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December . JIS!1|1!S§§ 

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February JlliSil 2 2 E 

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600 N. Wiggs St. 
Griffith, IN 46319 

You’re late to school again. You know that Mr Pickett 
will count you tardy, and it’s your third time this week. That 
means Friday detention. There’s only one train pass allowed 
per semester, and anyone living on the wrong side of the 
tracks is bound to get stuck by a train just as they leave 
for school. Living in Griffith, there is no getting out of town 
without crossing those famous railroad tracks. 

“Usually a 7:30 train comes, so you have to try and beat 
it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t,” said junior 
Brittany Zajicek. Keeping track of time is hard for Griffith 
students when there are eight sets of railroad tracks sepa- 
rating the north side of town from the south 

Keeping track of friends and social lives, however, is 
something that many students have learned to do. Being 
trapped in a town by a ten o’clock curfew leaves options 
limited to students under the age of 18. There are more 
sleep-overs and overtime students make less time for their 
homework. Many end up rushing to get it done between 
bells and before the tardy bell that lets them know school 
is in session before seniors Laura Matovina, Darek Kowal, 
or Adam Brandner start off the morning with the pledge 
of allegiance. 

"I love to provide vital information to the fabulous students 
of Griffith High. I was fortunate enough to have Mrs. Men- 
denhall bestow the honor of announcement reader to me 
last yean” said senior Laura Matovina 

Balancing social schedules and school schedules isn’t al- 
ways easy, but it never hurts to try. 

“Now that I’m in school, I get to hang out with the friends 
I don't get to see over the summer. If I have homework, I 
just finish it before I have that class,” said junior Elizabeth 

As the year goes on, a calender becomes necessary 
because the next 180 days will be packed full of events. It 
starts with Western Days in August and ends with gradu- 
ation the following June. With everything that goes on at 
Griffith High, there’s something for everyone. 

“I hang out with Sara Nashkoff every day, but my other 
friends, only on the weekends. I see them less than I did 
when I was in Middle School,” said freshman Katherine 

The year is full of school events, social events, and home- 
work. Keeping track of it all may become tedious, but it can't 
hurt to try. By: A s hley Cogdill 


* I 

!L . 

15-18: Registration 

My mother. I II have to change my schedule 
for secondi semester. I thought gym class had 
swimming next semester and it doesn't. 

I 'David Jones. 10 

My mom registered me for school. I had to 
visit my counci lor at least seven times. 

[ 'Sam Hart. 12 

My mom. I had to change nty schedule be 
cause I didn't have a seventh hour. 

~ Elise Garcia.-fi 

My mom. I went with. Everything was alright 
didn t have to go to guidance for my schedu 
~ Frances Pietruch: 

23: First Day of School 

It's not real, it's bind of 

libe an ethereal feeling 

bnowing that the classes 

you are in are the last 

ones you will be tabing. 

Andrew Mazur. 12 

It was good. I had 
most all my classes uit 
all my friends from 1st 
year that I had. 

Ashley Rodger 

How was your first/last first day of high school this year 





G , 



Thursday Friday 

Saturday august sports 


25: Cla ss Meetings 

■ "Yes. because he told us what we had to do during 
■ the year to succeed. He told us how everything's 

important, not like the Middle School." 
f' m Ryan Galiher. 9 

"No. it's in the booh. Someone shouldn't have to 
3efl you:^You should just abide by it.' 

" Melissa Arnold. 10 

"No. 1 don't thinb so becuase people should already 
bnow what they have to do." 

~ Peter Lewis. 1 1 

‘1 thinb it should be for the freshmen who haven't 
been in the school yet and new bids." 

'Jessica Wachowsbi. 12 

<5 <5 


o E 

c> S 

More... Events 

1st Day of School and Class 

Meetings... Pg. 6/7 

New People and Exchange 
]| Students... Pg. 8/9 

Volleyball... Pg. 10/11 

1 1 % 

Boys' Soccer... Pg. 12/13 


1 1 Girls' Soccer... Pg. 14/15 


H Vi- 12: Merrillville (scrimage) 6:00 
li’j 6 19: South Bend Riley 7:00 
i jB-26: Chesterton 7:00 
Junior Varsity 

r J8-20: South Bend Riley 10:00 am 
i 8-27: Chesterton 10:00 am 

i 8-24: Michigan City 6:00 

Virsity/Junior Varsity 

8-16: Merrillville (JV/V) 6:00 
! 18-18: E.C.Central (JV/V) 6:00 
l 8-23: Morton (JV/V) 5:30 
H Js-27: Tri Meet (JV/V) 9:00 am 
i i jS-30. Lowell (JV/V) 5:30 

i ! 8-16: Merrillville 6:00 
i 8-18: E.C. Central 5:30 
i 8-20: Valpo Tourney 9:00 am 
i 8-23: Morton 5:30 

i i 8-24 Gavit 5:30 
It 8-30 Lowell 5:30 

ii 8-31 Clark 5:30 
boys Tennis 

i 8-16: Wheeler 4:30 
i 8-24: Portage 4:00 
i 18-25: Lake Station 4:00 
Girls & Boys' Cross Country 
I 8-27: Gavit Invite 7:00 
«P* -30: LAC Quad Meet 

I I 13: Kankakee Valley (V) 4:00 
18: Hammond (V) 6530 
20: Boone Grove (V) 10:00 am 
-22: Morton (V) 6:00 
-25: Chesterton (JV/V) 5:00 
27: Gavit (V) 1:00 
-31: Highland (JV/V) 5:00 

i 8-13: Kankakee Valley (V) 2:00 
8-16: Hammond (V) 6:00 
8-18: Hobart (JV/V) 5:00 
8-20: Chesterton (JV/V) 12.00 
8-23: Kanbabee Valley (JV/V) 

8-25: Gavit (V) 6:00 

8-29: E.C. Central (JV/V) 5:00 

8-30: Clark (V) 6:00 

(Jkacking: (ffcbt JJay* 

'J’a uza J^ eaupain. 

Many students fear the 
first day of school. For 
many, it means waking 
up and going to bed early 
and an onslaught of home- 
work. For others, it means 
seeing old friends again. 

Amanda Craven, fresh- 
man, didn’t have a very 
exciting first day of school. 
She said it was “boring and 
very confusing.” 

People new to the high 
school scene may not 
know what to expect on 
the first day of school, 
though many returning 
teens go about business 
as usual. Vanessa Gonza- 
lez, freshman said, “I was 
nervous, but everybody 
was real nice.” 

It seems that many peo- 
ple were waiting for school 
to start. Craven and Bai- 
ley Curtis, freshmen, are 
among those students. “I 

was extremely excited to 
see my friends, but I didn't 
feel like waking up early,” 
Curtis said. 

“Summer was getting re- 
ally boring, and there was 
nothing else to do,” Craven 

Many people were actu- 
ally able to fit in everything 
they wanted to do over the 
summer. Stephanie Nokes, 
junior said, “I got all of my 
credits, and I got to hang 
out with all of my friends 
and have a good time.” 

Sophomore Tracy Leon 
quickly prepared for the 
first day of school on the 
last day of summer break. 
“I went school shopping 
and shoe shopping. I also 
went to the bank to take 
out money, and I took the 
bus to school the next day," 
Leon said. 

Stephanie Hobbs, fresh- 

man said, “I got all my pen- 
cils, folders, notebooks, 
and backpack together.” 

In the first week of school, 
students encountered the 
new principal, Bill Cope. 
DeMonica Murdock, soph- 
omore said “He’s interest- 
ing. I don’t know him re- 
ally well, but he’s really into 
what he’s doing. He seems 
like a good person.” 

Crystal Gonzalez, senior, 
said, “He doesn't deal with 
issues too well, like the ta- 
bles at lunch.” 

Class meetings are a 
completely different thing, 
though. Many students 
simply didn’t want to go lis- 
ten to school rules again, 
mainly because they lis- 
tened to them all of the 
first day of school. 

So, all in all, the first few 
days of school went pretty 

“It's okay, but it could be better. I have most of 
my friends in my classes so it's okay. The classes 
are pretty well spread out." 

-Alexandria Tibbs, 9 





“It's alright because my first four classes are pretty 
much a breeze, but after lunch they get harder.” 

-Elizabeth Ramsey, 10 


w i just don’t like some of the teachers, 
was more of a selection of classes." 

wish there 



-Leondre Cobb, 10 

v r II 

To help out on the first day of school. Don 
las Ashenbaugh. sophomore, hands a cla 
boob to Kelly Staszab. junior. "The first dayt 
Spanish was really fun because we talbed an 
messed around.' said Ashenbaugh. , 

Walbing into class meetings, juniors Caitli 
Scott and Brittany Rawdon loob for a set 
among the tables before the meetings start.' 
thought they were bind of pointless becaus 
we go to it every year." Rawdon said. 

Kristen Horn 

Standing amidst the crowded lunchroom of 
students. Bill Cope, principal, wants to empha- 
size the importance of the school rules. "All 
in all. 1 thought the class meetings went really 
well.” said Cope. 

Before class actually starts. Katherine Martinez. 
Spanish, tabes attendance for the first time this 
school year, i sit down with the boob and decide 
what to cover and how long it will tabe." said 
Martinez about her class agenda for the year. 

Being handed a text boob. Natalie Bermudez, 
senior immediately opens it and writes her 
name in the front cover, as instructed. "1 was 
expecting a lot more homeworb the first day of 
school since we re seniors." Bermudez said. 

Teaching only until December 2. 2005, student 
teacher Eric Beard. English, took over for Lisa 
Megquier. English. He attended Purdue Calu- 
met. "While I was in school I got really into 
Literature and reading."said Beard. 

Kristen Horn 

While adjusting to her new teaching job. Chris- 
tine Chidichimo. math, makes sure her students 
don't have any questions. "I came here from Ga- 
vit. I like Griffith a lot better.There is a lot more 
school spirit and the bids are more motivated." 
said Chidichimo. 

Most freshmen find going to high school a 
scary thing. This is not the case for freshman 
Nicholas Udchitz. "I wasn't scared to start high 
school. It's a lot harder than middle school 
though, especially math.” Udchitz said. 

Jennifer Handley 

Kristen Horn 

Reflector: What do you like most about the 

Lim: I like soccer. I meet new people when I 

Reflector: If you could go home right now 
would you go or stay? 

Lim: I would stay because I came here to learn 
English and I am not done. 

Reflector: What is your favorite class? 

Lim: Gym. because I like sports. 

Reflector: Do you miss your parents? 

Lim: Yes. I miss them a lot. I only talk to them 
two times a week. 

Jennifer Handley 

Some new students like new schools because 
of the great classes. Junior Leonard Wilfinger 
is finishing up his Spanish homework. T came 
from Gavit High School in Hammond. It was 
okay, but I like Griffith better.” said Wilfinger. 

Updating herself on her brand new high- 
school. junior Jill McWhorter reads her new 
school's newspaper in the library.'T don't really 
like it here. It's really big and the school work 
is harder,” McWhorter said. 

It's a lot easier when you come to a new school 
freshman year, leave for sophomore and 
come back to all your old friends junior year. 
"Griffith is a lot better than Valpo. It's a lot 
easier too.” said junior Alexander Werbowski. 


Jennifer Handley 

One person having control of the entire high 
school must be difficult. Principal Bill Cope 
has taben on that responsibility. "1 really libe 
my job. 1 wanted to be a principal to mabe 
a difference in the bids' lives.” Cope said. 

"This is my first year teaching, but it's not 
hard because I've been studying French 
for 15 years.” said Lorrain Hageman. for- 
eign language. Hageman attended Griffith 
High School herself and graduated in 1987. 

Kristen Horn 

In some cases moving to another coun- 
try could be really hard but for senior Yiji- 
ang Huang it's easier. "Living here is really 
not that hard. The hardest part is trying to 
learn a whole nother culture.'said Huang. 

Kristen Horn 

(ft tyfkole rff&w 

7) T> _ • 

<P& : <P a * CL J_ope.z 

It’s great when students 
know the first day of school 
is coming around again. 
They get to walk around 
school and see all the 
friends that they didn’t see 
over the summer, they get 
to meet their new teachers, 
and they get to see which 
of their friends are next to 
their locker But what about 
new students? Or try being 
a student coming from an- 
other country. How do they 
even prepare for a day like 
that? Walking into a school 
where everyone looks like 
a complete stranger and 
they have no idea if anyone 
is going to talk to them may 
be a very scary thing. 

“It was a hard thing to do. 
I am glad people were nice. 
They started talking to me 
right away," junior Brad Wil- 

son said. When new people 
introduce themselves to 
the other students, it takes 
a lot of the nervousness 

Besides the fact that they 
have to meet over a hun- 
dred strangers, they have 
to get used to all the new 
teachers and maybe some 
rules they never had be- 
fore. they have to get used 
to the environment and find 
out what there is to do in 
this town. It’s probably not 
the easiest thing for new 
students to do. 

With all that to deal with, 
it could still be easy. But if 
you are one of the lucky few 
that get to come to Griffith 
High School from another 
country, not only do they 
have to meet all these 
strangers, but they have 

to walk around in what they 
know as a foreign world. 

It must be hard learning a 
whole other language. “It’s 
really hard, but it’s what i 
came here for," said soph- 
omore Kyung Hun Lim. 

Being new isn’t always a 
bad thing. Some students 
feel that thye get to make 
their first impression all 
over again and start a new 
life. The people that were 
complete strangers can 
end up being their best 
friends for life. They could 
even end up meeting thier 
first high school sweet- 

Sure it might be the hard- 
est thing to walk in a huge 
strange building with all 
new people, but people can 
always look at it as the best 
adventure of their lives. 

Jumping up as high as she can. junior Krista 
Glidewell tries to spike the ball down to her 
opponents, "live been playing volleyball] 
since fifth grade. I just love to play volleyball." 
said Glidewell. 

Diving for the ball on her knees, senior Cara- 
lyn Salczynski tries her best to return it to the 
opposing team. "[The best overall thing about 
our team ] is probably our determination." Sal- 
czynski said. 

Lyndley Qarfeson 

Lyndley GarG 

Listening respectfully to the country's National 
Anthem, the Griffith Lady Panthers Varsity 
Volleyball team joins hands and prepares for 
their upcoming game. The Panthers had a fun. 
enjoyable season. 

Squatting in anticipation, junior Elise Gate 
waits for a serve to go over the volleyball n< 
Garcia comments. My favorite part about « 
leyball is the team unity and playing Chine 
telephone on the bus.” 

Getting pumped up for their game, soph 
more Katie Kaiser: juniors Lisa Worley. Ashii 
O'Connor, and Elise Garcia: and senior Nice 
Kubacki. gather in a circle and yell out a cha 
of encouragement. 


Front Row: Kaitlyn Scheffel. Caralyn Salczynski. 
Krista Glidewell. Joy Helfen. Row 2: Alexis Gonza- 
lez. Amanda Tharp. Rebecca Curnow. Elyse Jan- 
ke, Elise Garcia. Row 3: Rita Gray. Nicole Kubacki. 
Danielle Fogarty. Don Whittemore, Katie Kaiser, 

Front Row: Amanda Rakowski. Amanda Koleski. 
Catherine Kus. Row 2: Nicole Koleski. Lindsay 
Lewis, Lindsay Brandner, Ashley O ' Connor, Shel- 
by Boilek. Row 3: Caitlin Moisant. Samantha Man- 
sanarez. Sarah Payne. Rachel Convery, Kimberly 

Front Row: Elizabeth Vargas. Alison McCampbell, 
Kelsie Belcher, Caitlin Stevens. Row 2: Jennifer 
Buxton. Christina Soy, Breanne Clark. Ashley Rog- 
ers, Gabrielle Leimbach. Row 3: Don Whittemore. 
Melissa Sipos. Alison Kitner. Rita Gray. Amanda 
Schleitwiler. Stephanie Nowak. Sarah Payne 

0 R 2 D KG33 CGxmG 0333CG0 

GB3QDG3S3II GfflS (311220 

a 02333? ED ffiSraZGCSfe 
£320? DGCnDa? G3ZH3 

Eb ft 03333? GEQ] C££CB 


G333323 GEOG QZC3333 

03 (33? CCD G03 scccd cm33? 
*Eb G3333? ES23S2Q2ZO 
S3 GSICS3 033322 GCS37 

“I think we could have done better, played 
more as a team, but I think we did pretty good 
this year and can't wait for next year." said 
freshman Jeffrey Melton who got to play on 
the boy s varsity team in a game against L.C. 

Playing a home game against Lake Central, 
junior Matthew Gurrola was trying hard to get 
the ball. "Whenever I'm out on the field. I just 
think about playing hard, not letting the team 
down, and about winning.'' 

Lyndley Clarfeson 

Front Row: Andrew Wright, Steven Siokos. Row 2: 
Zoran Kvrgic, Zachary Koch. Christopher Fuoss. 
Joseph Greichunos, Casey Colby. Row 3: Ron 
Knestrict Jr., Peter Lewis, Ryan Fentress, Sean 
Hansen, Miles Hall, Timothy Garibay, Jeffrey Rey- 
na. Jeffrey Melton, Ron Knestrict Sr. 

Front Row: Frank Alvarez. Tod Basham, Kyle Pal- 
inca, Danny Torok. Timothy Schell. Row 2: Zack- 
ary Duvnjak, Joshua Long. Andrew Wright, James 
Bobowski, Andrew Kime, Brandon Rukes, Daniel 
Rukes. Row 3: Jeffrey Melton. Nicholas Mullins, 
Ron Knestrict Jr., Kenneth Kurpela. Peter Lewis. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

"The games are my favorite part of playing 
soccer." says senior Ryan Fentress. "You get to 
show off all that you have learned in practice." 
Fentress tries hard to get bach to the ball in the 
game against Labe Central. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Jennifer Handley 

Getting ready for soccer practice, sophomore 
Jeffrey Reyna stretches, with a looh of aggres- 
sion on his face as he anxiously waits for prac- 
tice to begin. " Most Mexicans play soccer. It s 
in my blood. That's why I play.” says Reyna. 

Trying to get the ball to one of his teammates, 
junior Casey Colby kichs the ball away from 
Labe Cental athletes. “I've always played since I 
was a bid. and it's been fun. especially hanging 
out with my friends." says Colby. 

"Goofing around with the seniors was the best 
when I played." says freshman Kellie Bubala. Af- 
ter dribbling past two opposing players. Bubala 
sprints down the field towards the net . “They [ Ho- 
bart] had a lot of talent and were pretty good." 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Getting ready for the game is very important 
for Cathy Rudzinsbi. sophomore, and Amanda 
Uram. junior. "When we beat Munster for our 
last game last year was the best. We tried this 
year, but didn't quite mabe it." says Rudzinsbi. 


Once Jessica Bogner. junior, is tabing a breab. 
her coach. Ric Gonzalez, gives her some ad- 
vice on how to improve her game. "Soccer be- 
came fun when my friend Carly Dunn joined 
the team because I love Carly." says Bogner. 

Double-teamed by opposing players, freshman Ka- 
tie Lesniewsbi tries to fabe them out and receive the 
ball from sophomore Angela Kepchar. co-captain 
of the JV team. "Having Capytan' (Angela Kepchar) 
in the goal for butts up' was fun.” says Lesniewsbi. 

Lyndley Clarkson 


What was your most 
memorable moment? 

“My favorite part was when Sammi (Hol- 
mes) said she had shin splits.” 

- Christina Kireta. 11 

“It was when Andee (Mullens) tried to 
reach the goal and missed it." 

- Kelsey Berry, 9 

Liz Gollner 

A surprised reaction can mean a lot of 
things in the game. It could mean someone 
scored a goal or the team just lost a close 
game. It can also mean more than that to 
senior Mallory Gatlin. "The sleepovers and 
get-togethers were the best." says Gatlin. 

Row 1: Stephanie Hobbs. Kristen Yost, Lauren 
Clark. Cathy Rudzinsbi. Kasia Damsbi. Annie Her- 
nandez. Row 2: Mallory Gatlin. Amanda Uram. 
Jessica Koch. Samantha Holmes. Christina Kire- 
ta. Row 3: Colleen Vechey. Ric Gonzalez. Brandi 
Heidler, Megan Swanson. Caitlin Terpstra. Don 
Curtis. Joann Gatlin 

Row 1: Eriba Aldape. Kelsey Berry. Andea Mul- 
lens, Priscilla Sepulveda. Katie Lesniewsbi. Row 2: 
Talia Mcbinsbry. Michelle Plucinsbi. Erica Kudyba. 
Stacy Staszab. Jessica Bogner. Row 3: Joann Gatlin. 
Don Curtis. Angela Kepchar. Alexis Bozinovich. 
Samantha Royal. Ric Gonzalez. Colleen Vechey 


> 4 





Tuesday Wednesday 

**ci .. 

Labor Day- 
No School i - 

> »> iv*» 

' ' **■ -^5i. v 


VWiat /s owe thing you will remember abou 
Homecoming in ten years? 

Do you think the I-STEP+ show 
be required to graduate? 










5 . 





“I will remember it, because it was my se- 
nior year, and since I was new last year, 
I got to enjoy the time with my friends, 
and one of my best friends was crowned 


-Jessica L. Gallinatti, 12 






20 students surveyed 

More... Events 

ISTEP+ and Jumpstart... Pg. 

Cross Country... Pg. 20/21 
Homecoming... Pg. 22/23 
School Spirit and Parades... 
Pg. 24/25 

Alternative Learning... Pg. 

Craft Fair/Rummage Sale... 

Kristen Horn 

Conversing during jumpstart freshman Crystal 
Villarreal and junior Samantha Shuster fix each 
others math problems. "Jumpstart helped me 
a little bit. so I think I'll pass ISTEPs because 
of it." said Villarreal. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Working on practice ISTEP tests, sophomores 
Justin Abascal. Kayla Aguilera, and Jordan Ad- 
ams concentrate on each question. "I liked 
ISTEPs a lot because they were really easy and 
quick," said Abascal. 

Kristen Horn 

Finishing up a problem during jumpstart. ju- 
niors Caitlin Scott. Molly Orzechowicz. and 
Karissa O'Brien help each other out. " I liked 
jumpstart because the people that were in it 
made it more fun." said O'Brien. 

As ISTEPs come around students’ 
\ prepare themselves for the test that 
; determines their level of education. 
: Some students love it because they 
are able to get out of their normal 
, classes, while other stu- 
I dents dread having to 
take a another test and 
i stress out. One reason 
\ students wouldn't want; 

? to fail ISTEPs is that it 
[ is a requirement for 
graduation. Another reason to avoid 
having to take the jumpstart pro- 
| gram the following year. However, 
l jumpstart was intened to help stu- 
l dents prepare for the ISTEPs. “ I think 
■ ISTEPs are pointless, I hate having to 
[• stress over nothing,” said sophomore 

Lauren Pollard. ISTEPs usually take < 
up a little less than a week and our j 
taken by freshmen, sophomores, and j 
any students that have failed them ! 
in past. They do not affect grades 
for school, but they do 
show where the stu- 
dent stands with their 
knowledge from previ- 
ous years. Sophomore 
Caleb Westfall said “It ] 
(ISTEPs] doesn't help ! 
at all, I hate it! But their pretty easy * 
to pass.” Some students that took 
jumpstart only failed their ISTESPs by ; 
a few points. Jumpstart is a program 
for students who have failed ISTEPs 
so they can get help and prepare for 
ISTEPs the following year. 

“Yes, it’s very helpful. But it’s 
hard to pay attention because 
Kelly S., Justin Jones, and Mi- 
randa Pope are in it with me.” 

~ Molly Orzechowicz, 1 1 

Do you think jumpstart 
helped you at all? 

“It helped me, but it was very 
boring, and it took up too 
much of my time.” 

“ Miranda Pope, 1 0 

Quietly reading a jumpstart boob, sophomore 
Rhianna Koepp reads about different tips on 
how to tabe ISTEPs. i hated jumpstart because 
none of my friends were in it. but it helped me 
out." said Koepp. 

Listening to Marilyn Brunb. math during math 
jumpstart. sophomores Jose Zavala and Justin 
Jones get pointers for finishing their worb. Zav- 
ala was in both math and English jumpstart this 
year and Jones was only in math jumpstart. 

Kristen Horn 

Kristen Horn 

During jumpstart. junior Kelly Staszab writes 
on the chalbboard for fun. ”1 failed my ISTEPs 
by one point, so it wasn't too fun to have to 
tabe it (jumpstart). It was boring and easy." said 















\ 1 



Preparing herself for the ISTEPs. sophomore 
Melissa Arnold listens to the test directions. 
During this year's ISTEP testing they had a 
couple breabs. but did not give snacbs to the 


Q: What is your favorite part about cross 

A: It would have to be running with all of 
your friends and all of the stupid stuff we do 

Q: How do you get ready for a meet? 

A: I would stretch. listen to music and try to 
beep my mind off the race. 

Michael Beck. 9 

Q: What is the hardest part about cross 

Zorica Kvrgic. 12 country? 

A: The hardest part about cross country is 
having to wabe up at 5:00 in the morning 
and going to the school to run. 

Q: Are there any team traditions? 

A: Yeah, we sing along to a lot of songs on 
the bus ride home and then we do cart- 
wheels before a meet. 

Row 1: DeAndria Robinson. Josh Cunningham. Stefanie 
Brown. Jamie Freeman. Row 2: Michael Beck. Tim Male- 
wicki, Jenna Jones. Chris Bartley, Sarah Williams. Row 
3: Alana Massa, Jace McMuIlin, Mike Worosz. Kristen 
Mathews, Michael Cummins. 




Jace McMuIlin 

Running in the LAC black cross country meet, 
junior Stefanie Brown works through the pain. 
"Running isn't fun. but you can make it fun 
by beating other people that you are racing 
against." said Brown. 

Listening to music on the bus. freshman Ga- 
briel Muro looks out the window on the way 
to a cross country meet. “I listen to music be- 
cause it gets me pumped up before a meet." 
said Muro. 

Jace McMullin 

"I like cross country because everyone is more 
like a family than a team, and we don’t care if 
we win or lose. It is just nice to know we are 
there working hard and doing our personal 
best." said sophomore Jenna Jones. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

At the starting, line senior Josh Cunningham 
and freshmen Gabriel Muro and Tim Male- 
wicki wait to start. "There are slow, medium, 
and fast people. It's hard to pace yourself when 
you're the only fast one." said Cunningham. 

Trying to walk off the pain after running 
her last race in high school, senior Kristen 
Mathews is helped through the finish shoot. 

"The person on my right side smelled really 
good. " said Mathews. 

Beautiful dresses and football uniforms filled 
the night air as Homecoming King and Queen 
were announced at halftime on September 16 . 
Seniors Drew Rogowsbi and Renee Cabrales 
celebrate after being crowned. 

Events for Activities Day were all exciting, but 
for junior Tiffany Lidster. there was an espe- 
cially fun moment. “The tug-of-war [was the 
best part of Activites Day] because I kicked 
Nate Bryan in the groin." said Lidster. 

During an intense game of musical chairs, se- 
niors. juniors, sophomores, and freshmen bat- 
tle to be victorious of this event. Musical chairs 
was recently added this year to the group of 
contests at Activities Day. 

Jennifer Handley 

At the Homecoming dance, seniors Crystal 
Chandler. Andre Rodgers. Jessica Koch, and 
Jace McMuIlin boogy down. "Crystal Chandler 
[was the best part of the dance] because she 
danced like a majestic unicorn." said Koch. 

Kristen Horn 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Competing in the Human Tunnel at Activities 
Day. seniors Joy Helfen and Nicole Kubacki 
wait to begin. “The musical chairs [was the 
best part of Activites Dayl because it was fun 
to pick on the little kids." said Kubacki. 

rJi.ak.LrLQ rftemo*Le.b 

JZy. 9 (eli. (fta’z.kut 

After the first hectic weeks 
of school have passed, 
Homecoming is the first of 
many memorable activities 
for the Griffith High School 
student body. 

On September 16, 2005, 
all Griffith High School 
students gathered in the 
main gym for the annual 
activities day festivities. It 
featured many events and 
various students had the 
opportunity to sign up to 
participate. Some of the 
events included: the hu- 
man tunnel, musical chairs, 
one-armed basketball, and 
many relay races. The se- 
niors were the activies day 

Nominations for Home- 
coming Queen consisted 
of: Amy Baran, Sidney Go- 
vert, Renee Cabrales, Lau- 
ren Marinos, and Caitlin 

When Cabrales heard 
she was on court, she 
was surprised. “I found out 
from Ms. Jensen during 
3rd hour because I was ca- 
det teaching in the middle 
school in the morning. I 
was really happy.” 

The nominationsfor Home- 
coming King included: Colby 
Lamb, Christopher Man- 
sanarez, Brandon Pollard, 
Drew Rogowski, and Mat- 
thew Nelleman. Renee Ca- 
brales and Drew Rogowski 
were Griffith High School’s 
2005 Homecoming King 
and Queen. 

Surprised about win- 
ning Homecoming King, 
Rogowski said, “I thought 
Chris Mansanarez would 
win because he's never 
been out of any battle.” 

Not only were King and 
Queen announced, there 
was also a blow-out foot- 

ball game. Many Griffith 
residents came. The final 
score of the game was 
Griffith- 58 and Morton-13. 
This was the last Home- 
coming football game for 
the seniors. 

Rogowski said, “I’ll miss 
just being with the team 
and my friends." 

After the game, a dance 
was held in the school's 
cafeteria that was spon- 
sored by the Griffith High 
School’s Student Council. 
Many people danced and 
had a good time. Food 
and refreshments were 
served. The entry cost was 
five dollars. Last year the 
Homecoming dance was 
cancelled, so, many people 
were glad to attend it this 

This year's Homecom- 
ing is sure to be remem- 

Jennifer Handley 

Making minor adjustments to their float, the 
sophomore class council prepares for the pa- 
rade. "We fought Daniel Domsic. the governor 
and got to run around." said sophomore Nick- 
holas Ficht. one of the Ninja Turtles. 

Sitting in a class during Spirit Week, senior 
Sherron Johnson is dressed up for Tacky Day 
in a big wig and other apparel from the six- 
ties. Spirit Week allows students to have fun 
with what they wear. 

Jennifer Handley 

Concentrating on her work in class, junior Re- 
becca Curnow came prepared for Spirit Week. 
She dressed in mix-and-match black and gold 
to show homecoming spirit for Black and 
Gold Day during Spirit Week. 

Jennifer Handley 

"Spirit week is the only time you actually get 
to have fun in school and be crazy.” said senior 
Heather Crundwell. Along with Heather, ju- 
niors Ashlee Crundwell and Brittany Erickson 
dressed up. 

Before Activities Day begins, senior Jessica 
Koch helps out fellow senior Zorica Kvrgic. 
They dressed in mostly all blacb and gold for 
Spirit Week's Black and Gold Day to show sup- 
port for the football team. 

Jennifer Handley 

"I love school and I love to show my spirit." 
sophomore Jamie Freeman said. T thinb it's re- 
ally fun." Between classes, she stops to talk to 
sophomore Jessica Teasdale on Superhero Day. 
Freeman dressed up four days for Spirit Week. 

Jennifer Handley 

(JkackLng fiptit WVeeA 

(ftctivLte.5 J)ag. < W2/metA: fienioti 

"Activities Day was a lot of fun. It was 
great to watch everyone participate and 
show school spirit.” 

Jessica Shacblett. 12 

(/Loot *W2n/ietA: fieniou 

"The senior float theme was Batman. 
We had to make a new Panther and 
build Gothem City in a few days.” 

Cassandra Johnstone,12 c We.eA c Win.n.e.1!r. (fle±fun.eji 

"I dressed up every day and it was a lot 
better than middle school.” 

Amanda Craven. 9 

Jennifer Handley 

Clothes made out of duct tape and tin foil in- 
clude shirts, skirts, and even bracelets. Study- 
ing in Katherine Martinezs Spanish II class, 
sophomore Michael Lopez is dressed in a 
whole suit created out of duct tape. 

Before the Homecoming Parade, seniors Crys- 
tal Chandler and Ashley Stevens prepare to 
walk in FCCLA's Pet Parade by checking that 
their signs are on correctly. Their job was to 
make sure that nothing got left behind from 
the dogs. 

Sitting in Ed Hanko's AP Calculus class, senior 
Andrew Mazur concentrates on notes. Mazur is 
dressed in an original superhero outfit, a mask 
and shirt. He created them for Superhero Day 
during Spirit Week. 

"We were playing a game where we took a pilgrim- 
age through the town of Griffith. 1 read questions 
to other students in order to help us prepare for 
our Canterbury Tales test in AP English." said senior 
Emily Cutka seen here quizzing a classmate. 

Working on her journal in Kristina Collaid's English 
class, junior Ashley Perry thinks about what to write. 
Journals are just one way to get kids to really think 
about what their feelings are on a subject are and usu- 
ally involve some group discussion of the subject. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

What is your 
game to play 
in class? 

“My favorite game that we’ve 
ever played would have to be 
the review game we played 
in Mr. (Bob) Hasting’s world 
history class where you picked 
a number and the higher the 
numbers the harder the ques- 
tions.” Ashley Churitch, 1 2 

Jennifer Handley 

Strutting her stuff for a fashion show in Spanish 
class, junior Jacqueline Miskiewicz. wears various 
tilings like a hat. mittens, and a bee costume. "We 
had to dress up in different things because we were 
learning the names for them." said Miskiewicz. 

Lyndley Clarbson 

Do you ever sit in class and think: “There 
has to be a better or more exciting way 
to learn than just sitting there day after 
day taking notes?” Well, fortunately for 
students, many teachers now use meth- 
ods of alternative learn- 
ing. Most students prob- 
ably know the method 
as playing games, doing 
group activities, partici- 
pating in labs, or basi- 
cally doing any kind of 
learning that doesn’t involve taking notes. 

New Teachers such as Karen Jensen, 
social studies, are firm believers in al- 
ternative learning. “Not all people learn 
the same way. It’s good for students to 
see how other people are thinking. It 
helps to clarify the subject," said Jensen. 

Do projects and games really help peo- 
ple in all subjects? Jeanette Soy, senior; 
doesn’t seem to think so. “Doing projects 
and labs only helps me in some classes 
like physics. I don’t think that they re- 
ally help in classes like 
English,” said Soy, “One 
thing that really helped 
me was the basketball 
game we would play in 
Mrs. (Marilyn) Brunk’s 
math class. It really 
helped me learn from my mistakes.” 

So what is the best way to learn? 
In groups or when students are on 
their own? “It depends on the stu- 
dent. I like to give students choices, 
so however they learn they get the 
opportunity to do it,” said Jensen. 

Trying to get it right, seniors John Seiluns and 
Andrew Mazur, play the piano for their music 
theory class. “We were practicing the musi- 
cal scales on the piano to help us remember 
them.” said Seiluns. 

Helping a second grader at Franklin with his 
school work, senior Justine Yeager, spends her 
first two classes of the day cadet teaching, i like 
working with the kids because I get to go back 
to elementary school for a while." said Yeager. 

Laura Solivais 

During Sheila Vaclavib's English class, juniors 
Aaron Salczynski and Olivia Barlow joined the 
rest of their class in sitting in a circle and read- 
ing out loud. "We were reading The Legend of 
Sleepy Hollow ." said Salczynski. 

Jennifer Handley 

Tracking... Samantha Royal 

Name: Samantha Royal 
Grade: Sophomore 
Graduation year: 2008 
Q: How did you like the rummage sale? 

A: “I thought it was a big success and lots of 

Q: If you were asked to do it again next year, 
would you? 

A: “Yes, because it helped the band a lot and we 
achieved our goal.” 

Q: Where does the money go? 

A: “The money goes to the band booster funds. We have an ac- 

for our money that we raise.” 

Q: Does band have any other type of fund raisers? 

The rummage sale, a great 
time for people to get rid of 
all of their unwanted and un- 
needed items, was a great 
success and an even great- 
er time for the GHS band. 
Many people showed up at 
this event and the results 
were magnificent. With an 
estimate of about $800 
the band is proud of them- 
selves. Items like clothes, 
toys, food, decorations, 
and furniture were sold at 
this event. Year round band 
does different activities and 
events to raise money. The 
rummage sale in particular 
is one of the most fun expe- 
riences the band agrees. 
Other things like bake sales 
and the drumathon, two 
very successful fund-rais- 
ers, make the band feel 
proud and encourage them 
to keep striving to reach 
more goals financially. 

Junior Adam Gasper for 
instance had a great time 
playing with a lot of the old 
toys. Although he didn't 
sell anything of his own, he 
was in charge of setting up 
and organizing a lot of the 
things that were being sold. 
“It was a lot of fun and I had 
a good time,” said Gasper 

Some people had fun do- 
ing other things like selling 
baked goods. Freshman Mi- 
chael Beck admits to eating 
and selling the baked goods 
at the rummage sale. Ac- 
cording to Beck trying on 
all of the clothes after the 
bake sale was over was the 
highlight of the day. "It was 
fun to put together, and we 
raised quite a bit of money 
for the band," said Beck. 

“This special event spon- 
sored by the band inspires 
us to do more fund-rais- 
ers,” said sophomore Ja- 

mie Freeman. “When band 
does fund-raisers and they 
are successful the next 
goal is to do the same for 
the next event.” 

“We have a drumathon 
coming up, and like the 
rummage sale, we are hop- 
ing that it is successful,” 
said Freeman. 

Although all the band 
members were not able 
to make it, some still came 
through. Senior Kara John- 
son was not able to stay 
for the rummage sale, but 
she was able to bring items 
that she had for the sale. “I 
would definitely do it next 
year, I think it would be lots 
of fun,” said Johnson. 

Sophomore Matthew 
Cavasos was also a help. 
Selling food and making 
treats was his specialty. It 
was a lot of fun,” said Cava- 

"We had a lot of fun messing around." 
said sophomore Joel Gerber. While he and 
junior Steve Byrns helped out with the 
rummage sale they got to skate around as 

While helping out at the rummage sale sopho- 
more Ellen Hurdish jokes, i was acting like I 
was a narcoleptic patient." Hurdish said "I said 
I was testing merchandice for narcoleptic pa- 

Lyndley Clarbson 

Lyndiey Clarbson 

"Join band freshman year." said freshman Josh- 
ua Leep. Helping out with the rummage sale 
was fun and there was a lot to do. "People 
should join band and participate in the fund- 
raisers because they help out a lot." 

Holding up a sign for about five hours junior Eager to help out the band, sophomore Jenna 

Frank Davis enjoys his time to a certain extent Jones and senior Justine Yager help out with the 

because he got to yell. “The best part of the rummage sale."We were talking and having a 

rummage sale was eating all Michael Beck s good time, and whenever the band needs me I m 

Rice Krispy treats." says Davis. willing to participate in whatever." said Yeager. 









,qX x terrified 

<^ N of II. It 

JV* makes me cry." 

Laura Matovina. 12 

31: Halloween 


& i 

I* II 1 

4: Monopoly Tournament WVfe f \ 

I think... 

"It gave everybody a chance to come together 
and play the world s best game. It was fun seeing 
everybody getting together to play this legendary 

economic game. 

~ Andre Rodgers. 12 


just hung out with 
my friends. 

'Andrew Clark. 10 

Jennifer Handley 

Pumped up. sophomore Michael Zajac serves 
the ball to the other team. "I did a lot to get 
ready for that tennis match. I did the little things 
that get me ready for it. Junior varsity did well, 
but we could have done better.”said Zajac. 

Certain people have their own reasons for be- 
ing in the sport of their choice. For junior Matt 
Kuna it's not that serious. "It gives me some- 
thing to do and I like hitting people with the 
ball." said Kuna. 

Playing his hardest against Morton, senior Adam 
Brandner hits the ball to the opposing team. “I did 
great this year. I had the most improved record, 
which is great because I had the hardest competi- 
tion by far out of everyone, said Brander. 

Congratulating each other on a good play 
against Morton, juniors William Frets and Da- 
vid Konopasek share their happiness. "I think 
we had a very successful season. I can't wait to 
play next year as a senior." said Frets. 

r — — — — — — — — — n 

What was your most memorable 

moment in tennis? 

r — — — — — — — — — n 

What was your most memorable 

moment in tennis? 

Front Row: Michael Zajac, Bradley Popa. Kevin 
Konopasek. Row 2: Joshua Towne. David Kono- 
pasek. Joseph Zajac. Stephen Bakko. Alan Kus. 
Row 3: Evan Hixon. William Frets. Tracy Sines. 
Adam Brandner, Curt Konopaseb. 


With his racket in hand, senior Alan Kus re- 
turns the ball to the opposing team. Kus tried 
hard to win the match. “The match was hard. 
I practiced a lot for it. I was happy with the 

turnout.'said Kus. 

Jennifer Handley 

Serving the ball to Morton, junior Joseph Zajac 
tries his hardest to make it a good one. Griffith 
won that match 5-0. “Even though we didn't do 
great in sectionals it was a great season over- 
all." said Zajac. 

"I never played tennis before in my life. It gave 
me something to do with my extra time, "said 
freshman Kevin Konopasek while playing 
against Kankakee Valley. Griffith ended up los- 
ing that match with the final score of 2-3. 

(fA'cougA tAe. eyeA of... (figyal.JO 

Q: Do you think the school provides enough field trips for 
students to go on? 

A: “I think that if you’re in enough extra clubs then you’ll 
have enough to go on.” 

Q: What is your favorite thing about field trips? 

A: "Getting out of class, because you need a break every 
once in awhile." 

Q: What was the best field trip you’ve 
ever been on? 

A: “Going to the aquarium in third grade 
because the aquarium is one of the best 
places in the world, and if you haven’t 
gone there you should go." 

Jennifer Handley 

As she eats her lunch, sophomore Amy Fitzger- 
ald converses with her fellow drama members 
after seeing a musical. Fitzgerald states. “It was 
great to get out of school and go to see the 

Lyndley Clarbson 

Enjoying his bus ride to his music theory field 
trip, senior Jacob Gee drifts off into another 
world, He begins to boogey down as he listens 
to his music. Music is a way for some students 
to pass the time while on the bus. 

On their ACES field trip, juniors Billy Ca- 
hill. Eric Ritter, and Randall Zellers socialize 
amongst themselves. Ritter said. “[I most en- 
joy ACES field trips because] you usually do 
something you’ve never done before." 

Resting his eyes, junior Rob Buehler relaxes 
comfortably on the side of a boat. “ | The best 
part about going on field trips is) it gets you 
out of class and you get to learn." comments 

Lingering anxiously, some GHS Drama stu- 
dents wait for the bus to escort them on their 
trip to the Sound of Music . Field trips are pro- 
vided for bids who want to tabe part in extra- 
curricular activities, iibe the drama students. 

Jennifer Handley Lyndley Clarbson 

“[I go on field trips] just to have fun. 1 Iibe 
performances and stuff Iibe that." senior An- 
drew Vaclavib said. Vaclavib contently enjoys 
his meal on his field trip with music theory 
and mingles with friends. 

Savoring the view, junior Lisa Worley enjoys 
her architectural boat tour field trip. "I libed 
seeing the different sights that we saw along 
the river and the different forms of buildings 
that people could build.” comments Worley. 

Lyndley Clarbson 

( •Jakina a Bleak 

Aw/* x rr m n n ri t 

( ft took 

What kind of student 
doesn’t like getting out 
of their everyday school 
routine to do something 
more spectacular? Field 
trips are an excellent 
way for some students 
to spice up their day. Not 
only are they a nice way 
to relax from everyday life, 
but they usually provide 
educational experiences. 

Here at Griffith, there 
are various opportunities 
for students to go on field 
trips. Many of the clubs 
offered, provide field trips 
for their members to take 
part in. 

FCCLA goes on field trip 
outings to places such as 
nursing homes and home- 
less shelters. Their field 
trips are based on improv- 
ing the world that we live 
in. Sophomore Emily Ci- 
oroianu has been a two 

year member of FCCLA. 

Cioroianu says, “I go on 
field trips with FCCLA be- 
cause they’re an enriching 
experience and are fun.” 

Run by foreign language 
teachers Lorraine Hage- 
man, French, and Kath- 
erine Martinez, Spanish, 
International Club is yet 
another way for a student 
to get the chance to par- 
ticipate in field trips. This 
club visits places where 
they can learn about oth- 
er cultures and their tra- 
ditions. For instance, this 
year International Club vis- 
ited Chela’s and Medieval 

Allison Colgrove, sopho- 
more said, “The field trips 
are a nice cultural and 
learning experience.” 

Students that partake 
in the ACES program also 
get to enjoy field trips of- 

ten. This year, they have 
visited an aviation muse- 
um and a glass factory. At 
the museum, students got 
to look at different types 
of airplanes and have a 
discussion with a pilot. On 
their outing to the glass 
factory the ACES learned 
the process of making 

“They’re fun because we 
get to do things that we 
wouldn’t otherwise get to 
do if we weren’t in ACES, 
and we learn cool stuff,” 
stated freshman Kellie 

Field trips are exciting 
experiences that provide 
an alternative style of 
learning. They may help 
students learn in a hands- 
on way. Overall, students 
can obtain positive learn- 
ing experiences from field 

rfialloween 2005 

J}#: JStLtne.# rfilll 

Cold, wet and rainy are 
three words that could 
describe this year’s Hal- 
loween. One thing that can 
be concluded about Hal- 
loween is that not everyone 
celebrated it the same. 

“I don’t think it’s good to 
celebrate Halloween, be- 
cause in my religion, we 
view it as a day to celebrate 
Satan,” said sophomore Da- 
vid Jones. So some people 
might be asking "So what 
does he do on Halloween?” 
That’s simple. This year, he 
decied to go to his church, 
Kingdom of God Outreach 
Ministries. He also decided 
to bring one of his school 
friends, sophomore Jerry 
Anderson. When they ar- 
rived at church the pastor 
simply did a short sermon 
over Halloween and then 
the party began, a Hal- 
lelujah party that is. They 

played games, watched 
movies, and ate candy. 
Jones and Anderson both 
agreed that the food was 
their favorite part. “This 
year for Halloween I went 
to church to stay out of 
trouble and do right, it was 
fun,” said sophomore Jerry 

Meanwhile, when Jones 
and Anderson were at 
church, sophomores Alexis 
Hartman and Brooke Miller 
celebrated Halloween their 
way. “I dressed up like a 
football player and passed 
out candy with Doug, my 
boyfriend and Miranda 
Pope,” said Hartman. Hart- 
man’s favorite part of Hal- 
loween were the parties 
so that she could dress 
up in one of her many cos- 
tumes. Halloween weekend 
Hartman dressed up as a 
french maid, and partied 

the night away. Her most 
memorable Halloween was 
when she got stuck in Nick 
Choate’s disgusting football 
pads. “I love Halloween,” 
says Miller, “I get to go up to 
I.U. with my friends and go 
to college parties because 
it’s way better than staying 
here in G-town.” This year, 
Miller went trick-or treating 
with sophomores Sarah 
Cole and Kelley Cloghessy. 

Everyone likes to cel- 
ebrate Halloween in their 
own way. Some people go 
to church to hear about 
God, some people hand out 
candy, and other people will 
do almost anything to get 
out of Griffith. One thing is 
certain though; many stu- 
dents here at Griffith like 
to party on Halloween, no 
matter where they may 

Walking alone on Halloween night, freshman Josh- 
ua Leep goes trick-or-treating. "I like dressing up 
in something really stupid and getting candy for it." 
said Leep. This year. Leep dressed up in a robe and 
took an umbrella to shield himself from the rain. 

Lyndley Clarbson 

"Sometimes the Dice of Destiny' is very cool, and 
it's excitng.” said math teacher Ed Hanbo. Hanbo de- 
cides on whether or not to collect the classes home 
work by throwing the 'Dice of Destiny'. The tradition 
in Hankos class has been going on for years. 

As children came to his door, senior Leon- 
ard Wilfinger. handed out candy. "Halloween 
wouldn't have suched so bad if the weather 
didn't such." said Wilfinger. This year. Hallow- 
een was rainy and cold. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

"This Halloween I threw 
candy at all the mean 
little kids that I knew 
because they're really 
evil . " 

'Lauren Figueroa, 12 

"Halloween Is righ- 
teous because It’s 
lots of candy and I 
like to dress up like 
a nurse." 

-Alex Werkowskl, 11 

"I like Halloween be- 
cause I like to watch 
all the scary movies 
with that special some- 
one . " 

-Lauren Winleckl, 10 

"I like Halloween 
somewhat. This year I 
had football practice 
and after that I went 
home and ate candy." 

-Michael Tlnlch, 9 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Acting Iibe a doctor from off the movie "The 
Prince and The Revelation", junior Leonard 
Wilfinger dons scrubs and a colorful wig. 
"What was I thinking? What was I on?" ashed 

T can't wait till I get older so I can have babies!" said 
senior Jessica Koch. She couldn't stay away from 
junior Leonard Wilfinger's baby neice because 
she thought she was so cute. Wilfinger's niece was 
dressed up for Halloween as a baby witch. 

Lyndley Clarbson 


While drinking his coffee. Daniel Borders, 
freshman. listens to the students performing 
through the night. "The music was pretty good. 
That's why I went.” said Borders. "My favorite 
was when Danny (Maglish) played What 1 

Preparing coffee for his next custumer, senior 
Alan Kus takes orders from students who at- 
tended Coffee Night. Kus tried to make sure 
that all his customers were satisfied with their 
coffee and that all his orders were filled. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Tracking... Danny Maglish 

nr : SB 

- S 

Age: 15 


Grade: Sophomore 


What he played: “Dazed and 

k ,A 

Confused”, “Bring it on Home”, 

•Wasting Love”, “One”, “What I Got”, “Wish 

You Were Here” 

What made him want to perform at Coffee 
Night: “Playing the guitar is my life and I just 
love performing for people. It’s so much fun 

when you get into it, too!” 

Who inspires him: Nirvana, Metallica, Pink 



^Wake. 9fjp and fimell the 'Cpffe.e. 

Ingela 9( 

Who says that drinking 
coffee has to be right when 
you wake up? Why not add a 
little entertainment with it? 
Griffith High School Honor 
Society hosted Coffee Night 
on Wednesday, October 26, 
2005. It was a night for cof- 
fee, entertainment, and fun. 

Students went to hang 
out, drink coffee, listen to 
the performances, or sim- 
ply just watch the White Sox 
win the World Series “I re- 
ally liked the Sox fan booth 
type thing. The atmosphere 
was very dark with lots of 
music and coffee. I felt like 
I was in bed at night.” said 
sophomore Jenna Jones. 
The performances included 
guitar playing, singing, and 
a Backstreet Boy perfor- 
mance by seniors Andre 
Rodgers, Adam Brandnen 
Timothy Garibay, Darek 
Kowal, and junior Nathan 

“Myfavorite performance... 

I guess the Backstreet Boys 
because they were really 
funny,” said freshman Caitlin 

“I was A.J., Nate was Kevin, 
Andre was Brian, Adam was 
Nick, and Tim was Howie," 
said Kowal. Their perfor- 
mance was one of the fa- 
vorites by the students at 
Coffee Night. “We got the 
idea from Josh [Long] and 
we thought it would be inter- 
esting, so we got the guys 
interested in doing it,” said 

Another performance 
from the students was 
sophomore guitarist Danny 
Maglish. He played numer- 
ous songs during Coffee 
Night, and said he loved 
performing in front of every- 

“My favorite performance 
I would have to say would be 
Danny Maglish,” said junior 

Jimmy Kleist. 

“Definitely Danny [Maglish] 
and Dave Romesburg. 
Those were my favorite,” 
said sophomore Jake Ed- 

“I played six songs, but my 
favorite was What I Got’,” 
said Maglish. “I’m a little sur- 
prised that everyone liked it. 
I’ve been playing all my life 
and I just love playing for oth- 
er people, so I really wasn’t 
all that nervous.” 

So what will be expected 
next year at Coffee Night? 
Who knows? There is an 
infinite amount of perfor- 
mance possibilitiesa, music, 
and maybe some new faces 
will take the spotlight and at- 
tend as well as the old ones. 

“Everyone just put a lot of 
effort into everything and 
they were great. It was just 
really awesome,” said Kow- 
al. “I would definitely go back 
next year" 


Lyndley Clarkson 

Dim lighting was the main part of Coffee 
Night. As seniors Kristen Mathews and Timo- 
thy Garibay set up. they also have fun doing it 
together. "I had a lot of fun setting up and it 
was pretty easy.. .but mostly fun.” says Mathews. 

Performing as Bacbstreet Boys were seniors 
Andre Rodgers. Dareb Kowal. Timothy Garib- 
ay. Adam Brandner. and junior Nathan Bryan. 
“We re going to perform it again for the Tal- 
ent Show with choreography." says Kowal. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

While waiting to get up and perform her next 
number, junior Zorica Kvrgic tabes a breab 
and talbs with her friends. “(Coffee Night) was 
a great opportunity to express themselves and 
it was great because I was emcee." says Kvrgic. 


Do you think that 
GHS will make it 
to the state 
next season? 



r '■ i 

» 1 v 


If' » 


“starts at 

of all the things everyone 

got to do together. 

M, Q : What was your least 

favorite part? 

. A: "Having to come to 

Mi school at 3 A.M.. but I still 

© had a blast. 

Q: Do you think the 

Drum-A-Thon went well? 

A: There were a lot of 

people that showed up so 

yes. definitely. 

Q: Did you ever just want 
to quit? 

too much fun 

“I ate turkey, mashed 
potatoes, corn, ham, 
pumpkin pie. and 

~ Sandra Novath. 10 

"...turkey, potatoes, 
stuffing, maca- 
roni and cheese and 
some pie.” 

Andrew Karpati. 11 




< 4 * 

V * 



More... Events 

Babes in Toyland... Pg. 42/43 

Food Drive/ Blood Drive and ; 
Planning... Pg. 44/45 

Football... Pg. 46/47 



11: Veteran’s Day 

. \\ * 

The first ♦official. 1 .Veterar/s Day or 

« n i st i ce "Day, was. on. November 
l i9l'8j^The > *original^e!ebration 

narad^\amiv DublS^meet- 

"Yeah. as long as we 
work hard and do every- 
thing that we need to do 
in the off-season. It's not 
a matter of how big you 
are. it's a matter of how 
much you want it." 

Anthony Zarndt. 11 

18: Semi-State H 18/19: Drum-A-Thon 

"I'm going to say no. 
because 1 think we ll be 
losing a lot of strong 
players and it will be 
harder to achieve the 
goals we made this 

"Crystal Gonzalez. 12 

24/25: Thanksgiving: What did you eat? 

Q: Did you enjoy par 
C ticipating in the Drum A 

A: "Yes. mostly because 



nHMTjJll-3: Andrean (V) 7:00 
■flll -8: Wheeler (JV/V) 6:00 
li 11-11: River Forest (JV/V) 6:00 
11-15: Hammond High (JV/V) 6:00 
H 11-19: Gavit (JV/V) 6:00 
l: 11-26: Kankakee Valley (JV/V) 

11 11-29: Hebron (JV/V) 6:00 

i 11-10: Calumet 6:00 
1 11-22: Hammond High 6:00 
1 11-28: Highland 6:00 
- n 11-30: Hanover Central 6:30 

J 11-26: Crown Point (JV/V) 6:00 

: 11-30. Highland 6:30 
I Swimming 

m n- 29 : Highland (JV/V) 6:00 

T 11-17: Lowell (JV/V) 6:00 
T 11-22: Gavit (V) 5:30 

II 11-29: Highland (JV/V) 6:00 

; Wrestling 

T 11-26: Munster Frosh Invite (FR) 
9:00 am 

T 11-30: Lowell (JV/V) 6:30 

11-4: Sectionals Round Three 


* 11-11: Regionals (Hamilton 

I Heights) 7:00 

11-18: Semi-State (Northwood) 7:00 

Babes Graces the 
GHS Stage 

By: Jace McMullin 

On November 10, the Griffith High School auditorium was set 
and ready for its first production of the yean “Babes in Toyland.” 
After only seven weeks of preparation, the students involved in 
the musical were anxious and ready for the fun filled weekend 
to begin. As the lights dimmed for the opening performance, 
the audience got quiet and ready for the exciting fairy tales to 
come to life. 

“I tried out for the play because I thought it would be fun and 
people were telling me I should try out,” said freshman Michael 
Beck, who was on stage for the first time in high school. 

It takes a lot of different people to put on such a production 
as "Babes in Toyland. ” There are the actors, stage crew, lights 
and sound, pit band, and costume and make up crew. Without 
these groups of people, the musical would have been much 
harder to put on stage for the audience. 

Senior Jennifer Handley, who was a part of stage crew said, “I 
like the social experiences, and I like being a part of something 
that entertains people.” 

At first the dates for performances for the play were No- 
vember 11th, 12th, and 13th, but due to the football team’s 
win in the sectional championship, the dates were changed to 
November 10th, 12th, and 13th. 

“The audiance was great this play, they laughed at all of the 
funny parts,” said Handley. The audience included students, 
staff, parents, drama department alumni, and regular drama 
connoisseurs. Everyone involved in the play was also able to put 
on a show for all the elementary and middle schools on Friday, 
November 11th during school. 

“I am glad that I joined play this year, it has been a lot of fun,” 
said Beck. 

"Play is really fun because you get to do a lot 
of fun things. like pranks." said junior Kathryn 
Horn. Horn had to do her own hair for the 
play because there was only one that was per- 
son able to do hair in the play. 

Jennifer Handley 

Working on his lines with the drama director. 
Lisa Megquier. senior Jacob Gee gets some ad- 
vice on how things go. “The play was a lot of 
fun. even though some of the lines were very 
hard." said Gee. 

With an enthusiastic look on his face, junior Na- 
than Bryan practices his dance moves. “Danc- 
ing was frustrating and really fun all at the 
same time." said Bryan. Students often stayed 
late after school to practice their dances. 

Singing and dancing their hearts out. members 
from the Babes in Toyland cast put on a show for 
the audience. "Dance practice was hard because 
I had a lot of dances, but it payed off because we 
rocked the dance." said senior Jessica Koch. 

"This was my first play and it was an awesome 
experience to meet all the people 1 met that were 
involved." said senior Emily Cutba. A bond grew 
within the cast and made play a second home 
for a lot of students who are a part of it. 

Marching as toy soldiers, cast members of Babes 
in Toyland dance their hearts out. "This play 
turned out to be one of the best experiences of 
my life. I met some of the greatest people and will 
never forget them,” said senior Adam Brandner. 

Jennifer Handley 

Jennifer Handley 

I 12 

lAllison Colgrove. 

Q: How many plays have you been a part 

A.-, “seven." 

Q: What is your favorite part about being 
in play? 

A-. “That l sjet to be another character for a 
short period of time." 

Q; How many plays have you been a part 

A-. “one.” 

Q: What did you think about the play 
Babes in Toyland? 

A-. “1 thought it was a really nice play and 
had a nice story line." 


Q: How many plays have you been a part of? 
| A-. "five." 

I Q: What was the best part of the musical 
Babes in Toyland? 

I A-. "The best part of play was when we 
captured all the boy leaders, and put 
I Andre Rodgers in a sparhley jumpsuit.” 

* Q: How many plays have you been a part 
- of? 

" A -. “five." 

" Q: What did you do for the play? 
m A-. "I was a part of the sound crew and qot 
■ to wort with all the mihes." 


Jennifer Handley 

Leaning over the table. Eddie Covarrubias. 
choir, speaks with seniors Arkadiusz Ryzak and 
Andrew Mazur about the choir fundraiser of 
Santa Grams to help fund the trip to Atlanta. 

While looking through a magazine, sophomore 
Candice Tripp waits for instructions. "The clini- 
cians were awesome and a lot of people had a 
good time learning about the different instru- 
ments." Tripp said. 

Lyndley Clarbson 

After being handed a pamphlet, seniors Timothy 
Garibay and Kristen Mathews begin looking the 
paper over. At the time of the meeting Honor 
Society was having a cookie dough fundraiser to 
help with defray their trip to Washington D C. 

Row 1: Joshua Cunningham. Elizabeth Ryzak. Timothy Garibay. DJ 

Salmon. Caitlyn Lackey. Cassie Bailey Row 2: Ashley Cogdill. Elizabeth 
Thrall. Brian James. 

Arkadiusz Ryzak. 

Liz Gollner. Kyle 
Raduski. Jim Graff 
Row 3: Gina Gilge. 

Kelli Dewees. Jenni- 
fer Lawrence. Eliza- 
beth Ramsey 

Row u Ashley Roll. Amanda Koleski. Cassie Bailey. Aundalyse Par- 

quet. Keri Markut. Jamie Freeman. Nicole Koleski. Sheila Szo Row 2: 
Michelle Connor. 

Britney Hill, Aman- 
da Crook. Randy 
Degani. Saman- 
tha Royal. Emily 
Cioroianu. Cathy 
Rudzinski. Eliza- 
beth Ryzak. Rita 
Gray Row 3: Britta- 
ny Evanich. Angela 
Kepchar, Ellen Hur- 
dish. Daniel Dom- 
sic. Joshua Long. 

Auvon Chandler. 

Cassandra Nunez 

Sophomore Class Council: 

Helping to sort Santa Grams for the choir 
fundraiser efficiently, senior Connie Herrera 
bags the notes and moves to another stack. 
Herrera has been singing in the Griffith High 
School choir since she was a freshman. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Jennifer Handley 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Sitting together freshmen Elizabeth Thrall and 
Cory Jung have a snack at the Percussion Fest. 
"It was awesome. I don't play percussion, but I 
thought it would be a good experience because 
my brother wants to play drums.” Jung said. 

What do you think 
about fundraising? 
Do you help? 

“I like it. It’s fun. You 
get to sell interesting 
things, and you don’t 
have to buy whatever 
you’re fundraising for. 
You get a work ethic." 

'Ashley Roll, 

"I think they are good, 
but I don’t help because 
I never needed to fund- 

~ Melissa James, 

Row 1: Megan Swanson. Matt Kuna. Elise Garcia. Alexis Gonzalez Row 

2: Olivia Barlow. Kelly Staszak. Ryan Berry. Amy Miles. Samantha Kulig. 
Kelly Redden Row 
3: Molly Orzecho- 
wicz. Kelsey Troxel. 

Daniel MacFarlane. 

Robby Buehler. Co- 
rey Nash. Billy Ca- 
hill, Jessica Phillips 

Row 1: Caralyn Salczynsbi. Laura Matovina. Lauren Clark. Sidney Govert 

Row 2: Christina Lozano. Jessica Koch. Andre Rodgers. Mallory Gatlin. 
Amie Palmer. Joy 
Helfen Row 3: Russ 
Radke. Zorica Kvr- 
gic. Adam Brand- 
ner, Arkadiusz 
Ryzak. Caitlin Terp- 
stra. Alan Kus 

Lyndley Clarbson 

Celebrating their victory, the seniors of the 
football team pose for their final team picture. 
"[The highlight of the season was] beating 
Hamilton Heights in Regionals and making All- 
State my senior year." said senior Brian Bell. 

During a warm-up sophomore Douglas Ashen- 
baugh tackles senior Zachary Stevens. “(What 
I'll miss most about GHS Football is] running 
Monday Madness, winning games, and run- 
ning the route." Stevens said. 

Being lifted by the rest of the team, starting 
quarterback, senior Matthew Nelleman holds 
the bone high in the air after returning from 
the locker room during the regional game at 
Hamilton Heights. 


Lyndley Clarbson 

Row 1: Rex Cullen, Jeffrey Reitz, Jimi Nunez, Justin Ixiuie, 
Trevor Janbe. Sabri Amara, Jacob Fitzsimons, Dereb Hitt, 

Marb Blount, Austin Guzior, Michael Guistolisi, Colin Yar- 
nelle, Jerami O'Brien. Row 2: Ball Boy N. Kudyba Ted White. 
Julio Cisneros, Russ Rad be, Pat Janbe. Jimmy Masbovich, 

Matt Gonzalez. Alex Brandon, Jim Picbett, Brian Orbis, Bo 
Radbe, Abby Zamdt, Ballboy T. Kudyba. Row 3: Michael 
Tinich, Eric Ritter. Matthew Alvarez, Alex McCampbell, Corey 
Nash, Bryant Hobbs. Brandon Pollard, Brandon Veronesi, 
Drew Rogowsbi. Brian Bell, Anthony Zamdt, Zachary Udchitz. 
Nathan Vaughan. Row 4: Jacob Gazarbiewicz, Garrett Graves, 
Zachary Butbus, Leondre Cobb, Patricb Shirley, Adrian Bum- 
ham, Devin Heller, Zachary Macab, Brandon Brown, Gregory 
Joyce, Donald Roach. Marb Butbus, Danny Calhoun. Row 5: 
Marb Arndt, Joshua Hoogeveen. Eric Andree, Jarrod Macab, 
Colby Lamb, Beau Leimbach. Nathan Lehmann. Douglas 
Ashenbaugh, Daniel Woloszyn, Kyle Najar, Josh Gonzalez. 
Thomas Lenber, William Hobbs, Anthony Concialdi. Row 
6: Ryan Galiher, Zachary Stevens. David Alexander. Michael 
White, Brett Schoon, Christopher Mansanarez, Benjamin Gef- 
fert, Bradley Begesbe, Darrin Robbins, Rob Buehler. Matthew 
Nelleman, Andrew Nashboff, Kaleb Matthews. 


Row 1: Justin Kelley, Tyrese Buchanan, Brenton Strauch. Nicholas 
Udchitz. Joseph Spisab. Row 2: Austin Guzior. Nicholas Higgins. 
Michael Tinich. Michael Barlow. Michael Guistolisi, Marb Blount. 
Row 3: Abby Metsch. Alex Little. Zachary Butbus, Trevor Janbe. 
Jorge Castillo. Jeffrey Melton. Jourdan Thomas, Gregory Joyce. 
Ann Higginbotham. Row 4: Chris Babbot, Daniel Keller, Donald 
Roach. Andre Haynes. Bradley Hardin, Ryan Galiner, Patricb 
Shirley, Marb Butbus. Jim Picbett, Matt Gonzalez. 

••I •• A 

i \ 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Returning from the Iocfeer room during half 
time Griffith High School's football team 
sprints out to the field with much enthusiasm 
to continue their game for another victory, 
later to be added to their 13-1 record. 

"Try to be a part of the team as much as you 
can because it’s the only chance you'll have to 
play football." advised senior Michael White. 
Griffith's offensive line gets low to begin their 

Tracking... Spendings 



Mom $25.00 

Dad $25.00 

Friends $30.00 

Brothers. ..$150.00 O 

Girls $20.00 7 ? 

Total = $250.00 *£■ 


25: Christmas 

Hanubbah is bnown as the Festival of Lights or the Festival of 
Dedication. The eight-day Jewish holday starts on the 25th day 
of Kisiev. The month of Kislev usually falls in December or in 
late November. There are many versions as to the origin of Ha- 
nubbah and a different spelling for the holiday to go with each 

Dec. 26 - Jan. 2: Hanukkah 


• • „■ 


Monday Tuesday Wednesday 


I was at * 
home in 
bed sleep- 

Irwin. 9 

I was with 
Kelly Stas/iik 
at a friend's 

Geffcit 1 1 

Where were 
you when the 
clock struck 

More... Events 

Boys' Basketball... Pg. 50/51 
Girls' Basketball... Pg. 52/53 
Volunteering... Pg. 54/55 
Holiday Season... Pg. 56/57 


ec. 21-Jan. 2: Winter Break 

Christmas Day: Had dinner at 
grandma’s house in Indianapolis 
(mom’s side) 

New Year’s Day: Watched 

31: New Year s Eve 

As the surrounding crowd nervously hopes for 
the team to score another point, senior Mat- 
thew Coddington tabes a deep breath and con- 
centrates on perfecting his freethrow stance to 
make the basket. 

I.yndley Clarkson 

Basketball Facts 

1. Basketball was invented in 1891 by 
Janies Naismith. 

2. At first, hoops were made of wire and 
were only peach baskets. 

3. The three-pointer was first used by the 
NBA before the 1979-80 basketball season. 

4. The most points scored by one player in 
a single game is 100, set by Wilt Chamber- 

5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scored a record 
38,387 points during his 20 season career 
in the NBA. 


Lyndley Clarkson 

The crowd is on its feet and cheering as junior 
Nathan Lehmann recovers the basketball from 
the opposing team's basket. Anxious to contin- 
ue the game. Lehmann quickly looks around 
to pass the ball to another teammate. 

Showing off all of the hard work and practice 
he has put into basketball this year, sophomore 
Douglas Ashenbaugh is ready to pass to an 
open teammate on the court while trying to 
avoid the defensive team. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Trying to stop the opposing team from getting 
the ball, sophomore Jacob Fitzsimons watches 
the movements of the other players to know 
where to go next. This was Fitzisimons' first 
year on the varsity team. 

Watching a perfect freethrow shot go through 
the hoop, junior Corey Nash waits to get un- 
derneath the hoop in hopes of getting the ball 
and scoring more points. Nash played on both 
junior varsity and varsity teams this year. 

Row 1: Jeffrey Reyna. Jacob Fitzsimons. Daniel Vanek. Nicholas Doell Row 
2: Brian Bell. Aaron Salczynsbi. Douglas Ashenbaugh. Matthew Coddington. 
Bryant JJobbs Row 3: Nathan Lehmann. Matt Kuna. Benjamin Geffert. Mi- 
chael White. Alex Wilcoxson 

Row 1 : Devin Fogarty. Jeffrey Reyna. Daniel Vanek. Patrick Kolisz. Jeremiah 
Frankley. Desmond Neylon Row 2: Trey Bailey. David Alexander. Allen Mc- 
Clendon. Adrian Burnham. Jacob Fitzsimons 

Row 1: Travis Litke. Anthony Solivais. Danny Torob. Tim Malewicbi. Albert 
Webb. Nicholas Udchitz Row 2: Scott Brown. Joshua Gibson. Brad Hardin. 
Ryan Dixon. Nick Trauscht 

Row 1 : Annie Hernandez. Jessica Gallinatti. Molly Orzechowicz 
Row 2: Renee Cabrales. Amanda Croob, Ashley Baber. Alicia Kielbasa. Stefanie 
Brown. Keri Marbut Row 3: Samantha Quintero. Tony Scheub. Alana Massa. 
Megan Swanson. Tom Golumbecb. Kristen Mathews. Caitlin Terpstra. Sarah 
Bacan. Justin Jones 

Row 1 : Amanda Stinnett. Brittany Tinnin. Anna Williams Row 2: Lindsay 
Brandner. Stefanie Brown. Kellie Bubala. Brandi Heidler. Keri Marbut. 
Amanda Croob Row 3: Samantha Quintero. Justine Jones. Sarah Bacan. 
Megan Swanson. Justine Jones 

Row 1 : Ann Higginbotham, Shelby Boileb. Danielle Aguilera. Gabrielle 
Leimbach. Priscilla Sepulveda. Stephanie Hobbs Row 2: Alex Brandon. 
Abby Metsch. Britney Cabrales Jamie Chancellor. Stephanie Nowab. Jessica 
Henderson. Jamie Freeman 

Waiting with anticipation, the girls basbetball 
team watches the game and hope for another 
victory. "My goals for every game were just to 
win and send out a message to other teams to 
loob out for us." said senior Kristen Mathews. 

Although the team did not bring bacb the vic- 
tory of winning the Hammond game they are 
very proud of the effort put forth into it. “I was 
upset to lose to Hammond, but we worbed re- 
ally hard." said senior Caitlin Terpstra. 

Lyndley Clarbson 

"1 loved the team this year, we got along really 
well." said junior Annie Hernandez, "but I felt 
really sad when our season ended because we 
played really hard as a team and won a lot of 
games." said Hernandez. 

Lyndley Clarbson 

Focusing so that she can score, freshman Aman- 
da Stinnett concentrates on her goal. "I liked 
the basbetball team this year. We had a lot of 
fun. and all of the practices were the highlights 
of the season." said Stinnett. 

Ready to shoot the ball, freshman Lindsay 
Brandner pays close attention to her target. 
"Everyone on the team worked together and 
I loved being able to bond with everyone and 
improve ourselves as a team." said Brandner. 

Lyndley Clarbson 

Making the World a 
Better Place 

By: Darci Lopez 

To help people or work for no pay is what we like to call volun- 
teering. People have different reasons for why they volunteer. 

“It leaves me feeling with the satisfaction that I helped some- 
one and made their life easier in some way,” sophomore Emily 
Cioroianu said. 

Every year at Griffith High School a club meets, known as FC- 
CLA [Family Career Community Leaders Of America). In this 
club they take field trips to do acts of volunteering. 

“I like to visit them because they all seem lonely,” said junior 
Olivia Wagman. Whether it is visiting the elders or going to a 
homeless shelter, the volunteers seem to feel good about it. 

“I wanted to go to the homeless shelter because it’s a good 
experience. I felt good about myself by the end of the day,” said 
junior Megan Verbeke. 

Margie Keithley and Andrea McMullin, Family and Consumer 
Science, took on the responsibility of being the club’s leader. 
Though, running FCCLA, setting appointments, ect. Are kind 
of tough, teenagers are awesome when they are encouraged. 
They do great things and I wanted to be apart of it,” Keithley 
said, time FCCLA members take to help needy people seems 
to be worth it. 


What do you think of when you 
hear the word volunteer? 



th) ir> k 





i think of Unite' 

d V/ay s 


of fr ee 

BoboWSkU ' 

Prior, i ; 


Kelse v Troxei 



Donating food to the needy is a great way of show- 
ing you care about the world. Sophomore DeAndria 
Robinson is sorting the food that was brought in for 
the food drive. "It doesn't bother me that I stay after 
to help. It makes me feel good, "said Robinson 

Volunteer work can be done in many ways. Se- 
nior Crystal Bechtold is reading to an elemen- 
tary student on a FCCLA field trip. "Volunteer- 
ing makes me feel good about myself when I 
go to sleep at night." Bechtold said. 

photo provided 

photo provided 

Vacuuming the chairs to clean at the homeless 
center for FCCLA. junior Megan Verbeke con- 
centrates on making their home a nice place 
to be. i love volunteering and meeting people 
and just seeing how they live." Verbeke said. 

photo provided 

Sewing needed objects for the homeless shel- 
ter field trip for FCCLA. senior Mallory Gatlin 
does it with great pride. "Helping people makes 
me feel like 1 made a difference in someones 
life." Gatlin said. 

With her thinking cap on. sophomore Jamie 
Freeman tries to figure out the class percent- 
ages for the food drive to see who is the win- 
ner. Helping people make their lives easier is 
something I enjoy doing." Freeman said. 

FIRST ROW Aundalyse Parquet, Erin Moorejace McMullin, 
Jamie Freeman, Andre Rodgers SECOND ROW CassieJohn- 
stone, Jessica Mendosa, Antionette Rodgers, Cory Jung.Trisha 
Brumley, Emily 
Bailey, Joy Helferx 
Olivia Martinez, De 
Andria Robinson 

Ashley Roll, Laura 
Chandler; Jeanette 
Soy, Ellen Hurdish, 

Elizabeth Thrall, 

Timothy Schell, 

Britney Hill, Laura 

Student Council 

FIRST ROW: Michelle Conner, Timothy Garibay, Caitlin Terpstra, Mal- 
lory Gatlin SECOND ROW: Sarah Williams, Billy Cahill, Zoran Kvgric, 
Elise Garcia, Jessica 
Gerlich, Alexis Gon- 
zalez, Emily Cutka 
ivia Barlow, Joy Helf- 
en, William Hobbs, 

Lisa Worley, Megan 
Swanson, James 
Bobowski. Crystal 
Chandler, Elyse Jan- 
ke, Laura Matovina 

Man Kus , Nicholas 
Leep, Matt Kuna, 

Robbie Buehler, 

Adam Brandner, Na- 
than Lehmann, Lyndleyi 

FIRST ROW: Keri Markut .Amber Reed, Olivia Martinez, Catherine Kus, Katie Mill- 

er. Jessica Flutka, Caitlin Stevens, Katie Lesniewski, Christi Steffek SECOND ROW: 
Ashley Nagy. Jessica Mendoza .DeAndria Robinson, Felicia Sutton, Aundalyse 
Parquet. Ellen Hurdish. Jace McMullin, Jaimie Scholte. Crystal Chandler Brittany 
Erikson, Cassandra 

Johntsone, Kellie 
Dewees, Ashley Roll, 

Cassandra Nunez, 

Margie Keithley 
ci Lopez, Jaqualynn 
Ranck, Jessica Galli- 
natti, Jamie Freeman, 

Megan Verbeke, Ni- 
cole Koleski, Brittany 
Watts, Nicole Spe- 
jewski, Cassie Bailey 
Stephanie Hansen, 

Erin Moore, Kelsey 
Berry Holly Jusko 


Bechtold. Elli Krespo, An- 
tionette Rogers, Britney 
Hill, Laura Solivais, Mallory 
Gatlin, Danielle Wilson, Leah Morton, Connie Herrera .Lauren Clark. Destiny Cox 
FIFTH ROW: Olivia Wagman. Jessica Koch. Jessica Gerlich Auvon Chandler ,To 
sha Brumley Rebecca Curnow, Eliana Hernandez, Jeanette Soy. Ashley Arzerello. 
Katie Horn . Ryan Berry, Lynette Durham, Rachel Convery, Allison Colgrove .Sheela 

c did you. buy people fo* 'Cfi’tLbtm.ab ? 

Ashley Stevens, 12 

Happily singing carols around the school, senior 
Jaimie Scholte and junior Rob Buehler carol 
through the hallways during school. "I Iibed car- 
oling because I got to go bach and see a bunch 
of my old teachers.” Buehler said. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Helping to sort through the Santa Grams, se- 
nior Troyce Wachtstetter passes a gram off to 
fellow senior. Jacob Gee. The Santa Grams sold 
for a quarter a piece around Christmas time 
and were available from any choir student. 

Getting into the Christmas spirit, sophomore An- 
gela Kepchar opens her Christmas gift from her 
Secret Santa at the Publications Christmas party. 
"My favorite part of Secret Santa was finding out 
who my secret santa was." Kepchar stated. 

After he opened his stoching. sophomore Dwight 
Poole plays with his fireman toys that he recieved 
from his secret santa. Right before Christmas ar- 
rives. the two journalism staffs have a party where 
their Secret Santa reveals themselves. 

Decorating a cabe for someone's birthday in 
her AP English class senior Liz Gollner tries 
hard to concentrate so she does not mabe any 
mistabes. "Getting time off school is probably 
the best part about the holidays." Gollner said. 

Jennifer Handley 

3 can hei 

Will IIOI M 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Taking a day off from her school work, senior 
Mallory Gatlin uses her spare time to color in her 
AP English class. "I got a digital camera for Christ- 
mas." Gatlin said. ”1 like to take pictures so I was 
excited and I didn't have a real camera before." 

Lighting up the halls with her smile, senior Eliana 
Hernandez carols through Griffith High School 
in hopes of spreading some Christmas cheer. 
"Spending time with my family and friends was 
my favorite part of Christmas." Hernandez said. 


Lyndley Clarbson 

t/ie (§ea5on 

Jc LUta fiolivaib 

The malls are starting to 
get crowded and people are 
becoming a little bit cheerier. 
Houses are starting to light 
up with Christmas lights and 
decorations that everyone 
loves to see. This can only 
mean one thing, the holi- 
days are drawing near and 
people are on a scavenger 
hunt to find the perfect gifts 
for everyone on their list. 
For students, this means 
that winter vacation is right 
around the corner. This 
year winter break ran from 
December 21 through Jan- 
uary 2, at which time the 
students started packing 
up their backpacks and get- 
ting ready to return to the 
normal schedule of school 
and homework. 

Senior Justine Yeager was 
looking forward to winter va- 
cation because "I didn’t have 
to go to school, and I got to 

sleep in and spend more 
time with my friends,” Yea- 
ger stated. Over her holiday 
break Yeager didn’t really do 
much. “I just spent a lot of 
time with my friends and my 
boyfriend," said Yeager 

For sophomore Saman- 
tha Royal she was looking 
forward to the winter break 
because she was able to 
sleep in and go snowboard- 
ing. “My favorite thing to do 
over the break was getting 
lattes because they are a 
nice pick-me-up after frolick- 
ing in the snow,” Royal stat- 
ed. Besides snowboarding 
and drinking lattes with her 
friends Royal was also able 
to take a trip with her fam- 
ily. “I went to the Alps and 
drank hot cocoa with my 
family over break," Royal 

Another student excited 
for winter vacation was 

junior Adam Gasper. “My 
friend Mike was coming 
back into town, so I was ex- 
cited about that. He moved 
to Michigan last year in Oc- 
tober and it was nice to be 
able to see him again. I liked 
listening to my music over 
the winter break,” stated 
Gasper. “I like Christmas Eve 
better than New Year's Eve 
because it is before Christ- 
mas, you get presents, and 
it is more exciting,” said Gas- 
per. “I celebrated Christmas 
with my family this year by 
going to my aunt’s house. 
We had Christmas dinner 
over there," Gasper said. 

The malls thinned out, and 
decorations came down. 
With the holidays over, stu- 
dents could return to their 
schoolwork, clubs, and 
were able to get back on 
track with everything that 
was put on hold. 

house and watched 

movies all night." 

Q: Do yog have any 
traditions for new years? 
At "No. IjBo not have any 

tradition^ for New 

~ Year's 

^ after going to my 

^ friend's house the night 

— before." 

jz QtWhat is your favorite 
g part of New Year? 

A: "Not having school." 

Dr. Martin Luther 


* T 

ii J 

k A 



~ New Year s? 

'fi A: ‘1 slept in on New 

Q: What did you do for 

New Year's? 1 

A: "I stayaj at my uncle's — 

January 16th 2006 

On January 15th, 1929, a 
leader of the civil rights 
movement was born in At- 
lanta, Georgia. Dr. Mar- 
tin Luther King Jr. would 
grow up and lead a group 
of people against racism 
and other things that he 
and his followers thought 
were unjust. On April 
4th, 1968, he was shot and 
killed while giving one of 
his most famous speeches. 
If it wasn’t for Dr. Martin 
Luther King Jr., many feel 
that our nation wouldn’t be 
the same as it is today. 




Ashley Hart, 10 




Q. Do you like tmals? 

— A: "No. because 1 hate 
C studying." 

£ Q: What js the worst part 
t about finals? 

E A: Concentrating and 
.!£ trying to remember 
jv things from the 

beginning of the year." 

First Spmpstpr Yes ' se they 

*• ilSl OclllcMcl you what you learm 
InlBlls * throughout the whc 

January 12th Q a ^ , ^^h >rst 1 

and 13th, 2006 A: ‘Spending over an 

hour in every class 

Q: What do you do on 
your days off? 

A: i hang out with my 
friends and just have a 
good time." 

Q: What do you do on 
your days off? 

A: "1 go to my friends 
house and hang out or 
do things for my mom.” 

Q: How late do you sleep in? 

A: “It depends if I stay 
out late the night 


ill Mu 


W/i f 

ll*! f 

Row 1 : Crystal Gonzalez. Tabitha Minton. Lauren Marinos. Amy Ba- 
ran Row 2: Amber Detmar, Melony Cabrales. Stacy Sanchez. Saman- 
tha Kulig Row 3: Sheila Szo. Christy Leal. Lauren Pollard, Cassandra 
Nunez. Kathryn Galambos. 

Row 1 : Christine Obermeyer. Amanda Craven 
Row 2: Irma Solis. Katie Miller. Bailey Curtis. 

Yelling out a floor cheer, juniors Melony Cabrales 
and Samantha Kulig and sophomore Kathryn 
Galambos try to hit the right moves. Cabrales said 
"My favorite part of the season was cheer camp in 
the summer because there was a lot of bonding." 

"I like doing quarter cheers because we get 
to show off all of the hard stunts we've been 
working on." said sophomore Lauren Pollard. 
Between quarters, the cheerleaders lead the 
crowd with a floor cheer. 


Cheering on the floor during a time-out. soph- 
omore Sheila Szo hits a perfect motion as she 
leads the crowd. "Our squad was good this 
year because everyone had different abilities 
to bring to the squad," Szo said. 

Minutes before the game begins, the school song 
is played. "The school song is fun to perform be- 
cause the whole crowd claps with us." said junior 
Samantha Kulig. The school song is performed 
after every touchdown. 

Lyndley Clare 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Waiting alongside the Griffith Marching Band 
for "The Star Spangled Banner" to begin, the 
Pantherettes are all smiles. Before each home 
football game, the girls go out on the field to 
present the football players. 

Performing a dance during halftime of a varsity 
basketball game, junior Kelly Redden hits every 
dance move. “I really like performing at the 
games because the crowd gets really into it. and 
there's a lot of people there." Redden said. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Lining up in order on the track, the Panther- 
ettes wait to perform their halftime routine for 
the crowd during a home football game. ”1 like 
doing all the fun dances." said sophomore Brit- 
tany Evanich. 

Dancing along with the little girls from camp, 
sophomore Kelley Cloghessy. junior Kelly 
Staszab. and freshman Morgan Momcilovich 
lead the group in the performance. The group 
included girls from preschool to eighth grade. 

Row 1: Kelley Cloghessy, Brooke Miller, Jessica Phillips, 
Christina Lozano, Kelly Redden, Aimee Johnson, Lauren 
Winiecki. Alexis Hartman Row 2: Kaitlyn Gibbs. Miranda 
Pope. Brittany Evanich, Morgan Momcilovich, Lauren Cson- 
ka, Amy Miles. Kelly Staszak. 

Lyndley Clarbson 

Lyndley Clarbson 

Lyndley Clarbson 

=' — 

Listening to instructions being given to him. fresh- “Diving is so much harder than swimming," 
man Stephen Spataro gets ready to swim. Swim said senior Andre Rodgers. Attempting one 
practice was held every day right after school of his dives that he was going to do for the 
with diving practice at 5:30 each night. Swim- sectional competition coming up later in the 
mers even came in during Christmas break. year. Rodgers prepares to jump. 

Anticipating the start of his race, sophomore 
Andrew Aben waits for the official to start the 
race. “We had a good season even though we 
lost half of our team last year due to seniors 
graduating." said Aben. 

Tracking the Boys’ Swim Team Captains 

Kevin Meece 

Fun Info: “It gets me 
in a good mood to see 
my girlfriend make 
disturbing faces in the 

morning.” \ g 

Chris Parker 
Grade: 11 

Fun Info: “I tried to 
jump out of a win- 
dow one time, but I 
got pulled back in.” 

Joshua Long 
Grade: 10 
Fun Info: “At fool- 
ball games I dress 
up as a superfan.' 

In the water, junior Kevin Meece talks with 
teammates before the start of the season's 
sectionals. "This season the guys on the swim 
team became more than just teammates, we 
became friends.” said Meece. 

Lyndley Clarbson 

Lyndley Clarbson 
At diving practice, diving coach Doug Price 
give instructions to one of his divers. "Doug 
is really a good coach and always strives for 
perfection in all of our dives.” said senior Jace 

Lyndley Clarbson 

Watching his teammate race, sophomore Nich- 
olas Ficht waits to start his leg of the race. "We 
had a good season and we should be better 
next season." said Ficht. 

Row 1 : Dwight Poole. Stephen Spataro. Andrew Ahen Row 2: Carlos 
Sotres. Daniel Rubs. Tyler Louviere. Andre Rodgers. Matt Cavazos Row 3: 
Regina Ellis. Joshua Long. Zachary Koch. Chirs Parker. Adam Brandner. 
Nicholas Ficht. Billy Hilbrich. Michelle Cutba Row 4: Dan Hejmej. Nathan 
Bryan, Jace McMuIIin. Russ Romulfinger. Steven Byms. Kevin Meece. Tif- 
fany Lidster 

Climbing the diving board's ladder, junior Jeri 
Jones awaits her diving competition. " [ 1 decid- 
ed to compete in diving] because I ve always 
liked to swim and it was something new to try." 
said Jones. 

"I joined the diving team because 1 loved to 
feel the freefall in the air. I also like to be 
around my best friends." said sophomore Jen- 
na Jones who steadily balances herself on the 
diving board. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Swim ming Through 
A Pool off Parts 

<> Elephants are capable of swimming 20 
miles a day: they use their trunks as snor- 

<> Kangaroos are excellent swimmers. 

<> If you have blonde hair that goes greenish 
from swimming pool chlorine, put ketchup 
on it. and the pigment will balance out. 

<> Titanic was the first ocean liner to have a 
swimming pool. 

Lyndley Clarbson 

Stretched out 01 . J.z floor close to the water, junior 
Amanda Uram cheers for her teammate. "(The 
most memorable part of swimming was ] becom- . 
ing close with the team and having fun. too much 
fun." laughed Uram. 

Associating with the team, juniors Ashley Nagy 
and Lori Wartsbaugh chat. " [ The funnest activ- 
ity with the team was] yarning the boys' rooms 
with Amanda Tharp. Brittnay Rawdon. and 
Francis Pietrucha." said Nagy. 

Lyndley Clarbson 

Lyndley Clarbson 

Wading in the water, sophomore Ellen Hurdish 
attempts warming up in the cold pool water. 
Hurdish is preparing to swim her race. Hurdish 
said. "The best part of swimming was getting to 
know all the girls on the team. ' 

Lyndley Clarbson 

Cheering for her teammates during a swim 
meet in their home pool, freshman Lauren 
Mathews watches intently at the swimmers. 
"The best part of the swim team was hanging 
out with my friends. " said Mathews. 

Keeping count for her teammate's laps during 
a meet against Kankakee Valley, junior Amy 
Sloan holds the tracker underwater. Sloan 
could not participate this season because of a 
recent injury to her back. 

Front Row: Katie Lesniewsbi, Amber Tobias, Amanda Del Valle. Vanessa 
Gonzalez . Alyssa Szo Row 2: Jessica Koch. Frances Pietrucha. Jeri Jones. 
Angela Kepchar. Amanda Tharp. Brittany Rawdon. Ashley Nagy Row 3: 
Regina Ellis. Lori Wartsbaugh. Amanda Uram. Nicole Kubachi. Saman- 
tha Shuster. Amanda Purvis. Jordynn Tibbs. Michelle Cutfea Row 4: Dan 
Hejmej. Rebecca Curnow. Jenna Jones, Alexis Bozinovich, Russ Rommel- 
fanger. Amy Sloan. Ellen Hurdish. Zorica Kvrgic. Tiffany Lidster. 

Laura Solivais 

Trying to make his last turnabout dance fun. 
senior Michael White dances the night away. 
"I enjoyed this year's turnabout with my girl- 
friend.” said White. "Dancing was fun this year 
even if it was by myself.” 

With excitement in their eyes, senior Laura 
Matovina and her date, which was also her 
boyfriend. look at the design of his tie. Some 
people exchange ties and garters while others 
exchange nothing. 

Ashley Cogdill 

As the night came to an end. juniors Karolina 
Damski and Megan Swanson enjoyed the mo- 
ment with their friends from other schools. T 
had a lot of fun dancing with my date Brittany 
Rawdon.” said Damski. 

Ashley Coydill 

<lt’5 “Voa and cfte” 

fiamantfia 9(u/ig 

Turnabout this year was 
held January 27th on a 
Friday. The doors opened 
at 6:00 p.m. with the 
dance’s colors as silver 
and ice blue. It was held 
at Avalon Manor in Mer- 
rillville. Students had the 
entire day off from school, 
which gave the people 
going to the dance less 
stress trying to do every- 
thing that they had to do 
in a small amount of time. 
Last year, turnabout was 
held on a half day, which 
meant that students had 
only about four hours to 
get their hair done, pick 
up flowers, get dressed, 
do their nails, and all the 
other little things they had 
to do to get ready. 

When arriving at the 
dance, students entered 
Avalon Manor and were 
given a time to take pic- 

tures, which was also 
something new from the 
years in the past. As the 
music started, not many 
students were out on the 
dance floor, but were wait- 
ing for more people to 
show up. As the number 
of people at Avalon Manor 
grew, more and more peo- 
ple started to dance and 
have fun. 

“Turnabout gave me a 
chance to do something 
I’ve been wanting to do for 
a while with my friends by 
my side,” said junior Britta- 
ny Rawdon. “Kasia Damski 
was by far the best date 
ever!” said Rawdon. Some 
people just go with friends 
while others spent the 
night with their boyfriend 
or girlfriend. 

For the select few that 
were nominated for turn- 
about prince and princess, 

the anticipation grew as 
the night went on. Finally, 
the DJ announced for all 
the candidates to go to 
the lobby. The princess 
court candidates included: 
Miranda Pope, Brooke 
Miller, Lauren Winiecki, 
Alexis Hartman, and Lau- 
ren Pollard. The prince 
court candidates included: 
Timothy Cooper, Kyle Na- 
jar, Douglas Ashenbaugh, 
Brian Abbott, and Justin 
Hauser. As the dances 
theme song “You and Me” 
by Lifehouse played, the 
newly crowned prince and 
princess Douglas Ashen- 
baugh and Lauren Pollard 
danced while in shock 
of the prize they just re- 
ceived. After the dance 
many couples or friends 
went out to dinner or just 
went home from a night to 

As candidates, sophomores Alexis Hartman 
and Justin Hauser wait for the newly crowned 
prince and princess to be announced they 
clap for the other candidates. "I liked having 
matching dresses with Sam K," said Hartman. 

Ashley Cogdill 

Ashley Cogdill 

While sharing a romantic moment, junior Na- 
than Lehmann and sophomore Miranda Pope 
kiss. "Dancing was my favorite part of the 
dance." said Lehmann, "seeing my friends all 
dressed up and looking pretty was also fun." 

Ashley Cogdill 

At their first turnabout freshmen Jessica Fiut- 
ka. Kelsey Berry, and Emily Riley greet one 
another as they see each other all dressed up 
at the dance. Most freshmen took extra time 
to get comfortable enough to dance. 

Waiting for Michelle Connor, business, to an- 
nounce the new prince and princess, juniors 
Chris Parker and Christina Kireta hold the 
new crowns. "I liked crowning Doug this year 
because he's really cool." said Parker. 

(ft ow much, did you tpend? 

(/Ae following poll wat, taken by, 75 top/iomotei. 


Ashley Co^dill 

I Douglas Ashenbaugh 

(Jkockina (J'u'cn.about 
' Coutt 2006 1 

| c W^inne'c.6: J)ougla6 (flbhenbaugh. | 
and Ja uten tfolLatd 

Getting lined up and prepared seniors Josh Gon- 
zalez. Colby Lamb. Jarrod Macak. and Christopher 
Mansanarez stand ready for a snap shot. Gonza- 
lez's group inhered of him and his girlfriend se- 
nior Mallory Gatlin, and their senior friends. 


Showing off his moves, senior Colby Lamb dances 
for his group after the turnabout. "My most memo- 
rable part of turnabout was staying at the hotel be- 
cause it was fun with [Christopher) Mansanarez. 
[Michael] White, and others." said Lamb. 

Lauren Clarb 

Arms linked, senior Crystal Chandler and her 
friend Michael McCrary move to the music. [It 
was fun dancing with Mike because] he's one of 
few good dancers that's not afraid to have fun and 
just dance. ' Chandler said. 

photo provide 

Having the time of her life, senior Caralyn Salc- 
zynsbi wipes the shaving cream off of her face. 
"Chris Mansanarez was mad at me because I 
said something to him. so to get me bach, he put 
shaving cream on my face.” Salczynshi said. 

Giving it all he's got. senior Christopher Man- 
sanarez busts out some of his best moves. " [This 
turnabout was my favorite because] my group 
and date were fun. and 1 finally decided to dance 
for the first time this year.” Mansanarez said. 

photo provided 

Laura Solivais 

Dancing the night away, freshmen Sara Nashhoff 
and Katie Miller bust out their moves. ''[Turn- 
about was better than middle school dances) be- 
cause it's the first formal of the year,” said Miller, 
"and all high school grades are together." 

With all the couples together and ready to go. 
a group of freshmen stop to tahe a group pic- 
ture before heading off to their first high school 
dance. For most freshmen turnabout is a big 
deal because it’s their first formal dance. 




14: Valentine’s Day, 

"I got a build-a-bear. a card 
and a boyfriend." 

' Danielle Aguilera. < 

cago. dinner at the Cheese- 
cake Factory, and flowers, of 

I got a big chocolate heart 
and some roses from my boy 
friend. Pete " 

'Amy Baran. 12 

1 got lots of roses. 1 thinb 
there were two dozen and a 

card from my boyfriend. Nick 
1 also got a picture frame with 
our picture in it." 

'Miranda Pryor. II 

What did you get for Valentine's day? 


mm jr 


2: Groundhog Day 

The first Groundhog Day recorded was February 4 . 1841 . Originally 
it was a German tradition known as Candlemas Day. The tradition 
was always recognized during the mid-point of the Winter Solstice 

and the Spring Equinox. Part of the tradition was for the clergy to 
bless candles and distribute them to people in the dark of winter. 
There were lighted candles in the window of each home 



\ Basketball 

2-2: Clark (IV /V) 6:00 

2-3: Munster (JV/V) 6:00 
2-4: Kankakee (V) 

2-9: Hoart (JV/V) 6:00 
2-11-. Wheeler (JV/V) 1:00 
2-14: Clark (JV/V) 6:00 
2 17: Gavit (JV/V) 6:00 
2-21: Lake Station (JV/V) 6:00 
2-6: Gavit 6:30 

2-9: Lowell (JV/V) 6:00 

2-4: Regional Qualifiers: Steve 
Siobos. Chris Bartley. 
Brandon Archer. Austin 
Guzior. Anthony Concialdi. 
and Robbie Buehler 
2-11: Semi-State Qualifiers: Steve 
Siobos and Robbie Beuhler 

More... Events 

Science Olympiad. ..Pg. 72/73 
Wrestling. ..Pg 74/75 
Valentine's Day & 

Relationships. ..Pg. 74/75 

A Different Kind of 

by Angela Kepchar 

Most people think sports are physical. But have people 
ever thought about a sport that was all mental? Some 
students don’t consider thinking a sport. For the Science 
Olympiad team, it’s a whole different story to them. Thinking 
critically and working together as a team is a chance for 
these students to reach the top. 

Traveling to Northwest Indiana University was very excit- 
ing for the students in the Science Olympiad. However, in 
order to compete, it takes a lot of studying and testing in 
order for the projects to work. 

“It’s a one day competition where we build things and 
take tests in order to compete,” said junior Erin Moore. 

"This is all academic but I really like it." Moore has been 
competing on the Science Olympiad team for five years. 

Although returning students like it, some new students 
are joining along with them and sharing the experience. 

“It’s fun and you meet new people who are awesome,” 
said freshman Melissa Pilipow. "There’s a lot of scheduling 
events but overall, it’s really fun." Pilipow placed first in the 
division and fifth place in Valparaiso. 

So now students can put their thinking caps on and 
compete in this kind of sport. It might be new to them but 
everyone can try new things. 

Bacb row: Ellen Hurdish. James Bobowsbi. Daniel Domsic. Nicholas Leep 

Middle row: Alan Kus. Emily Cutba. Erin Moore. Michelle Plucinsbi. Me- 
lissa Pilipow, Michael Bech Front row: Jessica Koch. Sharon Koch. Lyndley 


As the machine he built races by. sophomore 
Billy Hilbrich is proud of what he has created 
during his time in Science Olympiad. Think- 
ing hard and teamwork with other students 
will make his racer go faster in races. 

Studying for an important competition is the 
bey thing for preparation before sophomore 
Daniel Domsic competes. Placing high in the 
competitions is very important to him so he 
can advance closer to state finals. 

I.yndley Clarbson 

As she blows into her homemade instrument, 
freshman Cory Jung enjoys playing in front of 
her fellow teammates. "I got that instrument 
two days before the competition and I learned 
how to play it by then." Jung said. 

Lyndley Clarbson 

Lyndley Clarbsc 

“It's interesting to get a chance to learn about 
things that you wouldn t learn in a normal 
class.” said sophomore Ellen Hurdish. Hurdish 
and junior Erin Moore carefully plan out what 
they are going to do for their next activity. 

Lyndley Clarbson 

Reviewing on what needs to be done, junior 
James Bobowsbi and freshman Carly Dunn 
decide what their next project will be. "Oh. 
shoot! Robo." said Dunn. "It was one of my 
greatest sayings during that time." 

Lyndley Clarbson 

T've worked for three years and my dream was 
to beat T.J. (Thomas Jefferson) and I finally did 
from all the hardworb I've accomplished.” said 
freshman Catherine Kus. This can tell you that 
hard work really does pay off. 

"Overall. Science O. did great this year as a 
team and it just makes me really proud of 
everyone." said freshman Michelle Plucinsbi. 
Plucinski and freshman Melissa Pilipow both 
plan to return next year with another great year. 

What do you do 
in Science Olympiad? 

1. Students test their knowledge against 
other students from different schools. 

2. Students make and build exciting 

3. They study and test in order to com 
pete in their next competition. 

4. Everyone meets new people and work 
with different challenges. 

5. Everyone has a wonderful time 
working in this kind of sport. 

On the ground before a wrestling match, 
freshman Austin Guzior stretches out his legs. 
Stretching is an important part of any sport. 
The athletes are less likely to get hurt or sprain 
a muslce. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Looking to the referee for the okay signal to be- 
gin. junior Steve Siokos gets ready to wrestle at 
regionals. The host for regionals this year was 
Calumet High School. Two wrestlers from Griffith 
were able to advance to semi-state this year. 

With a glare in his eyes, senior Kaleb Mat- 
thews looks to the other side to see if he 
could spot his opponent before a match. 
Matthews was one of two that were able to 
redeem the title of conference champions. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Lyndley Clarkson 

In the ready position, junior Brandon Archer 
awaits his opponent at sectionals. Highland 
was the sectional host. Archer has wrestled all 
three years of high school and plans to return 
next year. 

Row One: Jairett Brownd, Brandon Archer, Steve Siokos, 
Kaleb Matthews, Rob Buehler, Andrew Karpati, Caitlin 
Moisant, Anthony Zarndt Row Two: Danielle Fogarty, 
Anthony Concialdi, Justin Louie, Kyle Dapshis. Mat- 
thew Azpeitia, Jimi Nunez, Jeramy Love, Lorris Smith 
Row Three: Chris Bartley, Nick Higgins, Gabe Muro, 
Nick Gonzalez, Corey Breclaw, Austin Guzior, Michael 
Cummons Row Four: Mr. Madez, Michael Beck, Travis 
Walls, Joe Spisak, Nick Choate 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Gazing out, junior Anthony Zarndt watches 
another wrestling match in anticipation for 
his own match to begin. Zarndt. along with his 
teammates, did their best to show support for 
their fellow wrestlers. 

In a line for the National Anthem, the wres- 
tling team tabes a minute to give thanks to our 
country. "It (wrestling) seemed like a tough 
challenge and I wanted to see if I could take 
it." freshman Michael Beck said. 

Almost pinned down by his opponent, junior 
Andrew Karpati tries to escape the pin at sect- 
tionals. The wrestlers struggled during the 
season. In the face of adversity the wrestlers 
always maintained a positive attitude. 

Taking a break from his homework and sur- 
prised to get a rose from his Valentine, fresh- 
man Brad Hardin treasures it and realizes it's 
from someone special. T got the rose from this 
girl. Bailey Curtis." said Hardin. 

As they stand in the hall waiting for class to 
begin, freshman Michael Beck and sophomore 
Cathy Rudzinski stand by their lockers and talk 
before the time comes for them to depart from 
each other. 

As he enjoyed the roses he received, senior Alex 
Pierson smells the roses blissfully and awaits for 
more on Valentine's Day. " [ Brad ] Popa and 1 
were messing around with this at the time."said 
Pierson. "That was pretty funny though." 

Jennifer Handley 

Brad Popa 

/We & in the rfti*. 

J5y. : rftngeLa 9(epcAa*. 

. When people think of 
Valentine’s Day. they think 
of people giving flowers, 
candy, cards, and teddy 
bears to their boyfriends 
and girlfriends. All through 
the day all everyone can 
hear is “I love you” to one 
another. Hugging and kiss- 
ing is everywhere in sight. 
However, if people don't 
have a boyfriend or girl- 
friend, they still don’t have 
to celebrate this holiday 

“I’m usually alone but 
sometimes I’ll hang out 
with my friends who are 
couples,” said sophomore 
Timothy Sconza. 

”1 don’t do anything at 
all,” said freshman Carly 
Dunn. ”1 usually celebrate 
Valentine’s Day by myself 
or hang out with friends.” 

Although they had plans, 
people with boyfriends 

and girlfriends had plans 
of their own to share this 
holiday with them. 

”1 celebrate by going out 
with my lover,” said junior 
Amy Sloan. 

“My boyfriend is going to 
come over and have dinner 
with me,” said sophomore 
Melissa Falkner. 

“I was supposed to hang 
out with my guy on Valen- 
tine’s Day,” said sopho- 
more Jessica Mendoza, 
“but this year I'm grounded 
so I can’t do anything.” 

Love can be described 
as many things. [There 
are many meanings to 
different people]. It can 
mean loving you special 
someone. Love can also 
be described as liking 
something so much that 
you just can’t stand being 
anywhere without them. 
This type of thing can be 

very hard to explain and no 
words can describe what 
true love is for there is an 
infinite amount of answers 
and one isn’t enough for 

When you ask someone 
“What do you think about 
love,” this question may be 
the most difficult question 
ever asked. 

“It’s really confusing, but 
it has a great feeling to 
it,” said sophomore Sarah 

“It’s evil,” said junior Tyler 
Louviere. Some people see 
it as complicating. Others 
see love as unexplainable 
and confusing. Many stu- 
dents say love is good and 
others may have to wait 
until they get married. 
Many ideas are expressed 
about love whether it’s a 
positive or negative feeling 
about it. 

Happy to receive flowers on Valentine's Day. 
Sarah Payne, math, stops teaching for a few 
minutes to gaze at her beautiful flowers. "They 
were sent by my husband." said Payne. T got 
them seventh hour. It was a surprise!" 

Brad Popa 

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? 

“I like to party and have fun. 1 
usually don’t celebrate Valentine’s 
Day.” -Matthew Post, sophomore 

“I go out to eat with people. Then, 

I find a way to have more fun 
after that.” -Ashley Ames, freshman 

“[I celebrate it with] a bag of chips 
and pop.” 

-Steven Byms, junior 

Jennifer Handley 

After each class, senior Alex Wilcoxson and 
sophomore Erika Aldape talk about what their 
plans are for the night. “He came over and had 
dinner with candlelight with me.” said Aldape. 
“He made me pasta for dinner." 

Spanish classes were also celebrating this holi- 
day by making homemade Valentine's Day 
cards and writing them in Spaninsh to a special 
someone. Katherine Martinez. Spanish, saw this 
as a fun way to celebrate Valentine's day. 

/ MK 

A.) • I went to Fort Lauderdale 
with Mike While, Colby Lamb, 
and Trenton Keelen. We beached 
all the time and checked out the 
hot chicks." 

B.) I hung out with 
my friends most of the 
time and played a lot of 

C.) I went to Chicago and I also 
went to the movies over spring 

D.) I stayed home and went 
to work to make money to 
support my jeep. I didn’t go 
anywhere on vacation or any- 
thing like everyone else.” 

• I#-* 3 m. *? '> & 

Match the senior with 
what they did over spring 






Students were instrjjfew 
ed to write a five para- 
graph essay on bullying 
using part of the story 
they read in their fourth 
hour class from Rowing 





T 3-28: Merrillville (V) 4:30 

T 3-30: Hobart (V) 4:30 

Junior Varsity 

T 3-28: Merrillville (JV) 4:30 

T 3-30: Hobart (JV) 4:00 



T 3-25: Calumet (V) 12:00 

r 3-30: lake Station (V) 4:30 

Junior Varsity 

H 3-30: Lake Station (JV) 4:31 



T 3-3: E.C. Central (F) 4:30 

Girls Track 

Varsity/Junior Varsity 

T 34: Noll Relays (V) 10:00 ai 


T 3-13: LAC Indoor (Noll) (V] 

1 4:30 

T 3-16: Wheeler (V) 4:30 

Boys Track 

Varsity/Junior Varsity 

T 3-14: LAC Indoor (Noll) (V) 

1 4:30 

T 3-16: Wheeler (V) 4:30 

T 3-21: Noll Relays (V) 5:30 

T Mnll Dnlnvrc (X7\ 

More... Events 

Mardi Gras/ Bowling Club.^B 
Pg. 80/81 

Spring Break . Pg. 82/83 
Mid Summer Night's DreamHI 
Pg. 84/85 

t ^ 

Racking up the Party 
at GHS 

When it becomes winter time there are some new 
things that start happening at GHS. Around November, 
students start gearing up for the “bowling season” at 
Griffith. Bowling club will be just around the corner and 
students are all trying to get the trophies at the end of the 
year. Students start looking for others to be on their three 
person bowling team. Some students became frustrated 
because their team members were not reliable. 

“My team did fine other than the fact that we only had 
two people showing up,” said freshman Lawrence Ma- 
tovina. “I honestly absolutely hate bowling club. No one 
really cares about bowling at all,” continued Matovina. 

Even though bowling club is not fun for some people other 
people like junior Olivia Wagman thought that the whole 
bowling club experiance was a lot of fun. 

“I like that you can go and just bowl and have fun with 
your friends while bowling,” said Wagman. “It is kind of 
funny because I am the worst one; not only on my team but 
the whole league,” laughed Wagman. 

Around the same time that bowling club is going on, a 
holiday not may people celebrate goes on at the same 
time. Mardi Gras happens the day before Ash Wednesday 
where people eat a lot of food with family and friends. 

“I don’t usually celebrate Mardi Gras, but it is cool be- 
cause of all the parties that are going on," said Freshman 
Rosetta Dorin. International club sold Mardi grams to stu- 
dents so they could send beads and a note to their friends 
for Mardi gras. 

By; Jace McMullin 

Row 1 Jenevieve Bocfe-Goode. Michelle Mojica. Emily Bailey. London Young. Andrea Mullens. 

Kelsey Berry, Ashley Lenber. Kirsten Rex. Mary Granter. Tanisha McKnight. Stephanie Hobbs. 
Catherine Kus. Katie Miller. Katie Lesniewsbi. Row 2 Chloe Thompson. Crystal Jones. Kelsey 
Belcher. Amanda Stinnett. 

Destiny Cox. Codie Olar. 

Kristen Yost. Cory Jung. 

Michelle Plucinsbi. Aimee 
Johnson, Brianne Finny. Talia 
McKinstry. Elizabeth Vargas. 

Row 3 Ashley Davis. Irma 
Solis. Gina Gilge. Natasha 
Subotic, Ashley Rodgers. Brit- 
tany Bechtold. Kaitlyn Euber. 

Kellie Bubala. Stefanie Kru- 
bowsbi. Ashley Ames. Alexa 
Dragoin. Elizabeth Arellano. 

Caitlin Lozano. Eddie Co- 
varrubias. Row 4 Jessica Flut- 
ba. Broobe Studniarz. Carly 
Dunn. Alison Kitner. Alexis 
Bozinovich. Ashley Azzarello. 

Heidi Pierson. Danielle Ivy. 

Stephanie Nowab. Stacy 
Staszab. Kandice Cobb. 

Freshmen Girls Choir 

Row 1 Josh Cunningham. Elizabeth Ryzab. Timothy Garibay. DJ Salmon] 

Caitlyn Labey. Cassie Bailey. Row 2 Ashley Cogdill. Elizabeth Thrall. Brian 
James. Arbadiusz Ryzab. Liz Gollner. Kyle Radusbi. Jim Graff. Row 3 Gina 

Gilgie. Kelli Deweese. 1 == ^| 

Jennifer Lawrence. Eliz-| 
abeth Ramsey. 

Brad Popa 

Getting ready to bowl his next frame at bowl- 
ing club, sophomore Matthew Cavazos trys to 
concentrate. "I enjoy bowling club because it 
is something that you can do with your friends 
and have fun." said Cavazos. 

“It was difficult to make sure that the mardi 
grams went to the right class." said junior Ryan 
Berry. Berry and other students helped out 
after school one day to try to figure out where 
all the different mardi grams had to go. 

Jennifer Handley 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Brad Popa 

Trying to not mess up. sophomore Elizabeth 
Ryzab helps the international club with Mardi 
grams that were sold during the week, "it was 
fun making all the mardi grams with the peo- 
ple in International Club." said Ryzab. 

Writing scores down, junior Randall Zellers 
waits for his turn at bowling club. "It was fun 
bowling with all of my friends." said Zellers. 
Students in bowling club meet at Plaza Lanes 
every Thursday. 

"Bowling is not the coolest sport, but it has 
some of the coolest people in it." said junior 
Daniel Woloszyn. Griffith students often bowl 
to have fun with their friends after school is 
out for the day. 


Q: What is better: Bowling Club or 
Bowling Team? 

Y 4 

A: "Bowling team because it is much 


more competitive and you learn a lot 



Q: How long have you been bowl- 

IQ: What is better: Bowling Club or 
| Bowling Team? 

A: “Bowling team because you get 

to bowl against other schools.' 

Tiffany Lidster 


■ Q: How long have you been bowl- 

I A: "Six years.” 


Q: What is your favorite part about . Q : What is y° ur favorite P art about 
bowling? ' bowling? 

A: “You get a lot of friends when you I ^he awards that you can get for 
bowl.” _ — ,| domSjre 11 ^ — — 


A: “Since I was 2 1/2. 

Adam Vania 


Whether it's driving her sister around, going to 
■work, running errands, or just going to a friend's 
house, senior Lisa Markut is always on the run to 
go places. A majority of teenagers in high school 
rely on their cars to get them places. 

Working and earning money could be a good 
thing over break. "I worked four days at Boz 
Hot Dogs which I didn't like.” said sophomore 
Angela Kepchar. "By the time break was over I 
got paid so that was awesome.” 

Picture Provided 

Attending a jewelry party, sophomore Samantha 
Royal sits down and chats with sophomores 
Amanda Crook and Keri Markut as they await 
the starting of the party that was hosted by 
sophomore Ashley Roll. 




a EMU H§:E>PlTfg|BT^a l k^ 

“I had track practice all 
week. I didn t have fun 

because the coaches 
made it hard; but the 
people are cool.” 
-Michael Cummins. 9 

‘I went to Florida for 
six days. I went to the 
beach and visited my 
cousins over there.” 

- Kimberly Tuzar, 10 

Picture Provided 

Playing basketball in the school, freshman 
Amanda Stinnett tests her skills out on the 
court. Practicing really hard can take a lot of 
time but it pays off. Spring Break was a perfect 
opportunity for practicing for games. 

Picture Provided 

tfpting R te.ak ib (ftete! 

(/tngela 9(fyocA at 

After cramming tests all 
in one day and finishing up 
homework, students were 
ecstatic to hear the bell ring 
at the end of the day. This 
can only mean one thing: 
school's out and it's Spring 

Screaming for joy, running 
out to the parking lot, and 
papers flying was what you 
could see on this day. Stu- 
dents couldn’t wait to start 
having fun. A number of stu- 
dents traveled over break. 

“I went to Texas for four 
days," said sophomore Brett 
West. “It was fun and then I 
hung out with my friends 
when I got back home.” 

However, those who didn’t 
travel stayed here in Griffith 
and found their own kind of 

“I was stuck at home baby- 
sitting; but when I wasn’t 
baby-sitting I went out and 
hung out with my friends,” 
said junior Samantha Shus- 


Sports were also taking 
place over Spring Break. 
Our athletes either had 
practices or games to play. 

“I played baseball the whole 
week," said sophomore Ja- 
mar Averyhart. Baseball, 
softball, boys and girls track, 
tennis, and golf were all the 
sports that were taking 
place over Spring Break. 

However, another por- 
tion of students had to work 
over break. Whether it was 
getting paid or doing it vol- 
untarily, students put all 
their hard work into it know- 
ing that they did something 
good over Spring Break. 

“[During Spring Break I] 
worked on construction 
with my family, cleaned the 
house, and cooked food 
everyday,” said sophomore 
Amanda Purvis. When she 
wasn’t working or cooking, 
she got the chance to hang 
out with her friends and 

have some fun. 

“I had to go to tennis prac- 
tice everyday over spring 
break. We had to be there 
by 9 o’clock everyday so I 
didn’t really get to sleep in 
that much," senior Laura 
Solivais said. 

“I was glad when spring 
break did get here though 
because I was ready for a 
break from all the tests that 
we had right before we left 
for break,” Solivais said. 

Of course, the most popu- 
lar thing to do over break 
is to hang out with friends 
and go out. What better 
thing to do over the days 
off from school than to 
hang out with the friends 
everyone has? Once spring 
break ended that just ment 
that summer vacation was 
just around the corner and 
soon the seniors would be 
walking across the stage 
getting their diplomas. 

Sitting quietly outside on a great day. sopho- 
more Emily Cioroianu escapes her mind into an 
exciting booh. Although this could be one of her 
favorites. Cioroianu still had the time to hang 
out with friends and still finished her booh. 

Traveling out of town for Spring Breab, junior 
Jeanette Bridegroom goes to Texas with her 
"friend sophomore Rachel Convery. “I got to 
| see my family and go to the beach," said Bride- 
o groom. 

2 . 

Pholo Provided 

Concentrating on the game, junior Alana 
Massa worhs hard as she tries and mahes the 
shot.Tve been scrimmaging throughout Spring 
Breab." says Massa. T wanted to get better so i 
just went to practices over breah." 

As they cruise on their ATV. sophomore Kyle Gor- 
don and freshman Anthony Solivais stop to talh 
to Solivais mom while riding around places. "We 
were going to the Badlands over Spring Breab.” 
said Gordon. 

Watching over their fairy queen, freshman 
Catherine Kus said. "Acting in GHS produc- 
tions is very fun and A Midsummer Night's 
dream was very magical. I enjoyed this play 
and 1 think that everyone did an awesome 

Only moments after the last show, senior 
Adam Brandner said. "I was really happy to get 
the part of Oberon. It was a lot to memorize, 
but when it was all said and done it was one of 
the best things I've ever done in my life." 

Midsummer in 

“Lord, what fools these mortals be", said by Puck , is pos- 
sibly the most well-known line in this years play, A Midsummer 
Night’s Dream. In this play, the reality world and the dream 
world collide. A Shakespearean play was not an easy one to 
take on. Improvisation is nearly impossible, and quite stressful 
for the young actors. 

The play’s director, Lisa Megquien English, said that “It was a 
play that I always wanted to do, and I’m glad that we decided 
to take on Shakespeare. It really turned out great." The sets 
were much like a fantasy and had a fairy tale feeling to them. 
Being Shakespeare, the lines were difficult to memorize and 
pronounce. It took some time for the actors to understand 
what exactly they were saying. Ultimately the students were 
able to pull it off an put on and extraordinary show. 

Junior Kathryn Horn said, “This play was a lot of fun. Every- 
one did a really great job, but I think that my dog did better, ha 
ha." It took hard work and dedication from everyone involved 
in this play in order to pull it off. Commitment was shown all 
around by cast and crew. 

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream was probably the best play 
we have done recently because both cast and crew worked 
their butts off. Even though we are losing a lot of seniors af- 
ter this production, I think all the training and hard work will 
rub off on the younger students and allow them to become 
talented actors," said senior Liz Gollner. A Midsummer Night's 
Dream is a legendary play. A lot of hardwork and dedication 
must be put forth by the actor and director to make the play 

By: Amber Tobias 

Jennifer Handley 

Enthralled in his dramatic scene, senior Jacob 
Gee practices for opening night. "I enjoyed 
playing the part of Nicb Bottom and 1 hope 
I'm remembered for this part and not others." 
said Gee. 

Only a couple hours away from the opening 
performance, sophmore Amy Fitzgerald rolls 
in dirt to give her costume the perfect touch. 
“This play was definitly one that I will never 
forget." said Fitsgerald. 

Jennifer Handley 

Jennifer Handley 

Working vigorously. Bridgett Vechey. hangs up 
a piece of material to give the bacbround the 
right effect. “I really liked working on the sets. 
I just wish I wasn't sick during try-outs or I 
could have been in the play, said Vechey. 

Tidbits About A Midsummer 
Night's Dream 

"A Midsummer Night s Dream" inspired 
four hundred years of stories and pic- 
tures of tiny, butterfly-winged people 
living in the woods. Walt Disney’s fairies 
are their descendants." 

Today’s Religious Right is divided on the 
question of whether the play is good fam- 
ily entertainment or a Satanic exercise. 

For over 200 years, the play was 
never put on stage except as adapta- 

The popular movie "Dead Poets Society" used 
the play as a metaphor for young people 
choosing nonconformity. 

The "play-within-a-play," which retells 
a story from Ovid. looks like Shake- 
speare’s parody of his own "Romeo and 

\ 'll 


^Vhat;was your 

Babko and 


do too. 

** # “ 

kj\ \ \ j ✓/( your favorite part about the play? N ' 
\ / 'A: iWKere after the^ plays everyone 

i ✓ would just hang out and have. fun." 

r :■ 

from the mu- 

rsical RENT? 

to do filming. 

and all that 

I ~Members of Choir~seeth~ \ 
b musical RENT in Chicago 







4-15: Si n th Bent Riley 1 1:00am 
4-17: Bi H top Noll 4:30 
4-20: Libel! 7:00 
4-22: B 1 :bford H.S. Trny 11:00s 
4 -25 : H>barr 4:30 
4-27: Ki T babee Valley 4:45 
4-28: H.Thland Invite 4:30 
4-29: highland Invite 9:00am 

4-1: flollie Grove 12:00 
4-3: Ch 1 .terton 4:30 
44: Ka)\bakee Valley 4:4# 

4-0: Mu Titer 4:30 





Ai ‘Algol ftp) (dilHl4h 


4-5: Whiling @ Paileats 7:15 

4-22; Hanover Central (2) 10:00am 
4-24: Lowell 430 
4-25: Boone Grove 430 
4-26: Hobart 430 
4-28: Kankakee Valley 4:45 
4-29: Merrillville (2) 10:00am 
: reshmen 

■ iiting 4:30 
bar! 4:30 

one Grove (2) 12:00 
-well 4:45 

tmhahee Valley 4:45 

K 17: E.C. Central 4:30 
18: Labe Central 430 
P 19 : Andrean 4:30 
4-20 : Gavit 4:30 
4 - 25 : Munster 4:30 

4-28: Kanbabee Valley 5:00 
4-29: North Judson (2) 10:00am 

4-3: Gary West Side 4:30 

4-6: Calumet 4:30 

4-7: Whiting 430 

4-8: Labe Central (2) 10:00am 

H 4 10: Hobart 4:30 

4-12: Kanbabee Valley 4:45 
4-14: Munster 4:30 
4-17: Highland 4:30 

H 9: Andrean 4:30 

1 : Bishop Noll 4.30 

4 6: Calumet 4:30 

4-8: Center Grove Trny. 10:00am 

4-10: Hobart 430 

4-12: Kankakee Valley 5:00 

4 14: Munster 4:30 

4 15: Crown Point 10:00am 

4-17: Highland 430 

4-19: Andrean 430 

4 21: Bishop Moll 4:30 

4-22: Chesterton (2) 10:00am 

4-24: Lowell 4:30 

4-26: Hobart 4:30 




1 1 4 4 LAC Quad Meet (JV/Vj 4:30 
i i 4-11 LAC Quad Meet (JV/ V) 4:50 
4-20 Lowell (JV/V) 4 45 
4-26 Highland Invite (JV/V) 430 
T 4-28: Munster Invite (V) 430 

4 4 : I AC Quad Meet (JV/V) 4:30 
411 LAC Quad Meet (JV/V) 4:30 
4 20 Lowell (JV/V) 4 45 
4-24: Hobart Little 5 (JV/V) 430 
4 26: Highland Invite (JV/V) 430 

4 4. Calumet (JV/V) 4 00 
4-11: Highland (JV/V) 4:00 
4 14 Morton (JV/V) 4:00 
4 17 : Lowell (JV/V) 430 
4 18 Wheeler (V) 430 
4 21 Clark (JV/V) 4:00 

4 - 25 : 

4-29: KV Invite (JV/V) 8:00am I 


T 4-4: Lowell. (JV/V) 430 
T 4-6: Clarb (JV/V) 4:00 
T 4-8: KV JV Invite (JV) 10:00am 
H 4-11: Lake Strion (JV/V) 4:00 
T 4-13: Hammond (JV/V) 4:00 
T 4-18: Whiting (JV/V) 4:00 
T 4-19: Wheeler (JV) 430 
H 4-20: Morton (JV/V) 4:00 
H 4-21: Crown Point (JV/V) 4:0o\ 
T 4-25: Bishop NoU (JV/V) 4:00 
H 4-27: Calumet (JV/V) 4:00 
T 4-28: Hanover (JV/V) 430 

‘anything with for family for 

then after church I go to my 

Tracking More 


Labs... Pg. 88/89 
! Girls Tennis... Pg. 90/91 


Q: 'Did you go toitHtAtaf 
ent show? 

A: "Yes." 

Super Bowl and D.E.C.C.A. Com- 
petitions... Pg. 94/95 

Tnlont p 
IHlCfll |A: "The song 

Show ■ by the on effre 



“ * 1 ■ ■ lor merFat ur^ 

7:00pm' A:6^mny. he; 

Q: Did you like the talent 

A: " No. I thought it was 
horrible actually." 

Spell Bowl/ Academic Competi- 
tions... Pg. 98/99 

“When a teacher teaches you 
she could tell the result, but 
with labs you can see it for 

-Vanessa Gonzalez, 9 

Labs vs. lecturing? 

“ A lab is more hands on, and 
when a teacher talks it is hard 
to keep up” 

-Megan Swanson, 1 1 

' ; 


if'' A\\ 

I All 

"I was disecting a worm for science class. We 
learn about the insides of the worm. I lihed 
the lab and got to learn a lot about worms 
and their insides. The best part was cutting the 
worm." said Julia Soto, sophomore. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

“I had to climb in the tree to get a rochet 
out that got stuck there during the lab. The 
lab was for Physics class and it was a really 
fun lab to get to do in my class and to be 
outside." said junior Zachary Udchitz. 

r " ■ 1 ’>'*$8 

"We were shooting off rochets for Physics class 
so we could calculate the distance they trav- 
eled in a certain period of time, and we had 
to try to get them across the field." said senior 
Sarah Williams. 

"We were building the air pressure in the 
rochets to launch across the field. We had 
to test the rochets. We also had to see if 
they would go across the field." said senior 
Andrew Mazur. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Lyndley Clarkson 

"I was doing a lab for Physics to learn about all 
the angular velocities of the rochets. We had to 
shoot them off. It was really hot outside that 
day too. I libed the lab." said senior Michael 
White, senior. 

"I was disgusted by having to disect a worm 
for Julie Wencloff's science class. It was really 
gross and disgusting. We had to pin the worm 
down and point out all the organs." said soph- 
omore Samantha Eisensee. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

"I was testing my rochet to see how far it would 
go. I didn't Iihe the lab at all because my rochet 
brohe right in the middle of the lab. and it was 
really confusing." said senior Lauren Csonha. 

Lyndley Clarbson 

In classrooms all over the world 
kids are doing labs. In the diction- 
ary lab, students test an idea or 
hypothesis. These tests are done in 
labortories, but labs are also done 
in schools. Some 
kids love them and 
others hate them. 

Labs are more 
“hands on,”' rather 
than having a teach- 
er sit in the front of 
class and talk. Most 
of the time you don't even know what 
the teacher is talking about. Teach- 
ers also like labs because it gives the 
students a chance to learn some- 
thing without having to lecture. 

Science teacher, Juile Wencloff, 

also likes labs because, “ Labs give 
the students an opportunity to learn 
from first hand expierences. Labs 
are also fun and the students get to 
do it ” 

So labs aren't 
just fun, they are 
really educational 
as well. After a 
student does a lab 
they have a better 
understanding of 
what the teacher is 
talking about in class. 

Freshman Frank Mesa likes labs 
because, “there is no writing involved 
and it is easy work. They also help 
me understand what the teacher i s 
talking about.” 



Lyndley Clarbson 

Making sure she hits the ball just right sophomore Sa- 
mantha Royal swings her racket. Royal won her match 
against Morton after going into a third set. winning the 
match for the team. "Quote from Sam about what her 
favorite part of the match/season was." Royal said. 

Aggressivley hitting the ball bach to her opponent 
senior Claudia Rybacbi hits a difficult ground strobe. 
Rybacbi has been involved in tennis since her fresh- 
man year. This year Rybachi served as the one singles 
player for the team. 

So hot in here: fanning herself off in between points 
sophomore Candice Tripp tries to cool herself down 
a little before starting the next point. "Quote from 
Tripp about why she likes doubles better than sin- 
gles,” Tripp said. 


Lyndley Clarbson 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Row 1: Jessica Teasdale. Amber Reed. Catherine Kus. Kelly Red- 
den, Olivia Barlow, Holly Jusko, Chloe Anderbo, Talia McKinstry. 
Megan Verbeke Row 2: Cathy Rudzinsbi. Erika Kudyba. Laura 
Solivais, Candice Tripp. Suzanne Pawloski, Trisha Brumley. 

Keela Detmar. Brandi Jones Row 3: Danielle Gazarbawicz. Sara 
Nashboff, Natasha Subotic, Stefanie Brown. Amy Miles, Claudia 
Rybacbi. Alexis Bozinovich. Ashley Ames. Elizabeth Hancock 
Rour 4: Kim Vessel. Ryan Berry. Samantha Royal, Justine Yeager. 
Ashley Azzarello. Tracy Sines. Kolie Johnson. Britney Cabrales. 
Danielle Wilson. Allison Colgrove. Mrs. Powers 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Jumping to get to the ball in time to hit it junior Jessica 
Bogner watches to make sure she doesn't have a late 
swing. This was Bogner's third year on the tennis team 
and second year on varsity. Bogner rotated in on varsity 
for the three singles position with junior Holly Jusko. 

Trying to stay occupied during a tennis match can some- 
times get difficult. Freshman Elizabeth Thrall found talk- 
ing to her friends helps. “I enjoy tennis and the people 
on the team are really nice. My uncle taught me how to 
play when I was really little.” Thrall said. 

Row 1: Nathan Vaughn, Zachary Koch. 
Shawn O'Keefe, David Ridder, Kyle Hitt 
Row 2: Joshua Sims. Ryan Bandura, Daniel 
McFarlane, Daniel Vanek, Casey Colby 
Row 3: Aaron Salcynski, Brian Kayden, Jeff 
Blahunka, Nathan Lehmann, Chris Parker 

While lining up his shot junior Chris Parker is 
sure to be careful where he places his club. This 
was Parker's third year on the golf team. Parker 
feels that the team put forth a great effort this year 
and looks forward to new players next year. 

Following through with his shot junior Ryan 
Bandura watches his golf ball to see if his aim 
was accurate. The boys golf team was under 
the direction of returning coach Jeff Blahunka 
who plans on retiring this year. 

Brad Popa 

Brad Popa 

Stepping up to take his shot junior Brian Kayden 
thinks about where he wants to hit the ball so 
that it will end up close to or in the hole. T enjoy 
playing golf because it's a lot of fun and helps the 
end of the year go by faster," Kayden said. 

i started playing golf when I was younger. I 
enjoyed playing on the team so I decided to 
keep playing for school." junior Chris Parker 
said. Overall the team came out of the season 
with one of their best records in a few years. 


Brad Popa 

WKii- -T&- ~ — 

Brad Popa 

After hitting the ball junior Brian Kayden follows 
through with his shot and watches to see where 
his ball will land. Kayden looks forward to return- 
ing next year for his senior year and hopes the 
team can make it out of sectionals next year. 

Brad Popa 

"It creates a group of like mind- 
ed people who enjoy econom- 
ics and business." 

-Jason Taylor, 1 1 

Page By: Darci Lopez and 
Krista Glidewell 

First Row: Andre Rogers. Steven Cope. Heather Crundwell. Crystal 

Bechtold. Mahmoud Issa Second Row: Elizabeth Thrall. Billy Glass. Au- 
von Chandler. Jeanett e Soy, Emily Riley. Kaitlyn Euber, Third Row: Jes - 
sica Flutba. Brittany 
Eribson. Brittany Hill, 

Jacqueline Misbiewicz, 

Crystal Jones, Aun- 
dalyse Parquet 

First Row: Jason Taylor. Heather Crundwell. Zorica Kvrgic. Brittany Erib 

son. Thom Howell Second Row: Sidney Govert. Dennis Vessel. Cassie Bai 
ley. Lauren Becze. Emily Cioroianu. Ashley Roll. Ashley McDonald. Ken 
dra Terzarial. 

Sanders Third Rnwll A n Ch Ci ^ O 
Sam Hart. 

Cope. Joshua 
geveen. Richard 
Eric Andree. Timothy 

5 c |-, e [| i wmm n Mniwiim ■■aii/itf nm snra r j 

"It inhances our schools extra curric- 
ular activities by providing another 
club for anyone to be in. I really liked 
our field trips and competitions" 

-Sam Hart 1 2 

"It teaches kids more about the 
real world like with business." 

-Cassie Bailey 1 0 

"I like business and I'm interested in ecomonics," 
said junior Jason Taylor. Taylor has been in DECA 
for two years now. "I enjoy it." he said. Taylor sits 
and talfcs with two other DECA members, juniors 
Leah Morton and Evan Hixon. 

“Being in Super Bowl is fun and it looks good 
on college applications. My favorite part had 
to have been winning first place.” said senior 
Alex Wilcoxson. Wilcoxson is planning on go- 
ing away for college. 

I.yndley Clarkson 

Lyndley Clarkson 

T like D.E.C.A because it teaches me cool stuff 
about businesses." said sophomore Emily Ci- 
oroianu. She was at a D.E.C.A meeting discussing 
their next event they were going to try to do. "I 
like being in it. it's really fun. "said Cioroianu. 

"To be in super bowl you have to be able to 
concentrate at the hardest times. You are put 
under a lot of pressure but I enjoy it.'said 
sophomore Samantha Royal. Royal plans on 
being in it until she graduates. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Doing a project in super bowl, sophomore 
Ashley Roll stands in front of the classroom. 
Having been involved in super bowl since mid- 
dle school. Roll says that it's fun. "You learn 
stuff that you don't in other things.” said Roll. 

In the beginning. I went really hard, then I 
started slacking toward the end." said junior 
Ashley Baber. "I know I didn't go as hard a I 
could, but always push yourself because there s 
always something you can do better. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

“I'm so proud of everyone this year, it was a 
lot of fun and I'll miss the seniors. 'said sopho- 
more Jenna Jones. "I was so happy when I beat 
Katie by one second for the first time at the 
Munster meet." 

"My goals for every meet was to get six inches 
higher in pole vaulting." said freshman Austin 
Goizer.” Track is fun because you get to spend 
time with your friends and do something you 

"My favorite part of track was running the 
800m dash." said sophomore Kyung Lim, 1 
tried to get at least 4th place in every meet.' 
'Our relay team got a time of 2:22. so I was 
happy about that." 

Jumping the hurdles with fierceness, freshman 
Mary Granter tries to finish strong. " I think I 
improved a lot." said Granter. but my goals for 
every meet were to cut down on my times so I 
could get a better personal best. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

"I got my personal best this year and I made 
the finals in sectionals." said senior Tom Len- 
ker. With an incredible throw of 113.00 ft. and 
and even more incredible coach. Lenkers ad- 
vice is to never quit. 

"My favorite part about track was telling 'yo 
mamma’ jokes." said senior Anna Williams. 
“I'm gonna miss being with all my girls: they 
helped me through a lot and I've came a long 
way since the beginning.” 

_ -V . ... 



■ Jf '■ 

Lyndley Clarkson 

«*» - 

Row 1: Katie Lesniewski, Caitlin Stevens. Erika Aldape. 
Anna Williams. Brittney Hill. Mary Granter, Katie Miller. 
Kellie Biasbi. Jessica Mendoza. Row Two: Adrianna Mitre. 
Joy Helfen, Aundalyse Parquet. Jelena Pupae. Lauren 
Mathews. Gabrielle Leimbach. Briana Greenwell. Jordynn 
Tibbs Row Three: Alex Brandon. Ashley Baber. Jenna 
Jones. Danielle Fogarty. Kristen Mathews, Carly Dunn. 
Stephanie Nowak, Angela Kepchar, Mike Worosz 

Row 1: Justin Kelley. Tyrese Buchanan. Zachary Butkus. Austin 
Guzior. Desmond Neylon, Michael Beck. Matthew Alvarez. Zoron 
Kvgic. David Jones. Justin Jones Row Two: Mel Scheeringa. Lords 
Smith, Victor Prieto. Bryan Hill. Jamie Hernandez. KyYung, Peter 
Lewis. Corey Breclaw, Ryan Fentress. Colin Yamelle. Trey Bailey 
Row Three: Greg Joyce. Michael Gustiolisi, David Alexander. Mark 
Butkus. Miles Hall. Tod Basham. Timothy Schell. Michael Cum- 
mins. Anthony Zamdt. Jimi Nunez. Tom Lenker, Bo Radtke Row 
Four: Russ Radtke. Daniel Keller. Jake Fitsimons. Brandon Brown. 
Anthony Moore. Allen McClendon, Brad Hardin. Kenneth Kur- 
pela. Doug Ashenbaugh. Rob Buehler, Zach Stevens. Brian Orkis 





Kristen Mathews- High Jump~ 5- 4.00- 1st 
\ Carly Dunn- High Jump- 5-00- 4th 
\ Britney Hill- 100m dash- 13.42- 4th 


David Alexander- Long Jump- 20-03.50 
Shot Put- Zachary Stevens- 43-02.00 

Hoping for a good outcome, sophomore 
Auvon Chandler applauds for the spell bowl 
team. "I was very dissa pointed in the outcome 
of the competition, but 1 can't wait until next 
year.” said Chandler 

Quizzing each other is how juniors Olivia 
Barlow and Megan Swanson prepared for the 
competition. "Before it's really nerve wreck- 
ing and you don't want to mess up and let 
down the team. Just try your best.” said Barlow. 

Brittney Hill 

"Spelling is something that is very meaning- 
ful in life for writing and reading." said junior 
Jessica Gerlich. Reading over the words and 
writing them down over and over again helped 
her remember the words for competition. 

Jennifer Handley 

Page by: Aundalyse Parquet, Britney Hill 

•Uf{SCR r A‘M‘B£‘E •flflSl 

(Words from spell bowl competition) 

l. nagicteria 

5. nfatecfentti 

9. seeiucfbcf 

2. naesini 

6. iebafnffiaf 

10. tyeatfeph 

3 . usonesicnr 

7. eiosteffiut 

11. Ciwf-o’-fiet-isjrw 

4 . oneicorc 

8. ascetn 

12. snuentiopreut 

snonuajsjdun ('z\ dstM-sqi- o-[[im ( j \ Aqindspj ( - oi 3|qpnpss ( 5 

JUE 33 S 

( 8 3H3nqops (•/_ siqqpjui (’9 3junij3[tp ( - g uopjsoo (-p jnsssiouuoo (•£ suiutsn ( 3 sjnpmSui (-j 

Row One: Brianne Stalker (Fresh). Jessica Gerlich. Aundalyse Parquet. 

Olivia Barlow. Teri Ramos Row Two: Jamie Freeman. Auvon Chandler. 
Megan Swanson. Elizabeth Hancock. Brittney Hill 

"On the way back from the competition we just 
decided to sing Christmas carols and the funny 
thing was that it was the beginning of November.” 
said junior Elizabeth Hancock. i will probably do 
it [spell bowl] next year." 

Aundalyse Parquet 

Jennifer Handley 

"My favorite part of spell bowl was hanging out 
with Olivia (Barlow)." said junior Megan Swan- 
son. Swanson has been doing spell bowl since 
elementary school and doesn't plan on quitting 
yet. "I'll be back next year." Swanson added. 

Aundalyse Parquet 

Discussing the spell bowl competition sopho- 
more Jamie Freeman lets her mom know that 
she did not make her nervous. ” My mom has 
been to every competiton that I've ever had. so 
1 wasn't nervous at all ." said Freeman 

"The challenge of spelling a word and 
then getting it right, it's fun." said Teresa 
Ramos who has been coaching spellbowl 
for about five years now. Her goal for next 
year is to win. 







T SOU: Munster 4:30 
T 504: Highland 4:30 
H 5-09: Andrean 4:30 
T 5-11: Bishop Noll 4:30 

T 5 13 Michigan City 11:00 a. 
T 5-16: Lowell 4:45 




:fe. Dinner served 

More... Events 

Band Pgs. 110/111 
Softball Pgs. 112/113 
Baseball Pgs. 114/115 
Choir Pgs. 116/117 

Prom Pgs. 102-105 
Student Directed Play Pgs. 106/ 107 
Talent Show/ Senior Banquet Pgs. 

Dancing with his prom date, junior Billy Ca- 
hill finished up his first prom night with great 
memories. ”1 had a great time with my prom 
date Trisha (Brumley)." said Cahill. Prom end- 
ed at eleven o'clock this year. 

Lyndley Clarbson 

As they finished up an upbeat dance together 
sophomore Alexis Hartman and junior Daniel 
Vanek wind down. The music for the prom 
this year had a big variety of country, rap. and 
slow songs. 

Lyndley Clarbson 

Meeting her good friends at prom, senior Ash- 
ley Schaller was all dressed up and excited for 
the night. “This year was my first prom and I 
liked it better than turnabout this year." said 

"I was happy that they played country music 
because it's my favorite and I like to line dance 
to it.” said senior Eric Andree. This years prom 
all types of music were played so everyone m 
a chance to dance to their favorite. 

I.yndley Clarbson 

Astonished by the country dancing of a few 
students, juniors Annie Hernandez and Kasia 
Damski watch carefully. "It was fun watching 
(Eric) Andree dance because I've never seen 
him dance before." said Hernandez. 

Getting her hair fixed up. senior Amy Baran 
prepares for prom night. "I always go to the 
same person at the Scissori (to get my hair 
done), because I can tell her if I don't like it.” 
said Baran. 

Lyndiey Clarbson 

Enjoying the dance by her band director se- 
nior Justine Yeager finishes up the night with a 
fast dance. This year junior Adam Gasper was 
not only Yeager's prom date but went as her 
boyfriend too. 

Lyndiey Clarbson 

With ravishing attire sophomore Zachary Koch 
and junior Eiyse Janke took many pictures 
before the dinner and dancing started. Many 
people arrived to the dance early this year be- 
cause the doors opened at five-thrity. 

Taking pictures before they left for prom se- 
nior Alex Wilcoxson and sophomore Erica Al- 
dape pose for the cameras. Unlike some prom 
dates Wilcoxson and Aldape got to spend the 
night together as boyfriend and girlfriend. 

Clapping for the 2006 prom court winners 
Molly Orzechowicz and Nathan Lehmann ju- 
nior Kyle Palinca enjoys the moment. "Prom 
was fun this year. 1 liked the after parties." said 

getting to know the 2006 
pXorn king., (ffathan j’e hm.anji 


Gb&h 3 $ 

eftexo: a. mommy. 

£ 6. bx.oth.eft. 

c. gxanfathe X 

' h (food.: a. taJad 

b. Lemon, xice 


•J c. cxab 

m fipoxt: a. football 

\ 6 s o/ f 

c. basketball 



(ft B eautiful ” (ftiaki 

Jty: 9(eti ^fla'ckut 

As the days of school 
dwindle down, many se- 
niors look forward to their 
last high school dance. 
With more than three- 
fourths of the 2005-2006 
school year over, the Ju- 
nior/Senior Prom is a stu- 
pendous way to let loose 
and just have a good time. 
A myriad of seniors attend- 
ed prom in the company of 
a date or with a group of 
friends. This dance added 
one last memory to their 
high school experiences. 

“The best part of prom 
was the dancing and defi- 
nitely the after party,” se- 
nior Renee Cabrales said. 

This year's prom theme 
song was “You’re Beauti- 
ful" with lead vocals sung 
by James Blunt. Tickets for 
this special occasion cost 
$43.00 for an individual 
and $85.00 for a couple. 

Instead of the original idea 
of the boring paper ticket, 
this year’s attendees were 
given metal key chains en- 
graved with information 
regarding the dance. 

Prom’s colors, chosen 
by the junior class council, 
were lime green, yellow, 
orange, and blue. Hosted 
by Halls of Saint George, 
participants of prom could 
enjoy the beautiful deco- 
rations in these selected 

On Friday, May 5, 2006, 
students were dismissed 
from school at 10:55. 
From noon on, girls who 
attended prom scrambled 
around frantically trying to 
finish last-minute details 
to look their best. They got 
their hair done, picked up 
flowers, got manicures 
and pedicures, and took 

Halls of Saint George’s 
doors opened at 5:30 pm 
for professional pictures 
to be taken, although the 
dance did not officially be- 
gin until 7:00 pm, only to 
end at 11 :00 pm. 

Prom court consisted 
of Kelly Staszak escorted 
by Benjamin Geffert, Ka- 
sia Damski escorted by 
Daniel Woloszyn, Molly 
Orzechowicz escorted by 
Corey Nash, Samantha 
Kulig escorted by Nathan 
Lehmann, and Jelena Pu- 
pae escorted by Chris 
Parker. Crowned king and 
queen with the majority 
of their peers’ votes were 
Nathan Lehmann and Mol- 
ly Orzechowicz. 

For many students this 
year’s prom was really fun 
and provided a special op- 
portunity to cherish for 
the rest of their lives. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Having a good time, senior Christopher Fuoss 
dances at prom. Fuoss' date was Sidney Go- 
vert. “[I enjoyed prom this year] because the 
dancing was tight and the food was good." 
Fuoss said. 

Posing for a picture before prom seniors Lau- 
ren Clark and Caralyn Salczynsbi smile for the 
camera. Pictures were taken at Clark's house. 
"[The turnout of prom] seemed a lot bigger 
than last year." Clark said. 

To have a memorable prom, junior Stefanie 
Brown and her date, senior Drew Rogowski. 
dance together. "[The best part of prom this 
year was] the dancing and being with my boy- 
friend." Brown said. 

Exhilarated from her numerous votes, junior 
Molly Orzechowicz gladly accepted the crown 
as queen for this year's Junior/Senior Prom. 
Taking the status of prom king was junior Na- 
than Lehman. 

In attendance at prom, junior Danielle Fogarty 
took a spot on the dance floor the whole night. 
Fogarty said. "[I enjoyed prom] because I 
went with a fun group.” Fogarty was escorted 
by Rob Buehler. 

Kelly Staszah 

Benjamin Geffert 

Kasia Damshi 

Daniel Woloszyn 

Molly Orzechowicz 

Corey Nash 

Samantha Kulig 

Nathan Lehmann 

Jelena Pupae 

Chris Parker 

tfTatfian. ^jeAmann, Queen: 

CpLoLlu ’6’Lzec.howi.c.z. 






Having fun with her roll, junior Leah Morton 
goes through her part the night before the big 
show. "It's funny how... wait... nevermind." said 
Morton. Morton played the part of an Angel 
in The Devil's Parole. 

With his first lead toll, junior Kevin Meece really 
makes his time in the spot light all it can be. "I really 
enjoyed the Student Directed Plays because it was a 
very cooperative effort." said Meece. Meece played 
the part of Franklin in Three Questions. 

Jace McMuIIin 

Going through the play, freshmen Amber Van- 
white asks senior Andre Rogers some question 
about what she should do. 'The play was a 
lot of fun and Andre was very helpful." said 

At their final rehersal. sophomore Dwight 
Poole and senior Adam Brandner go through 
their play one last time. 'T loved the play and 
my director and I can't wait to be in more 
plays." said Poole. 

Jace McMuIIin 


Laura Matovina 
Age: 18 
Play Directed: 
Three Questions 
Favorite Drama 
Memory: When the 
senior guys came 

Laura Matovina an< ^ kidnaped me 
1 2 from my house and 
almost falling out of 
Jace's car. 

Future Plans: To attend Columbia 
College in Chicago and major in 
broadcast journalism. 

Advice for the underclassmen: Get 
involved early because it will help you 
find out what you really want to do. 

Name: Andrew Jace 

Age: 17 

Play Directed: The 

Devil's Parole 
Favorite Drama 
Memory: Drama Night 
where my cast did such 
a great job and I got to 
act on stage for the final 
time with my best friend 
.Andre Rodgers and fellow director Laura. 
Future Plans: To attend Mississippi State 
University and double major in music 
education and musical theatre. 

Advice for the underclassmen: Have 
as much fun as possible in high school, it 
goes by way too fast. 

Jace McMuIIin 

Name: Andre Rodgers 
Age: 18 

Play Directed: Rumors 
Favorite Drama 
Memory: Seeing Cassie 
Johnstone trip and fall 
on stage during the 
musical Pirates our 
sophomore year. 

Future Plans: To Major 
in musical theatre and 
music education. 

Advice for the underclassmen: Never 
give up. always shoot for the stars and 
remember anything is possible when you 
put your mind to it. Remember: Corner 
of the garage, gas station on the corner, 
purple dinosaur, white, and MB. 

Andre Rodgers 


Katie Horn. Jeanette Soy. Jace McMulIin. Cassandra Johnstone, Amy 

Fitzgerald. Lisa Megquier. Larua Matovina. Crystal Chandler. Andre Rod 
gers. Ashley Stevens 

Jace McMulIin 

"I loved the chance of getting to play a serious 
role," said senior Crystal Chandler. Chandler 
played the roll of Brenda in the play Three 
Questions. Drama Night was Chandlers final 
performance on stage. 

On the Other Side of 
the Stage 

At the end of the year, the drama director Mrs. Lisa Meg- 
quier (English) has one last problem that she has to face. She 
has to chose her senior student directors for the year to 

This year’s directors were seniors Larua Matovina, Jace 
McMulIin and Andre Rodgers. Each of them had the chance 
to either write or choose a play that they would like to direct 
at the fourth annual drama night. They also get the chance to 
hold auditions and run everything like a normal director would 
while Megquier sits in the background and just helps when 
she is truly needed. 

When the senior directors were ready for auditions they 
had to make signs and get everything ready for the students 
who were wishing to try out. The three plays chosen were, 
Three Questions directed by Laura Matovina, The Devil's Pa- 
role directed by Jace McMulIin and a one act musical, Ru- 
mors, which was directed and written by Andre Rodgers. "It 
was hard at first because we had to sort through a bunch of 
scripts that weren’t entertaining, but when I found my play 
(Three Questions), I knew it was the play I wanted to do,” said 

Then the senior directors had to hold practices at either 
their houses or the park to get ready for the big night. “I held 
some of my practices at Central Park and at Starbucks,” said 

“Overall the night went really well,” said McMulIin. All of the 
actors did a wonderful job and it was well worth the $2 one 
had to pay for the admission. 

~Jace McMulin 


With determination in their eys. Anita Cox. Stu- 
dent Council Sponsor, and Kathrine Martinez. 
Spanish, try to narrow down the talent show 
contestants. This year the talent show was held on 
a Saturday night instead of a Friday night. 

Strumming on a Bass 

Comedies, poems, songs, instruments and skits are 
all things that could be found at this year's annual tal- 
ent show. Saturday April 29th was the date that was 
set for this year's talent show. But before anyone could 
peform they needed to audition in front of judges to 
be sure that their acts were school appropriate. 

Admission to the show was five dollars. The money 
raised from the show went to helping out students 
who were participating in International Club's trip to 
Europe over the summer. 

The show started promptly at 7:00 p.m. and was 
held in the auditorium. 

Junior Kathryn Horn was in two of the many acts 
throughout the night. "For my first act I sang "Sea- 
sons of Love" from the musical RENT with [seniors] An- 
dre Rodgers, Jace McMullin, Laura Matovina, Adam 
Brandner, Emily Cutka, and [junior) Elizabeth Stanford. 
The second act I peformed was a song called 'Travel- 
ing Soldier" by the Dixie Chicks with [seniors] Crystal 
Chandler and Laura Matovina. 

-Laura Solivais 

Row One: Kelly Redden. Holly Jusbo. Elodia Krespo. Christina Lozano. Amy Baran 

Christina Plucinsbi Row Two: Alexis Hartman. Crystal Gonzales. Samantha Kulig. Lauren 
Pollard. Desiree Joyner. Ashley Schaller. Jamie Freeman. Catherine Kus. Amanda Koles- 
hi. Tabitha Minton. Brittany Edwards. Kelly Stazafa. Molly Orzechowicz. Cassandra Nunez. 
Broobe Miller. Katie Miller 
Row Three: Olivia Barlow. 

Lauren Winicbi. Michelle 
Plucinsbi. Bailey Curtis. 

Caitlin Gibbs. Lauren 
Csonba. Amy Miles. Kim 
Rodgers. Brianne Finney. 

Brittany Evanich. Jessica 
Phillips. Kathryn Galma- 
bos. Amanda Craven. Kee- 
la Detmar. Amy Johnson, 

Chloe Anderbo. Lauren 
Marinos Row Four: DeAn- 
dria. Nicole Kolesbi. Aun- 
dalyse Parquet. Danielle 
Wilson. Kelsey Troxel. Mel- 
ony Cabrales. Allison Colgrove. Rachel Convery. Avon Chandler. Andre Rodgers.Shiela 
Szo. Courtney Tomaszewsbi. Brittney Hill. Jessica Gallanati. Amber Detmar. Ashley Scott 
Row Five: Stacey Sanchez. Christy Leal. Morgan Momcilovich. Carrie Obranovich. Dan- 
iel Woloszyn. Douglas Ashenbaugh, Mibe White Benjamin Geffert, Rob Buehler. Daniel 
McFarlane. Corey Nash. Kyle Najar. Jeanette Soy. Christine Obermeyere. Joy Helfen 

Booster Club 


Being one of the few acts that sang and played 
an instrument sophomore Danny Maglish looks 
on his guitar to make sure he is hitting the right 
notes. The show was one of the last big events 
that the seniors took part in before they left. 

As he takes a quick glance down at his ampli- 
fier senior Andrew Vaclavifc tries to tune his 
guitar before he and his band begin to play at 
the annual QHS talent show. The talent show 
was held in the auditorium. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Lyndley Clarkson 

While waiting for the judges to call his name to 
perform sophomore Jake Edwards watches from 
the audience as the group before him performs 
their act. Edwards played the electric guitar in one 
of the many bands that performed that night. 

Getting tuned up at auditions sophomore Jake 
Edwards and senior Keith Boilek prepare them- 
selves to perform. Before students could be in the 
talent show they had to audition in front of judges 
to make sure their act was school appropriate. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Singing to the audience sophomore Josh Long 
looks out to grab the attention of the audience. 
Long was one of several students in the show 
that sang in a band. Long was one of the stu- 
dents to be in more than one act that night. 


Here we go round and round: sophomore Daniel 
Velez tries to ride his bike on the marry-go-round 
at Central Park "I am looking forward to having 
new band members coming up and also only 
having two years left of high school. ' said Velez. 

Helping to cheer the football team onto another 
victory freshmen Michael Beck, Matthew Cavazas 
and senior Andre Rodgers stand up and cheer. 
"My goal for next year is to be able to play mal- 
lets like a mad man.” said Matthew Cavazas. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Catching a few minutes of sleep at the band 
campout freshman Caroline Herrera tries to 
stay warm. "1 will miss the seniors next year 
because they made me laugh.” Herrera said. 
Herrara plays the alto saxophone in the band. 

With smiles on their faces band members hide 
in a stair well at Band Day held at the Northern 
Illinois University. “The best part of band day was 
when we got to march on the field with the col- 
lege band and all the people.” Gasper said. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Row One: Caroline Herrara. Corey Jung. Candice Tripp. Cathy Rudzinsbi, Mi- 
chelle Plucinsbi. Sarah Williams. Kara Johnson. Melissa Pillipow Row Two: Jes- 
sica Bogner. Lyndley Clarbson. Jessica Shacbleti. Carly Dunn. Samantha Royal. 
Amanda Uram. Anthony 
Zamdt. Matthew Cava 
soz. Jamie Freeman Row 
ITiree: Kara Villereal 
Klizabeth Thrall, Ellen 
Hurdish. Nicholas Leep, 

Michael Becb. Andrew 
Vaclavicb. Andre Rodg 
ers Row Four: Andrew 
Mazur. Jace McMullin. 

Franb Davis. Carl Eisner. 

Jenna Jones. Jason Pear- 

What will be your most missed memory final 


band this year? 

“I will miss all the people*but 1 defi 
nitely will not miss marching,” -Jessica 
Shacklett, 12 r 


“1 think being a^enior and having the 
freshmen look up to you and being able 
to have a lot of fun and Mr. Pearman,” 
-Sarah Williams^l 2 py ^ uu™ &>i,v ais# 



Lyndley Clarbson 

With all his concentration on the pucb. sopho- 
more Franb Davis plays air hocbey with some of 
his band friends at the hotel that the band stayed 
at on their trip to St. Jx>uis. The trip was a reward 
for all the hard worb the band had done all year. 
"I love the people in band, they mabe everything 
more fun. It is a great experience." freshman Eliz- 
abeth Thrall said. Thrall along with other band 
members attended a band campout held at se- 
nior Sarah Williams' property in Cedar Irabe. 

Bounce away: hanging on for dear life. Jason Pear- 
man, band, and juniors Leonard Welfinger and 
Amanda Uram feel the wind hit their faces. 'The 
scariest thing about sby diving was the impact, 
lucbily I was wearing my helmet." Pearman said. 

Row 1 : Kandice Cobb. Kristen Maynard.Jacqueline Delgado. Ann 
Higginbottan. Kelsie Belcher. Row 2: Shelby Bolieb. Caitlin Mois- 
ant. Abby Metsch. Samantha Higgins. Kelly Bubala. Ashley Rodg- 
ers. Alison McCampbell Row 3: Mibe Hernandez. Elyse Janhe. 
Tiffany Lidster. Megan Swanson. Jessica Henderson. Katherine 
Kuna. Lana Damron 

Row 1 : Ashley Peters. Kristen Maynard. Kristen Yost. Lauren 
Winebi Row 2: Annie Hernandez. Megan Funh. Katherine Galam- 
bus, Elyse Garcia. Lindsey Brandner. Molly Orzechowicz 
Row 3: Sarah Payne. Jason Payne. Lisa Worley. Brittany Bridges. 
Brandi Heidler 

Brad Popa 

"It's exciting being on varsity because I get 
to start my freshman year. I've being playing 
softball since 1 was five years old. I've played 
on Munster Traveling team for four years, 
so I'm used to the competion. I love it." said 
freshman Brandi Heidler. 


When was the first womens profes- 
sional softball league created? 

$ ? 

Brad Popa 

Brad Popa 

"I never played outfield: it's a new expierence. 

I think starting on varsity is really cool. I like 
being on the team with older people and also 
some of my friends in our freshman class. It's a 
nice privelage,” freshman Lidnsey Brander said. 

I've been playing softball for 11 years. Freshman 
year is when I started outfield. I started playing 
center last year. Center pretty much controls the 
outfield, which makes me a leader out there,'' 
junior Molly Orzechowicz said. 

Brad Popa 

"I ve been playing softball since I was five. This 
year was different because I didn't get to play. It 
was my first year on Varsity. I love running, and 
whenever they needed my help on bases I ran.” 
said sophomore Katherine Galambus.10. 

"Sectionals are really easy. Pitching is a nor- 
mal thing for me. I'm use to it now. but when 
I first started out I was a little bit nervous. I 
love to pitch. It's something fun and that I 
enjoy doing. I love to see our team win.” said 
junior Lisa Worley. 

In 1976, womens professional softball be- 
came known internationally. Their pay was 
usually between $1.000-$3.000 a year. 

Starting shortstop, ryan Bridges, junior, 
threw out the lead runner at a home 
game. Bridges has been playing baseball 
for three years. "I like the aspect of be- 
ing in charge of the infield." Bridges said. 

Juniors Corey Nash and Joe Zajac have been n 
varsity for two years. "Jennings was discussing 
our game plan in order to win the game." said 
Zajac. "1 remeber it being a cold day. but that 
didn't matter, we still won." said Nash 

paseb Row 2: Mark Miecznibowsbi. Zacb Duvnjab. Michael barlow. Trevor 
Janbe. Michael. Zurawski. Kyle Lidster. Evan Laviolette. Michael Tinich Row 
3: Jeffery Melton. Nick Trauscht. Ryan Galigher. Alex Uttle. Ryan Kalis 

Row 1 : Tyler louviere. Jerami O'Brien. Curt Konopaseb. Kyle Najar. David 
Konopaseb. Joseph Zajab. Alan Kus Row 2: William Frets. Sean Hansen. C* 
Bridges. Trent Bierman. Jarrod Macab. brian Bell. Corey Nash Row 3: Dai* 
woloszyn. Joseph Greichunos. man Kuna. Matthew nelleman. Nathan Bryar 

Jarrod Macab. senior warms up while stand- 
ing on third base just before a game. "We 
had a lot of fun this season. I'm really going 
to miss this team. They're great players and 

Slapping hands before a game. William Fretts. 
junior, gets down the line of his teammates. 
This is Fretts' frist year on varsity. When he's 
not playing first base, he's on the mound, 

On the varsity team for the first time this year, 
sophomore Kyle Najar said. "It was a good learn- 
ing experience, but I thinb that we should have 
done better than we did.” Najar has been play- 
ing beaseball for ten years and mainly catches 

What was your best memory of 
the 2006 season? 

it was when the other team hit a foul ball into our dugout 
and we picked it up and spit on it. It was pretty rank, but it was 

Mike Zurawski. 9 

it was really cool being able to play in every game." 

Nate Bryan. 11 

First Row: Krista Plucinsbi. Kelly Readen Jessica Phillips’.Christa Staes.Karissa O'Brien. 
Dereb Kowal. Dwight Poole.Megan Verbecbe. Stephanie Gilman. Melony Shmit. Jamie 
Theil. Vanessa O'Brien. ?. Jeiena Pupae. Second Row: Kimberly Tuzar, ?. Caitlin Moisant. 
. Lori Wartsbaugh.?.Elizabeth 
Handcoch. . AJ-exis Gon- 
zalez. Danielle Wilson. Mr. 

Thrid Row:?.Sara Moore. 

Samantha Higgons. Ka- 
tie Horn. Kolie Johnson. 

? .Alana Massa.Antonio 
?.Becby Cumow. Elizabeth 
Stanfoid.Amanda Tharp. 

Katie Kleidon. Nicolas Fitch. 

Forth RowTiffany Lidster. 

J.Steven Agularia. Troyce?. 

?. William Hobbs. Nathan l^- 
man. Karrie Obranovich, 

Daniel Macfarlane. 

Andrew Anderson. Danielle 
Fogarty. ?.01ivia Wagman. 

Concert Chior 

" Practice makes perfect and that's what we 
want to be." said freshman Molly Hitt. On 
occasions the chior would have to meet to 
practice on the weekends. Having to go 
practice on my time was not bad. said Hitt. 

Grifftih High Schools' Chorale group got the 
pleasure of going to Atlanta, Georgia. During the 
school year they had many fundraisers to raise 
enough money to go. “It was really fun and it was 
a great experience."said senior Andre Rodgers. 

First Row: Michael Beck.?.?. Kevin Konopaseb.?. Travis Litbe. Dan Bag 
garly, Lawrence Matovina. Second Row:?. Michael Tinich. ?.?.?,?. Jus 
tin Gasper. ?. Third Row: Mr Covarrubias. ?.?. Zachary Butbus, Keith 
Mitchell. Kyung 
Lim. Dan Rubes, 
ang Huang. ?. 

Hernandez. Fort 


Gregory Joyce. ?. 
fery Melton 

" I love practice because I love singing and 
I get to be with my friends at the same time, 
it's life e hilling two birds with one stone, "said 
Junior Matthew Gorrola. Matthew is going to 
be a senior next year and plans to stay in chior. 

Along with singing there is always danc- 
ing. "It gets really fun when we can do 
more than just singing all the time. Danc- 
ing adds more engergy and people get 
more into it." said senior Dereb Kowal. 

Laura Matovina and Zachary Koch slowly but 
surely get ready to sing for the little league base- 
ball game. " I libe doing things Iifee that its bet- 
ter than always being in a classroom where no 
one hears us." sophomore Zachary boch said. 

First Row:Amy Baran. Lauren Marinos. Ashlely Stevens. Amie Palmer. 

Laura Matovina. Cannie Herrara. Jamie Shulte. Emily Cutha. Second 
Row:Corey Nash. Andre 
dez. Crystal Candler 
Ashley Churitch. Jes- 
sia Koch. Mr Covarru- 
bias. Third Row: 
iel Woloszyn.Adarri 
Brander. Rob Buehler. 

Arbadiusz Ryzah. Jace 
Mcmullin. Nathari 
Byan. Zachary Koch 
Tyler Louviere 

First Row:Alexis Hartman. Jamie Walenbiewicz. Nicole Kolesbi. ?.?. 

Second Row: Dereb Kowal. Amber Reed. Kimberly Rodgers. Elizabth 
?.Amanda Koleshi.Mr Covarribias. Third Row: Amy Fitzgerald. ?, Aman - 
da Achieitwiler. Ra- ^ ~ 
chel Convery. Allison 





i day 




,ast day of School for 
un lerclassmen 11:55 

Father s Day 



(J: Do you think it is fair that 
seniors! get out of schooLbe 
fore the underclassmen? ^B 
A: ,,'Yes. because they have 

I ■ 

BKd their dues. 














don't really have 
arty fears because I 
won't be bach in ten 
years because I joined 
the Marines," ~ Eric Mc- 

Graduation 7 o'clock 
Football Field 

Iiyou could change 
thing from high 
what would it 


would have tried 
r in my classes and 
^^Bave been so shy." 
ra Solivais. 12 

More... Events 

Fashion Show... Pgs. 120/121 
Summer lobs... Pgs. 122/123 
Yearbook/ Newspaper... Pgs. 
124/125 • 

Sports Banquet/ Recognition 
Night... Pgs. 126/127 
Graduation... Pgs. 128/129 

Row One: Andrea Mullens. Kellie Bubala. Ann Higginbotham. Robin So- 

phies. Michael Beck. Brandon Rukes. Nelson Oliver 

Clothes are not the only thing textiles students 
make. Junior David Konopasek and senior Alex 
Wilcoxson show the crowd the frogs and match- 
ing pajama pants textiles one students made. The 
fashion show was held on June 1 this year. 

Row One: Lisa Worley. Eric Ritter. Randall Zellers. Jessica Gerlich Row 

Two: James Bobowski. Matt Kuna. Billy Cahill. Teri Ramos 

Proudly modeling off their hard work juniors 
Katie Kleidon and Olivia Wagmon stirke their 
poses on the runway during the fashion show. 
Admission to the fashion show this year was $2 
for students and $3 for adults. 

Modeling off boxers seniors Drew Rogowshi and 
Colby Lamb walk down B hall to show off the 
hard work of the textiles students. Instead of a 
written final the textiles students needed to put 
their sewing projects into the fashion show. 

Piecing her material to the pattern sophomore 
Erika Aldape tries hard to make sure everything 
is lined up correctly before she begins to cut the 
pieces. Bermudez was in wardrobe planning and 
design this year. 

While kicking bach in her textiles class sopho- 
more so and so works on her blue jean skirt 
for the annual fashion show. The fashion show 
is held every year and is put on by the textiles 

Row One: Andrew Mazur. Alan Kus. D.J. Salmon. Joy Helfen Row Two: 

Timothy Garibay. Lyndley Clarkson. Nicholas Leep. Caitlin Terpstra. Teri 

Keeping busy, freshman Richie Popovich mops 
the floor at the Highland Subway. Some of the 
chores included in the job are sweeping, pre- 
paring bread for sandwiches, wiping counters, 
and cleaning tables. 

Brad Popa 

J)o you think student s 
should have a Job dutiny 
the school yeat? 

■ “Yes, because you can have moneyj 
| when you need it and not rely on 

yOUr parents. Jeanette J^ tideytoom. it 

‘I don t think students should, but 
I they need one to pay for stuff on 
| their own.” gheiia gzo. 10 


During a regular night, junior Samantha 
Caldwell heats up some meat for a sandwich, i 
like working at the Highland Subway because 1 
get to be close to my friends and it is an easier 
job for teenagers in school." said Caldwell. 

As she cleans up after a customer sophomore 
Cassie Bailey wipes down a table at the High- 
land Subway. Subway was a popular work place 
for Griffith High School students because of 
the location being so close to home. 

9.t’b off to tyfotk we go 

(ftachelf > oru/&uj and'f’ahey (flunez 

One thing most high 
school students can’t get 
enough of is money. While 
some students still rely on 
parents for some extra 
cash, others venture out 
into the real world and get 
a job. 

There are many job op- 
portunites open to high 
school students. Some of 
the most common places 
of employment include the 
fast food industry, clothing 
stores, the library, and the 
movie theater. 

Each student has a dif- 
ferent reason for getting a 
job. Some decide to work 
to help out the family. Oth- 
ers, however, get a job for 
their own reasons, such as 
earning money for car pay- 
ments, college, or just to 
get a little pocket change 
for random spending. 

After getting a job, a stu- 

dent finally experiences the 
pros and cons of the work- 
ing world. Earning money, 
meeting new people, and 
getting a sense of inde- 
pendency are some of the 
main pros of working. On 
the other hand, a student 
must be willing to give up 
a lot of time for a job. Cons 
include less time to spend 
with friends and family, no 
longer receiving an allow- 
ance from parents, and 
less time for sleep and 

Junior Alicia Collins got a 
job because she needed to 
pay for car insurance and 
her cell phone. “I’m glad 
that I don't work everyday 
because I still have time 
for my friends, but most 
of my friends have differ- 
ent schedules and work at 
different places than me,” 
said Collins. 

She started working at 
the Schererville Golf Cen- 
ter, but in Febraury she 
switched to Squigi’s Pizza 
in Griffith. “I love working 
at Squigi’s so much more 
than the golf center be- 
cause it’s easy and at the 
golf center I didn’t get along 
with many of the workers,” 
said Collins about the dif- 
ferences of the two jobs. 
Although working isn’t on 
the top of Collins priori- 
ties she likes working be- 
cause it gets her what she 

Deciding he needed 
money for a trip to Europe 
over the summer, sopho- 
more David Ridder got a 
job at Hooters. “I like work- 
ing there because we get 
to mess around a lot, but 
I don’t like working there 
because the kitchens are 
hot,” said Ridder. 

Brad Popa 

"Yearbook rocks because we all have a lot of fun 
and make a lot of memories." senior Jace McMuI- 
lin said. Fellow seniors Laura Solivais and Amie 
Palmer work with McMullin to count out silver 
coins to bombard the leading penny war classes. 

To entertain the newspaper and yearbook staffs 
during the Christmas party sophomore Dwight 
Poole strums on his guitar. Poole was on the 
newspaper staff. T like to write and newspaper 
staff sounded fun." Poole said. 

Jennifer Handley 

With a look of excitement on her face, senior Ash- 
ley Cogdill waters Kristina Collard's plants. "I love 
leading the staff because I feel like I am doing 
something productive with my time during my 
senior year in high school." Cogdill said. 

Row One: Jennifer Handley. Keri Markut. Britney Hill. Aundalyse 
Parquet. Darci Lopez. Samantha Kulig. Kristina Collard Row Two: 
Cassandra Nunez, Angela Kepchar. Rachel Convery. Jace McMullin. 
Lyndley Clarkson. 

Ashley Cogdill. Kris- 
ten Horn Row Three: 

Laura Beaupain. Ash- 
ley McDonald. Em- 
ily Adams. Amanda 
Crook. Amie Palmer. 

Laura Solivais 

Jennifer Handley 

Jennifer Handley 

Trying to hold bach a laugh junior Darci Lo- 
pez explains to freshmen Francis Pietrucha and 
Amanda DelValle how to worh on the yearbook 
spreads. “The best of yearbook for me is knowing 
that I'm going to be editor next year." Lopez said. 

"Getting your assigned stories done on time is the 
hardest thing about newspaper." sophomore Dan- 
iel Domsic said. Domsic disscusses the staff edito- 
rial with junior Evan Hixon while senior Andrew 
Mazur passes by. 

Jennifer Handley 

better than 

the rival staff? 

mbook is better 
newspaper be- 
use we get to make 
book that people 
look back at 
remember high 

Convery, 10 

“Newspaper is better 
than yearbook be- 
cause we are always 
working because we 
have an issue that 
comes out every other 
week rather than one 
big production,” 
~Tyler Louviere, 1 1 

Row One: Olivia Barlow. Michael White. Laura Matovina. Jennifer 

Handley. Adam Brandner, Kristina Collard Row Two: Laura Solivais. 
lordyyn Tibbs. Elyse Janhe*. Tyler Louviveere*. Liz GoIIner*. Cassan- 
dra Johnstone. 

Bailey. Dwight 
Row Three: 

Pollard. Evan Hixon 
Christopher Martin 
Daniel Domsic. 

Louie. Emily Adams 

Row One: Laura Solivais. Laura Matovina. Amie Palmer. Jennifer 

Handley Row Two: Emily Cutka, Lyndley Clarkson. Adam Brandner. 
Ashley Cogdill. Emily Adams 

Wating patiently for the awards ceremony to 
begin senior Nicholas Leep watches the stage 
for the signal for the crowd to take their seats. 
Leep received a variety of several awards this 
year along with a few scholarships. 

Jennifer Handley 

Jennifer Handley 

After receiving their awards students stood and 
waited for all the recipients to get onstage be- 
fore returning to their seats. The audience was 
asked not to clap for the recipients until they 
all received their awards. 

After presenting an award to junior Billy Ca- 
hill, Chrissann Walter, guidance, shows Cahill 
his award as Matthew Cavasoz and Ericka Al- 
dape walk off the stage with their awards in 

Starring out into the room senior Mallory Gatlin 
stands in the front of the banquet room at Chelas 
while waiting for everyone to be quiet so that se- 
niors Caralyn Salczynski and Adam Brandner can 
announce the senior superlative awards. 

Taking a picture of their classmates at the 
senior banquet seniors Julietta Miranda and 
Elba Garza preview the picture to make sure 
it turned out good and they do not need to 
take it again. 

Eating their dinners seniors Lauren Massa 
and Sarah Williams wait for the presenta- 
tions to start. The banquet was held at Che- 
la's this year and the cost of the tickets was 
fifteen dollars per person. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Jennifer Handley 

Conversing among themselves juniors Brittney 
Erickson. Suzanne Pawlosbi. and Amanda White 
wait patiently in the auditorium for the next part 
of the awards ceremony to begin. Awards ceremo- 
ny was held on Wednesday May 31. 

Jennifer Handley 

Kathryn Horn 

After joining with the chorale for the last time 
seniors Amie Palmer. Arhadiusz Ryzak. and 
Alan Kus sing at the graduation ceremony. The 
graduation ceremony was held on the football 
field at seven o'clock. 

Waving to the crowd seniors Eliana Hernandez. 
Sam Hart and Rosamaria Hernandez proceed off 
the football field after the graduation ceremony. 
The seniors went back into the fieldhouse after 
the ceremony to take pictures with their friends. 

fieri io* 

^ There were 162 students in the 
graduating class. 

The graduation ceremony was 
• held on the football field for the 
first time since construction. 

% The senior banquet was held at 
Chelas on May 24 at 6:30 p.m. 

( Pag^Bj: Laur^olivais| 

Standing tall, senior Nicholas Leep directs the 
band in their graduation selection. Leep was 
able to direct "Griffith Overture" at the gradu- 
ation ceremony. The song was composed by 
Leep himself. 

Reading her speech senior Laura Matovina 
prepares to tell the class of 2006 to turn their 
tassels from the left to the right side of their 
caps. Matovina was the senior class president 
and also in the top ten of her class. 

Kathryn Horn 

With their fingers in the proper positions se- 
niors Justine Yeager and Sarah Williams try 
not to let their giggles affect their posture. Yea- 
ger and Williams' were among the seven senior 
band members to play at graduation. 

Kathryn Horn 

Kathryn Horn 

Trying to maintain a full tone, senior Andrew 
Vaclavik and sophomore Joel Gerber play 
"Griffith Overture. Because the ceremony was 
held outside, band members had to use the 
marching band techiques previously learned. 

As she tries to stay warm valedictorian senior 
Joy Helfen delivers her speech to the audience. 
The temperature graduation night was only 55 
degrees which left the graduates struggling to 
stay warm during the ceremony. 

Kathryn Horn 





The time was about 
seven o’clock and the 
temperature outside was 
about 50 degrees on Fri- 
day night June the ninth 
as the class of 2006 
took their final steps of 
their high school career. 
The seniors stood in two 
single file lines and pa- 
raded out onto the foot- 
ball field as bright smiles 
lit up their faces. As many 
proud parents and rela- 
tives sat watching, the 
2006 seniors were pre- 
sented to superintendent 
Peter Morikis. This years 
senior class consisted of 
162 seniors. 

Our own Griffith High 
School band and chorale 
began the ceremony with 
the singing and playing 
of the National Anthem. 
The graduating chorale 
members joined the ju- 
nior chorale members 
for a few last songs as 

high school seniors. The 
graduating band students 
then followed the chorale 
and joined their fellow 
band members for one 
last overture composed 
by salutatorian and band 
member Nicholas Leep. 
The seniors then joined 
the rest of the class to be 
presented to Morikis. 

With the help of junior 
class council officers the 
rows of seniors were 
dismissed as principal 
Bill Cope, assistant prin- 
cipal Sharon Sanelli, and 
guidance counselor Chri- 
sann Walter read off the 
names of the graduating 
seniors to walk across 
the stage and receive 
their diplomas. With the 
help of the junior class 
council officers and a se- 
lect amount of teachers 
the graduation ceremony 
ran smoothly despite the 
cold weather and few 

raindrops here and there. 
After all the seniors re- 
ceived their diplomas 
Matovina took the micro- 
phone as she told the 
graduated seniors to turn 
their tassels from the 
left side to the right. As 
black and gold caps were 
tossed into the air and 
caught the seniors pro- 
cessed off the field and 
were ready to be greeted 
by friends and family. 

For many seniors gradu- 
ation marked the closing 
of the first part of their 
lives only to await anoth- 

Whether the seniors 
were looking forward to 
the freedom of college or 
the new responsibility of 
having a full time career 
one thing was for cer- 
tain; the class of 2006 
was ready to begin their 
adventure into the “real 



Art - Art Club 
BC - Booster Club 
Bowl Bowling Club 

CC - Class Council 
Con Band - Concert Band 
Con Choir - Concert Choir 
Drama - Drama Club 
I; IC - International Club 
1H - Ice Hockey 
Jz Band - Jazz Band 
Main - Maintenance Crew 
Mar Band - Marching Band 
NHS - National Honor Society 
P-ettes - Pantherettes 
PP - Panther Press 
» QS - Quill and Scroll Jl 
SADD - Stuc^^^Against 

Dangerou sDecision s 

'• SB - Spell Bowl 
SC - Student Council 
Supr - Academic Super Bowl 
VC - Varsity Club 
WWAAS - Who’s Who Among 
American Students 
Yrbk - Yearbook 
Base - Baseball 
Bskt - Basketball 
Cheer - Cheerleading 
Dive - Diving 
Ft- Football 
Sft - Softball 
Socc - Soccer 
Swim - Swimming 
Ten - Tennis 
Wr - Wrestling 
Vb - Volleyball 
XC - Cross Country 
All Conf - AH Conference 
BMA - Best Mental Attitude 

Senior Activity Key 

HM - Honorable Mention 
Home Ct - Homecoming Court 
Home King - Homecoming King 
Home Queen - Homecoming 
and Queen 

Jhoir Ml Most Improved 

MVP : - Most Valuable Player 
i PC Prom Court 

Vho Among 

St Qual - State Qualifier 
TAC - Team All Conference 
Turn Ct - Turnabout Court 
Capt - Captain 
DM Drum Major 
DRM - D.A.R.E. Role Model 
Ed - Editor 

Exp - Exploratory Teacher 
Hist - Historian 
Mgr - Manager 
PT - Peer Tutor 
Pres - President 
Sec - Secretary 
Treas - Treasurer 
VP - Vice Presto.. v 
IM - Iron Maiden 
FA - Fine Arts 
CA - Career Center 
FCCLA - Family Career anpT“ 
Community Leaders of 

A.C.E.S - Academicly Challenging 
Educational Seminars 
ME - Managing Editor 
EE - Enertainment Editor 
Trh - Track 

SD - Student Director 
A.S. Choir - After School Choir 
All St. - All State * | 

The§ - Thespian 

Emily Adams 
James Anderson 
Eric Andree - Ft 9 o 11 12. 

Trb 9 10 
Andrew Bailey 

Amy Baran - Sft 9 10 (BMA 
10). Cheer 10 11 12 (Ml 10). BC 
10 11 12 (Pres 12). Turn Cl 10. 
Home Ct 12. Choir 9 10 11 12. 
Crystal Bechtold - FCCLA 
10 11 12. SADD 11 12. IC 12 
Lauren Becze - Choir 9 10. 
Yrbb 10 11(SL Ed). Cheer 9. 

DECA 12. BC 9 
Brian Bell 

What advice would you give to 

“Respect your upperclassmen.” 

'Jordan Lagestee L * 3 

“Seriously, do well in school 
now because you’ll need it 
later, and you’ll regret it if you 

'Eliana Hernandez 

Dareb Kowal 

Keith Boileb 

Nicholas Vasquez 

Natalie Bermudez 
Trent Bierman - Base 9 10 

11 IS. Bsbt 9 10 

Adam Brandner - Ten 9 

10 11 12 (MVP 12). PP 9 10 11 

12 (Op Ed 10 11 12). Choir 10 

11 12. Chorale Sec 12. QS 12. 
CC 10 11 12 (VP 10). Drama 11 

12 (Thes 12). NHS 11 12. SO 
9 10 11 

Shauna Brock - Choir 

9 10 11 

Renee Cabrales - bsbt 9 
10 11 12 (Cap! 12). Trb 10 11 
12 (Cap! 11 12). Prom Ct 11. 
Home Queen 12. IC 11, VC 
10 II 12 

In Jane Kohanyi-Viilaromans physics class, senior 
Liz Gollner studies for a test. "Physics is one of the 
hardest classes in the school. Most people can't 
handle the pressure. Neither could I. I ended up 
dropping the class at semester." said Gollner. 


3331 nw I 



Lyndley Clarbson 

Developing her negatives in photography class, 
senior Bridgett Vechey waits to see if they 
turned out right. "I like that you can picture 
someone's emotions in a split second." said 

Crystal Bechtold 

Andrew Vaclavib 

Brandon Smiedzinsbi 

Cheering on their class during the Homecom- 
ing pep rally, seniors Ashley Stevens and Cas- 
sandra Johnstone stand up and cheer loudly. 
The event was during the last hour and a half of 
the day to rile up the school before the game. 


Christopher LaMendoIa 

Arbadiusz Ryzab 

Cassandra Johnstone 
Jessica Wachowsbi 

Brandon Carpenter 
Crystal Chandler 
vb 9. FCCLA 10 12. 
choir 9 10 II 12. 
Drama 9 10 II 12. IC II 
Ashley Churitch 

cheer 9. P-ettes 10. Choir 9 
10 II 12. BC 9 10 
Lauren Clark 
CC 9 10 II I2(VP 12) Socc 9 
10 11 12(Capt. IM. MVP 12) VC 9 
10 11 12. FCCLA II 12. IC 10 11. 

BC 9 10 II 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Band 9 10 11 12(Hisl II 12). 
Yrbb 9 10 11 12(Phto Ed II 12). 
Sft 9 10 11. QS II 12. Jets II 12. 
NHS 12. SO 9 10 11 12 
Matthew Coddington 

Bsbt 9 10 11 12(BMA 10) 

Ashley Cogdill 

Yrbb 10 11 12 (Ed 12). SC 9. 
SADD 9 10. Drama 9 10 11 12. 
Band 9. BC 9 10. NHS 10 
Steven Cope 

I .* 

Alex Wilcoxson 

Laura Matovina 

Keith Boileb 

Going to her locber in between classes senior 
Jessica Shacklett puts her boobs away and gets 
out what she needs for her next class. "The best 
thing about senior year is almost being done 
with high school," said Shacblett. 

While studying in Jim Picbett's class, seniors 
Lauren Marinos and Erin Ally review together 
to mabe sure they pass. Government and Eco- 
nomics are required classes to graduate from 
Griffith High School. 

Heather Crundwell 
Lauren Csonba 

P-ettes 1 1 12. Cheer 9. BC 9 

11 12. VC 9 11 12 
Josh Cunningham 

XC9 10 11 12(BMA9MVRll 

12 Capt 12). Tract; 9 10 11 12 (JV 
BMA9 10U). Bowl 11 12 (VP 
12), Art 11 12. VC 9 10 11 12 

Emily Cutba 

PP 10 11 12(ED 12). QS 
11 12,Choir 9 12. DRM 12. 
NHS 10 11 12. CC 9 10 (Pres 
10). Drama 12. SO 11 12 

Joseph Dapshis 
Brandon Donovsky 
Anthony Dwyer 
Joshua Etheridge 

/ mBr i 

Matthew Flutba 

Justine Yeager 

Ryan Fentress 
Lauren Figueroa 
Matthew Flutba- Ft 9. 

Choir 9 10 11 
Christopher Fuoss- Socc 

9 10 11 is 

Jessica Gallinatti- Bsto 9 10 

11 12 (Capt 12). NHS 12. DRM 12. 
FCCLA 12. IC 11 12.BCU 12 VC 

9 10 11 12. Home Queen 9 
Timothy Garibay- Socc 
9 10 11 12 (BMA II 12. JV MI 9). 
NHS 10 11 12 (Pres 12). Art 9 10 II 

12 Drama II 12. ACES 9 10 11 12 

Mallory Gatlin- Sooc9 10 n 
12 (MVP. AD Conf. BMA Capt 12), 
GC 10 11 12 NHS 11 12 (Treas 12). 
Bsfct 9 10. PC Turn a FCOA 9 12 

Jacob Gee- Drama 9 11 12. 

Ft 9. SADD 9 

Liz GoIIner- Art 10 n 12 
(Pres 12). Drama 10 11 12. PP 
12. Band 9 10 11 
Crystal Gonzalez- Cheer 
9 10 11 12. BC 9 10 11 12. 

Turn Ct 

Josh Gonzalez- Ft 9 10 11 
12. VC 9 10 11 12. Trh 11 12. 

IC II. Base 9 

Katya Gordeeva 

Sidney Govert- Turn Ct. 
PC. Home Ct. ACES 9 10 11 
12. CC9 10 11 12 (Sec 11 12) 
Benjamin Hancock 
Jennifer Handley- PP 
9 10 II 12 (EE 10 11 12. ME 
12). Yrbb 11 12. Drama 10 11 
12. Bowl 10 11 12 (Pres 12). 

QS 11 12 

Sam Hart 


Liz GoIIner 

Concentrating in class, senior Nicholas Leep 
pays attention. "I like how many students and 
faculty at GHS are dedicated to their educa- 
tion. to their classes, and to their outside activi- 
ties." said Leep. 

Lyndley Clarbson 

Focusing, senior Joy Helfen bumps the ball at 
practice. Helfen said. "I don't know [what I'm 
going to miss most about playing volleyball], I 
just loved it all. I hope one day to be as good 
as Mr. Whittemore." 

Waiting in anticipation at the starting line, se- 
nior Josh Cunningham waits to take off during 
his cross country meet. The Griffith boys cross 
country team ended up having a 0-10 record 
for their season. 

Matthew Nelleman 

Caralyn Salczynsbi 

Joy Helfen- ACES 9 io n 12. 
Vb 9 10 II 12 (Cap! 9 12. BMA. 
All Conf. AH Si 12). Bsbt 9 10 
(Cap! 9 10. JV BMA 10). NHS 10 
II 12. Supr 10 II 12. CC 10 11 
12. SC 12. FCCLA 12 
Eliana Hernandez- Choir 9 
10 11 12. IC 11 12. FCCLA 12 

Rosamaria Hernandez 
Connie Herrera 

While going over homework from the night 
before, senior Christopher Mansanarez talks to 
senior Lauren Clark about the answers. "Being 
able to talk in class about homework helps me 
understand it and it passes time. School is fun. 
I am going to miss it." said Mansanarez. 

Jennifer Handley 
Class discussion helps with a lot of the work stu- 
dents get. senior Christina Lozano says. "I enjoy 
talking with the class about what's going on nowa- 
days. I also like talking about lessons a lot because 
it helps me understand more." Lozano said. 

Kyle Hitt 
Joshua Hoogeveen 
Brian James 
Kara Johnson- 

Con Band 9.I0.1U2 

Waking up early in the morning, getting ready 
and then learning for seven hours takes a lot out 
of students. “I hate waking up early for school. I 
am glad this is my last year of having to get up 
so early." senior Darrin Robbins said. 

Jennifer Handley 

Cassandra Johnstone- 
SC Drama (thespian) FCCLA 
10.11.12 (12 historian) CC 
9.10.11 SADD 9.10 PP 12 

Gwen Jones 
Javon Joplin 
Alicia Kielbasa- Bskt (9.10.1lBest menial 
attitude. 12 Capt). Socc 
9.10.11 (10 most improved). 

DRM 12 

Darek Kowal- Wr 
lO.ll.Drama 10.11.12 . FAT 
(Capt 10.11) 
Nicole Kubacki- Sft Vb Bskt 
9.10.11. Sb 10. CC 11. Dive 12. 


Tracy Kunkemoeller- 

ConChior 9.10.11, Bskt 9.11 
Alan Kus- Base 
Ten 11.12. NHS 10.11.12. CC 
(II VP). DRM 12. Con Choir Chorale). Aces Supr U( social stud- 
ies) 12 (social studies science) 

Zorica Kvrgic-Bsfet 9.Swim 

10.12. XC 12 (best mental 
attitude). DECA 12 (VP) NHS 

10.11.12. SCC.Trb 12. KC 12 
Michael Laffoon 
Jordan Lagestee 
Colby Lamb 

Christopher LaMendola 
Nicholas Leep- Con Band NHS 10.11,12. SO Drama 10.11.12 

Thomas Lenber- Ft Base 9.10. Track 11.12 

Adam Longoria 

Nicole Kubacbi. Kara Johnson 

Bridgett Vechey 

Lauren Massa 

Craig Otto. Ashley McDonald 

Lauren Marinos- Cheer 11 
12 (Cpt. 11 12. BMA 12). BC II 
12. PC 11. Home Ct. 12. Choir 
9 10 11 12 

Lisa Marbut 
Lauren Massa 
Kristen Mathews- Track 9 
10 11 12 (Cpt. 11. Co-MVP II), 
Bsbt 9 10 11 12. XC 10 11 12 
(Cpt. 12. MVP 12. BMA 11. MI 
10) NHS 10 11 12 (Sec. 12) 

Laura Matovina - CC 10 
11 12 (Pres. 12). SC 10 II 12 
(Tres. 10. Sec. II) Choir 9 10 11 
12 (Hist. 12). DRM 12. Drama 
9 10 11 12 (Thes 11 12. SD 12) 
QS 11 12. PP 10 11 12 (News 
ED. 10 11 12). Sft. 9 11. NHS 10 
11 12. IC 9 10 11 12 
Andrew Mazur 
Alex McCampbeli 
Ashley McDonald-Sft. 9 
10 II 12, Yrbk II 12, DEC A 

Andrew McMuIIin-Band 
9 10 11 12(DM 11 12). Drama 
9 10 11 12 (Thes. 9-12).XC 11 
12(MIll.BMAl2.Capt.l2).CC 9 10 
11 12(Pres.ll).SC 9 10 11 !2(VP 
11. Pres. 12).FCCLA 10 11 12(Pres. 
12.D1 Pres. !2).Choir 11 12 
Justin Murphy 
Andrew Nashboff-Ft 10 li 
12.Tracb 12. VC 10 II 12 
Matthew Nelleman- 
Ft. 9 10 11 I2(Capt 12.AII Conf. 
12.2nd tm conf 11.2nd tm area 
12).Base 9 10 11 12 (HM II). Bsbt 
9.PC ll.Turn Ct 10 

Amie Palmer- Choir 9 10 
11 12 Yrbk 10 11 12 (Academ- 
ics Ed. 12) Drama 9 12. QS 12 

Joshua Pepoff 
Alex Pierson- Ft. 9 10. Ca 
II 12. Bowl 10 
Brandon Pollard- PP io 
11. Ft. 9 10 11 12 Turn Ct. 10. 
PC 11. Home Ct. 12. Track 
9 10 II 

Andre Rodgers- Choir 10 n 
12 (Pres 12). Band 9 10 II 12 (VP 
12). CC 10 II 12 (Hist 12). SC 9 
10 12. SADD 9 10 12 (Mascot 12) 
Dive 10 11 12 

Drew Rogowsbi- 1 H 10. li 

12. Ft. 9 10 II 12. Base 9 10 11. 
Turn Ct. 10 (Prince 10) PC 11. 
Home Ct. 12 (King 12) 

Claudia Rybacbi 
Arbadiusz Ryzab - Choir 9 
10 11 12. Art 10 11 12, IC 9 10 11. 
Trh 9 10 11. Swim 9 10. DRM 12. 
CC 11 12. A S. Choir 9 10 11 12. 
Ten 10 11. XC 9 

Caralyn Salczynsbi- VB 9 
10 11 12 (BMA 9. Ml 10. Capt. 
12. Academic All Conf. 12. 
Leadership 12). CC 9 10 11 12 
(Tres. 10-12). FCCLA 12 (Hist. 
12). D.A.R.E 12. VC 10 11 12 
D.J. Salmon- 

Aces 9 10 11 12. Art 11 12 

Ashley Schaller 
Jaimie Scholte 

Brad Popa 

Jimmy Qualls 
Kyle Radusbi 
Grant Raybourne 
Darrin Robbins 

Jennifer Handley 

"I was acting libe I was doing my worb. but ac- 
tually drawing pictures," said senior Matthew 
Nellemen. Nellemen libes to draw pictures in 
his free time during some of his classes in 

Sitting at the round tables in the hall, seniors 
Brandon Pollard, Christina Lozano, and Trent 
Bierman waste time. “I was preparing to tell a 
story while acting libe I'm listening to what the 
others say." said Pollard. 

the Andree. Ashley Churitch. Tabitha 

Cassandra Johnstone. Sarah 

Ashley Schaller 

6:15 Wabe up 



Matthew Perez 

7:10 Wake up 

6:30 Take shower 


Brush teeth 

6:50 Dry and straighten hair 


* em 


Chill and listen to music 

7:10 Brush teeth and makeup 

7:30 Get dressed 



Get dressed 

Listen to more music 

7:45 Leave for school 


Leave for school 


Adam Vania 

Jacob Gee 

Eric Andre. Matthew Gonzalez 

Cody Scott 
Jessica Shacblett - Band 9 
10 11 12. FCCLA 10 II 12 
Brandon Smiedzinsbi 

- Bowl 11 12 

Laura Solivais - Yrbb 10 11 
12 (managing editor 12). Ten 
9 10 11 12. PP 10 12. QS 12. 
FCCLA 10 11 12. SC 9 10 11. 
Exp 12. SADD 9 10. BC 9 10 
11. Choir 9 

Jeanette Soy 
Nicole Spejewsbi 
Steven Staples 
Cristi Steffeb - FCCLA n 
12. Choir 9 10 

Ashley Stevens 
Zachary Stevens - Ft u 
12. Trb 12. Cheer 10 (lifter) 
Jerry Stubbs 
Caitlin Terpstra Bskt 9 to 
II 12. Socc9 10 11 12 (Tri- 
Captain 12. MVP 12. All Con- 
ference Academic 12). NHS 10 
11 12 (VP 12), CC 10 II. PC 
1 1 (Prom Queen). Home Court 
12, VC 9 10 11 12 

Nick Leep 

Adam Vania 
Bridgett Vechey - Socc 9 
10. Drama 11 12. Trb 10. PP 10 
Brandon Veronesi Ft n 
12 (2nd TAC II 1st TAS 12 2nd 
TAA 12 1st TAC 12). Bskt 10. 
Trcb 10 11 12 (Regional Quali- 
fier 11) 

Dennis Vessell 

Jessica Wachowsbi 
Troyce Wachtstetter 
Jenny Welch - FCCLA 10 n 
12. Choir 9. Art 12. Drama 12 

Michael White - Ft n 12. 
Base 9 10 11. Bskt 9 10 11 12. PP 
10 11 12. VC 10 11 12. QS 12 

Alex Wilcoxson - Bskt 9 u 
12. NHS 10 11 12. (Historian 12). 
Supr 10 11 12. JETS 11 12 
Anna Williams - Bskt u 12 
(MI). Trb 10 11 12 (Ml) 

Rachel Wright 
Justine Yeager-Band 9 10 li 
12. Tenn 9 10 11 12. SC 9 10 11 
(Treas 11). SADD 9 10. Drama 9 
11 12. Exp 12 

Lauren Clark. Christopher Mansanarez 

Joy Helfcn. Caralyn Salczynsbi 

Alex Wilcoxson 

Kendra Terzarial 
John Therault 
Krystal Ulm 

Andrew Vaclavib - Swim 
10 11. Band 9 10 11 12 

Frank Alvarez 
Matthew Alvarez 
Sabri Amur a 
Mindy Anderson 
Brandon Archer 
Matthew Azpeitia 
Matthew Baccino 

Stephanie Baiz- Rivera 
Ashley Baker 
Ryan Bandura 
Terry Barbara 
Olivia Barlow 
Bradley Begeske 
Ryan Berry 

James Bobowski 
Jessica Bogner 
Ashley Boyer 
Jeanette Bridegroom 
Ryan Bridges 
Sara Brock 
Brandon Brown 

Stefanie Brown 
Jarrett Brownd 
Trisha Brumley 
Jordan Bruno 
Nathan Bryan 
James Buehler 
Steven Byrns 

Brad Popa 

Hanging out in the library, junior Elise Gar- 
cia sits with junior Lisa Worley working on an 
English project. "We were looking up informa- 
tion for our research papers for Mrs. Vaclavik's 
English class.” said Garcia. 

Sitting In Kristina Collard's English class, 
junior. Brian Clark, talks to his classmates. "We 
were doing homework and they were helping 
me out.” said Clark. CoIIard is one of Clark’s 
favorite teachers. 


Ashlee Crutidtvell 
Rebecca Cumow 
Bonnie Curtis 
Karolina Damski 
Frank Davis 
Matt Dejesus 
Stephen DeRolf 

Amber Detmar 
Kelli De wees 
Nicholas Doell 
Jeremy Drach 
Anthony Drechny 
Carl Eisner 
Brittany Erickson 

Zachary Ficht 
Danielle Fogarty 
Zachary Forsythe 
William Frets 
Caleb Fruin 
Maegan Funk 
Elise Garcia 

Embarrassing Stories 



"Me and Sam [Kulig] 
were coming bach to my 
house, and I ran up the 
stairs and fell. Sam just 
stood there and laughed 
at me." 

' Kasia Damsfei 

'In my aide class, I got hit 
in the head by a freshman 
girl in dodgeball." 

~ Brandon Archer 

"On Turnabout night I was go- 
ing downstairs and I tripped 
and fell down the stairs. All 
the parents and everyone 
saw me, and Lauren Pollard 
wouldn't stop laughing!" 

Melorry Cabrales 

■yndley Clarbson 

James Bobowsbi 

Alana Massa 

Ashley Perry 

^ . 

Stefanie Brown 


"Hoyle is a great first year teacher." said Jacob 
Gazarkiewicz. 'The random funny stuff people 
say in class makes it fun. Like in this picture, 
the class said I had sweaty arm pits so I de- 
cided to check it out for myself." 

Brad Popa 

In the library. Trisha Brumley researches in- 
formation for her paper on autism for Sheila 
Vaclavib’s English class. “The thing that makes 
English fun are my friends because without 
them it would be boring." 

Adam Gasper 
Steven Geary 
Benjamin Geffert 
Jessica Gerlich 
Stephanie Gilman 
Krista Glidewell 
Alexis Gonzalez 

Joseph Greichunos 
Gail Grigson 
Matthew Gurrola 
Miles Hall 
Dustin Hammond 
Elizabeth Hancock 
Sean Hansen 

Stephanie Hansen 
Sam Hart 
Jennifer Hentiey 
Annie Hernandez 
Abbie Hicks 
Chris Higginbotham 
Samantha Higgins 




54j£ would rather be dwarfs 
46^ would rather be giants 

Evan Hixon 
Bryant Hobbs 
William Hobbs 
Kathryn Horn 
Katie Horn 
Shaun Horton 
Derrick Huzzie 

Melissa James 
Elyse Janke 
Kolie Johnson 
Jeri Jones 
Holly Jusko 
Andrew Karpati 
Brian Kayden 

Jasmine Kellum 
Jason Kettwig 
Christina Kireta 
Katie Kleidott 
Kristen Knoerzer 
Curt Konopasek 
David Konopasek 

Samantha Kulig 
Matt Kuna 
Zoran Kvrgic 
Jeremy Labadie 
Nathan Lehmann 
Beau Leimbach 
Peter Lewis 

Tiffany Lidster 
Darci Lopez 
Steven Lopez 
Tyler Lonviere 
Michael Luna 
Daniel MacFarlane 
Kristina Majstoric 

Kamilla Marshall 
Christopher Martin 
Alana Massa 
Kristyn Maynard 
Allen McClendon 
Kevin Meece 
Joshua Mercer 

Amy Miles 
Jacqueline Miskiewicz 
Eric Miskuf 
Tabitha Mitkus 
Caitlin Moisant 
Andrew Monko 
Erin Moore 

Jennifer Handley 

Flipping a page in his booh, junior Brad Wil- 
son works on finishing an assignment during 
Mark Swanson’s U.S. History class. Coming 
from Whiting. Wilson is a first-time Griffith 

Working on an assignment in Luann Pramufc's 
U.S. History class, junior Suzanne Pawloski 
reads through her book. "The best thing about 
being a junior is looking forward to senior year. 
It was fun to come to Griffith." said Pawloski. 

Sara Moore 
Leah Morton 
Nicholas Mullens 
Andrea Naaman 
Ashley Nagy 
Corey Nash 
Stephanie Nokes 


Vanissa O 'Brien 
Ashley 0 1 Connor 
Shawn O'Keefe 
Karrie Obranovich 
Molly Orzechowicz 
Robert Osorio 
Kyle Palitica 

Chris Parker 
Valerie Parnell 
Vishal Patel 
Ashley Perry 
Jessica Phillips 
Christopher Pilipow 
Samantha Ploskonka 

I L i u ^ 

I 3 6 t> 0 . 

V §j jo 9 f 

p £ » o » r I 

Kneeling beside the pool and feeling the water, 
junior Amy Sloan counts laps for a teammate 
during a 500 freestyle race at a Griffith swim 
meet. "I like swimming because I've done it 
since I was little." Sloan said. 

Lyndley Clarbson 

During Luann Pramub's U S. History class. Jac- 
queline Misbiewicz reads through her history 
boob to find the answers to her worksheet. A 
full year of U.S. History is required to be taken 
by juniors at Griffith. 

Jennifer Handley 

Kristina Plucinski 
Bradley Popa 
Miranda Pryor 
Jelena Pupae 
Amanda Rakowski 
Jaqualynn Ranch 
Brittany Rawdon 

Nicole Reba 
Kelly Redden 
Jeffrey Reitz 
John Reyna 
Eric Ritter 
Robert Robinson 
David Romesburg 


Aaron Salczynski 
Stacy Sanchez 
Tljeresa Sanchez 
Melony Schmidt 
Caitlin Scott 
John Scurtu 
Nicholas Sellers 

Are you excited about senior year? 

Yes 70 % 

Sort of 14 % 

NO 16 % 

Page By: Aundalyse Parquet 

43 Juniors Polled 

Jennifer Handley 

"I 'm excited about senior year because I want 
to graduate.” said junior Samantha Ploskonba. 
Her highlights of this year included traveling, 
going to the career center for cosmetology and 
getting a job offer on work tour. 

'I’m not really looking forward to senior year 
because I'm having a lot of fun in high school.” 
said junior Peter Lewis. His favorite part of his 
junior year are the teachers because they make 
learning fun. 

Jennifer Handley 

Brittany Watts 

Trying to win it all for her class, junior Amber 
Detmar runs around the chairs in an effort to 
sit in one. "Junior year was fun. but I’m excited 
about senior year because it means that we 
only have one year left.’’ said Detmar. 

"Hanging out with my friends was the best part 
of this school year, said junior Vincent Soy. 
work is no fun. but it's a job. not a career. "He 
is excited for senior year because it is his last 
year here at Griffith. 

Samantha Shuster 
Jessica Simpson 
Kierra Sims 
Steven Siokos 
Amy Sloan 
Michael Smith 
Christopher Sophiea 

Jennifer Handley 

Christopher Martin 

Carl Eisner 

Tytiara Word 

Brian Clark 

Vincent Soy 
Nicole Spejewski 
Casey St Clair 
Christa Staes 
Stacina Stagner 
Elizabeth Stanford 
Kelly Staszak 

Leah Morton 

Jordan Bruno 


Juan Suarez 
Felicia Sutton 
Megan Swanson 
Alyssa Szo 
Jason Taylor 
Amanda Tharp 
Jamie Theil 

Kimberly Therault 
Kelsey Troxel 
Megan Turner 
Zachary Udchitz 
Amanda Uram 
Daniel Vanek 
Nathan Vaughan 

Megan Verbeke 
Ben Victory 
Olivia Wagman 
Lori Wartsbaugh 
Brittany Watts 
Michael Wegner 
Alexander Werkowski 

Amanda White 
Terrell Whiteside 
Aaron Wilbert 
Leonard Wilfinger 
Anna Williams 
Dalniecia Williams 
Brad Wilson 

Sprinting as fast as she can. junior Alana Mas- 
sa contributes her speed to this year's cross- 
country team. "I joined cross-country because 
Kristen [Mathews] made me. [It was fun be- 
cause] the people made it fun." said Massa. 

- - - ----- ~ - 

Among all the boobs in the library, junior Tri- 
sha Brumley yawns of exhaustion as she con- 
tinues working on a research project. Brum- 
ley took independant research for one of her 
classes this year. 

Lisa Worley. Molly Orzechowicz 

Matthew Alvarez 

Casey St Clair 


Danielle Wilson 
Daniel Woloszyn 
Lisa Worley 
Andrew Wright 
James Writt 
Joseph Zajac 
Brittany Zajicek 

Anthony Zarndt 
Rand/ill Zellers 

Lyndley Clarkson 

"The best part of soccer was beating Munster 
3-1." said junior Zoran Kvrgic. With a record 
of 5-4-8. Kvrgic attempts to kick the ball away 
from his opponent and score a goal for this 
year's boy’s soccer team. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Hanging out with friends, juniors Billy Cahill 
and James Bobowski relax at a restaurant. [The 
best part of junior yearl was definately when 
the | Chicago] White Soxs won the World Se- 
ries!” Bobowshi said. 

Struggling to catch her breath, junior Stefanie 
Brown wobbles away from just competing in a 
race. This was Brown's first year of participat- 
ing with the cross-country team. Their record 
was 0-11 this year. 

Jordan Adams 
Kayla Aguilera 
Raquelle Aguilera 
Steven Aguilera 
Andrew Akcn 
Erika Aldape 
Hussam Alzeer 

Chloe Anderko 
Andrew Anderson 
Corey Anderson 
Jerry Anderson 
Mark Arndt 
Melissa Arnold 
Douglas Ashenbaugh 

Jamar Averyhart 
Erik Azzarello 
Cassie Bailey 
Trey Bailey 
Stephen Bakko 
Steven Barnard 
Laura Beaupain 

As sophomore Jefferey Walczab looks up re- 
search on the library computers for Karen 
Jensen's world history class, he patiently waits 
for the information to load. Many classes use 
the library computers for extra projects. 

During one of Kay Orzechowicz's sophomore 
English classes, sophomore Jacqueline Kry- 
gowsbi works on her vocabulary quiz of the 
week. “It's pretty boring being a sophomore." 
said Krygowsbi. 



Brad Popa 



s < 


Brad Popa 
Jeffery Beese 
Taylor Blue 
Jenevieve Bock-Goode 
Patrick Bogacz 
Takara Boyd 
Brittany Bridges 
Adrian Burnham 

Stenciling during her jewelry class, sophomore 
Sarah Kintz finishes up her project. "I like 
stenciling a lot,” said Kintz. Nancy Ashton has 
five jewelry classes this year. Students can take 
jewelry during any year of high school. 

With anticipation, sophomore Jake Terpstra 
waits for his jewelry project to finish cooking 
in the toaster oven. "I made a cool bookmark 
in that class.” said Terpstra. Jewelry classes 
also make rings, necklaces, and key chains. 


Brad Popa 

Najee Campbell-Bonner 
Matthew Cavazos 
Auvon Chandler 
Marcus Chavez 
Emily Cioroianu 
Andrew Clark 
Breanne Clark 

Kelley Cloghessy 
Leondre Cobb 
Sarah Cole 
Allison Colgrove 
Anthony Concialdi 
Rachel Convery 
Timothy Cooper 

Ashley Covington 
Sarah Craven 
Amanda Crook 
Rex Cullen 
Kyle Dapshis 
Randy Degani 
Daniel Domsic 

Patrick Dorin 
Joseph Dye 
Jacob Edwards 
Samantha Eisensee 
Brittany Evanich 
Melissa Falkner 
Jonathan Ferguson 

Nicholas Ficht 
Scott Finchum 
John Finck 
Amy Fitzgerald 
Jacob Fitzsimons 
Christopher Fleming 
Devin Fogarty 

While taking Kay Orzechowicz's English 10 test, 
sophomore David Alexander, concentrates on 
getting a good grade. Some of the boobs the 
class read were Julius Caesar . To Kill a Mocb- 
ingbird. and Of Mice and Men. 

Lauren Pollard 

Lyndley Clarbson 

Daniel Domsic 

Joshua Francis 
Jamie Freeman 
Trent Fullgraf 
Kathryn Galambos 
Jeremy Gates 
Joel Gerber 
Kaitlyn Gibbs 

After being fouled, sophomore Jeff Reyna 
shoots a freethrow basket. This was his first 
year on the Griffith varsity basketball team 
which was coached by first time varsity coach. 
Justin Fronek. 

During a Griffith swim meet, sophomore El- 
len Hurdish, finishes her homework between 
events. "Swimming is a good way to stay in 
shape and the girls' team is like a big family be- 
cause you're always with them.” said Hurdish. 


"The masks were fun to make because we got 
to be in groups with our friends.” said sopho- 
more Sheila Szo. The masks were made in Lo- 
raine Hageman’s French two class to celebrate 
the French holiday Mardi Gras. 

Billy Glass 
Chad Gonzales 
Briana Greenwell 
Allison Hanchar 
Ashley Hart 
Alexis Hartman 
Justin Hauser 

Devin Heller 
Anthony Helton 
Corey Henson 
Billy Hilbrich 
Britney Hill 
Derek Hitt 
Andrew Hixon 

Ellen Hurdish 
Mahmoud Issa 
Kimberly Jamison 
Kyle Johnson 
David Jones 
Jenna Jones 
Justin Jones 

Swimming with all his might, sophomore An- 
drew Afcen puts all of his energy and effort 
into his race. The Griffith boys' swim team 
finished their season with a successful record 
this year. 

After reading the novel To Kill a Mockingbird 
in her english class, sophomore Brittany Tinnin 
makes herself a plate of food to celebrate. Tin- 
nin said. "The best part about having the feast 
was to be able to stop doing work and eat.” 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Michael Zajac 

David Kujawa 

Dwight Poole 

Brittany Jursic 
Katie Kaiser 
Lauren Kelley 
Angela Kepchar 
Andrew Kime 
Sarah Kintz 
Keegan Kiral 

Jimmy Kleist 
Zachary Koch 
Rhianna Koepp 
Amanda Koleski 
Nicole Koleski 
Patrick Kolisz 
Mattie Krause 

Jacqueline Krygowski 
Michael Kubacki 
David Kujawa 
Danial Kulinski 
Kenneth Kurpela 
Caitlyn Lackey 
Kelly LaMendola 

Jennifer Handley 

During his home basketball game, sophomore 
David Alexander calmly releases his freethrow 
and hopes to gain a point for his team. Alex- 
ander earned a spot on the boys' varsity team 
this year. 

Would you rather be a' 
dwarf or a giant? 

"A giant, so I could crush 
everything in my way." | 

-Randy Degani, 10 

"A dwarf because I think being 
a giant would be awkward be- 
cause you'd have to look down 
at everyone.” 

-Jordynn Tibbs, 10 

"Being a sophomore is okay but I would rather 
be an upperclassman. I can't wait." said sopho- 
more Caitlyn Lackey as she puts her Algebra 
boobs away and prepares for the next class on 
her schedule. 

When they finished To Kill a Mocking Bird . Ra- 
chel Miller's. English, sophomore classes had a 
food party.They ate southern food because the 
boob took place in the south. "It was fun and the 
food was good.'said sophomore Sarah Cole. 

Tony Latronica 
Jamal Lauderdale 
Jennifer Lawrence 
Christy Leal 
Tracy Leon 
Lindsay Lewis 
Kyung Lim 

John Magrath 
Samantha Mansanarez 
Keri Markut 
Lori Marsh 
Olivia Martinez 
William Maywald 
Jessica Mendoza 

Jonathan Little 
Joshua Long 
Michael Lopez 
Justin Louie 
Zachary Macak 
Jeremy Maddox 
Danny Maglish 



Brooke Miller 
David Mills 
Andres Minton 
D'Andre Moody 
Anthony Moore 
DeMonica Murdock 
Kyle Najar 

Desmond Neylon 
Sandra Novath 
Cassandra Nunez 
Jimi Nunez 
Douglas Osborn 
Andy Palinca 
Aundalyse Parquet 

Lauren Pollard 
Dwight Poole 
Miranda Pope 
Matthew Post 
Victor Prieto 
Amanda Purvis 
Elizabeth Ramsey 

Jeremy Ratajczyk 
Amber Reed 
Jeffrey Reyna 
Brittany Rias 
Caitlyn Robbins 
Antoinette Rodgers 
Kimberly Rogers 

"I really enjoyed the food we got in {Rachel} 
Miller's. I was glad we read the booh. It taught 
me a lot.'said sophomore William Maywald. 
Eating southern food taught the students how 
and what people eat in the south. 

' To Kill a Moching Bird taught me to treat 
people equally. I usually don't like reading but 
this book wasn't bad." said sophomore Kathryn 
Galambos. Having the Southern food party 
was a extra spark for a great book. 

"I like when we get to do different things. It 
teaches you in other ways. Having to listen to 
teachers talk everyday isn't fun.” said sopho- 
more Douglas Osborn. Osborn is enjoying the 
southern food provided for a lesson. 

"I was swimming backstroke in a meet that we 
had. I wasn't that nervous because I've been 
swimming for a long time now. I love swim- 
ming. It's my second year in high school." 
sophomore Andrew Aken said. 

"We were taking the hardest vocabulary test that 
I have ever took in my life. I was also trying so 
hard to focus and give it my 110% effort getting 
all the answers correct and getting the A+ that I 
studied for." sophomore Zach Macak said. 

Brad Popa 

Ashley Roll 
Rachel Romesburg 
Samantha Royal 
Cathy Rudzinski 
Daniel Rukes 
Corey Rutkowski 
Elizabeth Ryzak 

Zeljko Saban 
Andrew Salgado 
Kaitlyn Scheffel 
Timothy Schell 
Brett Schoon 
Timothy Sconza 
Nicole Sharpe 

Jeffrey Simon 
Joshua Sims 
Lorris Smith 
Julia Soto 
Alison Stage 
James Sternberg 
Travis Stevens 

Lauren Winiecki 
Andrew Wiszowaty 
Tyliaira Word 
Michael Zajac 
Jose Zavala 

What's the best thing 
being a freshmen? 

"You get more respect for 
the things you do. Sopho- 
more teachers are better. 
Also when you're not a 
freshman you get to do 
more things," 

'Olivia Martinez 

“It's better to be a sopho- 
more because you get 
more respect. Freshmen 
look up to you. and your 
more mature. Also you 
get more girls." 

'Desmond Neylon 



Sheila Szo 
Jessica Teasdaie 
Stephen Teibel 
Jake Terpstra 
Jordynn Tibbs 
Brittany Tinnin 
Courtney Todd 

Courtney Tomaszewski 
John Tonkovich 
Sylver Toussaint 
Kimberly Tuzar 
Daniel Valois 
Daniel Velez 
Tara Villa 

Kirk Villasenor 
Tanya Vogel 
Jefferey Walczak 
Jamie Walenkiewicz 
Tyler Walk 
Caleb Westfall 
D’ Andre Wilson 

about not 

“You know what to expect 
when you come to school. 
Nothing's new to you except 
the teachers. Also you get to 
take APC and not gym.” 

Adrian Burnham 

'I was trying to avoid getting my picture taken 
because 1 hate to take pictures, at the same 
time I'm trying to do my test that I studied and 
worked so hard for to get a good grade on it.” 
DeMonica Murdock said. 

Kelsie Belcher 
Kelsey Berry 
Kellie Blaski 
Mark Blount 
Charisse Bogan 
Shelby Boilek 
Jasmine Booker 

Daniel Borders 
Alexis Bozinovich 
Lindsay Brandner 
Corey Breclaw 
Gregory Brock 
Kellie Bubala 
Tyrese Buchanan 

"It's fun eating with my friends." said freshman 
Kelsey Berry as she sat at lunch with her fel- 
low classmates, freshmen Shelby Boileh and 
Andrea Mullens. "It's our free time away from 
said Belcher. 

On his way to finishing a project in Jewlery 
class, freshman Brad Hardin concentrates 
hard. "My favorite project was making a Texas 
Longhorn necklace because I like Longhorns. " 
said Hardin. 

H /I '/ffo O' <i 

Hillary Baccino 

Mia Reitz 

Gabriel Muro 

Daniel Baggarly 
Emily Bailey 
Michael Barlow 
Chris Bartley 
Tod Basham 
Brittany Bechtold 
Michael Beck 


Michael Zurawsbi 

Justin Abascal 
Danielle Aguilera 
Ashley Ames 
Olivia Anguiano 
Elizabeth Arellano 
Ashley Azzarello 
Hillary Baccino 


Katie Lesniewsbi and Erica Kudyba 

Heather Builta 
Mark Butkus 
Zachary Butkus 
Jennifer Buxton 
Britney Cabrales 
Lauren Callicott 
Jorge Castillo 

Jamie Chancellor 
Brandon Clark 
Kandice Cobb 
Kenneth Companik 
Destiny Cox 
Amanda Craven 
Heather Crews 

Michael Cummins 
Charles Curran 
Bailey Curtis 
Ashley Davis 
Amanda Del Valle 
Jacqueline Delgado 
William Dennison 

Wrestling at 152 lbs., freshman Austin Guzior 
stretches his legs for the meet at Calumet. 
"Practices are hard.'' said Guzior. but that 
doesn't stop him from staying dedicated week 
after week. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Devouring his lunch, freshman Mark Blount 
sits and talks with his friends in the cafeteria. 

"My favorite thing to eat is Spicy Chicken with 
cheese because it's the best." said Blount. He 
enjoys pizza as well. 

Keela Detmar 
Ryan Dixon 
Taylar Dobbs 
Meagan Domanski 
Rosetta Dorin 
Alexa Dragoin 
Carly Dunn 

Zackary Duvnjak 
Brittany Edwards 
Keith Ellison 
Kaitlyn Euber 
Brianne Finney 
Shaun Fisher 
Jessica Flutka 

Carly Francis 
Jeremiah Frankley 
Gus Franklin 
Zuri Fruin 
Ryan Galiher 
Justin Gasper 
Danielle Gazarkiwicz 

Ashley George 
Michael Gibbs 
Joshua Gibson 
Gina Gilge 
Steven Gilman 
Nicholas Gonzalez 
Vanessa Gonzalez 


What do you like best about high school? 

“I like all of the 
variety of classes 
you can take and the 
sports are better.” 

Lindsay Brandner, 9 


“I like that you can 
choose the classes 
you want to take so 
if there is a lame 
class you don’t have 
to take it.” 

Zack Butkus, 9 

“Going to all of the 
sporting events, and 
being able to choose 
the classes. The 
teachers are more 
laid back." 

Jessica Henderson, 9 




Kyle Gordon 
Kristen Graan 
Mary Granter 
Garrett Graves 
Michael Guistolisi 
Tyler Gustamente 
Austin Guzior 

Chastity Gwizdak 
Brad Hardin 
Andre Haynes 
Brandi Heidler 
Jessica Henderson 
Alexandria Hernandez 
Jaime Hernandez 



Julian Hernandez 
Antonio Herrera 
Caroline Herrera 
Ann Higginbotham 
Nicholas Higgins 
Stephanie Hobbs 
Samantha Holmes 

Chris Holycross 
Patrick Irwin 
Mayada Issa 
Danielle Ivy 
Trevor Janke 
Aimee Johnson 
D’Mon Johnson 

irad Popa 

"Me and Sammi [ Holmes) were having a Span- 
ish conversation as if we were supposed to be 
on the phone. It was hilarious!" laughed fresh- 
man Morgan Momcilovich. Momcilovich said 
Bonnan's Spanish 1 class is her favorite. 

Playing on the computer in Michelle Connor's 
Computer Application's class, freshman Chris 
Bartley says. “Computer Aps. is easy and fun. I 
like it a lot. Its interesting to learn more about 
the computer, but it can get boring sometimes." 

Talking in the hallway with junior Krista Glide- 
well. Justin Kelly is being interviewed. "I get 
asked to be interviewed a lot. It's probably be- 
cause I'm so swoll. Just kidding, but no. I am 
pretty swoll though." said Kelly. 

Steven Spataro 

Lauren Matthews 

Destiny Cox and Brian Story 

Daniel Keller 
Justin Kelley 
Darryl Kemp 
Kevin Keown 
Jennifer Kettler 
Alison Kitner 
Jacqueline Klabish 

Kevin Konopasek 
Elodia Krespo 
Corey Kronland 
Stefanie Krukowski 
Erica Kudyba 
Katherine Kuna 
Catherine Kus 

Jennifer Handley 

Talking with the rest of the freshmen cheer- 
leading team, freshman Katie Miller said she 
enjoyed being on the team because it was a 
fun experience. ''Cheerleading is more than 
people dancing in short skirts: it's a sport.” 










White Castle 


Burger King 


Taco Bell 




72 freshmen polled 

Jessica Flutka 

Morgan Momcilovich 

Joseph Lara 
Evan Laviolette 
Joshua Leep 
Gabrielle Leimbach 
Ashley Lenker 
Katie Lesniewski 
Kyle Lidster 

Joey Linvill 
Travis Litke 
Alex Little 
Samuel Llinas 
Bryan Lopez 
Shawn Love 
Caitlin Lozano 

Kyle Mackenthun 
Tim Malewicki 
Sean Malone 
Lauren Mathews 
Lawrence Matovina 
Mike Matusz 
Joey Mazur 

Alison McCampbell 
Ashley McCormack 
Katie McDaniel 
Talia McKinstry 
Clifton McKnight 
Tanisha McKnight 
Jeffrey Melton 

After the teacher is done with the lesson, fresh- 
man Stephanie Nowak libes to talk to her 
friends. "The best thing about being a freshman 
is that you learn everything for the first time. It 
was fun. but I can't wait to be a sophomore." 

"English would have to be my favorite class 
because it's fun." says freshman Olivia Anguia- 
no. "We have a good time. Ms. (Rachel) Miller 
makes it a fun experience and not all teachers 
can do that.” 

Abby Metsch 
Mark Miecznikowski 
Katie Miller 
Lauren Million 
Keith Mitchell 
Michelle Mojica 
Morgan Momcilovich 


Michael Moses 
Robert Muffett 
Andrea Mullens 
Gabriel Muro 
Christina Murphy 
Melissa Murphy 
Sara Nashkoff 

Michael Noojin 
Stephanie Nowak 
Christine Obermeyer 
Codie Olar 
Nelson Oliver 
Brittany Orzelski 
Sean Perez 

"I was talking to Miss Bonnan and junior Jac- 
queline Klabisha. about the schools lunch that 
day. I was trying to avoid the camera, but it 
found me and got my picture taken." said 
freshman Kirsten Rex. 

"1 was trying to find a vocab sheet to study off 
of. I really like Spanish because it is interesting- 
to not only learn other peoples language and 
to also learn about other peoples cultures.” 
said freshman Melissa Pilipow. 

Brad Popa 

Matthew Petersen 
Heidi Pierson 
Frances Pietrucha 
Melissa Pilipow 
Michelle Plucinski 
Richie Popovich 
Joseph Ramos 

Michael Ray 
Jordan Redar 
Mia Reitz 
Kirsten Rex 
Tommy Reynolds 
Emily Riley 
Donald Roach 

Ashley Rodgers 
Brandon Rukes 
Anthony Salinas 
Amanda Schleitwiler 
Ashley Scott 
Priscilla Sepulveda 
Melissa Sipos 

Brad Popa 

"For lunch 1 get snacks most of the time. Unless 
they have pizza that day. Pizza is my favorite food 
from school. Most of the time the cafeteria doesn't 
usually have a lot of food that is edible.”said fresh- 
man Emma Riley. 

Brad Popa 

"1 was in Resource class in the library. We had 
to do worksheets to keep us quiet. I normally 
don't read because I don't like it. It takes too 
much of my time.'' said Michel Barlow 

1’od Basham and Zachary 

Steven Gillmen and Jordan Reader 

Kellie Bubala 

Carly Dunn. Elizabeth Thrall, and Cory Jung 


Caroline Herrera 

Natasha Subotic and Destiny Cox 

Michael Cummins 

Andrea Mullens 

Kera Skinner 
Cameron Smith 
William Smith 
Irenelisz Smolen 
Irma Solis 
Lucinda Solis 
Anthony Solivais 

Robin Sophiea 
Carlos Sotres 
Christina Soy 
Steven Spataro 
Joseph Spisak 
Stacy Staszak 
Caitlin Stevens 

Amanda Stinnett 
Brian Story 
Brenton Strauch 
Brooke Studniarz 
Justine Sturgill 
Natasha Subotic 
Ariel Sutton 

Lyndley Clarkson 

Having fun with some of his other cross coun- 
try team members, freshman Tim Malewicbi 
eats after the sectional race. "Freshmen year 
was cool and I am really going to miss senior 
Jace McMulIin. he is the man." said Male- 

Tired during a soccer game, freshman Carly 
Dunn tries to catch her breath. “I had a lot 
of fun playing soccer my freshman year." said 
Dunn. Students who play soccer start practices 
during the summer. 

Lyndley Clarkson 

On the field, freshman Jeffrey Melton goes for 
the soccer ball. “I really enjoyed playing on 
the varsity team my freshman year. The team 
was really cool and I had a lot of fun." said 


Lorie Williams 

Joshua Leep 

Lawrence Matovina 

Joey Marnr 

Jourdan Thomas 
Shelisa Thomas 
Chloe Thompson 
Elizabeth Thrall 
Alexandria Tibbs 
Michael Tinich 
Danny Torok 

Nick Trauscht 
Nicholas Udchitz 
Rusty Ulicni 
Ambermarie Vanwhite 
Elizabeth Vargas 
Paige Vargas 
Cristal Villarreal 

Kyra Wall 
Jimel Washington 
Albert Webb 
Adam Werkowski 
Brett West 
Dawn White 
Lorie Williams 

Susan Wolff 
Colin Yarnelle 
Kristen Yost 
London Young 
Rosario Zavala 
Matthew Zurawski 
Michael Zurawski 

Lyndley Clarkson 

^What scared 
you the 
most about 
into high 

1 9% 

The Seniors 

22 % 
Losing All\ 
of Your 


'Nothing at' 

1 5 % 


13 * 
One Step 
Closer to 

1 2 % 
The New 



103 freshmen surveyed 

What Is your favorite 


" The Wedding Singer and Deuce 
Bigalow. I think they're absolutely 

"The Princess Bride. It has every- 
thing in it: action, romance." 

' Rachel Miller 

"My favorie movie is Predator, star- 
ring Arnold Schwarzenegger because 
, Arnold Schwarzenegger is by far the 
best actor in the world, and the lines 
in that movie were incredible." 
~Jim Pickett 

Helping sophomore Brittney Rias. with her blach 
dress. Margie Keithley explains what to do next, i 
lore it because every day is different. Each day brings 
new challenges. I enjoy the mix of personalities be- 
cause it beeps things interesting." said Keithley. 


Nancy Ashton 
Barb Baldazo 
Katie Bonnan 
Mary Cahill 
Teresa Carstensen 
Christine Chidichimo 
Kristina Collard 

Michelle Conner 
Bill Cope 
Eddie Covarrubias 
Martha Davis 
Jason Gast 
Jim Graff 
Rita Gray 

During Spirit Week on Activities Day Jim 
Graff. Jason Gast. and Teresa Ramos watch the 
games excitedly. "I thought it was very nice. It 
moved quickly. The bids got to do something a 
little fun." Ramos said. 

After going over to Rosetta Dorin. freshman. Andrea 
McMuIIin starts to explain how to make custard from 
scratch. McMuIIin says she became a teacher "to have 
the opportunity to affluentially effect students lives, 
and because it’s just a great job." 

Nikki Miklusak 
Rachel Miller 
Veronica Moisant 
Kim Peiricb 
Jim Pickett 
Luann Pramub 
Russ Radtbe 

Teresa Ramos 
Frankie Schiller 
Jim Smith 
Veronica Smith 
Jereda Snyder 
Sheila Vaclavib 
Kim Vessell 

Jane Villaroman 
Chrisann Walter 
Julie Wencloff 
Chris Wroblewsbi 

AP & Plus Physical Therapy 

JB Bette^^k^g 


Thanks to everyone 
who supported the 
2006 Reflector 

f Bridges 

Griffith Meat Market 
American Legion 
WoodhoIIow Loft 
| Beauty & Wigs 

John Malee Baseball 
Weichman & Associates 
Babker Produce 

Griffith Savings Bank 

Renee, We are sc proud erf ipu! lieu haie 
been a Wonderful and beautiful daughter 
to n'atch g mW through all your years in 
school, lieu hade become a beautiful lady! 
We could not ash for a better daughter’ and 
sister. We are so proud of all ipu Iwte ac- 
complished. I knoW ijou Will succed in life. 

■Her i’ ifcur dreams! 

.CmV. Mom, Joe, Melonrj, fBritney, & 


Caf> rales 

Brents airship riant the best for their chil- 
dren. but theres a time When a parent has 
to step bach and let a child come into his 
oWn. ‘And looking at ipu non ! it 's clear to 
see that the choices ijoite made for yourself 
in life haie also made your family so Very 
proud. Hour ever ything a parent could hope 
for, and more. 1/Q loie you. 

.Coie, Mom, ‘ Dad \ &■ ‘Batty 





Cristi Stejjek 


We haie Watched you groW from a cute little chatterbox into a beautiful Woman. 
Always... always folloW your dreams. Neier giie up on yourself or What you Want 
from life. Success is Waiting for you; embrace your dreams and folloW your goals. 

Bet faith always be With you. 

.Coie, “Dad, Mom. Sara and Alex 





Class of 2006 

“ \ 

Where luWe the pens gone? If edenpie could 
see Kissiefur irn 1 !! Ohe sWeet little gpl that 
made 16 bugli ad bud sc often is im' aUg/oWn 
up aid become a beautiful young n'omaii \fou 
bivugfit lots cf lode, joy, and blighter into our lides. 
flour tender spirit alWai/s touches our heads. 1U 
iJnbi/s enjpyed politics, religion, aid spats firm 
your point of ifoiL nhatfun! 

11 } air so pad of your accomplishments aid 
your (pals in thefutwe! him' that you nil! 
succeed in all you adeatix to do. 


Man &-‘'Dad 




’ am 

l orandner 

Chair soil Abm: 

A son is a WondetftJ Messing, A tiwsure from abeWe. 
His laughter. Warmth and special chartii His 
thoughtfulness aid IcWe. A son Mings a special joy, 
Ohat comes from deep inside. Aid as he mWs into 
manhood, He ftlls your head With pride. With eC- 
ery i/ear that passes Hes mote special than before. 
Ohrough eWery stage, through e ^ en ! W’ ‘I 011 
eWen more. No Words can describe the Warm memo- 
ries, the pride aid gratitude, too, that comes from halt- 
ing a son, to hie aid cherish ...jiat like you. 

11 } irill alWaifS be there for ifoul 
JdcWe, Mom, Dab, Jdinbsay, Stephanie 

Class of 2006 

Christopher T-uoss 

We are all dery proud of you. 
Qood luck in pursuing your 
dreams , and forking on your 


Mom, Cad, & Melonie 

Class of 2006 

JdosaMa via Hernandez 

Congratulations iRosa! We hade 
hatched you gran' from a child to 
a young vdoman. We are so proud 
of you. We Wish you luck in your 

.Code always 

Want your cake and eat it too ? 
If anyone can hade it all , it 
Would be you, Cassie. fReach for 
the stars and keep your dreams 

.Code, Mom fBernie 

Class of 2006 

Ashley McDonald 

Obese years link been a blur of sof tball games, 
knee recitals, girl scouts, etc. '.But n'hat I'll 
always remember most about these gears is your 
strong Will and spirit. 'Although I hale been chal- 
langed by that m 'ill and spirit; it is the thing about 
you that I am most proud of. lieu Will do Well in 
this World because of it. Stay strong as you begin 
this next chapter of your life. I loti you “ peachy . 

.CcWe, Mom 

Class of 2006 

Jessica Koch 

In just a blink of an eye you n>ere 
yronhi. }Jeu Will alvdays be our 
little girl. We are proud of you and 
Wish you all the best in life. 
JJode, Mom &> ‘Dab 

Ashley McDonald 


We are so proud of our youna lady. 

\jou are a joy to our lifts. 

All Our Do ft, Daddy , Janet. Sw 

Class of 2006 ^ 

Qrandma Qrandpa McDonald 
Qriffith Class of 1943 > 

Class of 2006 

‘Eric Andree 

Congratulations son. i/eu made it through 12 ijears 
of school. Ohank ipu for all the happy memories 
that ipu (jaVt - 1 is and for carrying on the in 

football that ipu and your brother Worked sp hard 
for: lli Will miss that. We Wish 1/011 all the best of 
luck in life and hope your dreams come true. Ml 
are so pwud of you. Wk lobe ipu. 

.Cofe, Dad. Mom. &-• f Brother Michael 


Ut 4 

fBranion jzollari 

Dear fBrandon, 

Dime flies When youre hating fun! flouti kept us laughing (and crying sometimes) for IS years. We lorte 
you and are Very proud of the polite, charismatic young man youWe become. If your future is half as bright 
as your smile, you Will hati a tery successful life. We knoW youll “build " a great tomorrow! 

J Corte, 

Mom, Dad, and Xdauren 

Class of 2006 


Ashley Churitch 


Won)! Where has all the time gone? It seems like just yesterday you Were running around the yard playing dress-up With your sister. \fou Were adorable - and noW you are a beautif ul, 
talented , and intelligent young lady. We are Very proud of you - from gymnastics to piano lessons to bowling: 1st place in back to back talent shoWs for your dance routines; several years 
of cheerleading and poms; top 10 in National's Miss Northern Indiana Oeen Pageant and the Miss Indiana Oeen US'A Pageant: singing throughout your school years culminat- 
ing in being selected for Chorale; finding a modeling agent ! agency to represent you; and especially academically, With straight 'A’s this past quarter in some difficult classes. Him’ again! 
]lou Will always hale our lofe, support , and encouragement to help you reach your lifes goals. HI - are extremely proud of your accomplishments to date, and knoW that you Will continue 
to strife to do your best. Peach for the stars - With all your positive qualities, a little hard Work and persistence, theyre Within your grasp. 

All Our Pofe . Mom. Pad, Shannon 
Nana 6-- paWpaW 

Kara Johnson 

More than Me he years hate passed since our little girl's first school day. At the 
tery beginning pre-school rias not all tiork, but about play. As the years greri on 
and school got harder ; vie viatched you grori and gronl We are proud and think you 
are special, tie just riant you to knori. Happy graduation in year 2006 / 

, Cote , Mom, ‘Dad, /Brittany , Qrandma Janet, Qrandma Starkey, Sr- /Papa 

Class of 2006 


Class of 2006 



Class of 2006 



' Do ur ittle irl, you hate grorin 
into a beautiful, intelligent young 
lady. We are all so tery proud of 
you. C jood luck in college. We tiill 
altiays be here for you. 
Bote, Mom, Dad, Mikey, 
Qranny, Sr Ampy 



face McMullin 

We are so proud of the man 
you haie become. Haie a 
great time at A f.S.U. Cjo 

.Coie, Dad, Mom, £r> JRoss 


Justine eager 

Our baby has grorin up. We tried 
to gite you the best knowledge, 
nourishment, and hie that vie could. 
\jou hate made us proud. Ljood 
luck and tie lote you! 

Atom Sr- Dad 

Class of 2006 

•Kendra Uerzarial 

Congratulations Kendra, I am so proud of 
you! 1 hare had the joy of Melting you 
grori> into a beautiful, caring, loring young 
Mian. Ho,, are so Very special to me and 
you alMjs Will be Morris baby girl. 1 knoW 
ClaSS CJ 2 00 £ whatever you do, you n>ill succeed in. 1 am 

always here for you. 

.Core, Mom y 

Michael, you came into our lires and n'ith 
t/ou came Oeenage Aiutant Ninja Ourtles, 
Matchbox cars. iBig Can' and all the sports. 
We lored to n'atch you compete in all of them, 
your academic successes through out n'ere also 
a constant source of great pride. Continue to 
strire for the best and reach for your dreams. 
i'll' n'ill aln'ays be here to encourage and sup- 
port you in anything you undertake, ill n'ill 
alriays hWe you and be n'ith you. 

Mom. ‘Dad, Melissa, &- Cassie 






you hare groWn into a beautiful 
young lady, but you trill always 
be our little girl! It 's hard to be- 
lieri you are going off to college! 
fjou trill always hare our lore 
and support in all you do! 
.Core always ; Mom, ‘Dad, Sr- 





Class of 2006 

Mallory Qatlin 

you hari been the source of 
many smiles , laughs, and proud 
moments. Keep up the good 
Work. Congratulations! 
.Core, Mom, l Dad, 6 a rah, 

1 Darick , fBaylee, ‘Allison , Sr- 
Jason . 



Class of 2006 

Cauren Clark 

Dime has past much to quickly, yester- 
day, you Were an adorable, smart, funny 
little girl. NoW you are a beautiful, intel- 
ligent, sensitire. athletic, young Woman. 
ill Wish you et'ery success, happiness, and 
joy. HI are dery proud of you! May all 
your dreams come true! 

HI lore you, Mom. 'Dad, &■' Sarah , 

Josh , 

We are so proud of you. Ohis year you hale proved \lhat a Wonderful youny man 

you hale become. We lole you so much. 

Dole , 

Mom Sr’ ‘Dad 



Class of 2006 

Kristen A fathers 


fjoude grotdn into a beautiful young 
n'oman, inside and out. Ml’ are so dery 
proud of you! fjoude forked hard and 
accomplished so much. May your future 
be filed With success and happiness! 

We lode you, 

Mom, 'Dad, & .Cauren 

Class of 2006 

Matthen > Coddington 

Dear Matthen] 

Congratulations! We are so proud of you and 
all tycude accomplished Oder the years. \joude 
blessed us With so many great memories that 
We Will hold in our hearts forever. Wishing you 
health, lode, happiness, and success in the neW 
chapter of your life... and We pray you Will 
always hale faith in your heart. fBe safe! 
JCoOe, Mom, Dad, Michael, Dimly 

Sam, congratulations/ \/ou 
ha^e finally made it! ' "Enjoy 
life, laugh often , and follovd 
your dreams. 

J2o\>e, Mom £r> family 







It seems like just yesterday you 
vdere graduating from preschool 
non ' 1 you are graduating from high 
school then off to college. We are 
so proud of the young vdoman you 
hare become. 

Code, Mom Dad 






Class of 2006 

Tcmihj Cutha 

M.E. fjoure the 


Mom & ‘Dad 

Dmily Cutha 

you are the best 

Shrink le of the m all! 

^ . Core, 

Class of 2006 cjj^ ^j jer CfvTinkies 

'Dearest Josh. 

It i ias only yesterbay you struggle b to climb stairs, 
bitten to get to the top. anb toby you sprint 
bleachers. flour brite and btermination has 
helped you overcome all the challenges that hate 
been put before you. May they continue to help 
you to accomplish all your goals. Make the best 
of all your opportunities. flou hate been a great 
son, hate giten us some rionberful memories anb 
hate mab us tery pmub. Vlfe certain you can 
accomplish anything you itant to accomplish. Ill - 
rish you health, happiness, success, anb remember 
rte rill alttays be here for you. 

'All our tote. Mom, Dab. Omar. ‘Anb Jorbn 





Co ad ill 

Class of 2006 

Class of 2006 

Cody Scott 


it anb tie are so tery proub of you. Ohank 
you so much for IS rionberful years.We cant 
n’ait to see lihat the next IS rill bring, you 
hate liieb your life itith respect, bignity, anb 
a itonberful sense of humor. IPe ttish you the 
best that life has to gite anb no boubt that 
you rill obtain it. 

.Cote, flour 'Family t 

JCaura Matotina 

.C a ura, 

It ’s unbelievable that your high school graduation is here. Ohe years hate truly floWn by. 
We could not hate placed an order for a better daughter than you. }fou hate an abundance 
oj talent and We knoW you Will experience many great successes in your life. Always 
belieVe in yourself for you are Very special. 

With all the loVe and pride We haVe, 

'Dad, Mom. And .Care 

Class of 2006 

TLmie JCalmer 


Congratulations/ 11? re all Very proud of you and your achievements, floure our miracle baby and from the frst 
moment rie sari you, rie all kneri you riere special. Trom chasing coris to black sguirrels, trying to drive the school 
bus and the four riheeler, from diving in at ‘ Dinosaur Valley to climbing to the top of the refrigerator. Whatever you 
did. you gaVe it your all. ffouVe filled our lives riith loVe, laughter, and dreams. Qoed luck at IUPUI and congrats 
on your scholarship. We riish you the best of everything alriays. May you achieve all you riant and neVer riant as 
long as you live. Ill' loVe you riith all our hearts. Our family riasht complete until there rias you. 

.CoVe, Mom, T)ad. Jill, and Sara 



Class of 2006 



Class of 2006 


Class of 2006 

SBrityett Vechey 

It’s so hard to belieVe you are graduating. 
\jou haVe become such a beautiful young 
rioman. Ill' are so Very proud of you. good 
luck in your future and remember that rie 
are alriays there for you. We especially 
enjoyed your plays. 

'All our loVe, 

Mom, 'Dad. Colleen, Trie, and /Peanut 

Joy Helfen 


111’ are sc proud of you for all the 
hard Work you hade put into these 
past four years. Ill’ lode you, so 
much, and knoW that the .Cord Will 
continue to direct and bless your life. 
Cote. Mom and Cad 

princess Connie , 

]lou haVe been a joy to us since We 
first laid eyes on you. We saW you 
groW up from a beautiful little girl 
into a loVely young lady, fjou are 
our joy and happiness. Wishing 
you the best! Congratulations, 
Atom, Cad, and Caroline 





\ __ 


Class of 2006 

WeCcome Cfass 


Larry ‘T itak (Photography &3 Video 
346 (East U.S. Lfwy 30 
SchererviCCe , Indiana 463/5 


(Fax 214-864-7311 

100% ‘DKjlTiAL 
iLo waiting to see 
your previews 

www. tit a hp hotog ray 

Mon-Fri lOam* 8 pm Saturday 9 am- 6 pm 
Sunday 1 lam - 5 pm 


for all occasions 


Wholesale Fruits & Vegetables 

211 W. Main St. • Griffith, IN 

219-924-8950/773-73 1-5 [7 { 

vuw. kakker f -ui tbasket . com 


— — 



711 Main Street Schererville. Indiana 

219 . 322.2700 

www. A 

--'Paat & 'P'teaettt-- 

510 N. Broad St. 

Griffith, IN 46319 

Northfvtil Indtana s Choice for Ptyncol Therapy 


Aftanl «jn from 

a Or by Stall 

tally Moimnj 
A Lite 

f vaning Htxrv 

A. alible 

kuriK* MWc 
A Accepted 

■with yotr 




Salutes the Griffith Panthers! 


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217 N Broad St 7435 Inttanipolit Bhd 
219/924-1 S00 219/844-0100 

p-1,'1, .-If,... ;:y l ..;.n.r 



Russell Rommelfanger 


An Independent Associate Representing Aflac 

1144 N. Indiana #1 
Griffith, Indiana 46319 
219.616.7416 cell 
219.661.0959 office 


J - Mart 

Fashion 'Beauty Supply * Custom Jewelry 

1055 E. Ridge Road 
(Marwarde Plaza) 

Griffith, IN J 65 19 

(219)925-2167 Mon-Sat. 9am-8pm 

Sun. 10a in -6pm 

John Mallee's Pro Style 
Baseball/Softball Instruction 
1944 N. Griffith Btvd . Unit D 
Griffith. IN 46319-1039 

219 - 923-3861 
John Mallee, 

Hitting Coordinator for the Florida Marlins 
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• Private Hitting, Pitching & Fielding Instruction 
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Weichman & Associates 

920 1 Calumet Ave. 

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Congrats GH5 Class 

of 2006 ! 


Woodhollow Loft 

221 S. U.S. 41 
Schererville, IN 46375 
(219) 808-5599 

Congratulations CHS 
Class of 2006 ! 

Make Your Graduation Dinner Reservations Now 


Pcvti 66 

/32ft. WicffA A/ieet 

Qttijjlfith, PmhancL 463/9 


Class of 2006 

We are so proud oj you/ 
Qood luck in rthateler 
you choose to do. 

'Dad, Mom, and Keri 

We are so proud of the incredible person 
uou are. ]jou hate such a kind heart and 
compassion {or people that tie Wish you 
to always keep. We Wish uou a Way to 
your dream of continuing to bring beauti- 
ful, sWeet sounds into , not only our lites, 
but other peoples lites as Well. 'Anxiously 
Waiting for front roW tickets to your frst 
professional performnace. 

We all lote you , 

Tred, Nick, Mom, and Tdad 



L du 


Dime has gone by so fast. \jou hate become a young man an d a fine son. lion hate 
been a blessing to all of us. Dhe best older and younger brother a family could hate, 
fjou hate alvtays done Kell in school and I (mom) am so proud of you. ‘Follovt your 
dreams and you can succeed in Khateter you do. 


Mom, {Rich, Kelly, and Saleena 



'Dear ‘Ashley, 

Where has (he time gone? }jou haVe 
gron’n into a beautiful young lady/! lieu 
haVe our support in everything you riant 
to achieie. We are so proud of you!! 
Ohanks for all the great H.S. memores 
(you knon’ rVhat >Ve mean!!) 

CoVe you. 

Mom, Dad, Calvin, Jeremy, fBon 
JoVi, and Jack 




Class of 2006 

Christopher Mansanarez 

* Chris , 

lion Mb it! We are so proud of you. What a thrill it has been thatching ijou 
gron } into ijour on>n person. ‘Avtesome football season. We vdill miss those 
'Friday nights so much. We rtill always be here for you. 


Mom, Ke\>in , Sam, and your little dude Kyle 




Class of 2006 




}jour dad and 1 n’ant to thank you for be- 
ing a rVonderful daughter. We truly haVe been 
blesssed. }jou haVe been our joy. Tor many 
years n’e haVe held you close and taken care 
of you like a prized gardener iVho plants 
and gran’s a beautiful flon’er from a seed in 
a greenhouse. Until one day the gardener 
knon’s that the flon’er is strong enough to be 
planted outside in a real garden. Where itn’ill 
finish groiVing and blossom to it s maximum 
potential. And all the gardener must do is step 
back and n’atch the sun shine on it and let the 
rain fall on it and haVe faith that the roots 
are strong and it Will remain beautiful and 
continue to j ) wh ! CONQfRAOUCA- 

oions on youx qcadua- 




Class of 2006 

Congratulations CJimm if! 
We are all Very proud of you. 

, Co\>e , 

Mom , ‘Dad, Susan, Mar, 
and iR anion 






Primo DelValle 
Commercial Sales Specialist 

1 520 E. 79th Ave. 
Merrillville, IN 46410 

Phone: 219-756-8316 
Fax: 219-756-8403 
Nextel: 109*131*123 

Homemade Sausage & 
Freezer Orders 
Cut to your Specifications 


507 E. Glen Park St. Owner 

Griffith, In 46319 Fred Ahlemier 

( 219 ) 838-0458 



“Better Homes By a Better Builder" 

New Construction Specialists 

• Home Builders • Garages 
• Room Additions • Free Estimates 
• References Available 

{ 566 ) 073-1919 • (219) 306-6300 

Licensed • Bonded • Insured 


Hrs: Sun. & Mon. Closed, Tues. thru Fri. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m 
239 Ridge Road, Munster, Indiana 46321 
(219) 836-1585 


wm sure 


Website www doorstoremunster com 

( 21 9 ) 836-8202 






Kristine Convery 

6mrol Monoger 



Tangles Hair Salon 


f¥ * 

8636 4th Street 

Highland, Ind 46322 

Phone21 9-923-7023 







Lansing fCoraCShop 


^HERMAN MAYERAK Now serving you with two locations 

844 N. Cline Ave. 3420 Ridge Road 

Griffith, IN 46319 Lansing, IL 60438 

219-924-2177 708-474-1212 

Visit us at 

1020 Kennedy Avenue 
Phone: (219) 865-9991 Unit 414 

Fax: (219)865-9355 Schererville, IN 46375 


Abascal, Justin 18, 


Abbott, Brian 66, 68 
Adams, Emily 124, 

125, 132 

Adams, Jordan 18, 


Aguilera, Danielle 52, 
70, 164, 169 
Aguilera, Kayla 18, 

154, 161 

Aguilera, Raquelle 

Aguilera, Steven 154 
Aken, Andrew 30, 62. 

63, 154, 158, 162 
Aldape, Erika 15, 77, 
97, 103, 121, 126, 
154, 159 

Alexander, David 47, 
51, 97, 156, 159 
Ally, Erin 135, 139 
Alvarez, Frank 12, 144 
Alvarez, Matthew 47, 
97, 144, 153 
Alzeer, Hussam 154 
Amara, Sabri 47, 144 
Ames, Ashley 31, 77, 
80, 91, 164 
Anderko, Chloe 91, 


Anderson, Andrew 

Anderson, Corey 154, 

Anderson, James 132 
Anderson, Jerry 36, 
154, 162 

Anderson, Mindy 144 
Andree, Eric 47, 94, 

102, 132, 141, 142, 

Anguiano, Olivia 164, 


Archer, Brandon 144, 
145, 148 

Arellano, Elizabeth 
80. 164 

Arndt. Marh 47, 154 
Arnold, Melissa 5, 19, 
154, 159 

Ashenbaugh, Douglas 
2, 6, 46, 47, 51, 

66, 68, 97, 154 
Averyhart, Jamar 83, 

Azpeitia, Matthew 144 
Azzarello, Ashley 55, 
80, 91, 164 
Azzarello, Erik 154 


Baccino, Hillary 164 
Baccino, Matthew 144 
Baggarly, Daniel 164 
Bailey, Andrew 132 
Bailey, Cassie 44, 55, 
94, 123, 125, 154 
Bailey, Emily 80, 164 
Bailey, Trey 51, 97, 154 
Baiz-Rivera, Stephanie 

Baker, Ashley 52, 96, 
97, 144 

Bakko, Stephen 33, 

86, 116, 154 
Bandura, Ryan 92, 


Baran, Amy 22, 23, 60, 
70. 103, 132 
Barbara, Terry 144 
Barlow, Michael 47, 
114, 164, 171 
Barlow, Olivia 27, 55, 
91, 98, 99, 125, 

Barnard. Steven 154 
Bartley, Chris 20, 114, 

164, 167 

Basham. Tod 12, 97, 
164, 171 

Beaupain, Laura 124, 

Bechtold, Brittany 80, 
164. 168 

Bechtold, Crystal 54, 
55, 94, 132, 133, 

Beck, Michael 20, 28, 
42, 72, 76. 97, 

110, 111, 120, 164 
Becze, Lauren 94, 132 
Beese, Jeffery 155 
Begeske, Bradley 47, 

Belcher, Kelsie 11, 80. 
112, 164 

Bell, Brian 46, 47, 51, 
114, 132 

Bermudez, Natalie 3, 

7, 133 

Berry, Kelsey 15, 55, 
67, 80, 164 

Berry, Ryan 45, 55, 81, 
91. 144 

Bierman, Trent 114, 
133, 141, 142 
Blaski, Kellie 97, 164, 

Blount, Mark 47, 114, 
164, 165 

Blue, Taylor 155 
Bobowski, James 12, 
55, 72, 73, 120, 
144, 145, 153 
Bock-Goode, Jen- 
evieve 80, 155 
Bogacz, Patrick 155 
Bogan, Charisse 164 
Bogner, Jessica 14, 15, 
91, 111, 144 

Boilek, Keith 109, 132, 
135, 175 

Boilek, Shelby 11, 52, 
112, 164 

Booker, Jasmine 164 

Borders, Daniel 38, 


Boyd. Takara 155 
Boyer, Ashley 144 
Bozinovich, Alexis 15, 
65, 80, 91, 164 
Brandner, Adam 33, 
39, 43, 45, 55, 63, 
84, 106, 108, 125, 
127, 133, 179 
Brandner, Lindsay 11, 
52, 53, 112, 113, 
164, 166, 170 
Breclaw, Corey 97, 


Bridegroom, Jeanette 
83, 122, 144 
Bridges, Brittany 112, 

Bridges, Ryan 114, 144 
Brock, Gregory 164 
Brock, Sara 144 
Brock, Shauna 133 
Brown, Brandon 47, 

97, 144 

Brown, Scott 51 
Brown, Stefanie 20, 

21. 52, 91, 104, 
144, 145, 153 
Brownd, Jarrett 144 
Brumley, Trisha 55, 

91, 102, 124, 144, 
146, 152 

Bruno, Jordan 144, 


Bryan, Nathan 22, 42, 
63, 114, 115, 144 
Bubala, Kellie 14, 35, 
52, 80, 112, 120, 
164, 171 

Buchanan, Tyrese 47, 
97, 164 

Buehler, Rob 34, 45, 
47, 55, 56, 97, 

105, 144 

Builta, Heather 165 
Burnham, Adrian 47, 
51, 155, 163 

Butkus, Mark 47, 97, 

Butkus, Zachary 47, 
97, 165, 166 
Buxton, Jennifer ll, 

Byrns, Steven 29, 63, 


Cabrales, Britney 52, 
91, 165 

Cabrales, Melony 60, 
124, 144, 145 

Cabrales, Renee 22, 
23, 52, 104, 133, 

Cahill, Billy 34, 45, 

55, 102, 120, 126, 
145, 153 

Caldwell, Samantha 
122, 145 

Calhoun, Danny 47, 

Callicott, Lauren 165, 

Campbell, Najee 86 

Najee 155 

Carpenter, Brandon 
79, 134 

Castillo, Jorge 47, 165 

Cavazos, Matthew 
28, 63, 81, 111, 
126, 155 

Chancellor, Jamie 52, 

Chandler, Auvon 44, 
55, 77, 94, 98, 99, 

Chandler, Crystal 23, 
25, 55, 68, 107. 
108, 134 

Chavez, Marcus 155 

Churitch, Ashley 26, 
134, 141, 181 
Cioroianu, Emily 35, 
44, 54, 55, 83, 94, 
95, 155 

Clark, Andrew 31, 155 
Clark, Brandon 165, 

Clark, Breanne 11, 155 
Clark, Brian 144, 145, 

Clark, Lauren 15, 45, 
55, 104, 118, 134, 
138, 143, 183 
Clarkson, Lyndley 55, 
72, 111, 121, 124, 
125, 134, 157, 192 
Cloghessy, Kelley 36, 
61, 155 

Cobb, Kandice 80, 

112, 165 

Cobb, Leondre 2, 6, 

47, 155 

Coddington, Matthew 
50, 51, 134, 185 
Cogdill, Ashley 44, 87, 
124, 125, 134, 186 
Colby, Casey 12, 13, 
92, 145 

Cole, Sarah 36, 155, 
160, 163 

Colemon, Geneva 150 
Colgrove, Allison 35, 
43, 55, 91, 155, 


Collins, Alicia 123, 


Companik, Kenneth 

Concialdi, Anthony 
47, 155 

Convery, Rachel 11, 
55, 83, 124, 125, 

Cooper, Timothy 66, 
68, 79, 155 

Cope, Steven 94, 134 
Covington, Ashley 156 
Cox, Destiny 55, 80, 
165, 167, 172 
Craven, Amanda 2, 6, 
25, 60, 165, 170 
Craven, Sarah 156 
Crews, Heather 165 
Crook, Amanda 44, 

52, 82, 124, 156 
Crundwell, Ashlee 24, 

Crundwell, Heather 
24, 71, 94, 135 
Csonba, Lauren 61, 

89, 135, 183 
Cullen, Rex 47, 156 
Cummins, Michael 20, 
82, 97, 165, 172 
Cunningham, Josh 20, 
21, 44, 135, 137 
Curnow, Rebecca 11, 
24, 55, 65, 144, 
145, 148 

Curran, Charles 165 
Curtis, Bailey 2, 6, 60, 
165, 170 

Curtis, Bonnie 145 
Cutka, Emily 26, 43, 
49, 55, 72, 108, 
125, 135, 185 


Damshi, Kasia 15, 66, 
103, 105, 145 
Dapshis, Joseph 70, 
135, 138 

Dapshis, Kyle 156 
Davis, Ashley 80, 165 
Davis, Frank 111, 145 
Degani, Randy 44, 

156, 159 

DeJesus, Matt 145 
Delgado, Jacqueline 
112, 165 

Del Valle, Amanda 
65, 125, 165 
Dennison, William 


DeRolf, Stephen 145 
Detmar, Amber 60, 
145, 151 

Detmar, Keela 91, 166 
Dewees, Kelli 44, 55, 

Dixon, Ryan 51, 166 
Dobbs, Taylar 166 
Doell, Nicholas 51, 70, 

Domanski, Meagan 


Domsic, Daniel 24, 

44, 72, 73, 125, 
156, 157 

Donovsky, Brandon 



Dorin, Patrick 156 
Dorin, Rosetta 80, 

166, 175 

Drach, Jeremy 145 
Dragoin, Alexa 80, 


Drechny, Anthony 
145, 150 

Dunagan, Chris 149 
Dunn, Carly 14, 73, 76, 
80, 97, 111, 166, 
171, 172 

Durham, Lynette 55 
Duvnjak, Zackary 12, 
114, 166, 171 
Dwyer, Anthony 135 
Dye, Joseph 156 

Edwards, Brittany 166 
Edwards, Jacob 39, 
109, 156 

Eisensee, Samantha 
89, 156 

Ellison, Keith 166 
Eisner, Carl 111 , 145, 

Erickson, Brittany 24, 
55, 94, 121, 145 
Etheridge, Joshua 135 
Euber, Kaitlyn 80, 94, 

Evanich, Brittany 44, 
61, 121, 156 


Falkner, Melissa 76, 

156, 159, 160, 162 
Fentress, Ryan 12, 13, 
97, 132, 136 
Ferguson, Jonathan 

Ficht, Nicholas 63, 

116, 156 

Ficht, Zachary 145 
Figueroa, Lauren 37, 

Finchum, Scott 156 
Finch, John 156 

Finney, Brianne 80, 

99, 166 

Fisher, Shaun 166 
Fitzgerald, Amy 34, 

85, 107, 121, 156 
Fitzsimons, Jacob 47, 
51, 97, 156, 159 
Fleming, Christopher 
156, 161 

Flutka, Jessica 55, 67, 
80, 94, 166, 169 
Flutka, Matthew 136 
Fogarty, Danielle 11, 
97, 105, 145 

Fogarty, Devin 51, 156 
Forsythe, Zachary 145 
Francis, Carly 166 
Francis, Joshua 157 
Frankley, Jeremiah 51, 

Franklin, Gus 166 
Freeman, Jamie 20, 

25, 28, 44, 52, 55, 
99, 111, 157 

Frets, William 33, 114, 
115, 145 

Fruin, Caleb 145 
Fruin, Zuri 166 
Fullgraf, Trent 157 
Funk, Maegan 112, 


Fuoss, Christopher 

12, 104, 136, 179 


Galambos, Kathryn 
60, 112, 113, 157, 
161, 163 

Galiher, Ryan 5, 47, 
114, 166 

Gallinatti, Jessica 17, 
52, 55, 136 

Garcia, Elise 4, 10, 11, 
45, 55, 112, 144, 

Garibay, Timothy 12, 
39, 44, 55, 121, 
136, 194 

Garza, Elba 127 

Gasper, Adam 28, 57, 
103, 110, 145 

Gasper, Justin 166 

Gates, Jeremy 157 

Gatlin, Mallory 15, 45, 

55, 57, 127, 136, 

Gazarbiewicz, Danielle 
91, 166 

Gazarbiewicz, Jacob 
47, 146 

Geary, Steven 145 
Gee, Jacob 34, 42, 56, 
85, 136, 138, 142, 

Geffert, Benjamin 47, 
49, 51, 105, 146, 

George, Ashley 166 
Gerber, Joel 29, 129, 


Gerlich, Jessica 55, 

98, 99, 120, 146 
Gibbs, Kaitlyn 61, 157 
Gibbs, Michael 166 
Gibson, Joshua 51, 


Gilge, Gina 44, 80, 

Gilman, Stephanie 

Gilman, Steven 166, 
169, 171 

Glass, Billy 94, 158 
Glidewell, Krista 10, 

11, 146, 167 
Gollner, Liz 44, 56, 

84, 125, 133, 134, 
136, 183 

Gonzales, Chad 158 
Gonzalez, Alexis 11, 
45, 55, 146 

Gonzalez, Crystal 2, 6, 
41, 60, 136 

Gonzalez, Josh 47, 68, 
136, 186 

Gonzalez, Nicholas 

Gonzalez, Vanessa 2, 
6, 65, 88, 166 
Gordon, Kyle 83, 167 
Govert, Sidney 22, 23, 
45, 94, 136 
Graan, Kristen 167 
Granter, Mary 80, 96, 
97, 167 

Graves, Garrett 47, 


Greenwell, Briana 97, 


Greer, Sara 162 
Greichunos, Joseph 

12, 114, 146 


Grigson, Gail 31. 146 
Guistolisi, Michael 47, 
97, 167 

Gurrola, Matthew 12, 
117, 146 

Gustamente, Tyler 167 
Guzior, Austin 47, 96, 
97, 165, 167 

Gwizdah, Chastity 167 

Hall, Miles 12. 97. 146 
Hammond, Dustin 
146, 162 

Hanchar, Allison 154, 

Hancock, Benjamin 
59. 136 

Hancock, Elizabeth 

91, 99. 146 

Handley, Jennifer 42, 
124, 125, 136, 150 
Hansen, Sean 12, 114, 

Hansen, Stephanie 
55, 146 

Hardin, Brad 47, 51, 

76, 97, 164, 167 
Hart, Ashley 59, 158 
Hart, Sam 4, 94, 128, 

136, 138, 146, 185 
Hartman, Alexis 36, 

59, 61, 66, 67, 68, 
102, 158 

Hauser, Justin 66, 67, 
68. 158 

Haynes, Andre 47, 167 
Heidler, Brandi 15, 52, 
112, 167 

Helfen, Joy 11, 23, 45, 
55, 97, 121, 129, 

137, 139, 143, 187 
Heller, Devin 47, 158 
Helton, Anthony 158 
Henderson, Jessica 

52, 112, 166, 167 
Henney, Jennifer 146 
Henson, Corey 158 
Hernandez, Alexan- 
dria 167 

Hernandez, Annie 15, 
52, 53, 103, 112, 

Hernandez, Eliana 


57, 78, 128, 132, 
137, 193 

Hernandez, Jaime 97, 

Hernandez, Julian 167 
Hernandez, Rosamaria 
128, 137, 179, 
Herrera, Antonio 167 
Herrera, Caroline 55, 
86, 110, 111, 167, 
168, 172 

Herrera, Connie 45, 

55. 78. 137, 187 
Hicks, Abbie 146 
Higginbotham, Ann 
47, 52, 112, 120, 

Higginbotham, Chris 

Higgins, Nicholas 47, 

Higgins, Samantha 
70, 112, 146 
Hilbrich, Billy 63, 73, 
121, 158 

Hill, Britney 44, 55, 

94, 97, 99, 124, 


Hill, Bryan 97 
Hitt, Derek 47, 158 
Hitt, Kyle 92, 138 
Hitt, Molly 116 
Hixon, Andrew 158 
Hixon, Evan 33, 95, 

125, 146 

Hobbs, Bryant 47, 51, 

Hobbs, Stephanie 2, 

6, 15, 52, 80, 167 
Hobbs, William 47, 

55, 147 

Holmes, Samantha 
15, 167 

Holycross, Chris 167 
Hoogeveen, Joshua 
47, 94, 138 

Horn, Kathryn 42, 84, 
107, 108, 147 
Horn, Katie 55, 147, 


Horn, Kristen 124 
Horton, Shaun 147 
Huang, Yijiang 9 
Hurdish, Ellen 29, 44, 
55, 65, 72, 73, 

111, 121, 157, 158, 

Huzzie, Derrick 147 


Irwin, Patrick 49, 167 
Issa, Mahmoud 94, 

Issa, Mayada 167 
Ivy, Danielle 80, 166, 


James, Brian 44, 138 
James, Melissa 30, 45, 

Jamison, Kimberly 

Janke, Elyse 11, 55, 

103, 112, 125, 147 
Janke, Trevor 47, 114, 


Johnson, Aimee 61, 

80, 167 

Johnson, D’Mon 167 
Johnson, Dayna 138 
Johnson, Kara 28, 111, 
138, 140, 182 
Johnson, Kolie 87, 91, 

Johnson, Kyle 158 
Johnson, Sherron 24 
Johnstone, Cassandra 
25, 55, 107, 125, 
134, 138, 179 
Jones, Brandi 91, 168 
Jones, Crystal 80, 94, 


Jones, David 4, 36, 97, 
158, 162 

Jones, Gwen 138, 179 
Jones, Jenna 20, 21, 

29, 39, 64, 65, 96, 
97, 111, 158, 163 
Jones, Jeri 64, 65, 147 
Jones, Justin 19, 52, 

97, 158 

Jones, Justine 52, 168 
Joplin, Javon 138 
Joyce, Greg 97 
Joyce, Gregory 47, 168 
Joyner, Desiree 168 
Jung, Cory 41, 45, 55, 
73, 80. Ill, 168, 


Jursic, Brittany 154, 

Jusko, Holly 55, 91, 


Kaiser, Katie 10, 11, 
156, 159 

Kalis, Ryan 114, 168 
Karpati, Andrew 41, 

Kayden, Brian 92, 93, 

Keller, Daniel 47, 97, 

Kelley, Justin 47, 97, 

Kelley, Lauren 159 
Kellum, Jasmine 147 
Kelly, Justin 167 
Kemp, Darryl 168 
Keown, Kevin 168 
Kepchar, Angela 14, 
15, 44, 56, 65, 82, 
97, 124, 159 
Kettler, Jennifer 168 
Kettwig, Jason 147 
Kielbasa, Alicia 52, 
136, 138, 185 
Kime, Andrew 12, 159 
Kintz, Sarah 76. 155, 

Kiral, Keegan 159 
Kireta, Christina 15, 
67, 147 

Kitner, Alison 11 , 80, 

Klabish, Jacqueline 
168, 170 

Kleidon, Katie 147, 


Kleist, Jimmy 39, 159 
Knoerzer, Kristen 147 
Koch, Jessica 15, 23, 
25, 37, 43, 45, 55, 
65, 72, 180 

Koch, Zachary 12, 63, 
92, 103, 116, 117, 

Koepp, Rhianna 19, 

Koleski, Amanda 11, 
44, 159 

Koleski, Nicole 11, 44, 
55. 159 

Kolisz, Patrick 51, 154, 

Konopasek, Curt 33, 
49, 114, 147 

Konopasek, David 33, 
114, 120, 147 
Konopasek, Kevin 33, 
114, 168 

Kowal, Darek 39, 116, 
117, 132, 138, 139 
Krause, Mattie 159 
Krespo, Elodia 55, 168 
Kronland, Corey 168 
Krukowski, Stefanie 
80, 168 

Krygowski, Jacqueline 
154, 159 

Kubacki, Michael 159 
Kubacki, Nicole 10, 

11, 23, 65. 138, 
139, 140 

Kudyba, Erica 15, 91, 
165, 168 

Kujawa, David 158, 


Kulig, Samantha 45, 
60, 105, 124, 147 
Kulinski, Danial 159 
Kuna, Katherine 112, 

Kuna, Matt 32, 45. 51, 
55, 114, 120, 147, 

Kunkemoeller, Tracy 


Kurpela, Kenneth 12, 
97, 159 

Kus, Alan 33, 38, 45, 
55, 72, 114, 121, 
128, 138 

Kus, Catherine 11, 55, 
73, 80, 84, 91. 168 
Kvrgic, Zoran 12, 55, 
97, 144, 147, 153 
Kvrgic, Zorica 20, 25, 
39, 45, 65. 94, 



Labadie, Jeremy 147 
Lackey, Caitlyn 44, 
159, 160 

Laffoon, Michael 139 
Lagestee, Jordan 132, 

Lamb, Colby 22, 23, 

47, 68, 78, 118, 

121, 139 

LaMendola, Christo- 
pher 134, 139, 


LaMendola, Kelly 159 
Lara, Joseph 169 
Latronica, Tony 160 
Lauderdale, Jamal 

Laviolette, Evan 114, 

Lawrence, Jennifer 44, 
160, 161 

Leal, Christy 60, 160 
Leep, Joshua 29, 36, 
169, 173 

Leep, Nicholas 55, 72, 
111, 121, 126, 128, 
129, 135, 137, 139, 

Lehmann, Nathan 47, 
51, 55, 58, 67, 92. 
103, 105, 147 
Leimbach, Beau 47, 


Leimbach, Gabrielle 
11, 52, 97, 169 
.enfcer, Ashley 80, 169 
Lenker, Thomas 47, 

79, 96, 97, 139 
Leon, Tracy 2, 6, 160 
lesniewshi, Katie 14, 
15, 55, 65, 80, 97, 
165, 169, 175 
ewis, Lindsay 11, 160 
.ewis, Peter 5, 12, 97, 
147, 150 

.idster, Kyle 114, 169 
.idster, Tiffany 63, 65, 
81, 112, 147, 153 
lim, Kyung Hun 8, 9, 
96, 160 

invill, Joey 169 
itke, Travis 51, 114, 

ittle, Alex 47, 114, 


ittle, Jonathan 160 
linas, Samuel 169 
ong, Joshua 12, 39, 
44, 62, 63, 109, 
121, 157, 160 
ongoria, Adam 139 

Lopez, Bryan 169 
Lopez, Darci 55, 124, 
125, 147 

Lopez, Michael 25, 
156, 160 

Lopez, Steven 148 
Louie, Justin 47, 125, 

Louviere, Tyler 63, 76, 
114, 125, 148 
Love, Jeremy 87 
Love, Shawn 169 
Lozano, Caitlin 80, 


Lozano, Christina 45, 
61, 138, 141, 142 
Luna, Michael 148 


Macak, Jarrod 47, 68, 
114, 115, 139 
Macak, Zachary 47, 
160, 162 

MacFarlane, Daniel 
45, 92, 148 

Mackenthun, Kyle 169 
Maddox, Jeremy 160 
Maglish, Danny 38, 

39, 109, 158, 160 
Magrath, John 160 
Majors, Paul 139 
Majstoric, Kristina 

Malewicki, Tim 20, 21, 
51, 169, 172 
Malone, Sean 169 
Mansanarez, Christo- 
pher 22, 23, 47, 
68, 69, 138, 139, 
143, 193 

Mansanarez, Saman- 
tha 11, 160 
Marinos, Lauren 22, 
23, 135, 140 
Markut, Keri 44, 52, 
55, 82, 124, 160 
Markut, Lisa 82, 140, 

Marsh, Lori 160 
Marshall, Kamilla 148 
Martin, Christopher 
125, 148, 151 
Martinez, Olivia 55, 
160, 163 

Massa, Alana 20, 52, 
83, 145, 148, 152 
Massa, Lauren 127, 


Mathews, Kristen 20, 
21, 39, 44, 52, 97, 
140, 185 

Mathews, Lauren 65, 
97, 167, 169 
Matovina, Laura 30, 

45, 55. 66, 106, 

107, 108, 116, 117, 
125, 128, 135, 137, 
140, 186 

Matovina, Lawrence 
80. 169, 173 
Matthews, Kaleb 47, 


Matusz, Mike 169 
Maynard, Kristyn 112, 

Maywald, William 
160, 161 

Mazur, Andrew 4, 25, 
27, 44, 89, 111, 

121, 140 

Mazur, Joey 169, 173 
McCampbell, Alex 47, 


McCampbell, Alison 
11, 112, 169 

McClendon, Allen 51, 
97, 148 

McCormack, Ashley 
168, 169 

McDaniel, Katie 169 
McDonald, Ashley 94, 
124, 140, 180 
McKinstry, Talia 15, 
80, 91, 169 

McKnight, Clifton 169 
McKnight, Tanisha 80, 

McMullin, Andrew 55, 

McMullin, Jace 20, 23, 
55, 63, 106, 107, 

108, 111, 124. 172, 

McQueary, Eric 119 
McWhorter, Jill 8 
Meece, Kevin 62, 63, 
106, 144, 148 
Melton, Jeffrey 12, 47, 
114, 169, 172 
Mendoza, Jessica 55, 
76, 97, 160 

Mercer, Joshua 148 

Mesa, Frank 89 
Metsch, Abby 47, 52, 
112, 165, 170 
Miecznikowski, Mark 
114, 170 

Miles, Amy 45, 59, 61, 
91, 148 

Miller, Brooke 36, 61, 
66, 68, 161 

Miller, Katie 55, 60, 

69, 80. 97, 168, 


Million, Lauren 170 
Mills, David 160, 161 
Minton, Andres 161 
Minton, Tabitha 60, 


Miranda, Julieta 127 
Miskiewicz, Jacqueline 
26, 94, 148, 149 
Miskuf, Eric 148 
Mitchell, Keith 43, 170 
Mitkus, Tabitha 148 
Mitre, Adrianna 97, 


Moisant, Caitlin 11, 
112, 148, 149 
Mojica, Michelle 80, 

Momcilovich, Morgan 
61, 165, 167, 169, 

Monko, Andrew 148 
Moody, D’Andre 161 
Moore, Anthony 97, 

Moore, Erin 55, 72, 
148, 149 

Moore, Sara 148 
Morton, Leah 43, 49, 
55, 95, 106, 148, 

Moses, Michael 170 
Muffett, Robert 170 
Mullens, Andrea 15, 
80, 120, 164, 170, 

Mullens, Nicholas 12, 
58, 149 

Murdock, DeMonica 
2, 6, 161, 163 
Muro, Gabriel 21, 164, 

Murphy, Christina 170 
Murphy, Justin 140 
Murphy, Melissa 170 


Naaman, Andrea 149 

Nagy, Ashley 55, 65, 

Najar, Kyle 47, 66, 68, 
114, 115, 121, 156, 

Nash, Corey 45, 47, 51, 
105, 114, 149 

Nashkoff, Andrew 47, 
140, 141 

Nashkoff, Sara 69, 91, 

Nelleman, Matthew 
22, 23, 46, 47, 

114, 137, 141 

Neylon, Desmond 51, 
97, 161, 163 

Nokes, Stephanie 2, 6 

Noojin, Michael 170 

Novath, Sandra 41, 


Nowak, Stephanie 11, 
52, 80, 97, 169, 


Nunez, Cassandra 44, 
55, 60, 121, 124, 

Nunez, Jimi 47, 97, 

155, 161 


O’Brien, Jerami 47, 
114, 121 

O’Brien, Karissa 18 

O’Brien, Vanissa 149 

O’Connor, Ashley 10, 
11, 144, 149 

O’Keefe, Shawn 92, 

Obermeyer, Christine 
60, 170 

Obranovich, Karrie 

Olar, Codie 80, 170 

Oliver, Nelson 120, 

Orzechowicz, Molly 
18, 19, 45, 52, 
102. 103, 105, 

112, 113, 149, 153 
Orzelshi, Brittany 170 
Osborn, Douglas 161 
Otto, Richard 94, 139 


Palinca, Andy 161 
Palinca, Kyle 12, 103, 

Palmer, Amie 45, 124, 
125, 128, 140, 187 
Parker. Chris 62, 63, 
67, 92, 105, 149 
Parnell, Valerie 149 
Parquet, Aundalyse 

44, 55, 94, 97, 99, 
124, 161 

Patel, Vishal 149 
Pawloski, Suzanne 91, 
127, 148 

Pepoff, Joshua 140, 

Perez, Matthew 142 
Perez, Sean 170 
Perry, Ashley 26, 145, 
149, 152 

Peters, Ashley 112 
Petersen, Matthew 

Phillips, Jessica 45, 

61, 148, 149 
Pierson, Alex 76, 133, 

Pierson, Heidi 80, 171 
Pietrucha, Frances 4, 
65, 125, 171 
Pilipow, Christopher 

Pilipow, Melissa 72, 
73, 111, 170, 171 
Plosfeonha, Samantha 
149, 150 

Plucinski, Kristina 

Plucinski, Michelle 
15, 72, 73, 80, 

111, 165, 171 
Pollard, Brandon 22, 
23, 47, 125, 140, 
141, 180 

Pollard, Lauren 18, 

60, 66, 68, 145, 
157, 161 

ole, Dwight 56, 63, 

106, 124, 125, 

158, 161 

Popa, Bradley 33, 49, 
149, 155 

Pope, Miranda 19, 36, 
61, 66, 67, 68. 161 

Popovich, Richie 122, 
170, 171 

Post, Matthew 77, 161 

Prieto, Victor 97, 161 

Pryor, Miranda 70, 


Pupae, Jelena 97, 105, 

Purvis, Amanda 65, 
83, 156, 161 


Qualls, Jimmy 141 


Radusbi, Kyle 44, 141 
Rakowski, Amanda 
11, 79, 150 
Ramos, Joseph 171 
Ramsey, Elizabeth 2, 

6, 44, 161 

Ranch, Jaqualynn 55, 
124, 150 

Ranch, Jaqui 124 
Ratajczyh, Jeremy 161 
Rawdon, Brittany 2, 6, 
65, 66, 150 
Ray, Michael 171 
Raybourne, Grant 141 
Reader, Jordan 171 
Reba, Nicole 124, 150 
Redar, Jordan 167, 171 
Redden, Kelly 45, 61, 
91, 150 

Reed, Amber 55, 91, 
155, 161 

Reitz, Jeffrey 47, 150 
Reitz, Mia 164, 171 
Rex, Kirsten 80, 170, 

Reyna, Jeffrey 12, 13, 
51, 157, 161 
Reyna, John 150 

Reynolds, Tommy 171 
Rias, Brittany 161, 174 
Ridder, David 92, 123 
Riley, Emily 67, 94, 


Ritter, Eric 34, 47, 120, 

Roach, Donald 47, 171 
Robbins, Caitlyn 161 
Robbins, Darrin 47, 
138, 141 

Robinson, DeAndria 
20, 54, 55 

Robinson, Robert 150 
Rodgers, Andre 23, 

30, 39, 43, 45, 55, 
62, 63, 94, 106, 
107, 108, 110, 111, 
116, 141 

Rodgers, Antionette 
55, 161 

Rodgers, Ashley 4, 11, 

80, 112, 171 
Rogers, Kimberly 11, 


Rogowski, Drew 22, 

23, 30, 47, 104, 


Roll, Ashley 44, 45, 

55, 77, 82, 94, 95, 

Romesburg, David 39, 

Romesburg, Rachel 

Royal, Samantha 15, 
28, 34, 44, 57, 82, 

90, 91, 95, 111, 

119, 162 

Rudzinshi, Cathy 14, 
15, 44, 76, 91, 111, 

Rukes, Brandon 12, 


Ruhes, Daniel 12, 63, 

120. 157, 162 
Ruthowshi, Corey 162 
Rybachi, Claudia 90, 

91, 141 

Ryzah, Arhadiusz 44, 
45, 128, 134, 137, 

Ryzah, Elizabeth 44, 

81, 162 


Saban, Zeljko 162 
Salczynshi, Aaron 27, 
51, 58, 92, 149, 


Salczynshi, Caralyn 

10, 11, 30, 45, 69, 
104, 141, 143 

Salgado, Andrew 162 
Salinas, Anthony 171 
Salmon, DJ 44, 121, 


Sanchez, Stacy 60, 

148, 150 

Sanchez, Theresa 150 
Sanders, Brooke 94 
Schaller, Ashley 102, 
141, 142, 193 
Scheffel, Kaitlyn 11, 

Schell, Timothy 12, 

55, 94, 97, 162 
Schleitwiler, Amanda 

11, 171 

Schmidt, Melony 150 
Scholte, Jaimie 55, 56, 

Schoon, Brett 47, 162 
Sconza, Timothy 76, 

Scott, Ashley 171 
Scott, Caitlin 2, 6, 18, 

Scott, Cody 142, 186 
Scurtu, John 150 
Seiluns, John 27, 48 
Sellers, Nicholas 150 
Sepulveda, Priscilla 
15, 52, 171 

Shacklett, Jessica 25, 
111, 135, 141, 142 
Sharpe, Nicole 162 
Shirley, Patrick 47 
Shuster, Samantha 18, 
65, 83, 150 
Simon, Jeffrey 162 
Simpson, Jessica 150 
Sims, Joshua 92, 162 
Sims, Kierra 150 
Siohos, Steven 12, 

146, 150 

Sipos, Melissa 11, 171 
Skinner, Kera 172 
Sloan, Amy 65, 76, 

149, 151 

Smiedzinshi, Brandon 
133, 142 

Smith, Lorris 97, 162 
Smith, Sterling 172 
Smith, William 172 
Smolen, Ireneusz 172 
Solis, Irma 60, 80, 172 
Solis, Lucinda 172 
Solivais, Anthony 51, 
83, 172 

Solivais, Laura 55, 83, 
91, 119, 124, 125, 

Sophiea, Christopher 

Sophiea, Robin 120, 
170, 172 

Soto, Julia 88, 162 
Sotres, Carlos 63, 172 
Soy, Christina 11 , 172 
Soy, Jeanette 27, 55, 
94, 107, 142, 182 
Soy, Vincent 148, 151 
Spataro, Steven 62, 
63, 167, 172 
Spejewski, Nicole 55, 
142, 151 

Spisah, Joseph 47, 172 
St Clair, Casey 146, 
151, 153 

Staes, Christa 151 
Stage, Alison 162 
Stagner, Stacina 151 
Stanford, Elizabeth 
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Staples, Steve 142 
Staszak, Kelly 2, 6, 19, 
45, 49, 61, 105, 

Staszak, Stacy 15, 80, 

Steffeh, Cristi 55, 142, 

Sternberg, James 162 
Stevens, Ashley 25, 
56, 107, 134, 142 
Stevens, Caitlin 11, 

39, 55, 97, 172 
Stevens, Travis 101, 
155, 162 

Stevens, Zachary 46, 
47, 97, 101, 141. 

Stinnett, Amanda 52, 
53, 80, 82, 172 
Story, Brian 167, 172 
Strauch, Brenton 47, 

Stubbs, Jerry 142 
Studniarz, Brooke 80, 

Sturgill, Justine 30, 

58, 172 

Suarez, Juan 151 
Subotic, Natasha 80, 
91, 168, 172 
Sutton, Ariel 172 
Sutton, Felicia 55, 151 
Swanson, Megan 15, 
45, 52, 55, 66, 88, 
98, 99, 112, 151 
Szo, Alyssa 65, 151 
Szo, Sheila 44, 55, 60, 
122, 163 


Taylor, Jason 94, 95, 
150, 151 

Teasdale, Jessica 25, 
91, 163 

Teibel, Stephen 163 
Terpstra, Caitlin 15, 
22, 23, 45, 52, 55. 
121, 142 

Terpstra, Jake 121, 

155, 163 

Terzarial, Kendra 94, 

Tharp, Amanda 11, 

65, 152 

Theil, Jamie 152 
Therault, John 143 
Therault, Kimberly 

Thomas, Jourdan 47, 
146, 173 

Thomas, Shelisa 173 
Thompson, Chloe 80, 
169, 173 

Thrall, Elizabeth 41, 
44, 45, 55, 91, 94, 
111, 171, 173 
Tibbs, Alexandria 2, 

6, 173 

Tibbs, Jordynn 65, 97, 
125, 159, 163 
Tinich, Michael 17, 37, 
47, 114, 173 
Tinnin, Brittany 52, 
158, 160, 163 
Tobias, Amber 65 
Todd, Courtney 163 

Tomaszewski, Court- 
ney 163 

Tonkovich, John 163 

Torok, Danny 12, 51, 

Toussaint, Sylver 163 

Towne, Joshua 33 

Trauscht, Nick 51, 114, 

Tripp, Candice 44, 90, 
91, 111 

Troxel, Kelsey 45, 60, 

Turner, Megan 152 

Tuzar, Kimberly 82, 


Udchitz, Nicholas 8, 
47, 51, 114, 173 
Udchitz, Zachary 47, 
88, 152 

Ulicni, Rusty 173 
Ulm, Krystal 79, 143 
Uram, Amanda 14, 15, 
41, 65, 111, 152 


Vaclavik, Andrew 35, 
109, 111, 129, 133, 
143, 175 

Valois, Daniel 163 
Vanek, Daniel 51, 92, 
102, 152 

Vania, Adam 81, 142, 

Vanwhite, Amberma- 
rie 106, 173 
Vargas, Elizabeth 11, 
80, 167, 173 
Vargas, Paige 173 
Vasquez, Nicholas 94, 

Vaughan, Nathan 47, 
92, 152 

Vechey, Bridgett 85, 
133, 140, 143, 187 
Velez, Daniel 110, 163 
Verbeke, Megan 54, 

55, 87, 91, 152 
Veronesi, Brandon 47, 

Vessell, Dennis 94, 


Victory, Ben 152 
Villa, Tara 163 
Villarreal, Cristal 18, 

Villasenor, Kirk 163 
Vogel, Tanya 163 


Wachowski, Jessica 5, 

Wachtstetter, Troyce 
56, 143 

Wagman, Olivia 54, 

55, 80, 120, 146, 

Walczak, Jefferey 154, 

Walenkiewicz, Jamie 

Walk, Tyler 163 
Wall, Kyra 173 
Wartsbaugh, Lori 65, 

Washington, Jimel 173 
Watts, Brittany 55, 

150, 152 

Webb, Albert 51, 173 
Webb, Latricia 79 
Wegner, Michael 152 
Welch, Jenny 87, 141, 

Werkowski, Adam 173 
Werkowski, Alexander 
8, 37, 152 
West, Brett 173 
Westfall, Caleb 18, 


White, Amanda 127, 

White, Dawn 173 
White, Michael 47, 51, 
66, 125, 143, 183 
White, Michale 78, 89 
Whiteside, Terrell 152 
Wilbert, Aaron 152 
Wilcoxson, Alex 51, 

77, 95, 103, 120, 
135, 139, 143 
Wilfinger, Leonard 4, 

8, 37, 111, 152 
Williams, Anna 52, 

96, 97, 143, 152 
Williams, Dalniecia 

Williams, Lorie 173 
Williams, Sarah 20, 
55, 88, 111, 127, 
128, 141 

Wilson, Bradley 9, 

148, 152 

Wilson, DAndre 163 
Wilson, Danielle 55, 
91, 152 

Winiecki, Lauren 37, 
61, 66, 68, 112, 

Wiszowaty, Andrew 

Wolff, Susan 168, 173 
Woloszyn, Daniel 47, 
81, 105, 114, 152 
Word, Tytiaira 151, 
155, 163 

Worley, Lisa 10, 11, 

35, 55, 112, 113, 
120, 144, 152, 153 
Wright, Andrew 12, 

Wright, Rachel 143 
Writt, James 152 


Yarnelle, Colin 47, 97, 

Yeager, Justine 27, 29, 
57, 91, 103, 128, 
136, 141, 143, 182 
Yost, Kristen 15, 80, 
112, 173 

Young, London 80, 



Zajac, Joseph 33, 114, 

Zajac, Michael 32, 33, 
158, 163 

Zajak, Joseph 114 

Zajicek, Brittany 153 
Zarndt, Anthony 41, 
47, 97, 111, 153 
Zavala, Jose 19, 163 
Zavala, Rosario 173 
Zellers, Randall 34, 
81, 120, 153 
Zurawski, Matthew 

Zurawski, Michael 

114, 115, 164, 173 

The year started off with class meetings, schedule changes, 
new teachers and fund-raising. As the year went on, 
there were parties, field trips, plays, and cast parties. 

Many events filled the calendar of the year 2006. At the 
beginning of the school year there was the Park Full of Art held 
at Central Park. The artists of Griffith High School went to the 
park to admire the crafts, paintings and nick knacks that were 
displayed on the many carts set up on the grass. 

The drama department started off the year with Babes in 
Toyland. Following that there was Shakespeare’s A Mid 
Summer Night's Dream and the student directed plays which 
were directed by seniors Jace McMullin, Laura Matovina, and 
Andre Rodgers. With the return of Andrea McMullin, family and 
consumer sciences, the cast had their make-up and costumes 
done as professionally as possible for a high school drama 

The Griffith High School music department had a very busy 
schedule this year as well. Choir started off with their trip to 
Atlanta, Georgia to sing the National Anthem over spring break, 
and they proceeded it with a trip to Chicago to experience the 
Broadway musical, RENT live. The choir students attending both 
of these trips were mainly seniors, followed by a few juniors who 
were allowed to go due to a few seniors not being able to attend. 

Band was next to follow in the footsteps of the choir with their 
trip to St Louis, Missouri. Any band student that could raise 
the capitol to attend this trip was allowed to go, as long as their 
parents permitted it. 

The year was also exciting for this year’s football and track 
team. The GHS football players made it all the way to semi-state, 
getting one step closer to the championship game. The team 
had a no-loss winning streak until the semi-state game. Many 
students were upset and even angry that this wasn’t the year 
that GHS went to the Indianapolis RCA Dome. The track team 
sent senior Kristen Mathews down to state soon to find out that 
she would become ranked second best high jumper in the state 
of Indiana among high school girls. 

As the year came to an end, seniors got ready to graduate, 
and juniors prepared to think about the year ahead of them in 
the 2006-2007 school yean The freshmen finally get to break 
out of their shell as the new kids on the block, where as the new 
sophomores have years still ahead of them. The halls emptied 
as seniors left for senior ditch day, the cookout at the end of the 
yean and finally the last day. There weren’t many students in the 
hallways as teachers got prepared for the next year and began 
taking down the posters and pictures in their room. 

The final event of the 2006 school year was graduation. For 
some students here at GHS, tracking 2006 was easy. They got 
all their homework done, and they made it to be the best that 
they could. For others, it was a struggle. Keeping up with their 
social schedule, school events, and homework may prove to be 
a very difficult task. And then there’s the students that just can’t 
wait to get out of Griffith, and graduation is all they think about 
Tracking 2006 may have been easy or hard, but it was just one 
more year in the lives of the GHS student body. 

By: Ashley Cogdill 


Reflector Staff 

Editor-In-Chief: Ashley Cogdill 
Business Manager: Emily Adams 
Managing Editor: Laura Solivais 
Organizations Editor: Darci Lopez 
People Editor: Laura Beaupain 
Advertising Editor: Amie Palmer 
Sports Editor: Ashley McDonald 
Photo Editor: Lyndley Clarkson 
Aademics Editor: Amie Palmer 
Student Life Editor: Jace McMuilin 
Reporters: Amanda Del Valle. Amanda Crok. Sa- 
mantha Kulig. Amber Tobias. Krista Glidewell. Rachel 
Convery, Aundalyse Parquet, Angela Kepchar. Cas- 
sandra Nunez. Kristen Yost 

The process of making the 2006 yearbook began in the summer of 2005 
with two girls at yearbook camp. This book was printed by Hereff Jones at 
6015 Travis Lane. P.O. Box 10 . Shawnee Mission Kansas. The Reflector Staff 
would like to thank Lisa Keene, our yearbook representative for coming out to 
olophon- so man Y times to help us with anything we needed. Also, the Reflector 

Staff would like to thank Lisa Merino, our customer service advisor. 

The main colors, black and white are used throughout the book. There are 
no color pages and no spot color. The color photo is in black and white and the cover is black. 
Theme pages, including end sheets, title page, opening, closing, divider pages and the colo- 
phon were designed by Ashley Cogdill. Other sections were designed by Jace McMuilin. Ashley 
McDonald. Darci Lopez, Amie Palmer, and Laura Beaupain. The cover was designed by the edi- 
tor and generated by the plant. Each section is different with design and fonts. AHJ Microsquare 
was used for the story font in size 11. and AHJ Belwe was used for all captions in size 9. AHJ 
Be I we was also used in info boxes under the headline. Other fonts used were AHJ Eddie, AHJ 
Michael. Textile. AHJ Deanna Script. ITC Eras. AHJ Ad Lib. and AHJ Platinum Blond. 

Pictures taken by staff photographers were mainly on a digital camera and uploaded to the 
computer where Imageln was used to place them onto a page. Few pictures were developed 
by the photography editor in the dark room provided at GHS. Team, group, faculty, and senior 
pictures were taken by Larry Titak Photography and all underclassmen photos were taken by 
Interstate Studios. Inc. 

The goal of the staff was to present the rest of the Griffith High School Students and staff 
with the best book they could with the resources provided. 

The Reflector staff would lastly like to thank Mrs. Kristina Collard, who showed support 
through 7 months of pregnancy. The staff will miss her and cannot wait to see the baby and 
have Collard come back to teach. 


Reflector Staff 

Lyndley Clarkson. 12 
Photography Editor 

Del Valle 
pepo TteT 

Amanda CrooR, 
Stall Reporter 


Ad^l soT 

Angela Kepchar, 10 
Staff Reporter 

Samantha Kulig. H 
Stall Reporter 

Parquet. 10 
Staff Reporter 

^ beTT ° b onef 

Staff ReP otte 

Darci Lopez, 12 
Section Editor: Organizati 

Rachel Convery. 1° 
Staff Report 

Brad Pop 

Phot i 

a. u 


Kristen Vost. 9 

Staff ReP oTteT 

lennfet Handle?. «