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Full text of "Start the day right with a good breakfast : fruit, cereal, milk, these make a meal of foods that the government asks us to eat [Arabic translation]"

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For oatmeal use 2JG cups rolled oats, 214 teaspoons salt, 5 or 
(> cups water. Bring the water to a boil. Stir the rolled oats 
slowly into the boiling water and cook for one hour, or overnight. 

Eat the cereal with milk or syrup or butter or butter substi- 
tutes. You don’t need bread besides. 

A large amount of corn meal or oatmeal may be cooked at one 
time. The unused part placed in a greased bowl may be kept 
for a few days in a cool place. Do you know how good sliced and 
fried oatmeal is? 

Instead of breakfast food you can take bread — preferably one 
of the war breads. Corn bread and milk is delicious. 

Use Milk 

Milk is an excellent food. A quart of whole milk gives as 
much nourishment a.s one pound of lean meat. 

Children especially need it to make them grow strong and 
keep well. It is good for grown people, too. Give each child at 
least a glass for breakfast. Drink it hot or cold, or use it on the 
cereal, or make it into cocoa. Even at a high price milk is a 
cheap food for children. 

No coffee and tea for children. They are not food. Let the 
grown people have them if they want them, but do not give the 
children even a taste. The children’s drink is milk. 

U. S. Food Administration, Washington, D. C. 

United States Food Leaflet No. 1. 

(Syrian) I 

Distributed by the U. S. FOOD ADMINISTRATION 
Henry B. Endieott, Food Administrator, Massachusetts. 

Start the Bay Right With a Good Breakfast 




These Make a Meal 




Of Foods the Government Asks Us to Eat 

Use Fruit 

Fruit helps to keep your body in good health and to prevent 

Use fresh fruit when possible. 

Use prunes, dried applies, dried apricots. Soak them in water 
over night and cook them long enough to make them tender. 

Use dates or raisins. These are good added to the cereal ten 
minutes before taking it from the stove. Then you will not need 

Use ripe bananas with dark skins. Bananas with greenish 
yellow skins are hard to digest unless cooked. 

These are much cheaper than the “ready-to-eat” breakfast 
foods. A “ready-to-eat” breakfast food may cost 15 cents for a 
big package, but if the package contains only one-quarter pound, 
60 cents a pound for cereal. This is eight or ten times as expensive 
as corn meal at 6 or 7 cents' a pound. Look for the weights printed 
on the package and get the most for your money. 

Corn-meal mush and oatmeal are good only when well cooked. 
Many people use too little salt and don’t cook them long enough. 

To cook corn-meal mush for five people use \ x /i cups corn 
meal, 2 teaspoons salt (level), 5 or 6 cups water. Bring water to 
a boil. Stir in the corn meal slowly. Don’t let it lump. Cook it 
at least 30 minutes-. It is better when cooked for three hours, or 
over night. Use a double boiler on the back of the .stove, or a 
fireless cooker. 

Use Cereals 

Ccrn-meal Mush, Oatmeal, Rice, Hcminy (grits) 

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