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Full text of "Dallas Police Department JFK Assassination document"

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C. W. BROWN - #759 

Last Friday, Hovamber 22, 1963, I reported for work at 10:00 AM. My 
partner, C. N. Dhority, was on a day off, and I was working alons. At aiprox- 
mately llsOO AM, Det. J. R. Leavolle and myself started looking fcr a colored 
male that was wanted for amed robbery by this Bureau. At 12:15 PM, we 
arrested this subject at 21ยป21 Ellis Street and bix)ught him to the Homicide 
Office for booking. While Det. Leavelle and myself were booking ttds prisoner, 
we heard the police radio announce that the President had been shot and was 
enroute to Parkland Hospital. Det. Leavelle and I placed this prisoner in 
jail and proceeded to the location of the footing at Elm and Houston, liftien 
we arrived at the location, we found that t*e Book Depository was sealed off 
for search. Det. Lea-ralle went in one direction, and I went to the rear of 
the Imilding and entered. I saw several officers and proceeded to the sixth 
floor. I contacted Capt. Friti. Capt. Fritz advised me and Det. B. L. Sankal, 
who was already there, to bring the employees of this building to the Homicide 
Office and get affidavits from them. Det. Senkel and I brought three of these 
employees to the office, and I took an affidavit from a William H. Shelley, 
w/m/37, of 126 South Tatum Street, FE 7-1969. While I was taking this affidavit 
from Mr. Shelley ,a group of officers brought a Lee Harvey Oswald in, and these 
officers stated that he was the one that shot officer J. D. Tippit. Mr, Shelley 
saw this Oswald, and told me that he was one of his employees at the book sl^ors. 
After I took the affidavit from Mr. Shelley in regards to his whereabouts and 
action after the shooting, I took a second <aie from him relating to the employ- 
ment and job supervision of Oswald. Det. Senkel took an affidavit from a 

C. W. Brown - ? 

Bonnie Ray Williams, c/n/, of 1502 A-venue B, that we brought from the building. 
The rest of the night until 2:30 am, Hovember 23, I963, was spent in the Hranicido 
and Robbery Bureau answering telephones. The next day, which was the 23rd of 
Noveriber, I took an affidavit from a Mr. Seymour Weltzman, w/m, of 2802 Oats 
Drive, DA 7-6621(. This man is a deputy constable working out of Constable Robie 
Love's office, in the Court House Building. This man and a Deputy Boone of 
the Sheriff's office were on the sixth floor of the Book Depository Building and 
found the rifle used in the shooting of the President. Throughout the day and 
night I remained in the Homicide office continuing the investigation. 

At approximately 6:00 pm It. T. P. Wells gave my partner, C. N. Ifeority, 
and nyself information that the bus driver that picked up Oswald near the scene 
of the President's murder was driving the Piedmont bus #50 and would be at the 
intersection of Commerce and "^arwood at 6:1? pm. ^e walked over to IJie bus 
stop and stopped this bus which was driven by a Mr. McWatters, and he accanpanied 
us to the Homicide Office where my partner took an affidavit from him. This 
susDect Oswald,when arrested, had a bus transfer slip in his pocket and Mr. 
McWatters identified this as being the one that he had punched earlier. After 
the affidavit was taken by ray partner, we both took Mr. McWatters to the Police 
Assembly Room located in the basement of the cily hall for a lineup. ^*r. 
McWatters identified Oswald as #2 man in a li-man lineup at 6:30 pm, numbering 
left to right on the stage. Mr, McWatters went back to his work, and my 
partner and I returned to the Homicide Office fcr further investigation.