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Full text of "A Chinese Typewriter and Teletypewriter System (paper)"

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Chan H. Yeh 

(International Business Machines Corporation 
Palo Alto, California) 


This abstruct briefly describes an 
electronically operated Chinese typewriter 
and teletypewriter system. 

In this system each Chinese character 
is digitized by means of a 20X24 matrix (480 
grid points), and simplified as a record of 
120 hexadecimal digits, and selectively stor¬ 
ed in a master file within a direct access 
storage apparatus. Up to 9,600 characters 
are available in a system. A keyboard is 
provided for quick access to the master file. 
On top of the keyboard is a character refer¬ 
ence sheet which is organized according to 
the order of Chinese phonetic alphabets. By 
appropriate keying of desired character, mec¬ 
hanism within the control unit will access 
the master file. A graphic display apparatus 
is provided for the display of accessed 
character. The display position of the 
character can be controlled by cursor. A 
group of function switches is provided on the 
keyboard for cursor movement, hard copy, 
insertion and deletion of characters as well 
as for communication with other systems via 
dial-up message switching computer and there¬ 
by functions as a teletypewriter. 

A matrix printer is provided for obtain¬ 
ing hard copy of the characters which are 
'typed' from the keyboard and are displayed 
on the display apparatus. Either horizontal 
or vertical style can be printed by selecting 
the appropriate function switch on the key¬ 
board . 

The system can be used as a stand-alone 
system or as an intelligent terminal for the 
input and output of Chinese characters for a 
computer. When used as a stand-alone system, 
up to 63 additional keyboards can be attached 
to a system. Each additional keyboard has 
its own associated matrix printing mechanism. 

*Patent pending 

Session 9-2-1