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Full text of "Dallas Police Department JFK Assassination document"

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Joe E. Holina - Age 39 - S-l8-Zk 

h'}06 Brown - LA 6-3956 since early 50's 

Born in Dallas 

Texas School Book depository - l6 years. 

Credit Kanager 3 or years. Account for Credit Dept. before 
Wife Soledad - Joe Jr. - l6, Linda - 13, Sylvia - 13, adopted 
Johnny - 10 

Saw Oswald at work - didn't know him personally - never talked to him. 

Belonged to G. I. Forum - was chairman World War Veterans - 
primarily for Kexioans to educate and improve. 

Got to work 7: 0 a.m. - did not see Oswald - office on 2nd 
floor. Went up to office - stays there, does not go to coffee 
break. Left office - went to cafeteria and ate lunch then left 
about 12:15 to go outoide stood on first step. Heard shots 
didn't knov; what they were. Heard three of them. Went down the 
hill - s^w officers close gate to parking lot. Vsent back 
into buij-ding. 

Was with Williams - Shelly Mrs. dtanton, Heed, Sanders. 

Eddie Piper (porter) c/m. I-;c?ina had went to Sangers and 

met Piper. He said Lee had not been accounted for. A catering 

truck cones around in the morning.