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£'he Brotherhood 


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Frontispiece, Washington’s Last Farewell to his Mother. 

Then — and Now, ........ Herbert Coryn. 299 

Zoroaster, the Father of Philosophy, .... Alexander Wilder, M. D. 303 

“ This Gospel of the Kingdom," ..... Mary F. Lang. 308 

Man’s Relation to Posterity, .... . Lncien B. Copeland. 311 

Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood (concluded ), .... Zoryan. 3x7 

The Evangel according to Ioannes, 

Excerpts from a New Translation of “ The Gospel according to John ”, James M. Pryse. 321 
The New Movement, . . . . . . Annie M. Sands. 326 

Fragments — Strength, ....... Adhiratha. 331 

Brotherhood : — The Hope of the World, . . Cyrus Field Willard. 333 

Cycles of Inspiration, IV. (concluded), .... Rev. W. E. Copeland. 335 

Students’ Column, ..... Conducted by J. H. Fussell. 337 

Young Folks’ Department. 

The Dream of a “ Little Mother,” ..... Sceur de la C. 339 
Reviews, . . ... . . . .341 

Correspondence, .......... 342 

Theosophical Activities, ......... 345 

Mrs. Katherine A. Tingley, Mr. E. A. Neresheimer, Editor*. 


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‘ ‘ U niversal Brotherhood ” 


The Brotherhood of Humanity , the Theosophical Movement, Philosophy , Scienet 

and Art . 

Founded in 1886 under the Title of “ The Path,” bv 





Unlver«al Brotherhood Is published on the twenty-fifth day of the month preceding dale 
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U NIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD is a Magazine devoted to the promulgation of 
the principles of the Brotherhood of Humanity in the widest sense. It U 
an organ whose aim is to show that the Unity or Brotherhood of Mankind 
is an actual fact in nature. If this principle were better understood by tht 
multitude or even by certain classes of Society there would be less strife and 
competition and more sympathy and co-operation. 

The demonstration of these broad ideas from the Ethical, Scientific and 
Practical points of view will prove that there is much agreement between 
these systems on this topic, and that it is an underlying ground-work by meant 
of which all Religions and all Philosophies agree also. 

This magazine will endeavor to show the great similarity between the 
Religions of the world, in their fundamental beliefs and doctrines as also tht 
value of studying other systems than our own. 

A sound basis for ethics should be found. 

Those who would assist the cause of Brotherhood should realize that it It 
of the first importance to discover as much as possible concerning the nature of 
man and man’s relation to the world around him. The laws that govern hit 
physical, mental, moral and spiritual being should be studied and investigated. 

It is hoped that every sympathizer with the cause of brotherhood will en- 
deavor to assist us in enlarging the circulation of this magazine. Subscribers 
will greatly oblige by sending us the names and addresses of individuals known 
to them as willing to investigate liberal ide^s. 

Allwriters who are interested in the above objects are invited to contribult 

It is in the hands of our readers to push the circulation of Universal 
Brotherhood to an almost unlimited extent. All profits arising from tht 

publication of this magazine, or from the business conducted by the 
Theosophical Publishing Co., are devoted to propaganda of Brother- 
hood. All who assist us In this work are directly helping the great 
cause of humanity. 

Please mention UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD when you write advertisers. 

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f ROTHERHOOD is the recognition 
of the unity of the race, the 
solidarity of humanity. It is 
not only a sentiment ; it is a recognition 
of a fact existent in nature. 

The physical constituents of our ani- 
mal bodies are drawn from the common 
storehouse of our great mother, the 
earth, and to it they return. Our minds 
are likewise of common origin, the 
intangible Ether, called in ancient 
Hindu terminology, Akasa. Man’s 
spiritual intelligence is likewise of com- 
mon origin, called by Emerson the Over- 
Soul, or more simply, the One Life. 

These three elements in man corre- 
spond to the three hypostases or attri- 
butes of the atom, recently postulated 
by modem science as necessary to and 
inherent in the atom. These attributes 
are substance, consciouness and will, 
corresponding to body, mind and spirit. 
They are all of common origin and dem- 
onstrate that the men of to-day are made 
of the same elements in which they have 
no proprietary interest and of which 
they only enjoy the use, in obedience to 
universal law. This establishes the 
fact of brotherhood upon an immovable 
basis and teaches the essential unity of 
all mankind. 

The fact of the unity of mankind must 
likewise be considered in the light of the 
theory of Reincarnation in obedience to 
the law of cause and effect. Reincarna- 
tion presents the idea of the human 
spirit’s occupying bodies in stations of 
high and low degree, now high, now 
low; gathering experience that shall 
strengthen the will and widen the area 
of consciousness. If we look on poverty 
and its attendant low station (as now 
falsely considered) we see that it pro- 
vides the opportunity of strengthening 
the will and increasing the powers of 

endurance. In the same way those who 
are rich and occupy so-called high po- 
sitions have the opportunity to add to 
their experiences in other ways by travel, 
education and interchange of ideas with 
their fellow men and thus are in a po- 
sition to widen their area of conscious- 
ness if they will. If such a view be 
taken, we cease to regard poverty and 
riches as indicative of men’s worth and 
come to look on the exhibition of moral 
qualities as the true test. The best cri- 
terion for the valuation of men is their 
devotion to brotherhood. Brotherhood 
recognizes the truth uttered by Bums, 
“ A man’s a man for a’ that. ” 

The truths of brotherhood underlie all 
religions although largely covered and 
encumbered by ceremonialism and priest- 
craft. The religions of Confucius, Zoro- 
aster, Gautama Buddha, Mohammed and 
Christ all teach the brotherhood of man. 
Their defects lie in their later interpreta- 
tions which require that all men shall 
believe according to their standards of 
belief in order to be regarded as brothers. 
Each of them has set up a line of di- 
vision between those who believe and 
those who do not believe. Thus they 
have cleft humanity into many parts and 
destroyed the recognition of its unity ; 
— as though it made any difference what 
a man believed as truth so long as he 
treated his brother as a man and a 
brother. He might believe in the moon ’s 
being made of green cheese or that Mo- 
hammed’s turban worked miracles or in 
the immaculate conception, but in any 
case if he treated his brothers as such, 
the law of cause and effect would bring 
him his just reward. He might disbe- 
lieve in the binomial theory and yet if 
he wiped away one burning tear from 
his brother’s eye and endeavored to 
teach that brother to live so as to pre- 


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vent further sorrow, the good law would 
bring him its compensating effect of re- 
ward and happiness, despite his igno- 
rance or disbelief. 

It is man ’s individual duty to help his 
brother through compassion, the higher 
law. Greater than individual duty is 
national and racial duty. The nation and 
the race should so live as to carry out 
the ideas of brotherhood upon a broader, 
grander scale. Those individuals who 
have broadened sufficiently in their area 
of consciousness to grasp this great con- 
cept, must be willing to devote their 
lives to efforts to induce the nation and 
the race to live up *to the ideals of 
brotherhood and remove the causes 
which bring their harvests of sorrow, 
crime, poverty and despair to millions of 
the human family. 

“The sin of the world is my sin.” 
Each and every one of us is to some ex- 
tent responsible for the sin that exists 
to-day, if not in this life, in some past 
life. We are all drops in that mighty 
river of life that streamed forth from the 
dark bosom of Eternity at the dawn of 
manifestation, and in obedience to the 
universal law of periodicity we are now 
turning back and returning to our source 
and home. This recognition of our iden- 
tity as drops in that great stream must 
necessarily bring about a sense of one- 
ness with all our fellow men. The inter- 
action and play of one upon another is 
also a necessary corollary. It can be for 
good as well as for evil and the race and 
nation can be affected. If each individ- 
ual drop in the stream resolves for good, 
then the nation and race reaches up 
quicker to loftier heights of brother- 

This nation is engaged to-day in a 

war with Spain which has for its object 
to teach that country that it cannot to- 
day forget the laws of brotherhood in 
its treatment of Cubans, its own sons, 
as it did with the old Aztec tribes of 
Mexico and Peru two and three hundred 
years ago. This is the great underlying 
object of the American people. There 
may be other and baser motives in- 
volved, but the one thing that has 
touched the hearts of the great mass of 
the American people is the desire to see 
Cuba free. 

In days gone by we have seen nations 
going to war to enslave other people. 
To-day we see a great nation going to 
war to free a people. Thus is brother- 
hood beginning to manifest itself. But 
when nations get a clearer idea of the 
truths of brotherhood, and that they are 
all brothers, there will be no further 
need of wars. Wars originate from self- 
ishness, selfishness produces competi- 
tive strife between nations and individu- 
als. Generous emulation will tend to 
assist and thus wipe out this selfishness 
in the joy and happiness of helping 

Then shall we see the universal desire 
realized when “ swords shall be beaten 
into ploughshares and spears into prun- 
ing hooks , 9 * and man shall cease to war 
against man. Stately cities shall be 
reared with beautiful and healthy homes 
for all, and the forces of disease shall be 
swept away while the channels of the 
older civilization will be refilled by the 
love of the new. The slum will be un- 
known and all will work with cheerful 
song and laughter. Then will brother- 
hood demonstrate its mighty power as 
the hope of the world and be realized by 
all men in its fullness. 

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