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Full text of "Dallas Police Department JFK Assassination document"

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R. V. *00PE # P?9 

On Friday November ??, 1963 I w»8 off duty. I heard cf the shooting 
of President Kennedy on the radio. I called the office and was instructed 
by Lt. -'ells to report for duty. I arrived at the office shortly after 
2:00 rrs. I nsvered phonos and helped in the office until approximately 
li:20 pm. X thon went with Dot. F- M. "urner to the Sheriff 8 Office where 
ve pot with Judna Tavid Johnston and secured a search warrant for 1026 N. 
Sockley. Ve then, F. K. Turner, Jud(?o Johnston and Bill Alexander of the 
ristrict Attorney's office and myself proceeded to 1026 H. Beckley whore 
«e net Lt. Hro Cunningham, Detectives Potts and Senkol. Ke then all 
soarc^ed the snail roor: of Loo Harvey Oswald and confiscated all the property 
in the room thnt belonged to Oswald. See separate list. We then returned 
to the office where ve vent frrourh the property we had seized and marked it. 
T ended my tour of duty just before 2:00 am. 

Saturday November ?3, 1963 I reported for duty at 10:00 am and worked 
in arv* around the office until approximately l?O0 pn vhan I went with 
fetectives Hose, Rtovall and Adancik to Judge Joe Prown> Jr.'s office to 
obtain a search warrant for the premises at 2515 V?. 5th in Irving. Ve then 
went to Irving and contacted Pet. NcCabe, who accompanied us to the above 
address. e then marie a search of theso premises and seized several items 
beloniri'f to Oswald. Sec separate lift. 'a'e then returned to the of floe 
.?nd rerked several of these items. Approximately 5:00 pm Adancik and myself 
were advised by Captain Fritz to return, to Irving and brine 'in Michael Paine. 
Vo then contacted VcCabe and returned and brought Kichael ^aine to our; office 
and talked to him until approximately 9:30 pm when Adancik and I took en 

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Tf. H. Koore— -page 2 

affidavit from Paine. A ride vas then secured for him so he could return 
hoTra. T ondod my tour of duty at IOiOO pm. Sunday, November 3k, 1 «»» at 
home watching TV when thw news of Oswald's being shot carao on. I reported 
to the office as soon no I could get there, arriving approximately 1«30 pm. 
Shortly thereafter, let. G. V. Rose and myself went to Judge Joe Brown, Jr. '8 
house and obtained a search warrant for Jack Pub;- 1 s apartment at 223 s » Eving, 
Art. 207. Ve thwi Kent to tVir? apartment and searched it. Shortly after 
w» arrived there- Judge Frown, Jr. joined im nnd van prenont whils s««reh 
vnt cpprnleted. Ve took frorc this apartnent some money (see property room ' 
invoice) and loir.a telephone nunbors. Vo then returned to the office, and 
T ended my tour of duty at arproximately midnight.