50 A.M., wae met and taken to the H«r«ltaga 
Hatel. By 9 o'clook I had climbed to the State U.brary 
where I met Mr. Church, Dr. Robleon, Mies Howell (Aeeletant 
Librarian), Mr«. Moore (who did nt* continue with the party) ; 
and Bobert Quarles the arohiyiat. ^e blanbered up and down . 
■ tairs fro« attic to the baeeraent of the jSapltol, froa attic ? 
to basement of the '^slt liiiBorlal Building, Inspected the 
proposed elte for the new building and vlelted the Suprene 
Court Library and Attorney OeneraT Beeler. Then after lunch 
we repaired to the Joint University Library where we worked 
In air conditioned coafort for th«» rest of our aeeelons. 
The architect Mr. Parrent Joined un there. After a lovely 
dinner party at "Krs. 3ro**n*B" a fin*' reptaurant aeveritl miles 
out on the T^emphls road, we r«»tttrned to the Library where we 
worked until 11 P.M. ^e were at work again by 9:30 the nestt 
mrdnlng and adjourned Thursday afternoon at 5 P.M. Z tlien 
'ms taken to Mrs. Mo^^e*e home idiere Miss Carru there Joined 
ua for a few nlnut^s. Mr. and Mrs. Parrent entertained us 
et dinner at the Oount3ry Glut, after which ve visited first 
the Parrent and then the Hoblson homes. 

1 was astonished at the quantity of r#»ords which hsvit 
been traneferred to the Tennessee Archives. S^cept for keep- 
ing all the records fron e«ch depnrtnwnt mox^ or lees together^' 
sppsrently nothing h«8 been dore to aake thea accessible - 
they being covered with yeara* acctinralatlon of filth and some 
In open boxes. Things looked very auch like the Illinois 
storerooms when I took over. There has been no attempt at 
selectivity In accepting records, end It would appear that i^ 
the archives has been looked upon primarily as storage. ""; 
^ven th'ouf^h Mr. Cuarlee Insist e he oan lay hie hands on 
anything. It takes time t^?^ go fiKW one building to another „::: 
and I cannot believe that the Departaents have turned arttr ^^ 
their most valuable records. Mr. Qiiarlas believe* in saving 
everything. His only record of holdings seeas to be his 
receipt - accession file, and he h«B ep^wrently aade no In- 
dexes, shelf lists or finding aids. He has made a survey of ;. 
records nnd oane up with th** figures ^0,000 cubic feet In the 
trdhlves, 30,000 oubic feet still in Stnte depr^rtaeftts. He 
has not distlngulslied between books and unbound records In 
vwrylng alees and shapes. i. 

Asked for a reeon»«?end<>tion I said I did not see how they 
could get along ^«rlthout a detailed inventory of ^at reoorde , 
are in existence for each dep^trtnent and that when that was 
finished they should decide tipon a dleposal pjrograa. 


-■''■■■■■■ i ■'■;■;, >" - ■;": - *>;- ■. ■:•" ^^.-;V-;:■i^■;"";:^;:"-■:^:^'■^;■^.■ ■■■ 7.,'. 

- ?*r. Churoh d#»BGrlbed thft hew R«corae Man«^j?#Bient of the 
iSt&te of YlrgttJla. As you kno'^, the 3twte Arohlree r«fii8««» 
to aocept any records later th«iJ I865 and bfillerea that the .' . 
function of the ar^lvlat 1p to cere for the pfohlreR of the 
State vhich ha^e hittorloal Interest. Until rery recently 
the arohlTlflt has shown no Interest what soever In pr^blens 
eonneoted with the care of aodem records . The Ooremor 
therefox^ enployed Records itnglneerlng. Inc., of Vashlngtac^ 
to make a surrey and recotmBendations. The president of this 
flrti is Senator (Jerald Nye, the records enaflneer is a Mr. 
21tman who had soae •xperienoe at the Rational Archlres. 
This f Irai reoosmended n disposal and »lor«fil«lng prof^raa for 
the State reoords. It Is obvious that the Tennessee people 
oannot and will not do this voHe theawelwes before norif^ 
Into the nev building and that if the records are Kored in 
just a* they are it will tpke years to dispose of thea. Both 
Hr. Qsfxuptlh and I reoommended that the State eaploy records 
engineers to do this difficult and dirty work ror^^thea and 
gare Sr* Pobison the naaes of the two firms now in the field. 
Hr. GlmT«ch was aost enthusiastic over the work done in Virginia- 

Soet of our time was apent discussing space reoulreaents. 
For the most part the consultants agreeed with the prograa 
set foxj^h by T>r« Robison. In some pl*iees we had to point out 
that he had not determined upon specific policies and how 
that would affect his recoaaendations. His diplteatlc pro- 
bieas are future relations with the State ^^istoricsl Society 
and thft Extension Dep^rtaent. The latter is soaewhat uxi- 
ha.ppy about becoming aaalgaaated with the State Library - 
i^lch is a 11) 00.^0 irculatlng reference library. The Bupreae 
Court Library Is in the Supreae Court Building which is next 
door t© where the new building will be. It intends to keep 
only current numbers of the I^rleed Statutes of other states 
»Bd, I belif ve, of their session l«vs too, and wants the 
State tlbr«ry to keep back files. Incidentally, both the 
libr«Vla« ar^ the assistant librarian of the Supreae Court 
Llbrsi^ are colored. The former trained under Mrs. Koore and 
knew the books so well that when. the library was separated 
f»oB the State Library the Judges wanted this colored aan 
for their librarian. 

We had an interesting call on deneral Eteeler. He is a 
book wjrfi and his spacious office is oTerflowlncf with his 
prlTate llbrsry, which is o^ catholic taste. 

Most o< our time was speat in discussing the amount of 
space needed for Tarious functions of the Stiste Library. The 
building site is next to the Supreae Court Building and must 
haraonlt* with its modern style of architecture. The architect 
suggests that the front of the building be si'^ilar to the 
Supreae Court Building and contain the offices and workro^mp. 
The 8t<^k area at present will be about 100 feet souars and 
will contain 6 to 8 floors,, with plenty of room for expansion 
to the rear. The arehite«t is Mare he can carry the weii^t 
of the archlYes in that smse sta^k sturcture, allowing for - ■ 
rearrangeseat of equipnent in 9 foot Siiuare sections without 
our mterweiilng ociluans at 3 foot interrmls. The plan is v 


■ . ^ - - 5 - ■ ■ ■ ■ 

slfflllsr to thfit URed In th<» Joint Univejelty Library. Weight 
will te carried on floors supported vlth b*>ame Instead of 
equlpfflpnt being attached to eoliunn uprights ae here. It seems 
to me to be extravagrftnt to provide for the heavy archival 
weight throughout the booketaolc "rea, but it eee«9 inpractl- 
oable at present to decide the relative amount of spree needed 
by thp tv-o types of materiple. Certainly the library vill 
have to go through a period of rapid expansion when they sort 
out their books «nd see where the lacunae are. '^ile they 
know the cubic fe*>t of existing records they have no Idesi how 
mr.ny are to be retained and what the rate of exoanslon will 
be. The architect r«^coiapiend8 thpt the archives be housed In 
the two lower levels at present, the most ueed llbr*?ry books 
on the Rtreet level and the level above, and the rent of the 
space allocated as needed. l>r« Roblson Is Intrlj^ued by our 
system of departmental vaults but no practicable nethod of 
segregptlon of or access to thea has iseen proposed so I doubt 
very ?nuch if the system is adopted. Mrs. Moore had hoped to 
have =n entirely separate archival section attached to the 
raar of the building, but they just do not have the aoney to 
do th»t, at least at present. As soon as the architect has 
drawn plans we are to be cslled bock for further crltlelew. 
Meantime so?!e of the policy deelelonc about which we raised 
questions vlll h^ve to be resolved before final plans completed. 
Incidentally, I think Dr. Kuhlman's suggestions are very prac- 
tlc=ble and I found myself In agreement with Mr. Church far 
more than I h^'\ expected. I do not mean that Just the way 
It sounds. Our two Inatltutlons ara so different that I had 
expected our sdvlce would be at cross purposes, but It wasn't. 

I wish to comment in particular on the new chairs which 
are used In the Joint University heading ivsoms. Thty are 
supremely comfortable and appear to be of unuaually sound con- 
struction. They are In essence ceptaln's chairs, except that 
the arms do not extend far enough forward to Interfere with 
vrrltlng at the desk, yet give the comfort of an /am rest. 
Saddle seats are used. In the back of each chaSJi Is a cut- 
out place for inserting the hand for moving the^chplr and 
there is a hat rack beneath the seat. Large 1^' gliders are on 
each leg. I found the chairs comfortable as to back and seat 
but A little high from the floor. However, each table has a 
built In foot rest so that does not matter. Dr. Kuhlmah par- 
chased these posture chairs from Slkes, somewhere in Ohio. H« 
forgot to give me the detall4a but If you are Interested you can 
get cost and other figures from hlrn. 

Staff l/ork . 

fts I reported last month, I am spending these last few 
weeks before leaving for Europe In cleaning up odds isnd ends 
which do not count strtlstically but which will allow me to 
leave with nothing on ay mind and to come back to new prelects, y 
Among the things I have been doing this past month are J filing . 
In our technical pamphlet fll»> doing misesllaneoas checking 
In the Perrln Index, reading proof on county ooimlssioner's 
proceedings which Kiss l^interbauar is typing, working with the 
head carpenter on rekeying the building and checking and weedir^ 

. 6 - 

out Hjy notes on the hlfitory of Stnte goTernment. For on« thing, 
I on wxpanding the bibliographies, p«rtlcul rly as to appropri- 
ations. In m«ny cr>8ofl I h?vp notes more detelled than vhat 
couild be used In the formal History find I am ceggregatlng 
theee from notes Vhloh oan no'-r be destroyed. "Thle project Is 
about h?ilf completed. 

Mr. Hountree and Mrs. Robeson hsve now corapleted the filing 
of Not for Profit Corporations snd Mr. Rountree has started 
filing the For Profit Corporptlons, Mrs. Kobison will Rnslst 
in the filing by unfolding «?nd etspllnp^ bsit It la not prpctl- 
pible for her ti do the POtu.^l filing. She hjns reeumed the 
worX of unfolding Fnrollpd Lave and getting then Irto the 
new folders. 

!^B. Helohl^r has finished mrklng slips for the bound 
voluoea In the Perrln Collection r^hlch w* are going to Index 
for the present. }*ich of th»» r'^pt of the early court records 
are at present In t^o fragile condition to work upon at present, 
^e still hfls to type the cnrde from her slips and to finish 
R ffew more nifl.rrl©ge contract ti^anslatlons. 

's soon ns the new lens for the njlorofllra enl^rger arrives 
I '^ant the I830 federal census enlarged on sheets and difstrlbuted 
among stsff nembers for Indexing. Th^t should be the principal 
work of Mrs. Relchler, Mrs. Robeson and Miss Wlnterbauer ^lle 
I ftui gone. The Photographic Lpborsitory m?iy need considerable 
prodding to keep up with then, but If ell things work out as 
they should, this 1330 census should be completed by the end 
of the yepr or sooner. Mr. CAfl*?ftdy end Mrs. KcF,'»dden will 
continue the Indexlncr of the I85O census. from the film. At 
present we sre In s vicious circle - we spend too much tine on 
genealogical searches beoaAse the Indexes are not done, and 
that fienrch prevents our getting the Indexes done. Incident- 
ally, Mr. Ohurch hrs a form which he sends out, refusing to 
search the census for Indlvldupln because It takes too rauoh 
tine froHs other Rrchlv?l wor^f. I told hlB we consider It en 
InvestBPnt In good will and the nppreclstlve letters we get 
prove to UP tlist It Is worth while. Maybe !•« wrong, especi- 
ally since much of our work Is for non-Illlnols residents, but 
I like our repu»tatlon for giving service that other stnte 
llbr«rl<«>8 won't or cannot give. 

Mlse 3oheffl»»r hFS rearranged the cataloged X A M canal 
records, lettering them and making new shelf-llste. She has 
unrolled end placed In oases I35 of the meps for this oolleo- 
tlon. She h«B also spent considerable time at the R*»f«rence 
Oeek and vhlle there unfolded and stapled corporation reports. 

Hall inquiries csme frora 19 stistee and the District of 
Columbia, California leading with fire l-tters. Slg^t Illinois 
cities find towns sent Inquiries. As usual most of our wall 
relpted to family history, ^e se^^rched 2 counties for 2 najiies 
in the 1820 census; 2 counties for 2 nanes In the I83O census ; 
h counties for 1 nanp in the 18^0 census; 12 counties for 16 
names in the I850 oensus. Among the questions relating to 


^.■-' -, • 7 - 

arohlTftl t<»ohnln«e ^ifPTf: Does your typ» of furalf^ator p-^^nerate 
poltonous g>»fe«t (North Cerollne). «dvlce on rppalrln- old 
newfip«fp«»r8 (State NonsRl University), '^ipllfle-'stlanw for 
f»sf?lf»t»nt "rchivlet (T^nneRsee P^rsonn**! '>»pt. and Colorado 
^rchlTes). In person, we g«v*» advlce^ to the Au'ltor with 
r«flp«»ct to hlff wlcroflliB progr?»m fi.n<\ to the Dep^rtwnt of 
P^ibllff Welf^iri* ooncernlne: flfthdeullns:» of reoox^a. ^mong the 
historical queetlone one relnte'^ to the territorial aesl for 
'hlte County (supposedly duff up by «om» Boplc«l*-chlldren) ; 
•»nd taiogr»^phlc«il detn on the eooneors for the 18^9 toT-mshlp 
organization net. 

Kiorof lifting Proleeta. 

»« yon knov, the Morwons nre ralcrof lining county recordt 
for genenlocrlcpl purnoeea all over the country. Wr. Church 
nayn they h^ve deposited duplicate films with the Virginia. 
Sts»te Library which wo»»ld have cost ^300,000. It seens that 
Horwon doctrine provides for s r^trosotlve syeteia of tnklng 
one's Ancestors Into the church, so nil busy •s'^rlnf?* 
their sncest^re. At present the church is working chiefly 
in the east, but in view of th»» Illinolf history of MonnonisB 
i should think they mig^ht be Induced to work here before too 
long. Do you h^ve »!iny contipcts which mli^ht further thl* pro- 
ject? It eeews prob<?ble, hov^-vor, th^^t fev Illinois cwmties 
furnished Illinois converts. It seems to »<» thpt we sho'ild get 
our own mlcrofllBiir^ project going - i.e., to obtain rBlcrofilm 
copies of eorly Illinois county records prior to 1870. Right 
now would s*»eTa to be the tl-^e to do it while n^ny of the 
counties «*re st ij^ork microfilming their deed records. With 
BlcrofilEslng n^chlner nt "ork in th«» counties, we ought to 
be nble to r^et our work done «st t)^.e same tine and relatively 
chesply, since pprt of Th^t ve •r-^nt woTjld cnll only for b 
dupllofste copy. The onjor i>roJect for Kr. KaBt*r first year^ 
I believe, night well be a survey of t^hrt the various countiea 
hare done, pre doing and propose to do in the astt*»r of mlcr#* 
filling. *s preparation for the.t Mr. I^nst should becoae en 
expert on «pplicstlone of BicrophotogTRphy, and if pof^slble, 
should be sent to v^ashlngtpn to confer with Mr. Moll of the 
Nfltlonpi jiirohlves, Mr. 8chwe(rem*r of the Library of Congress 
•^nd to 0«mbrldge to see Vernon T-tte at H.I.T. Mr. '^est hns 
hed 8o«e experience with newapr^per mlcrofllnjs, having been e«- 
ployed in th" Hlftorlcel lAbrery new8pep''r room for a tine. 
I pirn to start him out Inventoryirf; the microfilms we hrve. I 
shall also give him some Indeitln^ to do mnd trsln hlw for ref- 
erence desk reli^'f . 

In your n»xt b^idget I r'^conmend that you provide for field 
work in county miorof liming, including perhaps a portable 
Hoeord^k. / . , >..■ . . -.■:■--, ;,- 

Slnet I shell probably be awey at the time n«v legislation 
is under consideration, I wish to reeowoend an amendment to 
the Stste r«oord laws whloh- will define th* tern •records* 
more spedifloally and w&ke It clear th-^t the presant section 
In ttie Criminal Code relating to destruction, lereeny, »to. 


' ix:-. 

of r«0(^As ftpplie* to Statff r^ooMs. I 7««p»BMiiid ttuit 
tai© i<fOX*dlns of the fi^d«ral XmrS ofi thl« «abJ<>ot b« enaotffd 
into Xllinoifl laws. Thle Inforwatlon lo to bo found In the f 
Hfttlonol Arehlveo BiAira«X on €XmpoB>^1. of reeords i^ich v» 
fti*« a«lm; A« * bails for our oiwb n«noftl. lfoxN» t«>«th should 
b<» pvt In thff State B«oordfi Conmloolmi set, both aa to 
appllcAtlon, ptreonnol and dlflpoB«l,.aad alcrof lining oXw^ew* 
Prairamably th« •Lltt«l Hooroir CjwttjI salon* la to brIco a /> 
r«ooBBieQdatlon eonoemlng the Stata ^eorde oottsli^slon. - 

^.1^ Hart vho had been out 111 alnco April 15 l*ft 
the hoapltal but Kraa still «t hone on May 31* 

Taoatipna ■were t«ken :«• 'follows: .. :. -■''-''■:". '■' -'^.-y s-'. 

Krs. fiobeson May 6-13; Mrs. MoFaddon May Z7-J^ne 3. v . 

Beginning May 6, the stKff wsrS glren alterhate Saturdays 
off, those on 8:30 shift ha^li« the tisw off. The st^ff 
wore given their ohoieo of hating Monday May 29 or ^ly 3 off^ 
The followlnp- worked May 29 » Morton, Oassady, Wlnterbauer 
ftnd,Reln.^ ..^ ^. ..,,,-^-,. -.-...^.^.^ 

'%-::-y —';-'■''■■■■;.■.-■ -Iri^'-. ■'-■';, Respeotfttlly enbdltted, '/'' y "■ 



*™ ;■' 


>.rt"' i;' 




/:i : 

' ■ ■ - ■ r - ■-. ,'-;.■ • , ■"^" •^- '• •'• .- • ■■- '■ ■ ■ y- "•' -r : ■ ', •■ ■ V' X r ■ "-^'' '.^ ■' T ■• 

V ^ " ■ ■ . ' ■--',■■'■■ i - - -" "■'■■■' ■■.'^-i''«.'- •.;'■ £. " ■■■^i«&5.V -■ ■ *"£ V"-- '*'>, ..*^t ' -, ; '.■ - , >'*-i '?'■'..■ 'V-', • /'r-' . -■ ■ -K^- ;. . , - ■ ' ■ .U • I '^-" . a"(-H.. 

^•Siil^v^ ■• ^v^i'-- .& V*: <-^^-'#:>"^:.;, \ '■■^-^Md£^''-;v*^^liMii-' ^l:^i^ -#a-^:c^^«v=;m'' .;:#--;^'S^^ 

May 1950 

Secretary of 8tat« 

Index Oent. • ,„'!/•;'- -■■ • ^ 

Deed reoordB. 1 ocoe 
Election Records. 19W50 

Sxeoutlve INipt. 

Executive File, 1938-W) 
CertlflORtee of Qiiallf lost ion, 

Jlequlaltlons on Illlnole 
for return of fugitive* 

Heaulsltlons by IlllnolB 
for B^oe 

Trade Marks i l'S^58 - 

No. Doofi « 

est. 2^5 

Eat . 5200 





■ ..?,.' ■''%^.^ 

■ '•" :'■ ■' :.:/'^^,"a&';; ■ . 

• ■ ■,/. - ' , £:^«;.v ■ . .■■■ 

'■''■ .i-:''H-' ''■■■J \'Jyiv::;~''~' 
''■■■■■ --^'^'M 'A''"*'- 'i\ ..■;■■,- -'.f' 


r-a*?-s» ■-„<5!--»!S ■ 

'■>^'^'-; -r^^^"' '^tkr.-i '-c^-?-^':. '-■^:,'^iif^i.^±^4,- -t.t^ 

May 1950 

Raatln«» Departmental Calls 

Secretary of StAte 
Corporation D«pt. 

Annual R«portfi 135 

Index Cards ^ 

Correnpondenoe Z 

Kxeoutlve D«pt. 

Certlflcntefl of Ouallflo-stlon 1 

Ltind Record 1 

NotaiTr Bonds ,h 

Tr«id« Marks 19 

Index Dept. • • 

Deeds to St^te property 3 

Election Records ^ 2 

?^rolled Laws • ■ 32 

Departfflftnt of R«glstx^tion en^ Sduo«tlon 

Heftl A«t<^te Licensee 2 

TJlvlslon of 'at*»rwp.ys 

Qenerril aspeinbly 


In p«rflon .■--''' "-.- ' *;- 

1850 federal oenaUi<!, h oo^nti<»8 

I855 Otste census, 1 county 

i860 Agricultural census 

I865 St Ate census j 1 county 
3y mnll \., .,■ ■ .,«• , 


In pereon . ',; •/■ ■^'' a" I 

'enrolled Le^^s 

Beet SHigar Industry Research 
Mi80«llmneoas ^^ 

Name Index (Phone cells) 
By mall 


ArohlTfll Technique 
In person 
By mell 

Miscellaneous mail 

Ornnd Totftl 

■.:;.. ^''\-Ji.. 

. ' 'vA ■■■'■'■- ■-■■., ■.-, -,: .;',.■. ■ •.■■■'<.;/■?■>■- 

I ,-,.■. 

*■ -K 





4 1" 

27 .'-■ 






■.,!='--' ■'. ■■ - '- 

' Zk - 


9 , 


'i* * "W; #".';■ '„. .; rS ',.;'»*■-:; iv,"' ,' ^,"f 

•!,-;•!.., -!^ ^\ 

^BmiVT.a CAT.* LOO 
Way 1950 

Kane Ind«>x 

Federal CeiwuB. Celhmxn Co., I85O 
?«rrln oollpctlon 


7S^ CP-rdB 

5^* cftrdF5 

s -^ 



'.->.^.;/- \.,, 



■ :- '^'■- - 


-:>'■' j-mM) 



X. ■, 

- . ; '-i ,, 



VAULT ATy/iaSIOMS Hay 195° 
niv. of Archlteotnre & ^ngln«*»rlne 
"udltor of ^ibllc Aoooiintf 
Civil S«rvlo9 CoawBlealon 
Dept. of Flnphc© 
IlllnolB CowTTi^rcff Ciowwlflelon 
Liquor Control Connlaelon 
Dept. of Influr»noe 
Supt. of Public Instruction 
D«pt. of Mines A Mln<»r»l« 

• " Hffhpbllltatlon 

" ■ Reglrttrstlon & FMucfttlon 

Seor«tary of State 
Corporation Dept. 
«:xecutlve • 

Safety Rweponalblllty 
Shipping !>«pt. 

St»t« Tx^««iur«r 

SttpreBw Court 

Dlv. of w«terv«»yfl 









' K 

V- »• ':. 


,.5y^^4'^, ■ '' 

V' .* ^■■- • -y' 

,-. ■ '■:■■■■■■• '>i"'.-'--. ' - . -,:-,^ 

";,'"C,- ■ 

s -,:•-. 

*. ■■■•'■ 


''"•:'' •^■■-^■- ■:--■■/■ -^ 

■* '. "■* * J ■^. -' ■ 

' ''*■.- ' * '" 

.-A ■ >', -^.H'^--? ..-*i 

- .'"•'.r^^:..';-./''^ ■ '^ J- * "^ 

f- ; .,. 

■■■■ ■.■;■■., ^5-:-^-«^^ 

•, ' ,..:-■::. v^S,^^^ %i^4;f,l -.:;,;i] 

":■'.,■■■ .• ''■ ?.-,:■■■ 

>4 ,? . 



.-. "-. , - 

v^^a^ V^V 

May 1950 


h % ij neggtivcii iYlnto 

Arohlvf^R Dept. 

Co lien of !nnt«»rlRl loptn«»d 

for H«gro Hint. *»xhlblt ^ 

stfitf Library Admin. Of. 

School vlfiltorfl. 3tn4«nt llbrprl«n«, «to. 
Picture of bookiBObilp 
"xhlblt.ei, Iflt floor Cpntennlnl 
Copy froir. •Illustr'*t«*A 
Fort Dtdg©* 

, ■ '. ■ ■'■,'. 
Seor^tmry of St«t« 

Bchool group - R*»p. 91bb« 

31u*» Book 

24 floor Gftpltol Cngf , Auto Dent. . 
Front Office 



atpte Llbr^^ry 

Repjiflter Illlrolp LlbrTl^-nfl 

9tibBoriptlor. 3ookP Bulletin 

Copy of letter 

FIthlcfl for T<»ooh«?r9 

Peorl^ Lib. organization 

Letter froa ALA 

From U.3. Stnt. ft Lerge 

Arohlvea Dept. 



De^d r^corde for niv. Arch. A 

En|fln«erlnf5. St. Chr^rlei 

D«e4 records for Oept. Regie. * 

Educ. ^. St-'te Teachers 


Corporation Dept. 

Recordings (7 docs.) 




9 ^ IQ 






A!ICHIV|S DSP^?i3^15lPr 

On« de«A r^oor^ v«ft «dd«d to th« fll«. 

Mr. Saet pr9»9nt«d eo«i« eftrly Peoria County el«otion 
reoords (1626, 1628) whloh imre giren to him by th« son 
of th» lA|e Darld HeCuIlous^* nuthor of th« History of 
Peorl* (1902). Th«s« r<ioord« had erldently ^en borrowed 
at tho tlm« thv book vaa vrltt#n> B«oatif« th« r<^8t of 
the file no^*^ ««»#ffl9 niltaln^ and th* county olerk la not 
hlstorldfilly iNlnd9d, Mr. Sast f<»lt th«ti» ithoulA oob« to 
us rath«r than go baok to the oOunty. The tran^aotlos 
waR dated baok of the tlm«^ tCr> itaflt oane onto our staff. 

tranirerii io their Oep^srtBsental Vaulta were auwle by 
the folloving departaentflt Cosneroe Connleelon, DlTleion 
of Wat«nf«y« and Liquor Control Coffl«le8l«a. 

The re-keylng of the Arehlree Building has been oo»» 
pleted exeept for some half doten lockj Biasing lAien oorea 
were ohanged - i.e., for the eeoond exit door for eaiAl of 
the North I^partsental Vaults and for the door to tbt 
eleYator oaehlnery roon for the east passenger el^rator' 
Also BORP df the key labels hare not y»t bften ohanged. A 
full report on keys by loo^tlon and ^ key nuwber has been 
filed In ^e offloe df the Assistant State Librarian and 
in the Key Clocet to the Arohlirea Building. 

New fluoreaoent lights iwrre Installed In th« Arohlvlst's 
«^orkrooD (Staff Roooi) and orer the drawers In the Barlow 
Room*. , ■.,;- , ,^ - ' -. ; ,.. -^ 

Bev Bietal Venetian blinds w»r« Inetalled. 

la^ exhibit eases fron ^e Poj» Koom were exohanged 
with those froa the seeond floor lobby. No exhibits hare v 
been placed pending repainting? of the oases. 

Staff Notes. 

Mr. Ernest Sast of Peoria w»e appointed Field Visitor 
for Arohlres following the Olrll Serrlce Conmlselon 
examination held for that position last autusm. Vr. Kaet* 
a former r^wapaper featuz^e writer has long been Interested 
in oounty records both as a writer on Peoria hlitory, as 
9 foroer aeiiber of the County Board of Peoria and av • 
trustee of tite Illlnoia Stsitc Riftcrloal Society. Be Is . 
also a former acvfber of t^ et«ff of tlis Illinois State 
RlstorloAi Library. He wll^ be spending the next few 
mbnthi famiUarltlng hlntelf with Illlitols aroMval 
prccedares. He Is doing relief wcrk In th« Reference 
Room, handled the geBealcgioal mail during Mr. Oasscdy*e '■. 
▼coatlon and has taken up the tcnpllAf ion of the ^tudy 
of oo^inty goremment fron idiffre Vht* Cassady left off -— -— 
(I.e., with 181t). ^ 



'.[■:"■■'- ■ '^^:--'- - 2 - ■-■: -:-v ';.-.; ; 

VacMitlMts dilring th« month wint ah follows : Mr». 
R#lohl«r J^« 3-l7# Wr. (^asady June 17-2i>, Ml«« 
Vfinterb&u«»r J«n« 17 - July !• ,J 

Mr«. KoPadden^c hu«b«nA underwent a fsajor operation 
June 30 and ie reeorerlng nloely. 

Hr. liaRarte returned to work June 12 after a lengthy 

The Conferenoe Roop wae u««d lay the following groupat 
Stata Lihrary staff Meeting; Gommlttae on State lAhsiary 
Claeslfioatlon; (SetmBlttee on State Library Manual; State 
Flmployeei* Ae»flr«i«tion. 

ftpT Karoi/ ooanty recorder and Kr. Ttioak hia ehlef 
deputy oalled one afternoon to dieouae ^e depoait of ' 
thoir aeourity flln in the ArohlTee vaulta. They plan , 
to tend It in aa eompleted^ hy l!r« Hlaat* 


rae firat hiiif of our Dlepoeal manual appeared In 
Illinois Libraries for May 1950. Ttoi Co««ittee on State 
K^oords appointed liy the Departaent of INblie Welfart, 
also bnsed on tha Ihitional ArohlTee Manual, la In draft 
for»» % wmA» SOB* susgestlons for alnor (Ranges to 
eoofiillnate with what «a had written but have not yet 
had a foneal oonf erehoe with r'^preeentatlwea of ^» 
t)epartaent. ^. JahnKe, the ohalrman of the Ooa9itt#e 
hea kept in oloae eontaot with tan vhlla he was working 
on hie Mamial. This I ooneider very well done. H*» 
has lE»iled do%m t^ federal aanual Yary oleaply. Our 
larger nainial with wore axplanatiosi can be nead to 
eupplesent this. Zn the nanual are sose suggestions 
for Miendnents to the State record lav. Thase auggaations ,. 
did not orlgfinata wi^h »e though they ara along the lines :' 

we haire been thinking about. A report on thie will ba '^ 

eent to the Aaaiirtant State U-lK^rian ^orltly. 

Kesers. Oofool and ^idttan discussed the Arohives 
Departaent with «« informally. i*r. Spauldlng has nereiP 
ootte near bm -> infaot X haven't eren •••n hl^ slnoe h« ^ 
beoaaa a neaber of the Surrey Co«»lttae, PkHisusably 
he eonslders himaelf inexperienced in the arohlwal field* r 

I also talked briefly with Mr. Valker of the UttU 
Booirar €offi8ls«ioii. He aald he was ttaklng-tl^st* alt«11Biftt|lP» 
suggestions for the plaeetnent of the ftrehS^ra* bat did im 
knew whioh r««ovHNiiidatlon the ^B»lsai«i would nakei 
1) hare the arehlwes where It is; 2^ naka It an Indapendeat 
oostmleslon; 3) (hold your breath!) jiak* it a Dlrlsli^ 
In the FlnABOO I>eprts!ant ! U Re end«4 )t^ Miylng, *PoA*t 
woavy • In the lofig ygn fhoji aren't goii^^ to take any l__i 
departfiiants amgr tr^m the $moftm%«cry of State.* fridantly 
they a»e following the Imt^tif report too oloae ly - all 
empliasls on plqr*iial aapedts of reoord«» none on the ,. 
oultural aepeot#f;" :,:-..: -^.-^yy:--^-"-y^ ^,r,^^^^:ir^ ';•..:;'. "' ;:" '■ - -'-^ : ; •:"'?' ",-■ 

'«. R«l<Sl«r hiftfl flnifih«A IniUixlng and tjrping tb» 
oar&i for the l*«t Ptrrtn voli»w» v© propo«etl to ind«x 
for th« pt^s^nt *• th« r«gl8tr?^tton of negro««. She 
l» still irking on th« tranelatlons. 

Mr. <3a«»«dy prior to hl« vAoatloti did th« gcnealogiOAl 
fl«Areh. H» reports eh«olcing 3 ooantltii for 3 names in 
1830 ounatts, 4 eountifts for 4 iifliB«8 in 1840, and 12 
60unti<>8 for 16 na«ei in th«» 1850 f^^loral eenauB. 

Ha ha* started a pra^Jsot for oh^o^lng *^^« ehf^f list 
against the i^el7<!>s againat the o a taloi^^ "bringing opan 
•ntrlaa up to data and listing unoat/ildgad Bnt^rial. H» 
hat rinlirliad lair«l | and is vorXlng on legale 2 and 4. 

Mifls 50h*ffl*r is oontinulng tha d«t«llad oatalogltig 
of tha Z A M oanal r#eorda. Sh9 h^« eoaplatad tbt 
analf tloali for 9$ t^ltm9« isut ,h«a not t7Pi»A tha oataleg 
•ard« for th«tt« Thin datailad eat^log, on legal ahaata, 
2 eopia0»l« filad in th« Hafarenoe«ry and on Layel 6 
vh«r« tha raeorda ara lL9pt. 

Mr. Oaaaadj and lira. McFadd<?n hara done approxinataly 
250 and 900 ln<tax oards for the I850 fadaral oanaua of 
GAlhoon Ck>uety, now api^i^aehing ooapletion. 

My. fteuntya^ haa oooplated the letter "B* of tha 
For firofit Oorporatios reports. Mrs. !lobe«on la ataplintg 
and imfolding aheRd of hlsi, 

Kra. Eoheaon Ixaa finiahad most of the year 1928 in 
trantf^rrir^ Enrolled Lawe to the nn^r foldars. 

Mttoh of «y tliW| eapeoially the last -three veaka of 
th# months has t>aen opent on editing the Oheek Ldst of 
St&te Dooaatenta for publioation. X antioipr^ted that thia 
vould involre minor editing of oopy t^ioh tQLsa Wlntarbaaer 
oould type fron the eatalo^ cards. 1 found ao many la- 
eonaistenoiea In the forms of, entry that I endad^ doing 
the typing myaalf . Aleo ao»<f doouBi'=»nta for whioh I did 
not have latibliographioal detail hav* plnoa been aocmtred 
by the Riatorloal Library or been Xooated in the ArohlTea. 
Also aone of tha dards ar«? merely typed ^oplea of State 
Library or Slatorio^.l Mbrery entrtaa leas full than, thm ^ 
form I am uaing. All of ^ioh iB«»«ne 5a major operation 
of re(^ie»kii^^i> At tinges tt loekn ea though X would not 
ha*re tim*^^ to finish the task bafore I leaTo, but waoh 
"mesBea* haire a way of reaolTing: th©m««lV»» ttiddenly to 
X as bmpefal, Vbere «ill be b^^nleh I50 am^ 16q pagma 
of mopy ^i«!i veana th« publioatlon will mui through moat 
of the year, Pax^pa you irlll dmold^ mot to print it 
beoattae of lt« Xength, but X belleiro It worth 4olng. 

IU«peo#ully imbnltted, 


In ?«r8on 

By Mail 


Jun© 1950 

Rotttlnc D«j>n.rtm#ntftl Calls- -'" S^^'] 

S»cretary of 3tat!« 
Corpoi'&tlon I^pt. 

Annuel ruporta 75 

Xndflx o&rdfl 3° 
Kxeeistive Bept. 

Rotary t)ond8 * 

Ifrade Marka o 

Ind#x D«pt. ^ 

V / a^eda to Stmte property _o 

lleotloB records 12 

:/l?nroll#d lawB 11 

SeotiritliiMt D«Pt. . 

^ •: Cloa«rd Oft sea *^ 

CJ6tt«rftl Aaawiibly ^3 

Reglatratlon & Education D©pt. 

Heal wfltatft brolcara ^ ^ 

''■ /WRt»rvay« BiY* . ,-■'=:-' -.■ '. • ^ 

Kiaoellanaotia 3 

(l«n«ftlQgy ** 
Sletory 3' 

History Statft T>«part5)«nta >■ 

ArehlTal t<^ohnit!Uff .t , 


C}«n«alogy P 

I85O fadaral oonBua » 

Sfortallty aehadulea < 


Oounty hlatoriea 

Hlatorlo«l r»oord« survey 

Harae ind#x (phono oalla) 28 

AdTflaory . 

County * 

Stata ^^ — >Js- 




..-,; . ■ v«%. " ■ :■; "1 '■ '•■";-.: ' ' V , '^- . 

-;■-'■: ■■ ^ .- ^ ^ 

-/ -'■ , ' ■' ''' '■ ■'■ ■ ' ■'^' 

,;,. ■^■*-:^" •': .■ Sium ^:^(^ ' 

■■:# N»ni# tndflcv " '' ' ' 'V^ 

i-' : .. 

1*0 «*r4« 

OaIho«HS[ €o. fedaral o«nau8» 

C > 1850 


Catalog .'-' 











Auditor of Pabllc Acocrunt* 

•*Clyll 3«rTlae Gowmtetlon 

D»pt. of FiOftnoff 

IXllnolB Cofam«ro^ GosnsiiBion 

D»pt» ef In8nr&no« 

iULquor Control Qonalfliilon 

8apt. of i^bllo Inetruotlon 
(T^nohiira ?»n«lon) 

D«pt» of TiBblie ^ittta * BId|?«s 

• • HafTlPtratlon & Idaeaitlon 

Soorota^ of atAto 

Corpora tl<m D*pt* 
EzooutlTe ' 

Bafoty B«flpon«il9llltr 


State Tresouror 
SaproBo Goart 
orr. of Vatorwaya 
















"V^ ■' ^.r -! 


■'* 1^ 



Illlnoi* 3tflt« Library 
Oopf of l«tt«r 
Odpf of olvll •«rTlce papers 
Cdpy . Book Hevltw pigent , 19^ 
Coplae ftrom Gathollo i^orW & 

Bookshop S«1^Tlo« 
Copy of Regleter of 111. Llbrfirlea 
Copy of Voucher 
Copy from Xllinole U.TwRrl«a 
Copy of Letter 

Corporation D«p*Trtjn#nt 

; n«oordlng^ 
Southern Xllinole Nomi!*! University 

>^»«h1 re«oisi 




Secretary of Stftte 

8prln^l«ia. Oianta T«ab 
. Portrait e of Sarrett 
r: School group roqtt^stcMl by 

Rep, '^Hbba (not olgn^d for) 
GirXa' atftte (HllXhoua^) 
Pi^rator'e Lioenaa 
Copy for FBI 

3tat« Libri^ry 

Sebool groupa ▼laltlng Llbrs^ry 


Stp-ff waiting 

^hibitfl in C^ntannlnl 3»iildlng 

Group of apn 4«I#otlng b< 

Art DepArtnent oepy work 












Print a 






-f ' 

r y 

_=j'. .» " - . » 

^ .'-; 

July 1950 - 

Aooftflelonw . Thw Index Department aent ov»»r deftd records 
relating to net' purohn«es of lond for Southern Illinois 

The Houfle of Hepreaintatlvee has sent over all Its 
records for the 3peoi'?il 3eR=5lon of 1950. The Secretary of 
the Senate still h».e not sent ovpr records of either the 
regvilar or the special seRslon. Mr. Butler has been much 
oonoemed over this beoauee they h«ve been left out on 
tables and msy have been taapered with. It le popslble 
thnt the e»»cretAry of the Sen^'te may try to bl<^in»=> me for his 
fcillur«» to send th*^ni over. At th*» b^f^lnnlrr? of th<n special 
session one of hln clerks o«llpd wp nnd said, •■^e 9Te going 
to brlnq thf» records of th<? rej^ulnr session over tomorrow. 
Is there *iny particular way you wnnt them flledf" I replied 
that we pri»ferred to h?ive the bills irrenged numorlofllly If 
possible. "We he.ven't <inyone to do all that work!" she 
replied testllly and rang off before I could anstrer. Th« 
next day sone one (Hr. Alexander himself If I recsll correctly) 
called and said, "'fe hnve decided to wait until the end of 
the 3peci.-'l Session to send th« bills for the Kognilar Session 
because some of the Senators want to se*^ them." I think Mr. 
iutler has prodded hlsj until he hp.B got stubborn. How we 
probably won't get the records until they clean house for 
the next session. Of Course, the law directs tlif^ Secretary 
of the Senate to deliver thr r?>cord« to thp Secretary of 3tate 
Imnedlately aft«r the close of each session of th*» (Jenerol 

-'he Oep-^rtment of Agriculture transferred Ite fllf of 
"grlcultural stetlBtlcs for the years 1937-^^6. This la a Joint 
State-federal project and the federal Department of Agriculture 
alro approved the transfer. Historically theee conplete records 
on products of every forra in the state are valuable, partlou- 
Ifirly as sho'^inr-: changin- crops ?'nd thr effects of the AAA 
prOfTrarn f^ni '-'orld v<>r II on whet wee ppro'-m in the state, 

I>epartnent^l Yaultg . Transfers were nwde to their Depert- 
raent^l Vftulta by the ait«te Libre ry, 3t"te Treasurer, Division 
of v/atprwaya, aupreme Court and Executive Department (Pardon 
r'^cords) . 

3tr-ff '.'ork . I spent TT»o«?t of my tine editlnf^ the check list 
of Stctp dooum*»ntP 1812-1850 for publication in Illinoie Libraries , 
"hen I Bugfre8t*»d dolni? this I had thoucjht It vould mean typing 
off the on.rdfl and proof-readin;:: the typing?. However, the cards 
were done over a series of ye^rs with th*» to-b*»-*»?:pected l^'-ok 
of unlfoxTfiity in detail and «»rr«ngenent of entry. Also the 
Hlfltorlcfll Library han «coulred Snbln, the State Llbrery the 
Llbrnry of Compress Catalosr end several oth#»r bibliographical 
f^ldes have become avall'»bie, all of which yielded additional 
bibllogrp.phlc- 1 Information. I therefore found myself involved 
in a major enterprise. Both ''ins "interbauer and Hiss 3eh<»ffler 

- 2 - 

'.14ed In thr typlnf^ npd Hloo Sohpffl«r on checking, but nruch, 
pv«?n of thr» typlnf^ hnd to b«? dbn« by w«. I k<»pt no aoco'int 
of thf» overt Inp brit i/ltb aaturday r.nd ev««n cone Stind'^y vrork 
I knov I nide up not only tbf tlw** I ■^'''R In Nsnhvlllf* both 
tlraw« and sIpo nearly » vf»eV of tin? extra tiro ro fjenerouely 
allov*»d Elf* for the ^irop«n,n trip. 

July 10 I R*r;*.ln 8p(»nt In HashTllle, ">nn<*Bff»?» ap a 
BJembor of thflr ^t-^tp Llbr-^ry Buildln.^ Cor:-"lP«lon. Mlsa 
Pof?'*?**!, -aplntp.nt 3t"tp Llbrnrian, '•'r-R abl«» to orrinc^** a 
b'lnlnpcs trip to NaBhvillr for fhr» Rnrnr tln« and we drove, 
le*»-vln'- "iund-^y tnornln.'^ "nd r^turnlrfr to Oprlnj^flf^ld TiiGBdry 

;'lFr, 3oheffl«»r yfnn A'>fRy on v« cation thp flrrt t^o ^e»>ka 
of July. In «i dltlon to V^n nsplstonc- glvwn a*? on the 
irtw»oy:llst flho reports worklnj;^ on an '•xhlbit of Itene for e<ich 
cd'unty for th" 3«»cond floor «»xhlblt. 

■3ho alflo did " bookr^vlew for thi> ^werlc^n *ro)ilvi'^t on 
U.S. i«5pt. of Interior. Tjureau of reclamation. ?^-t'andp rd 
oorreaoondenoe filinpr flyotcra hr-ndbook. 

-"'he reports h^-vln^r don-^ no oatRlofflnn: because of Idtie 
©xtrn vor:c In holplnu ne. 

Hr.''^''nt in continulnc- the "'dric on the history of county 
dep.Ttmentc be^n by Mr. 'Iif?flfldy. Hf» corplled n srrr.ple 
blbllof<rmphy of lavs reletting to the county recorder an-d la 
nshlng detailed index pllpn for county functions for the 
period 1319-^9' He has siade p11 th** Rearohc-e thia month on 
R^ene«lo.5:lc»l letters. He Is "Ipo cheo'-clnc: th*- mloroflljna 
'*r. Ifennen nsde for inventory purpoe^s. 

'*r, "x^p^ h!^f. appllfd for ni»wber"'^Vp In th" 3of*,lfty of 
^rerloen ^rohlvlstc. 

'-'r. "«^,Bt 1p o'^nlm^n of the Commlttftp' on M-rklni;; Hlptorical 
Sltoe of th<» Illlnolr at-'t* "^Rtorlc 1 Society. He h^^d one 
Dpetlni? thl.q month vfirh the Ivlelon of Hifrh'.'ays, the Stcte 
Hletorlnn and loci hlctorical officere on the placing of a 
merrier, nanufaotured at Pontlao reforatory, at the site of 
the Lewla and Gle.rk Expedition Cprnp n<»e.r Alton. 

He hps ftlao hnd eome correspondence '.fith '^illirts J. 
P#t<»rPon, superintendent of the St^^te Hletorioal Society of 
iovft nbout the Ulinoifi .«irohlve6 nnd Its building, '/ere Z 
not going nway so soon I would have t^^ken thlfl natter up 
wyrelf in hopes of helpinp- !»?x I did ^/Ith e^^rlier pl«n« for 
'\ new crchlvee building nt Oep. "olnec. The lova Stnte HlstoriCAl 
:'>oclety la loc-.tpd at th^ Unlv^reity of Iowr n.t lova City but 
h^e Alwnys aponaored the ^t-^te ArcMvee. I do not vnow vhioh 
Institution Ifl no*f contfenplAtlnn: a nev bulldlnj. 

!'.r. ^>Pt Ib alco, on hln o'^m time, vorkin^ on an article 
to be printed in the Linooln Hqral<l« published by Mhiioln 
Menori^l Unlvereity. Hr . Sast ' e kno-fledf^^ of Illinois hiatory 
and nource Tnet<»rirlc in n f?rent afort to U8. 

•■■■-- - 3 -• ■■■ 

Hra. R«3Lohler has finiahod th« Frenoh translfttion*, also 
th© eardi for the 3t. Clidr Cotinty Court of Gomnon ?Xes^fl, 
1790-91, IndMMid \ify her. She Ifi now indexing sorae idacellaneoufl 
frRg»ent« ot court r#cotd». Her or\rdB hnre not been proofread 
so ft oount oannot be ^yen. 

Kre. Kobeeon did not report thle month aa she haa bean 
In attendanoo the laet fmf daya on her father who le in critical 
oondltlon fron a atroKe miffered ^lle driving to work last 
Frlilay nornlne. I inow she hne filed the I85O cenaue oarda 
for Calhoun county which la nov flnlahod. 'Jbm in t/orklng In 
the year If 31 with ne^* foldera for the Enrolled Ut^B. aie 
v^ae ftway oh faoation July 15*22. 

Mrs. Canaady oheoked the ehelf Hat agninat the catalog 
to bring the record of o©talog*d aerlea up to date p.nd making 
catalog not ft a for unoAtalogod oaterlal* X tm r^ry anxloue 
to get all aoriaa cstaloged thta oomiruif winter, then to 
raturti to the an»lytloal oataloglng of tha Oeiwr'*l AeaoBbly 
recOTTda vhlcb hnd to be dropped eevajral yoAra ago. 

Mr. Bountr«« tooX the aeoorvd week of hla vaoAtlon July 22-29. 
He Is no^ f 1^1^ In the letter "D" . 

Mla« 'Inierbaaer Tlan been typlniir County Cownlaalonera* 
?rocee4lnf?e . . She haft flnlnhed typln": through the territorial 
period Jfor Randolph ^rtinty and la nov working on the f Irat 
voluae .jTor Chanpf^lgQ County. Hone of thlB work hr>e been 

The, failure of the ?hotoatat Corporation to a end the 
mlaalng lene Tdfr the *nlarger hne thrown »y pl^na for etaff 
vork tl^ia BxinmttT ooaplet*»ly out of gear. I had planned to 
find a eubatahtl«l p^tt ot the federal oeneua for I83O 
Indexed on fsj p^tur© "itTosi Sar^spe^ a?id oertalnly had hoped 
to be able to. iuperrlae the mtmrt of the vork. I have left 
ins^truotlona for thle to be oarrlfd on In »y abaonoe by 
Hrn. Helobler, Mre. Robeaon air' Mlaa Wintei^uar, under 
Mr. Caaaady'a aupervlalon. 

Conf ereico Reoa . Mr. Vlc'»ra la ueln;; the Conference 
RooB for a aarwey being isade for the Secretary of State. 

Reepectfully aul»ltted. 


J. ■ ■ *. 

V ^. , ;- iOlCHIVEB A0CSMI0K3 :• ' 

■ July 1950 ■'■;■:-■'■ V''^ • 

secretary of 3t«t9 

Index D«pt. 

D«ed rtoordi - S. 111. Onlv. 

Cteneral Aaaenbly 

Rouffft olorloi 

RecordiB of l«t Bp«»o. »ir»ii>, 1950 

Hoas« and Senate Jotimalfl, 66th 0*n«ral 
Afrsenbly 19^*9 

JSk' PffO^ff^nifq 

Departo^nt of «grlotilt«r« 


Illinois Agrlculttipal Stat let lee » 








% : 


.T,-. .■.^? 


v-'V!* ., -^ 

■ Air. 

July 1950 
RoUtlnfl Departaental Call* 
Sfcretary of State 
Corporation D«pt» 
Annual reports 
Index oards 
Oorresponde no« 
Exeoutlre Dept. 

Land records; Gertlfloat* of 
' V^;' purohaes 

Crlnliy^l reouleltlons :; ; 
Land pfi-tente . .. ^: ■■■ ,-. 'V ^' •-->-- 
Notary bonds 
Trade Marks 
Index Dept. 
:^'''''X-:''^^^-:[ '■■■■' INieda to ^ State "-pi^perty 
^ '^■■T''' •:■'-:','■ election rpO'Ordsr''"'' 
:'.:■; ;;;r^-_ -'^rolled lavs :-*'■.:, 





V Division of WftterwAys .. 
Canal aaps U; 

Hl«torl©al, etc. V 

--.- In pereon .■.;■■ i'v 

"■^'v History 

'; , Constitution of 18^ 

V't'*-,:, :- ■■■-: Old state-House' 
;; General AesPBsbl^ 
Hisoellan^fipus ^ 
Name in&9% ^ ' 
s Federal osnsus I350 ■ 

. ■'^- By Mall •^' ;,■ , ■■--;■:'■" ^-f ^ 

. History ■'^'^'■' . 

Qenealogy ■ •^'^' . ^■ 
History State DepartaeiBts 
Archival Technique ^ '.^ 













--.■*•". K^r:' " 

July 1950 


Pfrrln Coil«ctlon 

6 0eri«i 
6 oards 

Nftme In<L9X 

Const Itutlonul ConYentlon, 18^7 
C&lhoan O9. I850 o«n«us 
Carroll Co. I85O oeneufl 
■Perrln Coll#»ot. - ■>': ._. •. 









Dlv. of Architecture & Engineering 2 

Auditor Of Pttbllc AecountB 7 

Civil Service Corarelsflion 2 

Dept>. of •finance :'> . l-:' > |^ 1 

IlllnolB Conineroe Commleflion 7 

Dept. of Ineiu'anoe 1 

Supt. of Public Inetr'ictlon 2 

Dept. of Re 3:1 stmt ion « Sduostion 29 

Secretary of State 

Corporation Dept. 2 

'tbceeutlve Dept. 20 

Safety BeaponBlbility 3 

Stfite Treasurer 22 

Supreme Court 1 

Div. of ifatenrayB 5 



July 1950 


■ 1% 

,-:,__ A 

State Library 
ALA offlc« 
Art Dept. 

•Copy* ,-.':-' 

Secretary of State 
Blue book 
Mr. Mlllhoua* 

•Public r«lfttloiie* 


'-r- Wot Prof - n » A . Pr ld« , 
: S. 111. Univ. 
i , Cto b« paid for) 


- 0orp6Fation t5«pt. 










1 roll -.1176 fraffi«« 


88 - : 



■'^RCHIV'~5 niYIIlO"' 
' XPTUPt 1950 

Th" Inil*»x d<»oartm!=^nt r!*^nt ovr '^.#»'^d record.?; r^l^tlr'g to 
t;]'«> of Iti' by th" Oonfl^rvp.tlon 'i*»partm«»nt \n i'^-fi^pc 
en'. Mnion county, «!nr', p'arc'i«ir!i»p In ^'l^xand'^r, "'nlon "ir^. Ije-p<»f! . 

I'r'nnfpr'^ vprr rr>r.-\n to t>iAir ■)«»',")-Ttni*»nt<<l v'fultf oy thp 
"ttp '.Ibrary, of .'^jbllc Ir=-truction, fd' t; r Oivll 
f-«rvlr>? ';or^miP!slon. 

Btaff Notee . 
f <■ r? dIap.rp'I t ■) r-'Mort t^-^t Mirr f'^rgTft C. r.:>rton, 
^rc: ivlFt, v^R B<»lpctpd ?5n dfilpgEftp to th«> Intprnr-itlonal 
'■"'nfpre^ of ^rcf ivlntr ^ -otIp, ^.nnnirt 21-25, pp n reprr- 
spnt^tlve of t e Socl'»ty of '^mpric'-n ^rohivlRtfi. Viilfl le 
-n honor tn t'-f Bt^^t*- of Illinoi'', t'. ■" nt<-' *» Libr.'^ry '^ir'' to 
£-*Irp '''or ton. ''> '■•ri» looking forvor". t :* hf^r r^^turn. 

• p ■■ rp ir. t' ^ rr'l'.Kt of re-^.^cor^ tlnp; t}^'^ oTfic* \)ortion 
of th*" f^rchlvp 3uil<^.lnf.-. The cpllln-'^p. 'n the Hu?rhep, 
'""^pprron, -op'", iienrio>:'"on "-nd :i.?rlo'' ro.")''P. rre .j?^lnt'^d vhlts 
to i7;lv» nore lltTht "nd the vplls nr« to be pointed an<l the 
•-'oo'l ifork --'ashed. 'e tp llkelj-- to be uo-«iet for avhlle but 
tvn end TT-ult vlll bp '-^on "'erfiil . 

Th*> Pt«?fr were fillo'^^ed 1.; d«y«< off to rxttend the I-iir but 
V(R n»nint=!.in«»d » e'!c«l«»ton f oroe . Ml«'-' r>oheffl*»r prep^sr^d ex- 
hibit? of th^ Con?ti^ution« of ISl- nrl 1370 (in f «'cnir-lle ) . 
Thopp 'fp^?-- Rup ilc-mTtPd b picture?! of the vSt^te fl^.cr, bird, 
trr?** and f^ong. Copies of thp "Con'' tit-jtion of IlllnolB" and 
t- » "Orp-'t S^r.i of th" Bf^t" of Illiroifl* vere ^^Iro included. 

"'\.pp -'Chf»f f It pI'^o oreo«>r*>'' ^xhlhitr for th«=' museum roone 
of the 'rohiveg 3ulldlnjy. Thf orivTin?! Gonr^tltution of 131S 
p.nd 1??0 -rp or ^"UoDlny. i-olorful nnd ;'ttr«»ctlve, lnforne.tlve 
documentf, publi-eh^d by the St-te of Illinois, Are rlso Eho^m. 

■"n-oll^d Laws, concernl.'- '- th»<»tlon of countl"** of 
t-r :•! t- of Illlnol5 fro-- 1790-1B59 .-'r?* dlBol.-ypd on the 
seoonl floor lobby of t'-io Archiv<»fl Bulldlnj^. ?hoto!5t«tB of 
)ho t o frr ?^ ph fl of 23 o ou n t y n o- x r t h ou p o r 1 ^ ■ n^". « 1 1 r^ n 1 1 v p ne s »^ to 
the exhibit. 

-hr •Jahok.i'? wO'irt hou'^.e, 9 r-- y) of St^t"^ .^r.r-.f\ r.,n>\ Jionorlnle, 
%-_c fftanorn Court Houbp and nn Tticle by Hobert L. Conn, 
concernine: r,h« ?oPtville, Ht.: ■"'-'nXi "ni Lincoln Court iounes 
of hor-nn County aid color o.nd Int^r^^et to the exhibit. 

The two Qpcps used nt th« Stete B'eir hrve b^^n returned to 
th^ f floor .'^nd the fecBlnlle nf th* constltntlonR ere no"^ on 
'Ufol'^y in the loboy. Coplen of '^'^nr Oonfltltution of the 3tpte 
of Illlnolfl", "Thp Clrert ^«»i«l of IlllnolP, plotur^r of the "tj^te 
flo^-'er, bird, fle-7-, son!:^ an trer- comoletr> the exhibit. 

- 2 - 

-taf-^ '-fork . 

I PT contimilr!-^ thp chpc>:ln=r thf» ni'-^ny sArl**? for Incor- 
oorntlon or ext-^ntlon. I pm ^Ipo ch^cklnr sgalnnt the shelf 
list Inventory and hovlrf? thw list retyped aftT checklnsr. ie 
have h?td several lntf»r*»«?t Ir ■• rpf?»rence problPTns thl« month. 
■«r. Hay llnr:>«r of ''est*»rn ?ppf>rv« University Staff vac pearch- 
inrr the ^xpcutlve ^ll'' for oon^ut^tlonn, oarAonfl pnd Gorresoond^'nce 
r'='lntive to Clarence DArrow. The executive depftrt??!ent ohoto- 
et'-tp\ -;ot;o of thf? raatprlnl for him -^n-i. h<» '^aj? 'fell o l^'-.s*.!. 
■ e '---FlF.t^a 3lRtr>r M^ry i-'adf'llnf A.:,".', of 3t. Xsvler'^ CollAfr^ 
In fo-'pllc-tp''. election r^Re.^rch nrA "'■fiovfte ^ ''lll^r o^ the 
UnlvprfJity of v:ichl(r,<>n who wr" trorking on his Doctors def^ree. 

in- '-3hefri-r in ^.dltion to ^^rr^nTlng the at^te Fair 
exrUbit nnd the mu?eum -^n\ neconri floor '^xhlbltp in th^ '*.rchlv«»8 

^uiiii:.:-- rpport^ that 516 c rl<r '-ere filed in the St. Cl.-ir 
county n- ■->'-' irdex end 32 cstrloa- orr"?? wer-^ fM'^d. 

"r. "■^^X rpjort- t'-t h» i? contlruin ■ hir -^or^ the 
bi^liogr?. jhy of illinolB laws. }Ie alno tsrAp geneelotrical search 
for - n Tie- in f co'mtlep of th* IB50 Feder-'l aennis.'' "'r. ^pi?t 
oornpllod supplementory reference report on Illinois St te Senators 

vith rofere^ce to -rgp r-.n'. vitr. Mr. C^^epr\j oroiT r^ad copy for 
Rppnratp, "illinoi? «rchiv.»s I'onufsl." 

'rs. McFf'dden in addition to her reference room eervice 
r^portn thrt 325 indpx c?.r-g hcve b-pn -vn'itten for t:hp iS^iO 
i^ederRl ceneun p.nd Vapt rhe h?c tyoed ahead 100 folders for the 
C>ener.'=l *fl»:«"bly records. 

;'l p. .'int-rh'uer h-e finished tyoin;? the minuter of randolph 
county oomniiepionrrs meotln/s i=?nd If! now workinc; on Gh-mpRlgn 
county. ;.}io 'l9 al'^o h-^lpin- ::r. C?rr-'.y by retypinr; thr chelf 
Hat ln\'entory r<nd gettinp; out correspondence. 

■ ■'r. Sountre" reports t^ «t In addition to his reference service 

^ri nech-'--nlccl .;rirtln,:^ t'r- t he h«p flnishprl th<^ Lett-^r """ In 
fllins: Corooration reoorts and ip no^ ^forklne; on 'F". 

''T9.. Relchler reports tbet she h«n Tnade 35O name index cards 
for tV." I83O Federal cenflur, r nd th^t r?> e vrrc'.? 125 cntsloff cnrds 
fron thp Perrln collection. ' ^ . 

Mrn. Hobeoon filed l,i:^.0 index car'Ts for the 1350 Federal 
core I?; Carroll- county. ^.-^ tr^nef'^rrpd 700 cnroll'^d Lo'-^n fron 
shuckR to new folders ndvnncinr to the yt^pv 1933. She fltaDl«»d 

F'a & '!'? io.',7 Corporation r-.ortfi. 

ihr -■^'.otost-tt corpor-jtlon h n now f^arnlPhrd the l»ne for 
n.'.cing contaotP fro-^ the r^icrofllra en I >*rs. Heichlpr hpe at^'rt'^d 
on it- county. Othrr 3t?:.ff .mprh*r.^ -'^111 sp^ed up this v-ork 
when V.T. Bish returns from hi? vacation and increos*»8 o ir 

rt.;c> pll^' of prints. 

- 3 - ^ :-■". 

to -microfilm thfflr r^pcort" U. tb?» 3«»partirH*nt vnult. > 
hPLve nnf^frfBt^d to th^n th-^t thpy r^'^uppt a ffli»*»tln'-^ of th/> 

^■rith thf> microfilm l*-' -r-l th*« ^ventunl dlnjocitlon o^ the 
orlprinnl r^oord^. 

Mrr. Co»8t?, Llbrsristn -rlth thf Irrilsn*', ^t-"-;^ Library. 
I'-ti'T ;:i-*'^ry. i^^r-'-lfor', fUoc^^san hlrtorl'-n, .?<»ori.- -Uoc-'p. 

'ocuPfnt; "rchi'/lBt 


"Ufrust 1950 
Vpartr!<»nt of Oone*»rv?.tlon 2 c'?Pf»p 26 


"upint 1950 
.ontln" D*»pp.rtinentAl Calls 
SecrfftTy of St'-'te 

Corporation Dept. 
'nnu-l reports 


Ind^x Oept. 

Ir i^*'*r?''"'r. 

By Hftll 



c^Tt'^r 3 


'^nroU^d 1*9 •••'9 

rX*50UtlV« D«pt. 

County off lo«»re 2 

"ffJcTamj^.tlon ^ 

Cloa«od c?«"»e * . ' ^ 

:-;«v-,o--i SB^i»mbly •='-3 

?" '■Istrf.tlon 5: '^'l.uc^tlo:^ "ippt. 

(R*?.il ?:state fiai*^pnfn) -" 2 

■/rtf»rvfty8 Div. (111. Mich, ornnl) 1. 

I856 Fpdwral c<«nPUfi 



County ':istor1"»» 3 

Historical coll«>ctlon ( >vBp^,o#»r«) r 

J.'.Tine In'^.'iK (-I'ion" c--11p 21 

'or Id 'aJnr r*»corr'.n (1) r-onuB 1 


T^f'n<'nlOF:y -*•;; 

History • — — i. 



ifltrise Index 

Carroll County Ff»d!5r»l OnnuR 

"it . CI- Ir *bn«? Xr '^vS'T , < « 3 o 

Tilt* County F^denl C«»n??un 

350 * 
il3 * 

{ : 



•.& :■ 

i;?. '*-*'>;■>■'. * 


'ndltor of Piibllc 'coounti 

Civil 3f»rvlO(«t CormniBRlon 

T'ppt. of Flnanop 

Illinois noTnmi»rce ComnjlsBlon 

;)ept. of Insurance 

Dept. of Mlnee & "in^rele 

Supt. of rnjbllc Inetinactlon 

0*»pt. of F^fTlstratlor! & Xduc.tlon 

Secretftry of Statr 
Court of CI? Ins 
Txeoutlv? De-)t. 
Safety Rcaponilblllty 

Pitpte Trenaurer :■•. 

Supr-^rae Ct. 

')lvlslon of ' aterwaye 








^ 7 

'■ •■' ■*' ' 

Report for Augu/^t 1950 

Photostrts Nep-e-tivee Pogitlree 

3tat(^ Library ' .60 

3t°te Library - Arohives 9 ^^ ' 5 

Corporation Dept. 71 

Safety ReBponfelbillty k 

,. ■ jm 5 — 


,,, , ,,. ^^,, ^Xl Nffpfitlvee 8x10 ^finte 

stntp Llorary: Publicity ^ '■ 

Display oafloa h _ 6 

iS'' .: •'in:--'"' 
■' ^ f--.-.'"'-'- ' -. i 

-■'■,. . ■*'■. 

■ . -- ■ . -■ .^^^ 

. ■, "^3-^j , . " '.-.^•' -'v-: ■#; r'- ■"-■ 


Sit ,^T' -iaf»n*f 1950 

<^cceflfllonfl Highvaye, Piiblic 'orHe & Bull'^lnf^-, 
Conservation an*^. P'^rlca. 

DeprrtmBntal V^'^ult Transfwr wer« mp-de to thrlr d«pprt- 
m^ntftl vaults, by the Teachers Retirement, ^upt. of Public 
Inntructlon, Hlnee and T^lnerfllfi '^nd the 3t«=te Library. 

St-^ff Not eg . "I SB Norton, Mies Scheffl^^r Rnd Mr. Gaeeady 
'■'111 accompany I'lsp Pogerp t^ the pnnup.l convention of the 
Society of Ajnerlcan *rchlvlflt8, October 9-11 at ■4adlnon 
VlBconEln. MlflB Norton '411 r*»turn from h'»r trip to attend 
thf* International Gonfer<»nce of ArchlvletB this we^k. Mr. 
itonntre** r'^porte thrt h<» Is enrolling In a civil service courne 

3ull4ln?: Notep . The pplntorp h' ve been called avay but 
iroet; of t'a** dovn stalra hfis been completed. The Pope, 
Henrlckson, Hughes and ^mInerPon roome h-^ve been eomplet*'d. 
Miep 3cheffl<»r ha£3 placed h*>T exhibit county orfrafjlzatlon 
1790, IS59 In th*» exhibit room, the enrolled Lawp are 
Rupplemented by photostatic copies of court houfe and a 
copy of Counties £f Illlnolf! . Thp Janitors have redone the 
floors and the improvement Is remarkable. 

otnff Motes . I hpve ^one as far as I can vlth th«> 
exten^'lon of eerl'»«* entrl^'S. I h'-v** also made not'^p for 
the Incorporation of new serl'^s. I h/»ve hf^d t'-'o conferences 
vlth Mr. Jf-hnke, r>»partraent of Public 'elf are on disposition 
of records. I couldn't help him much since he needs to 
oh^nfta the Isv to T(i*»et hlr problem. I have PUf^fl^psted thpt 
hp repueet s. meeting of the records commission as soon as 

'ITie Service Recognition Bo-^rd h^ve 75 tllt-a-fllee 
containing oases that have not been closed. They are 
nnrlo 18 to h^ve permission on short notice to transfer to 
archives when th'»y mov** fnm 30I 'est Adams. Th** Stfff 
have Indexed -"hlte, ^dvards, rbash, sTayne, Cl»»r1", Clinton 
.'•nd Clfy countlps In th<" I030 Federal censue . e are slowed 
up temporarily a^^ltln^ more photostat paper. 

"Iss Scheffler In addition to h^r ^-xhlblt work has typed 
15^ crdfi for the I anr" M Gfnal end ha^ filed them. She 1« 
"orklng on serl^^a B estlmrtf books <»nd hrg cc^pleted 3 volumes 
of L^nd records, 

Mr. ^sst Is continuing his work on the bibliography of 
Illinois l*»w relating to county governm'»nt. He assisted In 
proof-reading a check list of Illinois ^ocAaents 1312-50 and 
rT'de genealogical aearoh of four fRmllles in five counties. 

- 2 - 

Mrs. McPaddffn Indexed 300 c^.rds In Cprroll county, had 
219 desk CRlla and check<»d out 90 ratilt keyB. The recordak 
was in public use two and one half days. 

Mrs. Hobeeon Indexed end ftlph^betieed 1390 cardc for 
the 1330 Federal census, '^^dvarde, 'ayne and psrt of Clinton 
county. She alphabetized and fll^d 8OO cards I85O Federal 
census, Carroll co^mty. She stapled L'e 19'<^7 Corporation 
ri" ports. 

Mrs. Pelchler lndex*»d l'»U2 cards In the I830 Federal 
census, she alphabetized ^nfl fll^d l62^ cards, Tiite, '■^abash 
and 3t. Clf»lr counties. 

Mr. Rountx^e has fllad 19^'7 Corporstlon reports, F, a, H 
rnd t3ade I50 t«tn-f oldera . 

Miss '''lnterbau"»r In addition to h<»r corwr^pondence work 
hf>e indexed Clay and part of Clinton county ^90 cards and 
is typlnf? ChoBpal(3jn county cofflwlRsloner records. 

Chi Viet 

*.,^t. -.••■ r- 

r ^ 

=; .y ,(i- 

S-^ptemb^r 1950 

'»er*»tftry of Stf^te In<l*»x T)»oprtm#nt .T>«o» T^ec^co'i 

'division of HlPThvftyg 

" • ParYe 

* * Public ¥ork« ft 3ulldln«^« 

* * Conservation 

11 docxiicnts 
10 " 

5 • 

10 • 

vr, 'i*: 

3 to 

4 ;^ 

^ : • V*'= •'" '' 

■■..ys '.■;f * ;l i a ■ 


B*»pt«inbfrr 1^50 

> out In?' t)f»pfirt!7jental Calle 
"Secretsiry of Stnt^ 
Corporation Dept. 

^nnuftl ?9poTtn 102 
,,_:•;,,.:, Indux Cnrds - 30 

t^ Chart «»r 2 

Oorr«sponderc# L. 

Ind#^x i>»partm#nt 

'''lection* 9 

^'nrollpd l-s.'^^'fJ 11 

'^xeoTitlve '>pt. 

TrademarVe 1^ 

County offlc*»rs 2 

Sotnry 3onde 2 

Oath of office 1 

'ocnrltlea (Clofied Cf»fl«»s) ^ 

nf>Kiotmtlon A "^duoption 

?^al Sttftti* Sal#««M»n 2 
Public 'forks & Buildincra 

■f?'t*»rway0 T- 

n^neral lt«««Bi'bly . ;; 23 

«djnt«ct- *w«ral ''v ' "^ •; ■ ^ 

In ?«»rsf»n ■' : 

l8.5i^«#'«der«l C«rt«TJ« 
':tpt«» oensnP I865 
Kabw IndiPX 


County Hletorlee 
Lincoln docmwnta 
111. aia« aeok 

By Hftll 














, "r. 


" 33 

- \' 




\ .; ^ ; -v./ :....>,..- • ■;^,,':;.^?£:L# 


fteme Index 

Carroll oounty I850 oeneus 
White, Wayne, Clay, Clinton 
F!dgar, Wabaflh and 3t. Clair 
I830 Federal oeneus 

I &*« Canal 

800 cards 

3122_ - 

-We — »- 

.f .^^- :.■'.■ 



•^ i 

'w' ;. 


i"- ■. ■ . ' ,- "^ 


:■■«,.';,!>« v.- 


'■ .=»'.. 

VAULT ADMISSIONS September 1950 

■ A i'' 

Auditor of Public Aoootmts 

Civil Service Ooramlsilon 

Dept. of Insurance 

IlllnoH Btnte Hiatorloal Ubrary 

IlllnotB CoCBaero* Conwlfl'slon 

Illlnole Uqpor Control Couimleil^ 


Dept* of Mln^ii A Wlnerale 

Supt. of Public Initruotlon 

Dept. of nijglstratlon & Eauoiitlon 

Sec. of State 

Corporation Dept. 
Executive * 
Safety Reiponfllbility 

Stfttft Tre««urer 

^3iir. of -Waterways - - ^ 










-■'.'.. i«. - 

" ■ -fl"- .- 

., '--.& .jvt -'■^4.;: J. , . • ■ ^, .'■■.■ ■ ■.■ :;i:;7 

; . ,»(t-.j6J-.;' ■^.- - ■ 

l^^ymM'vJ ■■■%:. 



Report for 3«pt«fnb«r 1950 

Stat»» Library . 20 

3tnt»- Library - ATohtvesi ♦ >■ 520 

* . • For -f^atervays 180 

CorporRtlon Dept. 

Seor^'tary of Stnte, Personal „ 

Btate Library - Art l>©pt. ' 3 . . ", . 



^y;;o Prlptfp 



♦ Inoludea 516 Snlargenentg of 1350 Federal Oenmin made to 
November 15 but as bulk of thl« work v«h completed 
prior to October 1 the?ie statlatlee Are ffiven as of 
thfl blennlUB 19^^3*50 




■'-■ ■■ 1^: # ,'■ 


f: ■ _ . -e • ,; 

^;i-.. - 

.'■'i''^''>i^--' 'j^^^'f^i'-^"'^"'"'"" '■'■^.'? iv>''^^-'*' ■':>'".* . V'"'"' ,-^\ ', i'^:'"' ^■"'' ■■"■"■■.,-• ' '-C'": •■■r-'v.;:.''':--*:iS:"."'-'':-5"-v i.'-v 

iLUi:oi3 stath: library 

Report for October 1950 

Arehlvist'g European TrJo ^ I l«tt for Europe Krldfty evening, 
August 4 And returnea to the Arohiire« October 12. While In 
Kurope I attended the rirnt Intern^itlon^l Congreen of Arohlvlstfl 
held Rt Parle August 21 to 36 Incluaire, being one of the two 
delegates representing the Society of Atnerloan Archivists. A 
foraal report on this meeting Is appended. 

Three weeks of the tlae was spent In rrance and four In 
England. I visited the Blbllotheque Natlonftl at Parle and 
the British MuseuB and fHabllc Record Office In London. I saw 
the outside of the Scotch record office In '''dlnburgh but h^d 
no opportunity to enter It, to ay regret. A separate report on 
the little that I sanf In the way of books, aenuecrlpte and 
llbrarlee will be filed later. 

Although I landed In New York on October U and arrived 
home the next afternoon (Thursday) I did not return to the 
office until aftT the annu??! aeetlng of the Society of American 
ArohivlBts which I attended at Madison October 9 - H* '*'he 
Friday and Saturday imraedlfitely following ray return to Spring- 
field were spent pzHiparlng a r<»port to be presented to the 
Society of American Archivists on Monday October 9. 

Miss Rogers, Mr. Cpssady, Miss Scheffler and I attended the 
annual aeeting of the Society of A»erlcan Archivists held at 
Madison, Wisconsin, October 9 to 11, inclusive. Mie« Scheffler 
has filed her report with Miss Rogers and !lr. Casaady his with 
me. My own report must be delayed until I can get oau^t up 
with the accumulation of businef* which inevitably awaits an 
administrator who h«»e been away for some time. Mr. Gaasady 
carried on admirably during my absence and left no unfinished 
business which he could take care of. But a number of things 
came up involving interdepartmental relations which the dep»rt- 
mentp themselves had held back to discuss with me. 

Mr. Sa«t attended the amraal meeting <fP the Illinois State 
Historloal Society held at Mt. Vernon on Friday and Saturday 
October 20 and 21. As « trustee hie expenses wer» paid. by the 
Society. His term as trustee expired wltti this meeting and he 
was ineligible for reelection. He has «© served for le years in 
that eapeiclty. He took some archival literature with him and 
explained his new work informally to his mmy frier^s. Among 
others, he conferred with David Felts, ohairmsn of the Society's 
committee on preservation of loo«l puDllo records. He reports 
that the most interesting paper on the program was an Illustrated 
lecture by Director Van Ravensw^ayy of the Missouri Historical 
Society, on •Historic Houses of the Ffisslsslppl Valley.* 


13 aoc\xment« irelating to **• oases of deeds and abstracts for 
reel estate reoflntly purchased by the State were deposited. 

- 2 - 

■niree »»Jor ROO«8«ionfl are pending: 

The Division of Vital StutlstloB of th« Department of 
Public Health ha» et long last started Its mlorof lining program. 
I^lcrofllm copies of their recorde will be used In their own 
office and the original records brought Into the Arohlvee. 
Thle will take at lerat one floor end the only floor which 
hce only ehelree It l*vel 1. Mlse Bailey has cleared appvoxl- 
aately one-third to one-half of this level and It will be 
necessary for her to finish eraptylnflf this space before we can 
V accept transfers. The question of shplves wlllr be acute un- 
-V less the Vital Statistics Departnent will let us hnve some of 
the shelving they purchased theaselves. We shall also require 
Intermediate staoks. I hesitate to reooBssend the purchase of 
additional shelvln.' for the archives If the shelves Mlse Bailey 
will be uelnj^ In our vaults will be released eventually. A 
" I recent newspeper r'^port said bids on the new building for the 
i'utoTBoblle Depsirtaent ran so hlsfh that another appropriation 
^ , will have to be aade before the building Is started. Such 
•^^. being the case, there can be 11 tt^ hope of early release to 
Mies Bailey* 8 department of the east rooms. I do not know 
how soon we shell be asked to accept the birth records. Repre- 
sentatives of the Division dlseuseed this natter with Mr. Cassady 
iriille I was away but nothing has been 8%ld to me directly slnos 
my return though the watter has been In the offing several years. 
As I understand It, the Department does not plan to mloroflla 
their more recent records at present. The project will take 
some tine. Since their voluass are now stacked two deep on the 
shelves I do not expect there will be auch If any space to 
be released by the Division In their Departmental Vault. 

Th^ Department of Regletri^tlon and Education 1? filming 
Its examination records and I have sold them on the Idea of 
transferring the orlglBal jreeorde to the Archives. These records 
are not closed cases, which Is going to Involve problems of 
splicing and otherwise caking additions to the case files. 
The work Is In charge of Mrs. Louise Howard itho Is doing a 
thorough and consolentlous piece of preliminary filing and 
checking. She hfis had several conferences with ae on technical 
problems. Personally I fear that alcrofllolng Is not the answer 
for this type of records and th^t «11 these spllclnge and other 
additions to the file are going to beooae a bit conpllcated 
after a few years. It Is for that reneon that I feel we should 
preserve the original records. Ther« will also, pertiaps, be 
occasions when only, the original records will be acceptable to ; 
the court. Since these are the records on which a man's pro- 
fessional career depends there should be no hc'Sty destruction. 

The Adjutant (Jener>*l has long contemplated transferring 
all hie earlier records to us, and Is n'iw ready to transfer the 
civil war service records. These comprise individual enrollnent 
papers (verv valuable for phyelcsl descriptions, family relation- 
ships, etc. J, the volmaef Into lAloh the esefntlal Inforaatlen 
has been transcribed* and the name Index (en cards). The 
enrollm«»nt papers are at present folded and (Jol. Bruce, who IS 
in charge of the records, has *ioltiiiteered to have thea unfolded 
and put Into folders before they are brought to us. Roller shelf 
cases built especially to house these' volumes the Departaent will 
donp^te to us, provided we will pay the cost of having them knocked 

- 3 - 

doi^ .«n^\ rfffffffrenbled oritr here. We hav« rffouegted Ml«e 3Ant<irell5. 
to !5«t an •fltlnvst^ firon Hanson Roblneon. 

^epaytcHlPtal Y»ultg » Ttw Auditor iaf>de on*» routine trane- 
:tt^ Of varra-nt . books . 


Robert Ctiarlep, of th** TenneR'te© arehlveia, Mrs. 
3cntrid« Oeoker, ?%rchlvlst for th« olty of Portland and Mr. 
David T>TinnlwRy, st?t^ Rrohlvlot of Or*»gon visited here for th« 
rest of th« veek folloving the Iladlson convention. 

kr. Burr of the Library of Confess did sor.!? recearch here 
« fe-^r /t'r(yn before my return. He told Wr. Cassady he waa nnxloaa 
t4 oeejt ue and hoped 1 would take hla to New 3alen. He did not 
oUne beoh or the day ppr>olnted «o I mippoee he nuat have £ound 
sorae otb*5r aewno of transportation. 

j^ '"[ ^r. v.. F. Berkeley ^age, Brltlah Cone-al General at Chlea^ 

cm* to nee rse th* day I !».rrlved hoire. r<r. Kaat tool: hlra about 
the bu 1111 nf? and later ho called me by ptoone at ray home. Be 
f-lso vnnted rae to tak#» hlra on a Lincoln totir. I took Mr. Wright, 
i«ho vae then aetlrf^ consul geneml, on such a tour last year. 

.- / ' Mr. All-in Nevlne, author nnd nevaa^-n, vho h^n been doing 
#bre r*"spnrch in tl e Hletorlo;9l Library ornie arcr st Mr. "ast's 
invitation nwl I took him aro^md the building. 

Hlae Hax^ar«t Blake ly, librarian at Riverside, and also 
a isewber of the State Library «dvl«ory Board, spent Several hours 
here recently, visiting the building and disoueein?^ aanuacrlpt 

Stffff 'a?drk . 

Mr. C«s«ady oontlnu*»d to serve as Acting Arohlvlet until 
ay return October 12. The raost iptportant conference he hnd had 
earlier In the Tnonth was vlth Kr. Butler of the IntJUat OepartBwit 
■»ho la not satisfied with hie own register - index of deeds to 
State property. Mr. Caeaady said hie o^m reeoramesdaltlon , based 
upon the v«y ve get rafefence calls on theui, would hi^o Index ai^ 
file the deede by the nasie of the Departaent hevln^ custody of 
the property, vlth a cropB reference index to county, purpose, 
description And grantor n^rm. At present these records are filed 
■ by cp-fie nnnber assigned by the Index l^partwent. Orlgln»>.lly 
these oaee miwbers yer<« simply the number of the vault box In 
vhlch th«»y ^ere f1.1<»d. Kr. ?utl«»r before h« tr^nnferr^d the files 
to us h<*d modified this system to the extent of assigning all 
rofcords relatlnr" to the aape general tract of land to the ssaaw 
esse. r.'e h^ve oir own subject and nase Index but will use what- 
ever flyetrn I'r. Sutler decides upon. Prasumably he '-dll t^ive u« 
^ .ass 1 stance if -^e need to do any refiling. 

V,. /'■s ^*r. Caesady report* having search In the I85O federal 
' c^nsne In six counties for eight faslll49>s. 

', ^-e hifl been ohecklne- the shalf Hat inventory for revision, 
bringing Series oarde In the catalog up to dr.te and Raking notas 
'for catalog entries for uncetalog^d aeries. 

Whll© rpllevlBir at th#» refer*»ne« desk h« hmfl b««»n help- 
ing vtth th© Intei^-fillng of catalog CflrdB and Indexing the 
IS 50 federsl oeneui.,, 

Cenfl'ie Inc^^i . 

Mr« . MoFadAep and ??r. Oacsprly '^re contlnulnf; their worlc 
of Indexing the ceneuc for I85O. This peet month th^y have 
been worfe^lng on Oarroll county, Mr. Caasady doing 250 CRrda 
and Mrs. McFftddRU 935 erarda. 

^nirlhl^ ray absence the Photographic Laboratory, ualng %h« 
new ffllorofll© enlarger, started making enlfirgements of th» 
I830 federal ceneua. ps^ges have been distributed a«ong 
menbere of the «t»ff for indexing. 

"■* . • 

Mrs. Robewon and ttiee Winterbauer Indexed and aljrfiabatlEed 
337 cards for St. Cl»li^'0ounty, 1830. 

Kre. Ftelchler IndeJted and alpha^tlsed 500 cards for 
St. Clair county- aaid 588 for Madison county. 

Six countlea hpve been oompleted to date, for the I830 

Mr. Kountree reports that he hss filed reports through 
the letters "Id.** He estimates that he Is ATeraglng filing 
about 5000 to 6000 reports per month. Mrs. Bobeson continues 
to help unfold arid staple. 

Mr. Bountree signed up for a oouree on Juvenile Delln* 
quency In the University of Illinois Extension Services but 
dropp*»d it after he fotind it was not In hi a field and vould not 
carry graduate credit. 

Mrs. Robeson In addition to indexing and filing has con- 
tinued th#» transfer of f^nrolled l«vs to the new folders, finish- 
ths years 1933 » 193^ and 1935- 

Mr. Epet h^-s continued his bibliographlcpl studies on 
county records. In hie leisure houre he coBipl«»ted a 10,000 
vord article dealing vith Lincoln and Representative WllliaB ^ 
Kellogg' 8 proposed cosipronise on slavery, soon to be published 
by the Linooli^ Bsrald. . the p#»riodloal issued by Lincoln 
Memorial UBiversity. 

MlBs Scheffler reports that she has coexisted the irork 
slips on Illinois and Michigan canal, Field Notes, Series 3. 
Tjtplng for the series is nov in progress. She is also Baking ;; 
index oprds for significant names appearing in the ssries. 

Her revlev of U.S. ^ireau of Reclamation. Standard 
Gorrespondenoe: filing Svetsm CorresooBdenec appeared in the V^ ^ 
October 1950 ieaus of the American Archivist . 

State Re«^rds Cogwissi(m . 

Mr. Jay Monaghsn, State Historian and Secretary of the 
State Records Cotam'lesion, was granted a leave of absence beginning 
October 15' Mr. Harry, Pratt, fmnserly Secretary of th* Abraham 
Idneoln Association taluss over the position beginning Rovsaber 9« 

Thi» Department of INabllc '/elf are recme«t«d a meeting to 
consider propoeale tar reoor<l« dlapeeal. A »e«tlng of th« 
Incomplete oomr^leRlon v»s? ctllod inform/illy. Mr. F^Hahwr 
•who Is atTidylng probleea oonneot<»d vtth future record* polioy 
of the departisent, explained the propos'-d *nendinettt to the 
Hantal Health Aot. He vould hare the Departwent authorised 
to deatroy records without reference to the St^te Becorde 
CoBRslsBlon. The present aot, one of those unlfom et^te legis- 
lation measures. Is already somewhat in conflict vlth other 
State laws govemlnf^ reoorde. The Department ia requesting 
the Attorney to clarify this poijit. Mr. Wnsrliaher sueoifioally 
proposes th9t Insane hosT^italfi be allowed to destroy their 
case records without raicrofllinlnfT «fter specified o^rlods of time, 
as 70 yeRTS .^fter dischart^ of a" person at the p.gc' of I5, and 
such reooras so bp ny years after the patient Is known to be 
deceaa«»d. Mies Rogerff and Mlse Norton objected that sll ease 
records have great potential research value, even thousrh they . 
may cease to have adalnietrptlve value. Mlsa Uorton asked 
how Buch epace would be reoulred if the archives i*»re to 
accept cuetody of those records ichlch co^ld be destroyed at 
present tiuie If s«ch a law were put Into effect. My. ^^gllefcer 
said he had tro idea and doubted whether the inforta^SSbi be had 
without a detailed parvey. Right there he unooneolously put 
jiie finger or the prieticel enswer to his theoretics! set up. 
The records are not filed by date and the dtily VSy the reoorde 
subject to destructlba could be eorted out would be by a 
weeding process akin to that involved In weeding correspondenoe 
!.iv ** would be cheaper and eaeler to alcroflla the complete 
file than tt> make the seleotlons for destraotlop and I doubt 
if records will be disposed of Mr. Bngllsher's way even if hij 
law passesii 

,. "•■■ _•;-- '■ .■:i. .. ,0'- '■":'^\' . ■•^' ■■■'/. 

^Mles Hogera and Kiss Norton also exolained tiropoeed -aend^ 
Biente to the present State Beoorda Coiaml salon act which would 
^iarlfy the definition of the word *archlve9,* would change 
the Ooffwiesion frow an advisory body to the Oeneral Asseably 
to an^adailnistratlve boay, giving the CoBaiasion direct power 

w?th^«f ^Hf ^^c^f*^ »f records .»nd prohibiting any destrttotl<» 
without action by the C^Mnalsslon. . 

v,4i-.^^* Jahnke of the sane Department is preparing another 
0111 authorising destruction of certain categories reootawellded 
for destruction by the ComTalssion. This Is r^ bill following 
thin^^^ri ^^'f'^r?* ^^^ Y^ll ^e Introduced Just in case any. 
^«i Sx.^®^^®"« ?® ^^^ amenasBfints to the Coswisslor Act. He 
dl2liS^«i«r«e^^*''J! ?^ ^* veterans' bwmch over for an Inforsial ' 
aiscaseion of certain records, ft laeetlng of the State Reeopde 
OonwRleslon to dlscues Mr. Jahnke's propoeals In to be called 
ae soon as Mr. Pratt le able to meet with the rest. 

^^iJ^t P\^"^^8 mr^unl OR disposal of records, originally 
rl^^lJ Jn^;^K*^ n^!!*v^'^° niinois libri^ries.wma Issued in 
Jo^m 2« £°^f ^^^'^J October first 7 ^one ef Vhe deftirtaente 
inJ^J"**.^;? received copies others not td knSw «EJt it. I 
intend to check this point ss eoon as I e«n get to It. 


- 6 - 


Xne; onblrr^tc h,^y|^. been received, Juwt 
In tine for the 3«gl«ty»tlon And 1^:duo«ift1»n Depurtpent Aooeflflione. 
Installs tionifl not oonplete - the bpaAkete atteohinf? the 
oablnets to the column uprights and pert of the phenolite 
bAse being al«elng'« 

Mr. Hendoreon of the State Arolitect*.* Cfflce «»nt a 
draft««<<n around to cheek the •rentable* or '"*i*ented* spAce In 
the «Jchlve« Balldinff. I did ilqr b(»B?t to eacplAln the ten^orAry 
n«ture of th*» situation and oul* iieed to^TedjiMiEi the sp«aee. He 
said his aesignaent vras to eolXeot dntft, not to nake recenraeiw 
dntlone. . '^^^"^ -' ' ■ v "i ' ^ ' :- 

the archivist was Invited -to be onp ^f^h» exaalnwrs for 
thft Mlnnesot''. Clril Service Coliralaaldii' in «nr3^tlni? the nsw 
atnte srchlvlBt for that State", but ilfd not- 'return In tl«e 
to serve, -.^■': . -i',^ ; . ■ '^^ 

She hsd been Invited to act ai| oo^sttXtant for Texas on 
their archival s#t'>up but declined befuiLUis It %m» to close ta 
the time for leaving for Ktircpe. 3he. srjiggestcdi the nawe of 
Philip Brooks who accepted^ Fortunate* indeed was ^Chat declining 
of the invltatloh, for Dr. 'Broolts ha* been pilled into a most 
disa<5reeable controversy over the pro#e8ted diaohart^e of the 

An Invitation to spe?>k before the aprlngfield foaslMiistress 
Club Bailed to a^ hosw address jupt after I left ims deelined 
with the explaaati on that I pr-iuae the prog^raa had been con- 
pleted before I returned. X effered to act as a cubstitute 
speaker if on^ should be needed, but have received no aekixowledg- 
ae«t of ttet« I also asked to be ezoueed froia addressing the 
SprlngfieM (fetalt^ere' Club on sgr rebent travels because I 
feel I vaattt have flioi^e tisie to digest ^4Mt I have seen and to 
get wy wmw^ii^oen in oir<Lor^ ^ext sprlTig. perhaps, 

Mrs. Beichler's son was In the hospital for a week or 
Bore, suffering froa vir'as pneumiatia. He is now out and 
back In sohocl. % 

Mr. and Hre. Sast aoved down fron Peoria. They are la 
n. furnished apartnent at in*eaent but plan to tuy a hoiii* in 

Bpringfleld eventually. ..•-i.A' . 

Mrs. MoFadd4m has purchased a ho»e on Second St. two 
doors eeutfa Crf me. This was forsierly the John Sanfcey hose, v 
aM>re recently owned by a family named MoCann . The plan ": 

eventually to duplex It. I 

Reepedti^liy^ subialtted*; 



. -4* ^P' 

:i?# .. .■■■-;--:-''^^ -,;-.* 


y^'V ■■■:.: 

-;.":. ■*Jv* 


;,.f-^;:;-^a--;r. :;:::/:;■', .-October .-3^50 ■■*'""■ 
;3««retar7 of.. State _ ,., :!:/:\^:.?r 

l>Aeds to St»t« property 

•l^!,,_-;;;;j^ -;,'"■ '1 


• ;■ i-%. 


13 doounefnts ' 

.^•■'-i-.- ♦> 


- - ■ :l' ' 


■ -■'•<■ ■ 

-■'-'_*-. * 

T- ' "n- ■"■•'!!,- 

r^^ : >*■:- 

.'^■v '■ 

Va f 

^ ;■..,>■;■'■ - 

'■ : '■ '-.^ 

K . 

'■'' '- ■ -^- ■ " *'' 



vv >,'^ 

, ■ -:<>'■- .r 

- -t^v .V." "t; 

'-: '_,■"'-;■■ A ■;;.,, .^*- 

; .^ •■!*; 

AS-. " r: ■ 

•■Si'- ' 





J' . 

' .'•■?. ■'"-" 




■ _ 


■ •! 



'/>f^-'- . :;.- 


^;.^'T -*■ ■ ■^i,";^.- ,. 


. ' < '' V ■ 

C'--. .- ;.x: :.'*'- 

- .5--. - '^*p*s.? 

• ^-:.^•«^-,^ 

•-' [^-r''^ 

, ' *.'■ 

-■ ■V.l..^."-lt1j-. 

■■". ••-.=i^ 

■/^■v-- >-^,'.;'- •■", 

!■: .;*-■' 

» ,"ia 

:':':-:-'-.,r^;**^-y%s;fc;*'"i:aS-:-;;?-v^'J-_ :';-ai:?:5*<vKfi^-* ^i- i*u^;*j^i«&'> .<.;:ife*;iv^s-'v; 

iu^sa^i ;»; ?; v:^^'- ■'i;'&fJt,^'":- 5[i&^ -' ' 4r:^^- -Z^ i- *'X'« 

r^'"- '-: ■:■'".■■■■'■-■/ AR0HIVK8 RspBRSHde ■" .■"'■ ■:*"■"■■" 

''■'■:■''■■ ■■■^"' ■'■>": :>^i. •■-'.■■ '■. October, 1950 J;..., ^,>, ,•• '''■'-:^^^^-( 

Routine D^partBantal ,OftH« ^ .■ h-\ :■'''''■' ■'J'Z-^--X:'''l- "■■:'^-' 
S«or«t*ry of - Stftt« - .r- ',;■;, /:-:-■-'' 
Corporation Dept. ■■ ■'-;" 

Animal n>port« « 111 

Ind«x cards "' 28 

Oorr»«pond«no« ''";'"■"■ "^ ''-y; ■-' -■ 3 

ISxdoutite ^Dept . .■•■;?■■,.;.■■-■■;•.;•.■ 

, Executive 'File ' ' '■ v^'f':': ■■'.':r '--'■' '^ ,• ■!> 

Trad* Marks ; ,v i :;■::; i^; ' . "^■ 

index tiep%. 

D««d8 to Stite property S 

Sleotlona l5 

finrolled lawa 23 

Securities Dept. . i-- 

Clo««d eases •" 1 

Seneral Aseenbly 

Dirislon of Waterv^ys 

111'^ & Ill6h« canal map 2 

Registration and Muoatlon Dept. 

Reel estate brokers 3_ 


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Slack Bawk war roster X 

Mortality schedule, 1880 1 

State census, 19€5 , \ 

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Miscellftnec^s Correepondence t. 






Total 34r 



October 1930 ^ ' . ^ 

Hab« Index . "-:"• 

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3t» 9^1«lr County, «»'»'»? lw» 


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fUif erenot file . * i^ "^ 



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•5 •*•, „ 

VAULT ADMI^XOfiS Ootob«r I950 

Auditor of Publlo Aooovmtfl 

Oivil Serrloe Covnisifion 

Dtpt. Of Plnanoa, 

• • Insurariao 

Idquor Oontrol Oomnl^sion 

Dopt . of Ptttlio -Nrork» * Bl(5g^i 
DlTttloif'of 9»tkM - ' . 

Dopt. of RofiflftftitiotiA Bdaoft^on 


Bo«r*««yy of Stiito 

G0r]»oration D^pt^*^ « 
fiK««tttlT« Dept. '* '^ 
Safety RespoMibtSity 

Suprotto Court " 

State Traactu*er 
DlTlalon of Watonmyft: 

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'( -■ tr^ 


■-,■-■/■ * ^ 


Report for October 1950 

Photostats 'y''i.'^'\ '"' ' A A /.' )■ ■■:,.;^-' .■' 

Illinois St fit e Library , 
Illinois StRtf Library? Archives 
Apohlves for Waterways .; _ \ _ 

Safety Hesponfliblllty 

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liSilJiSemSSS. ^?^'3 „Pr^"ts $^7 prints SxXO Prli^i^y 

3tit» Library: Publicity ^ 1^ \ '•, 

Operator's license ■ ' ^f ^ 9 . ,, 3 ^ 

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^•'-.;i^ ,' ■■ , ■■;'■'■' .'" ' ' ' " ,. .' ' , ' ' ■■ "•"'■vV' ^'^v'?'/ 

- ■^■. 


,,....-.-■ "^ ■■'■ '^ '; i\,, ■/''■"■■'♦;;-'!, -,. 

! i .', . ■ IS. '^ 

»■•!>■■■■ " ■.■/■:•■'• ■ ";'• •''■": :> '^•vv - ': ■,%/■■ ;/ -.. . ■■ V .,;.■ 


31^ State House 
Sorlngfleld r; > 

November 7, 1950 -^ 

Miss Margaret C, Norton, Ohalrman 
State Rooorda Gomrnlaalon 
Arohivea Building 
Springfield, Illinois 

Dear Miqg'lorton! r 

For a year now our Oomnlsgion has been studying var- 
ious aspects of the organisation an;! functioning of our state 
government, and is now drafting the reoonimendations to be made 
to the 67th General Assembly, In order to obtain the benefit 
of crlticlsn from all/ state agencies we desire thfi.t these 
agencies have 5n opportunity to esrortss thenaeisres before our ■--% ■' 
thinking h'- s fully crystallized, because the time left for '■-'} 

conpletion of our work is so short, we are now asking for '. 
written oonments pn our staff stuc^lea, though we will endeavor 
to have a meeting with agency heads whenever this seesm desir- 
able and possible. 

I Sim enclosing two copies of the basic staff study 
describing the functions of your agency. As you will note, J: 

this la in preliminary, cohfidential form. It is our hope that 
you will take tine to read this draft critioally, keep one copy ,. - 
for your files and return the othpr to us as aoon aa poasible 
with your augrteatiohs fa- corrections and additions. Thea« vrlU 
be most helpful, if, in addition to checking the text generally, 
you conrnent specifically on the nuobei^d altemativea at the end 
of the paper, perhaps adding additional items of your own. 

VTe are obliged to you for help given the research 
ataff in its work, and will be grateful for continued ooopera- 
tipn in our efforts to seek Increasingly greater efficiency and 
eoonomy in atate government. -" 

Sincerely yours, ' ^" 

Walter V. Schaefer > ■{ 

>._,- Chalmnan ^ ^ _,_-,.■ ,■ -.■-;,.;' 

Enol. 2 ./.-r - " [■■': \K-^' --. - ., ■ '' - "■■■'••-:•.■"■■-' ■ ■ ' ^V^S 

■ ■ ■ ' "i ^ ' ":, ■' ' ■ ' - '-'t " ' . '■ ..- -" '• ■. '.- '■ .«;;":■■■■ ''^:', 

"' i 


'4 , .■'. 

•* ■<. ■- 
i ' > -' *- 'A i 

:?;: ■> 

. ■' ;-V '^ '"''^t'^' ■'"■'■i'^'r ' 

■ ^ • -■■ " ;• v;i--'. vVSii 

-- . . 'Mt-i ■ - - '^ .' 


T - ' -'^\ ■:i :-.-. v5''"i 

'- '■■■ ■- ' \ ? 

r. ' ■: --, ■; , — - , ■■-^. .^ *"■ f 

■* , - - ■ ; .- '7 ' - . ' , . - "!": V S „; 

■''■ ■ 

■'■'": - ' ■'■;'"'' '". ■ '- "■ .' .-•'' ,-r- ^;-r;--',V,ft 

• - ■ 'V:'"::'.-^ \^ ■'^.-[■'■^^M 

.,,_■ , 'V.-t^^k^ ;./.?. .■■:?-^o^ 

■■-.■■■■'. ^ '", ^'"; , ■ ■ '^^.v^/ '^-" r-, ." . ;'-:'\-jy^^' 

■' ' Mi^-AiMi^) %'^.' 

""« .r,m.-i-v/rf^- >-i.-V'_-'. "..-.-■■" ■"■i-:.*", . ^.L:S?:V' -"-"■';.■. *i i---L.V>'^-.-X .''!.■ .' !.j% 

November 20, 1950 

Mr. Walter V. Schaefer, Chairman 
CommlesidBn to Study State G-pvernment 
314 State House 
Springfield, Illinois. ; J ,; i 

Dear Mr. Schaeffer: ,^'' ' > '/ / 

The wiftHllft' commenta upon the Preliminary and Convidential Staff 
Memoran^pntHov ^3.> iM#«*^. 8, 1?^50,^ State Recor<|« Conunlesion sent 
me Soveabejr f? ^iwpfresint iay own fl«|rsi/ Although I ^ have i\ot had an 
opportuhlt'y tb dlscu^rf this pajfticlilar reply Fith my^]^riors, 
I have diacussed all points brought up with th^m'in other con- 
nections and have 3?eason to believe tht t they are in agreement 
w$th n» in prlncip^e^. * , ^ , 

tv. t 

Enclosed are three documents: the intrbdu6tory paragraphs of 
my biennial report, entitle : "General Scope of Worl"; a copy of 
the recommendations for chemges in the State Records Commission 
proposed to the Secretary of State and State Librarian on October 
23. 195O; and mf general remarks on your preliminary report. 
Believeing that you would rather have an early reply, I am not at- 
tempting to synchronize these three at this time. - X ?; iS 

■.■.'-'■ V'-^-- -v' -• "^ V'.';-.'" '"V Sincerely, .,.':'-' ' ■ ■ P^-^^^'Ui'i-'. 


NORTOH^ :'^'\,y-^0y:p > 

i '" '. 


■ •- ; ■/ ■- *!' ■ ''. '-[ "■" •'! -^ \- . ^ - ' 

"' ■ ' . '" ■■■'"'■. ' '''"'■ 


■ ■ -- - "' -''j/::^- f ' ";;-''^;r^'^ ' 

" V': '.:■ 


\-i,-,.,~-T( ■'^._---7, .v-*<. .,': 

K^.P^^i -'■^<: 

i-'^:--^''' ' 'i •-' . i'%' 



■ 'ii~ i . 


-X; "■--■■*^ 


November 20, 1950 

Preliminary Report of the Commission to 
Study State Q-ovprnment : State Recorda 

Comments by Margaret C. Norton, Archivist 

Page 1« Paragraph 1 

This paragraph seems to Imply that the Archives Department/^ of 
The Illinois State Library Is primarily concerned with historical 
documents. That is an obsolete conception of the function of an 
archival agency. We at Illinois are concerned with the preserva- 
tion and making available of the pe rmanent records of the State 
government whether the value of those records be for legal, adminis- 
trative or research purposes. In fact, only a small proportion 
of the records now on file in the State Archives have much in- 
terest to historians, as is shown by our Reference statistics 
for the past biennlum. During that period 65 per cent of all 
calls were for purposes of legal documentation. This percentage 
is the lowest In the history of the department - the figures 
usually running from 75 to 80 percent. Several doctoral candi- 
dates who used the archives and the increasing interest in the 
census recorda on the part of genealogists account for these 

Page 1. Paragraphs 3ff» 

The State Records Commisaion Hay la defective - it waa all we 
could get at the time the bill was Introduced because its purpoae 
was then not too well appreciated. Please note my recommendations 
for amendments, made to the State Librarian on October of this 
year of which a copy is enclosed. In brief these recommendation 
are as follows: 

(1) Give the State B-ecords Commission power to authroize the 
destruction of records without waiting for the next meeting of 
the General AasejBbly. A list of authorizations filed with the 
General Assembly would give this the effect of a law. Such a 
system has been followed in the British government siane 1877, 
in the federal government for perhaps a decade; also Delaware, 
Wisconsin, Oregon and perhaps other states have similar laws. 
The chief objection raised to going throught the State Records 
Commisaion la that thfe Departments have to wAlt for the next 
meeting of the General Assembly, perhaps two full years, after 
securing the recomnentation of the State Records Commisaion and 
then has to get an act passed - so, why not go to the General 
Asfflambly in the first place? 

(2) Compel all departments to use the State Recorda Commisaa- 
ion -i.e., to atop the departments from going directly to the 
General Assembly for legislation, which 9n the past, has resulted 
in some badly considered, and in one instance, at le^at, danger- 
oua legislation. 


(3) strengthen present laws which forblt unauthorized destruct- 
ion of records. 

In Septem^ber 1950 Gongi*eas passed an act requiring that every 
department in the federal government set up its own records manage- 
ment program. We have been working towards that end in Illinois, 
and a number of the State departments, notably the Department 
of Public Welfare, are standardizing and systematizing their 
records with the idea of segregating the permanent from the 
elherraeral records. The big problem in such programs is to help 
such departments to look beyond their own immediate administrative 
needs when they plan their disposal schedules. A State Record* 
Commission whwre the various points of view are represented canbe 
very useful in securing adequate odcumentation. Destmaction of 
records whcih sould not have taken place is one phase of our 
current records problems; the fact that certain records were nt 
created Inji the first place is another. 

Page 3. Paragraph 2 . 

The Finance Department of Illinois does not correspond to the 
Commission on Administration and Finance in .Massachusetts or to 
the Division of Standards and Purchases in '"ew York, or to the 
Bureau of the Budget in the federal government, in that those 
depftrtments have Jurisdiction in all branches of the executive 
department of the government, whereas in Illinois the Department 
of Finance deals only with records under the G-overnor, the other 
five elective State officers being outside Its Jurisdiction. 
The Finance Department in Illinois has its own records disposal 
law for the financial records which flow through Its office. 
This was enacted before the State Records Commission came Into 
existence, ^ehbretioally no ^epertmertt under the Governor shoilld 
be required to keep the same categories of records which the 1* 
althorlzes the Finance Department of keep - in the nature of 
duplicate records, so to speak. HoX'^ever, there are cases where 
those very records must be kept longer than the Finance Depart- 
ment keeps its records. Under th« present organization of the 
State government I can see no particular advantage in having a 
representative of the Finance Department on the State Records 

Incidentally, your report quotes only one of the two reports 
on the proposed reorganization of the New York State archives. 
The one you quote was made by a special governor's commission 
similar to yours, and itf^ XX recommended that the archives be drawn 
under the Executive Department. The report of the conmlssion tt 
outside archivists recommended that following hlstorlcsLl precedent 
and in view of the fact that the present archival functions are 
exercised by the State Library and the Department of Archlvefl and 
History both of which are 4nder the Department of Education, 
there be created In the Department of Education a separate archival 
division divorced from both of the two departments which for forty 
years have been disputing Jurisdiction. Actually neither recMi 
raendatlon has been carried out and New York has no unified archival 

Conclusions and Alternatives 

1. Membership of the Conml8slon 

A representative of legal Interests should be Introduced into 
the present membership of the Commission. Please note my discussion 
of membership proposals in my report on proposed amendments to^the 
State Records Commission act, made to the State Librarian on 
October 23, 1950, a copy of which is enclosed, 

I do not think that the administrative aspects of archives 
would be as adequately represented under your proposal to bring 
in the Director of Finance as a substitute for representatives of 
the departments in which the records originate. In the first 
place, financial records, on which the advice of the Birector of 
Finance would be useful, have, 4in the past, constituted only a 
small proportion of the records which have been proposed for 
destruction. And who is so well qualified to knww the administra- 
tive potentialities of their records as the director of the depart- 
ment and the head of the division involved? 

The archivist I feel strongly should be retained on the com- 
mission because of her specialized knowledge of the overall picture 
of archives. The archivist belongs to a profession distinct from 
that of librarian, having different training, professional associa- 
tions and Journals and using quite different techniques. It is 
happenchance that the Illinois archives la administered as a 
division of the State Library The relationship is eactly 
analoguous to that of the divisions under the Department of Regis- 
tration and Education: the State Museum, the State Natural History 
Laboratory, State teachers* colleges and registration of profess- 
ions. It hardly seems likely that the Director of Registration 
and Education subsltutes himself for the chief of the State 
Museum in matters as technical and intimate as those involving 
decision as to destruction of records and/or transfer to the 
Archives. This is my personal view. Perhaps that the fact that 
both the State Librarian and the Archivist are named members of the 
State Records Commission inrplies an intentiftn to Influence the 
archivist's decisions in the matters that come before the Commiss- 
ion. It has not worked out thus in practice, in fact, some of the 
departments complain that the Stste Historian, State Librarian and 
the Archivist act as a solid and controlling block against them. 
It seevBB unlikely that any archivist v;ould be retained who could 
not be trusted to uphold the policies of his superiors. 

2. Repeal of the requirement for unanimous actions and for 
ex officio membership by ap:ency heeds . 

These two provisions should be retained in the law. Unless 
there is unanimity there will be haphazard destruction. If the 
department can destroy records despite the non-approval of the 
members of the Commission who represent historical, legal or other 
reserach interests, there is little point in asking advice of 
the Commission. 


Recommendation 5. 

The National; Archives has beeji proposing deatruction acta in 
case seveifal de'piiPtmentB keep the Aame kind of records , but so 
far there does not s«em to be suffiBient ananimity in reeords 
making to have very many categoriea ao authorized. Instead of 
uaing the word "require" in this connection I would auggeat that 
the "State Recorda Commiaaion shall atudy the poaaibillty of at 
authorizing procedurea for the routine dlapoaal of recorda which 
are normally of no value to administrative agenciea after their 
immediate purpose has been served and from time to time introduce 
billa for Buch diapoaal." That ia not well worded, but you aee 
what I mean p whenever anything of general application cornea to 
their attention, they should not take care of it. For instance, 
under jassent law the Auditor ia only required to keep vouchers 
for 20 yeara, but departnenta may not deatroy their duplicate 
copies without a specific act. Alao, it ia expected that when 
the varloua department a get their recorda management programa Into 
full swing, they will decide when they set up a file that it may 
be destroyed in ao many years. Personally I feel that it is per- 
fectly legitimate for a department to set up a file as a non- 
permanent file when It at art a the file, and, provided the forma 
have the printed annotation permitting the destruction and that 
the law creating the function doea not apBCify that the record 
ahall be kept., the department ahould not have to get a apecific 
deat ruction act. That is a point on which, to my knowledge, no 
legal oplnidn haa ever been rendered and it might well be con- 
aldered by your committee. Meantime, if the State Recorda Cm - 
misaion could be granted permiaslon to authorize deatruction direct- 
ly thia matter could be considered quite informally, yet no 
thoughtless destruction would take place. 


-:, i^-.-5. 


Illinois Records Commlasion Act . Act approved July 23, 
19^3 s-s amended, pporoved July 25, 19^5* 

Illinois Revised Statutes . 19^9, Chapter II6, Sections 39-^3- 
(Sect. 1-k) 

Section 1. Amend definition of word "records" to read: 
For the purpose of this Act: "records means all books, papers, 
maps, photographs, or other documentary materials, regardless 
of physical forni.,Qrahar|>^cJi^ri sties, made or received by any 
agency of the Uffl t e '^-^ t m t e s G-overnment in pursuance of ge d» r a^ ^"^ 
law or in connection with the transaction of public business 
and preserved or appropriate for preservation by the agency 
or its legitimate successor as evidence of the organization, 
functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or 
other activities of the Government or because of the informa-'^^ — ^= 
tional value of data contained therein. Library and museum 
material made or acquired snd preserved solely for reference 
or exhibition purposes, extra copies of documents preserved 
only for convenience of reference, and stocks of publications 
and of processed documents are not included within the 
definition of the word "records" as used in this act. 

Comment. The above wording is that used in the present 
federal records disposal act. This definition Indicates the 
elements that are or are not essential in materials to make 
them public "records." It is to be observed that physical 
form (the wording in the present Illinois act) is not one 
of these essential elements. 

Section 2 , I recommend an additional permanent member 
of the Commission be an expert on legal aspects of archives 
as permanent records. This person would not have as his 
function the interpretation of record laws to the commission - 
that being the function of the Attorney General - but rather 
a person experienced in law who can foresee potential legal 
uses of records proposed for destruction Just as the State 
Historian represents the interest of historical research in 
the matter. Ideally a Justice of the Supreme Court would be 
the person to serve, the chief drawback being that it would 
be impossible to hold sessions of the State Records Commission 
while the Court is in recess. The Attorney G-eneral, since 
he may be called upon to pass Judgment on decisions of the 
Commission should probably not be a member. Perhaps the 
Illinois State Bar Association might appoint the commissioner 
who would serve. That would Involve appropriations, at least 
for expenses. I throw this matter open to consideration with- 
out a recommendation as to who should act on the commission. 

- 2 - 

Section 3 ' The Commisglon should be given full authority 
to authorize the destruction or other disposal of State records, 
regardless of their age (doing away with the 6 year clause) 
and vrlthout the Department having to wait for approval by 
the G-eneral Assembly. The great weakness of the present act 
Is that the Records Commission at present merely acts as an 
advisory body to the G-eneral Assembly. Departments are 
Impatient at having to hold records, which the commission 
is agreed could be destroyed, for as long as two years, 
awaiting another session of the General Assembly. They say 
the Commission has no power and therefore no meaning at present 
and that they prefer to go directly to the G-eneral Assembly 
for permission to destroy specific categories of records. 
The trouble with that procedure is that departments are too 
often either ignorant of or indifferent to any values inherent 
in records other than the obvious uses for current administra- 
tive purposes. Often records which will never again be con- 
sulted by the Department of origin for administrative purposex 
have great potentials for Important research purposes entirely 
disconnected with present day adminlGtration. For Instance, 
the pocket note books in which the surveyors for the Illinois 
and Michigan canal scribbled the notes from which they later 
wrote their formal reports, are today the chief dependence 
of the State lavryers and engineers who are establishing the 
right of way for the new superhighway which will supplant 
the old canal. Most executives of today would throw such 
"worksheets" away. Countless examples could be cited in 
the experience not only of Illinois but also of every other 
state and government where essential documentation has been 
destroyed through lack of that foresight which the State 
Records Commission is able to supply in the varying fields 
of experience of its members. It is axiomatic that depart- 
ments, left to themselves, seldom destroy records wisely. 
Willie recommendation for destruction by the State Records 
Commission does not guarantee tha.t the records will never 
again be needed for some unforeeeable use, the department 
will have the consolation of knowing that its Judgment had 
been backed by that of disintereeted experts. Futhermore, 
the head of the department is protected against any accusation 
of self interest in the destruction of the records. 

Having to wait until the next G-eneral Assembly to destroy 
records recommended for disposal by the Commission works a 
hardship on departments and^ institutions hardpressed for storage 
space. It is unlikely that busy legislators will give that 
time and effort to review the recommendations of the Commis- 
sions to Justify the delay. The National Archives of the 
United States, the Dominion Archives of Canada, the British 
Records Office and a number of American ^tates_;have found that 
a report on disposal filed by the Records^o the legislative 
body is sufficient without the necessity ^or legislation to 
authorize every specific type of records destroyed. This 
system has been in, successful oDeratlon in England for 85 years 
and should be equally satisfactory for Illinois. 

- 3 - 

Section k . Amend to require the Commission merely to 
file a report at each session of the General Assembly, 
listing the categories of records authorized to be destroyed. 
Upon filing this report, the recommendation to have the 
force of law. 

Section 5 will be unnecessary if the State Records Commls~ 
sion is given power to authorize destruction, and therefore 
should be repealed. 

A further section should be substituted prohibiting the 
destruction of any State records without authorization by 
the State Records Commission and repealing all statutes 
giving that authority to any department. That last provision 
may raise a storm of protest from departments already having 
power to destroy records under present laws. Some of these 
laws, such as the Insurance Code, have been thoughtfully 
drafted. Others are bad, as for instance the law which auth- 
orizes the Auditor of Public Accounts to destroy any records 
10 years old. Under that act he has the power to destroy 
the basic land records for the whole State! The federal 
government managed to get teeth into its records disposal 
acts, Illinois should try. 

It may be noted thpt departments under the federal 
government have to wait for the next Congress before destroy- 
ing their records. The Congress is in session so much of the 
time that that does not work a hardship, ''•/isconein and I 
believe Oregon and perhaps some other States give the power 
of destruction directly to the Records Commission and that 
is my recommendation for Illinois. 

The State Records Microfilm Act approved July 2k, 19^5, 
Illinois Revised Statutes . 19^9, Chapter ll6, Sections 35-38 
should be amended somewhere to provide for a review by the 
State Records Commission, not only of the quality of the 
microfilm as processed, but also of the integrity of the film 
as a record - is it properly certified as to completeness, 
has there been a preliminary checking of the filing, are 
volumes and other records filmed in proper sequence, etc.? 
I do not know of a microfilm Isw with such provisions, but 
the idea would be that the State Records Commission should 
approve the inclusiveness and arrangement of records on the 
film from the point of view not only of the permanence of 
the film as processed but the probable adequacy of the micro- 
film as a substitute for the original record from the point 
of view of arrangement and Inclusiveness of documents on the 
film. At present we seem to be empowered to inquire only as 
to the quality of the film and emulsion as processed. 

The criminal code of Illinois is inadequate in its 
projj^ibition of unlawful destruction, mutilation, removal, etc. 
pf public records. See Revised Statutes . 19^9, Criminal Code 
Chf?p. 38 Sect. kOl. This section seems to apply chiefly to '~~ 
county records, though probably meant to apply also to 

- ^ - 

state officials. However, I have had State officials insist 
that there is In effedt no prohibition effective against 
them. I recommend the adoption, with appropriate change 
of wording, of the United States Criminal Code, the wording 
of which, but not the citation, appear in page 3 of the 
proposal destruction manual of the Department of Public 
Welfare, as follows: 

(a) "Destroying public records. Whoever shall will- 
fully and unlawfully conceal, remove, mutilate, obliterate, 
or destroy, or, with intent to conceal, remove, mutilate, 
obliterate, destroy, or steal, shall take and carry away 
and record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other 
thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any 
court of the United States [Wlth us, should read "of the 
State of Illinois" 3, or in any public office, or with any 
Judical or public officer of the United States [State of 
Illinois], shall be fined not more than |2,000, or imprisoned 
not more than three years, or both. 

(b) "Destroying records by officer In charge. Whoever, 
having the custody of any record, proceeding, map, book, 
document, paper or other thing specified in Section (a) of 
this title, shall willfully and unlawfully conceal, remove, 
mutilate, obliterate, falsify, or destroy any such record, 
proceeding, map, boo, document, paper or thing, shall be 
fined not more than $2,000, or imprisoned not more than three 
years, or both; and shall moreover forfeit his office and 

be forever aftervmrd disqualified from holding any office under 
the Government of the United States." [i.e., State of Illinois 3 


STAFF :'■ '%?ijm '/ • 

rjovonb^r 28, l'^50 

Kif^g Rog<»rg paase*^ aroiind ailvortlgenonta of two nowa services 
on which 5he asked advlco a?! to whoth-^r the Stato LlbraiTr should 
S'.ibqc.ribe, The first I9 Inrugtrl^al lle'^'s ^tter » "^ubllahsd in 
Connecticut, Thlg outv-Hob co^)io3 of the sort of otaff bitllotlna, 
ot:, ur.od by the lGrf;o iudui-itrlal flma in kesplnc t'i^eir enployoea 
a.'-'a^ or vhat 1:: rolnn on In the Industry . The aecon, Iraauod by 
t ■v.'lio 'lolo' ionrj ;3oclnty oC Anoi'ica la calledteomothing like 
GentraA Info r r-.atlcn Bureau's Cl o arln f? Hougo of Ideas on Sconp rol q 
Lifo . '■ 

';;i33 :io[7cr;i announcod ' hrt tho Hn;:Gnt;3 of J'otr York University 
hao reco:nr;,ondcd the r.s.;lonal L.lbrf.rrv' Hervice Center at V»ater- 
to'Ti, :i,'I, be cx'::on'lod I'or anoth.rr •'+ yoax-^s. The Stj.te Library la 
dolnc '^^ orlaentclly'c \;:f..t '.1 " State Libi'Ci'y is trying 
to do hoi-e :"oi" V/n vr olr rite to - i.e., CU" ly aorvicea to thfl whole 
rG(-irin, vUatri outinr^ books, dolr-- refei-once ''orl:, etc, I'Itb Ro('*p« 
and Kine Lenf^aton visited thet last yoar when ve w«»re enrcute home 
from (Quebec. I did not pro along on thet .side trip. 

3he also anncunc^d tho drsth of ];r, J'ell Vp.nd'^rflen, forncr 
head of Kxtennlon in K,Y. Stfte L.ibrei^ and later on the Columbia 
faculty; liov. 5| In an autor.oblle e.cclt'ent. 

The riav.'all IJ.brary ARSocif'tion Journal recently connented on 
Illlnolg Libraries ea being an excellent Journal which is bcinp: 
used there In Ita In-sex'vlce train 'ng school on llbrcrlannlii-n, 

Ihe r.lso inserted whet she ca led a "coi^nercial" , to tho effect 
that Zontp Iq c o/petlnj^ for a S5' prir.c for the boat trble decora- 
tions, b-inE hrld on ti.c 2d flooi' e.t Herndon's this \/ee/.| thoir 
tpblo i'^ nr.. 1 an'-' r.]:?, --oped an nrny of us &3 r'Ooalbl.e vould vlnit 
th'" f-tore an", vote for Zont?;.., The t'-q, If thny vin It, vlll ^^0 
t"^ th'^i.f vor";" a''" th.^ HifhZrn'' ^en.t';'r. 

She elso wants all staff renbers to repd the G-ulde to 3tgte 
FuiUdlnns Isouod by the Secrctt.ry of -^tcte, so th-ct we vlll {rive 
correct Inforr.atlon to those asbinn It. 3he flao called attention 
to thp AiMlilvea' pispositlon of State :'U?cords . Copies' of thlc latter 
publlcet ".on nay br* obtained In the r.rchlvlct*s office, an'" all 
^lenbers of tho Arch.lvea staff should bo faraillar %'ith it. 

Mr. Eclair recently received sorje fv.n nail frop Juco-niavia 
on aor.othln,'^: he vrotc in Library Journal, ilia correspondent say a 
she lo a librnrlcoi and wa^t^ lilci to send her' a nylon rain eeat« 
Aftor cone "Joghinn" about !-la- being married, 1^© flecldfd, th^t If 
any of tVio stafif winh to ^Ivc it dime or a quarter towarfia thM 
gamcnt for a ala'er librarian, we should give It In to Krs, Mo 
Mullen who will serve ao collector. 

The Secretary of State's Christmas party for all Seciretairir's 
ennloyeea la to bo held at the K.C. Club yu«Bday eceiaber 19. 
Tickets will "be ^2.00 per peiwpn and this inalttdee dinner, danolng 

• -2- • „•:;. 

and ontei^alnment. Although tho 3,0. 3, olub la managing thla, 
this narty la abaolutely non-polltlcal and all employees will b© 
welodrae. Actually the dinner la to coat $2.75 bftt Kr. B&rrett 
Ig v>fiyin^, the extra inonpy and for the ?>ntertftinnent. Got tickets 
from Kra, Rnnls. 

There la a*^pe.rently to be no 3tr,to lAbr&ry Chrlgtn&s party 
thlc. y?r. . , . ■ ' 

Th'^ Antiqn-'rlan Pooknan for Nov. 1^, 1950 in dovotod to the 
Outenber?? Bible, and y^ir,3 logei^R hopes that a"' 1 ncm-iere of the 
r^taff 'fill Too"k pt thl?3 nftjTpklne and alao visit the Stcto Library's 
exh'-blt on the flrat floorof tho Centennial Eui 3dlnc (weat ond) 
Tfhero our copy of thn fr.col-^lle of t':e Crutenbnr[' and fleo of the 
d'Egtfj Bible are norr on dlr.">ls.v-, 

Th--> nor-rt inoetlni^ of t'l- A'vlgor:; Cor.''i*;t<3e vlll bo Docer^bor 9» 
to 'ror/: -in th<; b.idgGt.« The Oovnrnor &.n-:''. the Finance Dapcirtnont 
announced la,^t sumqer that there were to b'^ no sfkle.ry increa'ssa 
provided in the b-'idrot a?? nubnitted but whe'th<»r that v/111 be ad- 
hered to In the llffnt of eventa aince she does not knot^r, 

I'ed vh-^ther ■•nrmber^ of the st&ff 'vho not nov under 
civil service '-'ill bo rlv'^n an oprortiinity to qualify umler the 
n^v Po-;*. tlon ClRflsif icstion i^'rich 1b mi-n---o^ed to brln:' the library 
ell un'-^r clvl]. ^^tvIcp,, *'.1os Rogere t'opll'^d thst '^xez-lnationa 
will b" h^ld In the anring, Th^rp If? a copy of theClft-^slf Icatlon 
for Archives under this clansif icstion In the nanvial in her o-fflo*. 
In brief, our Jobs will beer the claflalflcatlon: Archival Aialatant 
I, Archival Assistant II, Archival Arial'^tant III, Archival Assist- 
ant IV and Archlviat, the lower f^radea corres' ending to thelower 
nurabinra, and with an urr^oer and lower alary range within the 
grade. In other words, yo'.: will take the eraralnatlon for the 
{^rade co rre a ending to your salary, sjid Incrcaaea out of that 
salary ran^e will require taking T5romotlonal exa'^inatlong. Yoti 
will be given anmle notice about preparing for these exeninatlons 
If you desire to take then, Thla was put^into effect while I wao 
prone end you probably Irnow about as rruch about how It will operate 
a3 I do, 

Mrs. Hovrard annoincf^d thrt r;he nov hsxrj a nan wVio shelves all 
the tin'?, flo thf't those of you who f^o to her dep&rtment can hope to 
find the hooka, lipr nen in toe tall to shelves in *ho fiction 
sect' on und'-'r the ssuriitoriur, ao th^t np.y not alwaya be in order. 

Mrs. Lang'aton announced thst; 97P pmraons attended the school 
library cllnlce; l«gt yopr over 1000 attended, 

Mlsfj Rogers announced that Mrs» Arr.inger has had to take ft 
leave of pbaence until March let* Her daughter-in-law, mother of 
three snail ohlldr«n, has polio, ao Mrs. Arzinger ia having to 

take care of then. ' '■■ :'''=q 

lira, Lanftston alao announced that she recently visited the 
Aledo public library, not yet conpletod, Gallatin county, which 
has no library, la now interested in having one • either a county 
library or perhaps a district llbraxTr with the Bldoreido public 
library as hoadquartera, Johnson county la alao enthuslatlo over 
the book aervloe It has had aince Joining district ^, The Vienna 

public library Is the nly library In tho county. It has plenty 
of opece vhloh could be uaeA for dintrlct library hpa^'q'-isrters. 

Mlris V/rlpht sal'5 tr.^t they have nent out soveral aucllo^vlsual 
progreraa for Chrlatiaaa and she thinks It too b&d thet aoiae of ua 
cannot ae© and hear tho?n, "'irjB ?i;i«anor Edwards la to work full 
time In th? Mualc Box from nov on; Mlsa Vaughn lo beln^ trangferr«d 
to Qom" ot --r deoartT^ent In the library - I dld't catch which. 

"Miss Kapian raised the quftfltion ao t o why the school library 

rrovement la growing bo nmch faai^er and more en t huelaa t i c aT ly than 

the ->ublic library rovement in Illlnoia. Ther^ waa conalderable 
dlflousalon on this nolnt, but It was aomewhat nebulous and ve de- 
cided %-/G ''•rould not try to au; raarlxe It for th? other ntpff nenb/>r». 

K1e33 Rogers again talked about thf* necoselty for staff nou^era 
to tc-l'-e a ••ofiltlve attitude when talking about the libi-siry. It Ifl 
lim-'O-sible not to "a critics.: of eacVi other at tiitJS, fshe Bcld, 
]Jufit as io the cace in v. fafally, but to the outside %'nrld ve should 
£]v-eEr to think the Library is '"^rfect, and ve nhould ublici^o 
thf> ^•^^oo'-"' thlnt";;? "'-'c^ s-ro aoc nr-.lluViin?: In Ihr- libr-'i^y. -: ;.., ^. 

Krfl. Snnif? .saicf 'tl^t- In-r&jji^'onf f» ^O'' rfad^r r^equests tva.n,ewfe«- 
of r-ct's -Rve I'uce^itiy b-^^m Rubsertbed fori Baljtae JJevg and £»o«.<£uif» 
Kerala, Wonder who is thinl:lnF; of moving to -^exaa? 

Kr. Meyer aaid the.t *nrfl».^ liruilr, .aiid he ape tg tali: on p?riodi-' 
cala over otatlon Vlli Deccn^eV 1''. •' ; 

Th-^ro we.g considerable dlsrounolor^ "ebo^ feoriO' rnd better publici- 
ty, r.r. Selalr lo nov sending \me ai^tlcie a nonth to Library Jou3>- 
nal r.nd ne";/r)apor Itons arc sent to all Illinolo jmporo evei^y ueek. 
She if5 oOin;; to die l«.y recent oil plnoQ on that table out aide her 
office v'hore oho hr. - brr^n ahowlng the plcturoe of i»ecent vioitora, 

V.i\ Pierce recently f;.cked thn larg:e portraits of Lincoln rnd 
Dou{^lar, th&t hfji^ in the Houce of iie^Tresentptlvea. They are belnff 
sent to Ch.lcFCo for ro.-ac':lng aa they ere In poor r(?".^&lr. I'iae 
Ro?-era flald ahe did not knov "ust why the Library we a aaked to 
handle it, but that thpt aort of thing:, ex'tra curricula acti^'itieg, 
to be brought to attention of the ataff at these ataff meetings, 

Mian Kiaalnger said the Art Dcpartrannt vault han been reahelvtd 
and nut in good order again. 

Mrs. Curran nald thet the ateff manual la being inlmeop;raphed a 
and t-?lll bo circulnted to thf> ataff soon. When dlatrlbuted every, 
renbor of the ataff will be required to road this nanual carefully 
and will bo he 1x5 reaponalble for knowing and abiding by the rules. 

The biennial report %fill oobq out in eith-^r the Deoenber or the 
Je.n-jary Inaue of Illlnoia Ll , brarieB « 

Your R'^tention It celled to the exhibit oh the Parla Congresa of 
Archlvlitfs, thr French arohlveft and librariea, etc., also ahlpboard 
literature, now on dln'^lay on th'? 2d floor of the Archlvea Building, 

^^^.._^ " ARGHiy-PS DEPARTM^HT ^J- '■ ' ' - V:-' -v' 

R<>^port for KovMBber 1950 '"•. --^— --.;.■ ,.:-"s-;;^" t;:-:7^:,^^" 

Acoggelona . 

the Adjutant General tranaf erreA the 90 rolumes of nftrrio* 
records for the Civil Wcr, nlao th^ n)»m» Index and copy of the 
printed reports of the Adjutant (leneral. The«e 90 rolume* 
punm«».rlze In tfbul/^r forra for *»ftch eerrlee man, the Bmster in 
and muster out polls and miscellaneous records oontidnlng In* 
fornmtlon about Individual eoldlere. Oertlflcstlons hove 
to b« ra?de from ttieee letter reoorde but theee Tolumee girt 
r11 th« Information need«»d by the Rverage pptron. IJieee 
unbound records are nov beings prepared for transfer. 

The Oovernor's Office deposited fire drawers of nlsoel- 
laneoua offlolsl correspondence snd other pspers for Soremor 
Homer's administration » 

Pepartnentgl Yaulte 

No reflfordft b'?re been tftken to Pepartraental Vaults this 
month to iiy lialovlede:©. 

" Mre. Howfl.r'd 1b contlnuln;^ vork on microfilming the 
Begi9tri?tlon end I'^ducatlon Department records. 

Tvo doors were removed from bajps in 9 N at the request 
of the 71tP.I Statistics Department. Although the Histoxdoal 
Library has one bay In this vsult, the Vital Statistics 
people never look their beys end these tvo doors- swlngUigfn- 
Into the bay inconveniently. 

Ar<?ftj.vf e, ^^^wpK. ■ 

The Adjutant 3«neral presented us vlth the roller shelves 
especially built for the volumes they transferred. : : 

The Service Recognition Board presented us vlth 23 Rqk- 
flvay filing oabln#ts (oorrespondene© sise^ and has prolii^ed 
raore later. 

Staff Personal ,ftoteB. 

Mr. Caisady'i first daughter, Mary J^liaabeth, was bom 

'Koveraber 1$, - . ...■.•-'.•'• -'-^ -^•;:^'v : ■ . * : ' - •. y - '■■ 

Hre. HcFadden moved into her newly purchased home at . 
1115 South Second St. the dsy before Thankegivlng. 

Exhibits . ..../•'•■-■ -i:::-.: -■'>'■■..... ■■■/c-:-' ■^'-■■■..■''^'■•'■^■:l V-r.'ii 
An exhibit on the Paris Congress ot Arohiviits and archival 
and library flteterials brought homtJby the archivist, is on dis- 
plry on the second floor of the Archives Building. Inftlttd«d 
In the exhibit are 1 Documents, programs and i^otogr»9ti^ of tiM 
Constituent Assembly and of tht First Internation*! CongrtO 
of Archivists, a bvochurt ot the arehives of tht Marne. pr#ri»ae 
of Champaign, with many loo^e leaf photographs of the ouil<l|iig 
and doousente; the Bedal given to each delegate: a facsimile « 
in plaster of the seal of Louis <Sbe Bsaujeau, 1292; pioturet 
ot the Freneh archives And of the BlblictheqTie Ifettionale, • 
pamiAiltt dewriptive «f the. British Public Raoord Office and 


- 2 - ■ 

fftORlTnil#»fl of flOOT*» of Its fl.oct»i>ipntn; nnd mlsoellnn'^our 
souvenirs of the Coronln nnd c^ip^n Klleiib^th on which th« 
archivist onlled. 

0«rAe h»v« b«ffn typ«A for msterial for «tn exhibit on 
"OvvetioneA T)ocMn*»nt3" b7i««»d on lllustr^tlana in Oaborn's 
Guest lon«4 Doounjf»ntB",. Thp I^ot0f^r»phlo Laboratory is 
naklnr^ copl«B fv^m this hook. ?hin a«9orlptlon of the 
?a«thodB of dfttsoting forc^oripa, •»tc., should bf of jjenerpl 
Interest . 

Mlsa rioh«ffl<»r r?nd Wrn. B.^lohl'^r ^re working on the 
Chrlattjuas exhiMt which 1p to b** colored pictures of stnln«d 
glnna windova, Mrs. P<*lohlf»r ir furnlnhlnpr m^ny of th^ 
plotur»?e, th« r«9t come from thp Art DepartiBf^nt . This flhould 
b«» An unueually colorful exhibit and approprlnte to the season* 
Thi^re is much trftn^lntion in oonn«»otion vrith this project. 

3taff iork . 

Th<» '>rohiviflt fn'rt thr»?p appor>h«fl. NoveBbsr 3 ehr» 
fiddreaoed thp Hletory Oolloqulura (Oradunt** History Club) of 
th« Unlverflltj' of IllinoiB on Archiv»e: Tlornmbf^r 7, the Past 
• Introna ^nd Patrons Club of ^brthnn Lincoln Chapter of th« 
^rstt^rn Stnr, on hfr "urop^^pn trnvele; on Kovenber 15, iJefore 
;t. I'jsrtha'p -Oulld of 3t. Psul'p '-huroh, an Illustrated 
leoture on "ngli«h cathedrplf. 

'Jh*» prchlviflt ifrot'> ''rtlcl<»s an follovij r revl<»w of 
vol. XVII Verrltorl»il pr^vy^iTP of th*» United States: Illinola 
18y;-13l8, for the Sorth Carolina fflatoricfll review (copy 
appenftfrd); und urtlole on the First Jnt*>rnQtlarrl Conrrreae 
of •rohiviets to he 'publish<»d both in the Acericfin Arohlvlet. 
v«ncl vlth outa by th*» editor, in Indla^ ^.ychives ; nl^o ft 
shorter Rrtlclir for either Libya.ry Journal or I il^nols ^rchlYes * 
3h«» al«o draftad * blennlnl report for Mr. Belclr, -ilco a 
oomjBentpry on th» prellwlnrry report on the Stnta P.eoorda 
ContnlHslon aent to the Lltt«»l Hoover Coaml «i s ion . 

Federal, Cenaue for IB'^O . One of the four reelt? of Rloro- 
film hr-R been »nl«r5r*"i» oii" covers the following countries. 




ana vnt ^w . 3¥nx;ifT;iefl on xn«>»e pre oeing neia OfiCK unT^ix z 
archivist Oftn oheok for questioned n'^mea, etc. At present 
?'re. ?elchl«r la the only on«» indexing this oaneus. This mv 
shp r<»port9 having? written 25O oprd«< for MeAleon County, 650 
for 3ond nnd 225 crrAs for Fayette. .*t present ehe typep th 
nmes on the OArda froa the <Dpy, then fllle In the d«!t« by 
h«nd. This Ifl slower but wore aoourete thpn tryinr.;: to do It 
all on the typewriter. A little letar, vhen they hsive finiah«d 
certain tnako, Mra. Robeson and Mlsa wintarbatter wlli be put 
on this Indexing alflo. Ve hope to finish Intexlhg^ th© whola 
oenmie of I83O this yew . 

At present Mrs. 

present Mrs. KoKadden la the only one worklnft on thit 
index. She ima written 675 cards on Carroll County this month. 


■; - 3 - ■■' 

'fr. C.^.flBiiiy hao b*»An quite bupiy thlr month with r^f«r«no« 
vor5t, s fior<» detAll«d report upor which !« glvwn b»low under 

that heading.' . „- ■ 

'??hll»» I vmfl In ICurope Mr. Cnssady stRlrted checking th« 
Inventory f?.nd taking not<»fl ^eliwlnary to cntnloglng the 8cirl««. 
*'y o>fn special project f^r next year, onde I get caught up 
on Aooumul-^ted proof - reeding and checking, will fcp to try 
to get CRrdfl In the ct^log for ?>11 th«» main eerlee. Most 
of t^e fierlefi ve hove h^d for sore yeeire nre eo o«teloged, 
hut nont of th" newer Aoeesslonn hare no o^-rds In the Cfttnlog, 
the ttftff relying on the ln4«x to the ^5he*^t Sh»'lf List 

Mrs. Roh«»non h«e finished the transferring of enrolled 
Inne to the nev foldera through* the yepr 193© • -^^ has 
only 1937-'>3 to do. She la "ilso unfolding nnd etapling 
Corporation reports ahead of Mr. Rountree rnd filing Index 

oarda. - ,.\ .-.,..,, ,r : >' ■ 

Mr. Pountree la filing in the letter "H* of the Corporation 
reports. He has ^leo oheok*^d In new r-.coesfllone, dravm floor 
plnnt for the staff mnfixieil, .iRslirte^d la severp^l long reference 
csllfl nnd taken the deek on neveml oocaeione. 

I'ABd Scheffler hpn spent Bioet of her tiae oh exhibits, 
thoui^h she reportJe hnvlnj^ flnlehed typing the onnel field 
note? p,n<^. ha.« started on the Oon^truetlon records. She 
attended the eohool library clinic held at Allerton ^e.rk 
tlovember 9th. 

Hr. ^eflt'?^ report in ap->«nded. la e letter to go out 
to thw varloua county offlclnla announcing that Mr. ?^ast 
will b«» available for consultation, as we did vhen Mr. Blood 
started his work? Mr. ^.apt attended one o ointy offlolAls' 
ARsoclfttlon raeetln|5 ''hlle I vae nvay and haf many oonteots 
throughout the ste.te with local historical society personnel. 
Hfi^hae oomplet-d his bibliography of county legislation throiagti 
1876. ^en he has brought the bibliography dovn to date and 
had It typed, he will start conolllng the history of reoorde 
nnd funclJlons for the various county of floes. He h«fl done 
that toj" county reoord#»r for th*» period of the second State 
Constitution, 1818-U8. 

The addition of the civil war service re cords has added 
to our statistics, biit not measurably to the tine re<T!ilred 
for the reference work, due to the very complete indexes 
supplied by the Adjutant General's office. We have had a 
form letter aiiwographed and hnve decided to fill In the 
foiMO with Ink from the records without aviking a carbon copy. 
v/hen the inouirer aake merely for the service record we give 
that, but if he aeke for any other information we oheck our 
naoe Index and the 1950 census. Thie Is another reason why 
all old records should be oentralleed in the Archives -we 
c^n give more information from a variety of sources. Major 
Woodword said in<niiries «ver?ige about 8 to 10 a month but we 
have had 13 in two weeke. ■^',, ,.;- ■ ..v-^'^' — , 


€«iicii« tt&tlttiefl, ^M J^n tht r«f«r9ne« rooa, fll»f tor 
<v 8 QO^iltiefl I850 »•?« o<|fi«Blt9d» ItalX p*q«»«tf ti»r«t 3 n«iB»» 1» 
r4 V 2 eounti«« IwO? 1 i|M»« in 1 feouiiljr i^Oj 16 iMUi## in 11 

eocmtUa ias^i 1 laiaM In 1 ooiitttirllii i*#tt ©fiiwii . L*t*«r« 
, V v«nt td 21 «tatef and j f<ir«lg)) oount^lds CAisM#Allar 0<^ ftfid 

■ '■ ■^0--y.'{WtfiAt»U '''■ " "-.■■ ^■^-:^^; -/ '^r :-•:■■■''■•■' ■;.■:'■:. "-- : ^''■.■■'■■■. '>"''-:.■-::'. 

-^ had an ^imi^ally larjitB ntt«^r of iQttaradn TariQUd^ 

-^-/pliaaea .of 'arehlTal vork.' %dttg th#i» .imrai -inf ||pii»%toii, ■«» ■■^;v-:_-\ 
'i'-Z'K '-■-; IXllnole eirll a^rrlca fdr iy«ralY«i iimd r»obr<ai-'4i*|>o«al» . 
> V ^ fx^n 7eTnB<>ntr the ^A0tiea)»lllt7 of Qantllwr#|' atiellilng «lf* ; 
;>^-'4Wi^.>'-:.f.- than ,12 ln«h«a wlfti, ffoB 1^)finf«f««}. 'ftAtio^'on 9ldrdfil«ing -•: -: 
■'.■; ";:'-^^ \.;- :■ . to^/thft/ DaparCaent of Ragittf>itt«ii anid'.i^datliE)%it how %a 
V 4 C ' dietlnguioh l»«ty»«n th« orl^fial aii^l f ao«i«ll# ofj^aa bf fh» s 
S; r':. Sew topk t!ai^$ for April 2 1, 1^5, from Oali^a; tha a<Wi«i»# - 
-*;j*;^^i;v'^^'-'V^'.of a ^Irw, 4^»in|' lanination^' from th« Di^ia^'of iftfctaywiajrtt' ■'■■■.•^ 
^^aatloiianlB^^^tr catalog: rulaa, from il^sti^iia; raqueitf for .^ 

^ok laata«fe t^f J^fflfy^if^^^^^^yii^ii <t»oai twa f&ratr ataOen^ 
; of Br. Pt>9tMrt im^fl^dna filit iit% lola a tor tha jiserioan V 

ArohiTltt to tha adittfr; q^atli»nRal,rL«ono«mln9 a^roht^a* 
fr<l« tha Galifomla •Littla th^rnit fhemtnttion*} jntq^^% t^m 
Cttojc County Departmant of Osntpal ffervloaa fdT luifa^iatlflii' #a 
vilorofilaiins oaiintjr raAordai aav^ioa ah^ut diapbaal of ^trl|if« : 
o&unty radorda, frbal 9a Witt Ce(6nty Clar4tt ««« of ldantif*li 
eat Ion ataarpa on doounanta froa th« amhiTiat of yood«ti»dk/ 

■Tr -,1^^ 





''\* .' 


■ ,■ '.* 



■■'■ . ':. - :' ■ 


.''* . 4'-f. 



^ •.>,*?- 



■ •' ■,; ',; 


3'-: .•.>^ 

'.* ■ 

■ ■:''.■--■■'■■■& 

r' '^--^ 


.-; > 

■■. ' :-^ ' - " 




V ; iV. 

'■ h 


; ■■' .>-v;-?^ 

'^ . . ,, '^" 

■■':•■■:" ^> "■ ,^: V _ 



1 ''.iA ''^fr:. 


-;.■;;■ I, 

■ \''^,y 

■';;/"' |--:v 


1-: \ 

-■' ^ '■ - 

■'■■r ■' 

•■•>• !-i<- V:! T^'i-jt' 

. '.V '■ ' '~ ^- * ■ 

' ■,'■■5 

-'-i - ■ .. 

T» ;' - 



■ ;■-■■■' ' 


;/ '. '4, 



■ • ;^;"" >,'■ 

. V ■:' 


:■. r"^: i 


'T ■ 

•-■■^- ■", ; ■'' (,■"•*'''• 

i' .-■^' 

t./:~-^' 1 

;. -! 


':-'fC- J*-. ■■'■.;. ■■:• 



■/■■ 'VK-. " 

^<,. -^^ 

•^'"' "■'■'..- * . -■ ■ ''>■'■.■■-■ 

fie-'-, '.y 

":-:^^; '^ , #.«''■■ ■:■■■■•■■ 

• ...4 ;.:. '^' .-'v.,;' ■. 

.-8 ' ■ 

'■- . ' .. 't- 

- '•'■■ ■■'' ■ ^ 

.^;;.«: '"''' 


?." ■, -■■•.■■ 

■" V * < 

,■,,'■ J ^ .^.■:a'' . ■ . : . ■ •' 

'V,-.-' / 

^;:--":^- ■" :■ '" ■ 

:ii, S'\:L .; 


■; .> - r>^ 


-,•■ - 

i- -r, ; j ,' 


.. , ". ,.: -^^A' 

'' ' "■': 

'7 :■■■ ■■' 

■ VS-' 

f *v 

*■ . '■''/y"''' 

'': . ; 

, ■ ■j.;,.<-i,'- 


-->'■/■ A." 


'■"*-V'''* ,n 


1^' ' ■ ■ 

i . ■ ". . - ._ r' 

i " ■■ . 


F".'-:'.V ■■ 

! ■ 'iC' 

',-.-. ■■ ■ 

"f ■■■- 


v, ■ "' '"■ , 

• ' ',"■% ' /^ '■ "''\ ;. 

■ ;■■'.'. . -. 

•■ ' ' ■'■ ,' *'■. ■ 

■' ■-'■"'';,- : 



'\ \ ■ ' 

: ".-'-■ .* :- 

' '--■* 

. '': • .'S- 

■ > " ■' " ■ 

"-■■■■ 'i^'. " . 


' _ i. •' 

Ji-- . , :. ; . . , 

r ',i.l^ 

, . . ■ < 

" ,'- ^ 

'■■;' ■ 

i /, . '■' 

/'■" ■ -\ ^.^^ -"^ ' ; / 

"'.■■. V ■" . ■ *~. 

'. ^'Y *!'■ 


-' ■ - < 

'' C v';""^'" 

"■; '. , ■'/ ■'- 

■ \.- ■ 





. v-^'. 

■ ':> ■- 

Clrll war fl*»rvlce r^oip<|e 98 ; ^^S^ ®*^ 

■;. ,tV- 



V-V :,.■:>; 




„^> '■-■' 

■'■ ,;,* 


BofT^ab^r 1950 .■'''' 

Routlmi D#partiwstnt»l CaIIa i 

BeorttRTy of 8tRt« [ ■r-'-^'y''-''% -B'^'' 

/:';-'.?:"^ '■:";• .F«» book ". 1 /•■:ivv'-' ': 

.-'■-■: ;•'':' Corporfttton' Di»pt. 

Atinucftl r«port» .-, ; 
■ tr--' Index ■ oi»rd« ■ 

t''"-A.:X Corr»«pond»no» :'■.:./■' ^; ■ 

S!x«eutlr» Dopt. 

KxneutlTft Tilm ■■Vr 

Notary Public Bonds 
Trade Miirka :• 
'•"■'t- >r': -. ■ lnd<»x D«pt-, ... /'•;'-:\",;" ■• 
. ;V.'^" -■'?■''• D««d« '"'-"■ ]i^^ ■^^'■■^%r '':■■ 

^■■'•':,:, ' ; ?; fl»otlon« 

V ,; ': Mlfioi»ll«neous r«port8 

;! H«gl9tratlon and l?dtt0ifitlon I^Bpt. 
■V License 

■ f 







''^^rohlval ?ftchnl«tt# ■ 

lis, person 
By mall / ■■ ■•^:* 

O^nealogy :. /''■•■-■■>. :'|^-:' 
In p«<repn 

Perrln Oolleotlon 
■'^ f'>'.^v. I85Q eenmii. . 
t? ' (kuntgr hi fl todies 
Illinois atlas , 
V -5 1820 oessus 

3y Ball ^^i' ■-'".■:. * ^i. ■? 
0ens\i8» «ta» 
ClTll var 
Clril var oenms 


■•- r 



3i»tory "''■ '■*■' -■•:;t^,-'' --^^ \y 
' ;■ -■ In Parson . -■''^' 
:. Name Index (l^dna) 

^By. «p«,|,l 

• . i :- , Vft 

.;..;■■•'■ ;^ljaiil^ ■ 

He^ordi Disposal 
StMtte* In psrfon 

i^'< if' ' 





'10 ->yy^?^^i 

• "^ k 38 

V- ■<.: : A,- 

■1 '.'*'. 


':.-■- * 

■'■ . 

'.V < ■, 


.-,- ~'J 




■' ^■''■■ 


- J- 

, '.J 

V' ■ 






- ^;.-:ift''"' 

- 'r».- 



*"* > 




' . .' ■ -, 


■■■ x'"- • 

>>i „ 

fi< V 




•':':■• . ' 



■■■S'. ,.,• 





^■■>:-^; ■?'.;.■■ ■■.-'^"^i^:*i 

"H"" ' ! ' 


: i■'\,■,^9'■■■ 

■ '!■■.■;■'■'■;; ,-■ 

lloT«aft}0x« 1950 

Mane Index 

> '.V "','■" ^ ■-"'•■■" .J^"''^"'^-'!*'' -, '.'"'', 

V;^^' :.,' -i"^' 


I850 federal oehsufl 

' Carroll County ,, ,■. '■:;/ ''^v^' "-^'y: 855' ' ■ - ' "' -^^ ■;; '' : . .'" 

OlYll irar ««PTto# «en *fei^^^^ :v^ Estimated 
( TraQif erred frbo 

f. ;■' ft.' 

-_-,. .^^. ^ Ad^titant (iftntral) .J .„r- ;■ ,.;'-^"':^'. '■ -■•'-^^ V/;;^^ -;r3A .,. „^^ .. ,^ ,, , . ^^ .^^^ .,^.^. ^ 

A- -v^ •. ;,y.„/ TTllnAlM AM^ W*mV«m.«. ,'.;:' ■--■/■'K- .-■■• -Vj;^ ■.-(;■., ■:.?:;-;■ -^ ■' ? ,■^:.•^#■ 

Illlnole and lflcli),gaii 

-■■■ . ■♦ -■_. -t ' ■ .- ; ■■ .-' . V,- 

^-.■m.r-:^: -: '^ . ■,,;^: . c/v-' ^:,-7':g.^:^■■..^■^^^^ :■:•,■■ ' "^8,1^' ' ' '" ''^^^'' ' " '''^'^' "^ 

,"'■ ■ 

.•■,-^j;« ;..-:' ■':.'*<),;/?■; '>'-'■■ ■ 


'.'■- . ■' "' :'■ ■ \ ■*' ■ '■•■ ^i''. " ,. ■ .?f. J 



;-"^?^ t^.#.m-::;:: ' '_ ' ^ 

■ -' 

-^'v:K--:^^:'''^i"%^'-- ';;'•■■ ;''"'"^''t' ■■■/"',^:'vs';---. fe, /;?<■' 


.■"■.-■ '*-iV'-f-'' '^ . . ■'"" --../^ -•:*" -:"'^' ,- '-■•■-■■ >:'•■ <^-': :'■■'■;''' ;,;v';:"V:''': 
i:'-. <,;.:,. ,.■■..:'. ^'V; ^jf">'v-, ■ ; ,■..,;;,:•■'■■'■■'''■ ■i'''*>;-'i* -. ' ^: ' 'T'^v'^- t ^U v .■#■'i-^^^^■:%^v 

. ■ ^i-'..^- ' . "• " ' - .' -■ ■ .i .- t } •■ ■ ■'■*•; , , ■ ■• ■-.1', ■ '" . .■ ■• ■ '■;- ■' .' , • -'-■ . 

■■■.■'■,'.i;^i'' ,• ■;- " ;;^-".,^- . ''-^■-■:■, -■■■ f '..'^ ..>■..•- ■-.■;,'■• ^y^: i^--if^?^'l.}'fi^--:r'k-'^%t-x>i0^r--'}'<'--^:^i.-^-''' ,'■,;: 

■?v4.r/Av.>-;4%,s^;A.-^. '.,r'w ■..•■/ ■-^- -'■-■=■■ V'^ ■■ •■" ,-■■•■':•■-■•'■ 

:.;v -;,•■,-•■>• .■'-■-.. ..: ■■ ;..%>. 

',^!>-r.: ' 

•^' ■" • w 

Asy ■;.; 


'»!:■-'.. - 


■ ■-=?■;■«' 

5 >'*■ 


■ '•;•.;•■: 

,;r,'..;>-,;irf---';s' ^^/■■>'■.:; '"^.f-^, .:■,.,,.:; •■ '■■./;V~o'. ■■■-■;,.. '^i; v.' '". ■■; ■ .7;";'. '■"''•-y/'y ■■ , .'■■■■ -'"■■?■.■■;■*. :cy 

"'■■•■' , . ■,' f..' v'*. '■, ...•■• , ■• ' ' 'I > ■.'■ ''■■ ■ '.'v- '■> .1' "'. 1 '■ - .^ . *•■-■' ■':-'■■ - t ■ "• .,■ ■ ,... ■ i-.i '■. ':■!»- 

,.■• i".. ,■■"■ ■. ,' ' . . . ■ '• J ■ V'B;'-^ ..■" ' . »' -,■•1 -l"'- ,•■ 

■■■'■■;, :•■'■■■ .'^.^ '■■■*>,■.■;,:::,':-■: ■■■•., • •■•■,, v'^ •^■■-''-;.!^_ ,■>-*;,'■■ '-.iV;'- ".' ..VV '-■ •■ ;• ^.•-■- ^-iV*.^- ' . -f-'' U-. %•' .■^■■■S"'"" '"t 




,i^;;;'/.'.'- '■- ^r■'■^,;'^■^W^ ^^;,^=■v;'^■ ■;■ 

«' ' v^t 

■,t :-,.:■; vf ?■ 

,;^::;:J:::^.■ ;:>;.■, ; YAOLT ASHIIiIS8I0N8 K6ir«inb«r ■ 1950 ^^'^ V'- '"-^^^'s ^:^ /. '""^i^^ •■ "'/ " ti 

, .:.^;,^,-^.j; Pepmptiwnt of Agriculture '•■<r/h:-..- ' -"-'X h.-^:'^~:''~'"'^ '.' ^ ,:.■:"•■■:„/';!■■' 

":;\j/ ^■,Aa6XtoT Of J^iblLe ;Adeounts \,, .V'r'''':^^^'|-^>v';,, ■■^®' ' •■/;;>•':■'•■';-■'■.;:■■' o.^ ;Ji^ 

'^''■-Vv:V',. ■' ■■ , " ... .■;■■'.>■'"'■.■"■'■.,. jv ■■ ■ ■ :■'. V-.^"'' ■■"%;/!.:>. •'".'' 

v,--0V-/..;tJlvl3. Sttrrloa CoBwlaelon /\ ■■-C- ■''■■,-■■•■"■■ v-. •:■■■■;■;*> 'J-v.- \,;'\,;;- v'\ ■^■' ; '',■•. ■■:-^^''- 

\ •>■;..;■; .■■-•Illlnole Gomf^ioroa Conwtsalpn V;:;;'; ■.-._, \ 18 .;!' "f^ "'.■_' .<-,^ 

;,: ■•^-■' ./ -iSept. 'of Fln^hoe- :".'■'; .:■ .'..-; \cXr^'K './■■:■.::■ ./,'.: "'^ -,f': .•■^''!;" .■''.•''^''^^ .':'.^-i^^^^^^^ 
■■ :;'-^;i'^-'llUiidl« Stat«- fllatorleal library ' ■.^■'^; ,., "l^-J^lV;;^^'^^^ 

■ A'"-'' ".■•'',, ■ ■ . ■ ■ ' :fT'tS: ^/ ■'-■■■ ^ ■ ■■■ ■ ■ ■■■■ 

Sopt. of Public ItiBtraotlon / S' 

V D(9pt. of Public Works A Bldgs. 

'"•■TM% -^^ ■■ ■■ ■■.- „.„ ■ ," 

^'■^;|'';- "'^-f;.- ' ■ Mlnee & Minerals ■,.;;%. >;^V 

;'^':;.::> 'Seflretftry ^of State ■■" ''"v'^^'w. ■■:'^S/^'-'-'; 

i;,ViF^'.'; OerporAtlon ' Bept », .■ /■'•V''0:\---'-^:--^: 

•M^'-^^' Executlre- -v-^:^.'*- ','■;.;.,'■.■ ^.f V/: •■:■'' 

'^ ; Dept. of Regie tmtlon * BflAoatlon 

■Iv. fen ;8t&t<^' .^ei^earer :. 

''-'■ '''■_ ■.:: V' ' ^ .-'^'^ ."'■ "«■■* "j ; .■■■.'^•■V' .^'t 



*■-'■ -/'-■i 


■■'^'■?, >• 

, • *_ 

r :;i' 

■■"' .' -," ,-■• 

\ . " 

. V- 

' ■•!'■'• 'i? 

" '-' V 


'»'. '''■ ■' 





■ft^.'i;''-,..; . 






'.-■ -'^'/'-vV' 

'" 'vi''': 



f"'i •• -. 

V' '^-^ 

■ ,' , i^;!*^ 



"£-•:, '. 

■IrV I'^'-^J-*- 

■ '. ^ ■ '> - 



':'... f... ..' 


,-. '^^'^.i-', 


■., •,.:',, . 

■ V-" 

. "V 


■ ^-":.- ■ ^ 


S:^' • . 

r ,(,..", -t 


. 3^ ■&,^rn->?-i,-'^v'^" ■■.-•,. -T-i--,-. 

.■■'V'" ,-.'■_. .--^i,'-"'* ..s' •" .'■ ■ *■ r: ■ , ■ ■ " ^ ' . ■. ^ 

i'-> ■•'-.* .>■'■-. ■■I", /H^-, .■ ■..•■:i' ■"■'•■'*■ v- vr . ' ■ '>-;'^;'-y,Vv- 

■V.- *jVVA'i 


.--.' ■■■/i'^,' '''■.'■■■.'•■•-«<.*/■'.■ \;5 ''■'■. ' '■ ■ '■■ .-.v"- ■■■■■;'■■- J- ■- --:■.■ '.-0--' /,'^--- ■/■--■ ''-^i''!;'-! -."■■.>-• 4" . :>i 

>-A ■■' -.'"-V-. ''■''•■•''''''' ■^^'*:'-' •>:'s?*^f'-,' ■ ' ' ,v >* ':V^^ ■'-■■:■■ >.^''^-■■. ••s')f-'n"- ■n-.:;\ ,:.■/.;, M,;-^'-^:^;^?,*-. 

■ t ■ > •■■: '■ ,-.■ ■*■ v^ ■'■ ,. -1= ■..'^'s ■/ ■ •' .- j;- '■ '■ '. • "•■.*. .. _■- ?* ■;■ ''. ^ - -!■,'/ 1 , ,r - .- /■■•;■. • - "' : i^^'^ ■ '■■■"■■ *■: •''.'-"' ; ' *^ '-■■_■-;-. ,■'.■ 

. ■'■;.^ ■•_•'■. -1^-. .-■ -■ ■■ ■ ■ ,*? ■ -'. f, , 

-■p '-'t^ ■■■ :>'" ..:vi^"-V'^^^. '?^-$^:-V' ' ^^ :^ S^vy,Y' '" '''^-' ■ ""' 


.-^'V-: :■'{: •■.-'•■:.'■■'■■-. . , .: ■'■■:,,■<■'-.■ \_^---i' \i —- s^ w,i^ ' i'^-^'i: ■'■pH'X-s ^- r ■•■■'> - '^ ^: ^- ' t'-'-l ^.' ■:..'■,- '^■'■■' -■-■■■■ .' ,■. .'•■ ;■ 


v^i*.-^/ r ,"■- ■ ;"' ^.''ir;-;*? ■ ''^ .V , -: ••; -ry,'^-:'- * ■■. •., ■ '■ ■' '■ ^■■■''■:' '. 's,*'>- s"': 
a. , «;'■-'-■■'. '•!?> ■-' ■ :-•■■.■-» ;..''■■,-■•»,--'■ "v-'-v ■ - ■' ■ .■•' .'. ■. . ;, •■ -• •■.■■,- '' . , „'- ■ ■ ■■■ .■ ■■ ■■ . ; ".,■.■■,'-■". ;■. ■'■ " "»■-'# 

, *. ■-* -' '■*'■.■ .- . ■'" - .■ **^ 

''•.' • ■ V'^ ■.-' 'iV' '»;k" ' ■'r't' •,':'-■%- 'U:''j<'- '''T'-i' .''''■,'' '^y ''"':,:] '^ ■''■']■''"' \t '}■ ''.'■'.- '■-'*. ■■'f^^ ''■.' ■'j.*""'^''*' ^ -i^'^ ''*•■... v'-^ 
;;'- V-.-;.'.. ■. -, ' ''■ »"^-' V, ,; .'■« '^.'i't : :''■■■' '..-. -I'^v ■■■ .■ -V"*'^'' ,"' ' ■•,.'■.!-' 1' .^., ■ ■■' '■■■ : ■■', '.''-■; -'-•'■ . ''-jA 

■■.-,. >■ ■ I, i,V, 

' n" 

;f/« if- 

■;«.' ■ ., -^ ': ' 

;!i!tv;J*f ■■..<;** 

:M^ytlX'i!^- ''\r^'''M.i^!M3&^^:^L'-m^^ " 

■ '"'»^*.'' 



V For Dlv, Jfet*rW»yi > ::^ ^^ 

VCorporiition, -^^pt.': ^ ,,.:;a. .'"■"-; .'..^;;-;--5., 

0|>«rfttor*ii lio«n»« ■ .j 

.■• ;■■ ■'■: ■•■.■■■ ' ■ ■■i -■ -n^i^M- ^38 


■fe ■.!'-* 

, f V', /,: '''/-/■ 





■t: .if: ■ 


.-•' ■>^-' 


■■;. '^^S . 

•ly. ■ 

. - J' ;■ 

. ' .... 


i <i,*f .'/■•■■^ 

'.V -i^-.. 

%:• ■ 




^.fK^Vi4l^..?BV" 'j 

. *■'.■ 

Mm99r% of ih« fl«U ntitor, l0T«i>«r, X»BO. 

fte fUU Tltitov (M»r««it« U ft fflMMiktclTiAc fifty vliU) 
•ftdft ftft iftfenAl oftlX ftft «b9«tr Oft«a%|r Ol.«rk f««l tf B«fii« 
0#wit7, OUatftft. vlie hU aftAft Uftarjr ftii MftftvA 9««n««t» 
OitoafttftA «i%k kU %lM ttfttftift m#i*$fts A«t%itiftliail •! Vfteerdft. 
8mV«ftt«*A^lr ■&•• VorWftt kjr Mil. aftAft raply io rafttifio 
qufltti^fti Iw ft*ftA «i«h jpftfftrftftftft %• •»«% of aiovefilaUc iaA 
pestlbXft «ft«%v«e%tftft of ftoootooro* kooks. 

^ lo^ftootftd oad rooftiToA of Mr. Aibort M^^tvi. Voorift Oowily 
kooordftv of <«odft, ft Ilfti of •o«BtU* irt^ftk MOorA iMtnMwato 
k]r »kft|ootft%. Vrk %rM fwmlokoA ftft o«%liRft aftp of tko 9%mU vitk 
okftAo^ ftrOttO okowiftA ^ lll^olo Qoftfttioo uolaA ykoteotfti o^lf«oft%, 

Aloo rooAlTftA froft %ko IkIoIA OoapaftF* ooUor of loo%«i^«pk 
ykotocTftpkio ftiftlpMOfttt Oiiieftio* ft llo% of • iXUftOio oowii&ftft 
ftftlac Iftftlrlgirftfk for rftoovAiki lftB%r«ftOft%o« 

OiilIoA <Mi kooovAo^ •% !»» IftAoyo^ of UiijMoft ttoftfttr ftf%«r 
voooivifts AaforftfttloR %hft% ko «fto«aAo»lftkift0 lo oktftMi ftmtkority 
froft ^ko koftjrA of 8ftforT|otrft to ftiorofiXft rooorAo of kit offi«o« 
f^imtokoA;kift iiitfe ft loopr df ft li»ft|«»o»* "^ loMiTdftr Iftmo of l^oftvU 
OoftftUr i^lok ftppoftro to h^^ Iftoa tko firvt oomM^' ia Xlliaoio 
to pnaiyokftoo I to ««a aiovofilaiai owv^iit^* ^^ #ii«' kr. Soitto at 
tko r«j|koot of tko flolA vloit^v tmM ft AotftiUA ftoooiut of kit 
pvojoat ftsA oBplftlftoA Xiiffa. fkotftftXaf mk rofovMOO to aftvciaaX • 
roXoftofto AftA kov tko^^wtfO 6t^ro4ilH|. 

kooolYoA taforafttioa froa ^r» iMopitk tkat.laAlooa Ooaaty 
SuyonriM^ft vootatXr t^^t ft ofaaittf* to H prla^jTlalA to iarooti- 
fftto pkfttootftttftf ofotoa la aao ta iowiaata 0^Hity« ^ ., . , >» 

tko fioU Tioitor o^atlamA to ooapiXa ft %fttU kikXlocrailgr ' ^ 
ftsA ftftftXrii* 9t XXXiftolo Xka roXfttiaf |o Aoaatj gonrofaaoat. la 
Aftto ka hftft vo^toA froa Xilt tkroagk Xtf|. ^ > 

Am akftlraaa oT tko ZxUaftir ^Ut* Itttonoal Sooloir •» ' 

aftfklat ki^tovia tXtoa ko lkraioteA»ftt tte rofkott «f tko ttftta 

ll^Li^iaair SofArtaaat, AfttAlXM «Mf i>^f>l^^ ^ 

orootoA &a lilO, tkit for tko f ortl^i^aiat Aapartaoat roaA aap* 

t':-::-:^-,- < -■: ■ -^ -j.-;*-; % . ■■>■■■ ^'*-- •-*:•;"■'■% ' V:.^^' ^'^.r •■■-:£. ..J: 'i^' > ; :• 1,=!^^.. ■-v<- '" S'll%' ;'-"''t;; ^Pf ■■-■■ il^-i'' j;|&?^ivir 

V :••>■■*-■■ 

'.:.:..^-.:f ■-' ^ . ;v,. -■■-■. ., , ;■ 

'^ • "■ 'i 

'r«t -■^■'/■- . VV'---*' .'.::. ^'. 

.^^'^■^- ■ ' <"^^,'V.^ ^'"■'^ ^'' • ■"■'^ 

U ■://' ;■!■:. 

Xf' ' 

;.".<-"' ^' r.,': ■'; - -^ . ':;•■. '^;._ .f\,r.ii- ^ ;, 


■• ■■ '. - "/■'r>. < . '■-'.'. .-. * '*,. 

>■ ■-;" . ■ J. /■ ■ ' ;' '.^':^'- -Y ■'■ '■ f ■ ■' 

,.-.•'., ■ .r~f a-, ., -; . r?_ .„' .. ^ 

fe ■», -^/--s^^' 

'.'■'' .- 

' ,■>." , . 

- ■■■ ;^ .,,■(•.-• 

r^iTT? . •.^...-■.. 

* V- '*' 

■ ""./■•1-'.'7 

^y/f^^i^: V, : 


_, ^y^^.;* ,>j^ :.■ . '^Kv-,. ..: - . .-. -. --v. ■••;-■•,•: . ^,:.-Y ,: ^.:U::. 


R*»port for 19^8-50 

2«nffr^X ScQ!)'^ of v/orV 

fhr> oriBspry f^^nctlon of ^n arch'.v^!! n^enoy Ifl the ooneervstlon 

pv^otnTv-^tinn of th* oerrrnTtt rf»oor<5.B of th<^ p;ovemH*»nt of 

-r^ilnh It; is p. p-^rt;. Oovernmentnl recorAs, In R-ldltlon to bftinr; 
npo<p*<fn.r;' for nCjnlnlstrr'tlvr' "n-l lf^?:7E.l i^uriioses tf>n'.l to tal^.e 
on liKportfnce f^a prlwry sovirce ri?t*»rifll« for r*»a««rch In hlatoryt 
'^PTif^rlop/ p-nc'. othf»r ^ocl-^l pcl'^noi*?. ""his vf^lu** e" rf»corfl0 ae 
r?»ecrron rr'tRrlr-Is tp Incrp'^jxin/- nt fhft s-tip tlRf thrt lnt©reet; 
In V.-.f r-^cori-P for r.^jiinlntr^tlvp r)Mr:>0P'*?i Ifl 'llmlnlnhlnf?. Tor 
exp.nple, thi? olvil vr.r r'-^corlf of t>;o Adjutant T^nTnl'? office, 
no-^f in procenr; of b«»lnf: tr.-.rBf<»rr<»d to the St.nte Arohlv^n, are 
no lon.'^^pr n'*ed«'(1. for «»«t.''.1&'l'^hlr<s' eprvlce b.-^fi^d cI-''.lr'P for 
p«nBlonfl, but X'r.^y are up»»'^1 Aotlvply by p^en^clOfrlRt? nnd hletor- 
tanr. 'ulrLt> various -lpp?rtmpnt« Are oep^ibl^ of Jud'-'lnp: ?.« 
to vhethf»r or not th^lr rfcorde h'?v« continuing adrnlnlrtr<itlye 
▼ftlue, but thpy onnnot b* pxp<»ct«?d to rtoof;nl2<* or to sprvicft 
potentl-^l valu?3 of th«? records of valm * for other vind unrolatad 
r^ffeTCh purpoeee. ?«cor4n which h^ve c<r^ned to h^fsve r>drnlnl«» 
trntlv© Import'^.nce to the dspartmenta which cr«??t«*a then but'-' 
whloh do hnv^ ortlnuln ' vhIup for oth?*r p^orpoapo, rre thftre- 
for» properly depofllt^d In th*> Bt-te .^rohlvef!. ?h«» Arclilvea 
Dffoiprtrsent of th*» Illirol^ ^ Llbr-^ry i-'hioh flp'»rl:':'llz<?« in 
the cftr"? of such reoorrin c^n thus rfllevp t>if» depiirtnjent.P of 
burd^n?^on» flff)p.rchf»p outride thf*lr o'.m .'>dr.!.nlstr.''tlve flpldfl, 
and, on th»» other hr,nd, froin it= ooQrdlnpt<» oollectionp It 
ci.n r^lv* oonplete fiub.^ect norvlop to th^ public drBlrlnr: to 
uo« th* rpcori.8. 

K^tur^lly i.'»partnjf»nt?! prrfer to k«eo Jurlndlction over 
their record?? «o long as those* records ar« u0«d ohiffly for 
pdnjiniptrfltlv# pttrpofl«»a, «nd normr'lly thr ^rchlrep D#»partw»nt 
r^funeff to r.oc<»pt ou*?tody of rf^oortis which mxBt b«» removed 
fron tlcje to tlmf for r.dmlnlPtr'-'tlv* uf^<». ^spflirtinent"! 
Vpultr in the Arohivop Bulldlnr un'>r the p^ener-il supervlston 
of the Archives D«»partrTent but to ■^'hlqh the reapiotlv^ Dttp^xft*' 
Rents h^-ve flol« accasa,' provide .nor-*! jjind; physical car** fojp, 
isportnnt 8eni-oii3i¥f?nt ree^rdlB. '" ■". ', . '"^ ■,:■ ^ 

Mnny records of especial Ifrr^l aignlf l<?ancf arr» deposited 
in th<» Archlv«».«i for B»fey.eepin;- wen thpu^^h they are current 
recor'^.n. ^xampleii nr# th« Stnt^ Conrtltutl'in, the Enrolled 
Lr'.'S end dc#dfl and nbstrfictp for Bt-'t* oirned real est'^te. 
Photograj^lc ooplet of such records are supplied to depnrtnwnte 
need! n??: then for office upe, 

Afti^r r*>cordii r-re depoelted in the Archive*! it i'! neceneary 
to put then into phfulonl condition for use (inoludlnj,? needed 
repalrB. ^9 ''ell aa fillnp; thein in an «ccef8lbl'^ mnnner), and 
to preprr© puch f indlnp al4« ?»« vrill mak« it posRlble to produce 
quickly not only on^ docusent anhed for epeolflcally, but ^Iflo 
ftll the lR«terl»lii on ?% ffiren eubjeot in the .*rehlveii, no mattor 
what or hov »nny their departmental orlj^lns rmy been. 

'■^'jft"* N^-!;' ' ^ ■. ■'**^«:-;*^^ -S' .. \ 

■ - 2 - ' 

The Archiv»fl D^pRrtinftnt «« th*» preeiiraptlve rppoflltory 
for th* oeriBRnent records now In existence and those to be 
o|*e-^ted In the future by the varloue State departwente. 
Is conoentied that this mAterlal, vhen It gete to the Archives 
shall provide adenuate doeutsentatlon »nd that In qunntltlefl 
ot manageable proportions, Thlp problem of records control 
Vfs two i^aeeei iV Olsposltlon of exletlnp^ recor'l.fl; and (2) 
Disposition of future records. Disposition of existing 
records Involves sorting out and destroylnfr; non-record 
materials and records '-^Ich hive no contlmilng values for 
a^lTnlnlatrr'tlve, lep;al or r^senrch purposes; reduction of th* 
bulk of naterlale by substltutlnp* microfilm copies for 
orlglnf>.l records ( onlr^ , vfaere ^.ppllcf b l e ) : and transferring 
the non-current permanent records to "tlie State Archives. 
Crentlon of future recordR needs to be done In a cipnner 
1-iiloh provides for automatic segregation of permanent froB 
temporTy fllpG rnd '-hlch predetermines the length of tlM« 
the temporary fll^p niust be preserved and hov soon they tamf 
be destroyed ,,,,.. 

Th» Archives t>epartnent provides consultative service on 
the r«<jord problems of the various Sta-te departaents and 

psrtlclp^tcp In the vork of th** Strta Records Comciirelon of 
^Jhloh the kfohivlst Is, by law, chairman. ^ 

County records nre of Interest to the St-'te government 
not only becsuRe th'' early records are the chief, snd In 
some oases, the only souroA m^terlalp for th** history of the 
Stnte, but r»lso bec?iusf* of Increaalni?? State participation 
In many phases of govenniaent formerly administered by county 
o-^flol^ls. In soHse cases the State Is taking over the function 
Itself directly. In others It pnrtloipates by State aid 
approprl-'tlonn. 'Hie Archives Dep.-'rtment of the Illinois 3tate 
Ll^r^ry has no Jurisdiction over county archives, neither 
does It Intend to attempt to Interfere In that field. How«v«r, 
the law permltf; county boards to transfer records to the State 
Archives and It conpela the St^te Librarian to house county 
records created prior to 1870 whf»n .-^nd If th^ county Is un- 
able to en re for them. Also the law remxlres^ that the State 
Librarian be notified as to any hearings et ?rh loft -county cfflolalt 
se^k pernlsslon to destroy records, presumably that he might 
Interpose objections to Improper proposilc. IT** Archives Depart- 
aent has as its fundament«nl policy the encouragement of coBBun- 
Ity lnt«»rrst in adequpte care of 1oof(1 recordn in the county 
court house. It offers free oonsultptlon service on their 
records problem^ to cotinty officials Just as It does to .C,, 
Stnte offices. 

^p r<*port which follows 9um?« briefly the "-^ork of 
the Archives Department of the Illinois 3tnte library In the 
above OTitllned fields of activity. '■.'■".': 

Archival Iteldliyire. v.— -•.•.■-....■-; s^^v 

The Illinois records nox' housed In the vaults of ttw 
Archives Departaient comprise k^^^ filing drawers ( approxiiAAtel^ 
10,000 oublo feet). 980 card dra^^ers (chiefly lndex«fl)» *398 
volunes (I57 of which are Indexes, cslendars and other finding 
media), 197 reels of mlcrofiln and ^5 recordings of Zlllnoiff 
voices. These figures exclude recoi^ds on file In the . .- 

■■^ - 3 - ._ ■■ 

l^pnrtnentr^l Vault e which pr<=? still under the Jurl«dlotlon 
of thp reepeotlve D^pnrtnf»ntr of orlg;in. These Depart- 
mental VeultR, no^' praotloally filled, ure believed to 
contain at thiB time p. ru«>ntlty of recordo at least tvlce 
the amount of thoA© In the Archives proper. These figures 
pIbo exclude the Illinois Ooaumentfi Colledtlon hoiieed on 
threp levels of the 'rchlves vaults, ths federal nape whloh 
occupy on» Vault p.nd th(« rrrchlvf^n reference collection of 
approximately 3OOO volujref?. 

Aocenpiiona . 

touring the blennlnm ondlnf'- 3«pt«»mb<»r 30» l^*?*^ ^^-<9 
'Vrohlv»»s Department ^ocesslonod 64,402 «jlnj/lp documentc, 
295 legal alze dr^ivere, 1^^ dr'^wera of 5x8 bcrds nnd 212 volume e. 

IToet of the aooefiGione vere additions to series trane- 

f erred In prpvloue ycftre. Nev oatep-orlffs include* 

Deprrtirent of Agriculture. 'Agriculture 1 atatistlce- 1937-^6' 
Llouor Control Conr.lrelon. LicenBe fii,pollcatlon8j 193*'— ^<:» 
Reglotr-'tion ?.nd ^duc'tlon Department. Appllcp-tlone for 

Profeflfllon<»l Lloenses: lUd'^lvpn, i8?tv-1929; H*al "fitetp Srles- . 

aien, 1922-29. 

Secretary of Stat?, ^^^xecutlve DeTjartment . Trp.d M-rkB, 


"R9t St. Loulf. "uperlntpndpnt of Pf.ry.a. Transcripts of 

early 3t . Ol-^ir County records made by r\ '^ ? K .jrojoot 

Major additions to c^tpgorlen depoolt^d in the Arohlvea 
errll^r Incl'jde: 66th ^neral Asserably records for 19'^9-50 
(except ''jen&te bllla, reeolutione and r^^porto); the rest of :. 
th« lillnol3 nnd KlchlgAn oin-'l records formerly >:ppt st 
tJie Lockport office of the ;)lvlGion of '/at*r'=.'Hyfl; -enrolled 
!^%re — 19^7; Secretary of State's Correspondence, 1937'*3S; 
Secretary of StPte*? "^bcecutive Depsrtnent record's 1937-''0. 

Tvo ye5'rfi ago it '*r.8 r^portpd th^.t only ten percent st 
th"^ 3t-te*R linportpnt nonOcurrent snd np.-ri-current records r- -.{, 
for th*» Springfi'^ld State offices had not yet reeohed the 
Archives Building. Ho r^cor^lp of nt-^t*? ln?«tltutlonc ont'-^ 
aide -iprlni-rfleld h-ve been received and frorn the nature 
of the fortn of ?«nci U9«e to •.-hlch th«»lr rr^ords ere put it 
«e«iH9 unlikely that thne^ records will b" transferred. With 
the do oslt of the Civil ■'"■r record^ by th» Adjutpnt r^enernl, 
nov in proce<?o, all hnt a tiny fr'jctlon of the archiv«8 of 
prchivce of th?» St<=t<» rre no--' hous'^d in th»» 'Archives "iulldlngl. 
To be sure p larg«=>r proportion of the r'^oorda, including many 
of the older on<»B, h/»ve not yet been trnnsferred to the oufitody 
of th*» Archives Department b^it are retained in depi^rtmental 
Jurisdiction, b^in.j housed, in th*- veriouR Dffpartjraehtsl Vaults. ■ 
At least such r*»corde are r.edeiving thn noral and physical 
protection of the ^.rohlvef 'Suildlnfr «nd it is uAlikely that 
anyone vrill attempt to destroy them. 

It VAS antiolpeted t^t S*epf!rt»entfl vronld vant to IciMtp 
control over their nim records so Ion-? se th<»re vas roo|B"ln 
their Oepartnental Vaulti, These vaults nov being f lilted, 
more record* are beginning to overflow Into th# Arehlte* 
proper. Several departBente, notably th# i3epart^ftt!» of ^^* 
neglstratlon and Sduostlon jiiid Pablic Health (Dtvlelon of 
Vital Statisttofl) have ctcrttd progrAme nhareby they will 



: ,.'5' 

•■'■■,;■;;..•■■ ■ ■« i» - ■■■■ ■ --- 

up»» mlcrofllnis for office us** ^nd deposit th« records deemed 
neceeaftry to prea<"rve In orlpilnnl form, In the *rchlve8. ; '' 

Pr«3Ryfitlon of K*;cor<^>.g for Hge . 

rlo repair more, re;rrettflblv. 'Vi^'b been done durlnp; the 
blennluin becaaBP or loeV of sorie and personnel. 

Host reoorda con«» to thf Archlvenlh good filln,2 order, 
but of the record? received esoh yeftr, b*t«»#en 75*000 and 
100,000 docT^mcnlje to be Interfiled ^^Ith other records 
in the verloup B^rle«< pr^vlou«l;«; deposited . Thle blennluin 
rx ntRjor r<*F,hlftlnflf of fll'»9 -pp. undert?%Ven In order to 
provide reeAed expsndlon- In certain s>refie In the irRultsi. 

Indexlr-^ of the oensuB recordR h*n continued duriru^ the 
P3!^t blpnniun. The follo-rlni;* caantlen l.n, the I85O federa,l 
ceneue verr Indexed durirr^ this period: bureau, C'lhottn, 
Cnrroll $r)'\ Mncoupln counties. Sop.ethlng over twelve percent • 
of the 1350 census h?-R been Indexed. For the 1330 federal 
census the follovln^r counties hrve been Indexed: Cl^y, Clinton, 
^gar, St. Clnlr, Wfibaph, 'iirynf^ «nd V/hlte. 

The laahinK of f Indlns? aids for the Perrln Gollpctlon 1, 

(ec.rly Cshokl? «nd St. Oounty r'^corde) h^^ no'-^ been 
completed throug'h the ye^ir 1818 (as far as wo int^md to go 
nt pr'-eent). Till?? vork hnr Included the Tnaklnr of trRnslAtldnt 
of all the er.rly ir'rench records, <?.n index ("^ith all biographi- 
cal detail given in the document) for p11 n'^r\rr <»r)pp»'<rln?j in 
the records , a full calendar of e^ery doounent. nnd full lo;?;lnn; O''* nil <!priee. ■ » ' . ; 

The O'^t.'g.loglng for the pn«?t blennian hrr be(»n largely "^ 

conoentreted on detailed pnalysps of the Illinois and Mlohl* -^ 
g-^n oonnl r^'cordr? '-rhlch -r^ bein^r extenfllvely titled by the«»'a lawyer?? and englne»rp ir Pf^t^bllphir:; th*» rip^ht of 
"p.y for the Ruperhl^hway r^hlch ie to supercede thlfl historic 
old oenal. , ■■'■ ■ . ■-■' .. ;_•- .,^:.,^' .^, 

^6,759 Cftrde were added to the nf>ne Irdec, 2299 cards 
to th^ ref*»r'»nce file (cAtnlofi?) and I5 pac^ee of finelytlci 
too detailed for catalog oerde. . ■- ■ 

Reference Work 

Dlle *johlveflDep.ft.rtr!!«»nt eervlc«»d 856^ cr'He of which 
669^ were for purposes of atste govenninent, 753 i'or genealwpr, 
305 for hlfltory, 163 coneultrtlve end V^d miscellaneous. 3^7 / 
of the f^eneslo^lcftl exile were wade In person, ^^6 by mail} 
713 of the historic 1 calle In oerson, 92 by irjfill, 27 of th« 
consultative circlls In p«»rRon, l^a by laellj all 1^5 listed 
as iriscelleneouB vf»rp officirl letters for vsrloue purooseii. 

The geueeloglonl calle represent renueste Involving thf', 
proAuotlon of ddouiuentc. No attempt le m^de to count the , 
nunb*r of persons who u?e the Indexes o-ly, '" ■ ' 


^ _ " 

• ■ , V ■■■,■■ 

Conaultntlon flerrloe Involved dleouesionti or record probleas 
(eepeolAlly those cononmihr?; cllRposnl), meetlngfl of thft State 
Heoords Commlfielon ntt*»n<l«»d by the aroVi^vist, consultntloni 
*flth county officials (p«rticul*rly vlth reference to ralaro- 
flln proiecto), visiting nrchlvfcete, au'l all official corren- 
pond^^nce with other nrchivl^tn (includlnr; repll*?e to nuraerous 
questions on polnti! of archival technique j^iX by younger 

Much of the vork of th** ?hoto«:»fiOhlc L^.bor»»tory should 
re-^lly be cTjnted vlth the vorlc or the reference department 
since a lerfje •^nv'^ of the photoetrtlnjP: tind cilcrof limine- and 
much of the photogr'^phlc vorl^ done for the varlo'iR clepertraent* 
of the Strite Llbr«-ry le provided for the uee of pntronc. 

Photo^rophlo l*.^ born* or y 

The Photo^rp-phlc Lflboratory oontlnuep to do photogpr-aphlo 
etlllR for nil deprrtmente In the Office of the 3*»oret<iry of ^, 
-tr'te, not^.bly work for the Blue 3ook, aP veil ne for all *'. 

depertnents of the Illinois Stnte Library. A nev -rsll-purpo*© 
camera, «. new pnlsrger and a new fll« drier are nmong the 
prlnfclpfil piecpB of eouV'-'^nt added. The fonner archival re- ' 

peir room hce been fitted up as r etudlo for the teklng of 
ploturee. , , ■},-,-^r, 

tftill photopr&phy e.r\\ movieR nre dor.e both In black 
And white «n'". in color. 

'n eutomotlc proceeeor for microfilm vran addf»d to the 
eqvilpraent, iileo an attf?ch!n»»nt to the PhotoPtrt for mfl^clnp 
enlr.rffornpnte fron mlcrofilme. 

Photostatic vfork Included particularly r^^cording of 
oontr&ctfl find oth<»r le^r^l Inetrumente for the dorpor-tlon Depart- 
nent of the 3eor»t^ry of 3t.'»tf»'s Office, prep»rntlon of exhibit 
nsnterisl, cople*! of booke ard doc":r?»»»nt<' for patron ue*' in all 
pprta of the Llbr*iry nnd copl<"e of archlvsl docursents "Uppllcd 
for th<» use of other Stwte depertmente. 

n^p PhotOffT'jphlc Laborntory fjinde nhotOP:r'»i>hlc t>rlnte ae 
followej 12 (^•'xS"): 107 (^'"x^"^), 29 (•^"^r?^). IS? \6*rfi'')\ 80^2 
(8*xlOM: 171 dl^xl/*"); 223 (l^'xaO*); 2 (12"xl8*) or a total 
of S773 printe. It eleo produced '^00 feet of cotlon ploturt 
f lliji, 32 «lld«e end 2 reelp of frlcrof ilni. 

^''1xot08t'?t« vere nade sie follO'.'^e: 1072 ooplen for the St»»te 
Library, 1955 for the Corporation Depftrtwent aM 16^^^ for arohlTal 
docnnents copies for other State departments, ^Ith a grend total 
of <v671. A Imrge portion of the copies ll'»t«»d rfl ja?'de f or otber 
Stnte dopert?jenta vere of c-nnl records furnished the l«gal 
department of tha ^vision of %'**tein<^y» in purausnca to arrai^pe- 
oentfi made at the time of the tranefer of the origlnrsl reoordf 
%:> the Archives. 

-■■: • 6 - . ■■ ' 

TrrTSen speol^l exhibit a w<»rf» pr«pared and displAyed at th« 
Arohlveo Building during the "blcnnlum. Araong the eu|5Jeot8 w©r«J 
Illlnolfl llbrjBiry Iawb; Stnte governmetit In iS^Sf CfthoklR; Agri- 
culture In Illlnolfi laws; the Ki«torloal florement In Illlnol8| 
Chrlstraanj Bookblndliir^fl; Negro«?s In Illlnoia; Organization of 
Illinois countl*e. Of th^se the one on Negroes In IllinolB 
ftttrftctp(d statewldjR editorial notice both in the gener.-^.l and th« 
negro preae. -■ , ■ ..■'■.. :^ ■.., ...•...,„,■ x ■ , ,. .,:,.. 

Cahbklp., thp olde«!t town not only In Illinois but In the 
MlsRlssipr-i V''.ll«y, cel^brnt^d ItR fl.uo-ceftenulcentf»nni«l In May 19^9« 
As the extant recordn of thio French eettletaent are In the State 
Archlvf58, thf> Illlnoia St^te Library fumlnhed full elze or en- 
larged photo^raphe with annot;?tlone, of many of the Important 
docunento. Most of th^^Be vrern ept ur^ as « epeclil exhibit In the 
did Court f^ouse at Cphokl*^ , others diepl^yed In store windows In 
3t. LomI^ neighboring 3t. LouIp nn-l ^a^t-^rn 3t. I^uif?. 

Slnllar reproductions of Str-t** rp^oorde vhlch hn-d tpen In the r 
old St^te House rt Vand^^llp were pr<»pnr«»d for th*» dedication of 
the r^fTirnished offlcpfl of thp Secretary of Str.te, Auditor of 
Public Accounts, 3t,pte Trpf'Rurer and 3upr«n« Court, held Mny lU, 

Small *>.rchiv«\l exhibit? were Also aent to the Illinois Stete 
B>.lr in 19^*-9 and 1950. 

3tff.ff ?rofegPlon«l Actlvlti»»fl . 

Members of the stV ff served on cotnTnlttees of professional 
org" nlzrt lone ae follows: Society of Ajnerlc^n Archlvinte (2); 
Illlnoia Qt.'to Eirployepa' Aesoclstlon (1 Director)'; Illinole 
Stste Historical Society ( 2 on connltteps, 1 director). The 
archivist aIso served on th'* State Library's Committee on Job 
Stpnd'^-rdizrtlcn and rln?.'-^V flection. 

One or more mpmberp of the archlvps st^ff ett^nded the ;. 
annual meetings of thp follovlnfr prof *»r clonal nsfloclatlonet 
Society of American sroMvlsts (rt Rol^-if^., V>. 0., 19^*3 and 
Ouebec, 19^9): the National Aefloclatlon of Strt-? Llbrprlee (19^9), 
Photographers' Convention ( 19^^-9 ): Illinole F5t?5te Hletorlcnl 
Association (Sprlnj^fleld 19^i-9); t'ne Phlne-^s '^^'Indsor Isotures on 
llbrarlanshlp at the University of Illinois, (I950). Representatlvef 
were alfo present at the Gahokip- p.nd Vnndall" celebrations 
mentioned under the hePdln^^ ^exhibits. 

The erohlvlflt served if a consultant to the Illinole Civil 
Service Connlflfllon's exasslnatlon for archival positions (19^^9)1 
as a menber of thp Tenneseep St-^te Library and Archives dalldinff 
Gornnlsfllon (1950) and as one of thp two delegates from the Society 
of American Arohlvlfcts to the Flret Intarnatlonsl Oongress of 
Archivists held In Paris, Frftnne (Auopist 21-26, 1950). ^ . 

One roembfir of th** Archives st«ff (Mr. Rountre#») oompJLeted 
three University of Illinole "graduate coursee und4r the State ^ ' ' 
Civil Service Iiv-Serviee 7r«lnln<f Progrem. Two members of the 
•tftff (Miss 3oheffler and Mlse Norton) contributed book revlewe 
to archival perlodloale* ^ __;,„ ,^., 

' - 7 - ' :. 

I'he arohiviet contlnu*»4 to flerye m 9<iXtor of th« Archival 
Information Section In IllJ^noi?! Libraries. Fftatured v«re a 
«efl»fl of annoteted f.'5 0(»lMil*»« of •Significant DoouBcnta In 
Illinois HlRtory" nnr'. thp "DlspoR*! Manual for Illinoia ift«oord8,» 
thlB last r<»prlnted aa a p^parste. ,■. 

Consulfilil^ion ServlRff 

Afi outlih^d Above, the Archives Depprtnipnt of th«- Illlnole 
3t«tp Library offers advisory service oh t*«*cord problems both to 
St?itfi nni to IocpI officials. ' .-. 

Thp worl- vlth Strtfi offlcl?.lii la done largely in connection 
with the StRt*" Hecorde ConniRsion, crert«»d in 19^3 as an adrlflory 
body to the Qpner^l Agpenbly in the mpttpr of destructloil of 
rpoordR, The Archlvirt In, by l«w, chfllrmnn, the State ^|«toriAa 
ie secretary, thp State Llbrarien the other perasanent meober of 
the CommiPfiion, vhil^ the head of thf department and the head of 
division Involved nowprise the oth^r t'-o meraoers of the Coamiiilon. 
Th'' purpose of thlP ComrslsRlon is to p.dvise with the various 
department? n.s to fAr> suitability of deotroyin^ records belleT©4 
to upv? no continuing vnlue or the «^.ibRtitution of niorofllD! 
copier for orlginalr,, nn-. to mrkr r*»coTnr!«"ndationB to the (Jeneral 
AsBembly accordingly. S^vcrrl forn°.l Peeeiona have been held and 
the R.rchiviRt hs-.B cr>nferr«d l-fom-lly '<lth th-- v«*rioua depart^ 
monta. Th^ Strtp Hpcords GonmlH«lon hn.e proved inadeoante In 
eever-l r^gpeotfl. the chlpf bptnr^ th-t departments mny under tho 
iflw go directly to the General Aseerably for enabling lawa, in 
conBequenoe of -^ich some ver questionable le^lalation has beon 
P^aeed. The second drawback to ->reflent le^lfilatlon ir the re* 
qulrempnt th^>t df p.TtnentP dPJ^lrln.r to dentrov records which th« " 
AecordP Comnisnion h-^n nlrepdy sporov*?d for dVatruotion imiet wait 
perhaps two yer-re for fin^l p^rmlfleion to destroy. It h?a b««tt 
eugejpsted that the present St^te Records ComniBnlon -ot b«« aaended 
in thref- particulare- (1) to glvp ^ better definition of reoopd« 
?.n' vo clP.rlfy and stiffen the Ip,-/ forbidding unr-uthoriz«d 
destruction of records) (2) to mal-p it compulsory for St^te do- 

rp«ni^r^r^^? thp probl«w of '^!.^po.?lnP- of th** r»counjul«tlon of " ^: 

recordfl to d-le will be f-olv^-d uithin * few feara c,.t t}» SSst. 
wL"'iJ^„S« ^r^y h°lf-Golv©d hovevpr, if the ol-l hit or aiae 
«?^jrjr®''L-''^ ^^^^r-" conUnMPs. 6ood adrdnlstration coTnpelo 
?PPo~nTJir^^°5) ^"\»7«t^«"^t:iKation of records. GongresB hit 
reco,,nlz,ed tant fact hy par ^Inr- = Irv^ !„ Septenib^r if 50 requ'rlwr 

4«n«4 Jnt S !S"*?«^«"p officer be created for each federal 
department. Sav«rAl Illinoia nt/'tp departr^nte. notablv th« 

pr?J?'r«"' ?hl^ii'!;f 'Jr?.^^* ^^IH"? en rec^rS? manUSlnt. 
"h?fb -JAvi'^T ^f^^ntinlly -^n fldriinr*»tr^tlve problem, with 

itonf^^,, r ^2^'*r°^**' are intrrested beqauce they ar» th« ^ 

•!?h*rprSS?m^*'*Tir,t:"^,*?%-^^^''":2* ^^^'^^'^^ reSultln^ frop 
rin«r.L;«2^?**u^'^ ^"^'•^^^^ ^'^''- '^^"'*" advice ba«td on" - ;« 

?«^Jh«J S5 ?v* P** reaponelbility for crentinj? effl^lfrht reoordi " - 
ie that of the d«pftrtBient thet create then. .^ *»**»nv reooraB 

. <.» . 


In 1950 it«i|e^v« p««phlet enti1»i<i^ Mt ponftl of' I|.Xiaoi# 

---j '^ TI^;a''ie, anv^dftptatlon;. of ^he Hftt^^ftl Afoal««yB ..,-.... 

»A«uaF:ta Jlx|noii(,T«r«i ' and .prs^lfij^fvv.? /' ?. \ ..'^ {,, ^ .1 ^:' :''■■■::- 

yv thu position of Field Visitor for Archive 8, Taomnt 

!'-^'.'.^. ■ for ni^ftrly ««Ten yeara, vi|iif.flll«t,.'ln Key 195© f?oin tha ' ' ,.,-':-^ 
ne^ olvll service IIbIs f^l*'kH5lTlv^f;\:''lfti8 ■ F1«M: Vlaltw 
hft« b««n oQBpilXlng biielo Rnslyfle* of doanty rflcor4# laW» ^ ^ •■ 
and worlclng «fl a generrtl refi&i^no© nesifitjunt In the arohlYoii 
In ord»r to b«oprw thoroughly scqualnted with Stat* Library 
proesAoree and policlfts b«fore going out Into the countioa. ; ;' 

Tho Arohlv#B Departwtnt Is cooppratlng with the Coanfry ; 
,' J^feoordere' Aftsoclntlon In Itff prograa to get esoh county 
to have mlcrofilB ooples made of all Ite eeaentlal recordo 
for Insurance purpoeeo. the State lATorary ie not doing *■ 

any of the actual mlerfllBlng but It la offering teohnl«iil ■ 
adTice In thle and other flelde of county archival work. " ^a 

i... ^, 

t.' .51 

■" ■■■^:t:/^-t:^',:':''tf%M^'''('''X'^^ ■'^■*'': '■-':'■' ''W^-d: . ' ■ '■•'■t'k'':ii>..;S' 

.I« *' ■ 


■■ -■-^^' .'1' :'^-'- ^^..''^^^'^~^:-^' ■ ' V ^■V :•■■'■•■ ■>;'\"';^f^'-|;', '->,,^;'^';^:Jv-- ■■;?^■'W''vi 

-■'^'■•^Sr "••; - v->''--^"'- ■■'■■■' ''" '■■^■''.' ■■ r - , ." _ . .-.''.■' 

. ■ • ;■ ■■;/■ 

;■: ' v'f u... .'H, ^■>:;^-rJ-' 


Staff Meeting, Dooenber 12, 1950 

Mlna Ropi^va announced thpt M1r<? Sa^n has talcon a leave of a)?8ono9 

until January 31» In ^t fbaonce, Klr^n LunAnen will bo hoaA of thd '^^1^'/^ 

Reference Division, of courier? "n-ler >;ios S'kof^h. ,_- ;. "^ r: : v- '."■"'^ "'-li- 

Cheiritien of tho annual ChriBtns.9 party for the Stnts Library, to yi; ■ ' • 9 

be held v/e-'n'^rt'^ay ^venlnrr Dr»c«nber 13, are ..-- ■,•;.'.;-_;; \ : •: ;■.>: ^ ■',;,.^_.^--fc^?^ 
C«>noral Chr.lrrmn: Mr, 3no<lfjra8fl , '■ '■■"C-/ '''-r^it 

' rroi';raK; I-^rs. Ko Mullen '•"•/. ■-■.■..,■■-.■"::■'„■-'. ^' '':'" ■\-:n-% 

-•■'^ • ■ Dpcoretlons: Hro. Drake .., ,^,,. ::•■.,/'-'■/. '"■■■. ;^''' .. .''^^Vri 

Kin'? Mog'Ts urgefl a''! to ettenA Secretary of Stete Barrett' b Chrlat- -v'J 

riP-3 -oarty on Deoenber 19, ^f^y^W.t awonf^ other things, that we looV . . ;" 

to hln for our Jobs, our salary Increases, etc«, eto.i and It is >,--< 

only courteous to attend his party. She also pointed out that It -\^::'''^^-^ 
will be well for all of thp Secretary's people to becorae better 
aoqaalnted. Tlcketn are still on sale at $2,00, get theni from Mrs, 

Bnnls, Mine Kogere has to be In Chapipalgn-Urbana today (party of .; '"^/^ 
Ststp Library) but hoT5ftR to frnt baak In time to be there for oart >f- -f 

of It. ■ __ '„..". . .,. , - ..,.,,/ ■ , . . . ^ . -■ . '^ '''■-■'£■',: 

The St£t*? Ejaplcyeee' Aseoolatlon meeting was held last evening, r " 

Their Icglfllatlvp r'rofra^, anendrjenl;^ to the retlrenent act, afrnct ?,;: 

us all so clo^sly "fW.^VI a4Vt^d:Mli# Scheffler to circulate a ' .' 

copy of the Af^aoclatton* a !5ulletih so tiict all of you rriay read It. •'■ . , 

She V5<!i refcOTiointed e. truat'^e for the Sprinffloln Cha.^ &t the ''■ ■■'■■il 

n«<»tinj- lest nli^ht. Sew officers arei v'x 

'»; Pr^nl1erttr'|lr; O^Bt^aa,,' T^6?pf uHr'a ©?flc^ '. ' -. ■''-' ''4 

.4-,7).cct il%ei1;d#nti^,;>li!(a.^ Klttty'?^h.,Alit»ln%^''G(S^ra^ .,• r---]^;': 

,*• r?,eo re ^lery:', A. 'Jti, Booth, highway Der^t, ■-:.;?//.,. 

-■•^"Treasurer; Mr, Plunk, Welfare Dent, _•■;■.■, -'\'- "■■If}:'''''' ''■. 

Any oor-nents on the .-ji^i^iQjiA 'iijfHs^^tion should br rient to V.vJXKiT^'---r.'ff. 

ri(7ht, the Socretftiyy.,..or t^'* '1ietlren»5pt Synter., ■.,;■.. .; -v.- ••"•• ^-"; 

The next nnoting of the 3prinr:fiela Conncil on Hunan Holatlona has v^^-^^?t-^ 
been changed to January 11, The Topic for discussion is "Runor ''^B$^ 

Clinic*' ^fhlch ought to be Intfireating. The nnotlng will bo hold ^- 
in th« Boarl of Education rooni3 in the old High Bohool Building, 

at a P.M. .,,:.,.;: ..... ._ . ,. . .^ -..,.. , .^■;;... ■;:-,■ .-. }:'/. 

The ^^ecemboi* 1 nunb^r of Library Journal has a feature atory on 
"Here's an Overall Pattern for ''tate\rldo Publicity" - the l.<=»ad ?,' / 

article - by our :'r. 31air. Miss Rog'^rs hope* all willfi;ot thii 
nuT;ber from Vrs, Ennin sn^ v^pri it. :.;•-:' 

It has been deoided not to send the raincoat requested by th« foreign 
librarian who wrote to Mr. Belair. \f^ 

Attention was called to an article posted on the ntaff bulletin *' " ':?^ 
board baaik of tha loan deak: in the staokf* entitled; The Librarian :^j 

Goes to San Quentln; by Bertha Mar«hall# This should be of lniar«flt 
to those of the State Library staff who hare been wording with twir 
Illinois prteon libraries* 



;.v . ?■":/.» at, ■.-;*-■ 

■. -■ ■""..■J - 

■.; -v. ^^<.- ■ 'Si.,, ,-,,,, 


r''J.:^-f ■:'-■: •■■.•■,• 


The nfxt etaff tnoatinp; vdil be held Jan. 9. At tho moetlng on Jan. 
23 the arohivlat la to show pictures of her trip, (But I varn every- 
one - th'?y '-'on't bo as {^ood &3 Ml-in Rlhgerlng* a because nine are 
only blac:- nnd vhlte r.ofjtcards and I vaa never able to get •■■loturea 

of t:hf> Zh\n</n x-^.lch .;oat Inl^rnit'Kl nift, ) .,,., ,^.. : 

!^>:hl':)lt:. A:-: in e'-olnf: to b^ nade to f^et more ntaff parti- 
cl'-^B" ion in the exhibits on the flrnt f oor of the Centennial Bftld- 
In^, ^Jsc^" Itf.t-^ Library Department vlll be reaponalble for one 2 
veeV. exh'blt especially pre entlnr something of Its own v/ork. The 

achcdulo la : . 

J-n.^-22. Bally. Stat- -n -ubli-^h-r 

J:\n.22-r9b, 5. Dp.vlegs, Hov 'jooVin rirvdo 

Fob.23-Kar, 12. Illinois Occ-ir^ Thc>rR-Dy Ar^Toci Sr clal 

exhibit by thcr ' ' . : o-Apr . 9 . Hg r- n , - 4-^-<3 'lullen, ?!icl^ol, 3ko{:h. Yu- quostlan la 

an 3^'!? rod 
¥£r.'12-19. Snnls, To yo-j krtov theae ma'-e.z'nea? 
Apr, ^— 23' HovpT*;"., "iorfie, 3;iokF5- a meil ordei' buslnena 
A'T. 23-''£y 17. l^npston, Ho" Ct,n vc heve & llb:*ary in our 

v L^ . i. a 

■ K^.y /-2.1. >*u?'i^.y^ The Popple' a Univ^ripity. • ■ *- 

,Mc.v 21rJune ^. Myers., libpr rckda . . ' . \ ? 

Ji nf IP-July 9. Norton^ The lep-e-l naper^e .of the 3tate. Miss 

• ■ ■ ' Hoppers said she v-p.nta sonethlnR on recent trends in 

lerlglatlo^i.. Any If^eas, anybody In the Archives? 
June ^-18. Prl-nn. ^areere (I.lbrprv) 
Feb. 5-13, Feb. 13-23 and Mar. 19-2^'^ Ml-g rinnlnrer vlll have 

erhibltn on Lincoln, Wsahlnrton an.'' Sast'^r 

Ml^g •lop'^rs Is htintlnr: for lonr^ low vases In which to l:r,ep water 
In thf> exhibit c&3r>sto '.>revent p! nera fron drying out. If anyone 
sees Rnythlng on eale anywhere thrt Bpnf»grfl o'-iltablc, plerse tell 
her eboijt It. Vfe vonl<? find nuch vrnea useful for o"r nxhlblta 
ov«r her'i. 

The rent of ^h" ncetlnr* '■^'v^ Ip.rf-oly ^Iven over to e cont liquet ion ' 
of th-^ '■lincu'^alon on the to'^'.c "^rourht iv by Hl^a Earrr. Ft the 
l?at stp.ff nesting: School llbrrrlo'^ p,re cro^'lnp* and i'eceivln;]; 
popular 9'J-iport but the nubile libraries seen to be etonding atlll, 
kins Rogers put the problen ^o us an: What cpn *he Stato l.lbrai^ 
do to spark the public libraries of the Stat"? She had asked 
for sufTrestlons frore *he unit hf?ada but only two had sent her 
nenoranda on the subject. It ir, -rcsa broupht thrt there lo llt-le , 
coopojation bet"«f'»en the achol" librarian cjid tho public libiT-rian; 
that vhcro there are co: aoli;^ptea schools the bus'^a leave rlpht 
after school so the children are not fitting Into the habit of 
patronizing the public library as older fTenoi^atlons of school ;. 

children do - they use the books froo their school libraries, and 
the school libraries are providing adu3t books which the children 
take home to their parents. There is danger of the school llbrarlea 
taking over entirely - people are saylnj^, Vhy pay taxes for two 
institutions - vhy not have all libraries under the school syatemt 
One reason given for the better alrninistratlon of school libraries 
is that the librarians are required to meet certain standarda, 
whereas ther are no standepds for public llbrarlana - too often V 

the local librarian (public llbrery) la sone local person with no 
training and Who glvoa only part time. She oft(?n doea not parti- 
cipate In cormunlty affairs and Is poor at nubllolty. Som»ons 
told of the efforts of Mr.Hllliard of Oolllnavllla to get people 
Interpsted In the library board meetings. Mlsa Rogefa aftys she 
haa been trying very hard to r:ot aoneono to donduot a public 
library column in Illlnoia Llbrprlea but go far haa found no one 
willing to undertake the t work. Several namea were auggepted. 
Considerable di^cusilon wea held on the subject of better library 
nubl*. ^,Jty, antl r.omeons suf^f-rsated a nort of "Do you know" coluxnn 
slrllar to 'h' -^opnlr.:' "Do You Know Your Illlnoia" of soma yare 

Kra. Snnln brouj^ht In neversl n'-w nagazlnea, the noet Intoreatlng 

bPlnr; ^h- *r?^o -n^;--- inclArr-rican fabric. 

i^ra. Cu ran as^'ci ho^' nRny oo-rlpn of fi nr:^-r b ok or. *:'e hydjq-ebonb 
we Bho^ilo b'.iy rnd It xras ■^.-jcld-'^d 3 co -ie?^ for clrcu'U t Ion, 1 foi'* 
ref rTR'ice , 1 for ''ech r^-'r^lon. "^'ho r.lso brought the ->roapectu3 of 
the Crr^Rt 5ookfl of 'f'hp Woot r^ rn World *:.'Mc'' in a reprint in^ of 
thf» great books aeries at-)clled ' n so mpny cortTsnnltiea -Hutchlns^ Adler of Chlcagl 0tftrtp<! thf» l'«a. The veluftble part of.thla 
Gsrios will be a two volune index to ideas In tho bnokn. There 
will be 5'!- volur.ef- an^ the ^-.r" "bTlcr-tlon :->rlc'? vlll be ■$^5"'^. '^e 
arc to '■c''.: one set nnf', the voluires v/ill be out about; "ov^r ;bor 1951« 

I knot' all of ycu -jsylnf^, "These oteff meetlnp;fl do not have 
anythLnrj p.hout crchlven in ^"r.rn - they bvo. all library," I f^ie'?*} 
that is my ff».ult, for Ml-^a Ror^era filvayn calls on bo to bring up 
enythlnfj I thin'- will bo of interest. I f^at^as I If.cV. iriacS nation 
or aomethlniT, Can any of you think of "rayn of rre'^entlng '^rhat 
we hve dolnr; to the Ilbr©rl0.nf5 to make V-.r^n cee that we are In;- 
portant f n^^ have -^roblona too? 

You ^.'111 be InteregtGd to know thpt ^loou'?alona are underway for 
an an'pnii'-ont to the Records Co'-'dq^^ion law to try to make It ^ 

obligatory for all depart went a to consult the Reoorda Conmiasion 
before destroying any atete reconla, rather than perr.lttlng de- 
partment a to go d*i?ectly to the O.A, for their authority; aloo to 
try to out out p esent ra^ tape in the matter of deatruotion - If 
posflible to '«t permlesion for the Connlsaion to authorize destruct- 
ion dii'ectly instead of having to go thru the (T.A. The mstt^r 
la still In the dlaougaion area but Mr. Vioara la holdlnsj confer- -j 
encea about Mr., riri|l;le ^for drafting- a law. Until suoh a bill has y ? 
been drafted -I ai^ripoae V^ had b*ttei^ not talk about it outside, - *= 
elthough I gupsa it would be all right to aay to people who cxctjaent I 
on dispoaal of State records that we hope the records laws can be 
•,.;iniprovjs^ at thl-r, se-3alon, ibttt^ we do ;no$ kfww.. „ fbA'^ is outside 
'wi:%.tiaf? the '-Lit-tlo^ Hpovf:^,. Clofer»iri3ian m^'' fttpppm^ ...-.- ^':/^ 


■^^ti-;,,,::';-;- ■■" %i>r 

• u ■ - _ '■ u, 


. Archivlat 

r f\-' ■ 



•''i. ■.--■• ■ ■% 

'• " .■ "--^ 

Report for December 1950 

Accegqlonx * The Corporation Department trwnaf erred the 
For iYoflt Annual Reports for the ye?r 19^9. 

The Adjutant General flnlsheA tr«n«ferrlnf^ th* eervloe 
recorie for the BIaoX Hawk, Mexican, Civil and SpRnl«h 
ftmerlcn ifprii, toojether with the InAexei. 

Thp Index Department of th*» Secretary of Bt^te'e office 
filed 1^' Aocuiaentfl pertalnlnsr to lende puroh?t«ed for Southern 
Illlnol?; University. 

i^epartwent'-'l Vpultw 

Beoorlfl were tr-^nef erred to Depprtment''l Vsults by the 
'djutant (Jenersl, ^gletr'^tlon «n4 Eduo?itlor Departraent nnd 
the Front Office of th*» Secretary of Btste. 

Reoordg Irfjglglatlon . Mlse Rogers, Mr. JahnJte p.n^. Mr. 
EngllBher of the Public './elfere nep«»rtment snl the arohlvlet 
conferred with Mr. Vlcre, chief clerk of the Secretary of 
3t°te'9 office concerning proposed ftnen''.ment8 to the State 
F>cord8 Commleaion act. It wa§ propoeed th«t nn ett«»npt be 
made to get « bill which voul-i compel elT dep'^rtments propoelng 
to destroy reoorde to go through the Stste Recorde Commlgelon 
Rnd to permit the Stflte peoordB Oommleslon to authorise de- 
struction of records without hevlng to go through the Oeneral 
•iBBembly. It was pointed out that under the present act the 
Gonmlnelon Is merely advisory to th*» General Assembly and since 
permlsalre aots have still to secure legislative action, most 
departments are now by-passing the Commission and going dlreetly 
tr) the Oeneral Asaembly for per*mleelon to destroy broad cate- 
gories of records.. It w»p further pointed out that It is 
difficult to iF^rase suoh general descriptions of categories In 
a manner which does not require a eonsoientious department head 
to retain types of records within categories longer than 
necessary or to permit a careless clerk to destroy certain 
other types of rftoords too soon. Furthermore, deetr»ictlon of 
records in the past has been based "Almost wholly upon whether 
the recordf hffve imrnedlinte admlnietrstlTe value, oonoernincc . 
wiloh the departments pr^euraably are competent to Judge. The 
fact that State records h«ve a wsy of taking on other research 
Vfllues as tlS*" goes on makes it desirable thst the decision 
to destroy be reviewed by persons experienced in historical, 
legftl and archival matt^'rs. A further recommendation was made 
that the Attorney Oenerpl be added to the Commission, that the 
Departmental represent?- tlves be dropped from the Commission 
and that instead of t-^^o represent'^'tives from th# State Library 
(to which flom#» Departments have objected as weightinpf decisions 
too heavily), the State Librarian be the member of the Commis-* 
«ion flth power to delegate the archivist as hie representative. 
It Is believed that the above amendments would meet objeotions 
voiced in the past to going through the Commissioh Instead of 
going directly to the oener«l Assembly. 


- 2 - 

Staff Wfffk. ^ V 

The Index oards for on^ of the four rolla of the 1830 
feder«l ceneuifi here been ^Tltten, except for Fnyette County __ 
on which Mrs. Relohler Is nov vorltlng. l^e oonntlee In this ^^ 
roll are Bond, Cluy, Clinton, Kdvurdu, Fayette, Madlaon, St. 
Clnlr, Wabmah, ^ayne and White oountlee. I h?ve not yet 
finished the revision of tb^ oardfl for some of theee oountlee, 
hence complete etntlatloB sre not yet rendy. The photoetetlo 
enlnrgeraentfl for eeoh oo'inty h'^ve been leoed Into binders 
fnd vlll be cfttftloged snd placed on th<» ehelvee. The Photo- 
grpphlc Laboratory h^p etprted to wake enlargemente of a 
second roll, 

Mrs. McFftddpn la at present the only staff member working 
on the I85O census Index. She finished Carroll County and 
has started Case County, reporting writing II30 cards. Mr. 
Caesndy did 3OO e^rds on Carroll County^..-. 

Th*? prrlyal of the 19'*9 Annual Reports ^^ile Mr. Rountree 
iB still struggling with the letter "H" for 19^8 means that 
ve hsve 8 till not caught up with the filing. Consequently 
I hflve pulled Mr. Cassady, Mrs. Robeson and Mrs. Belohlpr 
from the work they were dolns; to a<selet In the filing. Mrs. 
Robeson Is combining the 19^^ and 19'*9 reports and she ^nd 
Mrs. Helchler etapllnsr and unfoldlnc thera. Mr. Capsady Is 
filing In the reports for *»hleh •lO^s* folders have already 
been wade (I.e., whenever a company hes filed 10 T%poTt0 or 
more It 1« given a seperat© folder.) He hps finished the 
•0"s. Mrs. MoFsdden h^s done some preliminary filing in the 
card file, but this filing is not eatisfaotory reference 
desk work. 

Mr. Caesftdy and Mr. Rountree worked together on the 
c^ecklng In aQd fhelTlng of the serrloe records from the 
Adjutant General's office. The unbound records came tied 
together in numbered bundles but the arrangement in the 
Department's Taults was not good and we hare bf«n reorganizing^ 
the f 11^ to oorre spend to the arrangement in those volumes 
which they In pnrt pprallel. The shelf listing has not 
beer completed. 

?!^. Cassady reports checking federal censuses for 
reference porpoees as f ollows i 11 families in 1 oounty ItlO. 
3 oountleR imo, I3 countiei I85O and 1 ominty i860 iiortality. 
He checked 37 names in the olTiX wur ittrrloe reoordt. 

Miss Soheffler has completed the cataloging of the 
Illinois and Michigan canal series B« Construction: Field notes. 
Complete entries appear in the detailed catalog in the Illinois 
and Michigan canal binder but che has not finished typing the . 
condensed cards . 

The December exhibit was reprodoetions of stained glLiks 
vlndowe. The west ease contained, among ether things, a 
beautiful handmade Florentine trlptyche leaned by Mrs* Aeichler. 
This was the meet beautiful and colerfuX exhibit we have had, ^ 
and oonfirme the wisdom of our decision to move the smaller "^ 
cases into our exhibit room. The Farie exhibit has been left 
in place on ttie second floor* 

- 3 - 

4 3*/®"^*r^ exhibit vlll b« the popular noo ye^rs ajro 
In the Oener'^l «88«Bibly." jr« ^ b r^o 

Mr. 5:«tt reported on hlP aotlYltlee ne follow*: 
mi«T»«J*TI?!'* ^'^ **^* Reoordak Corpotftlon for Information on 
r;«I?5iJ^K5 P'?«f!!:«r PJ*oJ«oted by flllnolfl Counties. Beply 
reoelred through Chicago branch office. 

Wrote to Keeorder of Deeds, Whlteelde County, for Infor- 
mation on nlorofl lining project reported under way in that county 

«n A^IJlLJ? ^^"^^^^ '^'^*'^^ ""^ Iroquola County for Information 
on destruction of records by fire In or about 1868. 

ni«^i2J!J'i' ? ^f^nk J, Lftpaeeo. Chicago, architect of ^-^ 
lettlS: L^rr^f court-house, offering for hie examination, , 
A?ohwJJ S i"^2*^ certain recotoendallone by United Statei 
N^Stin JL^:-?'^?; ?>"no»*. 'in* state Archivist Margaret C. 
re^SS-^r*?"**^^^**"*"* ""^ oounti arehlvea department! (xie.e 
?e2;?r f;«i?2" r*** ^S^P^^*. ^ Wt, by Rari-leon &! 
T^JniCire ;^i!;; J ''" Peoria County's proposed court house. ' 
iaxpayere r^'Jected proposed bond Issue In 19^6). 

ahowiSS**M^*^«i" «?n*'^oyins colors an outline map of Illinois 

SotiSaiiVSmi^^r^^'^^^*^**^^ •"'^ <2) counties employing 
-"^oxigraph for reoordlnpr of Instruments. "/^"K 

of IllJnorrLr^efrSJi'*"^''^^?*;^* blbUography and analysis 
2ork£jg"?i;oigh IsJ?!'"^ to history of county government; 

ChrlBtJirpa^tj!"*^""*" ^"^ *^*'''** committee for State Library 

mat v?lh*^tS!^S^flf 4 ?^iE!lS*'^'^^A "^ ^^**' Records Comoleaion 

Vialtora . 
Q-inn^JLiF** Japanese librarians sent by th*» U.S. State 

2;?*pri;iieSs%r^i? ilz^i'' *?^*^*^'•? Buiuini^sst i 

v**Tii«gea t:o meet them at a luncheon glren by Miss Rogers. 

Soie^; orA«er?;rrA»?^*'**?2^ °^ ^^ Graduate School of Social 
«Sinrihursi?rS2oe»2ri''?ri*^ «nd professor of archival soieni., 
¥«^f!l-^«. *2^ D«oeab«r 28 here. Re had expected to arrlTe 

. 4 - 

Borry to hnve mlfl««<^ th«» first clay's program which held gr««t 
lnt«reflt to me, b>it Dr. Po8n**r oould not co»e at any other time 
snA hla rlfllt h«r« has been long overAue. 

The Thursdpy meetins^e In '^loh I i^ould hare been pftrticularly 
Interested were as follows j "What'e v'rong with Orp-dunte Training 
In Anerlonn HlotoryT", "The Hletorl'^n and the Federal Ooverninent; 
Keeearoh «»nd Publication Opportunities"; "World Wsir II Doouments' 
end the dinner of the MlnelBslppl Valley Historical Association. 

I chose to •olrculflte' on Friday morning as the progrons did 
not pf'rtloulsriy attraot »e and there were aany friends whom I 
had not seen for years. Or. Posner spld I mlaeed a very fine 
meeting on "The History of Teohnology* where there was much 
dlsouselon on business archives. Rather I should have attended 
the debate on "Anerlcan ^ntry Into World '^ar II* which got nearly 
a page In the CJhloago Tribune and proved quite eonoluslvely that 
historians have the sane political reactions as other people 
and cannot be objective*. 

Thursday noon I presided at the luncheon meeting ot the 
American Catholic Hlfltorlcal Association on "The Sources for 
American Catholic History." The meeting was held In the huge 
rooB where the leeonpades hold forth In the evening. The speakers 
table was on a spotlighted dale, the audience sitting on the 
terrpoes below us In dim rellelous light. Vfe had a lot of fun 
over our very Incongruous setting^ but perhaps that wiii why the 
meeting lasted until 3:^5, I wanted to shut It off at Zlk^ but 
the Secretary, Father Ellle eald, "Thie le the first time we have 
ever had a meeting on archives. They are all keyed up - let the 
dlacuflslon run as long as It will -» we hsve no meeting until 4," 

Our friend the ?ev. Henry J. Brown of Catholic University of 
America talked flret on "The American Catholic Archival Tradition." 
As a Protestant, I had always envied the Catholic tradition of 
keeping archives, but I find they have been as careless In their 
records practices as everyone eljw . Father Brown did not 'pull 
his punches" In telUng; them wh»»t they should do. This psper 
will appepr l« A foturt number of The American Archivist . Father 
Thomas T, McAvoy of the University of Hotre Dame spoke on "Manu- 
script Collections Among American Catholics", though a more 
correct title would hnve been "The Archives at Hotre Datne." His 
predecsssor, James Ftrahan Awards, former librarian at the 
University, conceived the Idea of an American Catholic Archives 
to be centered at Rotre Dame, and from about 1880 onwards collected 
manuscripts and archives an .«raerlcRn Oatholoclsm. As In the case 
of his contemporary, Andrew ^aper of the Wisconsin Historical 
Society, tradition has distorted the truth about his collecting 
activities and It la customary for Catholic officials to excus« - 
lacunae In their files by saying "Iklwardi stole them." Father 
McAvoy vigorously defended Rdwards. Since 1913, by papal decree, 
dlocfsan archives are rerjulred to be kept at the headauartere of 
each archbishop. It has therefore seemed wise to change the 
title of the Institution to "the archives department of Notre 
Dame University " but this still Is the richest c<>llectlon on 
American Catholic History. Dean Posner lead the discussion. 
Through the courtesy of Kother Kpgdalene of St. Francis Convent 
here I was able to take to the meeting an outline of the classifi- 
cation eoheme for the provincial motherhouse and several priosts 


and el*!tere exswlnftd It vlth grwpt Interest. Father McAroy'e 
oomnent vas, "Thla looks exoellent.' 

From thl« meeting I went to th«» program on "The iHiblieatlim 
Problem,' I wna partloularly lntere«t<»A In H«=«nry M. Sllrer'e 
PAper on •Cheaper Methods of Publication,* but got In on only 
the tall-end of th« dlflcuflslon. 

I stayed for the business meeting. Perhaps only three Items 
need report hes*e. My old school Bate, Professor Kmeritus Janes 
Or. Randall of the Unreralty of Illinois was elected Vice Presi- 
dent, which puts him In line for the Presidency next. Grace 
flrtfftn nf thp> Library of Congress who for many fears edited 
the Ayin^al '►^rltln^s oi^ »nnerl09ii History Is dead, but the 
Library of Congress will continue the work If their appropria- 
tion Item of 110,000 can be Included In this year's budget. 
Those Interested were requested to write to their Congresamen. 
ihe University of Calif ornl*:* controy*»rsy over r*»qulrlng antl- 
Conmunlflt oaths fron their teaching staff was gingerly handled 
through a resolution which Ignored the requlreaents to t^ko 
oath but condemned the policy tied to It, of giving contracts 
for one ye??r only. Obviously lowebody had burned the midnight 
oil txT^lng to concoct a resolution which would support tradi- 
tional •academic freedom* without Involving the Aesocl'^tlon 
In charg«»s of pro-ComiiMnlSB. Prof. Bemls of Yale moved that 
the resolution be tal^ad but no one seconded his notion and 
he sat down looking very angx*y. I didn't find out what he 

Saturday morning thei*e were two programs of especlfll 
Interest to me, one on university archives at which Dean Posner 
spoke, and the one I attended, on 'Bringing History to the 
People.* The chalrcmn of thle meeting ws S.K. Stevens, state 
historian of Pennsylvania and the oanel discussion was on 
three levels, national (Ronald Lee of National Park Service) 
state (H. Bailey Carroll of Texas) and olty, (Mrs. Boyer of 
Detroit). There was nothing particularly nev here, but it 
waa Interesting, especially what Mrs. Boyer had to say about 
their new building, their historical tours, etc. 

The annual banquet was h*»ld Friday evening at which 
President Samuel Eliot Morrison of Harvard University gave his 
Presidential Address: "Faith of a Historian.* l>r. Morrison 
said that it is impossible for historians to be completsly 
objective - that they are bound to be influenced by their tines 
and to have political beliefs which will be reflected consciously 
or otherwise in their writings. Personally he believes that 
Jeffersonlan principles have had the greatest and most beneficent 
Influence on American history and that of course is evidenced 
in hie writings. What the historian should try to do, he said, 
is to try to tell yhat happened and to state as far as he can 
aeoertalni what factors caused those events to take place. But 
the historian should stop there - he should not try to draw a 
moral or to influence future developments from what he conceives 
to be the lessons from the past. Thin paper was not only witty 
and brilliaii* bat the one presidential address of the Association 
which did not lull me to sleep. 

The convention closed with a series of luncheons. I attended 
to Joint session with tba Society of American Archivists. Solon 

. 6 - 

Buck pre«ld0A. Paul Anglft talked on "llvaluatlon of Hlfltorle*! 
MftnufOPipt*,* «ii|ring that he h?d not and vould not prepare a 
forniAl pAper leet some of the thingn he dieouflsed be mielnter- 
preted or mitquoted. Re then proceeded to Bnj that in hie 
eetlnatlon euretort of hletorloftl oolleotlone held manusorlpta 
a« aoproaanot Jupt beeauae they are manueorlptfi and bear the 
expense of atorage for balky wanuaorlpte which If printed the 
librarian would dleontrd without any oompunotlon. He aald 
hletorlosl eoeletlee should weed out manusorlpte worthleea to 
then either beoauee they hnve no Intrineio value or beoause 
those manusoripts are outside their field of collection. Where 
possible those manusoripts should be sold to wanuscriptfl dealers 
and the proceeds invested in something needed by the Society. 
He said library trtietees readily approve the expenditure of 1^*0 
for a single oanueorlpt which might possibly be consulted by 
one scholar, and at the same time quibble about buying a refer- 
ence book coating I I5 which would be used frequently by the 
staff. Mr. Angle was obviously talking with hi a tongue in his 
oheek, and his arguments were a« full of holes as Swiss cheese. 
Virginia (Janbrell, Forrest Sweet a«4 others leaped down his 
throat, but he gave us much to think about and basically he is 
probably right. Z know you would have enjoyed this speech, as 
I did, more than any other on the program and I 'fiah you would 
try to induce hia to write something on weeding an historical 
library for Illinois Libraries . 

<imong those present at the meeting was Mademoiselle Regina 
Pernoud of the Ax>ehives Hationales. Mae. Pemoud as one of the 
two members of the French grohii'al staff who could 8pe°k English, 
made herself most agreeable to us Americans. She is in charge 
of exhibits at the Archives Mationales, and is in America on 
a Pullbright fellowship studying historical museums. As the 
person who planned and executed the remarkable exhibit on seals, 
I don't think she has much to learn In this country. She saya 
shp ifi partioulsrly lntere»ted in making archives and history 
come alive for children. X urged her warmly to visit Springfield, 
offering as inducement th<9 Lincoln shrines, and she said she 
would like to come but thought it beat to postpone her trip 
until spring* The iUHirloan State Department plana her trips 
and will finance her railroad fare but not her hotels and meals. 
I suggested that she oould get around the hotel business by 
taking a night Pullman down from Chicago and we can take care 
of her meals. Z didn't say so. since my own plans are a little 
uncertain Just now, but probably 1 can take her into ray own home. 
She said, that she will have to have m written invitation to be 
permitted to «droe and she thinks It would be better for the 
invitptlon to go to her direct. I have her forwarding address: 

% Mrs. Dorothy C^inn 

.--•"'■■. ^ ■-. .? Box 577 

'.^ G frederiok, Marylajid 

Don't youthink you shAuld sign ttie InvitatlonT 

:--C^--:^.:'- ■ - '''''^^^'S- Bsap0i|$fully wibsiltted, .'■' ____ _j__ 

' . . . *^ * ■ . . ' '■ -' 


V -^ -Y . ■ ■ ■' ^ . 

'■•Vs.'' \^\.:/y.-i' ARCHIVAI4 ACCEsaioss W-'-^/'' •■s:•'^x;^^tf■^^^-'^ir:::• >...,:;.■.)' 
:-„',i'v ' '•■".' vSi ■^',>:' o«««»b(tr 1950- ., v'v-':;;;,; /.,,;/T::'- '/:;^:C. '■"'■■:' ^•-'' 

Seor(»tAr3r of 8t«t#. . ''vV, ■ 

'■-^ ; Corporation -D«pt.' ' '^-^"i': ■^■■"i.;v'- . . " ' '. .':■■■'■"" ""^ v-^*- V 
Animal reports, 19^9^ ,■'"/;';/.- 50,O0Q''*' • ■■'■'".::■/• 

.:■'• - ."'; .■' fee lMok« 19*^9' ;■;.'.'■; r fc- -,■■:■■"■■•''...;:'■: '"'■;.. .> X' .V'..^^-.-:,...- .v 



D0«d8 to Stfit* jj^roperty 
Adjutant den«ral "■ 

War topvlee reeorda, Bliiok Hawl&» 



A«*rtoa» vf«ri , ITiOQgT ffWFtt }? Bg 

13,600» darda 


"#'--;~-.^:;.>i- ■' ^' ;&&'.-•« 

fe'^r' -vt'f' iij 


I P ;- Vfi' 


■■■a^; . , ■" ■■ = ■■■ ' ^ '-'■- ■'■■■-•'•/--•;'•■■■-■, •:*^;',' V- 





'i:i:^.i'M:^-i:''-^M'-j,M''ki-r^'^it-. ■' '^ , i: :^'t.Vn*uSi:i^'^4siiJiM?^l^^^ 

-■ -i ■'! * 

* ^ 




., -'■^.■. 

■'; 'i' '■ '^ ■ 

; *;■ .; 

'^ '■ 


^ ,■"-'''£'' ■ '-. 

. i . 



;■.. .V.' •- 

' ■^■n 

> ' ■■- 



" K', 




>■ I ■" 

' ^ Deoember 1950 

Routine 1^#pArt5m«iital Oallg 
Seoretary of State 
Bookkeeping Dept. 


Corporation Dept. 
- '-■', Anmiftl reports 

Index cards 
»5x:eoutive Dept. 

Cofflfflutfttlon ' 
Froolamatlon .. 
Notary bonde 
Trade Marks 
Index Dept. 
\- ..:■'""-' -'[>9-e6LB to State property 

Enrolled Lavs ■' ' 
General Ass^nbly 
War Counell 

Registration and Education Dept. 
Real estate salesman 









Historloftl '■■.''^.•.- 

In person 

History State Pepartnenta 1 
Mlse»llaneoua reference books 3 
N&ne Index (Phone calls) 17 
U.neolnl«n« 2 

By mall ■ ' ' \ ■ 24 

Oenealogy (Including reference to war serYloe 

recox»d« for all purposes ) 

In perfon 

'federal Oensae '■■ 

ISkO ■'\\/C^-'-,.:...:'- .., " \ .-3"'- --■ • -'-1 

" 1850. --./•■/i.>"-r.:-..v; 

ACTlcultural, 1850 
Fayette 0o. reoords 

. 3y nail "■ ' '."}::'■'■ 

<3enc40« etc. 

:'/: :-^ XJini war ^"?.ii,: 

Spanlshs^Atterioan war 

ArehiTal Teohnique \--%'':^'''J-^:^: -'M-f'^ 
In person ■'■■::■' ■':"!=^.";'-;'^ - 

-K-,,' , ? 51«I»o«a1 .9?' -reoords ■ 

State R^eW'as Coraraiseioii 

.■j£i^;jj_^; (sessions) -'■■ 

' ,- .. Dr. Poener.^. ■i.?*;.-^.;-.^, ,:-^' 







i v J- 


■■'By wall,' "^^i'f -^''^^^ 
Nit aeltl«li««|ia4 ^tf^f* 




■^.■' '^^,"^"' 

■ V. ■ 

''. • ^ 


■'" '.'-. 


,■ ry '■ 

,-^', ' 




''•li'?iip>^k,,2^>'V;,'!TF>*^.i;S5l^'£^^ - 


; r.!iit*v' 

Report f^r D«9«»;^r 195a 

!■■■ . '■-■ ■ ..-,. V.I^'/-.. . "): . '■ i 

'■'■■.-,■ - . ■ . ' *- 

, * ■•\-<,,'-^'^ I.' ,_i-, ■; ,, - 

'..^V' ■"•• '-''V^ '?'r-"*-. ■■ ''•■'" 

'- .'v- ■"->.'•-,■>■■-;■ :i^ . 

-:'^. ..-"..■■•■V'S;^?i;'''-i ir 

X <'''--::V. -'."''k5''''' V 

.se^-;;; I83O fe6Uirfti:""^^eiiBtft« 

Clay ''■ •*.:::ci:-:.'" -' .: ■.: '^^'*-;, "■- :■ ■'lhti-'^%': ■-^'■>''- 

>•■■■■■■ J r^' 

•^^f'■>,.•^;*: ■ • 

.185Q f«4tv^t o#iifltt« 

\'-- ' ■'-" ■'^"■': 

■ y.r^ 

^:^^ '•■'■-■ i : 


■'^,V ■ '.' 

•<Jftrroll <te. (flttx»^a«S9» * 
,,_, «ji|f pretioiifl flgitr**), ^^k^fS^- 

Illinol« Ai^ llllBliigan eaitftl 3^0 



*/ ■ t',;J,^-_'^'-*"->.j'\,.. 

:?,t^.::a:/X;>-vw/v;Kv;r::V^^^:?^E;^^^^^^^^ ■ ■..k/v-.w.^'. ;.;-':---:..: ^:--- ■f.r.. 

,,,...-, ■■ ■- ■ ■ - - ■ . ■ ■ ■- ■ ■ ■ -~ - -'^^^ 

' '7 v'''''f':'1"'' -, ;'.,■' . ^ '''.''''••'■■ ■-■'..-•; '' ..^ ? i-r^ '■''■■- ■'''-'* '*• .'"■'77 ■''•■■'"■ .4 ..vll'iUv'."*^ •'■-'" 7 •* 7-' '•1'."7',7: 
■■ "--«r''7w w'"' -. 7'^'"-'--*:i^'* ''■■' V.'.JM..^ ■ ■;''*■ ■•■'7»v'?""' ■■ •H-A-J^Hrt**''" ^.vf^.-^,',: -:,"4^;.^'^-'-"' ' " .■.y--.7;7-,,-,-- .7 77: 

• .-i- ! ^ ' ■ .; ■ r- - '7^- . ?V, . ■ \.-' .-■ -■■ ■.■■."■^ .'■- ■. 1-. > ..*'! -r ' .■.1.....^: ■ tfl-' -■,■ ■ ' ,.-;' if- - - •-...■.. ■ ■ »■" . ..' 

-«■::-■■••.■. 7- -^^ ^ \^..:.»;^ ■•■■? '7. "-u:= ■,. -,^'^'C:. :.;■ ■: ^--- '. -^r-., :a-. 
..-. ■; . : ■. . • ..f.,; ^f--f ''%i^if .T-J,,.^, j-,,. .?»^|' -' *-5 7Vr. ""•■■*,, ■;■7^'■ =' > -ii 

■. "^-■7 ^* 

V-- 7- *> l''. ,( -■'• :'7'.7.'7 .= 

:■''''■ :■'■:':' '/"vii 
'^?-' .,.-., •v?^ *' ■:''-■,■■.■■■■„-;■.,'.■,..■-: . .,-•■■ ■•tfj'-s 

V" . li;. ■;7.7'-7^ . ■; ::^/--^7 ■ ...V -■ 7' V. ■:,--,.. ■• ^^77^ A- ."^Ivjjj 
•:''j-v „•,■■.■-,•■'-■■■'■;■■■•■'■■?■.. .-. ,=- ".■.:■ V-.,, 

;'3-7> - '■■7 '7 ■ . '^ ,. '■ 7i'' 7i''7-."' -iai, ■!■?■ i 





oiY. of Arohlteoture 4 "Engineering 

AuAltor of PttbXlc Accounts 

Olvll Service ConsJle«lon 

Illlnolft OoBBeroe OoiM>li«lon - 

Department Mlnee ft Mlnersl* 

Supt. Public Inetruotlon 

Department Public Worke A Bldge. 

Department Regletyatlon * Sduoatlcn 

Secretary of State 

Corporation l>ept» 
ExecutlTe " 
Index Dept. (Shipping) 
Safety Reeponelblllty 

State Trea«ar«r > 

Olv. of Weteryaya 













» * 

*» ■ 

;-. ^i" . 



I. M'' I" -^ 



*'*■« ' f- * ?' 


Operator* « Ue«n«« 

■ St at e lAferaTy ; 

-X -^ > tj'/i' il ' i y .'^ -■• / ,■ '-i-Vii' .*; 


•• :),'.' 

• " ' '"^^■- ■/: 




^' J'- ^ :''•'/>'>, ■ 

''■ ' .- -' *^r 


' : '\'' r.'J 

, ■-•, -'■■•■ ;•!■ 
f ■ - •■", ,, .1.; 

■•' ''/.'y 

^■'iK' . y-' 

i .. V .1-. 

■''■■•,-J^- i ;**fi i ^,V ■ ': 

.''-i.';.'S ■ -'• 

f, '' ''^'^ \ ■f''" *,'"■" ' . '^ '•: '5 .'-." ■ ' r '■ - ' ■ " .l-ll^, V-' * ■' ' ■■'-■'' 

'"' .' ■. t.,'4. 'if' ■'.,■■-1 .'.,?-<,•,'. ■■r'' -■■•J ■ •- ■ i '.;..■%'''•' ■f- 

i'^' f-. 


'•\%k;. v'-^A-v 

v^-j../,^,/. "■■■ -.' ■'■". 

~ .; 

-■•^ >- * .-s ; ■•■ ■ ■ .i. 

;- , ^' ■ 

ft..'"* .."-,v">'->,i '"""•'' .■^'.'■--i ."-^'a * ■'"'■■vv.V- •■"■-''■- ■-''"'*!S,''l t--^" ■. ';-" '>-.'.■ "-'-"-■«.■'■- -. ■'' - " - ' •'■: 


vi 1^:^^ 

::;;.." ■ 

' ■ ■''' 'X '■ ' 


' -A'r ■• ">,- 


'",■■■•». V- . .... ,■ -. ■ .. ,..■.-•- - V r^. ,.■-■.. . , ■• S--. "i : '■■ i« >.*,■.■»..;<■■ :.?■"*■'•■•. -'.■ - •.--...'!■*:?'■?:.-.,.!, r. . 

. i 

January 9. 1951 

Miss Skogh yesterday fell in getting out of a tazicab and fractured 
her spine and two vertebra. She is in Memorial Hospital and will 
be in bed at least five or six weeks. Please do not send flowers 
which she cannot stand on account of her asthma, but do send 
cards, cheerful ones, as she is depressed. She will be in pain 
for about a week but after that can receive company, but requeste 
thatpeople should not call evenings which is the only time her 
sister can be there and they have things to arrange. 

This year ALA celebrates its 75th anniversary. The theme will 
be "The Heritage of the U S A in times of Crisis." Mr. Ellsworth 
of Iowa and Mr. Corey, secretary of A L A will interpret this 
theme at Midwinter meeting: They are bringing out two volumes, 
"How to defend freedom by a study of what it is", one volume of 
which is to be a source book. 

A L A is also offering prizes for the best 200 word essays on 
The Power of Books to Influence People. One prize vrill be $200 
to a librarian novr a member of A.L.A. , another prize of $100 
to a librarian who Joins A L A at the time of submitting the 
essay and $100 for n on- librarians Joining A L A. What are the 
problems which worry citizens enough to come to the library? 
Deadline for submission of essay, May 1. The bulletin describing 
this contest is posted on the bulletin board. 

Annual meeting of A L A vrill be held in Chicago July 8-1^. Those 
wishing to attend should contact Miss Rogers early. 

Labor and Management ^lations reading list for schools, former- 
ly printed in Illinois Libraries is now issued in separate form 
by the University and we will no longer publish the list. 

An 3 weeks' course on classification of positions in State ser- 
vice is to be given by Paul Steinbicker ^atrting at k P.M. tonight. 
It will be held at 628 Adams St. and sessions will be two hours. 

Miss Rogers called attention to the Library Relations Council 
for Library's leaflets on public relations for libraries. 

Mr. Myers' radio program at Centralla has been changed back to 
its old time, Tuesdays 2:15 P.M., station WCNT 

The Public Administrat crs' Forum is having an open meeting on 
January 23d, a demonstration of IBM machines in State work, by 
Dr. Sagen of Public Health Dept., at 220 East Monroe St. Any 
wishing to attend, and I think this will be of Interest to the 
Archives staff, please let me know, so I can mak:e reservations. 

Attention is called to an A L A bulletin concerning U N E S C O's 
CARE packets of books for European children. Packages of 
books, $ 10.00 each. 

Each member of the library staff Miss Rogers wants to have read 
Mins Scheule's article on "Every librarian's business" appear- 
ing in South Dakota Library Bulletin, copy at Mrs. Ennis' desk. 


Civil Service exa'"~inations will be given in the middle of April 
for Library Ar.s is tents I-V and for 

Attention is called to new regulations re promotions under 
civil service. No one may skip a grade. For instance, even though 
qualified in every way for Library Assistant IV, for instance, 
a person now classified as Library Assistant I or II could not 
be given the Job until that person had advanced through each of 
the intermediate grades. Th refore, MissRogers recommenda 
that persons qualified to take examinations for the grade ahead 
should do so, even though they may not be appointed to such a 
position at present, I am too vague about these matters to ad- 
vise with members of the Archives staff and presume that Miss 
Rogers will talk to those of you directly who will be planning 
to take the examination. 

Mr. Daniels in the Music Box has tickets for the Springfield 
Junior College Music Department's pa^esentation of the opera 
"The Devil and Daniel Webster," to be presented Jan.l3-l6. 
Tickets are $1.20 each. 

Miss Rogers calls attention to the book fund. She does not want 
any of the money turned back. The archives has $700 left in 
its book fund for th<^ current biennlum. Any having sup;gestions 
for archival literature or reference books please give me a 
not at ^ on. 

MiTs Rogers gave statistics on absenteeism in the Ste.te Library. 
714 days were lost last year, or the equivalent of the time of 
two full time persons for the year, ^7,075 man hours lost. 
Each member of the staff vms out an average of 2^ days during 
the year. She hopes we C8,n have a better record, in 1951- 

The index for Illinois Libraries f0p''195O will be insued as a 

The biennial report for the State Library will come out in the 
February issue of Illinois Libraries. 

Miss Rogers called attention to the Survey and Summary on Kansas 
Libraries Just published. She wishes us all to read at least 
the summary. This is being cataloged. 

Mrs. Curran brought the copy of the Book of Kells . a facsimile 
copy of what is often called "the most beautiful book in the 
work," Part Is in color facsimile, part in black and white, 

Mrs. Curran reported that the official G-azette of the U.S, Patent 
office is to be issued in microfilm in the future and it was 
decided to get that copy but to use the standard indexes. Mrs, 
Curran was instructed to find out if they plan to microfilm 
back issues. 

The Library is trying to get extra copies of Happer's Magazine 
for October 1950, their anniversary edition. If anyone has 
a copy of which he would like to dispose, contact, I suppose, 
Mrs. Eniia. * 


A copy of the Illinois Pupil 'a Reading Circle List was shown 
e,s a reminder that the 1951 list is out. 

Attention was called to the article entitled "Salesman in 
Atlanta" in Time magazine for Jan. 8, 1951. It describes the 
work of the librarian of the Atlanta public library. 

Attention was also called to a new service for libraries: 
the American Lending Library. This institution rents new 
books to libraries, a nininum of 8 per month, on a fee basis. 
This gives an opportunity to stock new popular literature 
with tying up a large Investriient in new short-lived Interest 
books. The Elmhurst and Libertyville libraries are using this 
service. There is an e.rticle in the Decenbcr number of 
Illinois Libraries about this. 

The first letter advertising the regional meetings has goiee 
out. Meetings will be held in April, as usual starting in 
southern Illinois and working north. The theme will be ex- 
panded service and the place of libraries in the present 
world situation. Schedules of places and dates not yet ready. 

Mr. Meyer reported on certain news lett'^rs such as the Po»- 
man's Letter and Industrial News etter, saying the U of I 
Library does not think they are worth purchasing for the 

Miss Rogers called attettion to the exhibit Miss Bailey is 
putting up on the first floor of the Centennial building - 
the first in the series of staff exhibits. 

Miss Johnson reported that the petition for a regional librsry 
for souther Cook county is being filed this week and an ei ct- 
lon x«'ill be held in March. 

On February 6 Kiss Santarelli will speak on the State Inventory, 
At the next meeting Miss Norton is to show pict'-res of some 
of the places she visited in England. 

Miss Norton reported on the recent American Historical Associa- 
tion meeting vrhich she KXZX attended at Chicago 3a st week. 
She particularly cor.mented upon Paul Angel's talk on deeding 
manuscript collections. She also mentioned our interest in 
the new Peoria court house. If any of the Archives staff Is 
interested in the A.H.A. meeting, see my monthly report to 
Miss Rogers (in my office), which expsmds upon the subject. 
Mr. East will doubtless welcome a chance to talk about the 
court house. 

Margaret C. Norton 


. " '" " Kep-ort for Jnnaary 1951 j . "'" 

Aooeflf1 _ lonfl . 

Th(» tnd*>x Dep«rtw**nt of th«» Illlnola St^-tp Library trsns- 
fftrred 9 flooumentf; rwlatln^ to thrse tr&ete of real estate 
anr; ill (tacuraentn r-^lflting to t'op 19^0 olectlcma. Th*? Corporation 
6«p?\rtra*»nt tr».nBferr«»d the 1950 r'»p6rt8 for "Sot for Profit 
Cor^retlons". TIi't! 3eorf?t»ry of the Senpt© trsnaferrwd ^^9 
locwiBientp of the rpr^ular and epi-otfll sefislonfl of thp 66th 
Oenpral AR^embly, 19'!-9« 

Dppsrtmentfll V^u lte. B.f^corAM were tftV:«»n to their Deoart- 
mental vaultis by the Seoretery of StPt^'e Book^Rpplng Depart- 
ment, the Corporation Hepertment (correopondence ), T^epprtment 
of Piibllo ■ioTV-fi And BuildingR, Stnte 7res?^urer nnd Civil 3«TVloe ' 
Conrnlr.nlon. ni.-^ A^ijvit.nnt Sener^l, reprenentod by Col. Bruce 
dlnouseed ttie typos of recoi*d.« finiitsbie for trr.nsfer to hla 
vault r.nd decided to put the tl. t}. permanent eervlce records 
ther« but hafi not yet brouprht them ov«y. 

Staff Work . ' .^: 

I finished proof-rf^adlng nnd eheokln;:^ the Index CRrds for 
the fiTBt roll of the microfilm f^r th« I83O eeneut, «bouit one- 
third of thp entire oenfluc. Then expfiirl mentally, I Indexed on* 
county, Poo?, in th-^ n«xt roll of film. ThiR took me about 
thre«? dsyp, not ^ojrklni^^ contlnuouely. I find thpt I o«n,do the 
nnraes and the look-ups on the nsmefl about p.« fast ae J #^n rei»d 
proof on so:^«»on'-^ else**! Tfork, but tiwt the tlme-cone-UTnio^ ele-' 
nent 1« flllnr: out the r^et of the form, oonce only Hlaa 
W'lnterbe-UT In available at prcrflr,nt for this Indexing, Ibelleye 
thp quickest end most efficient v.'Ry to s^et thle Indexlns^. done 
will be for mo ta do the nor.ire and let her fill out tN» redt. 
Perhaps thl - indexing-; does not sound like b Korth«.-rhl.le project 
In auch tln^-^fl ac these, but ve iT^ve en inore-^eln^ number of 
cslls for Buch 'mp.terlfli find genep-loglcl work In very tim^ oon- 
aUffllng T-rlthout Indexes. Prenuniably people f^vf" turning to the 
paflt in an effort to fprget the preor^nt, po, §lnce there lo 
a demand, we ar*^ tryln..: to meet it. ^ 

My planned major proJ*»ct for the y«»r, in conjunction with 

Mr. GeGBady, le to try to get sll iswin series c.-^tp loped. Thia - 
InrolvR recheoklng our Inventories an^. often some rearrang^Bwnt 
of fllen. For inst-'nce, ^e hpve an R B i inventory of the 
r*6ordo of the State Council of rfefenfe of '.'orld Var I. Our 
Inventory does not correcoond in srrftng*>Tnent or oontent with the 
H Ji S Inventory. 31n<"e the letter la" e detelled catalog ve 
flh'ell be able to refer to th-it published guide Inatead of IwtYlng 
to do pH the detailed ^rork ourselves. First, ho^-^'ver, vre rauat 
put the record* Into the anrae arrenffement afl ttiiit dtaorlbed. 
Thin will involve flhlftlnir of contents of .\11 the dre^rere, but 
will be '-rorth while. Our detailed oheokinj; fis a prellinlnary td 
cntaloglnr '/111 doubtleefl revecl tther dlecrfipftnclee. We ara . 
working: over the inventory for the 2d level of vaults, but ac :, 
far have not done any ontflloglng. 

/ « 2 - ■./"■:^'rr\. ',,.■. 

A civil flervlM «xAWlnAtlon for Arohlval AflaiatRnt II (Mr. 
Fountres) Is tc b^; held In April. I havi* h#»d several conferences 
with tb«» Civil Service Oomrtil«!slon abrat this, aXeo' tl-ie exami- 
nation for ,^rohlv?tl ABalst«nt III far vhloh there in neither 
prcflent vrc^ooy or llet. Consolour of the fftet th-t two ?»?rflon9 
without archlv?! experience dp, Ruel the l?<st ^rrltten examination 
■becpuse they h«^ri. reicl Boriie of my irtlolee, I hel'^ out for nn 
orAl ex^rnlnrtion this titrse, Preaui^ably you hnve \ieen tolA about 
our declslonfl ^^n^l recoinmen^ntlone In thlr. matter. . ■ C . 

I hrve h^.d a number of infornal dlecuisfllonfl on tbe dlf^posal 
problp:ji of th«^: Departnpnt o-^ Publlo Welfare. 

On vT-'^nu'^ry 23 I showed some of th<» oo^to^'rd" I brought hone 
from «:ngland, to ^he St^te Library at-'ff neeting. ; 

1 h»v<» feoceptecl .?n T.p''>oint!Jjpn^ to wew"ber?5hlp of th-" Comrfjltt«t 
on 3tr»te Archlvefl of 1ihf» 36olety of Atnericti 'rohlvlistc. 

My nrtlal* on th^ PiftrlR ConsrresR of Archlvletr, n.ppe-Rrs In 
the Jrnu.*).ry 1951 leflue of 'Hob ftinerlcrn Arohlvlst . 

Ur. --^ountree, ,^.tp.. Fobeaon ?»nd Mr. C^^f^kdy '^re 'forking on '•' 
the Corpor.<itlon report filing, llrn^ Robeaon Is ''.olng prpllmlnary 
ets^pllnr^ '^n--. fllln-; r-n>\ Mr. Cftes^-ly fllln.ia: tl^.c *10'?* reporta. 
Th^op report? of corporatlonf? hpvlne; 10 or isore reports have 
been filed fro.Ti V-yi^ letter "R" vher« Mr. Honntrea Is nov -"orklng, 
throuf;h th** letter "V. l-^r. ?v0untree has been Interrupted In 
hl'^ filing by having to stop to nake eigne, to rearr^^nge oertaln 
■ records In tlie V'?ults, to Rubetituto fTm time to tlirse for brl«f 
Intervals at the Ref<»r»»noe Dse^, end to Jt\Gt ae ViBS^e In the vaults. 
He flhould b« itw-ins. 

f'r. Cna'Bftdy ro oort^d samples of th" typen of reference queS- 
tlona wbloh pfioeed through hie hands. For ex-^inple, one vrrltep 
'/anted s mpy af Llneoln's a^rvlbe record In th*» Upck Ilayi: war 
(3 enllfitmentfl) . A eertiried eox>y v«g iaeued of records shbving 
fill p«ynjent for certain c^nffl Innd In the 1850' e for which no 
pstpnt vnfl npplied far. A perroh '.rjis r.rrie in th? deed recordf 
for <^- deed ta property unrecorded In Morgen County but claimed 
to be owned by th^ Ulinole School fo* the D«af. Cenestie records 
vers searched for 15 fncilllen In h cQuntle«? for 18^0 end l5 
counties "^ for IB50. tThere were '^ crlle for cJpp.nieh Aaericnn War 
service reeorde, 1 for Blnck Kf^-'V ?nd 1? for Civil War. 

Mrs. Pobef^on hae brrn ^llng Inder oerrle, ptenlln^ corporation 
report a, putting 1937 enrolled le-^'e In new folderif?, ?nd occeelon- 
rlly tpklnpf the Referrnce Depk. V ^ - :> J 

Mrs. McFsdden hna spent mo«t of h^r tl!W? dheqklrv?? In election 
retunie 5nd B^n^te records recently recelr«d J has p1«c teeen fll- 
Inc: corporation cerds, and h,-e in<i«3ceA 510 census reeorde for 
Gp.sf! county 1550. Ovlng to the fftbt thst ve heve he.d seTerAl 
ne>!- ^«rd8 Phe h'^e hjtd ^n unununl nttrrber of lnq«lrl#if ee to . ^ 

le«»tlon 4xt State offices, e to »^^^_ v_ 

Mlsa 3cheffler prepared the Januery exhibit on "Illinois 
Government 1851" and Mir* Eaet and she the February Lincoln ex- 
hibit. She hae spent most of the rest of her time final filing 

«oMB 3600 o«nmt« Indtex OArda* 

Mr. RA«t inrt»te to^ODunty offlelnli and r»«ieT«a Information 
on th» Whiteside county niorof 11m proj«ot« In Whit«8l<kd und 
TuitOh county and nuppXlftd data frq«; »j« Arehivifi and th« His- 
torloftl imtmry to A*fl. Holt of Fori L«^dw»dn Iff who i« writing 
»n Matorteal novel b^««»d on th« ilf* of hla unela Ottrdwi S. 
Hubbard. Moet of Mr.- '^'ifn tln*» hft« b««n detrotsd to hl# ^ 
blbliographiOAl atudio* of oounty gorernsMnt. ' * 

- Mr*. »inlfr«d B»i«hler reelfrnad affeotiv* January 6. 
•h0 ie no'* t»«ohlnfr /^t 3»cpad Haatt Aoadinsy, Springfield. 

Rafl^otfully ^ubmlttad, r 




•Si, f 


-V^ ^ '^... ' 

• ' -i ■ 

•v^* ^:' 

"■ .-1. 

l-v AicKBsioiw;;'- 

S^iiietary. of 9t»t« 


.r.-' V ■ 

~ ■■_ 

' M 

;v,, ■■. 

- ^ ... 

■ -'■ ,". 



,'■ y'^ 

'*• .-■ 



O 'C««®a) .. ; ?;",r ..,:/_-!■ ''■';■■ :,-»•-•,' 
'Tl^^otlon reeords, 1950 - / C :#i 

'iiS- :"- 


; Oorporatlon »opt. 

i ■ 


;. ''?';^ : 

:■- ^",_ t«po?F^6 , 1950;-; ■' ;ij ■■ ' 10, 000 -■■ (I5#t»^f 

Sec?:^to;ry , of's-Sentitit',. 

- :t::f 

aegul«|: 'sfts^lon ' ■ 4:' -■?*' ■ '^''"^^' 

Special, geereton . .^^'^V; .3" ip 


. ^.V:r; ■ :, 

..-."'■;''- '■ :- ■•■'.■ ■'■' "■ jc -■ : ■ '■'.•■■ "'. -!■'..-', ' :■' *■ "■ ■■ .'_ ' >'L. 





.-sff"- V ■'■.-;.;■'■-.>'., ;;^ ' ■>'■■:.,:■;■ . - ist*? 


- V' 

'- >«■;'• 


-;^' . -ir 

%. ■■;■'- 

.J ;*: -•■■) '■ ■•■•■■.: . .-'■ .'•*:* 1- 



^ : -, :i' 


' A , ■■ . 

;■■ ■ ■'■- ' ■ 

-.r :y*■^-^ .. 


Rontine D«p«rtmentAX Calls ;:;^ ;:■:''::'■ ^'■/■jl:. 
9«c1rptRry of Stiite . -''■■;:'■•■:"■ 1'^'"' ;^^:.^,?''^"' 

Corporntlon t)«pt. ■ k:".' .':. '^x - '''■--- y- 
Annuftl R^p«|'tfi ;;■^ .■'',,.*■;' ^''-^ 
Xnd«x CftTdfl ■ •. 
Sxeeutive De?t. ^.:-'^ 

CertiflOf«te of qiiRllflc!o.tlon 
OonHnitf-tionB of «entei50« 
lAnd patents 
_,r>„ Notary BonAo " - '.v 
:.''■;;.''': Trsde Markc' ,,:':."■,■■ . •-i^'''"''' 

- ^'^; :,;-'.■ Index Qcpt. -v^'V r 

■5.i,-. :-':. - Deeds • ■*:■-..,,■ -■:■■■- ■^':V*^ '^ 

,:;■■;-;■■ ?!:nroll»d Law*' " .: ' r . -,'. _ .:''l:;^:;--v'^_l^: 

;' '.Court of. .ClAlsft .,■■>;,;•■''" ■', \'" ■=■.'^%^■■>^"■ 
.-. ^;" 111. w«r Co^moii J- -■':'-'■":-'' "■<■: 

^,:,-:; 111. _Le?liltRtS:Ve'.0<5uncll -rj^'"^:l 

ArchlTftl teohnlque, Onealogy^ History, eto 
Ar^lTf»l Teehplque -t 

...In p«r«on ■■'v;^ -v^r" ';^-^'-.S.' :'*? 

:•.....■. ^,,.; . By matll . -''-,,■: >...; -V:; -.; #: 

:'' ■■ S^at«,H«6ord«: Cte««iD«ion ' .;,; ■ 

■" ',111 pppfon 'y'"^: ■■'■^^ ■-" 

. ,,.-.■^- ilxj .person . >■=</;■;..:'''.,;--;" 

;.'''i- ■'■■•"• re4l^:r«l e#n«uf .k. ■'.,";.■;.. '■ 

"'^. Spiiiileh t»«rioen Var . ;; /.■■ 

^ :' .."--'-v Cini War '■ -K 

•■;I,:. - .JBla^k. Hawk '-'rr -..F... :..-'. - 

■-;^,^-- / * ^^tiwiflifih Aaerlcpn var ^ 






■ 2- 

i*":^.;. ■ 

■ V 





Kin person 

. ' HlBoellftiwous , '. 

'. ' ?!»»« index (?hone) 
^ By., mall 

Oounty off^eials 
By Oftll 


'.. .:".^-S- 



Orand Total 



■!■-*» ' 

1?,-.. • ■■ ;j.-- '.w";* 

- w ■ 





.-j--' r ■^^ 

'■/■-.. i'v. 

■ -^fc.' 

E.- --v;-:-..^; ■■,^. 

,4l"-^ ^ ■'■' 

^^ '-T: 

^^l'^'^ ■> 

■ r^-r-'iVi-'-^t- 


■t- '-//S- :■ , '-isii- ;W 

,15. 4-^- -5., 

. ■■"«=:. -' ■■■ 

■■; - 1^ ■ • . «a • ■- 

.■ . ''■'i-f^.' !• 

- " -l^-iZ. / 

■■■'*>,-,i ■ '• 

. ."M^ 

• ;5 


K»mvm OATAL(X» 


y.,8. O^nsufl 183 (R«vl«lon) 

Cards wLtl»arftwn 

San^ Index 

1830 fmdmtfKl 0«nmji« 

Madiiron Cd. 
St. ^lalr Cq, 
Fs3r«tt9 Oo. 

' IL jg' 










„ T^OW ADMI9SI0KS JanuRry 1951 
D4jv. of Archlteotur<* & ^ni?lnfi»i»lng 
Au'llt<»r of Public A»oount« 
Civil Service 0o««l8«lon 
Illinois Conmerce OeBmissioh - 
I>«pt. of Insur&ne* . 
Sujrtlr. of FubHo tn(!l;rt)otlon 
D#pt. Publlo Works A BttildlBf^ft 

"^ H»gi8trAtion ft cauoa^£ii{t 
Seo. of State 

ParpomtiOA Dept< 
Sst^outiva • 

tMex. • 

Stnte Tz^ACurer » 
Supreme Court 

Div. of Waterwftyfl 

^r * 



* <. 

+ T 












. .r 

.<" <> 

V ^r- 



'-»/= ^ 

.Tftnupry 1951 


'^dretury of 3tfl.te 

*Portxeit : 5 a 

opftratorc? Ll<i<in|e 5 12 • 

Publte ^latisjufl T^orvse) 

Portrait 3<»o. Bterrett 2 d ' , 

■ :.^. l.JUJ.P««*» Pli'fesil. A 5 ' 5 "" " ^ ' 

gti»t<% I4br»iry 

>itell«|lty ' - , .„ 

...^ v-.. •■fSldr'fcort ban voy&ff*» . ■" . 

" v''^ •■...'■■;.:. -r . pftrty •,*■..„ 30 ' '^ 

♦** Publicity J* . ^ la 

* *•• st» t© fRlr Exhibit h iz 

LAbi^ry .H«morliil Book* 3 6 
' 'A<ljninl«tt*tlT*'-Offt<» 

Llbraigr H»na?ii» ' 3 - 

' SooJowbil** aotlvltlftjl " '»5 

llii|t«i« r9fl<juro©« 3 ' ". - 

VArc^itee ''^.■^^'' " " " -. - 

^P / ?l<jtar« l)r^ ^asner 2 ^> > 

Display oai»«1l h ■ ^ i 

^ ^rt Dftpt. , - ^ 

Copy ,aX paijntinf?- -- ^ ^ '^ 

»«f»*i&l8pl*3r=^ftg«R .6 12 . ^ 

-^■^■..- Dlnpljiy Ca«i^ ' ^ ^^ 

-. ^<?o#l*#fro« W«g»xlne .^ — , ;,-- -.-W 

:^w. '.;:*'■;--■ :^":"'', -v^.^^ Oori^ • . !+ """■" 

*Wr. H#liB r*>'fi«.|'k8i',Int<(^r**%tf>^- pxp<*rlii)-nt «?\klng ^ttitlo's. Th« eiitlrt 
I«dbor«tory 'v|,R oonv*rt9fl. li^o a d^rk rooro. T^n print o v*r« B«»d« sflth 
the Saloptlcpn, ln«tff3iA of «>ur enlarger. the «^0x€0'i9 wer« msd* fro« 
«!»• 2x3 nefi^atiy«« ^' '* 

^ ♦♦ DatpA^JIttt. -3^*1950^' ■■"^ , ■..- ^^ . ^ 

♦<^» Dat^d Oel6. 25^., 1950. For Mr. Belslr..- Not «lgned • ^""^ - :. 

«•*♦ Dat«d Aug. 19,-1950 " " 

•♦♦♦♦ BatffA Atisj. 2,, 1950 - -■ ^ -.•.. \ ^.v ;'\\.:., ,.fV ■ ^.-s. ■:-^''' 

Ftiotostatfl <;- '"^^ ^- .;-';^. ■■'' Pq git tve '■'•"=' - ■ , Mpgyt-lyeg 

. ,:' flt?5tp Ltbr»ry " --"^V ; ■ ^'- ^-^|^— — 

;_',,, Btat* Library t, Archlvefi ' -' , '^. ^ ,. ,- \_. / :" 24.;^*' 

.,-" I850 c»nfur •wniftrg'^nents ^^% . ^'-"^ ' .I5v'"i ^ ' IS, • '^j.^^; 

':r^^ Oor porn t Ion I5«»pt. ' •■• . 'VV^'^Vryi^'' ■"^':''- ... v- ■ ' '■■^■' ' ^ ■'.%■: 

•-''/ K«»c<^dlngs ;; ; ^'■^-■^^,_ • i^.." -x^' .i^^'^ 2^„ 
3??.f«»ty :?v»spbnalblllty ,. ■.^;"^-;,. , . ■^;., ■^'-^"'' '^'\ >:- V 



...■. r^»>„ 


'm - 

#■■ ; ....:■ y'ff^'' 

ri.,. -',- ",, 

-•.. -^ft.' 

•^ ■ - 

-V- _ '■• 

- ■'-:! 

s Hli 



..;; 2^ 


■.-••■■'"■■ ' ■ 

■^■- .-i 

. - f .■-.'•.:- <-'i'- '. 

1 •- ^-:^^ 

■ . '■■►"??■■■■ !*'■- 

■■ :^r-\- 

[}■■ . ■ , • 


■ -r^i^ 

;- :?",'*;.,-,■ 

■ - 

. <^A-i^ 




.r.-''' ■■ ■ - 

^*' ;-T,„;- 

* - ■ ' -.-> 

J ■ '^■' ■-' 

:* •■'- 

' '.^t-'i;; 

.t^. ^;.., 



'¥:-;" "; 

•^/ ^'^''- "■' "', 

:;>•.. .;':'---'■■ 


'^;- *■*.;.. 

' ■■ fr> 

. .. -■ "• ■.>C'- , . 

■J{--\^- ' -y-h\ 





, ..- "* ■'V;- t. a'^ '.* 


Report on Staff Meeting 
February 6, 1951 

Most of the time wss tar.en up with reports on A.L.A. Mid-Year 
meeting held at Chicago and attended by Miss Rogers, Miss Dieck- 
haus, Mrs. Langsdon and Kiss Wright. Before going into this I 
wil^lAranspose items which particularly affect the Archives. 

The 75th anniversary 
July ^-Ih, In connec 
Stste Libraries will 
conference the N.A.S. 
here on the noon tral 
ments is Miss Norton, 
Mrs. Mc Mullen, Mrs. 
probably be necessary 
Library staff on duty 
who do stay that day 
vacation. More perti 

meeting of. A.L.A. is to be held in Chicago 
tion with that the National Association of 
be meeting at the Drake Hotel. Following this 
L. Is coming down to Springfield, to arrive 
n Saturday July 1^. The Comrnittee 

Mrs. Curran, Mrs. Lengsdon, Miss 
Ennls, Miss Wright and Mr. Belalr. 
Miss Rogers says, to have all the 

at least a part of that afternoon, 

on arrange- 
It will 

and those 

will be allowed an extra half day on their 
culars on this later. 

Miss Rogers celled attention to the current exhibit on Lincoln 
in the first floor lobby in the Centennial Building. I hs.ven't 
seen it yet, but doubt if it is as good as the one Mr. East and 
I'lss Scheffler have .5ust put u^ on our first floor. Part of our 
current exhibit on 1.00 yepr'^ ap-o re"i?ins in "olece and the rest 
will be rf^olaced eft-^r w» tske down this Lincoln ex'-'^lbit. 

Kiss Rogers callfild 
Freedom train. 

attention to th« book Issued on the New York 

Miss Rogers wants the steff to read Educational Research Service 
Comnuni t y leadershi-p . This pam^hl^t is on Mrs. Ennis' desk. Also 
the Library of Congress Public Af fairs Abs t ract "Civil Defence", 
Je.nuary 1951. 

The Centennial Building 2d flon- exhibit case is being maintained 
by Mr. Myers as a. place to oi^.play the latest books and panp' lets 

The "" 

on c iv 1 1 

'■^efence and bomb attacks 

Misc; Rog-^rs also call^^d attention to th^ following artlc es: 
School Li fe Je.nuary 1951, articles on p. 5o (Universal declaration 
of human rights) and i->. 62 (Er^ucatiam for the Natiom's fefenee. ) 

Miss Skogh hes been fitted with a brace 
put in e regular hosr^ltal bed and to be 
la now able to have visitors. 

which permits her to be 
able to feed herself. She 

MlsB Wright reported on the A.L.A. meeting. She la a mem.ber of 
the Audlo-Vlsiual Committee of I.L.A. but did not attend the com- 
mittee meeting at Chicago because only films were to be discussed. 
Her committee under the chairnnanship of Mr. Scurr is preparing a 
pamphlet on how to set up a records (phonograph) department in a 
library, and another committee of some music association Is working 
on a slmr)lification of the Library of Congress Classification for 

Mrs. Langston spoke about th'^ new Public Libraries Division of A.L.A, 
which is to coordinate the Interests of the discontinued Extension, 


Public Libraries and Trustees Sections. She was disturbed by the 
discussion of how these were to'^be organised as section of this 
larger section, saying that she had su'ODOsed that tMs new A.L.A. 
section was to combine these rrrour)S not to continue them as 
separate orga.ni7?tions . Mr. Ulvellinf' (Detroit) had snoken afra.lnGt 
divlf'.lon. (This has been a terribly inroortant ^oint discussed nro 
and con at the first A.L.A. raeetinp: I attended - back in 1917. 
Of course we as archivists are very much concerned about such mat- 
ters of A.L.A. policy.) 

Mrs. Lan:"sdon also reported on the A.L.A. Council meeting. I might 
say for the benefit of the ntaff members who don't know anything 
about A.L.A., that the annual conventions got so huge and unwieldy 
that a number of years ago the Council began holding sepers.te meet- 
ings in Chicago in December or January, so they could get their 
work done. Members of A.L.A. are always screaming about DEMOCRACY 
and they didn like that, so they had to let anyone attend these 
Council meetings so the Council wouldn't put over something while 
the members' backs were turned (I guess that was it), so the Council 
meetings may be attended by any m.embpr. It has become the custom 
for executives in librari^R to attend these m'=>eting3 and so meet- 
ings other than Council meetings are elso scheduled. Most people 
feel thpy eret more out of the Mid-Winter meetings than the regular 
conventions. So much for background. 

The Council is now proposing an Increase in dues, of $2 - $1 for 
the directory of librarians and $1 for an eraoloyment agency. Dues 
are based on salary - mine have been $10. One of the perennial 
questions has been "What do we get for our money?" Personally my 
answer hes been "Nothing of any Interest to me" so I have resigned 
my raembershi-D. The directory I have found very useful but not 
worth paying for on top of dues. Most of those at this meeting 
opposed the proposition of the increase of dues. I won't bore you 
with thp discussion since I believe no member of our staff here is 
a m.ember. 

Several movies heve b'^en the object c^ '"ilscussion. They vrere 
shorn at the A.L.A. meeting and t'"'^ A.L.A. conr-iitte on films en- 
dorsed them. One of the"' war, t '-'^ animated cartoon "The Brotherhood 
of Man" which, when shown at the Peoria Public Library kicked up 
such a rumpus that the city librarian has been gi'-en a six months 
leave of absence an'5 the library board asked to resign. 

It was announced at the m-^etin-"; that the Illinois Library Assfociation 
will hold its next meeting at La Salle next Octob'^r. 

MlfisDleckhaus rciorted humorously on the da?' she s^ent at Chicago. 
She said all the ex-Illinois Stste Library people she met are now 
"specialists" but that they all seem.ed to be hunting Jobs. She 
attended the quarterly Book and Authors Luncheon sponsored by the 
Chicago Sun. They heard Lawrence Welker, Paul Angle, Keith Wheeler, 
Mr. Meissner (author of the new biography of Scott Fitzgerald) and 
Mary Jane Ward (author of The Snake Pit who has a new book Music in 
the Night ). On We'-nesday night she attended a dinner at x>rhich 
Luther Evans, Librarian of Congress and Walter Lavls of United Nations 
were sneakers. 


MiB3 Rogers reported that 3he as a neriber of the Council attended 
one of th- tvro mpetinprs. The most important business was the an- 
nouncement of the resignation of Mr. Corey as Executive Secrett&ry 
effective Sept. 1 and the retirement of his secretary, Mrs. White, 
effp tive March 1, after ^1 years at A.L,.A. headquarters. One 
of the proDoosals now before A.L.A. is that this should be a council 
of library a-: sociaticms of x-rhich A.L.A. should be a part and fiurnish 
headquertprs , something like f"he Gouncilof State Governments in 
Chicago. (I Joined A.L.A. in 1915 and they hsve amended the con- 
sti'^'utlon or proposed a complete reorganization at least twice a 
year all that time.) 

A.L.A. will celebrate Its 75th anniversary at Its convention to be 
held in Chicago July 8-1^ with headquarters both at the Palmer 
House and the Stevens. Making hotel reservations is complicpted . 
I don't suppose any of the Archives fetsff will be going, but if so, 
I h?ve the details as of this moment. 

Mils Rogers again ca" I'^d attention to tvo books on the Am'^rican 
Heritage being published this spring by A.L.A., also to the World 
Book prizes for the best articles on th^ American heritgge. 

llominpes Tor Vice Pre'^ident (President next ypr.r) are Mr. Downes 
director of the U. of I. Library an^^ Mr. Ellsworth, director of the 
U. of Iowa Library. 

The A.L.A. minimum llbrarv salary standards have Just been Issued. 
Miss Rogers says we are meet in." thp basic rates and pay a little 
over that amount for 2 grades. (M.C.N, remark: We are not meeting 
archival standards - Mary] and pays its archivist $7|0^2, 2 assistant 
archivists 4,183.50 each, 1 record cataloger & index 2,460 and one 
2,01-j. The i-est of the salaries not so good.) 

Censorship was also discussed. In addition to the Peoria situation 
mentioned above, the librarian of the Bartinvllle public library 
(Oklahoma) was disnissed aft»r 30 years and the library board asked 
to resign, all because he had and circulated certain books on com- 
nunisn. (I guess it was this and not the Peoria library boaro that 
ha.d to resign - I am hazy. But this sort of tiling Is another 

reason why I am no longer a librarian - not thet I ever was in such 

a mess but because such messes occur every so often. ) 

Two bills are ready for Intro^^'uctlon into Congress about libraries. 
One HR 1272 and 33^4-9 providing for camps and housing and community 
services Is being watched as an "Impact" bill - If that goes thru 
maybe they will introduce the library bill which provides a $10,000,000 
fund for state aid to libraries for 5 years. It will give each 
state $40,000 a year minimum on a matching basis, be used for 
improving buildings, buying books, etc. A good many of the people 
^t the meeting exr)ressed themselves as thinking this is a ■ooor time 
to be sToending money for further hand-outs. 

There was much more similar reporting but It does not affect the 
Archives. We should of course know what Is going on B.t the State 
Library so thet if outsif'iers asks us questions we will not have to 
act dumb or hand out wrong inf orr.ation. Are you still with me? 

W^^-jr C . Vv4:;Jt^ 

F«j>ort for February 1951 

Aeoe«8ion« TJw Indiix DwpflrtBwnt of the 8«or«tAry of 3tat«*a 
offloft tranef«rr«d r«»eordfl on repl «f«tftt# noiqnired by Soathsst) 
Illinois 3tat# Univ«nilty, aIoo Bowe njlao«llAn«oufl reoordi of 
the 65*h»67th Oenorpl Aeneably. 

The 8«or©tf»ry of the 3eni»tff -trnnftferrwd 0(Mnaltt«c Report* 
on Billfl, 66th 0. A. WrR. McFadden vm <»xtra «Arefal In oh«oking 
in Sen«t« Material for this 66th 0«»n«r«l Aitwibly (19^) b«eAU»« 
It c*B« In «o lAt«. Mr. aitlftr r»mflrlc«»4 to aw, "I'd lik« to 
know iu8t what did hfipjjen ftbont thoeo r*oox^lt. Th»r« w«« lowi-^ 
thin;; funny ther©.* They did not oome until »ft«r Mr. Butler 
flent «i fora-l dewand that the 3<»cretrry of the Senete oompXy 
with th^ lav directing thnt all <jRneral^iifl«»wbly reoorde be 
delivered to the Secretary of State at th«« oloee of each eeeeion 
of the leglelatiire. An eaployee of the Senate irhft had bed oi» 
GoclLtall too many at a party revealed to Mre. MoPadden that, 
■We know who hae those "ennte records beoauae only four people 
carry a key." Whatever It w»8, the "irohlvee waa entirely out 
of the controveray over the transfer, for wblob urn are thankful. 

iveoorda were tr^naferrsd to their respective vaults by the 
following depftrtnents: Teachers* ?.etlr^wint ^r^tew, State 
Treasurer, Superintendent of Public iBstrtiotloQ, Civil Service 
Comalssion, Adjutent Oener-.l, Cowwerce Coa'^leslon and Sxeoutive 
Departaent of the Secretary of State's office. 

The Finance Department, In connection with th» eurrent 
reorganization of State ^overnnent has been asking a survey 
of all apace oooupled by every St«te department. The nan 
meklnfi: the aurvey rrmilred «11 departnents to take hl« into 
the department al veults and Mies Rogers and I took hln throu^ 
the Arohlv-s sections of the building. He reported to Mr. 
Vicars that there appears to be snioh unooeupied epaoe and 
equlpaent In th* Archives Building which ehould be made wa li- 
able for •atorage." Mr. Vlcrs, Mlse Rogers and I conferred 
concerning aprroe In the Archives pgroper. The booke r^oeived on 
exchange from other sti^tefl are being moved In to fill Level 10. 
Mies B»lley 1b removing all the Illinois doousMnts now scattered 
on several levels, to levels 8 and 9* Mew equl^ent bme been 
ordered for the Ax»chlv»'S. 

Secretary of State Barrett, Mr. Vlcare and Mr. Rodgaan 
made a tour of the building with me. Mr. Barrett was dis- 
turbed over what he feared mifiltit be a report which would 
crltleize his administration of the building, but very mob 
relieved when I demonstrated that the FlnaiMM Department It- 
self WIS the chief offender In the matter of ■alttlng on* 
space they had not used. The Attorney Oeneral has i^ver 
equipped or used his vault, so Mr. Barrett wrote that official 
requesting a release of the speoe. Tltet brought Mr. Tlcers and , 

tvo r«ppe««ntAtlre« fro» the Attorney Otiwwil'* office over. 
Lftter Director Mltohell of the Finitnoe Dep&rtaent nade a 
personal Inepeotion* 

My explanation of our use of nuthorlBatlon* to eneure that 
only permanent an^^ othervlee Important dootiseiste ehould be 
tranef erred to the Arohlrefl 3ull.a.lng Beennid to "regieter.' I 
t(?.lk«d records managewent Rn hf^rd a« I ooiild, and Mr. Mitchell 
especially Beemed Imprfsaed. I ?^lflo urged the paesage of the 
amendaent to the St'itp R#»oorcl.p Comnlflfllon Act. 

On instruct lone from Mr- Vicars I made a r«»port on Taoant 
equipment in the Depnrtraental Vault a, connenting freely on 
points about each department. I hope that ^at started out 
as sonethinf; adverse to our long rnnge records prograa will 
turn out to be to our advantagje. _ 


iff Work 
i. ilave had no tine at all in the last two Wfeka'to Ao 

any indexing in the federal eeneue for 1330. The plen for Be 
to work on the namee and for Mies Winterbpupr to fill tn tti* 
blanks ie apparelitly ging to epeeft up the indexing as we 
thought it would. I hope to find »ore time for ay part of 
the work ehortly. 

Hr. Oassady spent most of hie time on nail reference work.- 
We are counting 4^1 recu'^sts for wer service z^oords as geneal* 
kgj i^loh most jot it is. Koet of the recueets are for assist- 
ance in joining patriotic sooittieej a few to establish peBslon 
or old Age aeeletJAnce claims. It is often impossible to 
ascertain the purpose of the inquiry and in a ^tf that is none 
of our business • we are asked for eeyrioe and we give it . 
S«Teral letters hare been requests for service records on 
soldiers buried, in certain oe»eterlea. One letter asked none 
too hopefully tow the Yerrice record on a san whoee widow had 
been refused a pension beoauee of l«ck of proof. We found 
that a man of the same surname hf*d serrloe in a Oonpany 
which was given es the husband* s outfit» whereas her husbaad 
had actually served in Conpany d of the fane regiaent. Thitf 
discovery did the wido''' no good, we suppoee, for the Inquiry 
was on behalf ^f a granddaughter trying to get into the Isidies 
of the O.A.R. Seyernl lettera were froin state secretaries 
(Minnesota and Iowa), in charge of final disposition of d.l.lU 
record*, and the ee were seeking Information on O.A.R- neabers 
who enlisted froo Illlnoie but who had died in their respective 

Mr. Cassady r«>ports having oheoked JZ aaaes In Civil tfar 
service records and 2 naoMts in Spanit^ Aaeriean war records. 
He searched for ^ names in 4 countiea in the 18^0 federal 
census and 10 nanes in 9 counties in the I85O federal cettfus. 
He has also been helping Mr. Bouittree with the Ccrporatian 

- 3 ^ \ 

>lr. Rotmtr«« filed In both the lett»ri R and 8 (Oorporatlon 
r«portii) last month, took desk ahifte s«T«r&l dayfli did 
Bl0o«llAnftoiifl riling, eto* 

Mre. Rotoeaon h*»i finished •tapling th* lUZ r«porti for 
19^7*48, hftfl vork#>d at th« rfiferenee de«k on ••▼•r«l oeoationa 
and don some indexing; and aome filing of nam* Index oardt. 

MiBfl Soheffl«r and Mr. Sa«t collaborated on a apeoial 
Llnooln exhibit, the ohlef arohiral itea being the letter 
from Robert T. Llnooln to Cksverpor Yfttee In Whieh he detailed 
the fipeclficfttlons for the final entombment of hie father at 
the time the Lincoln tomb waa rebuilt in 1901. A list of 
itmes In th#» exhibit ie appended. Most of the llluatratire 
mmterlal vae borrowed from the Hiatorlofl Librar]f . Moat of 
Miee Sohefflfr'e time waP taken up %fith th^ filing of 10,384 
npme index onrds, statlotice on whloh heve been glren in 
preriotti monthe. 

Mra. McFadden hae indexed, ^53 Gaae Co'anty I8^a oenaua 
reoorda, Mre. Robeson 129 oarde* 

Enlargeraente h/^Te been completed on tvro rolla out of the 
I83O federal oeneue. , 

Mr«. HoFadden has been iolflefly working on the n«v aooeaalotna 
for the 66th Oener^l Amnenb'ly, An<v the usuaI indexing of the 
I85O oenaua. ^ 

Painters returned on February 2Q. They are working on 
the 2d floor west. The arohivlat*1i reoeptlon room vill be 
some aa before, elephant grajE. upp«r, white voodwork* inaid* 8 ooral. The lob^ and othe5" rooms dark groea wood- 
work with white trim, light green 'alwve . The 6onfereao« 
Room has a white oeiling with a re4^«nd. 

Additional filing osbinijjW haye been ordered for the 
ArchlTiat'e office and for the Archives vaulta* The fillera 
for tops of cp-fles recently pfbrchneed be«n inatalled but 
not thp phenolite b.'^eea. 

For realloo«jtion of some apnoe in the arohlTal vault, sea 
above under the heading Derarrtmental Vaults . 

Mr. Vicars and the atato Architect's Office inapeotad 
oartain oraoka In the Speoial Vault and in eaoh of the 
oorridors above it. The assietnnt from the Arehita«%*a of floe 
theaa look like structural cracks, but nothing further ha« 
been done, nor, eo far aa I know, has ther« been an/ In* 
sp»otion by a higher engineer. 

Mr. Sanders made an inapeotion with me of some of the 
doors in the Iteporti.menti»-l Vaults which were not working proparly. 

■^3',, ■ --- ' ■:-, 

■ll- "m- 


"V ■''! ", 

; '*'■ -■ '• ■'■ ■ ■ ; 

' -v*!-. 

s;' ,- ■■■ -■..' "^ - 

^ ' .-'■ 

w. ■ 

^' :' ■v""' ■■/" " •"'■':''-^"' ',?.■■- " '^-'-W'-ii^ «;■•■"'■ '. '.■'--' '■■^■^- ■'' '''■■^- '.?"-' ----■■ "'v-'vl' -V-' ^.O-"-. ■.:'■- --^^^ 

|«ifttiiMiiit wft« •«^« <!)«)» 4eor ehi^olc tai%§k • mw «iid diff cptnt ^^ V r^^^ 

■•« of •orwwt t€rir»)» Mn» imi>portliip «i»laaft In 8 w X !• 

Xoosfi at th« t#i? ttpd »t«d» iwv boll^,^ 0*i« dUwP <l!l) V) !• ■^^^'^a 

-rery luiJPd to opoo due to>PMPpog« of tbe Btoot^ doojp flPiMMi. ^- ^ 

Itr- BMTfott notidodiiRd oowioflttd oa tk«fl# ito«« «• X 

Vfcn yorf gX«A to tM «bX# *j»; giiy that thor li«r« boon jrt^orttd. fi^ „ 

y|i«6 th«y vlll b» flxod tiftoMf thing oXifO ag»l« «» 1^ 

.C«rp«fit«r Shoi^< Is very b^ijr:*,, - 

A Hov piiotoiilJNiphiib pHotor waehsr Hm boo* IfiirtAlXod. ^^ % r . 
in the Whoratbxir. FMnHrrly th« Photoitat voohior «»« twift 
both for ^hetdiftati 4^d f<wr pr}:nt«« fHio vos li^oatoolMft .> ., 
^<hKn dl.ffor«iit i^i^OM voro iwMrttlng o^ ^i4di»7tiitr «atorla3>« > 
and" on ^tho - ohoi^t^li^^lMod feT^fflSm tiro proofnooo avo cXiilktXr H 
dlffotfirt. tho «iii^ai««iilft-^a«,ji^t too'toodf- ".;. .^ . . ?.^ ,:-;■ ' ■' 

9tM» Of ottr »tooX^^ ling table fl hac lieen iiianid to 

(k>xxi#tiaho/iiboii. _,^^::;-i; ■,■: - *''..;.-..■".. 

Tl|e ' 0oiif oroaoo Boo* Wi'''ti*od farioo for'#|aff liiltiaff ^-' 
4^ ^oo by a oonaiittoo of tho 9tito lEi^XoyfiMV IpooqlAtloii^ 

"v:",_..:,,.;^::.. ^vCv.:;: • \ - ieopl^tfttXiy o iijp l ttod» 






■4^,s:.: .. ,:.'^'i<:- •• -^ ^- ^'.^A-^ ' •■ , X-^'>" . , '.:-.#' *. 





.*,t. >;. ■ 


■ -■•'■■" ?^£ 

: ■:! - ■'■>- 

■ --Si - -' : 


;>i^;, ,.,,_,. ._,_, ,^ ,. - 

^ .^.-.,-' . ■•>'-^ -V^K.. .^ 

■!i;l. "■ 

■ .;;• ,- '^:--f- ■,' ': ■;? i:^ . 




.'*- ■■- '"'-S-^^ ;■..'■ •■;^^. 


W..5':- ■■■■:; .. >■=■>,■■.*',.«' i:i;g*:. 


, .5-,-..- :>j|t-,fe.%., , ;.> . ■- ■■ -.J-i' 

^ r^.^" 

_A.' --:: .'■■... -■?<-r-:i" ' ■'•:■■;■';• ./p^ ,:5,/- :""'?■. '■■ '.^■'■'•' v"-; ":'';<,■=:■ ■'•'- ;...:.; •■■5-5:1:;';^-. ,.,:%. 


■'rfc :-i:': .S".n V ■ - ■..'-■■ 


JUport, r#1»ruaryv I95I, n«ld ntltor for *r«b4v<»a 

r s- 

fh« fl«»ld vlflltor pontli^ued i>r#p'*r«tlon(i of p li^nie 
blbllogmpfey pn<\ nnplyaln of II lino I* Inv r«lAting to eomnty 

Aa ft taxpayer of P»orln (kmnt^ (on his p^r9«n<>l 9tati3ii«»vgr} 
hft vnrotft to Attoru«jy H/ JMl** t^tgrgRT)* ohplrtwn of th« Pvorla 
SftT A«8oeifttif9n eoeKiitttie onth^ projected Q9tt9ti boa««J|^ 
that oity vltb «p*»ol*il 3»*fer«ne# to county rtrtfoM luiafig^* 
Bent. U« ft lino iiont to Nr> J« Flfftehf^r X«nit^on, local 
eoneultlf^^ fteii^it<>ct| o«»rtfti« r^comnsiidatLons for #fltftbilsh- 
SMint. of iMi arehinm dopArtvent in ,th« projACtM building* 
llif^jpo i^omR«iid*tioiifi wtr* oontf)in«d in l»tter« «Meh ifvro 
r«o«iv#d sereral yon re ago on th« eubjeat fro* Klsf Hargiftrot 
0. H<^ton, llllnoi* Aro]i^v^i«t« And Mr. R. D. V. Oonnor« 
Uaitod 8t»t« ^r<^lTi«t. ; 

He ft0cl«t«d in ol«oil% a display of dooiOlNlta anA'. 
ph«togr«tpha iX)a«trating th« Unooltf Ijhqpb and tho LineolB 

J I -, . 

. 'fc 


-» V ,' 

Lincoln Exhibit, February 1951 

"The Lincoln Toab" was th« subject for the exhibit placed In the 
Mueeua Room of th^ Arohlyee building in Febjruary. A letter, addroeaed 
to Oovemor Rloh'ird Yat«« by Robert T. Lincoln, etc ting the nuAnner in 
vhlob his father's body wrp to b* buried when the tomb w»b reoon- 
etruoted In 1901 vbs th-^ focpl point of tb<» exhibit. 

The pi n, flup:g"=>''t'»d by Robert Llnooln eft*»r oonculting with S. 3, 
BemAn, Chlc?igo Arohlt'°ot nnr^ Col. Gulvpr, is a;lven in the letter, 
d«tpd Junfl 21, 1901. A copy of the lptt«»r '-rhloh wafl written by 
SoYernor Y'-teo, pt th«» tlm«» of rfturnlnf; the olfin, p.1so woo diepleycd. 
This Ir-rtT nontAin??d t}ie n^mer of t}:P 'Truate^'fl of the Lincoln 
Monumpnt . 

Threp copies of a new follpr, isrupd by the Dept. of P'^rkfl <=ind 
Menorinls, wer<? epre.^d to forw p b'-ckground. The grf^n folder, en- 
titled "3 Lincoln Shrinps in Illlnolc the Lincoln Country", find the 
gre^n Ink of th* typewritten letter of Robert 7. Llnooln g«ve the 
neoeflsery touch of color to the weft op oe. 

Sereml ftnte concerning the 'omb, y Joint resolution «5ind a 
number of photogr'^nhe of th«» tomb durlrn-- the rpconetruetlon of 1901 
eftd 1030 with other photopr^ ohs, llntpd below, gaTe intereet to the 
eever'^l ooae»» u^ed In dippl^ylns; the m^tpripl. The photograph* were 
fi oourtpfly of the Illinoie St-^tp Hlfltorlc«l Library, 
fl^te f^.lsplnypd verp as foil ova; 

- 1831 «n Act apDropriptln.'T tSOOO to thr- "Hatlon'?l Lincoln 
yonuwpnt Assn." of Sprina^f leld ... to finish the 
Lincoln Monument and iiriprovp the grounds. 
1333 Joint Rpsolution ... concerning the purchrfe of the 

0. H. 01droyd*8 collpotlon of Llnoolnlann. (Mpnu- 
-■ ■ ' Boriptfl '^erp purchpspd by Oliver Barrett and other 

watprlRl by thr U.S. aovt. :n Exlilblt in Ford Theater, 
Wash. , D.O. ) 
1387 An *<ct to create a o^r-f- of TrurteeB to take end hold 
titlp to the Lincoln Home, f^prlrgf ield. . . (Howe the 
gift of robert T. Lincoln to thp Stpte of Illinoia) 
Illuetrptlonr! : 

I'^Ol Reoonptructlon of th'^ Tomb ... Recording to plnne reoea* 
nended by Robert T. Lincoln. Interior of tomb before 
1930 rpconetruotlon. 
1930 Photo of tomb durln- r^confltructlon of 1930-31 • 
Pl'-n of tonb np r^corptructpd ft this tlwe. 
Photo t'=ilc«=n «*l oonoluplon of rededloatlon oeremoniei, 
June 17, 1930 ehowinr Prppldent Pprbert Hoover, Mri. 
Hoover, ^rov. Loul*? L. ""rriprfon, Mrp. '^rnprr-on and other 
dip^natarli^R . Plioto of plpou* glvlrc: hlfltoriofil Informa- 
tion concernlnfr th^ tonb of A. Lincoln in Oak Hidge 
Cewetpry, Sorlmrf leld, 111. 
Color illuBtretion of Totfb pu of today 
I865 Contemporary photop of funprRl of thp martyred President I 
Funprnl train prrlvlnf: In Chlopgo, Mpy 1, I865 
Civil War OffloerP an-^ other dlgnatarlee attending the 

funer-^l photogrpphod In front of the Lincoln Home, May k 
The Globe tavern, dr^jped In black, shot'fn In ol-oto taken 
trorp the corner of Third and Adnme etrp»ta. Dlgnatarles 
nwait arrival of the funer»l train vl?- Alton tracke. 
'Exterior of Old Statp Hou«e 

CrowdB wnltinp: to view the rewalnfl of the martyred 
President. FYmer-^l proceeeion alona; north aide of the 
Old Stflte Rouee. Burlnl vavilt, Oik Ridge CeaeBery In 
which body vae placed May 1», I865 

Photoi of the four groups of itatuery whioh adorn the 
monument, and interior viewe of the Lincoln Home. 


r^^nhurj 1951 . 

n—rtmrr of Bl!at«» Zndex 0«pt^ . * 

HliottllftBi(o«» xMelpetc 65th « €7th a. A. 
rtQath of ofnii*! Sewtft JoarBAX 
r« BotftX*l«B 1947);. 

S««r«t«9rr of StfnaW 

B«ii»t« Goaaittee Imports on Bllla, 

:66th 0. A, -V: 



. '.v;,^, ■ yi-t., 


■':-K -■ 

X- :■:», 

;"^ _ ;^ •* ' 

' ^" 


^ '--^ ■! ' r ^ 


.-J^JT*-" ■''" 


- . - '■ >.-^' 

= '.^-: 

'j'- - ' ' 


' ■•■"' f. 'A 

> • "" ■■ 

* -"s,^ : 

.u:.. ^■■- ' 

-;-i^'' -';• 

'r. ;■.*•',''■.• 

■ ^!',- ■ ' ,.'■■, 

...■- ^ ■ ■ A-*- 

.-« •*-' 

s-''*,-;:i -.,. 


-= -'©^ 

' '■-'-? r ■ "' 

■ ^<-','< 

: ' , .'• 

'..■ •■■ ,*•'. " [ ■ ^ '-'_' : 


■'- -*: 

, FabruATy 1951 

Boutin* D«pArt»«ntal Calls 
S««SN»tiiry of 3t|it« 
Corpor»tlon D«pt . 
Anzmal reports 
Index Oftrtt 
St«outiT« D»pt. 

!8jt»«tttlvc register 

Index D«pt. 

Deeds to State property 


Earftllfd laire 

General Ae«4i*blir 

DepartDertt of Registration an^ IRduoation 

Real estftte salesmen , v^ 
Klsoellaneous ' 

ArohlTal Technique 5 

In person 

Bf aail. ■ ;■ ;/ 

Disposal of records 
• i In person 


Itf person 

Federal oenstis I85O 
OlTll war serrloe records 
I Spanish Amerloan imr serrloe 
f Coanty hlstery 

Hane Index (Phone tfalle onlj) 
Br nail 

ClTll var serrloe reoords 
^ ' Spanish Amerloan war 
Oensue, etc. 

* In person ^. ' 

Constitutions of 1818 and 18*^7 

SC' By mall -'■■' ■' :'' " 

Hlsoellaneous nail 





'2 "- 








dx^nd Total 



Ram# lnd0x 

FedUnTftl o«n«Uft I830, Knox C6. 
Cro0« ref«reno« , 



- „.^- . ->■ 

■t c* 


■. 'S*; . 

... . ^ v 




:. A 



-':<: V * TAtriff ADMiaaxoNS 

Pmhrtwiry I95I , 

Adjtt$«nt (HneVRl . 2 

Auditor of Public iteOQunta v. 7 

Civil Strrloe OoBpoisslon i*^ 

IlIlBoif Cowmmpp* ecundssion 1 
0«pt. df Firuino* -^^^-'.-.^^ .--'':'C^^- C'-^ 

Xlllnole Liquor Cksi^trdrl Oonmiation 1 

iDopt. of Mints * Minerals ^^ 1 ' W 

Supt. ©f Public Inetruot ion f # 

D«pt . R«sictr«ti0it 41 Sdnoation 27 

80er«tiiry of State 

■-"' ■T''^•^ ': 

> ...^ *f'-:^' 

Corporation Dapt < 

'■■ ;-ii^ . 


J Court f Ola-iaf 

Cx^outiva D«pt. 


IneUpe Df!»t. 


'-^^^^■\ '1 

a«ouri'tia« Dipt. 

■' L 

■: ■■ -p-z. 

8ta.t« Tr#a«Ur«r .^ 
Dir. 6t WataVwaJ^a 


:f. ,*? 


,X ,, <,,;". 



P«bw^ 1951 


State" Library' '^ *r^:.-,---- ■ - 

: AdolniBtratlTft Offlo* 
.; Arohtyaa 

iSnlargefflante 1830 mlopofllK 
_:■ :r\\ (Vol. '11 .;^ 

Oorp<Jratlofl' D«|?fi;-v. - ■ ' '.^^ ,.:-' .''■":;.:' 

Index Bspt. ',-';;-'"'"'- ;f^; :;■„ '^ 

Safety .WRoofiflibiitty ■'•■":'-"/■; ■:'' -.i^- 

Publloltyi (8*0. St. e9(7Ut> 
state Ltbrp.rjr 

'^hlMtB ■" ■ " 

Stat « LI brary J Archlir e e 

. - Exhibit •:..■:.-.;. ,-n . 


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^,;r-'JiT' -JV, '■ 

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... ■ 'jC:' ■ 

■ v-'rsv:. 

-«.-! ;^ 

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/:,..sS'" * 

V ■'■'■■■:";■ 

-<■ " ^ ' 

- - 


»»- " -= 

- -. ■:-*•; 


^* .■- A-'-' 

i*'-,' ■■■" 


staff Mpetlnc 
March 6, 1951 

fr Ml"s Rogers read a note from Miss Steurnagel, retired librarian 

* from Belleville who used to be on the Advisory Committee. On 

- January 1^ she broke her ankle, on February 6 had her gall bladder 

) removed and on Feb. 16 had a hernia operation. 

>'/i''«^ There is a Senate bill before the lep;lslature to requ-ire a ^0 hour 
/ week for all State employees. Saturdays we would be off but we 
would have to work 8-12,1-5- 

r Senl^ate Bill 1^7 provlcies for a State G-overnnent Econony Conr.lsslon. 

This Corarriisslon, if created - and it will be - will survey the work 
of all Stf.te 8n;encies with «. vIot^ to curtailment and elimination 
&f unnecessary State activities and curtailment of Str.te appropria- 
tions. Miss Rogers warned us that we can expect to be scrutinized 
carefully 8.nd told to cut out some of our work end to prove that 
we are doing ^-^hat we wi'll be a "flowed to continue in the most ef- 
ficient manner. So far as the Archives is concerned, it woulri be 
my guess that they may think we could cut out some of our genealogi- 
cal work, though if that is what the taxpayers demand from us in 
the way of service, and it seems to be, we will have to continue 
it. I think we should concentrate on getting; our census indexing 
as far out of the way as possible. As a matter of fact, I think 
thet justlfipd because of tlie time we ha-ve to spend on servicing 
calls when we do not have indexes, but I susnect the indexin,';; will 
be a likely tarr-et. Anyhow, be prepared, if the bill passes, for 
answering a. lot of questions about your work. 

Miss Rogers called attention to the nev/ A.L.A. namphlet on recruit- 
ing librarians, since many more will be needed in the expanded 
programs. One page shows a picture of one of our State Library 
exhibits. Another page has a list of accredited library schools 
offering courses in rural vrork and extension. Personally, I have 
too vivid recollections of our recruiting for librarianship Just 
after X'^orld war I and then the passing of the hat when the depress- 
ion hit and the librarians were rated at a dime a dozen, Anyhcw , 
copies of this Ilaflet will be distributed at our regional library 
meetings, to visiting students, etc. 

The fieoria Public Library report was clrcul?ted. It is quite 
clever, being largely cartoons - or rather, a cartoon on one side 
end the answering statistics on the other. The work was done bv 

Karl Brown who has been er^.ltor of Library Journal is returning to 
Nex^r York Public Library and Mrs. Helen E. Wessells will be the new 

Congressional Bill HR2988 has been amendM to include libra.rles 
among the things to be Included in corinunlty projects to take care 
of the ImDact of war j.ndustrles on com.m.unitles . 

Bill 556 which gives home rule to the I^lstrict of Columbia transfers 
the government of the Public Library at Washington to a local board 
from the former Congressional Committee. 

The n^w postal bill HR2982 increases r^ostcard rates to %.Q2, doubles 
rates on 2d class mall (magazines and newspapers), also on 3rd class 
mall. Increases cost of special deliveries, etc. It does not affect 
book rates. 


At prenent there are no restrictions on library building; construct- 
ion, but libraries do not havp a s^'ecial priority rating. V/e get 
a bett'-r priority rate 5S a derrtartrnent of stste governnent, hoT-'ever. 
By July there will be calculations of military and civil needs 
and the U.S. Office of Education vrill develop a catalog useful to 
libraries in the natt'T of priority ratings for paner, cardboar*d, 
small electric motors, etc. 

A recent c^sange in 'lie customs acts increases the amount of duty 
free books libraries can purchase abroad from $100 to $200. 

At the last staff meeting MlssRogers asked everyone to clean out 
their desks and in the future to clear their desks every night. 
She says there are still a few roaches in the Centennial Building 
and wants everyone to get roach hives from Miss Santarelll to keep 
in their desks. That does not aooly over here, because vre are to 
report to Richard if we find or see any Insects anywhere in the 
building, and he will Immedistely snray. 

Each unit head is to be sunplied with a flashlight to be ke^nt vrhere 
everyone knows vfhere to find them. Ours is In the sunply closet 
off my lavatory at present, but after the i^ainters get through I 
rilan to move sunnllpg from that closet to the cabinets in my corner 
office. More first aid kits will also be aveilable. Formerly 
Richard ke^t ours because most need seemed to be in the ba.sem.ent. 
I think perhaps I ce.n get one to be kept in my office which will 
be handier for most of us, 

A.L.A. has has for com-m.ents by I-'prch 15 on the re^^ort of its board 
on standards for education of libraripns. A committee from our 
staff was a^Toointed to take care of our comments: Mrs. Curran, Miss 
Cavies, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. Langston and Miss Eegan. 

Each unit head was asked to exam.ine Sanders: Making good tees 
better which is based on one of our co'rmunity relations circulars. 

Miss Rogers is trying to get the prof-ram for the National Association 
of State Libraries arranged so that they can come to Springfield 
on Friday instead of on Saturday. 

Mrs. Curran announced that the staff manuals are ready. We have 
had eleven requests to borrow this a.lreedy. Each m.ember of the 
staff is to read s.nd sign the staff manual, with date . The manual 
for us vrill be in m.y office. 1 copy of the manual v/ill be at 
A.L.S. headquarters, 1 at the University of Illinois Library 
S :hool if they want it and 3 sets of the n volumes each will be 
available for loan like ordinary books. Our own office copy is not 
to be loaned, and coriles are not to be given Kway. Herman hopes to be back at work by the 12th of March. 

Miss Wlckre of the Reference staff has te>en a leave of absence for 
six months on account of her heath. 

The regional meetings nlans are coming along well. The nearest one 
vrill be at Lexington, near Bllom.ington. That toT%m vrill get its 
first library tax m.oney as a district library this summer. Since 
"t hey hev" an t ^ndow e d biuilding they had to set up a separate board for 
the building so the ref;ular board Tjould receive tax money. 

Thp Columbia district library has been formallv launched. The 
-eyor ^resented the first book, a Bible, at snecial ceremonies 


held on Washinp;ton' s birthday. 

The regional meetings will have fewer sioeeches, more ""buzz" sensions. 
To clf..t.e no one on the Sta.te Library has asl-ted to go to any 
refrional meetings. Mi.qn Roarers hopes that not only unit hpads but 
stai'f members will go. The meetinrrn will be held in April and the 
list is posted on the staff bulletin board in the Centennial Build- 
in?: (.lust Inside stacks behind loan des>:. ) 

Mrs. Arzinger has returned to work. She is out now helping to 
plan regional meetings and making visits. 

Miss Ringering reported that the Banville bookmobile vrent into 
operation February 25. I"*" if^ working ■'■rith the public schools and 
m3.king four stops at present. G-irls on the renala.r library staff 
will ope i^ate 8n<?, drive it. 

1000 books have been loaned to Dwight reformatory for women. Pre- 
viously there was only one library, in the recreation building, 
e.nd the rules for drawing books were so coraplicated as to make it 
improbablj? that any inrnates would make use of the library. Now 
there is to be a library in each cottage. This new system Is 
to be written up for Illinois Libraries . 

There is to be a new college end university libraries column in 
Illinois Libraries . This x-rill list collections of books in foreign 
libraries, to facilita.te Interllbrary loans orj behalf of displaced 
oersons. Miss Rogers asked the State Library Advisory Board about 
purchase of books for this purpose but the board said No. They / 
felt displaced "oersons should be encouraged to learn English; 
popular foreign books are hard to get, usually in parser covers 
and of a quality of par»er which does not lend itself to binding. 

Progress is reoorted in moving. As the Archives staff probably 
knows, the sur'/eyors who went through the huilding said the 
Archives Building has a lot of space which should be made aveil- 
a.ble for storage purposes and the Secretary was inclined to put 
autc'iobile files in our archives vaults. I protested violently 
saying that there is no way to shut off that part of the building 
and that vre simply could not have Tom Dick and Harry wandering around 
amongst/ the records entrusted to our cere. We finally compromised 
by agreeing to the library bringing in some of their Inactive 
books, chiefly exchanges of publications from other states. Miss 
Bailey Is consolidating all her Illinois documents on levels 8 and 
9, these new books will be on 10. Miss Bailey will service the 
reference requests for these also. 

Miss Santarelll then gavp a talk on the Inventory which she keeps 
on behalf of the State Library for the Auditor of Public Accounts. 
A perpetual inventory Is kept but the work is concentrated in 
July and August with an annual Inventory report filed in September. 
Every month a report is given. Miss Santarelll and Miss Bowles 
form our board on disrosal of property, and everything has to be 
accounted for. Everything except books and pictures has an inventory 
number, with 3 caMs on each item., arranged by number, by classi- 
fication and by location. A -physical check is made each ^e&r, 
^id:it-ers-4^ake ex>ot ehecks at Irregular intervals - one was around 
our building yesterday. Because this inventory is required to be 
checkable at all times, It Is very important that no furniture 
and especially typewriters be moved from one room to another (In 

the case of typewriters, from one desk to another) without notifying 
Misa Santarelll. She is going to make a recheck on the second floor 
of the archives after we get through with the painting. 

No inventory of our book collections has been made for 50 years. 
It is probable that such an inventory will be ordered, which Miss 
Rogers thinks would be a good thing as it would show not only 
what could be eliminated but also give us a chance to withdraw books 
mlsaiing for some time. At present our accession records serve for 
inventory purposes. 

Transfers between departments have to be accounted for also. Recently 
Miss Rogers made an exchange for some D.6. fans which the Printing 
Department left behind when they moved from the Centennial Building. 
We got some files from the Service Recognition Board sever«-l m.onths 

There was only one other thing discussed at the staff meeting two 
weeks ago of particular Interest to us here in the Archives. Miss 
Rogers wants the phone answered: State Library; Archives Department 
and wants everyone who answers the phone to act and sound alert and 

Please read, sign and pass on to some other member of the staff, 
when the last has XKXMKK seen it, to return it to Miss Winterbauer 
for signing. 

March 20, 1^551 

There will be a movie entitled "Inside the Library of Congress" 
shown in the Centennial Auditorium April 3 a"t ^'-3^ s^nd repeated 
at 10:00 A.M. Miss Rogers vrants all staff members to see this. 

Regional library meetings. 23 have signed to go. 

Miffs Rogf-rs wishes to thank all those who helped with Miss Skogh's 
tea. She said Miss Lillie reported that Miss Skogh vras tired the 
next day but showed no other after affects. 

Those wisliing to ettend A.L.A. or N.A.S.L. should make their hotel 
reservations at once. The Drake Hotel will be hesdqusrters for 
N.A.S.L. so the State Library staff should go there. Miss Dieck- 
haus has reservation blanks. Major Lohr, State defence head has 
declined an invitation to talk at the N.A.S.L. banquet but an ef- 
fort is being made to get Li^ut. Gallagher of St. Louis to s-ne ak on 
control of subversive elenents. 

Attention is called to "Sort" the A.L.A. hearquarters staff bulletin. 

Bimingham Public Library headed by the former Emily Miller (of A.L.A. 
staff, I forget her present name), has cooled Mr. Myers' Bulletin 
entitled Books on Business, Science and Technology and is issuing 
a similar bulletin with the same I'orinst. 

Mrs. Moore, retired State Librarian of Tennessee writes that the 
Tennessee State Library has Just b°en seoarr.ted from the Education 
Department and will be under its own board under the Governor. The 
contract for the new building has been let. 

"Education Progress In Chicago Pv^'^llc Schools", a bulletin, often 
has articles about libraries. 

The Connison Associetion is i-'-;uing a phonograoh album, of transcript- 
ions of radio speeches of 1"50 at The staff thought we should 
purchase this. 

The Catholic Library Association will meet in Chicago at the Hotel ^"^ 
Sherman March 26-3O. 

The Illinois A3soci£.tion of School Librsrians will be meeting April 
13- 15 at Allerton Place. Nora Euest, national consultant on library 
services will speek on Friday night. Members of the State Library 
staff interested in a't'tending should contact. Miss Dleckhaus. 

Attention vr?s ca''led to Miss Norton's rersort on the International 
Congress of Archivists vrhich apiopars in the May issue of Illinois 

Mrs. Curran, chairman of the staff committee on the review of 
the I.L.A. Board of Education Report reported on recommendations 
supplemental to that re'oort: . ■ 

1. All instructors in library school should be required to 
have one year of practical library experience in ad^dltion 
to their forme 1 academic training. 


3. Instructors in library schools should be require to return 
to the practical library field every feif yf^ars. 

3« They should be required to present credits for ^ semester 

hours In teaching rr.ethods, (i.e., as their own qualifications) 

k. They should be required to have taken general courses in 

5. Each should have dore sufficient work on the subject to 
be considered an authority in the field in which they are 

6. Sumrner term instructors should be people in the field Kho can 

give practical experience. 

There was some staff discussion on that point, some feeling 
that the average summer school teacher does not he-ve sufficient 
teaching technique. 

The civil service exaninatldns for library (including archives jobs) 
have been postponed until fall. The new classification titles can 
not be used until after July 1. Higher bracket exa/"-l nations will be 
oral. Miss Rogers asked out OT)lnion about "''he best tine to hold 
these examinations and the recomivindation was for July or September. 

In the March issue of Illinois Libraries (■n,lii-6) there is a blind 
ad for a library assistant. This specifies that no one over ^0 should 
ap-nly. Miss Rogers explained that this is not for an Illinois State 
Library Job - we have no are limits other than that for retirement - 
but is for a Job at Macomb State Teacher*' College. There are two 
vacancies there: au.dlo-visuel with some general circulation work, 
the other, technical processes. 

Mrs. Ennis' exhibit, scheduled for this week, has been postponed 
due to the death of her mother last week. Another old relative has 
died this vreek, so she will not get back until next Monday. 

The Easter exhibit will go up next, then the one on Books as a Mail 
Order Business (Mrs. Howard and Mr. Pierce.) 

Miss Rogers' mother is not well today so Miss Rogers closed the meet- 
ing rather early as she was anxious to gete home. 

Report for MAroJi 1951 ,' -i- ' ■ - .- ^: ^'" .'^. - 

-A9 Index D«partii«nt traii«f«>TT«d 12 title paper ye oorda 
relating to rfOent purohnaea of Ir'M by the Stftte for Southern 
Illinois UnlTerelty anA Dljcon Springs State P«rli. 

The Illlnole Legieletlve Counell treneferred Ite r«»aeAroh 
data on R reoent study relating to city ©ourte and polloe 

maglatrjstef. . 

Th e tTng ro asi rig end Enrolling Clerk of the Secretary of the 
Senate transferred 796 doeunente for the 1^^9 regular aad 
1915^ sp«»olal eeeelone* We now hpve most, but ap!:»rentty not 
all^ of the Senate reoorde for theee two eesJ!iloB«» 

7hn Agriculture Departmnnt tranef e)e^ed the AgrloultuTcl 
Statijitloe for the ye«r 19*^?. 

J report lln;fti^^ently empty files in the DepMUPtneatal 
VnultMi w«a made for Mr. Vloars, chief olerk of the Secretary 
of State's office^ at hie reoueflt. 

TlMitlt epaoe hajs heen reassigned by Hr. Vloers ae 


Lerel 12 K. B«iyB U-.5. To Operator** License and Safety 
Keaponeibility 'Di|leione of the Autopiobile Departaent for 
a^erofilniag their reeorde. 

Lerel 10. JWI*th Biyf 12*J©, 16-17 and perhape Bayi^, to 
¥ea«^re 'Jletirement Byiir^eii for current re«<^df.: Bay 13 l« 
at Resent 'Occupied by the Liquor B«v«nMi# DiYlftidH of the 
Departeeiit Of B«t«iiue.,1lhen asked by Kri Vloari If they 
«ould be illiain^ t<i exohenge Bey IJ for Bey 2 (foraerly Tmrmvfn* 
Lnatituteh Kiec ^naelpjin eaid i^ thought prplBebly the 
materiel t|i«re oeu-^ bp^ deetroyed under their inre sent dl«- 
poealc la»J^. Theee bays i*ere f«Mr«erly aesi«ieft to the I>epart« 
ment of F^rgboe btit.nereir used* The Dspartnent released ttxi» 
specs et le*. vionre' reouest. . ., . - - 

1^ equipment froci these bars on level 10 is being trans- 
ferred to ierel .!,« Archives vaults. Mr. ViCRrs say 4 that 
any departwent JlnoKlded in t|ie appropriation for eouippii^ 
departnental vatiltf nay hnve any of this enulp«ent treneferred 
to its vault on r#«|ti*«t* The Oivil Service Oosusi a sloe hei been 
trying to buy some ehelvlng for soAe tlne^ so X iMLve offerreA 
thew part of the i'^ilwlf ofibtnete from these h/kTW* tl»e have 
not yet inepeoted tfiie but I expect then to want It. All 
braoket shelves were resioved to the Flnanee I>epartf»nt's 
reaaiaing beys at. their reaieset. .■■■'■W ■„? 

Depsrtsjente traneferring records to their vaults this °? 


The Attomtr d^MTftl «»«faa«d Wr. ?£©•»• r»<nt««t to 
r«llaqul«h Vault 8 S»«t, n«T«r •qulpptA. I do not fhlnk 
he hae reoor<^ itff peraaiMnt Talue, but % have not Ihnib 
ooneult^d foniaily a^ut traiMfera at i^iit. 

I hiiTe dd2« inreliftiiuiirx Inddjciag (tout iwt ohfOklng) on 
eeren or eight otfuntlee of the I83O federal een«ua« inoluding 
the l»r««it oounty, (Gallatin. Mlaa Vlnterhatier le working 
on the lia ting of ageo, eto. on eaOh oard. Rext BOnth tfo 
hope to hove eose atatiatioe on our voirk* A« uouall/ happono 
i*h«ii I atart a project like that, wa adatnletpatlTe work hat ^ -^ 
takfn me hither and jron and I havon^t amch to eho»r in tjiOk 
way of aooompIiehiMir^a . two of tho four rollf for the H30 ^ 1, 
fll« ha»o boen enlargod. 

lir. Caeead/ haa to«*n fulljr oooupled xith referonoo vortc 
thlfl last oion^, though ho hae fo^Bd tlno to ho^p l^» l^ntroo 
with the filing of Oorporatlon r«p<Krt«. A teparata voport on 
referenoe woi* follovo the ger»rp.l report on at«iff fdtlTitleo. 

jHro. )teFaddon h^a apost ujuoh time on the Senate reoords 
for the Mth (kmoral Aaaeshly. aie had filed ipMijr all thoao , 
-i^ioh had oone oiPOT previouoly. Thia. now aoooaolon roportod 
upon atoovo roouirod ooneiderable ahiftitie with whioh Mr. Kountroo 
aaalated. Kra. ffoFadd^n sileo indexod 360 namea in the I85O 
federal oenaua for Caas County and filed «owe Corporation 
.index oaSfdii-* . z^. 

;" ' Kr. Boantree hr.a filed part way thru lott^r •?* for 1^7 
and 19<»8 repoirta/ and ftll 10»« reportF for the two yoRro art 
f ilod thru "2*, lorrtnar only 19*^5 A-N and 1950 "not for profit!" 
and T-Z for 19^ and 19*k8 to be filed. Mr. Rountr** haa alao 
taken the dook a few times, n5«»de aorae referenoe aeaMhoa. 
checked in and ahlfted re^^orde, B^de exhibit algno (for Oontoiinial 
Buiidiivr exhibit*), etc. 

l*r#.^ Ifbbeaoh haa >een filing o#n«ua o^rde (protiaiinary 
to inoertloin in iifin file), and haa boen-otepling reporto 
-afi«^«1^1fr. Kountroo* * 

Hiea Sohoff^ has flRiehed filing into tho^sain AaM index* 
all oentuB indi* rfadj to data, mAkirw croao Peforittooa'TLf 
neoded* Sha naa ehooxod in niw booke reooived for the Referenoo 
lAbrary and filed the oarda for oaBo. she reporta *fZ cards 
typed and 3 oholf oarda typed* but ae we don*t hate a card 
the If liat for avohival aaterial Z do not undorotand what 
:Ohe aoaiM. '■ ■--.-•- .;■# -:■ 

Tm oeoond floor >f the Archive « Building haa been redooo* 
rated. Hoot of the 9onth we have been OKhwd about* whloSi^ oo«o« 
^at aeoounti for leta apeoifio otatifltioo than «f«taX* 1 
worked on oonaua rooorde downstair duHhg tlMi ^^no mr •ffioot 
wore being worked on. The root of the staff were re«ovod^ *o 
the eooond floor lobby which they found more ooaf^table than 
expeoted - in f^t, I think they found the light and air 
better than in the old of floe. 

■■ . .1^-- •-■■' 

.is". ,, 


;■.-. .^' . "-'I 

',;--"..*■ *- " ' 

^"■■■'jii; /; 

'\-^' . ■ ■ *^ 

:z- .-Ja-^- .,; . _ 

- - . . 

"»'.■ ' 

. * ■■-'- 

■■'>.:, - 


:'" p ""■ - 

.' f '' 


^' 'if1:'i-' :., 

. ■ ,.--«r 

- i'" j' 


; ^ •5-tf.-. ; :-, 

. ■ -•' . •-•.• 




*" . ", 

■ '.-:■ 

■;*.J- " • 

" ' - '. 



■ -'. -^*V ',' ". 

■'■ .■^.-^■^■■■ 

:, '.\f 

' >i- ' 


■ '- ■ . ■ '^.r'.,-' 


-.*v ...-■■ . 

EtArrangenents of apitof pertnits me to use th« *arohlTiflt'fl 
workroom* for Junt that^^ And th« oomer offieo as a reoosttion 
roon. All ttAff exoept Mr. CastaAy* Rr«. NoFaddon and Mr« 
?ountr«e are now housed In the *8eoretArx*<B I'looil.' Suppliea 
vflll be kept In th# oupboard In tlie reoeptlon roioii« and tk^ 
BiaterlAlfl fonMrlj kept In thone cupbomrde tranff erred to 
the eupply eXoaet off the arehlvl8t*8 toilet. Staff nov uae 
the eaat entranoe to the Sp^olal Va«ilt inetead of that thru 
the toilet. Mew ehelTee to be ereeted In the arehi^iet** 
workroom will hou««t the laws apd offloe reoorda^ relietf^lng: 
oT^rorovded oondltlone In the bookthelvea in the corner offloe. 

ThA oolor eoheaee aret ttbnfertnoe rooBi idilte oolllng with 
one flamingo trim line; arehlvlat^e workroom door* and panelled 
dado fpreet green with white trln. upper w&lle light green* 
white oelllng with dark green atrlpe In e^mleei arehlTlet** 
offloe: white wooAwork, rxpptnr iwilla and doors dark i^aylah 
blue vrlth ^ite trlB)* Ineldv bookoaeee and one trl» etrip in 
oelllng flawing©, hew draperies : eut#r offloe blaiah gr«eB 
doors and dado with ifhlte trlra, upper wAlle e«me light gi^tn 
ae In arohlrl«t*e w»rkroofflf lobby white oelllng, woodwork 
forest green with ahit^ trli», forest green jpanel In o«nftle«. : 
A Aew red la«p has been added in the c.rohlvlfit'a workrooai. 
the etalrway leading from the eecret»ry»e room to the Harlow '^ 
Room hft« been pointed a light gm^n. The etalrw».y to the 
ConfereneeJ^oow and the Harlow Room are etlll nnflnlehed. ^ 

The ploturs* of the State ieal, painted on p;l^e>0, whlOh 
formerly was a pnrt of the oelllng of th*» H'>us^ of Representa-. 
tlvea In v.'aflhlngton h4s.a be«n mountod aai hung In the aeoond . . 
floor lobby. 

- Ar9h?.T«eJ^f?ygW- 

Thle fflonth we had innulrles from 22 etatea nnd the Diatrlet 
of Ool\wrt>la • Alabama, Arkftntfaa. California (8). Colwrado (3), 
DelawRre, Olatrlot of OoluabU (5), Indiana <;>). Iowa U), 
Kamaas (2), Louieiima, Ml^lfaa, Mlnneeota (3), Miaeoiarl (3), 
NebraekA (*), Sew York (6), Ohio. Oregon \2U Pennsylrania 13), 
So«th^kot«. Ylrglfiia, South Safcota, Waahlngton 12} §aA 
wifooneln. Only 9 Xllinole oltlea and towne were repre«eii«e4l 
Chicago (^), Jolllit, Ladd, Lltehfledl {k - the high aohool), 
Peoria (2), Qalno/, Rook Island, Springfield (1 ^ outside 
oorrespondenoe with other state dep«rtiw»ftts), and Urbnaa. 

Most Of our oorreepondenpe has to do vlth the Adjutant 
Qeneral* 8 records reoently ae<^lred* and gene -logy, v&lle 
we count those Inquiries as genealogical, they are not all 
for that purpose .the Spanish American war Inquiries of ton 
relating to pension olaimB« while some cf the ol^ll war In* 
qulrles are from scoretarios of OAR headquarters in other 
states oompletlng l^elr records or from gravies rogistratloa , 
officers of other states. 

^. ,30 names were searched In the oItII war records to ansver 
26 letters (perhaps some of these were tele^one calls fVom 
the AdJtttatit aeneral*s office); and 5 names of Spanish American 
war reteraiMl to ansifer 6 letters (a repeat aesrch here). 


. % . 

l6 a«»f^' Pitt f%ltei*&i'0«5ii^N^i3iS.0Qi^t«»-V^^ 


i^fioiui for tW mi ^^^m hilf ditym: Coles , 1«vreii9f , 
i^jvtjI^i/feoBfc* lIpaNU^ ana |M#)^ eo«»wtl«» for I850 f* 






.s^^':»w^i^^^^p8»» i««h gj^tltud* fir - tfe»' ^^wJc :i» do ■ fO#;. 

iroa*'f^,j^oannot«) «erv|.e'<»...oa-tti# '■cmrietj^--'v^ii«f^i-'^' «!?•: 
/ frylmlt<^. do' wlwit we «^-h*r<rl .■■""-. v.^i--. ■- 7-'" '■'■ ■•"'■ ^^.-■"*''' '^ 

^^rilS^MWMir^iBd vilKh the *Wilt<«r M bogteifi^ t^ 

^..^^i«f*!*i|fi^- Ib'^.'Jhstlor a«7« ho I10909 'Bi|p.|dpli;:%3l»0' 

' A 


■• S^ 

■ ■:_' 

.■_>■. , 



. !jj. 


■ ■^■"" '- 

■ ' '-■-i 


-; ■■" ^ 

-A ','1 

•; '■'■:'^i 

'■i--"- , 

"■ ^;«:-*' 

"■ .-.V 

% "'"■ ^'"-.v 

" ■■/-*■ 

:^ ' :.£*. 


::f : ^ 

' 1: .■ 


■ '">r! 

:. . -^M -A 



■ '■ ";-- 

;,;;.,. 1 


■« " .,:."'-iJ 

■■ ■ -kf^ 

;- J :r- 




■ ' /•■ %i 

•lC.V'S^ . .-.1 ■ 

I^M «fc 

>, . . \ . ■; ' ..." ■te-'v ■' 

tK;ll^^U*li St. ■ 




o hiti 

.iicmth . -*-'■ 




\-i*' ■- 






,^>. 1,^ 



■' ', ^ -V;: ■■■'-■ 



■■ ^ . . ■ 

■ M ■'.-■■:. -'.; 

'■■■'■ .. ■ , 

■t-I . 

.: iv V. ■ --s: . ^r -^ 

■ ; ■".''fit 


tiW:\. Ci^c>f^r5-v**5;^sM-^j^--*::.;s^ suis^' ■".-.(^f^ ^ ;^;$; 

• -^f-.- i-^v-''i~?-> 

■ '-' 

■ '».; • ■ 

•u •;. ■ ■•>* ^ 

-vV. ■■ >-"«i'ti- 

■;;- - 

■ - ■ ' '' ■f-- 


■'■ '.:| 


■'. r^ 

■~ -^. 




..^:J'J - . 





.■:■:■■.■■. . ';■; :■:. ii ■ •-,;:'< j' '■!■.,■> ' '■".■'■■ ^' . ' ~ . , .' ..i-. ■■ 

... ... ■K-.^.a S'„ . - , -. 

./■ -:■■.. "';■ ■ ■■: ■ ■-:■'•:■•■■ ; . -■ '», 


"?■ .:« 


%«i^#i6uttig^jr!or:'«f .oat of 9t«t« iBdnlyfi'l:' ':''^ 


■5.4 *- 


!►•.•■•■' .^-^fe'*^* •*«»^^" •»».»" f-Prfl»p*'-..c r/;. ^■:-^ ■■■1*! 


?-^lJ:::- ^^- ■ ■•. !..^-.. ■--■., .J-C 


f*- t 

;.'(■ ■>:, 


.;; =-'^ s^-; 

9 "^'i^ 


% -. .'8S#:r, 

■'Vi- "'■ - ■ 

.'■-■■ '-'?;., 

■ V'/' ■'■" ■' ';!^ 

si "■. ' ■ " '-i 

, ■ H- 'S. 


'(■■ ' %<^-v 

-3; . ■■- 

'-'.. 'I 

•r';V;^ ;\' >■?:;. #ftJiit»'^*-tMCS^-;"^ r .i^'-V ,-i^^y:^-'^-''^3 

'. -Ik- 


i.'J'-' .-."' ..':•■.. :'~: ^ ■■■■.:■.. „,.■■■ •:,-■, --.V- . •■.& ■ ^ '■■ - ..■*: •■= .. ;(-■**- "^i,, i;-,-.. ■ ■■; - ' -■ -'-J. 

' ^- •. ■ ■• ■•«;...■■ ■■'-. ■.■■ -.^. ':■ '::K: )t'' ^- i^:^ ; ■■■•■;;. " - " ••„;■■■'■ \ ^..- '■ ' .1 '%t^' ' K ■;■..■ v.g;. 

,;_. A'i':'--iyl- i -y:;.'^:.- ": -I,.. ■■-.-.^J?:- ■ ■ ;=;.,'- ■-■'.. ■ . ■•" .. ■■': 

"'■.■4.^''"'' , ■':;!'"■ ■',, '?■,'• •'>*':!--Hg'W: ■';■, ' ■ -""'^■i'^:'^'- -'""=-v ' ■•- '■ ■ --^ ; -::'J': 

>-.>>.[- •■'•&.:■■ '*^"'*-i ■'-'■' 1 •%-;'■"■ ...•-'..'""■ ',':■. T "i - "'a' 

*^'-i= ■■■■"" .^'i: .;U«-1^.: .-.'—. ... .-:.■.■:;,■ .^'% ■■■-■■ ■:Jr-' ' -^i^-''-..^^-- --'■■' \ ' - '^ 


.. . . .^ .- 

■ ',':-t^'^''^ .1' '■ i ' 

.■.^■^l^,*.■ ■ 

,' ■ .''v^''.•"--^J ■' il- ■ X.,: 

'«■'■-.-<■.' - . •', 

' * 

- ,- ..._., ^p^ ■ ■ ■. 


■" '"'-. A-.- 

. '. ■ . -: -^■ 


, ' ' "■- ^ '■- 'i 

' ■' 'V- 


■■■ ... -^^rv^- :, 

.' ■-- ''. ' 

;;...'®:''''^ :■ 

■*. ■ ■ ' ; 'O'-}/. i_ 

■ ..^" 'V-'-^, ■:- - . 

.':<•;, .- _. 

.:■* ^V ^ ■ ■; - ■ 

.^''*C ~ '■ I'' - '' 

'•:%-i4^:^^ ., ^ ■ 

■*: ^c ' „ -":% * " 

''-^. 'j.-r^;^:- "■ V '" 

'^'-. ■' ". ■.".'■■"'' r.'-' 

.-" -Mr/^r. ■ .■'■" 

■ .- ■»"/>-'.^' , .." 


" i» ■-.-■' - 

''''. '-'. it' -'.7^ 

-■ ■^^: ..-;■.. . -■ -• 

:'■ [ \:^;" .:'.:, 

■-: > '•■, ' ■■- ' ■ 

-V .; . v'-^ .- ...■- 

---• sC '!-f3 

■:. ■(,■ ic.... ■:. ■. 

■'■-.. '■%■ ^,;-, 

M% ... 

■ .v-*^-/^"' 

.:'••■ .''^^V- .. . 

',- .'j; "-..:; 

:^^r^- . ^f^'y^-.., : r,,;^ 


»■."•. 5--.147 ■" 'i^r, . 


..ji ;.-;^.- v-/ 'v;. .".//V'^S'^. ■■: " ■••;■ ■ ■.-■■.,;::^- 'L^-:.. :-"^:",. "-'.*s.^^;.v., .- ■:'■■■. -.--'C-f:'! ■■:^ ;:-■,*...:•.■ '?- 

■,,..-: .£_,., ■-■ ■■i.',-k--- '■*-■■ ■' •■ -■.■•■- .■ • .^ - .. <„;: iTfe'-i ' .:.„-■>■ ,«k.>.. -:■■ v.% .■.■.->-. 

. _^..i,, ■■•;; . : ■',>j-.?; 

- •i?;;i 

^'■'■■.'■-^■■i-^ :■■,■ ■■■■\--.k.. '■ ' .-■..■*:--: .:.-AV^- , ■■. ■■-.?■,*- >-?^.*- -'.':^-4j"V^t 

. B: iy .' •■' ' ■ .■■'•;:■■:,■ ■■ ^ .;;,,■- • ■'■ •-.: .'"^ 

• ■■'t^.:-'V-''.-C.. ■'■■ft". ..V^::?^.-:^>-;;«-:.#rij*i- 

H::';X". ' 

.t-.^:,.. ^.:t...::;- V-,., .- '^ Vw-': ' ^ • ..^- c'' ^uf v;:'v4: •;> ' '■; -^. :>-;,. r.:Ai^^"^!^'-' '^-^ -'^ ./^"^ '^i^ :'-;-. ''C"€ 

"* - ■■ ■ ■■•■ ■" ■ ■"-" ■ y- ^',i'-.'-'^r:-'ff<i^ .c-^-v V >'-;";.-■ V. ^, _:;^--. ,: :.i.;>^t.;. : e^'-e- 


Maroh 1, 1951 

Mr. nillara Vlo«r« 

Chl«f Clerk 

s«or#tAry of Stftt«'« Office 

sprlngfl«ld, Illinoia 

Dcimr Kr. Vlears) 

A report on « surv^sr of apparontly unoooupi«d filing •quip- 
sent in the Tarioue Departaental Vaults BaAe by ■• pereonally, 
on your instruotiont, ie enoloeed. 

In naking this sux^vay X had no aooeea to the InfliAe of the 
baya aSRlgned to thR various Departmente in these Taulte. Ky 
report is United, thejrefore, to the nu»ber of filing oabinete 
and drawers whloh, looking in fron the corridors outside 
these ▼aults, seen to hare no labels. Suoh a picture is not 
reliable beoause the making of filing oabinet labels for their 
records in these bays is the responsibility of the Departaents 
InrolTed. In sereral instanoes, notably the bay used by the