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Approved For Release 2001^5/11 : CIA-RDF>7£i)6 


5 April 1962 

MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Training 

SUBJECT : Weekly Report #13 

29 March - 4 April 1962 
Assessment and Evaluation Staff 


tip mi n ji ^ 


None ! 


OftiG CLASS 1 

JUST —3*2*- K£XT REV J2AAO- AL HI 1. 

25X1 A9a 
25X1 A9$ 

1. C/Mmin/FE, has requested A&E to train 

15 to 25 secretaries in the use of the Flexowriter . FE Division at 
present has one station which is receiving correspondence on Flexo- v 
writer tap e . The div ision plans to use this method with seven more 
stations . is setting up a training schedule for the FE 

secretaries and will start the training sometime after we move to the 
new building. 

25X1 A9a 
25X1 A9a 

gave a progress report on 4 April to _ 
and C/A&E covering his work on programmed learn: 


25X1 A9a 

3 . ^^Hof the Cl Staff met with 5X1 A9a 

and C/A&E on 4 April to discuss our progress onthe^^^Has8essmen-25X1 A6a 
(Weekly Report #12, Item 3 ) • He was requested hy A&E to determine 
whether a number of sources are available whom we would like to inter- 
view in connection with this project. 

25X1 A9a 

has requested that C/A&E brief an are a security 
officer conference meeting The 25X1 A6a 

briefing will take place o^lj^s^sS^wiSRovS^n^^Sctions and 
activities of the A&E Staff. This is reported only because it has been 
many a month since the Office of Security has shown any interest in our 
activities or has used our services. 

25X1 A9a 

has requested that A&E and LAS send arepresentatiye ^ . 

.UAMMA. J. A *U_ V-. .I' J- l.lV.- ,, J-U I MOd I 

to a planning conference to he conducted by members of 

o are 

Approved For Release 

IflDD fflAfe 


H ir 

Approved For Relea^O0 1/05711 : CIA-RDP78-06084A000iq00^0031-6 

EYES only 

Subject: Weekly Report #13 


25X1 A 

25X1 A5a1 

undertaking a contract for TSD^^H Mae conferenc^i^t^cove^the 
problem of training people to become proficient 25X1 A 

foreigi^^nguages . Nothing further is known on the subject except that 
HHHHHMBHNflis interested in obtaining subjects to undergo the 
training and they also wish to discuss the general training problems 
involved. Since the conference is to be held in Washington on 10 April 
we will be unable to send anyone to participate — this is the day that 
we are moving. LAS has been informed. 

6. We have reported previously (Weekly Report #5# dated 8 February 
1962) that, beginning in November, there has been a substantial in- 
crease, as compared with the previous year, in the number of applicants 
taking PATB in the field (i.e., the FCBP program). This increase 
continued through February but did not hold through March, in which 
there was about a 30# decrease. In part this trend seems to reflect 
earlier testing as well as more testing. Thus, this fiscal year's 
peak came in February and December instead of March. Moreover, the 
February and December peaks of FY 62 both exceed, slightly, the March 
peak of FI 6l. 


Considering both headquarters and field PATB, there has been, // 
during the first nine months of FI 62, some decrease in testing of 
JOT applicants (from 5 68 to 465) and a very substantial increase (394 
to 722) for applicants for other Agency assignments. The number of 
individuals tested in the field for other than JOT purposes has increased 
more than fivefold. 

5X1 A9a 


ment and Evaluation Staff 


Approved For Release 20C t705/, 

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