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Full text of "Bizarre Comix No. 19 - A Hazardous Journey; Hela's Search For Slaves"

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The Beautiful. b*onde explorer Mora and he* two charming 
assistants Jean and Pamela were in an urxnhatxted part of o*d Moroc¬ 
co. searching tor an ancient tomO whch contamed a vast treasi^e 
Oneday.whdethey were from exploring, they were suddenly 
attacked by a ferocious band ollemale Arabs ied by (XieenRobutta 
the secret ruler of tNs desolate part of the mountains They put up a 

Content that Moira could do no harm, the Arab geH now mi tpon 
Jean and Pamela and rendered them heipiesa as wen So as to ad the 
bonds, the Arab fir* ncped off the temhed get* s* blouses and 
short skirts, leaving mem both m bra and penties Hofckng them hghffy 
by twisting then arms up Behmd thee backs one of the Mrdh 
brought m two horses 

Both of the horses had a ttwck leather strap pasting nght aroimd 
fheir che*s. running between them were two long wooden shafts 
about thre feet from the ground and aome seven feet long Thebenttts 
dragged Jean acroae to the horses and fa*ened her wnsis up very 
tightly 10 the shafts with a leather Wap ao her arms were dragged 

You're hurting my wrists ' complained Jean to one of the gris and 
m reply the bandit tightened the strap ** further Next they fattened 
her ankles to the shafts, puflmg tn# straps even turner ao mai poor 
Jean was helpleatty spread eagled between the shafts, her s*m body 
stunned taut as it arched with the t«ghl pi* of the straps She waste" 
hanging from the sha"s. he» Back toward* the ground her eyes si u 
mg straight up at the sky Then the gets got hold of Pamela and took 
her across to the horses as we" 



tw own body dragged Jeans body lower as she hung Wm the snrfts 
and as she slumped lower. Pamela was needy touting me rou*v 
Ground with her nbs as she was suspended by her achmg *nsts and 

They were now almost ready lo sel off to Queen Robusia at her kj*- 
unous palace F.rsl they had 10 prepare Mora lor me journey She was 
forced to hobble across to the horses and he on me yound A strong 
rope was fastened to the wooden stake which ran under her shoOder* 
at both ends, this was m turn t«d to Jean s ankles so as the horses 
moved. Mora would be dragged along by the rope and me extra 
weight would stretch poor Jean as if sna was on a rack 

Noi content w 4 h this, the bandits next unfastened the chwns mat 
were binding Mora's arms and dragged her legs back mio a kneeing 
position and relaslened her wrists lo her ankles Poor Mo*a was now 
tied in an agom/mg manner and the spoke « her gag prevented her 

A small wooden wheel, funning on an axle was now strapped to 
Mora's legs |ust below the knees so she looked like a human wheel 
barrow As (he horses moved forward. shewoudbe dragged along the 
rough oround balanced by the wheel n she lost her balnea her body 
would fan skleways and she would be scraped along me ground leer- 
inghernosh To add to her dacomtort the bandit chwi ordered one ol 
the girts lo now he a stick between Mora s ankles, m such a way that 

the poni would d« .nio her. forcing her to arch her body away from the 

suck which tried to pwree her flesh 

Satisfied that the* captives were prepared for me* long pure, 
back to the palace the loader gave the order lo (he proceaaon to 

moveon The horsas moved as they toll the sirfiongwhosol the ban- 

dits and Jean and Pamela | 0 *ed up and down between the two shads 
slung between the beasts Jean was m double agony from Pamelas 
weight and from Mo*a as she was draooed Wcnn cetvnd the tariwi 



Each lime they came to stony ground the horses sti/nWed and Pamela 
was jolted downwards so her body scraped along the gnxxxf wfWe poor 
Mwa had lost her balance on ihe smgle wheel as we« and was Deog drag¬ 
ged along behind the horses Her Stan was bang lorn and scratched on 
the brambles which lay along their path 

Alter a journey lasting several hours, the process** arrived at me gates 
ot Queen Rooustas palace Just inside the gales were two large wooden 
stakes dnven deep into the ground and two o» the Queen* servant 9ns 
were tied to them for punishment 

One was bound to 4 m an upright position her arms lashed bervnd her 
so she was clasping the stake, her legs drawn apart so they too clasped 
the post and lashed at the ankles She wore a smae bra and some 
transparent harem trousers Another pole was set n the ground just n 
front ot her Her agony was apparent, tor |usi above her head was a small 
cask ot water dnppmg behind her. nisto*/01 reach01 her parched fcps The 
cask was attached to a harness wh«h fastened to her neck and me more 

she forced her head back to reach the dnppmg water the lurther the cask 
moved also Each tme she arched hersett back to reach me water. her nbs 
moved forward with me effort and me stake pierced her lender skin 

The Other gn was not bemg pixvshed so severely, lor she had been 
bovmd to the post cpwde down, her ankles damped in steel bands at the 
top of the post and her arms dragged back. putlmg her mto an archetMaul 

bow fastened at the wnsts with a rope that bound them to the post Just 
out of her reach was a smal bowl of food and the hungry gin was straining 
every muscle and tendon in an effon to reach the bowl with her mouth A 
heavy wmght had been fastened from her waist, increasing the strain on 
her arms and legs and 4s we^ht was the reason why she could not lever 
her body up Sightly » '•*ch the food 

As they passed by me leader of me bandits, they jeorod at the two 
neiptess g*s and shouted lo Mo-a That wH gve you an idea what «in 
store lor you when our beautiful Queen has seen you' 



ln*fle the Palace. the true® arts were unfastened from then 
bonds and led before the Queen As soon as she saw them she 
*0 ha ve them bound as no one was per 
mitted before her who was not bondage 

, 9°®®" lan 9 UK *V lay on her cushons and watched 

Mowa ^ ho * , "° “’"’paeons They 
selected Mona as then first victim and dragged her across to two 
chains which hung down from the ceiling A strap was passed 

?T* ,0 ^ me * «* ^ cbams 

^ ,he M . ,a ? Tu "^0 a «"*■ "'"b^ass at one 

side of the room, one of the girts raised the chains unu Mona 

IT *?*' ^ ,eel inch « h »n the M 
ed palace floor Next they fastened a rope to each of her anUes 

a ™ fltJKS/E?? '" <,e fffl “ ,h *' “'• Kh ^hd the rope 

was fastened to two small hooks set m the was Fln^fy thev 

clampod a steel gircfe around her waist which was studded with 



Something special had been reserved tor Jean and she wale 
they brought m their equornent Frst they set a tnangutor steel 
in the center ot the floor n was termed of two mangles pmed ■ 
apex by a slim steel rod Next tour large rubber repes were 'a 
up to the ceding and the girts tested them to assure them me 
springy Jean was then taken to the frame and tato so her back 
on the steel rod Intong the two triangles 
Then they tastened her wnsts and ankles to the tour rubber 
so She was stretched out straight. paraMi to the ground, her 
being |ust sufficient to keep the rubber ropes extended so mat s 
rested on the steet rod Next they tastened kxx heavy steel I 
each ot her wrists and ankles, making the rubber ropes stretoh 
her body arched sharply across the steel trame Further ye*, 
were added until poor Jean was strained mto almost a rgM ang 
the steel rod ot me frame 

Queen Robusia got up horn her cushons and examined each ot the 
grts n turn, lest mg me* bonds l»hh she was satisfied they were an 
securely bound 

Seeing Mora's eftorts were succeeding, the Queen stopped to con- 
sder What She could do with the grt who was defeating her designs 
Then a though! struck her and she produced a tong 'eather and gentty 
passed • across the bare stun of Moira's rradnfl She was a tremor m 
me grfs body and sensed her idea w*x*d succeed She called to one 
ot me guards standmg by and ordered the g-t to put a gag m Moira's 

The guard torced Mo*a to open her mouth and then pushed a smalt 
rubber baa between her toeoous »ed K» A truck strap passed right 
anxmd her head and across her mouth, held the ball securely in post- 
ton and her victim was unable to make a sound The queens dark 
•yes gMtered as she saw her plan working She approached Mo-a 
agao and began to touch her bere stun Ughtty with the leather so it 
tokled her genOy V «hadn<« been tor the gag. Mo-a would have been 
torced to laugh despite her uncomfortable positon. but the wile rubber 
baa stopped al the sound from escaping her tips 

*a a re** she was unabte to keep her bretoh drawn m an* tonger. 
m fact she was rea»y gaspmg tor breath As her stomach expanded 
w«th the deep breaths she was tucking mto her lungs, the steel g-dle 
b* mo her wait! that she lefl she was about to burst Sat.sf.ed by her 



Savoring the terror of the three girts as they stared at her, 
Robusta clapped her hands and called her personal atten¬ 
dants. Like the captives, the four attendants were all m bon¬ 
dage and they went up to the queen and bowed before her 

Each of them had brought an article of clothing for the queen 
to wear and each appropriately dressed The first was a tan 
shapely blonde Her slim curved figure was tightly encased m a 
thin leather garment that ran from her neck down to her ankles 
It had been tailored to fit her tightly, but she had been sprayed 
with water, making the leather shrink even tighter around her 

It mokfer to her bust like a second skm. tightly pressing her 
superb figure and forcing her bosom high The leather shamk 
the waist to tiny proportions, then clung to her hips and thighs, 
so she could only hobble with short steps In her arms she held 
a silver tray on which lay a beautiful silk bra decorated with 
priceless jewels Around her waist was a tr*ck chain which had 
another chain fastened to it which ran to the jQirl behind, passed 
between her legs, then putted taut to run straight up her back to 
an iron collar around her neck 

This girl was a brunette with wondertui brown eyes and 
pouting lips She wore only a fine gold bra made of a web of 
gotd cord A tight, golden girdle encircled her hips leaving her 
long thighs bare A tiny gold chain fastened her ankles together, 
but her arms were free and she also earned a tray, on which lay 
an mtricato |ewe»ed headdress 

The next girl was crawling on her hands and knees, harness¬ 
ed to a small cart on which sat the last of the bondage atten 
dants The girl dragging the cart had a small curved headdress 
on which arched above her head and from which hung a row of 
tiny bells that tinkled as she moved A small silver bit was held 
between hor jaws and leather rems ran from there to the hands 
of the pretty auburn-haired driver When the leading girl was 
slow and would not pull the cart properly the rems pulling the 
girls head back gave a sharp jerk, so the tiny belts jmgled with 
the movoment 

Two thick leather straps passed around her shoulders, under 
her armpits and were fastened to a heavy harness that fit 
around her waist and the two straps were pulled taut by the 
weight of the cart, making the smooth flesh of her shoulders 
redden as they cut into her Two chains were attached to the 
harness around her wa<st and these were fastened to the cart, 
while a long wooden pole ran between her legs, fastened to the 
harness The girl crawled forward, the bells tinkling and the cart 
moving slowly behind her 

The driver was dressed in a tiny jockey cap. tight knee-length 
boots, laced from ankles to knees and a small bra that scarcely 
covered the flowing contours of her bust and small sequin- 
covered briefs. Behind her on the cart lay a wonderful silken 
skirt studded with jewels that glinted m the light. 

The little procession came up to where Queen Robusta lay 
on the cushions and halted As they bowed, her eyes raked 
over them, noting their new costumes with satisfaction 



'Now lei's hear you speak.' demanded Robusla and 
she stared at Jean's face as the poor girl realized she 
was unable to close her mouth. She gurgled in an effort 
to speak and her pink tongue flickered between her wide 
open lips as she tried to answer ‘Ha ha' laughed 
Robusta. that will teach you to answer me next time I 
ask you a question ' 

She moved to Moira who was still stretched out. hang¬ 
ing by her arms, the tight clamp around her waist still 
keeping her in agony. ‘Will you tell me your name?' the 
Queen asked 

'Yes. Tm Moira.* the poor girl gasped out. 

'Don't you dare speak to me in that tone of voice.’ 
shouted the Queen 'Guard! Fasten a gag on this girl for 
having the impudence to speak to your mistress like 

Poor Moira was astounded She. too. was ordered to 
be gagged What could one do to avoid the terrible wrath 
of the beautiful Queen of Barbana? 

The guard obeyed her mistress and hurried back with 
another gag This one was made of leather and fastened 
over the lower half of Moira's face like some evil devil- 
mask It was molded to the features and after the straps 
at the back had been tightened, it held the girl's |aw ab¬ 
solutely rigid 

Robusta. however, wasn't satisfied and she ordered 
the guard to make Moira keep her eyes open Using 
adhesive tape, the guard stuck it to Moira s oyelids and 
fastened the other end to her forehead. She did the 
same thing to the lower lids, taping them to her cheeks 
Moira could only stare in horror at the Queen as she 
decided what the next punishment would be 

The four bondage attendants had now finished dress¬ 
ing the Queen and were adjusting her tall headdress 
She ordered them to leave her. stepped down from the 
dais and moved to the three young explorers 
'Now the time has come for you girls to be punished,’ 
she said to the three captives *1 will teach you not to 
come searching for treasure in my kingdom. I have no 
doubt that after I’m done, you will never go exploring 

She moved around until she reached Jean, arched 
back across the steel rod. and said. 'You will be first 
What is your name?' 

The poor girl tried to answer her but her struggle for 
breath and the strain of being arched across the steel 
rod prevented the words from escaping her lips The 
queen clapped her hands, and one of the guards moved 

"She will not answer me.* observed the queen. 
'Fasten her lips with the open gag'' 

The guard saluted, marched away and returned with a 
helmet-shaped instrument on a small silver tray The 
helmet was fitted over her head and two prongs ran 
across her cheeks to her mouth They were curved at 
the end and the guard pushed them between Jean's lips 
and fastened them over her top teeth 
At the back of the helmet was a small wheel which, 
when turned, wound the chain around a smalt pulley and 
thus drew the chain shorter As it shortened, the hooks 
fastened the lower teeth were dragged down and Jean's 
jaws were forced wide apart Obeying the queen, the 
guard turned the wheel till Jean's mouth was forced 
wide open and she locked it into position at a sign from 
the smiling queen 



Suddenly Robusta’s eyes glinted as an idea passed 
through her mmd ‘For the first part of your punishment 
youH be led around the city for everyone to see I don't thmh 
you 11 like that very much' She clapped her hands and 
spoke to the two guards who appeared Take these two 
girts to the courtyard and prepare them tor a walk around 
the city.* 

After unfastening them from their bonds but not removing 
their gags, the guards escorted Moira and Jean to the cour¬ 
tyard to prepare for their harrowing journey around the c*y 

First, they prepared Moira for the procession They 
wound a thick cord around her wrists and then forced her 
arms up behind her back so they were bent at the elbows 
and her hands were level with the small of her back Moira s 
lovely golden hair was twisted into a long plait and tied to the 
ropes which bound her wrists and dragged the ha.r taut so 
the stramg of Moira's bound wrists pulled her ha<r at the 
roots With the leather mask over her mouth, poor Mona 
couldn’t make any plea tor mercy from the guards, but she 
would have received none even had she been able to ask 

They hadn't finished with her yet. they pushed her on to 
the hard ground to carry out the next stage They slid her 
feet into knee-length boots which laced up the back They 
dghtened the laces until the leather edges of the loggings 
met and none of Motra's skm showed through the gap 

Draggng her to her feet, they watched, ready to laugh 
Mona realized what they had done and she stumbled as she 
tried to keep her balance Fastened to the soles of the boots 
were two small stilts around three inches tong With her 
arms bound tightly behind her. tearing her hair from its 
roots she couldn't use her body to balance herself and she 
stumbled around the courtyard while the guards laughed at 

Leaving poor Mona struggling to retain her balance, the 
guards prepared Jean for the procession They fastened 
steel bands around her ankles and linked them with a short 
length of cham about eight inches tong They fastened 
chains to whch was attached heavy iron weights to her 
ankles Then they lashed her wnsts behind her back and ran 
the rope from her wnsts down to the two heavy weights and 
fastened n to them so that, as she moved forward, the heavy 
weights would drag not only at her ankles, but also at her 

Only one thing was left to do-taston the two girls 
together so they could march through the narrow stroots 
together An ingenious method weas devised which made 
use of Jeans open gag' Because her |aws were forced 
open it was quite easy for one of the guards to do some cord 
to Jean s longue When it was securely fastened, the othor 
end was tied to Moira's wnsts so she pulled hor fnond 
behmd her 

Havmg tied the two young explorers together the guards 
tied a rope around Moira's and hitched it to a horse, 
and the Captain of the quoen't guard was now roady to 
move off with her two captives 



The little procession wound its way through the nar¬ 
row streets of the city The escorts blew loud blasts on 
their trumpets, summoning all the girls to come see the 
captives and before long the skJ walks were lined with a 
mass of leering, shouting girts. 

All the inhabitants of Barbana were bondage slaves, 
as was fitting lor sublets of Queen Robusta None of 
the inhabitants wore more than small blouses and short 
skirts, several of them preferred to be dressed m leather 
which had been polished until it shone m the bright 

As the Captain of the guards rode along and the 
trumpeters blew on their horns. Moira stumbled along 
behind, trying to keep her balance on the stilts fastened 
to the bottoms of her boots As she stumbled she jerked 
at the rope - binding her wrists and this pulled on Jean s 
protruding tongue 

After a mile of this weary journey, both girls felt they 
would never suffer anything like this again But as soon 
as the spectators saw the two white girls getting tired, 
they prodded them along 

Seeing the way the captives were tiring m the hot sun. 
some of the jeering girls decided to freshen them up by 
turning on a water hose The jet cascaded Moira and 
Jean in an icy cold blast Their tiny panties and bras 
were soon reduced to a sodden mass that hung bedrag¬ 
gled on their bodies Then Moira lost her balance as the 
wator struck her in the stomach and she fell to the 

She dragged poor Jean with her and the two weary 
girls thrashed about in the muddy water that formed big 
puddles on the road Soaking wet and exhausted by 
their long march, the two g«rls lay on the cobblestones 
and allowed the water to splash over them 

The Captain of the Guard, however, wasnt satisfied 
and she came to the girls and shouted. 'You wicked 
girls, the queen will be very angry with you for getting so 
wet and dirty She is sure to punish you tor this Come 
along, I must take you to the palace immediately ' 

She dragged them to then feet and remounted her 
horse Then, with the crowds shouting and jeering, she 
led the two captives back to the palace to face the wrath 
of the Queen They were a sorry sight as they went again 
through the palace gates 

While her two friends were marched around the city. 
Pamela was still tethered to the tag wheel, now slowly 
revolving. She was horrified as Robusta ordered the 
other girls punishments, and she was ternfied at the 
thought of what her own would be. 



When the others had Deer taken out. Rodusta walked 
to the D*g wheel and ordered it stopped ft stopped as 
Pamela was facing the stern face of the Queen and she 
stared at Robustas dark piercing eyes, trying to guess 
what was m store tor her 

•You are a very nice girt.* the Queen told her *1 don't 
want to purush you as l have punched the others, m fact 
I would like you to become one of my personal mads 
Would you kke thaf 

Pamela dtont kke it. but she was senstoie enough to 
realize it would be safer lor her to agree *Yes. your ma¬ 
jesty.' she said. *lt would be a great honor * 

'Good, then rt a settle I w« ten the guards to release 
you immeoaiety ‘ She clapped her hands tw<e and two 
of the guards appeared They knew at once whai to do 
and undto the straps that held Pamela When she was 
unfastened, she stood before the Queen and bowed 

*1 am your slave, your Majesty .'she sato Pamela was 
a clever young woman and a plan was tormmg m her 
mind if I am a servant of the queen, she thought. I w»h be 
relatively free and m that way I may manage to find some 
way o< escaping and helping Mora and Jean as well 

'You w»» be very good* Robusia sato -bull can see 
you will have to be framed m deportment before you can 
attend me I wWi make the arrangements tor you to be 
tramed at once * 

Making Pamela stand with her back towards her. the 
Queen slid a bamboo rod m from of her elbows and 
passed it behind her back A couple of quck twists with a 
thm cord secured the rod to Pamelas arms Next. the 
queen produced a shm plank and held th* flat against 
the girl's back She fastened it m povton py a cord 
around Pamela s neck, another cord that passed be¬ 
tween her legs and was secured to a truck leather strap 
which she damped around me waist As the buckle was 
tightened Pamela s back was torced straight and ngto 

Satisfied the Queen ne*t put Pamela s feet m a pan of 
stilt-heeled shoes and fastened her ankles together so 
she could only move a few mchesai a time Sherounded 
off the lesson by balancing a jug of water on top of the 
girl's head and then told her to walk around the room 

Pamela found if difficult at first and she wobbled a 
good deal on the stilt heels Each time a fcttie water sp* 
the Queen chastised her with the back of a sma« ha*- 
brush and admonished her clumsiness After ten 
minutes Pamela was walkmg around the room without 
spilling a drop of wafer and the Queen was very pleased 

'Thai is very good.* she told her. ‘now you can have a 
short rest and then I can ^ve you your next lesson * 



The res!, however, was no! ihe same as the tired 
Pamela imagined, for Queen Robusta led her across the 
room to a special device which she had invented herself 
She pointed her gloved hand at the mass of chains, 
hooks and pulleys and said. This * my special resting 
device. While my attendant is resting she is also having 
her body kept supple* 

She released her young victim from the other ap¬ 
paratus and told her to stand under the hanging chains 
Pamela obeyed her and the Queen clamped two iron 
bracelets around her wrists. Tummg a small wheel at the 
side she wound the cham attached to the bracelets up 
over a small pulley until Pamela s arms were high and 
straight above her head. Next she fastened two more 
iron clamps around the girfs ankles and checked that 
the chains running from these went up over another 

» m the ceilmg Then she turned another wheel so 
amels'a feet were lifted off the ground She stop¬ 
ped turning the wheel when the girl’s legs were level with 
her head 

She now passed a tall, steel hoop over Pamela s beck 
and bolted it to the ground so the girfs body lust passed 
through the steel arch Going back to her wheels, she 
gave them a few more turns so Pamela s arms and legs 
were dragged higher and her back was pressed tightly 
against the steel hoop As the chains shortened. Pamela 
was stramod into a sharp angle as her apme was forced 
harder against the hoop When her body was almost at a 
nght angle. Robusta stopped turning and stepped back 
Now I will leave you to rost for a half hour while I attend 
to your two unfortunate friends They should have 
returned from their march around the town by now 
Leaving poor Pamela arched around the hoop, her 
arms and logs chained to the ceiling, the Queen went 
out ot the room to whero her guards would bnng Jean 
and Moira at the ond of their march 
Along these corridors were various intricate bondage 
devices set m the walls Most of then contained girts who 
had annoyed the Queen in different ways Some were 
bent double, their bodies clamped tightly m a senes of 
steel rings which kept their knees pressed tightly against 
their faces 

Others were forming supports to various pieces of fur 
mture. their arms or legs damped tightly and used as 
legs to hold up shelves or a picture Two girts caught the 
queen s eye as she stopped to look at them 
They were holding an enormous bronze gong and 
stood about an arms-length apart, a little away from the 
wall, their outstretched arms bound tightly together to 
provide a central support for the gong This hung by two 
strong chains from their arms The outside teg of each 
girl was stretched out sideways by the weight of the 
gong dragging on the chain that hung from the ceiling 
To insure they could not move, each girt had a wide 
steel band around her waist that was bolted to the wan 
and a steel mask was also fastened across their faces 
Robusta picked up a large beater and struck the gong 
As it boomed out. the force of the Wow started it swing¬ 
ing and the weight dragged the limbs of the two girts who 
supported it 



Surprisingly enough, the water had washed most ot 
the mud and dirt from the two girts and now. despite their 
soaking bras and panties, they were quite clean and 
then smooth, white bodies regained their former healthy 

Robusta stood to one side and surveyed them as they 
hung limp m the glass cases and she called the Captain 
and told her the girls were ready to be rinsed 

Jean and Monca had been released from the bonds 

that imked them dunng their parade and now had only slim 

chains around their ankles and wrists The guards dragg¬ 
ed them off the floor and made them march through the or¬ 
nate arch at the end of the room to the royal showers 
Two large glass cases were wheeled m by the guards 
and set before the grfs Then the captan of the guard un¬ 
fastened their chams and took them over to the cases 
She made Jean ckmb mto hers first and then one of the 
guards got mskJe as well and strapped Jean s ankles to 
the bottom She climbed out and another guard grabbed 
the »rfs arms and dragged them over the sides of the 
glass case and tied a rope around her wnsis This was 
then puked down the sides of the case and fastened to the 
bottom of it so tnai Jean's arms were outside the container 
and the edges of the glass ran under her armpds The 

ropes were then tightened so her arms were dragged taut 

pa^> of their haw as it was wrenched by the ropes fastened 

to the levers 

This was the secret of those tiny levers, tor as they mov¬ 
ed forward, the ftow of water stopped and the gets ottawv 
ed a moment's respite As 4 stopped, they relaxed and 
allowed their aching heads to drop back again No sooner 
bad they done th* however when the water began 
cascading over them agam and they agan struggled with 
the ropes which bound them Jean hr si discovered the 
secret after testing out her idea, and she shouted across 
to Moira 

Both girls now siramed the* heads forward and forced 
the levers to dose the lets of water, but after a few 
moments thew aching muscles couM no longer contend 



After unfastening their bonds, the guards drag¬ 
ged the girts from the cases and made them lie 
down on the tiled floor. They passed a strap 
around their ankles and pulled it tight Next they 
twisted their arms up behind their backs and 
fastened them with a strap as well. 

An was now ready for the rinse Captain Irma 
fastened a hook through the straps that bound the 
girls' ankles This hook was tied to a long rope that 
went up to the ceiling and fastened on a circular 
device The girts were hauled up to the ceiling by 
their ankles and hung head-downward, helpless- 

A large tank of dean, cold water was pushed in¬ 
to the room and positioned immediately under 
their heads As the Queen nodded, the captain 
turned a small switch and a little wheel began to 
spin around like a phonograph turntable as the 
motor started Soon both Jean and Moira were 
rotating at high speed and they were then lowered 
head first mto the tank of water until only their 
ankles were above the surface 
The water foamed as their bodies rotated m it. 
After thirty seconds. Robusta ordered them 
hoisted out The queen had them dipped three 
more times into the tank before she was satisfied 
the girts were thoroughly dean Then she ordered 
their release As they guards untied them. 
Robusta explained the last part of the procedure 
•You have been washed and rinsed/ she said 
to them ’Now you must be dried I have a 
delightful little machine for quick drying' 

The machine was a large wire-mesh grille some 
ten feet m length and six feet wide At one end 
was a propeller attached to a motor and at the 
other end another propeller On the floor and on 
the roof were three large fans 
They got Moira mto the center of the cage and 
dragged one arm high above her head Then Irma 
quickly buckles Moira's outstretched wnst to a 
small leather strap mto the mesh of the roof The 
guards then let her go so that she dropped down 
and hung there The completed her bondage by 
chaining a heavy iron ball to her other ankle so 
straining her body to its full length 

Soon Jean was tied up in a similar manner and 
the guards got out of the cage and bolted the little 
door shut. 

The Queen then turned on the switch controll¬ 
ing the propellers and fans After five minutes of 
being blown about. Robusta decided they were 
dry and turned off the power ‘Leave them for an 
hour/ she ordered 



I ne oonoage dressing table was completed by two small 
shafts fastened to the end and which lay on the floor 
Pamela looked at the contraption but she had a funny feel¬ 
ing what pad she was to play in the setup Robusta motion, 
ed her to the table and said. This is my special dressing 
table and l always allow my favorite attendant the honor of 
lagging it along and following me wherever I go Get in bet¬ 
ween the shafts ‘ 

Pamela obeyed, but was not very happy about her fate 
TNs table was heavy She was. however, much more 
frightened at what would happen to her if she offended the 
queen, so she obeyed the order 

First, the queen fastened a thick leather belt around her and buckled rt tightly, so tightly that Pamelas white 
skin was ridged up over the edge When the belt was 
tightened to her satisfaction. Robusta slipped the two shafts 
mto two little slots and secured them with a small chain 
Then she fastened a heavy collar around Pamela s neck 
and led the strap which was fastened to the centre of the col¬ 
lar down across the girl's chest, under hor body out between 
her ^gs and secured rt to the center of the dressing table. 

Pamela was now nearly ready but Robusta chained her 
wnsts and ankles together so the girl could not take long 
strides and would thus have to follow meekly 'Excellent/ 
said the Queen -now rtl ftx your mask and wo re all ready 
Aren't you a lucky girt‘>* 

She fastened an all-enveloping leather mask over 
Pamela's head and buckled .t carefully under her chin She 
ad,usted .1. then stepped back -Very good, follow me mto 
the next room where I shall dec-de what I am onmn in rtn tn 

Leaving Jean and Moira to hang and dry. Queen Robusta 
returned to the room where she had left Pamela resting.' 
When she entered the room she found the girl still fastened 
to the resting machine. Robusta unfastened her bonds OTd 
helped her to stand up 

The Queen watched her as she stood, and then said "You 
have been a very good pupil. Pamela, and I am going to 
reward you by giving you the honor of being my cosmetic 
maid Come with me and I'M show you what to do ' 

Two pretty girts sat facing one another, their legs bound 
lightly together and fastened to an axle which had wheels 
on each end A few feel away were two more girls, also with 
their legs strapped together, facing each other on an axle 
An oblong rod of steel on a level with their wa sts kept them 
in a tight shape and four tong stakes set m the corners and 
running up the centre of each girl's back kept them upright 
Each girl has one arm outstretched m front of he* and the 
other arm stretched out sideways Their arms intertwined 
and supported a large flat mirror on which stood assorted 
bottles of perfumos and boxes of cosmetics 
Another girl lay on her back across the legs of the other 
girts, a steel band across her fibs and another across her 
hips, but her legs had been dragged up at nght angles and 
secured at the knees to the arms of the two guts at the end 
corners In this way her legs were stretched wide apart m a 
V and fastened to her legs was a large, ornate muror 



Moira and Jean looked at the unfortunate Pamela as 
she was tightly harnessed to the Queen s dressing table 
and decided they were glad they hadn't won the Queen s 

*1 have thought about what to do with you,' she told 
the two girls. Tm planning a hunt this afternoon and I 
think rn use you two girls as bait. If we take you out to the 
woods and leave you tied up to some trees, the tigers 
will be able to pick up your scent and will come out to 
find you. If you're lucky, we shall arrive before they have 
time to attack you and can have some fun shooting them 
with our bows and arrows. Otherwise we shan't get there 
until the tigers have had their fun. Take them away, 

The two girls were dragged away from the room by 
guards and Robusta ordered her hunting clothes. When 
the Queens riding habit was brought In. she said to 
Pamela Tm going to take you with me. my dear, and 111 
tell Irma to get you ready * 

Queen Robusta walked majestically along the cor¬ 
ridors followed by Pamela dragging the human dressing 
table. They amved in the shower where Moira and Jean 
were still hanging up to dry. That girl looks crumpled.' 
said the Queen. -We shall have to put her through the 
roller. Get her ready." 

The guards unfastened the bonds of the poor young 
victim. They carried her across the room to another 
huge machine and stood waiting for the Queen to tell 
them what to do 

The machine resembled an enormous clothes wr¬ 
inger. only the rollers were ten times as big as the usual 
type. Moira stared at the contraption and struggled to 
break (ree. but the guards were far too strong for her 
They raised the struggling girl to the level of the gigan¬ 
tic rollers and tied her feet to a long rope which passed 
between the rollers and was fastened to a winch on the 
far side They did the same to her wrists so she was 
stretched out parallel to the ground Robusta dapped 
her hands and Captain Irma went to the winch and 
began to turn the handle As the rope tautened. Moira 
was gradually drawn towards the huge rollers 
Her feet passed through them with ease, but as she 
was drawn further through, her legs were getting closer 
to the semihard rubber By the time the middle of her 
thighs were between the rollers, she was really being 
squeezed between them Fortunately, the rubber gave 
slightly, although it was a very tight squeeze 
Slowly but surely she was being drawn through the 
machine and Jean could see her friend trying to breathe 
in to make her body smaller as her hips and then her 
waist was squeezed through the revolving rubber 
rollers At long last her head passed through the gap 
and her ordeal was over But not quite' The Queen 
wasn't satisfied and ordered the guards to pass Moira 
through the machine agtam. to make sure the was dry 
After a further passage between the heavy rollers 
Moira was cut down for the Queen to examine She 
checked that her flesh was quite clean and when she 
was satisfied, she told them to release Jean as well For¬ 
tunately. the queen was satisfied that she was dry and 
so did not order her put through the wringer. 'Now that I 
have taught you naughty girls not to get dirty I shall have 
to think of something else for you. If you had been sensi¬ 
ble like your friend Pamela you wouldn't have all this 



Robustas ridir>g habit was a fantastic bondage crea¬ 
tion made of bright red silk and shining leather harness 
She dressed in a small red bra which fit tightly around 
her firm bust The edge of the bra was a slim shiny strap 
with a beautiful golden buckle. 

Next she slipped on some red briefs, slashed open at 
the sides and dragged low on her waist. She then put on 
a long, flowing cloak across her slim shoulders and 
fastened it at the throat with a slim, golden chain The 
costume was rounded off by a shining leather belt 
covered with metal studs Then she picked up a short 
riding whip and prepared to supervise Pamela's 

Like the other members of the Hunt. Pamela was 
dressed in red bra and panties Her horse's saddle had a 
number of small rings sewn into and and small chains 
attached through these clamped her to the saddle 
Leather straps were then wound around her ankles and 
fastened tightly to the stirrups They handed her a slim, 
pointed spear to hold in her free hand 

The Queen was the only one of the party who had 
both hands free. She held a long bow in her hands, with 
a quiver of goldtipped arrows hanging from the belt at 
her waist She blew on her horn and the pack galloped 
oft where the tigers lived. 

Meanwhile, in the depths of the forest. Moira and 
Jean were being prepared as bait for the ferocious 
tigers. Their original lingerie had been removed by the 
guards and they were now clad in brief tiger-skm bra and 

They tied up Moira first A large wooden stake was 
driven into the ground and the guards chained the girl to 
it. dragging her arms around behind it and fastening her 
wrists together Then they put a thick, cloth gag in her 
mouth and finally hung a piece of raw meat by a cord 
around her neck. A tasty bait! 

They didn't treat poor Jean so gently. Using a small 
axe each, they split two small saplings in two and tied 
her ankles between them, then they tied her wrists to 
two small trees so she bent back in an arch like the str¬ 
ing of a bow. They fastened a lump of meat to a cord 
which they hung from her arched body. The guards 
decided to unfasten Moira and forced her to dig a deep 
pit in the ground When it was finished, the guards 
climbed down inside and hammered in some sharp 

Next they laid Moira across the hole, tying her wrists 
and ankles to small trees on either side of the pit so her 
body was suspended above the stake-linejJ trap. 

Finally, they laid a dish of raw meat on her stomach so 
as to make the tigers jump across and land on her body 
If this happened, the trees would snap and both Moira 
and the tiger would crash down on the ready placed 
stakes All was now ready and the guards crept softly 
away to await the arrival of the tigers 



The little clearing in the trees was silent for 
several minutes after the guards left and Moira 
and Jean were left to their own thoughts. They lay 
bound and helpless as bait. Suddenly two enor¬ 
mous tigerss ran into the clearing and stood sniff¬ 
ing at the scent of the raw meat. 

Then the tigers began to creep around the girls, 
stopping now and again to sniff the aroma of the 

know what to do. 

One of the tigers approached Jean as the lay 
arched in a tight bow between the bent saplings. 
She almost stopped breathing as the jaws of the 
tiger came at her and she could feel its hot breath. 
Fortunately the tiger was more interested in the 
meat and grabbed it. 

Having finished the meal, it began to sniff at 
Jean and she was certain it would gnaw her next, 
but the other animal indicated the other dish of 
meat on Moira's stomach. The first tiger walked 
slowly from Jean and joined the other as it stood 
staring at the other dish. 

It was obviously only a matter of seconds before 
the two heavy animals lept across the pit and 
landed on Moira in their attempt to reach the dish. 

Poised on the edge of the pit, the two tigers 
prepared to spring and Moira closed her eyes in 
terror Suddenly, one of the animals leapt into the 
air at her with a fearful growl! 

A! almost the same moment, a slim arrow sped 
through the air and pierced the tiger. It crashed into the 
pit. missing Moira's tensed body by inches. As the other 
tiger hesitated, the whole Hunt rode out from behind the 
trees She was fastening another arrow to her bow as 
they approached the last tiger and it fell to Pamela to 
save her friends' lives. 

Seeing the horses and huntswomen riding down on 
him, the tiger prepared to jump at Moira. It stood tensed 
and ready to spring as Pamela spurred her horse on. 
Her free hand held a tong spear and she drove it at the 
animal The force of the blow pushed it into the pit to join 
its mate! 

Queen Robusta ordered the guards to return and un¬ 
fasten Jean and Moira while she congratulated Pamela 
on her bravery When the two girts were freed, the 
Queen tokJ the guards to bind their ankles together and 
strap their arms behind their backs Then she had ropes 
tied to the pommels of her saddle and the ends of the 
ropes secured to the ankle straps of the two girls. When 
the guards carried this out, Robusta told them to join the 
girts' wrists with a rope about three feet tong and sling it 
across the back of her horse 

The guards obeyed and soon Jean and Moira were 
hanging on either side of the Queen’s horse As the royal 
tyrant spurred her horse forward, the girls were jerked 
and banged against the side of the horse and their skin 
was torn and bruised 



InskJe the courtyard ot the palace. Robusta ordered the 
two girts released and taken to dungeons. Then she went to 
her own room and changed into another costume. 

After half an hour, accompanied by Irma. Robusta went 
down the stone steps to the Palace dungeons to see how 
Moira and Jean were getting on. When the Queen arrived 
the two girts were already securely bound up. ready for her 

Jean was strung to a hook in the ceiling by her arms and 
legs and was swinging to and fro sided by the strong arms 
of one of the guards who pushed her violently. A steel band 
was damped tightly around her waist As she swung, the 
steel band dragged at her flesh. A tight leather gag effec¬ 
tively muffled her sobs 

They dealt with Moira differently, however, she had been 
doubled up inside a tiny little cage so she could hardly 
move at all. Her head protruded through the top of the cage 
and the guards had tied her in position by twisting lengths 
of her hair around the bars of the cage 

A small steel wedge had been forced into her mouth, 
keeping her aching |aws wide apart Over her head was a 
small cask of water tilted slightly so a trickle of liquid ran 
down m a steady stream into her open mouth and down her 
throat As the cask emptied, one ot the guards refilled it with 
more water. 

The queen examined the girts and congratulated the 
guards She was interested in the water gadget Having 
worked out an improvement on it in her mind, she told the 
guards what to do 



Having explained what they were to do. Robusta told 
the guards to go ahead and they began to release Moira 
from the cage. They took her across to a special con¬ 
traption and began to bind her to it. They stretched her 
arms and roped them to a crosspiece ot wood, then they 
lashed her legs to the centre spar. Using her long hair as 
cord, they dragged her head back so she had to stare at 
the ceiling and tied her in that position. The cask was 
brought across and suspended over her head so that 
the water again trickled down into her open mouth. 

Then they carefully arranged a large flat piece of 
wood on a small lever and adjusted a spring to hold it 
back. Once the spring was released, the lever moved 
forward and the flat piece of wood would shoot forward 
and slap Moira across her stomach 

Now the last detail: they brought Jean to a small 
treadmill and fastened a rope under her armpits This 
rope was passed across a pulley in the ceiling to the spr¬ 
ing which controlled the lever holding the paddle¬ 
shaped piece of wood. 

The treadmill was pushed under Jean's feet and she 
started running immediately in order not to fall down 

She began to run faster and faster as the blades 
revolved more quickly and it wasn't long before she lost 
her balance and fell. 

As she fell, the rope under her arms released the spr¬ 
ing. The paddle shot forward and struck poor Moira, and 
she gulped madly as the stream of water continued to 
flow into her mouth. The guards fastened the paddle 
back to the spnng and made Jean start running again 

Poor Jean struggled as hard as she could to keep her 
balance What a terrible fix Moira was in! But. try as she 
would, poor Jean couldn't keep running all the time. 
Every few minutes her feet faltered and she slipped, 
releasing the spnng with unfortunate consequences for 

At last Robusta tired of her games and ordered the 
girts released while she returned to see how Pamela 
was getting on 

Leaving the dungeons. Robusta went back up the 
steps to her own personal quarters and began to devise 
a new method of figure control tor Pamela. She found 
the girl waiting for her. 



So Robusta had heightened the attendant and slimm¬ 
ed her waist All that was left was to slim the rest of her 
body by passing short lengths of rope around Pamela’s 
firm thighs and chest. When they were pulled tight, the 
Queen inserted a small steel rod between the rope and 
the frame of the machine, rotating it and pressing deep 
into the girfs flesh. 

When all the rods had been twisted tightly. Robusta 
left Pamela for half an hour. 

Leaving Pamela on the stretch-rack. Queen Robusta 
returned to her two captives in the dungeons. 

Pamela had now changed out of her riding 
habit and was wearing a small black costume, 
something like a Bikini swimsuit with chain straps. 
She also wore elbow length gloves and long boots 
laced up as far as her knees. 

"Pamela." she said. ‘I like my girls to be tall and 
slender and I'm sure you are several inches too 
short. I don’t want to dismiss you. so I’m going to 
help you stretch that extra few inches." 

Pamela was in no position to refuse the Queen. 
She still hoped her comparative freedom would 
enable her to engineer an escape. She did not tell 
Robusta. but bowed her head in submission. 

The Queen took her through to another room 
which was filled by a huge stretch-rack. Pamela 
shivered as she saw it. 

Following the Queen’s instructions, she stood 
against the macine and raised her arms above 
her head. Robusta fastened her with ropes and 
pulleys to the strange device. "This will make you 
the right height," explained the Queen, ‘but now I 
must fix up the other part of the equipment which 
will make you nice and slender as well!" 

She now clamped two curved pieces of steel to 
the machine, level with Pamela’s waist and 
threaded a long screw through the two clamps. 
Turning the screw made the clamps close up and 
this compressed the flesh that lay between their 
hungry jaws. Pamela’s waist was almost crushed 
between the steel. 

Twisting them around slowly, the ropes which 
held Pamela’s arms creaked slowly over the 
pulleys and dragged her taut and straight. The 
girl's arms and legs were almost forced from their 
sockets by the pressure of the ropes. 



They were led to a big wooden machine that 
looked like a small section of the boat. There were 
three hard wooden benches for the girls to sit on 
and running in front of the benches were the ends 
of the oars. The oars were fastened to powerful 
springs which gave the same effect as the oar 
blade passing through water. 

Moira and Jean sat down on the benches and 
their legs were chained to the planks which form¬ 
ed the floor of the machine. Then their arms were 
chained to the heavy oars they were going to pull. 

All was now ready and the girls were ordered to 
pull on the oars in time to Irma’s shouts. It was on¬ 
ly with the most tremendous effort that they were 
able to drag the oars back. 

Irma relished their efforts. 

To add to the realism of their lesson, two of the 
guards held big buckets of salt water and threw 
the contents of the bucket over them each time 
they pulled on the oars. Wet through, their arms 
aching, the girls struggled at their task, racking 
their brains for some way of escape. 

They were still tied as she had left them. The 
Queen ordered them to be released and she ad¬ 
dressed them: 

“I have decided on your fate. I’ve got a boat in 
which I travel when I go to visit my friends in 
neighboring countries. It is a big boat and I have it 
propelled by oars. I think it would be appropriate 
punishment for you to work as galleyslaves on my 
boat for three years before I release you." 

The girls were horrified by their sentence. 

"All the girls in my galley are expert 
oarswomen. I am going to have you trained on a 
special machine at the back of the palace." 

Moira and Jean were taken through the maze of 
passages to the back door of the Palace and then 
led into a small open space inside the outer walls. 

“This may be our chance to escape." whispered 
Jean to Moira, "if we don’t get away now, we will 
never escape" 

"Yes," relied the other girl, "we ll keep our eyes 
open and see if we can manage it." 



Another length of chain was passed between the thighs 
of each guard and dragged up to the chain that was fasten¬ 
ed around their throats They now fastened this chain to the 
one around their necks. To render them completely 
helpless. Jean passed another chain around their ankles, 
then slung it over the branch of a nearby tree With both ex¬ 
plorers pulling on the chain, they hauled the guards up by 
their ankles and left them hanging there. 

They had been rowing about half an hour when Monica 
whispered to Jean whispered: There’s a big crack on this 
oar. If we pull it much more well break it * 

"What good will that do?" asked Jean *We’re chained 
down to this bench and we won't be able to get away if the 
oar breaks ” 

“I know that, but we shall have a weapon and if it breaks, 
swing it around with me at those two guards with the 
buckets. If we knock them down. I think I can manage our 
friend Irma Now' - shouted Moira and they both dragged 
hard on the oar It cracked and the girts were holding the 
long length of wood in their hands. 

The Captain hadn't realized what was happening and 
Moira and Jean swung the oar around sharply and caught 
the guards a terrific blow and knocked them off their ledge 
to the floor 

Irma was amazed at this action and stared with mouth 
agape until Moira pulled Irma toward her Irma was holding 
the other ledge and the force of the jerk pulled her off her 
foot and she fell on the ground within reach of Moira 

Wasting no time, Moira quickly tied Irma’s wrists 
together She gave her no mercy and stamped her bare 
foot across the Captain s chest to prevent her from crying 
out Then she managed to reach for a small metal saw that 
hung from a belt around Irma's waist She passed it to Jean 
and told her to saw through the chains around their wrists. 

While Moira held tightly to Irma. Jean sawed away at 
their chains Next Moira dragged the keyring from the Cap¬ 
tain and unlocked the chain around their waists They were 
completely free 

The two girls got down and set about tying Irma up 
securely They weren't gentle with her and they stripped off 
her uniform before they tied her up Using her belt as & 
rope, they pinioned her arms to the broken oar and fasten¬ 
ed her arms sideways to the wood, then dragged her 
shoulders backwards until they were touching her heels 
Then they secured her legs and ankles to the oar They 
completed their task by forcing a wad of cloth, tom from her 
uniform, into her mouth 

The other guards had almost recovered but Moira hit 
them both over the head with a lump of wood In no time, 
they had stripped the guards of their uniforms and put them 
on themselves for a disguise 

They laid them down on the ground, back to back and 
started fastening a chain tightly around their necks to 
secure them together. Next they dragged their arms 
backwards so each girl clasped the other tightly around the 
waist. Then Moira bound their wrists together with a length 
of chain so each girl was clasped tightly to the other 



As they came into the room, they were confronted 
by the stretch-rack with Pamela bound to it. Jean hit 
Pamela’s guard with her sword and knocked her 
down Then she jumped at her and sat aslnde her 
body while Moira cut Pamela free from the rack. 

Thank goodness you've come." said Pamela 
*How did you manage to escape?' 

-Well tell you later.' said Mona. 'First, we've got to 
get you out of the Palace ’ 

They bound the guard securely to the rack, but 
before they gagged her she managed to yell out a 
warning to the two girls outside the door Jean gagg¬ 
ed her quickly, but the door opened and the guards 
came running in. 

There was a tremendous fight, but at long last, the 
three explorers overcame their attackers and tied 
them up so they couldn't interfere with their escape 
•Well never get away now.* said Pamela 
•Why not?* asked Moira. 

•Because Robusta will be back at any moment to 
see how fm getting along.* 

1 know what well do.’ shouted Jean, suddenly 
■What?* they asked her 

Well grab Robusta ourselves and give her a taste 
of what we’ve been through. We might even per¬ 
suade her to tell us where the treasure is hidden and 
we can go and get it before we leave the country * 

Having disposed of the guards. Moira and Jean 
now had to decide on the next part of their escape 
What shall we do now?" asked Jean. 

We’ve got to find Pamela.* replied Moira, 'and get 
her out of the clutches of Queen Robusta * 

•Yes. but how are we going to rescue Pamela 7 * 

*lf we cover our faces with masks, well be able to 
get back into the Palace and find out where Pamela 
is being kept prisoner Come on!* 

They entered the Palace again and began to make 
their way along the passages lined witth various bon¬ 
dage victims of the Queen They didn’t have the time 
to stop and release the girls, but they made a mental 
note to try and help them escape also 
Finally they found themselves before a huge oak 
door guarded by two Palace Guards. Moira decided 
to try and bluff her way past them and she said to one 
of the girls. *1 have a special message from Captain 
Irma, she’s all tied up at the moment * 

What is it?* demanded the guard 
•| must go and find the Queens new attendant 
Pamela and deliver it.* 

The guard indicated the door which she was stan¬ 
ding in front of and replied: *She’s in there now.* 
The big door swung open and Moira and Jean 
went inside 



The other girls agreed this was a wonderful 
idea and they began to think how they would cap¬ 
ture the Queen. First they had to make sure their 
own captives were securely bound. 

The girl who had guarded Pamela was not stret¬ 
ched on the rack herself and Pamela made sure 
she couldn't shout a warning by pushing a large 
block of wood between her lips and then sticking 
some adhesive tape across her mouth. 

The three young explorers hid silently behind 
the big pillars and strained their ears for the ap¬ 
proach of the Queen. With her back towards 
them, the Queen could not see Moira and Jean as 
they jumped out from behind their pillars and they 
took her by surprise. The force of the attack 
knocked all the breath from the Queen's body and 
she lay on the floor gasping as the three young ex¬ 
plorers set on her. Vainly she tried to fight them 
off. but she was still too shaken by their sudden 
attack to be able to exert her full strength. 

Doubling one leg under her at the knee. Pamela 
tied it in that position and secured one of the 
Queen's wrists to the ankle. Then Moira dragged 
the otherlimb out straight and held it there while 
Jean forced Robusta's head downward and for¬ 
ward until her brow almost touched the ankle of 
her outstretched leg. Then she unfastened the 
long hair of the Queen and used it as a rope to tie 
her head to her ankle. 

The Queen was now completely helpless and 
the three girls gathered around to start their inter¬ 

“Tell us where the treasure is hidden," Moira 
told her, "or we shall have the greatest pleasure in 
trying out all your own instruments and gadgets 
on you." 

Robusta’s dark eyes glared up at Moira and she 
struggled with her bonds, but she was tough and 
said I'll never tell you where the treasure is!" 

“We'll see about that," answered Pamela, and 
she leaned across to Moira and said, “I remember 
the Queen mentioning some dungeons under the 
Palace. Let’s take her there." 



Jean looked around the room and spied a small 
wooden crate. She said to Moira, *lf we could squeeze 
her in there we could carry it down to the dungeons and 
no one would know." 

•Yes-an excellent idea.’ agreed Moira. "bring the 
crate here and we’ll get her inside ’ 

“The more difficult it is. the better.’ said Jean "I want 
to pay her back for all the things she's done to us m the 
last few days." 

They opened the heavy lid of the crate and then turn¬ 
ed to Robusta who was still laying on the floor Her dark 
eyes flashed with anger as Pamela and Jean began to 
untie her to get her ready for the box 
"Leave me alone,’ she commanded Jean "You are 
very foolish.’ 

’Keep quiet!" snapped Pamela, sealing the Queens 
lips with a length of adhesive tape 
Jean put her hand behind the Queen’s head and forc¬ 
ed it down between her thighs and then secured it in that 
position with lengths of her own hair and cord Next they 
dragged her arms fojrward and crossed them under her 
thighs, tying her wrists together tightly with cords so they 
were clasped together at the back of her thighs which 
had been bent back to touch her body Another length of 
rope fastened her knees together, squeezing her head 
tightly between them and more rope was passed around 
her legs and tied like a clamp right around her body, 
drawing her legs tightly against her. leaving her in a neat 

All that remained was to tie her ankles and this 
was done by forcing her heels back against her 
thighs and securing them with a rope that passed 
between her thighs and then up the center of her 
back to fasten at the neck. 

Their final task was to get her inside the crate. It 
was difficult to get into such a small space, 
despite the fact that she had been neatly packag¬ 
ed They finally managed it. screwed down the lid 
and went back to Moira, who had been sitting on 
the floor trying to devise a ruse to get them 
through the Palace to the dungeons. 

Moira said. ‘You and Jean can put on the 
uniforms of the two guards we captured when we 
caught the Queen and you can use me as a bon¬ 
dage carrier.’ 

‘You see," Moira continued, "we want it to look 
as if you are two proper guards That’s where I 
come in. HI carry the crate on my back and you 
can fix my arms and legs up with chains.’ 

having understood the ruse. Pamela and Jean 
began to prepare Moira for her part in their daring 
attempt. They lifted the box on Moira's back and 
secured it to her by chains which ran from the 
crate to her arms. 

Pamela opened the door of the room and the lit¬ 
tle procession went out into the long corridor on 
its way to the dungeons. 



When they came across the dungeon. Moira 
said. "Let us get the Queen out of this box. I 
want to try out some of these things as soon as 
I can." 

They unscrewed the lid of the crate and pull¬ 
ed the Queen out on to the floor Moira remov¬ 
ed her gag and began to question her. Are you 
going to tell us where to find the treasure?" 

'Of course not." retorted the Queen 

"Well, we've got you in your own dungeons 
now.' Moira pointed out to her. “If you don’t tell 
us. we shall try out your own devices on you.' 

“Do what you like," Robusta answered. “I am 
quite sure you will never force any secrets from 
my lips!' 

Finally they found the steps leading to the 
dungeons and descended. Their final hurdle 
would be the guards standing outside the door 
of the dungeons, but they hoped to bluff their 
way past them. 

Instead of bolts holding the door firmly shut, 
the arms of the guards were used instead, so 
that bolts of flesh and blood ran right across the 
oaken door. 

‘Open the door on the orders of Queen 
Robusta.” shouted Pamela, hoping to bluff 
their way past the guards. 

‘No one can pass through this door without 
first giving the password,' replied the guard 

Jean thought for a moment and then said, 
“there's only one way to do this We’ll have to 
unscrew the clamps which they've got their 
arms through." 

The two girls started searching for 
something to unscrew the clamps with and 
Jean found a tool bag in a corner. ‘We don’t 
want these guards making a noise, we better 
gag them so they don’t call for help." 

Using long strips of material which they tore 
from their already brief uniforms, they rapidly 
gagged the guards, then, they climbed up and 
began to loosen the screws which held the bolt- 
clamps to the door. When the clamps had been 
taken down, they pushed the guards' arms 
away from the door and turned the big key in 
the lock. 

The door swung open and they walked into 
the dark interior of the dungeons. They helped 
Moira with her chains and laid the crate on the 

The dungeons contained a number of the 
Queen's prisoners all strung up with ropes and 
chains in a variety of positions or clamped 
helplessly to great machines which were 
twisting or stretching their slim bodies. The 
girls looked at the three explorers with pleading 
eyes, but Moira had not the time to release 



In the meantime, Pamela had been looking 
around and found a device she felt sure would 
make the Queen change her mind. 

When Robusta realized what they were go¬ 
ing to do. she tried to struggle fiercely with 
them, but she was no match for these three, 
and they soon dragged her across to the 

She pleaded with Moira to let her go. but 
Moira said. "We shall release you as soon as 
you tell us where the treasure is." 

The machine consisted of a number of shiny, 
steel bars, each about two feet long, which pro¬ 
jected from a series of cogwheels which were, 
in turn, connected to an electric motor. These 
bars were all horizontal and stuck out at right 
angles to the machine. Robusta was inserted 
between the bars so that one passed beneath 
her shoulders, one above her chest, one under 
her back and one across her waist, and so on. 
In this way. she really lay between two series of 
bars, one above her body and one below Then 
they tied her wrists and ankles together tightly 
and Moira turned the switch which set the 
machine in motion. 

As the machine speeded up. it looked as if a 
long serpent was moving between the bars, for 
Robusta was being bent and straightened in 
much the same way that a snake moves 

The girls were getting desperate How could 
they force the Queen to reveal the hiding place 
of the treasure? They had tried everything they 
could think of. still she refused to talk* 

They talked it over quietly, keeping their 
voices low so the Queen could not hear what 
they were saying. Suddenly. Moira said. ‘I've 
got an idea. If this doesn't work, then nothing 

The girls gathered around to hear what 
Moira had in her mind, and when she had 
finished explaining it to them, they con¬ 
gratulated her excitedly. 

"That’s a wonderful idea." said Jean. 'Shell 
never be able to resist that." with Pamela 
agreeing too. 



The Queen was dragged across the room to 
a large box which stood over in the corner. She 
was lowered into it and Jean climbed inside to 
shackle her ankles to the bottom of the box. 
Next, they lowered the lid which had three 
holes cut into it. one for the head, and two more 
for the wrists. The Queen's head was pushed 
into its correct hole and the other holes con¬ 
tained her arms. Ropes were twisted around 
her wrists and her neck, then secured to rings 
on the side of the box. so Robusta was unable 
to pull herslef through the holes Having gotten 
her all ready, they now tipped the box over on 
its back so the Queen was laying in it. only her 
head and arms supported 

Moira opened a flap at the side and Pamela 
passed her a tin of honey, which she proceed¬ 
ed to smear on the Queen’s bare flesh. 

The box was completely sealed, except for a 
small pipe which entered through the side 
which was now uppermost. It was in the center 
of the top. directly over the Queen's stomach 
and Pamela now removed the cap which had 
sealed the pipe. 

Robusta squealed in terror as she felt a 
cascade of insects descend on her body. 

At first the Queen was very quiet as she tried 
to imagine what they had put in the box with 
her. but after a few moments she began to 
twitch and jerk as she felt the insects nibbling 
the honey, stinging her flesh at the same time. 

“Where is the treasurer demanded Moira. 

Rapidly, the Queen babbled the instructions 
for finding the treasure and Moira gave a sign 
for the others to release her. 

Using a sponge and water, they quickly 
washed the honey from the Queen's flesh and 
revived her. While Pamela and Jean were do¬ 
ing this. Moira was considering how they were 
going to reach the treasure now that they knew 
the hiding place 

•Well.* said Jean, ‘well just have to take her with 

It wasn't going to be easy, so to begin with, they 
covered the Queen's head with a leather helmet 
which laced down the back. It contained pads which 
covered the eyes and ears and after it was on her 
head, they pulled the laces tightly, rendering her 
completely deaf, dumb and blind At least, they had 
no reason to worry about that part of it any longer. 

Jean found a training corset that consisted of 
leather which fastened very tightly at the waist with 
the aid of laces while a thick piece of stiff leather ran 
up from the waist to a stiffened leather collar that 
pressed under the chin of the queen. 

As an added precaution, they inserted her arms in¬ 
to a wide leather glove which fastened at the elbows 
and wrists with small straps. 



Everything being ready, the girls climbed on 
board the cart and began to move forward, the 
Queen hobbling slowly behind. 

It was a long ride to the tombs where 
Robusta had told them the treasure was hid¬ 
den. and half way along the journey the Queen 
was so exhausted she lost her footing and fell 
to the ground so that the cart dragged her 
along behind it. leaving her buffeted and scrat¬ 
ched by the stones and brambles which they 
rode past 

By the time they had reached the tombs, 
Robusta was feeling sorry for herself and, after 
stopping the cart. Jean and Pamela lifted her 
back on her feet. 

"Lead us inside the tombs." commanded 
Moira, and Robusta obeyed them with bowed 
head With her arms still bound tightly, her 
ankles hobbled together, she led them up the 
sloping path to the main entrance to the tombs. 

Guarding the main entrance were four 
young girls used to form the hinges, their arms 
supporting the gates and their bodies fastened 
by steel bands to gateposts. 

All that remained was to steal out of the 
Palace unseen by the guards. They did not 
meet up with any of them in the corridors and 
they slipped out of a side door and ran quickly 
into the woods. 

Jean found a small cart with two horses. It 
was very small and after a quick examination, 
obviously not big enough for all four of them. 

With a squeeze, three of them could fit. but 
that still left one out and they dared not leave 
Robusta behind, for fear she would escape 
from her corset and warn the guards. There 
was only one thing to do. 

"We shall have to tie her to the cart and she’ll 
have to run along behind." she said. 

Robusta was, of course, unaware of what 
was happening. In fact, she did not even know 
they had left the Palace and she got a tremen¬ 
dous surprise when they released her from her 
bonds and she found herself outside the 

Jean quickly bound Robusta's wrists 
together in front of her. then tied another rope 
to each ankle. The ropes were then fastened to 
the back of the cart so the Queen would have to 
run along to keep up with it. or else she would 
be pulled off her feet and dragged along 
behind it. 



Moira stared all around her at the fabulous interior 
of the tombs and all the queer things which were in¬ 
side but no matter how hard she looked, she could 
not see the treasure. She turned to Robusta in anger 
and said. "Where is the treasure, you vixen! You 
have brought us here on a wild goose chase I don't 
believe the treasure is in the tombs at all." 

Moira strode across to the door and flung it open. 
Then she stopped and gasped in amazement The 
treasure gleamed before her eyes, protected in 

The cages were constructed entirely with bon¬ 
dage slaves, cleverly linked together with iron 
clamps and leather straps. Each slave had one arm 
free and each hand held a dagger or a spear. 

Moira dragged the Queen into the anteroom and 
told her to command the guards to drop their 
weapons. At first. Robusta refused and the girls 
quickly unfastened her wrists and fastened them to a 
hook in the roof. Moira said, ‘It would be much better 
if you ordered them to obey me or we might have to 
continue wherre we left off in the dungeon." 

Quickly. Moira and Jean gathered up the jewels 
and put them into a box which Pamela found and fill¬ 
ed the box to overflowing. Then they took one last 
look at the tombs and its unusual contents before 
they left. 

Robusta glared helplessly at the three girls, but 
could do nothing as they staggered from the cave 
and carried their box full of treasure over to the cart. 
Then they climbed on and drove to the frontier of 
Barbaria. which was only a short distance away and 
escaped unharmed and wealthy from their hazar¬ 
dous journey.