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Full text of "Dallas Police Department JFK Assassination document"

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C. W. BROWN - #759 

On the 2!tth of November, 1963, I reported to work at 7:00 am driving Squad 
Gar #376. After an interview of the suspect, Lee ''arvey Oswald, by Captain Fritz, 
I was told to get ngr ear and get in position in front of the ottier squad that was 
to carry Oswald to the County Jail. At approximately UiljO am, I went to the 
City Hall basement and drove ear about half way up the south ramp, which 
leads out to Conmerco Street, and my partner, Dhority, moved the ottier squad car 
up behind me. We both started attempting to back up to the jail office door 
when I heard a Slot. I immediately put the emergency brake on and ran back 
to the other car. By this time, other officers had removed Lee Harvey Oswald and 
Jack Buby into the jail office, I went back to my car and moved it back into the 
parking area so the ambulance could get through. Wien the ambulance arrived. 
Captain Fritz, Dets. E. H, Beck, L. D. Montgomery and I proceeded behind the ambulance 
to Parkland Hospital and set up security, first in the Emergency Room, then to 
the fourth floor, where Oswald underwent surgery. After Oswald died at 1:07 pm, 
the body was removed to the X-ray room on the ground floor. Judge Pierce MoBride 
was contacted via telephone, and he reported to the morgue desk and gave authorization 
for a post mortem to be performed by Dr. Rose of the Parkland Staff. Dr. Rose took 
charge of the body, and I went with him and got the wife and mother of Oswald from 
the waiting room and let them view the body in the X-ray room. After the relatives 
viewed the body, I accompanied it along with iny partner, C. N. Dhority, and Dr. 
Rose to the Morgue. At the Morgue, Dhority and I witnessed the preliminary 
photos taken of the bo(fy by Br. Rose and his staff. After this, I returned to 
the office and continued our investigatlvB work there.