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□□iron's NOTE 


Hmm. What to talk about...what to talk about... 

E3 is slowly creeping upon us as I write this, the 
Game Boy Advance is looming on the horizon, there 
are 2 new systems on the way, and Sega is now 
becoming a software-only company. You'd think a 
game geek like me would be more psyched out, but 
I'm not, which bothers me. This is a weird time in 
the gaming industry. The powers that govern have 
switched hands, and rather than Sony, Sega, and 
Nintendo battling it out, it will be Sony, Nintendo, 
and Microsoft. 

Think about that for a moment: Microsoft. 

The American born system will have the fight of 
it's life when it's released, simply because it's an 
American system that must prove itself more than 
anything in existence. We suffered through the 
Jaguar and 3DO, and we lost our 2600s years ago. 

But this is 2001 , and we have a PC giant eyeballing 
the console world. They already have a powerhouse 
of exclusives (including Dead or Alive 3), and 
they've got Sega making games for them, some of 
which include their heritage like Panzer Dragoon. 
There’s also the massive amount of 2nd Party devel- 
opers that are programming for Xbox (the name of 
Microsoft's console system) and Xbox alone. With all 
of these events going for the system, they still have 
to worry about the Japanese market. Seeing how 
about 80% of all console games come from the East, 
Microsoft is going to have to pull some serious strings 
to make sure their precious boXtias the support it 
needs from both sides of the ocean. 

Now. Sega as a software developer also intrigues 
me. Think about this for a moment: yog boot up 
your system, you see the PlayStation logo, which is 
then followed by the Sega logo. Sonic the Hedgehog, 
the mascot that drove the Genesis into homes every- 
where will now be cruising on his former rival's 
portable system. Virtua Fighter 4 will have an 
exclusive version on the PlayStation 2. Besides being 
just weird, this new set-up now opens up a whole 
new set of rivalry, mainly between Sega and 
Electronic Arts. Good EA, who lately hasn't been up 
to par, will now have to deal with Visual Concepts 
(the guys and gals that gave us on-line sports titles 
on the DC) on the same system. With Sony's sports 
titles taking swan dives all over the place, the new 
sports rivalry will be a big bonus for game players 

Speaking of rivalries, there's a peculiar ad that has 
been seen in Japan. Sega and Namco shared a two 
page spread advertisement spot in one of the major 
newspapers. Pictured were Akira from Virtua Fighter 
4 and Jin from Tekken Tag Tournament. Both char- 
acter faces were as big as the newspaper, each hav- 
ing their own page. Is there some secret "Versus" 
title that would house both sides in one game? Has 
Sega finally found their calling as a software compa- 
ny and prepping the big guns? If this rumor-filled ad 
is the truth, does that mean we could see more tag- 
team games from separate companies? The mind 
swells at the possibilities. 

Gaming publications all over the world are claim- 
ing this upcoming year will be the biggest battle in 
gaming history. Whatever the outcome, you can be 
sure we'll be here to help 'enhance' whatever side 
you take. 

You can count on it. 

Jason Dvorak 

cause I am dying to play it, and where can I get it 

I’ll begin with a series of Pokemon letters that 
came addressed to CodeBoy. In his typical fash- Thanks, 
ion, he forwarded them to me, and then grum- Skeeter 
bled about something. They're from a tenacious 

youngster named Johnathan Green. Skeeter... that makes me laugh. 

(time email was sent - 10:14 pm) 

I want to now how to get Survie, what is the code? 
Also how do you duplicate Masterballs? 

- Johnathan Green 

(time email was sent - 10:22 pm ) 

I want you to tell me every code in the world. Even 
for the Masterballs, and Survie the legendary bird. 

Johnathan Green 

(time email was sent - 10:30 pm) 

> How many Pokemon are there in gold and red 
versions? I want you to tell me the code for Survie. 
And the code to get infinity Masterballs. Also tell 
me all the codes in the world. Is there such thing 
of a Survie the legendary leaf bird? Is there such 
thing as a legendary Pokedex? I want you to write 

-Johnathan Green 

I asked CodeBoy for a response, and he didn't 
have one. He just thought everyone should see 
this kid's rapid fire emails. Something tells me he 
wants Survie and some Masterballs. I could make 


The DBZ mod for Quake 3 will be coming out soon. 
That's all the developers are saying right now. I 
assume that you'll be able to get DBZ Bid for Power 
from the developers. I'm not sure about what 
stores, if any, will carry it. Also, The DBZ mod for 
Quake 3 will be coming out soon. That's all the 
developers are saying right now. 

-Wooly Doug 

And finally, a letter from Roscoe Billings. 

I can't download the Gore and Bush is it possi- 

ble to do so...? 



You want Gore and Bush? You go to another site, 
buddy. .This is a gaming site, and you'll have to find 
your violence and sex someplace else. 

-Wooly Doug 

PS. Don't drive so fast when you're chasing those 
Duke boys. You're almost always going to hit a jump 

a Masterball joke, but I won't. It's far too easy. that will render your car inoperable. 

dangerous desk 


Hey everyone, welcome back to 
the Dangerous Designs section. 
Our 'Create-a-Character' call has 
been answered again, and we're 
here to show them off to the world. 
Our first hero is Max Rage, a char- 
acter who would appear in Final 
Fantasy X, and was drawn by 
Dwight Hooker. The creature with 
the big tail belongs to Blake Payan, 
and its name is Eurakekera. You'll 
find it inside any Pokemon game. 
Our final created character is actu- 
ally a villain. Known only as Evil 
Sonic, the dark entity is the cre- 
ation of Joshud Flournoy. Look at 
that evil grin... Dr. Robotnik would 
be proud. Thai’s it for this issue's 
gallery, see you next issue! 

Send your Drawings to: 

Dangerous Designs: 

318 Clubhouse Lane, Suite 1000 

P.O. Box 1407 

Hunt Valley, MD 21030-1407 



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By Dangerboy 

Yes, the premise sounds sweet, and ail the hype and 
videos built this up to be a killer side-scrolling 
game, possibly being the next generation step of 
the Final Fight genre. But alas, the very thing 
Square is known for is exactly what brought this 
game to its knees. Let's discuss the 'action movie’ 
part of that sentence. Like most of Square's RPGs, 
Bouncer is full of cinema sequences, some using the 
game graphics, some using pre-rendered FMV. The 
difference here is that almost the whole GAME is a 
cinema. A typical 10-minute chunk of game play is 9 
parts cinema and 1 part actual game. Should you 
die in that 1 -minute sequence, you will have to skip 
through (using two button presses each time) each 
cinema to get back your spot. This claws away the 
replay value of the game, and horribly obliterates 
any flow to it. Not only that, but it's not even a 
good action movie. Soaked in the now standard 
Japanese abused American cliche dialogue, the 
plot's about as deep as an empty pool and as excit- 
ing as watching metal rust. It does have its 
moments, don't get me wrong, but those are very 

Platform: PlayStation 2 

Genre: Fighting 

Developer: Dream Factory 
Publisher: SquareSoft EA 

Graphics: 9.0 

Sound: 8.0 

Control: 4.0 

Fresh Factor: 4.0 

Gamelife: 1 .0 

1 * 

- : S 4 ■ 

\ i i 

Knoccout Kings sooi 

By savior 

Boxing's one of those sports that lends Itself well to 
arcade style games but not too well to sims. Such is 
the case with past KO Kings, and unfortunately this 

The game has a lot of good things going for it, 
with a ton of boxers to choose from including 

are also a bunch of cool modes, the Career Mode 
being the highlight, allowing you to train and fight 
through the ranks. Everything (except the crowds) 
looks pretty good, too. Some parts of the fighters' 
bodies look too realistic, and end up appearing a lit- 
tle fake, but for the most part the level of detail is 

ton of it. All of the punches seem emotionless, and 
it ends up looking like an updated Rock 'Em Sock 
'Em Robots. Some extra time spent on the punch 
animations would have really gone a long way. 

Hopefully this can be cleared up for the next 
installment, and while they're at it maybe EA can 
offer us a more in-depth creation engine. Other 
than these things, KO Kings 2001 is a solid game. 

Platform: PlayStation 2 

Genre: Sports 

Developer: EA Sports 

Publisher: EA Sports 


Graphics: 8.0 

Sound: 6.0 

Control: 8.0 

Fresh Factor: 8.0 

Gamelife: 8.0 

If you've ever been stupid enough to get completely Developer: Squaresoft 

drunk beyond belief at a bar or friend's house, and Publisher: Squaresoft 

then drive home, then you've already played this 

game. OVERALL RATING: 4.8 

This is absolutely the worst control I've ever used Graphics: 7.0 

in a driving game. It's nearly impossible to straighten Sound: 7.0 

your car after a turn or pass. Just touching the ana- Control: 2.0 

llrection. Tapping the stick the opposite way just 
ends the car to the other side of the track. There's 
io middle ground. 

Making the game more annoying is the Al, where 

Graphically the game flickers a lot, due to the 
lack of anti-aliasing. Extended play can result in 
headaches or seizures. Pick up a good racing game 
like Ridge Racer V or Smuggler's Run before wasting 
your money on this. 





Fresh Factor: 

zone of the Enders 

By Dangerboy ( s' 

If it were not for its minor blemishej, 2one of 
Enders would be one of the most pecfect games of 
our time. However, some original flaws and other 
new Western ones prevent Konami's latest PS2 title 

We ll begin with the usual area, which is graphics. 
When doing a review, a person is supposed to judge 
that game to its current peers, as well as it's past. 
Well, let me tell you that Z.O.E. is off the charts. 
You have never seen a PS2 game look like this. Each 
Frame is extremely detailed, whether it be the ver- 
tebrae-like metal skin of Jehuty, or the thin beads of 
light that pulse through him, displaying how much 
damage it's in. Landscapes can be anything from res- 
idential areas, to a huge cityscape, complete with 
highways, skyscrapers, and landmarks, almost all of 
which can be destroyed upon contact with weapons 

appreciated, and the second time you face Viola 

catches the feeling perfectly. Imagine being inside a ' , /'• 

huge warehouse full of hundreds of pallets, all ' — 1 

stacked to the brim with packages. As you do the , , . ,, \ 

firefight dance against Viola, you'll be destroying lefts' • 

crates, being blown through them, throwing her into 

them, and more. Enemies will even charge right .‘jjMF * ^ 

through buildings and such to get to you. As robots \ 

explode, their falling debris can also cause damage 

if close enough. There's also no slowdown, and when ‘ ' u" 

you're in a tight situation, the fighting/flying really 

does get fast and furious. While it doesn't reach the insane amount of detail found 
in the MGS2 Demo, that Is compensated for the huge area locales and freedom 
you're allowed to move in. That is however, part of the original problem. While 
there are a ton of enemies, there isn't enough variety to them. To be honest, there 
are really only 3 enemy foot soldiers, with the only difference being what armor 
they have on. Other than that, it's the three enemy bosses. It's not as bad as it 
sounds, but you can tell it needs something a tad more. 

Now for my highest possible amount of praise and gratitude: Z.O.E’s control. 

You have never played a game that felt this silky smooth. To a degree, this game is 
the meshing of three separate games: Omega Boost, Virtual On, and Psychic 
Force 2012. The difference here is that everything works. Jehuty is moved with 
the Left Analog Stick, and her height is dependant on the Triangle and X buttons. 
This set up allows you to rotate while you climb/dive against an enemy, which 
works very, very well. You’re armed with a gun and sword, and as you move on, will 
have access to various sub-weapons. Each enemy and boss requires a certain attack 
pattern, which isn't that heard to figure out. Anything that happens to you is your 
fault, and yours alone. No blaming the controls or control pad this time around. 
ZOE provides an incredible (if just a bit too short) gaming experience. 




fi world Grand prix eqod 

1. Control: With racing games, control Is what makes /-ranhirc- 

or breaks the title. The more realistic the control, clfind- 
the better the game. MotoCross racing titles take sound, 
that premise and throw it out the window. Control: 

Controlling your bike as you launch off massive Fresh Factor: 

ramps, round super tight corners, and nudge your Gamelife: 
way through densely paced groups of riders should be - » | . " i\ $ IKK r / 
challenging, and mastering these skills should be one <i0 '~ 

of the most rewarding aspects of the games. In 

MotoCross Championship 2K1, mastering these skills ‘SiaSiSS® • 

Is a non-issue. Maneuvering your bike presents very ' 

little in the way of technical skill. Get your wheels - 

on the ground.and go. 

2. Graphics: I know its a P51 game, and I know not 

to expect stellar graphics, but MotoCross games tend -JW l a — 

to be among the most pixilated. In CM2K1 , the envi- 
ronments appear to be made of giant colored tiles, 
which breaks up the look of the game. Pop-up and Hf 
fogging are also huge problems. I know that the PSX Hr -jH Had 

couldn't possibly make a game that looks half as nice F 
as ATV Off Road Fury, but they can make games that ■ 

look as good as Gran Turismo. That title was made — 

years ago, yet it looks eons better than this. V 

3. Sound:, Sound, more specifically Music, is a major 
problem with any sort of extreme sporting game, but 
off-road motorcycle games seem to take the cake in 
music awfulness. Developers don't know whether to play standard extreme music 
(thrashy punk-metal), or redneck extreme music (crappy country-metal), so they 
pick the worst of both worlds. Expect an aural assault upon turning on this game 
that doesn't stop until you hit the power switch. Also there's a disturbing trend in 
games of repeating the same music throughout the duration of a race or level. It 
started with Tony Hawk (if I never hear Goldfinger again. I'll be a happy man), 
and it continues today. If you're going to play crappy music, at least mix it up a 
little. When a song's over, start a new one, don't play the same thing again. 

There you have it. I've counted the ways, and they number three. If the number 
was one, then it could be possible for the game to succeed, but with three it's a 

out of retirement with Rainbow Six: Rogue 
Spear. Jump right into the role of any covert 
operations officer you please and get ready to 
run, creep, and shoot your way through 18 lev 

Normally I would be overly critical of such a char- | 
acteristic, but it helps set the dreary mood in 
Rogue Spear, and I kind of enjoy it. One thing I I 
don't enjoy is the choppy animation and move- I 
ment of the camera, which Is excessive enough to 
become frustrating at times. 

The controls respond well for the most part, 
but the aiming interface is horrendous. The 
slightest tap to the left or right directional button 
(or nudge on the analog stick) will cause your 
crosshair to jump inches on-screen. There is an 
optional auto-targeting system, however it can be 
somewhat slow and unreliable, accidentally hit- 
ting hostages as it moves toward the terrorists. 

Using the mission planner is also difficult. 
Awkward camera controls make it hard to follow 
the, specified paths on the map. Fortunately, every m 
Plan" pre-loaded, which is pretty much the only way 
Cooys or areas from the wrong angle will often resuli 
crossfire. One would assume that the mission planner 
to the title, allowing the gamer to go back to complc 

the, specified paths on the map. Fortunately, every mission comes with a "Default 
Plan" pre-loaded, which is pretty much the only way to beat the level. Entering 
pooys or areas from the wrong angle will often result in dead hostages caught in 
crossfire. One would assume that the mission planner is simply to add replay value 
to the title, allowing the gamer to go back to completed missions and set their own 
objectives. As for the missions themselves, there are 18 total to be completed, 
including bombings, surveillance, and the usual hostage rescuing. A vast array of 
weapons is at your disposal, and certain missions will require you to make use of 
certain items such as sniper rifles and demolition kits. The game includes an ade- 
quate library of operatives to select from, each of which is an expert in their 

Yes, Rogue Spear certainly has its flaws, but 1 recommend it to the casual 
gamer. It's challenging enough that you will find yourself playing it for quite some 
time to get to the end, and you can always plan your own missions after having 
completed the game. 



Typing Of the Dead Platform: Dr 

By Dr. Atomic Genre: 

Sega took its classic House Of The Dead 2, a first Developer: 
person shooter with lightgun action, and tweaked it. Publisher: 

What it came up with was a near perfect version of 

that very same game, but with some very different OVERALL RATING: 

game play. Instead of shooting zombies and Graphics: 

monsters intent on eating your brains, you have to Sound: 

use the Dreamcast keyboard and type the words Control: 

that appear around the monster’s next in order to Fresh Factor: 

kill them. Gamelife: 

A simple twist, really. But, a brilliant one. This 

Dreamcast, a keyboard and his own copy of Typing -£ | 

The game still maintains its quirky cult-fave sta- r\ 

tus by wisely not fixing any of the dialogue that it 
has become famous (or is that infamous?) for, so all / !• 

your favorite phrases like "Suffer like G did." "Don't 

humor is the words/phrases you must type. Some \ 

are so bizarre, that I actually saw CodeBoy (who " 

shares my fascination with peculiar words) throw his 

keyboard up in the air and walk away from the game in 

confusion, because the phrases he was required to type were just too bizarre. 

In some ways, this version is easier than the shooter version, if you are a 
decent typist. But that doesn't effect the game life, because you'll keep playing 
just to see what phrases Typing of the Dead will throw at you. Plus, it seriously 
rivals Samba De Amigo as the best party game ever. (Two-player Mode is a blast. ) 

If you own a Dreamcast and compatible keyboard, there is absolutely no rea- 



Fresh Factor: 

own. Tire only thing to compare it to is the movie 
Days of Thunder. It's got this tongue-in-cheek style 
of racing competition. You're driven (pun intended) 
to nudge the other players. You want to see that shiny 
green Grasshopper slam into the wall, do a 2-ton airborne pirouette, and then 
land on all 4 tires without losing a beat (which happens). You want to be just 
ahead of your opponent, so you can wave your automobile's rear in their face as 
you power slide into a turn at 120mph. I’ve even seen cars do 360s and come ou 
of it flawlessly. While many of these antics will inflict damage to the cars, the 
damage itself isn't all that realistic, nor intrusive to the car’s control, but it s 
enough to bruise an ego or two._and warrant a snicker from the inflictor. This 
rambunctious nature is something that’s been missing in the gaming world for 
quite sometime now, having been replaced with trivial "Frag Kings” and the like. 
But here, here it's all fun and games. If you could only see the smiles and smirk; 
one gets when playing this game, It really is priceless. 

he can't commit fouls, and he will perform insane, 

gravity-defying dunks that are more reminiscent of • 

The Matrix than NBA play. I do admit that being on ~ .... — 
fire is fun, particularly when it's at the expense of a _ j 
second player, but it's far to easy to obtain, and it £ \. /rnvixp 

routinely turns competitive games into blow-outs. 

Realism isn't in the NBA Hoopz vocabulary. _ r ~ ~~ 

The overall graphics of the Dreamcast version of — eg, - - 

the game aren't bad, but they're not great either. y I 

Gamers used to the incredible graphics found in NBA « iMA' 

2K1 are going to be very disappointed. The NBA stars £;Jr KH JI ( 

are blocky, angular messes, and their moves are far 
from fluid. The many slo-mo replays point out the clipping 
problems and tack of continuity in the game. The ball jumps from place to place 
the Dreamcast's processor struggles to make a basket look feasible, and passes th 
should clearly be missed often are completed with jerky animation that moves th 
ball into a players' hands from many feet away. Previous graphical achievements, 
particularly in the 2K1 series, show that the Dreamcast is capable of much more. 

NBA Hoopz is the only arcade style basketball game around, and thus Is your o 
choice for rough-house, high-flying play. Unfortunately like many monopolies. NB, 

Hoopz fails to consistently deliver the goods. Playing NBA Hoopz with friends is 
great. Playing alone is painful. With that in mind, pick up for Hoopz for over-the- 
top multiplayer action. Pick up NBA 2K1 if you want realism or solo play. 


Platform: Nintendo 64 

Genre: Puzzle 

Developer: Conspiracy 

Publisher: Nintendo 



Fresh Factor: 


get a little annoying at times but it isn't over bearing. 

The sound track switches up regularly so it doesn't 
become too repetitive. The sound effects are great, 
from the sounds of bugs bursting when shot to the 
sound of Conker walking through a field of crap. The jj 
effects are perfect for the situations and actions tak- » 
ing place, they add to the raunchiness of the game. 17 
The game definitely appealed to my senses. 

I am thoroughly impressed. I had no real com- 
plaints at all. This game was done perfectly, and it N 
should put the N64 back in the competition for a 
while. Conker's proved to be a much needed break from 
all of these serious, plot-oriented and generic shoot-em-up 
slapstick humor and addicting game play, and Its colorful li 
scenarios, this game is a 10 on my list. It is too bad that it 
to release this game because it might have boosted their s 
really looking forward to seeing a version of this on the Ga 
Pick one up if you can because this is destined to become , 

nd twisted 

snoopy Tennis 

By Codeboy 

Never, under any circumstances, take a male 
child who plays Little League baseball and try and 
play tennis with him. This is the main thing that I 

the most memorable of all of its rules, and also 
the least French-influenced of all of its rules, so 
therefore the most important. I hated playing 
tennis as a child, and given the chance, I imagine 

Platform: Game Boy Color 
Genre: Sports 

Developer: Infogrames 

Publisher: Infogrames 


Graphics: 8.0 

Sound: 9.0 

Control: 8.0 

Fresh Factor: 8.0 

Gamelife: 8.0 

: you can do something thi 
life, and actually enjoy it 

Graphically '■ 

that you have to bit GBC's far enough that you < 
longer see what is going on on the screen, if thi 
the GBC this game would have worked out nicel 
have to avoid, the game started to make me an 
the twisted control features. It's disappointing t 

closely. Eventually I picked up on 
and was able to actually win a got 
the matches, and even progress ir 


□oncer's Bad Fur nay mnt . ndo64 

B y Lik Genre: Action 

I have waited for a game like this for a while: raunchy Developer: Rare 

humor mixed with Disney-esque characters. The game Publisher: Nintendo 

contains strong sexual themes throughout the game: 

naked female flowers to a sleazed out girlie chipmunk OVERALL RATING: 9.0 

(plus, again, the language). I am In love! Graphics: 8.0 

The cutesy looking graphics that are rich color and Sound: 8.0 

the creamy smooth animation simply can not be over- Control: 9.0 

looked. For a N64, game this isn't bad at all. The way Fresh Factor: 10.0 

the world was laid out was like a trippy version of Gamelife: 10.0 

intermissions and cut scenes. The character animation • 

at all, and there is never too much going on at once 1^1 

gamel Now it is not anything to write home about 
by a long shot, but it was pretty challenging. I am 
really not a fan of puzzle games, but once I 
popped this game in I was of addicted to it after 
the first five minutes. The object is simple: Ybu 
have to match up piece identical pieces in a 
straight line to clear them off of the board. There 
is a hitch to It though, you have to make sure 
that you do it strategically or will find yourself 

again. Each level gets progressively harder than 
the next. Take in to consideration that the first 
couple of levels are hard off of the bat, the game 
requires thinking and patience to advance. After 
aboyt twenty levels my brain was fried. 

Graphically the game is basic, with just the 
bare minimum to keep your eyes to the screen, 
while the music is tolerable. The game controls 
pretty well considering that there is not much 
action to bog you down. The game is set up sim- 
ply, with easy movement and minimallstic 

Since there wasn't much to this addicting puz- 
zle game, and since this is a perfect game for 
those long car rides when you want to play some- 
thing that changelings the brain, this sums every- 
thing up. If you want a break from those fast 
moving, action games this game should do nicely. 
Nice little game. 

Kirby's Tilt and Tumble pfatform: g: 

by Lik Genre: 

I don't really know what to think of this game. I Developer: 

might as well tell you off the bat that this game Publisher: 

starife in a league of its own due to one fact: the OVERALL R/ 
controls. Yes, the controls of this game are a bit odd. Graphics: 
Get this, in order to move Kirby around, you tilt your Sound: 

Game Boy in the direction you want him to move, Control: 
and to make him jump, you jolt the Game Boy. Fresh Facto: 

The object of this game is simple: maneuver Kirby Gamelife: 
through a pinball like maze to rescue stars and get to 
the end, but watch out for bad guys and don't fall off . 
of the game field. There are 8 main levels with 3 to 
4 sub levels in each, and the game gets progressively 


t/j uiuj.garnesharl-i.coM 


32-Bit ARM with embedded memory 

2.9" TFT reflective screen 

240x160 resolution 

40.8mm x 61.2mm screen size 

32,768 possible colors 

51 1 simultaneous colors in character mode; 

32,768 simultaneous colors in bitmap mode 

82mm(L) x 144.5(W) x 24.5mm (D) 


2 AA batteries 

Cartridge format, Game Boy compatible 
Game Boy Color compatible 


With the Game Cube and Xbox coming 
out, you'd think the last thing on 
Nintendo's mind would be to release a 
new portable system. Well, they're not 
only prepared to release the new Game 
Boy Advance in America, they're pretty 
darn sure it's going to be phenomenal. 

Rather than being a minor upgrade 
like the Game Boy Color was, the GBA is 
a whole new beast of a system, providing 
above Super NES graphical capabilities 
and a sound system 
that makes the 
GBC finally lot 
archaic. The 

new titles also show off much of the sys- 
tem's potential. 

So with all this killer hardware, you'd 
expect the GBA to be this clunky little 
beast, but fear not, fellow gamer, this is 
one of the best portables yet. When 
lined up next to the GBC, the GBA is 
slightly longer than the older version, 
but it has a much wider screen. It's new 
sideways layout allows your hands to be 
placed more comfortably around the sys- 
tem, as well as access the two new but- 
tons on top, bringing the total action 
buttons to four. At its deepest point, it's 
the same depth, but that hump is now 
centered, rather than being at the bot- 
tom. The system is backwards compati- 
ble with all GBC and original GB games, 
with the option of keeping the old 
screen ratio or stretching it to fit the 
GBA's ratio. Parents will also be pleased 
by the system's battery usage. It gets a 
whopping 15 hours on two AA batteries. 
There's also the odd fact that the system 
can be hooked into the Game Cube, but 

play on the system while you save yOur 
pennies for the latest GBA game. 

Now, considering what magazine 
you're reading, I’m pretty sure you're 
going, "But where is the GameShark for 
it?" Well, you have no need to worry 

e labs ar 

currently working on the tentatively 
titled GameShark Advance, which will 
help everyone with a GBA enhance 
(cough "cheat* cough) at each and every 
game they want to. So far there's no 
price or release date available, but 
expect it to come out around the GBA 
launch date, full of codes and special 

With no competition, the Game Boy 
Advance looks like it's going to take the 
world by storm, and continue the legacy 
that Nintendo holds in the portable gam- 
ing world. Stick with GameShark 
Magazine for the latest details. 

Scheduled for Release 
At or Around Launch 

Army Men Advance 
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon 
ChuChu Rocket! 

Dodge Ball Advance 
Earthworm Jim 

Fire Pro Wrestling 
GT Advance Championship Racing 
High Heat Baseball 2002 
Iridion 3-D 
Konami Krazy Racers 
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure 
Rayman Advance 
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 
Super Mario Advance 
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 
Top Gear GT Championship 
TweetyTM and the Magic Jewel 

r Release 
Sometime After Launch 

Dark Arena 

F-14 Tomcat 
Lady Sia 

LEGO Bionicle: Tales of the Tohunga 
Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX 
Shaun Palmer's Pro Snowboarder 
Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace 
X-Men: Reign of Apocalypse 


to hack with it 

It's time to "DO" it again! 


Is it that time already? Well, if my Mary Kate and 
Ashley watch is correct, then yes... It's time to 
share my above-average hacking abilities with 
the GameShark community once again!! Are you 
all ready to get down and dirty with the "DO," 
a.k.a. “Activator" code for the PlayStation? I can't 
hear you!!! (Well, I don't expect to actually HEAR 
you.) By a show of hands, how many of you out 
there in GS land own a GameShark CDX and 
SharkLink? Come on, don't be ashamed to admit 
it. Now, how many own a GameShark PRO? (I saw 
a few hands up on that one!) There may even be 
a few folks out there, like myself, with an old 
fashioned Comms Link. The reason I'm asking is 
simple, today I'm going to aim my hacking tip 
toward folks who answered yes to any of the pre- 
vious questions! 

If you've been following my hacking tips, 
you're probably sick of hearing about these types 
of codes. Not to worry, today will be the last 
time you'll have to read through an "Activator" 
code tip. (We hope.) I'll start off by listing the 
most common values for button presses in a 
PlayStation game. (Keep in mind that not ALL 
games use these values. ) 

1 PSX Controller button values: 1 













Triangle .... 














(L3 and R3 are the buttons found when you 
press IN on the analog sticks.) 

you are pressing the button specified constantly. 
(If you activated the value 8000, your character 
will constantly be spinning in a circle. 

GameShark Pro owners: 

Start by holding left on the D-Pad. While you’re 
holding this, press the GS button and do a search 
for a known value, equal to 8000 (HEX) or 32768 
(DECIMAL). Next hold right on the D-Pad, press 
the GS button and do a search for a known value, 
equal to 2000 (HEX) or 8192 (DECIMAL). Now 
press and hold R1 , press the GS button and do a 
search for a known value, equal to 8. Repeat this 
process until you end up with about 10 or so 
results. (I suggest that your last search is for the 
value of left on the D-Pad, 8000, since it's easier 
to tell when you activate the right code... Your 
character will constantly be spinning in a circle.) 
Now that we've found the address for the 
"Activator" code (800CC830) we need to change 
the 8 in 800CC830 to a D and assign a value to 
the end of it. 

800CC830 now becomes D00CC830 

If we decide to activate the code with the L2 
button, we’ll look at the chart above and add 
0001 to the end of our code to make it 
D00CC830 0001. 

Now the question is, which character do we want 
to use when we press the L2 button? 

I've done all the work for you, so here's the val- 
ues for each different character you can choose 

800D1F86 00?? = Character Modifier 
?? = one of the following values: 

00 = Jill (Costume 1) 

01 = Jill (Costume 2) 

02 = Jill (Costume 3) 

03 = Jill (Costume 4) 

04 = Jill (Costume 5) 

05 = Jill (Costume 6) 

06 = Regina (Dino Crisis) 

08 = Carlos 

09 = Mikhail 
0A = Nicholai 
OF = Tofu 

Let's say we want to have Carlos as our character 
when we press L2. 

Ok, we've successfully created 2 codes that 
SHOULD change the character we are playing 
with whenever we press a desired button. Maybe 
we should test them out. 

OOPS, I pressed the L2 and NOTHING happened!! 
After all that work, the stupid code doesn't 
work! WRONG! This is what we here at have to do on a regular basis 
before we release our codes to the public, TEST, 
TEST, TEST... (And you thought CodeBoy, Lik, and 
I were just slow getting our codes on the site!) 

It turns out that if I hold down L2 while the 
game is loading, I DO start as Carlos; and if I 
hold R2 while opening a door, I become Mikhail 
when the game is done loading and I appear on 
the other side. It looks like our code has 1 small 
catch, you need to hold the button down while 
the game is loading to become a different char- 
acter! This isn't THAT big of a deal since the 
game reloads each time you see the cut scene 
while walking through a door! So, walk through a 
door, hold L2 and become Carlos when you come 
out on the other side, or hold R2, walk through 
a door, and become Mikhail on the other side. 
Pretty cool huh? We just created an ORIGINAL 
code... I might just have to post this on our site 
in the Resident Evil 3 codes! 

You didn't think we were done did you? 

For fun, we'll attach Jill in her 6th costume to 
an activator to show how to use combination of 

1 . Take the character modifier code and attach 
the value of Jill in her 6th costume. 
(800D1F86 0005) 

Now onto the good stuff! 

Let’s start off by selecting Resident Evil 3: 
NEMEIS as our example game. Let’s say that 
we've found a code that would allow us to choose 
what character we were using (800D1F86 00??), 
and we didn't want to have to use 1 character 
ALL the time. Let's say we want our to use Jill in 
her 5th costume at the beginning, and when we 
press a certain button (or buttons) we could 
switch to a different character, like Carlos. Well, 
1st we need to find the address in the 
PlayStations memory that contains the value of 
each button pressed. 

Comms Link/CDX & Shark Link owners: 

Start by holding left on the D-Pad. While you're 
holding this button, do a search equal to 8000 
(HEX) or 32768 (DECIMAL). Next hold right on 
the D-Pad and do a search equal to 2000 (HEX) 
or 8192 (DECIMAL). Now press and hold R1 and 
do a search equal to 8. Repeat this process until 
you end up with about 10 or so results. If you 
activate the right code, the game will act as if 


800D1F86 00?? would become 800D1F86 0008 

To finish the code we would have to combine the 
character modifier code with the activator code 
we just made. This will look like: 

D00CC830 0001 
800D1F86 0008 

What happens if we don't want to use Carlos any- 
more? We'll just add another character modifier 
to another activator. This time we'll take R2 but- 
ton and assign Mikhail to it. This would look like: 
D00CC830 0002 
800D1F86 0009 

Break it down FNG! 

Explanation of 800CC830 ???? 

800CC830 = The address in the PlayStation's 
memory that tells when a specific button or com- 
bination of buttons are pressed. 

When the 8 is changed to a D, the GameShark is 

2. Decide which buttons you wish to have 
activate this code. (R1 6 LI simultaneously) 

3. Add the values of R1 (0008) and LI (0004) to 
find the correct value for the activator. 

(8 + 4 in HEX is NOT 12, it's C) 

4. D00CC830 ???? becomes D00CC830 000C 

5. Attach the activator code to the character 
modifier code 

D00CC830 000C 
800D1F86 0005 

I hope you all found this helpful, judging by pre- 
vious e-mail's, I think I'm providing a fairly help- 
ful service to all you soon-to-be-expert's out 
there. (Just don’t put me out of a job too fast!!) 
Thanks for taking the time to read through my 
hacking tips, and thanks for supporting 
GameShark! (Remember knowledge is power? 


So, what can I tell you? You know the drill by now, 
skip over the reviews, this Rant, those letters and 
get right to the codes. Why are you even bother- 
ing to read this? What could possibly come of it? 
Has there ever truly been anything interesting in 
this section of GameShark Magazine, or 
Dangerous Waters, or whatever it happens to be 
called this month? Hmmmmph... 

The weather has been wonderful here in 
Baltimore for the past few weeks. Not like is it 
now at the time you're reading this, but back in 
May, when it was being written. Now of course I'm 
sitting in front of a fan, waiting for the sun to go 
down so that I can move to another room in the 
house, annoyed because it's too damn hot to even 
shave. No, back in May, at the time I'm writing 
this, and shifting tenses freely, it's incredibly 
comfortable. I've even tempted fate by breaking 
out the old skateboard and taking it for a walk 
around town. I get scared a bit flying down those 
hills, and the cracks in the cement send shock- 
waves through my knees now, so I tend to walk a 
lot, and just carry the board. But soon, very soon 
there will be a skate park in my neighborhood. So 
Benn won't have to chase the kids off of his front 
steps, and I won’t have to go crashing through 

anyone's windshield, or front lawn. No sir, I'll have 
my own special, “members only" place to mash my 
bones into powder, and confuse kids with tricks 
that haven't been performed in fifteen years. 
Doesn't matter that I haven't skated a ramp in 
two years, the last time I did I picked it right 
back up, and that was after a motorcycle acci- 
dent, I'm much less sore now. Hopefully they'll 
add in some nice flowing snake runs, a few bowls 
and some nice banks, something that looks like 
it's out of the Seventies, I hope. 

I spent the better part of my high school career 
skateboarding. Mostly skateboarding. Mostly doing 
whatever it was just not to be in school. And I 
just came across some old photos of me and my 
pals at Lansdowne skate park, certainly all taken 
during school hours. And though I won't be able to 
do the same thing now, as the limp and the scuffs 
might clue Benn in that I really wasn't bedridden 
when I missed work yesterday, I'm still quite 
excited at the prospect of having something that 
brought me so much joy being built right in my 
own neighborhood. No longer will I have to roam 
the halls before Home Room to see who I could 
bribe or convince into ditching school, and drive 
all the way to Lansdowne, soon I'll just be able to 

roll out my front door and down to the park. I’m 
familiar with most of the hospitals in the area, so 
no confusion when I break something this time 
around. Trying to coordinate with my parents 
where and when to pick me up while arguing with 
the intern at the hospital that the fractures in 
the x-ray are from old injuries and I've only 
cracked my fibula at the base; well, those hassles 
are all in the past. Hell, some of the guys that I 
skated with work right here at Johns Hopkins 
Hospital, so I'm in good hands, just the wrong 
profession, apparently. 

So suffice to say, it's been some fine weather 
here in glorious Baltimore, which almost never 
happens, and I'm all excited about skateboarding 
again. Yeah, it brings back some memories; yeah I 
could definitely use the exercise and the release. 
There's not a closer feeling of freedom than flying 
though the air on a little hunk of wood. But the 
main reason I'm so damned excited about getting 
back to skateboarding is that this time around I 
can always sue Activision when I hurt myself. 

The games made me do it, I swear. Someone's 
responsible for my actions. 



Looa 3K>nc 



• JUNE 2001 

nr = 



ased the PS2 GameShark and would like to add new 
:odes to the archive disk that came with the 
lithis possible? 

is disk that is included is not updateable. If you would 
ew Playstation codes on your PS2 system you will need 
the Playstation Gameshark CDX version 3.5 or the 
.ite and a 15 block memory card. 

rade available for the GameShark CDX for 

i CDX upgrade CD is now available for $10.00 (U.S. 

:act or call (410) 785-4064 to 

jpgrade currently available for the GameBoy 
version 3.1? 

not an upgrade currently available for the version 3.1. 
grade is available it will be posted on 
ir you to download to your Gameshark. 

lased the GameShark 2 vl.3 for. my PlayStation 2 
it is not working properly? What is the problem? 
■rsion number of your PS2 GameShark. If you own ver- 
, or 1.2 you can contact our Consumer Service depart - 
?ive a free upgrade CD to correct the problem. Simply 
f purchase (UPC from the box or copy of the sales 
ig with a brief note explaining the problem to our 
e will be glad to process your request. 


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People interested in helping out in any capacity, 
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