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Full text of "ERIC ED353181: Teacher Use of Primary and Secondary Philosophical Thought to Motivate and Enlighten Peers and Students."

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ED 353 181 

SO 022 332 




Lynn, Karen 

Teacher Use of Primary and Secondary Philosophical 

Thought to Motivate and Enlighten Peers and 




Viewpoints (Opinion/Position Papers, Essays, etc.) 



MFOl/PCOl Plus Postage. 

Elementary Secondary Education; Social Studies; 

^''Teaching Methods 



This document is a collection of quotations that have 
been used by the instructor to motivate audiences and stimulate 
discussion. It is suggested that classroom teachers might find these 
quotations useful. The quotations are organized into the following 
categories: Africa, Apache, Arabian proverb, Bible, China, economics, 
history, political science, research, and sociology. (DB) 

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The following is a collection of thoughts, both known and unknown 
sources, which have been used by this author to motivate an audience, 
be that audience a classroom of students or a gathering of profes- 
sionals, with the ultimate goals twofold: to direct attention to 
the speaker and to stimulate discussion. 

Philosophical thoughts are actively involved in the study of the 
social sciences. Teachers who are using strategies which are 
interesting, concrete, and related to the lives of their audience, 
will incorporated philosophical thought. Teachers can build upon 
an audience's curiosity about themselves and their environment, 
presenting thought as dramatic reflections of personalities in 
the past and present who helped shaped culture and personal identi- 
ties. Teachers guide their audience toward the examination of 
cultural periods through the discussion of both folk and pro- 
fessional characterization of these periods. The audience can 
understand the way people saw themselves, their ideas and values, 
their fears and dreams, and the ways they interpreted their own 
times . 

For practical application, this collection can also be used 
as "warm-up" for the speech maker and as "thoughts of the day" 
for the social studies classroom, secondary through college 
levels . 

Sir Thomas Browne (1605-1682) : We carry with us the wonders 
we seek without us: There is all Africa and her prodigies 
in us • 

Graham Greene : In his book, Journey Without Maps , Greene 
recounts the case of the 1928 presidential election of Liberia, 
in which the president, Charles D.B. King, was returned to 
office with an officially announced majority over his opponent 
(Thomas J. Faulkner of the People's Party) of 600,000 votes." 
The total electorate at the time was less than 15,000. 

George H.T. Kimble : The darkest thing about Africa has 
always been our ignorance of it. 

Pliny the Elder (AD 23-79) : There is always something new 
out of Africa. 

Senegalese proverb : Your ears are older than you are. 
(Refers to oral tradition^ 

Adlai Stevenson (1900-1965) : Africa for the Africans means 
Africa for the Africans and not Africa as a hunting ground 
for alien ambitions. 

Jonathan Swift : So Geographers, in Afric maps. 

With savage pictures fill their gaps. 
And o'er unhabitable downs 
Place elephants for want of towns. 
Janet L. Stanley : . . .the image is always subjective. It 
reflects the imagemaker's point of view, his bias, his 
hidden (or not so hidden) agenda in what is portrayed and 
how it is depicted, although we may not always be aware that 
this is so. 


APACHE : And now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be 
shelter to the other. Now you will feel no cold, for 
each of you will be warmth to the other. Now there is 
no more loneliness. Now you are two persons, but there 
is only one life before you. Go now to your dwelling 
place to enter into the days of your life together. And 
may your days be good and long upon the earth. 

ARABIAN PROVERB: A friend is one to whom one may pour all the 

contents of one's heart, chaff and grain together, know- 
ing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, 
keep what is worth keeping and with the breath of kind- 
ness blow the rest away. 

BIBLE : (Ecclesiates 9:7) : Go eat your bread in gladness and 

drink your wine in joy. Enjoy life with the person you 
love all the days that have been granted you under the 

CHINA : We have read your manuscript with boundless delight. 

If we were to publish your paper it would be impossi- 
ble for us to publish any v;ork of a lower standard. 
And as it is unthinkable that, in the next thousand 
years, we shall see its equal, we are, to our regret, 
compelled to return your divine composition, and beg 
you a thousand times to overlook our short sight and 
timidity . (unknown source) 

One tear met another tear floating down the river. 
Said the first tear, *'l am the tear of the woman who 
lost her lover." The other tear replied, "And I am 
the tear of the woman who got him." (unknown source) 

erJc 5 



Malcolm Forbes : When the joy of the job*s gone, when 
it's no fun trying anymore, quit before you're fired. 

Security isn't securities. It's knowing that someone 
cares whe ther you are or cease to be. 

Ripley ' s : The income of a woman (US) compared to a man's 
has changed little in 46 years. . .in 1939 she earned 
63(? to his dollar in 1985 she made only more^ 
Russian proverb : When money speaks, the truth keeps 
silent . 

For he is not poor who has little; only he that desires 
much . . . and true security lies not in the things one 
has but in the things one can do without, (unknown source) 
The grass is always greener on the other side, but, that 
too, needs to be mowed, (unknown source) 


Marie Antoinette : There is nothing new except what has 
been forgotten. 

George Gerbner : If you can control the storytelling 
of a nation, you don't have to worry about who makes 
the laws. 

Plato : Those who tell the stories also rule society. 
Jonathan Swift : We have just enough religion to make 
hate, but not enough to make us love one another. 

Charles de Gaulle : In order to become the master, the 
politician poses as the servant . 


Thomas Jefferson : Whenever a man has cast a longing 
eye on off ices, a rottenness begins in his conduct . 
President Macapgal : I have sat at the sumptuous tables 
of power, but I have not run away with the silverware. 
(November 25, 1961) 

Malcolm X (1925-1965) : You're not supposed to be so 
blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong 
is wrong no matter who does it or says it. 
H.L. Mencken : A good politician is quite as unthinkable 
as an honest burglar. 

Tony Morrison : ...the function of freedom is to free 
somebody else. 

Changampugha Krishna Pillai (Malaysia) : A sincere heart 
in an insincere world is the reason of my failure. 
FDR : The test of our progress is not whether we add 
more to the abundance of those who have much; it is 
whether we provide enough for those who have too little. 
A politician is someone who takes money from the rich 
and votes from the poor and promises each protection 
from the other, (unknown source) 

How come that in the "underdeveloped countries" they 
sleep in open huts, while in the "developed countries" 
we have to bolt our doors and grate our windows? 
(unknown source) 

It would be useless to bomb Washington. If you destroy 
one building, they already have two other buildings 
completely staffed with people doing exactly the same 
thing, (unknown source) 

In America, our ears are very young. To survive in today's 
global environment, we need to hear voices other than 
our own. If you listen closely, you might hear them 
right across the street. (unknown source) 
Show the world. Strive not to walk as your brother walks, 
nor talk as your leader talks, nor labor as do the medio- 
cre. Never do as another. Never imitate. For how do you 
know that you may not imitate evil; and he who imitates 
evil always goes beyond the example set, while he who 
imitates what is good always falls short. Imitate no one. 
3e yourself, (unknown source) 

Wouldn't you like to live in a world where no one wants 
to be rich and no one is poor? (unknown source) 

Dr. VJayne Dyer ( The Sky's the Limit ) : If all people are 
unique, and if they are constantly changing each and 
every day, then all one can say about any social-research 
finding is that it applied to that group of people on 
that given day, and given the propensity of humans to 
be different and to change, then it is unlikely that 
one would get the same results if one were to repeat the 

Addison : The grand essentials 
to happiness are 

something to do. . . 

something to love. . . 

and something to hope for. 


Dr« Smiley Blanton : . . .one of the most helpless and 
hopeless diseases known to man '*if only**. 
P.G« Boyle ( Planning Better Programs ) : Most human beings 
need a feeling that they are accomplishing something worth- 
while . 

Dr. Preston Bradley (Pastor-emeritus of Peoples Church of 
Chicago) : 1) Does the course of action you plan to follow 
seem logical and reasonable? Never mind what anyone else 
has to say. Does it make sense to you? If it does, it is 
probably right. 2) Does it pass the test of sportsmanship? 
In other words, if everyone followed this same course of 
action, would the results be beneficial for all? 3) Where 
will your plan of action lead? How will it affect others? 
What will it do to you? 4) Will you think well of yourself 
when you look back at what you have done? 5) Try to separate 
yourself from the problem. Pretend, for one moment, it is 
the problem of the person you most admire. Ask yourself how 
that person would handle it. 6) Hold up the final decision 
to glaring light of publicity. Would you want your family 
and friends to know what you have done? The decisions we 
make in the hope that no one will find out are usually 
wrong . 

Kenneth H. Cooper, MD : Whether you live one day longer is 
really not the ultimate goal. What is important is the 
quality of yourlife a life that is happy, healthy, and 
productive . 

Dr* Denzil Edge (University of Louisville) : It is rather 
ironic that professionals who individualize for children 


often do not individualize for parents. Often programs are 
designed with a particular philosophy in mind such as behavior 
management or effectiveness training and offered to all 
parents rather than analyzing specific needs the parents 
may have. 

Emerson (US essayist, 1803-82) : Make the most of yourself, 
for that is all there is to you. 

Bobby HcFerrin (song) : Here's a little song I wrote/You 
might want to sing it note for note/Don't worry, be happy/ 
In every life we have some trouble/When you worry you make it 
double/Don't worry, be happy/Ain't got no place to lay your 
head?/Somebody came and took you bed?/Don't worry, be happy/ 
The landlord says your rent is late/He may have to litigate/ 
Don't worry, be happy/I give you my phone when you worry, 
call me, I make you happy/Don't worry, be happy/Cause when 
you worry your face will frown/and that will bring everybody 
down so/Don't worry, be happy. 

Jane Harmon ; Four-year old looking in bookstore window: 
"What are those. Mommy?" Mommy: "Those are called books, 
honey. That's what they make the movies on tv from." 
Arthur J. Hilly (Hilly and Hilly Associates Inc.) : The 
decision, of course, is up to you but you might keep in 
mind that like many other decisions in life, it is usually 
easier to obtain forgiveness than to obtain permission. 
Homer : There is nothing more admirable than when two people 
who see eye to eye keep house as husband and wife, confounding 
their enemies and delighting their friends, as they themselves 
know best. 

Jesse Jackson ( Ebony , August 1978) : We are behind in a 
race and the only way to catch up is to run faster. If the 
New Generation is to close the gap and catch up, they must 
do so by disciplining their appetites, engaging in ethical 
conduct and developing their minds. A steady diet of violence, 
vandalism, drugs, irresponsible sexual conduct, alcohol and 
tv addiction has bred a passive, alienated, and superficial 
generation. The challenge is to close the gap, and decadence 
diverts one from the goal of catching up. 
Morally weak people not only inhibit their own personal 
growth but finally contribute to the politics of decadence. . . 
A generation of people lacking the moral and physical stamina 
necessary to fight a protracted civilizational crisis is 
dangerous to itself, its neighbors and to future generations. 
We need a sober, sane, disciplined army to catch up. 
Helen Keller : Life is either daring adventure or nothing. 
Lynn L > (Ann Landers) : All of^|et to feeling too mighty 
and too important at times. Here is a humbling truth that 
should help keep things in proper perspective: Man, despite 
his pretensions, sophistication and myriad accomplishments, 
owes his existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the 
fact that it rains. 

Samuel Johnson : Go into the street, and give one man a 
lecture on morality, and another a shilling, and see which 
will respect you most. 

M ontaigne (French essayist, 1533-92) : We are all made up 
fragments, so shapelessly and strangely assembled that every 
moment, every piece plays its own game. And there is as 
much difference between us and ourselves as between us and 


others . 

Judee A. Pouncey : If it's to be, it's up to me! 

Dr. William Nolen ( Crisis Time! Love, Marriage and the Male 

at Mid-Life ) : The man resists admi tting that there ' s anything 

the matter with him. If you tell a woman what's the matter 

with her, she will do what she has to do to get better. But 

a man will lie to you about his symptoms because he doesn't 

want to admit there's anything the matter with him. 

J>A.R . (Ann Landers) : Human males have been having sex with 

just about any animal that would hold still long enough, or 

could be beaten into submission. 

As you said, animal genes and human genes will not "mix" 
and it's a good thing. If they did, half the world population 
would consist of half goat, half fish, half horse, half cow, 
half pig, half dog, and probably half fencepost. 
Carl Sagan : I look into my daughter's eyes and ask myself 
what kind of future we are preparing for our children. We 
have offered them visions of a future in which unable to 
read, to think, to invent, to compete, to make things work, 
to anticipate events our nation sinks into lethargy and 
economic decay; in which ignorance and greed conspire to de- 
stroy the air, the water, the soil and the climate; in which 
we permit a nuclear holocaust. 

Our children long for realistic maps of a future they (and 
we) can be proud of. Where are the cartographers of human 

Tampa Tribune (May 18, 1987) : Ashley died in 1873 and shortly 
thereafter his black servant Nancy also died and was buried 


next to him. 

John Jackson, who was executor of Ashley's estate, erected 
the tombstone that reads, "Here lie William Ashley and Nancy 
Ashley, Master and Servant; faithful to each other in that 
relation in life, in death they are not separated. Strangers 
consider and be wise in the grave all human distinctions 
of race or color mingle together in one common dust." 
J. London and R. Wenkert : . . . adult teachers and adminis- 
trators have a responsibility to broaden the concerns of 
participants so as to encourcge a deeper commitm.ent to lib- 
eralizing educational experiences. One has a responsibility 
to individuals and the society to help them get what they 
need to fully realize their potential. 

Zhang Xianlians : A woman is the most loveable thing on earth, 
but there is something that is more important • Women will 
never possess the men they have created. 

I would never again be vulnerable to that humiliation and 
pain, but I would also never again know such Happiness. 

If you want to be at peace, then you must abandon yourself 
to the world. You must not fight it or try to control it. 
You must throw yourself into the world as it is created 
day by day: in that creation is the Way. 

Civilized lies not in directing, but in explaining a man's 
behaviour . 

i 0 

Choose to love. . .rather than hate. 
Choose to laugh. . .rather than cry. 
Choose to create. . .rather than destroy. 
Choose to persevere. . .rather than quit. 
Choose to praise. . .rather than gossip. 
Choose to heal. . .rather than wound. 
Choose to give. . .rather than steal. 
Choose to act. . .rather than procrastinate. 
Choose to grow. . .rather than rot. 
Choose to pray. . .rather than curse. 

Choose to live. . .rather than die. (unknown source) 

Comes the Dawn 
After awhile you learn the subtle difference 
Between holding a hand and chaining a soul, 
And you learn that love doesn't mean leaning 
And company doesn't mean security, 

And you begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts 

And presents aren't promises. 

And you begin to accept your defeats 

With your head up and your eyes open. 

With the grace of a woman, not the grief of a child, 

And learn to build all your roads 

On today because tomorrow's ground 

Is too uncertain for plans, and futures have 

A way of falling down in mid-flight. 

After awhile you learn that even sunshine 

Burns if get too much. 

So plant your own garden and decorate 

Your own soul, instead of waiting 

For someone to bring you flowers. 

And you learn that you really can endure. . . 

That you really are strong 

And you really do have worth. 

And you learn and learn. . . 

With every goodbye you learn. (unknown source) 

Dining partners, regardless of gender, social standing, 
or the years they've lived, should be chosen for their ability 
to eat and drink! — with the right mixture of abandon 
and restraint. 

They should be able, no, eager, to sit for hours three, 
four, six over a meal of soup and wine and cheese, as 
well as one of 20 fabulous courses. 

Then, with good friends of such attributes, and good food 
on the board, and good wine in the pitcher, we may well ask. 
When shall we live if not now? (unknown source) 
"Do you know what the really big word is, Helen?" Elsa asks. 
"I had it all wrong. Like most people, I suppose I used to think 
it was 'love'. ". . .But there's an even bigger one. 'Trust'." 
(unknown source) 

Today was fine. I didn't let anything bother me. And to- 
morrow will be even better! (unknown source) 
Why should men despair that some are granted more than their 
allotted three score and ten years? It is better to live one 
year fully than to vegetate for fifty years, (unknown source)