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2005 Edison ian 




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A \ s ' ,v ( A * v • A / 


Edison's Most Wanted 

I am sure as many of you read the title of this year's hook you 
might have been taken aback. What were they thinking? Is this 
supposed to be some kind of slam against our kids? Our school? 
Our community? In actuality it came as a small idea about kids 1 
thinking school can sometimes feel like a prison - all the 
rules, the ideas of dress codes, the constant punishment of 
homework. And of course there is the school food (However, I 
have always loved the rectangular pizzas and the country fried 
steak with mashed potatoes and gravy). Sure there may seem to 
be all sorts of rules and requirements, but this is because 
school is a preparation for the "real" world. By no means does 1 
this mean there shouldn't be any fun. There must be! We all 
make connections that may only last for the few years within 
this institution, but it will also create memories that we will 
look back upon and cherish. You would be amazed how many times 
you may find yourself thinking about that teacher you once dis- 
liked but grew to realize did care about you and your future. 
You may not believe it now, but one day you may find yourself 1 

mentally thanking that teacher. 

Edison's Most Wanted 

Many times students do not realize what their life will become 
once they graduate. Sure, many have plans and ideas, but those 
can change. Many believe that without an education they can 1 
still live and thrive successfully in the world, which (gasp) is 
possible but becoming more rare as we move further into the fu- 
ture. Our futures require a good foundation to stand upon and 
education is one of the most important. True there may be some 
things you might never use that was taught to you; however, by 
learning, it opens our minds to being more creative and open to 
new thoughts and ideas that may not have been possible before. 1 
This title is a little tongue in cheek (if you do not understand 
this phrase, try to learn it), but it is meant in a good way. 

Edison's Most Wanted 

Edison wants to be a foundation for your future. 

Edison wants students to discover their identities and be given the 

tools to succeed. 

Edison wants you to become lifelong learners. 

And Edison wants students who will be the best they can possibly 

be . 

And so we give you: 

— Edison's Most Wanted 

2 Introduction 

Look What the Stork Dropped 

There will be a need for teachers for as long as there are students. Mr. Wisniewski, Mr. Pagan, and Senora 
VanHatten took job security into their own hands. The teachers have created the next generation of students 
with an addition to each of their families during this past school year. Mr. Wisniewski welcomed his daughter 
Chloe on November 1 8th of 2004, Mr. Pagan had his second son, Thomas Samuel, on March 1 1 th of 2005, 

Mr. Wisniewski spends quality time with his first 
child, Chloe. On the other hand, she might be 
explaining to him who will be boss for the next few 

Senora VanHatten with daughter Rose Christine. 
Rose is wearing a beautiful dress with roses on it 
given as a gift from student Linda Whittinghill. 

and Senora VanHatten had a daughter. Rose Chris- 
tine, on June 2 1 st of 2005. 

Sacrifices had to made with new bundles of joy in the 
house. Mr. Wisniewski had to stop coaching baseball 
and had this to say - “I do miss coaching baseball, but 
when I get home and hold Chloe in my arms, it is all 
worth it.” The teachers had to adjust to spending 
more time at home and less time grading papers. Mr. 
Pagan said, “Having two children is a blessing that I 
cherish, but it definitely adds to the workload.” The 
teachers were subjected to missing school at a 
moment’s notice and for long periods of time. This 
allowed students to get acquainted closely with some 
subs. However, Senora VanHatten said, “I am more 
organized now, because I never know when I am not 
going be here. I have my lesson plans made and 
worksheets ran off for weeks in advance.” With 
these extra labors of love on their plates, the teachers’ 
workloads have increased. The teachers agree that 
the students have been helpful and understanding as 
the educators enjoy travelling the road of parenting. 

Mr. Pagan welcomes his son, Thomas Samuel, to the 
world minutes after birth. He might not look it, but 
he is overjoyed; being awake all night can do that. 

4 Faculty 

Mr. Dan Dehaven 

Pupil Personnel Director: 
Mr. Nick Georgion I 

School Board: Mr 
Jim Vanderlin, Ms. 
Karen Curtis, Mr. 
Larry Biggs, Mr. Ed 
Laco and Mr. Mike 


ft A 


Adminstrative Assis- 

Administrative Assistant^. T’hyroll Clerk: Director of Business Affairs: 

Kitty Malaski Barb Stokes Sandy Cain 

Administration 5 


1 . This is my 4th 
school year. 

2. Life is what you 
make of it. Make 
everyday count. 

3. Purpose equals 

4. 1 served for the 
U.S. Army. 

5. The most 
memorable mo- 
ment was opening 
the school. 

1 . How many years have you been here? 

2. What is something you would tell students? 

3. How do you get through each school day? 

4. What is your professional background? 

5. What is your most memorable moment of the school year? 

Nadine Brown 

Greg Hatch 

1 . 1 have been 
here for 1 0 years. 

2. Always try to 
do your very best . 

3. I pray a lot to 
get through the 
each day. 

4. 1 taught music. 
5. My most 
memorable mo- 
ment was gradua- 

1 . 1 have been 
here for seven- 
teen years. 

2. 1 would tell 
students to be 
honest and do it 

3. 1 don’t know. 

4. My profes- 
sional back- 
ground is teacher, 

probation officer, 
and salesman. 

5. No comment. 

Chuck LoCascio 

B ill Crowley 1 • This is 4th 

year at Edison 
2. Listen to what 
the staff tells you, 
they’re here to 
help you . 

3. 1 try to plan 
each day and meet 
those goals. 

4. I was an athletic 
coach at Purdue. 

5. The River 
Forest football 

6 Administration 

Not Pictured: Jim Bartos, Sharon Davidson. Bridget Fine, Joe 
Fussell, Mike Hepp, Theresa Holt, Kim Kasl, Jeff Kincaid, 
Dan Koontz, Walter Shiplov 

Adamik, Mike 
Ayers, Dan 
Brailey. Amy 
Brazeau, Gail 
Dickinson. Gayle 
Doepping, Allie 
Elizondo, Christina 

Fauth, David 
French. Jeanne 
Georgion, Jan 
Gheaja. Jilliane 

Green, Gayle 
Guevara, Mia 
Hicks. Tony 
Jarmula. Nancy 

Johnson, Kevin 
Kentaft. Lesley 
Llewellyn. Linda 
Martikean. Sandy 
Martino. Bob 
McCormick. Tim 
McWhirter. Pam 

Mikulich. Ginger 
Pagan, Eluides 
Pahos, Nick 
Pappas, Rita 
Peele. Linda 
Plotner. Charlene 
Price. Judy 

Reynolds, Karen 
Ripperdan. Peggy 
Robertson, Doug 
Stanford. Doug 

VanHatten, Jane 
Wasmundt. James 
Wilcox, Tiffany 
Williams, Charlene 

Wisniewski. Jeff 
Wolfe. Jason 

Faculty 7 

the es sentials of life 

opinions on what they couldn’t live without 

knows I do 
athletically. I 
just couldn’t 
live without 

Doug Robertson, sports 

Michelle Anderson, SHOPPING 

I “I shop till I drop all the time. I go to 
every store in the mall. 1 don’t spend 
alot, but I know where all the deals are!” 

Anderson, Michelle 
Dow, Marcia 
Gertz, Joyce 

Laco, Dorothy 
McCann, Corally 
McWhirter, Pam 

Perryman, Debbi 
Regnier, Susan 
Sykes, Bonnie 

8 Staff 

Not Pictured: 

Caye Girgenti, 



Kelly Lemley, 

Tammy Nush, 






Back Row: LeeDona O'Dell, Rosa Mora, Nancy Rodriguez, Melody Forsythe Front 
Row: Teresa Kietzman, Michelle Mora 


Charles Scanlon 

John Sykes 

Dale Bryant 

Staff 9 

ffll a^Hglli 

1 i i 


X tfll L 



rnrjj I 





I 1 

- J 

Aceves, Kirk 
Adams, Ashley 
Altieri, Benjamin 
Alvalles, Stephanie 
Amaya, George 
Anderson, Ryan 

Anton, Justin 
Armes, Michael 
Arthur, Christa 
Austin, Holli 
Avila, Yohanna 
Balboa, Anthony 

Booth, Melissa 
Brant, Kelsea 
Cabrales, Miryam 
Caine, Nykole 
Cardenas, Carlos 
Carten, Jennifer 

Castro, Jessica 
Chavez, Juan 
Clark, Heather 
Consorti, Derek 
Criswell, Timmy 
Croft, Adam 

Dalka, Cody 
Darkis, Jessica 
Dewalt, Kirsty 
Dodge, Chelsea 
Dokmanovic, Matthew 
Donnelly, Joshua 

Duff, Anthony 
Durbin, Dakota 
Enriquez, Ian 
Falkowski, Kirsten 
Farley, Ryan 
Fazekas, Mary 

12 7th Grade 

Felker, Skie 
Fitzpatrick, Corey 
Fitzpatrick, Lajuan 
Galvan, Vanessa 
Garber, Tamberlynn 
Gaskin, Mathew 

Gaskin, Mitchel 
Gaughan, Emily 
Gil, Sharom 
Gilkey, Ronsamuel 
Graham, Charity 
Grasham, William 

Gutierrez, Francisco 
Halik, Nicole 
Hamilton, Amber 
Hammons, Jack 
Handley, Nathan 
Harris, Josh 

Hedger, Matthew 
Herald, Stephanie 
Hernandez, Michael 
Hicks, Andrew 
Hill, Deborah 
Hill, Loma 

Howell, Tyler 
Illyes, Thomas 
Jimenez, Selena 
Kawzinski, Michelle 
Keene, Robert 
Kenney, Brandon 

Knight, Nicole 
Lawson, Christopher 
Lewis, Fleshia 
Malesevic, Anthony 
Martin. Brittany 
Mata, Veronica 

Miller, Andrew 
Milsap, Jelina 
Mitchell, Roslyn 
Mundo, Nicole 
Navarro, Neeko 
Naymon, Edward 

7th Grade 13 

Needham, Codi 
Neiswinger. Ashley 
Nieves, Yarelis 
Ortiz. Michael 
Paris, Anthony 
Peluyera, Rafael 

Perez, Iliana 
Phelps. Bryan 
Phillippe, Elise 
Proffitt. Caitlyn 
Purcell, Nicholas 
Rios, Maria 

Robb, Derrick 
Rosario, Edwin 
Rosco, Chelesa 
Rust, Danielle 
Sanchez, Kyle 
Scott, Kevin 

Shewmaker, Gary 
Shultz, Charles 
Sliger, Matthew 
Smith, Dana 
Soria, Jade 
Soto. Robert 

Sowula, Frances 
Stinnett, Lucas 
Stratton. Jessica 
Sutton, Brittany 
Teal, Tyler 
Thews, Ryan 

Tinoco, Angelina 
Todd, Aaron 
Trinidad. Christina 
Trusty, Johnathon 
VanDiver, Matthew 
Vaughn, Brittany 

Vera, Maria 
Ward. Ashley 
Watson, Lindsey 
Watts, Derek 
Zellers, Ronald 

14 7th Grade 

1 6 8th Grade 


Aguilar, Salena 
Alger, James 
Alvalles, Andrew 
Justin. Matthew Ryan 
Avila, Angel 
Azar, Jamal 

Ball, Kayla 
Bernard, Robert 
Bocard, Justin 
Buchanan, Javier 
Buco, Emily 
Cervantes, Eduardo 

Cervantes, Julliana 
Cervantes, Mary Lou 
■ Corey, Andrea 
Dodge, Nolan 
Durr, Quentin 
Emerson. Valerie 

Esslinger. Robert 
Evanovich, Amber 
Evans, Brandon 

Evans, Shelby 
Evans, Walter 
Fitzpatrick. Shemika 
I Frain, Amber 
Furlong, Edward 
Fusko, CJ 

Gentry, Sierra 
Gilbert, Alyssa 
Gonzalez, Hillary 
Gonzalez, Ruben 
Gonzalez, Susana 
Gorbea. Chelsea 

Grasham, Dean 
Graves, Richard 
Greer, Jordan 
Hammons, Aaron 
Hennings, Joshua 
Herald, Brittany 

Hooker. Barbara 
Hoover, Jacob 
Jackson, Dylan 
Jackson, Sonny 
Jarvis, Cody 
Johnson, Ashlee 


Kawzinski. Jennifer 
Kawzinski, Michae 
Kazee, Joshua 
Kellams, Matthew 
Kennedy, Sherry 
Kerr, Cecily 


Kingery, Kasandra 
Klimek, Kristopher 
Krill, Jamie 
LaMarca, Gabriel a 
Ling, Debra 
Little, Justin 

Llerena, Natalie 
Luke, Darla 

Mackenzie, Richarc^^^^ 

Madrigal, Luis 
Marquez, Vanessa 
Matias, Gabriel ^ ^ 


Maynard, Matthew 
Mendez. Juan 
Miller, Brenda 
Miller, Logan 
Miller, Stephanie 
Miller, Suzanne 


Milligan, Matthew 
Milsap, Andre 
Minard, Tim 
Miodragovich, Marc 
Miranda, Trent 
Monacy, Amanda 


Moon, Janessa 
Mora, Melissa 
Muhlbaier. Beth 
Music, Randall 
Nelson, Megan 
Nieves. Yaritza 

8th Grade 1 7 


Orliz, Danny 
Owen, Andrew 
Pacheco, Jesus 
Pavuk, Alexis 
Pavuk, Maxwell 


Pepoff, Stephanie 
Potts, Gabrielle 
Proffitt. Cody 
Proffitt. Kyle 
Quigg, Andrew 
Recio, David 


Reed. Daniel 
Rios, Juana 
Rixie, Joe 
Rushing, Shane 
Sable, Stephanie 
Santos, Gabriella 

Sappington. Robert 
Schonert. Nathan 
Shumaker. Elizabeth 
Simpson, Elizabeth 
Sluder, Violet 
Soria, Britney 


Soto. Nicole 
Starkey, Dorie 
Stephens, Jessica 
Stewart, Kayla 
Stowers, Michael 
Suleski, Alexsandar 


Tellez. Larry 
Timberman. Brianna 
Turner, Dawn 
Uzzle, William 
Vezeau, Briana 
Wesley, Scott 

Whittinghill, Steven 
Whitworth, Anthony 
Williams, Kyle 
Wilson, Christina 
I Woodard, Zachary 
Wydmon, AJ 

20 Freshmen 

Aguayo, Maria 
Aguilar, Veronica 
Allsbury, Allen 
Altieri, Michael 
Alvarado, Juan 
Alvarado, Ricky 

Anderson. Karli 
Antkowiak, Holly 
Arthur, Sherry 
Becerra, Gabrielle 
Betancourt. Jonathan 
Bogaski, John 

Bowlin, Joshua 
Butler, Stacy 
Cabero, Marinett 
•Carajohn, Amanda 
Chase. Samantha 
Chavez, Gustavo 

Childress, Michael 
Claar, Anthony 
Cox, Joseph 
Crisman. Heather 
Cummins, Aaron 
Cutrel, Sarah 

Davis, Matthew 
Delbrey. Joseph 
Dokmanovic, Robert 
Dragos, Jillian 
Dugger, Jessica 
Edmond. Bradley 

Espinoza, Carlos 
Fitzpatrick, Cecil 
Frizzell, Noah 
Garber, Ashley 
iGarrigues. Rhondi 
Gaskin, Konnor 


Gass, Airel 
Gass, Crisma 
Gomez, Carolina 
Gumulauski, Kristin 
Harvey, Sam 
Hope. Adriann 


Ibrahim, Khaled 
Jackson, Samantha 
James, Brett 
Johnson, Monique 
Jones. Shana 
Jorgensen, Russell 


Kazce, Richard 
Keene, Donald 
Kotlowski, Ryan 
Kuzemka. Nicole 
Lange-Sanchez, Heather 
Littell. Bobbie 


Loving, Dusty 
Medina, Matthew 
Mendoza, Juan 
Mendoza, Ricardo. 
Milsap, Shanice 
Mokol, Jaimi 


Moreau, Amber 
More, Jessica 
Mundo, Angel 
Nelson. Michael 
Neyhart, Ashley 
Nikoloski, Stefania 


Ozelie, Stephanie 
Perez, Miguel 
Perez, Tony 
Phillippc. Tim 
Pomerantz, James 
Prentoski, Zivko 

Proffer, Andrew 
Pruitt, Brieana 
Ramirez, Sarah 
Reed, Landon 
Rice, Nathan 
Ricketts, Sandra 

Rios, Yessica 
Rusher. Matthew 
Scheuer, Ashley 
Schmelzer. Kristopher 
Scott. Keith 
Selva. Richard 

Shockley, Joshua 
Shockley. Michael 
Slatton. Michael 
Sonnier. Kayla 
Soria. Miguel 
Starkey, Cassie 

Stephens, Michael 
Stills, Ryan 
Stinnett, Rachel 
Stratton, Christina 
Taylor, Justin 
Tenorio, Derek 

Uncles, Cayrtia 
Walker, Haydee 
Welch. James 
■ Williams, Jacob 
Wiltfong, Margot 
Woelk, Thomas 



Wojnaroski, Candice 
Wydmon. Jessica I 

22 Freshmen 

Cutest Couple: 
Candice Wojnaroski & 
Josh Shockley 

Prettiest Eyes: 

Karli Anderson & Josh 

Biggest Flirt: 

Sam Harvey & Bobbie 


Crazist Hairstyle: 
Kristin Gumulauski & 
Tim Phillipe 

Most School Spirit: 
Kris Schmelzer & Nicole 

Shanice Milsap & Justin 

¥ jffSTOfe 
f BBR* 

L ;huWis»twk I 


■A Bb 

xi ^ 






f Most Outgoing: Tj 

r Class Clown: 

( Most Athletic: A 

Nicole Kuzemka & Kris 

Mike Altieri & Bobbie 

Jake Williams & 

v Schmelzer J 

L Littell 

^ StephaniaNikoloski J, 


Abeyta, Rachel 
• Alexander, Delbert' 
Allen, Todd 
Austin, Brandon 
Berricr, Gregory 
0 ^ j Boby, Matthew 

!*vv \\> 

Bolles. Samantha 
a V V L^Brown, Jennifer ■ 
Cartcn. Timothy 
Chavez. Miriam 
Cobb, Clifton 
Cornelius, Shannan 



Corner. Dustin 
Couture, Justin 
■Delbrey, AngcP 
Delbrey, Joewy 
Dewalt, Joshua 
Dickerson, Melissa 

Dodge, Jessica 
Espinosa, Christina 
.Esslinger, Ashley — 


Evans, Bailey 
Fitzpatrick, Dontae 
Fitzpatrick, Nikieia 

Garber, James 
Gedzius, Michael 
Gillham, Mia 
*3oad, Kile 



Gomez, Manuel 
Gonzales. Michelle 

Hamilton, Kyle 
Heath, Brandon 
Hehr, Samantha 
Hicks. Amanda 

Hill, Angela 
Hodge, Scott 




Hooper. Elizabeth 
Jackson, Serrinea 
Kerr. Lauren 
Knotts, Stephanie 
Laas, Joseph 
Lawrence, Ashley 

m Lewis, Jacob 
Lewis, Jeffery 
Linde, Jillian 
Lopez, Andrea 
Mackenzie. Brittni 
Mata, Ronald 


Meltzer. Jessica 
“Monacy, Megan 
Moyet. Samantha 
Murphy, Sasha 
Music. Kevin 
Navarro. Elishia 


Ojeda. Erica 
■ Owen. Erik 


Painter, Anna 
Pailick. Mallory 
Parker, Ricky 
Penilla, Joseph 

Perez, Luis 

Phillippe, Laura 


Ramirez, Diana 
Regnier, Jennifer 
Reid. Rachel 
Reilly, Lisa 

Reisner, Kimberly 
Rogers, Kenny 
Ruiz. Adrian 

Sanchez, Eduardo 
Santucci, Destiny 
Scanlon. James 

Sophomore 27 

Tnnidad - Ldward 
Tsahas. Dirrutn 
Unrue, John 
Vickrey. Stephanie 
Villanueva, Felicia 
Watts, Kristen 

Welch, Daryl 
i Welch, Derek 
Whittinghill, Linda 
Willis, Benjamin 
Zepeda. Jesus 

Smith, Shawn 
Songer, Jeremie 
Steeley, Katherine 
Stratton, Jason 

"Sullivan, Ryan “ 
Sutterfield, Chris 
Tarnowski, Robin 
Tellez, Julian 
Tinoco, Alfonso 
Todd. Vincent 


Silverthorn, Jesse 
Slatton, Brie 

^ Moit Opinionated ^ 
"Rack/ 'Reid & 'Bmdon Atutin 

"Biggeit Goiiiped * 
'Robin Ttwnowifei £ "Dimit/ii Tiabai 

■Ricbg Vojkn £ "Robin Tawowibi 

30 Junior 

Aguilar, Analicia 
Anton. Jessica 
Austin, Justin 
Avila, Jaime 
Bogaski. Joseph 
Caftn, Larry 

Carden. Amber 
Carden, Ashley 
Cates, Tracie 
Cavalier, Sarah 
Chappo, George 
Cherry. Nicholas 

Cicillian, Kyle 
Coday. Levi 
Coombs, Mallorie 
Corey, Robin 
Corradino, Dustin 
Cox, Erin 

Davis, Jacob 
Easton, Shawn 
Elder, Jason 
Garber, Kevin 
Garrett, Jennifer 
Gaughan, David 

Gibson, Nathyn 
Gray, Luke 
Gregory, Jeremy 
Guajardo. Christopher 
I Gumulauski. John 
Gutzmer. Margaret 

Harford. Jessica 
Hicks, Jack 
Holland, Dennis 
Huckabay. Timothy 
Ibrahim. Sanad 
Illyes, Crystal 


Jackson, Brittany 
Johnson, Eric 
Jones, Justin 
Kietzman. Amy 
Knight, Brian 
Kotlowski, Amber 

Krill, Joshua 
Lakatos, Andrew 
Littell, Lucas 
Loving, Cortnie 
Lowery, Christopher 
Martin, Christina 


Martinez, Jorge 
Mason, Kimberly 
Mathews, Aaron 
Matlock, Toni 
McDaniel. April 
Milam, Delbert 

Mitchell, James 
Montes, Jose 
Montgomery, Autumn 
Mundo, Anthony 
Ojeda, Peter 
Ornelas, Enrique 


Owens, Venessa 
Patterson, Kimberly 
Perez, Alma 
Perez, Deyci 
Polarek, Michelle | 
Reed, Paul 

Rice, Samantha 
Rinehammer, Brent 
Rivera, Rebecca 
Robbins, Lisa 
Rosco, Jessica 
Rusher, Eddie 


Junior 31 

Most Book Smarts: 
Amanda Scheuer & 
Josh Taylor 

Most Entertaining: 
Amy Keitzman & 
Davey Gaughan 

Best Storyteller: Amy 
Keitzman & Jack White 

Next MacGyver: April 

Messiest Locker: Lisa 
Robbins & Nathyn Gibson 

Next Big Actor: Nathyn 
Gibson &Mallorie Coomb: 

Biggest Comedian 
Erin Cox & Matt 

Best Smelling: Amber 
Williams & Kyle Cicillian 







Mfc % 

I* - ■ . . 

Nicest Smile: Amanda 
Scheuer & Justin Jones 


Most Energetic: Sarah < 
Iavalier& Kevin Garber 

Desi Aceves 

Rene Aguayo 

Randall Alexander Neil Anderson Kathleen Arthur 

Jessica Duffee 

Michael Evanovich 

Andrew Gadzala 

Nicholas Gomez Jessica Handley 

Tanika Austin Melissa Barcenas Kimberly Cates Gabriella Chavez Kyle Cornelius 

Sarah Harman 

Monica Hodge Casondra Hooker Arrin Hope Monica Huerta 

Monica Hodge 

Krystal Ketchem Kyle Cornelius 

Melissa Barcenas 







Top Ten 

Katie Schmelzer Jessica Handley 

Valedictorian Salutatorian 

Sarah Harman Jennifer Radzik Kimberly Cates Casondra Hooker 

Amanda Wiltfong Jessica Duffee Jessica Regnier Mindy Ohmann 

36 Top Ten Seniors 

Jessica Regnier Chantel Vizeau 

Katie Schmelzer Monica Huerta 


Sara Nelson Mindy Ohmann Jennifer 


Jose Perez Wendie Perez 

Mary Powers 

Krystal Rybicki 

Maegen Rust 

Jacob Swider 

Ryan Rokicki 

38 Seniors 

Daniel Sanchez 

Katie Schmelzer Luke Shaw 

Scott Stover 

Robert Stowers 


Most likely to be 
the next Martha 
Stewart : 

Katie Schmlzer and 
Luke Shaw 

Most likely to be 
a comedian: 

Kyle Cornelius and 
Monica Huerta 

Most likely to be 
late for graduation: 
Sally Munoz and Alex 

Most likely to 
Rule the World: 
Jessica Handley 
and Nick Gomez 

Most likely to get 

Scott Stover and 
Wendi Perez 

Most likely to be 
a rock star: 
Ashley Mosley and 
Gabe Lopez 

Most likely to 
join the circus: 
Chantel Vezeau 
and Bobby Vizena 

Most likely to be 
on Jerry Springer: 
Andrea Wayne and 
Patrick Varney 

"\rn r*\ rr\ 

Jr 1 

1 ?■ f i| 

j\y j\ i 

> r 

1 / *\ 

V V ■^k f 


4 - 

Coverage on 
page 108 

Varsity Baseball 

Back Row: Coach Robertson, Coach Hicks, Dimitri Tsahas, Kevin Robb, Jose Perez, Scott Stover, Coach 
Georgion Middle Row: Luke Shaw, Nick Georgion, Mark Miranda, Nathan McClaran, Jack White, Alex 
Maldonado Front Row: Kyle Cornelius, Neil Anderson, Robert Vizena, Justin Jones 


JV Baseball 

Back Row: Coach Robertson, Joshua Shockley, John Unrue, Adrian Ruiz, Coach Wolfe Middle Row: Joey Delbrey, 
Derek Tenorio. David Gaughan, Jouquin Bates Front Row: John Betancourt, Robert Richardson, Noah Frizzell Not 
Pictured: Dustin Cotner, Jack White, Justin Jones, Dennis Holland 


44 Baseball 



H. ■' 




* f? 1 

lr Jr J 


Baseball 45 

&A.QLF3 j 

jSm \ Ur v kiVil , > | 

pi^H fi/1 ' 1 ■* y 1 


Vto Wj^zJ 

k v J 

\L-J~4 i-Zl 


pt9 / 

Jfc, yBB.« W^lf , 

IBs 1 i y/ <^Bj 

-1 ffj 

46 Basketball 

8 th (Jfrada Boys 

Back Rows Coach Dewey Demley, Back Rows KaSsandrft Kingery, Natalie 
Llerena, Stephanie Pepoff, Sui'ze Miller, Yaritza jfieves', Front Row* Mel 
issa kora # , Brenda Miller,' Amanda Monacy,' Salena Aguilar, Nicole Soto,- 
Mary Dou Cervantes.. ~ : : r • * . , . - 

Top RowS_jitach Fauth, Smily Gaughan, Mary Fazakes, Chelesa Rosso, ■ 
Vanessa Galvan, Jessica Castro, Ashley Adams, Bottom Rows Christina 

RT < 1 j 1 v . 

W . X v | 


EJ. 1 J 1 

t K ||m W 

fp|' |p 


w j 

iBIP f j 1 i^i 

II ? 7 f ! i) 


W IClui 

Trinidad, Yarelis Nieves, Tamberlyn Garber, Caitlyn Proffitt, Jes- 

sica Stratton, Chelsea Dodge, Miryam Ckbrales, 
48 Basketball 

Candids 49 

Freshmen Basketball 

Junior Vars 

Back Row: 

Dimitri Tsahas, 
Justin Couture, Jeff 

Lewis, Khaled 
Ibrahim. Coach 
Jason Wolfe 
Front Row: Ryan 
Todd, Dennis 
Holland. Jacob 
Davis. Josh 

Pictured: Noah 
Frizzell, Jacob 

Back. Row: Kyle Cicillian. Justin Couture. Jeffery Lewis, John Unrue. Mike Evonvich, 
Hcl^mlute Front Row: Dennis Holland. Dimitri Tsahas, Desi Aceves, Nathan McClaran, 
Neil Anderson. Jacob Davis. Brandon Todd 

■x i 


*9 i 


ucL ^1 

• *— ■ 

r J5E 


|Ut\ j| 

l XKf E 


E ; - ,! » 

54 Basketbii 



■ rt 

* mm ii fpfe -v - - 

\ A 1 ^ 

-' A ■B^JHK^rTsoNil 


i * jK^ 

N i 3fy 8 J 

"/ IHp \ 1 

« ty^S^ ^ pf 

^ *‘ 5^*. 


L ^E1 

V / ^■i 

WL^ '' “V 

Basketball 55 


Back Row: Coach Robertson, Rachel Abeyta, Karll 
Anderson, Stefania Nikoloski, Trade Cates, Samantha 
Bolles ,Mallorie Pallok, Coach Wisniewski, Last Row: 
Ashley Neyhart, Robin Tarnowski, Veronica Aguilar, 
Brieana Pruitt 

56 Basketball 


■—**<' " — — — 

k ■ w * 


Basketball 57 

Q Jz{ 

< Ml 

First Row: Fiora Najam. Stephanie Knotts, Robin Corey, Mindy Ohmann, Joyce 
Tanner Second Row: Autumn Montgomery, Samantha Moyet, Sarah Harman. 
Shana Jones Third Row: Jeremy Gregory, Eric Sluder, Luke Shaw, Nicholas 
Cherry, Kyle Cornelius. Gregory Berrier Not Pictured: Landon Reed. Dustin 
Cotner, Laura Phillippe, Bobby Vizena 

58 Bowling 

J r . High 

Back row: Kelsea Brant, Chelsea 
Gorbea, Cecily Kerr, Kassie 
Kingery, Holli Austin, Susie Miller 
Middle row: Amber Frain, 
Stephanie Pepoff. Shelby Evans, 
Brenda Miller, Nicole Mundo 
Front row: Yarleis Nieves. Chris- 
tina Trinidad, Amanda Monacy. 
Coach Lem ley, Veronica Mata 
Mascot: Pookey 

Cheerleading 59 

Mk «1 



r k 

r i . j§ 

: ' v >- 

I ,'j 

r ' «i| 

I .-?>• 

I |pSpl». - J 



Cheerleading 6 1 

Back Row: Coach Santana, Ashley Machek, Cecily Kerr, 
Nolan Dodge Front Row: Gary Shewmaker, Derek 
Robb, Jake Taylor Not Pictured: Heather Clark. Holly 
Clark, Chelsea Dodge, Zakk Helderman Lorna Hill, Suzie 


i j s f ; a- 




i, ^ 

iV z&y ip. 


--v : .-A*- ' l r$ 

-mm . _i 


j T J |T». | 



' . V « 




•-%*» -4 M 


■ m . -- *■ *• a; 

High School 

"Over the years, my Cross Country Season went very 
jnq; well. Not only were we teammates but we all seemed to 
be family with one another. At least we treated each other 
like it. We always had the encouragment from everyone. I 
leave the Cross Country team with the verse the girls and I 
said before every meet: 

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 
pj(£ Remember to believe in yourself and always try your best.' 
' Philippians 4: 1 3 
;* Melissa Barcenas 

Bask Row: Coach 

Schmalzer, Jilllun 

Front: Lauren Kerr, Melissa Barcenas, Jennifer Brown, Samantha Hehr. 

Bllzondo, Josh Taylor, Kevin Robb, Nathyn GUbson, James Scanlon, Kris 
Linde Not Pictured: Ron Mata 


i i > . 

I s *'lW -Ml 

i’ ^ y.M - . n la 


■ w HI 

- ' m • *1 



Lefts Kevin ; j< 

(12) runs * 
until every , *• 
little bit of \ 

energy is 

Bottom: Mrs. Elizondo smiles as 

she sees her kids passing their 
opponents . 


Cross Country 65 

. • — / » 
Kris Schmelzer 
(9), and Josh 
Taylor (11) 
_try to outdo 
-eaoh other r4» 
the>r ***$4 


Above: Melipsa 

Baroenas (12),’ 
one : o f the 

team's top V.,' 

runners, leave* 
everyone else 'in 
the dust. 

Far Left: Ron 

Mata (10) pushes 
his body to the 

_ „ „ 

Left: Nathyn 

(Jlbson (11) runs as 
fast as he can In 
his first year of 
being on the team 

a c Q 

Back Row: Coach Whittinghill, Coach Collier, Kyle Proffitt. Ruben Gonzales, An- 
thony Duff. Anthony Whitworth, Juan Mendez. Jacob Hoover, Justin Bocard, Manager 
Tia Uncles, and Coach Wolfe Third Row': Tyler, Howell, Jordan Greer, Cody Proffitt, 
Matt Maynard, Jesse Pacheco, George Amaya, Kris Klimek. and Mike Olivarri Second 
Row: Joshua Donelly, Ronald Zellers. Robert Soto. Andrew Miller, Matt Vandiver, and 
Matt Austin Front Row: Steve Whittinghill. Derek Watts. Aaron Hammons, Quentin 
Durr, and Edmond Naymon 
Not Pictured: Coach 
Cicillian, Zack 
MacKenzie, Andy 
Owen, and Trent 





River Forest 





















Football 67 

h> at EC H O 33 

High School Eagles 



i jig 

r S T 

lT i JCVT3 

i«Tr ni-Ci 

b I ^ 1 ,1 ■ 

M ksA+a l ; ) 

■■ - ,*r 

i ww J If! 

rL l*t \ J ^ 1 

-Offensive Back Award 
-1 st Team All-Confer- 

-The Times All Area 
Honorable Mention 
-All State 

- 2004 ~~ 

-Offensive Back Award 
-Defensive Back Award 
-Frank Chester Award 
-1st Team All 

— 2005 — 

-Offensive Back Award 
-Defensive Back 

-Joel Mock Award 

- 1 st Team All 

Football 69 

! ■ 

^ SR ft* ^ 

I | 


- ^ |T MW 1 

Mp\ 'JF 

/Si LfTL. 




m m 

M . . T t 

||jjf | http 

• • 

\ * 


£ I 



- W0TW 

Front Row: Candice Womaroski. jissla Anton, Karli AHjlerson, Veroica Aguilar, Linda Whittinghill 
Second Row: Coach Finchltm, Andrc/^o^'^Asljleji Sheuer, Autumn Montgomery, Brittany 
Ramirez, Stephanie Knotts Not lectured:- Asfilef Lawrence, Jessica Moro 

Varsity Softball 

Front Row: Lisa Reilly. Rachel Aheyta. Brittni Mackenzie. Robin Tarnowski. Ashley Mosley- Second 
Row: Coach Biggs. Amanda Sheuer. Arrin Hope. SteJ'ania Nikoloski. Samantha Bolles. Sarah Cavalie 
Coach Mora Not Pictured: Angela Pavuk. Shannan Cornelius. Chantel Ve/eau 
72 Softball ' 



Baok row t Ur. Fauth, Jack White, Kevin Robb, Chris Schmelzer, Daivd 
(Jaughan Front Rows Derrick Robb, Nicholas domes, Jonathan Sabo Not 


74 Tennis 

Coach Fauth, Mallory Pallick, Melissa Dickerson, Alma Perez, Ashley Carden Not Pictured: 
Samantha Jackson, Rosalee Munoz. Nancy Tinoco. Deyci Perez, Samantha Wilson-Sayre 

Girls' Tennis 

Back Row: Coach Leona 
Pomales , Tamberlynn 
Jarber, Natalie 
Lierena, Sabby Santos, 
Brenda Miller, Shelby 
Evans, Suzie Miller, 
Amanda Monacy, Coach 
Fred Williams Third 
Row: Melissa Bo.oth, 
Dorie Starkley, Kelsea 
Brant, Frances Sowula, 
Shakyla Askew, Jessica 
Mdrtlr Second Row: 

Edna Walker, Cassie 
Evans, Nicole Frizzell, 
Joanna Smee, Jennifer 
Craten First Row: 
Mlryam Cabrales, Mary 
Lou Cervantes , Veronica 

Third Row: Kris Klimek 
Josh Harris, Juan 
Mendez, Tyler Howell, 
Coach Santana Second 
Row: Nolen Bodge, 
James Alger, Randy 
Music, David Recio, 
Cary Shewmaker, Alex 
Suleski First Row: 
Quantln Durr, Lester 
Tate, Marcos Cabrales 
Chris Hammons, Josh 
Harris, Jake Taylor, 
Derrick Robb 

76 Track 





til ] 

High School Track 

Front Row: Ron Mata, Joseph Delbrey, Jeremy Gorbea, John Gumulauski, Second Row: Kyle Goad, 
Alfonzo Tinoco, Kevin Music, Kris Schmelzer, Michael Alexander, Michael Altieri, Kevin Garber, Josh 
Taylor Third Row: Angel Delbrey, Risto Nikoloski, Kyle Cicillian, Matt Boby, James Scanlon. Ben 
Willis, Mrs. Elizondo Not Pictured: RJ Alexander, Delbert Milam 

Front Row: Stephanie Alvarado. Angela Hill, Tracie Cates, Mia Gillham, Tia Uncles, Lashae Nelson, 
Amanda Carajohn, Wendy Spencer, Katie Schmelzer, Ashley Neyhart, Melissa Barcenas Second Row: 
Coach Schmelzer, Sara Ramirez, Samantha Hehr, Ashley Garber. Jill Linde Not Pictured: Samantha 

78 Track 

7th Grade Front Row: Yarelis Nieves, Roslyn Mitchell, Kelsea Brant, Jessica Darkis, Jennifer 

Carten Back Row: Coach Flemming, Melissa Booth, Lindsey Watson, Francis Sowula, 
Volleyball ^helesa^Rosco, Ms. Norkus 

8 th Grade Back Row: Hillary Gonzales, Chelsea Gorbea. Stephanie Pepoff, Brianna Vezoe, 

Gabby Santos, Vanessa Marquez, Coach Schelmezer Front Row: Kayla Ball. Amanda 
Volleyball Monacy, Sherry Kennedy, Shelby Evans. Melissa Mora, Selena Aguilar, Debra Lee 

80 Volleyball 

Freshman Volleyball 

Back Row: Coach Robertson, 
Jessica Moro. Ashley Scheuer, 
Nicole Kuzemka, Jessica 
Wydnion Front Row: Sarah 
Ramirez, Veronica Aguilar, 
Brieana Pruitt. Candice 

Above: Players patiently 
watch the match alongside 
Mr. Robertson. 

Right: Veronica Aguilar pre- 
pares to serve the hall. 

Below: The girls work hard attempting to score a point. 

82 Volleyball 

~ VftMitij " 

“Back 'Row* Jeuica Vo m T/tacie 
Catei, Aden William, Mindy Ohmamt 
Katie gMj&t, and Coach Tabffha 
-Stitt* Middle 'Row* frin Cox , 
Vecca Vima, and Angela Vaujuk 
FAont'RowI Maegen 
'Rxut and Kim 

'Back 'Row* Coach Jennifer Andejr 
m, Kanli Andenm , -Stephanie 
Nikotoiki, Aihietj EiAHnge/t, and 
-Samantha Boiiei Middle Vow'. 
Matto/nj Valli ck, 'Ro bin JamowM 
and Melim Vickmon front Vow*. 

Vjachel -Abeyta and 
Linda Whitfinghitt 
Not 'Pictured: 
B/ifttni Mackeen^ie 

84 Volleyball 

FdUsb^^ v^restfayi^, ct J £> ffs \recA 'blwAff, 

jiesi feJo /y^ofakcd oyycvtertts>, y envied <H -fks vJH^ 
'TAe- docks* sd, -fl*s v^eJrS* v~ eerd^, -fks [fjkvSrtts \dtMS, 

fcoei^ Aks ^to^tiyia. yo&ctloei, Alos \/Jv~est\&r£> e^ylodA 
OkAckvteSS* avd. eftvcvi^tA, W tsfejf, 

fl^di foe- ffs y-<o/eiTSc, ffe$ yKAvs yo/Jev of vJtil. 
Aj'eVey- 'tlwckJ lei 'tl^s'touJel, doei't €*toy \hkevi yoiA fo$, 

epzt -fks pfn foe ■fks eXyi, ovd ju&t it \foiA\r ofl 

H| —p0tei&- IaJ. 

From Left to , 
Right: Jacob M 
Jackson, Matt | 
Vandiver, and 
Jack Hammons )> 
give their all 
against their 

86 Wrestling 

The coaches watch intently to see wf 
advice they can offer. 




it takes 
to get the 

’.azee, Kt^le Proffitt, Jar 

rrte, Brandon Kenney, 
Owen, C^ris Hammov 

* l 


* I •: 







High School 

1 A 1 ’ 1 

‘'This year s wrestling season was crazy. 
Mabye it's because I’m a senior and 1 have 
put in so much blood, sweat, tears, and 
time in this and now it's the end already. 
Four years left sounds like a long time, but 
I promise to all you freshman that it's not. 
Have as much fun as you can because It 
really will fly by.” 

-Kevin Robb (12) 

Back row: Coach LoCascio, Erik Owens, Matthew Boby, Nathyn Gibson, 
Jeremy Spencer, Coach Mora Middle row: Mark Miranda, Kevin Robb, 
Timmy Colon, Jon Sabo, Luke Shaw Front row: Ron Mata, William 
Vega, Chris Ling Not Pictured: Dustin Corner. Matt Sabo, James Welch, 
Derek Welch 

Sectionals: Regionals: 

William Vega: 1st William Vega: 1st 

Rein Mata: 4th 

Alex Maldonado: 3rd Semi State: 

Kevin Robb: 4th William Vega: 4th 

Jeremy Spencer: 4th 
Erik Owens: 3rd 

William Vega 

% % * 1 ” 

Most Falls 
Chris Ling' 


Above: Chris Ling is about to take this poor soul down 

Most Improved anti have him beg for irrercV 

Ron Mata 

Batov. Even with injured ribs. Kevin Robb was. able to 
overcome, the odds and score points fo|Jrus tcani 

Below : William Vega shows everyone why he won Sectionals and Regionals 


'88 Wrestling • ' 

Below: F.ven .though he is e.vltaustcd. Mark Miranda 
still, finds a \v;ty to gel the pin fall £ 

hove: Kevin Robh gets yet again another victory 

Left: Ninth 
grader Jon 
Sabo made 
iquite ati im- 
pressive im- 
pact in his 
flirt year in 

Above: Afc.y Mal&ttnado uses all the Strength he has in Itis body. to 
tukn his opponent even 

I’ve really enjoyed 
the last four years 
in wrestling. They 
went too fast 
-Luke Shaw (12) 

Left: Even 

though his op- 
ponetu trids to 
grind his palm 
into Jeremy 
Spencer' s 
face. Spencer 
still gets thh 
Victory. i 

Wrestling 89 

41 Spellbowl 

Front Row: Mr. McCormick, Serrinea Jackson. Joshua Taylor, Melissa Dickerson, Nicholas Gomez, Cortnie Loving, 
Miss Jarmula Back Row: Paul Reed. Joe Bogaski, Anthony McCord, Brandon Austin, Jennifer Regnier 



Front Row: Miss Jarmula, Serrinea Jackson. Jessica Regiticr. Jessica Handley. Jennifer Radzik. Rosalee Munoz, and 
Mr. McCormick Second Row: Paul Reed. Jennifer Regnier, Nick Gomez. Mallorie Coombs, and Cortnie Losing Third 
Row: Joshua Taylor, Margaret Gutzmer, Joseph Bogaski, Anthony McCord, and Brandon Austin 

Academic Competition 9 1 

First Row: Alyssa Gilbert, Bryan Phelps, Nikole Caine, Chelsea 
Rosco, Mary Lou Cervantes, Dawn Turner, Andrea Corey, 
Melissa Mora Second Row: Nathan Handley, Ashley 
Nieswinger. Stephanie Alvalles, Jessica Stratton, Josh Kazee, 
Kelsea Brant. Meagen Gross, Alex Suleski, Andrew Alvalles, 
Charles Shultz Third Row: Logan Miller, Billy Grasham, Tony 
Balboa. Derrick Robb, Mary Fazekas, Suzie Miller, Nicole 
Knight, Frances Sowula, Natalie Llerena, Eric Rosario Fourth 
Row: Barbara Hooker, Janessa Moon, Cecily Keer, Derek Watts, 
Emily Gaughan, Tamberlynn Garber, Steve Whittinghill. Jade 
Soria. Michael Armes Fifth Row: Matt Hedger. Codi Needham, 
Tyler Howell. Jesse Pacheco, Mike Olivarri, Stephanie Miller, 
George Amaya Sixth Row: Andrew Miller, Kyle Eaton. Emma 
Buco, Gabby LaMarca, Heather Clark. Justin Anton, Anthony 
Maleseric, Cody Jarvis 

Jr . High 

92 Band 



Front Row: Melissa Dickerson, Marinett Cabero, Sarah Cavalier, Ashley Garber, 
Amy Kietzman, Christina Martin, Fiora Najam, Amanda Hicks Second Row: 
Jessica Handley, Amanda Scheuer, Samantha Wilson-Sayre. Rebecca Rivera. Linda 
Whittinghill, Christina Espinosa, Melissa Barcenas, Jessica Rosco, Stephanie 
Vickrey, Samantha Jackson. Monique Johnson, Jessica Dugger Third Row: 
Jonathan Sabo. Kim Cates, Ashley Esslinger, Candice Wojnaroski, Daryl Welch, 
Samantha Bolles. Shawn Easton, Jessica Anton Fourth Row : Tracie Cates. Ashley 
Mosley. Mallory Pallick. Mindy Ohmann, Joaquin Bates, Veronica Aguilar, Kris 
Schmelzer, Eddie Rusher. Cassie Starkey, Stephanie Knotts Fifth Row: Derek 
Tenorio, Zivko Prentoski, Christina Stratton. Andrew Gadzala, Miana Soria, Monica 
Hodge, Autumn Montgomery, Cayrtia Uncles, James Scanlon Sixth Row: Brittni 
MacKenzie, Casondra, Hooker, Ricky Alvarado, Russel Jorgensen, Larry Cafin, 
Carlos Espinoza, Josh Taylor Seventh Row: Sarah Harman, Gabe Lopez, Aaron 
Mathews, Katie Schmelzer, Scott Hodge, Keith Scott. Miguel Soria, Ashley Neyhart 

Band 93 

fcOOSTEfL C(_(J& 

Booster Club kud u 
cjreut yeui' tkis y eur. We kud 
keld quite u few fund reisers to 
support our sckool. We wei'e 
uble to <rlor\citecl some money 
to our besebell team, did e cjood 
job on selling cendles, kud u pa 
jama punts dey for students, 
teadiei's, and stuff, sold candy 
ull year loncj in .Mrs. Ripperdun s 
study kell cluss, and lust but not 
tke leust is tkut we supported 

our fipktincj eagles by deco - 
retinq tke pluyers lockers 
und posting sicjns of up 
C-Ovnw\n^.c] qumes. We re 
looking forwurd to next 
year to see wkut otker 
pood tkings we Cun come 
up witk to skow our support 
for our teams. 

Back Row: Sara Nelson. Krystal Kybickl. Ed 
Sanchez, (Crystal 1 1 lyes, Merissa Suslua. Steven 
lluckahy. Cara Stewart, Bonnie Wingaril, 
ISathyan Gibson. Risto \ikoloski. Mat Sabo, 
Toni Mattlock, Jennifer Reginer, and Joyce 
Ta nner. 

Middle Row: Laura rhillippe. Andrew 
Alvalles. Gabrielle IVverra. Serrinea Jackson. 
Mrs. Peggy Ripperdan. Itrenda Miller, Kassie 
kingerv, Amber Carden, and Jessica Reginer. 

Front Row: Stephanie Alvalles. Kathy Arthur, 
Mayra Vera. Destiny Santucci, Katrease 
\\ ilson. Josh Harris, and Christina Martin. 

94 Booster Club 

Beginning Choir 

Bottom Row: Shie Felker, Kirstie DeWalt, Veronica 
Mata, Yohanna Avila, Jessica Castro, Christina Wil- 
son, John Bogaski, Andrew Hicks, Liz Shumaker, Beth 
Muhlbaies, Roslyn Mitchell, Lorna Hill, Vanessa 
Galvan, Dana Smith 

Bottom Middle Row: Christina Trinidad, Kirsten 
Falkowski, Miryam Cabrales, Brianna Timberman, 
Nicole Halik. Amber Frain, Heather Sanchez, Billy 
Grasham, Matthew Vandiver, Ryan Farley, Kristyn 
Gumulauski, Jaimi Mokol, Sangria Spencer, Ashley 
Ward, Nicaille Smith 

Top Middle Row: Hillary Gonzalez, Amber Moreau, 
Megan Nelson, Laura Phillippe, Heather Crisman, Jay 
Buchanan, Juan Fitzpatrick. Will Uzzle, Amber 
Kotlowski, Stephanie Pepoff. Melissa Booth, Brittany 
Herald, Ashlee Johnson 

Top Row: Shanice Milsap, Kayla Stewart, Sasha 
Murphy, Stephine Sable, Wendy Spencer, Logan 
Miller, Mike Stowers, John Unrue, Monacy, Amanda 
Monacy, Sherry Kennedy, Maria Rios, Charity Gra- 
ham, Emma Buco, Jessuica Duffee 

Intermediate Women 

Front Row: Holly Antkowiak, Sara Cutrel, Jennifer 
Regnier, Jamie Krill, Samatha Moyet 

Middle Row: Anna Painter, Airel Gass, Chelsea 
Gorbea, Serrinea Jackson, Arrin Hope 

Back Row: Christina Martin. Jennifer Brown, Krystal 
Rybicki, Jilliana Cervantes, Jessica Wydmon 

Advanced Mixed Choir 

Front Row: Dusty Loving, Andrea Lopez, Josh 
Dewalt, Jessica Harford, Jeremy Spencer, Nicole 
Kuzumka, Josh Krill, Arrin Hope. 

Back Row: Jillian Dragos, AJ Wydmon, Jenni- 
fer Radzik, Nathyn Gibson, Kristen Watts, Joe 
Bogaski, Mallorie Coombs, James Mitchell. 

96 Choir 

Choir 97 



■ 1 1 

/"Front Row: Amy Kietzman, Jeremy Spencer, Jeremy Gregory, Alex ' N 
Maldonado, Dennis Holland. Risto Nikoloski. Traci Cates Second Row: 
Katie Wayne. Amber Carden. Amanda Wiltfong, Neil Anderson. Erin 
Cox, John Gumulauski, Ashley Mosely. Christina Martin Third Row: 
Randall Sandefur, Eric Sluder, Matt Sabo, Brandon Smith, Jacob Davis, 
Enrique Ornelas, Tony Matlock. David Gaughan. Nicholas Gomez 
Fourth Row: Mr. Kincaid, Sanad Ibrahim, Aaron Mathews. Kevin Sliger, 
y Luke Shaw, Justin Austin, Lisa Robbins. Joyce Tanner, Kevin Robb y 

r Fll[l d{Ul 

Golden State 

^ a 

L nmFm 

fM ] 


Back Row: Margaret Guztmer, Randal Alexander, John Bogaski, Nicole Kuzemka, 
Joseph Bogaski, James Mitchelle Third Row: Melissa Barcenas, Joshua 

Taylor, Kimberly Cates, Jessica Regnler, Jennifer Regnier, Megan Monacy 
Second Row: Nathyn Gibson, Samantha Moyet, Destiny Santucci, Kristyn 

Gumulauski, Anna Painter First Row: Arrin Hope, Casondra Hooker, Angela 

Pavuk, Jennifer Brown, Serrinea Jackson, Christina Martin, Sarah Nelson, 

Stephen Huckabay, Mallorie Coombs, Jeremy Spencer, Laura Philllppe 

Young Democrats 

Back Row: Toni Matlock, Risto Nikoloski, Joseph Bogaski 
Middle Row: Paul Reed, Jennifer Regnier, Margaret Gutzmer, 
Luke Shaw, Mr. McCormlk First Row: Monica Hodge, Serrinea 
Jackson, Kimberly Mason, Rosalee Munoz 

1 00 Drama/Democrats 


Top Rows Jessica Wydmon, Ashley Sxcheuer, Karli Anderson, Kris 
Schmelzer, Amy Kietzman, Jeff Lewis Kevin Musis, James Scanlon, 
Brandon Austin, RJ Alexander, Margaret Gutzmer, Andrea Corey, 
Kayla Stewart, Barbara Hooker 5th Row: Nicole Kuzemka, Candice 
Wojanaroskl, Brin Cox, Stefanla Nlkoloskl, Dimitri Tsahas, Ashley 
Bssllnger, Rachel Reid, Ashley Carder, Cornle Loving, Toni Matlock, 
Scott Hodge, Joe Rlxle 4th Row: Amanda Monasy, Suzle Miller, 
Angela Pavuk, Jordan Green, CJ Fusko, Cody Proffitt, Ruben 
Gonzalez, Sara Nelson, Jessica Rosco, Melissa Dickerson, Mallorie 
Combs, Christina Martin, Bailey Bvans, Karrle Kingery 3rd Row: 
Casondra Hooker, Monica Huerta, Jessica Handley, Nicole Soto, 
Nolau Dodge, Tia Uncles, Dorie Starkey, Jessica Dodge, Amanda 
Scheuer, Brenda Miller, Christina Wilson, Miss Jarmula, Paul 
Reed 2nd Row: Bobby Esslinger, Chantle Vezeau, Josh Heunings, 
Kayla Ball, Robert Bernard, Crisma Gass, Noah Frizzell 1st Row: 
Shawn Smith, Ashley Neyhart, Mark Miranda, Rlsto Nlkoloskl, Neil 
Anderson, Luke Shaw, Kyle Proffitt 

$• ^ 

fA *- 

it n 



I 9 

■ | || ? 


,% %l|§ 

M it-- 

mf>Wr’ s| 

Jr High Honor Society 

Back Row: Mrs. Elizondo, Jamie Krill,' Susie Miller 
Kyle Proffitt, Kayla Stewart, Stephanie Pepoff 
Front Row: Melissa Mora, James Alger, Natalie 
Llerena, Zack Woodard, Amanda Monacy 

HS Honor Society 



Back Row: Paul Reed, Garra Stewart, Joe Bogaski, 
Jacob Swider Middle Row: Josh Taylor, Trade 
Gates, Jessica Regnier, Jennifer Radzlk, Gortnie 
Moving Front Row: Amanda Scheuer, Sarah Harmon, 
Melissa Barcenas, Kimberly Gates, Mallorie Goombs 
Monica Hodge 

Honor Society 103 

Japanese Film & Culture ■ 


Formerly known as the Japa- 
nese Anime Club, the Japanese Film 
and Culture Club has continued to 
expand its range. No longer do stu- 
dents just watch animated films and 
live action; now they also get to 
learn basic Japanese and culture. 
This year the club invited 2 people 
from the Japanese Consulate in Chi- 
cago to present information about 
Japanese Culture. Students and guests 
were able to participate in the pre- 
sentation. The presentation included 
Kendo, Japanese calligraphy, and the 
traditional tea ceremony. Later in 

Mallorle Coombs .Vries on the 

traditional armor worn in Kendo 


the year the club went on a field 
trip along with members of the new 
Shakespeare Club to see Kabukl Lady 
Macbeth. Mr. Pagan, the sponsor, hopes 
that the club will continue to grow 
and that students will have fun learn- 
ing about a new culture. 

Back Row: Timothy Huskabay, Amber Kotlowskl, Josh Hedger, 
Nathyn dibs on , Anthony McCord Third Row: Matt Hedger, Ronnie 
Wingard, Mallorie Coombs, Cortnie Loving, Sonny Jackson Sec- 
ond Row: Mr. Sluides Fagan (sponsor) Front Row: Destiny I 
Santuccl, Megan Nelson, Serrlnea Jackson, Dusty Loving, Michael 

Left to Right: Stephanie Knotts, Chris- 

tina Martin, and Amber Kotlowski prac- 
tice writing Japanese with a magic erase 
board and a brush. 

Students enjoyed learning about the Japa 

nese Tea Ceremony. 

104 Japanese Film and Culture Club 

Back Row: Ms. Williams, Paul 
Reed. Toni Matlock, April 
McDaniel, Autumn Montgomery. 
Cortnie Loving Middle Row: 
Ryan Rokicki, Anthony McCord, 
Joseph Bogaski Front Row: 
Tanika Austin, Rachel Reid, 
Rebecca Reid, Kimberly Mason. 
Mallorie Coombs 

Newspaper 105 

Jr. High members are not 

Back Row: Nick Gomez, Krystal Rybicki. Monica Hodge, Fiora Najam. Autumn 
Montgomery, Dusty Loving, Ben Willis, Ed Trinidad Middle Row: Gabby Becerra. 
Marinett Cabero. Scott Hodge, Mallorie Coombs, Cortnie Loving, Samantha Bolles, 
Mallory Pallick, Melissa Dickerson Front Row: Kristin Gumulauski 

106 Science Olympaid 

Science Olympaid 107 


Bf - ■* jr~« ; 1 



This year's team was led by a dedicated group of senior boys, who had taken th 
but who were determined to have a winning season. They played — winning or 
sacrifice to get a man on base, and to bring him home was too great, even if it m 
cry often heard from the dugout was ’‘We’ve got ice!” These boys contended until the end of the season for 
the Lake Athletic Conference, Blue Division, title, and eventually finishing third with a conference record of 9 
4-1. Another highlight of the season was beating Wheeler High School three times, a team they had never 
beaten. In post-season play, the Eagles beat Boone Grove to win the sectional title, our first in baseball since 
1971. The Eagles then traveled to Rochester, where they beat Rochester to win the Regional title, qualifying 
for semi-state in Lafayette against Northwestern. The Tigers of Northwestern proved to be formidable oppo- 
nent. defeating our Eagles 8-4. A great season had come to an end. The overall record was 19-14-1. 

Individual Lake Athletic Conference honors were awarded the following players: 

First Team: Neil Anderson - outfielder; Nick Georgion- catcher 
Second Team: Bobby Vizena — infielder 
Honorable Mention: Luke Shaw — designated hitter 
This was a team that never gave up and produced many proud moments and great memories for Edison. 



up and produced many proud 

108 Baseball 

Jose Mendez, Becky Reid, Christina Sspinoza, 
andMlchelle Gonzales hungrily await their delicious 
meals . 

Spanish 109 

Members enjoy playing educational games 

i oh ana Kadri 


1 plays 

hangman after 


e work is 




1 ■•3 



; * 

PAA ... ... 

■ L , 

1 r 


r- * 

ia^eU Hill, Melissa > «V 

;ia Perez Not i 'pictured: Ik w \ ' 

Monique Johnson, Brea 

Mason, Mayra Vera, ' -wBUm. j . . 

Ml ja 

zales - W 


Right: Challenge leadership pipe 
game very hard and fun activity. 
People got in groups you couldn't 
frop the ball otherwise you would 
have to start over. Everyone 
participated and had a great time. 

Top : Marinate Cabrero, 
Dennis Holland, and Gabriel 

Above : Ted the speaker at 
challenge leadership 

Right: Nicole Kuzemka 
participating in hat day 
sponsored by student council 

Fouth Row: Jacob Swider, Amber Williams, Tracie Cates, Josh Shockley, Derek Welch, Nathyn 
Gibson, Benjamin Willis, Jessica Duffe Third Row: Amy Kietzman, Adrian Ruiz, Kristopher 
Schmelzer, Stefania Nikoloski, John Bogaski, Mallorie Coombs, Toni Matlock, Samantha 
Moyet, Luke Shaw, Nick Gomez, Jennifer Rignier, Joyce Tanner Second Row: Karli Anderson, 
Mindy Ohman, Angela Pavuk, Jessica Reigner, Neil Anderson, Melissa Barcenas, Carra Stewart, 
Kim Cates, Amanda Scheuer, Samantha Bolles, Josh Taylor, Paul Reed, John Bogaski First 
Row: Angela Hill, Candice Wojnaroski, Megan Rust, Jessica Handley, Nicole Kuzemka, Ashley 
Garber, Tia Uncles, Linda Whittinghill, Sarah Harman, Melissa Dickerson, Shawn Easton, 
Kimberly Reisner, Mrs. Georgion 

High School 

Student Council 

Right : Gabriel Sanchez is 
grinning giddily with excite- 
ment Par Right: Drea 
Lopez.Samantha Bolles, David 
Gaughan, and Josh Shockley 

1 1 0 Student Council 

Front Row: Susie Miller, Amanda Monacy, Stephine Pepoff, Kayla Stewart, 
Melissa Mora Middle Row: James Alger, Natalie Llerena Back Row: 

Mrs. Elizondo(hiding), Jamie Krill, Kyle Proffitt, Zack Woodard 

Jr. High 
Student Council 

Above: Patrick and Andrea are being pn >- 
linctive members of society. (Editor's note: 
1 was held against my will to put tins 
pietuce in) 

AboveFMr. Pagan dosen t know 
stalked r by the evil chair. 

it. but he is being Above: bor some reason I don t think that Mkieta is 
working on her page (Editors note: 1 was held against 
my will until I put Uiis picture in as well) 


Above: Robin fs doing something she is probably not 
supposed to do. 

"To be great is to be 

-Robin Corey 
(The Wiccan) 

People say 1 am nobody and 
nobody is perfect, so 1 am 

-Steve Huckabay 
(The guy that comes in even 
diough he’s not even apart of 
the yearbook staff) 

"I'm a Kitty, 1 go meow, 
meow, meow, meow, meow.” 
-Nathyn Gibson 
(Captain Yearbook) 

"Yearbook is the most amazing 
thing, except for tire pail where 
Mr. Pagan goes really weird.” 

-Amber Kotlowski 

(The Optimist) 

e o 
a o 
r k 

“Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, 
blah, blah.” 

-Jessica Reginer 

(The Editor and a blah, blah) 

“Do as I say or I will Kung-fu you to 

-Mr. Pagan 

(The Yearbook Ninja) 

‘‘Don’t be afraid of change. Y'ou may 
end up losing something good, but 
you will probably end up gaining 
something better.” 

-Rachel Stinnett 

(The President of the Little 


‘Tm glad I didn’t kill Nathyn this 

-Nikieia Fitzpatrick 

(The Yearbook's Street Cred) 

"Believe nothing you hear 
and only half of what you 


-Katrease Wilson 

(The one who probably got 

blamed lor something) 

"If this (bad word) compute* 
shuts down on me again. I’n 
going to kill it.” 

- Michelle Gonzales 

"One day the little people 
will lake over.” 

-Andrea Wayne 
(Little Miss I'm going to 
whine until I get my own 

Patrick Varney is unable to 
comment because he was 
too busy keeping it real and. 
unlike Andrea, he didn't 
whine until he got a quote. 

Above: After a long day of scanning pictures, Nathyn 
Gibson decides to scan himself. 

Front Row: Patrick Varney Middle Row Jessica Regnier, Rachel Stinnett, and 
Mr. Pagan Back Row: Nikieia Fitzpatrick, Katrease Wi Ison, Amber Kotlowski 
and Robin Corey Front, Middle, and Back Row: Nathyn Gibson 
Not Pictured Andrea Wayne and Michelle Gonzales 

2 Yearbook 






Back Row: James Scanlon. Mia Gillham. Amber Williams. Kile Goad. Justin Jones. Rick Johnson, Jeremy Gregory, 

Dimitri Tsahas, Justin Couture, Brian Knight. Jessica Mclt/.er, Margot Wiltfong. Nicholas Gomez, Luke Shaw Fifth 
Row: Krystal Ketchem. Mallory Pal lick. Sara Nelson. Kimberly Gates. Kevin Music. Melissa Dickerson. Brittni 
MacKenzie, Bailey Evans. Adriann Hope. Ronnie Wingard, Lisa Robbins. Megan Rust, Dustin Oorradino Fourth Row: 
Edward Trinidad. Jesus Zepeda. Stephanie Knotts. Samantha Wilson-Sayre, Amy Kietzman, Danielle Steele, Jenifer 
Radzik, Amanda Carajohn. Dennis Holland. John Gumulauski. Sarah Harman Third Row: Miana Soria. Kathleen 
Arthur. Serrinea Jackson. Amanda Wiltfong, Monica Huerta, Rosalee Munoz, Kimberly Reisner Second Row: John 
Unrue, Anthony McCord, Jason Elder. Arrin Hope, Eric Sluder Front Row: Gabriela Chavez, Yohana Madrigal, Andrew 
Gadzala, Jennifer Brown. Jeremy Spencer. Jessica Regnier, Casondra Hooker. Margaret Gutzmer. Kristin Gumulauski, 
James Mitchell. Anna Painter 

T«iik Helperf 

Back Row: Jessica Duffee. Brandon Austin. Kevin Sliger. Jacob Swider, Carra Stewart Third 
Row: Christopher Ling. Ashley Esslinger. Krystal Rybicki, Cortnie Loving Second Row 7 : Chantel 
Vezeau, Rachel Abeyta. Mindy Oilman. Angela Pavuk. Kimberly Cates, Arrin Hope, Jessica 
Regnier Front Row: Erin Cox, Lisa Reilly. Amanda Wiltfong, Sarah Harman, Megan Rust, 
Melissa Barcenas 

Peer Helpers 111 

1 14 Anything Goes Games 

Anything Goes Games l 1 5 

120 8th Grade Dance 



The first 
ing game 
that we 
have won 

October 1st, 2004 

vs. ^ 


Home coming 

The theme for home- 

Above: Ryan Rokicki ami Tanika 
Austin stop for a kodak moment 
while the parade goes by. 

Right: The freshman float looks 
great as it waits to roll into place in 
the parade. 

Above: David Robb escorts Katie 
Schmelzer in the homecoming parade. 

Right: The seniors placed fourth in the 
float competition. 

coming this year produced 
some great floats. The 
sophomores came in first 
place and the freshmen 
in second. Juniors fell 
in third place and Se- 
niors brought up the rear. 
In all, the floats looked 
great and we really 
worked hard. 

When all the votes 
were tallied at the end 
of spirit week, in first 
place stood the sopho- 
mores. Juniors were in 
second, while seniors 
claimed third, and fresh- 
men received fourth. It 
was a close competition 
and the school really 
bared its colors. Good 
Job Sdison. 

Left: The football team waves at 
the crowd below from the top of a 

Right: Aaron Mathews. John 
Gumulauski, Kevin Sliger, and 
James Garber pose for a pic while 
the friends watch the parade. 

122 Homecoming Parade 

The football team 
follows the band 
through Edison’s 
halls as the school 
wishes them luck for 
the game that night. 



•3 151 [L Jf. V[ 

Ronnie Zellers 
shows his school 
colors during spirit 

Selena Jimenez 
and Melissa 
Booth show their 
school spirit on 
Friday, school 
colors day. 

Toni Matlock, 
Carra Stewart, and 
Josefina Zepeda 
work on the 
pyramid for the 
Junior float. 

Spirit waek consisted of pajama day, class colors day, fa- 
vorite sports team day, and school colors day. It was a lot of 
fun especially when you get to run around school in your pj’s. 
The juniors came in the coveted first place. Sophomores got sec- 
ond place, freshmen got third, and seniors snagged last place. 

Spirit Week 1 23 


Edison Drama Club Presents 

Front Row: R.J. Alexander, Josh Krill Middle Row: Margaret Gutzmer. 
Tina Buco, Christina Martin, Mikayla Skogstad, Sara Nelson, Serrinea 
Jackson, Megan Monacy, Jennifer Regnier Back Row: George Amaya, 
Jeremy “Harvy” Spencer, Nathyn Gibson, Katie Schmelzer, Mallorie Coombs, 
Josh Dewalt, Arrin “Stella” Hope, Joe Bogaski 

Nathyn Gibson - Fred Graham/Petruchio 

Katie Schmelzer - Lilli Vanessi/Katharine 

Mallorie Coombs - Lois Lane/Bianca 

Josh DeWalt - Bill Calhoun/Lucentio 

Jeremy Spencer - Ganster #1 

Randall J Alexander - Baptista/Gen. Howell 

Serrinea Jackson - Ralph 

Sara Nelson - Hattie 

Joe Bogaski - Paul/Hortensio 

George Amayo - Gremio 

Jenny Regnier - Peasant 

Margaret Gutzmer - Peasant 

Megan Monacy - Peasant 

Christina Martin - Peasant 

Mikayla Skogstad - Peasant 

Tina Buco - Cab Driver 

Kiss Me Kate 

124 Play 

Tech Crew 

Front Row: Kim Cates, Melissa Barcenas Middle Row: Linda 
Whittinghill, Mellissa Dickerson. Samantha Bolles, Mallory Pallick. 
Samantha Jackson. Christina Espinosa Back Row: Carlos Espinoza. 
James Scanlon, Miguel Soria. Josh Taylor. Kris Schmelzer 

Play 125 

ast Day of School 

126 Last Day of School 

“Dad, I can take care of myself.” 

-Manda Marie Spider 

This year we had Dr. Mann Spitler 
of Valparaiso, Indiana, visit our school 
and tell us his story about his daughter 
Manda Marie Spitler who died of drug 
use. She was twenty years old when she 
died. His story touched everyone and 
made us think twice about doing drugs. 
Students cried and sat awe struck as we 
listened to the actual recording of the 911 
call he made as he desperately attempted 
to save his daughter. We could hear his 
attempts to give Manda mouth-to-mouth 
and trying to communicate with the emer- 
gency dispatcher. The sounds of his cry- 
ing sent chills through the room. 

Dr. Spitler has visited cities across 
Indiana and Illionis. When asked why he 
travels to schools to talk to students like us, 
he said, “I do this to make people think. 
Hopefully someone will actually stop and 
think of Manda’s death and how she lived 
her life, then compare it with their own and 
improve it.” 

Dr. Spitler’ s presentation was the 
big finish to our Red Ribbon Week this 
year. Hopefully, some of us have learned 
from Dr. Spitler’ s sad story. 


K % 

Red Ribbon Week 127 

Talent Show 

128 Talent Show 



Kickoff Dance 1 29 

nu a n c e x. 

mi e to nun 


ne'e ni: t 

o mem nuns. 

Back Row: Neil Anderson, 
• ■ . 

Jacob S wider, Kevin Robb 
Front Row: Bobby Vizena, 
Kyle Cornelius 

Katie 'Schmelzer, Maegen Rust,. Melissa -Barcenas 
Sarah' Harman, Ashley Mosley. * • 

130 Homecoming Dance 


1 32 Halloween Dance 

costume contest winners 
Eddie Naymon - Scariest 
Josh Kazee- Prettiest 
Dorie Starkey-Most Original 
Ronnie Zellers-Punnlest 


The Junior High 
Halloween Dance 

Top Row: Lindsey Watson, 
Tamberlynn Garber, Veronica 
Mata, Christina Trinidad, Dana 
Smith. Bottom Row: Robert 
Keene, Tony Balboa, Niko 

Top Row: Nicole Soto, Suzie 
Miller, Queen Shelby Evans, 
Amanda Monacy, Chelsea 
Gorbea. Bottom Row Steve 
Whittinghill ,Joe Rixie, King 
Kyle Eaton, Matt Austin, and 
Angel Avila 

134 January Thaw 


Winter Homecoming 

Senior Academic Awards 

The Annual Senior Award Night Program was held at Edison Junior- Senior High School Wednesday, June 1. 2005 with the following students being recognized; 
VALEDICTORIAN AWARD - Katie Schmelzer SALUTATORIAN AWARD - Jessica Handley PERFECT ATTENDANCE - Gabriella Chavez. Jose Perez 
HONOR ROLL AWARDS - Melissa Barcenas. Nick Georgion, Josh Mason, Anthony McCord. Mindy Ohmann, Jessica Regnier, Krystal Rybicki, Danielle 
Steele. Jacob Swider PRINCIPAL’S HONOR ROLL -Neil Anderson, Kimberly Cates. Jessica Duffee. Jessica Handley. Sarah Harman. Monica Hodge. Casondra 
Hooker. Arrin Hope. Monica Huerta. Jennifer Radzik, Katie Schmelzer, Chantel Vezeau, Amanda Wiltfong AMERICAN LEGION AWARDS - Jacob Swider 
and Jessica Handley ACTIVITIES AWARDS - Neil Anderson and Melissa Barcenas OFFICE ASSISTANT CERTIFICATES - Rick Johnson, Anthony 
McCord, Danielle Steele. Kathy Arthur. Jennifer Radzik, Casondra Hooker and Arrin Hope GUIDANCE ASSISTANT CERTIFICATES - Timothy Colon 
PEER HELPER AWARDS - Melissa Barcenas. Kimberly Cates. Jessica Duffee. Nick Georgion. Sarah Harman, Arrin Hope. Christopher Ling, Mindy Ohmann, 
Angela Pavuk, Jessica Regnier, Krystal Rybicki, Jacob Swider. Chantel Vezeau Amanda Wiltfong ART ASSISTANTS - Monica Huerta and Jacob Swider ART 

- Neil Anderson, Monica Huerta. Jessica Handley. Gabrielle Chavez and Nick Georgion Jr. ART SHOW - Monica Huerta. Jacob Swider, Tanika Austin and Nick 
Georgion Jr. ACADEMIC SUPER BOWL - Anthony McCord, Jessica Regnier SPELLBOWL - Anthony McCord. Nick Gomez STUDENT COUNCIL 
AWARDS: Outstanding Teacher Award - Mrs.Elizondo Service - Sarah Harman. Tanika Austin, Melissa Barcenas, Jessica Handley Excellent Service - Jessica 
Duffee. Kimberly Cates. Angela Pavuk and Jacob Swider Outstanding Service - Katie Schmelzer SCIENCE OLYMPIAD - Anthony McCord. Nick Gomez, 
Jose Mendez STAR READER COLLEGIATE AWARDS - Neil Anderson, Tanika Austin. Kimberly Cates, Nicholas Gomez, Jessica Handley, Monica 
Hodge. Casondra Hooker, Anthony McCord, Rosalee Munoz. Sara Nelson, Jennifer Radzik, Jessica Regnier. Rebecca Reid. Kevin Robb. Krystal Rybicki. 
Katie Schmelzer, Luke Shaw, Joshua Vail, Amanda Wiltfong. Kyle Cornelius. Robert Stowers, Jacob Swider and Robert Vizena HOOSIER SCHOLARS 

- Katie Schmelzer and Jessica Handley PRESIDENT'S AWARD FOR EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE -Kimberly Cates, Jessica Duffee. Jessica 
Handley. Sarah Harman. Casondra Hooker. Jennifer Radzik, Jessica Regnier. Katie Schmelzer, Amanda Wiltfong PRESIDENT'S AWARD FOR 
EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT - Neil Anderson. Melissa Barcenas. Nicholas Gomez, Monica Hodge. Arrin Hope. Monica Huerta, Mindy Ohmann. 
Krystal Rybicki. Jacob Swider. Chantel Vezeau. Robert Vizena D.A.R. AWARD - Melissa Barcenas SCHOLARSHIPS: Indiana University Wells 
Scholar Nominee - Katie Schmelzer Saint Joseph's College Deans Scholarship - Mindy Ohmann and Amanda Wiltfong Saint Joseph’s College Puma 
Scholarship - Luke Shaw Valparaiso University Achievement Award - Kimberly Cates Hoosier Lottery Scholarship - Katie Schmelzer IMEA 
Scholarship - Katie Schmelzer DePauw Merit Scholarship - Katie Schmelzer Legacy Foundation Scholarship - Mindy Ohmann Purdue’s Best & 
Brightest Scholarship - Mindy Ohmann and Amanda Wiltfong Purdue Merit Scholarship - Jessica Duffee Hispanic Women's Forum Scholarship - 
Melissa Barcenas Presidential Freedom Scholarship - Jacob Swider Ispat Inland Scholarship - Jessica Regnier Marine Corps Awards - Katie Schmelzer. 
Jacob Swider Semper Fidelis Awards - Katie Schmelzer and Gabriel Lopez Distinguished Athlete Award - Katie Schmelzer and Neil Anderson Army- 

National Scholar Athlete Award - Melissa Barcenas and Jacob Swider 

Awards 1 37 

/ t/not/h 

7 #/// 

10 /// 



10 /// 


10 /// 



“Never forget your roots. 
Don’t be afraid to ask for 


- Judge Salvador Vasquez 

140 Graduation 


No one is remembered 
for the date of their birth 
or their death, but for 
what they did in be- 
tween. What will you do 
with your dash?” 

- Katie Schmelzer 


Junior High 

The Annual Junior High Awards Program was held at Edison Junior-Senior High School on Wednesday, June 
1, 2005. with the following students being recognized: MIDWEST TALENT SEARCH - Nykole Caine, 
Amanda Monacy, Melissa Mora, Kyle Sanchez and Frances Sowula OUTSTANDING 7'" GRADE SO- 
CIAL STUDIES STUDENTS - Nykole Caine, Nathan Handley, Anthony Malesevic, Frances Sowula and 
Lindsey Watson OUTSTANDING 7 TH GRADE MATH - Nykole Caine, Frances Sowula, Anthony Malesevic 
and Johnathan Trusty Most Effort - Maria Vera, Jessica Darkis, Juan Kirk Aceves OUTSTANDING 8 m 
GRADE MATH - Joe Rixie and AJ Wydmon Improvement - Violet Sluder and Megan Nelson 100% 
Homework - Alex Suleski, Amber Frain, Natalie Llerena, Julie Cervantes. Andrew Quigg. Joe Rixie and Marc 
Miodragovich 7™ GRADE SCIENCE All A’s - Anthony Malesevic, Johnathan Trusty, Nykole Caine, 
Frances Sowula and Gary Shewmaker All Assignments Turned in - Tamberlynn Garber, Tyler Howell, 
Anthony Malesevic. Josh Donnelly, William Grasham, Johnathan Trusty, Kirk Aceves. Nykole Caine. Nicole 
Knight, Gary Shewmaker, Frances Sowula, Kelsea Brant, Roslyn Mitchell. Adam Croft, Jessica Darkis, Brit- 
tany Vaughan and Lindsey Watson 8 th GRADE SCIENCE - Outstanding - Suzie Miller and James Alger. 
Excellence - Cecily Kerr, Andrea Corey, Melissa Mora, BJ Hooker, Zach Woodard. Amber Frain, Alyssa 
Gilbert, Janie Krill, Randy Music, Nolan Dodge, CJ Fusko, Chelsea Gorbea, Stephanie Pepoff and Dorie 
Starkey EXCELLENCE IN 7 th GRADE ENGLISH - Kelsea Brant, Sharom Gil, Brittany Vaughn, Kirsten 
Falkowski, Charity Graham, Lindsay Watson, Nykole Caine, Derrick Robb, Frances Sowula. Holli Austin and 
Kirk Aceves 8™ GRADE BOY’S PHYSICAL EDUCATION: National Fitness Award - Jordan Greer, 
Kris Klimek, Josh Kazee, Randy Music, Andy Owen, William Uzzle, Scott Wesley, Steve Whittinghill, An- 
thony Whitworth, Angel Avila, Eduardo Cervantes, Quentin Durrm Aaron Hammons and Josh Hennings Presi- 
dential Physical Fitness Award - Nolan Dodge, David Recio, Marc Miodragovich, Matt Austin and Luis 
Madrigal STAR READER - 7"' grade - George Amaya, Ryan Anderson, Justin Anton, Derek Consorti, 
Adam Croft, Cody Dalka, Jessica Freeman, Sharom Gil. Matthew Hedger, Tyler Howell. Michele Kawzinski, 
Anthony Malesevic, Edward Naymon, Tyler Pilkins, Jade Soria, Tyler Teal. Brittany Vaughan COLLEGIATE 
- Nykole Caine, Nathan Handley, Derrick Robb, Kevin Scott, Frances Sowula 8"' grade - James Alger, Alyssa 

142 Awards 

Academic Awards 

Gilbert, Brittany Herald, Jamie Krill, Natalie Llerena. Zach MaeKenzie, Juan Mendez, Megan Nelson. Stephanie 
Pepoff, Daniel Reed COLLEGIATE - Robert Bernard, Emily, Buco, Andrea Corey, Nolan Dodge, CJ Fusko. 
Logan Miller. Suzanne Miller. Amanda Monacy, Melissa Mora, Randall Music, Michael Olivarri, Kyle Proffitt, 
David Recio, Nicole Soto PERFECT ATTENDANCE - Melissa Booth, Adam Croft, Frances Sowula, Nicole 
Caine, Nicole Knight, Juan Mendoza, Amanda Monacy, William Uzzle, Mary Lou Cervantes, Julianna Cervantes 
HONOR ROLL - Kelsea Brant, Adam Croft. Chelsea Dodge, Sharom Gil, William Grasham. Matthew 
Hedger, Michael Hernandez, Tyler Howell, Roslyn Mitchell, Derrick Robb, Gary Shewmaker. Nolan Dodge, 
Amber Frain, CJ Fusko, Jordan Greer, Barbara Hooker, Jacob Hoover, Michael Kawzinski, Cecily Kerr, Natalie 
Llerena. Randall Music, Cody Proffitt, Kyle Proffitt, Andrew Quigg, Juana Rios, Joe Rixie, Dorie Starkey, 
Briana Vezeau PRINCIPAL’S HONOR ROLL - Nykole Caine, Anthony Malesevic, Frances Sowula, 
Johnathon Trusty, Brittany Vaughan. Lindsey Watson, James Alger, Julliana Cervantes, Andrea Corey, Sierra 
Gentry. Alyssa Gilbert, Chelsea Gorbea, Jamie Krill, Suzanne Miller, Amanda Monacy. Meliss Mora, Beth 
Muhlbaier, Stephanie Pepoff, Kayla Stewart, Zachary Woodard ART - 8 ,h grade Outstanding Achievement 
- Chelsea Gorbea, Jamie Krill, Julliana Cervantes. Nolan Dodge, Alyssa Gilbert. Zachary Woodard, Suzanne 
Miller, Amanda Monacy, Dorie Starkey, Marc Miodragovich, Melissa Mora ART SHOW - Best Junior High 
Artwork - Gabriela Santos SCIENCE OLYMPIAD - Bryan Phelps, Elise Phillippe, Robert Sappington 
and Nate Handley GOLD CLUB MEMBERS - 7"' grade - Kirk Aceves, Holli Austin, Kelsea Brant, Nykole 
Caine. Adam Croft, Jessica Darkis, Chelsea Dodge, Josh Donnelly, Nicole Knight, Anthony Malesevic, Gary 
Shewmaker, Jade Soria, Francis Sowula, Johnathan Trusty, Brittany Vaughan, Maria Vera 8th grade - Andrea 
Corey, Nolan Dodge, Alyssa Gilbert, Jordan Greer, Barbara Hooker, Jamie Krill, Suzanne Miller, Amanda 
Monacy, Melissa Mora and Kyle Proffitt INDIANA’S BEST AND BRIGHTEST - Julliana Cervantes, 
Andrea Corey, Nolan Dodge. Suzanne Miller. Amanda Monacy, Melissa Mora. CJ Fusko, Kayla Stewart, 
Natalie Llerena. Jamie Krill STUDENT COUNCIL - Jennifer Carten. Loma Hill, Codi Needham, Anthony 
Malesevic, Kyle Sanchez, Derek Watts, Salena Aguilar, Julliana Cervantes, Andrea Corey. Nolan Dodge, 
Alyssa Gilbert, Chelsea Gorbea, Josh Hennings, 

Awards 1 43 

High School 

The Annual Award Day Program was held at Edison Junior-Senior High Sehool Wednesday, June 1, 
2005 for the 9 th — 1 1 lh graders with the following students being recognized: HONOR ROLL AWARDS 
- Marinett Cabero, Joshua Hedger, Adriann Hope, Jessica Moro, Ashley Scheuer, Cayrtia Uncles, 
Joshua DeWalt, Christina Espinosa, Nikieia Fitzpatrick, Scott Hodge, Megan Monacy, Mallory Pallick, 
Robin Tarnowski, Jessica Anton, Joseph Bogaski, Tracie Cates, Kyle Cicillian, Mallorie Coombs, Erin 
Cox, Jessica Harford, Andrew Lakatos, Cortnie Loving, Christina Martin, Kimberly Mason, Alma 
Perez, Paul Reed. Kevin Sliger and Mayra Vera PRINCIPAL’S HONOR ROLL - Karli Anderson, 
Nicole Kuzemka, Fiora Najam, Ashley Neyhart, Stefania Nikoloski, Kristopher Schmelzer, Candice 
Wojnaroski, Rachel Abeyta, Samantha Bolles, Melissa Dickerson, Ashley Esslinger, Elishia Navarro, 
James Scanlon, Linda Whittinghill, Sarah Cavalier, Margaret Gutzmer, Jessica Rosco, Amanda Scheuer. 
Carra Stewart, Joshua Taylor, Kathryn Wayne, Samantha Wilson-Sayre PERFECT ATTENDANCE 
AWARDS - Mallory Pallick, Miriam Chavez, Joshua Taylor, Candice Wojnaroski, Kyle Cicillian and 
Tracie Cates OFFICE ASSISTANT CERTIFICATES - Landon Reed, Larry Cafin, Jonathan 
Betancourt, Joe Ross, Aaron Cummins, Ben Willis, Josh Krill, Brittni MacKenzie, Edward Trinidad, 
Mallory Pallick, Eric Sluder. Kim Reisner, Jeremy Gregory and Kristen Watts GUIDANCE ASSIS- 
TANT CERTIFICATES - Robin Corey, Mia Gilham, Justin Jones, Amy Kietzman, Joseph Laas, 
Delbert Milam, Jesscia Rosco Kile Goad, Dennis Holland and Adriann Hope PEER HELPER 
AWARDS - Rachel Abeyta, Brandon Austin, Erin Cox, Ashley Esslinger, Jessica Harford, Amy 
Keitzman, Cortnie Loving, Lisa Reilly, Kevin Sliger, Carra Stewart ART - Karli Anderson, Neil 
Anderson, Jessica Moro, Ashley Neyhart. Stefania Nikoloski, , Ricky Parker, Brieana Pruitt. Chantel 
Vezeau, Jacob David, Gavriela Chavez and Nick Georgion Jr. ART SHOW - Derek Welch, Elisha 
Navarro, Monica Huerta, Nick Georgion Jr., Jacob Swider. Tanika Austin, Jessica Handley and Angela 
Pavuk AGENDA COVER CONTEST - 1 st Derek Welch, 2 nd Randi Wilson and 3 rd Derek Welch 
1 st PLACE TEAM of Tanika Austin, Jose Mendez and Derek Welch ART ASSISTANTS - Angela 

144 Awards 

Academic Awards 

Hill, Monica Huerta, Jack Hicks, Yohana Madrigal, Stephanie Knotts, Mianna Soria, Jacob Swider, 
Jacob Davis EXCELLENCE IN GEOMETRY - Miriam Chavez, Joshua Hedger, Stefania Nikoloski, 
Ashley Neyhart, Candice Wojnaroski and Mayra Vera ACADEMIC SUPER BOWL - Brandon 
Austin, Nicholas Gomez, Scott Hodge, Serrinea Jackson, Paul Reed, Josh Taylor and Jennifer Regnier 
SPELLBOWL - Mallorie Coombs, Cortnie Loving, Kim Mason, Paul Reed, Jennifer Regnier and 
Josh Taylor STUDENT COUNCIL AWARDS: Service - Robin Tarnowski, Tracie Cates, Jennifer 
Regnier, Amber Williams, Jessica Moro, Nicole Kuzemka, Ben Willis, Josh Shockley, Excellent Ser- 
vice - Candice Wojnaroski. Karli Anderson, and Melissa Dickerson Outstanding Service - Paul Reed. 
Samantha Moyet, Samantha Bolles, Joyce Tanner, Kris Schmelzer, Joshua Taylor, Angela Hill SCI- 
ENCE OLYMPIAD - Gabby Becerra, Marinett Cabero, Kristyn Gumulauski, Fiora Najam, Dusty 
Loving, Samantha Bolles, Mallory Pallick, Melissa Dickerson, Monica Hodge, Cortnie Loving, Kim 
Mason, Scott Hodge, Mallorie Coombs, Autumn Montgomery, Ben Willis, Kim Mason STAR 
READER COLLEGIATE AWARD - Ricky Alvarado, Aaron Cummins, Konnor Gaskin, Mia Gillham. 
Jessica Moro, Tim Phillippe, Matt Rusher, Miguel Soria, James Welch, Candice Wojnaroski, Rachel 
Abeyta, Clifton Cobb, Joshua Dewalt, Melissa Dickerson, Jessica Dodge, Ashley Esslinger, Bailey 
Evans, Scott Hodge, Serrinea Jackson, Lauren Kerr, Joseph Laas, Andrea Lopez, Kevin Music, Mallory 
Pallick, Jennifer Regnier, James Scanlon, Gabrielle Santos, Ryan Sullivan, Jessica Anton, Joseph 
Bogaski, Ashley Carden, Mallorie Coombs, Robin Corey, Jason Elder, Jennifer Garrett, Jeremy Gre- 
gory, Margaret Gutzmer, Brittany Jackson. Justin Jones, Brian Knight, Josh Krill, Cortnie Loving, 
Chris Lowery, April McDaniel, Risto Nikoloski, Enrique Ornelas, Kimberly Patterson, Paul Reed, 
Lisa Robbins, Jessica Rosco, Randall Sandefur, Amanda Scheuer. Eric Sluder, Jeremy Spencer, Carra 
Stewart, Joshua Taylor, Samantha Wilson-Sayre STAR READER AWARD - Christina Espinosa. 
Noah Frizzsell, Joshua Hedger, Nicole Kuzemka, Mathew Medina, Fiora Najam. Ashley Neyhart, 
Jeremie Songer and Linda Whittinghill 

Awards 1 45 










Realty, Inc. 

3321 Michigan Street 
Hobart. IN 46342 
Business (219) 962-7677 
Fax (219) 962-3491 

DTn TnTfiTnTnTnTnTnTnTnTn 

146 Ads 



l-'ronl row: Katie Schmel/cr - Pres . Joshua Tailor — Isl V Pros.. An- 
gela Mill— Historian. Back row : Kim Cates — Treasurer. Mind) Oh- 
inann — Secretary Paul Reed — 2nd Vice Pres Not pictured: Jessica 
DulTcc — Attendance Secretarj and Casrlia I tides — Parliamentarian 

3232 Central Avenue 
Lake Station, IN 46405 


Good Luck 
Class of 2005! 

Edison Sr. High Student Council 

2004-2005 OFFICERS 


c 3 







t /3 


3146 Central Avenue 
Lake Station. IN 46405 

Sun -Thurs 11A.M. - 12 A.M. 

Fri - Sat 11A.M. - 1 A.M. 

fi-e- ap n-e - ^ 
‘Pa-mil y 
He-an-ia n- 


Education is one of the few 
investments that 
always appreciates in value. 








With every tough math problem, every long history lesson, every nail-biting exam, a 
young person's mind can't help but grow. And grow. So it is with great pleasure that 
we congratulate all those involved In the pursuit of quality education. It's the kind of 
investment that will always yield a handsome return. 


Member FDIC. 


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3232 Central Avenue 
Lake Station, IN 46405 


to the Class of 




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industry standards for compressed air equipment. Dedicated to excellence and innovation. 
Sullair has been prosiding the best compressed air solutions for its customers since 1965. 

In our commif/y/rv-Throughout its 39-year history, Sullair has demonstrated a strong 
community spirit. Our employees have always led the was in supporting local and regional 
efforts to make our area a better place to Use and work. At Sullair. wc look forward to 
helping Michigan C ity continue to gross and prosper in the future. 


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Or contact me at 219.763.31 1 1 x 327 

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Real Estate 

LuetUinc >iiuY 1974 

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it |CU Nj'T « cumv, kM «» voter orao nssnoi totaOKr to mrr 

$ SO ,000 

Move Up 
Pay Up 
Live It Up 


Pizza, Pasta, and Seafood 

4145 Central Avenue 
Lake Station, IN 46405 

Open 4 P.M. - 9:30 P.M. 
Closed Monday 

219 - 963-3366 

‘‘Pick Up Only Special” 

14” 1 -topping Pizza 

$6.99 +Tax WE DELIVER 

Savings of $3.15 

We would like to thank and ac- 
knowledge all those who have made 
donations to The Edisonian: 

Mrs. Nadine Brown 
Jan and Nick Georgion 
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Hatch 
Mr. and Mrs. Tim McCormick 
Jim and Tammy Nush 
Mr. and Mrs. Eluides Pagan 
Jim and Bonnie Sykes 
Senora VanHatten 

The 2004 - 2005 Edisonian 
Yearbook Staff 

Eluides Pagan - Advisor 
Jessica Regnier - Editor 
Nathyn Gibson - Photo Editor 
Robin Corey 
Nikieia Fitzpatrick 
Michelle Gonzales 
Amber Kotlowski 
Rachel Stinnet 
Patrick Varney 
Andrea Wayne 
Randi Wilson 

We would like to extend a spe- 
cial thank you to our cover 
model, the Edison Eagle AKA 
Monica Huerta 

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Walsworth Publishing Company 

306 North Kansas Avenue / Marceline, Missouri 64658 USA 






A few stories of miracles came from the wreckage, such as 
a woman found alive floating in the Indian Ocean on a palm 
tree five days after the tsunamis. But tens of thousands 
were missing and may never be found. Many were tourists 
from around the world, including the United States, who 
had been enjoying the warm climate for the holidays. 

The internet became a focal point for people looking for 
loved ones in the region, as blog sites to news sources 
such as CNN enabled people to post information about 
missing friends and family. 

Tsunamis ^ 

It only took a moment for massive walls of water - tsunamis' 
- to leave at least 210,000 dead and cause massive 
destruction in several Asian countries on Dec. 26. The 
tsunamis were caused by a 9.0 earthquake centered in 
the Indian Ocean off Sumatra. It was the most powerful 
earthquake in 40 years. The international community reacted 
quickly with aid amid fears about disease from the bodies 
and lack of clean water. 

The U.S. pledged $350 million in aid to the region, and 
President George W. Bush asked his two immediate 
predecessors in the White House, Bill Clinton and George 
H.W. Bush, to head an appeal for private donations. 

Re-elected ^ 

President George W. Bush was re-elected, defeating 
Democratic challenger Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts. 
The Republican majority in Congress strengthened, as the 
party gained four seats each in the House and Senate. 
Voter turnout was the highest since 1 968. 

War continues ^ 

U.S. forces remained on the front lines in Iraq, trying to 
bring stability to a country besieged by Iraqi rebels. Prior 
to Iraqi national elections in January, the U.S. increased 
troop totals to 1 50,000, the most since fighting began in 
March 2003. The Shiites won a plurality in the election 

1 for National Assembly seats. The National Assembly will 

| elect the president 

Millions vote ^ 

Afghanistan elected Hamid Karzai as president in the 
first elections since the Taliban was ousted in 2002. 
Millions of people turned out to vote, despite threats of 
violence by men loyal to the Taliban, which is associated 
with al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. 

Counter-terrorism bill ▼ 

President George W. Bush signed into law a bill to 
establish a new national counter-terrorism center headed 
by a national intelligence director to oversee all 1 5 U.S. 
intelligence agencies. The bill was a response to the 
9/1 1 Commission report that said more coordination 
was needed between agencies. 

AP/WidoWorld Photos 


If you had voted, whom would you have 
voted for in the 2004 U.S. Presidential 

George W. Bush 
John Kerry 
Ralph Nader 





Survey results compiled from responses from more than 
2,300 high school students across the nation. 


r " i m 


I i 

Vaccine shortage ^ 

A flu vaccine shortage limited injections to people in 
the high-risk categories - the elderly and chronically 
ill. Only half of the vaccine was available because of 
contamination problems at a manufacturing plant 
owned by a U.S. company in England. However, 
shortages turned into surpluses in some areas as 
fewer people got shots than anticipated. 

Peace prize ▼ 

A Kenyan environmentalist won the 2004 Nobel 
Peace Prize. Wangari Maathai, Kenya's deputy 
environmental minister, has devoted her life to 
combating deforestation, promoting democracy 
and working for women’s rights. 

AP'VVideWorid Photos } 

Lemonade stands for cancer ▼ 

Alexandra Scott. 8, raised nearly SI. 5 million 
in 2004 for cancer research through her Alex’s 
Lemonade Stand Foundation. Alex, who died in 
2004 of cancer, earned $2,000 in 2000 when 
she first set up a lemonade stand in front of 
her home near Philadelphia. Her parents plan 
to continue the foundation. 

APJWrdeWtxkJ Photos 

rfv . 


: -t‘' 


... A 

AP/WideWorld Photos 

national & international news 











Orphan aid ^ 

A Virginia college student raised $30,000 to help 950 orphans 
in a Kampala, Uganda, orphanage. George Srour, from 
William and Mary College, visited the orphanage through a 
United Nations internship. He returned home and began a 
website fund-raiser with a goal to get $8,000 to replace the 
orphanage’s bamboo school. 

By adopting a Meeting Point Kampala orphan for $5, you can help 
ensure Santa delivers uniforms, books, school bags, geometry sets, 
crayons and many other items in need this holiday season.Visit for more information. 




Arafat dies ▼ 

Which of the following do you rely on most to keep up 
With Current events? (Respondents selected more than one.) 

Channel One 






Class discussion 




1 don’t keep up 


Conversation with friends 




Survey results compiled from responses from more than 2,300 high school 
students across the nation. 

Yasser Arafat, 75. leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, 
died in November not achieving his life’s goal of helping to 
establish an independent Palestinian state. Under Arafat, the 
PLO carried out terrorist attacks against Israel, yet he won the 
Nobel Peace Prize in 1 994 with Israeli leaders Yitzhak Rabin 
and Shimon Peres, as the two sides sought peace. 

Reagan dies 4 

Ronald Reagan, 40m president of the United States from 1980- 
89, died in June at home in California at the age of 93. His 
Reagan Revolution brought a renewed emphasis on fiscal and 
social conservatism and strength in foreign affairs, including 
an end to the Cold War. 

AP/ Wide World Photos 

Four in one year ^ 

Florida took the brunt of four major hurricanes in 
August and September. Charley came inland from 
the Gulf of Mexico and hit the peninsula; Frances and 
Jeanne from the eastern Florida coast; and Ivan made 
landfall on Alabama near the Florida border. As the 
storms moved inland, heavy rains, thunderstorms and 
tornadoes caused flooding and damage to everything 
from buildings to beaches from Texas to Pennsylvania. 
The U.S. death toll from the four storms was more 
than 1 20 people. 

The hurricanes that struck the U.S. first wreaked 
havoc across the Caribbean. In Haiti, Tropical Storm 
Jeanne left more than 1 ,500 people dead and more 
than 1 ,250 missing. In the city of Gonaives, food and 
drinkable water was unavailable, homes, buildings 
and roads were destroyed, and relief agencies had 
difficulty reaching the needy. 

Holiday weather ^ 

Ho, ho, ho - the joke was on many holiday travelers, 
who were besieged by ice and snow from Texas to 
Ohio on Dec. 22, as well as computer problems and 
a large number of sick employees at separate airlines 
through Christmas weekend. Just after Christmas, snow 
fell as far south as Brownsville, Texas, and battered 
the East Coast from North Carolina to Massachusetts. 
Heavy rains began a month-long deluge in southern 

Death sentence ^ 

Scott Peterson was sentenced to death after a jury found him 
guilty in the deaths of his pregnant wife, Laci, and their unborn 
son, who disappeared Christmas Eve 2002. Scott Peterson’s trial 
lasted 23 weeks and included testimony from his mistress. 

Cambodia king ^ 

Cambodia crowned Norodom Sihamoni as king after his 
father stepped aside. During the coronation celebrations, 
hope in the country was high that the new king, a former 
ballet star, would bring stability to the democracy. 

P \V' 


national & international news 



Some peace in Sudan \ 

Sudan’s government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement ended a 21 -year civil 
war. But war continued in Sudan’s Darfur region, where the United Nations is investigating 
allegations of genocide by the government. The U.N. estimated more than 70,000 people 
are dead in Darfur, with about 1 .5 million living in refugee camps. 

Gas prices up \ 

U.S. gasoline prices increased dramatically, 
surpassing $2 a gallon in many parts of 
the country. In October, the price neared 
the record set in May 2004 of $2,054 
per gallon, about 42.5 cents above the 
2003 average. 

Yushchenko wins ▼ 

Viktor Yushchenko became Ukraine's 
president in an election marked by 
challenges from his opponent, former 
Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, a 
revote, and even an alleged poisoning. 
. Medical officials have said it was an 
| unknown illness that disfigured his face, 
| as these July and December 2004 
1 photos show. 


(jjq^oiine | 



O I 



Diesel #2 

2491 . 



1 Old! 3Td KlOlt. 

California train derailment ▲ 

Juan Manuel Alvarez was charged with murder following 
the collision of two commuter trains in Los Angeles in 
January. Police say Alvarez pulled his SUV onto the 
tracks, and then left the vehicle before the trains came. 
Eleven people were killed. , 

AP/ Wide World Photos 

Terrorism in Russia ▼ 

Chechen rebels launched several terrorists attacks against Russia. Two female suicide bombers, known as “black widows,” brought down 
two Russian airliners, killing 89 people in late August. In a horrific event 1 0 days later, at least 335 hostages, most of them children, were 
killed when Russian troops stormed a Beslan school to end a terrorist takeover. 

AP/WideWortd Photos 

AP/ W<kiWorVl Photos 

! a i 1 

vt ■ * i y 


Anchors away ^ ▼ 

Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather stepped away from their 
nightly news anchor desks. Brokaw, NBC Nightly News 
anchor for almost 23 years, exited Dec. 1 but planned 
to host documentaries. Rather left in the spring after 24 
years as the CBS Evening News anchor, but continued 
as a 60 Minutes correspondent. 

“v 12 t'i 

* •• 

4ii ¥1 ^ i 

Back in the spotlight ▼ 

Former President Bill Clinton was in the news, recovering from heart bypass 
surgery, releasing his best selling autobiography My Life and opening his 
new presidential library in Little Rock, Ark. 

AP/WcdoWorld Photos 

Basketbrawl ^ 

A November game between the Indiana Pacers and 
Detroit Pistons led to one of the worst fights in U.S. sports 
history. On-court shoving between Indiana’s Ron Artest 
and Detroit’s Ben Wallace escalated when a plastic cup 
lobbed by a fan prompted Artest to charge into the stands 
and touch off a riot with the crowd. Several players were 
suspended, and criminal indictments were filed against 
both players and fans. 

Simply the best ► 

American cyclist Lance Armstrong cemented his place 
in sports history when he won a record sixth straight 
Tour de France, while just eight years removed from 
overcoming a battle with testicular cancer. He plans to 
try for a seventh win. 

For starters, decades of Boston Red Sox frustration was 
wiped away in one amazing October. Trailing three games 
to none in the American League playoffs against the New 
York Yankees, Boston won four in a row and became the 
first team in baseball history to rally from such a deficit. The 
Red Sox rolled on to the World Series and swept the NL 
champion St. Louis Cardinals in four games. It was Boston’s 
first World Series title since 1918, and it vanquished the 
dreaded Curse of the Bambino, which haunted the team 
since its infamous decision to sell slugger Babe Ruth to 
the Yankees in 1 920. 


Season put on ice ^ 

For the first time, a professional sports league lost an entire season 
due to a labor dispute. The National Hockey League (NHL) canceled 
the season after a 1 53-day lockout, centered on whether or not the 
players would accept a salary cap. 

A Boston party ^ 

Chances are, Boston sports fans might never again 
enjoy a year quite like this one. 

The celebration continued into football season, where 
the New England Patriots were once again crowned NFL 
champions. The Patriots won their third world title in four 
years, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 
XXXIX, 24-21 . In doing so, New England staked its claim 
to being the NFL’s latest ‘‘dynasty,’’ and sparked debate as 
to how they stand among the greatest teams of all time. 




Steroid scandal r 

Steroid rumors plagued baseball. The federal 
investigation into BALCO, a sports medicine 
lab in San Francisco, continued and leaked 
court testimony indicated that Barry Bonds and 
Jason Giambi admitted to using what turned out 
to be illegal substances. Later, former slugger 
Jose Canseco wrote a tell-all book and claimed 
to have used steroids with former teammates, 
including Giambi and Mark McGwire. 

Olympics go home again ^ 

The Summer Olympics returned to Athens, Greece, 
site of the first modern games. U.S. swimmer 
Michael Phelps was the breakout star, winning 
eight medals in his first Olympics. 

King of Troy A 

USC quarterback Matt 
Leinart won the Heisman 
Trophy, then a few weeks 
later led the Trojans to the 
college football national 
championship over Oklahoma 
in the Orange Bowl. Hyped 
as one of the best title 
game matchups in recent 
years, the game failed to 
live up as USC routed the 
Sooners, 55-19. 

Gymnasts Carly Patterson and Paul Hamm 
became the first Americans to win the all-around 
competition in 20 years. The men’s basketball 
team failed to win the gold medal for the first 
time in 20 years, while the women's soccer team 
took home the gold in the final appearance for 
captain Mia Hamm. 

Chase for the Cup ^ 

In the first year of NASCAR's new scoring system, 
which crowned a winner after a 10-race series 
at the end of the season, brash young driver 
Kurt Busch won his first Nextel Cup by just eight 
points.over Jimmie Johnson. 

AP/ WtdoWortci Photos 

What was the most newsworthy sports event of the year? 

Boston Red Sox end Bambino curse by winning World Series 

Indiana Pacers brawl with Detroit Pistons fans 


Lance Armstrong wins a record sixth Tour de France 
L.A. Lakers keep Kobe Bryant, trade Shaquille O'Neal 
Star baseball players admit steroid use 

Survey results compiled from responses from more than 2.300 high school students across the 



Wireless revolution ► 

Several cities have or are working to set up wireless 

internet access including Philadelphia; New York 
City; Cleveland; Corpus Christi, Texas; and Shaska, 
Minn. Some of the networks cost residents a fee to 
use, while others were free. 

Mount St. Helens, part two ► 

Mount St. Helens in Washington blew steam and 

ash several times in the fall. While earthquakes and 

rock falls were part of the volcano's activity, no major 
earthquakes or eruptions occurred, and certainly nothing 
like the 1980 eruption that killed 5? people. 

Genetically modified cats ▲ 

Allerca, a California biotech company, began taking orders 
for the first genetically engineered, hypoallergenic cats. The 
company said the cats would be the first in a series of lifestyle 
pets, designed for the millions who suffer from pet allergies. 

AP/WkJeWorld Photos 

m r 

.'K 5 

muf S 'I 


New human species ▲ 

Scientists working on an Indonesian island discovered what 
was believed to be the fossils of a previously unknown human 
dwarf species that was 18,000 years old. 

Global warming ^ 

The Kyoto protocols on global warming went into effect for 
many countries. The U.S., which bowed out of the treaty, 
continued to take international criticism. Meanwhile, one new 
scientific study predicted sea ice around the North Pole could 
be gone by the end of the century. 

A new frontier ^ 

A privately financed vehicle sent humans into outer 
space for the first time when SpaceShipOne completed 
two successful flights that reached an altitude of more 
than 62 miles. 

Hello, Saturn ► 

The international Cassini spacecraft reached Saturn 
after seven years of travel, and began beaming back 
incredible pictures, much to the delight of astronomers 
long curious about the planet and its moons. 

Just Google it ▼ 

The internet search company Google became the 
top brand name online, and the company held an 
IPO that generated billions of dollars. By the end of 
its first quarter as a public company, Google posted 
a $52 million profit. 

Stem cell research ^ 

Fierce political battles continued to rage over the 
controversial groundbreaking medical research, 
with millions being invested and debate going all 
| the way to the United Nations. The death of actor 
I Christopher Reeve, a strong advocate of the research, 
i brought renewed publicity to the debate. 

Which of these technological items have you USed?(Respondents selected more than one.) 


Digital cameras 


Cell phones with cameras or wireless internet 



Satellite radio 



1 haven't used any of these 


MP3 players that play downloaded music 


Survey results compiled from responses from more than 2,300 high school students across the nation. ' ^ ^ w ^ bJ ’ 

The rocket, designed by engineer Burt Rutan, was built 
for the Ansari X Prize, a $1 0 million contest created to 
spur development in private spaceflight. Pilots Brian 
Binnie and Mike Melvill guided the groundbreaking 

Ansari X creator Peter Diamandis said he hoped to 
eventually make the contest an annual event, and many 
investors began announcing plans to get involved. 

=• s-c- 

The Aviator takes flight ^ 

Martin Scorsese's The Aviator, the life story of millionaire 
Howard Hughes, scored 1 1 Academy Award nominations, 
including Best Picture and a Best Actor nod for Leonardo 
DiCaprio, who played the title role. The Aviator took home 
the Best Picture, Drama award from the Golden Globes, 
and DiCaprio won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a 

Another multiple Oscar nominee was Sideways, the 
comedic story of two buddies who take one last road 
trip to California wine country before one of them gets 
married. Sideways also won the Golden Globe for Best 
Picture, Comedy or Musical. 

Golden Foxx 4 

Comedian Jamie Foxx had a huge year in the movies, 
crossing over to dramatic starring roles in two hits, Ray 
and Collateral. Foxx earned a Best Actor Golden Globe 
award for his biographical portrayal of blues musician Ray 
Charles, and two Oscar nominations, Best Actor for Ray 
and Best Supporting Actor for Collateral. 

Good-bye, Johnny ^ 

Late-night TV talk show legend Johnny Carson died at age 
79. As host of NBC's Tonight Show for nearly 30 years, 
Carson flashed his signature wit and deadpan humor, 
becoming the most well-known talk show host on TV. Other 
notable celebrity deaths included blues singer Ray Charles, 
actor Marlon Brando, former Superman actor Christopher 
Reeves and comedian Rodney Dangerfield. 

Not typical idiots 4 

The '90s punk rock band Green Day returned from a long 
hiatus with a new album that gained critical and popular 
acclaim. The album and first single, both named American 
Idiot, each earned Grammy nominations for song and 
record of the year. American Idiot went on to win the 
Grammy for Best Rock Album. 

AP woe World PhrjhK 


K . 


A daily dose of 

Thousands of Americans 
became regular watchers 
of The Daily Show, a 
nightly satirical look at 
world events on Comedy 
Central. Comedian Jon 
Stewart, host of the so- 
called “fake" news show, 
also wrote America, The 


Alex, I’ll take champions for 
$2.5 million ^ 

Ken Jennings, a software engineer from Salt 
Lake City, won 74 straight times on the game 
show Jeopardy!. Jennings won more than $2.5 
million before being stopped by Nancy Zerg, a 
Los Angeles real estate agent. 

Moore stirs the pot again ^ 

Controversial documentary filmmaker Michael Moore 
ruffled more feathers with his movie Fahrenheit 
911, which criticized the Bush administration’s 
handling of the war in Iraq. The movie became 
the highest grossing documentary ever with more 
than $1 00 million. 

HBO’s big night y 

After several individual acting awards over its 
five seasons, HBO’s The Sopranos finally won 
Best Drama Series at the Emmy Awards. An 
HBO miniseries, Angels in America, won a 
record 1 1 Emmys. New Fox sitcom Arrested 
Development surprised many by winning Best 
Comedy Series. 

Driving a dream ▼ 

On the season premiere of her hit daytime talk 
show, Oprah Winfrey gave new cars to all 276 
guest's in the studio audience. The show was 
themed, “Wildest Dreams Come True.” 

AP/WicWWorid PfiCrtOS 


what vou think 


Grammys honor genius ^ 

The Grammy Awards turned into a night to honor the legendary 
Ray Charles. In the same year that he passed away, the late Blues 
singer and pianist won Album of the Year and Record of the Year 
for his final album, Genius Loves Company. Other big winners 
included rapper Kanye West and R&B singer Alicia Keys. 

— I 

Sun shines on Chesney ► 

Kenny Chesney headlined the Country Music Awards when he 
won both Entertainer of the Year and Album of the Year for When 
the Sun Goes Down. Martina McBride won Female Vocalist of 
the Year for the fourth time, while Keith Urban won his first Male 
Vocalist of the Year award. 

Who is your favorite musical artist or group? 

1) Usher 

2) Eminem 

3) Linkin Park 

4) Kenny Chesney 

5) Green Day 

What is your favorite TV show? 

1) CSI 

2) The OC 

3) The Simpsons 

4) Family Guy 

5) That 70s Show 

Survey results compiled from responses from more than 2.300 high school 
students across the nation. 

Nightclub attack A 

“Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, right, former guitarist of heavy metal 
band Pantera, was one of four victims murdered onstage in 
a nightclub shooting in Columbus, Ohio. Abbott was shot at 
point-blank range by the gunman, who was then shot dead 
by police. 

Eminem’s encore ^ 

Rap superstar Eminem released his fourth album, Encore, and 
it went multiplatinum. This time, the star went introspective with 
many tracks, but also pleased his audience by lambasting icons 
such as Michael Jackson and President George W. Bush. 

Happily ever after? ^ 

It was a busy year for A-list celebrity couples. Brad Pitt 
and Jennifer Anniston called it quits, while actress/singer 
Jennifer Lopez got married again, this time to fellow 
pop star Marc Anthony. Britney Spears married twice, 
the first time for 55 hours to a childhood friend and 
the second time to one of her dancers. 

Lingering reality ▼ 

While scripted TV made a comeback, reality TV still 
made its presence known. Chris Daugherty, a highway 
worker from Ohio, won Survivor Vanuatu, the ninth 
edition of the popular adventure show. Other popular 
new reality franchises included Trading Spouses and 
Wife Swap. 

ing Inc ./CBS Photo Archive 

No longer Lost ► 

ABC, a struggling network for almost a decade, bounced 
back with two hits, Desperate Housewives, about a 
neighborhood of upper middle-class women and their 
chaotic family lives, and Lost, a drama about plane 
crash survivors stranded on a deserted island. 

U2 the bomb ▼ 

Irish rock band U2 returned with its first album in nearly 
four years, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, and 
it immediately shot to the top of the charts. The band 
also reached a deal with Apple Computers for its own 
custom iPod, and was slated to be inducted into the 
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

AP/WtdeWorld Photos 

Can’t get enough CSI ▼ 

The CSI police drama franchise on CBS cranked out another version, CSI: 
New York, joining the already successful CSI and CSI: Miami. The original 
CSI continued to be the most watched show on TV again. 

AP/Wicte World Photos 

Will they last? ^ 

In fashion, ponchos, poofy scarves and big brooches 
| were worn by girls who were dressed up or down. In 

J general, a more feminine look appeared, as did the trend 
of wearing more modest clothing. 


Going home to study ▼ 

If you are reading this, you probably are 
not home schooled, but almost 1.1 million 
students were in 2003, and according to a 
government study, that is an increase of 29 
percent since 1999. 

Audio updates ^ 

Apple’s iPod, and other digital audio devices, were runaway successes. Apple’s f 
music store sold more than 1 00 million songs, making downloadable music more pc 
than ever. 

Healthy trends ^ 

In two studies, about 22 percent of 
U.S. high school students said they 
smoked cigarettes regularly in 2003, 
the lowest percentage in more than 
a decade, according to a Centers for 
Disease Control and Prevention, and 
80 percent of Americans wear seat 
belts, according to the Department of 

Not just for kids ^ 

Some changes were made in what may be some of your favorite 
cereals. General Mills and Kellogg’s switched from highly processed 
white flour to whole-grain flours and reduced amounts of sugar 
in many of their cereals. Studies have shown whole grains are 
healthier for the heart and add fiber to diets. 

AP/WkJeWorid Photos I 

Live Strong ▲ 

An item created to raise money to help people live with cancer became a fashion statement. The Lance 
Armstrong Foundation, founded by the Tour de France winner and cancer survivor, sold the Live Strong 
yellow wristbands, which became a must-have accessory and show of support.