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Do not assume content reflects current 
scientific knowledge, policies, or practices. 

Marigold — Guinea Gold 

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Annual & 



Willis S.pimo 

• 4I'43 Washington St. at Eddy • 


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1 « 

The Preparation and Care of a Lawn 

A well cared for lawn adds more than any other one 
thing to the attractiveness of the home grounds and 
not only this, it increases the value of property by 
much more than the mere expense of securing the lawn. 
There are a few simple rules which, if followed consis¬ 
tently, will be certain to bring good results. 

The ground must first be thoroughly prepared by 
draining, if necessary, and spade or plow to the depth 
of 6 to 12 inches, according to the nature of the soil, 
applying a liberal quantity of well decomposed manure, 
bonemeal or pulverized sheep manure, the latter we 
recommend as being lasting in effect, not liable to burn 
the grass and free from weeds. Clean the ground 

thoroughly and rake perfectly smooth and level, as 
much of the success depends upon this part of the 
preparation. The seed should be sown on a calm day, 
that it may be applied evenly, and at the rate of 100 
pounds per acre, or one pound is sufficient for 400 
square feet. After the seed is sown the ground should 
be rolled with a light roller or evenly tamped with the 
back of a spade. The plot should be mowed every ten 
days from May until September, using a sharp scythe 
in preference to a mower until a close turf is formed. 
Frequent mowing and rolling is necessary to maintain 
a close, even turf. April and September are the best 
months for sowing lawn seed. 

Park Lawn Grass Mixture 

In our lawn mixture we use only the highest quality; extra clean seed and free from weed seeds which abound 
in inferior grades. We use only the choicest low-growing grasses, and a lawn produced from our seeds will main¬ 
tain a rich, dark velvety appearance and a permanent sod. One pound will sow 400 square feet. 

H lb- 35c., 1 lb. 65c., lbs. $1.25, 5 lbs. $2.25, 20 lbs. $8.00, 100 lbs. $36.00. 

Shady Nook Grass Mixture 

A special mixture of grasses adapted to growing under trees and in shady places where it is quite difficult 
to produce a satisfactory growth. y^ lb. 40c., lb. 75c., 2^ lbs. $1.50, 5 lbs. $2.75, 20 lbs. $10.00. 

Suburban Lawn Mixture 

A mixture of suitable grasses for lawn use eliminating the high cost varieties composing a large part in our 
Park Lawn and Shady Mixture. We plan to give a mixture to compete with many offerings containing grasses 
not suitable for such uses. Lb. 35c., 2~y lbs. 75c., 5 lbs. $1.50. 

White Clover. Desirable for mixing with lawn seed 
where soil is poor and sandy. Also desirable at sea¬ 
shore where it is difficult to establish grass. 2 ozs. 
15c., y lb. 25c., y 2 lb. 45c., lb. 75c., 10 lbs. $6.50. 

Kentucky Blue. A superior grass for pastures and 
lawns. Succeeds well in all soils and stands dry 
weather well. Lb. 40c., 5 lbs. $1.75, 10 lbs. $3.00. 

Red Fescue. Suitable for sandy soils and at the sea¬ 
shore. Lb. 40c., 5 lbs. $1.75, 10 lbs. $3.00. 

Rhode Island Bent. One of the best grasses for 
lawns in adapting itself to almost any soil—dry, 
moist or sandy. Very carefully selected stock, 
thoroughly cleaned. Lb. $1.50, 5 lbs. $7.50, 10 lbs. 

Red Top. A hardy perennial grass, succeeding best on 
moist land. Used extensively in all pasture mixtures, 
remaining green the greater part of the year. Re¬ 
cleaned. Lb. 30c., 5 lbs. $1.25, 10 lbs. $2.25. 


Wizard Brand Pulverized Sheep Manure 

Application made early in the Spring will produce a thick, velvety green lawn. For old lawns broadcast 
6 to 10 lbs. per 100 square feet, on new lawns 10 lbs. per 100 square feet, raked into the surface soil. 2 lb. pkg. 
20c., 5 lbs. 40c., 10 lbs. 70c., 25 lbs. $1.15, 50 lbs. $1.75, 100 lbs. $3.00. 


Novelties 1 

Three Outstanding Novelties for 1933 

New Double Sweet Scented 

Nasturtium — Golden Gleam 

The plant forms a vigorous, large bush which throws out short 
runners, averaging eighteen inches. The flowers commence as soon 
as the plant nears complete development, and at the time it is 
in full bloom the entire plant, including the runners, is a blaze of 
color. The large golden yellow flowers average two and one-half 
to three inches across. They are borne on erect, stiff stems, six 
inches in length. Consequently the flowers stand well above the 
foliage, an arrangement which adds immeasureably to the showy 
appearance of the plant. 

When well grown, the remarkable formation of the petals gives 
the flowers a fully double appearance which is most attractive. 
An ordinary sized bouquet, when allowed to remain in a room for 
a short period of time, will fill the room with fragrance. 

Nasturtium, Golden Gleam Pkt. 15c., large pkt. 50c., oz. $1.00 

Marigold — Guinea Gold 

A distinct type of graceful pyramidal growth, 2 to 23^ ft. high, 
flowers 2 to 23 ^ inches in diameter, brilliant orange with double 
ruffled loose petals; desirable as a cut flower. The usual Marigold 
fragrance is largely eliminated. 

Pkt. 25c., large pkt. 50c., 34 oz. 75c. 

Venidium fastuosum 

(Monarch of the Veldt) 

Large, brilliant orange flowers, three inches across, with a black- 
purple zone at the base of the ray-petals and a dark center with a 
gray-green, wool-like tuft. The plants grow 2 to 3 ft. tall and 
bloom from Midsummer until frost. The foliage is a soft gray and 
forms a splendid background. Fine for garden display and for 
growing under glass. 

Pkt. 25c. 

Marigold, Guinea Gold 


List of New Offerings or Strains in which Improvements 

Have Been Made in 

Aster, Giants of California 
Amaranthus, Molten Fire 
Ageratum, Blue Star 
Dahlia, Coltness 

Delphinium, New Annual (Chinensis) Cambridge 

Hollyhock Double, Triumph Mixed 
Ipomea, Rose Marie. Double deep rose. 

the Past Few Years 

Ipomea, Early Flowering, Heavenly Blue 
Larkspur, Giant Imperial 
Lavatera {Annual Mallow ) 

Lobelia, Sapphire 

Sweet Pea, Early Flowering Spencer, Mixed 
Zinnia, Crown o’Gold, Mixed 

Zinnia (.Improved Lilliput), Pompon or Baby 
Zinnia: 9 separate colors or Special Mixture 
containing all separate colors. 

2 Flower Seeds 


SEE DS—Flower, Vegetable, Lawn 

All stocks selected to secure the utmost in purity of type and highest germination. 
It is our desire to always be able to supply seeds equal to the best. 

SEEDS BY MAIL —For the benefit of out-of-town buyers, I pay postage on all seeds 
ordered in packets, ounces and one-fourth pounds. Add for prepayment of postage on large 
quantities at parcel post rates, according to zone. 

PARCEL POST RATES —1st and 2nd zones, within 150 miles, first pound, 8c.; second 
pound, 2c.; additional pounds, lc. each. 3rd zone, 150 to 300 miles, first pound, 9c.; addi¬ 
tional pounds, 2c. 4th zone, 300 to 600 miles, first pound, 10c.; additional pounds, 4c. each. 

NON-WARRANTY—I give no warranty, expressed or implied, as to description, 
purity, productiveness, or any other matter, of any Seeds, Bulbs or Plants I sell, and will 
not be in any way responsible for the crop. WILLIS S PINO 




AMMOBIUM alatum 
grandiflorum. A beau¬ 
tiful everlasting annual. 
Pkt. 10c. 

Sweet Alyssum 

ABRONIA umbellata (Sandverbena). Trailing annual; 

rose color adapted to dry, poor soil. 34 oz. 25c.$0.10 

ACHILLEA, The Pearl. Hardy Perennial. Double white, free 

flowering, good along borders and for cutting.10 

ACONITUM napellus (Monkshood). Free-flowering hardy 

plant; does well in shade; 2 ft.10 

ACROCLINIUM. Graceful, everlasting for Winter bouquets. 
Flower heads should be gathered when young if to be pre¬ 
served. Mixed Colors. 34 oz. 25c.10 

ADLUMIA cirrhosa. Beautiful climber, flowers pink; 15 ft. .10 


Beautiful, hardy annual of near bushy habit. Very desirable for 
outdoor bedding; covered with bloom nearly all Summer. Pkt. 

Blue Star. Exceedingly dwarf and even growth not over 4 
or 5 inches high and completely covered with bright blue 

flowers, is oz. 40c.$0.15 

Blue Perfection. The darkest colored large flowering vari¬ 
ety. Deep amethyst blue. Compact and fine bedder. 

1 ft. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Imperial Dwarf. Blue, 34 ft. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Imperial Dwarf. White, 34 ft. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Imperial Dwarf. Mixed. 34 oz. 25c.10 


Free blooming plants. Culture easy. Pkt. 

Coelirosa (Rose-of-heaven). Hardy annual; bright rose; 18 

in. 34 oz. 25c.....$0.10 

Coronaria (Mullein Pink). Hardy perennial, dark blood-red; 

2 ft.; fine for cutting. 34 oz. 25c.10 


Dwarf growing, hardy annuals blooming profusely throughout the season. Pkt. 

Maritimum ((Sweet Alyssum). Fragrant white; 10 in. Oz. 30c., 34 lb. 90c... .$0.10 

Little Gem. Dwarf white; 6 in. 34 oz. 25c., oz. 75c., 34 lb. $2.25.10 

Carpet of Snow. Pure white, very dwarf and sweet; 4 in. 34 oz. 25c., oz. 75c.10 

Lilac Queen. Compact growth with lilac-colored flowers. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Saxatile compactum (Gold Dust). Bright yellow. Spring-flowering hardy 
perennial; 9 in. 34 oz. 25c..10 


Brilliant foliaged annuals with showy racemes of flowers; very ornamental. Pkt. 

Bicolor rubra. Scarlet and orange foliage. 34 oz. 25c.$0.10 

Caudatus (Love-lies-bleeding). Dark red. 34 oz 25c.10 

Tricolor splendens. Very beautiful foliage. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Molten Fire. (Summer Poinsettias) very beautiful and ornamental leaves, dark 

bronze center.15 

ANCHUSA capensis (Summer Forget-me-not). Border plant with branched 

heads of azure-blue with white eye. Hardy annual; 2 ft. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Dropmore Variety. One of the best blue perennials, flowers borne on graceful 

stems and continuous blooming. 34 oz. 25c.10 

ANEMONE (Windflower).. Valuable perennial, producing large flowers; fine for 
bouquets. Sow in Spring and shade till plants appear. 18 in. 

Coronaria (Poppy Anemone). Single mixed..10 

St. Brigid. Double and semi-double flowers in pleasing array of colors. Mixed. .15 
ANTHEMIS kelwayi (Hardy Marguerite). Daisy-like hardy perennial, golden 

yellow blooming all Summer, good for cutting.10 


Flower Seeds 3 

Aster Semples Branching 


One of the most highly prized and best known annuals. Should be sown from middle 
of March to 1st of May and when an inch high, transplanted into pots or boxes and planted 
out in open ground last of May. Ground should be well manured and thoroughly worked. 
Seed sown in open ground from middle of April until June make excellent late blooms. 


A splendid new strain combining the 
fluffy Comet type flower with the giant 
size and vigor of the Beauty type. The 
finest strain of Aster on the market. 

Y oz. 





Peach Blossom. 



Light Blue. 



Deep Rose. 



Dark Purple. 



Mixed Colors. 




Flowers measure 3. inches in 
diameter with stems 18 inches long, 
petals slightly twisted. Good 
range of colors. Attractive in the 
garden or cut. Fs oz. 50c., pkt. 15c. 


A very strong growing type of 
Aster, stems long, bloom full- 
petaled, large and fine form. The 
petals are long, broad and of excep¬ 
tional substance; height 2F£ feet. 

Y oz. 

White .$0.40 




Flowers extra large, with long, wavy, 
curled petals, long stems; 2F6 feet. Mixed. 
Y oz. 40c., pkt. 10c. 

THE KING (Needle Type) 

Vigorous growth, long, stiff stems; 
branching habit. Flowers large, petals 
quilled, curled and incurved. Mixed. Y 
oz. 50c., pkt. 10c. 


The earliest flowering variety; stems 
long and an excellent variety for cutting. 

White, Rose, Light Blue, Mixed. Fs 

oz. 40c., pkt. 10c. 


A large flowering dark red sort, about 
2 it. high, well branched, long stems,^deep 
ruby red. Fs oz. 50c., pkt. 15c. 


Plants grow about three feet nigh, bear¬ 
ing flowers four inches in diameter, single, 
contrasting pompon centre. Pkt. 15c. 

Shell Pink. 



Rose Pink. 













... .40 


Aster, Ciiants of California 

ANTIRRHINUM ( Snapdragon) 

Half-hardy perennial treated as an annual. 
One of the finest flowers for cutting spikes long, 
gorgeously colored. Seed sown in February or 
March will bloom from July until frost. May 

also be sown in open ground in April for blooming in August. 

Nanum grandiflorum. Large-flowering, medium height varieties; 2F£ ft. The 
best type for general use. Pkt. 

Golden Queen. Clear yellow. Y oz. 35c.$0.10 

Firebrand. Bright scarlet. Y oz. 35c.10 

Purity. Pure white. Fs oz. 35c.10 

Philadelphia Pink. One of the best pure pinks_ ; .25 

Silver Pink. Pearly pink, seemingly covered with a silver sheen. Y oz. 50c.. . .10 

Mixed Colors. Y oz. 35c.10 

Majus grandiflora. Tall-growing; 3 ft. Adapted for garden culture; fine, long 

stems for cutting. Mixed Colors. Y oz. 25c.....10 

Tom Thumb. Dwarf varieties; Y ft. Album. White. Roseum. Pink. Each. .10 

Tom Thumb, Mixed. Fine assortment of all colors. Y oz. 35c.10 


AQUILEGIA ( Columbine ) 

Free-blooming, hardy perennials; thrives best in a moist situation. Pkt. 

Long-spurred Scott Elliott’s Hybrids, Choice Mixed. The finest 
strain in existence. Colors are unique and very striking; 2Y ft. 

1-16 oz. 50c.$0.25 

Single Mixed. Y oz. 25c.10 

Double Mixed. Fs oz. 25c...10 

ARABIS alpina (Rockcress). Early, Spring flowering, pure white annual 

for edging or rockeries. Y oz. 25c...10 

ARMERIA formosa (Thrift or Sea Pink). Hardy perennial, excellent for 

"^edging or rockeries. 10 

ARCTOTIS grandis (African Daisy). Hardy annual. Pure white flowers 
u ,, with light blue center; 2Y ft. Y °z. 25c.10 


Adapted to border or rockwork; sweet scented, long bloomers. Will grow in 
poor soil or shaded places. Pkt. 

Setosa azurea. Light blue; 1 ft. Y oz. 25c.$0.10 

Odorata (Woodruff). White; IF 2 ft.10 

AUBRIETIA (Rainbow Rockcress). Hardy perennial rock plant with 
silvery green foliage and flowers of many shades. 

Large Flowering Hybrids Mixed. Fs oz. 35c.15 

ARGEMONE. Sturdy bushes, 2 to 3 ft. high; flowers rich yellow to 
creamy white; sow where they are to grow soon as ground is warm; in 
light soil. Y oz. 25c.10 


4 Flower Seeds 



Very popular annuals, producing a brilliant array of colors. Sow in open ground in May and transplant two or three 
times, allowing not less than 18 inches between plants at the last transplanting. Pkt. 

Improved Camellia-flowered. Mixed Colors. oz. 25c. $0.10 

BALLOONVINE. A very rapid growing climber, producing curious-shaped capsules. Oz. 15c 



Excellent for Summer and Autumn blooming; both flowers and foliage have a bright waxy appearance. Pkt. 

Vernon. A beautiful plant for beds and borders; withstands heat and drought.$0.10 

Semperflorens Mixed. All colors from white to crimson.10 

BELLIS (Double English Daisy ) 

Favorite perennials; sow seed June to September; transplant in Fall and protect during the Winter, 
in Spring. Sown in Spring will flower in Fall. 

Will flower early 

Calliopsis lanceolata 

NEW GIANT DOUBLE. Enormous double flowers; 2 to 234 in. in diameter. Pkt. 

Double Giant rosea. 1-16 oz. 75c.$0.15 

Double Giant alba. White. 1-16 oz. 75c.15 

Double Giant Mixed. 1-16 oz. 50c.15 

BEAGHYGOME (Swan-river-daisy). Hardy annual, with small blue flowers; 

blooms profusely most of the Summer. 9 in. 34 oz. 25c.10 

BROWALLIA elata. Annual. Excellent for cutting; color pale blue. 34 oz. 30c.10 

Speciosa major. Large flowering, ultramarine blue, adapted to the border or in 
hanging baskets, veranda boxes or as Winter and early Spring pot plants.25 

CALCEOLARIA hybrida, Choice Mixed. Recommended for greenhouse plants, 

with beautiful striped, blotched and variegated flowers.25 


Very free-flowering annuals, producing a gorgeous display in various shades of yellow 

and brown. Excellent for cutting. Pkt. 

Drummondi (Golden Wave). Yellow, maroon center. 34 oz. 25c.$0.10 

Coronata maxima. Large yellow. 34 oz. 25c.. 10 

Finest Mixed. 34 oz. 25c. 10 

Lanceolata. Bright yellow perennial. 34 oz. 25c. 10 

CALENDULA ( Pot-marigold ) 

Very robust, free-flowering annuals; seed may be sown in March and transplanted to 
open ground when danger of frost is over, or seed may be sown in open ground in April 

or May. Pkt. 

Orange Giant. Large, deep orange. 34 oz. 25c., oz. 75c.$0.10 

Sulphur Crown. Large sulphur-yellow. 34 oz. 25c. 10 

Balls Strain. Special forcing stock. Orange, light center. 34 oz. 50c. 15 

Campfire (Sensation). The best forcing variety. Dark orange with a scarlet 

sheen, very attractive. 34 oz. 75c.15 

Radio. Beautiful orange, globe shape petals quilled; very distinct from other 

Calendulas. Large pkt. 35c.15 

Mixed. All sorts. 34 oz. 25c., oz. 75c.10 

CAMPANULA ( Canterbury-bells ) 

Very attractive, hardy biennials and perennials, showy for borders. 


Medium, Single Mixed. 34 oz. 35c.$0.10 

Single White. 34 oz. 40c.10 

Single Blue. 34 oz. 40c.10 

Single Rose. 34 oz. 40c.10 

Single Striped. 34 oz. 40c.10 

Double Mixed. 34oz.40c.10 

Double Blue. 34 oz. 50c.10 

Carpatica, Blue. Perennial. 34 ° z - 


Alba. Perennial. 34 oz. 35c.10 


Medium, Double Rose. 34 oz. 50c.$0.10 

Double White. 34 oz. 50c.10 

Calycanthema, Mixed (Cup-and- 

saucer). 34 oz. 40c.10 

Blue. 34 oz. 50c.10 

White. 34 oz. 50c.10 

Rose. 34 oz. 50c.10 

Persicifolia, Blue. Perennial.15 

Alba. Perennial.15 

Pyramidalis, Blue. Perennial.10 

Campanula Types 



Giant Hyacinth-flowered. Very large white flowered. Height 18 in. 34 oz. 25c., 
oz. 75c. 

Umbellata Varieties. Desirable for rock gardens, borders or beds. Bloom in 
about 8 weeks from sowing and should be sown at intervals of two weeks for con¬ 

tinuous bloom. Lasts well as a cut flower. Pkt. 

Albida. Pure white. 34 ° z -25c .$0.10 

Carmine. 34 oz. 25c. .10 

Flesh Pink. 34 oz. 25c.. . .10 

Lavender. 34 oz. 25c .10 

Rose Cardinal. 34 oz. 25c .10 

Mixture—Above Varieties. 34 oz. 25c., oz. 75c .10 


Very showy foliage and brilliant flowering plants; desirable for large beds. Pkt. 

Crozy’s Large-flowering Dwarf Mixed. Oz. 30c.$0.10 

CARDINAL CLIMBER. A rapid-growing annual climber, with deeply, laciniated 

leaves and numerous small, glowing scarlet flowers. 34 oz. 25c... 15 


Flower Seeds 5 


Excellent for pots and open border culture. Pkt. 

Chabaud’s Enfant de Nice. A cross between Chabaud’s Giant Improved and 

Perpetual. The finest annual Carnation. Mixed.$0.35 

Giant Double Chaubaud. Blooms in five months from sowing. Double 

fringed fragrant blooms in profusion. 1-16 oz. 50c.25 

Marguerite. This variety blooms in four months from sowing of seed; flowers 

large and fragrant. Finest Mixed. 34 oz. 30c.10 

Hardy Border. Double-flowering dwarf and compact, early flowering, valuable 
for cutting. Will bloom first year if sown early. 

Grenadin Mixed. Large pkt. 50c.15 

CELOSIA ( Cockscomb ) 

Very showy annuals of two distinct classes— cristata, the comb varieties; plu- 
mosa, the feather sorts. Pkt. 

Cristata nana. Dwarf sorts in variety of colors. Mixed. 34 oz. 30c.$0.10 

Cristata Glasgow Prize. Dark foliage and crimson comb. 34 oz. 35c.10 

Plumosa thompsoni. Yellow plumes; fine. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Plumosa thompsoni. Crimson plumes. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Plumosa childsi (Chinese Woolflower). Large, ball-shaped scarlet flowers bloom¬ 
ing from July until frost. Easy of culture, 34 oz. 35c. 10 


Celosia plumosa childsi 

(Chinese Woolflower) 

Double Cornflower (Bachelor Button). Well-known, old-fashioned garden 
annuals of easy culture, but will amply repay for care required. 

Double Blue. Fine double blooms. 34 oz. 25c., oz. 75c. 

Double Rose. Choice selection. 34 oz. 25c., oz. 75c. 

Double White. Very double, new. 34 oz. 25c., oz. 75c. 

Mixed Double. 34 oz. 25c., oz. 50c. 

Imperialis (Giant Sweet Sultan). Large, sweet-scented flowers on long stems, in 
very beautiful colors and shades. Pkt. 

Brilliant Rose. 34 oz. 35c.$0.10 Purple. 34 oz. 35c. 

Delicate Lilac. 34 oz. 35c.10 White. 34 oz. 35c. 

Mixed. All colors. 34 oz. 25c. 

Candidissima. Broad cut foliage, silvery gray .._. 

Gymnocarpa. Fine cut. Silver foliage; drooping habit. 

Montana.Hardy perennial, 2 ft. high; flowers violet-blue; July to Sept. 34 oz. 35c. 


$ 0.10 










CERASTIUM (Snow-in-summer). Dwarf white leaves; rockery plant perennial.. .15 

CHEIRANTHUS allioni (Siberian Wallflower). Dwarf hardy biennial treated as 
annual, flowering freely through the Summer. For early flowering sow in late 
Summer. Brilliant orange. 1 ft. 34 oz. 35c.10 


Very showy annuals; valuable for cutting. Pkt. 

Single Mixed. Annual sorts. Daisy-like flowers in attractive colors with con¬ 
trasting tricolor zone. 34 oz. 25c.$0.10 

Carinatum, Double Mixed. Free-flowering annual; valuable for cutting. 34 oz. 


Centaurea imperialis 

(Giant Sweet Sultan) 


Ornamental plants for greenhouse or conservatory. 

Seed should be sown from July to September. Pkt. 

Improved Dwarf Large-flowering. In excellent 

range of colors. ; ..$0.25 

Nana Multiflora. Compact growing plant.with 
large heads of small perfect shaped beautifully 
colored bloom. Mixed colors.50 

CLARKIA, Mixed. Free-flowering annuals of easy Pkt. 
culture, doing well in sun or shade; valuable 
for cutting. 34 oz. 25c.$0.10 

CLEOME gigantea (Giant Spiderflower). Very at¬ 
tractive among shrubbery. Height 3 ft. 34 oz. 25c. .10 



Ornamental foliage plants. Pkt. 

New Hybrids, Mixed. Very choice colorings.$0.25 

Rapid-growing climbing vines with handsome, dark 

green foliage and bell-shaped flowers; 20 ft. Pkt. 

Scandens. Blue. 34 oz. 25c.$0.10 

CONVOLVULUS ( Morning-glory ) 

Rapid growing climbing annuals, producing quick cover and abundance of bloom. 

Height about 15 feel Pkt. 

Major Mixed. Oz. 20c., 34 lb. 50c., lb. $1.00 . 

Minor. Desirable for vases, clumps in borders or rock gardens. 

Mauritanicus. Lavender blue.$0.20 

Monstrosus. Dark blue. Oz. 20c.10 

See Ipomoea. 


A hardy and rapid growing annual with feathery green foliage. Flowers have long, 
graceful stems and attractive for cutting. Thrives best in light soil and not too rich. 
Early Flowering Mammoth. Sow in April or May in the open ground where 
they are to grow and thin out but do not transplant. Pinch out tops when 
2 to 3 ft. high to force plant to branch. Should bloom profusely from August Pkt. 

until frost.$0.10 

White. 34 oz. 25c.10 Crimson. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Rose. 34 oz. 25c.10 Finest Mixed. 34 oz. 25c.10 

New Double Crested. Extra-early-flowering. Entirely new class, producing a 
very double flower crested by an outer row of petals, making a very attractive 
appearance. A good percentage come true from seed. 

White. 34 oz. 75c.15 Crimson. 34 oz. 75c.15 

Rose. 34 oz. 75c.15 Finest Mixed. 34 oz. 50c.15 


6 Flower Seeds 


Delphinium, Exhibition Hybrids 

Didiscus caeruleus 

(Blue Lace Flower) 


COWSLIP (Primula Veris). Hardy Spring flowering perennial, colors yellow, 

brown edged yellow, etc. Fragrant.$0.15 

CYCLAMEN persicum giganteum. Excellent for pot plants; foliage is very 

beautiful. Mixed Colors .25 

CYNOGLOSSUM amabile (Chinese Forget-me-not). Annual of easiest culture, 
producing through the Summer sprays of delicately scented intense blue 
flowers. 34 oz. 35c.10 

CYPRESS VINE. Climbing annual of great beauty; foliage is extremely attrac¬ 
tive. Finest Mixed. 34 oz. 25c.10 

DAISY, Shasta (Alaska). Hardy perennial, blooming abundantly the first year 

from seed. Flowers large pure white with yellow center. 34 oz. 25c.10 


Half-hardy perennials of value for cutting. Blooms first season from seed sown in 

March or April Pkt. 

Decorative and Cactus. Seed saved from a collection of the newer varie¬ 
ties of the two types.$0.25 

Coltness Hybrids. New dwarf single bedding sort of merit. Plants compact, 
about 18 in. high, blooming in continuous succession from July to frost.25 

DELPHINIUM (Hardy Larkspur) 

One of the most desirable hardy perennials. Flowers produced on long spikes in 

shadings of white and blue. Pkt. 

Chinensis, White. 34 oz. 25c.$0.10 

Exhibition Hybrids. Produced from the choicest named varieties secured from 
the world’s noted specialists, embracing all shades known to Delphiniums. 
Strong, vigorous habit and large spikes, both single and double flowering. 
Light Blue Shades, Mid Blue Shades, Deep Blue Shades, Pastel Shades. 

Each pkt. 25c., large pkt. 50c. Exhibition Mixture. 34 oz. 50c.25 

Hollyhock Strain (Wrexham type). The graceful spire-shaped spikes of enor- 
% mous size and beauty of form is rapidly bringing this strain to the front as the 
^greatest advance in Delphiniums. Mixture, double and single. 1-16 oz. 75c. .35 

New Annual (Chinensis) Cambridge Blue. Clear blue surpassing Bella¬ 
donna brilliancy; 2 to 3 ft. high and should make a fine cut flower. 34 oz. 50c. .25 


Excellent plants for beds and borders. Flowers cover a wide range of colors and 

are very fragrant. Pkt. 

Chinensis, Fine Mixed (China Pink). Double-flowering popular sort. 34 oz. 25c.$0.10 

Heddewigi fl. pi. Double-flowering Japan Pinks.10 

Heddewigi Single Mixed. Splendid large flowering.10 

Plumarius. Double-flowering, hardy garden or June Pink. 34 oz. 35c.15 

Plumarius semperflorens (Everblooming Hardy Garden Pink). Sweet 
scented double, semi-double and single flowers. Very beautiful. 34oz. 35c.. .15 

Deltoides. Rock garden pink. Rose-tinted magenta. 8 inches. 34 oz. 35c.. .15 

Sweet Wivelsfield. A new hardy annual for borders or cut flower.25 


Desirable plants for backgrounds, borders and among shrubbery. Handsome, spotted 

flowers. Pkt. 

Alba. Pure white. 34 oz. 35c.$0.10 

Rosea. Rose color. 34 oz. 35c. 10 

Yellow. 34 oz- 35c. 10 

Mixed. 34 oz. 35c. 10 

Giant Shirley. Plant vigorous. 5 to 7 ft. high. 

A magnificent strain. 34 oz. 50c.15 

DIMORPHOTHECA (African Daisy) auran- 
tiaca hybrida. New Hybrids of African 
Daisy. Annual free-blooming in many colors, 
white to red and blush, sulphur, lemon, or¬ 
ange, etc. 34 oz. 50c. 10 

Digitalis Aurantiaca. Orange only. 34 oz. 50c. 10 

DOLICHOS lablab. Mixed (Hyacinth-bean). Climbers. Oz. 25c. 10 

DRACAENA indivisa. Decorative plant with long, narrow green leaves.10 

ECHINOCYSTIS lobata (Wild Cucumber). A very rapid growing annual climber. 

Oz. 25c.10 



Caeruleus (Blue Lace Flower). Easily grown garden annual, popular for cut 
flowers. Plants 2 ft. high, umbel-shaped bloom, heavenly blue. 34 oz. 35c... $0.15 

ECHINOPS ritro (Globe Thistle). Thistle-like foliage. Steel blue flowers in round 

heads, good backing for hardy border. 34 °z. 25c. 10 

Dimorpho theca 

(African Daisy) 


Flower Seeds 7 

ESCHSCHOLTZIA ( California-poppy ) 

There have been many new shades produced in the last few years which add very much 
to the beauty of these profuse blooming hardy annuals. Poppy-like blooms June until 
frost. Pkt. 

Aurantiaca. Rich orange, true California Poppy. 34 oz. 25c.SO.10 

New Large-flowering Hybrids. 

Mixed. Erect type containing a large per cent of new colors including soft pink, 

scarlet, chrome, copper-red, claret, royal purple. 34 oz. 35c.15 

Bush (Hunnemannia). Bright yellow on long stems, excellent for cutting, hardy 
annual. 2 ft. 34 oz. 25c.10 


Very pretty, quick growing annuals. Very attractive arranged with annual flowers or 
in vases alone. Keep a long time cut. Pkt. 

Variegata. White and green foliage. 34 °z. 25c.SO.10 


Showy bedding and border plants blooming the first sea¬ 
son from seed and among the gayest blooms in the garden 
in Summer and Autumn. Combinations of yellow and red 
predominate; flowers 2 inches or more in diameter on long 
stems. Desirable Jor cutting. Pkt. 

Indian Chief. Dark brown center with glittering bronzy red petals. Annual .. .$0.15 


Lorenziana, Mixed. Superb annual sort. 34 


» >\ 


oz. 25c.10 

Grandiflora, Mixed. Perennials 

of great beauty. 34 oz- 35c.10 

The Dazzler. Intense maroon 
red and golden yellow. Large 
pkt. 35c.15 

GERANIUM, Finest Mixed .10 

GEUM, Mrs. Bradshaw. Double 
orange scarlet, flowers entire 

Summer. 34 oz. 25c.15 

Lady Stratheden. Golden yel¬ 
low double flowering, new. 

1-16 oz. 75c.15 

GLOXINIA erecta, Mixed. Splen¬ 
did pot plants.25 


Showy, everlasting 

.10 Euphorbia variegata 


Calabash or Pipe (Large) Dishcloth (Large) 

GODETIA. Free-flowering annuals for beds and Pkt- 
borders. 34 oz. 25c.$0.10 

The following list are all small: 

Apple Orange 

Bottle Egg-shaped White 

Pear Bicolor Warted All Shapes 

Pear Striped Small Varieties Mixed 

All above. Pkt. 10c., oz. 30c. 


Paniculata. Perennial; fine, feathery white flow- Pkt. 
ers. Much used in mixed bouquets and dried for 

use with dried everlastings. 34 °z. 25c.$0.10 

Repens. Dwarf trailing perennial with tiny white 

flowers for rockery. Large pkg. 35c.10 

Paniculata, Double Snow White. Valuable hardy 
perennial of recent introduction. . 3 to 334 ft. 
high. Very attractive when cut, lasting along time .25 
Elegans grandiflora alba. Large flowering, pure 
white. Sowings should be made at intervals of two 
weeks to insure continuous bloom. Hardy annual. 

Oz. 25c. 34 lb. 75c.10 

HELIANTHUS ( Sunflower ) 

Hardy annuals; flowers attractive. Pkt. 

Annuus purpurea (Red Sunflower). Some flow¬ 
ers chestnut-red, others tipped yellow, others 

washed with red. 34 oz. 25c. $0.10 

Californicus. Large, double, orange color. 34 oz - 


Miniature Sunflowers. Single, abundant bloom¬ 
ers. 3 ft. 

Cucumerifolius. Yellow. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Orion. Yellow. Twisted petals. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Purpureus. Terra cotta, old rose shades. 34 oz. 


Globosus fistulosus. Double, globe-shaped; 

height 6 ft.10 

Mammoth Russian. Immense single yellow 
flowers; height 6 to 8 ft. oz. 10c. 

Gypsophila Elegans 

HELICHRYSUM (Sir aw flower) 

One of the best everlastings, making fine display in the border or dried for 
Winter bouquets. For Winter use cut when only partly open, take off all foliage, 
tie in bunches and hang head down in dark place to dry. Sow seed early in 

Spring and transplant or thin to 12 inches apart. Pkt. 

Mixed Colors. 34 oz. 25c.$0.10 

HELIOTROPE, Finest Mixed. Popular for pots or bedding.10 

HEUCHERA sanguinea (Coral Bells). Perennial flowers, bright coral 

red, leaves light green, excellent for cutting. 30 inch.25 

HIBISCUS, Giant-flowering. Improved form of native Mallow with 
flowers often 8 to 10 in. in diameter. Height, 5 to 8 ft., blooming 
freely from July until frost. Colors, red, pink, white. 

Mixed. All colors. 34 oz. 25c.10 


Quick-growing annual climbers for covering arbors, etc., the first season 

from seed. Pkt. 

Japonicus. Green foliage. 34 oz. 25c.$0.10 

Japonicus variegatus. Variegated green and white. 10 

8 Flower Seeds 




Very ornamental perennials, attractive in mixed borders, making an attractive back¬ 
ground. Flowers about 3 inches across set as rosettes around strong-growing stalks. 
Seed sown in May or June make fine blooming plants the following season. 

Chaters Double Prize Strain. 

Pure White Deep Rose Sulphur Yellow 

Newport Pink Scarlet Salmon Pkt. 

Chaters Double Mixed. Above, each, Y oz. 35c.$0.10 

Single Mixed. All colors. Y oz. 25c. 10 

HONESTY. Biennial treated as annual. Admired for its silvery seed pouches. 10 

ICE PLANT. Trailing plants for rockeries, baskets, etc.10 

IMPATIENS Sultana (Sultans-balsam). Beautiful decorative plants.15 

IPOMOEA Grandiflora (Moonflower). Rapid climbers with large, white flowers. .10 
Imperial Japanese Morning-glory. Very attractive, rapid climbers . Oz. 25c.. .10 

Ipomoea Rose Marie. Early free flowering Ipomoea. Flowers deep rose double 

and semi-double. Will probably rival Heavenly Blue..25 

Ipomoea rubra caerulea (Heavenly Blue). Early flowering; immense flowers, 

bright sky blue. Y oz. 35c.10 

KOCHIA Childsi (Summer-cypress, Burningbush). An easily grown annual, 3 ft. 
high. Makes an excellent hedge or fine specimen. Compact, pyramidal growth, 

light green turning to blood-red early in Autumn. Y oz. 25c.10 

KUDZU VINE. Perennial vine, rosy-purple, pea-shaped flowers. Yi oz. 25c.10 

LANTANA Hybrida, Mixed. Rapid-growing, small, bushy shrubs.10 

Larkspur, Annual 

Lupinus (Lupine) 


This well known garden annual has been wonderfully improved in the last few years by 
selection for size of bloom and color as well as general habit of plant. Seeds sown early in 
house or hotbed produce strong plants ready for open ground in May or seeds sown in open 
ground in April will bloom profusely from July to frost. 3 feet. 

Giant Imperial (New). The following are of the Improved upright Delphiniumlike 

habit and superior to the older type of annual Larkspurs. Pkt. 

Blue Spire. Deep Oxford blue. Y oz. 35c.$0.15 

Exquisite Pink Improved. Soft pink shaded salmon. Y oz. 35c.15 

Exquisite Rose. Rose pink. Y oz. 35c.15 

Lilac Spire. Clear lilac. Y oz. 35c.15 

Miss California. Deep pink shaded salmon. 

Lg oz. 35c.15 

White Spire. Dazzling pure white. Y °z. 35c. . .15 

Giant Imperial Mixed. Including all the 

above varieties. Y oz, 25c.10 

LATHYRUS latifolius (Perennial Pea). 

Mixed. Climbers. Y oz. 25c.10 

LAVATERA (Summer Mallow). A very showy 
annual; the leaves are large and downy and ef¬ 
fective in the border. The cup shaped flowers 
2 to 3 in. in diameter form in the axils of the 
upper leaves and are produced profusely; long 
keeping as a cut flower. Useful sown late to 

fill in after Spring flowers. Y oz. 35c.10 

Splendens (Sunset) Rosy Carmine. Y oz. 35c. .10 

Mixed colors. Y oz. 35c.10 

LINUM (Flax). Annuals of graceful habit. 

Grandiflora rubrum. Dark red. Y oz. 25c... .10 

Grandiflorum caeruleum. Blue. Y oz. 25c. .10 

Perenne (Perennial Flax). Blue. Y oz. 25c. . .10 

LOBELIA. Graceful plants for vases, edgings, etc. 

Sapphire. A very strong growing variety, dark 
blue with white eye; suitable for piazza boxes 

and hanging pots. Large pkt. 35c.15 

Gracilis. Trailing sort. Light blue.10 

Crystal PalaceCompacta. Erect sort, dark blue .10 
LINARIA cymbalaria (Kenilworth-ivy). Trail¬ 
ing plant for vases, etc.10 

Maroccana, Excelsior Hybrids. Easily grown 
annual adapted to borders or rockery, bearing 
small spikes like miniature Snapdragons, yel¬ 
low, crimson, pink purple, etc. Y oz. 40c. . 

Lavatera (Summer Mallow) 


LUPINUS (Lupine) 

Annual sorts. Easily grown, free flowering annuals 
with graceful spikes of various colored, pea shaped 
flowers sxiitable for beds, borders and cutting. Do best 
in partial shade. Pkt. Pkt. 

White. Y oz. 25c.$0.10 Dark Blue. Y oz. 25c.$0.10 
Rose. Y oz. 25c.. .10 Sky Blue. Y oz. 25c.. .10 

Annual Mixed. All colors. Oz. 30c.10 

Polyphyllus (Perennial Sorts). Hardy perennials blooming in May and June. 

Will thrive in any good garden soil. Pkt. 

Blue. Y oz. 25c.$0.10 Rose. Y oz. 35c.15 

White. Y oz. 25c.10 Finest Mixed. Y oz. 25c. .10 

LYCHNIS Chalcedonica (London Pride). Bright scarlet, 2 to 3 ft. high, Hardy 


MATRICARIA Capensis (Double White Feverfew). Fine bedding plant, produc¬ 
ing attractive double white flowers in abundance the entire season. Y oz. 25c. .10 

Golden Ball. Compact bushy plant, covered with double bright yellow blooms. .25 



Flower Seeds 9 


Old-fashioned hardy annuals of easy cultivation; the African type are mostly tall growing, making excellent large 
beds or mass planting, also attractive in mixed borders. French varieties are mostly dwarf, making attractive borders. 
Seed may be sown in open ground in April and satisfactory results obtained. Sown in house or hotbed in March and 
transplanted before planting out in May, will produce more satisfactory blooming period. 


African All Double. These new Marigolds will produce nearly 100 per cent 

double flowers. Orange or lemon. 34 oz. 50c.$0.25 

African Tall, Mixed. Large flowering, orange and lemon shades. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Orange Prince. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Lemon Prince. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Guinea Gold. A distinct type of graceful, pyramidal growth, 2 to 234 ft. high, 
flowers 2 to 234 in. in diameter; brilliant orange and double ruffled loose petals. 
Desirable as a cut flower. The usual Marigold fragrance is largely eliminated. 

34 oz. 75c., large pkt. 50c.25 


Gold Striped. Brown and golden yellow. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Golden Ball. Very compact, large golden yellow. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Pallida. Dwarf, compact, pale sulphur yellow. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Mixed. Golden and maroon sorts. 34 oz. 25c., oz. 75c.10 


Fire Cross. Saffron orange, brown center. 34 oz. 25c., oz. 75c.10 

Legion of Honor. Single. Golden yellow with purple 34 oz. 25c., oz. 75c.10 

Silver King. Pale yellow, maroon base. 34 oz. 25c., oz. 75c.10 

Border of Gold (Tagetes signata pumila). Single bright orange flowers com¬ 
pletely covering the plant, fernlike foliage. Height 12 to 15 in. Fine for edging. 

34 oz. 25c.10 


MARVEL OF PERU (Four-o’clock). Favorite old-fashioned flowers, bushy Pkt. 
habit, bearing hundreds of pink, white, yellow, crimson and violet 
flowers. Oz. 25c.$0.10 


Well-known hardy annual producing very fragrant, cone shaped flowers. Sow ground as soon as danger of frost is over, well pulverized sandy loam is 
best. Thrives best in cool temperature. Pkt. 

Grandiflora. Large flowering. Oz. 25c.$0.10 

Machet. The best Mignonette forall purposes, indoororoutside. 34oz.25c. .10 

MIMULUS moschatus (Muskplant). Yellow, sweet scented.10 

MIMOSA pudica (Sensitiveplant).10 

MYOSOTIS (Forget - me-not ) 

Charming, half hardy perennials, producing small blue flowers. Pkt. 

Alpestris Victoria. Stout, bushy habit. & oz. 35c.$0.10 

Palustris (True Marsh Forget-me-not). Blue with white eye. ^ oz. 50c. .15 

Chinese Forget-me-not. See Cynoglossum amabile. 


For Summer flower beds nothing can surpass them; plants form perfect 
mounds about 1 foot high by 1 foot across. Seed sown in open ground early in 
Spring produces blooming plants in early Summer and continues until frost. 

Oz. Pkt. 

Aurora. Salmon and pink.$0.25 $0.10 

Empress of India. Crimson, dark leaves.25 .10 

Golden King. Golden yellow.25 .10 

King of Tom Thumbs. Scarlet.25 .10 

King Theodore. Dark maroon.25 .10 

Prince Henry. Light yellow.25 .10 

Ruby King. Rose shaded.25 .10 

Vesuvius. Salmon rose.25 .10 

Mixed, extra quality of named varieties. 34 lb. 50c., lb. $1.50. . .20 .10 



For covering trellis fences, rockeries, etc., or trailing from vases, they are unexcelled: 
of easy culture and rapid growth; 12 to 15 feet high. Oz. Pkt. 

Oz. Pkt. King Theodore . Maroon.$0.25 

Dunnett’s. Orange (Sun¬ 
light)....$0.25 $0.10 

Jupiter. Giant-flowering, 

yellow.25 .10 

Mixed. Extra quality, of named varieties 


leading novelty of the season. Oz. $1.00, large pkt. 50c.15 

King Theodore. 

Prince Henry. Cream spot¬ 
ted; tipped red.25 

Schultzi. Scarlet.25 

Vesuvius. Salmon-rose.25 

34 lb. 50c., lb. $1.50.20 






NEMESIA strumosa suttoni. Splendid annual with large flowers, varying in 
color from creamy white to orange and carmine. Fine for bedding, doing best 
in a cool location. Orange or Mixed Colors. 1-16 oz. 75c.15 

NEMOPHILA (Baby Blue Eyes or Blue Bells). Low-growing annuals of easy cul¬ 
ture, producing an abundance of bright, bell-shaped flowers all Summer. 

Blue. 34 oz. 25c.Pkt., $0.10 Mixed. 34 oz. 25c.10 

NICOTIANA Affinis. A species of tobacco, very decorative. . 34 oz. 25c.10 

Sanderae. Hybrids, free-flowering, in variety of color. Height 2 ft. 34 oz. 25c.. .10 

NIGELLA Miss Jelcyll. Easily grown annual. Double, bright blue, excellent for 

cutting. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Nasturtium, Tall 

10 Flower Seeds 



Seed should be sown in July and August for early Spring blooming, or if sown 
in May will make excellent plants for late blooming. Pkt. 

Pino’s Special Mixture. In this mixture we offer all the choice fancy 
sorts and we believe nothing better can be procured. 1-16 oz. 50c. .$0.25 
Swiss Giants. A new strain. Very large flowering, containing many 
unusual colors—pink, red, yellow, blue, all blotched. Large pkt. 75c. .35 

Trimardeau Giant. The largest and more robust in growth. 

Pkt. Pkt. 

Adonis, bright blue. Emperor William, blue.$0.15 

^ oz. 50c.$0.15 Lord Beaconsfield, purple- 

White. 34 oz. 50c.15 violet, 34 oz. 50c...15 

Yellow, 34 oz. 50c.15 Mme. Perret. Wine shades. 

Mixed, 34 oz. 40c.15 34 oz. 50c. .15 

Tufted Pansies. Very free blooming Pansies adapted to shady places. 

Small flowering. Seed should be sown in early May or August. 

Apricot. One of the best Violas, rich apricot yellow, tinged orange; 

large, free bloomer.25 

Admiration. Dark blue 34 oz. 50c.15 

Lutea splendens. Yellow. 34 oz. 50c. 15 

Mauve Queen. Mauve. 34 oz. 50c. 15 

Papilio. Light blue, white spotted. 34 oz. 50c. 15 

Purple. 34 oz. 50c.15 

White Perfection. Pure white. 34 oz. 50c. 15 

Finest Mixed. All colors. 34 oz. 40c. 15 


General favorites of easy cultivation, blooming continuously from early Summer till 
frost. Favorite for massing in beds and bordering walks and drives; also used in vases and 

window boxes. Pkt. 

Large-flowering Special Formulae. This mixture is selected for size and bril¬ 
liancy of color, more desirable than the fine mixture for bedding. 34 oz. 35c. .$0.15 

Finest Mixed. Single bedding sort. 34 oz. 35c. 10 

Rosy Morn. Clear pink, white throat; compact, a constant bloomer. 34oz. 50c.. .15 

Violacea. Compact, free-flowering. Steel blue or deep violet. 34 oz. 50c.15 

Snowball. Compact, free-flowering. Pure white. 34 oz. 50c. 15 

Silver Blue. Light blue.. 34 oz. 35c .15 

Nana Erecta. Mixed. Comprising all the dwarf compact sorts. 34 oz. 35c. 15 

Dwarf Striped and Blotched. Excellent for vases. 10 

California Ruffled Giants. Extremely large flowers with ruffled edges; ex¬ 
quisite colorings and markings. 25 

Double Mixed. Extra quality producing a good percentage of double flowers. 25 

PORTLAND PETUNIAS. A new type adapted to planting in veranda 
boxes or bedding where the unusual is wanted. 

Elks Pride. Deep royal purple, large size, plain edge..25 

Pride of Portland. Large, deep rose pink with whitish yellow throat; fringed .25 

PENTSTEMON (Beardtongue). Perennial plant producing large spikes of 
handsome, tubular flowers in almost every shade and color. Large flow¬ 
ering hybrids. Mixed. 34 oz. 35c. 10 

PERILLA nankinensis. Splendid foliage. 34 oz. 25c. 10 

PHYSALIS francheti (Chinese Lanternplant). An attractive plant, forming 
red, lantern-like pods retaining their color for months; excellent Winter 
decorations. 34 ° z -25c.10 

PLATYCODON grandiflora. Hardy perennial, bright blue, bell-shaped 

flowers. 2 ft.10 


POLYANTHUS. Popular hardy 
perennial. Finest named sorts, 
mixed. 34 oz. 50c., pkt. 15c. 


Hardy, bush-like annuals with many clusters of brilliantly colored flowers. 

Attractive in clumps and massed beds and desirable for combining in mixed 
bouquets. Pkt. 

Grandiflora alba. Pure white. 34 oz. 50c.$0.10 

Coccinea. Brilliant scarlet. 34 oz. 50c.10 

Chamois Rose. Deep salmon-rose. 34° z -50c.. .10 

Isabella. Light yellow. 34 oz. 50c.10 

Rosea. Bright rose. 34 oz. 50c.10 

Violacea. Purple-violet, white eye. 34 oz. 50c... .10 

Grandiflora Mixed, Choice Large-flowering 
Sorts. 34 oz. 35c.10 

Drummondi, Dwarf or Compact. Grow very 
symmetrical in neat little bushes, 6 to 8 inches 
high and covered with flowers during the entire 
season. Excellent for beds, borders or clumps in 
the rock garden. Easily grown. 

Cecily Mixed. Large flowering compact in many 

shades and colors. 34 oz. 50c.10 

Cuspidata. Splendid star-shaped varieties. 10 

Decussata Mixed. Perennial sorts. 34 oz. 35c... .10 


Very brilliant, dwarf annuals, suitable for warm, dry 

situations. Should not be sown until hot weather. Pkt. 

Single, Fine Mixed. 34 oz. 25c., oz. 75c.$0.10 

Single, Pure White. 34 oz. 30c. 10 

Single, Golden Yellow. 34 oz. 30c. 10 

Single, Flesh. Y oz. 30c. 10 

Single, Scarlet. 34 oz. 30c.10 

Double, Choice Mixed. 34 oz. 35c. 10 



Portland Petunias 


Flower Seeds 11 


Splendid plants for borders, etc., producing a profusion of bloom throughout the 
Summer. Flowers are remarkable for large size, delicacy of tissue, and brilliancy 

of dazzling colors. Keep blooms cut regularly for long blooming season. Pkt. 

Carnation-flowered. Splendid double-fringed varieties. Mixed. Oz. 25c.$0.10 

Peony-flowered, Mixed. Double varieties. Oz. 25c.10 

American Legion. Single, brilliant orange scarlet, yellow anthers. 34 oz. 

25c. 10 

Wild Rose. Rich rose, comes quite true from seed. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Shirley, Single Mixed. Very dainty colored, with rich satin appearance. 
Graceful in habit, with bright green, fern-like foliage. Flowers, white, 
yellow and orange, borne on slender wire-like stems, 12 inches high. 

34 oz. 30c.10 

Iceland, Mixed. Hardy perennial, blooming first season from seed. 

34 oz. 35c.10 

Iceland Sunbeam. A new race with longer stems and larger flowers, 

flowering May to Oct. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Coonara. Salmon shades. 34 oz. 35c.10 

Orientale. Enormous deep scarlet flowers. Perfectly hardy. 34 oz. 35c.. .10 

Orientale Hybrids, Mixed. Hardy perennial. Finest shades. 34 oz. 35c. .10 

PRIMULA Sinensis (Chinese Primrose). Excellent pot plants for Winter 

Choice Fringed, Mixed. 25 

Obconica. A profuse-blooming Primrose with pale lilac flowers. ; .15 

Malacoides. Flowers delicate lavender, borne in whorls on tall, delicate 
stems. Desirable for pot.15 


Aureum (Golden-feather). Golden-leaved plant for edging. 34 oz. 20c.$0.10 

Hybridum grandiflorum. Flowers large, Aster-shaped, colors pink to 
deep red with bright yellow centers. Bloom in May and June, very 
graceful long lasting cut flowers. Hardy Perennial 2 ft. 

Giant-flowered Single Mixed. 34 oz. 50c.15 

Choice Double Mixed. 1-16 oz. 75c.25 

RICINUS ( Castor-bean ) 

Highly ornamental plants; excellent for large groups. Pkt. 

Gibsoni. Dark purple stems and foliage. Oz. 25c.$0.10 

Sanguineus. Blood-red foliage. 6 ft. Oz. 25c.10 

Zanzibarensis, Mixed. Very large growing sort, extremely attractive. 

Oz. 25c.10 

ROCKET, SWEET. Hardy perennial. For planting among shrubbery 
or in permanent borders; fragrant; 2 to 3 ft. high; purple or white, or 
mixed. 34 oz. 25c.10 

Poppies orientalis 

Iceland Poppies 

RHODANTHE. A charming annual everlasting. Valuable dried for Winter 
bouquets. Mixed. 34 oz. 25c.10 

SALVIA (Scarlet Sage) 

One of the most popular and useful bedding plants; nothing more attractive in 
the Fall than these bright scarlet flowers. Seed should be started in house or 
hotbed from February to April or may be sown in open ground in May. Easily 

grown, free-flowering and extremely showy. Pkt. 

Bonfire. Early-flowering scarlet; 134 ft. 34 oz. 50c.$0 15 

Patens. Rich deep blue.15 


One of the most attractive annuals. Blooms tube-shaped, much like the Petunia, 
but more beautiful in color display; 234 feet. Pkt. 

Emperor, Finest Mixed. 34 oz. 25c.$0.10 

SAPONARIA Vaccaria. Free blooming annual with feathery pink flowers. 
Sowings should be made at intervals to keep up succession of bloom; 3 ft. 

34 oz. 25c.10 


(Mourning Bride—Pincushion Flower ) 

Seed may be sown where they are to grow soon as ground can be worked in 
Spring or for earlier blooming sow early and transplant 12 to 18 inches apart. 
Height 234 ft., stems long and graceful and keeps well when cut. 

Ageratum Blue Fire King, rosy crimson 

King of Blacks, reddish black Shasta, pure white 

Peach Blossom, pink Sulphur Yellow 


Each above, 34 oz. 25c.$0.10 

Loveliness. New. Salmon rose. 34 oz. 35c.15 

Choice Mixed. 34 oz. 25c.. • • .10 

Hardy Perennial Scabiosa Caucasica. One of the best hardy perennials, 
color soft lavender-blue, desirable for cutting. Lasting a long time in 

water. 34 oz. 50c.15 

New Giant Hybrids (Isaac House Strain). Improvement on Caucasica; 
longer and stouter stems and larger bloom. Outer edges ruffled, colors 
range from light lavender to dark blue. 1-16 oz. 50c.25 



12 Flower Seeds 


SCHIZANTHUS (Butterflyflower) 

One of our best hardy annuals, of easy culture in any good garden soil, bearing a pro¬ 
fusion of butterflylike flowers of various colors: resembling some species of Orchids. 
Are also adapted for late Winter and should be planted in Fall for this purpose. Pkt. 

Grandiflora hybrida, Mixed. Compact 
plantswith many colored blooms. Y oz. 25c.$0.10 
Wisetonensis. A showy variety used 

largely for pot plants. Y oz. 35c.15 

SMIL AX. Beautiful climber.10 

SOLANUM (Cleveland-cherry). More compact 
than the ordinary Jerusalem cherry and 
produces the scarlet fruits in greater pro¬ 
fusion. oz. 25c.10 


Often called Gilliflower, unexcelled for beauty and 
fragrance. Given good, rich soil they will produce full 
spikes of double blooms; valuable for cutting. Seed 
may be sown outdoors early in Spring; using well fer¬ 
tilized, well pulverized soil, covering seed Y in. and 
press down firmly. Make rows 18 in. apart, thin to 
6 in. For earlier blooming sow indoors in March or 
April, transplant to open ground last of May. 




Branching habit, 2 to 2Y feet, early blooming and produces a high percentage of double 
blooms. Considered the most desirable variety for greenhouse or conservatory, unexcelled 
for bedding. Pkt. Pkt. Pkt. 

Pure White .$0.20 Blush (Appleblossom)$0.20 Canary Yellow .$0.20 

Rose .20 Lavender .20 Finest Mixed, 1-16 

Dark Blue .20 Fiery Blood Red .20 oz. 75c.20 

Finest Mixed. An excellent mixture made from 
named varieties, specially selected for their bril¬ 
liancy. Produces pyramidal spikes with a good 
percentage of double. Y oz. 75c.; large pkt. 50c.$0.10 


One of the most desirable types. Flower trusses long and 
very double. Pkt. 

Beauty of Nice. Flesh pink.$0.15 

Victoria. Pure white.15 

Queen Alexandra. Rosy lilac.15 

GIANT PERFECTION (Cut-and-come-again) Pkt. 


Empress Augusta Victoria. Silvery lilac.15 

Princess Alice. White.15 

STATICE (Thrift) 

Free flowering, valuable cut flower either fresh or dried. Pkt. 

Sinuata rosea superba. Y oz • 25c.$0.10 

Sinuata, True Blue. Extra deep. Y oz. 25c.10 

Latifolia. Perennial for border or rockery. Pur¬ 
plish blue flowers, may be used for Winter dried 

flowers. Y oz. 25c.10 

STOKESIA (Cornflower Aster). Hardy perennial, 
about 2 ft. high with handsome lavender blue, Corn¬ 
flowerlike blooms from July till frost. Makes a fine 
specimen in the border; valuable as a cut bloom. . .10 


Popular, old fashioned, hardy perennials for beds or bor¬ 
ders. Easily grown from seed, forming fine clumps which 
produce brilliant colored flowers the second season. Seed 
should be sown early in Spring in finely pulverized soil; 
cover Y inch of fine soil and firm down well. Thin to 6 
inches apart. It is advisable to sow every year as young 
plants will flower more satisfactory. Pkt. 

Pink Beauty. Y oz. 35c.$0.10 

Pure White. Y oz. 25c.10 

Dark Crimson. Y oz. 25c.10 

Holborn Glory. A wide range of colors with clear 

white eyes. Y oz. 25c.10 

Diadem. Crimson, white eye. Y oz. 25c.10 

Scarlet Beauty. Y oz. 35c.10 

Single, Mixed. Y oz. 25c.10 

Double, Mixed. Y oz. 25c.10 

THUNBERGIA (Black-eyed-susan). Rapid growing 
annual climbers adapted to hot, sunny situation 
in hanging baskets, vases, etc. Flowers buff, 

white, orange with black eye. Y oz. 25c. 

TORENIA fournieri. A very fine annual for vases, 
hanging baskets, borders, etc. covered with a mass 
of sky blue flowers spotted dark blue; yellow center. 
TRITOMA (Red Hot Poker). Early flowering hy¬ 
brids. Sown early will bloom first season from seed. .15 

TROPAEOLUM canariensis (Can¬ 
ary-bird Flower). A rapid growing 
half hardy climber. Foliage profuse 
green, and the curiously-formed yel¬ 
low flowers producing a charming 
contrast. Desirable for shady loca¬ 
tions. Y oz. 25c., pkt. 10c. 

Verbena grandiflora 


A magnificent new strain of robust, 
compact habit and free blooming. For 
early blooming, sow indoors and trans¬ 
plant to open ground in May. Seed 
sown in open ground in April or May 
make bloom from August until hard 

freezing weather. Pkt. 

Blue. White eye.$0.20 

Luminous. Flame pink shading 

to salmon.20 

Lucifer. Vivid scarlet.20 

White. Immense size.20 

Hybrida grandiflora. New 

mixed. Y oz. 50c.15 

Lemon Scented. Fragrant 

Tritoma, Early Hybrids 


Flower Seeds 13 

Sweet Peas 

The proper time to spade the garden for Sweet Peas is in the 
Fall, as the longer the soil remains in the rough state the better. 
Give a liberal dressing of well-rotted stable manure, ground 
bone and a dusting of lime. Spade to a depth of 6 or 8 inches 
and allow soil to remain in the rough without chopping down. 
When sowing seed, see that the soil is firmly trodden down, as 
Sweet Peas require not only a deep soil but a firm one. Seed 
should always be sown early in Spring 1 inch deep, and when 
plants are well up thin to 2 to 4 inches apart. Pinch out tops to 
start branching. Support should be given early before plants 
get twisted. When hot, dry weather begins, see that the plants 
are well mulched and well watered. Look out for green aphis 
and keep clean by spraying with solution of tobacco extract. 
Care must be taken to keep flowers picked, as the forming of 
seed pods will stop blooming. 

GIANT SPENCER—Waved Varieties 

Spencer Sweet Peas are the largest and most beautiful of 
all known Sweet Peas, the individual flowers measuring fre¬ 
quently 2 to 234 inches across; they are also remarkable for 
their profuseness and continuous bloom. On strong stems 9 to 
12 inches long, the beautiful flowers are borne three to four 
on a stem. The standards are open, well rounded and ex¬ 
quisitely waved and often serrated. 

Pkt. 10c., oz. 30c., 34 lb. 75c. 

Blanche Ferry Spencer. Bright rose standard, wings white, 
flushed pink. 

Caine Valley, Lavender blue. 

Constance Hinton. Black seeded white Spencer, splendid 
form and substance. 

Countess of Spencer. Pure pink, very large, open form. 
Daffodil Deep cream black seeded. 

Elfrida Pearson. Large shell-pink. 

Hercules. Mammoth rosy-pink. 

Kin g White. Produces gigantic flowers, pure white. 

R. F. Felton. Rosy lavender. 

Royal Sovereign. Orange. 

Royal Purple. The best purple. 

Warrior. Deep maroon. 

Collection, 1 pkt. each 12 named varieties, $1.00 


Well selected mixture containing only true Spencer types. 
We can recommend this as a superior mixture containing all 
the worth while novelties of recent years. 

Pkt. 10c., oz. 25c., 34 lb. 60c., lb. $2.00 


Greenhouse Varieties 
Pkt. 10c., 34 oz. 50c., oz. 75c., 34 lb. $2.50 

The following are specially adapted to grow¬ 
ing under glass but may also be grown in the 
open and bloom several weeks in advance of the 
regular Spencer sorts, and if not allowed to seed 
will continue equally as long. 

All White. One of the best pure white vari¬ 

Mrs. Chas. Zvolanek. Lavender. 

Fair Maid. Blush pink suffused salmon. 

Zvolanek’s Rose. Giant rose-pink. 

Early Flowering Giant Spencer Mixed 
Colors. Contains a well-balanced assort¬ 
ment of standard sorts together with many 

Pkt. 10c., oz. 50c., 34 lb. $1.50 

VERONICA (Speedwell). A hardy border plant, 
growing about 134 ft- high, producing long 
spikes of bright blue flowers in June and 
July. . Pkt. 

Spicata. Bright blue. 18in. 34 oz - 35c....$0.10 
Longifolia. Rich blue. 2 ft. 34 40c.10 

VINCA. Fine for pots or borders. 

alba, pure white; rosea, rose; Mixed. 


VIOLA odorata (Sweet Violet). Fragrant 

bedding plant.1® 

VIRGINIAN STOCKS. Hardy annuals 

for beds and borders. 34 oz. 15c. 10 

Sweet Pea 


Well known, fragrant, half-hardy perennial blooming 
early in the Spring. Plants should be protected in*cold- 
frame during Winter and planted out in April Pkt. 

Earliest Paris. Flowers first season from seed 
and continues bloom until freezing weather. 

Fine for cut blooms, keeps well when cut and 
has a very delicate perfume. Separate colors: 

Blood red, light brown, golden. 34 oz. 25c. .$0.10 

Single Mixed. 34 ° z - 25c.. 

Double Mixed. 15 


These mixed flower seeds embrace more than a 
hundred varieties of such easy growing and pretty 
flowers as are suitable for forming a wild flower garden. 
They are very useful for woodland walks, roadsides,' 
alongside of fences, and on untidy bare spots which, if 
properly cared for and kept free from weeds, can bloom 
during the Summer. Pkt. 10 c., oz. 25c., 34 lb. 75 c. 

Wild Garden 



14 Flower Seeds 


Double Giant Dahlia-Flowered Zinnias 

Zinnia, California Giant 


Robust-growing annuals, very free-flowering. No flowers 
are more easily grown from seed in the open ground and 
few bloom so continuously throughout the entire Summer. 
Those acquainted only with the old-time Zinnias will be 
surprised at the perfection to which the newer strains have 


These flowers have a very marked distinction from the 
ordinary giant class, being true Dahlia-flowered type, and 
when picked and placed with Dahlias, it is difficult to tell 

one from the other. Very free blooming. Pkt. 

Crimson Monarch. The largest and best of the red 

shades.SO. 10 

Dream. Fine deep lavender, turning to purple.10 

Exquisite. Light rose, deep rose center.10 

Golden State. Pure golden yellow.10 

Illumination. A striking deep rose (Tyrian Rose). .10 

Old Rose. Real old rose shade.10 

Oriole. Immense orange and gold bicolor.10 

Polar Bear. Very large, the best white sort.10 

Purple Prince. Deep purple.10 

Scarlet Queen. True Scarlet.10 

Above separate colors. 34 oz. 50c. 

Finest Mixed. )4 oz. 40c. oz. SI. 25.10 


One of the season’s novelties. Each petal overlaid 
with deep golden yellow at the base while carrying the 
individual color at the tip. Colors old rose, cream 
yellow, carmine red, pink, etc.10 


Plants of this class are extremely robust, growing 18 to 
24 inches high, producing flowers often 5 inches in diameter, 
mostly very double and of uniform large size. Adapted to 
planting of large beds and borders. 

Cerise Queen 

Enchantress, Light Rose, 
deep center 

Lemon Queen, Lemon 

Miss Willmott, Soft pink 
Orange King, Burnt orange 

Orange Queen, Golden 

Pink Perfection, Shrimp 

Purity, White 
Salmon King 
Scarlet King 
Rose Queen 

each of above 34 oz. 40c., pkt. 10c. 

Mixture of above separate colors 34 oz. 35c., 1 oz. 81.00, 
pkt. 10c. 


Bright canary yellow resembling King Alfred Daffodil 
in color. 34 oz. 50c., pkt. 25c. 

DWARF DOUBLE (Cut and Come Again) 
Medium size flowers, fine for cutting. 

Bright Scarlet Flesh Salmon Rose 

Canary Yellow Golden Yellow Crimson 

Separate colors of mixture 34 oz. 25c., 1 oz. 75c., pkt. 10c. 

(Improved Strain) 

A very compact type not over 15 inches high, producing 
a profusion of very double flowers on long stems, held well 
above the foliage. As a cut flower are particularly desirable 
for table decoration. 


Petals beautifully curled and twisted. 34 oz. 25c. .10 


Large double fringed flowers with contrasting 
edge to petals. 34 oz. 50c., 1 oz. 81.50.15 

Canary Yellow Purple Flesh 

Crimson Gem Salmon Rose White Gem 

Golden Gem Scarlet Gem 

Each, above colors, 34 oz. 40c., pkt. 10c. 

Mixture of above colors, 34 oz. 40c., oz. 81.00, pkt. 10c. 
Rosebud (New). Rose pink. 34 oz. 50c., pkt. 15c. 


We plan yearly to produce a great quantity of seedlings comprising the following, well-grown healthy plants at 
prices ranging from 50c. to 81.50 per doz., 83.00 up per 100: 

Aster, Semples Branching, mixed 
Ageratum, Blue Perfection. 
Antirrhinum (Snapdragon). 

Bachelor Buttons. 

Blue Laceflower. 

Calendula (Pot Marigold), Or¬ 
ange Giant. 

Carnation, Marguerite, mixed. 
Castor Oil Plant. 

Celosia (Cockscomb), dwarf comb 
variety, mixed. 

Chrysanthemum, Carinatum 
double mixed. 

Cosmos, early-flowering. 
Dianthus chinensis (China Pink). 
Helichrysum (Strawflower). 
Larkspur, tall, stock-flowered, 
blue or mixed. 

Lobelia, dwarf and trailing. 
Marigold, tall African mixed. 
Marigold, dwarf French mixed. 

Petunia, Rosy Morn. 

Petunia, Violacea. 

Petunia, California Ruffled Giant. 
Phlox drummondi, mixed. 

Salvia Bonfire. 

Salpiglossis, Emperor, mixed. 
Scabiosa, tall large-flowering. 
Stock, dwarf German, 10 Weeks. 




Vegetable Seeds 15 


All vegetable seeds except those otherwise mentioned, are put up in 10-cent packages. We send free by 
mail all vegetable seeds in packages, ounces and one-fourth pounds; larger quantities, add postage according 
to Parcel Post zone rates. 

Asparagus, Palmetto 


Sow seeds in hotbed early in Spring in rows 6 inches apart, transplant into boxes or pots. 
Plant in open ground after danger of frost is past, 2 by 3 feet between plants. Rich, sandy 
loam is best adapted. Sow seed in open ground in May and protect until cold weather is past 
and will head the second year. 

Large Globe, or Paris. Pkt. 15c., oz. 75c. 

Asparagus ° ne ZT&S 40 ,eet 

Sow the seed in Spring in drills 15 inches apart, the following Spring transplant to perma¬ 
nent beds. Plant for private use in rows 6 inches apart and allow 12 inches in the rows, covering 
the roots 6 inches. For market on a large scale, set 4 by 2 feet. 

Palmetto. Oz. 10c., 34 lb. 25e., lb. 75c. 

Mary Washington. A rust-resisting variety. Oz. 20c., 34 Ik. 40c., lb. $1.25. 

Asparagus Roots 

Mary Washington. The earliest and produces more and larger stalks than other strains; the 
highest rust resisting variety. So much better you can see the difference. Extra two year 
old roots $1.50 per 100; $12.00 per 1000. Asparagus Knives, 50c. each. 

Beans—Dwarf or Bush 

Beans, Stringless Green Podded 

One pound to 50 feet of drill 

For succession Bush Beans should be planted at intervals 
of two weeks from May until August. Make drills 2 feet 
apart and 2 inches deep. 

Stringless Green Pod. Extra early, stringless, round pod. 

Very prolific and excellent quality. 34 lb. 20c., lb. 30c., 5 lbs. $1.25. 

Black Valentine. Round, straight, good quality. 34 lb. 20c., lb. 30c., 5 lbs. $1.25. 
Early Bountiful. A stringless flat pod variety of excellent quality. 34 lb. 20c., lb. 
30c., 5 lbs. $1.25. 

Dwarf Horticultural. An excellent shell Bean. 34 lb. 20c., lb. 30c., 5 lbs. $1.25. 
Low’s Champion. Recommendable as a string or shell Bean. 34 lb. 20c., lb. 30c., 
5 lbs. $1.25. 

Improved Golden Wax. A favorite among yellow podded varieties; pods flat. 

34 lb. 20c., lb. 30c., 5 lbs. $1.25. 

Round Pod Kidney Wax. Of the finest quality; entirely stringless. 34 lb. 20c., 
lb. 30c., 5 lbs. $1.25. 

Pencil Pod Black Wax. Pods round, bright yellow and entirely stringless. 34 Ik. 

20c., lb. 30c., 5 lbs. $1.25. 

Stringless Kidney Wax. Pods long, entirely stringless; prolific. Excellent. 34 Ik. 

20c., lb. 30c., 5 lbs. $1.25. 

Wardwell Kidney Wax. Popular variety. Wide, flat pods, white seed. 34 Ik. 20c., 
lb. 30c., 5 lbs. $1.25. 

Davis’ Kidney Wax. Extremely hardy, large flat pods, white seed. 34 Ik. 20c., lb. 
30c., 5 lbs. $1.25. 

Fordhook Bush Lima. Very productive and of excellent quality. 34 Ik. 30c., lb. 
50c., 5 lbs. $2.00. 

Henderson’s Bush Lima. Early, small bean. 34 Ik. 20c., lb. 40c., 5 lbs. $1.75. 
English Broad Windsor. The standard English Bean. 34 Ik. 20c., lb. 35c., 5 lbs. 

Beans, Fordhook Bush Lima 

Field Beans YeUow Eye. 

33 lb. 20c., lb. 30c., 2 lbs. 50c. 

Pole, or Running Beans 0 n 7 e 5 p hms d to 

The planting of Pole Beans should be delayed a week or more after the planting 
of the early dwarf sorts. Make hills about 3 feet apart and 1 to 2 inches deep and plant 
five to six seeds in each hill; thin to three plants in each hill when well established. 
Limas should not be planted until weather becomes warm and settled. Flat beans 
should be placed in the soil edgewise, eye down. 

Mammoth Horticultural Pole. A very prolific shell Bean. 34 Ik. 20c., lb. 40c., 
5 lbs. $1.75. 

Kentucky Wonder. An excellent variety, entirely stringless, round pod. 34 Ik. 20c., 
lb. 35c., 5 lbs. $1.50. 

Kentucky Wonder Wax. Pods very long, fleshy, stringless, light yellow. 34 Ik. 20c., 
lb. 40c., 5 lbs. $1.75. 

Scarlet Runner. Highly ornamental; also used as a table Bean. 34 Ik. 20c., lb. 40c., 
5 lbs. $1.75. 

Large White Lima (Extra Size). The standard Pole Lima. Quality excellent. 34 Ik. 

20c., lb. 40c., 5 lbs. $1.75. 

Sieva, or Small Lima. An excellent Bean, earlier and more hardy than large Limas. 

33 lb. 20c., lb. 40c. 

Yard Long. A very curious sort, producing pods 2 ft. or more in length, the thick¬ 
ness of a lead pencil. Pkt. 10c. 

16 Vegetable Seeds 



One ounce to 50 feet of drill; 5 to 6 pounds per acre 

Sow early as ground can be worked in the Spring and for succession follow 
every two weeks until July. For main crop sow last of May. Light, sandy 
loam well enriched with stable manure is best adapted and should be plowed 
and harrowed until very fine. Make drills 1 foot apart and when well up thin 
to 4 or 5 inches in the row. 

Extra Early Egyptian. A very early flat blood-red sort. Popular for first 
planting and forcing. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 50c., lb. $1.00. 

Crosby’s Egyptian. An improved strain of Egyptian Beet. Rich dark red, 
crisp and tender. An excellent early sort. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 50c., 
lb. $1.25. 

Eclipse. Globe-shaped, extremely early and excellent quality Pkt. 
10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 50c., lb. $1.25. 

Detroit Dark Red. (Improved strain). Very tender and sweet; skin dark 
blood-red; flesh bright red; fine round shape. Excellent for main crop. 

Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., H lb. 50c., lb. $1.25. 

Edmand’s Blood Turnip. Highly recommendable for main crop; uniform 
in size, very dark flesh, excellent quality. Pkt. 10c„ oz. 20c., 34 lb. 50c., 
lb. $1.25. 

Dewing’s Blood Turnip. A standard main crop variety of excellent shape 

and color. Pkt. 10e., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 50c., lb. $1.25. 

Swiss Chard, or Spinach Beets 

Giant Lucullus. Extra large, crumpled or Savoy-leaved. Leaves used as greens, 
cooked in same manner as Spinach and the large ribs are prepared like Asparagus, 

Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lh. 50c., lb. $1.50. 

Large White. Similar to above, plain-leaved. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 50c., 
lb. $1.50. 

Sugar Beets and Mangel-Wurzels 

Sow in May or June; 5 to 8 pounds per acre. 

Used for stock and chicken feed. Sow in rows 3 ft. apart in May or June, thin 
out to 6 in. apart and keep well cultivated. 

Norbiton’s Giant. A long red variety, adapted to deep soil. Oz. 10c., 34 lb. 25c., 
lb. 75c. 

Golden Tankard. A yellow variety, formed mostly above ground; easily pulled. 

Oz. 10c., 34 lb. 25c., lb. 75c. 

Half Sugar Mangel. Flesh, pure white, firm and very sweet. Oz. 10c., 34 lb. 
25c., lb. 75c. 

Vilmorin’s White Sugar. The best Sugar Beet for stock feeding. Oz. 10c., 34 lb. 
25c., lb. 75c. 

Crosby’s Beet 

Swiss Chard 


One ounce will produce about 3000 plants 

Closely resembles Cauliflower but is more hardy and sure 
heading. Sow seed in May and plant out in June in rows 
2 feet apart each way 

White Cape. Heads creamy-white and of large size. Pkt. 
10c., oz. 75c. 

Early Green Calabrese. This variety is much sought by 
the Italian trade. Forms a fair size green head; after this 
is cut from the main stalk new sprouts develop, forming 
new heads of a loose nature. Pkt. 15c., 34 oz. 30c., oz. 

Brussels Sprouts 

One ounce will produce about 3000 plants 

The seed should be sown about the middle of May in a 
seed bed and plants afterward set in rows 2 feet or more 
apart and cultivated like Cabbage. This vegetable does 
not require extremely high cultivation. It is ready for use 
late in Autumn after early frosts. 

Dwarf Improved. Compact in growth and of excellent 
quality. Pkt. 10c., oz. 35c., 34 lb. $1.00. 

Borecole, or Kale 

One ounce will produce about 3000 plants 

Sow in beds early in Spring and transplant in June 
treating in same manner as Cabbage. 

Dwarf Green Curled Scotch. Very dwarf and spreading, 
the best variety. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 40c., lb. $1.00. 

Tall Green Curled Scotch. An upright variety 3 ft. tall 
with narrow fine curled leaves. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20o., 34 lb. 
35c., lb. 75c. 


Brussels Sprouts 


Vegetable Seeds 17 

Carrots,|Danvers Half-Long 

Cabbage, Savoy 

Cauliflower, Snowball 

Celery* Golden 


One ounce to 100 feet of drill, 
four pounds per acre 

For early crop sow as soon as the ground can be worked; they may be sown 
as late as the middle of June. The drills should be 1 inch deep and 1 foot apart, 
thinning out to 3 or 4 inches between the plants. Carrots do best in a deeply 
tilled sandy loam. 

Early Scarlet Horn. A favorite sort; for early Summer use. Pkt. 10c., oz. 
20c., 14 lb. 50c., lb. $1.50. 

Early French Forcing. The earliest variety grown; small, tender. Fine 
quality. Pkt. 10c., oz. 25c., 14 lb. 75c. 

Danvers Half-Long. The best sort for general use. Rich, deep orange color; 
excellent quality; roots taper to a point. A very heavy cropper. (Select 
stock.) Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 14 lb. 50c., lb. $1.25. 

Improved Long Orange. Large variety; used for main crop. Pkt. 10c., oz. 
20c., 14 lb. 50c., lb. $1.25. 

Guerande, or Ox Heart. Stump-rooted; one of the most valuable varieties 
either for family use or market; fine flavor and color; very productive. Pkt. 
10c., oz. 20c., 14 lb. 50c., lb. $1.25. 

Chantenay. A stump-rooted variety having a large shoulder; very produc¬ 
tive. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 14 lb. 50c., lb. $1.25. 

Z’ r* One ounce will produce about 

vaDDagc 1500 plants 

For early use sow the seed in hotbeds in February or March, or may be sown 
about the middle of September, and the plants wintered over in coldframes. 
Transplant in Spring as soon as ground can be worked, in rows 2 feet apart, the 
plants 18 inches apart in the rows. For late or Winter use, sow seed in May; 
set out the plants in July; 21^ by 3 feet. 

Our Cabbage seeds are all the best American grown 
Early Jersey Wakefield. The best early sort. Medium size, pyramidal shape 
with rounded peak. Pkt. 10c., oz. 30c., 14 lb. $1.00. 

Charleston, or Large Wakefield. Much larger than the above, but not'as 
early. Pkt. 10c., oz. 30c., 14 lb. $1.00. 

Golden Acre. Early, solid, uniform heads, medium size with few outer leaves 
allowing close planting. Pkt. 10c., oz. 35c., 14 lb. $1.25. 

Copenhagen Market. A round headed sort, early as Wakefield. A standard 
variety. Pkt. 10c., oz. 35c., 14 lb. $1.25. 

Hollander, or Danish Ball Head. Excellent Winter sort, heads very solid. 
Pkt. 10c., oz. 30c., 14 lb. $1.00. 

Premium Flat Dutch. Main crop variety. Pkt. 10c., oz. 30c., 14 lb. $1.00. 
American Drumhead Savoy Improved. The finest Savoy variety, finely 
curled, large and solid. Pkt. 10c., oz. 30c., 14 lb. $1.00. 

Mammoth Rock Red. Large size, very solid. Pkt. 10c., oz. 40c., 14 lb. $1.50. 
Pe-Tsai, Chinese or Celery Cabbage. Sown in open ground in July, produces 
heads resembling Cos Lettuce. Used as a salad or cooked like ordinary 
Cabbage but must be cooked quickly. Pkt. 10c., oz. 40c. 


Cultivate as directed for Cabbage. In dry weather water liberally. Cauli¬ 
flower likes a cool, moist situation. 

Early Snowball. A very popular early variety; for family use or market gar¬ 
deners. Dwarf in habit with short, outer leaves, allowing close planting. 
Heads white and of finest quality. Pkt. 25c. and 50c., J4 oz. 90c., ^4 oz. 
$1.50, oz. $2.50. 

Danish Dry Weather. Heads somewhat larger than Early Snowball with more 
foliage. Adapted to dry locations where other varieties fail. Pkt. 25c., oz.$2.50. 
Early Paris. Medium size and sure heading variety. Heads are large, com¬ 
pact, solid and white. Pkt. 15c., oz. $1.00. 

Veitch’s Autumn Giant. A popular, large, late variety. Pkt. 15c., oz. $1.00. 

One ounce will produce about 
\/vlvI V 1500 plants 

Seed may be sown in the open ground in April. Sow about ^ inch deep and 
firmly press the soil over the seed. After the seed is up, keep carefully clear of 
weeds until the time of planting, in June or July. After the ground has been 
well prepared, plant in rows from 3 to 4 feet apart, according to variety, setting 
the plants about 6 inches apart and pressing the soil firmly about the roots. 
The soil best suited for Celery is a rich, moist loam. 

White Plume. Excellent for early use; naturally white, requires little blanch¬ 
ing. Pkt. 10c., oz. 35c., J4 lb. $1.25. 

Golden Self-Blanching. True French grown stock. Similar to the above 
except that the stalks are a beautiful golden yellow, and much better quality. 
Easily blanched by placing boards along each side of rows or may be banked 
with earth. Pkt. 10c., oz. 75c., J4 lb. $2.50. 

Easy Blanching. An excellent first early variety; early as White Plume or 
Golden Self-blanching; large size, crisp and fine flavor. Pkt. 10c., ^ oz. 35c., 
oz. 60c., x /i lb. $2.25. 

Boston Market. A dwarf branching variety. Pkt. 10c., oz. 40c., x /i lb. $1.50. 
Giant Pascal. An excellent late sort, easily blanched and a good keeper. 

Pkt. 10c., oz. 40c., J4 lb. $1.50. 

Celeriac, or Turnip-rooted. Grown exclusively for the roots. Pkt. 10 c., 
oz. 40c., J4 lb. $1.50. 


Curled Chervil. An aromatic sweet herb. The young leaves are used in soups 
and salads. Sow thinly in May in drills Yi in. deep. 1 ft. apart. Pkt. 10c., 
oz. 20c., J4 lb. 50c. 

18 Vegetable Seeds 



Large-rooted. The young leaves may be used as a Spring salad. Dried and prepared 
roots are used as a subtitute for coffee. Sow early in Spring in drills 2 feet apart, tnin_ 
ning to 6 in. Pkt. 10c., oz. 25c., 14 lb. 75c. 

Witloof (French Endive). The leaves and leaf stems are blanched and used as a salad. 
Sow seed in open ground in May in rows 18 in. apart. Thin plants to 6 in. in row. In 
Fall roots should be lifted and leaves trimmed 134 in. from crown, remove side shoots and 
trim roots to about 9 in. Roots are then placed upright in trench 18 in. deep and 2 in. 
apart, fill trench with fine rich soil. A mulch of manure will hasten growth. Pkt. 10c., 
14 oz. 25c., oz. 40c. 

Quroot One pound to 150 hills; 

OWtvl V/Ul II twelve pounds per acre. 

Plant in hills 3 feet apart each way and five to six kernels in a hill. Hoe often and draw 
soil up to the stem. Make ground rich with well rotted manure. For succession plantings 
should be made at intervals from May to July. 

De Lue’s Golden Giant. A yellow Corn like Golden Bantam, having ears almost twice 
as large and several days earlier. 34 lb. 20c., lb. 35c., 5 lbs. $1.25. 

Golden Bantam. Extremely hardy, allowing earlier planting than other varieties. 

Superior rich flavor. 34 lb* 20c., lb. 35c., 5 lbs. $1.25. 

Whipple’s Early. Few days earlier than Golden Bantam, ears 7 to 8 in. long, 12 to 16 
rowed; grows quite tall. Excellent quality. 34 lb. 20c., lb. 35c., 5 lbs. $1.25. 

Corn Golden Bantam 

Witloof Chicory 

Potter’s Excelsior, or Squantum. Very sweet and 
tender; one of the finest for main crop. 34 lb. 20c., 
lb. 30c., 5 lbs. $1.25. 

Crosby’s Early. Matures after Cory; excellent quality. 

34 lb. 20c., lb. 30c., 5 lbs. $1.25. 

Stowell’s Evergreen. One of the most popular va¬ 
rieties for main crop. 34 lb. 20c., lb. 30c., 5 lbs. 

Black Mexican. Very sweet and superior quality. 

34 lb. 20c., lb. 30c., 5 lbs. $1.25. 

Country Gentleman. The sweetest and most tender 
of all varieties. 34 lb. 20c., lb. 30c., 5 lbs. $1.25. 

Cress, or Peppergrass 

Corn Salad, or Fetticus 

Used as a salad. Is sown in early Spring in rows a foot 
apart and is fit for use in six or eight weeks from sowing. 

Large-leaved. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 50c., lb. $1.50. 

Cucumbers 2 pounds per acre. 

Cucumbers succeed best in warm, rich, sandy loam. 
Plant when all danger of frost is past, in hills 
about 4 feet apart each way; the hills should be 
previously prepared by mixing thoroughly with 
the soil of each a shovelful of well-rotted manure; 
sow for pickling from the middle of June to the 
middle of July. 

Improved White Spine. Thick, straight, 
smooth, shiny dark green; a general favorite 
for market or home. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 
lb. 60c., lb. $1.50. 

Early Russian. The earliest in cultivation; 
small and productive. Pkt. 10c., oz. 15c., 

34 lb. 40c. 

Early Cluster. Length about 5 in.; tender and 
productive. Pkt. 10c., oz. 15c., 34 lb. 40c. 

Boston Pickling. True stock; the best variety 

for pickling. Pkt. 10c., oz. 15c., 34 lb. 40c., lb. $1.00. 
Everbearing. Small sized, early and enormously produc¬ 
tive. Pkt. 10c., oz. 15c., 34 lb. 50c. 

Davis’ Perfect. Long, slender, rich dark green. Superb 
quality. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 60c., lb. $1.50. 

Improved Long Green. 10 to 12 in. in length; dark green. 

Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 60c., lb. $1.50. 

Japanese Climber. Can be grown either as an ordinary 
ridge Cucumber or as a climber. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 
34 lb. 75c. 

English Frame Telegraph. For hotbeds. Pkt. 25c. 

A well-known pungent salad; cover very slightly; 
sow at frequent intervals to keep up a succession; to 
be used before the flowers appear. 

Extra Curled. Very fine; may be cut two or three times. 

Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 40c. 

Upland. Hardy perennial; adapted to any soil, wet or dry. 
A very rapid grower and ready for use very early in the 
Spring. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 60c. 

Water Cress. Hardy perennial aquatic plant. Pkt. 10c., 
oz. 40c. 

Sow in May or June in drills a foot apart, press the earth 
firmly over the seed, cultivate during Summer, cover lightly 
with straw during Winter and the following Spring the 
leaves will be fit to cut. The roots when dried and roasted 
are often employed as a substitute for coffee. 

Improved Broad-leaved. Pkt. 10c. and 25c., oz. 90c., 
34 lb. $2.50. 

Common French. A fine, large leaf variety, imported 

seed. Pkt. 10c., oz. 40c., 34 lb. $1.25. 

Cucumber Improved White Spine 

Flo nrlolir\n One ounce will sow 100 feet of 
L/dllUl/llUIl drill; 2 pounds to one acre 


Vegetable Seeds 19 

Eggplant, Black Beauty 

XT' rtrttAl in +• One ounce will produce about 
n^gPldilt 1000 plants 

The seed should be sown in hotbeds the first week in April. Plant out about 
June 1st, about 234 feet apart. The Eggplant will thrive well in any good garden 

Black Beauty. Fully ten days earlier than Imp. New York, remarkably healthy 
growth and large fruit. Pkt. 10c. and 25c., oz. 75c. 

Improved New York Spineless. Quite free from spines, fruit of large size and 
perfect form; two weeks earlier than the old variety. Pkt. 10c. and 25c., oz. 

T? J !, 7ri One ounce will sow 

EiOUlVe 150 feet of drill 

For an early supply sow about May 1st. Used mainly in Fall, the main sowings 
are made in June and July in rows 134 feet apart covering seed firmly with 34 inch 
of soil, thin to 8 or 12 inches apart. When grown tie to blanch. 

Green Curled. Hardy, leaves dark green, tender. Pkt. 10c., oz. 25c., 34 lb. 60c., 
lb. $1.50. 

Batavian Broad-leaved. Leaves long and broad, chiefly used in soups. Pkt. 
10c., oz. 25c., 34 lb. 60c., lb. $1.50. 

Lettuce, Wayahead 


The seeds of this plant may be sown at the same period as the Swedish or Ruta¬ 
baga Turnip, and may be cultivated in the same way, remembering to leave the 
chief part of the stems uncovered by the earth. The bulbs may be kept sound 
and nutritious until late in the Spring, even later than those of Turnips. 

Early White Vienna. An early variety having few leaves. Bulbs smooth, white, 
medium size. Ready for use in about 10 weeks. Pkt. 10c., oz. 25c., 34 lb. 75c. 

Early Purple Vienna. Later than the White. Pkt. 10c., oz. 25c., 34 lb. 75c. 


One ounce will sow 100 feet of drill 

The Leek is very hardy and easily cultivated. Sow in April in drills 1 foot apart 
and transplant in July into rows 15 inches apart and 6 inches in the rows. The soil 
should be rich but not freshly manured. The Leek is a member of the Onion family 
and the method of cultivation is like the Onion except that it should be grown 
deeper in the ground. 

Large American Flag. The kind mostly grown for market. Pkt. 10c., oz. 25c. 
34 lb. 75c. 

Musselburgh. Grows to very large size. Pkt. 10c., oz. 25c., 34 lb. 75c. 


One ounce will sow 100 square feet or 120 feet of drill 

The earliest sowing may be made in February or March under glass, with slight 
heat. For later supplies, sow in the open ground, as the season will permit, thin 
out well and set in rows 2 feet apart and a foot between the plants. Lettuce re¬ 
quires good giound and abundant moisture. 

Wayahead. Very early and close heading, large size and superior quality. Pkt. 

10c., oz. 25c., 34 lb. 75c. 

Iceberg. See New York. 

Improved Salamander. Withstands hot weather 
remarkably well. Plants large, compact. Leaves 
large, broad, overlapping with heart, well 
blanched. One of the best for Summer planting. 

Pkt. 10c., oz. 25c., 34 lb. 75c. 

Big Boston. Fine for coldframes or out- 
of-doors. Head large and solid. Pkt- 
10c., oz. 30c., 34 lb. 75c. 

Curled Silesia. A favorite curly or loose¬ 
leaved sort for the home garden. Pkt. 

10c., oz. 25c., 34 lb. 60c. 

New York. Also called Los Angeles and 
Wonderful. Large, compact head with 
frilled edge, dark green leaves. Pkt. 

10c., oz. 35c., 34 lb. $1.00. 

Crisp As Ice. Medium size, solid head; 
one of the best bronze leaved sorts. 

Pkt. 10c., oz. 25c., 34 lb. 75c. 

Self-Folding Cos, or Romaine. Should 
be sown early and tied up to blanch; 
long leaved, crisp and tender. Pkt. 

10c., oz. 30c., 34 lb. 75c. 

White Boston. Heads medium size, 
with tightly folded heart that blanch 
bright creamy yellow. Pkt. 10c., oz. 

30c., 34 lb. 75c. Leek, Musselburgh 

Endive, Broad-leaved 

Kohlrabi, White Vienna 


20 Vegetable Seeds 


Muskmelon, Tip Top 


Mustard ° 7 e.°t u o"“,V?r 

Sow in shallow drills a foot apart, covering the seeds about a half inch deep. 
For succession sow every few weeks. The young leaves are used for salad or are 
cut and boiled like Spinach and the seeds are used for flavoring. 

Fordhook Fancy. Leaves dark green, curved outward like a fine ostrich plume. 

Stands well even in hot weather. Pkt. 10c., oz. 15c., 34 lb. 45c. 

White. Desirable for salads or culinary purposes. Pkt. 5c., oz. 10c., 34 lb. 20c„ 
lb. 50c. 


American Spore Culture Spawn. Produced from original spore cultures under 
the new French process which permits the indefinite production of selected va¬ 
rieties without dilution of the strain, and free of any trace of the parasitic disease 
of the Mushroom. Positively the most vigorous and prolific spawn on the market. 
Each brick weighs about 1 lb. and will spawn about 8 sq. ft. of beds. We keep on 
hand the cream white variety, which is generally preferred in the market. 
1 brick 30c., 10 bricks $2.50. 

M usk melon ° ne ounce *° 2 *° 3 pound * 

Prepare hills 4 to 5 feet apart each way; mix well with the soil in each hill a couple 
of shovelfuls of thoroughly rotted manure. When the weather has become warm, 
plant from 12 to 15 seeds in each hill; afterward thin out, leaving four good plants. 

Bender’s Surprise. Vigorous growth, disease resisting. Melons nearly round, 
flesh rich orange color and remarkably spicy flavor. Pkt. 10c., oz. 25c., 34 lb. 60c. 
Emerald Gem. Early. Small, flesh deep orange, very sweet, the best and most 
popular sort for this section. Pkt. 10c., oz. 25c., 34 lb. 60c., lb. $2.00. 

Extra Early Hackensack. Earlier than Hackensack and not quite as large. 
Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 60c. 

Tip Top. Medium size, round, yellow flesh. Pkt. 10c., oz. 25c., 34 lb. 60c. 
Golden Netted Gem. One of the earliest, best and most prolific small Melons. 

Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb 60c. 

Lake Champlain. Probably the earliest of the salmon flesh Melons. Very sweet 
and tempting, medium size. Pkt. 10c., oz. 25c., 34 lb. 75c., lb. $2.00. 
Miller’s Cream. Skin very thin, dark green; flesh salmon and excellent flavor. 

Pkt. 10c., oz. 25c., 34 lb. 60c. 

Watermelon 4 to 5 pounds per acre* 

Plant in hills as for Muskmelons, treat in all respects the same except that the hills 
should be about 8 feet apart. Price, all varieties, pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 50c. 
Cole’s Early. Medium size, flesh bright red, excellent. 

Phinney’s Early. Early, sweet; flesh deep red. 

Kleckley’s Sweet. Vines vigorous, productive: flesh bright red, exceedingly sweet. 
Stone Mountain. A large Melon, nearly round, dark green rind. Sweet scarlet 
flesh with few seeds. 

Hungarian Honey. Very early, nearly round, dark green skin, brilliant red flesh. 
Citron. For preserves only. 

Okra, or Gumbo 

Sow early in May, in drills 2 inches deep, setting the plants from 2 to 3 feet apart. 
Dwarf Green. The best variety for general cultivation. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 
34 lb. 50c. 

Perkins’ Mammoth Long-podded. About 3 ft. high; very early and productive. 

Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 50c. 

White Velvet. About 334 It. high, early and productive. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 
34 lb. 50c. 

C\ One ounce will sow 100 feet of drill 

unions 6 lbs. per acre 

A rather, strong, deep, rich, loamy soil is considered most suitable 
for Onion culture. Prepare ground the previous Autumn by plowing 
or spading deeply and applying a heavy coat of well rotted barnyard 
manure. Sow seed early in Spring in shallow drills 1 foot apart, cov¬ 
ering with fine soil, and press down by the use of a light roller or the 
back of a spade. Thin plants to 4 inches and keep free from weeds, 

Yellow Globe Danvers. True Buxton type. Standard sort, deep, 
globe-shape, large size, mild flavor and a good keeper. Pkt. 10c., 
oz. 30c., 34 lb. $1.00. 

Large Red Wethersfield. One of the most productive and longest 
keeping sorts. Large size, flat, purplish red color. Pkt. 10c., oz. 

25c., 34 lb. 75c. 

Southport Red Globe. Very early, globe shape, bright red color, ex¬ 
cellent keeper. Pkt. 10c., oz. 30c., 34 lb. $1.00. 

Southport White Globe. Large, globe-shape, mild flavor and firm; 
a good keeper. Always commands a high price in market. Pkt. 

10c., 34 oz. 20c., oz. 40c., 34 lb. $1.25. 

White Portugal. Excellent for family use, and recommended for 
pickling Pkt. 10c., 34 oz. 25c., oz. 35c., 34 lb. $1.25. 

Prizetaker. Globe-shape, very large size, extremely mild flavored; 
is most satisfactory when sown early in hotbed and transplanted. 

Pkt. 10c., 34 oz. 20c., oz. 35c., 34 lb. $1.25. 

Onion Sets variable) 

Lb. 10 lbs. Lb. 10 lbs. 

$0.25 $2.00 Red Sets.$0.25 $2.00 

.25 2.00 Shallots.30 2.50 

White Sets. 
Yellow Sets 

Onion, Yellow Globe Danvers 


Vegetable Seeds 21 

Parsley, Champion Moss Curled 

Parsnip, Hollow Crown 

Dorclm; ° ne ounce wil1 8 ° w 
raiSlGy 150 feet of drill 

Sow thickly in drills a foot apart and half an inch deep early in the Spring, 
having soaked seed in tepid water a few hours. 

Champion Moss Curled. Fine and unsurpassed for garnishing. Pkt. 10c., 
oz. 20c., 34 lb. 50c. 

Plain-leaved. Excellent flavor. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 40c. 

Hamburg-rooted. Fleshy vegetable root for soups, etc. Pkt. 10c., oz. 25c., 
34 lb. 75c. 


One ounce will sow 200 
feet of drill; 5 lbs. 
per acre 

Sow as early as possible in drills 234 feet apart and half an inch deep, and 
press the soil firmly over the seed; succeeds best in rich, sandy loam, deeply 
tilled and avoid fresh manure. 

Hollow Crown, or Long Smooth. The standard sort for general use. Pkt. 
10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 40c., lb. $1.00. 


One pound will plant about 75 feet of drill; 
75 pounds per acre 

Plant the extra early smooth 
varieties as soon as the ground 
oan be worked, and the wrin¬ 
kled sorts soon as the ground 
becomes warm. Make rows for 
dwarf varieties 234 feet apart and for tall sorts 3 feet apart. 

Laxton’s Progress. An improvement over Laxtonian; height 18 in., dark 
green pods averaging nine peas^to the pod. 34 lb. 20c., lb. 35c., 5 lbs. $1.50. 

Pepper, Ruby King 


Laxtonian. A large-podded sort resembling the Gradus though more dwarf 
and a little earlier. Vines vigorous, growing about 18 in. high, well covered 
with large, pointed pods, averaging eight or nine to the vine, and nine to ten 
peas in a pod. Most excellent quality. 34 lb. 20c., lb. 35c., 5 lbs. $1.50. 

Gradus. Variety rivaling the First Earlies; produces pods and peas equal to 
large, marrow sorts. Unexcelled in quality and flavor. 34 lb. 20c., lb. 35c., 
5 lbs. $1.50. 

Thomas Laxton. Resembles the Gradus in size of pod, but darker color. 

34 lb. 20c., lb. 35c., 5 lbs. $1.50. 

New York Market. Very early and productive. A general favorite among 
market gardeners; robust in growth; height 234 ft. 34 lb. 20c., lb. 35c., 5 lbs. 

Alaska, or Earliest of All. The earliest Pea in cultivation, matures nearly 
its entire crop at one picking; height 234 ft. 34 lb. 20c., lb. 35c., 5 lbs. $1.50. 

American Wonder. One of the earliest wrinkled Peas, dwarf and robust in 
growth, pods long and well filled; height 10 to 12 in. 34 lb. 20c., lb. 35c., 
5 lbs. $1.50. 

Nott’s Excelsior. An excellent dwarf wrinkled Pea, robust, vigorous. Peas 
and pods large. 34 lb. 20c., lb. 35c., 5 lbs. $1.50. 

New Dwarf Champion. A sort with all the merits of the Champion of England. 
Height 26 in.; matures little after Little Gem. 34 lb. 20c., lb. 35c., 5 lbs. 

Telephone. A very popular variety, 
height 334 ft. Pods 5 to 7 in. long, 
containing 8 to 12 peas of unequaled 
flavor. 34 lb. 20c., lb. 35c., 

5 lbs. $1.50. 

One ounce will produce 
about 2000 plants 

Sow the seed in March or April in a hotbed and transplant to open ground 
as soon as the weather is quite warm, in rows about 20 inches apart and 15 inches 
apart in the row. A warm, sandy loam is best. 

Giant Crimson. Fruits are of largest size; ripen earlier than any other very 
large sort and average heavier as flesh is exceptionally thick. Plants upright 
234 to 3 ft. high, larger and more productive than Chinese Giant. Deep 
crimson color, mild flavor. Pkt. 10c., 34 oz. 35c., oz. 60c., 34 lb. $2.00. 
Large Bell. A standard sort, large size, moderately pungent. Pkt. 10c., 34 oz. 
30c., oz. 50c., 34 lb. $1.25. 

Ruby King. Very mild, fruits 4 to 6 in. long; excellent for stuffing; a very 
popular sort. Pkt. 10c., 34 oz. 30c., oz. 50c., 34 lb. $1.25. 

Long Red Cayenne. Bright red, slender pods, very pungent. Pkt. 10c., 
34 oz. 25c., oz. 40c. 

C hili . Very small, red, very pungent. Pkt. 10c., 34 oz. 40c., oz. 75c. 

World Beater. A popular early, very large-fruited, thick-fleshed, mild- 
flavored sort. Plants upright, 234 to 3 ft. high. Fruit deep green, turning to 
deep crimson when mature. Pkt. 10c., 34 oz. 25c., oz. 40c., 34 lb. $1.25. 


All leading varieties, choice Maine grown stock, at lowest market prices. 

Peas, Telephone 


Vegetable Seeds 



Pumpkins are usually planted in fields of Corn or Potatoes, but may be 
profitably raised in fields by themselves. Sow first of May in hills 8 feet apart. 

Yellow Sugar. Very sweet; an excellent table sort. Oz. 20c., 34 lb. 40c., 
lb. $1.00. 

Connecticut Field. For feeding stock. Oz. 15c., 34 lb. 35c., lb. 75c. 
Large Cheese, Flat. One of the best varieties for family use. Pkt. 10c., 
oz. 20c., 34 lb. 35c., lb. $1.00. 

Mammoth. Grows to immense size. Pkt. 10c., oz. 25c. 


One ounce will sow 
100 feet of drill 

Radishes require a light, rich, sandy soil. For an early supply sow in a hot¬ 
bed in February, care being taken to give plenty of ventilation. For a suc¬ 
cessive supply sow from the middle of March until September, at intervals 

of two or three weeks. 

Early Scarlet Globe. For forcing in greenhouses, hotbeds and coldframes 
or open ground sowing, this is one of the very best globe-shaped, fine scarlet 
color, crisp, mild and tender. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 50c., lb. $1.25. 

French Breakfast. Olive-shaped, bright scarlet, white tipped. A favorite 
sort. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 50c., lb. $1.25. 

Long Scarlet, Short Top. Long, smooth, crisp and tender. Pkt. 10c., oz. 
20c., 34 lb. 50c., lb. $1.25. 

Scarlet Turnip, White Tipped. Very early, excellent quality. Pkt. 10c., 
oz. 20c., 34 lb. 50c., lb. $1.25. 

White Giant Stuttgart. Top-shape, white skin and flesh; Summer variety, 
but does not become pithy and can be sorted for Winter. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 
34 lb. 50c., lb. $1.25. 

Long Black Spanish. An excellent Winter sort. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 
60c., lb. $2.00. 

Round Black Spanish. A Winter variety. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 60c., 
lb. $2.00. 

Icicle. Long, white, rapid growing. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 50c., lb. $1.25. 


Pumpkin, Yellow Sugar 


Two year seedlings, much stronger than divisions. Each 

Rhubarb Roots. 

35c., doz. $3.50 

One ounce to 100 feet 
of drill 

For Summer use sow early in March in drills 15 inchesa part, and for success¬ 
ion at intervals of a fortnight. For Winter use, sow late in August. The soil 
should be heavily manured and deeply trenched. 


Radish, Early Scarlet Globe 

Giant Thick-leaved. A strong-growing, 
early market variety; large, thick leaves, 
deep green color. The best for Spring 
or Fall sowing. Oz. 10c., 34 lb. 
25c., lb. 60c. 

Bloomsdale. Savoy-leaved, very early 
and one of the best for Fall or early 
Spring planting; leaves dark green, 
medium size and crumpled, much like 
the Savoy cabbage. Oz. 10c., 34 lb. 
25c., lb. 60c. 

King of Denmark. Ideal for Spring 
sowing; very slow to run to seed. 
Strong, vigorous plants, dark green 
crumpled leaves. Oz. 10c., 34 lb. 30c., 
lb. 75c. 

New Zealand. Entirely distinct variety; 
produces a large quantity of leaves; 
for Summer use. Sow early in Spring. 
When cut branches out and makes new 
growth, producing until frost. Pkt. 10c., 
oz. 20c., 34 lb. 40c., lb. $1.00 


Bush sorts, one ounce to 50 hills; 6 pounds per acre 
Running sorts, one ounce to 16 hills, 4 pounds per acre 

Squash, Hubbard 

The Squash is a very tender vegetable, sensitive to cold, and cannot in our cli¬ 
mate be planted before the middle of May.. Plant in rich soil, in hills prepared 
similar to those for Cucumbers. All sorts, thinned to not over three plants to a hill. 

Giant Summer Crookneck. Larg¬ 
er than the ordinary Summer 
Crookneck. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 
34 lb. 50c., lb. $1.50. 

Golden Summer Crookneck. 
Golden yellow fruit, early and 
prolific. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 
34 lb. 50c., lb. $1.50. 

Straightneck. Like Crookneck, with 
straight neck, golden orange warted, 
fine quality. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 
34 lb. 50c. 

White Bush Scallop. Early; a 
good market sort. Pkt. 10c., oz. 
20c., 34 lb. 50c., lb. $1.60. 

Yellow Bush Scallop. Yellow, flat, 
scalloped edge. Pkt. 10c., oz. 
20c., 34 lb. 50c., lb. $1.50. 

Essex Hybrid. A fine tall variety. 
Turban type. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 
34 lb. 40c., lb. $1.40. 

Delicious. A Fall and Winter va¬ 
riety. Medium size, thick, bright 
yellow flesh; excellent flavor. Pkt. 
10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 50c., 

lb. $1.75. 

Boston Marrow. A good keeping 
Winter sort. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 
34 lb. 40c., lb. $1.40. 

Golden Hubbard. Similar to the 
standard sort except in color. 
Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 50c., 
lb. $1.75. 

Hubbard. The standard Winter 
Squash. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 
34 lb. 50c., lb. $1.75. 

Symmes Blue Hubbard. Bluish 
green skin; golden orange flesh; 
very dry and excellent keeper. 
Pkt. 10c., oz. 25c., 34 lb. 60c., 
lb. $1.75. 

Vegetable Marrow (English). Pale 
straw color, changing darker. 
White flesh. About 9 in. long. 
Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 60c. 

Cocozelle, Italian Vegetable Mar¬ 
row. Mottled dark and light 
green, 12 to 20 in. long. Pkt. 10c., 
oz. 20c., 34 lb. 50c., lb. $1.75. 

Zucchini. A Cocozelle type, fruit 
13 to 14 in. long, dark green skin, 
thick meat. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 
34 lb. 50c. 

Crookneck Squash 


Vegetable Seeds 23 

Salsify, or Oyster Plant On ' ou „"“rin 50feet 

The Salsify has a long white, tapering root, resembling a small Parsnip; when properly 
cooked it has the flavor of an oyster, and is a good substitute. Sow early in drills 
15 inches apart; cover the seeds an inch and a half deep in light, well enriched soil, 
worked to a good depth, avoiding coarse and fresh manure. Roots are hardy and 
improved by frost. 

Sandwich Island. Grows to a large size; very mild flavor. Pkt. 10c., oz. 25c., 
34 lb. 75c. 

T'AtVl O One ounce will produce 

X UillCl LUCu about 2000 plants 

The seed should be sown in a hotbed about the first week in March, in drills 5 
inches apart and half an inch deep. When the plants are about 2 inches high, set 
Spinach, Giant Thick-leaved out, in boxes, 3 inches deep, 4 inches apart, in another hotbed, or pot singly. If 

transplanted a second time will be stocky and branching. When the weather has 
become mild, transplant into warm, light, rich soil 4 feet apart. 

John Baer. Few days later than Earliana. More uniform, attractive and productive. 

The most profitable extra early variety. Pkt. 10c., oz. 40c., 34 lb. $1.25. 

Bonny Best. Almost as early as John Baer. Smooth, uniform fruit, bearing well until 
frost. Pkt. 10c., oz. 40c., 34 lb. $1.25. 

Acme. Very early, smooth, color purplish pink. Pkt. 10c., oz. 40c., 34 lb. $1.25. 
Dwarf Champion. A distinct variety; robust, short jointed; fruit early, medium 
size, crimson color. Pkt. 10c., oz. 40c., 34 lb. $1.25. 

Matchless. A dependable scarlet; main crop variety; very solid and meaty. Pkt. 
10c., 34 oz. 25c., oz. 40c., 34 lb. $1.25. 

Dwarf Stone. Large-fruited dwarf sort. Color bright scarlet. Pkt. 10c., oz. 50c., 
34 lb. $1.50. 

Stone. A remarkable main crop variety; robust, solid and very little seed capacity; 

very productive; quality unexcelled. Pkt. 10c., oz. 35c., 34 lb. $1.00. 
Ponderosa. The largest variety in cultivation. Pkt. 10c., oz. 60c., 34 lb. $2.00. 
Golden Queen. A large, smooth, yellow variety. Pkt. 10c., oz. 50c. 

Strawberry (Husk). A favorite preserving sort. Pkt. 10c., oz. 40c. 

Yellow Plum, Red Plum, Red Peach. Pkt. 10c., oz. 50c. 

Marglobe. One of the best, all purpose varieties. Globe shape, free from wilt and nail 
head rust; uniform, deep scarlet, smooth and solid. Pkt. 10c., oz. 50c., 34 lb. $1.50. 
Break o’Day. Early, globe shaped, scarlet fruit, medium size, very productive. 
Tomato, Bonny Best Pkt. 10c., OZ. 50c., 34 lb. $1.50. 

Pritchard (Scarlet Topper). Wilt resisting type of plant known as Self-toppmg. 
Midseason to late; globe shaped, deep scarlet; good home or market sort. Pkt. 10c., oz. 60c., 34 lb. $1.75. 1 

Oxheart. Late, large fruited variety, distinct in appearance and its oxheart shape. Mild, acid and pleasing flavor. 
Pkt. 10c., 34 oz. 60c., oz. $1.00. 


One ounce wil! produce 
plants for one acre 

Sow broadcast in hotbeds or open ground soon as it can 
be worked. Keep free from weeds, water freely. Set out 
June 1st 3 feet apart on highly manured ground. 
Connecticut Seed Leaf. A hardy variety adapted to 
growing in northern states. Pkt. 10c., oz. 50c. 
Havana. The leaf is very thin and fine texture. Pkt. 10c., 
oz. 50c. 

Herbs Packages 10c. 






Florence Fennel.25 


Sweet Marjoram.30 





Savory, Summer.30 



Vegetable Roots and Plants 

Asparagus, Mary Washington. The earliest and pro¬ 
duces more and larger stalks than other strains; the 
highest rust-resisting variety; so much better you can 
see the difference. Extra, 2-yr.-old roots. Doz. 35c., 
100 for $1.50, 1000 for $12.00. 

Rhubarb Roots, Victoria. Two year old seedlings. 
Much stronger than divisions. Each 35c., doz. $3.50. 

Horseradish, Maliner Kren. Strong cuttings. Doz. 
25c., $1.50 per 100. 

Cabbage, Celery, Lettuce. Doz. 25c., $1.50 per 100. 
Cauliflower, Pepper, Tomato. Doz. 35c., $2.00 per 100. 
Eggplant. Doz. 50c. 

Sweet Potato Plants. Early in June. $1.00 per 100. 


One ounce will sow 150 feet of drill; one pound per acre in drills, 2 to 3 pounds broadcast 

For Summer use, sow early in the Spring in drills and thin out to 8 inches. . For Fall and Winter, sow from July to 
September. Rutabagas should be sown in June or early in July, in drills 18 inches apart; thin out when large enough, 
6 to 9 inches apart in drill, according to size. 

Extra Early Purple Top Milan. The earliest Turnip. 

White, flat, medium size. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 34 lb. 60c. 
Red Top Strap Leaf. A popular, quick-growing sort. Pkt. 

10c., oz. 15c., 34 lb. 30c., lb. 75c. 

White Egg. Rapid growth, pure white, egg-shaped, fine¬ 
grained. Pkt. 10c., oz. 15c., 34 lb. 40c., lb. $1.25. 
Golden Ball. Medium size and excellent quality. Pkt. 

10c., oz. 15c., 34 lb. 40c., lb. $1.00. 

Budlong White Rock. Much smoother than the old type. 
White flesh, mild and sweet. Pkt. 10c., oz. 15c., 34 lb. 
40c., lb. $1.00. 

Cow Horn. Flesh white, fine grained, a good table sort. 

Pkt. 10c., oz. 15c., 34 lb. 40c., lb. $1.20. 

Macomber. A white rock variety earlier than Budlong 
and a favorite with many growers. Pkt. 10c., oz. 20c., 
34 lb. 40c., lb. $1.00. 

Improved American. Yellow flesh, excellent quality. 

Pkt. 10c., oz. 15c., 34 lb. 40c., lb. $1.00. 

Shogoin, or Japanese. A foliage variety producing an 
abundance of leaves for greens and reproduces when cut. 
Free of insects; roots sweet and tender. Pkt. 10c., 
oz. 15c., 34 lb. 40c. 

Bulbs for Fall Planting 


TULIPS, Single and Double Early; Darwin, Breeders, May flowering 


Display and price list October 1st. 

24 Summer Flowering Bulbs 


Summer Flowering Bulbs 





In this latitude May 1st is ample 
time to plant in the open ground, 
but the bulbs can be started in pots 
much earlier if desired. Select a 
warm soil and a sunny spot. The 
soil should be rich, but no special 
preparation is necessary. Place 
the bulb so the top will be covered 
about 1 inch with soil. 

Excelsior Pearl. Extra large, fine 
flowering bulbs. No. 1 Bulbs, 
per doz. 60c., 100 for $4.00; 
Mammoth Bulbs, per doz. 
$1.00, 100 for $7.50. 


Giant Hybrids. Our bulbs are from the finest collection in America. The 
size of bloom, range of colors and markings surpass any former offerings. Extra 

large bulbs, 75c. each, $8.00 per doz. 


Begonias are indispensable for shady places in the garden or lawn, also desir¬ 
able for pots or piazza boxes. Start in the house in March or April and remove 
to the open ground as soon as danger of frost is past. They will bloom freely 
from July until cut down by the frost. Dry tubers may also be planted in the open 
ground in May. Care should be taken to keep constantly moist. 

Single. White, yellow, rose, scarlet, crimson, salmon. Frilled or Crested and 
Double Mixed Colors. Price, extra fine bulbs, each 25c., doz. $2.50. 


Esculentum. This is one of the most beautiful and striking of the ornamental 
foliage plants, for growing in pots, for planting on the lawn, or mass in beds. 
It is of the easiest culture in any good garden soil. Dry bulbs, large size, each 
20c., doz. $2.00. 

Cannas Large Flowering 

All varieties, each 10c., doz. $1.00. 

City of Portland. Glowing pink, profuse bloomer; green foliage. 33^ ft. 
Express. Brilliant scarlet-crimson. 23^ ft. Green foliage. 

Gladiator. Brilliant yellow, spotted crimson. Robust grower. 43^ ft. 

King Humbert. Bronze foliage. Flower heads of immense size. Orange-scarlet, 
rose-tinted. One of the finest Cannas. 

President. Superior to all other red varieties in quality and quantity of bloom. 

Glowing scarlet; green foliage. 4 ft. 

Richard Wallace. Canary-yellow, green foliage. 4 ft. 


Auratum (The Golden-rayed Lily of Japan). The flowers are pure white, thickly 
studded with crimson spots, while through the center of each petal runs a clear 
golden band. Mammoth Size Bulbs. Each 40c., doz. $4.00. 

Rubrum. White ground with bands and spots of rose or crimson on each petal. 
One of the best Lilies. We have a splendid stock of this very hardy and beautiful 
kind. Mammoth Size Bulbs. Each 40c., doz. $4.00. 

Regale (Myriophyllum). White, fragrant flowers shaded pink outside, lower 
inner surface primrose yellow. Hardy. 3 to 5 ft. high. Good Blooming Size 
bulbs. Each 35c., doz. $3.50. 

Tigrinum splendens (Tiger Lily). Orange red, spotted black. Free blooming, 
very hardy, the easiest of all Lilies to grow. Each 25c., doz. $2.50. 
Umbellatum grandiflorum. This variety produces large heads of orange flowers. 
Free blooming, 2 ft. Large Bulbs. Each 25c., doz. $2.50. 

Madeira Vine 

A rapid growing vine with fragrant white flowers. Each 15c., doz. $1.50. 


Flowers produced on long graceful stems, 
colors ranging through yellow, orange and 
red. Particularly bright. Mixed colors. 

Mixed Colors. Doz. 60c., 100 for $4.00. 


These Summer flowering bulbs should be 
planted out early in May, covering about 
2 inches deep. Extra Large Bulbs, White 
or Pink. Doz. 35c., 100 $2.00. 

Tritoma Poker) 

Pfitzeri. Blooms August to October, with 
spikes 3 to 4 ft. high and heads of orange- 
scarlet bloom. 

Strong roots, 25c. each, doz. $2.50. 

Hybrids. Blooms early and continuously 
until frost. Small flowers on wiry stems, 
blending orange, red, yellow and lemon 

35c. each, doz. $3.50 

Lilium auratum 


Dahlias 25 


Our Dahlias are all divisions of field grown roots 


Amun Ra. Distinct in color and formation. Outer 
petals, copper and orange, shading to gold and 
amber deepening to reddish brown in center.$0.50 

Bashful Giant. One of the largest flowering varieties. 
Apricot, with golden suffusion and shadings.40 

Calvin Coolidge Jr. Habit of growth, form and 
size of flower similar to Jersey Beauty. Color rose 
pink suffused salmon.75 

Dr. H. L. Tevis. Salmon rose shading to old gold.. .50 

Jane Cowl. Deep massive blooms of bronzy buff and 
old gold, blending darker toward center. Wonderful 

exhibition flower.50 

Jersey’s Beauty. The most popular variety for cut 
flowers. Beautiful pink in color, strong stem and 
excellent keeper.35 

Jersey’s Beacon. Well formed flowers of great size 
and depth. Color Chinese scarlet.35 

Jean Kerr. The perfect white dahlia. An early and 
constant bloomer.25 

Kittie Dunlop. Carmine rose, large size, continuous 

Mrs. Carl Salbach. One of the finest lavender 
pink sorts.35 

Mrs. I. de Ver Warner. Produces a profusion of 
perfect flowers under all conditions. Refined, 
pleasing mauve-pink. Early and continuous 

Paul Michael. Often ten inches in diameter, almost 
color of gold. One of the finest garden Dahlias, 
but not the best of keepers.40 

Pride of California. A giant dark red that is hard 
to beat for size and beauty.25 

Sagamore. Light saffron yellow with salmon tints. 
Medium size flowers, much prized for picking.35 

Sampson. Immense deep blooms borne on strong 
stems. A beautiful combination of scarlet and gold .50 

Snowdrift. Giant white, one of the few desirable 
white varieties.25 

suitable planting size. Clean, healthy stock. 

Decorative Dahlia 


Sylvia Dickey. Large and very free bloomer. Color 
beautiful phlox pink.$0.25 

Yellow Colosse. A free bloomer and good keeper. 

Good size flowers of bright color.25 


Bertha Horn. A large and very fine flower of 
bronzy orange yellow tinted apricot.$0.25 

Cigarette. Creamy white edged pomegranate red; 
large, deep well formed flower.35 

F. W. Fellows. Large flower of unusual striking 
orange color, composed of large straight narrow 

Gladys Sherwood. Large, well formed flowers of 
glistening white.40 

Kalif. Bright scarlet, good sized bloom. Free 
blooming, good keeper and fine stem.35 

Mrs. Edna Spencer. Beautiful shade of orchid lav¬ 
ender pink shading to white.25 

Mt. Shasta. Very large and full flower of a dainty 
blending of colors of a light shell pink with a 

yellow overcast.25 

Quaker City. A reliable and free blooming hybrid 
cactus. Fair size flower of a beautiful primrose 
yellow color.25 

U. S. A. Flowers large size, good formation, strong 
stem. Distinct from all others in color, a pure, 
deep orange sparkling and glistening.75 


The Pompon Dahlias have been neglected for some 
time, but in the last few seasons have attracted consider¬ 
able attention. Being dwarf in growth they require little 
support. Desirable for permanent decoration or as a cut 

Ganymede. Exquisite shade of fawn. 

Helen Cottrell. Baby pink. 

Joe Fette. Pure white. 

Kleine Domitea. Orange buff. 

Little Herman. Variegated red and white. 

Little Jennie. Pale primrose. 

Hybrid Cactus Dahlia 25c. each, $2.50 per doz. 

26 Gladiolus 




Bulbs planted in open ground in Spring produce plants]with long, rushlike foliage and magnificent 
flower spikes early in the following Autumn. 

Our stock is all No. 1 grade, clean, well graded. 

Each Doz. 100 

America. One of the finest varieties; color soft flesh- 

pink; orchid-like in color and texture.$0.10 $0.60 $3.50 

Anna Eberius. Dark lavender, shading to purple 

throat; fine, long, well set spike.10 .60 4.00 

Captain Boynton. Soft lavender over white ground, 
clear cut purple blotches. Tall spikes carrying up 
to 18 buds.10 .75 5.00 

Carmen Sylva. Pure white, tall growing, blooms 

large and many opening at once.10 .60 4.00 

Crimson Glow. Large brilliant crimson.10 .60 4.00 

Duchess of York. Rich indigo-blue almost twice the 

size of Baron Hulot. Strong stem, heavily budded. .12 1.00 7.00 

E. J. Shaylor. Deep rose-pink, tall, straight grown. 

Ruffled.10 .60 4.00 

Gold. Extra fine golden yellow; the finest of its color.. .12 1.00 7.00 

Herada. Blooms large, spikes tall and straight. Pure 

mauve with deeper markings at throat.10 .60 4.00 

Joe Coleman. Rich red, with darker blotch, ruffled... .10 .75 5.00 

Kunderd’s Yellow Wonder. Good clear yellow, 
robust plant six to eight flowers open at one time 
early.15 1.50 .... 

Louise. The orchid Gladiolus. Lavender-pink, 

shading to mauve.10 .75 5.00 

Mr. W. H. Phipps. Clear pink shading to salmon in 

throat; enormous flowers on massive spikes.12 1.00 7.00 

Mrs. Dr. Norton. Cream center shading to pink, 

lower petal blotched sulphur. A superior variety.. . .10 .60 4.00 

Mrs. Leon Douglas. Begonia rose with flecks of 
flame scarlet, lower petal crimson with specks of 
ruby red; leaves, spike and flowers of enormous size. 

An outstanding variety.10 .75 5.00 

Mrs. Watt. Glowing American Beauty red. Nearly 

all flowers open at one time.12 1.00 6.00 

Mrs. Francis King. Beautiful light scarlet.10 .60 4.00 

Mrs. Frank Pendleton. Large, well expanded 

flowers, light pink blotched blood-red in throat.10 .60 4.00 

Orange Glory. Tall straight growth, large blooms, 

many opening at one time. Clear orange color.12 1.00 7.00 

Persia. Deep maroon, large flowering. The best of 

the dark varieties.12 1.00 7.00 

Purple Glory. Rich velvety maroon with almost 

black blotches. Ruffled.12 1.00 6.00 

Schwaben. Rich orange yellow with carmine blotch, 

extra long spike. Reselected stock.10 .75 5.00 

Scarlet Wonder. Pure deep scarlet; magnificent in 

color and size.10 .75 5.00 

White Glory. A gorgeous pure white ruffled sort 

with beautiful iris-blue throat.12 1.25 8.00 Modern Type Gladiolus 

Pino’s Special Mixture Gladiolus 

Selected to cover a wide range of types, and we have given special atten¬ 
tion to the selection of the lighter and more desirable shades. All bulbs 
strictly first size and large flowering varieties. 

Doz. 40c., $2.50 per 100, $22.00 per 1000 


Garden Tools and Requisites 27 

Garden Tools and Requisites 

Dibbles. Used in transplanting Cabbages, ete. Steel points. 
Each 90c. 

Gloves. A soft, pliable, all-leather, dirt proof glove for both men 
and women—specially adapted for general home use, such as 
housework, garden, garage, furnace. Pair 75c. 

Garden Hose. “U. Mogul, Y% in. size only; recommended 
as the most convenient and economical size; 25 ft. length $4.00, 
50 ft. length $7.50. 

Hose Menders. Cooper’s. Made of heavy brass. Requires no 
wire or pliers to adjust them. For 34-inch or M-inch hose. 
Each 10c., doz. $1.00; 1-inch, each 10c., doz. $1.00. 

Hose Nozzle. New Boston Spraying. Coarse or fine spray, 
large or small stream. 75c. 

Grafting Wax. 34 lb. pkg. 15c., 34 lb. 30c., lb. 55c. 

Grass Hooks (Sickles). English, each 80c. and $1.00. 

Japanese Broom Rake. Cleans the lawn as completely as though 
swept with a broom. 90c. 

Keep Off the Grass Signs. Galvanized. 75c. 

Knives. Budding and pruning. $1.00 to $2.00. 

Knives. Asparagus. For cutting Asparagus under the surface 
50c. each. 

Edging Knife. Handled. $1.35. 

Lawn Rakes. Wooden, best quality. Each $1.25. 

Rakes. Garden, steel, 12 teeth, $1.10; 14 teeth, $1.20; 16 teeth, 
$1.25; 18 teeth, $1.45. 

Scythes. Cast steel. Best quality. American $1.90, English $2.75. 
Scythe Stone. Talacre, oval. Each 25c. 

Shears. Grass border. English. 9-in. $5.75; with wheel, $6.50. 
Shears. Hedge. 8-in. $3.35; 9-in. $3.80; 10-in. $4.30; with 
notch, 50c. extra. 

Shears. Hand pruning. American. Each $1.00 to $2.50. 

French. 8-in. $2.50, 9-in. $2.75. 

Shears. Lopping. American. $1.90. 

Shears. Sheep. Used for trimming grass borders. $1.00 to $1.50. 
Saws, Pruning. 18-in. $1.00, 20-in. $1.25. 

Shovels. Ames’ square and round pointed, long or short handles. 


Shovel. Steel. Each $1.50. 

Spades. Steel. $1.50 to $2.50. 

Thermometers. Tested and guaranteed. Japanned, tinned case 
60c. each, $6.00 doz. 

Thermometers. Incubator. Various patterns. Each 50c. 
Thermometers. Brooder. Each 35c. 

Thermometers. Hotbed and Mushroom bed. Boxwood, brass 
tip, made for plunging. $1.00. 

Trowels. Garden. Forged steel. English. 75c. 

Trowels. Garden. Common, steel blade. Each 20c. 

Trowels. Garden. Solid steel. Each, 6-in. 35c. 

Flower Boxes 

Self-watering, for’windows, 

porches, sun parlors, etc. 


Size A, 23 in. long.$3.75 

Size B, 29 in. long.4.25 

Size C, 35 in. long. 4.75 

Size D, 41 in. long. 5.25 

Folding Plant 

Can be opened or folded in a 
few seconds. Finished in green 
and bronze. Compact and durable. 
Takes up very little space when 
not in use. 3-wire trays, 734*30, 

Galvanized Iron Window Boxes 

Well-made, heavy galvanized iron box fitted with conductor for 
sub-irrigation. 24-in. long, $1.50; 30-in. long, $2.00; 36-in. long 


Brown’s Sprayers 

Auto Spray No. 9B. The strongest and 
most simple in its working parts of any 
compressed air sprayer. Two pumpings 
of about 15 strokes on the plunger will 
discharge the contents under high and 
constant pressure. After pumping the 
operator has nothing to do but release 
and direct the spray. Solution tank 
holds about four gallons, the air pump 
is made of seamless brass tubing lo¬ 
cated inside tank, protected from in¬ 
jury, and is provided with a cam 
locking device which closes the 
filler opening air-tight with a 
half turn of the pump handle. 
Our compressed air sprayers are 
all equipped with the Auto Pop 
nozzle; by a pressure of the fing¬ 
ers on the handle the spray 
is turned on and releasing pres¬ 
sure automatically shuts off. 
Complete, with brass tank, 
Auto Pop nozzle and 
2 ft. extension, $9.50. 
Auto Spray No. 9D. 
Same equipment as 
above. Galvanized tank, 
Auto Pop nozzle, 2 ft. 
extension. Each $6.50. 
Auto Spray No. 5. A 
double acting general 
purpose hand pump. All 
working parts brass and 
interchangeable; easily 
taken apart for cleaning. Pump may be used in any receptacle 
or in connection with the galvanized knapsack as offered. 

Pump, Hose, Nozzle and Strainer. Complete, $5.00. 

Galvanized Knapsack. $3.00. 

Auto Spray No. 6. Probably the most powerful bucket pump 
made; can easily generate a pressure of 200 lbs. Double Act¬ 
ing, spraying perfectly on both the up and down stroke, requiring 
about half the energy required for the ordinary pump. Valves 
made completely of brass; also suction strainer and strainer in 
nozzle of brass. Foot rest 16 inches high, which will clear almost 
any bucket. Can be taken down or put together without aid 
of tools and is as easily cleaned as a gun barrel. Price, com¬ 
plete, $4.50. 

Auto Spray No. 26C. All brass continuous atomizer, using half 
liquid and half air under pressure; easily dismounted and cleaned. 
Straight and angle nozzles.. $1.50. 

Auto Spray No. 22. All tin, single acting hand sprayer. 50c. 

Nozzles, Non-Clog Junior, 75c.; Auto Spray, 60c.; Auto-Pop, 
$1.50. Bordeaux, $1.00. 

Duster Brown Dry Powder Gun 

A very practical 
duster of new design, 
especially adaptable 
for use in applying 
insect powders. It 
is simply construct¬ 
ed and works on a 
new principle re¬ 
cently discovered. 
The extension is of 
sufficient length to 
enable the operator 
to spray ordinary field crops without tbending over. Uses—For 
spraying dust on tobacco, small garden plo s, rose bushes, or in any 
place where dust is to be applied. It is especially adaptable for 
use in applying insect powders. 

No. 2 B, 1 pint.$1.00 

No. 2 C, 1 quart. 1.25 

Brown Crystal Duster. By far the best duster on the market $1.50 
Double Barrel Duster. For dusting all dry insecticides. Con¬ 
sidered the best; adapted for the home_garden. 75c. 


Excelsior. Used for loosening 
the soil in borders and beds. 

Each 20c. 

Hazeltine. Each 30c. 

Magic. A very handy spring 
tooth hand weeder. Each 
20c. to $1.00. 

28 Garden Tools and Requisites 



Watering Pots, Galvanized 

Made from the best quality iron 
and galvanized after being made. The 
strongest watering pot made. The ^ 
joints are brass. Two copper face 
roses go with each pot for fine and 
coarse watering. 

6-qt. $5.50, 8-qt. $6.00, 10-qt. <16.50, 

12-qt. $7.00 

Watering Pot, French Pattern. 

Same as above in quality, oval in 
shape with brass handle. 6-qt. $6.50, 

8-qt. $7.00, 10-qt. $7.50, 12-qt. 

$8.00. Extra Roses, 65c. 

Watering Pots. Galvanized iron, 
short spout. 6-qt. 95c., 8-qt. $1.15, 

10-qt. $1.40, 12-qt. $1.60. 

Watering Pots. Painted. For window gardening, without rose. 
Assorted colors, 2-qt. $1.25. 



4- in. Pot Labels, Painted.$0.30 $2.35 

434*in. Pot Labels, Painted.30 2.50 

5- in. Pot Labels, Painted.35 2.75 

6- in. Pot Labels, Painted.40 3.25 

8-in. Garden Labels, Painted. 1.00 8.00 

10-in. Garden Labels, Painted. 1.25 10.00 

12-in. Garden Labels, Painted. 1.50 12.50 

Sy^-in. Copper Wired Tree, Painted.35 3.00 

Simplex Weatherproof, 3x34 in.. .Doz. 35c 2.50 
Indestructo. Metal plant label. 

No. 1. %x3% in. 1.50 

No. 2. I^£x5 in. 2.00 

Adjusto Plant Support 

The most simple and easily adjusted plant sup¬ 
porter on the market. The ring opens to place 
about the plant, is hooked together and placed at 
any desired height on the stake. 

4 ft.Each 30c., doz. $3.00 

5 ft.Each 40c., doz. 3.60 

6 ft.Each 45c., doz. 4.50 

18-in. for pot plants.Each 10c., doz. 1.20 

Timesaver Plant Support 

Galvanized stake, loop top and sliding clip and 
fibre loop. The stake is shoved into ground, the 
sliding clip adjusted to proper height and the 
fibre loop drawn about the plant and drawn into 
the clip. Easily readjusted. 

3 ft.Each 15c., doz. $1.40 

4 ft.Each 20c., doz. 2.25 

5 ft.Each 25c., doz. 2.75 

Glazed Flower Pots 

Standard size pots with saucers to match, standard colors 

green, yellow and blue. Special 



3 .$0.30 

4 . 40 

5 .50 

6 .65 

7 . 1.10 

8 . 1.25 

9 . 1.50 

colors—rose, lavender and black. 



3 .$0.40 

4 .45 

5 .60 

6 .75 

7 . 1.25 

8 . 1.50 

9 . 2.00 

Plant Stakes 


134 ft. 

2 ft. 

234 ft. 

3 ft. 
334 ft. 

4 ft. 

5 ft. 

6 ft. 

. .35 

. .50 

. 1.00 
. 1.15 
. 1.25 
. 2.00 
. 2.25 







Cane Stakes. Can be cut to any desired length; 
much used by florists for supporting Roses, Car¬ 
nations, Lilies, etc. 6 ft., doz. 40c., 100 $2.50; 
8 ft., doz. 60c. f 100 $3.50. 

Cane Stakes, Green 

134 ft. 

2 ft. 

234 ft. 

3 ft. 

4 ft. 

5 ft. 


.$ 0.12 

. .15 

. .18 
. .35 








Plant Trellis 


2 ft. Veranda-$0.90 

3 ft. Veranda.... 1-15 

4 ft. Veranda.... 1-50 
6 ft. 18 in. wide.. 2.00 

6 ft. 28in. wide.. 3.50 

7 ft. 18in. wide.. 3.00 

8 ft. 18in.wide.. 3.50 
8 ft. 28in. wide.. 4.50 

10 ft. 20 in. wide.. 4.50 
10 ft. 31 in. wide.. 5.75 
12 ft. 20 in. wide.. 5.00 
12 ft. 36in. wide.. 6.75 
18 in. fan trellis, 6 in. 
wide at top.35 

2 ft. fan trellis, 10 in. 

wide at top.• -50 

234 ft. fan trellis, 13 in. 
wide at top.• 70 

3 ft. fan trellis, 16 in. 

wide at top. 1.15 

4 ft. fan trellis, 32 in. 

wide at top. 1.50 

ft. fan trellis, 32 in. wide 
at top.2.20 

6 ft. fan trellis, 38 in. wide 

at top. 2.50 

7 ft. fan trellis, 42 in. wide 

at top. 3.00 

8 ft. fan trellis, 46 in. wide 

at top. 3.50 

Flower Pot Brackets 

Adapted to plain flower pots and saucers. Flat steel, 
perfectly strong. Can be fastened on narrowest mould¬ 
ing. Black finish. No. 1, for a 5-in. pot, 50c.; No. 2, 
for a 6-in. pot, 60c.; No. 3, for a 7-in. pot, each 75c. 

Cemetery Vases 

Clay glazed-finish, large holding capacity 35c. 

Standard Flower Pots 




2 in. 

.. $0.02 



2H in.... 




234 in.. . . 




3 in. 




334 in... 




4 in. 




5 in. 




534 in. . . 




6 in. 




7 in. 




8 in. 

_ .30 



9 in. 




10 in. 



• • • • 

12 in. 

_ 1.00 


• • • • 

14 in. 

... 1.50 

Measurements from 
Inside to Inside. Width 
and Depth Equal. 

Azalea Pots and Seed or Bulb Pans. Prices same as Standard 



Garden Tools and Requisites 29 

Basketry Supplies 

If sent by parcel post add 

postage to these prices 




in. Round bases ... 


10x16 Rectangular.$0.50 

3y in. Round bases... 

. .08 

12x18 Rectangular. 



in. Round bases.... 


Coasters 2 glass. 



in. Round bases.... 

. .12 

Coasters 3 glass. 



in. Round bases.... 

. .15 

Coasters 4 glass. 



in. Round bases... 

. .18 

Coasters 6 glass. 



in. Round bases- 

. .20 

Octagonal Sandwich Trays 



in. Round bases,.. 

. .22 

Refreshment Trays, 14x19 



in. Round bases... 

. .25 

Refreshment Trays, 16x24 



in. Round bases_ 

. .30 

Lamp bases, 7 in. high... 



in. Round bases... 

. .35 

Lamp bases, 12 in. high... 



in. Round bases... 

. .50 

Lamp bases, 14 in. high. . 


6x10 Oval bases. 

. .25 

Lamp bases, 16 in. high... 


8x12 Oval bases. 

. .30 

5 in. Round bases with lip 


10x16 Oval bases. 

. .40 

10 in. Round bases with lip 


12x19 Oval bases. 

. .65 

8 in. Half circle. 


16x24 Oval bases. 

. 1.25 

9 in. Half circle. 


dyxioy Rectangular.. 

.. .25 

10 in. Half circle. 



Oz. y 2 Lb. 1 Lb. Oz. y 2 Lb. 1 Lb. 

No. 1 Reed...$0.12 $0.85 $1.50 No. 5 Reed...$0.10 $0.50 $0.85 

No. 2 Reed... 




No. 6 Reed- 




No. 3 Reed... 




No. 7 Reed... 
No. 8 Reed... 







No. 4 Reed... 




Flat Reed... 





Natural..M lb. 15c., lb. 35c. Needles. 10c. and 25c. per pkg. 

Colored, .oz. 10c., y lb. 75c., Pine Needles.75c. per lb. 

Lb. $1.25 Handles for Trays. 60c.per pair 


Round and Oval.5c. doz., 35c. per 100 and up 


Complete line all shades, y pt. bottles.45c. and 50c. 

Underlac (Shellac Substitute), y pt. cans.40c. 

Fern Pans 

The pans are espe¬ 
cially adapted for lin¬ 
ings to porcelain and 
silver fern pans. Dimen¬ 
sions given are outside 
measurements. Each 

Size 4 xiy in....$0.09 

Size ±yx2y in.12 

Size 5y±2y in.15 

Size 6yx2y in.18 

Size 7 x2% in.20 

Size 8 x3y in.30 

Size 9 x3y in.35 

Hanging Pots 

7-in., each 45c.; 8-in., each 60c.; 9-in., each 75c.; 10-in., each 
$1.10; 12-in., each $1.50. 

Clay Flower 

In. Each Doz. 100 

4 .$0.05 $0.45 $3.00 

5 .06 .60 4.00 

In. Each Doz. 100 

4 .$0.05 $0.45 $3.00 

5 .06 .60 4.00 


Pot Saucers 










. .10 




. .14 




. .20 




. .25 




. .28 




. .35 




. .45 


. .60 


. .80 


. 1.00 


An attractive tub made of white pine, painted outside and 
inside with two coats of linseed oil paint. Heavy wire electrically 
welded hoops. 

Made of White Pine, painted, light and attractive. 

Diam. Height Eaoh 

No. 2. 7 in. 7 in.$0.65 

No. 3. 8 in. 8 in.75 

No. 4. 9 in. 9 in.85 

No. 5. 10 in. 9 in. 1.00 

No. 6. 11 in. 10 in. 1.25 

No. 7. 12 in. 11 in. 1.60 

No. 8. 13 in. 12 in. 1.90 

No. 9. 14 in. 13 in. 2.25 

No. 10. 15 in. 14 in. 2.50 

No. 11. 16 in. 15 in. 2.75 


Paper Flower Pots 

Made from tough fibre paper; lasting and thor. 

oughly waterproof, 



2 y in. 



2 yin . 


3 in. 



3y in. 



4 in. 



5 in. 



6 in. 


Recleaned Bird Seed and Pet Supplies 

If wanted Parcel Post, add postage. 

CANARY (Plain). Recleaned, extra quality. Lb. 20c., 5 lbs. 
85c., 10 lbs. $1.50. 

CANARY (Mixed). A mixture of finest quality in proper pro¬ 
portions. Lb. 20c., 5 lbs. 85c., 10 lbs. $1.50. 

CUTTLE FISH BONE. For digestion. 3 for 10c., y lb. 25c., 
lb. 75c. 

HEMP SEED. Very rich and should be fed with care. Lb. 15c., 
5 lbs. 60c., 10 lbs. $1.10. 

LETTUCE SEED. Relished by canaries. Add small quantity 
to other seeds. Oz. 5c., y lb. 15c. 

MAW SEED. To improve song of canaries, y lb. 15c., lb. 40c. 

MILLET SEED. Recleaned. Lb. 15c., 5 lbs. 50c., 10 lbs. 90c. 

RAPE SEED. Many canaries prefer this to the canary seed. Lb. 
20c., 5 lbs. 85c., 10 lbs. $1.50. 

SILVER SAND. For bird cages; extra clean. Pkg. 15c. 

SILVER SAND (Bulk). 12 lbs. 50c., 25 lbs. $1.00, 100 lbs. $3.00. 

GRAVEL PAPER. Various sizes. Packages, 12 sheets, 25c. to 35c. 

SUNFLOWER SEED. Used largely for parrot feed. We handle 
only the best obtainable. Lb. 15c., 3 lbs. 40c., 10 lbs. $1.30. 

UNHULLED RICE. Lb. 20c., 5 lbs. 75c., 10 lbs. $1.40. 

BIRD BATHS, 15c. DRINKING CUPS, 15c. and 30c. 

CAGE SPRING and CHAIN. 30c. and 35c. Short Barre 
Springs 15c. 

HOOKS. 25c. and 35c. 

FOOD, 15c. 

CANARY SEED, with egg and fruit, 25c. 


25c.; Pep A Biscuit, 15c.; Bird Tonic, 25c.; Bird Wash, 25c. 

Aquariums and Fish Supplies 

Round Globes. 25c. to $1.50. 

Aquariums. All glass. $2.50, 
$3.75. $5.50, $7.50, $9.50. 

Frame Aquariums. Slate 
bottom. $2.25, $4.00, $6.00, 
$8.00, $10.00 up. 

Ornaments. 15c. to 75c. 

Beach Gravel. Qt. 15c., y 
pk. 50c. 

Dip Nets. 25c., 35c., 50c., 75c. 

Dip Tubes. 35c. 

Pearl Chips and Small Sea 
Shells. Each, box 15c., 2 
for 25c. 

Aquarium Plants.Bunch 15c. 
Common Gold Fish. 15c. 
25c. and 35c. 

Fan-tails. 50c. and 75c. up. 
Telescopes. 75c. and $1.00. 
Tadpoles and Snails. 

Fish Foods, Wafer, 15c.; 
Natural, 10c.; Relpaw, 15c. 
2 for 25c. 

Plant Foods 

Stim-®- planT 


A powerful fertil¬ 
izer in tablet form; 
odorless and suit¬ 
able for house or 
garden use. Pkgs. 
25c., 75c.; pail, 
1000 tablets $3.50. 

clean and odorless, used dry or in 
water. Pkg. 30c. 

BLOOM AID. A highly concen¬ 

trated plant food containing the 
essential ingredients for plant 
growth — Nitrogen, Phosphoric 
Acid and Potash. Bloomaid Tab¬ 
lets are made especially for flow¬ 
ers, shrubs and plants, and pro¬ 
mote rapid growth and full de¬ 
velopment, as the plant food is 
immediately available. Pkg. of 

1 125 compressed tablets, 25c. 

GRO-FAST. A scientifically pre¬ 
pared formula, rich in organic 
nitrogen and other plant food. 
Recommended for potted plants, 
lawn and garden. 1 lb. 25c., 
5 lbs. 60c. 

30 Insecticides and Fertilizers 


Insecticides and Fertilizers 


ANTROL. Adapted to any size house 
or garden and quickly destroys all 
species of sweet eating insects. It is 
composed of glass containers and 
special formula syrup. Set contains 
one 4 oz. bottle of syrup and four 
containers. 75c. 

Antrol Syrup. 4 oz. bottle. 35c. 
Antrol Syrup. 1 pt. bottle. 85c. 

killing powder for the extermination of ants and roaches. 2 oz. 
can with shaker twist top. 20c. 

APHINE. A contact spray effective against all sucking insects 
infesting flowers, foliage, fruits and vegetables. M Pt* 25c., 
}/% pt. 40c., pt. 65c., qt. $1.00. 

ARSENATE OF LEAD (Dry). Lb. 30c., 4 lb. bags $1.00. 

BORDEAUX MIXTURE (Dry Powder). For all fungoid 
diseases, such as mildew and various rots of Grapes, etc. Lb. 
30c., 4 lb. bag $1.00. 

An excellent combined insecticide and fungicide. Lb. 30c., 
4-lb. bags $1.00. 

“BLACK LEAF 40“ (Nicotine Sulphate). For destroying aphis, 
thrips, etc., without injuring the foliage. Oz. bottle 35c., 
5 oz. $1.00, 1 lb. $2.25, 2 lbs. $3.35. 

CYANOGAS. Valuable for greenhouse fumigation, for destroying 
aphis, white fly, thrips, etc. Lb. 75c., 5 lbs. $3.00, 25 lbs. $10.00. 

A non-poisonous insecticide efficient in 
both flower and vegetable _ garden. 
Destroys many both chewing and 
sucking insects without burning 
plants. 1 oz. bottle 35c., 6 oz. 
bottle $ 1 . 00 , 16 oz. bottle $ 2 . 00 . 

FISH OIL SOAP. Commonly known as Whale Oil Soap. Makes 
an excellent wash for trees and plants; kills insects and eggs 
on the bark. Lb. 35c., 5 lbs. $1.50. 

GRAPE DUST. A preparation to kill that destructive mildew 
that strikes the Grape vine; also for like use upon any other 
plants or trees affected with mold, mildew or rust mites, either 
in greenhouses or the open air. Lb. 30c., 5-lb. pkg. $ 1 . 00 . 

HELLEBORE. For destroying Rose bugs, Currant worms and 
other soft shelled insects. It can be applied dry or m liquid 
form. Lb. 50c. 

LIME-SULPHUR DRY POWDER. This preparation is scien¬ 
tifically prepared and is widely recommended and known as one 
of the best preparations for San Jos6 scale, oyster shell scale, etc. 
Use 2 to 3 gals, to 50 gals, water. Lb. 40c., 5 lbs. $1.50. 

NI CO-FUME (Tobacco Paper). For fumigating greenhouses. 
The strongest tobacco paper on the market. 24 sheets $1.25. 

NICO-FUME LIQUID. 34-lb. tin 75c., lb.-tin $2.25, 4-lb. 
tin $5.75. 

NICO-FUME POWDER. For fumigating greenhouses. Active 
ingredients—nicotine, not less than 12)4 %• 1 lb. $ 1 . 00 , 5 lb. 

$3.35, 10 lb. $5.85. 

NICOTINE PYROX. Kills both chewing and sucking insects. 
Mix with water and spray. 10 ozs. 50c., 40 ozs. $1.25. 



insect spray 


PARIS GREEN. Superior quality. )4 lb. 20c., 
lb. 55c. 

Pomo - Green 
with Nico¬ 
tine. The leaf 
-green all-in- 
one Dust or Spray. A combination material 
which controls fungous diseases, _ and kills 
both leaf-eating insects and aphis. 1 lb. 
can 75c., 5 lb. can $3.00 

A contact insecticide that may be used 
upon tender foliage without burning and 
delicate flowers without staining. Eco¬ 
nomical to use. Oz. 35c., )4 pt. $1.00, 
% pt. $1.75, pt. $3.25, qt. $6.00. 

SCALECIDE. The best sprav for San Jos6 scale. A mechanical 
preparation of petroleum oil that instantly mixes with cold 
water. Qt. 75c., gal. $1.75, 5 gals. $6.25. 

SEMESAN. For treating seeds; hastens germination, stimulates 
growth, controls disease. 2 ozs. 50c., lb. $2.75. 

SLUG SHOT. Destroys all insects injurious to house and garden 
plants, vegetables and fruits of all kinds. Equals Paris Green 
when used liberally, without the danger from poison. Lb. 25c., 
5-lb. pkg. 75c. 

SNAROL. For the control of cut worms, 
snails, slugs, etc.; non-injurious to vegeta¬ 
tion and very economical to use on account 
of its insolubility in water. 1)4 lbs. 35c., 
4 lbs. 85c. 

SULPHUR, FLOWERS OF. A staple preven¬ 
tive for mildew on Grapes, Roses, etc. Lb. 

15c., 5 lbs. 60c., 10 lbs. $1.00. 

TOBACCO DUST. If dusted on while the 
foliage is moist it destroys Rose lice, Cabbage 
and Turnip fleas, etc. Spread upon the ground 
it keeps off earth insects arid acts as a fertilizer. 1 lb. carton 
25c., 5 lbs. 50c., 10 lbs. 75c., 25 lbs. $1.50. 

VOLCK. A powerful spray, effective on all ornamental and flow¬ 
ering plants for control of red spider, aphis, scale, etc. 34 pt. 

50c., pt. 75c., qt. $1.00, gal. $3.00. 

WILSON’S O. K. PLANT SPRAY. Powerful yet harmless in¬ 
secticide for aphis, red spider, mildew, scale, etc. For use inside 
or outdoors. )4 pt. 40c., qt. $1.25 


This is a pure natural manure and the most nutritious food for 
plants. It is excellent as a top dressing for lawns. There is nothing 
better for mixing with the soil for greenhouse plants; one part ma¬ 
nure and six parts soil. For use in the vegetable garden place directly 
in hills or drills, it promotes a rapid and steady growth. 2 lb. pkg. 
20c., 5 lbs. 40c., 10 lbs. 70c., 25 lbs. $1.15, 50 lbs. $1.75, 100 lbs. 

ADCO. The addition of Adco to vegetable refuse, grass clippings, 
leaves, etc., will produce a clean, odorless manure in 3 to 4 months. 
Circular upon request. 25 lbs. $2.00, 100 lbs. $7.75. 

CATTLE MANURE. Heat dried and shredded. Suited to mixing 
in soil, mulching or liquid manuring. 100 lbs. $3.25. 

ARMOUR’S VERT. Odorless. 

Contains more pounds of highest 
grade plant food in water soluble 
form than is generally used in 
lawn and garden fertilizers. 5 lb. 
pkg. 50c., 25 lb. bag $1.75, 50 
lbs. $3.00, 100 lbs. $5.00. 


A high grade general farm and 
garden fertilizer. 50 lbs. $1.75, 

100 lbs. $3.00. 

phate of Ammonia, 23)4%). 

Feeds the grass and starves the 
weeds; readily available; the 
driest sulphate on the market; no 
limping or caking. Odorless. 

26 oz. carton 25c., 5 lbs. 60c., 

10 lbs. $1.15, 25 lbs. $2.25, 50 
lbs. $3.75, 100 lbs. $6.00. 


This finely pulverized ground 
bone is excellent for Rose culture, 
top dressing for lawns and for potted plants. 5 lb. pkg. 40c., 
10 lbs. 75c., 25 lbs. $1.25, 50 lbs. $2.25, 100 lbs. $3.50, 200 lbs. 

UNLEACHED HARDWOOD ASHES. As a fertilizer for lawns, 
gardens and fruits, Hardwood Ashes are unequaled; they are 
not a mere stimulant, but supply natural plant food, permanently 
enriching the soil. Price, 100 lbs. $2.25. 

LIME, AGRICULTURAL. To rectify some soil. Pkg. 25c., 
100 lbs. $1.75. 

NITRATE OF SODA. This is valuable solely for the nitrogen 
it contains, equal to 1834 per cent, of ammonia. Being extremely 
soluble, it should not be applied until the plants are above 
ground, when 100 to 150 lbs. per acre. Lb. 15c., 5 lbs. 40c., 
10 lbs. 75c., 100 lbs. $4.50. 

MURIATE OF POTASH (48%). 10 lbs. 75c., 25 lbs. $1.50, 

50 lbs. $2.50, 100 lbs. $4.00. 


1 */frmour Fertilizer Works 



Annual Seeds for Rock Gardens 31 


wt f . 

** mm wa 

r ; 







Annual Seeds for Rock Gardens 


ABRONIA umbellata (Sandverbena). Trailing 
annual; rose color adapted to dry, poor soil. 

34 oz. 25c.$0.10 

AGERATUM, Blue Star. Exceedingly dwarf and 

even growth, not over 4 to 5 in. high.15 

ALYSSUM, Carpet of Snow. Very dwarf, 4 in. 

high; very free blooming. 34 oz. 25c., oz. 75c.10 

ANTIRRHINUM, Tom Thumb. White, Pink, 

mixed all colors.10 

BRACHYCOME (Swan River Daisy). Small blue 
flowers. Blooms profusely most of Summer. 9 
in. high. 34 oz. 25c.10 

BROWALLIA elata. Blue. Profuse blooming 
annual covered with blue flowers during the 
Summer and Autumn. Grows freely in any 
rich soil. 18 inch. 34 oz. 30c.10 

CANDYTUFT (Iberis umbellatum). Valuable an¬ 
nuals adapted to Rock Gardens, should be grown 
in mass and thinned to six inches apart making 
sowings two weeks apart for succession of 
bloom. Will succeed in any light, airy location. 
Separate colors, Lilac, Rose, Flesh, Purple, 

Crimson, White, each 34 oz. 25c.10 

All colors mixed. 34 oz. 20c., 1 oz. 50c.10 

CONVOLVULUS minor or Dwarf Morning- 
glories. Splendid for growing in beds or clumps 
and much used in hanging baskets and window 
boxes. Very desirable for clumps in the Rock 
Garden. While called Morning Glories, they 
remain open all day in fine weather. Very easily 


mauritanicus. Blue with white throat.15 

Monstrosus. Dark blue. Oz. 25c.10 

DIANTHUS, Sweet Wivelsfield. New hardy an¬ 
nual; resembles large flowering Sweet-william. 
Distinct in habit and freedom of growth. Colors 
reds, pinks, and crimsons; about 12 in. high. Seed 
sown in February or early March bloom June 
to October, or sown in open ground in April, 

bloom late in Summer.25 

DIANTHUS chinensis. Double, in many bright 


ESCHSCHOLTZIA (California Poppy). Large flow¬ 
ering hybrids. Choice mixed. 34 oz. 35c.15 

GAILLARDIA, Indian Chief. Center dark brown 
petals, glittering metallic bronzy red. Very out¬ 
standing color. 34 oz. 35c.15 

GODETIA (Satin Flower). Attractive hardy annuals, 
blooming profusely. Flowers Azalea-like, satiny 
texture, in many colors. Adapted to rather poor 
soil. 1 ft. 34 oz. 25c.10 

LINARIA moroccana (Toadflax). An easily grown 
annual adapted to borders and rockeries. Seed 
sown in open ground in April or May produce 
spikes of miniature snapdragon like flowers from 
July to frost. Colors, Yellow, Crimson, Pink, 
Purple, etc. 34 oz. 25c.10 


LOBELIA, Crystal Palace Compacta. Very com¬ 
pact deep blue flowers.$0.10 

MARIGOLD, Border of Gold. Delicate lace-like 
foliage surmounted with small single bright 

orange flowers, very delicate and attractive.10 

Legion of Honor. A single flowering Marigold 
forming compact bushes about 8 inches high, 
flowering June to frost. Flowers golden yellow 
with velvety maroon spots at base of petals. 

34 oz. 25c.10 

MIMULUS tigrinus (Monkeyflower). Tigered and 
spotted flowers, borne in profusion. 1 ft. 

34 oz. 50c.10 

NEMOPHILA (Baby-blue-eyes or Bluebells). Low 
growing annual of easy culture, producing 

abundance of bright bell-shaped flowers all 
Summer. Do best in partial shaded, moist situ¬ 
ation. 34 oz. 25c.10 

MATRICARIA, Golden Ball. Compact, bushy 
plant, 8 in. high, covered with bright yellow 
densely double blooms. 34 oz. 35c.10 

PETUNIA, Nana Erecta. The finest dwarf upright 
growing, free blooming type. 

Rosy Morn. Clear pink, white throat. 34 oz. 50c. .15 

Violacea. Steel blue or deep violet. 34 oz. 50c. . . .15 

Snowball. Pure white. 34 oz. 50c.15 

Nana Erecta Finest Mixed. Containing all the 
varieties in this type of Petunia. 34 oz. 35c.15 

PHLOX drummondi. Dwarf or Compact. Grow 
very symmetrical in neat little bushes, 6 to 8 
inches high and covered with flowers during the 
entire season. Excellent for beds, borders or 
clumps in the rock garden. Easily grown. 

Cecily Mixed. Large flowering compact in many 

shades and colors. 34 oz. 50c.10 

PORTULACA. Very brilliant dwarf annual suitable 
for warm, dry locations; do not sow until hot 

Single Mixed. 34 oz. 25c., 1 oz. 75c.10 

Double Choicest Mixture. 34 oz. 35c.10 

VERBENA, grandiflora. A magnificent new strain 
may be sown in open ground in April or May 
for bloom in August and September. Separate 
colors, Blue, Flame Pink, Vivid Scarlet, white 
each 20c. 

WALLFLOWER, Early Paris. Annual, sown in 
open ground in April or May, bloom in midseason 
and continue to hard freezing weather.10 

ZINNIA, Pompon. A very compact form growing 
not over 15 in. high, bearing in profusion small, 
very double blooms on long stems. 

Separate colors: Canary, Crimson, Golden, Pur¬ 
ple, Salmon, Scarlet, Flesh White. 34 oz. 40c. .10 

Rosebud (New). Rose pink. 34 oz. 50c.15 


Tm vmvi m r c,.\fcnt\i.k>- 

H \ V>W>OK 

Books for Better Gardens 

Practical Garden Books Especially Written for Amateurs. 
Informative, Accurate. Well-printed on Good Paper, Pro¬ 
fusely Illustrated and Durably Bound in Attractive Covers. 

GARDEN GUIDE (The Amateur Gardener’s Handbook) 

Each subject written by a different authority. Informa" 
tion on every phase of gardening pertaining to the average¬ 
sized home. Plans, lawns, hedges, annuals, perennials, 
roses, garden favorites, bulbs, garden ferns and water 
plants, rock gardens, garden furniture, fertilizers, soils, 
propagation, etc. 388 pages, 275 illustrations. Paper, 
$1.10; Cloth, $1.65 postpaid. 

The Book of 


Aj >*»:;> C Horn* 




By A. C. Hottes. Over 100 separate species described 
with full directions for their culture and uses. 182 pages, 
155 illustrations. Cloth, $1.65 postpaid. 


By T. A. Weston. Complete information on bulbs of 
all seasons; Spring-flowering, summer-flowering and 
tender-flowering bulbs and roots. 186 pages, 73 full 
page halftones (8 in colors). Cloth, $2.15 postpaid. 


By A. C. Hottes. Concise, yet full information on 
climbers, ground covers and creepers. 250 pages, 106 
illustrations. Paper, $1.60; Cloth, $1.90 postpaid. 


By W. H. Waite. The originator of “Jersey’s Beauty” 
and other highly popular Dahlias. 132 pages with 24 
illustrations and 6 color plates. Cloth, $1.65 postpaid. 


By P. Beard. How to make beautiful, living minia¬ 
ture landscapes with the use of living material, stones, 
figures, clay, etc. 69 full-page illustrations (4 in color), 
220 pages. Leatherette, $2.65 postpaid. 


By A. Laurie and J. B. Edmond. Covers fertilizers 
from the greenhouse and garden standpoint and not 
from the sweeping agricultural viewpoint. 156 pages, 
22 full-page illustrations. Cloth, $2.15 postpaid. 


By Prof. E. A. White. Essentially a book for the 
hostess, the social leader and all who delight in display¬ 
ing flowers to their fullest beauty. 226 pages, 71 illus¬ 
trations (6 in color). Leatherette, $3.15 postpaid. 


By Frank C. Pellett. Covers most of the common 
wild flowers suited for naturalization or cultivation in 
the Northeastern States and the best of them from the 
West. 168 pages, 104 illustrations and 4 pages in color. 
Cloth, $2.15 postpaid. 


By L. H. Johnson. For all those who wish to beautify 
the immediate frontage of their home. 258 pages, 208 
illustrations and planting plans. Cloth, $3.65 postpaid. 


By A. C. Hottes. A veritable encyclopedia—covering 
all phases of gardening on the medium-sized place— 
flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees, shrubs, walks, etc. 
320 pages, 81 illustrations. Paper, $1.65; Cloth, $2.15 


By F. F. Rockwell. For the amateur who wishes to 
grow plants, fruits and vegetables out of season. 304 
pages, 85 illustrations. Cloth, $2.65 postpaid. 


By J. L. Kift and K. B. Hedenherg. Plain statements 
and directions that can be easily understood and prac¬ 
ticed by the veriest amateur. 80 pages, 29 illustrations. 
Boards, 85c. postpaid. 


By F. E. Palmer. How to care for and raise all the 
house plants that succeed in the home. 176 pages, 86 
illustrations. Paper, $1.10; Cloth, $1.35 postpaid. 


By E. W. Olver. Written especially for the owner of 
a small home who wishes to beautify his surroundings. 
160 pages, 52 illustrations. Cloth, $1.50 postpaid. 


By A. C. Hottes. How to successfully grow and enjoy 
over 140 genera of our most popular and durable of 
border plants. Different lists for different purposes. 
280 pages, 103 illustrations. Cloth, $1.65 postpaid. 


By A. C. Hottes. How to increase plants as practiced 
by florists and nurserymen. 224 pages, 106 illustrations. 
Cloth $2.15 postpaid. 


By A. Thornton. Exceptionally complete information 
on the construction of rock gardens. Also gives care 
and culture of plants. 152 pages, 74 illustrations. 
(4 in color.) Leatherette, $2.15 postpaid. 


By Eber Holmes. Simple, concise directions so that 
the beginner may have a successful rose garden. Writ¬ 
ten by a successful grower of 50 years’ experience. 
224 pages, 70 illustrations. Cloth, $1.85 postpaid. 


By A. C. Hottes. A complete, non-technical descrip¬ 
tion of the common species and some of the uncommon 
with their characteristics, uses, soil, pruning and propa¬ 
gation. Different lists for different purposes. 446 
pages, 187 illustrations. Cloth, $3.15 postpaid. 


By A. C. Hottes. Complete information on the care 
and culture of deciduous and evergreen trees. Includes 
propagation, uses, desirable and undesirable features. 
Numerous lists of trees for all sorts of different uses. 
448 pages, 180 illustrations. Cloth, $3.15 postpaid. 


By A. E. Wilkinson. The growing of vegetables for 
home consumption, for 4-H clubs and on the farm for 
profit. 308 pages, 177 illustrations. Cloth, $2.15 post¬ 


By Sawyer and Perkins. Two closely related subjects 
treated under one cover. Small and medium pools. 
112 pages, 59 illustrations. Cloth, $1.65 postpaid. 


By Peter Bissett. The selection, grouping and suc¬ 
cessful cultivation of aquatic and other plants required 
in the making of a water garden and its surroundings. 
208 pages, 128 illustrations. Cloth, $5.00. 


By J. L. Kift. The care and treatment of plants in 
the home and their cultivation outdoors. 160 pages, 
15 illustrations. Cloth, $1.35 postpaid. 


A. T. DeLa Mare Company, Inc., Horticultural Printers, 488 to 448 West 37th Street, New York, N. Y. 

Aquilegia (Columbine) 

Delphinium Hybrids (Hardy Larkspur) 

Hardy Perennial Phlox 

Oriental Poppy 

Gaillardia grandiflora (Blanketflower) 

Hardy Chrysanthemums 



ALYSSUM (Saxatile compactum). Bright yellow flowers 
early in Spring. Each 25c., doz. $2.50. 

AQUILEGIA (Columbine). Strong plants grown from 
the finest strain of Scott Elliott Long-spurred seed. 

Each 35c., doz. $3.50. 

CAMPANULA (Canterbury-bells). Cup-and-saucer. 

Pink, white, blue and mixed. Each 25c., doz. $2.50. 

CANDYTUFT, Hardy White (Iberis sempervirens). At¬ 
tractive foliage covered with clusters of white blooms. 

Each 25c., doz. $2.50. 

CHRYSANTHEMUMS, HARDY. Red, bronze, pink, 
white, yellow. Each 35c., doz. $3.50. 

COREOPSIS lanceolata. Bright yellow daisy-like flow¬ 
ers; fine for cutting. Each 25c., doz. $2.50. 

DAISY, SHASTA. Large white flowers with yellow cen¬ 
ter. Each 25c., doz. $2.50. 

DELPHINIUM (Hardy Larkspur). One of the finest 
hardy perennials, producing abundance of bloom in 
various shades of blue. Gold Medal Hybrids Mixed. 

Each 25c., doz. $2.50, 100 for $17.00. 

DIGITALIS (Foxglove). Broad foliage with tall spikes of 
showy flowers. Each 25c., doz. $2.50. 

GAILLARDIA grandiflora (Blanket Flower). Colors 
range from red to yellow, with maroon center. Each 
25c., doz. $2.50. 

GYPSOPHILA paniculata (Babysbreath). Small white 
flowers. Each 25c., doz. $2.50. 

HIBISCUS grandiflora. Large, showy white, pink, 
crimson flowers. Each 35c., doz. $3.50. 

HOLLYHOCK. Old-fashioned hardy perennials. Mixed 
colors. Field grown roots. Each 25c., doz. $2.50. 

PEONIES. Good rich soil, sunny position with plenty 
of water during their growth is required. When plant¬ 
ing, place roots so that crowns are barely covered. 
Each 50c., doz. $5.00. 

PHLOX, Hardy Perennial. Plants grow 2 to 4 ft. high 
and bloom through a long period. Colors include red, 
pink, salmon, lavender, white. Selected from best 
named varieties. Each 25c., doz. $2.50. 

PHYSALIS (Chinese Lantern) Bright red lantern-like, 
pods can be dried for Winter. Each 25c., doz. $2.50. 

POPPY, ORIENTAL. Large brilliant scarlet. Each 35c., 
doz. $3.50. 

POPPY, ICELAND. Improved. Each 25c., doz. $2.50. 

PYRETHRUM hybridum grandiflora. Large flower¬ 
ing Single Mixed. Daisy-like flowers in shades of pink, 
lavender, red, mixed colors. Each 25c., doz. $2.50. 

Hibiscus grandiflora 

Digitalis (Foxglove) 

Iceland Poppies. 

Tritoma. See page 24. 


Annual <S 




Nasturtium— Golden Gleam 
See page 1. 


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