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^^Declassified and Approved For Release 201 2/08/3 1 ' V C I A- R DP00M0 1 91 4R001 000020096-8 

___ I UP MA.K1 ' . 1 klUKK g 

m o' 



No: 1077, -1078,1079, lOO'i 29 July ,1 944 

[4 p;irt menMaire complete] fA .4 H 

Your Wo. 3290 [11] 

l) CROWLEY [KROTJLI] in a Catholic of I rich extraction. 

Corner from a poor family. A t the age of 20 became a 
commercial agent for the V/ In conn In Paper Company. At 23 
established his own company putting his savings Into the 
First National Bank of MADISON [MED IS ON ] . Soon after this 
he became an Influential member of the Democratic Party of 
the state of Wisconsin and took part in the activities of the 
Catholic Church . In the thirties he made money speculating on 
horses becoming chairman of the board of the First National Bank 
of MADISON and the President of the Wisconsin Bank. During the 
period of economic crisis they completely cornered the [C$ market] 

[35 groups unrecoverable] 

[2 groups urirecovered] which promoted the stabilization of the 
Wisconsin Banks . In 1934 he was appointed by CAPTAIN [KAPITAN] [ill ] 
Head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation the aim of which 
was the stabilization of the banicing system. This post has been 
kept by him up to the present. In 1939 be became the Chairman of 
the Board of the Standard Gas and Electric Company. 

[Part IlJ 

This company is [under] the control of Standard Light and 
Power, the president of which is VICTOR EMANUEL [3 groups un- 
recovered] circles SCHR0EDER [ShREDER] in SIDONfiv] and TYRE [ v ] . 
Noting the connection of SCHR0EDER with the German cartels the 
newspaper PM [PI-EM] in an article stated that EMANUEL had become 
a leading figure in American War industry (his connections with 
an aviation corporation are mentioned) and industry for general 
use with the backing of HENRY [GENRlj's company 

[ 46 group s unr e cove r ab 1 e ] 

Foreign Economic Administration. CAPTAIN considers him “the 
best administrator in the LEAGUE [LIGA][vi] and outside it". 

Being an active figure in the Democratic Party C.[K.][vil] 
supports CAPTAIN but on the strength of his business connections 
he is close to the conservative elements like JESSE JONES. 

2) RAWER [REJNER] for many years worked for various companies. 

Was the representative of Socony Vacuum in India. 

[Part III] 

In 1941 left the petroleum world having become one of the 
Directors of SURPLUS MARKETING ADMINISTRATION of the Department 
of Agriculture. In September he entered the WAREHOUSE [SKLAD] [ viii ] 
after which he was appointed advisor to the BANK [ lx] on petroleum 
questions. An adherant to the policy of active support by the 
LEAGUE of private petroleum companies. In February of this year 
he wrote a memorandum for the Senate on the petroleum policy of 
the LEAGUE with other industries [2 groups unrecovered] which 
stated that American petroleum companies seeking new supplies 
from time to time feel the need for “Diplomatic Support" from 
the LEAGUE. Drawing attention to the existence of such a 
situation at the present time RAYNER pointed out that the LEAGUE 
showed speed and [1 group unrecovered] in the defence of the 
American chain of interest in the Middle East the Provinces [x] 


Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/08/31 : CIA-RDP00M01914R001 000020096-8 

"'"Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/08/31*: 'ciA-RDPboM01914R6oio6o02 

1UF SEC.KE1 lilUfcK 

i h 

and other sphere?.. Concerning American concessions in BAHREIN 
RAYTTER also noted active intervention by the BANK in favor of 
American petroleum companies. Its words [l group unrecovered] 
American companies in BAHREIN facilitated the acquisition of 
c one e s s ions i n A rab ia . 

3) NILS ON [VILSON], deputy chairman of the DEPOT [xi ] [DEPO ] , 

is considered one of the few heads of corporations who occupies 
a "liberal" position. Before the DEPOT WILSON 

[11 groups unrecoverable ] 

[Part iv] 

General Electric in which company MORGAN lias a large part 
[3 groups unrecovered] there w as an evident result of many 
years work since the age of 13 . There are rumors of W. [V*. ] 1 s [x:Li ] 
intentions to return to General Electric. In January CAPTAIN 
aent a request to the company to prolong W.[V. ]'s term of work on 
government duty. W. [V. ] is a partisan of the unity of all forces 
in the COUNTRY ii ] in the present war . In December 1943 at a 
conference of the National Association of Industry he came out 
against "the Reactionary element of the right way" and Fascism 
in the COUNTRY. 

4) RALPH DnVTES [RAL’F DEJVIS] deputy Petroleum Administrator 
for war was long connected with STANDARD OIL Company of California 
which, along with other undertakings has 50 $ of the stock of 
concessions in SAUDI. His career in STANDARD OIL began at 15 as 
a clerk. In 1928 he worked for a while for the Anglo— /-Vine r lean 
Oil Company after which lie returned to STANDARD OIL where he 
occupied an important position. Being appointed to a government 
post as early as June 1941 DAVIES at least until February 
continued to receive a salary of $47000 a year from STANDARD OIL 

[17 groups unrecovered] 

concession . 

No. 605 MAJ [xiv ] 

Comment [i] Lt. General P.M. FITIN 
[ii] Mot available 
[ill] Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT 

[ iv ] LONDON 

[v] New York City 

[vi] U.S. Government 

[ vii ] ie CROWLEY 

[ viii ] Possibly Board of Economic Warfare 
[lx] State Department 
[x] Latin America 
[xl] War Production Board 
[ x 1 1 ] ie WILSON 
[xiii ] USA 

[xiv] Stepan Zakharovich APRESYaN 


Declassified and Approved For Release 2012/08/31 : CIA-RDP00M01914R001 000020096-8