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Full text of "Dallas Police Department JFK Assassination document"

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Setaarjer }» 1963 

Mr. J. Z, Curry 
Chiaf of Pollee 

3ubjeot« Anraat of Harv«y Oawald 

On S»VBBli«r 22f 196J» I *»• oa «l»ty on tn« 4* floojr 
at th» iTs^* Hart on 3t«.!»»«Mi and we n.-ooivwd th« 
laforrmUoE that th» Pr»»ld«nt hiKi Iksbb •hot. 
C»f>tain Jon « told «• to go with It. Uwnninghaa to 
the iic«ae of t^ •hooting and what w» could do, 
e, S, ?»ylor and J. "8. Tenay war* witis ti*. icaiwite 
to tii« sc«>ui *« IWHi-d tii« ropejft of tho officer t>»- 
im •'>o* <»» J«ffs'P«oa Blvd. In 0»k wXifi ani U%, 
Canaln^haa 4«eld»<l w» oould do Jser* good by «oin,s 
to that loo^ttom iB»M»di»t«ly vatlMr than by »*y of 
tha mom of tli« {'7«sid«nt*a •bootimi:. o'e next 
heard the c«ll mi«s.»dliig th« s'.sap«at haing In tho 
iirtwoh Library on Jnffaracm. coavorgad on that 
loeation mi thar* wero S^eret :>«rTi«« a«n swii othor 
j»ti«l and Cli) offlomrs jirABont whon all %h» jxwpl© 
wer» optlo? -d out of th« build litg. Om ot ths .'ooret 
;j«rrlt:« a«n «tat»d t!«i parson who eisuii* out of the 
bM^siBoiit with tfc,« othara waa not th» suspect imd 
that im h d »lr«»dy t»lk«« to hla a faw miautea 
previously. tfeio w«at Wei; to th-; cti' mtd k 
eiai •ayint thift «u.-(p«et waa golna; iavn an ullay 
reloadlng a gun. v« ooult'a't go >*»Bt an Js>f:r«r«on 
»o u« w<w»t tyrmr a eoupla Moeic aorti; to 'Jet^th r»iroet 
then t« Tylar - nortb on Tyler to Darls - i>«.yi« to 
llewsllyn. «<» timn hoard a call tto.t «u»,poct w..» 
in balcony of tho T»x,>>« Thuatr*. '^a want iK>,rth an 
LlBwellyn to Jofforiion •mi Jeffareon te Madiaoa at 
the 1?ox:;s 'ih»iitr®. We parkad, in fror.t of V/tid'a 
•Jr«ir .itora aotf It. -■nntivt'io* told ae to kcof »<t.dlo 
oontaot whllo he tha other two wont to the 
tlmatre. Th«y Istor brou,.:!it a, witmssa alossjj froB 
th* th«-'atre and w« brirtight hins to City Httll and 
,,>« tec tiro Toney lattr took an affldiivit. 


'"oj'gori' Bureau