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Volume Two GAME PLAYbR a ENCYCLOPEDIA of Nintendo Gamos A Signal Research Publication 



$15.95 CANADA 



...And More!! I; 

^ i 




Nintendo is a registered trademark 


Presenting four new 
games by Asmik that 
will take you to worlds where 
adventure and challenge is not just 
an option, it’s the law. 

If you’re tired of fighting the 
same small enemies, then return 
to the throne at the Crystal Palace. 

There you will find the evil Zaras in control. Zaras 
is the toughest, meanest enemy you will face on 
the NES. Zaras will prevail unless you, with the help 
of your dog Zap, master the ancient skills of Crystal 

Palace and discover the 
secrets in the epic action 
adventure— Conquest of the 
Crystal Palace. 

If these games aren’t exactly 
up your alley, then there's 
Catrap, a unique labyrinth of 
complicated mazes and mon- 
sters that seems to go on forever. 

And if you manage to solve 
Catrap’s puzzle, amaze your 
friends by designing your very 
own mazes for the labyrinth. 

So, if you think you have the guts to play 
with us, then you know what you have to do. 

Face me. 

Nintendo, Game Boy an 

at seals are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc, 01989 Nil 


Corporation of America 



Wizards & Warriors II — page 21 

Crystalis 8 

IronSword: Wizards & Warriors II 20 

Mega Man 3 36 

Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos 43 

Skate or Die 2 48 

Super C 54 

Super Mario Bros. 3 60 

Super Strategy 

Super C — page 54 

Rescue Rangers — page 141 

Adventures in the Magic Kingdom..., 



Battle of Olympus 


A Boy and I Us Blob 

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse 

Cobra Triangle 

Code Name: Viper 



The Mafat Conspiracy 

Monster Party 


A Nightmare on Elm Street 

Rescue Rangers 

River City Ransom 


Rocket Ranger 

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 

Snake's Revenge 


Swords and Serpents 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 

Total Recall 

Wrath of the Black Manta 

.... 71 
... 76 
.... 96 
... 101 
.. 131 


Hot Hits 

The Adventures of Lolo 

Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing 

Bad Street Brawler 

Boulder Dash 

The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 

Captain Skyhawk 

Championship Bowling 

The Chessmaster 

Chris Evert & Ivan Lendl in Top Player's Tennis. 

Clash at Demonhead 

Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum 

Desert Commander 


Fester's Quest 

Ghostbusters 2 

Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off Road 

Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf 

Jordan vs Bird One on One 

Kickle Kubicle 

Kid Kool and the Quest for the Seven Wonder 1 lerbs 

Kings of the Beach: Professional Beach Volleyball 


Phantom Fighter 

Rescue: The Embassy Mission 



Target: Renegade 

Tecmo Wrestling 

Terra Cresta 



Toobin ' — page 2 54 




ft * I 

Volume Two 
Robert C. Lock, Editor-In-Chief 
Amy L. Pruette, Senior Art & Design Director 

Richard T. Mansfield, Executive Vice President, Editorial 
Selby Bateman, Executive Editor 
Lance Elko, Editorial Director 
Noreen Lovoi, West Coast Editor 
William R. Trotter, Senior Writer 
Leslie Mizell, Encyclopedia Associate Editor 
Matthew A. Firme, Associate Editor 
Lisa M. Bouchey, Assistant Editor 
Brian Carroll, Assistant Editor 
Gary M. Meredith, Assistant Editor 

Stephen Poole, Copy Editor 

Irma Swain, Production Director 
Edwin C. Malstrom, Art Director 
Laura C. Morris, Senior Graphic Artist 
Kelly E. Pinter, Graphic Artist 
Jan Sebastian, Graphic Artist 

James A. Casella, Publisher 
Lawrence A. Fornasieri, Senior Vice President, Finance 
Tom Valentino, Vice President, Finance 
Andrew Eisenberg, Vice President, Advertising Sales 
Dominic Mustello, Vice President, Circulation 
Cindy Stump, Circulation Manager 
Tracy DeAlesandro, Circulation Promotion Manager 
John G. McMahon, Dealer Sales Manager 
Pamela Lambert, Dealer/Customer Service & Production Coordinator 

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Greensboro, NC 27429, USA. Overnight delivery parcels should be addressed to 300- 
A South Westgate Drive, Greensboro, NC 27407. Editorial telephone and FAX 
numbers are noted above. Unsolicited manuscripts cannot be returned or acknowl- 

A publication of Signal Research, Inc. Robert C. Lock, Chairman and CEO; James A. 
Casella, President; Richard T. Mansfield, Executive Vice President; R. Selby Bateman, 
Group Vice President. 

Entire contents copyright 1990, Signal Research, Inc. All rights reserved; reproduc- 
tion in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Game Player's Guide, Game 
Player's, Game Player's GameTapes, and Game Player's Sports for Kids are tradenames of 
Signal Research, Inc. 

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companies. Signal Research, Inc., an independent publishing company, is not affiliated 
in any way with Nintendo of America, Inc. 

Nintendo is a registered trademark of Nintendo of America, Inc. 

Cover illustration by Brushworks. 



This second volume of the Came Player’s Encyclope- 
dia of Nintendo Games is packed with dozens of the 
latest and greatest NES games now available. Our 
first volume of the Encyclopedia has been such a hit 
with game players that we're pleased to be able to 
publish this follow-up volume with so many new 

Such mega-hits as Acclaim's IronSword: Wizards 
& Warriors //; Capcom's Mega Man 3; Nintendo's 
Super Mario Bros. 3; Ultra's sequel to Contra, Super C, 
and Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos 
are all here — with plenty of the best hints, tips, and 
other super secrets to help you score higher, get 
farther, and have more fun. And there are many, 
many more games here as well. 

If you like what's in this Encyclopedia, you'll love 
our monthly coverage of Nintendo in the Game 
Player's Strategy Guide to Nintendo Games as well as 
our Game Player's magazine, which covers all kinds 
of videogame and computer game systems. We also 
recently began publishing Game Player's Strategy 
Guide to Game Boy Games, the first Game Boy-only 
magazine. Just call 1-800-222-9631 to order your 
subscriptions, and get in on all the playing action! 

Have fun with this issue. 

Selby Bateman 
Executive Editor 

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1 all ac 
er's, 300-A Sc 

totally the wildest 
NES" game pak 
yet.... will get you 
and your friends 
really jammin! 
thru zillions 
of screens 
of mind 

playing on 
an NES 
near you! 

It s hip to be 


and it’s COOL 
to play.... 

is awesome.... 

EC) SAMI 1 ! ! 


SNK, 246 Sobrante Way, Sunnyvale, CA 94086. 

An 1997, a great war erupted. 
The entire planet was laid waste, 
and civilization as we know it 
was wiped out. The animals of 
Earth became mutated beyond 
recognition, eventually rising 
up to take the place of humans. 

But a few people did sur- 
vive. They banded together and 
used their superior pre-war 
technology to build a vast tower 
y. There, in the floating 
tower-city, they were safe from 
the animals roaming the world 
v. They hoped that one day 
y could bringcivilization and 
e to the savage plains. But 
time, their intentions grew 

In SNK's Crystalis, you play 
a hero uncertain even of his own 
identity. As the game begins, 
you are awakened from a state 
of suspended animation. Only 
by talking with the people you 
meet, practicing your fighting 
skills, and earning the money 
you'll need to properly equip 
yourself, can you succeed in 
fulfilling your destiny. 

Following a terrible war in 1997, Earth is in ruins. Only a handful of humans survive, living high above the shattered planet. 

When you enter 
the town, go into 
the first house 
above you on the 
screen. You'll get 
some money from 
a strange bene- 

You will have 
many occasions 
to visit the shops 
you'll find during 
your travels. The 
two most helpful 
are the armor and 
tool shops. 

The Elder of Leaf offers some advice. Pay attention, because you'll need to awaken someone very soon. The Elder also offers 
you a weapon, plus some tantalizing information about your mission. 

By speaking to the villagers, you hear Zebu has much to offer you, butflrst he requests a favor.'llneed 

about Zebu. To find him, travel north- to stop back in Leaf to buy an alarm flute, 

west from Leaf. 

you play ball any way you want it. 
It’s fully programmable baseball 
unlike any other game. 

Complete Editing 

Start with a full team of 12 batters and 
six pitchers. Then, you decide what kind 
of team to make. Enter the exact stats 
you want for a winning team. Use the 
latest major league stats, make an all- 
star team, even enter yourself as the 
star. With six programmable teams, you'll 
have a whole league of your own. 

Intense and Realistic Action 
Make a team of quick runners for a fast- 
paced game. Create players with awesome 
power for an all-out Home Run Derby. Or 
give your team the hottest hurlers for an 
intense pitching game. No matter what 
kind of game you want to play, it's all 

Televised Season Simulation 
With the Full-Auto Season, you can play 
out a continuous season and watch your 
team from game to game. Even individual 
players can be tracked with full stats and 
top-10 rankings. Go for the triple crown! 


through its games. And by editing team and player abilities, 
it's a full-auto simulation game. 


wacky Ultra Plays. Throw pitches that disappear or speed up 
in mid-air. Fight back with hits that explode or knock out the 
fielders. And catch them by leaping hundreds of feet in the 
air. With the six teams of the Ultra League, you’ll play base- 
baU like it’s never been played bi r 

An action adventure from the Arabian Nights. 




The ancient land of Arabia 
has fallen into despair. The 
evil magician Sabaron has 
released his demons from the 
underground, and now they 
are about to take over a 
once-beautiful land. 

You have lost your memory, 
but you are the descendant 
of the legendary magician, 
Isfa. Now it is time to return 
to Arabia. You must fight to 
defend peace and unravel 
puzzling mysteries to save the 
kidnapped princess Scheher- 

You and your allies will 
travel throughout the beau- 
tiful and mysterious land of 
Arabia, through, the future 
and the past, and to worlds 
of water, deserts, forests and 
flowers. It’s a grand adven- 
ture waiting to be fulfilled. 


Unprecedented scale, challenging puzzles, and 
intense combat, unlike anything else. And a 

Scheherazade is an adventure full of glory. 


: of the Artificial Ini 
in beginning playerj 
I world of Schehera 



Head northeast to find this bridge. The 
windmill keeper is in a cave on the 
other side of the bridge. 

To use an item you've obtained (such 
as the alarm flute) , switch to this screen 
and select it. Remember to do this 
each time you get a more powerful 
weapon — before you run into trouble. 

To reach the windmill, keep moving Insertthekeyintothewindmill'smecha- 
through the cave until you find the end nism while standing near the keyhole: 

of the tunnel. It leads to the windmill's 

When you blow the flute, the windmill 
keeper jumps to his feet. He begs you 
not to hand him over to Zebu, and he 
offers you a key. 

Outside, you see the windmill turning. 
Suddenly there's a crash, and a new 
opening appears in the cliff to your left. 

Before exploring the new passage, 
return to Zebu. He'll teach you the 
Refresh spell. With this, you can refill 
your life meter when it runs low — as 
long as you have enough magic points, 

Return to the new passage near the 
windmill . It leads into a maze .like many 
of the places you'll visit. Explore care- 
fully until you find the Ball of Wind. 

Using the Ball of Wind , blast your way to 
the first boss. Build your sword up to 
power level 2, firing carefully at him as 
he teleports around the cavern. 

After defeating the 
first boss, you'll exit 
the cave to the 
north of the town of 

You'll learn a lot of 
important informa- 
tion in Brynamer. 
Remember every- 
thing you're told, 
especially the words 
of this villager. 

Casino Kid T 

Wall Street Kid' 


It’s your turn to wheel and deal with 
two exciting games from SOFEL. If you 
like to take wild risks, Casino Kid™ and 
Wall Street Kid™ are your next challenge. 

Take a gamble with the high stakes 
game Casino Kid,™ where blackjack and 
poker skills are your tools of success. 
Take the upper hand as you’re dealt inside 
tips in order to make thousands at the ta- 
bles. What’s wrong with a little greed? 

If the fast track of Wall Street is more 
your speed, achieve fame and fortune in 
Wall Street Kid.™ Deal with the stock- 

market giants in this life simulation game. 
Remember, to inherit billions, invest your 
time and money wisely. 

Now, are you ready to deal? 




*1990 SOFEL Corp. 

Near Brynamer is a small island. Search 
the brush for a statue one of the villag- 
ers lost. 

The villager gives you a gas mask when 
you return the statue. You'll need it on 
the next leg of your journey, east of 
town through the poison forest. 

Deep In the shadows of the forest is a 
dark doorway. It leads to the town of 


One of the chil- 

dren of Oak is lost 
in the woods. If 
you find him, 
you'll earn the 
respect — and 
help — of the vil- 

After leaving 
Oak, go north to 
the mountains. 

At Nadre's Inn, you can save your game and replenish your health and magic 
points. The road ahead is not easy. 

Inside the Inn, purchase as much of the 
Fruit of Power as you can. This helps you 
maintain your magic during battle. 

In the mountain caves, you learn that 
the people of Leaf have been taken as 
slaves. There are two prison cells; the 
left one holds the key to the cell doors. 

Once you leave the cells, climb up the 
ladder to the north and battle General 
Kelbesque. After defeating him, use 
the key to free Zebu. 

Soon you'll find the all-woman town of 
Portoa. Use the Spell of Paralysis on the 
guard outside the queen's castle, 
because the women won't allow a 
man to pass. 



The wacky queen is moonlighting as the town prophet. 
You'll have to go back and forth between her palace 
and the prophet's home to carry on a conversation with 
her. Search the queen's room carefully. 

Apply an herb to the dolphin's wounds. Afterward, he'll 
come when you call and let you ride on his back. 

You can get a boat in the Portoa boathouse. Use it to cross the ocean. 

The leather boots allow you to cross the 
poisonous muck. 

To get past the guards, look at the 
symbols above their heads to figure 
out which bows to use. 

You'll need the gold statue to get any 
further. Place it on the altar to disperse 
the whirlpools. 

The tower was once a haven for 
humans. But as the world below 
evolved Its own civilization, power 
became the humans' only goal. Now 
the world is free of their tyranny, 

At the top of the tower, you learn that 
you must destroy the corrupt computer 
that brought you and Mesia to life. 

In the rooms just past the lions, you'll find items vital to your quest. The Storm Bracelet 
maximizes the Thunder Sword 's power. The Power Ring helps you defeat the Evil Ruler. 
The Ivory Statue allows you to heal Kensu and leam your final spell. And while wearing 
the powerful Psycho Armor, you can recharge your life meter by standing still for a 

If you've reached experience level 16 
and shoot the Evil King with the Bow of 
Truth, his true evil appears. 

After you ' re whisked to the tower in the 
sky, you'll meet Mesia. To advance 
through the tower, you must defeat 
every enemy on each level without 


And now you’re lost. Inside 
Super Glove Ball' The futuristic 
video game for your NES!" 

A 3-D odyssey that’s woven to- 
gether in an awesome 
maze of challenges. 

Arm yourself with your favorite 
controller. Or punch up the 
intensity with the Power Glove.' 
Super Glove Ball. Plug it in. 
And consider 
yourself warned. 


Nintendo Ente 

narks of Nintendo < 



of America. Inc. C- lieK) Mattel. Inc. All Rights Re 

ademark used un 




Phill Powell and Chris Slate 

. ou've picked up this gauntlet before. In the original 
Wizards and Warriors, as the brave knight Kuros, you chal- 
lenged and defeated the evil wizard Malkil. Now, in 
IronSword: Wizards & Warriors II, you must face Malkil 

The dangerous wizard has grown no less evil since you 
last fought. If anything, he's even more threatening, 
because he has now enlisted the Earth's elemental 
.forces in his service. So, in addition to the many other 
enemies and obstacles you must overcome, you'll also 
have to tame the powers of nature before your final 
battle with the wicked sorcerer. 

Of course, you're not exactly helpless as you 
journey through the enchanted land of Sindarin. 

Aside from your prowess with a sword, a 
bounty of magic spells is available to help 
you. All you have to do is find them. And if 
you succeed in taming the renegade 
forces of nature, your reward will be the 
mightiest weapon of all — IronSword! 


Consult the map for your next des- 
tination and the locations of the 

Careful jumping brings 
you to this far right ledge, 
where you'll discover the 
valuable golden egg. 

Once you've pre- 
sented the Ani- 
mal Kings with 
their presents, 
they become very 

Each of the Animal Kings tells you what 
gift to bring them. 

This Animal King, an 
eagle, lifts you to higher 
elevations and the home 
of the first elemental. 

Plan your jumps carefully • 
it's a long way down. 

What should you do when 
you're being attacked by a 
tornado, a cloud man, and a 
hailstorm? Crouch and pre- 
pare to fight! 

You'll find an extra life if 
you look over here. 




... c Aecv UltO 

»ne hIhxqcom- \ < nHU 
SerpcnmwWL tJO u ? few 
have QWmF txoiu’ 
haveretmrw^ u ^ 

"sSir «» 





strcuqtH, v 



gSiwwi* p aC ^ 

thrcnuiU io uwj 
:-cacH' one 

jpsigi i narkect uH-tHfabiUous /J 
Cltt ^^urc5,ctemonsanJ_« 

yoiPt 1 the2^^ 5^ t S yoacot#ont 

v \4#*^ viiri^t^^ rt u-^ r ciqn of, s 

^^« Gan 5 


Move to this spot and wait. Before you know it, you'll be 
inside another secret room. 

Some powerful 
leaping will take 
you to this treas- 
ure chest. 

Don't waste time trying to destroy The Wind Elemental will shoot le- 
an elemental until you've found the thal gusts from its eyes. Move in as 
special magic spell designed to help close as you can, then start jumping 
you. and firing. 

This forest is 
loaded with 
treasure and 

Each time you're victorious against an 
elemental, you'll receive a piece of the 
powerful IronS word. 

Somemagicspellsdon'thelpyouelimi- When you call up the Waterspout 
nate enemies but are useful in other Spell, be ready for a wild ride like 
ways. nothing you've had before. 




ft <%w 


The waterspout works like an eleva- Put down that bug spray! You need this You wouldn't think there would be 
tor, carrying you into the treetops. fly. In fact, you won't go much farther much room inside this tree, but this 
without it. secret entrance might surprise you. 

After he's re- 
ceived his bribe, 
the frog acts 
more like a 

The giant frog wants the 
golden fly — and no other 
insect will do. 

Bonus treasure 
awaits you as 
you go down 
the passage- 

H A r m o d 
H with the 
■ Blightwa- 

ter Spell, 
you can now 
begin search- 
ing for the 
Water Elemen- 

You can walk through here 
without harm. 

The dividing wall hides an 
invisible opening. When 
you find this treasure, you'll 
discover why. 

# | A Game So True-to-Life 
iA- You Don’t Just Play It. 
You Live It! 

Finally, a fantasy role-playing adventure 
that makes you a part of the action. 

Beware of the serpanl’s bite. 
It is deadly. And you are 

these small 
capsules of 
magic helps 
you in the next 

Aim your 
magic at the 
Water Ele- 
mouth and 
shoot when 
you're at the 
top of your 

Your victory is rewarded with 
a section of IronSword's blade. 

Your quest continues, now on the side Your first goal at the volcano should 
of a volcano. Watch out for the fireballs be to find the Fleet Foot Spell, 
that blast toward you without warning. 

The Fleet Foot 
Spell gives you 
greater speed 
and lets you 
continue down 
the right side of 
this slope. 

At the bottom 
of your slide, 
you'll uncover 
this golden 

Every dragon 
needs a golden 
crown — par- 
ticularly if he's 
an Animal 
King. Luckily, 
you happen to 
have one. 

Take the dragon's advice and head for the 
top of the volcano. You must enter the moun- 
tain at its peak. 


> ^ /\. 

,*• i ■ 'l^w lli— ? *■ 

I. 11 'u-r (■ ■■ 

< ♦ » V . - 4 v f \ 

^ *J. I \ „ A -j 

'■ mm W 1 ' ‘ 


Thfe only hand-held controller 
you only need one hand to play 


A new 
is at hand 

Can you 
handle it? 



« 1990, IMN CONTROL 


Once you're inside the volcano, the You've struck it rich in this secret room 
action gets even hotter. The mon- — it's filled with priceless jewels, 
sters who live here — like this one 
sneaking up behind you — are much 
more powerful. 

You'll be able to 
make things hot 
and sticky for your 
next opponent 
with the Firesmite 

The Fire Ele- 
mouth moves 
around. Wait 
until his mouth 
is in the center 
of his head, 
then jump and 
feed him some 

Two bonuses await you here: a 
free life and extra magic. 

It's easy to get lost in the The caverns contain many 
cavern, but you can make hidden treasure rooms, 
the golden tankard appear 
by standing here. 

In some treasure rooms, 
the coins will multiply 
when touched. 

This is the second section 
of the IronSword blade. 
Only one more piece re- 




... '■■si;.; 




jj^raCKPIT VIE ^^J| 

A new universe is at hand. 






Make sure you have 
the Earthscoreh Spell, 

If you discovered this spell 
earlier but hadn't found a use 
for it, trade it at the shop for a 
feast fit for a king. 

This elemental has a 
big mouth. Fill it with 
your Earthscoreh 


'You've assembled 
the complete Iron- 
Sword. Now the 
real battle begins. 

The shops also offer this gam- 
bling game. Play if you dare. 
The risks — and the rewards 
— are yours. 

Malkil’sicy mountains 
are treacherous, but 
easy to figure out. 
Watch out for some 
very difficult enemies. 

The evil wizard sends 
menacing spirits to 
hauntyou. Fight them 
one at a time. Con- i 
sider it good prac- m 
tice for your final M 
showdown with 

Jaleco'" and Astyanax™ are trademarks of Jaleco USA Inc. Nintendo,' and Nintendo Entertainment 
System* are registered trademarks ol Nintendo of America. Inc. © 1990 Jaleco USA Inc. 

[tdJ 11 

■■■ •: : * 'O- . \v ^ r* 

■' J . ' .•* ^ 5 ,. N . 


C » 

c '/ * c ?'j 

.*ssss."" .sra.:r rr 

The name is Astyanax w —a-STTa-nax— and the game is unrelenting, 
mind-boggling action. Thapped in the nightmare world of Remlia, 
his only path back to reality is blocked by a hostile army of 
incredibly large and hostile monsters. His only hope: rescue 
Princess Rosebud from the clutches of the evil wizard Blackhom. 

A story in 12 stages of countless characters. 

How do you kill the Living Dead? Put out the fire of the Flaming 
Polyp Plants? Chop off the heads of evil Caesar’s mutant 
bodyguard? That’s just a sampling of what Astyanax faces, and 
that’s just Stage 1! 

3 magic spells, fueled by 5 mystical power sources. 

At your command are: Bind, to freeze your enemies in their tracks; 
Blast, a furious fireball which few can survive; Bolt, an awesome 
charge of deadly destruction. Choose your weapons carefully— 
axe, spear or sword. Wield them mightily to smash the Gold 
Statues and collect their power items: Power Supply increases 
your striking power; Potion restores lost life; 1-Up gives you an 
extra life; Wing enables you to swing your weapon faster; Cutie 
changes weapons or increases spell power. 

Astyanax is filled with large, realistic creatures that rival the 
most detailed 16-bit characters on the screen today. There are 
12 exciting stages of play and vertical and horizontal scrolling 
levels that constantly expand the kingdom of Remlia-features 
that place Astyanax high on the Nintendo Power Player Meter.® 

If you’d go to the ends of the Earth in your 
search for the perfect video game for 
your NES® you’re certain to find a home 
in Remlia. With Astyanax. 


Live Action That Never Ends. 

Very few games ever generate a 
following large enough to justify a 
sequel. Even fewer become trilo- 
gies. To achieve this, a game must 
generate lots of excitement and 
have many thousands of loyal fans . 
Mega Man 3 qualifies on both 

The original Mega Man was a 
sleeper — the game gradually grew 
popular by word of mouth. But 
when Mega Man 2 was released, it 
was an instant hit. Nearly every- 
one went crazy over the little an- 
droid who saved the world from 
Dr. Wily, and Nintendo players 
everywhere couldn't get enough. 

Now Mega Man is back for his 
third adventure in one of the larg- 
est games ever released for the 
Nintendo Entertainment System. 
Mega Man 3 follows the same win- 
ning formula as the first two in- 
stallments. As the android Mega 
Man, you travel from world to 
world defeating enemy robots and 
capturing their weapons for your 
own use. This time, however, the 
evil Dr. Wily has turned good and 
is helping Dr. Light, Mega Man's 

Mega Man 3 has some of the 
biggest and most original boss 
creatures you could hope to see. 
The last boss is so huge that only 
the upper half of his body fits on 
the screen at one time! 

The forces of evil have become 
so overpowering that Mega Man 
has taken a partner, a robot dog 
named Rush. Rush can help you in 
many ways, such as transforming 

himself into a trampoline, a jet, 
and even a submarine! Mega Man 
has also learned a new move — a 
power slide that helps him squeeze 
through cramped areas. 

Mega Man 3 is an absolute must 
for anyone who loves action-ad- 
venture games. Its great story, out- 
standing graphics, and exciting 
game play make it the best Mega 
Man game ever. 


This enemy will try to 
pole-vault onto your 
head . The trick is to stand 
completely still just 
before he launches 
himself into the air. He'll 
sail over you and leave 
himself vulnerable when 
he lands. 

Although you can begin Mega Man 3on any 
stage, there's a certain order you should 
follow to make the game easier and more 

First try Snake Man's stage. One of the most 
vicious foes is a giant snake that fires huge 
globs of venom. Stay at the far left of the 
screen while repeatedly jumping and 

shooting at its head. 

To cross the pits, leap onto 
the cloud platforms. Watch 
outforthe missiles that come 
flying toward you. Stand on 
the edge closest to the 
oncoming missiles so you 
won't fall off if you get hit. 

Once in Snake Man's inner 
sanctum , quickly make your 
way to the right side of the 
screen. Snake Man will run 
back and forth while 
throwing deadly snakes. 
Stand still and shoot while 
avoiding his snakes. 

Next stop: Gemini Man's stage. Plenty of 
surprises await you, including this giant 
waterfowl. To get plenty of power-ups, blast 
away some of the little birds he sends at you, 
then finish him off by shooting at his eyes. 

After defeating Gemini 
Man, head for Needle 
Man'sstage. Use your sliding 
technique to quickly move 
past the giant stalactites 
that try to pierce you. 

Don't let this big bully scare 
you. He may look tough, but 
all it takes to defeat him is a 
few shots at his eyes. Stay at 
the left while jumping and 

Gemini Man splits in two and tries to trap you 
in the middle of the screen. To keep Gemini 
Man in the middle instead, maneuver near 
the sides of the screen while attacking with 
Snake Man's weapon. 





I 1 


Gemini Man's laser works 
wonders on Needle Man. 
Fire a shot, then dodge 
Needle Man's spikes as the 
laser ricochets around the 
room. After you beat him, 
you'll get the Rush-Jet as 
well as Needle Man's 


Go after Hard Man next. His 
stage is mountainous and is 
guarded by guys in hard 
hats. To eliminate this hard- 
hat driving a bulldozer, aim 
for his eyes. 

Hard Man doesn't 
exactly live up to his 
name. In fact, "Easy 
Man" would be more 
accurate. Simply fire 
at him with Mega 
Man's regular gun 
while being extra 
careful to avoid his 
dive-bomb attacks. 

You can't go around this 
tough enemy, and it takes 
countless shots to beat him. 
Listen for the short whistle 
that signals he's about to 
attack, then stand at the far 
right and shoot toward the 

Your next goal should be 
Top Man , whose henchmen 
try to destroy you with 
spinning tops. When you 
climb down into this room, 
don't let go of the ladder. 
Instead , fire left from this safe 

Uh-oh! Top Man's giant house cat is after 
you. Shoot at the cat's head and be careful 
to avoid the giant balls of yarn he coughs 

Cross this pit to reach 
Top Man 's lair. The tops 
you must jump on are 
always spinning, so 
watch your footing. 

The trick to defeating Top Man is to get 
behind him and use the Hardpunch 
weapon. That way, he won't be able to 
attack you with his tops. 

In Shadow Man's 
stage, sometimes the 
lights go out and you 
must fight in the dark. 
To switch the lights 
back on, either use 
Rush as a trampoline 
to jump up and 
destroy the machine 
causing the darkness, 
run until the | 
machine is off the | 

Jump from platform to 
platform while fighting 
off the enemy par- 
atroopers. It might be 
wise to use the Rush- 
Jet here. 

Shadow Man throws his 
shadow blade while 
jumping around. Wait until 
he gets close, then use the 
top spin on him. Keep using 
the top spin to turn him into 

Your telephone connection to the hottest gaming hints, 
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iViV pv 

Watch out for these blocks 
that drop out of the tubes — 
they'll start stacking up on 
each other. While running, 
jump and shoot each block 
just as it falls from the tube. 
Keep shooting the blocks to 
gain more energy. 

When you enterSpark Man's 
stage, robots fall from these 
tubes and shoot you with 
electric sparks. To avoid 
getting shocked, blast the 
robots as soon as they 

Here's a tricky screen. 
If you jump without 
shooting all the vises, 
they'll knock you into 
the pit. Wait until they 
come toward you, 
then shoot. 

Don't let this cute fellow fool you — he can 
be deadly. When you first encounter him, 
shoot the missile as soon as it's launched. 
Then finish him off with your gun. 

ur “eleva- 

To get a free ride in 
Magnet Man's stage, 
wait for a magnet to 
come from the left, 
then hop up and let it 
carry you away. Don't 
forget to shoot ahead 
to prevent other mag- 
nets from knocking 
you off your "eleva- 

The best way to defeat 
Spark Man is to change into 
Shadow Man. When Spark 
Man runs toward you 
throwing his sparks, keep to 
the other side while 
attacking him with your 
shadow blades, 

As in Mega Man 2, you 
must figure out the 
pattern of how these 
blocks appear and 
disappear. But there's 
a new twist: A magnet 
will try to pull you off 
the blocks. If things get 
too hairy, try using the 

Magnet Man is easy 
to beat if you become 
Spark Man. He'll stop 
jumping and try to pull 
you toward him with 
his magnet shield. Wait 
until the shield is turned 
off, then blast him with 

Even after you've defeated all the robots, 
your job isn't nearly finished. Remember 
those robots you thought you destroyed in f 
Mega Man 2? Well, they're back! 

The ghost of Airman is 
back and just as tough 
as before. This time, 
though, you're better 
prepared. Attack him 
as Magnet Man when 
he stops throwing 
twisters at you. 
dJti itr 

This stage can be 
tricky, so be sure to 
energize your Rush-Jet 
before starting. When 
you're jetting along, 
shoot forward and 
grab any energy 
capsules you can find. 

Has Mega Man met his 
match in Clash Man? Not if 
Mega Man uses Hard Man. 
Try to anticipate where 
Clash Man will land, then 
nail him with a hard punch. 

Oh no — it's the chief hard-hat! But even 
though he looks mean, he's very easy to 
beat. When you first see him rising out of the 
ground, shoot at the cross on his helmet, 

Flash Man is no match for 
Mega Man. When he stops 
freezing time, run toward 
him while firing your needle 

These little heli-robots aren't 
here for your health — they 
want to see Mega Man 
dead. Run under them and 
let them fall, then move out 
of the way. 

Bubble Man is back 
and meaner than 
ever, but he's no 
match for Shadow 
Man. Jump over his 
bubbles, theb use your 
shadow blades to put 
an end to his dream of 
destroying Mega 

Wait at the bottom of this 

screen. When 



starts climbing 



shoot him with 




Metal Man lives by the 
adage, "You can't keep a 
good villain down." To 
defeat him once and for all , 
use your magnet missiles 
while dodging his blades. 

After Metal Man is out of the 
way, you'll come to a small 
tunnel that Mega Man can 
fit through only by sliding. 
Avoid the spikes on the wall 
in front of you by quickly 
moving left as soon as you 
begin to fall. 

The search-snake weapon 
comes in handy when 
battling Quick Man. Watch 
outforhis boomerangs, and 
fire when you get close 

Wood Man protects 
himself with his leaf 
shield. After awhile, 
hell throw the shield 
at you. Take advan- 
tage of that chance 
to blast him with the 
Needle Gun and turn 
him into sawdust. 


Dr. Wily's new and improved castle provides 
more than enough protection for him and 
his evil creations. 


You've already 
crossed paths with this 
foe more than once. 
Now it's time to 
eliminate him forever. 
He doesn't fight any 
differently than be- 
fore, so he shouldn't 
be a problem. 


It's a good thing Shadow 
Man provided you with the 
Rush-Marine. You'll need it 
when traveling underwater. 

Mega Man meets three 
illusions of himself! All three 
can hurt you, but you can 
hurt only one of them. Once 
you find out which illusion is 
vulnerable, use the top spin 
to win a short but sweet 

Don't worry about the 
machine at the top of the 
screen. Instead, use the 
shadow blade to attack the 
turtles. When they're all 
destroyed, the machine 
blows up. 

The final challenge — or is it? Dr. Wily comes 
after you with his most fearsome invention 
yet. If you can destroy this machine, 
ready for more surprises! 

Capcom, 1283-C Mountain View/ 
Alviso Road, Sunnyvale, CA 94089. 

One of the best Nintendo games of 1989 was Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden, a fast-action 
martial arts adventure in which the ninja Ryu Hayabusa searched for his father, saved 
the kidnapped Irene Lew, and finally defeated the evil Jaquio. Ryu battled his way 
through hundreds of Jaquio' s evil ninjas, bosses, mutants, bats, eagles, soldiers, and 
spiders to accomplish all this. Nintendo fans loved the game, and now Tecmo is 
almost ready to release Ryu's next adventure. Ninja Gaiden II: The Sword of Chaos. 

This second installment has everything the first Ninja Gaiden had —and more! The 
action is just as furious, the storyline is similar to the first one, and getting to the end 
of the game is equally as difficult. You'll need excellent timing and plenty of speed 
to help Ryu in this adventure. 

Although he defeated the evil Jaquio in the first game, Ryu now must face the 
awesome powers of Ashtar, Emperor of Darkness, the lord who commanded Jaquio 
before his defeat. Ashtar plans to use his powers and those of the cruel Demon Clan 
to bring back the Sword of Chaos and open the Gate of Darkness. 

So, one year after Jaquio's defeat, Ashtar kidnaps Irene and places her in the Tower 
of Lahja. Ryu, wielding his powerful Dragon Sword, must fight his way to her side 
and then take on Lord Ashtar to rid the land of the emperor's accursed powers. Along 
the way, Ryu meets the mysterious Robert T.S., who says that he wants to help Ryu. 
But who is he, and can he be trusted? 

As with the original Ninja Gaiden, this new game has storyline chapters that pop 
up between each major stage of the action. It's fun to see the story unfold, and the plot 
and the graphics of the game are both well done. But the real fun of Ninja Gaiden II is 
the wonderfully fast-paced action — it never slows down from beginning to end. 

Ryu not only has to fight past hordes of strange enemies, but also pick up many 
extra weapons and magic powers to help him in his quest — fire wheels, windmill 
throwing stars, dragon scrolls, ninja power, recovery medicine, one-ups, and body 
splitters (which create one or two shadow Ryus that move together). 

There are few other Nintendo games that mix fast action, special weapons, and 
dangerous enemies all in one well-planned package. Ninja Gaiden II is a real winner, 
and it's bound to be one of the biggest hits of 1990. 

Tecmo; Victoria Business Park; 18005 South Adria Maru Lane; Carson, CA 90746. 


When these three enemies drop from the top of the 
screen, make sure you have Ryu positioned here to 
handle them. 

Ryu can avoid this enemy's wild charge by jumping 
onto the wall and then over the enemy's back. Keep 
slashing once you get behind him. 

When the eagle attacks here, try to keep Ryu from being 
knocked off the train by flipping him backward and 
away from the bird. 

You can avoid landing on attacking enemies during 
jumps by cutting short the leap and striking immedi- 

When you first enter this stage, wait a few seconds until 
the wind is blowing either straight down or to the right. 
It changes every few seconds. 


If you get stuck on the wall, climb to 
the top and wait for the wind to blow 
toward the level ground. Then jump 
out and up and you'll be swept onto 
the ground. 

Make sure you get this globe — it 
refills all your magic points. Use your 
ninja stars here to grab it. 

If you find a ball that has a scroll, it 
will increase your magic by ten. Also, 
when these attackers turn into balls, 
they' re harder to kill. Make Ryu crouch 
down and keep swinging. 

Don't attack the gunners when the 
wind is against you. But make sure 
you do get this item — it creates a 
shadow Ryu that helps you. 

Wait for the wind to blow to the right 
before you make this jump. Take the 
first globe in order to receive a healing 

This leap looks difficult, but it's easy if 
you climb down onto this ledge and 
slash when you jump. You'll get more 
healing potion. 

Two rock-throwing attackers can 
knock Ryu off the cliff unless you 
have him move quickly to get rid of 
them. If the wind is with you, you will 
overcome them rapidly. 

Each time you jump to this small ledge, 
the wind changes against you. Take 
your time and don't jump from here 
too quickly. The wind will change. 

This globe is important. Since it con- 
tains an extra life, make sure you don't 
miss it. 


To defeat this boss at stage 2-3, Ryu has to be on the 
same level as he is. Wait until his spiders have cleared, 
then jump toward him. When he comes down, slash as 
quickly as you can. 

When Ryu makes this jump, it's important to use magic 
quickly or to jump over the gunner. Otherwise, his 
shots can knock you off the side. 

If you take your time with these jumps, they won't be 
so bad . But watch out for the bats, a nd try to kill the blob 
on the left to avoid his attack. 

At stage 3-1, much of the screen goes dark and is 
illuminated only by lightning. Wait for the lightning so 
that you can see your way through. 

At this point, move Ryu along the upper level to get the 
elixir and the fire wheel. Then he'll have to go back 
down to get across the screen. 



To defeat this boss, climb the waterfall to the left when 
the hawk is going away from you. When it disappears, 
jump onto the ledge and slash quickly. 

At this point in stage 3-3, it's best if you have the two 
shadow Ryus to help nail this flying boss. 

In this screen, position the three Ryus so that the main 
Ryu is on the bottom and the other two occupy the 
middle and the top. 

When you jump to the block on which the ninja spider 
is standing, you'll have to kill a bat as well. It's tricky, 
but once .you do it you'll find an extra life waiting just 
beyond the block. 

You are almost to Ashtar! Run quickly so the enemies 
behind you won't push you off the ice. And look for 
more hints to Ninja Gaiden II in upcoming issues! 


Start mapping your 
progress right away 
by noting the lo- 
cation of each 
room, floor, and 

When entering a new room, duck immediately to avoid the 
onslaught of Icepick's goons. If you stay low, you can make it 
through most of the rooms. 

The paint gun is the best weapon against Icepick's henchmen. 
Be sure to collect the goodies and paint clips they drop when 
you shoot them. 

After literally fighting your way to the 
top , this is the final elevator before your 
meeting with Icepick. Let's hope 
you've got your building permit with 

Try to fire a steady stream 
of paint pellets while 
advancing slowly. From 
C.J.'s cheerleading, it 
looks as though you may 
have Icepick on the 

To successfully fight Icepick, you should 
stock up with plenty of paint pellets. 
The building permit will replenish your 
lives, so your main concern is ammo. 

Icepick has a tendency to charge like 
a wild rhino when attacked, so be 
ready to move when he lowers his 
head. This is a good place for your 


You can tell from 
the number of 
thugs you meet in 
each room how 
close you're get- 
ting to Icepick. 
The more guys you 
meet, the closer 
you are. 

The ultimate pen- 
alty — unemploy- 
ment. If you're late 
three times, those 
hopes of a new 
ramp will last about 
as long as your ca- 

Although it may go 
against your prin- 
ciples, shooting 
the other skate- 
boarders will get 
you a ton of extra 

extra points, but it can be 
you're better off just avoiding 

Use Lester's sure-fire 
180 kick-turn to 
snag that tape. 

Don't try to gotoe- 
to-toe with the box- 
ing iguanas. Your 
best tactic is to sit 
back and lob eggs 
or M-80s at them. 

With the mayor and his wife applying pressure, the building department condemns your prized skateboard ramp. Before you 
even have a chance to protest, the bulldozers are rolling. Now that the ramp is just a sweet memory, you'll have to find the 
money to get a building permit for a new ramp. 

You land your first real job as a delivery 
boy at the local mega-mall. You've 
got only a few minutes for your deliver- 
ies, so try to avoid tangles with the 

Watch out for Officer Renckley. If he 
catches you, count on being late for 
your next delivery. He'll either detain 
you or move you to another location. 

Early deliveries not only put you ahead 
of schedule, but also earn you bonus 
items for more board upgrades. 

Uh-oh — a late 
delivery. You won't 
lose any items for 
being late, but you 
will lose time from 
your total. 


You'll knowRodney 
when you meet him 
on the street, He's 
the only one who's 
not trying to dump 

The sewer rats can be deadly, but 
they're pretty easy to dodge, and the 
items you can find down here make it 
worth the risk. 

you'll have a 1 80-degree kick-turn that'll get 

The mayor's wife can 
really hold a grudge. To 
get her out of your hair 
for good, you'll need a 
paint gun and some 


Rodney is a really 
good guy to know. 
He'll not only sell 
you new skate- 
boards, but he and 
his son Lester will 
also give you tips 
on how to use 

If you're just dying for action, you can skip the game's four stages and get right Into the Double Trouble Half-Pipe. You'll have 
just three minutes to pull out all the tricks you've got in your hat (or helmet). When the girl appears in the window, keep ripping 
and you'll earn double points. Justwatch outforthe mini-ramp at the center — it can quickly put an end to your performance. 

Collect the tacos, cassette tapes, and whatever else you find. 
You can trade them for a better board or a new rad move. 

The dogs in this neighborhood seem to have a taste for skate 
dudes instead of mailmen. Use the ramps to make your 

Those fries are as 
greasy as if they'd 
been cooked in 30- 
weight motor oil, 
but you still need to 
collect them for 
future use. 

help. Scam any 
tricks you can from 
him, even if you 
have to give up a 
few tacos. 


a few 

excellent tunes for your boom box, 
and a rad board capable of some 
serious shredding. 


Unfortunately, while you were 
pursuing happiness down a seem- 
ingly clear sidewalk one day, fate 
stepped in front of you. Fate, that 
is, in the form of the mayor's wife 
and her now late, lamented poodle. 
In less time than it takes to say 
"Tex-Mex Chili Fries," the city's 
first lady puts your beloved skate- 
board ramp at the top of her 
husband's demolition hit list. 

Money is the only thing that 
can get you a new ramp now, but 
— as usual — money is the one 
thing you don't have. But since 
you're bright and resourceful (and 
desperate), you figure that you can 
earn plenty of loot from odd jobs 
and street competitions. 

Rodney, owner of the local 
board shop, and his son, Lester, are 
around to help you from time to 
time with new boards and rad 
moves. Even with their help, 
though, the odds are stacked 
against you. Of course, with a final 
foe named Icepick, you probably 
weren't expecting the spring cotil- 
lion anyway. 

With its interesting storyline 
and humorous graphics, Skate or 
Die 2 is a much-improved and 
worthy successor to the original 
Skate or Die, which sold over a mil- 
lion copies. So don't sit around 
moaning about the loss of your 
ramp. It's a sunny day, the side- 
walks are empty, the mall is beck- 
oning, and there's just the slightest 
hint of chili in the morning breeze. 

Sergeant Bill Ko 
and his comrade. 

Corporal Lance, 
thought the worst 
was behind them. 

Relaxing on a 
beach in Brazil, the 
two heroes of 
Contra told every- 
one who would 
listen about their 
victory over the 
alien menace. Red 

But Red Fal- 
con wasn't beaten. 

He had only re- 
treated, returning to the darkness 
of space to round up more allies. 
As our heroes rested, Red Falcon 
gathered his new army and began 
a new, secret attack on Earth. 

Using alien technology. Red 
Falcon's soldiers took over the 
bodies of the U.S. soldiers stationed 
at nearby Fort Fire Storm. With the 
fort as a base for his evil opera- 

tions, Red Fal- 
con is now 
ready to 
launch his all- 
out takeover of 

As Super C 
begins, you 
must once a- 
gain assume 
the role of Ser- 
geant Ko or 
Lance (alias 
Scorpion and 
Mad Dog), or 
you and a 
friend can fight as a team in the 
two-player cooperative mode. Ei- 
ther way, get ready for one of the 
toughest battles of your life. 

Konami, 900 Deerfield Parkway, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089. 

As the helicopter dropsyou just outside the 
gates of Fort Rre Storm, keep two basic 
tactics in mind: Shoot, and don't stop 

Watch for the power-up capsules that fly 
by. Shooting a capsule reveals one of 
seven different "hawks." Get it fast, be- 
cause it'll quickly fall and disappear. 

To clear out the alien-possessed soldiers 
on the buildings ahead, shoot forward 
and upward while running up this steep 

Sometimes hidden enemiestossgrenades 
from the other side of a building. Watch for 
an opening, then dash ahead when you 

To hit the gunner hiding in the bunker, leap 
over his head and shoot downward. 

At the end of stage 1 , you must fight it out 
with a helicoptergunship. When you blast 
all four of its guns, a glowing blue engine 
appears. Shoot itto finish off the chopper. 

If you position yourself a fewsquares away 
from this tank's triple guns, you can avoid 
its spray of bullets and safely return fire. 

As you fight to destroy the fort's captured 
control center in stage 2, look for the 
pillbox sensors. Power-ups are hidden in- 
side them. 

To take a break from the action, stand 
between these two tanks. Their bullets 
can't hit you here. 

Across the bridge 
is a corridor lead- 
ing to the level 
boss. Race past 
the guards in the 
corridor, soving 
your strength for 
the fight ahead. 

your fire on the 
three gunners sit- 
ting atop theboss 
tank. If you keep 
your distance, 
you can easily 
avoid the tank's 

As you move through this deceptively 
tranquil jungle glade, you'll be attacked 
from every angle. The best weapon to 
have is the five-way spread gun. 

Likeamechanized spider, the fierce Babalu 
Destructoid marches toward you. Stay 
away from its crushing feet, and try to 
avoid its attack by standing on top of the 

Although the boss of stage 3 looks Impos- 
ing , all you have to do is blast the four guns 
circling its center— -and avoid being killed 
in the process. 

Enemies are everywhere! As Scorpion 
shields the body of his fallen comrade, 
enemy soldiers leap from the treetops 

By leaping into the air, shooting down at 
the Destructoid, and landing back on top 
of it, you'll soon bring the boss machine to 
its many knees. 

Rush beneath the opening In the ceiling 
before the blue ballsof lightstart dropping. 
Blast away at the opening until the fire- 
works stop. 

When you're moving through the lakes, 
you can avoid the enemy by ducking 
beneath the water. No harm can come 
to you while you're submerged. 

Proceed carefully across the earthquake- 
racked clearing. Be ready to jump as 
whole sections of earth drop away be- 
neath your feet. 

As you reach the long vertical shaft that 
leads up to the stage boss, duck and stay 
low to avoid the rows of exploding bricks 
that are falling. 

Shoot the disc- 
shaped cannons on 
the walls of the shaft 
as soon as you see 
them. The sooner you 
destroy the cannons, 
have to duck, 

At certain points 
during your ascent, 
thefloorrisesand lets 
you stand still for 
awhile. Remember 
to watch for power- 

This super-laser cannon awaits you at the end of the stage, sliding back and forth. If you 
begin by attacking the laser barrels at the center of the machine, you can stand safely 
beneath it while firing at the remaining lasers. 

Stage 5 is appropriately named Massacre 
Mountain. You'll do a lot of jumping in this 
stage, mostly to avoid being shot. 

You'll be glad to find all this fiat ground 
once you reach the top of the mountain. 
Watch out for aliens attacking from the 

Blast the gun turrets mounted in the rocky 
walls. The turrets can swivel in a complete 
circle, and they'll give you real trouble if 
you don't destroy them quickly. 

Be careful as you jump down to each new 
ledge. Some have doors leading to un- 
derground bunkers, and aliens will rush out 
to attack you. 

Many cannons are hidden in the ground, 
ready to pop up when you get near. Lie 
down , beneath their line of fire, and blast 

Jump overthis pop-up cannon and shoot 
it from the rear. Its line of fire is too low to 

H The Krypto-Crus- 
worldly terror, is 
the boss of Mas- 
sacre Mountain. 
your fire on its 
blinking red eye. 

Yourjoumey leads 
you to the under- 
ground entrance 
of Red Falcon's 
lair. Don't shoot 
the mouths that 
have to — when 
hit, they split and 

The whirling red creatureskeepyou pinned 
down , allowing the blue beasts to sneak in 
for the attack. Shoot the red ones and 
keep moving. 

Stand fast and fire into this many-headed 
monster. But don't relax when you've 
destroyed it — there's plenty more to 

When you get through the tunnel, fight 
your way down the treacherous slopes. 

The walls of this passage are filled with 
fierce little aliens, but they're slow. Use a 
spread gun to quickly take care of them. 

After blasting through this wall, get ready. 
Ahead of you is a truly frightening boss. 

He's ugly, alright! But hold your ground, 
firing straight into his face from the center 
of the screen. Keep an eye on the snake 
that zips between the tubes at the sides of 
the screen. 

These purple people-eaters walk slowly 
toward you while shooting. Their bullets 
have a short range, though, so just stand 
back and blast them. 

After defeating the monster, you' II have to 
shootyour way down through this tunnel of 
blue goo. 

Nextyou have to shootyour way through 
a tunnel tilled with strange alien cab- 

As you fall from the tunnel, blast the 
capsule on your right — it contains a 
spread gun, 

The final boss shoots balls of flame from its 
blinking eyes. Dodge the attack, watch- 
ing the pattern carefully. 

When the flames temporarily leave the 
hands and blast its hideous face. 

You've reached Red Falcon's Poison Pal- 
ace at last! But watch out for the round 
pods in the ceiling — they drop spores 
you'll have to shoot. 

At this point, whirling lights appear at the 
top of the screen and the ceiling comes 
crashing down. Destroy the lights before 
the ceiling falls, or you' II be trapped in the 
narrow tunnel. 

Pods line the floors, too. They continue 
their spore attack until destroyed. 

Keep going just a little further, down this 
steep cliff. Red Falcon should have known 
he couldn't stand up to Mad Dog and 


$UPE R Mario j- 



On the costume rack — the frog suit lets Mario swim easier and faster, With his 
Tanooki suit or raccoon disguise, Mario can fly and can whack his enemies with 
his tail, The Tanooki suit also allows Mario to turn into a statue, He can't be 
harmed by enemies, but he can't injure them either, 

It's no wonder the Super Mario Bros, games are the most popular Nintendo cartridges. The designers 
of this series always manage to top themselves. If you thought Super Mario 2 couldn't be beaten — with its 
role-playing elements and sub-worlds — you're in for a surprise. Super Mario 3 is bigger and better than 

With three megabits of memory, the game is vast. There are eight worlds, each with more action scenes 
than in any previous game. And in this adventure, Mario can fly as well as swim, jump, or throw fireballs 
(as Fiery Mario). 

Bowser, Mario's nemesis from the original Super Mario Bros., is back — and this time his family is 
behind him. They've stolen the magic wands from seven kings in Mushroom World and have turned the 
kings into different animals. Each of Bowser's kids has a wand and is hiding in one of the worlds. Bowser 
himself waits for you to reach him in World 8. 

Princess Toadstool and Toad are waiting for you to help them. Complete the worlds, return the wands 
to their kings and the kings to their true selves. It's a lot to ask of a janitor still worn out from his other 
adventures, but restoring peace to Mushroom World rests on your shoulders. 

In the two-player game, Mario and 
Luigi take turns clearing the action 
scene panels. You can play to- 
gether or turn brother against 
brother. I n the " Mario Bros, "game, 
the two of you try to clear an area 
from enemies or collect coins. 

The biggest difference in this game 
from the previous Mario adven- 
tures is that Mario can fly when 
he's a raccoon or when he's in a 
Tanooki suit. You can use his 
powers to skip a difficult fighting 
area by flying over it. 

Unless he's Fiery Mario, Mario never 
has a weapon. So you have to be 
inventive. A cleverly thrown Koopa 
shell will ricochet back and forth in 
those hard-to-reach places and 
destroy the blocks that Mario 


Tricks and Features 

When you enter a spade panel on 
the map, you get to play a kind of 
slot machine for extra lives. If you 
can complete a picture from its 
three rotating sections, you'll win. 
For a mushroom, you earn two 
lives; for a flower, three; and for a 
star, five, 

Enter an N-mark spade panel and 
you'll play a memory-match 
game. Turn over two cards and, if 
they match, you earn the item 
pictured. After two misses, the 
game ends. Keep notes — the 
same card layouts will each ap- 
pear more than once. 

maps by a mushroom house. 
When you enter. Toad will offer 
three treasure chests. You get to 
open one and keep what you 
find. You can pick up many useful 
items here, from super leaves to 
frog suits, 

There are three whistles hidden in the 
game, They are very important. When 
you blow a whistle, a cyclone will 
carry you to World 9, the warp zone. With the whistle in World 1 , you can warp to 
Worlds 2, 3, or 4. With the whistle in World 2, you can go to Worlds 5, 6, or 7. And with 
the whistle in World 3, you can warp all the way to World 8. 

Some hidden blocks hold a switch block, identi- 
fiable by the "P" that pops out. When you find it, 
grab any nearby coins before you pick it up. The 
switch block will change all blocks into coins and 
all coins into blocks. It doesn't last long, so collect 
all the coins you can as fast as possible. 

Here's the whole pur- 
pose behind your trip 
to the Mushroom 
World. The Bowser kids 
have stolen the kings' 
magic wands and 
have turned the rulers 
into animals. Return the 
wands and the kings will be restored. And you'll 
also get a personal note from Princess Toadstool. 


Grass Land 

You'll find a goal area at the end of 
each action scene. There's a block 
with three kinds of cards — mush- 
room, flower, and star — flashing 
inside. If you can match three cards 
from three different action scenes, 
you'll earn extra lives. Match three 
stars, for example, and you'll win 
five lives. You can almost always 
win the star card if you try this: 
When you see the goal area ahead 
(look for the black zigzag running 
down the screen), run fast until you 
hit the "P" on your power meter. If 
you hit the block when the "P" is 
flashing on your meter, you'll usu- 
ally get the star card. 

Desert Land 

35 3 £ 

Look around when you first enter 
action scenes. There might be 
shortcuts. If you fly straight up in this 
scene, for example, you can break 
through a column of blocks and 
enter a new area. 

When you reach these two music note jump boxes, hop here to 
uncover an invisible jump box. If you jump high enough, you'll go up 
into the clouds, where there's a big payoff waiting. 

You can enter the first warp zone 
just beyond these blocks in 1-3. 
Drop through the white block, then 
go behind the bush to your right 
and run behind the goal. You'll 
enter a scene where you can earn 
the whistle. Blow the whistle while 
on the map screen, and you'll be 
carried to the warp zone. 

The Boomerang Brothers are re- 
lated to the Hammer Brothers. Bop 
them on the head to get rid of 
them, but don't forget about their 
weapons — those boomerangs 
will always come sailing back from 
where they were thrown. 

It never hurts to carry around a 
Koopa shell. The only way you're 
going to find out what's hidden in 
that question block is to hit it from 
above with a shell, then try to 
catch the prize when it rises. 

Yow! Here's a quandary. You have 
to keep jumping to escape from 
the quicksand, but the sun is chas- 
ing you, and it's getting low in the 
sky. Don't panic — the end of the 
scene isn't far away. 

Those rotten kids! But with a role model 
like Bowser, what did you expect? Luck- 
ily, the Bowser kids are easy to defeat. 
Just bounce on their heads three times, 
and their mini-brains will be too 
scrambled to prevent you from getting 
the kings' wands. 


Water Land 

When you enter the mini-fortress in 
Water Land, you'll encounter a row 
of doors. The last door leads to a coin 
room — jump up near the door to 
uncover an invisible block. The sixth 
door from the entrance of the fortress 
leads to Boom Boom. 


Giant Land 


You 're not seeing double — you're 
seeing things about five times 
larger than normal. Mario has to 
face some really big enemies in 
World 4, but some of them are 
easier to defeat when large than 
when normal-steed. Mario can 
share pipes with the pirana plants, 
for example. 

It helps to 
have a 
frog suit 
for the 
but Mario 
can swim without flippers — it just 
takes a little more effort. Watch 
out for those blobbers. They quad- 
ruple without warning. And that 
lava lotus on the sea floor spews 

The wa- 
ter level 
of this 
rises and 
falls with- 
out warn- 
ing. So watch out for these fish. 
They're extremely hungry, and 
Super Mario makes quite a tasty 
Italian meatball. Maybe you 
should head for higher ground. 

The guard of the mini-fortresses. Boom Boom, is not too tough to beat. 
Bounce on his head three times and the locked door will be open. Time 
your moves so that you don't land on his spines. If you jump up in the air 
when he's showing his spines, you'll land on him when he's standing. 
Beat him quickly — if he starts flying, it will take quite awhile before he 
returns to the ground. 

Ignore the candles on the wall of 
the mini-fortress. If you shoot at 
one, the flame will hop down and 
follow you. And every candle you 
reach afterward will do the same. 


The ship in World 4 isn't as full of 
cannons as the other worlds' ships. 
But there are still plenty of tricks. 
Step on this platform , for example, 
and it starts spinning. You have to 
keep hopping if you wantto reach 
the other side safely. 


A frog suit would help you more 
here than a raccoon disguise. Be 
careful when you're near the sur- 
face. That critter hiding in a cloud 
will keep throwing fireballs at you 
even when you're underwater. 

For the most part, the Bowser kids 
will always appear in the same 
place within their rooms. So you 
can get the jump — literally — on 
them if you position yourself 

Wo R L D 


Sky Land 

Here's a trick you may have to try 
several times before you get it right. 
If you can match your dollars with 
the world you're in when you reach 
the goal, then get the tens column in 
your score to match as well, you can 
make the good pirate ship appear — 
the ship with coins and no enemies. 
For example, in World 5 you'd need 
$55 and a score than ends in -50 when 
you reach the goal. Be careful though 
— sometimes killing a creature wait- 
ing in the goal area will push your 
score and cash over the desired 

Sometimes it's better just to let the 
question blocks go by without 
punching them. -Trying to hit the 
block from this moving rail plat- 
form is really risking Mario's health. 

The pesky Hammer Brothers will 
throw a barrage of hammers at 
you. Bounce on the brother on the 
ground first, then bop the other 
brother from his perch by hitting 
the block on which he is sitting. 

All blocks are not what they ap- 
pear to be. Some of them will hop 
on you instead of the other way 
around. Beat this block to the 
punch by bouncing on it first. 

If you're in the raccoon disguise, 
you can avoid risking your health 
on the rotary lifts by flying along 
the top of the screen. 

The flame cannons on this ship 
look menacing, but they're actu- 
ally easier to avoid than the bullets 
and missiles fired by other can- 

You have to time your jumps from 
the rail lifts carefully. One wrong 
move and you'll crash into the 
side of this wall instead of landing 
on top of it. 

Here's another spot when you 
should hang on to a turtle shell. 
The only way out of this area is to 
don your raccoon disguise, grab 
a turtle shell, and fly upward. Use 
the shell to break through the wall 
blocking your pipe exit. And watch 
out for the walking piranas. They 
won't make a move until Mario 
gets close. Then they'll leap up for 
a nibble. 

You have to watch out for Lemmy Koopa's 
balls as well as the bubbles he shoots from his 
wand. But there's only one of Bowser's kids to 
deal with after you've finished with Lemmy. 



Pipe Land 

Looks like Mario's stuck in another 
undersea world without a frog suit, 
doesn't it? But actually, being 
regular Mario is better than being 
large here. The Jelectros can't be 
killed, but one touch from them is 
shocking to your system. 


The Final Battle 

World 8 starts tough and stays 
tough. These tanks look a little out 
of place in Mushroom World, but 
that's whathappens when the likes 
of Bowser take Over. Jump from 
one tank to another carefully, 
watching out for stray missiles. 

If you ' re puny when you reach the 
mini-fortress, keep entering this 
room. That block above Mario's 
head contains a one-up power, 
so it's easy to become Fiery Mario 
by visiting the room twice. 

The worst thing about Pipe Land is 
that most of the pipes are inhab- 
ited, not by warp entrances or 
bonus rooms, but by flora — Ve- 
nus fire traps, ptooies, walking pi- 
ranas, and munchers. Timing is 
everything, so watch your step. 

The directional platforms are 
among the easiest methods of 
locomotion in Mushroom World. 
You can change their direction 
by pushing the directional pad 
up, down, left, or right while you're 

Don't get caught in the mini-for- 
tress without a super leaf or Tanooki 
suit. You'll have to be able to fly if 
you hope to find the exit. 

You can hit this question block 
three times, and each time will win 
an extra life for you. 


worry if 
you get 
stuck in 
sand. For 

you want to get caught in its flow. 
There's an area waiting for you 
underneath the sand. 

Now that you've finally met Bowser, you really don't have to demean 
yourself by fighting him. Guys like this King Koopa will dig a hole for 
themselves if you let them . And that's precisely what you should let him 
do. Every time he jumps toward you, he knocks a few blocks loose from 
the floor. Stay out of his way long enough, and he'll end up in the 


B^pp nmmnnnmrimnmmmi 



he keys to the Enchanted 
Castle have disappeared 
and Mickey Mouse needs 
m help finding them. As 

Mickey's helper, it's your 
job to search the Magic Kingdom for 
the six silver keys that will unlock the 
castle gate. 

There are six different games 
tures in the 
— five 
games that 

c e n t e 
rides in the 
park and 
one round 
of trivia questions. Complete a game, 
and you're awarded a silver key. When 
you collect all six keys, hurry to the 
castle because Mickey's waiting to 
start the parade. 

As you walk through the Magic 
Kingdom, you'll meet Mickey's 
friends. Each of the characters asks a 
trivia question about Disney charac- 

ters or events. If you give the correct 
answer, they'll tell you where to find 
the person with the next question. A 
final silver key is given after you've 
correctly answered the final question. 

No matter where you are in the 
park, you can use the Select button to 
call up an option screen that shows 
how many lives you have left, the 
I time re- 
ing (if 
I m a n -y 
I s t a r s 
you've collected. You can trade stars 
for options that make you invincible, 
give you an extra life, or freeze your 
enemies in their tracks. 

Collecting a key by answering the 
trivia questions is one thing, but find- 
ing the other five keys involves a little 
more action and adventure. 

Pegleg Pete challenges you to a 


Pirates of the Caribbean is the most difficult game in 
Adventures in the Magic Kingdom. You'll probably need at 
least 50 stars — enough for five or six extra lives, as well 
as a couple of invincibility options — to get through the 
game. (The most you can collect at one time is 99.) The 
easiest way to collect enough stars is to run through 
Autopia a few times, but you can get stars in all the 
attractions except Space Mountain. 

Some of the jumps in 
Autopia are meant to 
steer you close to 
stars, but some help 
you around curves 
and over obstacles. Be 
careful when you 
jump — if you land 
on top of another car, 
your game is over. 

At one point in the road race, you find 
unconnected pieces of track. You can 
make it across by jumping from one 
piece of track to the next. 

If you see a bridge being built, press 
the B button to slow your car to a 
crawl. When the bridge is finished, 
you can drive to the other side. 

Use the B button to slow the train 
down on Big Thunder Mountain, but 
if you ride the brake all the way 
through the mine, you'll run out of 
time before you reach the goal station 
and the key. 


□□□□□□□□□□□□□□nnnnmnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nn nnnnnni 

Stars are worth five points in the mine, 
too, but they're not easy to find on the 
crisscrossing tracks. If you're just out 
to collect stars, stick to the racetrack in 

The Master Spectre is one ghost you 
don't want in your way. You'll get a first 
glimpse of your nemesis in the graveyard 
outside the haunted mansion. 

car race in "Autopia." Get as many 
stars as you can in this attraction 
because each star you collect here is 
worth five points, and it's easy to 
scoop them up. Watch out for marker 
cones and the sides of the sometimes 

narrow track — if you hit them, you'll 
fall behind and might not beat Pete to 
the finish line and win the key. 

In "Big Thunder Mountain," you 
steer a runaway train through a mine 
shaft full of falling boulders, crossing 

gates, and dead-end tracks. Use the 
B button to slow down, but don't 
ride the brake all the way through 
the mine or you'll run out of time. 

Y ou enter "The Haunted House" 
with a limited supply of candles (the 

There are some goblins you won't be able to jump over — 
like the hands in the first coffin you'll come across. It will 
take three candles to knock the first hand out of your way. 

The dancing ghosts have a tendency to twirl around you 
while you try to collect stars in the music room. Your best 
bet is to get rid of the ghosts. 




Watch out for books that fly off the 
shelves in the library. Hit them with 
your candles before they knock you off 
your chair. 

Don't go out of your way to collect 
candles in the floating-chair room — 
you'll have other chances to add to 
your arsenal. If you miss a chair and 
fall through space, your game is over. 

ghosts hate light). Collect as many 
candles as you can inside the man- 
sion. The light provided by the 
candles is your best defense against 
the ghouls, ghosts, and zombies 
blocking your path, but if it's pos- 

sible, jump over them and save your 
candles. You need lots of firepower to 
defeat the Master Spectre and win the 

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" 
have kidnapped six villagers, and a 

silver key is offered for their safe 
return. When you reach their island 
stronghold, avoid the pirates until 
you find the special candle. Once 
you find it, toss the candle at the 
pirates or use it to light the cannons. 

Once you get to the room with the talking heads, there's no 
way out except to win the game. Collect as many candles as 
you can before the Master Spectre shuts you in and pops in. 

The Master Spectre isn't afraid of just one candle. You'll 
need enough stars to trade for invincibility and lots of 
firepower to defeat him and win the key. 



Once the fireballs rise all the way to the 
top of the fire pit, they won't float up 
again. The first jump is a long one, so be 
careful not to misjudge it or you'll end 
up in the pit. 

The pirates will bombard you with 
cannonballs as you head for their island 
stronghold. If you jump out of the boat, 
be sure to jump straight up because the 
boat won't follow you if you move 
forward or backward. 

Without it, all you can do is jump 
over the pirates and duck under the 
missiles they throw. Once you res- 
cue all six villagers, find the candle, 
and light the signal fire, the key is 

Board "Space Mountain" to cap- 
tain a starship careening toward Star F 
(and a hidden key). The screen shows 
the command console and the expanse 
of space through which you're flying. 
Watch for six signals that flash on the 

console, telling you which way to 
steer your ship safely to Star F. 

Now that you've collected all six 
keys, head for the Enchanted 
Mickey and his friends will 

Watch out for the scorpion. His sting can spell curtains for 
your game. 

The pirates chase you when you run, but stop pursuing you 
if you're jumping. Use the ladders to your advantage. The 
pirates won't climb them. 



The special candle is well-guarded by 
the pirates. You'll find it in an under- 
ground cavern, protected by a small 
army of skeletons. 

The best way to get through Pirates of the Carib- 
bean is to rescue all six villagers and then get the 
candle you'll need to light the signal fire. The candle 
is well-hidden in the same underground cavern as 
the scorpion. When you get past the scorpion, jump 
to the second island that has a skeleton and you'll 
find the key at the far right of your screen. 

Make sure you've rescued all six vil- 
lagers before you light the signal fire. 


3303 Scott Boulevard; Santa Clara, 
CA 95054. 

When a meteor appears, you'll see a picture on the console. When an arrow points up, down, left, or right, press those 

If the picture is on the left side, press the B button to destroy directions on the control panel to keep the spaceship from 

the meteor. If it's on the right, press A. hitting the walls of Space Mountain. 



In the marshlands, you're attacked by swamp lizards. Use your battle 
ax against them. 


You keep falling asleep in algebra class. You're so tired, you can't even 
hear people laugh at your funny name. You're Astyanax, an out- 
wardly normal 16-year-old high school student who's not been get- 
ting much sleep lately. 

It's those dreams. Every night they're the same. The most beauti- 
ful girl you've ever seen is calling out to you from a strange place. 
She's trapped in some kind of bubble and there's this evil menacing 
creature close by. Then one day as you're walking home, still ponder- 
ing the dream's hidden meanings, you undergo a transformation. 

You awaken on the planet Remlia, where you learn that the 
Remlians have chosen you to rescue the ravishing princess Rosebud, 
who has been em-bubbled by Blackhorn. This evil wizard seeks to 
drain her magical powers and add them to his own. The princess, of 
course, turns out to be the girl of your dreams. 

Fortunately, you have three defense weapons, each of which 
enhances the power of your magical spells. These spells can inflict 
varying amounts of damage. The least taxing spell, "blind," freezes 
your enemies for a short time, while "bolt," the most powerful, causes 
serious injury to all enemies on the screen — but it also consumes the 
most energy. There is even a teleportation spell. 

Smash stone idols to earn bonuses such as extra energy or in- 
creased weapon ability. And when Cutie, Rosebud's close friend, 
appears, she can help you change weapons or increase your spells' 


You'll need your teleportation spell when you negotiate the maze in 
Castle Terenea. To teleport through a door you'll find there, press the 
up arrow and be sure to hold it down for three full seconds. 

An interesting relationship develops 
between Astyanax and Cutie as the 
game goes on. 

Before you can advance past this ledge, 
you must clear it of the deadly plant 

When this boss attacks, stand back 
and fry him with your lightning spell. 


You'll encounter slime creatures as you're climbing your way up the side of a cliff. These should be attacked 
from underneath. A regular controller is usually powerful enough to defeat most of the monsters in 
Astyanax. You won't want to use rapid fire because, if you do, your strength meter won't have enough time 
to replenish itself. 

The one place in this game where you may want to use the rapid fire option 
on your joystick (if it has one) is against these slime creatures. You should 
also crouch to attack them. 

You must run and jump from the very edge in order to get the stone idol. 

To fight this rockman, you should use 
lightning or crouch and smash his 
knees repeatedly — but be careful 
when you crouch. 

This boss is a three-stage target. Aim 
for his face until his helmet comes off, 
and when he turns into a bee, use your 
magic to stop time. 


When the lion and the eagle are apart, they're not hard to fight. But when they merge into one foe, they 
become much more dangerous. Use the freeze-time spell or lightning to deal with them. 

From time to time, Blackhorn himself makes a sinister appearance. 

This golden skeleton blocks your shots with his sword. 

Rosebud will put in her two cents' 
worth, too. 

Sit in one place and keep attacking the 
skeleton — make him come to you. 


The weapon you hold affects how much magic you can use. So if magic is needed, the most powerful 
weapon sometimes isn't the best one. 

The graveyard level offers no new enemies. Most players won't find it 
especially difficult. 

The boss of level 4-2 warps around the room and throws freezing spells at 

The tree-monster boss's weak spot is 
in his mid-section. 

You'll definitely know when you've 
arrived at Terenea Castle! 


The ultimate boss is a huge dragon. You can defeat him the same way you defeated Thomdog. Use the 
magic lightning when the dragon changes colors. 

Level 5-1 is hard, but it contains no new foes — just a lot of flying ones. 

On level 5-2, just keep climbing the cliffs — don't bother going left or right. 

At the top of the mountain is a blue 
rock monster — fight him the same 
way you fought all the earlier rock 

Here's your final opponent. Do you 
have the strength and courage you'll 
need to defeat him? 



Batman moves through the night on his way to the Joker's hideout. 
Watch out for Joker's goons, like this one wielding a flamethrower. 


The skyscrapers of Gotham City hide people cowering in fear. The 
Joker is on the loose. And deep within his hideout in the old Axis 
Chemical plant, he has created a nerve gas that distorts its victims' 
faces, freezing their features into a deathmask parodying the Joker's 
own hideous grin. 

Batman is adapted from last summer's runaway movie hit. As the 
Caped Crusader, you must stop the Joker before he carries out his 
terrible plan. You pursue him throughout the city, battling the deadly 
traps and henchmen he has sent to stop you. Armed with your 
Batweapons, you must find the Joker and beat him. 

The game consists of five stages, and each stage has from one to 
four levels before you confront a boss enemy. So you'll be fighting 
through the streets and skyscrapers of Gotham City; inside and below 
the Axis Chemical Factory; through the ruins of a contaminated 
laboratory; and inside a cathedral until you reach the bell tower where 
the Joker is waiting for you. 

You can always punch your enemies, but you can also earn three 
optional weapons — a gun with limited bullets, the Batarang (which, 
like a boomerang, comes back when you throw it), and a dirk, a flying 
fireball which splits in three when thrown. And though you never get 
to drive or fly the Batmobile or Batwing, scenes between the game 
stages show the vehicles in action. 


In the beginning of Batman, your only weapons are your fists. But as 
you defeat bad guys, you'll find additional weapons, such as a gun, a 
Batarang, and a dirk, with which you can shoot in three directions. The 
Joker's army includes many masters of ninjitsu, so you must stay clear 
of their swords and shuriken. 

Many of your foes shoot as you ap- 
proach. Timing is vital in this game, 
and you must know when to duck 
and when to attack. 

This boss of stage 1, a mutant moth, 
flies out of the darkness and attacks 
you with volleys of fireballs. You'll 
have a chance to fight back when he 
swoops down for the kill. 

Careless workmen have left exposed 
wires everywhere, and electricity 
sparks and crackles at every turn. 
Despite his teflon body armor. Bat- 
man is zapped. 


You can defeat the K.G. Beast you meet in level 1 by attacking him before he has a chance to swing his 
sword. It's not always bad sportsmanship to hit somebody when his back is turned. 

The mechanical boss of the second level is made of three separate weap- 
ons. You must destroy all three to defeat it. 

Here's the boss of stage 3, a cybemoid. He's one of the toughest enemies 
you'll meet in the game. 

Robotic guards are positioned 
throughout the underground caverns. 
You need plenty of weapons to get 
past them. 

The cybemoid tries to destroy you 
with his electric arm. Stay below his 
swing and fire away. 


Many stages in the game require precise jumping. Learn to spot the easiest places to climb. Try falling a 
bit before jumping. When you've got a choice between fighting or climbing to escape, your best tactic is 
often to escape instead of wasting time and strength trying to battle the Joker's many lackeys. 

The Joker's "artwork" — the twisted grins of his victims — leaves you 
shaking with rage and set on stopping him. 

To defeat these two boss boxes, first climb up here and kneel. Then punch 
the box each time it comes around. 

As you try to climb these stairs, you're 
fired on from above. Take a step at a 
time, stopping to fire and duck. 

Once the first box is destroyed, move 
to the lower left-hand corner and use 
Batarangs to defeat the second. 


You can sometimes avoid facing the small tanks in stage 3 by approaching them, running away from them, 
and then slowly approaching them again. Some of the tanks won't be there when you return. 

Once again. Batman's agility and acrobatic prowess are needed as he 
attempts to climb the cathedral's bell tower. 

This evil boss is waiting at the top of the tower. He's the last — and most 
powerful — of the Joker's guards. 

Be careful of the huge gears as you 
jump up to the tower. 

Just before he throws his fireball, the 
boss pauses. Now is your chance to 


Use different levels to your advantage, crouching below the bullets of the enemy and standing to shoot 
back. Devices throughout the factory release flying drones to hunt Batman down, but you can destroy them 
by standing right next to the drones as they fall and then punching. This is a good way to stock up on 
weapons and strength. 

Always quick with a phrase, the Joker reappears. He seems confident — 
and you're about to find out why. 

Use the wall to avoid the devastating power of the Joker's big pistol. Don't 
forget about your jumping skills. 

The Joker can summon lightning, a 
powerful attack. Watch for a pattern 
to learn when he's most vulnerable. 

Batman remembers the Joker as the 
man who gunned down his parents. 
Is this the last we'll see of the Crown 
Prince of Crime? 



Get the Shield of Athena before you try to tackle Lamina, the vampire 


Orpheus' love for Helene has drawn him into an adventure 
beyond any he could have imagined. Hades, the god of the under- 
world, has stolen Helene's soul and has made her Iris queen. Orpheus' 
only hope of saving her is to find three nymphs who are safely hiding 
three fragments of love. 

As Orpheus, you must travel through eight ancient lands, visiting 
each several times, to discover Tartarus, the netherworld where 
Helene has been taken. A host of vicious creatures, all of mythological 
origin, serve Hades by trying to prevent your success. 

Fortunately, there are as many benevolent gods in the ancient 
world of Olympus as there are hostile ones. In each of the lands, you 
meet wise gods who are willing to give you helpful items and advice. 
They also provide passwords so you can resume the quest without 
losing any progress. 

Your journey takes you across oceans, through dense forests, and 
into castle ruins. Every step of the way you must be quick with a sword 
or one of the other items you have earned. Battle of Olympus is as 
complex a role-playing game as Zelda II, but adds so much mythologi- 
cal detail that playing it is an educational experience — as well as 
being a lot of fun. 


If you lose a life, you have a choice of continuing or retrying the game. 
The continue option takes you back to the starting point of the area in 
which you died. It also reduces your olive supply by half. If you 
choose the retry option, you'll return to the last temple in which you 
received a password. If you have found a new weapon and don't have 
a new password, your weapon will be lost when you start the game 
over, so think carefully before selecting retry. 

Moving back and forth within a small 
area sometimes draws out enemies. 
Defeating less powerful foes allows 
you to collect olives to restore your 
stamina or bay leaves to use as money. 

A map of Olympus marks your loca- 
tion. Remember that you must visit 
each of the eight lands several times 
before your quest will be complete. 

This flying horse may look adorable, 
but looks can be deceiving. Approach 
this and other strange creatures with 


Early in the game you'll get the Sandals of Hermes with which you can defy gravity. When you notice a 
ceiling overhead — whether the ruins of a castle arch or tree branches — press the A button and jump while 
you're walking. If your timing is right, you'll find yourself walking upside down across the ceiling. This 
is often a good way to avoid trouble. 

If you can, avoid the spider web. But if you do get stuck in the web, keep 
jumping. Eventually you'll be able to wiggle out of it. 

Hydra is a tough adversary to slay. Her head can grow back eight times. 

It takes careful timing to kill this un- 
friendly fellow. 

Use the Staff of Fennel to throw fire 
and light your way through dark 
rooms and caves. 


Timing is the key to killing the Cyclops you meet in the ruins of Laconia's palace. As the Cyclops throws 
rocks, stay up on the steps and watch for a pattern in his assaults. If you can rush toward him and hit his 
eye with your sword just when he releases a rock, you'll be able to run back to the top of the steps in safety. 
After a few direct hits, the giant dies and leaves behind a pleasant surprise. 

The birds, crabs, and apes in this part of Laconia are particularly danger- 
ous. You may fare better by avoiding them than by doing battle. 

Poseidon, the god of the sea, asks you to collect 60 olives. The ocarina he 
gives you in return is well worth the price. With it you can summon a 
dolphin to carry you through the water. 

It's a good thing your dolphin can 

When you meet the Siren, have your 
harp ready. She'll mesmerize you with 
her voice until you're able to use your 
music against her. 


Strange bubbles in the pools of the forest are the first signs of that aggressive sea serpent. Hydra. Inch 
forward cautiously because the monster lunges from the water without notice. When the serpent appears, 
a quick blow to her head causes Hydra to retreat into the water. But since her head grows back eight times, 
you must keep at it to destroy her once and for all. 

As the Graeae send a spell your way, use your shield to bounce it back to 
the old hags. 

The knight on Crete is easily destroyed by several low blows. 

You'll find a flowing water fountain 
in some of the castles. Kneeling in 
front of the water fully restores your 

The knights in the castle of Crete are 
very difficult to destroy. Here's an- 
other situation where it may be better 
to make a run for the door than to stay 
and fight. 


To destroy the Graeae, first kneel with your shield to protect yourself from their spell. Hiding behind the 
blocks on the left of the screen, draw the witches to you by scrolling the screen. Then rush at the witches 
with your sword ready. They will have moved forward, giving you a clear shot. Now finish them off with 
several hits. 

Zeus may have asked Ares to give you the Bracelet of Power, but Ares 
wants 80 olives for it. If you don't have any money and ask Ares for the 
bracelet, you won't lose your shirt — but you will lose your shoes. 

You'll have a chance to buy this important edible item in the caverns of 

Talking to the people you meet yields 
valuable information. 

Don't be afraid to jump into some of 
the chasms in Argolis. The caves be- 
low contain important secrets. 



William R. Trotter 

espite the fact that it's 
not terribly realistic, 
Battletank is a fast- 
M Hk paced, entertaining 
game that offers 
plenty of action. It also demonstrates 
that good shoot-em-up games don't 
have to be limited to super-Rambo 
warriors or endless waves of alien 

vehicles, helicopters, fuel dumps, 
bridges — even a nuclear reactor. 

Using a radar-like map screen, you 
plan your moves (remember that you 
can run out of fuel), and decide which 
weapon will work best against the 
next target. You can choose from your 
150mm cannon (the real Ml's cannon 
is only a 120mm gun — see what we 





In the 

■ t/}*: n | 






There's no easy way to deal with enemy 

your 50- 

you are 

helicopters. The smokescreen option won't 


the driver 

do nearly as much to help you as the instruc- 


of an Ml 

tions suggest, and there's no way you can 



out run the choppers you encounter. Shift- 

gun, or 

the main- 

ing from forward to reverse may help you 

your le- 

stay of 

get a bead on them, and coming to a quick 

t h a 1 


stop sometimes forces them to fly over you 



and into your sights. It's almost impossible 


forces — 

to hit one with your main cannon, but if you 

m i s - 

60 tons of 

do, it's most effective. 


and steel. 

gation is 

You have ten missions, each one con- 
siderably tougher than the one before, 
in which you must destroy enemy 

There are ten missions in Battletank, 
and you have to start with the first one 
each time you turn on the game. 

a little tricky, but easy enough once 
you get used to it. First of all, it's not 
practical to try to drive long distances 

Push the select 
button to cycle 
through the avail- 
able weapons. 

Use this radar screen to stalk enemy 
targets and avoid minefields. 

Enemy tanks tend to scoot backward 
or forward very abruptly — be ready 
for any sudden moves. 


rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnr ' 

using the main screen — it takes 
much too long to get anywhere, and 
the graphics aren't really designed 
to scroll effectively over long dis- 
tances. If you're just steering your 

way through a battle, the main screen 
does fine — it even has a small tactical 
radar display that shows the relative 
positions of your tank and any nearby 
enemies. But if you're trying to travel 

from one part of the battlefield to 
another, steer by using the black- 
and-white radar screen which pops 
up any time you press Start. 

If you're low on ammo and your 

Starting with Mission 3, you have to deal with enemy If things get too tough, you can always hide behind a 
helicopters; you'll find them dangerous opponents. smoke screen. 


nnrrrrrrnrnrrrrnrnnnrrnrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnr 1 ' 

When you see a hut icon on your 
navigating screen, it means there's a 
NATO headquarters nearby where 
you can find repairs and supplies. 

tank is badly damaged, you can pull 
into a headquarters facility for resto- 
ration — but be careful how you time 
your repairs because you only get 
one or two HQ stops per scenario. 

And even after you wipe out all the 
opposing units on your screen, you 
still have to locate and destroy the 
enemy's boss-stronghold — no easy 

Try to take out as many enemy 
targets as you can before making 
your stop at headquarters. Be care- 
ful that you don't wait until your 
tank has sustained fatal damage. 

After you've cleared off all enemies, a big "X" flashes, When attacking a boss target, always aim for the gun 
showing the location of the boss target for each scenario. flashes, not the structure itself. 


rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnrrrnnr nnnnrr nrrnnnrnr 

nnnnnmmnnnDnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnn nnnnnnnng 

There are two rows of small lights on 
the upper left side of the main screen, 
and one of them lights up every time 
you sustain a serious hit. When only 
one light remains unlit, you receive a 

simulators, but expect a lot of fast 
action, you'll probably like Battletank 

"damage critical" warning. Don't de- 
lay — head for headquarters immedi- 

If you don't expect the depth and 
detail of any of the computer tank 

Always avoid minefields. They're invisible on the main 
screen, and enemy targets often station themselves close to 

A red light on the weapons display means you're out of 
ammo for that type of weapon, or else your machine gun 
is overheated. 




Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnn n nnnn n nnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 

Sometimes if you bring the tank to a 
sudden halt or shift into reverse, at- 
tacking helicopters will fly over you 
and present you with a good shot. 
Trying to chase them is futile. 

The tactical radar display shows your 
tank in the center. All nearby enemy 
units — moving or stationery — show 
up as white blips. 

The big cannon on the Abrams has excep- 
tional long-range accuracy. If you line up 
your sights carefully, you can score hits at 
maximum elevation. This is a good tactic 
to use when your own tank is damaged, 
and you want to finish off an enemy before 
he can get back into effective range. 

Absolute Entertainment; 

251 Rock Road; P.O. Box 116; 
Glen Rock, NJ 07452. 










j : 




ufiift '! 


The increasing difficulty of each mission, starting with 
mission 3, keeps Battletank challenging. 

If the enemy gets behind you, step on the gas or go into 
reverse. Just turning around in place may be too slow. 




TR-2Z 3 


When you're ready to leave the sub- 
way system, you have to place a hole 
in precisely the right spot. Take a look 
at the Absolute Avenue sign. The hole 
goes just to the left of the sign. 

You can't shoot the oversized cater- 
pillar, but you can outmaneuver him. 
Run under the serpent at the top of its 
arc. And don't forget to grab the treas- 
ure while you're at it. 

If you're worried about a jump that might be deadly, take a look in 
your jellybean bag for a bean you have in good supply. Toss the 
jellybean over the edge of the jump. The screen scrolls to follow it 
briefly and gives you a preview of the drop. But if you're still in doubt, 
use a vanilla jellybean to form an umbrella parachute. 

You may have an alien friend, but 
you're not invincible. Though you 
have good jumping ability, don't try 
to make a jump higher than a screen 
and a half. 


There are a lot of dead ends down corridors and caverns. But you should explore each of them at least once 
as you play, just to see what's there. Remember, the more treasure you pick up in the subways and caves, 
the more money you'll have to buy vitamins. Sometimes exploration is worth the extra effort. 

Protect your head from falling rocks with an umbrella (vanilla jellybean), 
and then torch the huge cobweb with a blowtorch (cinnamon jellybean). 

Ouch! Watch out for these spikes. You don't want to send Blob to shapeless 
alien heaven before his time. 

Another way to sail through A Boy 
and His Blob is by bubble locomotion. 
Your cola-induced bubble floats to 
the right, but the entrance to the water 
is to the left. 

At last the payoff — a pile of treasure. 
Unfortunately, it's protected by a ring 
of spikes, so be careful. 


When you're stuck on a ledge with another perch just out of reach, or when you want to do some exploring 
for hidden items, use the tangerine jellybean to transform Blob into a trampoline. You'll be able to go up 
several ledges with one good jump, j ust watch your head — you don't know where the ceiling is until you 


Here's a ledge you couldn't see from your former position. Use a trampo- 
line (tangerine jellybean) to get up here. 

Manholes are excellent exits. But these covers are heavy! Use a jack (apple 
jellybean) to force the lid open. 

Don't overlook this valuable bag of 
jellybeans. There are flavors found 
here that you won't see anywhere else 
in the game. 

Once you've explored the under- 
ground regions for treasure, take your 
loot and visit a health food store. It's 
going to take quite a few vitamins to 
treat Blobolonia's emperor. 


Maybe you've noticed that even Blob won't eat one of the jellybeans you've found — the ketchup-flavored 
variety. But you can still put it to good use. When you've jumped to a high ledge from a trampoline, Blob 
isn't able to follow you. So just toss the ketchup jellybean and Blob will "catch up." 

They certainly don't have trees like this on Earth. Each cherry bomb that 
hits the ground creates an explosion. But vitamin C shoots in the correct 
trajectory to destroy the cherries. 

Jump on a trampoline just outside this cave, and you'll receive a pleasant 

The popcorn behaves in much the 
same way as the cherries. You should 
definitely try to avoid the kernels. 

It looks like an unbalanced diet has 
loosened some teeth around Blobolo- 
nia. It's too bad these falling cuspids 
are hazardous to your health. Watch 
their pattern, then make a run for it. 


When you land on Blobolonia, take note of your position. Use a trampoline to explore the area just over 
your head. You'll find some valuable peppermints. Remember, you earn an extra life with every five 

This may be the first game with killer coathangers as villains. As you shoot 
the hangers, you'll see gaps the next time they circle around. Only when 
all of them are destroyed can you make the jump. 

Were you wondering what those lime jellybeans were for? You won't get 
through that door without a key. But luckily Blob is glad to oblige. And the 
gingerbread men are friendly. 

Here's another hidden area you'll find 
only with a well-placed trampoline. 

At last you face the evil emperor. But 
not until after he's captured Blob. 
Here's a hint — don't use cola jelly- 
beans in tight spaces. Try another 
flavor instead. 


rrrrrrrrrrrt ni rrrrrr 


J hat is it about those 
Belmont men that 
make them perfect 
vampire killers? 
Simon "Belmont vanquished Dracula 
in Castlevania and Simon's Quest: 
Castlevania II. Now you'll see how it 
all began in Castlevania III: Dracula's 
Curse. The hero of this game is Simon's 

who was 
100 years 
Simon was 


earlier time should have been more 
peaceful as well, but the small village 
of Warakie is empty — the people 
have fled in terror when they are 
warned that Count Dracula is amass- 
ing an army of demons. The fiends are 
marching from the Valley of the 
Graveyards to bury Warakie — and 
the rest of the world — in a Tomb of 

Trevor Belmont is the world's only 
hope. Luckily, some of the forces from 
beyond the grave appear to be in his 
favor. In the course of Castlevania III, 
you'll meet three spirits: Sypha, the 
mystic warlord; Grant DaNasty, the 
ghost pirate; and Alucard, Dracula's 
son. Sypha uses a staff for attack and 
can also use flame, ice crystals, and 
■ light- 
n i n g 
I bolts . 
I Grant is 

A lot of the items you need in this game are hidden — 
not only behind torches, but behind blocks, or even in 
thin air. It's worth the extra time it takes to jump and 
flip your whip as you progress when you get hearts, 
potions, or energy -building werewolf meat as a result. 

I ile and 

1 1 k 

walls dr 

he can also travel hidden routes not 
accessible to the others. Alucard has a 
ball of destruction at his disposal which 
can fire in three directions. This son of 
Dracula can also turn into a bat, al- 
though he cannot attack enemies when 
he is transformed. 

In addition to these valuable 
spirits, there is also a character (never 
seen) called the Poltergeist King who 

Dracula's out of his 
casket again — and 
he's dragging along 
some of his undead 

Leslie Mizell 

A whip blow into mid-air sometimes 
turns up something interesting, such 
as this bottle of sacred water. 

Don't take on more enemies than you 
need to. While you're being attacked 
from the rear, let these zombies fall 
into the chasm in the ledge. 

Now's not the time to become a human 
pincushion. It's a lot easier to jump 
over these Trevor-bashers than to try 
to avoid their spikes by going under 


n nnnr nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnDoinnnmnnrnnrnrnrnrnn- 

Look for this spot in level 3-2. 
There's a hidden treasure in the last 
block of that ledge. 

The forest is full of hate-filled eyes 
— but you have a banshee boo- 
merang to dispose of your fine- 
feathered friends. 

can provide Trevor with valuable 
weapons (such as battle axes, mys- 
tic whips, and banshee boomerangs) 
and other items (such as invisibility 
potions, rosaries which destroy all 

enemies on a screen, and sacred water 
which burns when it falls to the 
ground) to help vanquish the demons. 
The only catch is that Trevor must 
uncover these gifts by searching the 

nooks and crannies of the different 

By alternating between Trevor's 
skills and those of the souls from the 
other side, and by wielding weapons 

The jellyfish can be avoided with little effort on your part. 
But if you shoot them, they divide and become much more 
of a menace. 

This big lug looks like a nice enough guy, but he's got a 
sledgehammer with which he'd love to pummel you into 
a pulp. 

• 97 

mmnmnnnnmnnnnmnmnonmnnmnnncnmmmnnrr 1 
□□nmnmcmmmcmmnnnnrncmnnnnrnmmnmn: in." 

with strength and courage, you just 
might be able to break Dracula's 
powerful curse. 

You have three lives in 
Castlevania III ; each time your life 

meter drops to zero, you lose a life. In 
addition, each of the 17 levels of the 
game has a time limit. If you don't 
finish the level within the allotted time, 
you lose a life. But don't despair! There 

are continue and password features 
in the game, so you'll never lose 
your progress if you're careful. And 
every time you beat a level boss, you 
receive a ball of light which replen- 

Ah! Sypha has uncovered a hidden leg of werewolf meat. 
Besides being very tasty when you've been trapped in 
stone for a decade or two, it restores part of your life gauge. 

Timing is everything on these revolving platforms. Your 
weight is the balance, so if you slide too far back, you'll end 
up in the chasm below. 

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 


nnnnnnnn n nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnn nnnnnn nnn 

ishes your life meter to its full 

Castlevania III is a large game (17 
levels), and since it's sure to be as 
popular as its predecessors, we're 

splitting our coverage into two parts. 
This article is to get game players 
started and let you know some skills 
and tips that will be used throughout 
the adventure. A future edition of Game 

Player's Strategy Guide will explore 
the upper levels of the game — in- 
cluding the final dramatic battle 
against Count Dracula. * 


Another enemy killed, another power item left behind. 
Pick them up whenever they're available — you never 
know when they'll come in handy. 

Despite their shields, the flying gargoyles aren't tough to 
seat. Ignore them while you can and use the spiked plat - 
forms to get down here and grab some werewolf meat. 





Sypha can use his ice crystals to 
freeze an enemy in mid-attack, then 
break the foe into pieces with a 
blow from one of his weapons. 

You can’t judge a demon by his appearance. Many 
of the fiercest-looking creatures — such as the 
whip-wielding skeletons — can be destroyed with 
a single blow. Others, like the timid jumping de- 
mons, evade your shots while landing lots of their 
own. Watch for a pattern to their or a pause in their 
action to make vour move. 

Despite the nifty powers of his 
guardian spirits, Trevor is still the 
most likely candidate to take on 
bosses — even Frankenstein's 
monster, the boss of level 5. 


900 Deerfield Parkway; Buffalo 
Grove, IL 60089-4510. 

If you are Sypha, it's best to walk in the water than on the 
ledge. You can freeze your enemies just long enough to 
break them into ice chunks. 

These two dragons are the bosses of level 6. You need to hit 
them in their mouths as they appear and disappear. A 
blow to their necks doesn't harm them at all. 




Picture this: You and your family are enjoying a pleasant day by the 
lake. You've stopped your boat in a nice, secluded cove. The picnic 
basket has been opened and its contents distributed . Looking up from 
your potato salad, you're amazed to see that your small craft has been 
surrounded by grimly threatening gun boats. 

Before you know it, machine gun fire is buzzing by you and 
ripping through the formerly calm water. Dad starts the outboard and 
attempts evasive maneuvers. Y ou think you' re out of danger, but your 
exit is blocked by a gigantic sea monster. He looms a hundred feet over 
the lake's surface. The picnic is postponed. 

Luckily, it is a game. Cobra Triangle contains eight levels of play, 
including target shooting, mine disposing, and waterfall jumping 
(and you thought water-skiing was fun). There's no plot or strategy 
involved in this test of reflexes. But once you become wrapped up in 
its good time, you realize it matters neither how nor why these 
cutthroat motorboat Olympics came to be. All you're completely sure 
of is your one, steadfast goal. And that, of course, is survival. 

Cobra Triangle is an enjoyable game that is challenging without 
being overwhelmingly difficult. Learning to navigate the pencil-thin 
river while keeping control of your wild little boat are the twin 
stepping stones that lead to success. One thing's for sure — recrea- 
tional boating will never seem the same again. 


Cobra Triangle offers quick, efficient 
ways to deal with the competition. 

If you miss a ramp, you can ride back 
to it and try again. 

Get caught in the force lines too often, 
and you'll go down. 

The first stage of Cobra Triangle is "the race to the finish." Although 
you may feel compelled to zip over the finish line as fast as you can, 
try this instead. When the finish line is in sight, turn your boat around 
and head in the opposite direction (as if you were speeding back to the 
starting point). You'll be able to collect more pods and weapons. The 
time will run out, so you'll have to run the race again. But the second 
time you'll be unstoppable with your additional items and your score 
should skyrocket. 


When traveling through the bonus stage, don't devote too much time trying to shoot one target. If you can't 
hit it, move on. Also, if you're in an area with several targets, try spinning around in a circle while shooting. 
You might be able to hit them all. 

Here's a clean jump that looks on target for a pod. 

You've got to move quickly if you want to stay a step ahead of the guard 

How do you handle a hungry dragon? 

One less mine to collect; one less gun 
to avoid. 


The dragon is a fierce opponent, and one around whom you must be particularly careful. When fighting 
him, you'll get your best results by staying in a corner. But make sure you have a good supply of missiles 
before you fight him. You'll certainly need them. 

[turbo fir e • speed jrmssiLE force 
= ;o ' VTlTV /ixm &&V5TO 

i flrlZ M Lf II.IrKI yfO 

Shoot enough missiles and you'll have that beast seeing stars. 

Don't spend too much time trying to hit any one target. You need to keep 

Some places have multiple scoring 

If you're in a hurry, concentrate on the 
river bank that has the most targets. 


In one stage your job is to protect a group of swimmers from bandit boats. These boats will try to sneak in 
and carry off the swimmers. Your best protection is to keep the swimmers grouped together. If any of them 
stray from the group, quickly try to drag them back. Be careful, though. Don't spend too much time and 
energy on one stray. The others in the group could be in danger, too. 

Destroy the spaceships as soon as you 
see them. 

Hitting the ramp at an angle might cost you a boat. 

Don't let your swimmers get too far 
afield, or they'll be carried away. 


KSI Lrns imininmii^ 

I TrlrjZ MOM 

Correctly aim for the ramp and you can succeed in jumping the waterfall. 


In another stage, you must try to relocate dangerous mines to a different area before they detonate. As if 
that weren't enough, you're also being pursued by a guard boat that's trying to reclaim the mines from you. 
Handling this effectively requires your best maneuvering skills. You must fake out the guard boat by 
making quick turns in one direction, and then doubling back in the other. 


xm m 

Missiles work well against the spaceships. 

These whirlpools try to suck you in. 
Steer clear of them. 

You're in a real jam now — a log jam, 
that is. 

tUrbo J fire : speed ;itiissile: force 






^ lip i s'; immnm Am ii. 

- ‘ r} 1 Ufatxa 

siz J 

Natural hazards can keep you from making it to the finish. 



starts with a detailed briefing on the particulars of 




It's a scenario right out of today's headlines: A { 
s South American drug lord has abducted a 
is and is holding them for ransom . While he negotiates w 
government, his victims are hidden away in a network of f< 
as. Unless someone can infiltrate the strongholds and rescue the 
;es, the government will have no choice but to give in to the 
n's demands. 

Since it is politically impossible to use regular troops for the 
mission, there is only one hope — you, a top-secret commando 
named "Viper" (a.k.a. "Mr. Smith"). You alone have the skills 
courage to do the job. You must work your way through se\ 
of intense combat, evasion, and rescue. 

You begin each level by moving from one fortress Io< 
another on a large-scale map of South America. Each stro 
poses a different challenge in terms of layout, but one fe; 
common to all of them — doors ... lots and lots of doors — all patrolled 
by well-armed mercenary guards (and a few mutants thrown in f< 
good measure) and defended by various mines, traps, and remote 
controlled weapons. 

Code Name: Viper is one of the first NES games to ap 
new "high-resolution" eight-bit graphics, and it's a great exai 
how much life there still is in the basic Nintendo system. This i 
action game is one of the best-looking and smoothest-playii 
type, and should please a big audience. 

Instead of mindlessly attacking, the drug lord's henchmen take cover 
and shoot, attack from ambush, or actually seem to use crude small- 
unit tactics to gang up on your hero. In other words, there's more 
going on here than just mechanical repetition of patterns. You may do 
better at this game, therefore, if you approach it with strategy instead 
of a rapid-fire joystick. 

The map of South America shows you 
where the drug lord's strongholds are 
located. You have no control over the 
order in which you tackle the various 

It won't be too long into the game 
before you rescue your first hostage. 
Always watch for hidden doors — 
you must check behind each one. 

Often, guards crowd behind you as 
you go through a door. You may need 
to step back out and kill a few before 
collecting what lies in the room be- 


To some extent, the pattern of combat in each area is determined by the nature of that particular stronghold . 
For example, in the hacienda scenes, enemies attack from the roof, from dark rooms and windows, and 
from other floors. But in the outdoor strongholds, they come at you from the jungle, from under waterfalls, 
and so on. Since the combat environment changes significantly from area to area, you'd be well advised 
to give some thought to your surroundings as you try to anticipate where the next threat will come from. 

jRgp t 




* 1 » * 








S X 2 X *74 



Look before you leap over this waterfall — there are enemy frogmen 
lurking below. 

Watch out for snipers who appear suddenly at the holes-in-the-wall above 

Here's why you need to search be- 
hind every door — if you don't find 
the agent holding the bomb, you won't 
be able to blast your way into the next 

Place the bomb near the door on the 
right of the screen. When it blows up, 
you'll be able to travel to the next 


Some of the doors are clearly visible, but some are camouflaged against the backgrounds and must be 
searched for carefully. Go through all of them. If you keep pushing up on the directional pad of your 
joystick, you can hesitate before coming back out — and thus avoid the sentries that tend to swarm quickly 
towards an open door. Sometimes the enemies will wander away, but even if they don't, you 
time your exit to fit in with your plan of action. 

11 be able to 


In area two, machine gunners pop out of those packing crates. If you don't 
shoot them immediately, you'll be killed. 

These mines look dangerous, but if 
you steer clear of them, you'll be safe. 

Sometimes, the doors blend with their 
surroundings and are hard to spot. 
Don't overlook any of them, how- 


Behind some doors, you find hostages to be freed (they all say "thank you!" very politely); others hide extra 
ammunition, machine guns, and bonus time which makes it easier for you to clear a level. The most 
important door in any area is the one that conceals a friendly captured soldier who has a bomb to give to 
Viper. At the end of each level. Viper has to use that bomb to blast his way out and into the next level. That's 
why you have to check every door. 

In area three, beware of mercenaries who drop down from the roof of the 

There are also snipers hidden inside this old bus — you must time your 
jumps carefully to fall between their shots. 

Watch out for the stone statues in area 
four - they start to move a few seconds 
after the scene begins, and they can 
crush you if you don't avoid them. 

When leaping over these pits in area 
five, you're attacked by monkey-faced 
goons. Shoot the instant they appear. 


At the end of each level, you rendezvous with a secret agent who has a fragment of a vital confidential 
message. The more levels you complete, the more blanks in the message will be filled in, leading you closer 
and closer to an important revelation about the drug kingpin. Fortunately, you're also given a password 
for each level, so if you have to stop before completing the game, you can at least resume from your 
stopping point without having to go back to the beginning. 

Halfway through area five, deadly acid starts falling. Time your jumps so 
you won't be fried. 

Area six is patrolled by deadly electrical surges that move along the floor. 
Leap over them to avoid having your energy drained away. 

There are conveyor belts and deadly 
spikes to contend with in area seven. 
Shoot twice to kill the blue guard, 
then jump — try to shoot and jump in 
one fluid motion. 

Y our final confrontation with the drug 
lord waits above. Y ou don't even have 
to fight this last group of guards. Just 
leap through them and into the tower 



□nncccpnnnrnnnn nnrnnn 


onflict will attract a 
certain amount of at- 
tention simply because 
it is one of the first 
"mature" war/strat- 
egy games to appear for Nintendo. It 
is also very similar to a best-selling — 
and very playable — TurboGrafx-16 
game called Military Madness. 

You can play against a friend or 
the com- 

are two 
Red and 
Blue, but 
with ac- 
t u a 1 

NATO and Warsaw Pact weapons 
rather than the made-up technology 
used in Military Madness. Each side 
begins with a set number of various 
land and air units and can manufac- 
turer others in occupied factories. 

Using the directional pad, the 
player maneuvers units over various 
types of terrain, attempting to destroy 

the enemy or to defeat his command 
unit. It costs more movement points to 
travel through rough or wooded ter- 
rain than on level plains, and certain 
types of terrain improve a unit's de- 
fensive strength. Whenever possible, 
for example, put your weaker units on 
hills or some other kind of favorable 

It is important to seize airfields 
as they 
a b 1 e 
of sup- 
r e - 

where damaged units can return to 
full strength. If you choose to control 
each battle yourself (rather than let- 
ting the computer be the judge and 
controller) you have five or six de- 
fensive options from which to select. 

Some maneuvers do not offer very 
good protection, but do set you up for 
an effective counterattack. Others may 

One of the few really original touches in Conflict is a 
complete table comparing the strengths and weaknesses 
of every type of weapon used in the game, as well as 
how each pair of weapons would stack up against each 
other in combat. Studying this table in the back of the 
manual for a few minutes can save you from a lot of 

Battles are fought on 
varied terrain, with 
a hexagonal grid 
overlaid to regulate 

William R. Trotter 

You can play all 15 battle-scenarios in 
sequence, or select them individually. 

Before completing the movement part 
of your turn, be sure to order new 
arms production from your factories. 

Airfields and cities are always valu- 
able strategic objectives. 


nnnnn nnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnmmmnmmnDDmma 
nnnnnnn n nnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnmDDDDDDDDDDDr' 

Battles are resolved by the computer 
— or you can fight them yourself step 
by step. 

Movement is controlled by means of 
an arrow-shaped cursor and the di- 
rectional control pad. 

offer a much greater degree of pro- 
tection, but don't leave you in con- 
dition to make a counterattack. The 
cause-and-effect relationship of 
certain maneuvers may not be evi- 
dent in any single game — Conflict 

uses its own rather curious system of 
logic to conduct battles, and it may 
take you a while to get used to that 

Units which are out of supplies 
are virtually worthless. Supply is au- 

tomatic at airfields and towns, but 
you need supply aircraft or trucks 
elsewhere. Remember, though, that 
supply vehicles can't repair dam- 
aged equipment, but can only bring 
fuel and ammunition. 

The battle scenes feature some nice animated screens. 

The battle scenes also feature some silly and redundant 
commentary, which slows the action to a crawl. 


mnm m mnncmD Dnn nmDnnnnmDnnrmnnnnnnnnnnni 
rrrrrrrrrr rrr r Trr r rrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrnnnrn 
□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□nn nnnnnnnn nn nnnnnn r- 


When two opposing units 
meet, the computer resolves the 
battle and awards or debits bo- 
nuses called Fame Points to the 
winner and loser. These Fame 
Points, in turn, translate into 

greater factory production. When you 
run out of Fame Points, you lose all 
ability to manufacture heavy weap- 

There are 15 variously shaped is- 
lands to fight over, plus a special 16th 

island that you can reach only after 
conquering all the others. The va- 
riety of military hardware you can 
deploy is interesting, and there are 
two battle modes in which to use it: 
one in which the computer handles 

Anti-aircraft units are surprisingly effective in this game. 

When you're out of Fame Points, you're also out of luck 

because you can't manufacture any more heavy equip- 











- 1 














If you choose a higher level of diffi- 
culty, your Fame Points (which govern 
the production of new units) will be 

Infantry caught in the open should 
take cover, evade, or retreat when 
attacked by a more powerful unit. 

the details, and one in which you 
can do it. Unfortunately, both 
modes are slowed to a crawl be- 
cause of the on-screen comments 
the computer makes — many of 
them awkwardly translated from 

the Japanese. 

Conflict is a colorful game — many 
of the little animated combat screens 
are very clever — but one that is de- 
cidedly plodding and methodical in 
its war-gaming philosophy. Some 

game players will find it engross- 
ing, while others will likely find it 
just peculiar. At the moment, how- 
ever, there's not another game like 
it in the Nintendo format. 

In the first scenario, "Tale of Mid-Cities," your first objec- 
tive should be to capture the undefended city-hexes in the 
center of the map. 

Commandos are your most effective foot soldiers; they 
have anti-aircraft missiles for self-defense, while ordinary 
infantrymen have nothing but their personal arms. 


nnnrrrn-nnrrrrrnnrrrrrrrrnnrnnnnn r nnnrnnnnnr 

One irritating quirk: Friendly units 
cannot pass through other friendly 
units, even if one is on the ground 
and one in the air. Amphibious op- 
erations are forbidden, too. 


Until you really figure out what's going on in this 
game, we suggest you let the computer do the 
attacking and defending, while you study the 
results of one tactic used against another. There 
are all sorts of little edges that get factored into the 
calculation of a battle's outcome, and the system 
Conflict uses to decide these matters is unique. 

You always get a chance to reconsider 
your orders. Sometimes you definitely 
want to change your mind. 

Vic Tokai 

Lock Ness Avenue; Tor- 
>, C A 90501. 

Infantry units are marginally stronger where you might 
expect them to be: in cities and on high ground. 

Only aircraft can go over water — amphibious attacks are 
not allowed, even by commando units. 



Invaders from Planet X have come to 
Earth. Can you stop them from ruling 
the universe? You can with Godzilla's 

The game begins on Earth's Ring Field. 
Godzilla and Mothra must fight battles 
within the hexagons to advance to the 
enemy base at the other end. 

After each of your moves, the aliens 
move. When you run into each other, 
you have a chance to fight. 

Use Godzilla's radiation breath when his power is full, even if there 
is not a threatening enemy nearby. If you have a lot of life, your power 
will be restored quickly, and using radiation often uncovers life 

In an early battle, you can see how Godzilla's powerful tail can chop 
through rock. 


Godzilla, that deadly Oriental reptile, isn't just rampaging through 
our planet's cities leaving a trail of destruction anymore. Now he's 
protecting Earth from the ambitious invaders of Planet X. These aliens 
have a familiar goal. That's right, you guessed it. They want to rule the 

You fight on a battleground made up of the eight interplanetary 
Ring Fields. Alternating between Godzilla and Mothra, a powerful 
flying creature, you are sent by Earth to destroy the enemy bases 
located on each of the Ring Fields. 

Godzilla has a powerful kick, punch, and tail chop. And if those 
skills aren't enough, one blast of his deadly radiation breath levels 
almost any creature. Mothra can't fight like Godzilla, but this mutant 
moth does have an eye beam and a destructive poisonous powder 
attack which are fairly effective against enemies. 

Each Ring Field is represented by a grid of hexagons. You move 
to a hexagon, then the aliens advance. Land on a clear hexagon and 
enter a battle. Meet an alien with a move and fight a boss. But reach the 
end of the grid and you'll get a chance to destroy an enemy base. 
Passwords and a continue feature help your progress. By the end of 
this interplanetary war, you'll have those aliens wishing they 7 d never 
left Planet X. _ , 


When playing Mothra on lower levels, fly as high as possible while moving steadily forward. Often your 
enemies will simply move past you without causing any harm. 

Gezora's eye is his weak spot. A direct hit weakens him, causing his color 
to change. 

Don't let a monster corner you. You need room to maneuver. An enemy 
right on top of you is too close for you to use your tail chop to its best 

Using radiation on rocks often reveals 
restoring life capsules. 

. In the battle stages, save radiation for 
cannons and walls. 


Use Godzilla against alien bosses. He is much more effective against them than Mothra. You'll find that 
each boss monster has a weak point. In general, try to trap the alien on one side of the screen. Hit him with 
tail chops while your power rebuilds, then blast him with radiation breath. 

Mothra can use a poisonous powder attack to uncover life capsules hidden 
within these rocks. 

When playing Mothra, it is best to fly high. You don't want to meet the 
enemy head on, since Mothra doesn't have the strength of Godzilla. 

Hitting these enemy launchers often 
reveals the life capsules you need to 
keep pushing forward. 

These birds emerge from flaming balls. 
If you hit them before they hit you, 
they'll release life capsules. 


After reaching an enemy base, use Godzilla's radiation sparingly. You need it for triple cannons that fire 
at you and for walls that pop up. If you waste the radiation on easy obstacles, you won't be at full power 
for the hard stuff. 

Hitting the top of a volcano will usually provide a life capsule. 

When shot, these purple blobs emit life capsules. 

In battle stages, it is more difficult for 
Mothra to make progress than for 
Godzilla. That's why he can move 
four hexagons on each turn to 
Godzilla's two. 

"Unable to advance farther" appears 
when you try to move Godzilla more 
than the two spaces he is allowed in 
the Ring Field. 


Remember that you don't have to defeat every monster to advance in a Ring Field. Though you can move 
several spaces at a time, it is best to plan a route to the enemy base first and then to advance one space at 
a time. If you advance two spaces you have to fight longer and risk losing too much life or power before 
meeting the enemy monster. 

Here Godzilla fights with Mars in the background. Giving this dragon a • 
breath blast kills him immediately. 

Godzilla has several fighting maneuvers to his credit. He can punch, duck, 
kick, and tail chop, and use blasts of radiation, as well. 

One good dose of radiation and 
Moguera will bubble and die. What a 
way to go! 

If you can outlast an enemy monster 
for more than 40 seconds, he will 
decide it is not to his advantage to 
continue fighting and will retreat to 
the next Ring Field. 



Golgo 13 has a mean karate kick — use it on enemies that are close. 
Save your bullets for long-range targets. You'll never have enough 
bullets that you can afford to waste any shots. 

Just as in the original game, Golgo 1 3 gets to use his customized M-l 6 
against a wide variety of targets. 


In this sequel to the best-selling Golgo 13, you once again step into 
the shoes of Duke Togo (a.k.a. Golgo 13), the assassin for hire who out- 
Bonds James Bond. Once you get past the incredibly involved intro- 
ductory sequence, you're thrown head first into a wild, but fairly 
plausible, storyline. It seems that a "Star Wars" satellite has been 
stolen from orbit, and Dr. Burrows, the scientist who perfected 
satellite-capture technology, has been kidnapped. 

A sinister gang calling itself the Mafat Revolutionary Group 
claims responsibility and demands that the U.S. government turn 
over a nuclear submarine fully armed with missiles. If this is not done, 
all orbiting satellites — both U.S. and Soviet — will be plucked from 
the sky. As Golgo 13, you must track down and liquidate the leader of 
this Mafat group, rescue Dr. Burrows, and destroy the satellite- 
capturing system. Hey, it's all in a day's work for the Duke. 

Not only must you fight a horde of attackers, but you must also 
collect clues, information, and sometimes weapons from those people 
you meet. Pay attention to the dialogue balloons. While much of what 
you'll read is silly chitchat, some of it is vital information that appears 
only once — no matter how many times you run into the character. 

Be aware that there are time limits on the driving and maze 
sequences, and if you fail to clear these screens within the limit, the 
game ends. 

Vic Tokai 

The use of dialogue screens is more 
extensive and much more sophisti- 
cated in this sequel than it was in the 
original game. 

There's a very long introduction to 
this game, and unfortunately, you 
can't speed past it after you've seen it 

Y ou encounter your first maze in Paris, 
near the beginning of the adventure. 
Just stay oriented according to the 
compass indicator, and you should 
have no trouble mapping your way. 


Much of the dialogue is unimportant, but some of it is crucial to winning the game. You can't afford not 
to pay attention — or to forget to take notes on the conversations. 

When you exit the maze, keep an eye on the alleyway on the left. Danger 
lurks in the shadows. 

You need some very high jumps to cross this broken bridge. Anything less 
and more than your feet will get wet. 

When terrorists start lobbing gre- 
nades, you may find it easier to take 
the higher route than to stay on your 
present path. 

This ninja assassin strikes with light- 
ning speed. Begin shooting as soon as 
he appears. 


On the sniper screens, check the direction and speed of the wind and compensate if necessary before 
squeezing off your shot. 

Attackers come at you from all sides during this wild ride on the Orient 

Driving Duke's Ferrari is exciting, but don't forget to shift gears when your 
instrument panel red-lines. 

Gerbich, the KGB operative, comes 
after you in an attack chopper. You 
only get one shot to bring him down, 
so make it count. 

In the hotel in Venice, you're attacked 
by this scimitar-waving villain. Back 
him to the wall so he won't have room 
to swing, and then use your kick. 


Just as you would in reality, keep an eye on your dashboard instruments while you're driving the Ferrari. 
Be sure to shift up when your RPMs reach the red line. 

To beat this attacker, drive him to the edge of the car and then kick him 
repeatedly until he goes down. He's more difficult to beat when he stands 
in any other location. 

Ahmed Khan knows where the Mafat 
base is, but you have to question him 
very forcefully to get the information. 

Some of the guards at the base have 
bulletproof shields. It's very difficult 
to kill them, but if you leap over them, 
they won't follow you. 

In Afghanistan, the first section of Act 5, you're ambushed by whirling 
dervishes. They are very agile, so be prepared to move quickly when they 


Be sure to map the maze on the 3-D screens. There's a useful shortcut to be found, and a map will help you 
find it. 

" . . . please,. . . 


Even after you crack the Mafat Conspiracy, there's still one more job to do 
— a personal epilogue to the main story. 

A last confrontation at the airport. Will the traitor get away? Not if you 
allow for windage before shooting. 

Good shot! You may have to play this 
scene several times to get a hit, and the 
windage changes each time. 



If s better to jump over the sea mon- 
ster if you can — unless, of course, it's 
guarding a doorway. 

The man-eating sharks are milder than 
they seem, so go ahead and fight them. 

Take the risk and destroy this skele- 
ton fish. It may still have some fight 
left, but it also hides the blue Bert pill. 

It's best to fight most of the bosses as Mark, since his bat is very 
effective at knocking weapons and energy blasts back at the bosses. 
But the Grim Reaper is an exception. Fight that boss as Bert, flying 
behind the Reaper and firing repeatedly at his mid-section. 


Mark just made a new friend, but can the friendship last? His new 
buddy is Bert, a winged creature from the planet Dark World. 

Bert just swooped down as Mark was walking home from a base- 
ball game. His sad tale of a people terrorized by evil monsters touched 
Mark, and so the boy accompanied the creature back to Dark World. 
Two things might save the planet — Mark's bat, and the way Bert and 
Mark can meld into one being for extra fighting power. 

Most of the time, Mark explores the planet as himself, fending off 
aliens and their weapons with his bat. But if he happens on a blue 
capsule, he turns into Bert and can fly and fire laser beams from his 

Mark's foes range from the easily destroyed to the nearly invin- 
cible, and all of them are extremely weird . T ake the giant fried shrimp, 
for example, or the tremendous and deadly potted plant. When you 
defeat the really big monsters, you obtain items or powers that enable 
you to rid the Dark World of the nasties that make life miserable. 

If you thought a Louisville Slugger was only good for baseball, 
then perhaps you should wangle an invitation to Monster Party, where 
batting 1.000 is a life or death situation. 


Try not to become plant food for this battling botanical beastie. It's not 
nearly as friendly as it sounds. Whack its bubbles back in its face. 


Experiment with the monsters and bosses in each stage. You can conserve energy if you only go after the 
boss who's hiding the key you need. Don't bother to return to bosses who can't give you anything but a hard 

You might as well fly up and get that ? symbol. You never know what 
items those question marks are hiding, but it's usually good news. 

These guys dance for you, but don't join in. If you try to fight them, you'll 
prolong your stay, so just watch them. 

Hop over these floating stone islets 
quickly. Some may start to sink on 
you if you stay too long. 

This guy may look tough, but you'll 
actually be better off battling him as 


On the haunted house level, take the high road to the boss. Then take the low road back and use the key 
you obtained while in the haunted house. 

You may have to adjust your position when you see the trajectory of 
whatever weapon is being used against you. You want just the right angle 
for a return smash. 

The shark guarding the doorway seems to indicate that there's something 
valuable on the other side. 

Whoops! Not every doorway leads to 
a prize. But you have to look the first 
time. Then remember what doors not 
to enter on your next trip through. 

Try to attack the chairs before they 
can attack you. And watch out for a 
pair of pants, too. 


Despite Bert's laser blasts, Mark's bat is your best weapon, especially in 
the early stages. 

Keep going after you've finished with the chairs. There's a blue pill ahead 
that you need for your next battle. 

The monsters may seem to be hidden 
in the background, but they reveal 
themselves in their own good time. 
Stay alert. 

You can fight most of the monsters, 
but avoid the ghosts if possible. They 
won't do you any good, and trying to 
fight them just holds you up. 


The best way to kill the last boss is as Mark. Stand in the lower left comer and use the bat to knock the 
bubbles back at the monster. You may have to adjust your position to get the correct deflection angle. Don't 
worry — you've already defeated bosses more difficult than he is. 

One of these creatures has an important item which will turn you into your 
favorite winged creature. 

You'll want to fight the Grim Reaper as Bert. It's tricky to fly and shoot si- 
multaneously, so don't be surprised if you have to try a couple of times 
before you're successful. 

The witch's stardust may be pretty, 
but it's also deadly. You definitely 
want to avoid it. 

The Louisville Slugger is your weapon 
of choice against this boss — and most 
of the others. 



Those rabid pit bulls can be truly vicious, but if you get down to their 
level, so to speak, you can send them on their way — and they'll be a 
lot smaller to boot. 

Use the NARC Mobile Scanner to get the lowdown on all Mr. Big's 
crazies — from Dr. Spike Rush to Kinky Pinky to Sgt. Skyhigh. 


Out on the streets, it's war. The drug problem was bad before, but 
now a new player, Mr. Big, is financing an army of ruthless dealers, 
gangsters, and terrorists — even rabid pit bulls and mutant bugs. He 
means to win, and he will unless you, as Max Force, can battle your 
way through his battalions of thugs and meet him face to face. 

In NARC, you begin as a well-armed operative of the Narcotics 
Opposition. But with hordes of Mr. Big's henchmen stalking the 
streets, you won't be armed for long unless you can bust these thugs 
and confiscate their weapons. And as long as you're appropriating, 
you may as well pick up any cash, contraband, or other items they 
happen to drop. 

You've got to clean up nine different sectors before you get your 
shot at Mr. Big. Your primary weapon is a machine gun, but, if there 
are just too many guys on the screen to individually bust or kill, you 
can use rocket bombs, which provide a much more dramatic end to 
Mr. Big's minions. You can also run down your foes in your Narcmo- 
bile, or lead them to their doom in one of the many minefields. 

NARC features some really exciting action sequences, with good 
graphics. To put drug dealers out of business is is a great goal, but 
having to blow up the criminals is less praiseworthy. Regardless, 
NARC is a fast-paced adventure that should keep your fingers flying. 


Hmm ... wonder what Max has been 
doing with the money he's confis- 
cated. After all, Porsches aren't ex- 
actly department issue. 

You can either bust a crook or kill him. 
An arrest is riskier, but more reward- 
ing — you won't receive as many 
bonus points if you kill your suspects. 

Here’s one way to clear all the crowds 
off those congested commuter train 
platforms. Fortunately, it doesn’t ap- 
pear to be rush hour yet. 


When you're in the drug labs, go after the chemical vats whenever there's a lull in the fighting (which won't 
be often). The vats are big point items, and if you take out enough of them, you'll put the lab out of business 
and earn an extra 25,000 points. 

Be sure to pick up everything that's dropped during a gun battle, including 
any cash. If you don't, it will just go back into Mr. Big's organization. 

See? It really pays to bust a guy instead of blowing him away. Just think 
of the vacation you can afford after this case — if you survive. 

Meet Dr. Spike Rush, a criminal gen- 
ius who creates his own weapons of 
destruction. Be prepared for some 
tough going in his territory. 

Once this chopper gets on your tail, 
you have to keep moving. If you hesi- 
tate, you'll give the pilot a perfect 
target for one of his bombs. 


If you haven't had any luck trying to bust Kinky Pinky, don't worry. You can't bust him. In contrast to his 
appearance, he's a little too smart to be caught with any of the goods on him. So you can either let him go, 

Things look awfully busy inside the KWAK shop today. It would really be 
a shame if someone started blasting away at all the pretty vials and tanks. 

If only you could get to all the stuff those guys are leaving on the floor. 
Since they won't stop coming, you must take the offensive. 


Your only chance of getting out of 
here is to grab that blue "safe" card 
and use it. There's a "safe" card in 
each room — the trick is finding it. 

You get to play with helicopters, too. 
Here, you're making a drop along the 
bridge, where the landmines provide 
yet another obstacle to your progress. 


Crouching is a good way of conserving your life energy in battle. Not only do you present a smaller target 
to your enemies, but you're also already in position to fend off any rabid pit bulls who haven't been fed 

The mines can be deadly, but if you're tricky, you can lure your enemies 
into setting them off by making them follow you. 

There are enough bugs in this place to require a 50-gallon drum of Raid. 
Try to dodge them if you can. A rocket bomb makes an effective flyswatter. 

These dudes must have been at Wood- 
stock, man! Actually, Sgt. Skyhigh is 
more a hawk than a dove. 

What better way to get out of a green- 
house than with a green "safe" card? 
Let's hope that all of Sgt. Skyhigh's 
harvest has gone up in smoke. 


Enemy helicopters are a nuisance, but they can be brought down by firing a rocket bomb while you're at 
the top of a jump. Don't try to shoot at one coming toward you, though, or your jump will have a higher 
hang time than Michael Jordan's. 

You should try to conserve your rocket bombs, but — as you can see from 
this anatomy lesson — they're quite effective, especially in crowds. 

Is this the real Mr. Big, or yet another imposter sent to throw you of the 
track? Keep firing and you may get him to show his true colors. 

That's more like it! His neck gives him 
a longer reach than Buster Douglas, 
but if you keep plugging away at a 
certain spot, he'll fall to pieces. 

Well, this gold bullion should make 
up for all the trouble you've been 
through — and then some. Just don't 
worry about your new tax bracket. 



That egg flying toward you can mean 
only one thing — you're about to be 
pecked by a couple of bouncing baby 

Some of the houses are locked up for 
the night, although you may be able to 
find a key. Just keep trying the build- 
ings until you find a door that opens. 

You won't believe the swelling you'll 
get if these insects sting you. They're 
not too agile, though, so you should 
be able to dodge them on your way to 
the bones. 


You should keep moving at all times. This is necessary not only because you want to avoid all the nasties 
running around the place, but also because you get sleepier sooner if you stand still for any length of time. 

You'll earn 2,000 points for each bone you find — and move a step closer 
to ending Freddy's reign of terror forever. Or at least until the next 
nightmare hits beleaguered Elm Street. 

It takes good timing to move down to where the Acrobat icon waits. But 
his powers will allow you to perform amazing stunts in your efforts to 
keep out of danger. 

Once you've collected all the bones in 
a room, you'll want to look for an exit 
or a passage into the next room. The 
arrow signifies an escape route. 

You could go broke buying nail pol- 
ish for this hand! Fight it by moving 
around until you can get a good shot. 
Make sure that the hand never gets 
behind you. 


Defeat the giant hand, and you'll win not only a key with which you can 
escape from the house, but 12,000 bonus points as well. 

The Shamblers, who appear to be the descendants of Frankenstein's 
monster, aren't very quick. It's easier to avoid them than to fight them. 

What's a nightmare without ghosts? 
As fearsome as they may appear, the 
ghosts are small potatoes compared 
to the bogles you'll find prowling the 

A stroll down Elm Street confirms 
that it's impossible to sleep — and 
therefore to dream — while a boom 
box is playing at full volume. So don't 
forget to grab that one in the corner. 


This fellow brings a new meaning to the phrase "sticking your neck out." 
Keep dodging him until you can get a good shot at an exposed vertebrae. 

The Shadow Warrior shares a common heritage with the ninjas of Japan. 
His lightning kicks can cause problems for these bogles as well as Mr. 

The Shadow Warrior is most effective 
in the Nightmare Chambers. A flying 
kick is just what's needed to de-finger 
this hand. 

OK, you knew it was coming. No 
nightmare is complete without a trip 
to the cemetery. Just try to get through 
the place as quickly as possible — and 
in one piece. 


When fighting Freddy, you should try to keep moving and, more importantly, try to anticipate his jumps 
so you can get to the spots ahead of him. For all his terrifying ways, Freddy's fairly predictable and can be 
outmaneuvered if you watch him carefully. 

Here's a perfect location for Freddy's bones — the junkyard. You never 
know what's waiting around the corner, but if you pick up that Shadow 
Warrior icon, at least you'll be prepared. 

Looks like the Skull Family is out for a little midnight constitutional. 
Unfortunately for them, your flying kicks aren't too good for their health. 

This is a rather formidable creature, to 
be sure. But with the right tactics, it 
can easily be beaten. Head for the 
comer, wait for it to come to you, and 
then use your flying kicks. 

At last — a fateful meeting with 
everyone's favorite psycho, Freddy 
Krueger. But don't concentrate only 
on fighting him, or those claws in the 
floor will make mincemeat of you. 



The best way to get past the mechanical bulldogs is to avoid them 
entirely by jumping over them, or to hide inside a crate and let the 
dogs walk into you (which knocks them off the screen). 


He's mean, he's overweight, he's feline ... he's Fat Cat, the 
casino king of the city. But Fat Cat won't be satisfied until he's got the 
whole city under his chubby thumb. So he's kidnapped Chip and 
Dale's friend Gadget and is making her invent machines that will help 
him dominate the townspeople. 

But Fat Cat hadn't reckoned on the Rescue Rangers. The team is 
hot on the trail of Fat Cat, with the chipmunk pair doing the legwork 
while Monterey Jack points out secret doors and Gadget radios advice 
from her cell. Zipper the bee also shows up occasionally to whack all 
the enemies off the screen and give Chip and Dale a well-needed rest. 

Players can choose to be either Chip or his more buck-toothed 
friend Dale (or both in a two-player game). Using crates and bombs, 
they attack the members of Fat Cat's gang: mechanical dogs, tennis- 
playing kangaroos, football-tossing rhinos — even a lizard that turns 
into a chipmunk when you get close to it. 

Though obviously intended for younger Nintendo fans, there are 
enough whimsical monsters and challenging arcade sequences in 
Rescue Rangers to satisfy more experienced or older players as well. It 
isn't a difficult game (it even lacks the different skill levels found in 
Capcom's earlier Disney game DuckTales) but there are several tricky 
sections that might frustrate the very young (or their parents). 

This is what happens when Mickey 
Mouse goes bad. These mice are fast 
— hide in a crate instead of rodent 
bashing. And grab those two flowers. 
Don't forget: For every 50 flowers you 
collect, you earn an extra life. 

The first boss you meet doesn't exactly 
inspire fear. Just try to avoid the 
lightning bolts it throws and aim your 
red ball at its teeny, tiny yellow head. 

Each time you complete a stage, you 
enter this bonus round . There's always 
a one-up icon hidden under the crate 
in the middle of the top row. 


If you come to a place that seems too high for you to jump up to, look around for the gray steel boxes. You 
can stack these to form a high platform. But be careful — you can't throw them like you can the crates. You 
need to make sure there are no enemies lurking nearby before you start piling up the boxes. 

Follow this map to reach Fat Cat's casino. Remember — you can take the 
most direct route instead of stopping in every area. 

There are a number of flower icons in the sink, but you'll be swept away 
if you don't turn the water off before clambering down. Jump on the 
faucets a few times to turn off the water, then help yourself to the flowers. 

This boss is a funny spaceship that 
drops tentacled monsters toward you. 
Avoid them if you can, and keep 
throwing your red ball up at the ship 
until it disappears. 

After every stage. Gadget will give 
you encouragement (plus a hint or 
two on what waits ahead). 


You might decide that the bombs are more trouble than they're worth. Destroying enemies with the bombs 
is no easier than using the crates, and if you hold onto the bombs for too long, you'll end up blowing 
yourself up instead of Fat Cat's cronies. 

This jack-in-the-box is the most vicious thing you'll find in the toyshop. 
Jack wobbles and can hit you when you're not looking. You can either hit 
him with a crate, or jump over him when he goes back in his box. 

You have to turn these switches to the "off" position to make the balls stop 
dropping from above. Use a crate or two, but you need to stand at a 
distance to get the height you need. 

This funny robot isn't so humorous 
when the balls he blows out of his 
head start raining down on you. Find 
a safe spot to stand and start attacking 
his middle — the weak spot in his 
armored body. 

There's no pattern to these pipes, so 
it's tricky to complete this scene. Don't 
pick up the crates you see — stand on 
them instead. Even if the pipes roll 
out from under you, the pipes will 
balance in midair. 


Rhino Runner will knock the crates off the screen for you, leaving behind 
the power-up icons. Stay out of his way — he's much too strong and fast 
to tangle with. 

This is Fat Cat's right-hand feline, the boss of the casino. There are two 
spikes on the floor — if you stand just to the left of the spike on the right, 
his missiles will miss you, but you can still hit him. 

When you've defeated the casino level, 
you'll find that Fat Cat has escaped. 
Luckily, Gadget has a rocket in which 
you can blast off to levels H, I, and J. 

Since these pelicans can't walk, it's 
easy to avoid them. Stay out of their 
way unless there's one directly in your 


Remember that the map is just a guide for getting to Fat Cat. You can take shortcuts to the casino without 
missing any items you need for the final confrontations. You will, however, miss some of Gadget's advice, 
which sometimes can help you make it through the game's trickier sections in one piece. 

Be especially careful around these fans. Their air current can sweep you 
onto the thumbtacks before you can say "ouch!". 

It's difficult to get by the ducks carrying plunger guns because you can't 
stoop under their missiles. It also takes two crates to knock them off the 

Use the crates to turn off these ma- 
chines, or else the battleaxes will turn 
you into minced chipmunk. 

Here's your chance to put Fat Cat in 
his place once and for all. Just watch 
out for the ashes falling off his cigar. 



Our hero starts with a visit to River City's archrival. Cross Town High, 
turf of the Generic Dudes — angry young men with a grudge against 


High school certainly isn't what it used to be. Once, a student 7 s 
biggest worry was doing homework on time or getting a date for the 
weekend. But in River City Ransom, our preppie heroes, Alex and 
Ryan, have more serious troubles. Slick, the city's most powerful gang 
lord, has taken the students of River City High hostage. 

As Alex or Ryan (or both if you play with a friend), you must make 
your way through hordes of Slick's henchmen, ranging from the 
wimpy Frat Guys to the tough Internationals. Every group has its own 
unique fighting style. For example, the Mob likes to use tires as 
weapons, while the members of the Plague usually opt for lead pipes. 
Also, some gangs hold grudges against either Alex or Ryan and may 
be more aggressive toward one hero than the other. 

Fighting all these thugs takes a lot of skill and energy, and you can 
pick up both in the many stores of River City's malls. Each mall has 
restaurants where you can fuel up your power and stamina. You can 
find stores in which to buy special powers and fighting techniques 
with the money you accumulate by beating your foes. 

River City Ransom combines cartoon-like graphics, humor, and a 
bit of strategy into an action game that doesn't require lightning-quick 
reflexes to play. 

American Technos 

Don't hesitate to go back over turf you've already cleaned up. The 
gang members usually recover quickly and seem to visit the bank to 
pick up more money as soon as they're back on their feet. You can 
really pad your wallet by leaving a scene, andthen returning so there 
are plenty of hoods to beat up all over again. 

The Generic Dudes like to use weap- 
ons when fighting. If you can make 
them give up their weapons, you'll 
have a considerable edge. 

Don't forget to grab the bouncing coin 
whenever you beat up someone. Later 
on, you'll need every little piece of 
change you can get your hands on. 

When was the last time you saw a 
trash can as the weapon of choice in a 
gang fight? James Dean certainly 
would never have stooped to using 


Instead of wading into a fight with your fists flying, try to observe the behavior of each gang's members. 
They fight differently when on defense or offense, and react differently depending on whether you're 
playing the game as Alex or Ryan. 

It looks like we've tuned in to a pro wrestling spectacular. Here's your 
chance to give these jerks a taste of your Hulk Hogan moves. 

Trash cans can be effective weapons, but they do slow a guy down. They 
also make him extremely vulnerable to a well-placed kick. 

Be sure to check your money meter 
occasionally. When you've saved 
enough, you can run to the malls and 
check out all the wonderful bargains 
they offer. 

Wonder what kind of mileage they 
get with these tires? Let's just hope 
they rotate them every six months — 
or every 2,000 concussions, which- 
ever comes first. 


It really pays to strengthen yourself as early as possible in the game. If you can buy everything the Grotto 
Mall has to offer, things will be much easier for you later. Keep an eye on your status screen, and you can 
pinpoint the areas in which you still need skill improvements. 

In the early stages when you have few or no special fighting skills, a stick 
should be your choice for the best all-around weapon. 

Why not try a brief respite from the fighting in the Grotto Mall? There are 
lots of things to buy, but you'd better have plenty of money with you. 

If you pick the sushi bar over the 
pancake house, try buying the rolls. 
They're relatively cheap, but they pack 
a lot of nutrition for any hero on the 


Of all the things on this menu, the 
tuna roll may be your best buy. It's 
particularly effective for enhancing 
your stamina rating. 

| 148 

If you're playing in the two-player mode and one of your characters loses all his energy, you can get him 
back by moving the remaining player to the next scene, and then returning to the spot where he met his 


S126 .00 
f 1 AV" 

S 20 .00 

S+o»->e 26-35 

>Oro9oh Feet 26.35 
Aero Circus 26.35 
Noth i 


Book v— 

Store ►YES 

Is this what 

Books on ancient martial arts techniques can be purchased in the Grotto 
Book Store. For your first buy, try the "dragon feet." 



































7 1 




| PresGhf Status . 

You can get a good idea of your strengths — as well as the areas that need 
improvement — with an occasional look at the status screen. Take a look 
at it before wading into battle against the bosses. 

If you have a sweet tooth, you can pay 
a little visit to the Metro Bakery. Just 
don't expect this food to have much 
effect on your strength or stamina. 

Be especially careful in Sherman Park, 
the home turf of the Jocks. These guys 
are quick, strong — and they have a 
major grudge against Alex. 


For the ultimate in kicking power, purchase the Texas Boots as early as possible. Unless you're fighting one 
of the toughest bosses, the boots are the only weapon you need. Be careful, though. Kicking drains your 
energy quickly. 

The W.S.L. Co. Warehouse is on the Mob's turf, which means you must be 
getting closer to confronting Slick and rescuing the students of River City 

Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play in the streets — let alone the 
thru way? Fortunately, you won't have to dodge any cars ... just Rocko and 
his boys. 

You're close now! Slick is waiting for 
you somewhere around here. If you 
want to find him, you'll have to slam 
dunk yourself onto the second floor. 

So Slick is none other than your old 
nemesis, Simon. He's always had it in 
for you and Ryan. Now's your chance 
to make him pay for his treachery. 



As criminals approach, your Foe Detector begins blinking. With your 
superhuman strength, you can easily defeat most enemies bare- 


The place is Old Detroit, the once-proud Motor City, home of Mo- 
town. But now it's so infested with crime, so thoroughly corrupt, that 
the police can no longer control the city. Old Detroit is a war zone, and 
cops are just so many moving targets. 

Enter OCP — a private corporation specializing in security. They 
have accepted a contract to enforce the law in Old Detroit. They 
envision a force of robot patrolmen, ruthless and invincible, stamping 
out the criminal element. And heading this robotic army will be a 
hybrid, part machine, part man. 

So, under the leadership of Dick Jones, OCP begins work on a 
Robocop. But first they need a man, a trained officer. And he must be 
dead. You become the chosen victim, sent out on a suicide mission just 
so OCP can have its experimental policeman. 

Once you begin patrolling the streets, you discover that much of 
the crime in Detroit stems from one place. Your task will lead you to 
the drug lord Clarence Boddicker, and eventually to OCP executive 
Dick Jones — the man responsible for your death. 

Robocop is only loosely based on the 1987 movie of the same name. 
Much of your game time will be spent searching through complex 
buildings and dispensing with routine enemies. But the robots, though 
few and far between, really liven up the action. 

Data East 

Criminals have a nasty habit of attacking while your back is turned. 
As you progress through the game, watch the windows you've 
passed. Be ready to turn and punch. And remember that even the dogs 
of Old Detroit are out to get you. Watch them carefully — they really 
move fast. 

When this biker comes at you, kneel 
and get ready. If you punch just as he 
begins his jump, you'll send him 

Be sure to watch for jars of power food 
and battery rechargers. The food in- 
creases your power gauge, while re- 
chargers replenish the energy you use 
throughout the game. 

Once you enter the doorway at the 
end of Second Street, you'll run into 
this rusty OCP reject. Get down and 
pummel his midsection. 


Don't try to fight the rolling wall of spikes in City Hall. The entrance to the mayor's office will be flashing 
on your right. Head straight for it. When you enter, you'll find the kidnapper is using the mayor for a shield . 
Don't shoot yet — you could hit the hostage. Instead, watch the mayor's knees. They'll start shaking, and 
he'll fall to the floor. Now make your move. 

As you approach City Hall, you'll be attacked by thugs with rifles and 
flamethrowers. Stand just out of range and shoot diagonally to get the 
sniper. Duck under the flamethrower between blasts and shoot up. 

Once inside City Hall, search these rooms for a secret passage straight to 
the mayor's office. With your infrared vision, you'll see the wall hiding the 
passage begin to flash. Punch it down. 

On this floor you should find the Cobra 
gun. You need it to destroy the ene- 
mies you'll soon face. 

The factory is huge, with plenty of 
hiding places. Use caution — you're 
going to be attacked from every side. 


The OCP Building is guarded by some sophisticated technology. Stay low to shoot the red security drones. 
Shoot them all. The last one will leave a recharger. Two guards with shields try to stop you at the elevator. 
They'll drop a gun and recharger when you finish them off. 

These three foes are tiny, but they're mean. Finish them quickly or they'll 
finish you. Your shots will fly right over their heads if you don't stoop to 
their level. So kneel and keep squeezing that trigger. 

When you get off the elevator, you'll 
be attacked by thugs and by laser 
cannons from the ceiling. Keep mov- 
ing forward until you're beneath the 
cannons. They can't hit you there. 

After you've gone through the door- 
way, this massive cannon will rise 
from the floor. Watch the pattern of its 
shots. Move closer or farther, shoot- 
ing as it does. It will take several hits. 


Things get hairy when you reach the abandoned steel mill. Quickly down the helicopter that attacks you, 
being careful not to take any hits. There's plenty more to come. A blast from the Cobra gun takes three or 
four power points off your gauge. And you can't afford not to be in top form. 

When you meet ED-209 — Jones' personal security guard — concentrate 
your fire on its underside, and move as it does. Even once it's destroyed, 
you still can't touch Jones. You can't arrest an OCP employee! 

Mission 5 takes you to an abandoned steel mill, where Boddicker waits for 
you. Watch for snipers! 

To beat Boddicker, shoot him con- 
stantly. As long as you keep hitting 
him, he won't be able to fire back. 
Once he jumps to the top level, stay 
with him. 

Watch that overhead crane. If the 
girder falls on you, you're finished. 
And so is Detroit. 


In Mission 6, your goal is simply to stop Dick Jones. Naturally, it's easier said than done. You'll find that 
the boardroom where Jones is speaking is guarded by all the machines you've seen so far. Don't 
overestimate your powers! The machines have the same flaws as before, but they are much more difficult 
to destroy. And you'll need all your power for your final battles. 

The moving sidewalk leads to the OCP Building in Delta City. Shoot the 
barrels so you can proceed. 

The OCP boardroom where Jones is addressing the directors is guarded 
by a familiar cast of characters. 

When you see the new and improved 
ED-209, you'll know the end is near. 
Watch his pattern, forward and back. 
And use your Cobra gun. 

So Jones finally gets what's coming to 
him. That's what he gets for taking the 
company president hostage. But is 
that the end? Well, it is for now. 



riginally a computer 
jjK ^ game inspired by 
M those mad scientist 
M classics and old space 

serials. Rocket Ranger 
is part camp, part strategy. 

When aliens invade Europe, they 
form a country called Leutonia. You 
know they're up to no good, and when 
news leaks out from the occupied 
that Leu- 
t o n i a ' s 

on con- 
the world, 
you know 
your suspicions were correct. When 
Krag kidnaps an eminent U.S. scien- 
tist and his daughter, you decide to 
take matters into your own hands. It's 
lucky you just perfected that new 
rocket pack! 

Your agents inside Leutonia send 
word that the Leutonians are mining a 
rare ore, Lunarium, from their lunar 
satellite in Earth's orbit. They're using 
the ore to manufacture bombs. Your 

job is tough — you must travel into 
occupied countries to find rocket fac- 
tories, steal rocket parts, and construct 
your own rocket so you can blast off to 
the Leutonian moon. In addition, you 
must find the jungle and desert bases 
where the Lunarium ore is being 
stored. And last, but not least, you 
must rescue Professor Barnstorff and 
his daughter Jane. 

I First stop 
should be 
in the war 

As time passes, your agents will gradually be discov- 
ered by the enemy and be killed . Even if you're down 
to a single agent, you won't have much luck blindly 
flying to countries searching for bases or rocket parts. 
You'll just be wasting time and lunarium. 

room, in 
which you 
study a 
map of the 
world and 
y o u Y 
agents. When the game begins, your 
agents are spread out across the map. 
Don't move them until each one re- 
ports, then move three to Africa, one 
to the Middle East, and one to South 

Keep moving those agents in Af- 
rica and the Middle East until each 
country is infiltrated, then move them 
into Europe looking for rocket parts. 
When all the South American coun- 

Yo,u have five 
agents spread out 
over the globe at the 
beginning of the 
game. Move the 
agent out of Leu- 
tonia and relocate 
any that are in Eu- 

Leslie Mizell 

There are four places to which you 
can travel. For the most part, you'll be 
journeying between the war room 
and rocket pack launches. 

Your agent in Leutonia will fill you in 
on Colonel Krag's plot. Read his re- 
port carefully, then move him to an- 
other country. 

Your first opportunity to save the 
Bamstorffs is from a dirigible. You'll 
be fired on, but the real danger is to 
the Bamstorffs. One false shot on your 
part will cause the blimp to explode. 


rnrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnrrnnrnrrr r n H 

You should try to sabotage a stra- 
tegic site whenever you can get to 
one easily. Each site you damage is 
a tremendous blow to the aliens' 

When you enter a dogfight, don't 
cross the path of a plane. The trick 
is to find an angle where you can 
hit them, but they can't hit you. 

vour i i ps . Th i s one ’ © 

for vou . Krog . vou sov 

©of t l v , goes 

around » cones around . 

tries are infiltrated, have the agent 
set up a resistance movement in each 
country then — if he's still alive — 
move him into Canada to repeat the 

Once they've discovered both 

bases and most of the rocket parts, 
you can change your agents' orders. If 
you have them organize resistance 
movements, you can slow down the 
aliens and get more Lunarium. 

While your agents are busy spy- 

ing, you need to be on your toes as 
well. Your agents will report on the 
locations of strategic sites, rocket 
plants, and Lunarium bases. De- 
stroying a strategic base will damage 
the Leutonians' efficiency. Travel to 

Don't just travel randomly from country to country look- 
ing for rocket parts. It will just waste fuel — and you don't 
have any to spare. 

cope . 

Vcu spend tno I on© 
isonths searching Tor 
scrething - cnvthirn - 
but Find nothing. 

vou’ve Heard that 
repeated exposure -To 
iunariun lexers the rale 
IG fc> v thirtv point©. You 
start to uonder if vour 
He l net uas on tight 
enough bach ot the Fuel 
depot. else could 
Hove caused vou to iccste i 
two nonths flving to o 
count rv - on I v to Find 
enso lute iv nothin©. 

Here's another problem with traveling to a country with- 
out finding out from an agent if there's anything there. 
With each month that passes, the aliens get stronger. 





a rocket plant and you'll have to 
fight an alien guard before you can 
pick up a rocket part. The desert and 
jungle bases where the Lunarium is 
stored are the most dangerous places 
to visit. 

The jungle base will be located in 
either South America or Africa. The 
desert base will be located in Africa or 
the Middle East. Rocket parts and 
strategic sites can be anywhere. 

The original, computer version of 

Rocket Ranger was set during the I 
1940s, which fit better with the fan- 
tastic storyline. Jetpacks and rocket 
parts were all part of Buck Rogers 50 
years ago; today, the/ re old hat. 
The aliens were Nazis in the com- 

The problem with an SOS is, the time lost while you wait to 
return to the war room. Every squandered month results in 
the brainwashing of thousands. 

You can watch the alien invasion continue from the world 
map. A symbol of Leutonia appears when a country has 


nn nnn nnnn nnm n n nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnn n nnnnnnnn r; 


nrrrrrrnnnrrrinnr rrr rrrrrrrnnrnnrrnrnnrnnnrrrri 

The jungle base is located some- 
where in South America or Africa. 

You need patience to win at the 
desert base. The red ground ve- 
hicles race toward you, firing. Re- 
member that you're moving toward 
each other, and fire accordingly. 

Shots will come from the temple 
windows at left and right angles 
and straight ahead. 

puter version as well, which gave 
credence to the invasion of Europe. 

However, those changes aside. 
Rocket Ranger isn't a bad translation. 
The strategy needed for the original 
version is intact, and the arcade se- 

quences are easier with a Nintendo 
controller than a computer keyboard. 
Our major complaint is that you can't 
see gunfire when you're being at- 
tacked, making it much more difficult 
(and unrealistic) to retaliate. 

But for game players who like a 
little strategy along with their arcade 
action, and who like a little 
campiness along with their aliej 
hordes. Rocket Ranger just may fi 

You err ■ ve ot one of 
the o l i en rocket I obe . 

N i th I uck you con 
capture the ports of the 
rocket Fr on the vor i ous 
lobe and assert I c then 
ot Port Oix. 

The guard o i ns hie 
rifle at vou, then drops 
It ul th a sneer and 
chol lenses you tilth hie 
Fists. You raise vour 
Fists* en I le* and stride 
toi.ard the helneted 
Leuton l an . 

But vour confidence is 
about to set bruised. 

Pi I one tilth noet oF vour 
bodv . 


You've found a rocket plant, but the alien guard would 
rather fight than shoot. He must be having a boring day. 

The fistfights aren't too taxing since neither of you can 
move around. Find a move that works for you, then stick 
with it until the alien falls. 




Things are getting desperate now. 
With the Bamstorffs on the Leu- 
tonian lunar base, there's nothing to 
stop the aliens from world domi- 
nation. That is, nothing except you. 

It takes five parts to complete a 
rocket. Even then, you have to col- 
lect 500 pounds of Lunarium. 

20000 Mariner Avenue; Suite 
100; Torrance, CA 90503. 

Your final challenge — destroying the Leutonians once 
and for all. 

This time the Barnstorffs are able to live happily ever after. 
And if Jane is as pretty as they stay, maybe you'll live 
happily ever after, too. 



Unless you have unlimited time to play, you'll probably need the 
save-game feature — it often takes several "years" of game time for a 
scenario to really get rolling. And if your character is successful, his 
dynasty may last for generations. To protect a saved game, always turn 
off the power by holding down the reset button and simultaneously pressing 
the power button — otherwise, you'll lose your stored game data. 

There are five scenarios and ten levels of difficulty in Romance. Each 
scenario presents a very different strategic situation with thousands 
of variables, insuring that each game will be different. 


Here's another superb conversion of a classic personal computer 
game. Romance of the Three Kingdoms features vivid, tapestry-like 
graphics; subtle political and diplomatic maneuvering; and intense 
battlefield action. 

The setting is second-century China — a nation divided into 58 
squabbling provinces. The ruling dynasty has collapsed and the 
throne is up for grabs. As one of 16 ambitious warlords, you strive to 
carve out an empire, your eventual aim being to unify all of China 
under a single banner. No easy task, this. 

You must recruit the most able generals available and then 
cement their loyalty. As for your rivals . . . you can negotiate with them, 
bribe them, persuade them to marry one of your daughters, or simply 
attack them. 

You'll interact with a huge cast of 255 characters (all based on 
historic personalities and each with individual character traits). The 
possibilities for treachery and disaster are as great as the chances for 
glory. Generals can betray you, floods can ravage your rice crops, 
plagues can decimate your population. To succeed, you must be 
resourceful as well as lucky, patient as well as ruthless. 

Romance of the Three Kingdoms is probably the subtlest and most 
complex strategy game released for Nintendo so far, yet it is marvel- 
ously easy to get sucked into. Truly an epic game! 



You establish your warlord's charac- 
ter traits by pushing the A button 
while random numbers flash. If not 
satisfied, you can do it again. 

The main display shows the vital sta- 
tistics for each province, the current 
price of trade goods, and 10 of the 15 
commands you can issue. 

Press the right arrow on your control 
pad in order to see commands 11-15. 


Marriages can be powerful diplomatic maneuvers. You can cement an alliance with another master by 
offering him one of your daughters. If he agrees to the match, his attitude toward you becomes much 
friendlier. If he is really hostile, however, he may just kill the girl and her escort, which will cause your own 
luck and charisma ratings to decline. 

Press the B button to see an updated map of all China, showing who 
controls what land. 


■MnVii: Coo 

vet itor 

Jan 189 AD 
Stare 7 


Gold 1280 

Rico 29000 
Pri ce 39 

Coo Coo 



X i ohou Dun 


X i ohou Vuon 


Coo Ron 



Coo Hong* 
► Gou Vu 



Coo Chun 

Jut tuho in charge? Cotitrollj 

Whenever you order a project to be undertaken, try to put in charge a 

general whose abilities match the task. 

From time to time, a trusted advisor 
comments on your decisions. His 
guidance is usually worth paying 
attention to. 

At the bottom right of the screen, 
animated characters show your or- 
ders being carried out. 


Romance gives you the option of viewing battles that don't involve your characters and are fought by 
computer-controlled warlords elsewhere on the map. Until the complexities of Chinese geography and 
politics become familiar, it's probably a good idea to turn off this function. While it is entertaining to watch 
all the slaughter, it slows down the games, prolongs them, and may be distracting. 


Cost 1 es 




Met ci 1 





FI aod 


Feb 189 AO 
State 6 

Pop . 



> 1 .Generals 

2. Free Gen. UJh i ch _ tuou 1 d 
3.State you like -To 

4 . S unmet i <) see? 

5 .Menu 

Gontro 1 1 

The view command lets you examine the condition of other provinces. 
Some are probably ripe for invasion. 

By viewing your own province, you 
can check up on the loyalty of your 

Increase your peasants' loyalty by 
giving them food. Do the same for 
your generals by giving them gold. 


During the setup for each game, you can select from between two different "personalities" for the 
computer-controlled warlords — either "warlike" or "rational." Beginners should choose warlike so that 
the computer behaves impulsively — even recklessly. This makes for a livelier and more winnable game. 
On the rational setting, enemies don't attack unless they're reasonably sure of a victory. 

Assign the largest number of troops to the smartest and most loyal of your 

generals — especially if you plan to launch an invasion anytime soon. 

The Diplomacy command lets you negotiate with other warlords. A gift of 
gold or a good horse may pave the way for an alliance. 

ability without spending any money 
on them during that month. 

Don't launch an invasion unless you 
have enough gold and rice to sustain 
your army in the field. 


Your first priority should be to study and correct the weaknesses of your own state(s). If your province has 
a high risk of floods, use the Develop command to improve flood control and increase crops. Remember 
that if your peasants' loyalty declines (from taxation, plundering, or natural disasters), you could face a 

Use the Recon command to study the terrain carefully before planning 
your tactics. 

on combat results. 

Attacks with fire can be devastating, 
but be sure you check which way the 
wind is blowing before you start one. 

It's wise to recruit some generals with 
a naval capability. Otherwise, a river 
presents an almost insurmountable 



metal gear 1 


HT: 226 TONS 
HT : 22FT 

speed: 31 MPH 
ARMOR: 3.5 IN 


During the mission briefing, intelligence provides you with a glimpse 
of your goal: the dreaded Metal Gear II. 


It's too soon for congratulations, Snake. Sure, the vile Colonel 
CaTaffy is just a memory since you and the Fox Hound battalion 
crushed him into dust in Metal Gear. But you're about to find out that 
CaTaffy was only a warm-up for the main event. 

The infamous Higharolla Kockamamie is stirring up trouble this 
time, and your bunch of misfits is the only unit deemed tough enough 
(and crazy enough) to go after this madman and destroy his near- 
invincible Metal Gear II, a top-secret weapon. 

Once the battalion's Stealth Copter has dropped you inside 
Teristan's borders, you're pretty much on your own — except for the 
advice of J.T., a camouflage expert, and Commando Nick Myer, your 
demolitions man. And don't forget Jennifer, who has managed to 
infiltrate Kockamamie's headquarters. She'll provide valuable infor- 
mation by means of a radio link. 

As you get closer to the dangerous weapon, make sure you 
replenish your weapons stores and search defeated foes for new 
weapons. Kockamamie has hundreds of followers, and your ammu- 
nition goes quickly — especially in the later stages. You won't survive 
this mission without finding certain weapons, and there are eight pass 
cards to acquire as well. 

Even harder than Metal Gear, Snake's Revenge continues the ex- 
citement and nonstop action of its predecessor. Fans of the earlier 
game will probably like Snake's Revenge even more, while newcomers 
will find it a challenging first venture into action-adventure games. 


After the Stealth Copter dusts off, you, 
J.T., and Nick are on your own, save 
for the reports you receive periodically 
from Jennifer. 

Resistance outside the complex is 
fairly light so it's easy to overcome. 
Kockamamie has stationed his best 
men inside the fortress. 

Snake's infiltration abilities and J.T.'s 
camouflage techniques are essential 
to making your way safely through 
the seemingly endless corridors. 

If you're to have any hope of making your way through the defenses 
of Kockamamie's complex, you must have a silencer for your gun. You 
can find one just outside the door on the upper level of the building 
where J.T. is held after he's captured. 


When fighting the Ultra-Sheik Nuclear Attack Tank, it's helpful to have a rapid-fire feature on your joystick 
so that you can lay three mines at one time. Stand a little to the right of the bridge's center, and don't run 
after the tank when it retreats. Instead, lay three mines and let the tank run over them. It takes 
approximately 18 mines to destroy the tank. 

This huge block looks immoveable, but it just so happens that you have the 
strength of ten — or at least enough power to move this monolith. Take 
care, however, because it will slide back into place when you let go. 

Jennifer can be quite helpful, especially after you've penetrated the outer 
perimeter of the complex. But if she has nothing useful to say, she won't 
respond to your calls. 

The different doors of the complex 
don't react the same way to your 
weapons, so it pays to have a wide 
variety of arms from which to choose. 
If you can't blast a door open, it 
probably means you need a pass card. 

There's only one way to get into the 
inner areas of the fortress, and that's 
by using these floating platforms — 
along with some split-second timing. 


There's a hidden passageway in the desert that you must enter. You can find it by using plastic explosives 
to destroy some of the sandbags you see. Just to be on the safe side, you should have a guided missile handy 
to take out the enemies who emerge from the uncovered hole. 

These robotic guards can't be fooled by your stealth or camouflage 
abilities, so your only hope is to keep moving — and firing — long enough 
to get by them. 

It's a good idea to keep several canisters of truth gas on hand to use on 
captured commanders who are especially reluctant to cooperate. Other- 
wise, their information may only lead you into a deadly trap. 

Whenever traveling underwater, you 
should always try to delay using your 
oxygen until absolutely necessary. 
Also, it's probably easier to avoid the 
mines than it is to destroy them. 

The Ultra-Sheik Nuclear Attack Tank 
is one tough customer, but if you have 
the patience (and the mines), you can 
pin it back across the bridge where it 
can be destroyed. 


When you try to rescue your buddy, J.T., you'll discover that the enemy has set a trap for you using an 
impostor. Get to the top of the screen immediately because a pit will open in the middle of the room. It takes 
about nine guided missiles to defeat the bogus John Turner. 

Often, you may return repeatedly to a scene to stock up on supplies. 
Although killing this guy won't always produce rations, every fourth time 
or so should provide you with food. 

While one zap from the laser forcefields can end your mission, there is a 
pattern to the emissions. Just watch the lasers for a couple of minutes until 
you're sure what the pattern is. 

Snake's pretty stealthy, but even he 
can't evade detection every time. Of 
course, if you didn't manage to find 
the silencer in the jungle, you could 
find yourself repeating this scene quite 

The cable cars can provide transpor- 
tation to Kockamamie's inner sanc- 
tum, but don't be surprised if you 
have trouble finding a seat. Use a 
smoke bomb to get through the final 


Kockamamie's an even tougher foe than you imagined, and it takes some ingenuity to defeat him. While 
he's in his normal state, close in and fire rapidly. When he changes into the cyborg, let him chase you out 
of the room since he's invincible as long as he's in there. Once outside, use lots of mines and keep an eye 
on your energy. Kockamamie isn't about to sit back and let you destroy him without a fight. 

All eight pass cards are necessary to gain entrance to Kockamamie's 
quarters. All the weapons in the world won't help you if you don't have 

You'd better have a good stockpile of 
missiles when you arrive here. Not 
only will you waste a lot of them just 
getting your timing down, but the 
garage where Metal Gear II is housed 
lies just beyond those doors as well. 

The mission was a success, but the 
victory may have been pyrrhic. J.T. 
and Nick were both confirmed lost, 
and Jennifer's fate is as much a mys- 
tery as the woman herself. 

Once you've managed to blast Kockamamie into a cyborg, you must lead 
him out of this room so that he can be destroyed by your rapid mine 



Morbius' minions make off with the lovely Eleanor right before your 
world-weary eyes. Their destination must be Kastlerock. 


Peering through the tatters of your old sorcerer's robe, you gaze 
up to see Kastlerock perched above the Sea of Sorrows. Home to 
Morbius the Malevolent for many years, the foreboding structure now 
houses someone else, a woman considerably more dear to you — the 
beautiful Princess Eleanor of Arcadia. 

She won'tbe there long, however. Morbius intends to sacrifice her 
to the forces of darkness in return for world domination. That's her 
fate — unless you, as Shadax the Sorcerer, can brave the evils of 
Kastlerock and gather the six pieces of the Staff of Demnos, pu tting an 
end to Morbius' evil plans. 

Only by using your years of spell-casting wisely will you survive 
the more than 250 rooms in Solstice. Nearly every room presents a 
unique challenge to your intelligence, resourcefulness, and timing. 
You must find a path through each obstacle-strewn room before you 
can hope to reach the princess. 

The many puzzles and traps of Solstice make it fairly unique 
among adventure role-playing games for Nintendo. It's similar to the 
earlier Castlequest, but with somewhat better graphics. While aficiona- 
dos of wild action may be bored by Solstice, anyone who enjoys the 
challenge of logic puzzles will be charmed by Shadax's adventures in 


Always inspect every object within a room for possible uses. The 
purpose of the blocks may be quite obvious, but you may have to rely 
on your ingenuity to use others effectively. 

The Magic Map not only keeps track 
of where you've been and whaty ou' ve 
found, but can also indicate the loca- 
tion of things you can't see. 

You've made your way past the 
guards and have entered Kastlerock. 
While it's usually best to follow the 
arrows, side trips into unmarked 
corridors can be rewarding. 

In this room, the idea is to move the 
block to the upper ledge, push in over 
on the troll as he passes by, and then 
hitch a ride over to the conveyor belt. 


Don't hesitate to use the castle monsters when trying to solve many of the puzzles in the game. Often, the 
creatures of Morbius provide the only way to use the item(s) in a particular room. You can balance blocks 
on their heads, for example, to move across a treacherous floor. 

Riding that troll is a lot of trouble, but the reward is worth it. Without these 
jumping boots, you'll spend a lot of extra time stacking items to climb on. 

It doesn't matter which platform you ride — just be sure your timing is 
sharp, or you'll end up on a bed of poisonous spikes. 

There are four different keys hidden 
throughout Kastlerock. All four must 
be found in order to complete your 
quest and save the princess. 

The slime balls are pretty slow, so 
dodging them shouldn't be any prob- 
lem. Just don't count on any of the 
transparent blocks to keep you above 
the slime. 


It pays to make frequent use of Shadax's Magic Map. Aside from its main purpose — mapping your 
progress — it will help you keep track of your inventory and indicate the locations of hidden doors and 

You'll discover that the trolls, while fierce, are somewhat lacking in 
imagination and are very predictable. Wait for an opening, and pass only 
one troll at a time. 

Trolls are also a bit lazy and usually don't like to climb. So if you can keep 
to the upper ledge until you spot an opening, you should make it through 
the room in one piece. 



The jumps here are tricky, but if you 
wait until the block you're jumping 
onto is headed down, your chances of 
success aren't bad. 


These floor portals are the only access 
you have to some parts of the castle. 
Remember to orient yourself by check- 
ing your map immediately after tele- 


Throughout the game, you're given the opportunity to perform special tasks. Don't ever pass up the chance 
to do these, since the rewards (information concerning secret rooms) can be essential to your success. 

Getting to that beaker of potion involves some fancy stacking. You must • 
pick up a block, jump above the spikes, and then drop the block before you 
land on the spikes. 

This jump is a leap of faith. The center block isn't visible when you first 
enter the room, but it will be there when you jump. 

It may look like an old gnarled stick 
now, but when joined with its five 
brethren, this unassuming length of 
wood forms the mighty Staff of 

You can ride (with great care) the 
crystal balls over obstacles, but, un- 
like blocks, you can't carry them to 
where you need them. 


It's important to acquire a pair of jump boots as soon as possible since many rooms can't be entered without 
them. Also, remember where you found the boots so you can return there, should you lose the boots by 
losing a life. 

To reach the upper ledge in this area, you must stack one block on top of 
another floating block. The technique is similar to stacking the block on the 
spikes, but your timing is more critical here. 

Don't loiter on the blocks too long, as they have a tendency to disappear 
at the most inconvenient times. Also, note the different directions of the 
conveyor belts before you jump. 

Don't pass up any spinning coins — 
each one allows you to use the con- 
tinue mode instead of starting over if 
you lose all your lives. Also, collect 
three coins and you'll get an extra life. 

While the ramps seem worthy of 
Escher's convoluted architecture, the 
solution to the monster problem is 
simple. With a little purple Elixir of 
Destruction, your worries are over. 



As you explore the dungeon, your progress is automatically mapped 
on screen. These maps aren't saved when you end a session, however, 
so you would be wise to make a complete set of paper maps. 


Swords and Serpents is the NES version of the complex role-playing 
game so popular for personal computers. You command a party of 
four — a mix of warriors, thieves, and wizards. Your quest is to 
destroy the terrible serpent lurking at the bottom of a vast 16-level 
dungeon. But first you must collect powerful jewel artifacts scattered 
throughout the dungeon, battle creatures whose bites and spells can 
be lethal, and avoid the traps and hazards you'll run into during the 
course of the game. 

As you work your way down through the dungeon, the mazes 
and monsters get tougher, but you also accumulate experience points. 
These points lead to higher experience levels, which give you access 
to higher degrees of magic, strength, and agility. 

There are temples on three levels where dead party members can 
be resurrected, spells recharged, and life points restored; armories 
throughout the dungeon where you can buy and sell weapons and 
protective gear; and teleporters and "zoom tubes" which help you 
travel rapidly from one end of a level to the other, or from one level to 

Mapping is a crucial part of Swords and Serpents, and Acclaim 
actually gives you a full set of map templates, including a completed 
map of level one to get you started. Use clear points of reference to 
keep from getting hopelessly lost. 

Swords and Serpents is a tough game, but a fair one. For those who 
enjoy the pleasures of exploration, it should provide days, if not 
weeks, of fun and challenge. 


Normally, you only encounter one or two monsters at a time. When 
you do run into a larger band, you can assume that they're guarding 
something vital that you must fight for. On deeper levels, you may en- 
counter as many as eight monsters simultaneously. That's when your 
powerful spells come in handy. 

There are four members in each party. 
You can create your own characters, 
or use the four that are pre-pro- 

You definitely need one magician to 
complete the game; two is even better. 

L 3 

41 a 1 

5 1 fe! ! 

i 1 


E ' 




fY. Jp. PPKWHMK>. . . 

The old hermit appears once or twice 
in each level. Sometimes he just spouts 
general advice, but other times he may 
offer valuable clues that should be 
jotted down. 


Take it slow when mapping. In long straight corridors, the on-screen graphics don't change much (if at all) 
when you advance one screen. Since all the dungeon levels are laid out in a 16-screen by 16-screen grid, 
it's not hard to coordinate your advance with your map-marking so that you don't lose count. If you're 
jumped by monsters, you may need to backtrack until you regain your bearings. Most of the time, the 
monsters won't jump you in the same place twice unless they're guarding something really valuable. 

Enemies mostly appear at random. Some, such as this sentry, are easily 
defeated in the upper levels, but you won't find such pushovers once you 
get to level 4 or 5. 




Sometimes you win weapons or pieces of armor when you defeat the 
monsters. More often, you just get experience points and some gold pieces. 

Upgrade your weapons at the armory. 
Really potent items, such as this "+ 2" 
sword, cost a great deal — but they're 
worth every penny. 

Pushing up on the crosspiece as you 
push the A button lets you aim at the 
opponent's head. You won't score as 
many hits, but head shots do twice the 
damage of a body shot. 


You don't have to fight every time you're attacked. You can also choose to run away (individually or as 
a group). Usually — though not always — the game allows you to resume your forward progress without 
having to fight the same foes again. But some enemies are harder to escape than others. Bats, for instance, 
often follow your party for a while, biting them as they flee. You may take hits and lose life points anyway, 
but you'll have no gold or experience points to show for it. 

New and more powerful spells can be found in remote nooks and crannies. 

If you're outnumbered, or if half your party is dead, you can always run 
instead of fight. But you may still take some damage from bats, spiders, 
and other persistent creatures. 

Spells and life points are restored at 
three temples in the dungeon. If your 
whole party dies, they can be revived 
(minus their gold and experience 
points) at the closest temple. 

Be very careful when copying or reen- 
tering the codes for a saved game — a 
single mistake could lock you out of a 
game in which you've invested many 


Neither automatic mapping nor accumulated experience points are saved. Gold and experience levels, 
however, are. If you're low on life points but have lots of gold, or if you've just been promoted to a higher 
level, you're at a good saving point. Then, when you reenter the game, you automatically return to the 
temple nearest your stopping point (there are temples on levels 1, 5, and 10), where all your spell points 
and life points will be restored. 

The B button lets you check up on each character's attributes. 

ft JAM 

is carrying: 








_fc LL 

You can also use the B button to get a list of what each character is carrying. 
Remember — you can only carry six items or less at any given time. 

You can equip yourself, trade items, 
drop objects, or view things by calling 
up this subscreen. 

Enemies get tougher and more nu- 
merous as you go deeper into the 
dungeon. But by then, your party 
should be tougher and better pre- 
pared, too. 


When you find a seemingly inaccessible part of the maze, try walking through the walls. There are quite 
a few secret doors (which appear to be regular dungeon walls) scattered on various levels. Some of them, 
you can just walk through; you can access others only after finding or using something else. 

The game warns you when you're approaching a zoom tube so you don't 
have to take a ride on it if you don't need to. 

Zoom tubes are mighty convenient 
for going up fast, one level at a time. 




? = ? 

(replenishes spell points) 





The first mini-boss you encounter looks like a pig. Donatello can 
simply stand out of his reach to fight this foe. 


No one expected much when our peerless champions debuted 
several years ago in a cheap black-and-white comic book (now worth 
a small fortune). These heroes in a half shell are one of the most 
unlikely successes in pop media history. Now they're on T-shirts, in 
toy stores — and starring in their own Nintendo game. 

The game-story begins when the turtles' human friend, April, is 
kidnapped by their worst enemy, the evil Shredder. He intends to 
brainwash April and recruit her for his army of Foot Clan Warriors. 
You have to lead the turtles on several missions. First, you must rescue 
April. Then you have to locate Shredder's Life Transformer Gun so 
you can turn the turtles' mentor. Splinter, from a rat back into a human 
being. Finally, the turtles must defeat Shredder. 

Throughout the game, you also have to defuse bombs beneath the 
Hudson River, rescue any turtles who have been captured, and 
somehow defeat the dreaded Technodrome. You have control over all 
four turtles — Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael — 
but you can only use one at a time. You need to collect ropes in order 
to travel from building to building in levels 3 and 4, and, of course, find 
enough pizza to keep the brave amphibians' vitality high. 





Much of the early action takes place in 
the sewers. Let Donatello take the lead 
— he's the strongest turtle. 

When your turtles get weak, head for 
the waterfront. There's pizza waiting 
inside that manhole on the left. 


Raphael is a good choice to use against the smaller flying monsters. Use Leonardo when you need to 
conserve energy. Let Donatello take the lead against the toughest enemies, since he's the strongest. And 
when you need to employ a weapon with the maximum vertical range, bring on Michelangelo and his 

April's rescue comes at the end of level 1 . Any time thereafter, you can get 
messages from her on a sub-screen. 

The underwater sequence on level 2 starts on top of a dam. Jump into the 
water at the place where the railing is broken. 

You must defuse all underwater 
bombs before either time runs out or 
the turtle runs out of air. 


Before you go into the underwater sequence on level 2, better send out for some pizza. You need to have 
at least two turtles at full energy before you can possibly clear these screens. 


At the end of level 2, the turtles receive a sinister message from Shredder. 

Use the Party Wagon in level 3 so the turtles won't be vulnerable to enemy 

If a turtle runs out of energy, he's 
captured. You can only rescue one 
turtle per level. 

Only one location on each level holds 
captured turtles. 


Level 3 takes place on the streets of old New York. You'll have to blast through a lot of enemy barricades, 
so don't set out in the Party Wagon unless you've collected at least 20 anti-Foot Clan rockets. 

In the sewers of level 3, don't jump too vigorously or you'll hit the ceiling 
and take extra damage. 

There's pizza at the sewer exit, and you can make it reappear several times 
by climbing in and out. 

Mecaturtle, the level 3 boss, appears 
an ordinary tortoise at first, then 
changes into a deadly robot. 

Use your throwing stars to battle 


There's no way you can clear level 4 without collecting some rope. 

Knock out the Technodrome Guard- 
ian with throwing weapons. But first 
aim for the hatches to keep enemy 
foot soldiers from joining the fray. 

Attack Shredder with scrolls as soon 
as he appears. 


nmrmn mnmnm 


uaid has a big prob- 
lem. Each new day 
brings to him a grow- 
ing realization that 
his life is not his. Somehow, bits and 
pieces of another life — an earlier life 
— have begun to intrude upon his 
daily ex- 

Quaid is 
no longer 
what is 
real and 
what is 
not. The 
that his 
former employer on Mars implanted 
a manufactured reality in his mind 
leads Quaid on a terrifying quest to 
track down his true identity. 

Total Recall, closely based on the 
movie of the same name, is a harrowing 
adventure in a future that may be 
closer than some may think. From the 
very beginning, Quaid is hounded by 
agents of the Martian government (in- 
cluding his own wife), who are de- 

termined to prevent him from discov- 
ering his former self. If Quaid suc- 
ceeds, the whole story of the 
government's treachery will be ex- 

As Quaid, you begin on Earth, but 
even here government agents are in 
A p - 
cans, al- 
and al- 
m o s t 
any oth- 
er locale with extreme caution. You 
can, however, use some areas to build 
up your energy reserves or acquire 
the weapons you need for your final 
assault on Cohaagen, your former 

The subway is a particularly tough 
locale, where even vicious guard dogs 
get into the act, but the cement factory 
may be your toughest challenge — at 
least while you're still on Earth. Every 


At the beginning of the game, you can really 
stock up on your energy by repeatedly going 
into the alley to battle the midget. It's a rela- 
tively easy way to accumulate stamina for the 
tougher challenges to come. 

The midgets in the 
alleys can be annoy- 
ing, but you should 
enter the alleys sev- 
eral times — you can 
really load up on en- 

What was supposed to be a relaxing 
visit to the red planet has become 
your worst nightmare — and a threat 
to your life as well. 

A quick return to Mars is possible 
with the continue option found in this 
theater. You can get the details inside. 

Your best strategy throughout this 
area is always to take the high road. 
This way you avoid the trash cans, 
and the other enemies have to come to 


rnn n r nnn rrn nn rrnr r nnrmrnnnnnnnnnrnnnnnnrrnnr 
nnnnnn nn nnnn n nnnnnnnnnn n n nn nnnn n nnn n nnnnnn nr ' 

With everything else going hay- 
wire in your life, you probably be- 
lieved that home would be the one 
place where you could find some 
peace. Think again. 

When fighting these cops, posi- 
tion yourself in the middle of the 
screen, and then punch left and 

room appears to be filled with less- 
than-friendly hobos who don't seem 
to be interested in your spare change. 
Also, several rooms contain wreck- 
ing balls which can descend with 

little warning. 

You won't be able to go to Mars 
until you find a shuttle ticket. Then 
your troubles really begin. The mo- 
ment you step off the shuttle, more 

agents — and robotic killers — de- 
scend on you. A wild ride through a 
maze of streets as you're chased by 
attack vehicles is a highlight of your 
vacation on the lovely red planet. 

Unfortunately, your lovely wife is also an agent. You must 
kill her and then quickly get out of the house. 

The Martian agents have all the latest tracking technology 
at their disposal. You need skill — and a lot of luck — to 
elude them. 



One of Quaid's few friends pro- 
vides some welcome advice on how 
to avoid the agents' electronic 

In the subway, keep an eye out for 
snipers above you, and when the 
dogs attack, kneel and start punch- 

And of course, the streets of Mars 
are filled with all sorts of lowlifes 
hoping to earn the government's re- 
ward for your head. 

When you finally make it to the 

mines (and find the answers to all 
your questions), you must battle your 
former boss. The outcome of the final 
showdown largely depends on how 
well you were able to prepare for it. 

Activating the underground reactor 
finally brings down the agency. 

Total Recall, with its fairly close 
adherence to the movie, provides 
both exciting play and an interesting 

Transportation to Mars maybe available if Quaid can make 
it through the cement factory and track down the suitcase 
that contains the shuttle ticket. 

While you shouldn't neglect the agents who chase you 
through the X-ray scanner, the floating "eyes" should be 
your main concern. 


nnnnn nnnnnnn nnn nn nnnn n nnnnnnn nn nnn nnnnnnnnn nn 
n nnnn nn nnnn nnnnDDmmDDnmnmmnnnnn nnn nnrinr 

The way to beat the boss on this 
stage is to go down the ladder, then 
climb back up quickly. He'll toss 
his hat once, then freeze. After that, 
he's all yours. 

A bonk on the head with one of 
those wrecking balls could really 
give you some bad dreams, but if 
you'll take them on one at a time 
you shouldn't have a problem. 


plot. Considering that many movie 
tie-in games differ wildly from their 
namesakes. Acclaim should be ap- 
plauded for its fidelity to the look 
and the spirit of the movie. In par- 

ticular, the X-ray scanner scene from 
the film is faithfully recreated here. 

Total Recall is a fine addition to the 
genre of action adventure games for 
the NES. So get yourself "pumped 

up" and set off to find out who you 
really are. 

The fact that Quaid can't remember taking this trip before Be careful whenever you're fighting in this area. If you're 
is just more incentive for him to discover his true identity. next to a window when it breaks, you'll be sucked out by 

the depressurization. 


mingyourself correctly 


7 1 Audrey Avenue; Oyster Bay, 
NY 11771. 


It's best to attack the frogs by getting behind them. You 
should, however, take special care around those falling 

rrrrnnnnrrnnrrrrrnnnn nnnnnnnn nnnn nnnrnnnnnnnn i 
nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnn n nnnrnnnnn n nnnnnnr 
nn rn nn nnnr nnn nr rnnn nn nrnnn nnn nnn nn rnn nnn nnn 

This woman is pretty handy with 
Molotov cocktails, but if you can 
jump down directly on top of her, 
you should avoid getting burned. 

You've got to keep moving when you meet this guy. If you 
stop, you give him a chance to zero in on you with his 



A major part of the game depends on your knowledge of the Ninja 
Arts — and that includes being resourceful about using each skill. 


The ninja games keep coming, and manufacturers keep trying to 
figure out new concepts for them. It's not enough any more, for 
example, to slash and dash your way through 20 levels of opponents. 
Now games need plots, dialogue, strategy elements, and so on to raise 
them above the competition. Wrath of the Black Manta has all these 
things, and you need much more than simple dexterity to win. 

To succeed, you must blend sorcery with swordsmanship. More 
precisely, you must become a master of the Ninja Arts and know 
which technique to apply in any given situation. The four arts you 
begin with are those of the Shadow, Fire Ring, Ground Fire, and 
Missiles. Once you've learned these secret skills, you have impressive 
powers including teleportation, or you can call the magic of the Fire 
Ring on your foes, freezing every enemy on the screen for a short time. 

You negd to be adept at locating hidden entrances and collecting 
clues as well. You must interrogate — none too gently — every 
hoodlum who falls into your hands. 

The game begins in New York City, and then progresses to Rio de 
Janeiro, where you'll visit a voodoo temple and fight for your life 
aboard a luxurious yacht. You'll also make a trip to Tokyo and 
eventually to the headquarters of DRAT (Drug Runners And Terror- 
ists), where the Black Manta finally confronts the archfoe behind the 
kidnappings of the world's young people — and a whole lot more. 


You'll find notes and letters scattered along your route. Be sure to jot 
down any information these contain — and remember that even 
things which may not seem important at the time will provide vital 
clues later. 

There's a lot of dialogue in Black Manta 
— especially when you're interrogat- 
ing suspects. 

Street thugs attack you every few 
seconds during the New York scenes. 
So what else is new? 

The first suspect you should interro- 
gate is this weaselly looking guy 
dressed in red. 


Enter any door you discover. Even if you only find more enemies inside, it's still to your benefit to check 
out each room. 

There's an important note on the other side of these oil drums, but watch 
out for the almost invisible hole just to the right of them. 

The enemy is ready and waiting for you on the other side of this door. 
Snuff him before he can get you by ducking and firing as soon as the screen 

The sniper in the window pops up as 
soon as you land on the ledge. Crouch 
down and fire at him when he stands 

If you fire at the upper left side of this 
room, you'll uncover a hidden door. 


Rescue every kidnap victim you come across. The rescued children — along with the notes you find — 
provide the locations of hidden rooms. And there are valuable power-up items waiting for you behind the 

Each rescued child will say something — either a compliment or a clue. 
Pay attention to them and take notes. 

The boss of Stage 1, "Tiny," drops bricks on you at regular intervals. 
Dodge them while aiming at his head. 

Your master bestows new arts on you 
as a reward after you defeat a boss. 
The chances are excellent that you'll 
need them soon. 

Early in Stage 2, capture a magic car- 
pet and fend off your attackers with 
the Art of the Missile while you're 


The first boss you fight — "Tiny" — is vulnerable about the head. Use your Shadow magic to deal with him. 

After you land, move left — but watch out for falling bamboo spears. 

Midway through Stage 2, you're attacked by foes who can become 
invisible. Use your magic Fire Ring to defeat them. 

The boss of Stage 2 turns into a kind of 
totem pole. The bottom three parts 
are easy to defeat — just crouch and 
fire. The top one is hard. You should 
use the art of the Fire Ring. 

You need extra height to take out this 
attacker. Your Shadow magic will let 
you do that. 


Killing the final boss is very difficult. Not only does he use a hostage for a shield, but you must also find 
the four arts (out of all you've collected) that harm him. And you must use them in the proper sequence. 
Good luck! 

The boss of Rio de Janeiro, the Voodoo Warrior, is difficult to kill. Make 
sure your power meter is full and stay on the upper part of the screen. 

Back in New York, you need to use your new Fire Rain Magic to nail the 
guys with the rocket launchers. 

The bosses of Stage 4 are armored 
robot guards. Use the magic art of 
Invisibility to deal with them. 

You must take an elevator to confront 
the final boss. When guards pop out 
of the doors on each floor, watch for a 
pattern. It makes it easy to zap them 
with your throwing stars. 




In floor 7, room 2, you have less work to do than you might think. Move 
the Emerald Framers to the right side as shown (password CZYY). 

You have to work through The Adventures oflolo room by room and 
floor by floor. If you can't solve a particular room, you're stuck, Here 
are a few passwords to help you bypass some of the toughest rooms 
— floor 2, room 1 (BJBM); floor 4, room 1 (BZZY); floor 6, room 1 
(CPZH); and floor 7, room 3 (DBYV). 

This is how the screen should look 
when clearing floor 3 , room 1 . Notice 
how the Emerald Framers are used to 

Floor 3, room 2 (password BRBD) 
makes you leam how to float on an 



Poor Lolo! To save the kidnap- 
ped Princess Lala from the clutches 
of the Great Devil, he must conquer 
dozens of moving puzzles. Each room 
of the Great Devil's castle is different, 
and each presents a different chal- 

There are ten floors for Lolo to 
explore, and each floor has five rooms. 
To succeed, you have to think about 
each puzzle and try to decide which 
approach will work. But don't lose 
heart — there are passwords galore 
when you get stumped. You don't 
have to start at the beginning once 
you've begun your puzzle-solving 

In each room is a treasure chest 
that will open for Lolo once he's 
cleared all of the Heart Framers from 
the area. But to do that, Lolo has to 
leam how his enemies move, which 
items block his enemies, and how to 
maneuver himself to clear the room. 

Once you've played The Adven- 
tures of Lolo for awhile, you'll dis- 
cover that there are many ways to use 
the Emerald Framers, Magic Shots, 
and Power Options to help Lolo get 
from room to room. If at first a room 
looks impossible, leave it and come 
back later — you maybe surprised to 
find that the answer will suddenly 
come to you as you think about the 
puzzle. But, if you're really stumped 
on one room, go ahead and use a few 

Hal America 


On floor 9, room 1 (password DMYJ), 
you'll find your success depends on how 
fast you can make Lolo run. 

Learning the passwords to each room as 
you go along means you can stop and 
restart the game anytime. 

Lolo must exit floor 5, room 1 at the top 
of the screen. Notice the position of the 
Emerald Framers (password CHZP). 



You should go as fast as you can on the straightaways, but slow down on 
curves — especially when another car is nearby. One slip-up can cost you 
the race. 

Listen to Al's advice — he'll give you pointers before each race on 
how to handle the track. His words of wisdom often help you decide 
how to allot points to customize your car. For example, on tracks that 
\ have more straightaways than curves, you need more turbopower 
for maximum speed. On tracks with hairpin turns, you should put 
more points into the suspension system. 

Read A1 Unser Jr.'s advice carefully 
before each race. Often he'll provide 
the tips you need to customize your 
car to the next race track. 

A good blast of turbopower should 
send you whipping around the track 
at more than 200 miles per hour in a 
matter of seconds. Take advantage of 
this feature on the straightaways. 


Get ready to burn some rubber 
against the top drivers of the world in 
Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing. From the pit 
crew to the racetracks, the game is 
filled with the same action you'd find 
in a real racing experience. 

You can start right at the top as 
Al Unser Jr., or make a name for 
yourself by starting at the bottom of 
the ranks. If you begin as a novice 
driver, you're allotted 20 points to 
improve your car's speed, accelera- 
tion, durability, suspension, turbo, 
and pit crew speed. As you compete 
in races, you're awarded more points 
to apply to upgrades for your car. If 
you begin as Al, your car will be top 
quality from the very first curve since 
you receive 60 points for your car — 
the maximum number of points in 
each of the six categories. 

Two practice modes allow you to 
study each of the 1 6 tracks before the 
green flag falls. The World Grand 
Prix Series is where the real competi- 
tion begins. There, you'll have to run 
a qualifying lap for each race to de- 
termine your pole position. Natu- 
rally, the better your starting posi- 
tion, the fewer cars you have to over- 
come to win the race. 

Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing pro- 
vides a realistic racing atmosphere 
because of the game's many features 
— you even have a choice of car color 
and background music. The graphics 
are on par with other racing games, 
and there is an above-average amount 
of screen flicker, but this shouldn't 
keep you from enjoying hours of 
turbo racing. 

Data East 


kU. EEP-Elfinv 

Before each race you have a chance 
preview the track. Run a few practice 
laps and then decide how your allotted 
points could best be used to improve 
your car. 

When your car's screen flashes "refuel," 
gW ready for a pit stop. If you run out of 
gas before you reach the pit, you'll be 
retired from the race. 

Refuel and repair your car at pit stops, 
but remember — the more maintenance 
you choose to do, the more time you'll 
spend in the pit and out of the race. A 
fast pit crew can be vital to winning a 



Even in the heat of battle, our hero takes time out to play with a passing 
stray dog. But wait! This canine's out for blood. Pat him on the head if you 
must, but make sure your taps are lethal. 


If you want to play a really fast game of Bad Street Brawler, just bypass 
all the little enemies and save your strength for the main bosses. You 
can scroll beyond the range of the minor foes if you move quickly 
enough — and they won't have time to do you great injury. 

Remember punk rock? Duke 
Davis was a punk rocker, back in 
those innocent days when music came 
first. That was before gangs of vio- 
lent sleazebags began taking over the 
punk world. 

Disgruntled, Duke left his band 
and disappeared. Secretly, he stud- 
ied martial arts. When he was ready, 
he returned to stop those vicious 
thugs. But now the pleasant home- 
town he remembered had become a 
seedy metropolis crawling with 
criminal scum. 

As Duke Davis, you pull on your 
Jams and wraparound sunglasses and 
set out to make the streets safe again. 
Defeating the myriad miscreants 
seems like an imposing task, but 
remember your training. Use the 
Stooge Hit to thump the enemy on 
top of the head, or the Trip to knock 
one down and pin him to the asphalt. 

For a while. Bad Street Brawler is 
fun and holds your interest. Soon, 
however, the unbroken left-to-right 
progression and unchanging pattern 
of duck, attack, and advance becomes 
repetitive. Only the backgrounds of 
the game's five levels change. There 
are no level bosses. There's not even 
a ladder to climb or an obstacle to 

So in the end, experienced gamers 
will find that the humorous approach 
isn't enough to make up for the sim- 
plistic game play. But beginners 
might enjoy being Duke, the coolest 
of all vigilantes. 


We don't know about your neighbor- 
hood, but Duke can meet some pretty 
interesting characters near his home. 
This banana-tossing ape and his 
friends pose a constant threat. 

After each stage, you can turn in all 
the weapons you've collected for 
some easy bonus points. 


You're not usually someone who would 
kick a man when he's down, but this is a 

Between each level is a screen that lets 
you practice three basic moves on a 
punching bag. It also offers insights on 
life and human nature. Confucius has 
nothing to worry about. 

A couple of good punches send these 
villains to heaven. But if you grab their 
angel wings, you'll earn some extra 


ST/1GE 3 





± UP 








In the first several towns, the enemies are few and far between — but 
there's still the danger of falling stones to worry about. Always plan an 
emergency path when working around large piles of stones. 

Although the stones can impede your progress, they can also be 
valuable aids if you plan wisely. For example, you can stand under 
a boulder until an enemy runs by, then step away to drop the boulder 
and mash your foe. You can also create a hiding place for yourself by 
making a narrow tunnel, then sealing it with a rock. And if you can 
manage to surround the amoebas with rocks, the amoebas will turn 
into diamonds. (Don't forget that if you get another enemy to touch 
an amoeba, that enemy turns into nine diamonds!) 

You can begin in any town you want, 
but you still must get through all four 
towns on each world before going 

Before you open a chamber contain- 
ing a creature, be sure you've planned 
an escape route — a long, unob- 
structed path, with some way of 
blocking it off from your enemies. 


Old Stoneford was quite an ad- 
venturer, but even he had his limits. 
He was never able to find the Secret 
Jewels of the Six Worlds. On his death- 
bed, he called to his son, Rockford, 
handed him a tattered map, and told 
his son of the unimaginable riches 
waiting for the person who could 
survive the quest. 

Boulder Dash places you, as the 
heroic Rockford, in pursuit of the 
Secret Jewels. You must search four 
towns on each of the Six Worlds, 
collecting diamonds and battling 
strange inhabitants as you advance. 
Check the upper left corner of the 
screen to see the number of diamonds 
you must collect before you can prog- 
ress to the next town. 

While this game play seems 
simple enough, you should realize 
that these gems aren't just there for 
the taking. Most are surrounded by 
heavy stones that can crush the life 
from any careless adventurer. In 
addition to the boulders, each town 
has its own odd citizens who seem to 
be there mainly to impede your prog- 
ress. These characters can be deadly 
to Rockford, but they can be killed (or 
at least trapped) if you take the time 
to plan your moves in advance. You 
earn bonus points for killing ene- 
mies, and the points can be cashed in 
for extra lives. 

Boulder Dash is a fine addition to 
the genre of tunneling games, as 
exemplified by the familiar Dig Dug. 
There's nothing new here, but fans 
will find enough variation to the 
familiar theme to keep them busy 
and burrowing for a long while. 



Certain creatures turn into nine dia- 
monds if you kill them by dropping a 
stone on them. Just be careful that you 
don't break into the next chamber when 
you're moving out from under the boul- 

You must be quick if you want to grab 
that diamond before the Pingping in 
each chamber zaps you. Unfortunately, 
you have to go into all the chambers in 
this town before you can exit. 

You'll earn diamonds if you quickly 
surround these amoebas with stones. If 
too much time passes (it varies from 
town to town), the amoebas turn into 
rocks instead of gems. 



Wait until a cartoon critter is nearby, and then get rid of him by pushing 
the pail. 

Bugs only has a few lines of defense, so you must use them very 
wisely. Check for the boxing glove first in every new room. It's the 
easiest weapon to use since a punch can be thrown at any time. Safes, 
crates, pails, and weights are only useful if you can time their fall to 
coincide with a villain's stroll underneath them. Use the carrot juice 
only when one (or more) of your foes is nearby since the juice only 
works for a few seconds. 

You can escape close calls — as well 
as clear a path to other carrots — by 
ducking into the pipes. Enemies can't 
catch you inside a pipe. 

If Sylvester traps you, death is inevi- 


That wascally wabbit is back, but 
this time he's not the rascal. Sylvester, 
Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam, and Wile 
E. Coyote have kidnapped Bugs' 
Honey Bunny and have hidden her in 
a 60-room castle. If that weren't bad 
enough, they're also guarding the 
carrots that Bugs must collect in or- 
der to advance from one room to the 

As Bugs, you must maneuver 
through each of the 60 levels by a void- 
ing Honey Bunny's kidnappers and 
collecting all the carrots you see. If 
just one of those rabbit-hating critters 
comers Bugs, it means instant death. 
Fortunately, you get five lives at the 
beginning of the game, and an extra 
life for each room you complete. 

You'll need all your wits to out- 
smart your pursuers. In a pinch, you 
can collect random boxing gloves and 
wallop your foes. You can also push 
a safe, crate, ten-ton weight, or pail of 
water on top of those loony 'toons, or 
even drink some carrot juice and 
become invisible for a brief time. 

Most bunnies would be worn out 
by this adventure, but not you. Y ou'll 
soon become familiar with the scen- 
ery. Though there are 60 levels, there 
are only three basic backgrounds. 
You'll have to master different mazes 
of stairways in one, mazes of doors in 
another, and mazes of pipes in a third . 
Crazy Castle is obviously designed for 
young Nintendo players. Just as in 
Saturday cartoons, you may smash 
an enemy flat in one scene, but he'll 
be back in the next as good as new. 



The safe is another item you can use to 
destroy foes. 

If you want that carrot, you'd better hit 
Yosemite Sam with a boxing glove. 

Bugs can throw a mean punch to get out 
of tight situations. But there are only one 
or two boxing gloves per level, so use 
them sparingly. 


Captain Skyhawk 


P liens on a mission to de- 
stroy Earth have invaded — and Cap- 
tain Skyhawk is the only person who 
can stop them! 

In remote comers of the globe, 
aliens have established four land bases 
that are draining Earth's energy and 
feeding it to their space station. When 
the power drain is complete, the in- 
vaders plan to vaporize Earth with a 
single laser blast. 

As Captain Skyhawk, your mis- 
sion is to fight the invaders, destroy 
their bases, and blow up the orbiting 

Don't fly directly over raised ar- 
eas in the gridscape. Chances are 
the aliens ha ve booby-trapped the 
areas to fire at you — such as this 
mound that erupts like a volcano 
when your plane flies over it. 

Be sure to keep your eye on the fuel gauge as you make supply drops 
to the scientists. You might run out of fuel if you miss your target too 

space station before they annihilate 
the planet. 

Top scientists have designed a 
special jet fighter for your mission — 
the F-14VTS. Equipped with a spy 
satellite view screen, you're able to see 
your plane from above as you fly into 
battle over amazing "gridscape" 
graphics. Your fighter is loaded with 
weapons from Phoenix missiles to 
Hawk bombs, and you need all the 
firepower you can muster since the 
aliens are fighting back with every- 
thing they've got. 

Your battle plan consists of eight 
multi-part missions and a final assault 
against the enemy space station. But 
there's a glitch in the plan — the only 
device powerful enough to destroy 
the space station is the top-secret 

A land base consists of five ar- 
mored domes. The center dome 
is protected by a force field that 
cannot be destroyed until 
you've blown up the other four 

Neutron Cannon. And scientists are 
still working frantically to finish 
building the superweapon. 

In two of your missions (numbers 


two and six), you must drop crucial 
supplies to the scientists working in 
secret underground caverns. Search 
for two large crosses marking the 
caverns and press the B button as you 
approach them to make your supply 
drop. Be careful — if you don't time 
your drop exactly, the delivery will 
miss the target. 

In four of your missions, you en- 
counter alien aircraft and ground 
forces defending the land bases you're 
out to destroy. You can earn points 

During some land base battles, 
an enemy chase plane appears 
on the cockpit view screen. You 
can avoid the alien aircraft by 
altering the speed of your plane. 

You might find yourself flying 
over ocean waters or a polar ice 
cap, but stay on your toes. There 
could be a bogey on your tail or 
a heat-seeking missile with your 
name on it. 

You must rescue two scientists before you can activate the Neutron 
Cannon. Destroy the perimeter defense system and the center 
pyramid, then the scientist can ‘climb aboard your plane. 

imposed on the screen to aim at the 
enemies, then use your missiles to 
shoot down as many as possible. You 
earn one credit toward buying weap- 
ons at your space station for each jet 
you shoot down. (Your plane auto- 
matically returns to your station at the 
end of a successful mission.) 

After you pick up the scientist in 
mission eight, your secret weapon is 
complete, and you're ready for a 
showdown with the alien space sta- 
tion. As soon as you approach the 
orbiting enemy, fire your cannon by 
pressing the A button. You must blow 
up all of the outer pods and then the 
center eye to annihilate the aliens and 
save the Earth. j» 

and extra lives by blasting the alien 
forces. In eight other missions, you 
must shoot down enemy jets in air-to- 
air combat. Use the square box Super- 

Position the plane in the center 
of the rotating docking bay in 
order to enter the space station 
and restock your weapons. When 
the bay is horizontal and aligned 
with your wings, press the B but- 
ton to dock. 

Milton Bradley 

443 Shaker Road; East 
Longmeadouv, MA 01028. 


• • • 


Move the horizontal control bar to position your bowler. 

Championship Bowling gives you five lanes to choose from. Each lane 
plays slightly differently. To read the lane, watch what happens 
when other players are bowling, or try a practice match if you're 
playing solo. You need to adjust your shooting style to compensate 
for the lanes' idiosyncracies. 

Choose your player. Each has his or 
her own style, and one is a lefty! 

Getting the power and control gauges 
just right is tricky, but no trickier 
than making a winning shot. 


This very complete bowling 
simulation begins by letting you 
choose which character you'd like to 
be. Up to four can play at once, and 
each of the players has a different 
style — one hooks the ball severely, 
one has lots of power, and so on. 

Your chosen character appears 
at the top of the lane, where you take 
position by pressing the horizontal 
control bar. Next, a "hook indicator" 
flashes on the screen, swinging back 
and forth. Stop it on the perpendicu- 
lar if you don't want to put any curve 
on the ball, or let it go to the side for 
a hook shot. 

Next, a power bar starts moving 
up; the higher the bar, the greater the 
force will be behind your shot. Press 
the A button to lock in your degree of 
power. Your character then automati- 
cally rolls the ball. Any time the ball 
isn't actually moving, you can press 
the B button to access the score. 

You can try pin bowling, spot 
bowling, or line bowling, each of 
which gives you the opportunity for 
the perfect strike — a well-placed 
hook shot that slices through the 
middle of the pins so that the four or 
five pins you strike fall back and 
bring the others down with them. 

The designers of this simulation 
seem to have packed into it every- 
thing you could find in a real bowl- 
ing alley (except the smell of old shoes 
and greasy pizza). Cheerful graph- 
ics, good sound effects, and reasona- 
bly smooth game play all combine to 
make this a very solid addition to 
NES sports gaming. 



Pressing the B button calls up each 
bowler's score. The display tells you the 
player and frame number, the points 
scored on earlier shots, and the current 
game total. 

Each regulation game lasts ten frames, 
after which your total score is displayed 
— nothing to be proud of in this case. 

Up to four players can bowl at once in 
this simulation, so it's easy to hold your 
own tournament. 




The Chessmaster's main menu offers enough options to satisfy novice and 
veteran chess players alike. 

Stumped? Chessmaster offers many kinds of help, both practical and 
theoretical. With the touch of a button, it will show you all the legal 
moves possible for any chosen piece, or it will let you interrupt a 
game, set up an experimental strategy, and play it out to see what 
happens. It's not hard to master the basic moves in chess, but 
Chessmaster makes it both easy and fun to go far beyond the basics. 

One mode allows you to set up ex- 
perimental situations and then play 
them out to see what happens. 

The set-up menu offers other options 
for either play or study. 


It has taken a surprisingly long 
time for a chess simulation to reach 
the Nintendo market, but the wait 
has been worth it. 

The Chessmaster PC games are 
regarded as the top offerings in a 
crowded field of home computer 
entertainment, and this NES conver- 
sion offers many of the same features 
as these games, arrayed in crisp,eye 
pleasing graphics. Chessmaster is sure 
to attract many newcomers to this 
classic pastime, as well as satisfy long- 
time chess fans of all ages. 

The Chessmaster program has 
numerous features that allow you 
not only to play the basic game, but 
also to explore some of its depths and 
subtleties. The main menu contains 
17 features and options. You can play 
against your NES computer or against 
a human opponent, and you can also 
program your computer opponent to 
play like a novice or a Grandmaster 
(on 16 levels of expertise altogether). 

Other options allow you to take 
back bad moves, study alternative 
strategies with the computer's help, 
or have the Chessmaster suggest 
various strategies for putting itself 
into "checkmate." 

Castling, capturing en passant, 
and pawn promotion are all handled 
correctly and easily. In fact, the game 
has been well designed to make sure 
that all options are readily accessible 
through the controller. All in all, the 
NES Chessmaster is a welcome addi- 
tion to the ranks. 

Hi-Tech Expressions 


When the teaching mode is on, Chess- 
master displays all the possible legal 
moves for any piece you select. 

The "war room" mode displays data on 
past moves, hints on the best current 
moves, and a tally of all the pieces that 
have been captured so far. 

If you make a blunder, the "take back" 
option lets you change your mind and 
try something else. 



As in real tennis, a baseline shot often foils your opponent. 

Often you can hit the ball when you don't appear to be near it. 
Conversely, if you're too close to the ball, your shot will end up in the 
net. Practice your returns and serves so you'll be able to judge the 
correct distance between your ball and the racket before you're 
risking everything in an important match. 

Use your hard-earned bonus points 
to improve your player's skills. 

A computer ranking keeps you ap- 
prised of your professional progress. 


In Top Players' Tennis, you can 
assume the role of proven pros, ei- 
ther Chris Evert or Ivan Lendl, or 
make a name for an unknown player 
on the pro-tennis circuit. 

It's up to you to prove that you're 
serious competition for the other pros. 
After a few wins in the Asmik Open, 
you'll qualify for the world's Grand 
Slam tournaments: the U.S. Open, 
the French Open, the Australian 
Open, and Wimbledon. 

At the beginning of the game, 
you receive an allotment of talent 
points to use in eight categories, in- 
cluding speed, agility, and stamina. 
Your strengths and weaknesses are 
determined by the distribution of 
your points. You can earn bonus 
points to improve your abilities by 
playing in tournaments. And a pass- 
word feature lets you return repeat- 
edly to the player you've created. 

When your skills reach a certain 
level, you can make "miracle" shots. 
For example, a miracle return en- 
ables you to send the ball over the net 
without even touching it, while a 
miracle split breaks the ball up into a 
multitude of balls. Other stupendous 
abilities include miracle speed, a 
miracle lob, and a miracle spiral. 

One of the strengths of Top Play- 
ers' Tennis is its many options. You 
can play singles or doubles with up 
to three friends or against the com- 
puter. And you have a choice of court 
surfaces: hard, clay, or grass. These 
features, along with miracle shots and 
advice from the pros, should lead to 
hours of entertaining play. 




Try returning a serve with a lob shot. 
Another good strategy is a backhand 
return to the corner of the other side. 

Watch out for the computer's miracle 
shots — your computer opponent starts 
with a higher ranking than you and can 
pull stunts of which you may not yet be 

With practice, you'll execute some awe- 
some smashes. But don't forget to hold 
the controller buttons down long 
enough. Otherwise, you'll end up with a 
missed shot. 




There are a lot of different ways to proceed, but remember that there are 
shortcuts not shown on the map that can help you ... usually. 

If you're low on cash — which you are as the game begins — be sure 
to spring for a couple of shop calls, even if you can' t afford much else. 
Later on, when you've acquired some extra spending money, you 
can call up a store for a few of the higher-priced and more useful 

Be sure to make those trips to the 
store count. Buying wisely is impor- 
tant to your success. 

It will probably take you several tries 
to get past these platforms. They 
move at regular intervals, though, so 
you should be able to time your jumps 
after a little observation. 

With a name like Bang, it's no 
surprise that you're on a quest to find 
and disarm the ultimate doomsday 
bomb. In Clash at Demonhead, in fact, 
there are all sorts of explosive situ- 
ations from which you must extricate 

The Lawbreakers — who obvi- 
ously don't lose any sleep over a little 
global mayhem — kidnapped the 
famous Professor Plum and forced 
him to work on the weapon. You've 
got to get to the professor and the 
bomb before the Lawbreakers can 
blackmail all the people of Earth. 

The trail you follow is long, tor- 
tuous, and loaded with nasty folks 
who work for the Lawbreakers. At 
nearly every turn, there's a foe. Tom 
Guycot may be all bones, but don't 
let his emaciation fool you. He's a 
rough customer, as are Rowdy, who 
is impervious to normal weapons, 
and Max, who absorbs your weap- 
ons' energy and uses it to multiply. 

Fortunately, you do have help 
along the way, most especially in the 
form of the Great Hermit. If you can 
get through certain situations, he'll 
share with you one of his Five Forces. 
You need the powers of all five be- 
fore you can complete the quest. 

Acquire weapons and energy 
throughout your mission, and don't 
forget to talk to people and get infor- 
mation on shortcuts. Of course, after 
you've defeated all the bosses, there's 
still the not-so-small matter of dis- 
arming the doomsday bomb. So, 
Bang, did you ever think of changing 
your name to, say, Fred? 

Vic Tokai 


Just where you'd least expect it, you've 
found a secret passageway under a roar- 
ing waterfall. It definitely pays to check 

Don't wait around to fight here. A brisk 
swim is the tactic of choice to get through 
this part. 

The Hermit is a source of great knowl- 
edge, but he's not about to just give his 
stuff away. You have to pick up your 
Forces one at a time. 


B hemseieci jteg v cgy E ' I£TO es _ 

force a? 



B1 7520 GOLD 99 


Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum 

Lisa F. Sahlie 

Fven superheroes make mis- 
takes. You may be the fastest runner 
and the highest jumper in the uni- 
verse, but you just landed on the one 
planet in the galaxy inhabited by the 
mentally unsound of the universe. 
Now, trapped inside the Alien Asy- 
lum, you just want to get off the crazy 

But before you can leave, you have 
to find your way out of 24 levels of 

Keep off the grass in this scene. There's nothing down there to collect, 
and it's awfully difficult to jump back up to one of those pods. 

rooms filled with both threatening 
aliens and rewarding items. You begin 
with three lives, and there are no 
continues or passwords. 

Each level begins with a bird's- 
eye view of an elevator shaft whose 
doors are barricaded by blocks. To 

enter the rooms on each level, you 
must move the blocks or blow them 
up. Some of the doorways are ob- 
structed by force fields that can be 
deactivated by keys found in the 
rooms. You can use the force fields to 
your advantage by pushing unwanted 
blocks into them. 

As soon as you enter a room, the 
door closes behind you. In order to 
open the door again, you must turn off 
switches found throughout the room. 
Meanwhile, you have a chance to pick 
up helpful items such as blue stars 
(which increase your score) or orange 
stars (which give you invincibility if 
you collect ten). 

There are also bombs and deto- 
nators to use against aliens or to de- 
stroy blocks in elevator shafts, and 
hearts which yield an extra life — but 
the hearts are rarer than other items. 

Here's an ideal spot to amass bombs 
and other items. Collect the heart 
for an extra life, then let yourself die 
in order to re-enter the room and 
gather more loot. You lose a life 
each time, but you gain it back by 
getting the heart. 


Collect the switch and the detonator ahead, but watch 
your step on the slippery ice. 

The rooms also contain oxygen flasks 
to replenish your limited supply. 

Printed on the floors of the eleva- 
tor shafts are digits indicating your 
current level. You can enter a bonus 
room by moving four blocks to cover 
the digits on the floor. If you make it 
into a bonus room, gather hearts be- 
fore grabbing oxygen or stars. Oxy- 

The question mark on the far right of level six warps you to level ten. 
But don't forget that if you decide to warp ahead, you'll lose all the 
items you've acquired. 

gen flasks and invincibility are lim- 
ited in their helpfulness, while the 
hearts you collect for extra lives are 
well worth your 

To warp 
forward, pick up 
the question marks 
on levels six and 
nine. From level six 
you can warp to 
level ten, and from 
level nine you can 
go to level 12. 
There's a catch to 
the warps — they 
take all the items 
you have accumu- 

lated, so don't use them without 
thinking first. 

Most of the levels are actually 
mazes of trampolines and ladders. Not 
only can you jump on top of the tram- 
polines, but you can also jump through 
them from underneath. The trampo- 
lines are the most enjoyable part of the 
game, and they provide an easy escape 
from aliens. 

Because Dash Galaxy in the Alien 
Asylum involves mostly running and 
jumping, it will likely hold more ap- 
peal for younger players. 


Data East 

1850 Little Orchard Street; 
San Jose, CA 95125. 



Most of your army takes position around this strategic oasis, where they 
are protected by artillery. 

You can win by overrunning the enemy's headquarters unit as well 
as by wiping out the unit. In fact, storming headquarters is the best 
strategy to use for the scenarios in which the computer outnumbers 
you heavily. The computer tends to rely on massive frontal assaults. 
If you can send your most mobile units — truck-mounted infantry 
and armored cars, for instance — on a long end-run around one 
flank, you may be able to get the drop on headquarters, even though 
you're losing elsewhere. 

Since you're outnumbered in the air, 
try moving your air units safely out 
to sea until the odds are more bal- 

The enemy opens his attack with 
massive air raids. Respond by strik- 
ing at his supply trucks. 


Most Nintendo war games are 
patterned after arcade shoot-em-ups, 
with lots of tanks, planes, or space- 
ships, and Rambo-like characters who 
defeat endless waves of enemies. Any 
elements of strategy bear as much 
resemblance to real battlefield plan- 
ning as a G.I. Joe cartoon does to real 

But Desert Commander is differ- 
ent. It's a fast-moving, colorful, ar- 
mored warfare game which involves 
real tactics. It convincingly simulates 
such vital real-life factors as logistics 
(supplying your units with fuel and 
ammunition) and the effects of ter- 
rain on movement and combat. 

The landscape screens look like 
battlefield game boards. Square icons 
depict tanks, cannons, aircraft, and 
supply trucks. You maneuver units 
and select targets by moving a cur- 
sor. There are five battle scenarios of 
increasing difficulty. Once two units 
begin fighting, the screen changes to 
a closeup of the battlefield, complete 
with explosions and a running total 
of casualties. 

You can fight the computer (a 
very tough and aggressive enemy in 
some scenarios), or a human oppo- 
nent. The battles develop along the 
lines of the legendary North African 
campaigns of World War II. A more 
realistic graphic depiction of the 
battles would be a decided plus, but 
overall the game is exciting and 
smoothly played. Desert Commander 
is a fine game of a type long needed 
for Nintendo. 



Enemy airplanes have landed at your 
airfield to refuel. It's lucky you kept an 
antiaircraft unit in reserve to thwart such 
a move! 

Your bombers have launched a sneak 
attack on enemy headquarters, inflict- 
ing light damage. Attacks launched from 
the flanks and rear tend to be more 
damaging than frontal assaults. 

Your sneak attack on the enemy head- 
quarters is successful. Victory is yours! 



You'll need to do some general mapping in the Mist World to find your 
way around. 

Try to improve your weaponry and armor at every opportunity. 
Life-restoring potions are handy, but if you are carrying the most 
effective weapons and armor you can afford, you won't have to 
worry as much about dying in the first place. If you expect to defeat 
the Evil One, you need the Dragonslayer sword and probably the 
battle suit. 

You must visit each guru's house to 
receive a mantra. Remember each 
mantra, and you'll be able to restore 
your life. 

You'd better take this fighter up on 
his offer to teach you martial arts. 
Until you can afford a better weapon, 
you'll have to depend on sheer fight- 
ing ability. 


The once peaceful and prosper- 
ous town of Eolis has been plunged 
into chaos. Meteorites raining down 
on the World Tree have caused all 
kinds of calamities. The terror and 
destruction which descended with 
the meteorites has been traced to the 
fortress of the Evil One. It's up to you 
to travel to that fortress, defeat its 
terrifying resident, and restore hope 
to the people of Eolis. 

The king of Eolis provides you 
with money for your journey. With 
his gold, you must buy weapons, 
potions, magical items, and martial 
arts training that will help you to 
defeat the awesome creatures that 
stand between you and the Evil One's 
fortress. You must also talk to every- 
one you meet to gain important infor- 
mation. But since all that you hear 
isn't accurate, you should be cautious 
at all times. 

At times the forces against you 
will be too great to withstand, but 
you learn from each battle. And if 
you will remember the guru's man- 
tra, you can return to life and fight 
again. You also recover your money, 
but the amount of gold and strength 
you retain depends on your rank prior 
to your death. Fortunately, you are 
able to retain all other items without 

You're involved in the excitement 
of battle in Faxanadu, but the game 
also demands that you develop a 
strategy for acquiring and using 
weapons and magical items. Y ou have 
to think as well as fight if you are to 
complete this quest. 



In the Tree World, one branch will lead 
from the tree to the castle. 

Your status screen before the last boss 
shows the highest rank, and the best 
magic, armor, and sword. 

To defeat the last boss, jump up and 
down in one place and rapidly stab with 
your sword. 



The Addams Family has a number of items to help Fester. Thing gives 
Fester a potion that makes him invisible and invincible. 

There is a huge crack in the street which blocks access to most of the 
buildings. To get to these buildings, you'll have to go into the sewer 
and come up through a street drain. You can find your way out of the 
first sewer maze if you go up the three small steps that appear near 
the water channels. When you see these steps, press A to get back on 
the street. Then you'll be able to get to all the other buildings. 

Watch for these three small steps to 
get out of the first sewer maze. Then 
you'll be able to visit the buildings 
blocked by a crack in the street. 

Increase your fire power by shooting 
enemies on the first main street. Grab 
only the blue power badges, since the 
red ones decrease your strength. 


Uncle Fester was moonbathing 
one evening when, much to his sur- 
prise, aliens appeared and teleported 
the townspeople onto their space- 
ship. Fester and the rest of the weird 
Addams Family are the only ones left 
in the city. While Gomez guards the 
family mansion, Morticia, Pugsly, 
and the rest search for items to use in 
the fight against the aliens, such as 
TNT, vise grips, missiles, and po- 
tions. It falls to Fester to kill the alien 
bosses and find the location of the 
evil spaceship. 

Fester is armed with nothing but 
a gun that shoots a strange wave 
beam. The aliens have damaged the 
town, so Fester can access some build- 
ings only through the underground 
sewer system. The aliens have also 
deposited a great deal of slime, 
skeeters, space frogs, and other crea- 
tures to slow Fester down. As he 
destroys these foes, they leave be- 
hind keys to locked buildings, light 
bulbs to illuminate the sewers, power 
badges to increase (or decrease) his 
weapon strength, and money to buy 
hot dogs for regaining his health. 

As Uncle Fester works his way 
through the labyrinth of sewers and 
streets, he must fight five bosses. Each 
time he defeats a boss, he gets a piece 
of a map which will help him locate 
the space invaders' ship. The quest is 
hard, but a continue feature should 
help. Having a joystick with a rapid- 
fire option won't hurt your chances, 



Before you meet the first boss, 
McWimpie, go to the building at the 
upper left end of the first main street. If 
you run into the correct wall, you'll get 
a third health box. 

The skeeter leaves slugs and flies behind 
that take away Fester's speed. If you get 
bitten, use the vise grips that Wednes- 
day gives you to restore your speed. 

The enemies Fester has to destroy are 
nothing to laugh at — they're mean, 
they're bad ... they're from outer space. 


Chostbusters II 

t \1 „ 

• ew York City may be a 
little bizarre, but now that pink ooze is 
flowing through the city's sewer sys- 
tem, spectral beings are invading the 
courtrooms, and ghosts are arriving 
by the boatload, things are really out of 
control! It's time for you to strap on 
your slimeblower and prepare to bust 
some ghosts. 

Be patient with these bouncing 
spiders. Look for a pause in the 
action and then scoot by or set a 
ghost trap. 

Ghostbusters II features seven lev- 
els of arcade action loosely based on 
the 1989 movie sequel to Ghostbusters. 
The challenge begins at 5 p.m. on New 
Year's Eve. Before midnight all four 
Ghostbusters must meet to destroy 
Vigo, a 17th-century tyrant confined 
in a painting at the Manhattan Mu- 
seum of Art. Should the Ghostbusters 
fail to destroy this evil spirit before the 

Lisa F. Sahlie 

clock strikes 12, Vigo will escape his 
painting prison and wreak havoc on 
the city. 

To rid the ghost-ridden city of its 
chaos, the ghostbusting crew must tour 
New York on foot, in its Ecto-IA 
ghostmobile — even in the Statue of 
Liberty. You begin the game with only 

Bumping into a blue manhole 
cover releases a logo. Now if 
you stop on the manhole, it will 
shoot you upward to reach 
special items. 

four men and two continues, so a lot of 
stamina (and luck) is required to beat 
Vigo. However, you can earn extra 
lives by collecting 20 Ghostbuster logos 
which appear throughout the game. 

When on foot, you're running for 
your life while trying to hit ghosts 
with slime. Your slimeblower is effec- 
tive on most entities, but larger ghosts 
must be sucked into traps, which you 
have in unlimited quantities. It only 
takes a moment to place a trap, but 
you have to keep moving because 
there's sure to be a deadly, invincible 
spider close at your heels. 

Meanwhile, beware of flying ob- 
jects — including chairs, briefcases, 
and candelabras — which aren't af- 
fected by your slime blower. Y ou must 
dodge these objects or get rid of them 
with carefully placed traps. 

Two of the levels take the whole 
team on a driving adventure in the 
Ecto-IA. Racing through the tene- 
ments and Central Park, you must 



You could dodge this flying 
briefcase, but why not get rid of 
it with a trap? 

Shooting the torch icons enables 
Miss Liberty to move her arm for 
better aim. Capture all the book 
icons you can — each can be used 
later to destroy all enemies on the 

avoid barricades, paranormal pro- 
testers, gushing slime oozing from 
manholes, and gaping potholes in the 
streets. Luckily, your Ecto-IA shoots 
slime in a double trajectory, one 
straight up and one straight ahead. 
For power-ups and protective shields, 
shoot any glowing green globs you 
see, then run over the medallions they 

In level six, you face your biggest 
challenge yet — directing the Statue of 
Liberty to the Manhattan Museum of 
Art. Ghosts bomb Miss Liberty from 
all sides, but the statue has a few moves 
of her own. She can shoot fire from her 

Don't shoot straight above 
your head in the museum or 
you'll end up slipping in the 
falling slime. Meanwhile, that 
pesky spider is always gain- 
ing on you. 

torch, and shoot book icons to use 
later for clearing the screen in tight 
spots. The stage becomes even more 
difficult when you reach the city streets 
and lightning flashes from the sky, 
ghosts abound, and some enemies 
become invisible. When you can't see 
your foes, shoot a book out to destroy 
every enemy on the screen. 

Arriving at the museum before 
midnight is no easy feat, and once you 
get there, the four Ghostbusters must 
make their way to Vigo's painting. It's 
best to keep moving — dodge and 
jump over flying objects and set traps 
only when you can without risk. If 
you don't begin this final stage with at 
least one continue, chances are slim 
that you'll defeat the ghosts. 

Ghostbusters II features characters 
and music from the popular movie, 




' 5 * a>'n e'- : a 
.a a a a a 



t * 

\ * 


Y ou' ve mad e it to V igo's painting. 
Now it's time to really throw 
some slime! 

but game players may find that some 
of the stages are unnecessarily re- 
petitive or frustratingly difficult. 



3885 Bohannon Drive; 
Menlo Park, CA 94025. 

<§ & m 


Ivan “Iron man” Stewart’s 

There are some tight spots on the dirt tracks, so you must be 
aggressive and block your opponents when you have a chance. 


MKP ou ve 

' ou've polished your truck 
from the rollbar to the oversized tires, 
but now it's time to sling some dirt in 
Ivan "lronman" Stewart's Super Off Road. 
Based on the arcade game of the same 
name. Super Off Road allows you to race 
simultaneously with three friends 
using the NES Satellite+. But even if 
you choose to race alone, there are still 
three computer-controlled trucks on 
the course to slow you down. 

Lisa F. Sahlie 

Along the racing course you not 
only encounter hefty obstacles 
that slow you down, but also 
bags of cash and nitro. Pick up 
these rewards any time you can. 

Hills, rocks, ramps, and mud holes 
test your truck's durability as well as 
your racing skills as you take on eight 
different tracks in both clockwise and 

At the Speed Shop, use your first 
winnings on accessories that give 
your truck more speed. You can 
upgrade the acceleration or tires 

counterclockwise directions. During 
races, you have a bird's-eye view of 
the entire track, but you steer as if you 
were actually driving the truck. 

Because of this perspective, when 
your truck is headed north, the con- 
trols work as you would expect — left 
is left on the controller and right is 
right. However, when you head south 
the controls are reversed; to go left, 
you press right on the controller and 
vice versa. You may have to practice 
this steering to keep from mangling 
your truck. 

The first 14 of the 20 races are 
qualifying runs giving players a chance 
to win cash to upgrade their trucks. 
Then tournament races begin. In both 
qualifying and tournament races, prize 
money for a first-place win is $150,000, 
with $130,000, $110,000, and $100,000 
respectively for second, third, and 
fourth places. If you lose to one of the 
computer's trucks, you end up with 
$30,000 less than the normal cash 


Super Off Road 


Speed should be your first prior- 
ity when buying upgrades for your 
truck. At $100,000, "top speed" is the 
most expensive upgrade, but it is also 
the most important because it greatly 
increases the speed of your truck. Buy 
it as soon as possible. 

Hills, boulders, ramps, and 
ditches slow you down — but a 
burst of nitro can help you make 
up lost time. 

Next, invest in the acceleration 
upgrade to shorten the time it takes to 
reach your top speed. A blast of nitro 
also increases your speed — use it for 
the burst of power you need to spring 
past the competition at the last minute. 
Once you've made your truck into a 
competitive racer, you can invest in 
more upgrades like new tires to de- 
crease skid, or shock accessories to 
help you hang with curves. 

Along with cash, drivers are 
awarded performance points — one 
point for each $1,000 of prize money. 
The player with the highest point total 
after all the events is the ultimate king 
of the off-road races. 

The penalty for losing a race is 
high. You begin with three lives, and 
each time you place fourth you lose 
one of those lives. However, wins are 
rewarded with an extra life per race 
up to a maximum of three. Of course. 

The top of the screen shows 
the time elapsed in the race, 
each player's current lap, and 
your nitro supply. 

even if you run out of lives, the game 
will ask if you want to retire or keep 
racing. If you choose to keep racing, 
you lose all your cash and points, but 
you receive three more lives and you 
keep the accessories you've purchased . 

Ivan “Ironman" Stewart's Super Off 
Road is a faithful translation of the 
arcade version and has the essentials 
necessary for an enjoyable racing 
game. You may find that it is more 
exciting, however, to race against 
friends than to play against the com- 



P.O. Box 1796; 2400 South 
Highway 75; Corsicana, TX 


# • # 


Voted the greatest golfer of the century, Nicklaus takes one of his patented 
big swings off the tee. Note his picture perfect follow-through. 

If there's no wind, or if the wind is directly with or against you, your 
shots should fly straight. There are other occasions, however, where 
you may need to hook or slice the ball — for example, if you're facing 
a water hazard or a patch of woods. To hook the ball, swing before 
the meter reaches the bottom of the swing zone. A slice is achieved 
by letting the meter drop below the swing zone before swinging. 

It takes time to get used to putting in 
this game. There's no direct over- 
head view, and the break meter is 
often misleading. 

Each hole is shown in an overhead 
view with the flag and your position 
highlighted. You can refer to this 
map anytime during a game. 


Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of 
Major Championship Golf is for all those 
golf fanatics who think a foot of snow 
on the course just means they'll have 
to use a three iron instead of a four. 
The chance to pick the brain of the 
Golden Bear himself is an opportu- 
nity any golfer worth his spikes 
wouldn't want to miss. 

Nicklaus has created a dream 
course consisting of what he believes 
are the 1 8 best holes on any pro course 
in the world. From the courses of the 
British Open rotation to Jack's favor- 
ite course in Augusta, you're in the 
midst of all the action. 

You can play by yourself or with 
up to three other players, either 
human or computer controlled . Other 
options let you play as a beginner or 
expert, or try Match Play, Stroke Play, 
or that curious hybrid so popular of 
late. Skins. 

The graphics aren't anything 
special, but they're good enough to 
let you see what's going on. A handy 
map option gives you an overhead 
view of your lie as you play a hole, 
and Nicklaus dispenses a few words 
of wisdom prior to each hole as well. 
Some players might have difficulty 
with their putting. Until you've 
played the game quite a bit, it's 
awkward to line up your putts, and 
the break meter isn't very helpful. 
But there's still plenty to recommend 
Jack Nicklaus — and you don't have 
to wear loud plaid pants to play it. 




In his many years on the tour, Nicklaus 
has played every major course in the 
world. Listen to his tips — they'll make 
a big difference in your play. 

You're handiest club may well be the 
pitching wedge, but its use can be tricky. 
It's the only club with which you seldom 
take a full swing. 

The stat board keeps track of your 
matches and can be used to determine 
where your game needs improvement. 
If you're not driving well, for example, 
the board lets you know. 


Jordan us Bird One on One 



1ST 2« 3» m» TOTftl 


rio corns 2 




rio corns 1 1 



« ? 










The statistics screen helps you determine which parts of your game 
need the most work. 

t's a classic confrontation: the 
slammer — Air Jordan — versus the 
shooter — Bird Man. High percentage 
shots against long-range bombing. 
You've seen them battle it out in the 
NBA (remember Jordan's playoff 
record 63 points against Bird and his 
Celtics?), but now the outcome is up to 

The one-on-one game in Jordan vs 
Bird is exciting, but the action doesn't 
stop there. A slam dunk contest and a 
three-point shootout are also included, 
and each of the three activities are well 
represented in the game. 

In one-on-one competition, your 
success depends on four factors: tim- 
ing, how closely you're being guarded, 

You have ten rim-benders to 
choose from in the slam-dunk 

where you're shooting on the court, 
and whether you're Larry or Michael. 

Each player's sweet spots and 
shooting percentages have been pro- 
grammed into the game, so a famil- 
iarity with the two players helps. For 
instance, it's a fact that Jordan likes to 
take his three-pointers on the move. 
Bird, on the other hand, prefers to face 

the basket before starting his motion. 
He also likes the turn-around shot, 
which you can manipulate by press- 
ing the B button while pressing the 
control pad up or down. 

Regardless of which player you 
choose, winning against the computer 
is extremely difficult. If you're Jordan, 
you have to make virtually all of your 
shots for any chance at winning. You 
also must block a few shots and re- 
bound effectively. If you're Bird, good 
luck. The computer's Jordan plays 
tight defense, which is bad news for 
the slow-footed Bird. 

You can set your one-on-one ac- 
tion at one of four different skill levels: 
schoolyard play, which is for begin- 
ners; varsity, in which you can get 
away with a defense that is a bit more 
aggressive; college play, where steals, 
blocks, and rebounding become im- 
portant; or professional, in which your 
game had better be polished. Playing 


the computer at the professional level 
is your final exam — you won't get 
any breaks at all. 

At the end of each period, you can 
check out a statistics screen that docu- 
ments everything that happened in 
that particular period. Use this infor- 
mation to improve your game. For 
example, if Bird is blocking more shots 
and stealing more balls than Jordan, 
then whoever is at the helm for Jordan 
should tighten up on defense. Jordan 
should always have the lead in those 
two categories. 

The slam-dunk contest is fun to 
watch and fun to compete in — as long 
as your fellow contestants are of the 

Larry Bird will camp out be- 
hind the three-point line all 
day if you let him. Try to get 
him inside the line with tight 

human variety. The computer is im- 
possible to out slam. You can play 
follow the leader (where each air 
walker repeats the dunk performed 
by the lead slammer), or you can duke 
it out in an open-dunk contest. In the 
open competition you choose from 
ten different slams. 

Practice before you compete, 
though, because you must learn where 
to take off from to perform the dunks 

The weakest offering of the game 
package is the three-point shootout, 
which may quickly get tiring for many 
players. After trying to shoot 25 balls 
in 60 seconds, you'll be ready to head 
back to one-on-one competition for 
some variety. 



ioiiow mi ii mu it 

In one-on-one competition, you 
can choose a full game or games 
to 11 or 15 points. You can also 
choose to play without fouls, 
which should loosen up defen- 
sive strategies. 

Milton Bradley 

443 Shaker Road; East 
Longmeadouu, MA 01028. 





Kickle Cubicle 



oor little Kickle! While the rest 
of us worry about global warming, his 
problems lie in a much chillier climate. 
As he and the other inhabitants of the 
Fantasy Kingdom slept, the Wicked 
Wizard King transformed the Four 
Lands of the Kingdom into a desolate 
iceburg. Had Kickle not been awak- 
ened by a cry for help from the lovely 
Princess Mira, he would be like the 
others of his land — sealed inside one 

By using the swinging hammer 
and placing the cube properly, 
you should be able to execute a 
90-degree turn and drop the cube 
in the perfect spot. 

of the Wizard's Dream Bags, neither 
dead nor alive. 

Armed only with his freezing 
breath, Kickle sets out to rescue the 
kingdom from the Wizard King's 

clutches. Each land — Garden Land, 
Fruit Land, Cake Land, and Toy Land 
— consists of several provinces . These 
must be conquered in turn to free that 
particular land. Kickle is airlifted by 
balloon, and once down, must imme- 
diately take on the Wizard King's 

By far the most numerous enemies 
are the Noggles — shapeless, watery 
creatures who move slowly and pos- 
sess no weapons. They can hurt Kickle 
if they touch him, however. Noggles 
are pesky, but they are essential ma- 
terial for building the bridges that 
Kickle must use to get to the Dream 

Kickle freezes the Noggles with 
either his breath or with special freeze 
capsules, causing the Noggles to form 
into ice cubes. These cubes can be 
moved to build bridges or destroy 

Cannonballs not only provide 
something else to dodge, but they 
also can wreak havoc on your 

enemies, but once in motion, they 
won't stop until they hit another ob- 
ject or fall into the water. You can get 
them to change direction by using one 
of the rotating hammers found in 


The technique in this province is 
to wait at each corner until a 
Bonker rolls his ball, then jump 
out and freeze him when the ball 
has passed you. 

several of the screens, or by standing 
to one side when a cube is bouncing 
between springs, then shoving the 
cube when it stops momentarily on a 
spring. And a Noggle won't stay an 
ice cube for very long. You must push 
them into the water before they thaw. 

Items can be found along the way 
to aid Kickle. Ice pops are the most 
numerous item — they add to your 
point total. Each heart you find gives 

Use ice pillars here to protect 
Kickle from the cannon. Wait at 
the edge of the last pillar and 
make a new pillar when there's a 
pause in the cannon fire. 

Success in this province de- 
pends a lot on which direc- 
tion you choose to go. Going 
counterclockwise is the only 
way you can block off the 
enemy and still get around 
the obstacles. 

you an extra Kickle, while finding 
Princess Mira's ring takes you to a 
bonus stage. And, of course, there are 
the dream bags you must collect. All 
bags in a province must be acquired 
before you can go on to the next prov- 

Kickle Cubicle, though intended for 
young children, does present some 
rather elaborate puzzles — especially 
in the higher levels. There are a num- 
ber of screens where a solution is not 
obvious. You may have to maneuver 
the cubes into areas that are almost 
inaccessible, or you may have to use 
another item in conjunction with the 
cubes to form a bridge. 

Usually, there are also multiple 
Noggles running around (not to men- 
tion other varied enemies), so it's not 
just a simple matter of solving the 
puzzles. You may have the perfect 
solution, only to be continually foiled 
by manic clowns rolling their deadly 
rubber balls at you. 

The graphics are good, in a cute 
sort of way. Though there is the im- 
plied violence of knocking off the little 
creatures who are after you, it's defi- 
nitely not of the hack-and-slash vari- 
ety, and the creatures do appear to 
revive. So Kickle Cubicle is a relatively 
gentle game, and one that will provide 
hours of enjoyment — and some be- 
wilderment — for the entire family. 


% % % 


W he t 

he peaceful Kingdom of 
Voldam seemed to have it all — pros- 
perity, tranquility, and harmony were 
all at its fingertips. Then everything 
seemed to fall apart. The day came 
when the king fell prey to a mystify- 
ing, almost incurable disease. The only 
way King Voldam could be cured was 
with a mixture of seven restorative 
herbs which grew in Draxer, the 
neighboring kingdom. But time was 
running out for the king. 

With only three days left before 
he would succumb to the disease, the 

O: OH 07 



4 1 » 



* : 


Skipping can take you for long distances across water, but whenever 
possible it's preferable to use the less exhausting jump. 

The drones are among the most 
common of predatory life forms 
in Draxer, but they're every bit 
as deadly as the more exotic 

king searched for someone in his 
kingdom brave or skillful enough to 
conquer the many terrible dangers 
which lay in Draxer. Only an amazing 
boy. Kid Kool, appeared as the an- 
swer to Voldam's problems. 

In Kid Kool, you are that amazing 
boy. Possessing the ability to run at 
great speeds and jump great distances, 
you (along with your only friend, 
Wicky) race against the clock to save 
the king. Wicky can be especially 
handy since he can be tossed at en- 
emies from a distance — and there are 
quite a lot of enemies who need 
something thrown at them. 

In the seven rounds (one for each 
herb), you meet everything from 

Good timing with the pole vault 
is rewarded with extra lives. 
With experience, you can fill up 
your life meter. 


the Seuen Wonder Herbs 

drones to wooly sprites to snapping 
dragons. At times, they seem to come 
from every direction simultaneously. 
Obviously, learning to use Wicky is a 
help, but there will be times when 
even that's not enough. 

Another useful skill to develop is 
skipping across water. Done correctly. 

It pays to be cautious whenever 
crossing these bridges since you 
never know when the structure 
might give way. 

W-W/// v 


ww. W/MWAV 

V'/v- A/ A • A A. A A .• • • .• • ■ 

- .1 W'M'/AVvVM'AA-'' 

• •.A A - A - 

S 3 '■aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 

While not the prime focus of your 
quest, accumulating money can 
be helpful before you try to earn 
extra lives on the roulette wheel. 

O: IQ: IV 




The bosses of the seven stages 
are not to be taken lightly. 
Thunder Rap, for example, is 
nearly impossible to elude 
once he's got you in his sights 
and hurls a thunderbolt. 

Kid Kool can skip for considerable 
distances — though at a great cost in 
energy. Knowing when your energy 
level has reached its limit is one of the 
subtleties of the game. 

Fortunately, there are items to be 
found in the grass that can give you an 
edge. The various items allow you to 
stop time, add time to your clock, 
receive a bonus game, become invin- 
cible, or destroy all enemies on a par- 
ticular screen. Wise use of these items 
is probably the key to defeating the 
bosses and their minions. 

You wouldn't, for example, want 

to waste a total destruction item on a 
few drones when you could save it for 
someone really tough, such as Thun- 
der Rap. You have to exercise some 
caution with any items you find, how- 
ever. While most are beneficial, there 
are some that are more hindrance than 

There's also money to accumulate 
for use in the roulette game that ap- 
pears whenever you clear an area. An 
extra Kid Kool is awarded if the ball 
lands in the Kid Kool slot, and an extra 
roulette spin is awarded for a ball in 
Wicky's slot. 

Vic Tokai 

22904 Lock IMess Avenue; 
Torrance, CA 90501. 


• m m 


o & 

vi « 

r -‘ 5 ju ’’r! 

a % $ 
/ - 

f \ 

To launch the perfect spike, jump just as the ball begins its descent, and 
spike it as close to the net as possible. 

If you are controlling Sinjin, you can prevent your opponents from 
spiking on any given play simply by accompanying Randy to the net 
as if you were going to defend against the spike and then fading back 
just before the hit. The spiker, anticipating the double block, will try 
to poke the ball into the backcourt. However, you will have moved 
into position to set up for a spike of your own. 

The tournament competition gets 
tougher in each successive round. 
Look for Skate or Die's Lester to make 
a cameo appearance in San Diego. 

Hit the dirt! If you get close enough 
to a ball, your player automatically 
tries to dig it out of the sand. 


Since the sport went professional 
in 1976, beach volleyball has become 
one of the United States' fastest grow- 
ing sports — and Kings of the Beach 
shows you why. 

As either Sinjin Smith or Randy 
Stoklos (the hottest tandem ever to 
play two-on-two beach volleyball), 
you get to set, spike, dig, and block 
just like the professionals. One of the 
keys to winning is knowing which 
move to try for which situation. For 
example, if both opposing players 
rush the net, it's best to try to bump 
the ball over the defense instead of 
spiking directly into it. 

Another key is location. The ball 
always lands on its own shadow, so 
stay on it. If you're too far away to get 
completely under the ball, but too 
near to miss it entirely, your player 
automatically dives. 

Success hinges on your timing. 
To spike, block, and set properly, you 
have to hit the A button at just the 
right time. Learning proper timing 
requires — you guessed it — time. 
Play some practice matches to polish 
your skills before entering the tour- 

For sports fans long aggravated 
by mediocre officiating. Kings prom- 
ises a long-overdue option you can 
argue with the referee. Disagree on a 
close call? Let him know about it and 
you stand an good chance of revers- 
ing the decision. However, if it doesn't 
go your way, think twice the next 
time. You get one yellow card, and 
every argued call that goes against 
you after that costs a point. 



If you think the official blew it, tell him 
about it. If the call was close, you have a 
good chance at reversing the decision. 

To block, try to be at the top of your jump 
just as your opponent smacks the ball. 

At the end of each match, you receive a 
game summary — sort of a report card 
of your performance. 



Klax has all the right stuff to be the fabled "next Tetris." When you're good 
enough to hit five in a row along the bottom, you're into big-time Klaxin'! 

Especially fancy or elaborate arrangements earn whopping bonuses. 
The trick is to keep the final slot open until the last minute, so that you 
don't complete a common, garden-variety klax for 50 points and 
miss out on the chance to complete an eye-popping design such as 

Shutting off the drop meter puts the 
game into a nice, easy, practice mode. 

You can select from several levels of 
difficulty — the harder the level, the 
more bonus points you can get. 


One of the year's more interest- 
ing sideshows in the field of home 
video entertainment was the court- 
room battle between Tengen and 
Nintendo of America over the rights 
to the classic game Tetris. Nintendo 
won that fight, but now Tengen has 
come up with a game that seems 
aimed at capturing the same sort of 
broad audience to which Tetris ap- 

A klax is a row of three or more 
tiles of the same color, arranged ver- 
tically, horizontally, or diagonally. 
The tiles roll down a five-lane chute 
to a movable paddle at the bottom. 
The player uses the paddle to hold, 
position, and drop the tiles into a 
short column. Up to five tiles can be 
held on the paddle at once, then you 
must either drop one or lose it. If a tile 
drops unused, your "drop meter" 
rises one step — so many steps, and 
the game ends. 

Each wave of tiles has to be re- 
solved in a preordained way (three 
verticals, five diagonals, a big "X" 
mark, and so on) before you can 
advance to the next level. If the screen 
tells you to get five diagonals, that 
means that only diagonal klaxes count 
toward finishing this wave; it does 
not mean that the vertical, horizontal, 
or complex klaxes won't earn points. 

A pleasantly zany mood prevails 
in this game, with its bright, cartoony 
graphics, clattering tiles, and truly 
goofy options. Klax is also far more 
subtle and challenging than it first 



Each wave has its own special require- 
ments. You also get a free hint, usually 
telling you how desirable it is to make 
some nearly impossible configuration. 

When the whole drop meter lights up, 
you've had it — although you do get ten 
seconds in which you can restart from 
the same level. 

You may also want to play — once, 
anyhow — a "game" of Blob Ball, which 
is accurately described in the manual as 
"the stupidest game of the decade which 
has no relationship with the rest of Klax 
— it's just sort of there...." It's a kind of 
Nintendo shaggy-dog joke that is silly, 
but funny. 



This floaty phantom is a Kyonshie. Get used to seeing them. They're 
swarming all over eight different villages. 

When you clear a room, a door ap- 
pears, and your faithful (but useless) 
apprentice will give you some op- 
tions for your next moves. 

' ; , j h. i r. i. 

H.i | 

1 Si' j 

J'-- %«■■■{ 


The only way the Kyonshies can harm 
you is with their punches. But those 
knocks are very dangerous, so it's 
best to stay out of range. 


Here's a martial arts game with a 
twist. You're not going to earn bo- 
nuses by killing hordes of villains. 
Instead, you have to answer ques- 
tions scattered throughout the game. 
It's Kung Fu meets Jeopardy! 

You're the Phantom Fighter, 
Kenchi. You've been asked to help 
save eight villages that have been 
invaded by Chinese phantoms called 
Kyonshies. Each village is filled with 
houses, temples, graveyards, and a 
kung fu training school. You must 
search through the buildings, look- 
ing for valuable items and fighting 
any Kyonshies you find. 

All of the items you find except 
the scrolls — including tontem mir- 
rors, talismen, sacred swords, jades, 
and bells — can be picked up over 
and over as you use or lose the items. 
But to keep from fighting the Kyon- 
shies over and over unnecessarily, 
find the best way to move through 
the villages. Once you find the right 
path, the road will be easier. 

You should also learn new fight- 
ing maneuvers as you progress from 
village to village and face more of the 
15 types of enemies in Phantom Fighter. 
After you've found a few scrolls, visit 
the kung fu training school to learn 
new moves. The kung fu master will 
take your scrolls, then ask you ques- 
tions. Only if you provide the correct 
answers can you enter training. 



Save your scrolls until you're near a 
kung fu training school. Then you can 
trade them in for lessons. And they work 
better than green stamps! 

Here's the boss of the first village. This 
Kyonshie is followed by several shad- 
ows of himself. He's tougher to beat 
than the earlier Kyonshies, but the same 
method of fighting will still be effective. 

One key to your success is to pick the 
best path through each village. The more 
you backtrack, the more fighting you'll 
have to do and the more your health will 
be at risk. 



Don't let your snipers get caught in the terrorists' lights, or they'll be cut 

Use the blueprint map to position Your outside snipers can even the 
your men and plan your attack on odds before you actually go inside, 
the embassy. 


Surely one of the most realistic 
Nintendo games on the market, this 
tension-packed adaptation of the 
computer game Hostage takes its story 
directly from today's headlines. Ter- 
rorists have taken over the American 
embassy in a foreign capital and are 
holding hostages. 

Your job, as commander of an 
elite anti-terrorist strike force, is to 
devise a rescue plan, deploy your 
men, break into the embassy, and 
then take control of a room-by-room 
manhunt. Stalking the terrorists takes 
careful planning, good small-unit 
tactics, and split-second timing. 

You must first position several 
snipers around the outside of the 
embassy — not an easy task, since the 
terrorists are sweeping the area with 
spotlights and anyone who gets 
caught in their beams instantly draws 
a hail of machine gun fire. Once the 
snipers are in place, they can act as 
your "eyes" and, with luck, you can 
knock off a few terrorists when their 
shadows appear at the windows. 

The second step is to lower your 
assault team onto the building by 
helicopter, then gain entry by having 
each team member rappel down the 
side of the building and smash in 
through a window. 

There are four levels of difficulty, 
each with a more challenging time 
limit. The task of stalking each terror- 
ist through the halls and stairwells of 
the building is exciting and made 
more demanding by the fact that 
you'll probably be outnumbered — 
unless your snipers were very lucky. 



Rappelling down the sides of the build- 
ing is much trickier than it looks. 

Once inside, be on the alert. Terrorists 
can change position in a matter of sec- 

When a terrorist appears, shoot fast! 



Every time you make a false move, you come face to face with this grim 

Study your inventory of spells and items closely and try using 
various things in strange and unconventional ways. For example, 
your torches are useful for lighting the way, but you can also try 
burning things with them. Lots of things. Sometimes the results are 
surprising. Basically, however, you should try the Use, Open, and 
Take commands on everything in each new area you come to. 

When you reach the throne room, 
make sure the dead king has his scep- 

You'll definitely need the weapons 
from this room. But you must watch 
out for the fire-breathing dragon at 
the far end. 


When it was first released for 
personal computers, Shadowgate 
quickly earned a reputation as a real 
mind-bender. The story line bent, 
twisted, and was tied in knots at every 
turn by traps that seemingly could 
not be avoided and puzzles that seem- 
ingly could not be solved. 

As translated into the Nintendo 
format (with graphics that really are 
a significant improvement over the 
personal computer's CGA ones), 
Shadowgate retains every bit of its 
fiendishness. The quest remains 
about as simple as can be: cleanse the 
ancient castle Shadowgate of its evil 
inhabitants and prevent the Warlock 
Lord from unleashing the monster 
Behemoth on the world. 

Naturally, there are secret pas- 
sageways, perilous rooms, nasty 
booby traps (some of them genuinely 
sadistic — you may wonder about 
the mental condition of the game 
designers before you're through!), 
dark dungeons, and a fairly horrific 
assortment of supernatural enemies. 

You need cunning and a some- 
what twisted sense of reasoning to 
get through the game — although a 
good sword comes in handy, too. 
Fortunately, you collect dozens of 
special items, powers, and spells as 
you go from room to room. The chal- 
lenge lies in figuring out weird and 
imaginative ways to use them. 

Though you're sure to get killed 
dozens of times as you progress 
through the castle, mercifully, there 
is a save-game feature. It is strongly 
suggested that you use it before 
venturing into any perilous situation. 



You encounter this troll twice. Use a 
spear on him the first time and a magic 
spell the second. 

Don't let your torches go out! The music 
changes a few seconds before you're 
plunged into darkness. 

In the hall of mirrors, try breaking the 
middle one — it offers the best chance of 




You get the first move, and Spot is obviously ready to make the most of it. 
Unlike some board games, your starting move doesn't have much effect on 
the game's final outcome. 

Never make a skip-move when you can clone a piece. A skip-move 
leaves an empty space into which your opponent can move and take 
over as many as eight of your pieces. Conversely, always look for 
spaces your opponent has left open. However, this advice really only 
applies to human opponents because the computer rarely uses skip- 

While you can sometimes get away 
with mimicking your opponent's 
moves, you should make sure that 
you don't give him any easy jumps 
into the middle of your pieces. 

No, this isn't Michael Jackson's new 
look. Spot can moonwalk with the 
best of them, and he's about to cap- 
ture three new pieces for you. 

You've seen Spot — moonwalk- 
ing, hopping, and diving in televi- 
sion and magazine ads — the round, 
red ... uh ... well ... spot who's become 
a big trademark for the Uncola soft 
drink, Seven-Up. Now Spot has his 
own videogame, and it's your job to 
make sure that our circular little friend 
lands on just the right squares in a 
strategy game not unlike Othello. 

His first outing as a game star is 
confined to a simple seven-by-seven 
board. Your goal is to change all the 
game pieces to your pieces' color. 
Your pieces increase either by mov- 
ing a piece one square (cloning that 
piece), or by moving a piece next to 
one or more of your opponent's pieces 
(a skip-move). 

Any enemy pieces adjacent to 
the square on which you land auto- 
matically change to your color and 
become yours. With the variety of 
jumps and a board-customizing op- 
tion, however, there are enough tac- 
tics involved to keep nearly any strat- 
egy game fan interested. 

The main attraction of the game 
for many players will be the antics of 
Spot himself. Each time you move a 
piece. Spot goes into action — danc- 
ing, rolling, cartwheeling, pole vault- 
ing, or skipping across the board. His 
antics will be especially appealing to 
the younger children for whom strat- 
egy gaming may still be a couple of 
years in the future. 

Spot is an engaging character and 
Spot is that rare commodity — a gentle 
and funny videogame that everyone 
in the family can enjoy on some level. 


or rr 
r rrrrrr 


The Olympics are still a couple of years 
away, but it looks as though Spot is 
already working on his gymnastic floor 
exercise. The little guy does get carried 
away sometimes. 

If you were expecting a simple hand- 
shake and a hearty "good game," you'll 
find it doesn't work that way in Spot. 
Fireworks and cheering sections are 

For those with a desire for tougher chal- 
lenges, the customizing option allows 
players to redesign the game board by 
blocking off squares. 



You can punch away at the bikers, but you won't get anywhere. The only 
way to bring down these bums is with a well-timed flying kick. 

There's a simple tactic for defeating a boss who likes to throw tires. 
As you move, he'll try to move in front of you. So between his throws, 
move in close to him, kick once, and then back away. Each time he 
moves again, repeat the maneuver until he drops. If you try to kick 
more than once on each attack, however, he'll bend over and nail 
you. ; v'-.: . 

Mr. Big promised you he'd be back to 
settle matters. Now he's using your 
brother. Matt, to get to you and set up 
a final showdown. 

Your energy fades rapidly when 
faced with hordes of henchmen. But 
you can partially restore your power 
by picking up the hearts that some of 
your foes drop. 


It seems as though every sleazy 
gang member in town is after you. 
That can only mean that Mr. Big is 
back and ready to make good on his 
promise of revenge. And could your 
brother Matt's disappearance also be 
connected with Mr. Big? 

The action in Target: Renegade is 
fast and furious, as you battle your 
way across town to rescue your 
brother and put an end to Mr. Big's 
stranglehold on your hometown — 
once and for all. Mr. Big's not going 
to make it easy for you, though. His 
many gangs are roaming the streets 
just itching for the honor of killing 
the mighty Renegade and scoring a 
few brownie points with Mr. Big in 
the bargain. 

Don't look for any high-tech la- 
ser weapons here. The fighting in 
Target: Renegade goes back to the 
basics — fists and feet, with an occa- 
sional baseball bat, fire extinguisher, 
or garbage can thrown in for variety. 
When you begin, you have no weap- 
ons at all. And there's no opportunity 
to find any weapons in the first stage, 
so you'd better become proficient 
with your kicks and punches quickly, 
or Matt might become a permanent 
resident of the Pig Pen, Mr. Big's 

This game moves quickly, so if 
you want to succeed, you'd better do 
the same. From the start, you get no 
respite from the constant attacks. The 
graphics and sound are only aver- 
age, but you'll probably be too busy 
fighting to notice. 



Big Bob is the head honcho of the park- 
ing garage. He rides herd on the Sleazy 
Riders, the Bat Boys, and the South Side 

At any other time, three women wel- 
coming you with open arms might be a 
pleasant sight. Unfortunately, these 
ladies' open arms terminate in fists 
poised to pummel you. 

Your Renegade must make do with what 
he has on hand for weaponry. For in- 
stance, did you know that a parking 
meter coin box can be hurled with great 



When fighting El Tigre, always be on the lookout for his most famous 
throw, the Giant Swing. Unfortunately, by the time you see it coming, it's 
usually too late. 

There's a quick way to develop the strength you need early in the 
game to compensate for your lack of skill — but only if you're willing 
to take a little humiliation. Go to the gym, pump up, lose your match 
quickly, and then go back to the gym. Since you haven't expended 
any power, you'll keep what power you had already developed, and 
you can add even more with subsequent trips to the weight room. 

Any of the wrestlers can eventually 
be a force with which to reckon, but if 
you want an edge starting out, try the 
powerful and versatile Dr. Guildo. 

If you like pain and injury, you can 
go straight into the ring. But it's the 
wise wrestler who pumps a little iron 
in the gym before a match. 


Are you frustrated and tense at 
the end of the day? Do you know 
somebody you'd like to body slam? 
Well, don't take it out on your family, 
friends, and dog. Just pop Tecmo 
World Wrestling in your Nintendo 
machine and enter a world where 
everyone has a few bruises or maybe 
broken bones, but no one has any 

Without representing any actual 
professional wrestlers, Tecmo World 
Wrestling is still able to give you a real 
taste of the "sport." After trying to 
master some of the trickier moves 
and throws, you may even discover 
that there may be more sport and less 
theatrics involved in pro wrestling 
than you would have suspected. 

In fact, the controller button 
combinations necessary to perform 
some of the wrestling throws require 
more quickness and coordination 
than many players possess — or ever 
hope to possess. Basic kicking and 
punching are pretty simple, but when 
you attempt a "brain buster" or a 
"pile driver," your fingers just might 
crochet themselves into the begin- 
ning of a nice afghan. 

Each wrestler has his own per- 
sonality and repertoireof moves. One 
key to success is finding the one 
wrestler who most evokes your 
"philosophy of the mats." Of course, 
you've also got to practice if you 
expect to survive your first foray into 
the ring. 



Isn't it wonderful that here — in your 
moment of pain and anguish — the TV 
director chose to go for a close-up of the 

This is the sort of trouble you can get into 
when you don't prepare for your 
matches. Let's just hope your family isn't 
watching your disgrace. 

Here's the reward for all your effort — a 
pin that not even Andre the Giant could 
break. The key to winning is to develop 
your timing and your strength. 




Terra Cresta 


m hep: 

he plot in Terra Cresta is a fa- 
miliar one: After being captured by 
the Supreme Commander of the Forces 
of Darkness, you must overcome in- 
credible odds and teeming hordes of 
adversaries to escape Black Giant Devil 

The Beam Direction grid gives 
you a chance to aim each of your 
diffusion guns in the direction 
you want. 

All you really need to know is that 
you should fire away at everything on 
the screen. You even have to fire at the 
friendly fighter bases to activate the 
other cruisers in your attack forma- 

Before you head out, take a look at 
the two grids under the Design option 
by pressing the Select button on the 
title screen. The first grid allows you 
to determine what you want your 
battle formation to look like once you 
free the rest of your fighters. 

The formations suggested in the 
instruction booklet reflect various of- 
fensive strategies. For example, if you 
position two of your fighters next to 

each other (the "Moon Formation"), 
they fire single sickle-shaped diffu- 
sion beams. Or you can use the "Cy- 
clone Formation," where four fighters 
are positioned at each vertex of a dia- 
mond. This pattern enables you to fire 
beams that emanate like radar waves. 

The "Beam Direction" grid lets 
you aim your diffusion beams in vari- 
ous directions. Use the arrows to cover 
your flanks and rear. 

If you can unite all five fighters, 
your ship will be transformed into "an 
all-conquering Fire Bird" 20 seconds 
after freeing the last fighter. Fighter 
combinations of less than five ships 
let you launch ammo barrages. 



The best defense in this game is an 
aggressive offense. Fire at enemies 
before they get a chance to catch you in 
their sights. However, this won't al- 
ways be possible since the enemies 
come at you quickly — and in great 

By the time you make it to the 
final stage, you will have encountered 

The enemies range widely in 
both size and danger. These 
dragons blow fireballs at you. 

Another ground-based enemy 
is this reflecting cannon. One 
direct hit should rid you of this 

At the end of the 
first stage, you 
Daikon, a huge 
depot ship. The 
more arma- 
ments you can 
collect to pre- 
pare for this 
duel, the better 
off you'll be. 

It's difficult to survive an en- 
counter wi th these hovering for- 
tresses because they spray fire at 

Combine your number-one 
fighter with the number-three, 
and you can fire from the rear. 

approximately 30 enemies. Some sim- 
ply lie in wait, firing away as soon as 
you encounter them. The more mobile 
adversaries employ many different 
patterns, but they are all predictable. 
After being shot down a few times, 
you should be able to crack their 
method and avoid annihilation. 

Your ultimate opponent is "the 
Great Devil Mandora," a four-armed 
metallic monster that shoots flaming 
appendages at great frequency and 
velocity. You must have the Fire Bird 
if you stand any chance of success. 

Terra Cresta combines adequate 

graphics with lots of fast action to give 
gamers a good show. However, since 
you only get three ships before the 
game is over, prepare for some frus- 
trating moments at the control pad. 


22904 Loch lUess Avenue; 
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When the dog days of summer 
get unbearable, a young person's 
fancy turns to thoughts of ... inner- 
toobin'. Grab that big rubber dough- 
nut, pump it plump, head for the 
nearest body of moving water, and 
start some radical floating. 

Now you can enjoy the pleasures 
of the slothful person's favorite out- 
door sport any time you feel like it, 
rain or shine, even if the neighbor's 
pit bull chewed holes in your real 

Toobin' lets you steer down about 
50 different rivers, including some 
(such as the Martian canals and the 
prehistoric dinosaurian swamp) you 
probably wouldn't want to try in real 
life. You'll meet up with all the haz- 
ards of the real thing — careless fish- 
ermen, sharp tree branches, whirl- 
pools, and so on — not to mention 
some bad dudes who'll try to, like, 
mess up your fun. 

Being very ecological-minded, 
you naturally want to scoop up all 
those floating cans you pass, espe- 
cially since you can chuck 'em at 
obstacles and enemies to either drive 
them away or freeze them while you 
float coolly by. 

You get whopper bonuses for 
steering between mid-river gates and 
for grabbing treasure chests (every 
river's got 'em, right?). 

Toobin ' features colorful verti- 
cally scrolling graphics and an ap- 
propriate sense of rowdy fun. It won't 
tax your brain any more than the real 
pastime, but then, who takes their 
brain on a holiday anyway? 


You can back-paddle to a limited extent — and sometimes you have to if 
you want to get bonuses such as this one. 

You get two chances to go through 
the bonus gates, but if you go through 
on the second attempt instead of the 
first, you'll only earn half as many 

The six-pack is a valuable bonus and 
is usually found in hard-to-reach 


Catch that letter O! If you get three let- 
ters, you'll win a bonus. And don't for- 
get to pick up cans to fling at your ene- 
mies. For example, toss one at a fisher- 
man, and he won't cast for a few seconds 
— giving you a chance to escape. 

Watch out for the cacti when you're 
toobin' the Rio Grande. Those prickles 
are as dangerous to your tube's health as 
a hunter's shotgun pellets. At least you 
can pass a hunter while he's reloading! 
No such luck in this situation. 

Dinosaurs and six-packs — radical river! 
But all things must end, and you'll know 
this prehistoric toobin' action is over 
when you reach a whirlpool. 



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, S o' sl ' ce 0l' et 





• Over 250 Challenging 
Rooms to Explore 

• Brilliant 3-D Graphics, 
Music and Special Effects 

• Powerful Potions and 
Magical Keys 

• Fearless Evil Characters 
to Defeat 

licensed by Nintendo ,i> for play on the 



m orgetyour old man's game! This is chess like 
you've never played it Because Battle Chess” 
isn't a game — it's war! 

How when you capture an enemy's soldier, 
the struggle unfolds in 3-D animation. Knight 
versus knight has never been so exciting! 

Six levels of play make Battle Chess a chal- 
lenge for veteran chess players as well as the 
novice. Want to concentrate on strategy— then use 
the 2-D overview. And when you're ready for action, 
switch to the colorful 3-D graphics and digitized 
sound effects! 

Take battle strategy into the 21st century with 
Battle Chess! And leave the chess board behind. 

1850 Little Orchard Street 
San Jose, CA 95125 
Phone (408) 286-7074 


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Productions, Inc. 

© 1990 Data East USA, Inc 

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